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MARCH 2018

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Bright: the latest controversial sci-fi blockbuster Interview with DASE: why that name? Etnies: the new urban fashion trend

Ryan Williams

exclusive interview to the most famous scooter ISSUE NO. 1

C ONTENTS REVIEW: STAR WARS EPISODE V An old time classic on page 7



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NOTE FROM THE EDITORS AND CONTIBUTORS BIOSKETCHES On pages 3 and 4 you will learn more about this magazine

ON PAGE 5: THE GRAMMYS Kendrick Lamar's triumph in the ceremony

REVIEW: BRIGHT One of 2017 most controversial movies as it divided the critics. Our opinion on page 6






Noteeditor's from thenote editors Welcome to our first issue of Urban Culture,

Moreover, we have articles about urban

this new exciting project that we hope you

fashion like the new collection of Etnies, Nike

can join us. If you’re reading this, it means

SB, etc. You can not miss it!

that you found our content online and that

For the occasion of our first magazine we

our team is doing a great job. As you may

want to make an offer to our readers: A

have guessed, this online magazine is all

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about the different subcultures that exist in

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access to exclusive articles and interviews,

community, our team has always thought that

and in addition, in each magazine we will add

there wasn’t enough representation in

2 posters about urban artists.

traditional media, so we decided to do it

For me that's all, I let you enjoy this first issue


and we hope to see you again in the next one.

Now, there are multiple forms of subcultures

We would love to know what you think of our

that will be a part of this magazine, such as

magazine: please do share your thoughts by

street art or professional skating and many


more. The reason for this is that we want to appeal to the maximum possible of readers,

Thank you for supporting Urban Culture. We

so don’t doubt that our magazine is very

could not do that without you.

diverse, and has something for everyone. In this first issue we have many articles and interviews that immerse you in the world of urban culture. We also launch a new section that will deal with reviews about films, so you are informed about the world of cinema.

Javier Flores & Eric Lastra EDITORS

GUILLEM CALOMARDO Guillem is 21 and from Molins de Rei. He is our photographer and codesigner of the magazine with Javier. He loves the urban style and he's designer on his free time.

MARC PÉREZ Marc is part of the photography team an also an editor of the magazine. He is from Barcelona and he loves to ride his scooter and film himself and his friends doing the craziest tricks.

JAVIER FLORES Javier Flores is an editor and the graphic designer of the magazine. He loves capturing sports and landscapes either making photos or filming. He is from Málaga, but he moved to Barcelona to study Audiovisual Media.

ERIC LASTRA Eric, 18, is one of the editors of this magazine. Apart from his interest in skateboarding which he’s been doing since he was 6, he also loves going to the movies with his friends and spending hours at the beach every summer.


Kendrick Lamar celebrates the Grammy for Best Rap Album last February in LA.


ap fans definitely had a blast last February thanks to the Grammys, the most prestigious award show in the music industry.

Celebrated in LA last month, the institution awarded Kendrick Lamar with four golden statues for Best Rap Song, Best Rap Album, Best Rap Collaboration and Best Rap Performance. Even though he didn’t win every category in which he was nominated, the artist scored a grand total of seven nominations, these four wins underscore the established career of the artist. His album, DAMN., is the fourth in his trajectory, and one of its’ hit singles, Humble, was the first one to get to the US Billboard Hot 100 of Lamar as a lead artist. Also, Starboy, from The Weeknd won Best Urban Contemporary Album. This is the third album of the Canadian artist, whose well-known single of the same name got a lot of coverage when it debuted in November 2016.

REVIEW: "BRIGHT" Bright is a film which combines fantasy elements with the action crime genre. Set in another reality in modern day Los Angeles, the human race lives together, but not happily, with fantasy creatures like elves, orcs or fairies, but one night in a bad neighbourhood everyone tries to get a hold on a magic wand that grants wishes. This film is directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad, Fury). And while the film sets the tone rather quickly and Los Angeles works perfectly as a multiracial city, the biggest challenge for the director is to establish a bigger world, which sadly he doesn’t. In just one wide shot the film is summarized: a dragon is seen flying above the city, but it is never mentioned again neither is explained how many there are in this reality.

