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BSY’s advisors lobby P 3


Bangalore: A petty issue involving 50 paise led to a shootout in which four persons were injured at Garudachara Palya in Mahadevapura this morning. R K Mishra, a security guard attached to the ICICI Bank ATM in the area, is behind the shooting incident. He fire two rounds from his double barrel gun. Around 10.30 this morning, he had gone to Mahalakshm News Agency to get a Maharashtra Patrike newspaper. He gave Rs 4 to shop owner Om Prakash. Since the latter did not have 50 paise change, he gave back a chocolate. But Mishra said he did not want the per and uttered an expletive. An irritated change. chocolate but the change. Om Prakash confronted him saying why Mishra, who accompanies bank staff at In a fit of fury, he threw down the pa- he was making such a fuss over the small the time of refilling currency at the ATMs,


put his gun to the Om Prakash’s throat. The shop owner pushed the barrel aside, just in time to escape the fired bullet which scrapped past his neck. Sanjeev, who is a construction labourer working nearby, got hit in the thigh from the flying splinters. Nataraj, a boy who works at a shop in front of the news agency was hit in the hand and Niranjan, who runs a shop next to Om Prakash’s, was injured. All the injured are out of danger, the police said. Nataraj said that it was a petty incident. “Mishra got angry and before anyone could realise, he had fired. Mishra buys papers from the shop almost every day. Only today the scene was this ugly.” Mishra has been taken into custody and being subjected to interrogation.

Bio fuel is the way forward

Gangadhar Pujar

By Sri Sri Ravishankar

CM, SAYS DVS Bangalore Beat Bureau

the issue would be looked into.” He said, “No new programmes New Delhi: “I became a chief will be announced. B S Yeddyuminister accidentally without rappa (outgoing chief minister) any experience in administrahas announced a lot of peopletion,” said chief minister D V friendly programmes and I will Sadananda Gowda here this continue with them. I will focus morning. on implementing these projects After breakfast with Karnataeffectively and will continue his ka MPs at Karnataka Bhavan, he work.” said, “Though I don’t have any “I have also appealed to experience in administration, I Union ministers from state to vow to run the government transcooperate in getting projects to parently.” the state and also to have talks Gowda, who is on a two-day with finance minister P Chitour of New Delhi since yesterdambaram to give special status day, said, “I met Prime Minister to Hyderabad-Karnataka region.” Manmohan Singh and several The new chief minister said he other Union ministers. I have did not like giving statements in requested them to announced front of the media frequently. new projects for the state. I got “If I have something substantial positive response from all of to say, I will call for press conthem. I have appealed to the ferences and make announceCentre to release more funds for ments.” the Bangalore Metro rail project.” state are facing a lot of problems Asked about the breakfast He said, “The cabinet will be because of lack of good price for meeting with the state MPs, he expanded as soon as possible their silk. I met the commerce said, “It was a courtesy meeting. with the consent of the BJP high minister and asked him to in- I requested them to support the command. I am going to meet crease import duty on silk to 31 state during debates on the floor party senior leaders, L K Ad- percent from the present 5 per- of Parliament.” vani, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jait- cent. Because of this, there has He said, “I am only a captain ley and Venkaiah Naidu, and been a glut from the interna- of the team. My team members discuss with them the possible tional market affecting the local are ministers, legislators and ofcandidates who can be inducted farmers. The commerce ministry ficials. Without their cooperainto the ministry.” has responded well to my re- tion I cannot run the show sucHe said, “Silk farmers in the quest and has assured me that cessfully.”


One way to pursue a peaceful mind is a mantra. Mantra means that which wins over the mind. Mantras are universal and people have been chanting them for thousands of years.. Page 2

OF KATTAS TO FRIDAY Bangalore Beat Bureau

WOMAN FOUND DEAD Bangalore Beat Bureau

Bangalore: A newly married woman was found dead under mysterious circumstances at her residence in Devasandra near KR Puram this morning. Anusha (24) was found dead inside their house this morning. The police said she was married to Vinaya about a year ago. Her husband has gone missing and the police have launched a manhunt. The police, who had rushed to the spot, said they were yet to ascertain whether it was a murder or suicide.


Transport minister R Ashok flags off a KSRTC bus that wil run on biofuel in the city today. The government has identified 2.76 lakh hectares of land for growing bio fuel crops.

Bangalore: The Karnataka High Court has put off hearing in the case related to the bail applications filed by former IT-BT minister Katta Subramanya Naidu, his son and corporator Katta Jagadish Naidu and ITASCA CEO Srinivasan to Friday. With this, the three accused, who were earlier denied bail and sent to jail by the Lokayukta special court, have to be in the


WITH RS 4.5 LAKH death for Bangalore Beat Bureau

on a black colour Honda Activa scooter suddenly accosted him and snatched Bangalore: Two scooter borne robbers away the bag containing the cash. The insnatched away a bag containing Rs. 4.5 cident happened at 11 am this morning. lakh from Mukunda Rao, cashier of KanThe money was meant to be distributed nada film producer K Manju in Sarakki, as payment for Manju’s new film the J P Nagar this morning. shooting of which is in progress at Mukund Rao withdrew the money Munnar, Kerala. from Karnataka Bank in Sarakki and J P Nagar police have registered a was coming out when the two robberers complaint and are investigating.

LeT terrorist

No going back on Lokpal Bill: Hazare Sometimes the disorder helps them overcome normal mental barriers and achieve superlative success. Though that is the brighter side of persons with autism, the flip side is that there are not many institutions to take care of them, especially the page5 autistic adults, says L Raghunand

New Delhi: Anna Hazare today said there is no going back on the issue of Lokpal Bill and demanded that all issues set aside by the government be brought back into the bill. “There is nothing in the bill which is introduced in Parliament. It is just a show off. It has been drafted just to tell

the people that we have a law to fight corruption. It will be of no use,” Hazare said. He said all issues that were set aside by the government should be brought back to the bill. “Whatever issue which we raised have been left out and should be brought back,” he said.PTI

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today confirmed the death sentence for Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Mohd Arif alias Ashfaq in the 2000 Red Fort attack case in which three people, including two Army jawans, FULL REPORT ON PAGE 3 were killed.

Parappana Agrahara central jail at least till Friday. The high court has also sent notices to the Lokayukta police. All the three have been accused of KIADB land scam and illegally claiming compensation amounts. The accused have been spending time in the central prison. The former minister and his son have been allowed to get food, linen and clothes from home.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


ullah Nasseruddin was constantly grumbling from morning till evening. If he was given coffee, he would say, “My wife has given me so much coffee.” If he did not get coffee, he would say, “She never gives me coffee.” He would complain if there was a lot of sugar in the coffee and he would complain if there was not enough sugar in it. If there was nothing to complain about, he would say, “No good rains. The harvest is very poor this season.” Eventually, when good rains would come and bring a good harvest, he would say, “Now I have ended up with a lot of work. I have to go and cut the harvest.” As we can see in Mullah Nasseruddin’s story, not everybody feels content all the time. Keeping the mind peaceful is a habit. The mind naturally drops good things in life and clings onto bad things. Good and bad experiences are a natural part of our life and will continue to appear whether we like it or not. Along with these experiences come emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear

Sparsh to conduct 100 free surgeries

and sadness which find a way to stick in our mind, and flavour the course of our days, weeks and lives. For most of us, the insult gets caught in our mind and continues to haunt us from morning to evening. So if the mind feels sad about something, then that sadness lingers around and grabs your attention. Many a time you advise your mind, “Oh leave all that alone, what is so great about it?” But in spite of that, the mind continues to do as it pleases. Most of the time, we don’t even notice that it is happening. So what should we do when strong emotions arise? What can we do when we are filled with angry thoughts or difficult emotions? Where can we turn for peace and insight? One way to pursue a peaceful mind is a mantra. Mantra means that which wins over the mind. Mantras are universal and people have been chanting them for thousands of years. Even churches in Latin America use ‘Marnah nath’. Its translation in Latin and Sanskrit is similar. For ‘Lord’ the word in Latin is ‘nath’ and in Sanskrit the word ‘nath’ means ‘Lord’. So the word ‘Marnah Nath’,


By Sri Sri Ravishankar

meaning ‘My lord’, which is used in Christianity – is actually a Sanskrit word. Similarly, the seed mantra 'Omkar' is common in all Indian reli-

gions – whether it is Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism or Sikhism. And Om Namah Shivaya has been called the maha mantra, because it includes all the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Om encompasses everything. Na is the earth element, Mah is the water element, Shi the fire element, Va the air element and Ya is the sky element. So the Master of these five elements is Om Namah Shivaya. However, there are times when despite meditating and mantra chanting, the mind keeps running elsewhere to issues like, “Has the grocery shop opened?” or “Who will cook today?” But when you get into the habit of sitting with yourself every day, Mantra will increase your mental power and energy and a samskara (impression) will be formed. You have to tune the mind this way. Bringing up unwanted things again and again is the nature of the mind. Every time we worry, a lot of energy is drained out of the body. For us to lose this energy, we are using two wrong types of mantras. The first one is known as “Aarda” which means bringing back misery again and again and the second is

“Roudra” meaning bringing up anger. As a result, diseases afflict the body. In order to relieve yourself from Aarda and Roudra in the mind, continue with your spiritual practices, recite mantras and meditate. Maharishi Patanjali has said in the Yogasutras – yadi staana samshaya avirati pramada alasya. To get over the obstacles of disease, lack of enthusiasm, doubt, worry etc. practice ‘Ek tatva abhyasaha’. Just chant any one mantra, practice the one sound, one syllable for a long time. So, when thoughts and mantras are both running in the mind, your mind and consciousness should be filled with mantra. Then the mind becomes free of worries because a Mantra has power and a certain vibration. When it is chanted, it becomes energy and fills your consciousness. As this energy in the consciousness increases, we come back to the Self, and permeate everything around us – our home, mind, body and environment, with this energy and positivity. This is a weekly column that appears every Wednesday

