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2G issue: Pranab meets Sonia

New Delhi: In the backdrop of controversy over a finance ministry note on the 2G issue, finance minister Pranab Mukherjee today met Congress chief Sonia Gandhi. Mukherjee's consultations with Gandhi came a day after his letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh setting out in detail the events surrounding the controversial allocation of Sonia Gandhi spectrum. Before Mukherjee's meeting, Defence Minister A K Antony held parleys with Gandhi and also her political secretary Ahmed Patel, party sources said. This is the second meeting Mukherjee has had with Gandhi in the last three days. Home Minister P Chidambaram had met Gandhi earlier this week and the Prime Pranab Mukherjee Minister yesterday. Mukherjee's letter has come in the midst of a controversy triggered by the surfacing of a note from a finance ministry official suggesting that the 2G scam could have been avoided had Chidambaram, then finance minister, insisted on auction instead of giving licences at 2001 prices. The letter is understood to have detailed the various meetings held on the subject of allocation of 2G spectrum, the correspondence among various ministries and the events leading to the decision.

Food inflation inches up to 9.13%

New Delhi: Food inflation in India jumped to 9.13 per cent for the week ended September 17 from 8.84 per cent in the previous week, mainly due to a rise in prices of potatoes, pulses and poultry. Finance minister P r a n ab Mukherjee termed the rise in food inflation as an area of "grave concern". While prices of onions eased marginally during the week, gram, masoor, arhar, urad and poultry rates firmed up on an annual basis, as per Wholesale Price Index (WPI) data released by the government Thursday. Potato prices, too, firmed up by about 15 per cent on an annual basis. However, as a whole, inflation in the fruit and vegetable segments eased during the week under review vis-a-vis the same period last year. In the week ended September 10, food inflation had declined to 8.84 per cent from 9.47 per cent in the previous week. "These fluctuations are taking place and it is one of the areas of grave concern," Mukherjee told reporters, adding, "(Food inflation)... is perilously close to double digits." As per the WPI data, inflation in cereals, milk, eggs, meat and fish also eased to 13.17 per cent during the week under review. Overall, inflation in primary articles stood at 11.43 per cent for the week ending September 17, compared to 12.17 per cent in the previous week. Primary articles constitute over 20 per cent of the WPI basket. Non-food articles, which include fibres, oil seeds and minerals, recorded 12.89 per cent inflation during the week ended September 17, down from 17.42 per cent in the previous week. Meanwhile, inflation in the fuel and power segment went up to 14.69 per cent during the week ended September 17 from 13.96 per cent in the previous seven-day period. Headline inflation, which factors in manufactured items, fuels and non-food primary items, in addition to food commodities, stood at a 13-month high of 9.78 per cent in August. The Reserve Bank has already hiked policy rates 12 times since March, 2010, to tame demand and curb inflation. PTI

Cong walks out of BBMP meet P4


KOPPAL BY‑POLL Yeddyurappa thumbs nose at his party colleagues, proves can still win elections Bangalore Beat Bureau Koppal: Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Karadi Sanganna won the much-watched assembly by-election to the Koppal constituency with a margin of 12,488 votes today. Sanganna polled 60405 votes, Congress candidate Basavaraj Hitnal 47,917 votes and third placed JD(S) man Pradeep Gowda Mali Patil got 20,719 votes. It is a victory for former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa, who is out to prove to his colleagues in the party that he can still pull votes. With this, the saffron party strongman continues with his astounding run of election victories since the BJP government came to power in the state in 2008. Despite opposition from within the party, Yeddyurappa went ahead and worked almost single-handedly for the victory of his candidate San-

Victor Karadi Sanganna

ganna. The Koppal by-election, which was held on Monday, was the first poll outing for Yeddyurappa after he relinquished post as chief minister. Many leaders within the saffron party had thought that the influence of Yeddyurappa would decline once he got down from the gaddi. But today’s election result has clearly proved that it has not. At a recent meeting of the party, state BJP president K S Eshwarappa and other leaders had made it clear that the campaigning for the election should be a collective effort, implying that no single person, read Yeddyurappa, can claim it as his own, . But the wily politician that he is, Yeddyurappa did not pay heed to their caution and went ahead with his own scheme of things, which have proved to be effective in the end. In the run-up to the polls, Yeddyurappa had held a parallel meeting at his res-

idence, even as other leaders of the party had met at the party office, Jagannatha Bhavan, at Malleswaram. The second place has been taken by Congress candidate Basavaraj Hitnal. The result should deeply worry the Congress, which has continued with its lacklustre performance at the hustings and otherwise. This should trigger introspection among the leaders of the principal opposition party, which has continuously failed to take advantage of a series of goof-ups by the ruling party over the last three years. Though the JD(S) seems to have benefited better, it is still not impressive enough to win the election. The influence of the JD(S) on the constituency has been undermined by the victory of Sanganna, who was from the party before defecting to the BJP. Its candidate Pradeep Gowda Mali Patil has come a distant third. Continued on page 3

Itʼs a victory for govt policies: BSY Bangalore Beat Bureau Bangalore: Former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa termed the victory of BJP candidate Karadi Sanganna in Koppal by-election as a victory for the BJP government’s policies and programmes implemented during the last three years. He said the people of Karnataka have accepted the BJP government’s programmes and are satisfied with the developmental works undertaken during the last three years. He said Koppal by-election is a pointer to the future elections and the BJP will launch statewide campaign under the leadership of chief minister D V Sandanda Gowda. Yeddyurappa affirmed that

B S Yeddyurappa the government will fulfill all the promises made to the electorate of Koppal and strive for overall development of the district.

