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ODIN ON HIS NATURE AND PURPOSE It is all very well to learn my ancient names and call me, but you must understand that I have not died and reappeared. I was always here. You must find new names by which to bring me into your lives. Snorri was right. I have many names in many lands. Learn them. I speak in all the languages of the world. When you can call my name in all human tongues, then I will be present, not just in your Norse circles, but in the life of the world. This has begun to happen with Erda. The Goddess is called first, and I do not deny her right. The child learns speech first from its mother, and so should you. The Goddess has returned, and everywhere she is speaking. But she is not all. There will never be balance and a harmony of forces until I am involved as well. Does my name mean Seeing or Knowing — or Thinking? The scholars, in their infinite minutiae, do not yet understand that truth is one, and that despite the evidence, all arguments that point in the same direction are true. In truth, I am all of these things. I am a process, not a result. I am a participle. I am always seeing the world without with my Eye above, and the world within with my Eye below, and I am always speaking the words of power with my breath which is the wind, which is the spirit, inspiration. And that in turn is initiation, the forever becoming of existence. There is no past, there is only now, and at the moment of now it changes, so there is only the future, what is coming to pass. And the fire in the mind that they knew when they spoke of mind as wrath is the fire of life, the dance of the atoms — and that, too is only a metaphor. But even your bodies are always becoming, every cell changing every minute. Vé is my brother, one of my other selves. You knew that but you did not think what it means — I am the holy place also, in the relation between you and what you call the sacred. I told you before that I am a process — therefore I am present in the practice of worship. When you are changing consciousness to seek the divine, you are experiencing me. You do not yet understand, but if you understood you would have no words to describe it — though indeed you would try. You have tasted of the sacred mead, but you will never get enough to satisfy you, and if you did, you would be carried too far out of yourself by its ecstasy to tell the tale. Therefore I give it to you only in tastes. Be patient — you can drink as deeply as you wish in my hall. Because I am Mind, it is easy for me to reach the mind. Those who fear me are afraid not because I am alien and unpredictable, but because I am intimate — and unpredictable!!! But my power, working through your mind, gives pleasure as it passes, and stimulates your brain to produce more pleasure. Ride it, do not fear it — remember to breathe. What are the gods? What am I? The argument becomes circular. Insofar as you are

conscious, you participate in the divine. Can a being apprehend a thing for which it contains no analogue or conceptual structure? Just as your tongues can only pronounce those sounds you have learned to hear, and your eyes discriminate shades of color you have learned to identify, your ability to describe spiritual experiences increases your ability to assimilate them — so long as you do not go on to assume that the words and the experience are the same. I am Word — Name — sacred sound — the Runes — but even they cannot contain ME. Yet I have given you the Runes to help you anchor your perception of that which is beyond symbol. Study the Runes, but also study the world. One is not more sacred than the other. Drink to me in the mead of Othroerir, that activates your understanding of words and lifts it to the level of ecstasy. To know — and to know that you are knowing, to articulate that knowing in words which are themselves Beauty in sound and pattern, is a particular delight which is especially sacred to Me. This is only one of My roads. I have other Faces, which others who seek me may encounter. Even the Christians sometimes get it right — I am This, and I am not This — go out of your head now, and touch and taste the world. Here I can speak to you clearly, but not most powerfully. Take your awarensss of Me with you, that I may experience the world through your consciousness, and I will show you how to experience it as I do, as ecstasy. Those who named me Wishfather knew another face . . . but there were those who taught them to see me as a demon and so with that face I came. As they have asked so they shall receive. If that is the only way in which they can know me, so I will be known, but I will be known. I work within all limitations. They thought to deny me, but they cannot deny the wind, they cannot deny the storm. And I creep through the chinks in their walls and the cracks in their armor. And there has never been a time when I was not here. I laugh at the idea that I am a mask that you put on, when in truth it is the other way around — you are a mask — each one of you is a mask that I put on in order to walk the world. What then is my true face? No two of you see me the same. My true face is the one you see in the darkness, the face you saw when you had the name you had before you were born. Argue, if you will, or agree to accept your differing perceptions. While you walk in flesh you cannot know for sure. The connection between flesh and spirit is an interaction, not a prison. I am the Will that decides, and that holds the concept of the thing decided; I am that which is holy, a state of being set aside; and I am the movement that makes all happen, the ecstasy. In a way, I too am Being and Becoming and that which has always Been. But it is not in this ultimate form that I can most productively speak to you. You understand already what happens when you touch those aspects — you go beyond human thought, and you are refreshed and at home in me, but that will not get my work

done in the world. I am called Wodh when I act in human life because that is the mode in which action occurs — the making, the creative, active force. I am indeed also Jafnhár and Thriði, but you must not seek to know me as such for more than moments until you come to Gimlé. . .. Humans are like children unused to strong drink. You must learn to hold my mead like a warrior. Those who simply become drunken are of little use to me, as are those who take a sip or two and thrust the horn away. But to those who call me I will come, in whatever measure they dare, and so they should be warned. Having opened this door, it cannot be shut again. I must and will speak, and therefore it is for you to find me Mouths that can speak my words in the world. Find me the time and places to speak, and I will go more gently. You are not afraid to stand up to me, and that is well. Perhaps it is true that I do not yet entirely understand what a thousand years have done to the folk. Even in the tenth century, the last of my servants were already becoming bound by the ways of Rome . . . What is it that I wish to tell you? Parts of it you know already — the need to recognize, to experience spirit as part of the fleshly world. But the advantage of your time is the very habits of thought which I have been deploring. You think in a straight line, but that line is well suited for some kinds of understanding. You will have to understand a great many things both in sequence and together if you are to understand how to save your world. I know the names of all dwarves, and of every jotun who dwells on the crags or beneath the sea. You humans must know the names of all the living creatures before they are lost. This is a new way of thinking — new to your men of wisdom. It is also an old way of thinking, given new words and patterns and spells. When you understand the web of life in the world as I understand the spirits that animate it, we can begin to bring the world into balance and harmony. Do not say that you will spiritualize science. Those words are too loaded with old meanings. But the more who hear my voice and learn the secrets of the runes, the more the two kinds of knowledge will join. I will hold off Ragnarok while I can, I have said it before, but I tell you that the danger is great. I understand, but the Jotnar do not, and they cannot be held in check forever. BaldR watches and waits. When he comes forth to speak to you, you may know that the crisis is near. When I go down, the modes of thought with which you are familiar will also disappear — will you regret that? My essence does not die — nor does yours — but the transformation will be long and terrible. There is much in your world which has yet to flower, it would be a sorrow to see its ending come before time. Do not grieve for Erda; she will survive. She always survives, passing through yearly transformations. The transformation of Ragnarok will simply be greater, that is all. But when it is over, the life you know will be gone. You fear new wars of men, but there are always wars. If one people find their way at last to peace, then be sure that another will go to war. Pity them, but do not be shocked at what

they do. If they will confine their violence to each other, it will be well. It is evil when the land is poisoned as well. . . . Put on a mantle of black blue, not because you feel like killing, but because you pass beyond death. Bright darkness. There is an illumination in the night, ablaze with its own lights, that is different than that of the day. My time is night, though I move also through the hours of daylight. But it is harder for you to see me, or hear me, when you are too forcibly reminded of the mundane world. But in the darkness. . .there is a timeless continuity. The ravens fly by day, dark fragments of night in the sunlight. I see the outer world during the day, they report to me. My wolves run at night, and howl their songs to the moon. I know both, but for you, I should say, the night is easier — if you will remember to seek me then. It is the need of the land that calls you. All the lands, but at this time the lands from which you come. They cry out and as you hear them I hear them. They cry out to you, they cry out to me. In this land there are good folk who call upon us. They do not yet hear that cry, and too many of them would fight the wrong war. It is not a war of peoples that must be fought, but let them enjoy their innocence while they can. The seeds have been planted. You have changed and will change more for them. They are on a path and do not know where it leads, but they have already taken the first step. They think they know where they are going and they do not, and the farther they go the more clearly we will speak to them. And they will not be able to keep from hearing us. There are some to whom this happens already. Not the most learned, but the ones who hear me the most openly. That is why they are in such torment, because they cannot cease from hearing. They hear now and the others laugh and those who laughed will hear and tremble. A time will come when they will hear and know that the powers that they have called upon are real. The wind in the trees is like the sighing of the sea, and the crackle of fire and the patter of rain are the same, like the crackle and flap of banners whipped by the wind, Fire and wind and water, all elements in motion. I am in motion. You ask, you wonder who I am when I lead the wild riders across the skies . . . I am the power of wind, of air, of breath, of spirit. I am change. When the great winds come, great masses of air move across the face of the lands. So it is when the wind of the spirit blows, the little changes that you did not notice become sudden convulsions of faith or fear. The air is always moving, but you do not notice it. The spirit is always moving too, and you do not see that either, though the signs can be read by those who have the proper barometers to see. You have such skills, but you do not use them. You see neither the small changes nor the great until they overwhelm you. Wind is as real a force as any other. And it moves, moves, it changes. All that you think and dream is manifest in Me, but for me to know myself,

your knowing must be conscious, imagination ruled by will. The pre-history of consciousness was not unconscious; because imagination and dream were not suspect, they could be used with conscious power. Image, vision, and word, all shape reality. But word is most powerful. This is why you sing spells. Sing or say, chant, enchant, incant, spá tell, thul. Those thoughts for which you have words you remember, those colors, those creatures. Words enable you to capture the free flowing forms of reality. But do not make the mistake of believing that the word is the thing, or that by giving a thing a name you have mastered or understood it. When you know all the meanings of a word you may begin to understand it. When you know all the names of a thing in all the languages, you may begin to understand it. When you know all My names, perhaps you will begin to understand Me. The names they gave Me in the old days were only a beginning. And some of them were less names than ways to avoid them. To call me, but not too powerfully. To describe me, but not too closely. They could not bear to see me too clearly, to describe me too exactly — nor can you. When you follow all the words back to their beginnings, you will find the first breath. The first exhalation that filled Ginnungagap. When ice met fire a wind was born. Before there was a being to give birth to another. Before Bor or Buri, there was the wind on the waters. When the world first drew breath, life began. I was that life, moving, ever moving. Without movement and change, nothing would have become. Being and becoming, both are movement. This is why I come to you most easily in movement. To summon me, breathe deeply. I fill you with each breath; you grow light, you tingle with energy. Even in my stillness there is motion. Even the rainbow bridge shimmers with vibration. Sound moves in waves, light moves, atoms move. When you call me, open the windows. When the Wild Hunt rides, common men shutter their windows and bolt their doors. They are afraid I will blow away all their preconceptions. Open your windows — open your minds! Pray that I may roar through your halls of government, shaking them up, lifting away the dust and scouring away the grime. And yet what you hear when you listen is not the air itself, but the sounds made by what it touches. You do not see the wind, but only the motion of the leaves it tosses. You do not see me, but only the tumult I leave in the heart. I will fill you, if you will let me, and though they do not know me, they will see how I move within you. I am the spirit that passes through you, that moves you. Without me you are dead; without you, I cannot be known.. Your words are leaves stirred by my passing. The moving leaves are not the wind. Your words are not my spirit, but they bear witness that it has passed. I am searching for human words, human metaphors, that will reveal this mystery, but it is best expressed by paradox. I am a paradox. I am ancient and new. I can overturn trees and

creep through the tiniest openings. I am the roaring of the storm and the whisper of a quivering leaf. Ansuz. . .ehwaz. . .right hand. . .left hand. . . right brain. . . left brain. . . moving in partnership, mind and body, but whose Mind? The ravens fly, left and right, reporting both back to their master; I am their Master, I am the Consciousness of everyone. When I have a personality and history, I am Odin, but I exist also in other kinds of thought and philosophy. Even that discussion of faith versus reason by folk who do not truly understand either is a part of me. You are all my voices, carrying on an argument I have been having with myself for a very long time. But of course you are also individuals yourselves, with your own wills. You can be both simultaneously, just as your bodies are both part of earth’s biosphere and your own physical vehicles. Does that make it clearer? I have as many names as there are thoughts, but I am still myself behind all the masks. I return to Frigga when I am in danger of forgetting. This much Wagner had right about her, that she reminds me Who I am and keeps me in mind of my commitments — my Law — my Need. Nauðiz is in its own way also a rune of Frigga, the spindle of fate that spins her threads. Sometimes I think that she is the spindle herself. And sometimes she is the Well. Immanence and transcendence . . . I am here and not here, part of you and something entirely other, in the world and transcending it. You may know me in the whisper of wind and the flare of light on water, in the movements of your body and of your mind. But in all things, be flexible. I am not rigid. Sometimes, my word is of peace (not often, I know (laughter)). But sometimes. . . In the winter, after the frenzy of the Hunt is past, I too am willing to sit by the fire in Frigga’s hall. I sleep longer then, and I dream. I see visions in the fire. I have leisure then to contemplate the future and the past, and seek the patterns of action and desire. Your folk do not allow themselves that luxury. Even your vacation is a time of turmoil. But the northern earth knows the value of occasional stillness. I do not need to be consistent — I counsel both rest and action. They are the two sides of the same thing. But it is the body that needs to act, and the mind that needs to be still sometimes. Test your body against the hills, but stop at the summit and feed your spirit with the view. Take time to tell riddles by the fire. When your kindred meet, lay a good blaze in the fireplace, and tell riddles. There is more to riddles than humor. Sometimes they hold a seed of wisdom. Or at least, paradox.

Truth is like the wind. Unseen in itself, you perceive it only by its effect on what it touches. So it is with my words. They acquire substance only in the moment when they are heard. The sound of the wind in the leaves of the ash tree and the needles of the yew is not the same, and yet the wind is unchanged. So the meaning that each of you finds in my words will be somewhat different, and yet each can say, “yes, this is the wind”. It is the same from one age to another. What they heard from me in the old days in the North was not entirely the same thing that you hear today. They were different, and you are different — and I am different, for I too change and learn and grow. And yet there are some things that do not change. The winter wind is cold, the summer sun is warm. Faith and loyalty are still good guidelines for living. And the Powers that walked the world at the beginning are still here, waiting until you are ready to listen once more. [Relevant excerpt from another communication.] Your question now is about those feelings that I inspire in you and in others-and you have been surprised to find them in others, have you not? Water is wet; fire is hot; and I am the god of ecstasy. To be in my presence is to feel that magic, unless one fears and resists it. Love, pleasure, excitement, ecstasy — these are by-products, sensations wired into you to draw you to the things that you must do. The pleasure of sexual joining inclines male and female to mate and bring forth young, and to make the bonds that will keep them together to raise them. And the ecstasy you feel when you think about me, when you allow me to draw near and share your consciousness, that too is a lure, which brings us together. But you must remember — love is a means, not an end. You open yourselves to receive my love, and in that spiritual joining, together we create — words, deeds, wisdom. We cocreate what is needed to preserve the worlds. This, then, is what you must tell those others who swoon with delight at the touch of my hand. Let us join together to do the work that is waiting. Let our love renew the world… Of course I call — I am always calling! One of my names is Omi, far crier, after all. The question is, who can hear? Some hear me often, some never. Some create an image in their minds to worship. Sometimes I can speak through it, and at others they are creating messages in my name. But that has been the case in every religion. Your modern machines provide a good analogy — if you focus the channel properly the reception is good; if not it becomes fuzzy, and you have to guess at the original message. If it is too fuzzy, you will give up in disgust or despair. But all the time the station is putting out the same signal. It is not the message that is distorted, but the transmission. There are differences also in the machine receiving. Some have the capacity to express and perceive every nuance, every vibration high or low, whereas in others, only the loudest or most perceptible tones will come through. The message is there, but you do not get all of it because you do not have the sensitivity to receive it. And yet again the message may be received, but the sound equipment is incapable of expressing it adequately. Some systems may be better on the high notes or low ones — what I say now is badly transmitted

because this “receiver” does not have the concepts or vocabulary to completely describe what I am trying to say. In any case, the point is that the message begins, is transmitted from the source, complete and whole, but reception varies. As to the calling, what I desire is individuals who will get the message out. They do not have to be “dedicated” machines. I do not want slaves or automatons. And despite what I have said earlier, the most faithful receptors are not always the best. Seeing how the message changes, or better still, engaging in dialogue with someone who can question or argue, teaches me. For this I will say, the message is always clear in origin, but it evolves with time. I call always, and I accept those who hear me, and some I seek out because their abilities are needed. Do they need to be crazy? As in crazy wisdom or dysfunction? The former I can use, the latter I can pity, but I cannot show mercy. Sometimes the machine that picks up my call is too fragile to bear the volume. I am sorry for it, but I cannot alter the call, for there are some who will hear only when I “transmit” at full volume. And yet the spirit is eternal and survives its lifetimes, and learns, and the soul that failed in one life may yet return to hear and understand the call in another.

Source Three You may not trust any man… but remember that though I appear human to you, I am not a man. I am beyond such things. I will appear to you in the form you expect. If you expect me to be dark and deceitful, therefore I am. But that is not all I am. Remember that I am not only the god of words, but the god of war. The eagle is my symbol as well as the raven. I fight with wit and craft, as well as the spear. Thought and memory tell the spear where to strike. Do not become lost in the mazes of the mind. Holding spear in hand is also important. Set your course and persevere. Do not forget who you are. You humans are so complicated; you make your lives so difficult. When you work with me, you will learn discipline and you will learn detachment. I see many things, but I do not always act. Men have called me fickle for this, but it is not so. Some things must run their own course; wyrd does not turn aside even for gods.

Source Six Oski Oski — the Desired one, the Wished-for. You knew, already, that it’s not just presents… well. It’s not just nice things that one desires. Of course you can find several web pages that boldly assert that that’s my name

when I’m Santa Claus, but think. Dig. It goes deeper. What things do you desire? Not when everything is happy, when the cows are fat in the fields and the barn bulges with grain… What do you desire when the times are lean? What do you desire in dark places, in cold, in desparate times? You know well of me as NeedFather, and it is as this, rather than Wish-father, than you should think when you consider Oski. Consider ‘wish’ in the sense that Michael Ende does [in the book The Neverending Story], and you will be closer. When they went out on the battlefields in my name, what did they yearn for? Not dying for their country, but making the other bastard die for his (what? I was always fond of Patton…). And I gave it them. Sometimes, they desired death, and I gave that to them, as well. Sometimes the desire is for ecstasy. Ah, yes, somewhere in you the little hedonist wiggles at the thought of it, but in your waking mind you know all too well that there are many kinds of ecstasy. Our man on the battlefield might want the Valkyries to being him strength, to send fetters to his enemies–or he will if he is smart! Some desires are dark, and yet it is often those that are truer. Some desire death… but I do not always bring it, as many have found out. I do bring it eventually, of course, to each and every one. There is a sense in which life and death are always and ever desired by every single one of you, and the balance is always fascinating to contemplate.

On the Other Gods I, separate now from my brothers, walked the world and joined with the jotun of earth, Jordh, a great and mighty power. She has a more human face that she shows as Erde, but it was in her aspect as Jordh that I came to her, and together we made a son to ride the skies. When he was grown, I became, not less, but more defined, for to him I gave a portion of my powers, and from his mother he drew primal energies. Thus also was my joi ning with the nine waves, and other powers, to produce Heimdall. Those gods whose father I am called were created after I became defined, separated into the consciousness you call Odin. The others emerged before. In that sense they are not my children, but in another sense they are all my children, for they are all the product of the ordering of primal forces by consicousness. The Vanir come from that earlier stage of being, and are closer to the Jotnar. But in their second generation they are like the other gods.

Loki : Pure elemental power has no sense of humor, no margin for adjustment, no ability to play. Loki, or Coyote, if you wish to see him so, brought laughter into the world. I wonder now if in the North we restrained him, lost patience with him, too soon, He is a dangerous

power when he is not balanced, and yet perhaps the world is endangered without him. He is needed to make things change. But it is true as you think, that I learned much from him. I think that perhaps he learned all the wrong things from me. Loki is bound, but the world is still full of tricks and stratagems, I have learned well the art of double meanings, of verbal gymnastics, of manipulation. Thor lives in a simpler world. Closer to the Jotnar. But I have moved far along the human path, following your philosophers and scientists through all their myriad ways of thinking about the world. It was because Loki betrayed Baldr that we condemned him, and yet even I recognize that necessity of his loss. Baldr is the final transformation, When he returns it will be because you have learned to experience the world in an entirely new way. Some say that it is I who will return, reborn as Baldr. The question is not relevant. After such a transformation, I will not be myself as you remember me. I will not remember myself. Do not seek to hurry that transformation. It will be as agonizing as birth or death, It will be a birth beyond death. Your task and goal is to work out the consequences of all that Loki showed me. Death, love, all the ridiculous and undignified processes of the body — all of these Loki enjoyed without shame. It is true that with “Q” and Picard, and Data and his raven (in Star Trek), I am speaking to those who can hear. At present, Space is a metaphor you use for an expanded world. The worlds to which the Enterprise travels are like the nine worlds on the Tree. The starfarers experience all possibilities as they travel, and yet everything in the space through which they travel is contained in the human mind; they travel through consciousness, so of course I am there. Each act of world creation, whether it be fantasy or science fiction, is an expansion of consciousness. But while Q or Loki play games with your heads, you must not forget the physical world. There is no farting in television. Loki is very good at that, and sometimes folk need to be reminded. I have wandered for many years in the realm of human reason, but I am at home in all the worlds. Yes, perhaps it is time to resume my old companionship with the trickster. Even Wagner, so serious a German, understood his necessity. But Wagner thought that my reality was ended. He did not understand that I continue to wander the worlds. He (Loki) is necessary, but sometimes rather shortsighted, and he would rather distract me than face his own decisions. Because I love him, I have patience with all of you. Most of the time. There is more of him in you than you would like to admit. Loki’s sins are the sins of humanity. You think that by binding him you can eliminate his temptations. That binding is an illusion until you bind him within. I did not say to eliminate him — that too would be a mistake, a danger. When you bind him too tightly he shakes the ground of your being. I give him a drink from every horn that is poured to me so that he will be eased. Do you find this too much a paradox? The world is not a simple place, and neither are you. Learn to laugh at, and with him. Even Skadhi laughed. He is dangerous, of course. But some dangerous things must be given room and watched, not denied or destroyed. The same might be said for those who speak with Loki’s tongue, seeking to light the fires of spite and slander. Invoke Thor to stop them. When Loki began his flyting

in Aegir’s hall, no arguments or excuses stopped him. Thor has the singleness of mind to hold him. He must be balanced. But if he is not balanced the writings do not misrepresent his danger. But his balance is so precarious. . . He is half of the gods and half of chaos. When he falls to the side of Chaos he will fight against me. And yet I need him. That will be an evil day . . . But he can laugh– if you can make him laugh that day will be put off.

Thor : When the whetstone lodged in Thor’s skull, his mind was split. Now he shows many faces — not so many as mine, but more than one. Or maybe he was always a bear, changing from moment to moment from benign to enraged. Do not reject one of his faces because it seems dangerous. Thor is dangerous — did you think he was Santa Claus? He can be as sour and brooding a berserker as ever feasted in my hall. I suppose you must take precautions to avoid damaging your people, but you cannot reject the dangerous paths of a god which come to those whose minds are tuned to them just because they are uncomfortable or frightening for you to deal with. If you think Thor is always cheery, you don’t know bears, or warriors.

Baldr : With his passing, the innocence, the light, went out of our world. If you think the world you live in has lost the sheen of the time of legends that is why. It died with him. He speaks to men now in the underworld of Hella’s mind. … But he is dead. Dead to this age of the world. He speaks from that place which is beyond the timeline you live in, and foretells what shall be when he comes again. It is a foretaste of the New Age! But at this time you can only prepare for it. He cannot come fully into your world now, only speak through those who can hear him. That is what I see. Only the Norns know if it is truth. When I pass, you will pass with me, and not return into the world. Christian theology makes one persona into three, a virtual pantheon, with many aspects to meet all needs. A polytheistic system recognizes the necessity for different personae, so that deity is not confined or limited. That does mean, however, that you cannot confine your experience only to one of us, even me (laughter)


PAGANISM Hostility provoked by Jesus You can hear from heathens: "Your God has been crucified. Our God has a hammer." A hostile statement. But one can see that the hostility was actually triggered by Jesus himself. How?: Jesus wrongly positioned himself as Christ and God. He's not and he never was. (The thoughts of the Mandaeans or the inner circle of the Templars can be consulted for comprehension.) With the historical arrogant pagan persecution by Jesus (-followers) a) not only aggression (and depression) were generated as reactions to violence suffered, but b) with the hatred of Jesus also the Christ consciousness itself became the object of hostility. In this way, two malignant fields of force were built up (by Jesus) that collectively stand in the way of the development of the soul. Note: Mental development towards truth is bound to enlightenment up to Matrix 5 consciousness - and this dia-gnostic consciousness was predicated by the Greeks far before Jesus. A predicate which, by the way, Odin is entitled to far more than Jesus.

The fears of the Vikings Group soul fears can be well documented from folk mythology: SkĂśll and Hati eat as "wolves" sun and moon (eclipses). The Midgard "snake" kills Thor. The Fenris "wolf" kills Odin. Vikings are therefore "afraid of snakes" and "afraid of wolves".

Hermetically and psychologically speaking, snakes stand for envy and falsehood, among them especially for false "black magic", wolves for the unconscious per se and prominently for "karma". The "odinaric angel", the higher Viking soul, will therefore have to face these shadow aspects. The Vikings" are less afraid of the bear (Berserker/Satan/Aggression and violence), they will have to deal much more with envy and magic.

The unsorted Gauls "Who invades whom and who makes life hell for whom?" This is a crucial question when it comes to distinguishing karma from magic. Karma, that is the inevitable fate, magic in this case is the fate that others have averted - in the sense of „having shifted“. One can observe, for example, that the traumatizing-strategies of Baphomet-Gabriel-Isis-Jesus have succeeded in penetrating into the soul of the Gauls (= Celts) - who then take on guilt that they do not have at all. So the development task of these Celts is to sort out: What is your own karma, what is foreign karma (magic). And it is also to sort: Who offers himself as a redeemer - but is none (or do I need a redeemer at all - or do I not have to and why can't I cope with my fateful task myself?). Regularly the shadow of the Celts (as with all nature religions) is satanic. (So the topic is anger, anger, aggression, cf. the Nordic Wuotan/Wotan). To work on this shadow is the essential task of the Celtic. In a first step, Gabriel has entered the collective Celtic field to prevent purification and becoming whole, and in a second step he now wants to bring Baphomet with him. Sorting out these troublemakers would be important to the Gauls.

Satan and the Cultures The spiritually living person cannot avoid dealing with Satan. If a truth seeker is lucky - he meets the preparatory work of Peter Binsfeld, who describes Satan as a demon, who stands for anger, anger and aggression. And if he is lucky and not prejudiced, then he can accept this information. If the seeker of truth is hard-working, then he will also acquire knowledge of various mythologies and the heavens of the gods - and come across Wotan ("Wuotan"), Shiva ("Natarajy", the dancing Shiva), and he will also come across different views of a non-incarnated being named Satan (or Saytan). It is right then to ask the question whether Wotan, Shiva and Satan are not "the same". And it is wise to answer them in such a way that Wotan, Shiva and Satan are just equal to each other: Satan is usually perceived projectively (e.g. in "Catholic Satan", already going back to the projective understanding of Satan by Jesus of Nazareth): One's own aggression is thus split off - and demonized into the outside.

Shiva is less of a projection screen, but he keeps his own aggression away through drugs. (Shiva is a hashish smoker.) This also splits aggression off and charges the "force fields of darkness. Wotan is the one who hits it best: The Germanic-Nordic heaven of gods reports in parts of a transformation from Wotan to Odin. The Angry One after all becomes the Wise One. In this reception a primordial force comes to the light.

The dark side of the Force Whoever uses his power or the power of spiritual beings or principles connected with him for his own ego and for its defenses has got involved with the dark side of power. That Jesus/Gabriel got involved with Baphomet is explained in many places in the blog. But there are also many incarnates associated with Odin who do not accept fate and suffering, but have given Odin/Wotan's anger to Baphomet in order to escape their own or group karma.