KRRS marches against GM crops Bangalore Beat Bureau

RIL‑EIH aims at city

fices. He warned, “But remember… College has contracted Mahyco KRRS president Kodihalli farmers are not fools as some and Mosanto to conduct re- Kolkata: Mukesh Ambani-led Bangalore: Members of the Kar- Chandrashkar said, “We have of them think. search. The trials are going on Reliance Industries will team up Hubli: Sparsh Foundation, the nataka Rajya Raitha Sangha had enough of GM trials in the The objective of Raitha Sang- in lands of some unidentified with EIH Ltd to set up hotels in non-profit arm of Bangalore- took out a protest march in the state. Even now, Mosanto and ha is to educate and create farmers. These ignorant farmers Bangalore and Goa at a cost of based Sparsh Orthopaedic Hos- city yesterday demanding an Mahyco companies are trying awareness among farmers. have been duped. Rs 700 crore. EIH chairman and pital, will organise “Sparsh Guru end to field trials of genetically to influence the media. Recent- Some of our professors and sciThe government should not chief executive P R S Oberoi said Namana” on September 5, as a modified crops. ly, they invited few media per- entists could be fools going the allow these companies to con- the property in Bangalore would tribute to teachers suffering from More than 2000 farmers sons and some farmers, and Mosanto and Mahyco way.” duct field trials. We will con- have 250 rooms, the one in Goa arthritis by conducting free of marched from SBM Circle to tried to influence them, saying He said, “It is well known tinue to protest till the state will have 100 rooms and both cost surgeries, including joint the agriculture department of- nothing is wrong with Bt crops. that the Dharwad Agriculture bans all such experiments.” will be managed by EIH. replacement. Chairman and chief orthopaedic surgeon of Sparsh Hospital Sharan Shivaraj Patil told reporters that 100 retired teachers of north Karnataka, which has maximum number of arthritis patients, would benefit from these surgeries, which would be performed in BangaBangalore: The German Nalore. hurt tourism in Germany, Altional Tourist Office’s (GNTO) All these teachers can register pha Travel Consultants presIndia Pool has said Germany themselves at Hubli and Raichur ident and CEO Sebastian Bangalore Beat Bureau building careers of many stu- continues to register a steady where screening of the patients Worel said they are focussing dents. VHD is not just a home growth in visitor overnights would be done on August 15 and more on countries like India, Bangalore: The VHD Central In- science college, but also offers (international inbound 21, he said. PTI China and Russia to promote stitute of Home Science celebrat- various other courses. tourists) from India. Germany as a preferred leisure ed its golden jubilee yesterday. “Germany continues to regWhen the college was started destination. Various cultural programmes in 1961 there were hardly any ister a steady growth in “In the coming years, we were held and various wings of students, but now, there are tourism in visitor arrivals from will start going to Tier-II cities the college, like cultural, Kan- many who have not been able India,” GNTO director (marto attract visitors to Germany. nada Sangha and games, too to get admission.” keting and sales) Romit last year, Theophilus said. In fact we are getting lot of traffic were inaugurated. Collegiate education director Theophilus said here. Germany In 2010, Germany received from places like Punjab, LucBangalore: Rajya Sabha former member K V Kodandaramiah, college is continuing its aggressive plans 4,55,655 overnights, an increase know and Pune,” Worel said. The KarnataP Selvi Das said, “I was a faculty principal O Obaiah, college to promote Germany as a pre- of 26.2 percent over the previous The last phase of the India Pool ka High here 33 years ago. There are many games wing coordinator ferred leisure destination for In- year. “Visitors overnights have Sales Activity will be held in Court yesternow who have built this great K Jagadish Kumar, UGC dians. During January-May 2011, grown by 26.2 percent over the Mumbai and Hyderabad from day disinstitution. professor emeritus and college a steep 22.4 percent increase or corresponding period in 2009,” October 10 to 14, 2011, director missed a It has not only provided good former principal R A Sreedahri 2,05,991 visitor overnights were he said. of destination management Horst criminal writ education, but also helped in were present. registered over the same period Asked if US downgrade would Lommatzsch said. PTI petition seeking recalling of 10 witnesses in the disproportionate asset case against Tamil Nadu Bangalore: The 15th annual conlearn from the past and embrace sented to Priyadarshini S. Chairvocation of IFIM Business School, chief minister J Jayalalithaa. change. With diversity comes man’s gold medal for topper in Justice V Jagannathan dis- Bangalore, was held on the coldisparity in the context of glob- each stream were conferred on missed the petition filed by V N lege campus at Electronic City alisation. Mahesh Kumar S for PGDM GenSudhakaran, foster son of Jay- recently. It is easy to distinguish be- eral, Vidhushi Saxena for PGDM Chairman and chief editor of alalithaa and the third accused tween right and wrong, but the finance and Suhana K R for Dalal Street Investment Journal in the case. important part is to separate PGDM IB. Functional toppers Sudhakaran had sought re- V B Padode is starting a new greed from need, he added. were also awarded. Varun Bhatcalling of 10 witnesses, submit- scholarship of Rs 1 Lakh for girl Sudhir Kant advised the grad- nagar was ting that they were not cross-ex- students at the college, funded uates to be ready for the chalawarded the chairman’s gold by the V B Padode Foundation. amined earlier. PTI lenges of knowledge manage- medal for narketing; Atmakuri The welcome address was given ment and to focus on the need Ram Mohan for finance and Amby IFIM Business School director to bring out the uniqueness in rita Ganguly for international B P Pethiya. each. business. IGNOU vice-chancellor V N He said success will come to The chairman’s gold medal Rajasekharan Pillai and Krishna those who can identif the right for best industry internship proAntioxidants president Sudhir solution at the right time. gram (IIP) was awarded to Amit Bangalore: Bangalore University Kant were present. In all, 205 Student Bidish Chatterjee was Shankar C. has invited eligible candidates students of the PGDM proawarded the chairman’s gold Prof Pethiya conferred ‘the for one-year library apprentice gramme of 2009-11 received their medal for the best all-rounder. distinguished alumni award” to trainees programme in Banga- diplomas at the ceremony. RAK Ceramic award for academic Debtosh Chatterjee and Gunit lore University libraries for 2011Bhaskar Bhat, MD, Titan inexcellence, given to the topper Singh from the first Batch (1995Dignitaries light the lamp marking the inauguration of 2012. dustries, said students should among girl students, was pre- 97) of IFIM. convocation of IFIM Business School in the city. Interested candidates with MLib science from any recognised university of Karnataka state or diploma holders in library science (after 10+02) conTrain No. Train Name Station Arrival B’lore Departure B’lore Train No. Train Name Station Arrival B’lore Departure B’lore ducted by the directorate of technical education with second 638 ERS SBC SPL Ernakulam Jn 0430 000 6502 AHMEDABAD EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 1330 (Sun) class may send their applications 637 SBC ERS SPL Bangalore City 000 1715 6831 MYSORE EXPRESS Thanjavur 0555 0630 in plain paper, giving details 6228 BANGALORE EXP Shimoga Town 0430 000 6832 THANJAVUR EXPRESS Mysore 1845 1900 like name, date of birth, address, 6227 SHIMOGA EXP Bangalore City 000 2330 7086 SECUNDERABAD EXP Bangalore City 000 1700 educational qualification & caste 6222 MYSORE EXPRESS Chennai Central 0500 0530 7085 BANGALORE EXPRESS Secunderabad 0715 000 etc., to the university registrar, 6221 CHENNAI EXPRESS Mysore Jn 2300 2345 790 KACHEGUDA EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 1800 (Sat) Jnanabharathi. 6517 BANGALORE MAIL Chennai Central 0525 000 789SC MYS Secunderabad 1030 (Sun) 1020 (Sun) Those who have appeared for 2657 BANGALORE MAIL Chennai Central 0535 000 9775 JAIPUR EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 1100 (Thu, Sat) 2658 CHENNAI MAIL Bangalore City 000 2245 9776 JP BANGALORE EXPRESS Jaipur 1630 (Wed, Fri) 000 exams for 2010-11 and waiting 2607 LALBAGH EXPRESS Chennai Central 2125 000 7209 SESHADRI EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 1315 for their results too can apply. 2608 LALBAGH EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 0630 7210 SESHADRI EXPRESS Kakinada Town 1235 000 Candidates who are undergoing 6021 BANGALORE EXPRESS Chennai Central 0735 (Sunday) 000 6525 KANYAKUMARI EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 2145 training during the 2010-2011 6022 CHENNAI EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 2130 (Sunday) 6526 BANGALORE EXPRESS Kanyakumari 0655 000 and who have taken the training 101S RMAS SBC PASSENGER Chennai Central 1900 000 8563 PRASHANTHI EXPRESS Vishakapatnam 1000 000 in earlier years are not eligible 102SR SBC MAS PASSENGER Bangalore City 000 0915 8564 PRASHANTHI EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 1400 to apply. 2008 SHATABDI EXPRESS Chennai Central 1050 and2230 000 6732 TUTICORIN EXPRESS Mysore City 2100 2115 Trainees will be paid a 2008 SHATABDI EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 1615 and 0600 6731 BANGALORE EXPRESS Tuticorin City 0635 0650 stipend. Last date for 2639 BRINDAVAN EXPRESS Chennai Central 1320 000 0621 SBC TVC EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 2215 (Sun) submitting the applications is 2640 BRINDAVAN EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 1430 6321 TRIVANDRUM EXPRESS Bangalore City 000 1845 (Thu) August 29.

Movie Listings KANNADA



Prajwal, Diganth, Sheetal Bharathi (11, 2.30, 6, 9.15 pm) Govardhan Theatre (11.30 am, 2.30, 6, 9 pm) Krishna (KR Puram) (10.30 am, 2, 8 pm) Nartaki (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30 pm) Prasanna (10.15 am, 1.15, 4.15, 7.15 pm) Siddheshwara (11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm) Uma (10.15 am, 1, 4, 7 pm) Veerabhadreshwara (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30pm) Vijayalakshmi (Garudacharpalya) (11 am, 2.30 pm) Vajreshwari (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30pm) Vaishnavi (11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm)

Naveen Krishna, Neetu Kamakya (10.45 am, 1.45, 5.45, 8.45 pm) Triveni (4.30, 7.30 pm)


Vijay Raghavendra, Naveen Krishna, Meghana Gaonkar Anupama (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30 pm)

Jaggesh, Lahari, Mohan Shankar Adarsh (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30 pm) Ashoka (11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30pm) Menaka (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30 pm) Manasa (11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm) Prakash (10 am, 2.30, 6,30, 9.30 pm) Rajarajeshwari (Mallathalli) (10 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30 pm) Ullas (11.30 am, 2.45, 5.45, 8.45 pm) Veeresh (10.30 am, 1.30 pm) Venkatesh (Avalahalli) (11.30am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm)


KIRATAKA (U/A) Yash, Oviya Helen, T S Nagabharana Kapali (10.30 , 1.30, 4.30, 7.30 pm)

JOHNNY MERA NAAM PREETHI MERA KAAM (U) Duniya Vijay, Ramya Siddhalingeshwara (11 am, 2.30, 6, 9.15 pm)

ENGLISH 10 pm) Gopaln Cinemas (Mysore Road) (10.45 am, 1, 7, 9.30 pm) Gopalan Cinemas (Rajarajeshwari Nagar) (10.30 am, 1.10, 6, 8.10, 10 pm) HMT Cinemas (Jalahalli) (10.45 am, 1.30, 4.15 pm) Innovative Multiplex (11.10 am, 5.30 pm) Rex (10.30 am, 12.35, 5.15, 9.50 pm)

Home Science Germany registering steady College celebrates growth in visitor overnights golden jubilee

Sudhakaranʼs plea in Jaya case dismissed

KRISHNAN MARRIAGE STORY (U) Ajay Rao, Nidhi Subbaiah, Balaji (Tavarekre) (11 am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm) Inox (Jaynagar) (1.45 pm) Inox (Malleswaram) (12.55 pm, 6.30 pm) Krishna (KR Puram) (10.30 am) Manasa (10.30 am) Maruthi (11.30 am, 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm, 9.30 pm) Nandini (11 am, 2, 5, 8 pm) PVR Cinemas (12 pm, 4.40 pm) Sagar (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30 pm)


RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Tom Felton, James Franco, Freida Cinemax (12 pm, 7 pm) Eshwari (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30 pm) Fame (10 am) Fun Cinemas (10 am, 12.15, 4.30, 7, 10 pm) Gopalan (Bannerghatta) (10.45 am, 1, 3.45, 7.45,

Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wild Cinemax (4.45, 7.15, 9.45 pm) Cinepolis (10 am, 12.20, 2.40, 5, 7.20, 9.40 pm) Gopalan (Bannerghatta Road) (10 am, 12.10, 4.45, 10 pm) Gopalan Cinemas (Mysore Road) (10 am, 10 pm) Gopalan Cinemas (Rajarajeshwari Nagar) (3.50 pm, 5.30, 7.40 pm) Innovative Multiplex (10 am 12.45, 10 pm) Inox (Magrath) (6.50 pm) Inox (Jayanagar) (12.55 pm, 5.15, 9.45 pm) Inox (JP Nagar) (2.45 pm, 7.15 pm) Navrang (8 pm, 10 pm) PVR Cinemas (10 am, 1, 4.10, 6.30, 9.40 pm) Vision Cinemas (12 pm, 9.55 pm)


IFIM B‑school holds 15th convocation

BU invites



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Cinemax (12 pm, 7 pm) Fun Cinemas (1.15 pm) Fame (Forum Value Mall) (12 pm) Fame (Lido) () 10 am, 9.44 pm) Gopalan (Bannerghatta Road) (11.15 am) Innovative Multiplex

THE WARNING (A) Atul Kulkarni, Anupam Kher Apsara (KR Market) (5.30 pm, 8.30 pm) Cinemax (2.15 pm) Gopalan (Bannerghatta Road) (1.15 pm)

I AM KALAM (U) Harsh Mayar, Hussan Saad, Gulshan Grover Cinemax (10 am, 9 pm) Fame (Forum Value Mall) (1 pm, 5.20 pm) Fame (Lido) (1.05 pm, 5.05 pm) Inox (Magrath Road) (10 am, 2.05, 6.15 pm) Inox (Malleswaram) (10.15 am) Inox (JP Nagar) (10.20 am) PVR Cinemas (10.50 am, 1.50, 7.05, 7.45 pm)

SINGHAM (U/A) Ajay Devgn, Kajal Agarwal Apsara (KR Market) (11.30 am, 2.30 pm) Cinemax (2.45 pm, 9.45 pm) Cinepolis (Bannerghatta Road) (10 am, 12.45, 3.30, 4.30, 6.15, 7.15, 9.40 pm) Everest (11.30 am, 1.30, 6.15, 9.30 pm) Fame (Forum Value Mall) (12.45 pm, 2.50, 9.20 pm) Fame (Lido) (12.55 pm, 3.35, 9.20 pm) Fun Cinemas (10.15 am, 9.30 pm) Gopalan Cinemas (Rajarajeshwari Nagar) (10 am, 9.50 pm) Gopalan Cinemas (Bannerghatta Road) (3 pm) Innovative (11 pm, 7.30 pm) Inox (Jaynagar) (11 am,

(11.15 am, 5.30 pm) Inox (Jayanagar) (9.55 pm) Inox (JP Nagar) (10.20 am, 4.05, 9.55 pm) Inox (Malleswaram) (10.20 am, 4.05 pm) Inox (Magrath Road) (11.50 am, 4 pm) 5.10 pm) Inox (JP Nagar) (11 am, 9.05 pm) Inox (Magrath Road) (1 pm, 9.15 pm) Inox (Malleswaram) (3.40 pm, 9.15 pm) Kailash (10.30 am, 1.30, 4.30, 7.30 pm) Lakshmi (10.15 am, 1.15, 5.15, 8.15 pm) Manasa (11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm) PVR Cinemas (10 am, 12.40, 3.45, 6.15, 9.10 pm) Radhakrishna (11.30 am, 2.45, 6.30, 9.30 pm) Rex (7.15 pm)Srinagraja (11 am, 2, 5, 8 pm) Sri Srinivasa (11.30 am, 2.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm)

ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA (U/A) Katrina, Farhan , Hrithik , Abhay Deol and Kalki Koechlin Cinemax (12.30 pm, 3.30, 6.30, 9.30 pm) Cinepolis (10 am, 12 , 1.30, 3.50, 6.45, 9, 10 pm) Fame (Forum Value Mall) (12 pm, 2.50, 5.40, 8.30 pm) Fame (Lido) (10.15 am, 3.10, 6.10, 9.10 pm) Fun Cinemas (10.30 am, 1.30, 3.30, 6.30, 9.15 pm) Gopalan Cinemas (Bannerghatta Road) (10 am, 6.30, 10 pm) Gopalan Cinemas (Rajarajeshwari Nagar) (3.45 pm, 6.25, 9.45 pm) Gopalan Cinemas (Mysore Road) (3.15 pm, 6.15, 9.15 pm) HMT Cinemas (7.15 pm) Innovative Multiplex (11 am, 1.45, 4.30, 7.15, 10 pm).

TAMIL CHAPPA KURISH (U/A) Fahad Fazil, Roma, Vineeth Sreenivasan HMT Cinemas (Jalahalli) (9.45 pm) Inox (JP Nagar) (4.20 pm) MANUSHYA MRUGAM (U) Kiran, Oviya Sangeet (11.30 am, 2.45, 9.30 pm) SALT N PEPPER (U) Lal, Asif Ali, Swetha Menon Gopalan Cinmeas (Bannerghatta Road) (7.45 pm) Innovative Multiplex (10 pm) PVR Cinemas (9.45 pm) Sangeet (6.55 pm)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CITY EVENTS General Dr Prabhakar Kore Abhinandana Samithi: Felicitation to Prabhakar Kore on his 65th birthday, by Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda, release of booklet by KPCC President G Parameshwara, former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa to participate, Ravindra Kalakshetra, J C Road, 5.30 pm.

Cultural Department of Kannada and Culture: Sugama Sangeetha by Yellappa Kormar, Nayana, J C Road, 6.30 pm. Panchamukhi Natara Simha: Play ‘Kayo Kalpa’ directed by H Dundiraj, directed by Madhsudhan Kanekal, Rangashankara, J P Nagar, 7.30 pm. Kannada Sahitya Parishat: Distribution of certificates and prizes to rank holders in Literary examinations and Diploma in Epigraphy for the year 2010-11 by litterateur G S Siddalingaiah, Manu Baligar, Commissioner, Department of Kannada and Culture to participate, Parishat premises, Chamarajpet, 5.30 pm.

Religious Sri Raghavendra Seva Samithi: Sri Raghavendra and Krishna Jayanthi Mahotsava, Dasara Padagalu by Gulbarga Gururaj Dasaru, 6th Cross, Sudhindra Nagar, Malleswaram, 6.30 pm.

Exhibitions A Slice of Life @ Veda: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Veda Art Gallery, Palace View Builidng, Sankey Road, Kumara Park West Veda Art Gallery presents 'A Slice of Life', an exhibition of art work by JMS Mani, Laxman Aelay, Kishan Kappari and Murugesan. Creative Perspectives: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. noon to 11:30 p.m. Caperberry, No 48/1 Ground Floor, The Estate, Dickenson Road, Artwork by Gopal Dey, Shan Re, Kishore Chand, Ashok Kumar G, Hiremath, Parmesh D Jolad, Ranjan Paul, Ram Onkar, Mini Arora and more. Colours & Hues: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Gallerie Third Eye, No A-1 Epsilon Office Block, Yemalur Main Road, Yemalur A group show by artists Kanthraj N, Rima Ray & Rakesh Mandal. Synesthesia: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Galleryske, No 2, Berlie Street, Langford Town A group show featuring works by Andrea Anastasio, Luigi Anastasio and Avinash Veeraraghavan. The works are displayed in the house-like space of the gallery, so that they are approached without demarcations and distinctions thus making the viewer experience the works in one continuous alternation of media from video and painting, to photography and sculpture.

to 7:30 p.m. Collage, No 21/1, Wood Street, Ashoknagar Discounts of up to 70% on designer wear by Manish Arora, Poonam Bhagat, Ekru and more. Half Price Sale: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Show Off, Royal Meenakshi Mall, No E1/16, Syndicate Bank Colony, 1st Cross, Bennerghatta Road Discounts of up to 50% on clothing and accessories. Monsoon Baubles: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Ffolio, No 5 Embassy Chambers, Vittal Mallya Road, Bracialeto celebrates the monsoons by unveiling a new collection of costume jewellery that incorporates various shades of the colour of the season, blue.

Theatre Kaaya-Kalpa: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 7:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Ranga Shankara, No 36/1 2nd Phase, 8th Cross, JP Nagar A play by a new troupe in the city, directed by Madhusudhan Kanekal.

Eating Out Power Lunch: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. City Bar Karaoke + Grill, UB City, No 24, Vittal Mallya Road, Now be connected even during the quick business lunch. Free wi-fi access while you fill up in the middle of the day. Delectable starters with a variety of veg/ non veg main course options along with draught beer. Seafood Wednesdays at The Cubbon Pavilion: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia, No 1, Residency Road The chefs unveil an interactive theatre showcasing a bountiful supply of exotic seafood on the grill, and on the crepiere (crepe station) with exotic seafood fillings. They toss up refreshing Salads, roll Sushi, and serve crispy Tempura, Paella, Risotto, and lots more every Wednesday night.

'The Kari Culture' at Blue Ginger: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Blue Ginger, The Taj West End, 23 Race Cource Road, Blue Ginger creates an interesting way to learn about Vietnamese ingredients and how to create some of the popular culinary innovations. 'The Kari Kulture' is for all the ladies who want to learn the finer aspects of Vietnamese cuisine, supervised by Chef Rishi. This is followed by a meal at the restaurant, where the guests taste what they cook.

Solo show @ Apparao: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Apparao Galleries, No 82 The Presidency, St Marks Road, Apparao Galleries presents an exhibition of paintings by T. Vaikuntam. Newstalgia: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Indian Cartoon Gallery, Midford House, Midford Garden, MG Road, An exhibition displaying cartoons by noted cartoonist and media person Rasheed Kappan. The cartoons provide a visual, tongue-incheek flashback of dramatic happenings across the globe over the last three years.

Asparagus Festival at Graze: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 12:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Graze, Vivanta by Taj - MG Road, No 41/3, MG Road, An eclectic menu of asparagus-tinged dishes like Scallops with white asparagus butter glaze and foam, Gnocchi with asparagus and leeks, and Halibut with Serrano ham, white asparagus and froth.

Group Show @ Renaissance: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Renaissance Gallerie, No 13 Westminster, Cunningham Road, Paintings by Chandrama Nath, Sandya Shetty, Tahseen Banu, and Sujith Ittan on display at Renaissance.

The Grand Indian Lunch Buffet @ Turquoise: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. noon to 3 p.m. Turquoise, No 9, 2nd & 3rd Floors, 17th A Main, Koramangala Experience the Grand Indian Lunch buffet consisting of over 35 dishes every weekday with around 5 starters, 4 vegetarian gravies, 2 non vegetarian gravies , 7 desserts and lots more.

Happiness Sale: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Bangalore Central, No 47/48 Victoria Embassy, Residency Road, Bangalore Central announces the Happiness Sale, featuring apparel and accessories at discounts of up to 61 percent. Rio by Titan Eye+: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Titan Eye+, Safina Plaza, Infantry Road, A trendy, fashionable collection for the young and young at heart. The frames are available in a host of bright colours. Collage Annual Sale: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 10 a.m.

