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o become the Mumbai Police commissioner is a dream come true for a Bandra boy who used to play football in the lanes of Bandra," said Rakesh Maria, Mumbai's new commissioner of police (CP), while talking to Bandra Byte.

Regarding the delay in his appointment, fiftyseven-year-old Maria, who superseded several senior IPS officers to become the Mumbai CP, said, "If the politicians took time in deciding who would get the job, it means they have thought it over well and made me the commissioner. I have more responsibility on my shoulders.” When asked about being picked above several senior IPS officers, he said, "We are in the disciplinary force. We do whatever task is given to us with utmost care." Maria said he would continue good practices initiated by his predecessor Satyapal Singh. The Maria Mandate New police chief Rakesh Maria has listed out his priorities for the city. Bandra Byte highlight some pertinent cases or the relevant background behind the mandate. Security of women, senior citizens and kids Maria has directed that if victims of sexual abuse feel uncomfortable to go to the police station to recount their ordeal, women officers will be sent to their place to record their statements. "Stern action will be taken against cops who don't treat sensitive cases relating to women seriously. Senior inspectors of the particular police station will be pulled up if his subordinates do not attend to cases of women and kids properly," Maria told Bandra Byte.

Besides, he has listed out that a quick redressal desk will be set up to cater to women and senior citizens, missing complaints regarding women and kids can be registered at any police station inthe city and that cops refusing to register acase will be dealt with sternly. Will ensure impartial election Asked for a comment on the perception that he is anti-Muslim, he said it was wrong: "There is no such perception. I have been in the ATS for many years I don't think such a perception exists." "Khaki uniform has no caste class creed or political affiliation. We will do our duty to ensure impartial election," was his answer to how Mumbai would be policed during the elections.

Rakesh Maria (CP) superseded several senior IPS officers

Hardened criminals list Stepping up efforts to track down dreaded gangsters and hardened criminals in the city, Maria has asked the crime branch to prepare their list even as he stressed on upgrading anti-terror cells at various police stations here. "I have instructed the Crime branch and all city police stations to get ready with a list of gangsters and hardened criminals so that we can catch them," Maria said. Commission to review citizen-friendly plans by ex-chiefs Maria has set up a committee that will review the earlier schemes that were introduced by his predecessors to help citizens but never really worked out. The

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study is expected to reveal if the plans can indeed be implemented or continued, in some cases, and how many personnel are involved in them.

additional commissioner of police Brijesh Singh, will comprise additional commissioner Krishna Prakash, three deputy commissioners and three assistant commissioners of police.

The committee, to be headed by

- Snehal Shetty

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MARCH 2014


THE UNSUNG Pic: Kriti Sharma


Sister Bindhu

The Unsung are ordinary people living amongst us, with extraordinary feats attached to their names. But their names are yet unknown. And their stories of courage are yet untold. This initiative will honour people from Bandra who have decisively and positively changed Mumbai for the better. Sister Bindhu, the director of Navjeet Community Health Center of the Holy Family Hospital


“Our vision is to build a community based on the value of justice, brotherhood and compassion....”


nlike many NGOs, Navjeet Community Health Center does not restrict their work to a single aspect. The center works on community health, child education, women empowerment, rural development, sanitation, cultural training and many more. Sister Bindhu, the director of Navjeet Community Health Center of the Holy Family Hospital joined it in 2010. Since then she has dedicated herself to untiringly work for the upliftment of underpriviliged.

Navjeet Community Health Center which was established in 1978 was pioneered by Dr. Ancilla Tragler (pediatrician) and Mother Giovanna (gynaecologist). It was started with the aim to lend medical support to the poor slum women in Bandra. Sister Bindhu’s sole aim is to enhance the quality of their lives through education, health, advocacy and community development thereby placing them on the path of quality

living. She says, “Our vision is to build a community based on the value of justice, brotherhood and compassion, where the marginalized will be empowered with equal opportunities for a better life in the mainstream society.” Navjeet Community Center initially only had health programs, but Sister Bindhu believed that providing medical help was not sufficient as there are other factors which are equally important. Hence, she started various programs like education to children, senior citizens, women and Balwadis for toddlers. Along with this, she ensures the kids get cultural training in arts, craft, dance, etc. Recently, Sister Bindhu has initiated karate classes for girls free of cost. She believes that there is a need of the hour for the girls to not be only mentally but also physically strong and fit to tackle any unforeseen problem.