Are Pagans and Christians united by Satan? (A fragmentations-theoretical consideration)

I was asked if it could be said that there is a coalition of evil supported by Pagans and Christians and connected through Satan. Hmmmhhhhmm, I said, it's a bit constructed, but on the following condition you can say that: If there is a demiurgical shadow in Christianity - and if this affects Matrix 4 through the use of violence and aggression - and if in paganism "the forces of Odin and Thor" are used on Matrix 3 [=earth] to enforce ego claims. Evidence of a demiurgical Christianity can be found in the burning of witches, in the Inquisition as a whole and in the Crusades (see especially the treatment of the Cathars or the Templars). References to the pagan assertion of ego claims can be found, among other things, in the Viking raids. It would be important if someone "from Christianity" sincerely regretted what he and his own have done, and it would be equally important if "the pagan" would reveal and regret his own karmic history - in this way the connection with the demiurge and his connection with the fallen part of Satan could be dissolved. (I know people who are already reached that maturity. I know pagan people in particular who live a very pure form of paganism.)

The cowardly Pagans (in cohorts with Jesus) There are many good people among the pagans: People who take their life's work seriously and face the work ego and shadow. But there are also pagan cowards - and it is

particularly perfidious that they act in collusion with Jesus. How's that? Jesus has traumatized many people and souls (also on the level of the collective soul) through his Baphomet connection - and those (satanically) traumatized by him and Baphomet now submit. Instead of standing in the way of Jesus and Baphomet in the encounters of these days (in the karmic resubmission) to impose truth and justice - these "cowardly Gentiles" attack John [the Baptist] (or other higher souls who function as messengers). The situation is aggravated by the fact that there is still an ongoing coalition of the Gentiles among themselves - and they are supposedly united in goodness by the enemy image of Jesus/Christianity. But the enemy of truth and justice and the enemy of true men is not Christianity, it is Baphomet. Therefore, no group that has members associated with Baphomet can be united in good faith. But the emotional force fields of the demiurge (among others those of the fallen angel Gabriel) succeed in controlling the feelings of men in such a way that the cohesion of the Pagans is maintained - and thus also true men among them do not find their way back into reconnection with creation.

THOR Bolon and Thor - both one? One can think about whether the entry of an aggressive and powerful God prophesied by the Maya into earthly events (Bolon/2012) can be brought into connection with the Nordic Thor (and the prophesied Ragnarรถk).

Donar, Thor and the return of the demiurgically divided Satan

I have made a worrying observation* - and I also have concurrent messages from others: many people, including almost all denominational Christians, but also many esoterics, have merely split off their shadows due to a typical demiurgical fragmentation. To this shadow also belongs the demiurgical Satanic, i.e. that which is connected with anger, rage, hatred and destruction. If these forces are not directed in a first Phoenix-process against one's own ego and against one's own misdevelopment and used in a second to secure the true self that has arisen (but rather remain in the background in the service of division and defense ([denial, repression, projection]), then under fate conditions this destructive turns against these divided "Christians and esoterics". It is as if Donar and Thor were standing up and using their strength against well-behaved people. But it is completely different: The nice ones were not good (but cowardly and

lying) - and the evil in them falls back on them. As I said: I have seen it, I have read about it and I have heard it: the demiurgically split *Satan is now visiting those who wanted to project him so much into others. I have tried long enough to create conditions and to communicate means to prevent this from happening...

The Thor-Odin Synthesis Nordic pagan myths know the motive of the purification of the gods: The uncontrolled Thor (Thorn ~= anger) can become the controlled and wise Odin (Od ~= ether). A forcebeing-resynthesis would successfully emerge.

The power-being split Satan's adversary status or effect comes about through a power/being split: His power (cf. Thor) is not in harmony with creation and nature, but it is under the control of Baphomet (the adversary) and thus creates a reality that is contrary to creation and nature.

ODIN Decided For most people who have chosen matter rather than spirit, it is too late. This also applies to those who have chosen esoterism, magic or denomination - instead of religion. Who does have a chance, for example, are those in Odin or Buddha. Not that it is possible for Odin or Buddha to redeem a person, that doesn't work that way at all. But in reverse a person can redeem Buddha and/or Odin by facing it's shadow of the soul root.

From the group karma follows Christos Odin From the group karma accumulated in the past (and from Matrix 4) arises the necessity of Christos Odin, if people (and not least "Europeans") do not want to forfeit the chance for a better life. In the soul of Christos Odin, the "Druid Merlin" and "John the Baptist" sit at one table, they appreciate, understand and complement each other. They are both spiritually guided from matrix 5 (Christos principle) in their high positions on matrix 4 and as guides they guide their physical-material "volk" through matrix 3 in such a way that meaningful development is possible there. If there is this Christos Odin, the falling of the world (where he operates) can be stopped. If there is no Christos Odin, the falling will continue and continue as accelerated as it currently does.

Anchoring: The same pattern for this solution can be found in the vivid and interpretable space of the „Lord of the Rings“, but also in „The Vikings“. Outlook: If men ("the volk") do not go along - and do not follow the truth and wisdom of their spiritual origin personified in John and Merlin, the earth would fall by itself. Like the hang glider crashes when it unhooks its carabiner.

A power that heathens don't have under control (Spiritual Weather Report)

It's easy to see: Pagans are closer to truth and justice than denominational Christians can ever be. But there is still a power in the present pagan which the pagans do not have under control, but which controls them in reverse. This power puts power and enforcement above truth and justice. I already gave the hint of the poisoning of Odin's [soul-] root by Baphomet. Among other things, medieval black magic and its current effects can be found in this poisoning. It remains to be hoped that pagans takes care of their own karma - and do not stop at the greater "Christian" guilt, even if it is justified. Then the Earth can really take a big step towards a meaningful and liveable planet. This is not possible in blindness to own active and passive baphometric/demiurgical poisoning. The "exam" is now.

Satan would be the angel To recognize Satan as the fallen angel, who could also lead humanity back to God, would be a basis, on which almost all religious (and from these derived) conflicts and cultural misdevelopments could be prevented. But that is not so simple: Above all, there are baphometically superimposed beliefs, e.g. pseudo-religions such as denominational Christianity, who "convert" and "fight" Satan and see in him (instead of in Baphomet) the supreme evil. One can find enough evidence that Satan is a force (or a being) worshipped by the Shivaist as well as by the Odin or Manitou followers, so that he is in Shiva, Odin and Manitou. But it will not be enough if "the Hindus", "the pagans" or "the Indians" think they have already reached their destination, if they point the finger at "the Christians" and denounce their historical problem, Baphomet. Only when Satan in his incarnates [on earth] stops using the satanic energy for the ego or for worldly success (e.g. the Viking raids) and instead uses it for the self and for the return to the spiritual life, he and she are good enough for real life.

THE VIKINGS The Vikings - Why everything falls with the assassination of Athelstan by Floki

The TV series "the Vikings" is now shown in the third season of the 8th episode. For many people around me, it has a special fascination that goes back not only to aesthetic, photography, and music. This is certainly due to the depth of the script - but also to the spiritual necessity of this series. One may assume that it is "highly inspired" in religious terms. Before I come to the assassination of Athelstan by Floki, I will briefly go into the fact that many plot strands are rooted in real history. Among others "is" Harbard Rasputin. Seen in this way, Athelstan is Paul [of Tarsus] on the one hand: His "enlightenment" from the fifth episode of the third season has the same character as that of Paul before Damascus. And that brings us to the middle of things: Paul's enlightenment is a sallow enlightenment, i.e. more of a demiurgical dazzle than a connection with God. "His baptism in the Spirit" is a pathological but curable intermediate step in the development of the soul towards God. With Floki's assassination of Athelstan, however, this positive possibility of development is interrupted: The two clashed visions (both are psychiatric mad!) have led to the fact that Ragnar's leitmotif does not come to a good end: He had planned another, more farreaching and continuing task for Athelstan: Together with him he wanted to reconcile and connect Christianity and paganism. Athelstan was not to remain in the twilight of baphometric-gabriel blindness (Paul), but to acquaint him with the wiser interpretations of Christianity as "John the Baptist". In terms of potential and experience, Athelstan "is" John, too. But this realization was prevented by Floki (Loki). It is very clear that it was the envy of Floki and his connection with "darker gods" that triggered his deed and no higher motive was involved. If one speculates a little, Floki (Loki) has prevented the reconciliation of Odin (Ragnar) with the angel Michael (mediated on the John aspect of Athelstan). And thus prolong the Demiurge's Divide et Impera. It's a deep guilt that a jealous, less talented man has on a multi-talented man. I would like to point out at this point that this envy may be seen as Anima envy - and that the realization of this Anima in the Floki daughter Angrboda (nomen!) is concretized.

ODIN SAYS: JESUS WAS A COWARD! Often times when I want spiritual understanding to a deep question, during the early morning hours when I wake up from a deep sleep, I will allow myself to drift into a state of awareness where I am not awake, but I am still semi-conscious. In this „shamanic“ dream state, I will state a question and wait for respose. So, one morning, while in this state, I realized that I was a little disturbed at the resemblance of the Odin sacrifice to the Jesus crucifixion. So, in my mind, I verbalized this question: „Odin, what is the difference between Jesus‘ sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of sins and your sacrifice on the World Tree?“ To my asolute shock, I immediately heard this answer in a booming voice:

„Jesus was a COWARD!“ This was extremely shocking to me. It was also very frightening. I am still sensitive to the concept of blasphemy. While I no longer believed in the Christion idea of sinfulness, I would certainly not have characterized the selfless act of willingly sacrificing oneself for the benefit of others as cowardly. Even though I personally rejected the need for the crucifixion of Jesus, I would never, EVER have characterized it as an act of cowardice. Any such act, in my mind would definitely be one of extreme bravery and selflessness. My previous years as a fundamentalist Christian had taught me that any being that questions the divinity of Christ was demonic. So, if the reader, upon reading this supposed response of Odin, had an immediate reaction that such a voice must have been the devil himself, be aware that such a possibility was not lost on me either. This was no ordinary dream for me. I was still in a state of semiconsciousness and I briefly mused on the idea of opening my eyes and ending this conversation. I decided that I was not willing to allow old fears to stop my inquiry. I chose to believe that I had the power to decide what I wanted to believe or not to believe and if this were some kind of demonic voice, I chose to believe that I had the power to investigate it and choose to accept or reject its validity. I was not giong to react from fear. So, I stayed with the dream state and continued to listen. After a brief pause, as if aware of my internal decision to stay with the dream, the voice continued:

„When Jesus died on the cross, he took away man‘s most precious gift of the gods; the gift of self-determination. Jesus GAVE away his salvation to a world that neither wanted it, appreciated it, understood it, nor earned it. And look at what men have done with this supposed free gift of „forgiveness“ … NOTHING!

Jesus turned magnificent men into powerless sheep. Odin‘s voice intensified and with increasing passion he continued …

I EARNED my enlightenment. I sacrificed myself to MYSELF. GIVING enlightenment to one who has not worked for it is the gravest of insults. It says, that they cannot achieve it for themselves. No warrior ever acts this way toward another person. Why would I demean and insult someone so badly to deny them the honor of earning for themselves the gift of Infinity? A warrior gives all men ultimate respect. To die in the pursuit of self-awareness is the noblest of acts. If I thought someone was not capable of such an act, I would still allow them the honor of dying while trying to achieve it. If I gave them my enlightenment, what use do they have of their own immortal divine spirit? What a waste… What a colossal waste… If Jesus or anyone else tried to GIVE me THEIR salvation that they earned, I would, like any true warrior, kill them on the spot for such an offense. Unlike Jesus, I shared the example of my own sacrifice so that Men could replicate it for THEMSELVES so that they could equally share in the gift of Self-Evolution. They, through their own efforts, can stand side by side with me, as warriors, not as pathetic sheep. They need not worship me. They can worship themselves. Anyone who endures such a self-sacrifice as I have, will never take it for granted. NEVER! It is impossible to do so. But, look at men today. They respect NOTHING! I was the first of men to sacrifice myself to myself and as a result, the eternal mysteries of existence revealed themselves to me. The Runes (divine secrets) do not magically remove sins. They empower men to die to and transcend their self-imposed limitations. The only path to true evolution is that of the warrior. Without the warrior spirit, men will fall. I am a warrior. Jesus is not. Hes is a coward and he teaches men to be cowards.

I will not condescend to mankind by attempting to change his mind. He has made his choice. He has chosen to abandon the path of the warrior, the path to his own self-transformation. Man has chosen to give Jesus control over his eternal destiny. Jesus was a slave and a sheep and Man has chosen to follow Jesus‘ example. I will respect man in whatever decision he makes regardless of how disgusting it may be to me. For me there is only one sin; that is to deny oneself the realization of one‘s full potential“ Odin‘s words are pretty straight-forward. There is no need for me to examine or explain them. I will let them stand on their own merits and allow the reader to make his/her own conclusions about them. Much more was said to me in that dream. Much of it was downloaded into my consciousness in heavily concentrated chunks that I am still absorbing, much like unzipping a large download file on your computer. What is difficult for me to portray in my attempt to record this small portion of Odin‘s words spoken to me is even though he seemed quite angry and clearly passionate about his feelings, he also betrayed a stoic sadness beneath his anger. I sensed that he felt that man‘s „conversion“ to Christianity and subsequent rejection of traditional spiritual values was a profound tragedy for the cosmos.

„ What a waste… What a colossal waste...“ In the midst of Odin‘s measured fury, (the name Odin comes from the Germanic word „Woden“ which means „He who is consumed with the fury of awareness“) he made it clear to me that his understanding of the warrior spiritual code would not allow him to mourn or lament. I sensed that even though he wanted very much to seek to persuade men of the superiority of the warrior‘s path, his own warrior code, his own „Orlog“ („origin-law“ that guides each person to their own specific destiny) prevented him from doing so. As a true warrior, Odin was honor-bound to respect Man‘s choice. I felt that Odin had deliberately chosen to withdraw from the world stage in order to honor Man‘s choice of embracing Christianity. My conclusion based on what I sensed from Odin is that the reason men stopped worshipping Odin was not because he had „lost“ to Christianity. This wasn‘t a spiritual competition for him. He was not a forlorn, rejected deity desperate for man‘s adulation who, without the worship of his followers, would fade into oblivion and out of memory. Instead, he was a powerful, eternal, self-evolved being of total awareness that deliberately chose to step aside and allow humans to experience the inevitable effects of their choice. Odin was a god of experience. Jesus on the other hand is a god of intellectual influence. Odin seemed to prefer practical experience over intellectual persuasion. As a warrior, Odin might say, „Well they‘ve made their own bed, now they have to lie in it“ I had the feeling that Odin had perhaps traveled to other dimensions to continue his spiritual learning. I also had the feeling that he had recently returned to our dimension. I like to think that perhaps we are entering a new phase of existence where people will once again seek to be consumed by the fire of the „Fury of Total Awareness“ (Wod – en). Odin did not unilaterally force his opinion on me. Unlike the Judeo-Christian God who opens the heavens and parts the seas, strikes men blind and loudly blasts his message upon humans with his unsolicited advice, Odin‘s warrior code prevents him from unilaterally thrusting his message upon men. But, apparently he is willing to share his message, if invited to do so. So there is still some hope for us after all...

During the middle ages, we Westerners abandoned our polytheist, animist heritage for the dualist, separation contained within monotheist Christianity. Doing so separated our hearts from our minds. The traditional spiritual mythology of Europe teaches that when a man dies in battle, he ascends to the “hall of the chosen” (Valhalla) where Odin trains him to fight as a spiritual warrior. To “die in battle” does not mean being killed in acts of physical violence. It means to live fearlessly from the heart without regret. Those who live this way, have no attachments to this earthly life. Since they have no regrets, they have no need to be reborn. They are free to ascend to spiritual heights after death and to help the living in their daily “battle” to be free. This is the path of the spiritual warrior. He condemns mindless destruction born from fear and cowardice wherever he finds it. He fights for the freedom of the heart and soul. He becomes Odin (He who is consumed with the fire of selfawareness). Compare Jesus’ hesitance to be sacrificed with the complete commitment of other deities in animist mythology who willingly sacrificed themselves for mankind:

Jesus Was A Coward When Facing Death Christian theology tells us that the whole reason Jesus came into the world was to redeem fallen humanity (Jesus himself in Matthew 16: 21 – 23 and especially the Paul letters). He was born from a virgin by the power of God, healed the sick, raised the dead, walked on water, casted out demons, fed 4,000 / 5,000 people with just a few fish and loafs of bread - all this with his supernatural God given power. Moreover, Jesus even talked with Moses and Elijah on the Mt. of Transfiguration where the Gospels tell us he shone as bright as the sun and where both he and his disciples (Peter, James and John) heard God preach: “This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased; listen to Him. (Matt. 17: 5) The Gospels go out of their way to tell readers that Jesus often rebuked his own disciples, the Jews and even the people in general for their lack of faith: “You men of little faith, . . .” (Matt. 16: 8); ‘He replied, "You of little faith, why are you so afraid?" (Matt. 8: 26); "You of little faith," he said, "why did you doubt?" (Matt. 14: 31); “He replied, "Because you have so little faith.” (Matt. 17:20); and “…will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? (Matt. 6: 30). Yet when Jesus’ time comes and he must face death (just as he predicted knowing full well it was only temporally: “And He began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders and the chief priests and the scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.” (Mark 8: 31); Jesus cowardly faced his own death without any of the faith he had so strongly attacked everyone in the Gospels about. In fact, we find Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane crying and whining like a spoiled brat . . . praying like hell that he could get out of his theological situation! (And He was saying, “Abba! Father! All things are possible for You! Remove this cup from Me!” (Mark 14: 36)) While apologists argue that Jesus was God incarnate; now these same Christian apologists must argue that Jesus and God are not one as God had to abandoned Jesus during the Passion in order explain why Jesus is now a faithless coward! So why was Jesus such a scared coward when we consider the noble death of Socrates? Why was Jesus such a coward in the face of death compared to the death of Stephan in Acts 7: 54 – 60 or any of the future Christian martyrs (Both those discussed by Eusebius or in Foxes Book of Martyrs)? Why was Jesus such a coward not facing death eagerly as we find with other Jews in both Joeseph and in the Books of Maccabees? In Conclusion: Despite the ploy of apologetic theology, the Gospels have given the Christian world a whining and crying cowardly Jesus whose final words on the cross was to blame God for all his cowardly problems in dealing with death. In the final analysis, the Bible present us - not with a Jesus whose mental state and actions would have won him a Congressional Metal of Honor, but a cowardly Jesus. A Jesus (despite all his recorded supernatural powers and preaching to everyone on God’s never ending faith) who would likely have been shot for desertion!

WORKING WITH THE GODS - O D I N In shamanism people didn't just work with the spirits of animals, trees or the ancestors, they used to work with all kinds of spirits, including the ones we called gods. Shamanism in the Norse trandition isn't something we are used to hear about, but it existed and nowadays like all the spiritual work in all the other religions, is being brought to us once again and only to a few people these deities show themselves and actually have anykind of contact with us mortals. Through altered states of consciousness we can have similar experiences that shamans had and still have, but being a shaman isn't something you choose to be, it is something that is chosen for you, however, you can choose to do spiritual work, but that doesn't make you a shaman, being a shaman is more complex. Finding a real shaman is a great challenge, nowadays there are too many spiritual workers, too many that call themselves shamans, but in truth, shamans are fewer nowadays then before, a great clue to know if a person is a real shaman, is that the person will never ever tell you that he/she is a shaman, shamans hide that from all, only the communitie calls them shamans, they don't give to themselves any kind of title. I'm not here to talk about my personal experiences, I'm here to tell you about a mixture of experiences of various people with whom I have contact, including my own experiences, debating these same spiritual experiences reaching a more concrete conclusion, though not entirely correct. Lets start with Odin. For those of you already familiar with this deity, there is no need to talk about him in the myths, or who he is, what he does or what kind of god is he, this is entirely in a spiritual prespective.

Odin For the spiritual work with Odin, it is a good thing to have at hand some kind of alcoholic beverage, it can be either mead or wine, not for you and maybe not for Odin, he will only accept it if he is in the mood for it, this is just like offering a drink to welcome a guest, politeness He likes red meat and vegetables. You might want to be dressed with clothings with blue, grey, and black colors, those are his favorites. Odin is a god to be called upon if you need counsel, advice, he likes ver much to talk, and solve disputes, so if you are in need of these things, he is the right god to do spiritual work with. Whenever you speak with Odin, never mention delicate matters in which he or someone or some deity close to him might have been involved, keep the conversation in what you really need, because Odin isn't a god that likes to talk about his problems, his

affairs, he is a god that likes to communicate with the objective to help others. Odin isn't a god to be taken lightly, he can be very ruthless, but he is extremely wise, treat him with the utmost respect. Those who work with Odin can be either male or female, and should ideally be people sworn to him. Usually the greatest experience one might have when working with Odin, or just by meeting him somehow, is to be turned into a wolf or a raven and experience the natural world in that way, even if for a few seconds. It is a different point of view that will give you both freedom of spirit and cleverness, you will learn to respect, to behave while in a group, you can either lead or be led. Working in group is very important to Odin, the old Norse who worshiped Odin and made a cult around this deity, always worked in group and behaved like wolves in a pack. Odin is a god that will constantly test you, before you call upon him or he decides to show himself to you he already knows a lot about you, he knows your fears, and every test is so you might know yourself better. You might think that you are very courageous, he will test that to see how far you can go with all your bravery, or you might think otherwise, the complete oposite, and you might find out that you are stronger than you thought. Note: If you have any questions for me or if you want to see my artistic works, check out my Facebook page and make a Like if you can by following this link -->


My path as a feminine force on this planet is resolute. I like men, I embrace my curves, I smell pretty and I dig feeling like a goddess. On the gender scale, I’m a high femme with no shades of gray. So then, how’s a true lady supposed to balance out her own masculine sense of self? I turn to my spiritual practices to study with the masculine divine, hoping to master the certainty he offers within.

Old man Odin The first time I worked with Odin, he appeared in a shamanic journey—ornery, irreverent, one-eyed, and a bit sultry. As my training dictates, we don’t simply accept whomever appears. Rather, we ask for their highest possible version to teach us in that moment. I asked Odin whether he was the most suited. “Of course!” he bellowed, pulling out a chair and offering me mead. In that instant, he gave me a valuable lesson: don’t ever take anything in these spirit realms at face value. If I’m here for sincere study, mead is probably not what I need. I looked at him with incredulity and asked him where my Odin was. True to his trickster nature, he gruffly replied, “The one you want is downstairs,” nodding to a stone staircase. In a secret lair, I met a truer Odin, who taught me much that day. My relationship with him has morphed over the years, feeling adored at times and others, in awe. Last summer, we flirted over rainbows and thunderstorms, he sending me booming claps of thunder at my command. I always seek to understand, embrace and heal from the lessons he’s offered me, knowing his masculine wisdom to be a beneficial perspective on my own feminine filters. Odin appeared again recently, majestic and clear. He rolled in with a mission to offer a healing and insight which would alter my world, propelling my soul growth and further igniting my path.

Lessons of Odin In a ritual space, Odin showed me himself hanging on the tree of Yggdrasil, battered and weary, his life force fading. Hanging there, he reminded me that I too could prostrate myself in this way, surrendering to the wholeness of the void and testing the absolute limits of my own faith.

For in those moments of complete hopelessness, God or Goddess always appears to remind you of your true nature, your radiant light which shatters the veils of separation and illusion of the human condition.

Self-sacrifice Odin not only gave me the lesson, he also gave me an antidote, showing me all the leaks in my energy field, the wounds in my heart, the cracks between my passion, faith and purpose, of which I was unaware. Odin sacrificed himself to gain shamanic knowledge of the unseen realms. And in perfect fashion, he showed me the spaces which I needed to sacrifice in myself in order to gain greater footing on my path.

The hanged man This was the Tarot card Odin gifted me that night. With each card in the major arcana acting as an archetype for our own wellness, perfection and wholeness, the Hanged Man offers mastery—if we can embrace his teachings. The card shows a man hanging upside down, suspended on a tree. This tree can be seen as the cross of Jesus, or as Yggdrasil, or Kabbalah’s tree of life. In hanging upside down, the Hanged Man has a halo encircling his head, reminding us we must dive into the depths in order to gain enlightenment. This wisdom is so much bigger than knowledge. It’s an absolute untaintable knowingness of the bounty of the world. Fear of death is the least of my fears. Instead, my fear of this material reality plagues me— security, family, spiritual crises—these are the demons in my own thoughts that I must face.

Hiding in my shadows Since that snowy moon, I’ve pulled the Hanged Man often, each time reminded of the places within myself where I still hide. The spaces that I hope are healed, but may not yet be. The metaphor of the archetype is clear: we must go into these places which are uncomfortable, which we don’t know, to resurrect the truest depth of our soul. It’s through Shadow Work that I find my strongest, clearest path to resolving these hidden pieces within. For it’s the only true work on this path to liberation from the illusions of reality. All potential—all clarity to your highest destiny—is blocked until you do this work, for the expanse of the universe is bigger than anything you can imagine. If you can’t overcome the voices in your own head, you can’t be in absolute faith to meet your fate.

Fearless As I sat in ceremony with Odin that evening, I could feel my own fright. But with the blessing of the plant spirits, it merely tickled, with no cognizant connection to fear. My perceptions of what I feared seemed distant, as a mere fluttering sensation in my belly. I recognize our perception in this universe is just that—limited, fragmented, only partially seen. I know in my heart of hearts that this universe is loving and good and kind; that all matter of blessing will come to me. And yet, I still have fear and I still have doubt. I wonder, is this simply a human condition? Or is this doubt conquerable, healable, so that I may release it? Am I truly fearless? Do I know how much this universe loves me? Am I able to surpass every limitation and deception of my thoughts? Odin encourages me to do so. And each time I pull him, that blasted Hanged Man challenges me to go even deeper.

Infinite love of the universe While listening to Matt Kahn one evening, my Guides came in loudly and clearly, telling me that the grandest dreams I dream for myself—the most glorified version of reality I can imagine—is a fraction of what they have in store for me. Something so blessed, it’s impossible to envision the path laid out for me. I began to weep. Odin is my reminder of this. The Hanged Man, with each appearance, is my reminder of this. I seek to embrace the masculine resilience within to remember my own. “Don’t give up—you are so very close,” he whispers through breathless lips. And I appear again at the tree to drink my cup and face myself.

OFFERINGS One thing about the Norse deities is They usually don't ask for more than you can give. They may give you certain tasks to do, but They know you can accomplish them. When They ask for certain offerings, it's the same way. The Gods know your situations (especially if They are regularly in your life), and don't ask for you to put yourself in the poor house over giving Them offerings. What They do ask if that you give what you can, when you can. This means that, if you can afford to give Odin a $100 bottle of mead, He would prefer you do that over a $5 beer. Not saying the beer wouldn't be accepted, just that the mead would please Him more. (Mead is one of His favorite drinks after all~) That said, if all you can afford is a $5 beer, then the Gods aren't going to turn you away or ignore you. I myself work on a very strict budget (currently unemployed and just made a major life move to another state), and have yet to have Odin tell me „No, that's not good enough.“ The trick really is to give what you can, when you can. So, what constitutes good offerings for Odin? As I’ve already mentioned, Mead! Odin loves Mead. Just about any alcoholic drink will do, but Mead would be His favorite. He is also pretty fond of whiskey. Odin also seems to have a thing for crystals, when it comes to things I give Him. I was once perusing the crystal shelf at my local new age shop and He decided that Goldstone would be the perfect thing I should give Him that day. On His prayer beads, I also have Smokey Quartz, Citrine, and Amethyst. The latter two are two of my personal favorites as far as stones go, but when I was making the prayer beads, He directed me to the bin for those as well. Really when you think about it, they are great crystals for working with Odin. Citrine has an amazing energy and is quite inspiring; and Amethyst works great as a helper with meditation. I’ve also lit candles and/or incense in His honor before when I couldn’t do much else, and at the time He was fine with that. For candles, I simply use the blue chime candles (with me He’s very big on blue). Incense varies, both by what I have on hand and on what He’s feeling on a particular day. Most often I use Lavender, though that could just be because that’s what I typically have on hand (that’s my favorite), but Frankincense and Sandalwood are also frequent offerings from me (in that order). But more than anything, I have to say that He likes your time. Whether the time be spent on working on things He’s given you, or in meditation with Him. He also really likes it when you talk to Him. Sure, He can sit on Hlidskjalf and check up on things, but that’s not how you build a relationship with someone. You don’t visit your dad on the weekend, hand him a video and say “here dad, this is what I did this past week”. You sit and talk to him over a cup of Mead. Building a relationship with Odin (or any deity, for that matter) isn’t much different.