HIGH COMMAND FOR CONTINUATION Shettar group opposes, says real party workers should be given chance D L Harish Bangalore Beat Bureau

Bangalore: They are the abandoned lot. An army of advisors surrounding former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa has been left to fend for themselves, now that their master has quit the post following indictment in the Lokayukta report on illegal mining. The five advisors are now camping in New Delhi, trying to convince the BJP high command to pressure new chief minister D V Sadananda Gowda to continue with them. As all the advisors are political appointees, they have to now vacate their positions with Gowda donning the chief minister’s mantle. Political advisor B J Puttaswamy, who was used by Yeddyurappa to fire salvos against his political bête noir and JD(S) president H D Deve Gowda, is quite desperate to get back to the CMO – the chief minister’s office. The others are economy advisor Dr K V Raju, media advisor R P Jagadeesh, urban development advisor A Ravindra and legal advisor Diwakar. These advisors, who enjoy the position of ministers of state, have been waiting to meet BJP national president Nitin Gadkari. They have already met with his political advisor and told him that they have been working hard for the welfare of the government and the party, sources in the party said. But the group led by rural development and panchayat raj minister Jagadish Shettar, who lost in the race for chief minister’s post against Sadananda Gowda, is not in favour of continuing with them in the CMO. The group feels that it could be a strategic move by Yeddyurappa, who supported the candidature of Gowda to succeed him, to

But Yeddyurappa has already asked the high command to continue with them. Former national party president Rajnath Singh, who is known to support the former chief minister, has carried the message to Delhi on these advisors. The Shettar group feels that real party workers should be given a chance to hold these powerful posts. Of the advisors Diwakar had been made the president of Karnataka Small Scale Industries Development Corpohave more control over the CMO and of these advisors as they formed a ring them to the party high command. ration. control its affairs through remote con- around the chief minister. Of them, DiRavindra, who was chief secretary, But he had to resign soon after his trol. wakar was a Youth Congress leader, was supporting the party even before appointment as the government passed Shettar and company have told the who joined the BJP just months before it came to power and added substantial an order asking chiefs of all boards party high command that the party the party came to power in the state. value to the party election manifesto, and corporations to quit to have a free workers felt alienated during the tenure Some of the MLAs have appealed against Sankalpa – 2008. hand in these appointments.

2.76 lakh hectares to be brought Marathon cultural under bio fuel crop cultivation fest to mark I‑Day Gangadhar Pujar

on August 14

Weekday Lunch Buffet @ ManU: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. noon to 3 p.m. Manchester United Restaurant Bar, The Manchester United Restaurant and Bar launches a weekday lunch buffet priced at Rs 350 plus taxes right from starters to desserts.

Clay Pot Festival at Mandarin Trail: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 12:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Mandarin Trail, Mantri Square, No 1, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram A special menu put together by an expert chef focuses on delicacies that are cooked in unglazed clay pots, using techniques that were employed in olden-day China.



Nightlife KroaKING 6 with Carlton: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Opus, Chakravarty Layout, 1st Cross, Palace Cross Road, Sankey Road After five successful seasons, KroaKING is back, on the prowl for new singing talent. Dubstep & Drum 'n' Bass Nites: Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Bacchus, F&B Excellency, No 8, Papanna Street, St Marks Road DJ Vachan Chinnapa treats the crowd to dubstep and DnB this Wednesday.

Bangalore Beat Bureau

Transport minister R Ashok launches a bio fuel campaign in the city today.

Bangalore Beat Bureau Bangalore: The state government will bring 2.76 lakh hectares of waste land under biofuel cultivation programme under “Baradu Bangara” and “Hasiru Honnu” schemes, said Karnataka State Biofuel Development Board chairman Y B Ramakrishna here this morning. The government will distribute 18.35 crore saplings by 2012-13, he added. The department would celebrate the World Biofuel Day along with the Karnataka State Sceince and Technolgy Development Board. The day is remembered as the Robert Diesel Day in memory of founder of diesel and inventor of diesel engine, who favoured bio diesel vehicles. Karnataka is one of the first states to take up initiatives to promote bio fuel. The government has set up information and demonstration centres in 16 districts. They provide information to farmers on the eco-

nomic viability of growing bio fuel crops, he added. The board started the programme in 2009 and already 25,000 hectares of land have been brought under biofuel cultivation. Under KSBDB, various training programmes have been conducted in 114 most backward taluks of 16 districts. 70 villages have been declared as total biofuel villages and an information campaign has been taken up in 2,039 villages. 401 biofuel seed growers’ cooperatives have been formed. So far, 75,000 seedlings of pongamia, neem and simarouba have been planted. They have been given away for free to the farmers, he added. He said the transport department is already running its buses with fuels mixed with ethanol. One bus each from Chikmagalore, Hassan and Chikballapur districts would be run entirely on bio fuels on a trial basis and would be introduced in other parts of the state depending on the

outcome. He said, “The time has come to look for alternative fuels with fossil fuels drying up. Bio fuels are economical and enviromentally friendly alternative. We have formed village forest committees and launched programmes under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Assurance (MGNREGA) and rural development and panchayat raj schemes.” On the occasion, an anthology of poems, “Kusu Kanda Kanasinahalli’ by Ananth Hegde Ashisar, was released and a CD, “Haalakki Nudidaite”, was launched. Transport minister R Ashok, Western Ghats Development Task Force chairman Ananth Hegde, transport department principal secretary M K Shankarlinge Gowda, board founder director M K Monappa, KSRTC MD Gaurav Gupta, Karnataka State Science and Technology Board honorary secretary Prof M S Mohan and Kannada Sahitya Parishat president Veerana were present.


New Delhi: The Supreme Court today confirmed the death sentence for Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Mohd Arif alias Ashfaq in the 2000 Red Fort attack case in which three people, including two Army jawans, were killed. A bench of justices V S Sirpukar and T S Thakur dismissed the appeal of Ashfaq, challenging the death sentence awarded for the December 22, 2000 Red Fort attack case by the sessions court and affirmed by the Delhi High Court. The apex court had reserved its verdict on Ashfaq’s appeal on April 20, 2011. Ashfaq had challenged the high court’s judgement dated September 13, 2007 which had upheld the death penalty awarded to him but had acquitted six others sentenced for varying jail

and Farooq Ahmed Qasid, who were sentenced to life imprisonment, and Pakistani national Ashfaq’s Indian wife Rehamana Yosuf Farooqui. She was given a seven-year jail term. They were earlier found guilty of harbouring Mohd Ashfaq, one of the six militants, who had sneaked into the 17th century monument and opened indiscriminate fire on the guards of terms. seventh battalion of Rajputana The high court had dismissed Rifles, killing three including a Ashfaq’s appeal against a trial civilian. court verdict awarding capital Other convicts who were acpunishment to him for waging quitted by the high court includa war against the state and killing ed Babar Mohsin Baghwala, three persons, including two Sadakat Ali and Matloob Alam, Army jawans, in the Red Fort. who were sentenced to seven It had reversed the trial court years rigorous imprisonment for findings against six convicts in- sheltering and providing fake cluding Srinagar-based father- Indian identity cards to Ashfaq. and-son duo Nazir Ahmed Qasid PTI


Bangalore Beat Bureau Bangalore: B V Acharya has formally taken over as the new advocate general of the state. Outgoing legal officer Ashok Harnahalli handed over charge this morning on the premises of Karnataka High Court this morning.

“It is to promote the rich cultural heritage of the country and Bangalore: A marathon culture the spirit of freedom. We don’t event – Freedom Fest 2011 – has want to invite any politician on been organised as part of the the stage. From officers to peons, Independence Day celebrations from pourakarmikas to corpoin the city on August 14. rators can enjoy the performRenowned artists from the city ances, but being in the audiand state will hold relay per- ence,” they said. formances entertaining the Flautist Praveen Godkindi, crowds at the Freedom Park. Nirupama Rajendra, Alur AnanNon-governmental organisation thkarishan Sharma, Sangeetha Onde Bhaaratam has been or- Katti Kulkarni and other artists ganising the event from 5 pm will perform. Apart from these, till midnight, just when the coun- there will also be folk dances try got independence in 1947. and patriotic songs sung at the The invitations will be sent venue. The NGO has tied up through SMSes and emails, invit- with the Bruhat Bangalore Maing all to take part in the event, hanagara Palike and the Kanorganizers of the event said. nada and culture department.


Bangalore: A house has been burgled and valuables worth over Rs 70,000 has been stolen from a house at Banashankari second stage. House owner Appaji Gowda has complained to the police

that the crime has occurred after he left to work at 1 pm yesterday. When he returned home around 9 pm, he found the lock of the rear door broke open and silverware stolen. The incident occurred on 24th Cross, 16th Main road of Banashankari second stage, the police said.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eminent bureaucrat Alexander passes away Chennai: Seasoned bureaucrat P C Alexander, a close aide of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, died of cancer at a hospital here today at the age of 90. Alexander, who had served as governor of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, was undergoing treatment at Madras Medical Mission Hospital for the last few weeks and breathed his last this morning, hospital sources said. He is survived by wife, two sons and two daughters. Alexander, a Rajya Sabha member from 2002-2008, held eminent positions in his fivedecades long career as a public servant. Alexander’s name was considered for the post of President during the NDA rule in 2002 to succeed K R Narayanan but he lost the race due to certain political complexities at the time,

his standards of efficiency, impartiality and integrity. It was these qualities that took him to the post of Principal Secretary to late Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi from 1981 to 85. Alexander served as High Commissioner for India in London and held senior posts in the U.N. Civil Service for 10 years. Enriched by his rich administrative experience, Alexander had won the acclaim and admileading to the election of A.P.J ration as a gifted and erudite Abdul Kalam. An upset Alexan- speaker on a wide range of subder had then resigned as Maha- jects. rashtra Governor. Alexander has authored sevHe held the gubernatorial post eral books, articles and research for over 11 years both in Tamil papers. Some of books include Nadu and Maharashtra. “My Years with Indira Gandhi”, In his bureaucratic career, “The Perils of Democracy” Alexander, an 1948 batch IAS and “India in the New officer, left his own imprint for Millennium.” PTI

LPG cylinder razes petty shop in mysore

G S Ravishankar

London riots: Armed Sikhs protect gurdwara London: Armed with swords and hockey sticks, over 700 Sikhs took to the streets to protect the Guru Singh Sabha gurdwara in Southall as the police in the UK were stretched to maintain law and order in London. Local vigilante groups have been formed in various areas in London to protect homes and business establishments that have been vandalised by rioters - mainly of Afro-Caribbean origin - in London over the past four days. These include shops owned by businessmen of Indian origin in Harrow and Ealing. Southall in west London has a large population of Indian origin, which rallied together when, apprehending violence, elders in the gurdwara appealed to the community for help. Amarjit Singh Klair from nearby Hounslow, who helped rally the men, told the Daily Mail: “We are working along side the police, they’re doing what they can but they are stretched. Why shouldn’t we defend our homes, businesses and places of worship? This is our area. There’s lots of talk about it kicking off here. But we’re ready for them.” Groups of Sikh men stood guard at different parts of the town, keeping in touch via their mobiles. An unnamed man told the paper: “They caught us off guard last night but we still managed to get people together to protect the area. “We saw them putting on their balaclavas preparing to jump out of three cars but we charged at them and managed to chase them off.” PTI

Police calm London,

but riots flare across UK

London: Violence and arson spread across central and northern England for the fourth night as hooded youths ransacked stores, torched cars, smashed windows and looted shops in the worst riots in Britain in several decades. An uneasy calm prevailed in London, which witnessed an unprecedented wave of violence that left parts of the capital in flames, with 16,000 police personnel deployed on the streets. Sporadic incidents of violence were reported in Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham with shops being looted and set alight. Rioters broke into stores and ran off with electronic and leather goods, bikes, sports shoes, branded clothes and jewellery with virtually no resistance from the police and security personnel. Armed with swords and hockey sticks, over 700 Sikhs took to the streets last night to protect

the Guru Singh Sabha gurdwara in Southall as the police were stretched to maintain law and order on the streets of London. Local vigilante groups have been formed in various areas in London to protect homes and business establishments that have been vandalised by rioters - mainly of Afro-Caribbean origin - in London over the past four days. Nearly 800 people have been arrested and over 100 charged in connection with violence in the capital, British authorities said. In the north western city of Manchester youths with a face cover rampaged through the city centre, hurling bottles and stones at police while vandalising stores, some stocking luxury items. As riots prompted questions inside and outside Britain about London’s ability to hold the 2012 Olympics, Home Secretary Theresa May said the security plans for the mega sporting event will be reviewed.