Sister Bindhu with Navjeet looks after nutrition in children. For instance, under her guidance and facilities provided, she has transformed a 3-year old girl weighing 3 kgs into a healthy, bloated child. They have also undertaken various programs like in Kasara for agricultural purpose where ten thousand litres of water was transported for the farmers living there as a backup for the summer season. Women empowerment is an arena very close to their heart. Women have been employed in the Holy Family Hospital’s canteen. It is run and maintained by them. A program called ‘Sui and Dhaaga’ supported by an Italy based Company, IBO, sold handmade cotton bags and brooches made by the underprivileged women. Recently, a project has been launched wherein these women were taught to make sanitary napkins

which will soon be marketed. A credit society has been started in 1996, which performs duties as a mini bank in the area, so that people learn the art of saving. The loans provided help them in the time of crisis. Looking after so many aspects of society, Sister Bindhu says, “Starting Navjeet Community Health Center was a great initiative but maintaining it has a major responsibility. I have dedicated myself fully to this pious initiative.” Controlling so many activities, dealing with so many people and regulating a staff of around 50 is not an easy task but she has lived it up for all. Sister Bindhu is a valiant figure of Bandra serving the people without any complaint and just aiming to raise the backward higher and higher. - Kriti Khicha & Shraddha Joshi

MARCH 2014



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR BANDRAITES CAMPAIGN AGAINST “BAT OF HONOUR” I was under the impression that a statue of the Late Roshan Dhaboi was being installed, she did much for Carter Road Promenade however I was disappointed that a Big Bat was installed, as far as I know Sachin did not contribute a paise to the Carter Road Promenade nor does he contribute anything to the poor and needy and Bandra in particular. The bat should be removed and a statue of Roshan should be installed The marble flooring should be removed and non skid tiles be fitted. Confusion prevails in my mind, as to who are the caretakers of Carter Road promenade, is it? 1. Bandra (W) Residents Association or 2. KBS Foundation. Is Bandra West Residents Association and KBS foundation two sides of the same coin? - Leslie Almeida

The 'Bat of Honour' installation -- a 25-foot steel bat on a granite platform with two steel plaques on either side -- encroaches on our walking space. I am a regular walker at Carter Road, and have started an online petition with the aim of having a group of transport experts meet Tendulkar and explain to him how the statute in his honour causing problems for visitors to the promenade. The raised granite platform is a nuisance and creates a bottleneck on an otherwise beautiful stretch. I have spoken to several regular walkers and joggers and everyone is upset. If they were so desperate to install it they could have chosen the end of the promenade or simply used the parapet wall so that the platform did not impede walkers." - Chetan Temkar, Co-founder of Mumbai Environment Social Network (MESN)

Angry about the installation of the Bat of Honour , I have written letters to several authorities, including the Chief Minister and BMC Commissioner. It's a public space with several stakeholders. As our local MLA (Siddique) was involved, he should have invited objections and suggestions before putting it up. My complaint letters also highlight how KBS Foundation and other bodies that have adopted the promenade have been violating rules by allowing ads to be put up on the stretch. - Anil Joseph, Chairperson of the Perry Road Residents' Association We are not against Sachin as he would not have been aware of the ground realities; our anger is towards KBS Foundation and Baba Siddique, who have been encouraging the use of the promenade for various promotional events. We have also submitted a complaint, with pictures, of how advertisements are being put up on the promenade." - Activist Aftab Siddique I have seen the pictures and heard from local residents, who are upset at this new form of encroachment. We will plan a protest so that elected representatives realise that they simply can't take unilateral decisions. Rishi Agarwal, founder of the Mumbai Walking Project,

Bandra Byte



Wishes all it’s readers

Happy Gudi Padwa

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Pic:Tanmayee Pathre


pinion polls suggest the party will get roughly 90 seats in the general elections. Its nemesis, BJP, could bring in 220 seats (possibly more), and with its committed NDA allies could come very close to an outright majority.