BREAKING UP (WITH GODS) IS HARD TO DO “Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.” — Pete Seeger

Proof is in the pudding. By your deeds are you known. There are a lot of old sayings relating to the value of experience, which is a harsh value: a value born of last ditch necessity. I’m afraid that I tend to learn by experience. Whatever brains I possess either aren’t enough to keep me from doing something stupid, or they get a chuckle out of seeing my pitfalls. Getting into bad relationships is something everyone does at some point in their life. Maybe your guru was abusive, your boyfriend immature or your best friend took advantage of you. Our relationships with the Gods aren’t terribly different from our relationships with other humans. There are Gods I worship who are family and with whom I share a deep, comfortable relationship of reciprocity. My relationships with these Gods form a stable base of spiritual support, guidance and identity for me. I am Hephaistos’ daughter, Baba Yaga and Selu are my beloved grandmothers, and Manannaan mac Lir is an uncle whose visits are cloaked in mystery and wonder. Yet, these Gods recognize I sometimes need more. “Papa ‘Phaistos” knows there are things in my soul he cannot speak to and has been helping me find a Goddess to work with for mutual benefit. That has been an interesting journey that would take up another post on “dating Goddesses.” Sometimes other Gods reach out to me and I speak to my Gods to see if the relationship is beneficial. This is what this story is about. Years ago Odin came sniffing around. I considered this relationship, reading up on him and the Norse traditions, and just felt uneasy about it. He’s been out there on the periphery ever since. Back in December I could feel him pushing to work with me again, I sought advice and wisdom, and although most of that advice was cautionary I decided to give him a chance. We began to tentatively work together. I gave him a certain amount a space, included him in my devotions and watched to see where things would go. Now, with April Fools’ around the corner, I find I’m in a relationship that is harmful. I feel silly and ashamed, like a woman who knows better yet goes back to the husband who beats her. I don’t think Odin is bad or evil, and I know many people who have an amazing relationship with him. Yet together we are not a good mix. I should not have given him a foothold in my life. When Hephaistos gave me a “go ahead and touch the fire if you must” response I should have known not to engage with Odin. When a blacksmith gives you permission to put your hand in a forge you should really take some time to wonder at your request!

It finally got to a point where Hephaistos had to point out to me where my life isn’t working, why it isn’t working and make me confront the chaos in my life. If you invite Odin to your hall Loki, his oath-brother, is two steps behind him. For some folks that’s cool. That’s how they live, like a Dane dancing on the oars of his longboat. Not me, I need stability and groundedness and all those unsexy characteristics of less dramatic Gods. I worship and hold close to my heart the only Olympian with a “day job” whose advice is generally to just get over it and get things done. So it’s time to part ways with Odin. Upon deciding to end the tentative relationship with Odin I already felt lighter, with greater hope and possibility. Once Hephaistos saw why I thought working with Odin would be beneficial he was able to help me find the aid I need in a much calmer and more effective way. Hephaistos, like many Gods, can’t read minds. I hadn’t told him what I was concerned about, and communication is important in every relationship. Relationships with the Gods are two-way streets. It’s true that when Hephaistos and I, or the Horned One and I, are at cross-purposes, then it’s I who bend. Yet that doesn’t deny my True Will. I don’t have to work with a God if I feel it’s wrong. Gods don’t have to work with me just because I think they’re groovy. Sure, sometimes you have to “date” a Deity to figure that out, and sometimes one of you have to break up a bad situation. I’ve been broken up with (Artemis) and now it’s time for me to give the bad news (Odin), but regardless of the situation, Immortal or human, breaking up is hard to do… And the lesson from this? Listen to your intuition, listen to your Gods and be willing to acknowledge when something isn’t working. Not every trial is a test of spiritual fortitude, sometimes it hurts because it just ain’t right to begin with!

RUNES - ASATRU - THOR BLOT Attract the Strength and Protection of Thor

One of the most popular of the Norse Gods is Thor. We can visualize him with his red beard, giant hammer, Mjollnir riding through the mountains slaying frost giants. All well and good. But how can you and I invoke the powers of Thor into our lives now. Now that we live in the 21st century? There are no frost giants on the physical plane as far as I can see. They still exist in the Quantum Ocean where Thor and the other gods/goddesses also exist.

THE NORSE GOD THOR. Thor lives in Thruoheim, (The World of Might) or in Thruovangar (Fields of Might.) His magical hammer Mjollnir was forged by a dwarf or dark elf Sindri. He also has a Belt of Strength Megingjaruan. Thor constantly struggles against the Jormungand serpent. This serpent is trying to strangle midgard with his grip of ignorance and fear. Thor would have killed the serpent with his hammer if another giant had not cut the fishing line Thor used to trap him. In Ragnarok Thor and the Midgard Serpent will kill each other. Thor's natural enemies have always been and still are the giants. THOR'S POPULARITY. Rune masters of the 10Th century inscribed Thor's name on stone asking for his protection. Thor was chief guardian of Icelandic settlers and Guardian of the settlements. In Iceland Thor was chief god of the invaders. The Norse rulers of Dublin, Ireland were called the Tribe of Thor. The vikings of Normandy worshiped Thor. Thor was the god whom the invaders of England loved most. The Lapps adopted the Cult of Thor. The Lapp Thunder God is depicted on shaman's drums with a hammer in each hand. The heathen English worshiped a God Thunor. The Saxon's regarded Thunaer (Thor) as the foremost of the gods. In Germany Donner (Thor.) Tacitus shows that there was a Germanic god who the Romans called Hercules (Thor.) India's Hindu god of Lightening is Donar (Thor) so says Jacob Grimm. This Thor Blot was designed for the individual Asatrurer who wishes to practice alone. To work at home. Those not interested in joining an Asatru group. It is always best if we do it ourselves, alone. In the past 5 years, studying by myself, internalizing the runes, doing the type of rituals I am explaining on these pages I have had several real life contacts with Odin. I have internalized the runes for it is the key. It is really childish to think in this age of Internet and quantum physics that a 1000 year old god/goddess is going to manifest in our home, woods or apartment. What they will do is to manifest in your mind and tell you what you must do. They will not do it for you. We are not Vikings living in the wilds, raiding etc. We are 21st century folk of Northern European Ancestry. We need to use 21st century tools. Our minds and Quantum Physics, radionics and the updated rune rituals.

INVOKING THOR The Runes are Universal Creative Energies. They are very powerful. Think beforehand about what it is you wish to do when you use a Thor Rune Blot. THOR'S THREE RUNES There are three runes associated with Thor. Rune Uruz the rune of healing energy, patience and endurance. Rune Thurisaz rune of protection. It stops all negative energies and sends them back to the owner. The Thurisaz (Thorn) rune protects the rose and the sleeping Valkyrie Brunhild. In this politically correct multi-cultural world, we of the Northern European peoples need all the PROTECTION we can get. The newly emerging nations of the world (it seems to be their turn as king of the hill) see us as the barbarians and the enslavers and ruthless empire builders of the world. In short the 'bad guys'. The mental and emotional worlds (Quantum Ocean) is filled with anger and hostility towards us. Thor and his Rune Thurisaz can and will build a protective wall on the astral (etheric) level around us and protect us from all negativity. No longer can we invoke Thor and his hammer to smash the giants of hate, fear and jealousy. We need new methods. I wear my Thor's Hammer 24/7. >>>>>>>!!!!!!! Thurisaz Rune Mudra Meditation to DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST REPTILIAN CONSPIRACY !!!!!!!<<<<<<< THOR BLOT Quantum Physics tells us that all the Norse gods/goddesses and all the Runes exist in an infinite ocean of energy called the Quantum Ocean. How - to contact and attract the energies of Thor and Rune Thurisaz out of this Quantum Ocean is the purpose of rest of this article. The energies attached to Thor and his Rune Thurisaz are the energies of strength and protection. There are no greater powers that you can posses than the powers of protection and strength. Without strength and protection you will become mental and emotional slaves to others. Following is the instructions for your Rune Asatru Thor Blot. Before you do a Thor blot do you ask yourself the question? Why am I trying to invoke Thor? You must have a reason for doing it. Why do you want Thor in your life? Everyone wants strength and protection. You will attract these runic energies out of the Quantum Ocean when you invoke Thor through his Rune Thurisaz. Gods do not do things for people. You cannot have Thor protect you. But you can invoke his energies and protect yourself. What will the strength and protection energies of Thor do for you? The Thor Thurisaz Rune (runic energy) will attract Thor's energy out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life. The Thor Thurisaz Rune (runic energy) will enter every cell of your body, mind and aura. You will feel the strength of Thor filling you. You will be guided on many levels on what you must do to protect yourself. And you will be protected by a wall of energy on the astral (etheric) level. All harmful thoughts, emotions and energies will be sent back to whence they came. KEEP YOUR THOR BLOT SIMPLE! Sit comfortably in your favorite chair. Breathe deeply and relax. You will now use the LAWS OF RUNIC MENTAL RADIONICS to reach into the Quantum Ocean where the

energies of Thor and the energies of Rune Thurisaz exist. Look at the Thurisaz Rune (large one at bottom of page. Print it out on cardboard). Meditate on it.

RUNIC MENTAL RADIONICS Remember in all radionics you need three working principles. POWER. TREATMENT . (SYMBOL). TARGET. Your mind is the power source. The THOR THURISAZ RUNE is the treatment. You are the target. STEP 1" Intone mentally: "I am now manifesting the energies of the Thor Thurisaz Rune (strength and protection) out of the Quantum Ocean and into the Thor Thurisaz Rune I hold in my hands." You are charging the cardboard Thor Thurisaz Rune. Intone 3 times. Mental visualizations always help. You can picture Thor in the Quantum Ocean holding a Thurisaz Rune. See him sending the runic energies (strength and protection) of his Thurisaz Rune into your Thurisaz Rune. Picture waves of vibrations flowing towards you. STEP 2: While holding the charged Thor Thurisaz Rune in your hands intone: "I am now inhaling the runic energies of strength and protection from my Thor Thurisaz Rune into my mind and aura." Your aura is an egg shaped oval surrounding your body. It is your energy shield. What ever energies, thoughts and beliefs you hold in your aura will act like a magnet and attract LIKE into your life. Law of Attraction. You will attract strength and protection. Again 3 times. Your aura is now full of Thor's Thurisaz Rune energy. STEP 3: Intone: "I am now inhaling strength and protection energies of Thor Thurisaz Rune into my aura and into every cell in my body." Every cell in your body now vibrates with powerful energies of Thor. 3 times. Sit quietly for several minutes. In your visualization thank Thor. Get up and go about your business. The key to blots is to attract the runic energy of the gods/goddesses and runes out of the quantum ocean and into your aura and your life. What energies you carry in your aura attract people, places and events into your life and create your life. The help that you are seeking will now come from many unexpected places. Thor's Thurisaz Rune energies in your aura will attract strength and protection into your life. You will feel stronger and protected.. You will walk with strength and protection. You will be strong and protected.

WORKING WITH/INVOKING ODIN By Chrysatrice Odin actually showed up in my mind palace/astral temple's "meeting room" once. My fiance had told me about a dream he had as a child, wherein a man he remembered as "Orin" fought hordes of monsters as they attacked a village, and at the end of the dream handed my fiance his sword and told him to keep fighting. He wanted to know more about this dream, and said he had the feeling that Orin might be an actual entity who had visited the dream, so I offered to try to get in touch with him and see what he had to say. And when I sent out a call and went to my meeting room, Orin did indeed show up! Orin was a red-haired, strong-jawed armored hero type, quite friendly, full of advice. I thanked him for coming and offering him tea (the usual chai-ish sort of blend I serve in my astral lounge), and we talked about the dream and what he had meant by some of the things he said to my fiance; he clarified some things, and it had been years since the dream, so he gave me a sort of update to it. Well, when we were done talking and I was saying goodbye, I tried to say "goodbye, Orin" and somehow suffered a weird slip of the tongue (which is kinda weird when you're not speaking with an actual physical tongue...) and said, "goodbye, Odin." "Orin" grinned, his face changing as he did, and laughed, "You got me!" And just before he vanished, instead of Orin, he was an older man, his face weathered and wise, with a twinkle in his eye, long grey hair and a grey beard, and a large, faded blue broad-brimmed hat. He left me with an image of himself dancing merrily and laughing at the whole situation. When I told my fiance what had transpired, he facepalmed a mighty facepalm and groaned that Odin would do something like that. He imparts knowledge and guidance, but in a manner something like a grandpa who pulls coins from behind your ear and then gives them to you, smiling at your wonderment. He'll tell you something, and then years later you'll finally understand what he actually meant, and you'll notice symbols and relationships in his message that are deeply filled with meaning, symbols that you hadn't paid any mind to when you first received the message. It's interesting that in some of your comments here you mention the idea of "blood memories" and feeling called towards Odin, as that's how my fiance feels as well-- he's very much a berserker by nature, capable of going into strange, inspired sorts of rages. (Although he usually uses that energy for writing papers instead of gnawing on shields and cleaving his enemies in twain and all that.) Odin is the patron of berserkers, and my fiance figures that Odin is his patron whether he likes it or not! His entire life, he's been both blessed and troubled by Odin's gifts, the rage and the strange cryptic insight-- he even suffered a series of "coincidental" injuries to his left eye that left it blind. He's also naturally talented at reading the runes of the Elder Futhark. When I asked my fiance if he had anything to say that was relevant to your post, he said, "Odin is a troll. Odin is a troll and is good at what he does. :P" I would say that you should take care to remember any sorts of cryptic messages you may receive, as you may find yourself learning their true meaning years down the road. Be easy-going and ready to learn, as Odin will teach you, but he'll mess with your head in the process! You might also find it useful to meditate on the runes, their meanings and associations and powers and such.

HEATHEN WOMAN: THE REALITY OF ODIN Do you believe that Odin is a real, living god? This is a question that I’ve encountered numerous times since I began teaching, and though the answer may differ depending on whom you ask, my answer is always the same: Yes! The next question is usually along the lines of “How do you know that you’re experiencing him versus your own personal thoughts?” Doubt is one of the first aspects of existential thought that we learn. After all, mankind has made great advancements through questioning and evaluating various “truths.” As children, our minds naturally wander, ever in pursuit of the fantastic. Children don’t enter this world jaded; their minds are open to those things that are energetically driven no matter how they are presented (spiritually, physically, etc.). As we age, we tend to put these feelings and pursuits aside, and in the process we often are left with creative limitations, binding us to what we can perceive with our basic physical senses. Having a personal connection with Odin, however, requires an individual to again open the mind and embrace the willingness to allow his ecstatic, roaring nature to flow within us. That is when we begin to “feel” him without touching and sense his presence in our daily lives. Doubt, in my opinion, is one of the most self-defeating feelings that we possess. Doubt can chain us to the bottom of metaphorical mountains that we could otherwise have scaled, if it weren’t for the deep need to know with certainty that we would succeed, or that what we perceived was indeed real. To that point, I give you a visualization to meditate on: When the wind blows across your face, do you feel it? Of course you do. However, you can’t see it, taste it, or touch it, but you know it’s real and you trust the experience. Forming a relationship with any deity is very similar. Instead of doubt, we need to trust ourselves and the experience. Do not give way to the idea that you could be mistaken. If you feel something in your heart and throughout your being, then that experience is for you to own. Questioning it diminishes the experience. Consider that the messages that you perceive from the runes, meditation, the gods, or other spiritual sources are natural ways of reaching beyond what is physically limiting. A helpful way of working through these experiences is to keep a journal of your spiritual path filled with observations and thoughts that detail your personal experiences. Odin’s personifications are diverse, as are the roles that he assumes. In some ways, it may be easier to perceive the presence of gods such as Thor and Freya, since we can clearly see and feel an approaching storm or the blossoming fertile beauty in a colorful field of flowers. We immediately appreciate these things as connective natural forces stemming from the gods themselves, and we then begin to explore their other aspects, such as Thor’s protection of mankind or Freya’s connection to war and death. In peeling back the layers that initially begin with a physical sense, our minds tend to open more easily to the broader personifications of our gods. Odin, though, is a bit different. Our ancestors witnessed wars, the carrion birds awaiting their turn at what lay dying on the battlefield. In today’s world, many of us have been sheltered from those sights, yet it was upon the red battlefield that Odin’s mighty presence

was certainly felt and clearly seen. The rage of the Berserker, the tactical measures of the Úlfhéðnar, and kings in pursuit of their dynasties were very real images, and hence Odin was measured as a god that was always in charge and ever close to the tribes. So how do we experience Odin now? We must look at all of the aspects of him. In addition to being a war chief and considered king, he was also a leader, the harnesser of runes, a spiritual guide, and a traveler. Odin sought wisdom in widespread endeavors, and in learning about them, we can develop our own insights about why these aspects of him are important. Odin is the Allfather and thus all-encompassing, not in a necessarily omnipotent way, but more in the perspective of the wise sage who is ever in pursuit of wisdom in all matters. Visualizing Odin as a multi-layered deity that possesses much more than the ability to incite a war is the first step in forming a deeper connection to him. It can also help offset some of the trepidation that some feel when they consider seeking him out. Secondly, Odin’s traits include very human characteristics including love, social demands, fallacy, defeat, passion, and other traits that are part of our daily lives. In other words, Odin not only understands what it’s like to be human, he fully embodies those qualities. For those who have come to heathenry through a Christian upbringing, it’s common to see Odin elevated to a Christ-like position because of lifelong associations of an all-knowing supernatural deity. There are major differences that need to be considered, however; while this kind of thinking may be a hard habit to break, it’s essential so that we are able to develop a personal connection to him from a heathen perspective. It’s important to see Odin as a strong leader who owns a great deal of lived experience. We can gain a deeper insight into him by grasping not only the god that he is, but also how his understanding directly relates to the lives of men and women. It is then that we can begin to understand the reality, and not just the mythology, of Odin himself. Comments •

I certainly know Odin to be real. I did a faining to him this night during the Yuletide, and his presence was powerful. Not necessarily frightening, although I did feel some of that emotion. It was humbling to be in the presence of a god who is way older, way wiser, and whose power is such that one feels like an insignificant speck of dust compared to him.

I don't need faith or belief because I feel them. Odin's breath is in my lungs. Thor's rain falls on my garden and grows vegetables for me to eat. When I ask for more rain, he responds.

• I know there are spiritual presences all around me because they speak to me in the ordinary and everyday, through people and names and numbers and places and incidents which have 'signs' stamped all over them, in many cases relatable to ancient mythologies. I am certain that one of these was Odin and another was the Greek Artemis, although you can't begin to interpret the signs unless you are both familiar with the mythos in question and recognise the coincidences as meaningful in the first place. One particular presence hit me like an inner explosion of light one evening in the late summer of 2008 and I shared my life with Her for roughly four months until I began to doubt how much of our conversations were coming from me and how much from Her. In my experience the gods can use any mythos that has imaginative power, including modern fiction and even Christianity - which itself rests on a transformed (pre-Jewish) Hebrew polytheism that was a whole lot closer to Asatru than many Heathens today either suspect or would feel comfortable with...

HEATHEN WOMAN: WALKING WITH ODIN Being raised in a heathen family, one would think that my relationship with Odin would have been formed many years ago. In all honesty, however, it was an evolutionary process over the course of my adult years that I really came to know him. When I was a child, we would honor him along with the other deities during specific times of the year, usually Midsummer and Yule. I read the Eddas early on, and though I knew the stories as a youngster, it wasn’t until much later that I was able to really look at the symbolism behind them. I thought of the gods as the people next door, out of sight but still close and very real. I didn’t give much thought about their attributes of fertility, agriculture, protection, or their involvement in the world of Midgard. As a young adult just starting college, I met friends of every faith and realized that those who had grown up going to church had been taught a spiritual side to their faith that I had somehow missed. Where they were sometimes lacking in seeing divinity in a realistic sense, I was at times at a loss for seeing my gods in a spiritual one. It wasn’t until that I began a dialogue with those of other faiths that I really saw this and it led me to make very deliberate choices later in my life. For instance, I was aware of what galdr was but had never practiced it. I had heard of the runes “calling” to others, but had never taken the time to form a relationship with the runes myself. I began studying the runes deeply and dedicated myself to practicing and meditating with them daily. I drew them on paper, I carved them, and I held them one by one in my hand until I had meditated with each one independently many times. I studied their basic meanings, I learned to listen rather than ask, and I then began to take notes on what I felt their deeper meanings were. I realized that the runes each had their own spirit, so to speak, and definitely possessed their own energies that could be directed in both positive and negative ways. I asked Odin to guide me, and gave my word that if he would help lead me in the right directions to gain runic wisdom that I would in turn help others. I didn’t realize at the time that years later, I would become a gythia and workshop leader. I never imagined speaking to large crowds on establishing a relationship with the Northern gods, but that’s where he needed me to be. It was working with the runes, and the willingness to practice them with a certain mindfulness that helped me find my personal spiritual path. That one choice, to know my faith on a deeper spiritual level, changed my life. I began to contemplate the symbolism behind the lessons that Odin teaches us. When he sacrificed himself, to himself, upon Yggdrasil, he showed that self-sacrifice for the greater good was a component of coming through a difficult transition in the course of life. He demonstrated the dark, hard part of the natural cycle – accepting that

death and rebirth are part of life, and that to every living thing that there is a delicate order. It’s a certainty, and one that we must not only accept, but overcome with a sense of peace. Odin’s sacrifice also showed me that he knew what it was like to be “without”. The Havamal tells us that he hung on Yggdrasil with no food or water, no help from anyone. It hit me how alone that must have felt, and yet he knew it was necessary and accomplished what he set out to do. We are often in the same position. Hard decisions are not new to many of us, and bravery cannot be a luxury that we deny ourselves. In order to achieve our highest, we need to dig deep into the low and bring forth the lesson even if it means that we do it alone or without all of the tools that we’d like to have available. Odin may have liked a draught of mead, but none was given. It certainly would’ve renewed his strength, and perhaps his emotional energy, but he did without, and so must we too sometimes. In absence, something fulfilling can be gained, and we become especially thankful for the tools and support that we do have in other parts of our lives. If we were always surrounded by loving encouragement, we’d never know how to pull from within nor could we truly appreciate inner solitude. On the opposite side of the coin, if we spend all of our time alone, then we deny ourselves the joy and pleasure of what it feels like to be comforted, amused, or otherwise happy when we have a few good friends. It’s a balance, a part of that delicate order I mentioned. Over the years, my relationship with Odin has grown in many ways. He has shown time and again that he’s receptive to those who come with the right heart and mind, wanting to fulfill their calling in life and honoring the gods as they pursue that. There have been times when he’s taken my hand gently, and times when if it hadn’t been for his insistence, I would have firmly rooted myself where I was and resolved to grow no further. He has played an integral part of me realizing what is expected of me spiritually, physically, and mentally. My own path is dedicated to taking my commitment and what I’ve learned as far as I’m able, in the hopes that when I stand before the counsel one day at the end of my life, Odin will have seen enough to let him know that I kept my oath to him and to the values that my faith holds sacred. Sometimes we dance, sometimes we walk, sometimes I argue — but Odin is with me and I with him.

Comment * Well, I just do it every Wodin's Day (Wednesday) in the middle of the week. Then with Thor the next Day. ;)

WHY ODIN? People ask me sometimes “why Odin?” I’m always boggled by that question. It’s asked with honest curiosity of course and it’s not something that ever gives offense, still I always find myself puzzled when it comes up: how could it not be Odin? Firstly, the question presupposes that I chose Him instead of being called to service by Him and my experience was far more the latter than the former. I’ve talked about this aspect of devotional work before, that sometimes it’s the Deity calling the human forth. I’m not going to focus on that here. Instead I want to tackle the question in the spirit it’s usually asked: why would I cement myself so deeply to Odin (if I had any other choice)? Even writing it, this boggles. How could I not? It’s not a matter of being a godatheow, it’s not a matter of being in service and having given my consent and choice to Him a long time ago … none of that is enough for a truly good and positive devotional relationship. More and more I’m coming to think that to be in the best relationship possible with one’s holy Powers, one has to make that choice again and again, every single day: when I wake up, I can choose to order myself, inside (heart, mind, spirit) and outside (actions) around Him and my understanding of what He wants from me or not. He doesn’t have to force this. It would have little worth if it were forced again and again. This is something that I compel myself to do … it is a turning of my own heart inside out for Him every day. This is a daily renewal of our relationship, our bond of service, my love for Him, my devotion. This is what I do to maintain a clean, healthy relationship with Him while being in service to Him. Could I serve Him without this mindful recommitment? Sure, I suppose so but it would not be vital, it would not be clean, it would not be done well. I care about such things: I want to love Him well. The argument usually given when this question is asked is “but He’s so hard.” Yes. He can be very hard upon those He claims but He is hard upon Himself, harder than we can ever imagine. I often think that all of the Powers have the potential to be demanding in ways for which we, raised as we are in a culture unaccustomed to reverencing clean and honorable service, lacking in some cases even the definition of what this might be, are scarcely ready. We come to our devotions terribly unprepared. This steepens the learning curve of course and, I suspect makes the process more difficult than it otherwise has to be. Ironically I also believe that it’s precisely this spirit of clean devotion: to the Gods, to the ancestors, that is the curative for that cultural disconnection. I often feel tremendously sad for our various communities (and let’s not pretend that there’s any one Heathen community; there isn’t. There are many intersecting and often opposed communities). We have such a long way to go before we grasp even the most basic understanding of what devotion is all about and

the many ways it can benefit not just the Gods but the community itself as well. We fight the very medicine that would make us stronger and more cohesive. The learning curve is very, very steep. Why Odin? It’s Odin. He is my everything. He is the breath upon which I live and die. He holds my heart. How could it not be Odin? Even in mortal love, we seldom have the luxury of choosing to whom our hearts are given in adoration. The heart knows its master. It knows its best shelter. It knows wherein to find its most fulfilling joy; and if that joy requires a bit of sacrifice now and again, such things only make the whole thing sweeter. That’s why Odin; because there are conversations of devotion between us that even I have no capacity to translate. Because He did not have to write Himself into my heart, He was already there. Perhaps because, just because, I never had to ask why. I’m often asked if I ask Him for things. Usually only one: let me love and serve you cleanly and well. Anything else I need will flow from that as inevitably as the sun will rise. May He always be hailed.

RITUAL WITH ODIN – BEING TOUCHED BY A GOD Okay so me and my apprentice went out on a hike up a very large mountain. It was a full moon we had no tools, no candle nothing not even a circle, we called down the power of the moon to aid in the summoning and invoked its power. I then had my apprentice structure a astral matrix and so did I at the same time, we then called down the all father himself, Odin. We summoned him on top of the mountain but it was a big distance between us, once we called him forth using only our natural power and once we entered the trance. Odin physically appeared, I sent my apprentice to walk across the field to greet Odin. He walked over and communed with him, then came back with a face of shock and said " he wants to talk to you ". So I walked across the field and I communed with Odin his appearance was that of a wanderer in a old grey cloak and he held a staff with two points on each side on the two points were two ravens. Odin shared with me the best way to enhance the chakras he told me “the essence of a god, embodied in power is potent but if you place that current of power through the power centre in your being you’ll awaken them and empower them to a grander scale”. So I said can you give me a example, he grinned and said " steady yourself, relax and invite me in ". I stood there and his appearance went from the wanderer into a giant muscular warrior on his eight legged steed holding his spear Gungnir. In a loud strong voice he said " I anoint you this power how do you accept it ", I responded " with strength and with honour ". He grasped his spear Gungnir tightly and a golden energy flew into the spear he placed the tip of it at my Ajna chakra. I inhaled deeply allowing for the energy to run through me and all of a sudden, BAM

I fell back with this huge intense amount of energy and power from the All Father himself. I got back up and he laughed and said " that’s just a minor taste call me to your fortress and you shall channel thy’s true essence ". He left I am now performing invocations to harbour that power that laid me on my ass that night to consume it into every spiritual point, chakra, minor chakra and even my soul and body. The experience of the power running through me was like I travelled a tunnel of light and realitys but in the speed of light, it lasted like a two seconds. Damn if that was a taster I can’t wait for the full deal. This was a cool experience just thought it would be fun sharing with you guys.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH ODIN So I've only recently returned home from fest and visiting my sister. This is the first good opportunity I've had to sit down and write. Forgive my lateness. One of the big rituals at the Pagan festival I attend is the Drawing Down. It is where multiple priests and priestesses allow a divinity to take temporary possession of their bodies so that they can speak with devotees. Who you speak with is typically luck of the draw. Rarely are masculine divinities drawn down in my experience, as female divinities are just more popular it seems. Even more rare, in my experience, is having a walker seek out a particular person at a divinity's behest. I experienced both this time. As a friend and I approached the entrance to the ritual area, we found a walker waiting. At first I thought that he was warding the area, making sure people passing by were quiet and would not interrupt proceedings. He held out his hand to my friend and promptly led her past the dozen or so people waiting to speak with a divinity. I was surprised but glad for my friend. I waited only 2-3 minutes before a walker entered the area and made a beeline for me. I, too, was lead past the others that had been waiting before me. The walker told me I was going to see Odin. My heart dropped. Yay for seeing a masculine divinity for a change...but...Odin has a very fierce reputation. I must of trembled because the walker asked me if I was nervous. I told him that I'm always nervous before I go see a divinity. Things had happened so quickly I had had no time to prepare myself and well...Odin. The walker chuckled and told me that Odin was in a very good and chatty mood. He would probably ask me to sit down while we chatted. That was another surprise. Usually you are either kept standing or asked to kneel. Sure enough, as soon as I was led to Odin's pavilion, I felt waves of peace rolling off of him. As he started to speak, he seemed very grandfatherly, like the type of grandfather I've always wanted but never had. He asked me to sit. I probably talked with him for 5 to 10 minutes which is also unusual. He pointed out to me that I had allowed myself to be caught up in a modern mindset that really didn't apply to me, my situation or even my belief system. Among other things, he also said that it is a modern mindset the idea that one can raise a child alone. When we were done, he helped me to my feet, gave me a hug and I kissed him on the cheek. When the walker came up to guide me on my way, he said, "See I told you he was feeling chatty. Wasn't as scary as you thought, eh?" And he wasn't. While I've been reminded by others, repeatedly, that this is not a typical "face" of Odin, all I can go by is my own experience which is of a wise grandfather-type divinity who left me comforted and set to rights. As a "squishy" polytheist, Odin reminded me very much of Kronos, who I have recently wrote about and who I also honored at the First Harvest Festival. Coincidence? Maybe. When I returned to camp I lit an incense stick in both their honors.