London has seen a wave of “copycat criminal activity” since the killing of a youth, the Metropolitan Police said. Armored vehicles and convoys of police vans patrolled the streets in a show of force to rein in trouble makers. Prime Minister David Cameron, who rushed home after cutting short his vacation in Italy, called an emergency session of parliament on Thursday to discuss the situation and steps to defuse the crisis following three days of “sickening” rioting on the streets of London. Talking tough, Cameron said the culprits will be brought to bear the consequences of their actions and the government was determined to see that justice is delivered to the law abiding citizens. With no signs of the violence abating, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh said the use of plastic bullets never before fired to deal with riots in England - would be “con-

Ready for elephants

sidered carefully” in the event of further disorder. Canning Circus police station in central Nottingham was firebombed by a male gang last night. In Leicester, a group of up to 100 youths attacked shops and threw items at police. Greater Manchester Police Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said his force had faced “extraordinary levels of violence from groups of criminals intent on committing widespread disorder” yesterday. The rioting and looting that hit Manchester was an act of “senseless violence and senseless criminality” on a scale not witnessed in 30 years, a senior police officer said. The violence, committed by people with “nothing to protest against”, has brought “shame on the streets” of the city, Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan of Greater Manchester Police said. PTI


Gulf NRIs to build India's biggest mosque Dubai: India's biggest mosque, surpassing the capital's Jama Masjid is to come up in Kerala with expatriates in the UAE and Middle Eastern countries contributing generously for the project. Estimated to cost Rs 12 billion (Dh 1 billion), the new mosque, to be called 'Share Mubarak Masjid' is to come up as part of a multi dimensional knowledge cum recreational centre on the outskirts of Kozhikode.

Bangalore Beat Bureau

No one is injured, but property worth over Rs 1 lakh has been Mysore: A massive LPG cylinder destroyed in the incident. The blast brought down a petty shop blast occurred at 2 am and fire on MG Road in the city early this brigade officials had to fight fire or over two hours.The fire would morning.

All not hunky dory

have brought down adjoining houses if not for the timely intervention of fire brigade forces, the said. An electric short-circuit has led to the blast, the fire brigade officials said.

S Radhakrishna

The Mysore Palace is all decked up to welcome Dasara elephants which are being taken to the palace tomorrow. The elephants have already started from the Dubare Elephant Camp.

Oppn stalls Question Hour in Parliament New Delhi: Parliament was adjourned during Question Hour today as BJP, Shiv Sena and SP members protested against “police brutality” on its workers here and farmers in Pune, and demanded dismissal of the Maharashtra government. Soon after an obituary reference in the Lok Sabha, BJP and Shiv Sena members walked into the well and shouted slogans against the Maharashtra government and lathi-charge on BJP youth wing activists in the national capital yesterday. The members were holding placards that said “Dismiss the

Maharashtra government which fired on farmers”. Three people, including a woman and child, were reportedly killed in Pune. BJP members, including its youth wing president Anurag Thakur, displayed newspaper clippings carrying reports of the lathi-charge on its workers during a protest march to Parliament against corruption and price rise. Around 40 Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha workers were injured. SP members borrowed the placards from the Shiv Sena leaders and joined them in the well. Speaker Meira Kumar then

2G scam: Reliance denies having big tatke in Swan

Employees of Volvo company protest in front of the Town Hall in Bangalore today, demanding better facilties at the bus manufacturing facility.

Kick the butt

S Radhakrishna

Volunteers take out a demonstration to highlight the ill-effects of tobacco in Bangalore today. The volunteers were from Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College.

New Delhi: Reliance Telecom Ltd, one of the accused firms in the 2G case, today told a Delhi court that it did not hold substantial equity in Swan Telecom at the time of grant of spectrum licences. "No criminal case is made out against Reliance Telecom Ltd (RTL) as it held only 9.9 per cent equity in Swan Telecom when the latter was granted spectrum licences," the counsel for Anil Ambani promoted telecom company told Special CBI Judge O P Saini. The CBI, in its charge sheet, alleged that Reliance Telecom structured Swan Telecom Pvt Ltd (STPL) as its front company to circumvent the then existing telecom policy which held existing players ineligible for new licences in the same circle. The Anil Ambani promoted firm was ineligible to get the spectrum as the Department of Telecom (DoT) had debarred the CDMA player from entering into GSM telephony sector, it said. The counsel for RTL denied CBI's allegation that when DoT allowed use of dual technology, RTL washed its hands off Swan Telecom. "So far as the guidelines (of DoT) are concerned, they only prohibited an existing telecom company from holding shares in excess of 10 per cent in another telecom company. We held 9.9 per cent stake in Swan telecom and no case is made out against us," the defence lawyer said. The guidelines did not prohibit Reliance Telecom from funding another telecom company, he said, adding the Reliance group company only held preferential equities in Shahid Balwa pro-

moted Swan Telecom. "STPL cannot be held as an associate firm of RTL as the latter did not have any say in deciding the board members of STPL," the lawyer said opposing the framing of charges against the firm. The CBI, in its first charge sheet, alleged that top Reliance ADAG officials--Gautam Doshi, Hari Nair and Surendra Pipara-had conspired with former Telecom Minister A Raja and others. "The accused persons structured the holding of Swan in a manner that only 9.9 per cent equity was held by RTL and rest 90.1 per cent was shown as held by Tiger Traders Pvt Ltd, although the entire company was held by the Reliance ADA Group of companies through the funds raised from RTL," the CBI had alleged. RTL and its officials are accused of creating shell firms like Swan Telecom, Zebra Consultancy Services, Giraffe Consultancy Private Ltd and Parrot Consultants to create a web in which no company is a holding firm and the officials are the real masters, the CBI had alleged. It had said that after Reliance ADAG applied for 2G licence through Swan Telecom, it got GSM spectrum in 13 circles under dual technology policy which rendered Swan Telecom useless for it and prompted it to withdraw its holding, transferring the shell firm to Shahid Balwa and Vinod Goenka. "Accordingly, Reliance ADA Group withdrew its holding from Swan Telecom and the three accused transferred the control of Swan Telecom to co-accused Shahid Balwa and Vinod Goenka in order to facilitate them to cheat the DoT.”

Be eco‑friendly

adjourned the House till noon. In the Rajya Sabha, BJP members began shouting slogans against the police action even before Chairman Hamid Ansari could settle down. As Ansari took up the Question Hour, BJP members trooped into the well shouting slogans demanding Home Minister P Chidambaram’s resignation over the issue. Ruling benches countered the slogan shouting by demanding that Question Hour be taken up. Amid din, he adjourned the House till noon barely minutes after it met for the day. PTI

Gangadhar Pujar

Actor and environmentalist Suresh Heblikar and Karnataka Pollution Control Board chairman A S Sadashivaiah highlight the advantages of using Ganesha without paint durin the coming Gowri Ganesha festival at the board office in Bangalore today.

US prosecutors want maximum sentence for Rajaratnam New York: Seeking maximum prison term for Raj Rajaratnam, the hedge fund manager convicted of running America's biggest insider trading scam, US prosecutors have recommended that he should be sentenced to as many as 24 and a half years for his "extensive criminal activities". Federal prosecutors yesterday filed a 56-page 'Government's Sentencing Memorandum' recommending a "very substantial term of imprisonment proportionate to the historic nature of his crime." Separately, the defence sub-

mitted its own 79-page memo asking for a lenient prison term "substantially below" the recommended guidelines saying a lengthy prison term would "seriously threaten his well-being" and would be "a death sentence." The defence memo also referred to Rajaratnam's health problems, describing them as "a unique constellation of ailments ravaging his body." Federal prosecutors termed Sri Lanka-born Rajaratnam, 54, as the "modern face of illegal insider trading" saying "he is arguably the most egre-

gious violator of the laws against insider trading ever to be caught." Their memo said the court should impose the maximum sentence of 235 to 293 months established for his crime under nonbinding sentencing guidelines, a ruling that will "deter others in the hedge fund and money management world from engaging in a crime that is far too rampant." The memo was submitted to Judge Richard Holwell, who is scheduled to sentence Rajaratnam on September 27. PTI

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Beyond Beat BUILDING HOME Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FOR AUTISTIC PEOPLE Bangalore Beat Bureau


Treating cancer with gold? Washington: Using gold as a potential treatment for cancer could soon become a reality, thanks to a combination of imaging techniques. An international team, led by University of Western Australia and Griffith University, has described how using two imaging techniques can allow scientists to see where gold complexes used in potential chemotherapeutic treatments end up in cells, the ‘Metallomics’ journal reported. They are also able to monitor the gold’s effects on the cells in a non-destructive way. Previous methods for this type of analysis were destructive to the cell. Lead author Dr Louise Wedlock claims that one technique – nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry – enabled the visualisation of the gold at a subcellular level. The other technique – energy filtered transmission electron microscopy – gave element maps for the gold, allowing the scientists to see nuclear and mitochondrial morphology. “In the past few years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the medicinal chemistry of gold compounds, particularly as anticancer agents. “A stimulus for this research has been the increasing realisation that the unique properties of metal ions can be exploited in the design of new drugs. Certain gold compounds are selectively toxic to cancer cells but not to normal cells. “However, the development of gold-based chemotherapeutics requires a much deeper understanding of the subcellular biochemical pathways involved,” say the scientists. The combination of methods could also be used to study the subcellular distribution of other types of metal-based drugs, such as platinum anticancer drugs, say the researchers. PTI

Music proves to be powerful antidepressant

London: Music is known to have a strong effect on the human psyche. Now, a new study has found that it may help lift depressed people out of the dumps more than common antidepressant medications do. Researchers at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland found that depressed patients receiving music therapy showed a greater improvement than patients receiving standard therapy. “Our trial has shown that music therapy, when added to standard care helps people to improve their levels of depression and anxiety,” said lead researcher Professor Christian Gold. “Music therapy has specific qualities that allow people to express themselves and interact in a nonverbal way – even in situations when they cannot find the words to describe their inner experiences,” Professor Gold was quoted as saying by the BBC. For the study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, the researchers selected 79 people with depression. All patients received the standard practice of counselling and appropriate medication, while 33 of them were also given 20 sessions with a trained music therapist, which involved things such as drumming. After three months, patients receiving music therapy showed a greater improvement in scores of anxiety and depression than the other set of patients. However, there was no statistical improvement after six months. Dr Mike Crawford, who specialises in mental health services at Imperial College London, said in a journal editorial: “The results suggest that it can improve the mood and general functioning of people with depression. “Music-making is social, pleasurable and meaningful. It has been argued that music making engages people in ways that words may simply not be able to.” PTI