Parties that otherwise would have shunned Narendra Modi are already starting to consider a post-election alliance with him. In Gujarat, and elsewhere, there are Congress MPs and MLAs who could defect to BJP. Congress looks to be wiped out in virtually every northern and central Indian state. If Modi has two moderately successful terms as prime minister, Congress may find itself on the wrong side of history. How did a party with its lineage, talented MPs across generations, a clean leader in Manmohan Singh and dispensing largesse to voters arrive at this pass? Clearly, UPA’s record on corruption has disgusted millions of voters. That Congress is led by the Nehru-Gandhi clan does alienate a portion of voters. Having said that Congress’s faults are hardly unique, media and BJP have succeeded in arguing that corruption, clan and extra-constitutional authority are the particular diseases of Congress. Media dug up the corruption, stuck it to Congress and tore into The Family. Beyond this, Congress failed to come to grips with creeping inflation, stubborn levels of inequality, and chronic unemployment, especially in rural areas, even as the economy grew faster than at any time in the past. Congress’s mistake was to think that its social programmes would compensate for these ills. They didn’t, and spending on social programmes fuelled if it did not trigger inflation. The third and most important cause of Congress’s horrendous state, though, is its inability to communicate a sense of decisiveness and leadership. It has cribbed and complained, mostly in media, but the fact is that voters have come to associate it with vacillation and weakness. The three key leaders of the party – Sonia, Rahul, and Manmohan – have spent 10 years signalling their discomfort with the power game. Modi and the most successful chief ministers, by contrast, have been rewarded for taking decisions and appearing strong. Voters simply don’t care much that their regional leaders are bullying, self-aggrandising and intolerant as long as they lead.

- Roy Pereira, Editor

MARCH 2014





t. Stanislaus High School, Bandra celebrated Marathi Day on 28th Feb. 2014. As a part of the celebration, an Inter-School Marathi skit competition was organized in which nine neighbouring schools participated. The Chief guests for the competition were Shri. Sanjay Dattatray Mone – Actor and script writer of Marathi theater, Shri. Vinay Yedekar – Actor and famous comedian of the Marathi Theatre and film industry and Mr. Tushar Aphale – prominent member of the MNS party. The function began with the lighting of the lamp followed by a prayer service. The competition provided a platform for the young, budding actors of various schools. The theme for the skit competition was

“PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT THROUGH OUR CULTURE”. The Fr. Jude Fernandes S.J. Principal St Stanislaus High School, explained the purpose of this programme. He said that the theme was selected to create awareness in the minds of the students and the audience to work with commitment and pledge to protect and save our environment and also to make the world a better place to live in. All the participants took part with their heart and soul to highlight the message of building a healthy society. The winners of this event were St. Joseph’s Convent High School -1st place, Cardinal Gracias School -2nd place and the 3rd place was secured by St. Stanislaus School. - Fr. Andrew Rodrigues S.J.

Marathi Actors Sanjay Mone, Vinay Yedekar with Fr. Andrew

MARCH 2014




MARCH 2014



n an incredible initiative by the H- West Federation and Wake Up Bandra, it organized its third MUSTRun with more than 400 municipal school students, senior citizens and around 100 physically disabled people participating in it. It was held to help Adapt, an NGO for physically challenged. The run was a way devised to provide proper public sanitation and accessibility to them.