Metro launch in 15 days: Ashok

Minister rides jet ski, falls into lake

G S Ravishankar

Bangalore Beat Bureau

Mysore: An eventful adventure sports event was kicked off at Varuna lake this morning as part of the Mysore Dasara celebrations. Small industries minister Raju Gowda, who was riding a jet-ski in the lake to begin activities at the event, fell into the water while turning. The minister who was wearing a life vest was unhurt and got out of the water with a cheerful face. Gowda was riding the jet-ski with a lot of enthusiasm, with a trainer seated behind him. While attempting to take a turn, the jetski capsised and both Gowda and the trainer were pitched into the water. The trainer immediately swam towards Gowda but he appeared well able to take care of himself. The adventure sports at Varuna Lake are being conducted by General Thimmappa academy of ad-

Bangalore Beat Bureau

Small industries minister walks to safety of the banks after a fall on Varuna lake on the outskirts of Mysore. venture aports. Medical education Minister and Mysore district in-charge, S A Ramadass, too was present at the inauguration.

Small industries minister swims after a fall at Varuna lake this morning.

KSRTC launches low‑cost service Gangadhar Pujar

Bangalore Beat Bureau Bangalore: KSRTC today launched a low-cost bus service called ‘Karnataka Vaibhava’, which will make commuting cheap and comfortable to the common man. Along with Vaibhava, another more expensive variation has also been launched. The two new types of buses will ply between Bangalore and other cities. Home and transport minister R Ashok said, “These buses will provide comfort to commuters of Karnataka who take long journeys. On the occasion of Dasara festival we have introduced the ‘Airavatha club class MercedesBenz multiaxle buses and Karnataka Vaibhava buses. Airavatha club class buses come with air-conditioning. We are starting the service with six buses and plan to induct 50 by December this year. 14 Karnataka Vaibhava buses were introduced today and 36 more will be put into operation by December, based on the demand of commuters. Also, apart from our buses, our bus stations too match

Home and transport minister R Ashok launches new services from KSRTC in front of Vidhana Soudha today. Additional chief secretary K Jairaj and KSRTC managing director Gauvrav Gupta look on. international standards. For example, the Hassan bus station is spread over 27 acres and no other bus station in the country can match up to it. We also have plans of setting up a driving school that will be spread over 90 acres and bus drivers will receive training there. There are also plans for members of the gener-

al public to learn driving there.” He said the World Bank and the central government have supported the intelligent public transport initiated by the transport department. He said, “The buses launched today include a monitoring system which will keep track of different parameters of the vehicle,

including the performance of the driver. In case of an accident, an alarm will ring and automatic messages will be sent to the monitoring cell. This will allow them to take action immediately. The bus will be tracked at all times. This ensures high levels of safety.” Continued on page 4

about 15 days,” Ashok said. This will mark the beginning Bangalore: The launch of ‘Nam- of Reach 1 of Metro Rail project ma Metro’ finally seems like it is between Byappanahalli and MG in the offing. Minister for home Road, which runs for 7.1 km. and transport R Ashok said the The Metro was initially supcommercial service of the much posed to be launched on Sepawaited rapid transport system tember 15 but that did not happen would be inaugurated in 15 days. amidst various excuses from the “I’m waiting for an appoint- government. Since the time of the ment with the Prime Minister. I Yeddyurappa government, the will fly to New Delhi soon to of- launch date of the Metro Rail ficially invite the PM on behalf of service has been pushed back a the chief minister as we want him number of times. to inaugurate the Metro. EveryNew chief minister, D V thing will be finalised within the Sadananda Gowda has now fixed next three to four days and the upon a release date of October 26 Metro will be inaugurated in to coincide with Diwali.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cut hands of worker

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rejoined at city hospital

Bangalore: City-based Panacea Hospital successfully rejoined both the amputated hands of a young factory worker last week. The patient is responding well to the treatment and is experiencing flickering of the finger tips, an indication that he is on road to recover the movement of his arms. Eighteen-year-old Chetan lost both his hands in an industrial accident on September 20. His arms were amputated just above the wrist joint. The accident took place around 4.30 pm and he was brought to the hospital around 6 pm. Chetan’s friends and colleagues displayed sense by preserving his amputated arms, a critical move, which otherwise would have rendered the patient permanently disabled. “It happened in a matter of few seconds. Before I realised what happened, I fell unconscious. I am thankful to my friends, who brought me to the hospital on time. I feel better now,” Chetan said. Chetan, who works in the printing industry, is from the city. After conducting the routine check-up, the expert surgeons first decided to fix the right hand, as it is the dependent arm of any normal person. “We have been successful in rejoining

Patient Chetan, whose amputated hands were successfully rejoined by surgeons Dr Vasudev K (right) and Dr Priyadarshan (centre), was presented in front of the media by Panacea Hospital managing director Dr Jayanna in Bangalore yesterday.

both the amputated arms after an emergency surgery spanning over several hours. Though the patient has a long way to go before both hands could become fully functional like earlier, the signs are encouraging,” said Dr Jayanna, managing director, Panacea Hospital. The amputated right hand was taken out of the ice bag and washed and brought to the room temperature. The amputated part was thoroughly cleaned and some parts of the arm (the radius and the ulna) were shortened by 11/2 cm to get the approximation of the arteries, veins, tendons and nerves. As they have elastic tissues, they retract once cut. A plate was fixed with three screws. Then the amputated part was attached to the cut end. Two veins were sutured. After the operation, the patient was kept in an isolated chamber to avoid any infection. The observation showed positive signs. “The surgeries were successfully carried out by orthopedic surgeon Dr Vasudev K and consultant plastic and micro-vascular surgeon Dr Priyadarshan. We hope that the patient fully recovers the movement of his hands,” Dr Jayanna added.

