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THE FIRST RESIDENTIAL! Abigail Kay, Assistant Leader of Learning, Year 3 Join us on the adventure that is the Year 3’s first ever Bangkok Patana Residential Visit to the Royal Varuna Yacht Club at Jomtien Beach! Alongside feelings of excitement and anticipation, this trip also comes with a little apprehension.

Dear Diary, I am about to go on my first Residential trip with my friends. I am excited but a little bit nervous. What if I can’t sleep? Who will I be sharing a room with? Can I take a toy with me? My teacher says that we will go to the beach and, best of all, we have ice cream! I can’t wait. My friends and I are going to stay up all night and have a secret, scrumptious midnight feast. Do you think my teacher will find out? I’m looking forward to swimming in the shimmering, blue sea and jumping over the mighty waves. Hopefully, this will be the best Residential ever! – 3K Dear Diary, Firstly, we came to the classroom sadly because we were a bit worried about leaving our mums but excited about our new adventures! Then we went to the bathroom, got our hats and Resi diaries and we were ready to go. After that, we walked carefully to the huge bus and as quick as a flash we got our suitcases and packed them on the bus. We enthusiastically waved goodbye to our mums and dads. On the bus we played games and eventually we arrived at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club. – 3D Dear Diary, What’s the biggest picnic you’ve ever seen? Because after we arrived, we started our amazing activities with a ridiculously large Resi picnic! Sweet watermelon, crunchy popcorn, sour gummy worms... YUM! It was like a festival of flavourful food for us to devour! In groups of six, we gathered together and shared the dishes that we had brought along. We’d discussed what we would take before we went on the Resi, therefore we had a balanced meal to savour. Could things get any better than this? – 3M


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