Sometimes the disorder helps them overcome normal mental barriers and achieve superlative success. Though that is the brighter side of persons with autism, the flip side is that there are not many institutions to take care of them, especially the autistic adults, says L Raghunanda

hey are born deficient, but probably gifted too. But they have to be taken care of as they are affected with autism. India has 1.7 million people with autism. The number could be much higher as many would have been wrongly diagnosed or not identified. Despite these huge numbers, there are not many institutions which take care of these special people. Among the exceptions is Assisted Living For Autistic Adults (ALFAA), being run by Ruby Singh. She calls autistic people “Children’s of God”. She told Bangalore Beat: “ALFAA came into existence in 2009. It was established to serve 400 autistic people, improve their quality of life and provide them facilities.” The city has a considerable number of autistic patients, but not many institutions. ALFAA was started to fill the gap. Though it was run on limited infrastructure, it was considered one of the best, she said. Even in institutions that exist, these patients are not properly treated. The biggest question concerning these patients is who would take care of them once all their relatives-cum-caregivers, like siblings and parents, either pass away or indisposed to take care of them. “These patients need constant care and attention. Hardly any government institution has come forward to set up residential facilities. We are planning to start one soon. This is keeping in mind the short and long-term interest of this section of the people,” she said. Outlining her proposed plan for the project, she said, “It will be developed on a 2.25-acre land near Chikballapur. It will have two storeys with the living comfort of hostellers taken care of. The campus will have good lung space, walkways, play areas and small tree clusters, with security round the clock, she added. “The hostel would accommodate autistic adults suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who need their own space for self expression and growth. While we don’t deny that children too need facilities like these, we are first focusing on adults as they are the most affected now. Children can significantly be taken care of by their parents in most cases. They too will be accommodated overt time, especially those abandoned by their parents.” She said ALFAA is rendering the service with no profit motive and is not discriminating against anyone, rich or poor. Saying the concern over the disorder should be high, she said, “Some studies have revealed that autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder, with a case of autism being diagnosed every 20 minutes. “By 2020, we would end up with a big population of adults affected with autism. Unfortunately, we are largely unprepared to deal with such a crisis. Autism funding and research, so far, have predominantly focused on high-functioning children. There have been exceedingly few research projects devoted to low-functioning autistic adults.” She said, “It remains difficult for families find suitable programmes for autistic adults, or to access those services that are available, or even to locate medical professionals and doctors who can handle autistic adults.” The government should allot funds to with tools to detect cases of autism and to look after the health of the autistic people, help them lead a normal life, she added. also equip state-run healthcare facilities She requested philanthropists to come

forward and donate for the cause. contact: Ruby Singh, director, Assisted Bangalore – 560005, or call Ph: 080Anyone interested in knowing more Living for Autistic Adults (ALFAA), 3B, 25327762 or +91-9741418103, or email: about ALFAA and wishing to contribute, Cassia Court 91/1, Coles Road, Fraser Town,

Personality could determine your weight London: Are you impulsive or an extrovert? Well, these are some of your personality traits which may help determine what your weight will be as you get older, according to a 50-year study. In the study, researchers from America’s national Institute on Ageing looked at detailed statistics from 1,988 people to determine how personality traits are associated with weight and body mass index. They concluded that while weight tends to increase with age, impulsivity was the strongest predictor of who would be overweight, the ‘Sunday Express’ reported. Conversely, they found that people who displayed the most conscientiousness in their daily lives were those who tended to be leaner and did not put on weight. Dr Angelina Sutin, who led the study, said: “While on the face of it this sounds simple, to maintain a healthy weight it is necessary to have a healthy diet but also to have a sustained programme of physical activity and this requires a great deal of commitment and restraint. “Such control appears to be very difficult, indeed often impossible, for highly impulsive individuals. Impulsive people are more likely to overeat and binge-drink, where someone more conscientious will compensate for any days they eat too much by having less the next day. Someone impulsive can’t do this even with the best intentions.

decision making. “Those who are antagonistic to others, always looking for a fight or an argument, also put on more weight as they got older. Those who were cynical had the worst results in terms of weight gain and competitive people too tended to fall into the fatter category. “The control that keeps us on an even keel in terms of mood might have something to do with overeating and not taking a measured view of food. High neuroticism, where someone is constantly worried and feels they are being persecuted, also seems to make them eat more and make bad judgment calls on what they eat,” Dr Sutin said. In fact, the study found that those who rated most highly on impulsivity measures weighed 22 pounds more, on average, than those who were the least impulsive. The study, which used results from a wider research project into ageing and its effects among people of Baltimore, began in 1958, with partic“One biscuit is never enough, they have to keep ipants and doctors recording all aspects of getting going until they are all gone. Someone more con- older from normal ageing and everyday life, cartrolled and conscientious will be able to have just diovascular ageing, cognitive ageing as well as one small piece of cake, enjoy it and leave it there. what happens to emotions as people grow older. We found that, more often than not, impulsive “To the best of our knowledge we are the first people cannot do this.” . to examine whether personality is associated with The researchers also found that greater weight fluctuations in weight over time,” the researchers gain occurred in those who enjoy taking risks in wrote in their report published by the American all areas of their lives; career, love life and financial Psychological Association. PTI

Buying herbal products can be harmful London: If you thought herbal supplements were safe by virtue of being ‘natural,’ then you could be wrong. They do have side-effects, says a new research. Commonly used remedies like St John’s wort, Asian ginseng, Echinacea, garlic and Ginkgo are as strong as their allopathic counterparts. Many of them do not list key information required for safe use, reports the journal BMC Medicine. For instance, St John’s wort can reduce effectiveness of contraceptive pills. It can also affect warfarin, a drug prescribed for blood clotting. Asian ginseng is not suitable for diabetics, while Ginkgo and Echinacea can cause allergic reactions. Even garlic can cause problems for some people because it can make the blood thinner and interfere with drugs used to treat HIV. Theo Raynor, from the University of Leeds, who led the study, said: “Consumers need reliable and comprehensive in-

formation when buying herbal remedies.” Leeds researchers bought 68 different formulations of these medicines from two well- known health food stores, three large chain pharmacies and from supermarkets. They found that 93 percent of these products were unlicensed, hence not required to meet any standard of safety or quality, and over half of these were marketed as food supplements. Only 13 percent contained an information sheet and only three contained an acceptable amount of safety information. IANS


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

world briefs AP-PTI

Riots spread to new towns


Artists of the Fuyong Acrobatics Troupe from China perform at the Circuba festivals opening gala in avana, Cuba. More than 100 circus artistes from 14 countries are participating at the 2011 Circuba festival in Havana that will go on till August 14.

Asian stocks stage strong early rally

Hong Kong: Asian stocks rallied strongly in early trade today, swinging back into positive territory after gains on Wall Street and in Europe overnight. Global stocks began the week with huge losses in the wake of Standard and Poor’s unprecedented US credit downgrade, which triggered a wild ride for investors worldwide. But markets had a better day yesterday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining 430 points, or 3.98 per cent, to close at 11,239.77 while European shares also bounced back after falling as much as six per cent. The rebound came despite disappointment over the lack of any announcement on further quantitative easing by the US Federal Reserve. Instead, the Fed’s policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee said that it expected to maintain interest rates near zero for “at least” the next two years due to economic weakness. Asian markets took up the baton after Wall Street’s rise, with share prices up sharply in Japan. The benchmark Nikkei-225 index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange was up 154.18 points or 1.72 per cent at 9,098.66 after the first 20 minutes of trading. “Market sentiment hasn’t stabilised yet, so while we’ll likely see a relief rally today, it’ll be a rocky path to recovery,” Toshiyuki Kanayama, market analyst at Monex, said. South Korean shares also gained, opening 4.22 per cent higher today after the US Federal Reserve pledged to keep interest rates low. The decision to ban the short-selling of all listed stocks for three months effective from early today, also helped to cool the selling frenzy. AFP

Syria defies world reproach with new army raids Beirut: The Syrian army launched raids on restive areas today, defying growing international reproach over the regime’s deadly crackdown on a 5-month-old uprising as Turkey’s foreign minister met with President Bashar Assad to express his concern. Activists say 22 people have been killed in the violence today and some 1,700 since March. The visit by Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu is significant because Ankara until recently had close ties to Damascus. But Turkey has become increasingly critical of its neighbor over the bloodshed. Assad and Davutoglu talked for a little more than two hours, according to Turkey’s state-run news agency. Neither leader spoke after the meeting. Syria’s state-run SANA news agency said Assad told Davutoglu the Syrian government will be relentless in its pursuit of “terrorist groups” to safeguard stability and security in the country. He also pledged to press ahead with reforms. Syrian authorities blame the unrest on extremist and terrorist groups seeking to destabilise the country, as opposed to truereform seekers. The largely peaceful demonstrations started out with demands for reforms, but now protesters say they want nothing less than the downfall of the regime. Assad’s promises of reform have rung hollow, especially since they have been coupled with a bloody campaign against unarmed protesters, and opposition leaders say they have lost confidence in the regime and are demanding an end to the military crackdown before anything else. AP

Nine killed in Brazil elevator accident

Brasilia: At least nine people were killed Tuesday when an elevator fell from a 20metre height at an under construction building in northeast Brazil, Xinhua reported. The accident occurred in the most expensive area in the city of Salvador de Bahia, northeast Brazil. The elevator had capacity to carry 12 people. “As far as we know, there were only nine people. We are going to find the one responsible for the accident,” said a police official. IANS

London: The fourth day of rioting, looting and arson saw the trouble that started from London and engulfed various cities of Britain, also reaching central Manchester and Salford regions. However, the capital city remained largely peaceful. Sporadic violence broke out in various cities across Britain, although London remained largely calm following a heavy police presence on the streets of the capital city Wednesday, BBC reported. With 16,000 police officers deployed in London city alone, there was calm in streets after three consistent nights of rioting. But there was unrest in Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham with shops being looted and set alight. Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameroon is recalling parliament over Monday night’s “sickening scenes”. Forty seven people have been arrested so far over trouble in Manchester and Salford where crowds of youths have set fire to buildings and cars while 87 have been arrested over disorder which has broken out across the West Midlands, the report added. Central Manchester and Salford witnessed serious looting and disorder after gangs waged running battles with police, ransacking dozens of shops. Similar, if less widespread, trouble flared in Birmingham and elsewhere in the West Midlands, The Guardian reported. The most serious disorder was noticed in Manchester. Groups of young people evaded police attempts to stop them from the late afternoon onwards, breaking into a series of upmarket shops and setting a branch of the Miss Selfridge clothing chain ablaze. Up to 200 youths raided an off-licence and other shops by evening in the main shopping precinct of Salford, a couple of miles to the west. The violence ebbed in Manchester city centre around midnight and police regained control. Assistant chief constable Garry Shewan of Greater Manchester police said Manchester and Salford had been badly damaged. “These are pure and simple criminals running wild tonight,” Shewan said. “They have nothing to protest against. There has been no spark. This has been senseless on a scale I have never witnessed before in my career.” Earlier in the day, Greater Manchester police sent 100 officers - four public order units - to assist in London. Masked gangs in central Manchester’s New Cathedral Street targeted a series of high-end outlets, among them Louis Vuitton, Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols. Labour MP Graham Stringer for Blackley and Broughton, which includes parts of both Salford and Manchester, was heavily critical of police for not being better prepared. In central Birmingham, a mob of up to 300 youths gathered, dispersed and regrouped, attacking shops. Riot police cornered 60 youths in part of Wolverhampton after five hours of sporadic violence that left the town centre empty of residents and visitors, with shops shuttered and pubs closing early. West Midlands police said the force’s officers had been “managing” several groups of people causing trouble. Canning Circus police station in central Nottingham was firebombed by a male gang Tuesday evening. In Liverpool, Merseyside Police have arrested 35 people in relation to disorder in the city. IANS

Firefighters spray water onto building set on fire by rioters last night in Croydon, south London yesterday. A wave of violence and looting raged across London and spread to three other major British cities yesterday, as authorities struggled to contain the country’s worst unrest since race riots set the capital ablaze in the 1980s.