Low‑cost KF Red Assocham for multi‑speciality to close: Mallya Bangalore: Kingfisher chief Vijay Mallya yesterday announced that the company would “do away” with its low-cost subsidiary as there are “enough” passengers for the full-service carrier. Maintaining that the operations of Kingfisher Red would be stopped, Mallya said, “We have several initiatives. We are doing away with Kingfisher Red, because we don’t intend to compete in the low-cost segment.” “We believe there are more than enough guests who prefer to travel the full-service Kingfisher Class, and that shows through in our own performance where the load factors in Kingfisher Class are more than in Kingfisher Red,” he said at the annual general meeting of the airline company here.

Responding to concerns over Kingfisher’s capability to stay afloat, he said it is the “most awarded” airline in the country, with a substantial market share. “Aviation demand remains strong and Kingfisher is still the single largest airline in India with a market share of approximately 20 percent. Kingfisher is also India’s most awarded airline, recognised for the quality of its product and service and its vast network,” the KFA Chairman told shareholders in a communication. In a bid to allay their apprehensions, he also rebutted “recent sensational articles in the media” saying the airline would need to infuse more funds to remain afloat and efforts have been made in that direction. PTI

Managersʼ summit

S Radhakrishna

Brand expert Harish Bijoor and professor of marketing at Indian Institute of Management - Bangalore Mithileshwar Jha take part in a chief marketing officers’ summit organised in the city today.

health city in Bangalore

Bangalore: Industry body Assocham has called for developing multi-speciality health city in Bangalore, based on a publicprivate partnership model to enhance medical tourism potential of the state and bring Bangalore on international tourism map. The proposal envisages various super-specialty hospitals for patients seeking medical treatment of international standards by highly trained English-speaking healthcare professionals at affordable price, said The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). The concept calls for several hospitals and specialty clinics, including research and rehabilitation centers, pharmaceutical clinics and spas with furnished apartments, villas and starrated hotels, shopping malls and complexes to gear up. Various support services like metro and mono rail networks and bus rapid transit system may also be provided. “This will not only help Karnataka secure a bigger share in India’s lucrative medical tourism industry, but will encourage reverse brain drain by attracting non-resident Indian doctors, experts settled abroad to participate in this venture,” said Ravindra Sanareddy, chairpman of Assocham Southern Council. The state government may rope in various embassies, high commissions to get support of health ministries in foreign countries and promote medical tourism aggressively. Besides, the state government should provide financial and

Vedic scholar passes away Bangalore: Eminent Vedic Sanskrit scholar and philosopher Vidwan Vattanguadu Hayagreevachar (83) died here yesterday after a brief illness, the Uttaradi Math said. He is survived by wife, two sons and a daughter. Apart from being a great Dharma Shastra scholar, Vidwan Hayagreevachar was an accomplished commentator on Dvaita, Advaita and Vishishtadvita schools of thought. He was the Asthana Vidwan of Uttaradi Math for over six decades. Sri Sathayatma Theertha Swamiji of Uttaradhi Math in a condolence message from New Delhi said the demise of Acharya was a great loss to the Madhwa community. PTI

Bangalore Beat

Requires Circulation Boys Urgently Candidates with two-wheelers preferred Contact: M : 9900948514 9742918562

fiscal incentives to the healthcare industry capable of creating a large number of jobs and earning huge amounts of foreign exchange. “Assocham and other institutions can play a pivotal role in bringing various public, private medical institutions under one umbrella. Besides, it can further support by organising medical tourism fares to transform Karnataka into a favourable, value-formoney destination for medical tourism in India,” Reddy said.

tional secretary-general, Assocham. Indian medical tourism industry is estimated around Rs 4,500 crore and is likely to be worth Rs 10,800 crore by 2015, the study revealed. Top-notch healthcare facilities in sectors like cardiology, joint replacement, orthopaedic surgery, ophthalmology, transplants and urology at a low price are certain key factors making India a favoured destination in

“With the cost of medical treatment in foreign countries rising, the patients in these countries have started looking for alternative, cost-effective and lucrative destinations to get highquality medical care at a fraction of the price in developed countries,” Rawat said. Growth in medical tourism industry has proved to be a boon for India’s healthcare sector, including the hospital, hospitality, medical equipment and pharma industries. With holistic medicinal services like yoga, meditation and allopathy, India offers a range of facilities difficult to match in other countries. Ayurveda is increasingly becoming popular as a nonsurgical

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Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Anupam Kher

According to an Assocham study on ‘Emerging Trends In Domestic Medical Tourism Sector,’ the inflow of medical tourists in India is growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40 percent and is likely to cross 32 lakh by 2015 from the current level of 8.5 lakh and will not only earn foreign exchange, but will also give a huge push to the healthsector across the country. “Movement of patients from abroad has accelerated sharply and is growing rapidly as India enjoys strategic advantage of essential resources like worldclass medical technology, infrastructure and skilled medical workforce,” said D S Rawat, na-

terms of medical tourism. As per the study, Andhara Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, West Bengal and New Delhi are fast emerging as the country’s best medical centres with several hospitals and specialty clinics coming up in and around the prominent cities in the past few years. People visit India from across the world for facelifts, dental treatment, botox treatment, tummy tucks, eye care and other such medical services at hospitals, treatment centres offering modern medical facilities.

treatment for various ailments among overseas patients.These travellers are coming from the Middle East followed by Americans, Europeans and people from neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and others. But the country is facing a tough competition from Australia, Belgium, Cuba, Costa Rica, Hungary, Greece, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, South Africa and Thailand that are actively promoting healthcare tourism worldwide, cautioned the Assocham study.