H- West is the first ward in Mumbai to look at accessibility for the differently- abled The run saw an enthusiastic spirit of the participants on a Sunday morning of 16th February. “ The police denied permission for a 21-km half marathon and hence to fulfill our commitment and promise, we organized a 2km run”, said Anandi Thakoor, Chairperson of H-west Federation. It started and ended encircling St. Stanislaus School. The traffic was well-regulated and the run completed smoothly by the efforts of policemen and traffic cops. Other organizations like Phoenix Foundation, Paraplegic and Nina Foundation also lent their support. The post- run programme was wellorganized with African acrobats startling the audience. Mumbai BJP chief Ashish Shelar and corporator Alka Kerkar gave away the prizes to the children. The Lioness’ Club of Khar organised special prizes for the senior citizens and the physically challenged participants. - Kriti Khicha

Bandra Byte

Wishes all it’s readers

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MARCH 2014





For me Lego is my world where I conceptualize every bit of detail and then create it, from my rather over imaginative mind.

My first interaction with Lego was when my aunt gifted me a set of blocks for my 2nd birthday… and from then on, according to my parents …. “ I was hooked”. I built every Lego I could, and by five I had a bucket full of the stuff gifted mostly by family and friends. But it really, I mean “really” all started when my dad sat me down in my LEGO ROOM, and said these magic words which will never leave me;“ Lego is about YOU, it’s what you want it to be. It can be a transformer, a battle station, a bird, a tank or a battleship the only thing that is stopping you from being amazing is YOU,” that was my Ahhh! Moment. From that day I built everything I saw, everything I imagined’ everything I wanted in my world. It was a rush my roller blades or skateboard or MTB couldn’t give me.

How I came about becoming a MASTER LEGO builder? Hamleys, a global store, focused on encouraging developing minds organized their first Lego building contest. For me it was my chance at displaying my thoughts as well as look at the works of other Lego builders…. Unfortunately in that particular contest I didn’t even stand third, in fact I stood nowhere… I was disappointed, but then again that’s part of life isn’t it? My First Contest…………………. Lego BOT MY WINNING BUILD The Surface Crawler, 4 retractable fully functional arms that can move over any surface, A fully functional 270 degree multi- axis turret , housing an observer. A compartment that houses four men of war and the navigator. At the release of the Lego Movie ( I was there naturally) I was fascinated with the ideals of Lego which only re-enforced my own convictions. So when Hamleys announced its

age no bar Master Builder Lego contest I was “ahhhhh” all set to build something crazy…. something no one has ever imagined; so much so that even during classes at Bombay Scottish I was planning and sketching my build. I had two days to present my model, so the next 48 hours saw me go without any sleep and very little food, my mind ran wild as I put piece by piece together and tore it apart and rebuilt it… over fifty times, My three younger siblings Faith, Isaiah and Destiny said I looked like I was possessed. By Sunday afternoon I was tired, nervous and famished. It was time to present the first ever “Surface Crawler”. With my Dad’s words still ringing in my ears I watched my mum upload the image……. By Sunday evening my build was the second most liked and shared.. by Monday morning it was viral, people from across the globe gave me the ‘thumbs up’ and at the time of judging I was waaaay ahead of all my fellow builders and still counting….. I won for being the most ‘Innovative’, ‘Liked’ and ‘Shared’ Lego builder.

Amidst a lot of hue and cry Hamleys presented me with a very beautiful and expensive Lego set in addition to a lot of other Lego benefits. Today as young as I may be, Lego has taught me that it’s not about the final model you build, its how and what you do when building it and then make it even better… after all isn’t that what life is all about ? Isaac Rodrigues (Master Lego Builder) Pic: Sir Minaz


ey my name is Isaac Rodrigues, and at nine years I am the youngest MASTER LEGO BUILDER.



Akhtar gave the Best Band of the year award to Sky Rabbit. Actress Shruti Hassan also gave an award at the occasion. Also at the award ceremony Mr AmritKiran Singh (Vice-President & Area Director of Brown Forman India) presented actor and singer Farhan Akhtar the first bottle of the much awaited and exclusive whisky - Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select in India. The evening saw the cities creme-de-lacreme at the event. Lot of Bollywood celebrities like Gul Panag, Rakul Preet Singh, Vishakha Singh, Hasleen Kaur, Shibani Kashyap, Arjun Bijlani, Ramona Arena were spotted among the others.