Comment * Melia, this is spot on with how I have experienced Odhin as "The Old Man". Not all the time. But yes, he can be quite chatty when he's happy. And grim or very sad if you see him around war, infuriating, sometimes a total hard ass when he's training you, like a strict sensei or coach-- and the best mentor and friend you'll ever find. It all depends on the situation. I have also found him to be incredibly kind and loving. He's a joy to be around when he's young, too.

AN EXPERIENCE WITH THOR, ODIN AND MY INTUITION I’ve been feeling my depression quite intensely as of late. Today I was sulking on my couch and Odin’s voice appeared in my head. “Go outside.” I did as he asked and as I walked he gave me advice. I was led by my intuition to my altar. I was smoking my tobacco pipe and had some loose tobacco in my pocket. I left it at the altar as an offering for what I thought was Odin. As I walked back to my house I saw a little crystal on the ground. I felt compelled to pick it up and was led to my garage where I chose a hammer from my bench. As soon as I was compelled to grab the hammer I knew what I had to do. I meditated as the rain began to drip with the crystal in my right hand and the hammer on the ground before me. I filled the crystal with all of the pain, hurt, depression, and loneliness. My eyes were closed and my vision turned to red as my whole body became hot as the pain filled the crystal. I saw steam rising from my body in my inner vision. As I began to cool I felt compelled to pickup the hammer in my left hand. I raised it above my head and felt a surge of energy charge my whole body. I called out Thor’s name and struck the crystal. It’s pieces were shattered across the ground. I looked up and saw the sun parting the clouds and shining down on me. Tears filled my eyes as I gathered the pieces of crystal. Rain began to wash over me as I walked to the back of my property. I clenched the shards and the clouds obscured the sun again. A voice told me, “Stop holding onto the pain so intensely. Let it go.” I scattered the shards and immediately felt better. Now I know this isn’t a quick fix, but it’s hope and it’s exactly what I needed to believe in the future, in magick, and in myself again.

THE "GIVE-BACK FACTOR" AND THE PATH OF ODIN In some magical schools, the whole idea - the ONLY idea - is to attain godhood as an immortal, powerful, individual intelligence beyond the limitations of space and time. This version of the Left Hand Path is not uncommon, but it still remains an extreme. There is a kind of individual who seeks this and, presumably, attains it...They're not very nice to be around, and they don't have friends, but if your spiritual goals involve only you, you're not the kind of person to have a problem with that. But that's not the way for me...or, if I may be presumptuous, for Odin. Consider Odin's greatest quests - for the Mead of Inspiration, and for the Runes. Both give unimaginable individual empowerment. Yes, Odin uses these hard-earned tools to accomplish certain things. He needs them to fight the forces of inertia and stasis represented by the Jotuns - in other words, to save the world. Or, perhaps more accurately, to allow the endless cycle of "arising/being-becoming/falling away to a new arising" to continue. That's his job, which he has made congruent with his Will. Does Odin use his powers for smaller, more personal ends? Well, probably; who knows? But his focus is on the big picture...For him, the big picture IS a "personal end." I imagine he deprives immense satisfaction from it. Or so I muse from my small, mortal, unevolved perspective. But Odin doesn't hoard his hard-earned winning. He shares both the Runes and the Mead with others who demonstrate their worth with. In short, as they say, he "gives back to the community," and this is what separates the "It's all about me" Left Hand Path aspirant from those who model themselves on Odin. Odin's approach seems to be follow the magical statement expressed as "I seek to know in order to serve," but he never, ever gives up his sovereignty, his sense of Self, his autonomy.

MEDITATION ON ODIN'S COMING INTO MY LIFE This past year has been a hard one And many ties to my past were severed The scars my mother gave me were not enough, it seems I suffered more wounds at my fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hands A sickness grew in his mind, so black and dark that my only option was to run. My life plays out in mythic lines, a story told many times, But no less damaging to human psyches. Save my dear brother, I have no family now. I am an orphan. Is that why you are here, O Odin? You are truly the God of my ancestors. I have said many times that my soul is Greek, But my blood is of Your people, And the rest of my earthy blood has abandoned me. Although I worship a warrior Goddess, Bright-eyed Athene of Grecian lands, I always considered myself more of an intellectual than a solider And so, surely of no interest to a War-God like Yourself. I have slain no enemies in battle Nor seen the clash of two armies in their bloody dance I live in a different age, no Vikings go a-raiding anymore. Why, then, does this rage boil in chest? A near-constant smoldering That threatens to ignite Into a wildfire At the slightest spark. I struggle to control the rage inside Though I try to quiet it, it will not be tamed. I have no channel for this anger, No socially-acceptable place at which to turn it loose. But my entire life has been a struggle â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Clawing for survival It feels like fighting And I am so very tired O Odin, I have not even reached my third decade But I feel many years older The weight of my many experiences Are graying my hair And crookening my back, As surely as they weary my soul I had no childhood to speak of. The 29th anniversary of my birth Arrives in less than a month But I am so very tired. I want to

continue living. But sometimes I doubt my strength for the fight. Perhaps the experiences I have had The life I have led Have crafted me into a warrior of sorts. They don’t call it “the school of hard knocks” for nothing. I must continue to fight, Everyday. Every morning I must decide to fight To fight the demons which reside in my own mind, To outrun the demons of my past. Is that why you are here, O Odin? To lend me strength for my eternal fight? I have read devotionals to You, Written by one of Your devoted Priestesses She says You treasure a woman’s broken edges I am far from perfect, Odin, I know this keenly. I know that I am broken But if You’ll have me, I will offer You my worship Such as it is. O Odin, Spear-thruster, All-father, Wandering God of the Norsemen, Lend me strength for my daily fight, And I will give You many offerings Red meat, wine, and prayers rising like incense.

PRAYERS TO ODIN All-Father Odin is not “Our Father who art in Heaven.” They are not the same. Odin is not a cuddlesome sky-father. Christian lessons of god’s goodness and greatness do not apply. He does not forgive your trespasses nor deliver you from evil. Prayers to Odin are met with offers to tread the harsher path. He shows the path, but you must walk it. He cultivates in you the ability to fight for yourself. People often report that Odin finds them, and draws them into heathenism, draws them home. But that is different than truly dedicating yourself to him. He is father of the fearsome host, victory father, father of slain. The Valknut is called “knot of the slain” because it is pictured over those approaching their deaths. He is a god of warriors, not because he’s a warrior, but because is the god of death, victor over death, guardian of souls, brought out of the darkness and placed on the throne of Asgard. Odin gives you strength, by giving you trials which force you to be stronger. Strength through Adversity. Inspiration through Madness. Clarity through Dreams. These are his gifts. He will upset your life. He will find your weaknesses and poke at them, first with a stick, later with a spear, until you either overcome them or fall trying. You will learn new ways to be broken. He made extreme sacrifices for wisdom and knowledge, and expects his followers to sacrifice as well. He will kill parts of you. He offers wisdom to those who endure, but may betray to those who love or worship him. Don’t expect compassion for a handicap, injury, age, or weakness. Find where you are strong and capable in spite of any drawbacks. Crying out to Odin to give you strength as you fall will only results in you finding your own strength to stand back up, and face whatever is next. And there will be a next. And a next after that. His wolves are named ravenous and greedy, for enough is never enough. The raven in your path is screeching “follow me! this way to adversity!” Odin may reward you for giving it your all, even if you fail, but not by putting your life back together. That, you must do yourself. If you want someone to lend you his strength, appeal to Thor. If you want your daily bread, or your garden to grow, look to Frey, or Gefjon, or perhaps Nerthus. If you want your craft business to thrive, your family to be safe, or the right words to say to your mother in law, honor Frigg. For success in court or with the law, for justice to prevail, honor to be served, appeal to Tyr. If you want wealth to fall out of the sky (or wash up on shore), sacrifice to Njord. But when you call to Odin, in your next breath find your own strength and balance, and be sure what you asked for is what you are prepared for.

WINGED SKULL – ODIN Introducing this winged crystal skull I’ve had for a few weeks now. I purchased it knowing I was interested in a winged skull, but I didn’t know if, or whom, might be intending to merge with it energetically. Considering I work with several archangels, I thought maybe an angel would consider working through this skull. When I was looking at pictures of it online, there was a being right next to me that was smiling, and that was all it took for me to decide to make the purchase. I didn’t know whom was standing next to me, I only knew they were pleased and seemed to be guiding me to do this. A couple days later, I was thinking about, and wondering, who had been next to me, and who intended to work through this skull. Then I heard drums, like big drums in unison playing in my ears, but like I was outside on a mountain or a ridge line. That got my attention and clear as day I heard the name Odin, in a big, though not particularly ominous voice. I had my answer, and it was left at that. No big conversation or anything, just “Odin.” That’s when I decided to do a little research on Odin, for I really didn’t know much about him, the myths about him, or anything. What I found was very interesting. He is known as “Allfather” as the god of all norse gods. He is one of few shaman gods and is very close with animals, including his two ravens Hugin and Munin (knowledge and memory) and two wolves Geri and Freki. Odin Rides an eight legged horse named Sleipnir and has a magical spear that never misses… He presides over Asgard, a heaven like place, and also Valhalla, resting place for heros killed in battle. He is also a god of wisdom and poetry and made sacrifices to gain these attributes (including his eye to drink from the well of wisdom). Lastly, he choose to become a balance of divine masculine and feminine, much to the chagrin of the male warriors. Much can be found online about him. I was meditating with Alyssum (Goddess associated with the Elysium, Greek resting place for heros) before I got Odin’s skull and I asked her about Odin. To be honest I was a little intimidated with Odin from what I had read about him. She told me that the stories I find intimidating, such as being a warrior and all that goes along with Viking lore, are more about human interpretations and projecting violence and war upon their gods. She said he is not all of that as much as he is a very strong, yet compassionate being. That I shouldn’t be concerned with anything I might perceive as negative, and that he is here to work with me and the planet. She said all of this while he was sitting in the corner of my room watching and listening… When I received the crystal skull, I had the feeling that he was not yet settled in there, and not familiar with how to “be” in the skull or how best to do so. I asked Alyssum to help with this, and also to help adjust Odin’s big energy so I could work with him more effectively. She has helped tremendously in this area and he is still getting adjusted. It may take awhile. I feel there are beings “waiting in line” for appropriate skulls find guardians so they can work physically on the planet without a biologic body. I feel he’s very enthusiastic about using this skull to be present in physical. I was laying in the sun taking in some healing rays, while my skulls glowed in the sun. In my mind’s eye I watched a portal open in the north fence of my yard. There was someone sitting on the other side in what looked like grass and flowers, or a garden, but I don’t remember who it was now. But Odin

stepped through the portal into my yard. I asked him to show me his true self, what I should know about him that I might not get from reading mythology. The first vision he showed me was of him holding a baby in his arms (in my yard). He was showing himself as a nurturing man, one that holds divine feminine within him. The second vision he showed (also in my yard) was him swinging a huge broadsword that seemed nearly as tall as he is (and he’s not small). He was moving with grace, swinging and trusting as if practicing for battle. Then he swung it over his head and down into the ground. When the sword hit the ground a shock wave of energy exploded in all directions. He was showing me divine masculine as strength personified. In another meditation, laying on my bed with Odin’s skull on my chest (he is large and heavy), I had a conversation with Odin’s floating and very large head at the end of my bed. I asked him how we could best work together. We talked for quite awhile (or it seemed that way anyway), and he basically reiterated what Alyssum had said earlier. He said that he can help me balance divine masculine and feminine (something I have been trying to do), without the loss of myself as a physical man and all that entails. He said he can bring strength and focus to whatever I manifest or projects I undertake. Although he didn’t say it specifically, I also feel he can be another guardian for my well being. He also showed himself as a wizard, with his long white beard and said that he can help me activate and enhance my magical gifts. He talked about one of my past lives as a “wizard” and that part of him was part of me in that lifetime. This is all pretty awesome and I have gratitude for what he was saying and offering. My job is easy, and that is to be a guardian for the skull so he can work his magic in a physical form. By utilizing the other skulls, the crystal grids, and the pyramid (and my own energetics for that matter), I can help him be more effective. I asked him if he could heal any ancestral stuff I might have from lives in Nordic culture. He touched my leg with his finger, sending a wave of energy through my body, and said “It’s done.” Lastly, in another meditation with Odin on my chest, I fell asleep and had a dream. In this dream I was in a hotel, and I had to pee, so I found a men’s restroom. I went into a stall that didn’t have a door, but had a curtain. After closing the curtain and turning toward the toilet, I sensed someone outside the curtain, so I said “just a minute, I’m in here.” At that moment I felt “him” reach through the curtain as he felt for me. Then he grabbed my arm and started pulling. Since I didn’t know who this was, and I was in a dream state, I wasn’t super comfortable with being pulled on by a stranger in a restroom. This is when it got really weird… I woke up from the dream and was still being pulled on quite firmly. I opened my eyes and saw my room (it was daytime), but couldn’t see who was pulling on my arm, but the pull was still just as strong. I asked Archangel Michael and Obsidian to intervene as I was now not a very happy camper. Within a couple of seconds, the grip released and the pulling stopped. Strangely I wasn’t laying there in fear, but I didn’t like not knowing who was pulling or why. I sent a text to Raven to see if she could help, for this is the first time I have felt such a strong physical connection from spirit like this. One of the first things she said was to tell Odin to only work through the skull… I take this to imply that Odin was pulling on my arm, but I can’t say that’s a confirmed thing. She also said Archangel Michael was laughing because he said I had asked for a sign, and I just got one that the gap between physical and spirit is lessening. She also said

that the curtain in the dream represented the veil between dimensions, which had crossed my mind as well. So, I did have a little discussion with Odin about not grabbing me without first making sure I know it’s him, and maybe be a little more gentle with it next time. I got the impression that he didn’t know how much pressure he was actually exerting in physical while he was doing it (assuming it was Odin). So, I did mention that I’ve connected with the Goddess Hel earlier in this post. I have been reading a trilogy called “Agent of Hel” by the author Jacqueline Carey (she’s written some great literature), and this book is centered on Hel’s domain in the underworld Nifleim and the human and non-human population on the surface. I asked Alyssum if she had guided me to read that trilogy because of all the Norse myth within it, and she said “Not me specifically, but yes, you were guided to read it before meeting Odin and Hel.” So, yes, I connected with Hel while meditating in my bathtub last night, and she was delightful. Much like the other gods and goddesses in myth, she isn’t all that humans have projected onto her, but there is truth mixed in there too. I’m sure I’ll write more about her in the future.

CONVERSATIONS WITH ODIN AND FREYJA ON MAGIC This essay come about from a conversation I had with Odin and Freyja about magic during a trance journey working. The ultimate goal was to come up with a magical system to use with both Rún Valdr and for the ADF Order of the Raven and Falcon which would be a religous order within ADF focused on Odin and Freyja and in particular magical practices related to both. First let us define what “magic” means. Aleister Crowley’s definition seems to be popular and states that magic (or magick) is "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will." This is a good definition and many authors of magic use it. This then leads to discussions of the Will, what it is and how to apply it towards magic. Essentially the Will is the force behind your magic. It is the vehicle for the magical act. Crowley liked to define the Will as an aspect of one’s Higher Self and all acts of magic should be used to a greater understanding of this Higher Self. Crowley, of course, used magic for plenty of practical goals, so don’t be concerned with that. I did spend some time with Odin and Freyja asking about coming up with a magical system to use with Rún Valdr. Odin’s definition of magic is “Interfacing with the forces of Nature and/or the mechanisms of the Universe to manifest a desire or goal into the realm of Midgard, or elsewhere.” This definition places less importance on the individual Will, but instead focus on working with the existing meta systems to get the work done. One thing that Odin and Freyja mentioned to me was the importance of gaining authority in order to make the change. In this case authority is having the right or dominion over something. Thus to work magic you would need to gain authority, even if it’s temporary, over something in order to make the changes you need. To use an example, if I wanted

plumbing done in my house I could call a plumber. The plumber has the proper training and has authority over plumbing issues and I would, in this case, be borrowing the plumber's authority for awhile. I could learn to do plumbing myself and thus gain my own authority. However, if I wanted to make changes to plumbing techniques for all of the United States of America, or to change the type of materials used, I would need to be able to influence either a large plumbing union or the plumbing trade commission for the country. Otherwise a single individual could not hope to change how every plumber in the country does things. This is the challenge of working magic. To gain the authority so that the changes you make actually are taken seriously. Traditional magic perhaps relies on the Neo-Theosophical idea that reality is made up of several planes of existence, each eventually leading to manifestation in the physical plane. This is the foundation of creative visualization and a lot of modern magic. Even the Kabbalah starts with Kether (nothingness or totality of everything) moving down the Tree of Life until you come to the physical world, thus creating a map of manifestation or creation. The idea is that anything physical first existed in the causal plane, then the mental plane, then the astral plane, to finally it is manifested in the physical. However that idea needs enough energy to carry it through the manifestation process. Common day dreams are the stuff of the mental and astral planes. However these idle thoughts have little energy to actually manifest. With creative visualization or other magical practices where you visualize your goal, you are empowering your thoughts so that they have weight, gravity, density, what have you, to actually be manifested. You could say that there is a current towards manifestation so that any thought with enough energy will eventually manifest. This creates a sort of consensual reality where a lot of people expecting something will get it as all that energy is being focused on one thing. It also explains why ideas before their time fail. Look at e-readers. Sony had electronic book readers long before Amazon came out with the Kindle. However the time was ripe when the Kindle hit the market and the whole idea took off to the point where Amazon says they sell more electronic books than physical ones and large book stores like Borders closed because they could not adapt to the new electronic market. What does this have to do with RĂşn Valdr? Odin mentioned to me that these different levels of reality are more interconnected than I had thought. For example, I could think about a sculpture that I may want to create. I could see it in my mind, plan it out, then go through the motions of sculpting it. This would follow the traditional idea that things manifest from the mental plane down. However, Odin mentioned that one could just start slapping clay together and see what kind of sculpture you get. You could create a wonderful sculpture without thinking about it first. So the linear descent of idea into physical manifestation is not always that linear. To create change magically sometimes half the battle is making sure you are not swimming against the tide. You could be the best swimmer in the world, but wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make much headway if the tide is against you. If you

could change the tide, that would be the real trick. In my mind, gaining the proper authority over something can allow you to change the tide. The rest after that is easy. Well if we look at orlog, or the Norse idea of fate, we can see the ancient Norse equivalent of a consensual reality. Orlog is fate in that it is the momentum of everyone’s past actions upon the moment, this weight and momentum is more or less headed in a certain way. While you can change orlog it is tough because it has all that weight behind it. Looking at orlog as everyone’s wills trying to find manifestation. The world you see around you is the result of this combined effort. Orlog can be changed, even drastically, however you need the proper authority in order to make those changes. Instead of a system where manifestation flows from the causal plane to the mental plane, to the astral plane, to the physical plane, Odin and Freyja talked about how the other realms, Upper and Under act as places where authority is derived. The Gods can do a lot, however there are a lot of Gods and they have their own consensual reality to deal with. There are a lot of Gods of the air who deal with weather, but They won’t interfere with each other, so they limit what they can or will do directly. So human magicians need to find authority to do their work. There are three ways to gain authority.

1. Ask for it. 2. Work for it, gaining skills, put energy into it. 3. Gain enough understanding/sympathy/resonance with an area to gain authority.

Asking for authority would come from the Gods and may be temporary, at least as long as the magical work you are doing needs to last. This is the method used mostly be ceremonial magicians who vibrate various names of God and enflame themselves with prayer in order to gain enough of God’s authority to do what they want. Traditional magical work with spirits, sometimes called Spirit Arte is famous for this kind of authority. By enflaming themselves with prayer the magician would gain the necessary authority of God to command the spirits, demons, or angels to do whatever the magician required. Of course the mere act of asking some other being to do the work is borrowing their authority in the matter, or get them to do the work. Most shamanic work also deals with meeting various entities to gain their help to do things, thus sharing in that being’s authority. You want to change the weather, make friends with Gods or other entities that are responsible for weather change and ask/gain authority to do the same. The second way would, perhaps, be more applicable to mundane activities. If I want to be a plumber, I need to go to school for plumbing, learn the trade, become an apprentice, etc. Or if I want to be a great athlete, I would need to practice every day, study everything about my chosen sport, etc. However, creative visualization uses the same techniques. By constantly imagining the goal as already manifested you are empowering that image with energy so that it will eventually manifest. While a lot of magic is fire and forget, and

actually demands that you forget about the working after it’s done, creative visualization demands a lot of work. I would also place psychic phenomenon in this category. Psychic abilities are skills and need work to improve and expand. The third type of merging or gaining resonance is similar to the second method, but could possibly take longer. You are essentially attuning yourself to area of influence so much that you are seen as a key part of that area so that when you make changes it is accepted naturally. Nikola Tesla, the inventor of AC electricity dealt with resonance later in his life and there are stories of his experiments shaking the building he was living in. He reportedly said that if he could find the resonance of the planet he could crack it open. Going back to the weather analogy, if you want to change the weather you would spend time trying to become one with the sky and all the things in it. By identifying with the sky completely you become one with it, or gain resonance with it. Thus when you want to change the weather you merely plug in your wish and the sky accepts the change because it has come to accept you as being a part of it. I came up with an elemental magical model based on this. You would fill yourself with one of the four classic elements (earth, fire, air or water) and use that energy to accomplish a goal. The idea was that you were not only filled with it, but you were in contact with the infinite element allowing it to manifest within you. On a quicker note, a lot of kitchen magic, or natural magic makes use of this kind of authority. This springs from magical laws of correspondence. Putting energy into a green candle, which represents wealth will then bring wealth when lit. Once you have your magical authority sorted out the magical work is then broken down into four steps.

1. Asking/gaining authority. 2. Merging or gaining resonance with area to change 3. Make the changes 4. Finishing up.

In step one you would ask for authority for the magical working. Or you would have gained the authority in some way. If doing a more complete or full ritual you could make offerings to whatever Deity you are getting help from at this point. In step two you would spend time attuning yourself to the area that you are trying to change. This part is separate from third method of gaining authority in that instead of trying to gain authority you are trying to create resonance to make the change you want. Step three is the meat and potatoes of the working. Since you have made a connection in step two you should reach out and feel/see the changes you are making. Kind of like sculpting. Feel the change happening and know that it is changing reality. Step four is equally as important. You need to finish correctly or your efforts could be in vain. If sticking with Rún Valdr you would obviously use the sealing symbol, Tunai. I would also recommend stating out loud a definitive statement such as, “By my authority over X, let this be so!”, or “By my authority, I set these changes to be made manifest.”

A CONVERSATION WITH ODIN “Do you see them coming down the road? Here they come. Do you see that tempered man with his worn beard? He has fallen many times in his heart and nearly twice in life.” He brushed the hair from her eyes looking down at her tiny frame. “I see them. And yes, I have seen that mans fortitude.” There was no gold road here to drift along, illuminated by fantasy. But this…this was home. “Look upon them, oh, look! They are coming.” It was as if an eternity had snuck by in one moment, but she knew it had been much longer. The wise traveler knew as well. She looked up at his spear, contemplated all the blood it had seen, how many stains it still had. And yet it worked without flaw, better for those that had benefited its favor. “ Shall I prepare the table?” She looked down at her gown. “My robe is stained.” He winked at her. “It is for my trust in this, in all of this, that my own tears of loneliness have flowed through veins of a reverent, but sometimes bleeding, heart that has cried tears of loss and pain at a sometimes fevered pitch. And you reminded me that nothing is omnipotent and that the great balance is a continuing echo through time. When I fell upon my knees, tired, and could handle no more it was then I really noticed the details in the path under my feet. The path meant for me from birth. Those times Odin, those were the moments that the stains upon my robe became part of my eternal mantle upon the shoulders of my spirit. I shall not mend them. I know why they are there. Had I not traveled to the lowest, I would have no way of recognizing the highest. The path to Asgard runs through the roots of Yggdrasil that grow deeply down, and up through the reaching green tops. Through trial and sacrifice is the forward way met. No, I shall not mend these stains.” Looking forward, the Allfather said, “Why would you want to? They are yours. Do not give more than you are and keep exactly what is given to you in its proper measure.” Down the path more were coming. Each with his own rips, tears, and trust. There was family here, they would see. But for now they each remained quiet. For such a multitude, there was no sound. Souls arriving home. A breaking voice would have emerged as a dry scream of uncertainty had it not been for the void of air in their lungs. But you could feel their desire to speak. Some came with the runes engraved into them. Some came with high chins of hardly contained exuberance. And some just simply came. These were the people who in life had been tempered by the great kings who were never great, revered for the sake of reverence. There had been a ritual in the undoing of the masses under a foreign god which continued through centuries until its fallacies began to blaringly leap forth from the pages of an echoed threat with bared and rotten teeth, that not all were any longer waiting to serve. And when that happened, more began to come traveling back towards the roots of Yggdrasil. Towards the well. Towards Asgard. Existence for them, as it were, was finally breaking free – but into what? For some, it came at great cost and much personal loss. Hammered from the inside out to emerge into a free mind only to find it needed filling with a vastness of brilliance that eluded too many. Others that had obtained that expansive brilliant light often lived as paupers among the few in hopes that legacy was as rich as the almighty coin. “Here they come home – the way their forefathers once did. On wounded heels and blistered feet. Broken hearts and minds that bend through thorn and brush to reach the truth, it is here Allfather, that they are coming.” As he straightened his robe, with its own marks and stains, and the gods took their mark at his side – his priests and warriors alerted, he responded with “It’s time. Go prepare them a table and let them know…..we’ve been waiting for them.”

