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Primary Assistant Principal, Mark Verde attended Outstanding Learning in the Primary Science Curriculum on July 12th 2018 in London, UK.

What Makes a Good Primary Scientist?

asking questions at different levels, by using question stems to hook the learner. These were focused around BLOOMS.

The ideal questions were considered to be HOT – Higher Order Thinking questions, but the value of COLD and WARM This was the question we were faced with at the start of this course and what we explored throughout the day. The course questions were also discussed. It was agreed that there is a was one of ideas and not solutions, which helped the par- place for these depending on where the learning is. For exticipants think collaboratively about how we can shape our ample: school Primary Science curriculum so that it is engaging and COLD questions – low level with short answers at full of meaningful activities. It is driven by quality not quantity the start of a unit of leaning by being skills based not content dominated so that ‘Science WARM questions - to spark discussion is for everyone, kids included’. HOT question – Higher Order Thinking to promote So where do we start when teaching science? The obvious high level enquiry and deepen thinking and agreed answer was by asking the children :• what do they know already • what don’t they know yet, • what do they want to find out? This enables the learning to be focused on new learning driven by the children making them curious , enquiring and engaged scientists.

SCORCHERS - to challenge the thinking We need to go beyond questions answerable by unit facts to questions that burst through the boundaries of the topic. Understanding by Design - Wiggins and McTighe

The group all agreed that for questioning to occur successThe value of asking scientific questions was a key discussion fully in scientific learning teachers must take time to teach chilpoint throughout the morning and the group talked a lot about dren how to ask questions. 6

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Patana News Volume 21 Issue 2  

A weekly round up of news from Bangkok Patana School