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This is how my front cover started, I thought if I placed my main image on first that I could then work around it as I would be able to see what space I have left over to put my writing. Also if I do need to move it further on then I know where it can and cannot fit. I think it looks very effective, I airbrushed the image slightly as to make it look nicer on the page, I blurred round the edge of the image as to blend it on to the page instead of it looking like it had been cut out n stuck on randomly. I have deliberately left a space at the bottom as this way I can then put a band at the bottom of the cover this meaning that what ever I put on it will stick out more boldly because it is on a different colour back ground. Also the image itself I changed slightly to I used a colour image changed it to black and white and then used hue and saturation to create a pink head band this looks great because it then gives the image a little more interest.

My next step was to create a title, I done this by using dafont I found a suitable font that I thought was interesting. Even though I only have the title and image the cover reminds me of an indie genre. This could be good and bad although I see it as a good thing because it draws people’s attention.

This is wear I went on to pursue the idea of using the band at the bottom I think it looks effective by itself but with the images and writing it will look better it works well with the use of colour that I currently have. I choose to use black and white because it then sets an over all theme of what the covers going to look like however when carrying on I can then use very vibrant colours that will look bold against this back ground.

I have now started adding writing I think that by using bold colours will then improve the appeal of the magazine. I especially like the Main cover line, its bold and the use of red against the rest of the image looks great. It stands out and is the first thing you see this will now set a trend for the colours I use they will all be very bright similar colours as I don’t think it would look as good if I use random colours. I have also now done the selling line it is in a bright pink so it is bold but it also combines with the head band on the girl.

I have now finished all my writing it looks very effective and bold; I did end up using black for some of the writing as I thought it may be a bit too much if I used a bright colour for all the writing and I didn’t want it ending up looking tacky. I also decided to use a yellow as well because if I hadn’t then it would have been a very feminine based magazine. Although I do think that it is a good idea to base it at girls going to college because they are the more likely buyers of magazines. Finally on the last little section of yellow writing I used a stroke to create a glow around it this way it then stands out and you can see that it slightly different to the rest of the writing.

When looking at most magazine covers I noticed that they have other images on the front covers I thought instead of using several larger images that I would use 3 smaller images in the bottom corner that would then be separated across the black strip, I then used the skew tool to make them a little more funky as if they were just layered over one another they would slightly dull by me doing this I then create a more artistic style on it and the viewer will look at them as well as looking at the writing. The images vary to show what is going on inside the magazine even though I have only written a sect few bits of information.

Finally I added the bar code and this is what finished my over all piece, I think it looks good, it has everything that a normal college magazine or any magazine would have, the use of the bold main cover line is what grabs peoples attentions and it is a serious matter that is seen at colleges or further education and nowadays so many people suffer with learning disabilities so I thought it would be a good idea to use something like this to grab the viewers attention. I think that I made up for not using colour in the main image because the magazine itself has a lot of colour due to its writing and the smaller images I think it may not look as good if it had any more colour on it. I think it works very well over all and the use of main image being layered over the title you see this done in several magazines so it is not out of the ordinary but because of the style of the writing and the genre I think it is it looks good yet you can still see what it says.

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