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SANCHALANAM (U) Saikumar, Kamalakar, Venumadhav Balaji (Chikkalasandra) (11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm) Murali (4.30 pm, 7.30 pm) Pallavi (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30,7.30 pm)


Thursday, September 29, 2011

CITY EVENTS General Food For Soul Week: An Initiative by Lovedale Foundation, Lovedale Foundation is organizing an awareness building and fund-raising event to commemorate The Joy of Giving Week (2nd-8th October). Date: 2nd-8th October'11 Venue: Fava (UB City - 22117444) Mocha (Lavelle Road 42110094/95) Mocha (Koramangala - 41570437) Mast Kalandar (all 25 outlets across Bangalore) The Biere Club (42124383/84/86) Opus (23442580) The Gateway Hotel residency road (66604545) Contact for more info: Telefax : +91 80 41614123 Mobile: +91 9535712204.

General Azim Premji University Colloquium Series: A Space for Our Own Words’ a lecture by Jane Sahi, Room 103, First Floor, Pixel B, PESSE Campus, University campus, 3 pm. British Council: Regional finals of ‘Debating Matters India,’ Christ University Hosur Road, 3 pm. St Marks Cathedral: Public discussion on ‘Latest innovations in corrupt practices,’ by Justice N Santosh Hegde, and ‘What Anna Wants,’ G R Gopinath, CMD Deccan Express to participate, 1, MG Road, 4.30 pm.

Cultural Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan: Presentation of B Saroja Devi award to Vyjayantimala Bali, by Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda, former minister Ambareesh to participate, Bhavan premises, Race Course Road, 6 pm. Mathrushree Manovikasa Kendra: Inauguration of musical night for blind artistes by Police Commissioner Jyothi Prakash Mirji, Seshadripuram Main College, Seshadripuram, 6.30 pm.

Religious Dasara Mahostava Samarambha: Cultural programmes, Shivaram Dasara Vedike, Government School ground, next to Adikabir Ashrama, JC Nagar, 7 pm onwards. Indian Council of Historical Research: Dr Vasundhara Filliozat, senior independent research scholar and art historian to speak on ‘Kalamukha and Pashupata Saivism and Karnataka Temples’, ICHR, Southern Regional Centre, Law College Premises, No 1, Palace Road, 5 pm. Sri Rajrajeshwari Devastana Charitable Trust: Navarathri Festival Special Pooja, 16th Main Road, 7th Cross, BTM Layout, 2nd Stage, 7 am onwards.

Eating Out

plewood, No 760, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar A Global and Indian lunch buffet, which includes soups, starters, main course and desserts, priced at Rs. 299 plus taxes per head.

Nightlife Jolly Good Bollywood: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 8 p.m. Opus In The Creek, No 2 Doddanekkundi Industrial Area, Whitefield Road, Mahadevapura Bollywood music comes back with the age old game of Antakshari. A musical quiz where the answers to the questions are all Bollywood songs. Booze and Brains with Mark Rego: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Opus, Chakravarty Layout, 1st Cross, Palace Cross Road, Sankey Road A quiz and a dance party all rolled into one. A mentally stimulating experience coupled with a whole lot of fun and music. Retro Thursdays @ City Bar: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. City Bar Karaoke + Grill, UB City, No 24, Vittal Mallya Road, City Bar hosts Retro Thursdays, featuring original videos of yesteryears topped off with DJ Praful's twist to the music in his unique style.

Chocoholic Festival at City Bar: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 12:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. City Bar Karaoke + Grill, UB City, No 24, Vittal Mallya Road, Featured on the menu are sweet treats like pastries, tarts, flavoured chocolates, and pudding. Mexican Fiesta: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. noon to 11:30 p.m. Sports Bar and Lounge, Le Meridien, No 28, Sankey Road, High Grounds A special menu, which pairs Mexican cuisine with beverages. Combos include Tequila with Tacos and Beer with Burittos. Lunch Buffet @ Applewood: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. Ap-

L Raghunanda Bangalore Beat Bureau

Asked whether the urban population more prone to heart diseases, he said, “We don’t have conclusive data to prove that. Bangalore: Heart diseases, which used to There could be many from rural parts dying be common among those above 60 years of of cardiovascular diseases, but we don’t age, are now affecting people as young as have all the information. But we do treat 35. The shift is due to bad lifestyle, addiction many cases from rural areas. Even among to junk food, smoking and alcohol conthe rural populace, wrong eating habits sumption, said Dr Sathyaki Nambala, cardiac could be blamed for heart diseases. We surgeon, Apollo hospital. have treated them for blockages in blood Today is World Heart Day. The World vessels, heart valve damages and others.” Health Organisation has been celebrating During inquiries with patients, the spethe last Thursday of September every year cialists have found out that bad lifestyle, to impress upon the people about the ne“Though lifestyle is to be blamed for heart including smoking and high consumption cessity of keeping one’s heart healthy. diseases among young, majority of the cases of alcohol, as the reason behind cases of This day is being celebrated since 2000. we receive are adult degenerative heart dis- heart disease. The necessity of celebrating the day has eases, which are due to old age,” he said. “As far congenital diseases, one is born been brought about by the fact that over “People nowadays are obsessed with eat- with the problem. The only option here is 17.3 million people die of heart diseases ing junk and fatty foods. Though one tends to go for surgery and get the defect corrected. worldwide every year. to give in to temptations, they should con- All should take care of their heart by sticking This year, the theme is “One World, One sider the danger of falling victim to heard to a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a long and Home and One Heart’. diseases,” he added. fruitful life,” he advised.