Yard to be sued over cabbieʼs killing? London: While a number of cities in Britain are engulfed in riots, looting and arson incidents over a cabbie’s killing allegedly by police, the man’s family has decided to sue Scotland Yard if he was not allowed to surrender before being shot dead. Riots began in London’s northern district of Tottenham after Mark Duggan was fatally shot down allegedly by police. It was initially believed he had fired first. Duggan was tailed by the Yard’s CO19 firearms unit after police decided to arrest him, believing he was involved in the drugs trade. Duggan’s fiancee Semone Wilson, 29, now has vowed to take court action. The mother of three spoke after it emerged a bullet in an officer’s radio was police-issued ammunition, the Daily Express reported. Wilson said she was told about

last Thursday’s events by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). “If it is true, trust me, the police are going to get it. We will be suing them because they effectively executed him,” she said. A CO19 officer is thought to have fired twice, killing Duggan with one bullet while the second bullet passed through his arm and into a colleague’s radio. But the marksmen have never claimed they were shot at. The officer who opened fire believed his colleagues were in mortal danger. Scotland Yard have apologised for the way Duggan’s family heard about his death and said it was due to a mix-up between police and IPCC family liaison officers. Contrary to rumours in Tottenham, it is believed the gun he was carrying was capable of firing live bullets.

Over 100 cops, five service dogs injured London: The riots in London have injured 111 police officers and five service dogs, Scotland Yard said in a statement yesterday. Many officers remain hospitalised with broken bones, head injuries, serious cuts and eye injuries from broken glass, the Scotland Yard stated. Rioters have been throwing bricks, bottles, sticks and other objects at police who are trying to keep order in the streets of London, as looting and fires have been witnessed since Saturday in the capital city of Britain. Five police dogs have also been injured in various attacks. One was seriously injured when hit on the head with a brick.

US worried Nose is gateway for virus over Israeli that causes brain disorders housing in West Bank

Washington: The US reiterated its concerns over the ongoing Israeli housing construction in the West Bank, the US Department of State said in a statement yesterday. “The United States is deeply concerned by continuing Israeli actions with respect to housing construction in Jerusalem. We have raised this issue with the Israeli government and continue to make our position known,” the statement said. The issue of settlement construction has been a major sticking point that has hampered the IsraeliPalestinian peace process. “As we have said before, unilateral actions work against efforts to resume direct negotiations and contradict the logic of a reasonable and necessary agreement between the parties.” Israel’s refusal last September to prolong its 10month moratorium on the construction of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories saw Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas withdraw from direct negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The talks, which came to a halt just a few weeks after they resumed in Washington following a 20month break, yielded no results as both sides showed an unwillingness to compromise. IANS

Washington: It’s believed that humans have 14 types of noses. But whatever the type you have, the vital organ of your face is a gateway for virus linked to brain disorders, say scientists US researchers found that the nose can be a portal for herpes virus-6 (HHV-6), a member of herpes viruses family, which is linked to brain disorders such as multiple sclerosis, encephalitis and a form of epilepsy. It also causes roseola, a disease common among infants that leads to high fever and skin rash, LiveScience reported. “This is a virus that we’ve all been exposed to, that we all pretty much acquired in childhood,” said researcher Steven Jacobson, a neurovirologist at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in Bethesda, Maryland. “Most of the time it’s utterly benign.” The way this virus entered the brain had remained a mystery, as the seat of our intelligence is largely protected by the so-called blood-brain barrier, which filters out many germs and drugs. However, researchers had

healthy and diseased individuals. Moreover, in experiments, the scientists demonstrated that HHV-6 could infect lab-grown versions of the olfactory ensheathing cells, which help olfactory neurons grow and establish connections in the brain. The researchers believe the virus might use these cells as a bridge across the blood-brain known that other viruses, such barrier, the first time scientists as influenza and rabies, appar- had evidence these cells could ently could use the sensory net- be a route of infection. work hooked up to the nose as “Now researchers can start a kind of highway into the central looking to see if other viruses nervous system. might use this route as well,” To see how HHV-6 enters the Jacobson said. The researchers brain, scientists analysed tissue cautioned that while this virus samples from autopsies, includ- might help trigger brain disoring a patient who had multiple ders, it was not necessarily the sclerosis. Although viral DNA primary cause. “We may all have was seen throughout the brain, it, but some might have a special it was found largely in the ol- genetic susceptibility to it, or factory bulb, the brain region maybe there’s an environmental involved in detecting odours. trigger that causes neurologic The researchers found DNA disease to then occur,” Jacobson from HHV-6 in nasal mucus sam- said. Further studies could also ples from healthy people, those investigate whether this virus suffering a loss of smell, and has any effect on behaviour. “It people with multiple sclerosis. all depends on where this virus This suggests the nasal cavity goes in the brain,” Jacobson might harbour the virus in both said.

One dog had its teeth broken out by an object thrown at it. The remaining dogs were injured by bottles and other items hurled in their direction. Scotland Yard said mounted police and their horses, though both are very exhausted, have so far not been injured in the riots. British police are considering the possible use of plastic bullets against rioters in London for the first time ever in a British disturbance, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh said earlier yesterday. London police have refrained from using any riot control weapons or firearms against rioters in the past three days. However, an emergency COBRA meeting resolved that

harsher measures are needed to curb the rioting. According to the latest police statistics, 563 rioters have been detained and 105 of them have been accused of disrupting public order, destroying property, and theft. About 60 percent of Britain’s police force were deployed in London. A record number of police, 16,000, will be on duty in the capital over the next 24 hours. Hundreds of people were arrested Monday night after looting, violence and arson spread across London and other cities. Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the British parliament would be recalled from summer recess. IANS

Now, a test to predict when a woman will start menopause London: For the first time, scientists have developed a simple hormone test that could measure how fast a woman’s biological clock is ticking, a move they say could revolutionise family planning by predicting when a woman is likely to start the menopause. The test devised by a team from St Andrews University in Scotland allowed the researchers to successfully chart levels of a vital fertility hormone in women of different ages. It could also show how long a woman can delay motherhood and save couples expensive from opting in vitro fertilisation treatments by predicting their chances of successful conception, the researchers said. Tom Kelsey, who helped the research, said it was already known that high levels of the fertility hormone were good for conception “but we could not back that up statistically”. “This study now provides us with the level you would expect to find in a normal, healthy

woman,” he was quoted as saying by the Daily Telegraph. In the study, the scientists compared the levels of anti-Mullerian hormones (AMH) — reflects ovarian activity and give an estimate of remaining egg supply — in 3,200 healthy women to show accurately how the range changed with age. Doctors claim they will be able to use the results as a benchmark against which to measure others, indicating when they are likely to go through the menopause and how long they will remain fertile.

Life building blocks found in meteorites Washington: Scientists have found components of DNA, the building blocks of life on Earth, in meteorites, a discovery they say confirms the theory that at least some of the materials needed to make early life forms came to our planet from space. In the NASA-funded study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists used advanced mass spectrometry instruments to scan 11 organicrich meteorites called carbonaceous chondrites and one ureilite, a very rare meteorite with a different chemical composition. They found three nucleobases – purine, 6,8-diaminopurine and 2,6diaminopurine – that are widely distributed in carbonaceous chondrites and which are “rare or absent in terrestrial biology,” said the researchers. The scientists found no significant concentrations of the trio in soil and ice samples near where the me-

teorites landed, LiveScience reported. Past research had revealed a range of building blocks of life in meteorites, such as the amino acids that make up proteins. Space rocks just like these may have been a vital source of the organic compounds that gave rise to life on Earth. This was the first time all but two of these meteorites had been analysed for nucleobases, the researchers said. “People have been finding nucleobases in meteorites for about 50 years now, and have been trying to figure out if they are of biological origin or not,” said study co-author Jim Cleaves, of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. “Finding nucleobase compounds not typically found in Earth’s biochemistry strongly supports an extraterrestrial origin.

“This shows us that meteorites may have been molecular tool kits, which provided the essential building blocks for life on Earth,” Cleaves was quoted as saying to The analytical techniques probed the mass and other features of the molecules to identify the presence of extraterrestrial nucleobases and see that they apparently did not come from the surrounding area. Two of the carbonaceous chondrites contained a diverse array of nucleobases and structurally similar compounds known as nucleobase analogs. Intriguingly, three of these nucleobase analogs are very rare in Earth biology, and were not found in soil and ice samples from the areas near where the meteorites were collected at the parts-per-billion limits of their detection techniques, the re-

searchers said. “At the start of this project, it looked like the nucleobases in these meteorites were terrestrial contamination – these results were a very big surprise for me,” said study coauthor Michael Callahan, an astrobiologist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Lab experiments showed that chemical reactions of ammonia and cyanide, compounds that are common in space, could generate nucleobases and nucleobase analogs very similar to those found in the carbonaceous chondrites. However, the relative abundances of these molecules between the experiments and the meteorites differed, which might be due to further chemical and thermal influences from space. The findings suggest the earliest forms of life on Earth may have been assembled from materials delivered to Earth by meteorites, the researchers added. PTI


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


ilmmaker Anurag Kashyap says none of his films have ever reached international audiences beyond festivals as Indian distributors are sceptical of giving them a global release. His forthcoming “That Girl in Yellow Boots” is his first world wide release. “That Girl in Yellow Boots”, written and acted by Kashyap’s wife actress Kalki Koechlin, is releasing September 2 even in non-NRI theaters in America. “None of my films had been released internationally so far. Be it ‘Black Friday’, ‘Dev D’ all the films went to festivals, garnered acclaim and I ended up selling it to the satellite,” Kashyap said. “‘That Girl in Yellow Boots’ is releasing in all Scandinavian countries, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and in America there would be 30 art house releases. It’s apparently a small release but a big one for my film,” Kashyap said. Kashyap criticised Indian distributors, terming them inefficient and dishonest as they “repeatedly failed or deliberately didn’t make international releases” of any of his films even after owning overseas rights, “just assuming there is no market for such non-conventional films”. “What has been my frustration ever since I started making film is that my films go to festivals across the world then when I approach distributors they ask for world rights as well. They take the world rights but don’t release them outside saying there is no market for the film abroad. Internationally none of the distributors know how to distribute it or they hide the film from the non-NRI market. “If a film has big stars like the Khans then a roadside tea stall owner would be able to distribute it across the globe,” he said. He said: “When there is a film which is highly acclaimed in the festival circuit why would that not be loved by other people? For example ‘Udaan’ garnered audience choice award of another country, why can’t they distribute the film in theatres for the same audience of that country.” “That Girl in Yellow Boots”, is a look at the social criticism Kalki Koechlin suffered for being an actor with French connections coupled with other real time incidences that appeared in the newspapers, revealed Kashyap. “When my relationship started with Kalki there used to be all kinds of stories. It was out of reluctance of accepting a white person. She had become a topic of coffee table conversation. A white girl looks good that’s why she has got a chance in Hindi film, that’s what was concluded. “What people forget is that, that girl left England to live here as she was born in India and secondly she grew up on the diet of sambar and rice, and she still continues it as she can’t take spicy food and her first language is Tamil. But all these things got discounted. We thought let’s make a film on it mixing with stories of its kind that appeared in newspapers,” said the 38-year-old filmmaker.