The main problem with Bright is that because it all happens in one night and the stakes are high, the world feels unexplored with much more potential than what we are able to see. But not everything is bad: Joel Edgerton steals every scene he is in as Jakoby, the orc cop, bringing to life a sweet character with very strong morals, and the soundtrack is perfect with hip-hop and rap songs that elevates the material.


              And last but not least, the make-up and prosthetics make the creatures look extremely real. As a conclusion, Bright is not a very well-thought out film, but with a sequel already in the works, there is certainly room for improvement in order to make a bigger world, where we see more creatures and obviously more Jakoby, the best cop and character.

                                             Cert 16        117 min                                                                            

REVIEW: "STAR WARS: EPISODE V" "The Empire Strikes Back" This film is the secuel of Star Wars: A new hope, which belongs to the genre of science fiction and it is directed by Irvin Kershner. At the beginning of the story the rebels are being chased down by the galactic empire, the protagonists Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Chewbacca have to run away from Darth Vader, a commander of the galactic empire. Meanwhile another member of the rebellion, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) has been training on another planet to become a Jedi with Yoda (Frank Oz). At the end of the movie Luke fights against Darth Vader, who must face his destiny.

The challenge to do the film is to make the special effects in the 80s, since the special effects were not very developed and the chroma had few real results, so it was done with models that was successful. The best thing of the film is, as I said before, the effects of the sabers in the fight of Darth Vader and Luke. And also, the work that Frank Oz does to give the expressions and the great personality to Yoda, which is a doll and not a person or animation. Maybe the only problem the movie has is the role that Chewbacca plays, since it only accompanies the protagonists.

This is one of the best movies of the saga for the structure of the script and the detail in the production work with hardly any use of special effects.

                          Cert PG       124 min                                                                     

MattStiph presented new Etnies Season 2018 in California This new season, etnies proposed an interesting skate clothes selection called “ the new way” in California, LA. It was on the past 12th of January, this year earlier than we expected, but anyway it was fantastically organized and promoted . The proposal explore the new urban style always taking care of the comfort and durability. The well known designer Matt Stiph presented personally the new shoes that he produced, he said “ This is our best shoe season till now, they are more durable, light and keep an awesome style”. I definitely agree with him, apparently the brand changed the material provider company to a better one, which is giving better materials (it maybe causes price rises).

The attendance to the exclusive event was good too, almost 2.000 people went to it, 600 more than last year, we felt a lot of expectation in the air, but it deseapeared when the models were presented. The prices were not announced, but it’s about to come out, the company sales director said: “we’ll try to send all the packages by this month, but we can’t promise anything… we’re having some issues” . So, we expect it to be online as soon as it starts arriving to the shops and at the same time, the company will start releasing product information online about all the new exclusive and secret models. The prices will be about 40-100 $ for the shoes and 60 to 200$ for the clothes, cheaper prices than we expected and lower than most of the this year market.

INTERVIEWING: "Dase" Marc Álvarez

- In this first launch of our magazine I will talk about an artistic subject such as graffiti or also called urban art, which creates a great controversy, because for some people it is art and for others it is vandalism. To talk about this topic we have brought the great Catalan muralist Marc Álvarez or better known as "Dase". - Good morning Dase, thank you for being here with us today. To start, I have a question that most people ask about graffiti artists. Why that name? - So, I made sketches with the letters of the alphabet and the best letters were the "D", the "A", the "S" and the "E", and that's how Dase was born. 

DASE posing with a spray last week in Barcelona

-The city council itself commission graffiti works. And also I'd like to add that not everyone who

- And well, what is graffiti for you?

scribbles in a building is an artist.

- It is a way of expressing a situation, a feeling,

- Then, it can be both legal and illegal.

an emotion, it is something abstract. I do

- Yes, that's why it depends on the person.

graffiti to share what I feel and connect with

- Another question, what is the most rewarding

people to make them think. - Is graffiti vandalism? - That depends on the thinking of each person, in a city most of the graffiti are illegal

thing when you do graffiti? - The fact of doing graffiti in a crowded place is very special to me because everyone can see it and it makes them think as I have said before.

because they are made on walls that are not

- As we have already said, it is a controversial

your property nor have you granted

subject, where there will always be different

permission to do so, but it is true that there are

thoughts about this. Thank you, Dase, for all this

spaces in the cities where you can express

information and for being here. And for raising

yourself artistically in a "healthy" way.

awareness to our Urban Culture readers.