WALK WITH NORSE GOD ODIN As an aspiring Rune Wizard, it is important that you connect with the energies of Odin, the All-Father. He is the master Norse Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman, and Magician. When I say connect, I mean you must build resonant frequencies within your own Aura to Odin. What energies we carry in our Aura attracts people, places and events into our lives. We don't want to use out dated Asatru and Viking Rituals that bring us back into the time of Odin and the Vikings. We want to bring Odin into the 21st Century so he can walk with us and guide us into the NOW. Speaking of the 21st Century, we are now in the galactic space called the Age of Aquarius. Our whole Solar System has rotated around the Galactic Sun. We need a new paradigm for contacting and attracting the wisdom and energies of the Runes and Norse Gods/Goddesses. The Age of Aquarius has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics. The Laws of Quantum Physics have given us the language we can use to build our new paradigm. Simply stated: the Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. It is for all intents and purposes the Mind of God. Everything that ever was, is or will be exists in the Quantum Ocean. There is no time, no past, present nor future. There is only the NOW. There is no space only the HERE. That is a good definition for the Creator God, an infinite point called the HERE-NOW. The runes and Gods/Goddesses of the North all exist in the Quantum Ocean in the HereNow. As a Rune Wizard, you will want to contact and connect with the energies of the Runes and Odin in the HERE-NOW OF TODAY. You don't want to go backwards. You want to bring the energies of Odin and the Runes to you, in the now. How do you get the energies within your Aura so that you can use and communicate with Odin and the Runes? The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that what you think upon you will attract. Thoughts and symbols are all tools that you can use to connect with Odin and the Runes. Therefore, on a daily basis, have thoughts of Odin, meditate on his image, inhale his Runes into your Aura. You can simply start by holding the print of Odin in your hands and looking at it. Do this in your favorite chair every morning, before leaving the house to go to work. Now, mentally inhale and intone, "I am now making contact with Odin and I am bringing him and his wisdom out of the Quantum Ocean and into my Aura where I can talk with him and use his energies. Do this three times. Talk to Odin in your mind. Visualize him sitting in the room with you. When you leave your home bring him with you in your car and take him to work with you. Befriend him. Talk to him. Feel him. Soon you will know him and you will feel him in your every day life. Ask him Rune Wizard questions. Keep a notebook with you at all times and record your impressions, thoughts and intuitions. You want Odin and his wisdom in your life? Build resonant linkages. I did and I met him on a snowy evening in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I wrote about it in my book "Conversations with Odin."

ODIN AND THE RUNNIC PENNIES We must learn to strengthen our ancestral soul and find ways to strengthen the ancestral souls of our children. I prefer to give them direct experiences, not words out of a book. Try to get them to feel and experience the presence of Odin and gods/goddesses in their daily lives. Odin tells us that our ancestral soul is the shield that we can use against all harm and danger. Both Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner (both Norhtern Europeans) tell us that the collective consciousness (oversoul) of a race or people forms a protective shield around them. Tell your children that Odin is more that a Viking God. I use Odin a great deal because I have formed a one-on-one relationship with him. He is as old as mankind itself. The Odin Runespredate language itself. They were never meant for divination nor for writing. They are Universal Creative Energies. They are to be used to create one's life, not to play with. We have to bring Odin and the gods/goddesses into the 21st century and free them from the restrictions of the few Asatru Ritual Books that keep them stuck in their Viking Warrior modes. We must free Odin by building individual energy relationships with him, one-on-one. We are a race of individuals and we should start to act like individuals. Let us free Odin from the 1000 year limitation that the Vikings have enclosed him in. Let me tell you an ODIN story. One summer my teen age daughter, Trisha, came to visit me in Payson, Arizona. She loved my Viking Bookshop and all the Viking types that came in and out. One day she asked me, "Dad, how do you know when Odin hears you?" She knew quite a lot about Odin and the Vikings from my earlier story telling. I told her that first I would take her to one of Odin's favorite power places, before I answered her. I would let her see for herself if Odin if listening to us and if he answers. The next morning I took my 1979 dodge Motor Home and drove towards Christofer Creek. Just before we reached Christofer Creek we took the turnoff to the left. This road was a long and twisty dirt road that crept up to the plateau at the top of a mountain. Halfway up I stopped and let my daughter slide over and drive. She was nervous. But I told her Odin likes courage and daring. And she needed to sacrifice her fear to him. Well, she did drive up very slowly, looking over the guardless side of the road, down the long steep cliff face. I have to admit that her knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel. When we reached the plateau she pulled off the road and drove close to the edge of the cliff. We got out. It was late fall and the fresh cold air was blowing steadily. I said, "Feel the wind? Odin is ..." "God of the Winds", she answered with a smile. We walked to the edge and looked out. The cliff face was a sharp steep drop of several hundred feet. You could see the winding dirt road we were just on. In the distance you could see the main highway and the ant-like cars crawling along. "One of Odin's power places," I said. "Yes, I can feel the energy," she replied. "But how do you know it is Odin's Energy? And

not just natures?" I said, "Okay, we will do a simple Odin ritual and see if we can get his attention." We went back to the motor home. I had brought with me a roll of pennies and a bottle of red nail polish. We took turns painting our 18 pennies each with a rune on it. We made two sets of rune pennies. We went back to the cliff edge with our rune pennies. I told her to do what I did. I took one of the painted rune pennies and threw it as far as I could off the cliff. I shouted as loud as I could "Odin." Trisha took one of her rune pennies and threw it out shouting, "Odin." Again --- one of the rune pennies --- shout --- Odin. Penny --- throw --- Odin --- penny --- throw --- Odin, etc, etc, etc We each threw all of our 18 rune pennies off the cliff. Then we both sat down with our backs against an ole oak tree and looked out at the vast sky and far landscape. Nothing! Five minutes --- 10 --- 15 --- 30 minutes. Nothing! Tricia looked at me disappointed. I shrugged my shoulders. We got to our feet and were just about to head back to the motor home, when just then, two ravens glided straight up the face of the cliff like two silent helicopters. They squacked at us and circled our heads several times before taking off towards the North. Tricia smiled a broad smile and said, Hugin and Munnin!" "Yes, Odin sent them to tell us he heard." That one incident was all it took to make a true believer out of my daughter. She is in her thirties now, married and tells her children all about Odin. Some will say it was just a conicidence, but a coincidence is just an effect of a forgotten cause. Some will say it has no meaning. But every event in your life has a meaning. Willie Whitefeather, my Cheorkee Medicine man friend once said, "You white men are in trouble because the Great Spirit is always talking and giving signs, but you are not listeneing." But those who still have their ancestral soul flowing strongly within them, will know! Odin still exists and Odin does hear and Odin does answer. The pure spontaneous selfcreated Odin ritual gets his attention every time! Odin lives! Thank you for listening Since we now live in the 21st century of science, I will give a scientific explanation of how and why it worked. Odin, the runes and the gods/goddesses exist in an infinite ocean of energy called the Quantum Ocean. (Mind of God.) Where do you think they are? In another dimension? Where does Asgard exist? Everything exists in the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God.) What pulls this energy out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life are the Law of Resonant Frequencies and the Law of Attraction. (Shamans, vood doo doctors. magicians, religious leaders, healers all know this. Only they use different names. The Laws of Quantum Physics have finally put a name on them and told us how they work and how to use them.) By shouting Odin, Odin, Odin and tossing the rune pennies off the cliff we set up a certain frequency on that cliff. It attracted out of the Quantum Ocean a LIKE frequency, Odin's energy. Odin did not manifest in the flesh because we could not generate enough power to do so (rituals depend on power). But the Law of Attraction, attracted two ravens, who were in the area to come fly over our head and give us a sign. Odin's ravens (and all ravens) are part of his energy field. Therefore they were ATTRACTED. This was a sure sign that our shouts and vibrations were heard and felt in the Quantum Ocean and Odin answered.

ODIN AND THE APACHE INDIAN SPIRIT WARRIORS When I still lived in Arizona I performed many more Odin Rituals then I do here in Pennsylvania. Willie Whitefeather a very wise Cherokee Medicine man and my close friend gave me the reason why. He said that the Southwest was still a very powerful place for the Indian to live. There are still many spirits of Indian warriors and medicine men there. A great place for warriors. The Great Spirit was still there. If and when the Great Spirit were to leave than all the power that protects the Indians would be gone. He said that in the Northeast where I was born, the Gods and Goddesses of my people once lived. They did not live there any more. They were pushed out by the increasing number of other tribes, from all over the world, that moved in. These other Tribes now have the power and as more and more come in, the less power my people, the Northern Europeans, will have. He told me more than once (after I had moved back to the Northeast) that I had made a mistake. That Odin and the gods and goddesses of my people were now there in the Southwest. He said that though we were different peoples there was not much differences in our basic warrior culture and gods. He equated Odin to the Great Spirit. He said that this change of power in the land was natural. The Indians had been doing it for thousands of years. Taking over the power points of other tribes and using the energy. The big difference he said was that though the different Indian tribes fought each other, they all had one god, The Great Spirit. My people had abandoned Odin for foreign gods, that were meant for other tribes. We gave away almost all our power. He equated myself and the other Odin followers to his people. Within his people there is a definite split between the traditional Indians those who follow the old ways and the hangarounds the reservation Indians. The ones who copied the white man's ways and religions. Hated by the traditionals. Same as Northern European People following the religion of desert dwellers. I have a great deal to share with you about what that wise Indian Shaman taught me when I spent a great deal of time with him in the desert and mountains of Arizona,for another time. Let me tell you about this ritual called Odin and the Indian Spirits. Again I share these secret and sacred events in my life with you because I am trying to tell you that we need to build more one-on-one relationships with Odin and the gods/goddesses. We must stop worshipping him as The God of the Vikings. He predates the Viking Age by thousands of years. The same as the Great Spirit predates the Cherokee and the Apaches. Get rid of those moth eaten Ritual books that were written by another. Go it alone and build your own in the mental and spiritual worlds and those of your kind will find you. So, here is another story and ritual to inspire you. Each true Viking Spirit Warrior is equal to a thousand mead guzzling half christian - half pagan- so called vikings who go the woods to have fun. When you make real contact with Odin and the god/goddesses like I have you will find him and them in the most god-awful places and you will do it alone. When I was with Willie Whitefeather around the camp fire we talked about many things.

He opened my eyes to many areas that I knew nothing about. To Indians the Spirit World is very real. Communication with spirits is very real. Spirits can hurt you. Gods are very real. The major difference between an Indian Medicine Man and an Indian Warrior, is that the Medicine Man spends more time in the Spirit World. He knows that is where the power is. We became such close friends that Willie invited me to go with him to the Hopi Indian sacred caves in four corners. While I was there I was greeted by the grandfather. A very aged but very wise and functional Hopi Indian Medicine Man. I was allowed one visit to one of the sacred caves, with Willie. I saw a 3000 year old pictograph painted on the cave walls. It was a line drawing of three sailing ships in line. When we left the cave Willie smiled and nodded. He told me that the Hopi Indians the keeper of Indian history, knew of the coming of Columbus over 1500 years before he showed up Remind me to tell you the story of how I found pictograph runes in a cave on the cliff walls of Superstitution Mountains. Willie had to stay over, in Four Corners, so I had to make the long drive back to Phoenix myself in my ole 1979 Dodge pickup. When I left the Hopi Indian reservation I started down the long high desert highway towards the giant Indian Rock Monuments that this part of Arizona is so famous for. I passed the most famous Ship Rock Monument and roared on down the highway at 70. These highways are straigth as an arrow, and devoid of all traffic. You could feel the Indian Power all around you, especially when you passed one of the standing sacred rocks. Suddenly it started! At first I thought something was wrong with my steering, it was awfully tight. I was being pulled to the right. Not knowing what it was my first instinct was to slow down to 40. I instantly started to chant my Odin Rituals. These repetitious Odin chants have pulled me out of many difficult spots before. Both on the physical plane and the inner planes. I softly chanted, "Odin, Odin, Odin guide me. Odin, Odin, Odin heal me. Odin, Odin, Odin protect me." My favorite for it covers all bases. The steering was still tight and the wheel seemed to want to pull me more and more to the right. Then it locked up. Did my steering box break? Did I lose all fluid? I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I looked down the road and there about a mile away stood two very large jagged and powerful Indian rocks. They were very close to the road, one on each side. My chanting got louder and faster. "Odin, Odin, Odin guide me. Odin, Odin, Odin heal me. Odin, Odin, Odin protect me." The steering wheel was jammed and I was drifting to the right very slowly. With all my strength (I weigh 225) I could not budge it. I could see that I was being pulled towards the jagged Indian rock on the right. No more formalities. I shouted as loud ad I could, "Odin, Odin, Odin .........."

Continuously. I swallowed my fear and jammed the gas pedal to the floor. I had to get past those Indian rocks. Forty-five, fifty ........ I was going to run this Indian Gaunlet or die trying. No turning back. At 70 I literately flew at the Indian rocks. This was indeed a battle to the death. (Have you ever been in a battle to the death?) The locked stering wheel, the jagged Indian rocks and my every muscle straining to turn back to the middle of the road. Plus don't forget my Odin, Odin, Odin at the top of my lungs. (I never forget ODIN, especially in a Tight spot) I don't know how I did it but I flew past the Indian rocks like a rocket. And as I put distance between myself and those deadly rocks the wheel loosened up. I got to the middle of the road and slowed down. The following week I met willie Whitefeather and told him what had happened. He stayed silent and becokoned me to follow him. We got into his old toyota pickup and headed to the desert. Once there, still silent Willie took his medicine bag with him and went out alone. He stopped by a small barrel cactus and sprinkled blue corn meal around it in a circle. Then he sat down, held his sacred medicine pouch in his both hands and closed his eyes. I knew that he was seeking a Vision. After awhile he got up, thanked the Great Spirit and came back to me. "You were attacked by two Apache Spirit warriors" Wille said. "They felt your warrior spirit and were angry that you should be allowed on the sacred Hopi Indian grounds. For they were never allowed such an honor", Willie continued. So they decided to destroy you but taking control of you truck and crashing you into one of the jagged rocks. Wille stopped and smiled. "It was when that one-eyed warrior spirit appeared and took control of the steering wheel. He drove the Apache spirits away. "Ragnar," he smiled, "you did not do it." "Odin I asked?" Yes Willie smiled and nodded. For those who don't believe. I ask you:.... "how many dealings do you have with the spirit world?" How much do you believe in the gods/goddesses of your people? How much do you believe in the Great Spirit. Have you become too materialistic? (believe in only what you can touch, smell, see?) Get out of the big cities before it is too late. Take your children back to nature. Thank you for listening. Ragnar Storyteller I had set up the Resonant Frequency of Odin. His warring energy came out of the Quantum Ocean (where he now resides) and covered my truck with his powerful energy. The Apache Spirit Warriors felt it and ran. You do not need (nor do I think many of us have the power) to attract Odin in the flehs to help you. Attracting his energy in times of danger is enough. (Laws of Quantum Physics and Resonant Frequencies.)

CONVERSATION WITH ODIN BY RAGNAR STORYTELLER Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing. Part of the Theme of my website is combining Runes, Norse gods/goddesses with Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics tells us that everything exists in an infinite ocean of energy, called the Quantum Ocean. There is no time there, no past, present nor future. Only the now. Therefore Odin and all the gods/goddesses of the North are there. You just need the Secret of how to attract them and bring them out of the Quantum Ocean. Well, one wintry night several years ago in the boonies of the Pennsylvania Mountains, I had a small accident. I slid off the icy road and wound up in a ditch. As I sat in my car dozing waiting for help ….. Well read the story if you like..

The snow started as a light flurry, hardly reaching the ground or sticking to the windshield. It was midnight and I was still 5 miles from Highway 6 which would take me home. I didn’t like the small narrow roads that criss crossed the Pocono Mountains. They were always darker than the main roads because the tree lines on both sides of the road came out to meet you. And this road twisted, turned, dipped and rose like some kind of writhing snake. Suddenly, the intensity of the snow increased and my windshield wipers were having a hard time keeping the window clear. I could feel the tenseness start in my shoulders and then down to my gut as I twisted and turned down that narrow road in the snow. I often wondered why I found driving in the snow so stressful. When I meditated on this thought, I found it wasn’t the fear of going off the road, nor being injured or even killed. It was mostly inconvenience, economic and political. Economic because if I smashed up my 86 Blazer, I didn’t have money enough to have it repaired or replaced. And the politics of dealing with the police and the insurance companies. Bahhh! Suddenly, a doe leaped out in front of me and dashed across the road. Instinctively I hit the brakes, and although I was only doing 20 mph, I skidded off the road and into the drainage ditch. Fortunately I did not hit a tree, nor was I hurt. I quickly got out of

the car to survey my predicament. The back wheels were well into the ditch, which was now filling up with snow. I got back into the car and tried to drive out of the ditch and back onto the road. But it was too steep and I couldn’t get any traction. There was no room to maneuver front, back or sides. No way to get out without help. So I was stuck for awhile. After a few minutes, I opened the door and stepped outside. It was snowing furiously, but it was not cold. I was dressed warm so I just leaned against the car and waited. At first I did not believe what my eyes were telling me. About 20 yards away, walking towards me in the middle of the narrow dark road was … someone. I closed my eyes and shook my head and looked again. Yes, it was a man. He was dressed in a long dark blue cloak with a large hood that covered his whole face. In his right hand he carried a large thick walking stick. “It couldn’t be,” I thought to myself. “I must be dreaming, am I imagining…” “Hailsa,” his voice boomed and echoed back and forth across the road from tree line to tree line. He walked right up to me and I could see into his hood. He was full bearded and long strands of silvery hair cascaded down to his shoulders. And … yes … He had a black patch over one eye. “Hailsa Kinsman,” he repeated and his one ice-blue eye sparkled. “Hailsa All-Father,” I blurted out. “Ah, you do know who I am,” he smiled. “And well you should. You have been working the runes … for how long now?” he asked. “Twenty years, All-Father,” I answered. “Yes,” he smiled. “And you have been busy restoring the books of your ancestors.” I nodded. “Hugin and Munin have reported back to me many favorable stories about you,” he said. I was speechless. “So,” he continued, “I felt that as long as I was in this part of Midgard … what it is called?” “Pennsylvania.” “Ah yes, Pennsylvania,” he smiled. “Beautiful weather we are having.” He raised his arms into the air. Then he became serious and said, “Now my son, I am in a hurry.

There is so much to do these days. But I will stay and talk to you for awhile. You have studied hard and long and earned it. What is it that I can tell you that will help your with your quest and your life’s destiny?” “What,” I stammered. “I don’t understand.” “What is it you are searching for in all those books that you read?” I thought for a moment before I replied. “I want to know the truth about things…” “Ah, the truth,” he said. “Which truth? There are no many.” “The truth about what is happening to my world. Where did I come from? Where do I go? What is good? What is evil?” I hesitated a moment and continued, “and who are you? Where did you come from?” “Ha, ha, ha, ha,” he bellowed. “You ask much. Remember, I don’t have much time. Heimdal and Loki are waiting for me down the road so I can’t dally long.” “But …” “Patience,” he said. “I cannot tell you all I know. It would destroy your mind to know as much as a God knows. Your heart would burst with the sorrow of the truth and your breath would leave your body.” He paused and began again, “I will tell you what you need to know. And I’ll know what it is you need to know by the quality and depth of your questions. Think carefully before you ask. And remember this … you can only know as much truth as you are capable of knowing. The magic to knowing the truth is in the price that has been paid.” “Tree of Yggdrasil and Mimer’s Well?” I asked referring to how Odin the All-Father had hung on the tree of life, suffering for nine days so that he might know the truth about the runes. And how he sacrificed one of his eyes at the Well of Mimir in order to gain more wisdom. I shook my head in frustration. What had I done to earn truth? What great sacrifice had I made? “Oh you have,” interrupted Odin as he read my thoughts. “You may not have made a great sacrifice like a warrior who dies in battle for something he believes in. But, look at the many small battles you have won on a daily basis. The battle of keeping your own individual faith and belief system alive in the midst of the chaos of multiplicity and duplicity all around you. “Do not forget the many battles you have won for the kindred locked up in the many prisons? Many of them being there because they would not bend their knees to the God who seeks to make slaves of them. So now they are imprisoned so that they may atone for their sins against this God. He paused, “Do you forget the time, money and effort you spent seeking out,

copying and selling books which told of your ancestors? Do you forget the many verbal battles you engaged in, in defense of your own beliefs? Do you not at this time feel the osternization of a society that is hostile, nay even deadly to anyone who would dare to think differently than they do? “No, Ragnar Storyteller,” boomed Odin, “the number and quality of your small individual deeds has indeed built up into a great sacrifice. A great victory. Your persistence, dedication and lonely search have won you a reward. Hugin and Munin brought your struggle to my attention and I have been watching you.” He stopped, leaned closer and the penetrating power of his one ice-blue eye reached into my soul. “Choose your questions!” Just then a car’s blinding head lights came around the curve. But instead of stopping it roared on by. “Wait…!” I shouted in disappointment. They did not see my headlights nor that I was in a ditch. Odin smiled. “What is your wish?” he said. “To be rescued and driven home where it is light and warm? Or do you wish to stay here with me, in the snow, wind and cold and seek out your destiny?” Somehow he had cloaked us from sight and the oncoming car never saw us. “Rescue, comfort and ease or mystery, cold and danger? Choose for another car approaches and I can go and let them find you.” “No!” I shouted. “My first question is …. who are you?” “Ha, ha, had, ha” he bellowed. “I am Odin, the All-Father.” He stopped and stared at me. “Oh, I see,” he said. “Not enough?” I shook my head no. “Well,” he continued, “then I am God of Battles, God of Wisdom, God of the Winds …” I continued to shake my head. “God of Poetry….” “No,” I said. “What is the difference between you and I? How did you become who you are?” “Ah,” he smiled and his ice-blue eye flared. “There is no difference between you and I potentially,” he said. “What I am now … well let us say you can become.” “A god,” I stammered. “Surely,” he smiled. He turned and looked into the line of trees that edged the

highway. “There, there,” he pointed. “What is that?” I tried to see into the darkness, but with the swirling snow blinding my eyes I couldn’t make out what it was he was pointing at. He scolded me slightly with an impatient sigh, pointed his index finger and bellowed, “there!” Suddenly to the left of me one of the trees started to glow brightly. “Why,” I said, “it is an oak tree.” “Yes, yes” he said. “But was it always so?” “No,” I answered, “boy you are impatient!” His head snapped around towards me and his one eye fixed on my two. “Ha, ha, ha,” he laughed. “Tis true enough. Teaching and patience are not my strong suits. I leave that to Heimdal and the All-Mother. Remember, my son, I too am growing and evolving and have my little faults.” “Ha,” he bellowed. “That is the clap-trap nonsense fed to the worshipers of the OneGod. Only he, the Creator God, of whom even I do not know much about is omnipotent.” His face softened and he said, Omnipotence! Bah! Leave that to the slave masses. Now once again was that always an oak tree?” “No,” I answered. “It was once an acorn.” “Then answer me this Ragnar Storyteller,” he leaned closer and his one eye sparkled in the night. “How did that little acorn know it was supposed to be an oak tree?” “I am not sure that it knew it was supposed to be an oak tree,” I said. “It sort of did it naturally.” “Right,” Odin bellowed. “Naturally, that is the correct word, naturally.” He paused. “To grow into what it was intended to grow into. It had no choice. Within that little acorn there were the blue prints, pictures of what it could be, and it just grew naturally into it.” I shook my head knowingly. “Inside every human?” I asked. “Is there a blue print? A blue print to become a god?” “I am not sure about every human,” he pondered as he rubbed his chin.”That is for the Gods of the others to decide. I only know about my kinsmen, those whose care I have been entrusted with. When you start to use those words ‘All’ and ‘Everyone’ … well that’s when, not only do you get into trouble but it makes you want to fight for you own particular brand of ‘allness’. “All is an obscure a word as omnipotent,” he continued. “I am only interested in my race, a race of individuals.” He stopped and turned his head up so that the swirling snow fell on his face and into his open mouth. “Ah, too much talking makes me thirsty,” he smiled and licked the snow flakes. “Love the snow. Healthy, refreshing,

natural.” He bent a little closer and beckoned me towards him with his finger. Looking to the right and then to the left he whispered, “you don’t, by chance have a little mead stored away in that iron horse of yours, do you?” I shook my head no. “Ah, well maybe it’s for the best.” he smiled. “Mead has an effect of turning me into the God of Boasting and your after truth are you not?” Again I shook my head. Odin licked his lips and said,” I don’t know how she always knows, but she does.” “Who?” I asked. “Lady Frigga, the All-Mother,” he frowned. “My wife. No matter how cleverly I try to hide a bottle of mead or two for my journey, she finds out and takes them.” I smiled to thinking to myself that even Gods have domestic problems. “Damn that feminine magic. Wish I knew it,” he snorted. “More powerful than anything I know. She says if I take mead with me, I will start boasting and get into trouble just like I did when I went to visit Jorgumund the Giant in …” He paused and smiled.”Now if you had a little mead, I might be bribed into telling you that tale. You’d like to hear it wouldn’t you?” “I know it,” I said. “The acorn!” “Damn Edda’s. Who told the Icelanders to write all about me. Who gave them permission to write books about me?” “You did,” I smiled. “You’re a wise one Ragnar Storyteller. You’re going to go far. Now where was I?” “The acorn, allness,” I reminded him. “Ah yes. Can everyone become a God you ask? Well did every acorn know it was suppose to become an oak tree?” “Yes, now that you have explained what naturally means. I am sure that each acorn had …” He interrupted, “A destiny?” “Yes, that’s a good word. Yes each acorn had a destiny to become an oak tree,” I said. “Then why didn’t they? What happened to over 95% of them?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders. “They were eaten by birds, by animals. Many of them fell on rocky soil instead of fertile ground. Many fell in rivers, ponds or streams.It is not easy for an acorn to become a tree. It needs good soil, good water and good sunshine…” Odin said.

WOTAN AND THE HUNT Last night's meditation found me on the outskirts of a forest with Mar circling around me. We could hear music just over the hill and we could see a party happening around a bonfire when we peered over the mound. Spying some food and drink, I told Mar to stay hidden but nearby, and I headed towards the party. After chatting and dancing, I collected a cup of wine and a ham joint. Spotting Mar slinking around behind some tables, we moved into the tree line where I sat down to drink and Mar [=a tame wolf ] gnawing on his joint. Mar started growling and I turned to my left to see a cloaked hooded figure with a tall walking staff close by. I stood up and pulled out my sword. He didn't acknowledge us and continued to watch the party through the trees. After a while, he looked to us and extended a hand. With a bit of wariness, due to Mar's growling, I took his hand and we started to walk away from the bonfire and into the woods, with Mar trotting along with a half eaten scrap of meat. I asked if he was Odin. He said no and that he was Wotan, God of The Hunt. 'Fair enough. Finally we reached a clearing in the forest, with only a few roots and ragged tree stumps littered about. I stepped away from Wotan to look at some of the stumps at the edge of the clearing before turning to look back at him. He was standing at the opposite side of the clearing, and it looked like he had grown bigger, taller and was now just this huge black mass. If he was scary before, he was terrifying now, and he was drawing a sword. I drew mine and called to Mar who started snarling and creeping forward to stand by me, but Wotan only had to look and Mar whined and backed off. I shouted again, but my wolf was staying put. Wotan egged me on to attack him; when I didn't, he swung his sword and I whacked it away with my own. He wasn't even trying or putting in any effort but I was still being knocked off balance by deflecting his blows. He told me through out to fight like 'my mother' would, which I ignored. At one point I even shouted that I can't use a sword, and all I got was 'Do you deserve another another weapon? Do you think you deserve a bow or an axe?'. After blocking his attacks a few more times he moved back and started telling me again that I needed to become like 'my mother. When I asked who my mother was (realising he wasn't talking about my real mum) he said, cryptic as usual, the mother of monsters, wolves, blood and hearts. When he saw that I had realised he was talking about Angrboda, he went back to his side of the clearing and told me to become wild like her, like a wolf. I remember he said "You and Mar are one and the same, same soul. Embrace Mar, become the beast." and began to tell me to berserk, which I argued that I couldn't do. He started yelling things that made me territorial, protective and angry, "Murder! Rape! The killing your kin!", and I began to feel the 'wolf' start to rise up in me. I started to snarl at him. Even my physical body was reacting and was trying to spring up and attack from a lying down position. When it reached it's peak, Wotan and I stated howling (I think even Mar joined in). He took up stance again and I attacked him straight off the bat - swinging

my sword, kicking, clawing at him when I was close enough. I went nuts until he managed to shove me off my feet, onto my back, and pinned my arms. I still kicked and tried to head butt him until I had calmed down. He looked at me for a moment, then laughed (for a shocking moment, I thought it was Loki), kissed my forehead and stood up. Feeling out of sorts after going mad like that, I called to Mar. He lied down next to me, while I clung to the fur of his neck and Wotan brushed some wet leaves off his sword. The next time I looked up, Wotan was gone. Collecting my sword, and Mar got his remaining ham joint, we headed back to the bonfire. The fire had puttered out and the people had left. I collected some left over food, a small knife which I felt compelled to hide in my boot and a shield which I strapped to my back. Following Mar, we headed into another part of the woods; I felt a bit protective and drew Algiz, Thurisaz and Tiwaz around us. We arrived at a smaller clearing with a hut; I sent Mar out to see if he could smell anyone about. Went he indicated there wasn't any, I came over and we entered the hut. I promised Mar I'd meet him here next time and I ended the meditation.

