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Are you ready for Waste Less Weeks? Marina Kusumoto (Year 13) on behalf of the SEC


for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Milk will be available in large dispensers taken from larger milk bottles. SECONDARY SEC Energy For WLW3 we will be promoting Climate Force Youth 2041 (part of Robert Swan’s 2041 initiative) as well as running a campaign called ‘Turn it off Thursdays’! We will be asking all classrooms to reduce power consumption on the two Thursdays.​

he Student Environmental Committee (SEC) is a force to be reckoned with, made up of members passionate students and dedicated staff. Our awareness from the Less Meat Mondays beginning has been to highlight the issues our environment We believe that reducing the amount of meat in the canteen is facing and to use our ‘small steps’ at school to hopefully is an effective way to raise awareness about the negative envibring about big change both here at Bangkok Patana and ronmental impact of the meat industry. Currently, our group is the world around us. collaborating with the canteen staff, and if all goes well then we As we approach this year’s Waste Less Week 3 (WLW3), from 12th to the 23rd March, we aim to raise awareness to all Bangkok Patana students, staff and parents to lead more sustainable lifestyles through ‘small steps’ they can take in their daily lives. To allow our advocation to resonate, we will try ecocentric ‘small steps’ at our campus and evaluate whether these changes can be implemented long-term. These are some of the changes and activities we are implementing during Waste Less Weeks: PRIMARY SEC Primary Recycling A wooden frame has been added near the Primary Snack Bar recycling bins informing users about what happens to the objects you recycle and what you have to do to the item before you put it in the bin. The designs have been framed and created in collaboration with the Secondary DT faculty. Art Competition During Waste Less Weeks, an Art contest has been organised, challenging students to create a design to promote recycling and ways to reduce our plastic waste. Anyone in Key Stage 2 can take part and the winning designs will be and hung around the Primary Snack Bar. Food Waste Our main aim is to show people how much food is wasted in Primary every day. There will be posters to raise awareness and a graph to show how much food is wasted over the two Waste Less Weeks. We are hoping to see the graph reduce! The black bins will be removed from the canteen during WLW3 so we have to use the correct recycling bins. Primary Re-Plastic During WLW3, we are removing individual small milk bottles


will be looking at one less meat dish being served during WLW, with more vegetarian dishes. Secondary Re-plastic For WLW3 we have focused on one of the school’s biggest contributors to plastic waste, the Secondary Smoothie Bar which uses both plastic cups and straws. This year we will:

• Replace the plastic smoothie cups with cups made from biodegradable cassava starch • Replace the plastic straws at the Smoothie Bar • Promote reusable metal straws Secondary Recycling Group Our major aim at the moment is to raise awareness of recycling bins around school to ensure the that recyclable materials go into the correct categories. We are making sure that the labels for each material are recognisable to avoid any confusion and encourage students and teachers to make the most use of these bins. We are excited to help contribute to this change. SEC Instagram - What are your ‘Small Steps’? We will also be encouraging members of the community to submit photos and a brief description of themselves and their own ‘small steps’ - lasting habit changes towards more environmentally sustainable lifestyles. These will be shared on the school website and social media as appropriate: Post an photo of your ‘small steps’ on your Instagram with the hashtag #wastelessweeks3 and tag our Instagram @sec_ bangkokpatana or send an email to We invite you to be a part of this movement to both raise awareness and bring environmental change to our community, whether it be small or large. Thank you so much in advance for your support!

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Patana News Volume 20 Issue 23  

A weekly round up of news from Bangkok Patana School.

Patana News Volume 20 Issue 23  

A weekly round up of news from Bangkok Patana School.