Ryan Williams doing a Frontflip Inward during a Nitro Circus Show

Thanks for coming Ryan! Tell me, we all

That’s a lot of money! Are you going to

know you’re the most known scooter rider

live as a rich man now?

on the world. How you got here? No, that’s not my style! I bought my Well, I’ve been riding scooters for more

own car and my own house where I’m

than 10 years now, and I got sponsored by

living with my my mom and girlfriend so

MGP when I was 15 years old. They believed

I don’t need more.

in me and took me all over the world to ride scooters. Few years later I started I

Yeah, better to save money for what the

started doing shows with Nitro Circus

future holds. I heard you ride BMX

around the world, learning the most

too, is that true?

terrifying and amazing tricks that you can ever imagine till today.

Yes, it is! I’m also really good at it! My dream was to win a competition in

Wow, that’s one of the bests beginnings

scooter category and BMX category at

ever! So you made this sport grow with

the same time, and I did it at the last

you. Did you ever had any difficulty?

Nitro World Games!

Not at all, I’ve been paid for riding

That’s awesome! You’re such a machine.

scooter since I was 18 years old, and

One last question.. What do you expect

every time better till my last one million

from the scooter scene?

contract with Nitro Circus. I hope that one day we could compete at the Olympic Games as any other sport.


Last week I was thinking about my future, and didn’t know how to get more experience working while studying at university. Thought I worked with some companies, clubs and bands, I still have problems to push my career forward. So, I decided to send some CV and find out if I could get a nice job near Mataró. Before yesterday someone called me. It was someone from TST Human Resources Department, asking me to go to for an interview on the next day. I knew the company is good and that the building was very close to the university. Of course, I responded with a yes . I started to investigate about the material that they use and which mixers do they have, just to be prepared and try to look professional. I really wanted to know at that moment, maybe because of excitement or the will . While I was investigating, I discovered that I didn’t know how the majority of models worked. They were too new and unknown for me, so I decided to download the manuals and start  to read. 

In the next day morning, I kept reading till the interview, not obsessively just for being prepared and obviously for the future. After dinner, with all my nerves, I walked by foot to TST for the interview. As I expected, they told me their way of working and started to ask me questions about my curriculum and experience. It was an average interview, but at the end they made me the important question, “do you know how to use Pioneer CDJ2000?”. Having read all those mixer manuals didn’t help me to get the job because that mixer wasn’t among them, but I could tell him many mixers because of the reading and studying. Then, he asked me to come during the week and try the Pioneer, so I would be prepared to start working. Maybe if I had not been so excited and started searching for material I wouldn’t have been able to call familiar mixers names to him, getting like this his attention. 

Tony Hawk The gifted skateboarder

Tony Hawk perfoms a skateboarding trick in LA, 2005 during a competition SPENCER WAS THERE ON MY FIRST ONE, AND NOW HE WAS THERE ON MY LAST. BYE.

Tony Hawk was certainly one of the most influential skateboarders of all times, not only because he had won countless skateboarding competitions, but he was also the first one to be caught on camera doing a 900, a very difficult skateboarding trick, which consists in making two and a half turns on air. Known as The Birdman, he also participated in lots of films and TV series as a guest star and he had a saga of videogames named after him. When Hawk was a little kid, he struggled a lot with his abilities and he often had to visit the psychologist in his school. [He was] "so hard on himself and expected himself to do so many things," said his mother. He was constantly being told that he was also hyperactive apart from being a perfectionist. He had practised a lot of sports before getting into skateboarding, but he got constantly bored.

After being studied by his psychologist, Hawk found out that he was gifted with an IQ of 144. After that, he in no time became a professional skateboarder at the age of fourteen. He started winning competitions, but one of his most outstanding achievements occurred when in 1999 he did the first ever 900 in a competition. "This is the best day of my life,” told the skater to the audience after it. He officially retired in 2016 after posting a video on the Youtube channel “RIDE channel”. He said in the same video, “Spencer was there on my first one, and now he was there on my last. Bye.” He was an example for kids who struggled at school and throughout his career he was always raising money for underprivileged children so they could have someone to look up to.

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