BONFIRE/DANCING MEDITATION I've been trying this new technique for when I'm trying to meditate at night, and so far I've gotten positive results. I imagine people dancing around a bonfire, with a few people playing music on the side. I start off by singing a folk song to the dancers, then I join in with the dancing which usually starts off in pairs spinning around the fire, before breaking off and dance alone - occasionally weaving arms as we go. After a while, I begin to physically feel movements which I see myself doing. The first time I did this, I believe I heard Loki's real voice (it defiantly didn't feel connected to what I was visualizing in my head). But I can't remember what he said! I then moved on, drawing the rune Gar in my head, and focused on Yggdrasil. Next thing I know is I'm being hauled upwards very quickly, my body was spinning as it went and I wanted to close my eyes and cover them with my hands. Anyways, I decided to try again last night, to see if the dancing and singing somehow helps to hear Their voices better. Here's how it went last night: Rather than being outside like the last time, I found myself in a hall. I was lying on my side on a blanket of fur (wolf fur I think) with a group of men who were sitting around a small fire on the stone floor. I must have looked a bit scared as one of the men nearest myself patted me on the head and shushed me to lay back down. I noted that they were in traditional Viking gear: tunics, boots, belts, some still had their helmets on or their swords propped up by their seats. They also had their packs on the floor nearby. They were all mostly middle aged, some with beards or longish tangled hair. I think there could have been a few women but whenever I tried to focus on them they faded out, so basically I was the only female amongst them. Giving in (and sensing I was in safe company), I went with the flow. I should point out that some of the things that happen in these meditations/visualizations do so without any input from me; like how I didn't choose the setting, or the lying down bit. In fact, what

happened next, and after, just happened without me thinking about it. It was more dreamlike than visualization - I was just there to watch and see what my astral self would do next. After a while of laying on the floor I got up and wandered over to the wooden doors. Shoving one open, I took a step outside into the night and saw hills all round the hall. Coming up the path was a man in a clock and hat, wielding one massive walking staff. I nodded to him, "All-Fa'r*", and pushed the door wider to let him past before heading inside myself. I only noticed then that I was in a tunic myself, with a belt round my middle, trousers and boots (probably had my knife and pack somewhere in the hall with the rest) - dressed like a man, although my body was clearly still my own. My instincts said that the men inside were my clan mates and we hunted and fought together; known one another for years. Odin had seated himself down on a log after one of the men vacated it for him, and I sat down on a space on the other log closest to him. When the men began to chatter again, he beckoned me over and I went, dropping to a knee, staring at the floor. "All-Fa'r." "You see the fire?" I looked over my shoulder and nodded. "You like the flames. See how they burn? You should write something about that. About the heat. How it burns. How it consumes. Devours." I nodded, "Yes sir", filed his request away for later and returned to my seat. A little while later one of the men leaned back and said "Right, on with the dancing, yes?" and got a cheer in response. We moved the logs and chairs out of the way, added more wood to the fire and one of the men produced a small harp. Standing at the side he began to play and I sing. As we did, the doors opened and more people began to flood in (I must have given a sigh of relief when I saw that women were amongst them) and more musicians joined us. After my song, they started playing a lively, wordless tune (it was more a Scottish Reel than Viking) and I joined in with the dancing. We joined our hands in a massive circle around the fire and moved to our left, then back to the right, then repeated it but in a run. We broke up into couples for quick waltzes around the available space, then joined in for the circle again - and so it went on, switching to different partners each time. As the song continued, we all got more lively; men started to lift me up as we spun about, laughing. There were two men I distinctly remember dancing with; one had a neat, light brownish beard with slightly long hair and a kind face which was always laughing we I saw him - he was always lifting me up with both hands under my ribs but was very careful despite his build. The other had short black hair, a small beard (goatee with mustache, thank you Google) and as we waltzed about, I realized that I wasn't holding a hand in my left but a stump. I knew exactly who he was! He just grinned and hefted me up with one arm. I ended up danced with both of them a lot (in fact, I barely got to dance with anyone else as they kept appearing when it was time to get a partner after the circle bit). The music ended and we all broke apart to mingle with each other. I stood by the brown beard man, and out of my mouth came "You're different than I imagined you to be." He threw back his head, laughing loudly and looked back down at me (he was bloody tall!) and said, "I'm only like that when there are Giants about." and moved on. I guess my

'astral self' knew who he was before my physical self had clicked. All I can say is, ladies, that Thor is a pretty decent dancer. I noticed that people were beginning to appear with apples in their hands and as I watched them, somebody pressed one into my hand, but left before I could turn and get a glimpse to check if it was Her. Not knowing who to talk to, I floated in and out of the crowds and spotted an older lady walking toward me. She was taller, wearing a dress with small metal plates near her shoulders and with chains hanging between them. She also silver blond hair in braids on the back of her head. She glanced at me, smiled and carried on walking. It was only after I lost sight of her did my brain say 'Frigga'. I took a bite of my apple and continued to watch. My hand jerked and I turned to see Thor leaning over and taking a bite out of my apple which I had been holding aimlessly in my upright arm. He laughed and hurried off...then Tyr approached, gave me a kiss on the cheek and also took a bite before running off. A bit irked about the kissing I blurted out "What am I? The whore?" and someone laughed at my side. It was a young woman the same height and size as me in a dress which had pleats at the front, along with the usual plates and chains. Her most distinguished feature was her rich brown hair which was parted in the middle and was styled in loose curls. "You're the guest" she said (which didn't explain why people kept biting my apple). I nodded and we watched the crowd. Again, my astral self must have known immediately who she was before I did as she felt the most familiar to be around - it was Sigyn, somewhere between her child aspect and her homely mother-and-wife aspect. "Why are they playing Scottish music rather than your music?" I asked. "It what you're most familiar with." She smiled and then this glint appeared in her eyes. Taking my hand, she raised it up and took a bite out of my apple. She gave a massive grin at my shocked face and skipped off â&#x20AC;&#x201C; she's defiantly been corrupted by her husband. Standing by the musicians and watching another dance start up, I heard something that felt separate and more distinctive then the rest: "Why are you ignoring me?" I turned around and in a shadowy corner was the man himself. "I'm not ignoring you, Lokes. You're the one hiding." He hummed and stepped out. He appeared with a round face and short auburn hair...but it kept fading in and out like he couldn't decide on how he wanted to look - it didn't take on anyone I've ever seen or known.... unless that was his plan, to make his own identity that I wouldn't confuse it with anyone else. I asked, "Can I see your real face?" "No." Simple as that, what a kill joy. He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and shoulder as we watched the dancing. We stayed like that for a little bit before I pointed at one of the logs that had been shoved aside earlier, and we sat down for a bit (More like he sat down, I sat sideways on his lap with my head in his shoulder like a little child with his arms around me. He even started rocking me and humming something.) He was in a more quiet mood which was odd, especially when there was a party going on. Wouldn't blame him though; I'd been neglecting to do anything remotely ritual like since before Christmas (besides from this astral work). It was also the second time I had ever heard his voice, and the first time he's appeared to me outside of dreams. I guess we were both more in the mood to just hold each other and cuddle rather than talk â&#x20AC;&#x201C; probably more of that sort of thing the next time I

see him (hopefully). I could feel myself getting tired, loosing focus (an hour or two must have passed) and I couldn't keep it up any longer - I even began to shiver in my astral body (real body was warm, under my bed covers ;P) and Loki pulled a blanket off the floor to wrap me up in. In the end I said I had to head off. He nodded and gave me an extra squeeze before I took a few breaths and opened my eyes. For lying in bed and simply closing my eyes for two hours, it was fucking exhausting. It's kind of amusing when some people say that the Aesir simply would never talk or work with the likes of people like me: yet in this sitting alone I met Odin and Thor (again), Tyr, Frigga (only a glimpse), Sigyn, a possible brief brush with Idunn and of course Loki. There could well have been others that I hadn't recognized or seen but who knows (there was a moment where I spotted a blonde male and thought it might have been Balder or Freyr, but didn't follow it up to check). *All-Father : my accent for the win :P

FUN WITH RUNES Was practising 'letting them in' again last night; rather than writing the runes on my hand, I visualised the rune Os in my head. As soon as I had the shape traced in my mind, it felt like someone was pressing their finger really hard against my forehead (above the space between my eyebrows). I thought to myself, "Well fuck, someone doesn't want me playing host." I pulled back, deciding not to let my session go to waste, and focused on the runes Gar and Raido to help me travel. I only rose up a little bit before the finger on my forehead pushed me back down into myself. "Okay, okay. I'll stop." And just rolled myself over to sulk to sleep. Still have no idea who it was that was pushing me back; though I suspect maybe Odin had a hand in it but don't have any proof yet. This morning I was running extremely late for college due to buses being late ("Buses every 10 minutes" my ass!) When I finally got onto one I realised that I wouldn't make the usual 25 minute journey (+ the 15mins to walk to the college) in the 20 minutes I had till class started. Thinking "Oh I may as well, my luck can't get any worse right now," I visualised Raido and chanted 'swift travels' over and over in my head. All the lights on the main road turned green one right after the other as our bus drove along, and it arrived in the town within five minutes. Fuck yeah! I think my suspicions that it was probably Odin were maybe right. Last night I tried again with similar results; thought of the runes Os and Ehwaz, pressure point on my forehead, etc. But last night the pressure moved to my right eye and it felt like someone pressing the heel of their hand softly into my eye socket. I tried to opened my eyes, but my right one remained closed. I'm not scared of Odin, but I'm wary of him being around when I can't feel Loki nearby (plus the fact I've been pretty cheeky to Odin in past dreams, so I can't help but feel he might have it out for me - disrespect of the All Father and all that jazz). So I stated my Terms and Conditions, like the first time someone took over. I honestly didn't believe at all he'd even listen or take in any of it, but when I finished and said "Okay, on you go", my arm give a massive jolt... so I took that as a 'alright then' and stood back. He didn't stay for long and his presence didn't feel very strong either - not like the first time I tried it. Maybe I've been trying too quickly and should wait a bit longer before going at it again.

INTERVIEW WITH DIANA L. PAXSON Hello Diana, Thank you for taking the time to do this, My Girlfriend and I have been a fan of your work and books for the last few years, The first book I read about Asatru was given to me by her as a gift , little did we know that this book would start a whole spiritual breakthrough, since reading Essential Asatru walking the path of Norse paganism, I have been Inspired to read many more books relating to the subject, and start up this amazing website, that promotes and supports upcoming artists and musicians on the pagan path. We had no idea this would get so big , we have had some amazing people get involved, please find time to view our past Interviews, this was all literally inspired by your words! So I guess I would say this would be one of the most important Interviews I've ever done.So I just wanted to explain that to you and really thank you for everything! The 1st question I have for you is, what started you on your path? Was there a certain person or book that inspired you personally? Like many who have ended up as pagans, I was a kind of instinctive pagan growing up, spending a lot of time communing with nature. Because my mother had given me a goddess name I also read every book on mythology I could find. In college I focused on the Middle Ages, but what I really wanted was something earlier. It was not until the 60s, when change suddenly seemed possible, that I got into science fiction fandom and met pagans. My first pagan group (1968) was the A.O.R. (Aquarian Order of the Restoration), a ceremonial lodge based on the work of Dion Fortune and led by Marion Zimmer Bradley, where I learned to write rituals. Marion, like Dion Fortune, saw no conflict between paganism and esoteric Christianity, so my conversion was gradual. In 1978 Marion and I started Darkmoon Circle, a Women’s Spirituality group that is still going, and was part of the inspiration for Mists of Avalon. Darkmoon gave birth to the Fellowship of the Spiral Path, a co-ed umbrella organization for pagan circles in the San Francisco Bay area through which I was ordained as a priestess in 1982. Was the Norse tradition always your calling, or did you practice other followings as well? In addition to working in Women’s Spirituality and eclectic Wicca, I taught Western Esoteric Kabbalah for several years, then, needing balance, started working with Michael Harner’s neo-shamanism. In 1987 I finally got a chance to take one of his workshops. On the first day, I acquired Raven as an ally (for the story see the introduction to TrancePortation). On the second day we were told to seek a teacher in human form, and Raven took me to Odin, the beginning of a relationship that next summer will have lasted 30 years. I’ve discussed that experience in my up-coming book on Odin. My original goal was to learn northern European shamanic practices, but I thought that first I’d better get some cultural context, and got together a bunch of friends to study the runes. The material I developed for that class eventually became Taking up the Runes. By the time we had finished with the futhark, we were ready to tackle oracular seidh, the Norse equivalent of the Delphic Oracle (see The Way of the Oracle), and by the time we had that working (1991), we had become Hrafnar kindred, which is also still going strong.

Do you feel like having a spiritual practice or following helped inspire your creativity as a writer/teacher? They go hand-in-hand. In 1971 I decided to make a serious effort at writing, and finished a novel that became the source of the Westria books, although it was 1981 before I actually got one published. They came out during the 80s and early 90s. I was once on a panel about paganism and SF. One of the other panelists said that reading the Westria books had converted her to paganism. I replied that I had become a pagan by writing them, a process of discovering what I believed. The religion of Westria is an eclectic paganism with a strong environmental-ethic, including everything I’ve studied over the years. When I wrote a sequel (The Golden Hills of Westria) in 2005, Odin appeared. During the 90s I began to write pagan historical novels, beginning with The White Raven, about Tristan and Iseult. When Marion’s health prevented her from writing, I took over the Avalon series, starting with a rewrite of the original version of The Forest House. Each time I begin a new novel I figure out which god or goddess is most involved in the story and make an altar which acquires appropriate items as I go along, as, for instance, the bit of meteor iron I got when I was writing Sword of Avalon. My non-fiction books are a harvest of the work I have been doing for the past 40 years, especially the classes in runes, trancework and the like which I usually have going in addition to meetings and rituals. How do you feel about being a diverse follower? For example the practicing of seidr or witchcraft techniques mixed in with Asatru? Some people are turned away from it, but I personally am a follower of Asatru but do include some witchcraft techniques in my practice. First, if you read the sagas, it becomes clear that magic was an important part of Old Norse culture. If Odin and Freyja practiced them, one can hardly argue that, seidr, galdr or gand are not part of Asatru. However the sagas also make clear that there were wide variations in practice. Some people paid more attention to the ancestors and wights than to the gods, whereas there were some, like Thorolfr Mostrseggr, who had a close and active relationship with one of the gods and others like Egil Skallagrimsson, who was a runemaster as well as a warrior. People versed in various kinds of magic were specialists to whom you went when you needed help. In the Troth we do not require our clergy to practice magic, but they should know enough about it to make referrals if needed. Do you have a patron god or goddess that is closest to you? And have you had any personal experiences or breakthroughs in your time working with them? I won’t say I’ve never met a god I couldn’t work with, but very nearly. Thus, I was rather surprised when my agreement to work with Odin on learning the runes and seidr turned into a permanent relationship. I already had a good contact with him through trance-work when he possessed one of my kindred members at a ritual. Further research indicated that this might well have been a heathen practice in the past, and I needed to find out about it. I started working with a local Umbanda group (a Brazilian equivalent to Santeria), and eventually learned how to do trance-possession myself. That story is told in Part IV of my book on Possession. Although since meeting Odin my practice has become increasingly focused in Germanic religion, I still attend Darkmoon Circle regularly, and work with the African Powers in Umbanda. My understanding is that Odin encourages this so that he

can make contact with other Powers through me. At present, if I pay attention, I usually have a sense that Odin is around. So pardon me if I missed something somewhere, I've been so buried lately, but do you have any New Content or Special things to come in the near future? Why yes, now that you mention it. I have just finished a book on Odin, with special attention to his aspects as the Wanderer, the master of runes and seidr, the ruler of Asgard, the Desired One, the war-god, the stirrer of strife, the god of death and the god of ecstastic experience. It includes analysis of his role in the lore, quotes from a variety of people about their experiences with him, and suggestions for ways to work with him. It is for people who simply want to know more about him, and for people who have had unexpected encounters with Odin and want to know how to respond. What is your favorite book or movie currently? And do you have any mentors or anyone you are really following lately? I have, of course, been watching Vikings! and am looking forward to the upcoming TV series based on Gaimanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s American Gods. I am a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek. My favorite recent movie is Hidden Figures, which I think shows both what was, and is, bad about America, and what we can achieve. So our website and purpose is constantly trying to provide "Entertaining Education" for younger people that may have interest in this path, would you ever consider working or providing some content or material for a future project related on Asatru or Norse practices with us in the future? Certainly! When I read the Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Aulaire book of Norse myths to my grandchildren I kept having to edit and improve them. I think there is definitely room for more accurate retellings for children. So what pushed you to take things to the next level and start writing and really sharing and educating people about these followings and beliefs? Most of my non-fiction has been written because there was nothing else that filled that exact niche available and people kept asking for recommendations. Most of the books are based on material developed for my classes on trance-work and the like. I have just started another round of the rune class, this time focusing on the Anglo-Saxon version of the runes, which will probably turn into a book in a year or two. This last question is for you to express, Is there anything you would like to say or present to all the followers and listeners out there? Any words of wisdom or anything you want to mention? This country was founded by people who remembered how devastating religious conflict can be. Fight for your religious rights, and strive to be a worthy example. Thank you for getting involved in this project, my goal is to Inspire others to become aware of their own potentials and really start creating a better life for themselves and others by having a good following or foundation through spirituality and having a positive mindset. Thank you again for everything you have done you are a big inspiration to many! Thank you as well.

SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW This morning I met Odin in the shower. Yes, it was a surprise to me too…though, perhaps it shouldn’t have been. Each morning I light incense for the Gods and toss out a Hail to everyone and all of the positive energy carriers in the universe some days…it varies. Then I jump into the shower. I did the same thing this morning. Halfway through my morning ablutions, after I had grounded and centered myself I got pulled…partially out. I was still feeling things in Mundania and generally going about my day, but interacting in a way I had only ever interacted with Loki before. I suppose for all intents and purposes the Godphone got a jolt, even though I don’t generally like referring to it as the “godphone”. I got the sense of an older man, in his late 60’s or early 70’s dressed in a nondescript grey traveling outfit-very old, old, OLD world. He had a grey cloak and grey pants and everything about him gave off the same vibe as a good “notice-menot” spell or someone trying to blend in. Only, he wanted me to notice him. He looked a bit grizzled with a long grey beard and a large, wide brimmed hat was pulled down low over part of his face. The Conversation: Me: “You’re not Loki.” Mystery Man: “Do I remind you of Yaweh like this?” (Genuinely curious.) Me: “Ummm…More like Gandalf.” Mystery Man: (A dry chuckle) “Try again.” Me: “Ummm…” Mystery Man: “I’m Odin.” (In a wry sounding voice.) Me: “Oh. Okay. Nice to meet you. Naked in my shower. Not that shower time isn’t cool and all…but…why are you in my shower?” Odin: “I like to keep an eye on Loki’s projects, especially the ones he cares about a great deal.” (Smug grin, then poof.) Me: (Alone, to myself.) “I’m a project?” …Not really how I envisioned meeting The All Father. …and I’m not sure how I feel about being a project. Me: 10 hours later… “OH-keep AN EYE on his projects. HA! Apparently Odin does puns!”

MY TIME MEETING ODIN It was a couple years ago, around the time of Christmas. I don't know why he visited me, only that he did, and that he'd leave signs he was here. In my dream, he stood at the corner of my room, robed and holding a staff. At first glance, I thought I was having another sleep paralysis dream but about Gandalf the Grey. After all, I had just watched Lord of the Rings two days before. But I realized, this wasn't Gandalf as, Gandalf didn't wear black robes and he didn't have ravens on his shoulders. I watched the robed figure begin to approach my bed and ravens began to fly from his robes and flutter around my room. I heard them cawing as he got to the foot of my bed and stood before turning around and walking away. I caught two tails of wolves and smelled wet dog as he turned. Then it faded to black and I woke up, hearing the caws of ravens. After that I saw him again in my dreams, but it was the same dream. I've also received other signs from him but they're symbolic. Like a single raven on a leafless branch that looked at me and cawed as it flew off or runes carved in the dirt where I walked. ExploringTheDark uhm... i dont want to offend anyone, im only curious. It sounds very cool and all that stuff but are you two really belief that Odin exists ? Again im totally cool about that, just wanting to clear some context for me and possible others. Because if it is true its like you met your own god, and that is of cours a awesome experience. Its just blow me away thats such a ancient relgion is still practiced, pretty cool... UnstablemindIGuess Yeah I wasn't a firm believer in any religion until this happened. Now I'm a proud Norse and will be till the day I die. And don't worry, it's normal to question religion, I did too. You'll find the right one for you. If not then it wasn't meant to be ya know? But I believe that everyone's religion exists and, depending on who you worship, is who you go to. ExploringTheDark Those are wise words your speaking, respecting others and believing what you belief without bashing others. Its clear you spoke in honesty, i would love to experience such thin as you. And be certain about something in life for myself. But before that day comes (if it comes at all) i will continue reading experience's like this ;) SvenskaKerry I REALLY hope this is real. Because if it is you are one lucky thing. This could be really special. I believe I get signs from Odin all the time but he's never appeared in my dream and this sounds incredible. If it happens again you need to ask him what he wants with you... But be respectful. Also if it would have been Gandalf I would have cried with happiness :') UnstablemindIGuess Lol I know right? Yes this is task Ann's I believe he has something planned for me. I believe he wants me to become the greatest warrior. If it happens again, look for a part 2. this is real*

A DREAM OF ODIN, NEED INTERPRETING PLEASE My husband and I have been practicing Asatru for about 10 years. He had a dream/vision last night. I say vision because he was actually awake and knows he was awake. So here it is.... He was standing in our bedroom, I was asleep, and the entire house went dead silent.

He says the silence was so thick it was almost tangible. He looked up and saw a figure in the doorway. He took a step towards the figure and he says it was Odin, but not as a traveller, holding is spear. My husband says that when Odin raised his spear he felt his lungs explode and his chest rip open, and Odin walked away. He crawled after him, begging him not to leave him. Something similar to this happened about 10 years ago, but we never knew why and no significant event came after it. Sachsen_Wodewose Disclaimer: I am not an interpreter of visions. If something like this had happened to me, I'd be updating my life insurance policy and making sure my final plans were in order. Yeah, assuming it was a "real" vision / visitation and not just some weird stress dream, I'd be crapping my pants. If the lore is anything to go by, a visit from Odin is almost never good news. Gnawgie It's probably best to take these questions to r/pagan in all honesty. That being said, in my opinion, there is no real sense in thinking too hard about these events. You now honor the gods and I'm sure your husband's conviction was strengthened by this event, which is a damn good result. Sachsen_Wodewose Unless you interpret it as he is doing something that maybe Odin doesn't like, and if he don't stop, Odin will end him. Which, I think is a fair interpretation of the events. Myself? I'd take a really good look at what I may have done recently to piss Odin off. GrumpyBjornM That's something your husband would need to work out. People from outside of your lives could make interpretations, but surely there is more to the puzzle that only you all know and we are unaware. sunwheel03 Very interesting, thank you for replying. You say something similar happened a while back, in that situation was your husband fatally wounded as well, or was it just the visions? I would like to first say that I am not a dream interpreter, but in my honest opinion, it sounds like a warning of war. valkyrie_kota I don't believe he was fatally wounded in the previous one, just the vision The spear is often the symbol of traditions and judgement. I would think Odin raising His spear against me and leaving, taking what I need to live and breathe with Him, signalled a need to make a radical change in my life, and probably an uncomfortable one that I had avoided confronting or dealing with for some time. Usually I find if something is "wrong" between me and the Gods, I need to look into the past, something They told me to do that I'm not doing or that I didn't think was very important.

WHY IS FOLLOWING ODIN SUCH A BIG DEAL? I'm a very new follower of the faith and for a while I've been lurking r/Asatru but recently I started posting as well. The one God that I felt a particular attraction to was Odin. The Edda's paint him as a lone wanderer , god of wisdom, magic , poetry but also the chooser of fate and the guide of the dead. From what I understand, he likes to lay out difficult paths, but also reward those that follow them. I very much share his ongoing quest for wisdom but also his will to travel the land and learn about the people and things that inhabit it. Am I wrong to treat him as a teacher and look up to him? Just how much of a death god is he?I was wondering if I'm misinterpreting it? Everyone seems to be rather fearful of Odin and most people are very reluctant to wear a Valknut. Why is this? Any input is appreciated, thanks 5 years ago The attitude regarding the valknut is based on the idea that it is basically signing your own death warrant to put it on. There is a common belief today that it means that you will serve Odin to whatever end he'll use you (and he does use people), including dying at his whim. Yes, Odin is a god known for seeking knowledge, but this isn't knowledge like an academic studies. It is knowledge with a purpose, to be a weapon. Most of the modern books tend to downplay his "darker" aspects because they don't want to scare or alarm people. He is a "death god." He is also a god of rage, terror, and slaughter. He is not a god of the "quiet death." He's a god of death where we are talking about the savagery of brutal warfare, being hacked to bits, bleeding out as you lay there in the blood and filth of the dead only to have your corpse picked at by ravens and gnawed on by wolves. He is a god of death by hanging, having your neck snapped and suffocating as your body refuses to respond when you try to draw breath, your lungs burning and bursting with agony. He is the Lord of Terror who turns stout-hearted men into cowards with soiled underwear. He is the god of fear inducing psychotic rage and unmitigated violence. He is the leader of the Furious Host, who ride on the howling winds on winter nights, running prey to ground where they are broken, bloody, exhausted, and controlled only by panic as they flee, only to be ripped to shreds when caught. He can be a good master to serve but he is not to be trusted the way other gods can be. He is not your friend. You serve him as a thane serves his jarl or king. He will reward you and he will expend your life for his goals. I don't say this to scare you (not completely, anyway) but to point out to you what you don't see in introductory books. Yes, he is a god of knowledge, wisdom, learning, poetry, and the higher forms of the mind. He is also much, much more than that. He is Fury incarnate too. Medza Damn that is a totally different image to what I had of Odin. I knew he was the god of death, but I figured it would be more graceful and not savage at all. I feel like at a loss now because I attached myself to a God that I essentially made up myself. I picture myself as a fairly quiet and perhaps timid person, I used to look up to Odin as a guide through life. I would think 'what would Odin do in this situation', but my image of what he would do was clearly rather different to what he would probably do. Are there any Gods or Godesses that are similar to what I originally had in mind?