Gul Panag added star power to the event

ust the prior week saw music lovers attend the Mahindra Blue's Festival, a week after that Bandra's favorite happening place Mehboob Studio rocked once again with the grand finale of the Ninth Edition of Jack Daniel's Annual Rock Awards where the best

talent in rock music was awarded at the red carpet. The event was attended by big names of music, younger lot of bollywood celebrities, young fans from the world of fashion and hard core rock and Jack Daniel lovers. Actor Farhan

In its ninth year, Jack Daniel's Annual Rock Awards continued to recognize new and upcoming talent while celebrating the very best of India's exponentially growing rock scene. This year, the journey to the grand finale of the Jack Daniel’s Annual Rock Awards 2013 saw a series of build shows across the country, kicking off with the first show at Pune, followed by Bangalore and New Delhi. The build-up shows were in the form of

Jam Sessions featuring two leading bands who not only got guest artists to collaborate on their sets but also between themselves collaborate and play few numbers. The results of the Jack Daniel's Annual Rock Awards 2013 : The winner of the Best Band of the Year Sky Rabbit got a cash prize of ` 5, 00,000 and a chance to perform at an international Jack Daniel's music event. Best Song Award of the Year : Nishay Parekh for the song "Ocean” Best Album Award of the Year : Sky Rabbit for the album "Where” Best Emerging Artist : The F'16's Producer of the Year: Keshav Dhar Best Drummer: Hamza Kazi (Coshish) Best Vocalist - Sanjeev Thomas Best Vocalist (Female) : Vasundhara - David Vaz

e-paper edition

MARCH 2014




Kombava, the quaint café in gently-winding Waroda Road, Bandra West

An unobtrusive signboard says Kombava and Art Loft. A small door opens into a courtyard-like sitting area with inviting sitting arrangements and tables adorned with carnations. An adjacent area is designated as Art Loft. And suddenly calm settles on you as you occupy a seat and gaze up to the sky through bougainvillea-covered lattice with bare light bulbs suspended from bamboos. Kombava was conceived three years ago by Leila Tayebaly and her brother, who spent their childhood in the Reunion Island, a miniscule French possession between Madagascar and Mauritius. It takes its name from the Creole word for Kaffir Lime, a common ingredient in the local cuisine. The menu card has a kafir-lime print and comes with a short introduction and history of the journey of this bumpy green fruit from Sumbava, East of Bali to islands in the Indian Ocean, particularly Reunion Island, in the 18th century.

snacks, dips, soups and salads with homemade bread, Creole-style ‘cari’ (curry), prawn dumplings Vietnam-style rice paper rolls, laksa, bouchons, desserts, mocktails and more…. combining the flavours and culinary influences of North Africa, Vietnam, with stops in France, the Middle East, India and, of course, Reunion Island. A selection of imported teas and blends, fruit juices and smoothies offer relaxation, distressing and up-lifting of your spirit. Kombava is not for grabbing a quick snack and beverage. Kombava is where you enjoy the silence and the solitude along with your food, cut off from the cacophony of a busy and crowded area. “When the lights come on Kombava becomes romantic…” says the very affable Gregoire Berri, Leila’s husband, who credits Kombava’s interesting menu and its success entirely to Leila. He considers the Laksa as one of their best offerings. The Laksa is a robust red curry with shrimp paste, boneless chicken, spring onion, coriander, button mushroom, zucchini, carrot and cabbage slices, pakchoi, fish sauce, lemon juice, coconut milk and of course the must at Kombava, a lot of kaffir lime.

Kombava works its magic on you with subtle layers of visual delight before you actually decide to order. Potted plants juxtaposed with ‘diya’ lights, ikat cushions, bamboo dividers, ‘bhelpuriwalla’ bamboo stands to support the tables while Santana, ever-helpful, courteous and well-informed helps you to decide.