Camp for BMTC staff

Bangalore Beat Bureau

Bangalore: “It is a victory for the developmental programmes taken up by the BJP government over the last three and a half years. This should be a befitting lesson to opposition parties, which have been making baseless allegations against our government,” said chief minister D V Sadananda Gowda reacting to the victory of BJP candidate Karadi Sanganna at the Koppal byelections. “Koppal voters have voted for development. They have proved that nothing other than development holds water. Our government has been development and people oriented. My predecessor B S Yeddyurappa has carried out hundreds of development works as chief minister. We vow to continue with the programmes initiated by Yeddyurappa,” he said.

“The victory is because of the collective effort of the party and government. I congratulate the people of Koppal for choosing development,” he said. Voters in the state have repeatedly rejected opposition parties. The state has seen 17 byelections and panchayat and civic body polls, but opposition parties have failed to make a mark in none of them, he said.

S Radhakrishna

No point in fighting corruption: Congress Bangalore Beat Bureau

date is proof that the election has been won through money, Bangalore: There is no point in caste and liquor factors, Parafighting against corruption. Peo- meshwara said. ple don’t seem to understand Opposition leader in the legthe implications of corruption, islative council Motamma said, lamented Congress state presi- “Koppal citizens have not rejected dent G Parameshwara reacting jail-bail-sale politics of the BJP. to the result of Koppal by-election They have tripped by electing that was announced today. the BJP man.” Congress candidate Basavaraj Opposition leader in the asHitnal, who got 47,917 votes, lost sembly and senior Congress the polls to BJP’s Karadi San- leader Siddaramaiah refused to ganna, who polled 47,917 votes. comment on the election result. The victory for the BJP candi-

Shopping OWW Sale: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. One Wit Wonders, No 32 ACR Towers, Residency Road, Flat 50% off on selected products at One Wit Wonders. Modern Heritage Collection: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Pepe, No 2, Brigade Road, Pepe introduces the Modern Heritage Collection for women, that draws its inspiration from the designs of the 90s. The collection includes masculine elements and relies on shades of red, black, navy blue and soft nude.

A special health camp was organised for employees of Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation at the Shantinagar bus terminus today. Hundreds of employees took advantage of the camp.

Govt declares 108 ambulance staff strike illegal

Colors by Lifestyle: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. Lifestyle, Mantri Square, No 1, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram An annual cosmetics fest that promises a plethora of offers. Experts like Ojas Rajani and other celebrity make-up artists add to the experience. Calvin Klein Fall 2011: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Calvin Klein Jeans, The Forum Value Mall, No 62, Whitefield Main Road, Whitefield CK One Jeanswear presents a new range suited for the urban explorer, while the men's range has bold prints and neon colours, across all its outlets.

Showers Of Tranquility: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Gallerie Third Eye, No A-1 Epsilon Office Block, Yemalur Main Road, Yemalur A rare collection of paintings for the monsoon season, by HS Manjunath and Ranjan Paul.

Weekday Lunch Buffet @ ManU: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. noon to 3 p.m. Manchester United Restaurant Bar, The Manchester United Restaurant and Bar launches a weekday lunch buffet priced at Rs 350 plus taxes right from starters to desserts.

blame for heart diseases

Future Retro with Bess: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Bacchus, F&B Excellency, No 8, Papanna Street, St Marks Road Indie, new disco, electro, breaks, and synthpop with Bess this Thursday at Bacchus. There's a 1+1 offer all night.


Power Lunch: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. City Bar Karaoke + Grill, UB City, No 24, Vittal Mallya Road, Now be connected even during the quick business lunch. Free wi-fi access while you fill up in the middle of the day. Delectable starters with a variety of veg/ non veg main course options along with draught beer.

Bad lifestyle to


Modern Masters @ Apparao: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 12:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Apparao Galleries, No 82 The Presidency, St Marks Road, An exhibition of paintings by artists including Arpita Singh, Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, Jehangir Sabavala, Krishen Khanna, SH Raza, KG Subramanyan, and Akbar Padamsee at Apparao Galleries. Photos for Rato @ Tasveer: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tasveer, No 26/1, Kasturba Cross Road, Photos for Rato is a collection of twenty rare photographs by Nicholas Vreeland, taken during the 26 years he has been a Rato monk. They provide a glimpse into daily life in a monastery, which only an insider could have experienced. Painting Exhibition: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Kynkyny Art, No 148 Embassy Square, Infantry Road, Kynkyny Art presents an exhibition of paintings by Yuvan Bothi Sathuvar and Dhrubajyothi Baral. Next In Line: Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Gallery Blue Spade, The Chancery, 10/6 Lavelle Road, This exhibition features work by 13 women artists such as Sonia Jose, Dimple B Shah, Pooja Iranna, Proyanka Govil, Ritu Kamath, Shivani Aggarwal and others.

108 ambulances parked in Bangalore after a strike call by its staff demanding that they should be given permanent employment and better salaries.

Bangalore Beat Bureau Bangalore: The state government has declared strike by 108 emergency services staff as illegal and requested them to resume work immediately. In a press release, health and family welfare department secretary E V Ramana Reddy has said that the state government cannot interfere in the issue as the workers have been engaged by GVK EMRI, which has entered into a public private partnership agreement. He has said the strike is illegal as the 108 ambulance

pilots (drivers) and emergency medical technicians of Arogya Kavacha, under which the ambulances are being operated, are part of essential service. Some of the employees have taken mobile phones and the keys of ambulances along with them while resorting to illegal strike which is a serious offence, he has warned. Since these employees are engaged by GVK EMRI, the state government cannot interfere in matters pertaining to the service conditions of its personnel, he said. However, chief minister D

V Sadananda Gowda has appealed to the employees of GVK EMRI not to resort to strike and that concerned people would look into their genuine grievances. The GVK EMRI is looking into their demands. Despite this, the employees have gone ahead with the strike, he added. At the same time, the government is taking steps to ensure normalcy in restoring 108 ambulance services. Alternate arrangements are being made by the district administration, he said.