wurding you can really get a feel for the diverse natures of Odin by looking at all his names if you are timid that is something you should aspire to overcome perhaps. Bragi miht be right for you as aleglad recommends, personally i favour freyr - a nature god, a fertility god, he is lordly and noble like Odin, and earthy too. farmer slook to him for a good harvest and women when they want to get pregnant. he was probably the most prominent god in Anglo-saxon paganism - and perhaps was also in nordic paganism at one point. Its interesting to see that odin is sometimes referred to in kennings that use freyrs name, but the reverse is never recorded. TommyVeliky Yngvi-Freyr is one of my particular favorites as well, I second the motion to look into his stories. 5 years ago I wouldn't say any of our gods and goddesses are timid or meek. Those aren't exactly valued traits. However, from your comments, I think you might want to look at Bragi. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that what your understanding was is completely wrong. I'm pointing out that this is stuff not often talked about in introductory books. I'm sure you can see why. Odin isn't mindless savagery (at least not all the time), but it has it's place with him. There are reasons they call him the Terrible One. Don't let this discourage you. Instead, take it as a chance to learn something new and then figure out how it is useful to you. Medza Thank you, you helped to elevate a certain cloud of delusion from my mind and it has been a positive experience. I found that Asatru is as much learning about the Gods as it is about yourself and my attitude towards Odin will now definitely change, from a friend to something of a father that you should respect. I think I still feel some kind of affection for him , but it feels very different. So I just want to say thank you again for claering this up for me, I now definitely understand why people don't want to put on a Valknut. In fact , after reading this, I wouldn't want to put one on myself. 5 years ago In time, when the shock wears off and you have more experience and knowledge, you may find yourself with a better appreciation for some of these things. I have always found Odin to be stern but fair, demanding but rewarding, cunning but with cause. In my experience, everything he does is based around winning when Ragnarok happens. The Anglo-Saxons have a slightly different understanding, and Woden isn't quite so terrifying to them. It's just best to have a fuller, more developed view than what is generally available. However, you're right, this is a lot of why many people who have been around a while are hesitant about people just putting on a valknut with limited understanding of what it entails. There are people who honor Odin, and even wear Odin related symbols (like a spear head), but don't wear a valknut because of the level of commitment it implies today. I'm going to offer a little bit of my own UPG experience that I don't often talk about: I've worn my valknut for a while now. It was a gift from a friend on the night I did a profession of faith as part of a group I belonged to. The moment I put it on, I

experienced three things: 1. It felt as if a noose had been tied around my throat, including the difficulty breathing. 2. I felt a sudden, very sharp pain in my sides, as if I had been stabbed with something very sharp. 3. I had a vision of a gravestone. I still take this to mean that this is lifetime commitment. I'm sure you can see why I don't talk about this much. When I put it on, I had a far more limited knowledge of who Odin is than I do now. If I had known then what I know now, I can't say I'd have made that choice, so I understand the trepidation you now face. It has been, however, part of my life for so long that I no longer fear it. In fact, I feel very little fear at all. I used to be scared all the time. I was a weak child, but one prone to amazing bursts of violence when pushed to far. I was bullied relentlessly, was regularly beaten up, and spent many years as a young adult dealing with the sense of worthlessness that came with that. My time with the All-father has changed that. My body isn't as strong as it once was but my mind is sharper than ever. I fear no man and I do not fear death. Death holds no mystery to me any more, save for what it feels like to die. Violence doesn't scare me any more. I understand it as a tool to be used when it must, but only just so. I know how to stare down men who would do me harm and to call up a presence that commands or terrifies as I see fit. I am not the scared boy I once was. If you asked me if it was worth it, I'd tell you yes. It was best for me not to know what I do now. Even in relating the information to you, I can only give you words that cannot convey the entire context. All I can say is that understanding rage and terror, especially for the timid, is hard but a very good lesson to learn. Knowing how to use it is even more important. It burns away the weakness that timidity shows, and like the forge of a skilled smith, it produces a much better result than you thought was ever there. TryUsingScience Y'all are really not making me feel better about the fact that your patron has recently expressed an interest in me. I already have enough terrifying war/death/madness gods in my life. (Specifically, I have one. That's enough.) 4 years ago For what it's worth, I've found that he'll snatch up anyone he can. The thing with Odin is that he is all of these dreadful things and so many good ones as well. It's just hard to give people an understanding that he isn't a "friendly" god without going into specifics that will turn your hair white. Valxyrie23 It felt as if a noose had been tied around my throat, including the difficulty breathing. wow, I had a very similar experience, except my throat was being cut, shivers. Valxyrie23 i don't know, unpleasant to some degree yeah, but all my experiences with him hover in this weird place between the extremes of ecstasy and terror, which i suppose is fitting, i loved your description by the way, so spot on.

xkashix I too understand what you mean. I knowingly and willingly had one tattooed on me (i do not regret it at all). That very night and nights on end i have had very vivid and violent dreams, when i wake up though, i feel no fear... Your explanation is better worded then what i have ever tried explaining to those who asked. forvrin Woden is the wolf-god. That is not for nothing. The reason humans have such a schizophrenic relationship with wolves is that wolves were for tens of thousands of years the direct competitor for apex predators in our niche's. The winning of the wolf when Tiw places his hands in the jaws and it is bitten off, was when we won the war with the wolves. A great sacrifice was made for the benefit of the Tribe. Woden too makes sacrifices, but they are selfish, to better serve his principles. He spends, and he spends, and he spends, anything and everything. For what? For Ragnarok? For the end times? Nay, because that is what a war leader does. He spends the lives of his men to win the war. Tiw is the god of honorable combat; Woden the god of battle. Woden is called upon when war is existential. And he spends, he spends. ThorinRuriksson I came here to try and give my explanation of this, but Aleglad has done it in such a perfect way that there is little else I can add other than to say he is right. People have the wrong idea about Odin because of many things, from Christianization to scholars trying to 'start soft'. Such misunderstanding has spread to our folk for no other reason than that they had no better sources, and were never corrected. And for those of us who follow him, not an illusion of him but the actual him... The fear is real, though it does subside over time, over years. But it's still always there. As is the uncertainty. His influence and his presence is not a constant, so you never know if he is involved. Besides being the Terrible One, I would call him the Capricious One. He comes and goes as he pleases. His actions may have a goal, but sometimes that goal is amusement, and there is a reason that Germanic peoples have the concept of schadenfreude. He is not to be trusted, because trust implies a predictability in action and reaction. Because of this, I do not praise him for the good things that happen to me. Nor do I curse him for the bad things, though he may have had a hand in either one. And like Aleglad, I do not say these things to frighten you away from Odin, but to give you the whole truth, and from reading your responses to him it seems like you're understanding it. I would agree with him that you, like so many others trying to follow the false vision of Odin, you might take a close look at Bragi. Medza The on thing that I now don't understand is , why would you want to follow Odin? If he's such a scary, unpredictable and untrustworthy God, then why devote yourself to him? Also how do you experience this fear, I understand if this is quite difficult to explain but I'm quite curious if you could tell me more about the experiences you had with Odin. And as for Bragi, I've been reading up on him but also Heimdallr and I'm liking what I'm seeing. Obviously it takes more than just reading a wikipedia article to find faith, but I think a seed may have been planted. TryUsingScience Most everyone I know who follows that one didn't choose him; rather, the other way

around. Zythan This is exactly what happened to me. The lead-up to this is a little personal, but the important part is I had never read any Norse mythology and only knew who Thor was, and felt "pushed" to read some mythology. As soon as I saw Odin's name I felt a click, and had to keep reading more and more. As I look through this thread I'm learning things I've never fully realized before, but it all makes complete and utter sense. ThorinRuriksson Heimdall is another worthy god. I devoted myself to Odin for a lot of reasons, some of which I'm not sure it's even possible to properly articulate. Feelings, being drawn in certain ways. But most of it was seeing reflections of myself in Odin. The way I grew up, the violence I had been involved in as a child (not abuse, none of it involved my family), the savage violence I had committed in return. Then, the way I learned to temper myself, and control myself, direct myself. These are things I had to teach myself, I had no one. I sought knowledge and skill to handle what I was and had no help. That savagery never went away, it just got trained and tempered into a tool instead of a force. And beyond that, I have always sought knowledge without regard to personal cost (and there has been cost in some areas). I have earned respect at a loss to myself in some places, but I value the gain more. And I pass the knowledge on, I teach. The fear is largely based in uncertainty, uncertainty of when and where Odin has a hand in my doings. Sometimes I wonder if I was powerless in some situation that hurt me, if it was his doing, or if some victory wasn't my own but because he influenced it. But most of the time I don't think of it. I revel in my victories as I learn from my defeats. I smile when others wouldn't because I know I did what I could and that I know more for next time. I smile because I realize that never in my life has my life destroyed me, no matter how much pain it has caused me. I smile because there is always joy. And I see the same thing in the Allfather. Call it empathy. There is no god who I feel I share more of a parallel with, or who I feel has more to teach me. For most that isn't true. For most it is another, like Thor. But for me, for good and ill, it's Odin. FellFoe I have always sought knowledge without regard to personal cost That sums up why I also feel I must observe Odin more often than the other gods. As that knowledge grows so does the opportunity to be horrified/terrified at what is learned. Every time I feel that way I become hardened to it, more mature perhaps. In a way I feel that part of following Odin is to become mature enough to accept death/pain/fury/fear in any form and to know it is only part of the natural physical world. The path is hard because it hardens us to walk it. That said, the reason I walk my path and seek knowledge is that sometimes you learn amazing, beautiful things. Those moments of insight are well worth all the struggle. Everything said by yourself and Aleglad in this thread resonates in the awesome way powerful words do. I raise my glass to you.

UNDERSTANDING ODIN When I was a younger man, I had a hard time relating to Odin. The Allfather, the king of the Aesir, seemed somewhat gloomy. He was to me a symbol of the death that awaits all men. This has changed. I would like to say that my reading and research have changed my view of Odin, but that would be a lie. I consider myself to be quite well read on the subject, but so was I 20 years ago. Maybe a man needs to experience some existential changes in his life to truly understand who the Allfather is. To me, becoming a father was such an existential change. So was seeing the fruit of more than two decades of hard work as a novelist materialize into commercial success. Having said that, I guess you can tell that I am not bound by the modern concept of being timid about such things. But why should we? My ancestors, the Norse, were not timid about their wealth. They loved to display their wealth and understood very well that it is better to be rich than to be poor. However, they also understood that a poor man with integrity is richer than a wealthy man who has lost his. The knowledgeable among you are probably thinking that I’m getting my gods mixed up here. If we’re talking about wealth, we should really be talking about Njord, or maybe even Frey. However, I am personally not very concerned about wealth as a means of making my own life more comfortable. I celebrated my bestseller novel by buying a new handle for my forest axe, and I have no plans to spend money on silly things. There is a reason for this, except for the obvious financial one. To me, wealth should be about legacy. It should be about leaving more for your children than what was given to you by your own parents. It should be about how you will be remembered. Nobody remembers a rich jerk in a sports car. But if you put money aside, if you provide for your kids’ education, leave them some money for buying their first apartment, and so on, you will never be forgotten. And this is one of the ways Odin speaks to us. Odin is the timeless god. He is all about how you will transcend after you’re gone. He speaks to us from the past and from the future, and this could be why we may have a hard time understanding him. Well, at least I had. But now, at the age of 45, I actually think he is the one who makes most sense of all the gods. Now, I should add that I have a much wider understanding of the concept of a god than many people of the Abrahamic faiths have. I believe most of us who relate to the Norse way of life do. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a huge hall filled with the brave and fallen, who are feasting on an unlimited supply of bacon and drinking their heads off every night. A god is to me a symbol, a feeling, something that resonates with the heart and the mind in a way that is hard to explain. When I made a blot to Odin just before the launch of my novel, pouring a horn of mead in the center of a sacred stone circle not far from my house, I did so to strengthen my focus, and because it was the only way I could think of to say thanks to those who lived here a thousand years ago. Some people go to church to remember and give thanks. I go to the stone circles. So Odin is about legacy. Of course, that goes far beyond how much wealth you leave behind. I would argue that material wealth is nowhere near the most important asset you leave for your kids and your loved ones. Giving your kids good values and a moral compass, teaching them to believe

in themselves, etc., is obviously much more essential, but I’ll leave that for another blogpost. Understanding Odin is understanding who you are going to be when you are no longer around. It is, in this age of passive entertainment and mental shallowness, an idea that many simply cannot, or will not, understand. Furthermore, understanding Odin is about understanding nature. This concept can be equally hard to grasp. But we need to put away our modern (by that, I mean post-heathen) concept of communicating with a god. Nature is a god to me. And Odin is, in the very least, part of that. Have you ever sat alone in a forest when the wind blows through the treetops? There is a voice in that sound. Maybe it is the sound of your own thoughts. Maybe it is your subconscious self. To me, that sound is the voice of Odin. Sometimes he puts words into the thoughts I struggle with. He makes things clearer and helps me focus. And again, when I say “he”, I do not mean a physical being. To me, Odin is a feeling, a force, a way of thinking. To you, he might be something more concrete, and that’s fine. Though some of the more dogmatic individuals out there will disagree, there is no right or wrong here. Understanding Odin is about understanding yourself, and that takes a certain amount of maturity, and for most people, gaining maturity takes time. But Odin is not in a hurry. He will wait.

THE GODS IN OUR GENES One of the most interesting theories about the origin of Norse mythology is that Odin was a chieftain who led his people into what is now Norway. In the sagas, Snorre writes that Odin and his people lived near the river Don in Russia. Thor Heyerdahl tried to see if there was any truth to this and up until his death in 2002 supervised an archaeological excavation near Azov. I am not sure if they ever found any answers, but what we do know, is that kings and heroes have a tendency to be viewed as gods if only enough time has passed and their flaws have been forgotten. So we can actually say that we carry our ancestors’ gods in our genes. If somewhere back in your lineage, there is a warrior or king who was made into a god, that god is part of your genetical code. It find that extremely fascinating! But even more fascinating is seeing how your own genes shape the next generation. I have two children, a son and a daughter, and I think it’s fairly easy to see both my own and their mother’s genes shaping them as individuals. Of course, it is not all about genes. My kids live in a home filled with books, so it’s no wonder they have a large vocabulary. We encourage their artistic skills, so it’s not so strange they are both creative. But the genes play a large part of who they are, there is no doubt about that. Personally, I come from a long line of creative artists on my father’s side. If you are a parent, I am sure you have seen this in your children. I am sure you see it every day. It’s magical, isn’t it? Of course, we all have negative parts of our personality that we don’t want our children to inherit, but encouraging the positive isn’t that hard and children will do more of what is praised and less of what isn’t. But I’m not going to preach about good parenting. Before I started writing about Odin and his possible origin in Russia, I was actually just going to brag about my daughter. She’s 11 years old and have started posting some of her drawings, and I think they are fantastic. Here’s a link to Take a look and if you like her drawings, please consider cliking “like” or subscribing!

ODIN–VILI–VE HIGHER SELF – MIDDLE SELF – LOWER SELF The allfather Odin operates on the level of archangels. He is part of the spiritual beings which are occupied with the development of the soul of the humas. Odin is a “volksgeest / volkgeist / folkspirit” – this means he took the responsibility to form and guide a people with it’s own purpose and place within the development of mankind. The task of Odin as archangel was to help his “oervolk” – ancient people / first tribe - with the development of a clear consciousness. He gave his people their language. In Norse mythology, Vili and Vé are the brothers of the god Odin. In Proto-Norse, the three brothers' names were alliterating, *Wódin, Wili, Wé, so that they can be taken as forming a triad of inspiration (transcendent, mantic or prophetic knowledge), cognition (will, desire, internal thought that leads to action) and numen (spiritual power residing in the external world, in sacred objects). Odin, Vili and Vé plant the seeds of thinking (Odin/Wodan), Will (Vili/Willi) and feeling (Vé/Wee). They guide the process of making a connection between the astral and the physical-etheric body. From thereon the real development of man into a being starts that will be so aware, that it will become able to carry it’s true “self” (I) within. Did you know that you are made up of not just one eternal 'self' but three? That's right. Humans are made up of three separate selves that, ideally work together in unison. The main reason for chaos in a person's life is when the three selves are not working cooperatively. So what are the three selves? They are called different names in different shamanic traditions, but for simplicity's sake, we will just call them the "upper, middle and lower selves." Norse ancestors called them "Odin, Villi and Ve." (Awareness, Willpower and Sacred Space) The lower self (Villi) contains the subconscious and unconscious minds which are housed in the navel center. The lower self is the repository of all psychic intuition. It is the lower self that travels outside the body when we sleep. It travels to other dimensions and locations and can learn a lot of information. A powerful shaman can send his/her lower self on journeys and errands. In the 19. century Baron Carl von Reichenbach discovered a vital energy or life force, wich he called „Od“ in honor of Odin. This Odic force has a positive and negative flux, and a light and dark side; individuals can forcefully emanate it, particularly from the hands, mouth, and forehead. It is visible in total darkness as colored auras surrounding living things, crystals, and magnets.


The Upper self (Odin) is the repository of what we call our our "higher self". It watches over us and only intervenes when we ask for advice or if we are in extreme danger of altering our destiny. Otherwise, the upper self does not impose itself onto our lives. It prefers to allow us to learn our lessons by ourselves unless we ask for it's advice. The Upper self corresponds to the third eye. Our connection to our Upper self is crucial if we want to evolve spiritually. The Upper Self actually sits above our head and interfaces with the third eye. The Upper self has a very important connection to the Lower Self. It is the Upper Self (Odin) that sends intuitions and information to the Lower Self (Villi) which is then transmitted to the Middle Self (Ve). The Upper Self has a vibratory connection to the realm of the Elves. When we engage in practices like meditation, qigong, etc, we open our crown chakra at the top of our head to receive energy from the Upper Self and the realm of the Elves. The direction of the NorthWest on the Thunder Wheel (Medicine Wheel) is the direction for the Elves. By facing this direction and meditating, we are asking for guidance. When doing rituals or meditations in this direction I often get intuitions about how to improve my life. The function of the Upper Self is to act like a guide or teacher. But, the Upper Self does not impose itself. The only time the Upper Self will step in unannounced is when we are in grave danger of altering our destiny (Orlog) in a destructive manner. The Upper self does not wish to impose itself or impede us from learning our own karmic lessons. For the practicing shaman, integration of the three selves is crucial for being able to master personal transformation and manifestation into the external world. Having intellectual knowledge is helpful but we also need to be able to practically put that knowledge into action. That is what ritual and energy work is designed to accomplish.

VE The Middle Self (Vé) is the Soul or the personality of the individual. Vé corresponds to the heart center. It is my middle self that writes this to you now. But the middle self cannot accomplish anything in the external world by itself. It needs the combined power of the Lower Self and sometimes the advice of the Upper Self to accomplish anything in the "real" world. This is why some people complain about not being able to "make anything happen" in their lives. Because their middle self is not working in harmony with the lower self and the upper self. The Middle Self is located in the heart center. It is what we would call the Soul. The word "Soul" comes from the Old English word "Sawul" which meant both Soul and Sun. The Soul is the Sun of the individual. The Sawul reflects our divine personality. It is the part of us that survives death and either graduates from physical incarnation or comes back as another incarnated soul to continue its education here on Mother Earth. The Lower Self (Villi) and the Upper Self (Odin) cooperate with the Middle Self (Vé) to help it learn and grow during its incarnation in limited three dimensional life. The Middle Self is here to experience two things; to balance out past life Karma and learn how to master manifestation on the physical level. The Middle Self is like the captain in steerage. It is given the task of making decisions that will guide the direction that we go in. But, the captain in steerage cannot power the ship (Villi), nor can he guide the ship without the map (Odin). If the Middle Self is not in communication with Upper and Lower Selves, it won't matter what commands or directions he shouts out. One of the problems we face in modern society is that we have forgotten about the synchronous relationship of all three selves. We are often trapped in our intellect. We try to make changes in our lives but nothing seems to happen. Chaos reigns supreme and all we can do is sit in our captain's chairs and complain about the state of our ship. When the Soul is isolated from the other two selves, besides watching the lower self (unconscious mind) wreak havoc on our lives, it also feels a stifling loneliness. By reconnecting the Middle Self with the Upper and Lower Selves and reestablishing cooperation and communication with all three selves, we not only achieve success in our lives, we find great fulfillment. Whether we are destined to be rich famous and influential or whether we are destined to learn from our past incarnations, it is the middle self that identifies most strongly with physical incarnation. Learning to listen to our Upper Self and coordinate with our Lower Selves is crucial to our "success" in each lifetime.

VILLI The Lower Self (Villi) contains the subconscious and unconscious minds which are housed in the navel center. The lower self is the repository of all psychic intuition. It is the Lower Self that travels outside the body when we sleep. It travels to other dimensions and locations and can learn a lot of information. A powerful shaman can send his/her lower self on journeys and errands. The art of manifestation has become very popular in the past decade. Movies like "The Secret" reveal that our future is created by those things in which we emotionally invest ourselves. Since then, manifestation groups have sprouted up all over the world where people come together to learn and practice the art of manifesting their perfect lives. However, there is one thin missing from "The Secret." From the shamanic perspective, it is an ancient truth that we manifest what we imagine, but, our Lower Self (Villi) must be in alignment with the other two Selves (Upper 'Odin' and Middle 'Ve') in order for someone to be able to manifest their imaginations into the external world. The Lower Self is the home of the subconscious and unconscious minds. If we, for example, have unresolved unconscious fear about love and romance, then until those conflicts have been brought into conscious awareness and resolved on the subconscious and unconscious levels, then any intentions to create love and romance will be confused at best. Here are some activities that direct Life Force Energy to the Lower Self: Deep Breathing, Chanting (galdor), Yoga, Tai Chi, Internal Martial Arts, Walking In Nature, Meditating near water sources (Rivers, Streams, Lakes and the Ocean). That is why these activities are absolutely essential to being able manifest our desires. Because not only do these practices fill our Lower Self (navel center) with Life Force Energy, but they help align the subconscious and unconscious minds with the conscious self (middle self). Manifestation requires the power of Life Force Energy to transform and create. The Lower Self is responsible for all Magick and manifestation. It literally creates your entire universe. But in order for the Lower Self to manifest your desires or your ritual workings, it needs pure Life Force Energy. This is the fuel of the Dwarf nature in our Lower Self. The Dwarves need Life Force Energy in order to manifest thoughts into physical reality. When we want to create new things in our lives, it is very helpful to integrate Energy Work into our daily practice.

THE THREE SELVES WORKING IN UNISON We have been discussing the shamanic belief that human beings are made up of three distinct selves. In the ancient Norse tradition, these selves were known as "Odin, Villi and Ve" which correspond respectively with the Upper Self (third eye), Lower Self (Navel) and Middle Self (heart center). The concept of the three selves is found in multiple traditions. In Taoism (the indigenous shamanism of China), the homes of the three selves are referred to as the three "Dan Tiens." Dan Tien can be loosely translated as 'elixir field' or 'sea of qi (life force energy).' The dan tiens are located in the navel, third eye and heart center. Taoists believe that in each of the three dan tiens lives a deity. These deities living in the dan tiens are called the 'three ones." The three ones are none other than the three selves. The three ones in the dan tiens are believed to be the microcosm of the external trinity of three ones that exist in the universe at large who create and maintain the universe. Human beings are holographic projections of the Inifinite Universe. One of the most powerful meditation practices in Taoism is called "holding the three ones." The goal of this meditative practice is to visualize the internal three ones projected outside of the body and then communicating with each other in the upper dan tien. When the three ones communicate with each other, the entire personality becomes unified enabling the individual to operate more effectively in life. Taoists believe that when one can project the three ones outside of their body and see them with their waking eyes, then the external trinity and internal trinity become aligned and then the person becomes an immortal and ascends to the heavens. The Norse had an almost identical understanding of the nature of the three selves and the holographic nature of the Triune cosmos. We can read about this in the Norse myth called The Gylfaginning (The Ascension of King Gylfe). In this myth King Gylf has a shamanic vision where he ascends to Valhalla and speaks with three kings seated one on top of the other. These three kings are none other than the three ones of taoist mysticism. They are the three selves of the individual when they are in communion with each other. This Norse myth is revealing in story form the process that the taoists practice when they meditated on "holding the three ones." In other words, according to multiple shamanic traditions, the entire triune cosmos is inside of us. We are a holographic projection of the entire universe. When we release the illusion that we are separate from Infinity, we become Infinity. In my book, "The Thunder Wizard Path" I teach a very simple, easy, modified form of this practice of unifying the three selves called "The Odin Meditation."

HUNAâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;BALANCING THE 3 SELVES HUNA is a system of mind, body, spirit integration and healing. In HUNA psychology there are three selves in one man. The three selves of HUNA are the Lower Self, the Middle Self, the Higher self. They are so called because of their psychical locations. The Lower-Self is located in that area of body known as "SOLAR PLEXUS''. The Middle-Self is located in the head and the Higher-Self is situated at about five feet above the head. The Lower-Self is equated to subconscious mind, Middle-Self is commonly referred to conscious mind, whereas Higher-Self is used for super conscious minds. The Middle-Self is our awakened conscious mind that is part of us which we are mostly aware and by which we reason, think and make decisions. The Lower-Self is the sea of feeling and emotions. The Lower-Self can be commanded and instructed to do things by middle self. The Higher-Self is the spiritual part of man being the most enlighten part of his nature. It is located five feet above the body and connected to right side of head by means of a silver cord. The Higher-Self is so close to us actually longs to help us through our difficulties. It has power to solve them in a very definite manner, if only we would seek its help. It is a curious fact that High Self never intervene in one's affair unless its help is specifically asked for. You have to learn to communicate with your Higher-Self and a new life of unlimited happiness, love and accomplishment can be yours. The three Selves are connected by means of an invisible cord which KAHUNA called AKA-CORD. Nothing alive exits without life force energy when someone died he stopped breathing. Hence breath or "Mana" becomes the symbol of life force energy. KAHUNA reorganizes the vital importance of PRANIC energy in performing miracles. The PRANA is the substance with which we want to accomplish some objectives for us. The PRANA is breathed in by the conscious Middle-Self and is sent up to Higher-Self. The Middle-Self takes the PRANA then the Lower-Self converts it and Higher-Self uses it.

Huna Meditation - Mystic Power of Ancients Sarah Eftink Morning Ritual

ODIN TELLS IT LIKE IT IS Odin answers question to him through a channeling medium: â&#x20AC;&#x17E;Rhinegirlâ&#x20AC;&#x153;: I shall now channel Odin for your benefit, although I suggest you read up on Norse Mythology, there's many intracacies which will answer any further questions regarding myth. Odin, what do you think about the Fenris Wolf? It is has been prophesied that he will destroy you. Do you plan to fight him and try to win, or to let him eat you? >We shall battle feircely, I for one cannot wait for it to begin. Of course I shall fight to win, anything less would be cowardly. In regards to question #1, do you think you can beat the Fenris Wolf? >I have full confidence in my ability as a warrior. At times fate rules ones life, but to avoid it and go hiding is foolishness. Where is the Hoddminir's Holt that Lif and Lifthrasir go for refuge? >There are various planes of existence, You've seen such places before in your travels on the astral...or at least...we've seen you. Why dont you and Thor, or you, Ve and Vilje and some of your warriors go and destroy the Fenris Wolf and the Midgard Serpent now, instead of waiting for the end? >It would change the physical laws of this universe and redistribute the energy to such an extent that few would be able to inhabit it, given the nature of human souls. I find it strange you Amerikans have such an apocalypse fetish. We Norsemen were strong and proud, vital, filled with life. Death was a harsh reality to be avoided untill it was trully you're time. Where did Audhumla go? >You humans have so much to learn in regards to the various planes and dimensions of reality. Do you believe in the prophesies? >I shall believe it when and if it comes to past. Prophecies don't always concern this particular reality. Who is Snorri? >I believe you're speaking of a 13th century politician-writer. I suggest you read Egil's saga. I am sure you will enjoy it. Has Mime told you anything that does not go with the prophesies? Or does he agree with them? >No, he has not. As for his opinion, opinions are like arseholes...everybody has one. Why do you choose Rhinegirl to channel you? Is she the first? Is she the last? >She is one of my children. Neither first or last. I speak to my children yet not all can hear them. Thank you and that is all for now. I do wish to say one last thing. It has come to my attention that many here are taking advice from reptiles. I suggest you follow your own hearts and be wary of the scaly ones. They are like lawyers but much more dangerous. (Originally posted by Aries) Thank you for answering my questions. I have one more.

You said "There are various planes of existence, You've seen such places before in your travels on the astral...or at least...we've seen you" >Yes to both. I have projected only afew times, and have trouble remembering my projections. Are you saying that I have met or seen you or any of the Aesir? >Yes but usually you are too busy taking part in sport to have a long conversation. I am going to try and find you next time I project, any advice? >Learn who you are and then remember. Thanks -Aries >You're welcome Hello Odin, I am concerned about this allegience that some are showing the Zetas. >You are right to be concerned, notice how they claim that human emotion is a bad thing and yet they play on human guilt and shame when questioned. Are they afraid of questions? >Yes they are afraid of questions for the best defense of the liar is to say as little as possible or remember what you said to who. Are we the only species they've done this to? >No, by no means are the first or the last. That's what's makes these things so vile. They have a great deal of practice in regards to their rehearsed lies. Why are so many afraid to call them on their Bulls**t? >There is a strange phenomena in America called political correctness which causes the courage of the heart to wane in favor of approval. Is it wrong to desire approval? No of course not. The problem comes when you refuse to be real and honest with how you trully feel. The feelings are not the problem it is what you do with them. So I can be angry, of sad, or happy and its ok. I just need to learn to control the energy? >Correct! Emotions are humanities greatest weapon. A weapon? Can you explain further and expand on why the Zetas want us to get free of emotions. >Once you as an individual and a species learn to control and use your emotions, it will be akin to a person who knows how to correctly weild and axe or gun in defense of themselves and their home. The Zetas want us to get rid of our emotions because why? >If you were a criminal intent on stealing from someone the last thing you want is for them to defend themselves. Take away someones defense and you can rule them. That makes me angry. >It should. Do not allow these shifty interstellar used goat salesmen to steal your inner treasures and rape your soul. Thank you Odin, I look forward to your next communication. >Your welcome, and before I forget. The entity Mustard is channeling is Loki who is up to his old tricks again.