The adjacent Art Loft offers programs in music, dance painting. The 35-seater all day café and Art Loft offer an ideal location to relax with a soothing cup of an exotic tea blend, a ‘bouchon’ or a lemon tart, unwind and to perk you up before you battle with urban madness again, because as the menu card rightly quotes Virginia Woolf,” One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well”

The menu is extensive, fusion cuisine,

- Thrity D. Dadabhoy

A Lillian Mendes Venture

Pic: Kriti Sharma


ometimes, the simplest is the most difficult to describe. That happens to be particularly true for Kombava, the quaint café tucked away in gently-winding Waroda Road, Bandra West where hundred plus-year old homesteads with balconies, winding staircases and remnants of stain-glass windows arouse a string of ‘wow’ moments; where motor garages rub shoulders with coaching classes, laundries, book-binders and miscellanea; where exotica blends with the mundane.

Senior citizens enjoying the carvinal celebrations at the Apostolic Carmel High School, Bandra West.

MARCH 2014



H - WEST TOI MEET A BIG FLOP Pic: Kriti Sharma

MEETING WAS CALLED OFF OR ELSE IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN VIOLENT TURN assistant municipal commissioner Prashant Sapkale, councillors Asif Zakaria, Karen D’mello, Sunita Wavekar, Alka Kerkar and Tanveer Patel and senior inspector, Bandra traffic outpost, Pradeep Chavan.

to air their grievance. People were agitated as the mike was passed to selected few ugly arguments took place between residents and Lina Baliga of Times of India , if the meeting was not called off it would have taken a violent turn.

The most important problem the residents wanted to highlight was illegal constructions.

The next day, Times of India published an edited version of the event with no mention about the commotion”.

Ward officer Sapkale said some contractors were involved in unauthorized constructions. “We have recommended they be booked under the Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities Act, 1981. In Khar Danda, we have also started booking contractors and owners under the MRTP Act. Last year, 273 illegal structures were razed,” he said. Corporators Sunita Wavekar, Karen D’mello, Alka Kerkar and Asif Zakaria, Ward Officer Prashant Sapkale and Senior Inspector Pradeep Chavan.


he Times of India had organised a town hall meet to discuss issues in H-West ward at Mata Rampyari Trust, 5th Khar (West).

In keeping with H-West ward’s reputation of being a hub for civic activism, 225 residents Science laboratory turned up for the public discussion on issues in the ward . Residents put questions to

The meeting had to be called off as most of the residents felt they were not getting a chance to air their problems. An NCP women leader was seen snatching the mike from the organisers.

- Rajesh Nair

BE OUR CITIZEN JOURNALIST If you have an eye for news, here’s a chance to be a news reporter. Feel free to share with us about any local issues and happenings in Bandra and nearby areas that you believe could be good news.

So, what are you waiting for? Cover news, events, write articles and send in pictures to and be a proud citizen journalist of Bandra Principal Ms Hajari with Cheif Guest- Pihu ofByte. Bade Acche Leslie Almedia, an activist from Bandra Lagte Hain fame. Or call - Mobile:98923 30403 said, "It was a total flop, there was utmost commotion, as no common man was allowed

MARCH 2014





hat's because Mumbai car-free day was in reality a far more modest Carter Road carfree day.

