Patana News Volume 21 Issue 12

Page 4


Alec Bien, Head of Secondary Arts Faculty


he Bangkok Patana Key Stage 3 String Festival grew out of a desire to give our young students an experience playing in a large string ensemble. ISB hosts an annual string orchestra festival for Secondary School students, and there are also festivals on offer through FOBISIA and SEASAC. We noted that there were very few opportunities for the younger players, so we decided to do something about that.

it relaxed and informal. Each teacher suggests a piece of music to include in the repertoire, and the students take time to learn the music as well as they can prior to the festival. We gathered at 2:30pm on Friday 2nd November and began the process of rehearsing together. For the students, this involved intense concentration. They did their very best to count carefully, play the notes, follow the conductor. Each conductor tried to convey a musical message – what can This is a truly collaborative effort, with an aim to keep we communicate as a group and how do we get there?


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