Sanganna wins by‑poll

Continued from page 1 After the victory, Karadi Sanganna said, “It is the victory for development and policies of the BJP. I will work towards fulfilling he wishes of the people in this constituency. The works carried out by Yeddyurappa have ensured my victory. I am not an aspirant of any ministerial post, but if the responsibility is given to me I will handle it.” Home and transport minister R Ashok said, “People have voted for development. It proves that the government has been working for the people.” On talks of tussle between Eshwarappa and Yeddyurappa in the run-up to the poll, he said, “It’s not a victory for an individual, but for the party.”

Junk shop owner robbed Bangalore: A junk shop owner was assaulted and robbed of Rs 1.8 lakh at Kuvempunagar last night by four persons, who said they were collecting hafta from him. The victim, Jiaullah Khan, was at his shop when four persons came in a Maruti car around 9.40 pm. They demanded Rs 2 lakh from him. When Khan said he did not have so much money with him, they attacked him and wounded him near his eye with a knife. They took away them money kept in the shop bureau and escaped.

Continuous monitoring

can help avoid cyber attacks Bangalore: The only realistic way to combat modern cyber fraud methods is continuous monitoring, with comprehensive oversight of user activity, infrastructure events and banking transactions, a senior official at HewlettPackard’s security solutions subsidiary Arcsight said yesterday. Although cyber-war and cyber-espionage have been in the headlines in recent years, cyber-crime directed at financial institutions and their clients continues to wreak the real havoc on the

Internet, Arcsight regional director Loke Yeow Wong said here. “Financial fraud cases won’t astonish casual observers the same

ning out of control does, but financially motivated cyber-crime affects far more people, while enriching immoral people around the

way news of Stuxnet malware infiltrating computer systems to send uraniumenrichment centrifuges spin-

itoring has three primary blind spots, he said. Most of the services pushed by financial firms online have opened avenues for fraudsters to exploit vulnerabilities across banking transaction types, Wong said. Moreover, financial institutions rarely correlate data between their information security and fraud teams, creating another substantial blind spot, he said. In addition, he noted that fraud and information security teams alike typically do not perform sophisticated monitoring of privileged accounts. At present, most banks deal with fraud through dedicated teams for different financial products, such as electronic (ACH) transfers, web banking and wire transfers. “This specialised model worked well for a long time, as fraud methods were largely specific to one type of transaction,” he said. world,” he However, financial services said. firms should now work toward The cur- a comprehensive view of enterrent ap- prise risk, including both fraud proach to and information security monifraud mon- toring, he said.

Weekly e‑auction to supply ore to industry Bangalore: The Supreme Courtappointed Monitoring Committee has assured the industry that weekly e-auctions would be conducted to provide “enough quantity” of iron ore to steel producers in the state, a senior industry representative said yesterday. Sajjan Jindal, the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of JSW Steel, said here that the Committee has assured “they will keep more material in the auction”, there would be “more outlets”, “more materials can be lifted” and “they are going to expedite the whole process”. “Enough quantities will be there,” Jindal told reporters after a delegation of Karnataka Iron and Steel Manufacturers Association (KISMA) met Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda, Chief Secretary S V Ranganath and other senior officials in regard to shortage of iron ore supply faced by the steel industry. The next e-auction would be held today, followed by another on October 4. Jindal pointed out the Karnataka steel industry requires 80,000 tonnes of iron ore every day and noted only some 30,000 tonnes had been released till date after the September 14 auction. “E-auction as a temporary measure is a welcome thing but I don’t think it will work on a long-term basis”, Jindal said, noting steel producers are paying huge sum to buy iron ore to “survive for the day,” he said. There is a transparent mechanism at international level to deal with such situation which needs to put in place, he advocated. A KISMA official said, “At this rate, iron ore inventories at steel plants in Karnataka are sufficient hardly for a week to run plants.” Jindal said the state government would file an affidavit in the Supreme Court for relief to the steel industry

and making captive mines alloted to it as a long-term solution to the problem. PTI

Illegal mining: Steel manufacturers seek CM’s intervention Bangalore: Karnataka Iron and Steel Manufacturers Association yesterday sought chief minister D V Sadananada Gowda’s intervention into iron ore shortage to save the steel industry from the brink of collapse. A majority of steel plants and ancillary industries in Karnataka have shut down for want of iron ore, resulting in over two lakh skilled and unskilled employees losing jobs, the KISMA said in a release. KISMA requested the state government to supply iron ore to iron and steel industry from National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) under long-term supply contract. It urged e-auctioning of the stockpile to be done on daily or alternate day basis. The total revenue loss to state exchequer by non-production of iron and steel is approximately Rs 6,000 per ton in the form of various taxes such as excise and VAT, as against a royalty of Rs 288 per tonne of iron ore. KISMA also demanded opening of iron ore mines found legal by the Committee appointed by Supreme Court to enable continuous supply of iron ore to iron and steel industry. “The state government should expedite the process of rehabilitation and redevelopment of forests in mining area to convince Supreme Court to allow mining,” it added. It also appealed to the state government to make 24/7 ore dispatches as being done in Orissa, Chhattisgarh and other states. “Presently ore dispatches in Karnataka are between 6 am to 6 pm,” it added. PTI


Thursday, September 29, 2011

More splendour

S Radhakrishna

Photos: G S Ravishnakar

Transport minister R Ashok flags off new KSRTC service, Karnataka Vaibhava, in front of Vidhana Soudha today.

