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Stephen Murgatroyd, Head of Libraries


his year’s Librarians’ Knowledge Sharing Workshop conference (LKSW) was held at Bangkok Patana between the 8th - 10th of November. Over 90 librarians, from 10 countries in the region, attended this annual gathering to share ideas and discuss developments of all things ‘library’. It has become a tradition that there are Library Tours arranged on the ‘pre-conference’ Thursday and this year was no exception. Sixty librarians arrived early on the morning of 8th November, ready to board buses to take them on the start of their adventures. One bus went to ISB, where it was to start a tour of libraries to the north of the city, including ISB, Harrow and RIS, aiming to finish at Concordian International School, just off the Bangna Trad. The other bus was heading towards the river to start at Shrewsbury. From there, the Shrewsbury boat was used to get everyone to the BTS station at Saphan Taksin and then on to NIST, Bangkok Prep, to finish at St. Andrews 107. The tours are a special part of LKSW now and everyone loves


the opportunity to be a little bit ‘nosey’ and have a look at how others’ have tackled the challenges of space, creative activities, displays and sharing all of the wonderful books we have. The groups came away impressed at what Bangkok had to offer and thankful that the BLISS network of librarians (Bangkok Librarians in International Schools) had allowed them the opportunity for such a wonderful start to the conference. Friday and Saturday were days spent in the Conference Centre here at school, where the participants were treated to a welcome from Mr Bien and his excellent Secondary string quartet – it really gave the start a special feeling and a unique one at that. We had so many lovely comments about their music. Once we got underway, the presentations were all given by the participants themselves, apart from those given by members of the Bangkok Patana teaching community; Susan Brosnahan, Mark Verde and Katherine Hume, Mick Smith and Brian Taylor. This year, the format was a little different as we had asked for 2030 minute presentations as well as ‘SLAM’ talks, lasting no longer than five minutes. This meant that there were

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Patana News Volume 21 Issue 12  

A weekly round up of news from Bangkok Patana School

Patana News Volume 21 Issue 12  

A weekly round up of news from Bangkok Patana School