releasing worldwide: Anurag A

ctress Jennifer Lopez has signed up to star opposite to Jason Statham in “Parker”. JLo, who took a three-year break from films before making Alan Poul’s “The Back-Up Plan” last year, will join actor Jason Statham along with Nick Nolte for forthcoming noir thriller. The 42-year old will play a real estate agent, while Nolte will be a mentor to Statham’s title character in the movie, which is an adaptation of Donald Westlake’s 2000 book Flashfire. Describing JLo’s role, director Taylor Hackford told the Hollywood Reporter: “She plays a real estate agent who finds that a little larceny may in fact be in the cards for her.” Patti LuPone, Emma Booth, Michael Chiklis, Wendell Pierce and Clifton Collins Jr will also star in the movie. The filming of the movie will start in New Orleans this week and the flick is set to release in October, next year.

wo unreleased collections of late singer Amy Winehouse for the British streetwear company Fred Perry will be released posthumously. Perry, known for their signature polo shirts, had previ-

ously worked with the singer on two successful collections and will release two more, one later this year and another next year, reports “Amy was passionate and dedicated to the collaboration, and her signature style is clearly

Keith Urbanʼs fragrance inspired by ʻHard Timesʼ


inger Keith Urban, who named the debut scent ‘Phoenix’, says it is inspired by his battle with sobriety. The country singer checked into a clinic to be treated for drug and alcohol abuse just four months after he married Nicole Kidman in June 2006. “The ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ story of the phoenix is something that I think fits really well with a man’s

Jennifer Lopez joins ʻParkerʼ cast


inger Peter Andre’s parents are moving in with him after his father was hospitalised recently. The “Behind Closed Doors” hitmaker is planning to have his mother Thea and father Sawas live with him for a while after his father was taken ill on a holiday in Spain. “I’m still on my family holiday at the moment and have spent the last week in a villa in the Costa Del Sol,” quoted the 38-year-old as saying. “We were all having a great time but... my dad got really ill. He was admitted to hospital at the start of last week and is still in there now, poor thing,” the singer said. “He’s had a minor operation and will need a bigger op when he gets home... He and Mum are going to stay with me for a while before they head back to Australia. I want them to be as close as possible and do all I can to look after him,” he added.

Peter Andreʼs parents moving in with him

stamped across each piece,” the company said in a statement. “Amy’s royalties and fees from both collections will be donated to the soon-to-beestablished Amy Winehouse Foundation. Fred Perry will also make a seasonal donation to

the Foundation,” it added. Winehouse’s father Mitch Winehouse said: “When Fred Perry came to us to asked what we would like to do with the new collection, it was natural to continue.” Her latest collection is available at


odel Daisy Lowe, who recently stripped nude for a Playboy photo shoot, says she feels most comfortable in innerwear. “I’m more comfortable in my underwear than anywhere else. You don’t have to worry about how you dress your shape. It’s just there,” quoted Lowe as saying. The 22-year-old, who is dating “Doctor Who” television series star Matt Smith, is the cover girl of the September issue of Playboy magazine.

cologne,” quoted the 43-year-old as saying. “Certainly, I can relate very strongly to that; going through hard times and coming out the other end of it much, much stronger for the experience,” he added. Keith also revealed he was thrilled to name the fragrance Phoenix because he didn’t think men would want to say they were ‘wearing Keith Urban’.

Daisy Lowe most

comfortable in lingerie “Aerosmith” rocker Steven Tyler reportedly wants his “American Idol” pay deal increased after learning that singer Jennifer Lopez is set to earn double his current fee for singing reality show. JLo will get an estimated $20 million-ayear which is twice the “Crazy” hitmaker’s current salary. “Jennifer’s management is close to brokering her a huge deal to come back to the panel for at least one more season, and but the side effect is that it means her fellow judges also want more money,” quoted a source as saying. “Steven is halfway through a two-year deal, and his management has asked for more money. They argue he was just as sensational and as popular on the panel as Jennifer. But, on the other side, show bosses argue he’s tied into a deal and has to stick to it. However, it’s hoped they can come to a compromise to keep Steven happy, because the producers love him,”the source.

Steven Tyler wants a pay rise for ʻAmerican Idolʼ?


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kelly Rowland suffers wardrobe malfunction

Kerr credits ʻloveʼ for her good looks


inger Kelly Rowland suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at a gig after her top fell off while performing. The former Destiny’s Child group member was performing a selection of solo songs, including her latest single “Motivation”, at New Jersey Aug 7 when the accident happened. Her black top slipped away as she danced, reports The singer rushed backstage to adjust her bustier and later apologised for the incident at microblogging site Twitter. “New Jersey crowd was amazing!! hope you enjoyed the show and didn’t mind the peekaboo LOL (laugh out loud)!!!... Stuff happens,” the 30-year-old posted.

Monroe porno film auction fizzles S


upermodel Miranda Kerr thinks having ‘‘love’’ in her life encourages her to take better care of herself and her appearance. The 28-year-old, who has seven-month-old daughter Flynn with actor husband Orlando Bloom, thinks having respect for herself and caring for other people encourages her to look after herself and live a healthy lifestyle. “If you have love, first of all love and appreciation for yourself, then you are going to eat healthily and you are going to take care of yourself and exercise,” quoted Kerr as saying. “When you do that, you can give so much love to other people because you have the energy to give. That’s what gives me a healthy body and a healthy soul,” she added.

Mel B wants interesting name for her baby


inger Mel B, who is pregnant with her third child, finds husband Stephen Belafonte’s choice of names for the baby “boring” and will probably come up with one herself. The former Spice Girls star, who has daughters Phoenix, 12, and Angel, 4, from previous relationships, is expected to give birth to the baby in the coming weeks. “Stephen and Angel and Phoenix come up with the most ridiculous suggestions, either really generic or totally out there and random,”

he auction of one of only two known copies of a pornographic film purportedly featuring a young Marilyn Monroe fizzled in Buenos Aires because the bids did not meet or exceed the $500,000 set as the initial price. The largest offer came from a private collector in Denver, who bid $280,000, but the amount did not satisfy the owner of the film, the auction promoter, Spaniard Mikel Barsa, told EFE. “It’s part of the game; now a negotiation will come in which the buyer will want to pay the lowest price and the seller will seek to get the highest” for the short movie, which allegedly was filmed in 1946 or 1947, he said. The black-and-white film, about six minutes long, had been in the hands of a Spanish collector who recently died. Upon going through his noteworthy film collection, the man’s heirs discovered the unique tape and – after several months – made contact with Barsa, who already had sold the only other copy of the film that has surfaced to date. When that first copy came to light in 1997, it sparked a huge controversy about its authenticity, with many people doubting that the actress in it was really Norma Jeane Baker (1926-62), who later came to be known as Marilyn Monroe. Barsa said that although there are still people who doubt its authenticity, it has been proven – using FBI documents that were created when that agency investigated the film around the time it was produced – that the Hollywood icon is really the person who appears in it. Upon announcing the auction last month, Barsa also said that the jewellery the actress wears in the film was also worn by her in other films and photographs made about the same time.


ctor Brad Pitt had initially pulled out of his 2005 film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” because he felt a lack of chemistry with the movie’s original actress, Nicole Kidman, claims a book. The film’s producer Arnon Milchan says Pitt, 47, was unhappy as there were no sparks with Kidman. But when he cast Angelina Jolie, Pitt called back to say he was happy to play the role, reports It was quite a life-changing decision for Pitt, who was then married to Jennifer Aniston, as he fell in love with Jolie. “Jen didn’t believe he was involved. He eventually admitted it. Jen was furious and threw him out,” said Milchan.

quoted the 36-year-old as saying. “Stephen only likes really boring names. He’s suggested Tom and Sarah. Phoenix and Angel are pretty exotic, I can’t now have a Tom or a Sarah,” she said. “Angel wants to call the baby Bubblegum and Phoenix wants Skyler. I’m probably just going to come up with the name myself,” she added.

Brad Pitt felt no sparks with Kidman


olombian songstress Shakira has become the seventh most-popular person on the Twitter social network, with nearly 7.42 million followers, her publicist announced Monday. The artist exceeds in numbers of Twitter fans other celebrities and performers such as Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift and Oprah Winfrey, according to statistics compiled by the social network. Shakira’s total number of followers exceeds that of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, Katie Perry, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian, in that order. In addition, Shakira leads the Twitter list of most-followed Spanish-speaking celebrities, it was noted in the same communique. The Colombian singer has more than 38 million fans on Facebook and her videos and tunes have had more than 1 billion views on YouTube. Kerr credits “love” for her good looks Supermodel Miranda Kerr thinks having ‘‘love’’ in her life encourages her to take better care of herself and her appearance. The 28-year-old, who has seven-monthold daughter Flynn with actor husband Orlando Bloom, thinks having respect for herself and caring for other people encourages her to look after herself and live a healthy lifestyle. “If you have love, first of all love and appreciation for yourself, then you are going to eat healthily and you are going to take care of yourself and exercise,” quoted Kerr as saying. “When you do that, you can give so much love to other people because you have the energy to give. That’s what gives me a healthy body and a healthy soul,” she added.


op southern actress Nayanthara has converted from Christianity to Hinduism, say sources close to the Arya Samaj, even as she herself maintains a studied silence on the issue. Nayanthara, born and brought up as Diana Mariam Kurian, was a born Christian. She changed her name because of her foray into films. She reportedly converted to Hinduism Sunday morning at the Arya Samaj Temple in Chennai, the sources said, adding she has retained her name Nayanthara. Some see it as a step towards her impending marriage to actor-director Prabhu Deva who divorced his earlier wife, a Muslim and did not change her religion at the time of marriage. Nayanthara is tightlipped. Asked about her marriage, she says: “No comments.” On Sunday morning, the actress reportedly headed straight to the Arya Samaj Temple on Waltax Road. She went through all the

religious processes as per the scriptures. All the procedures of ‘Shuddhi Karma’, a procedure involving Vedic purification, were meticulously followed, say the sources close to Arya Samaj. They also added that a ‘homan’ or fire ritual was held where Nayantara chanted hymns and the Sankeerthan Mantra. Incidentally, the members of Prabhu Deva’s family are devotees of the Suttur Mutt in Mysore. His parents are devotees of Male Mahadeshwara Swamy. The sources said Nayanthara left soon after the purification ceremony. A certificate of conversion to Hinduism was issued to her. The actress flew back to Kochi by an evening flight. It is reported that her parents have expressed their opposition to Nayanthara’s desire to convert to Hinduism. Nayanthara’s last film “Ramayana”, directed by veteran director Bapu, was completed only a few days ago.

Shakira is seventh most NAYANTHARA popular person on Twitter changes religion?

Bangalore Beat Evening Newspaper - 10.08.2011  

Bangalore Beat Evening Newspaper - 10.08.2011

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