KSRTC NEW SERVICES LAUNCHED Mysore disrict in-charge and medical education minister S A Ramadass and primary education minister Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri inaugurate Makkala Dasara at Mysore this morning.

Mysore landmark Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar Circle being illuminated for the Dasara festivities last night.

Kids, elders, take part in Heritage walk Mysore district in-charge minister inaugurates water sports as part of Dasara festival at on Varuna Lake on the outskirts of Mysore.

Women, children and elderly took part in the Heritage Walk as part at Mysore today. The walk was flagged off from Jaganmohan Palace.

Bangalore Beat Bureau

The walk began at K R circle, passed through Landsdowne, Mysore: The department of mu- Jaganmohan palace, Parital seums, archaeology and her- math, Sheshadri house (comitage conducted a ‘heritage walk’ mercial tax office) and ended this morning as part of the at Bidar Krishnappa Mandira. Mysore dasara celebrations. The walk was inaugurated at

about 7.30 in the morning and 200 people took part in it. The walk was a way of showcasing the rich heritage and culture of Mysore. The walk allowed the participants to get a glimpse of the old city.

Opposition walks out of council meeting

Congress corporators protest against mayor Sharadamma for not allowing them to raise questions regarding recruitment of pourakarmikas at the BBMP council meeting today.

Bangalore Beat Bureau

a living. If the BBMP had provided these 4,500 jobs it would Bangalore: Opposition Congress have been a relief at least for party coporators walked out of some of them.” the BBMP council meeting today. The opposition claimed that Miffed at mayor Sharadamma they had posed the question to for restricting the questions from the mayor many, but she kept them, they staged the walkout. saying she would answer at the Opposition leader in the coun- next meeting. cil M Udayshankar said, “The When Udayshankar raised othstate government has given di- er issues, the mayor told him rections to recruit 4,500 that one person can speak only pourakarmikas, but the BBMP on one topic. has done nothing about this. The BBMP, in today’s meeting, The poor are struggling to make also granted Rs 2 lakh to organise

a felicitation function to Jnanpith awardee Chandrashekhar Kambar. Former opposition leader Nagaraj expressed his lack of faith in the BBMP’s abilities, saying, “A committee must be formed. The committee should decide the list of invitees and all the other details of the function. This time at least the function should be meaningful and special as everyone knows how the Kempegowda Sammaana function was conducted.”

Maharani’s College at Mysore is lit up forthe Dasara festival (t0p left). Majestic Darbar Hall at the Mysore Palace.

Continued from page 1 Initially both varieties of buses will ply a limited number of routes which will be expanded later on. KSRTC has already trained the drivers in driving and operation of the Mercedes-Benz buses. Ashok said, “All BMTC buses will be converted to adhere to Euro IV pollution norms shortly. This will ensure low pollution and emission levels. Right now, all buses are Euro III. But according to central government directions, all major city buses must have Euro IV engines. But this will be costly and will result in greater fuel consumption which is why most cities are not willing to implement this. But we will implement it, even if it means a loss for us.” The routes, timings and fares for the Airavath club class buses are n Bangalore-Hyderabad, the bus will leave Bangalore at 9.20pm and will leave from Hyderabad at 7 pm. The fare will be Rs.900. Bangalore-Vijaywada, the bus will depart from Bangalore at 8.30pm and will start back from Vijaywada also at 8.30 pm at a fare of Rs 950. n Bangalore-Ernakulam, the bus will leave Bangalore at 7.45pm and will start from Ernakulam at 6.30pm. the fare will be Rs.850. n All Airavath buses will be provided with audio/video systems. The front header of the bus will have a 17 inch LCD TV and there will be a 15 inch foldable TV in the middle to provide entertainment to the commuters. n The brakes of the buses have hydro dynamic retarders and ABS (antilock braking system)

for increased safety. The vehicle is equipped with a ‘carrier 353 generation IV’ engine and an AC which provides excellent cooling. n The Karnataka Vaibhava bus service will also initially ply only a few routes, and after some time the KSRTC will expand the network. n The current routes, timings and fares are, Bangalore-Tirupathi, the bus will depart from Bangalore at 10.40pm at a fare of Rs.210 and at 11.15am at a fare of Rs.190. n Tirupathi-Bangalore, the bus will leave Tirupathi at 8.00am at a fare of Rs.190 and at 10.45pm at a fare of Rs.210. n Bangalore-Vellore, the bus will start from Bangalore at 10.45pm at a fare of Rs.180 and at 3.30pm at a fare of Rs.160. n Vellore-Bangalore, the bus will leave Vellore at 7.30am at a fare of Rs.160 and 11.15pm at Rs.180. n Bangalore-Kanchipuram, the bus will depart at 10.20pm at a fare of Rs.200. n Kanchipuram-Bangalore, the bus will start from Kanchipuram at 7.15am at a fare of Rs.180. n Bangalore-Dharmastala, the bus will leave Bangalore at 9.45pm at a fare of Rs.270. n Dharmastala-Bangalore, the bus will depart from Bangalore at 11.15am at a fare of Rs.250. n Bangalore-Kukke Subramanya, the bus will start from Bangalore at 8.30 am at a fare of Rs 250. n Kukke Subramanya-Bangalore, the bus will leave Kukke at 10 pm at a fare of Rs.270. n The Vaibhava bus is 12m in length with emergency door for emergency exit of passengers. Each bus has 41 ergonomically designed, 100mm reclining saloon passenger seats.