QUESTIONS FOR ODIN Basically, I’ve often wondered why it is that we have such diverse cultures if indeed there is a central source to it all. Why did humans evolve culturally the way we did? Is Indra and Thorr the same being? Why do so many people fight over customs which most people share in some form or fashion? Even in all of this, even in this sense of connectedness… why do most of us become attracted to and have longing for own clear ancestral lines when some have so much more to offer and even come from a shared source? >Unity and diversity… Fire and Ice… What you see as a contradiction can equally be seen as a creative tension. In the beginning, fire and ice were the polar opposites. Where they met, there came a yeasty ferment. Thus they tell the tale in the land of ice and fire, fixing upon that image because it presents itself there most dramatically. In other lands folk might find other images, but the truth behind them all is the same. This truth is that diversity is necessary. Life is built upon certain basic principles, natural laws, and so are your lives. You need to know that these eternal truths will stay constant. You depend upon them. But that constancy is only a foundation. The purpose of gravity is to keep you connected to the earth, but not permanently rooted in it. You must be free to move about, to interact. It is not so different in the world of the spirit. There are certain truths , foundations, archetypes, that remain constant, and yet the way in which those principles manifest when they interact with individuals is both varied and constantly changing.. You, as an individual, are a part of that greater entity called humankind. There are certain characteristics that you all share. And yet you are also a unique individual. If your species were not comprised of such unique beings, you would not be humankind—diversity is part of the essence of the unity. The most powerful concepts are paradoxes. And so we, the gods, are both diverse and individual and permanent archetypes. It might even be said that there are as many gods as there are worshippers, even when they call on the same name, because your unique experiences and knowledge have prepared you to perceive and receive me, or the others, in an individual way. The words I speak in different ears may show similarities, and yet they are never entirely the same, because they are not heard in the same way. In diversity is power to grow and change, to find new and better ways, or ways that are more appropriate to a particularl place or situation. Competition and even conflict make a species stronger, or a culture. So, to a certain extent, you are programmed to fight those who are different. As your world becomes more unified, it is to be hoped that these will more often be friendly competitions. But you must understand that we (the gods) value and delight in the uniqueness of each soul. For many, the path that is most comfortable and attractive will be the one with which their cultures or familiy traditions have prepared them to resonate. But there are others whose identity is of the soul rather than of the body, and so they follow paths that cannot be predicted by physical inheritance. They bring new life and new variety into the cultural mix. A regular admixture of new and disparate elments is what keeps a culture alive. So, the diversity and conflict which you perceive may not be comfortable, but in the long run it is productive. And the long run, the end result, is what I am working for….

To the mind of Woden, is it ethical to eat meat? What of the growing vegetarianism in the world? >Is it ever “ethical” for one life to feed on another life? This is a strange question. Is it ever possible for one life to live without feeding on another life? You stand, literally, on the shoulders of a giant (I should know, I put him there), and supported by the toil of your ancestors before you, who died to make room for you. You live, now, by the grace of the plants that broke the rocks to soil, by those who grew in that soil, by the animals that ate the plants and shat the seeds… Life feeds on life. It’s the way of the world, of the Ingwaz that passes through Jera to become Gebo and Fehu. This is the reverse of their order in the futhark as you understand it, but you need the grain to understand the gift, to take it with you through the harvest and the dark places of the year and to sleep, dreaming in the earth until the urge to sprout becomes overpowering. If you understand this cycle, and your place within it, eating meat is simply another aspect of that. There are no more wolves in your hills, and my cousin Coyote dares not come close enough to your houses to eat the deer. So, they and the rabbits overrun the hills and eat your lettuces; is this right? Is it kinder for the boar that provides all the meat for all the heroes of Valhalla to die (as the heroes do) each night and rise each morn than it would be for that boar to be horribly aware while it was bled, flayed, butchered, and served? That’s not what you asked, of course, but ask a death-god about a topic that touches on death and you’re going to get a death-oriented answer. But as for those heroes… my wolves feed on them, and they are as hungry for that flesh as they are for minds to savor. My ravens peck out the eyes of the heroes as well the thoughts and memories they hear as they fly across the worlds. Are they unethical, for acting according to their nature? Of course not! Humans were meant, according to their nature, to eat anything that they could make edible. You were fashioned with hands and minds, with flat teeth and pointed. As you have but one stomach and do not eat your own shit, you don’t get much from plants, unless they’ve been pre-processed by animal or… well… I suppose you could eat hominy. But not even the Swedish think much of lutefisk, and that’s much the same idea. Those who seek to eat only vegetables seek to live more lightly upon the Earth—and as you are doing so very well at breeding like blowflies (did Thor, perhaps, kill too many giants? I wonder, sometimes…), this is not such a bad idea. But, do not disregard the lives of plants as greater or lesser than those of animals or fungi. At that level, a life is a life is a life, and it is only in whether that life is conscious of its fate that there is any difference. Have you ever seen beef cattle? Tried to hold discourse with chickens? I have to wonder if the corn is not more conscious of its fate than the cattle of the fields (or, for that matter, for the human cattle of the cities’ stockyards, but I digress). I’ve met some very intelligent trees who weren’t there the next time I happened by because someone else wanted a ream of eighty-pound cardstock, but you’re not here asking about recycled paper; you’re asking about meat. If you choose not to eat meat, I would not bother to do it—or not—for the sake of the animals you’re not eating. It’s their lot to be eaten by others, that’s why they taste so good. But doing it to be more mindful of your weight upon the Holy Earth… well, that I can understand. But while you’re at it, consider recycled paper.

If how humans experience the divine is expressed through our diverse cultures and ideologies, than does that not mean we “worship” our own selves and expressions and not the Truth? Sure the myths of the North are more readily acceptable and palpable for Europeans, but is this not just self-aggrandizement and nowhere near closer to the Truth? [sigh] >Put your keyboard down a moment. After you read these few paragraphs, step away from the machine, step outside. Even if it is a busy street corner, watch it. Pause. Consider. It will be better, really, if there are some people passing by. I will be here when you return—strictly speaking, I’ll be with you when you’re there, too, but these words will remain pinned to the screen, so go and do that and watch the people for a good few minutes, then come back. Each of those people has a little sliver of the Truth. Even if they ignore it, even if they put it under the bushel basket of their ego, it still exists and is theirs and cannot be taken away. But this is not simply themselves, nor their self-expressions. Some few know how to cradle that spark, some fewer know how to feed it. Many will mistake their spark for the whole of the flame… and a vanishingly small remnant know better than to mistake the moon for the sun. It’s those last that are worth finding, those last that bring me more joy than any thousand of the milling ones who do not stop to question, to seek, to find—ah, not not to yield, of course, but we cannot all be Ulysses! It is true, though, that you each find it easiest to worship that god you find reflected in yourself. Say you have had some injury in one eye, or a penchant for seeking knowledge others would not? Then you might just be mad enough to seek me… certainly it will be easier for you. Easier, again, if you have been raised in this culture or by this blood. But, as I will address in your next question, some seek further afield to nourish that flame of Truth… and that, too, is an impulse of mine. The ways of the East are becoming more and more accepted by Germanic folk. How does that make you feel, that the English or the Swedish are leaving their heritage for ways of India or Japan? “Leaving their heritage.” >My heritage has little to say of haring off to Samsey Isle, let alone the Internet, yet here we are. Recently, a man wrote in an ostensibly Odinist newsletter that all sentient beings seek to attain Odinnic Consciousness. I was, of course, quite flattered… but the aspects of me that write for this site are not, I think, the patrons of the consciousness they seek to attain—and what’s more, they said very unflattering things about my blood-brother. Well, I suppose it’s nothing worse than what I’ve said about him myself, but really… Rather less recently, rather a few other men wrote many, many words, but it boiled down to the idea that all sentient beings seek to attain the Buddha nature. This amuses the “me” you understand as Woden, Odin, et al differently, and flatters less. Others among my faces, however… it is a complicated question, and part of the answer simply doesn’t have words in any human language. Am I Buddha? Feel free to come back when you’re done

laughing; I admit I laughed at the idea myself… in some part. And in some part I did not. Again, it is complicated. I will not sit here and argue the case for pantheism or hypersyncretism with you—those are human concepts that try and fail to encompass the unspeakable truth of the matter. Besides, hard polytheism being so very important to most heathens, it would not go very well, even as far as it could go. The question is not only more complicated than you imagine, it’s more complicated than you can imagine, and for all that’s a cliche I can say no better than that. As to your real question, they are seeking to move beyond what they were given to find wisdom. I’m even less likely to argue against that than I am to argue against eating meat! Let them go, let them go… and if they seek the Buddha nature, they will also find me, but a different me than you speak to now. That is, until they leave the world… for for all its sorrows and pain, I am bound to these worlds and will not remove myself from it while they last. So perhaps I am a Bodhisattva! [laughter] Well, no, because I am not here to aid all to seek enlightenment, and in my case the light is more that of the sky in late twilight, scattered carelessly with stars and with the trailing edge of Sunna’s evening gown… dark, but not completely so. But I am not here for everyone. Frankly, most people would not know what to do if Enlightenment ran over them like a Mack truck, and I fail the Bodhisattva test because I, at least, recognize that. But for those who would seek my path, and offer themselves to themSelves, who would allow their preconceptions and all that they were to fall away… well, then there is me. But I’m hardly serene, do nothing to prevent the world’s pain, and I’m thoroughly disreputable. And I give nothing for nothing, but like the lessons of the Buddhas my greatest gift is ecstasy… but to take it is to accept that the work to do is within the world, not seeking to depart from it. For those who do seek to leave, though, I have several reactions: 1. Fine. Leave. The work is here, and if you cannot face it then do not let the door of the world hit you on the way out. 2. How dare they leave!? Every soul that leaves is one less… but it is also one less to board Naglfar, so at least I don’t lose anything else either… so sometimes I am angry instead of dismissive. 3. And some days… when I grow weariest of the worlds, and of age, and of pain and sorrow and regret… some days I envy them for being able to leave. But that is when I know I must return to my center and my beloved, lest I grow bitter enough to seek the worlds’ end before its time. But in no case do I think they are abandoning me, right up until the very moment when they free themselves from the cycle of life and death. In some sense, of course, I am with them regardless, and some more consciously take me with them when they seek that path. There is wisdom in it, long endurance and great serenity… …but my name is madness, and furor, and the wild wind blowing. I am that and that is me. In the end, I can hardly argue against faring afield in search of wisdom.. The popular movies series The Matrix brings up some very intriguing philosophical questions, and borrows heavily from mythic thinking, Gnosticism, and Buddhism. What

does Woden have to say about the message in these movies…and do we humans have anything to fear from the development of our technology, and in specific, AI? >What do I have to say about them? I say that the Wachowskis took what you cite… and others… and dismembered them. I mean no disrespect in this, of course—I’m hardly going to complain about using bones to build worlds! But they hung wires for their actors from the skull of Hong Kong action movies. The mirror they pass through is part Carroll, but the tones that echo down Neo’s throat as the looking glass passes through him are clearly derived from analog phone lines. Neo’s first taste of a dual life exposes him to mundane and hacker cultures, and indeed the hacker ethic pervades much of the movies. These movies have a lot to say about the Hacker as Shaman, passing between worlds. I would not linger on the story overlong; it’s just Campbell’s Hero Journey in a skintight latex catsuit. What’s interesting to you is the world that’s been built, yes? And so that is what I comment on. I had to laugh at watching them, putting those wires in their necks—they tense, then relax into it, caught from behind with an ecstatic experience. It’s a new ergi for the twenty-first century, and they are each unmanned… thrust into a place where what they believe is so. But they are rather poor shamans: once they’ve gained hard-won access to the Otherworlds, they then wrap themselves around with petty, simple rules. Only one—One—realises the game enough to fly, and none of them realise it enough for even the simplest of tricks: If all that they seem themselves as is residual self-image, why have none of them tricked onto shapeshifting yet? Not thinking of teleportation I can allow as dramatic license, I suppose, but— bah! They’re not stupid overall, but they each have a large blind spot in this region. Obviously, they should have found a few shamans to unplug to teach them how to use this Brave New Metaphor! Surely those are part of that remnant the Architect spoke of… both are paths of mine, and most who choose anything of mine are malcontents to one extent or another. [Source Six and a watcher] took me to the movies, which was the first time they had done so deliberately—before I usually have to peer over shoulders and whisper in their ears, but this time they did it deliberately. Avid reader of this site that you are, I think you can imagine how well I value a new experience—or, more precisely (if more recursively), experiencing someone experiencing me having a new experience. Did you notice that there are pieces of me in several places? Not surprising, as it is a movie about the mind, and the artifices the mind can create. Neo gives up his old life for knowledge, sacrificing self to Self. Eventually, he meets the Architect (strikingly handsome fellow, is he not?), and is given riddling speech far beyond anything I, I, and I gave Gylfi. In the trailer for the movie that has not yet been released, it appears that our young hero blinds himself. I find that terribly amusing. Even I had the good sense to stop after only one eye… But what one has to fear from artificial intelligence? What has one to fear from casting all ties to what is known? What has one to fear from sailing to Vinland, when there are no charts, no pilots’ logs? It is like that, but the sea is vaster, for the Sea of Ideas is vaster by far than any sea of Ran, vaster than even the Sea of Stars; it must be, for the Seas of the Mind—my seas—must necessarily encompass allof those. Sail with care, watch the wind and wave for signs of storm and trouble. Send launches to shore and scout for skraelings before you land

for true… Pack well, and be mindful, and this will avoid most trouble in life. Have I not said this often enough? It’s all over this site, although more as a… background, I suppose, then spelled out. It penetrates and infiltrates everything here; some of the sources you read here sought a new experience, and learned to be mindful of a new influence in their life. If Truth is one and paths are many, does this also mean that to the monotheists, our dear Woden is the God of the desertlands? The Truth That Is One is beyond the ability of most to comprehend. Those who can grasp it can do little but gape like fish out of water (and by that time they are far, far, out of water), and hopefully flop back in before they die. One of the trade-offs for being corporeal is to be, in part, cut off. On the other hand, you do get fingers for it. It’s a fair trade… But the Singular Truth is one that encompasses all things: typhoid and swans, good and evil, law and chaos. There is a place where all of those are part of the same thing, because all of those (including myself, the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, his wife Asherah…) must exist within it; after all, we’re all part of the same universe. This is not, however, where many of those monotheists dwell in the snug holdings of their beliefs. They live in a rather more narrow-minded place, and in that realm I am not their god, and only that which came when Yah met El in the courts of Babylon has meaning. Indeed, depending on the stories you’ve been reading lately, I share rather more traits with the Morningstar than with Adonai! Listen: according to the predominant Christian dogma, their god is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent. If I were omniscient, I wouldn’t’ve gone digging up perfectly contented dead seeresses. I could have found far better things to do with those nine days. I’d still have both eyes—it goes on. My appetite for knowledge and experience cannot be slaked; how could that be so if I already knew everything? If I were omnipotent, Ragnarok would never come to pass. My son would be at my right hand. Actually, if I were truly omnipotent, he wouldn’t’ve died at all, humanity would still be in Paradise… and it’d be boring… I won’t even touch omnibenevolent. “Bolverk,” after all, is on the list of my names, and I would not erase it if I could! (which I cannot, not being omnipotent, see my second point) Frankly, anyone who can observe as well as a child of six realises that Adonai falls short of his own yardstick, and that’s part of why I never tried. I may not be completely honest, but at least I keep my lies plausible. So. There is a place where we can intersect, which is everywhere and nowhere, both constant and exceedingly unlikely. We are not the same, either to our corporeal friends or to each other… except in that place where we are. But the place where we are the same is not very far from the place where you are also the same as he, and I, and everything else.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand that… it’s not a thing that may be reached by logic, but only by experience, and the price of experiencing that is never fitting quite right into the world of matter again.

ON DEATH What is Good? It is not absence of pain, or of uncertainty, or of fear. All of those things may be necessary for the Good to survive. You cannot understand Me until you accept the essential paradox of existence, that there is neither good nor bad, there are only ice and fire. There is that which moves and that which does not move, and the fire melts the ice and the water flows. If there is what you call Good, it is in the interaction, the balance between forces in which growth and death and change can occur. Why do you think the old heroes laughed as they died? They lived on the edge always, and if death did not come on a foe’s sword, it was likely to come from cold or the sea or disease or starvation. The men of the north knew themselves vulnerable, and so they exulted in using the power and time they had. It is not necessary to kill in order to know this, but it is necessary to accept danger, to forgo the idea that health or money in the bank will make you secure. Even the dead change, though more slowly. Without bodies to anchor them, some do not have the force of character to maintain a pattern of identity, and it dissipates, only the elemental spirit remaining to be reborn. Others maintain their identity, especially if their deeds cause them to be remembered. They last longer, though the memories of those who honor them may transform them in the process from the original human to an alf, or loa, or saint whose powers are greater because human understanding has made them so. They become points of access, intermediaries between the human state and the divine, that humans prefer to work with because they are easier to understand. That is why the monotheistic religions never survive in pure form. You are human, and need human images to work with. At least this is true for most men. Those who develop the capacity to understand spirit while still in the body have a head start — at least if they then are able to transmit this understanding to others either by teaching or by example. But it does not matter — spirit does not die, and if it does not comprehend this in one life there is always another. Those who become alfs gradually evolve, becoming more and more assimilated to the archetypal patterns you call the gods. The warriors always want to hear about swordplay, but do you not think I would make provision for all my children? If your idea of heaven is a non-stop Bardic Circle where all the poetry is first-class, then that is what you shall have. I learn as much from sharing the experience of pain as I do from joy — but only when it is freely offered to me by those who understand why I need to know human pain. I do have rewards for those who work with me — and that, not service, is what I want…. I surround you as the air you breathe. Breathe in and you take in my power, breathe out and you rest within me. Men die and cattle die, but that does not mean you should not mourn. While you hold me at arms’ length you will never be able to embrace your sorrow. Grief is an offering. Rest, let go the busy mind, I am consciousness but I am also Peace, lack of thought, Being. You can come to me for help in all your troubles — do not think I am there only for those functions that the mythologists have defined. So mourn, not for

death, but for the change it brings. When someone you love dies you lose a certainty, a habit, a resource, and you see your own mortality. It was well that you should do so. This is part of being human. Sometimes, with courage and training, it can be conquered, but sometimes it must simply be endured. The process of birth is recapitulated in reverse, you become subject to the whim of others, dependent, helpless. You will hate that, unless your body itself forces you to accept it . . . Practice letting go — there are things you cannot control. It will be much easier if you learn to trust me. You may abandon me, but I will never abandon you, not so long as you breathe, nor after. We serve the same goals, but even that is not entirely the reason I am with you; I need your awareness. I am what I am, and you, by your nature, are in tune with a part of me, therefore it requires neither choice nor effort. Do not try to limit me; for in doing so you will limit yourself. Bear me with you always, into the death chamber and into the birth chamber. Give my blessing to the child and to the dead. Where you are. I am. We will walk together, and I will share your burden. Do not be afraid, even of the end you fear. Trust in me. I am a god of the living as well as of the dead. Not that there is always as much difference as humans are used to believing. It is all life, in one form or another. I am the giver of Önd, and wherever the breath goes, I go. But the dead are without breath. Does that mean they do not know me? No — only that they are known and know after another manner. All things have memory — stones, metals, wood. But for each thing there is a different language — a different key to unlock its secrets. I gave runes to all the kindreds, but they were not entirely the same runes. Consciousness defines the way in which you perceive reality. When the spirit is freed from the systems of flesh and from manifest Midgard, it inhabits, as we do, a state of being that is the raw stuff of reality. It can be molded by thought. Those who have not trained their will and imagination, who believe there is nothing, will see nothing, and with nothing to cling to, be lost, lose themselves. Those who see the heaven or hell of the Christians will find themselves there, stuck in whichever perception their self-judgement condemns them to. And if you choose to come to me, then you will feast in my hall. They say it is the valkyries who Choose, but what is the valkyrie but the bride of the soul? She is that part of you that will show you the way, if you have the courage to take it. All your life is a choosing, which determines what you are able to see. If you are still bound by the ties of Midgard, of your family, of humanity, then you will remain connected and attach yourself to a body once more. If your soul’s desire is to transcend the circles of the world, that is what you shall do — but only if your spirit is able to comprehend what that transcendence means. Does this answer your question? There are other ways to see and say this. You make your fate by choosing how you will experience the world. Open one eye without and one within; see simultaneously in both worlds. See the truth, and choose which truth you will see. This is not as chaotic and haphazard as it sounds. Past and Present are one, and both of them together are the future. Ravens fly, black bobbing specks in the grey sky. They fly from battlefield to battlefield, seeking their food. From age to age it is the same. In these times there is often nothing left even for the ravens. But the spirit that consumes the destruction, lives on. What do they eat, these consumers of carrion? The bodies of heroes

and cowards they eat, and the bodies of men who never did anything, either very good or very bad, at all. I gather the heroes, and today there are many who flee heroism, or deny it, or outlive their strength and so are denied the blessing of a conscious ending. In the old days men did not live so long; it was not a problem. At times there are those who remember. A good friend can help, whatever the diagnosis. but in your day, too many are afraid. But I can come with tenderness as well as in strife, as you have seen. This I promise, that my children will have the gift of a conscious ending, even if the decision is to accept my kiss and sleep. Wagner began to understand the conflicts between choice and change, between freedom and free will. Most humans continue to communicate them. Your lives are a series of choices, your deaths the outcome. It is death, like the last chapter, that gives focus to the time before. Wagner suspected also the other motivation behind my love, that by sharing its vulnerability, I learn. I can be argued with — sometimes even out-argued, because in the process, both you and I learn something. And once I have learned it, I am not the same, and am therefore not entirely bound to previous pronouncements. The Mormons are right in this at least — God does change the rules. From time to time. But these changes are all at the surface level, where most of you live. So for most of you, that is sufficient. But it does not change the deeper patterns, and it is these that will one day trap you. Brunhild’s Choice determined her destiny. My choice was only how to work within those parameters. Very often, luck, or victory, come from understanding how the strands of fate have intertwined. When you see clearly the currents of the universe, you see as the Norns do. When you understand clearly, it will become very simple, for at every juncture there will be only one thing you have to do. Wyrd carries its own internal necessity. I do not make those rules. So be careful what you choose. Do not drift through life, but do not glue yourself to your five year plan. Continually be aware of the tides, and be prepared for change. Those whom I have chosen are wise if they also choose me. That is choosing to paddle in the direction the flow is going. Do not brave the current to try to swim upstream. On the other hand, sometimes you may find quiet backwaters. Egil Skallagrimson railed against me when his grown sons were drowned, and came in the end to understand that my gift did not negate, but balanced his grief. This is the word I give you — Grief cannot be denied. Accept it, embrace it, move through it. This is what I have done. I ask nothing that I have not myself experienced. I too have lost a son and seen him engulfed by flames. The fire transforms. My son will not come again in this age of the world. Those who die now in the world may return, but to the parent, it is all the same. The children for which you dreamed of a future will have no future. The future you imagined living through them will never be. You must seek elsewhere for your immortality. Grieve, rail, sorrow, but know that in the end all things will die. Your sorrow is a temporary thing, for your life is temporary, and it is only in your own time that men believe that death is an end. Some die sooner, that is all. Accept the universal while grieving for the particular. Your own grief is important, and yet it does not matter. The world continues to turn. Life goes on. If you want to talk to dead people, you will learn to do it. I have learned a lot from them over the centuries. But they don’t

know everything. You do not need to talk to them to know that the spirit goes on. I am here to tell you so. But by talking to the ancestors, you may learn how to develop the missing part of your spiritual practice. You understand the gods as well as any human can understand us! (laughter) You have some concept of what the landwights and older powers are, insofar as humans can comprehend them at all. But the invisible community, the “cloud of witnesses” that the Christians (who understood this after their own fashion, at least in the Middle Ages), goes on. You Americans move around from place to place, so it is hard for you to build a deep relationship with your wights, but though you do not link to the land through the bones of your dead, you carry them with you. The geography of the spirit world intersects yours, and the physical location of mortal remains is less important than the spiritual connection. Your ghosts are immigrants and migrants too, but you carry your ancestors with you in your genes and in your culture. Spirit guides are not always of the same family or even tribe for instance, the medium and his Indian Chief. His comments on the symbolic language are worth consideration the spirits speak in galdor, a symbolic language. In a sense, they speak runes, mysteries, symbols chosen to activate the understanding of those to whom they come. To comfort the family and community after the death of a friend from Lou Gehrig’s disease: A star has fallen into shadow. You no longer see its lovely glow. But is it gone? The stars are still there when daylight prevents you from seeing them. Now, it is the light of physical life that prevents you from seeing the star that you have lost. But it is still there, still shining with the same radiant glow. You are blinded by the brightness of physical reality. You see the things you can touch and taste. You see the body but you do not see the spirit — not, at least, when you are seeing with mortal eyes. This world around you is real. The worn out body she has left is real. But they are not all that is real. You learned, in those months in which her body was betraying her, to see beyond the weakness and uncoordination. You learned in those months to hear beyond the stuttering speech. To communicate, to care for her, you had to learn how to see past those things and focus on the spirit within. Is it so difficult, then, to look beyond your loss of that physical envelope and see the spirit that smiles on you now? Her star has not set, it is rising, on that other side of the world — in that Other World, which is the complement to your own. The breath of life that once I gave I have received back once more. She needs the winds of this world no longer. Now it is a rarer atmosphere that she does not inhale, but experiences, for in the world of the spirit, the senses are not separate. Form and spirit are not distinct. To be, to know existence, is to have instant awareness, access, to all that she needs. It is timeless, yet has no time. All is known, and all is being learned anew. You must release her now, to set forth on this new adventure. But she has taken vows in this life that connect her to your community still. Let her learn this new world, this new state of being, and when a year has passed she will return to watch over you. Call upon her then as one of the disir, and she will shine for you among the stars.

THE GREAT ESCAPE In the Ptolemaic system the planets are central points on gigantic crystal spheres, ruled by minor gods. This posed the problem of how the escaping spirits were supposed to get through each of the eight transparent spheres to reach the Pleroma. The Christ-Logos leads you on a safe passage away from the planetary Archons and its minions into safety.

Notice: The diagram of the Ophites places Leviathan at the end of the solar system close to the heavenly waters. Leviathan is the Ouroboros. He is the final frontier that has to be crossed in the afterlife on the way to God.

Jakob Boehme: The soul breaks free from the realm of the Demiurge like a phoenix ... [The all-seeing-eye rules over 4 elements fire/earth/air/water and 4 Deadly Sins wrath/pride/greed/envy] â&#x20AC;Ś into the arms of the Christ-Logos

In myth THOR is gonna kill the midgard snake „Jörmungandr“ – the Ouroboros - and then fall dead, being poisoned by the serpent's venom. In reality ODIN in his holy rage will kill Jörmungandr/Leviathan at Ragnarök and thus free mankind.

THE WAY BACK TO GOD In the following I present a graphic, sketching the way back to God. As the gnostic explanations suggest, this can only be a map of consciousness in relation to earthly existence. So it describes the space of consciousness, not the living space. Such pictorial and verbal representations always have a certain blurriness due to dimensional reduction. For example, the two belts „SATAN“ and „DRAGONS (Drachen)“ are connected in a way as it is described in the blog under the labels 666 and 999. I would like to talk briefly about the DRAGONS: While the belts underneath are directed forces (they lead downwards and create delusion, cf. "seduction"), the DRAGON belt is basically neutral, but it is a very strong force ("elemental force").








SATAN, in his aspect dependent on BAPHOMET, is a problem that every soul must solve on its way back to God. But it is not the only problem, nor is it the biggest. Whoever has a onesided fixation on SATAN as "the evil one" usually shows that he is ✗ projecting ✗ stupidly or maliciously simplifying ✗ selectively demonizing in this way and ✗ not recognizing the true extent of the difficult parts of reality. Who sees SATAN in others and not in oneself, and who does not recognize more and bigger devils and demons than SATAN, stands in the initial suspicion of disguising something [ in his shadow] and not wanting to do his essential work at all.

Allfather Odin. God and Savior =download link (Allfather Odin. God and Savior) Odin is a prominently ment...

Allfather Odin. God and Savior =download link (Allfather Odin. God and Savior) Odin is a prominently ment...