Indian‑American indicted

Washington: Federal prosecutors have charged Indian-American neurosurgeon Arvind Ahuja, a client of HSBC, with evading US taxes through the global bank’s India operations and conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Ahuja from Wiscosin was previously indicted in June 2011 on four counts of willfully filing materially false tax returns and four counts of failing to file Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBARs). The superseding indictment was returned yesterday in Milwaukee. A trial date has not yet been set. The indictment is part of a broadening US investigation

into Swiss and Swiss-style banks that enable American clients to hide income offshore and evade US taxes. According to the superseding indictment, Dr Ahuja, a board-certified neurosurgeon, wire transferred and maintained millions of dollars in bank accounts in India and the Bailiwick of Jersey at The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. (HSBC). In 2009, the HSBC bank account in India had a balance of USD 8,733,785. The superseding indictment alleges Dr Ahuja failed to report these bank accounts to the IRS on his 2006-2009 tax returns. The indictment alleges that he failed to report more than USD

Raids at DMK ex‑minister Anbarasanʼs residence

Goa govt initiates steps to clamp illegal mining

Chennai: The directorate of vigilance and anti-corruption today carried out raids at the residence of former Tamil Nadu Minister T M Anbarasan at Kundrathur near here in connection with a disproportionate assets complaint, police said. Anbarasan was the labour minister in the previous DMK government. The DVAC on September 27 raided the premises of K Ponmudi, now in jail, in Chennai, Villupuram and Puducherry on “specific information” that he had allegedly accumulated assets disproportionate to his income when he was the Higher Education Minister in the previous DMK regime. Ponmudi was arrested in Chennai on August 31 in a land grabbing case. Former ministers Veerapandi S Arumugam, K N Nehru and N K K P Raja were also arrested on land grabbing charges in the crackdown launched by the Jayalalithaa government. PTI

Panaji: Embattled with the allegations of illegal mining in the state and the Assembly elections scheduled early next year, Goa Government has unleashed a slew of measures apparently to extricate itself out of the controversy. With its image taking a serious beating over alleged instances of illegal mining by the leaseowners and traders, the Digambar Kamat government has begun tightening the noose around the mining industry, especially since the time when the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) launched a probe into the illegalities. The PAC probe is being led by former chief minister and Opposition leader Manohar Parrikar besides other members. From contemplating to levy a green cess on mining dumps to

1.2 million in interest income that he earned from his HSBC India account and failed to pay the taxes due on that income. For the 2006-2009 tax years, Dr Ahuja also failed to file FBARs to report his foreign bank accounts to the Department of the Treasury. The superseding indictment also alleges that Dr Ahuja conspired with HSBC bankers who worked at an HSBC India office in New York to conceal from the IRS the existence, ownership and income derived from his undeclared bank accounts at HSBC India and HSBC Jersey. Meanwhile, Ahuja denied all charges against him and said he is innocent and expressed

confidence that he will be acquitted of all the charges. Dan Webb, Ahuja’s attorney, said in a statement that the government’s allegations are “far off-base, and we will continue to present a vigorous, fact-based defence.” “Dr Ahuja is innocent of these allegations, and we remain confident that a jury will acquit him of all charges.” The additional charge brought yesterday does not allege that even a single dollar of additional tax is owed, Webb said. Noting that Dr Ahuja had interest-bearing accounts at a large, multi-national bank, the lawyer said bank’s failure to issue him any documents that stated his

interest income from these accounts directly caused the government’s prosecution. “Dr Ahuja has paid all US income taxes on all monies deposited into these foreign bank accounts as well as his personal income in the US. The only issue is taxes owed on the interest earned in these foreign bank accounts,” he claimed. Arguing that Dr Ahuja has worked scrupulously, with a team of professional financial advisers and accountants, to pay all taxes and interest he owes and follow all applicable state and federal tax laws, Webb said the neurosurgeon is a man of strong principles and character. PTI

state government since November last made it mandatory for the shippers to secure NOC from the state mines and geology department before exporting the consignment of ores. This move has added revenue in the form of royalty to the tune of whopping Rs 1,000 crore to the state coffers. The coastal state has so far clocked the highest ever export of 54 million metric tones during the last financial year. Goa government of late realised the adverse effects of illegal the latest move of imposing a acts of commission and omission mining on the environment. stamp duty on the mining leases, as far as taming the mining inAs per a study conducted by the state government seems to dustry is concerned, the state the National Council for Applied be leaving no stone unturned to government has now cracked a Economic Research (NCAER), put a leash on the alleged unfair whip on the ‘wayward’ miners. the state has incurred an unrepractises prevalent in the mining Realising that the state ex- alised environment cost due to industry. chequer lost several crores in mining to the tune of Rs 548.4 In hindsight of the alleged the form of mining royalty, the crore.

Printed and published by B M Arun Kumar vide RNI Registration No. KARENG/2010/33126. Published by SAM Global Media, # 37, 1 Floor, 2nd Main, N. R. Colony, Bangalore - 560 019. Editor: B M Arun Kumar Printed at Lavanya Mudrana, #19, 15th Cross, Thyaarajanagar, Bangalore – 560 028. All rights reserved. Reproduction or translation in any language in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The publisher assumes no responsibility for the return of unsolicited material or for material lost or damaged in transit. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Bangalore only.

Bangalore Beat Evening Newspaper - 29.09.2011  

Bangalore Beat Evening Newspaper - 29.09.2011

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