The event, which has been an annual feature since 2010, is an initiative of the Khar Bandra Santacruz (KBS) Foundation. Its stated goal is to reduce noise and air pollution by banning cars on the 1.5-km stretch and encouraging residents to put on their walking shoes, or bring out their cycles, rollerblades and skateboards. As part of the initiative, several activities, such as music performances and games for every age group were organised between Otters Club and the Cafe Coffee Day junction from 7 am to 10 pm. But while thousands of Bandra residents cycled, strolled and skated their way down the stretch, several roads connected to Carter Road were clogged with traffic. The jams were at their worst at Perry Cross Road, Shirley Rajan Road and the ones that lead to Rizvi College and Union Park. Anil Joseph, chairperson of the Perry Road Residents' Association, said, "A so-called residents group makes two powerful politicians -MLA Baba Siddiqui and MP Priya Dutt - their patrons, and then goes about blocking a main road and putting up stalls selling food and other things. Also, they have put up illegal posters across Bandra advertising this so called car-free

day. We removed all the illegal banners about the car-free day from Perry Cross Road.” Several citizen activists also complained that the event has proved to be a source of encouragement to the builder lobby and blatantly flouted several norms. "The event is funded by the builder lobby; so, it would be difficult for the public to raise their concerns or put their complaints against them to politicians," said Anil Joseph. "Hundreds of illegal hawkers come to Hill Road and Linking Road as authorities are all occupied in ensuring smooth flow of the event. The footpaths are flooded with advertisements and stalls, leaving no walking space for pedestrians," added Joseph. Aftab Siddiqui, chairperson of 33rd Khar ALM, said: "The event is illegal as the Foundation is not registered with the charity commissioner. There is no tab on the unaccounted money they collect during the event. Audit records show that last year Rs10,000 was collected from each of the 80 stalls, whereas the BMC gets just about Rs150 for the ground rent.” According to Siddique, an inquiry into the last year's event is pending in the H-West ward. "However, for the past six months, there has been no development on this as politicians are involved in the event," Siddiqui

alleged. Madhu Poplai, secretary of Pali Hill Residents Association and also part of the organising KBS Foundation, said, "There was no chaos and it was a trouble-free day. There was minor traffic jam but if you compare it to last year, it was almost 75 per cent less. We managed to finish the programme 10 minutes before the deadline and had some amazing participation from the locals of Bandra, who enjoyed the event thoroughly.”

Madhu Poplai of KBS Foundation, however, refuted all allegations of irregularities. "We did have some issue with the charity commissioner registration, but we are almost on the verge of getting it done," said Poplai. "There is no pending inquiry with the ward office to my knowledge. Whenever some good work is being done, you are bound to receive criticism," she added. - Rhea Fernandez




am a proud born and bred Bandraite. I believe in the old cliche that "you can take a person out of Bandra but you cannot take Bandra out of a person". I belong to the Zoroastrian Parsi/Irani community and am a resident of Tata Blocks. To my knowledge this is probably the oldest housing complex of its size in Bandra.

The Zoroastrian community has played an integral part, not only in the history but also the geography of Bandra. Philanthropist Lady Avabai Jeejeebhoy built the very Mahim causeway that connects Bandra to the city in 1843; she personally funded the project with the condition that no toll would be charged for its use, she did so for the local Koli community who lost their lives in ferry crossings each year. Maneckjee Sorabjee Ashburner built the compound wall surrounding St. Andrew’s church in 1862. Sir Byramjee Jeejeebhoy built the road that we know today as Bandstand. Our landmark the Mount Mary Church was constructed by architect Shahpoorjee Chandabhoy, even the flight of steps to Mount Mary's Church were built by Bomanjee Jeejeebhoy in 1879; known as the "Degrados

public. Even the name Bandra (English) or Bandora (Portuguese) originates from the Persian/Farsi name Bandar meaning port or harbour. Today, Bandra has fallen victim to the epidemic of over development. Traffic jams, wide spread encroachment, illegal property development, unauthorised commercial establishments, are all chocking our Bandra.

Zameer Cyrus Palamkote de Bomanjee" (“Steps of Bomanjee”). The Zoroastrian families of Bandra, for the welfare of all Bandra residents, built Bhabha hospital, A.B. Petit School, Petit Municipal School and many such institutions. Today philanthropy of this proportion does not exist. A prime example is the Bandra sea-link, built by rich industrialist just for the purpose of making a profit & not for the benefit of the

All of this has sidelined the small Zoroastrian community of Bandra. Today we the residents of Tata Blocks feel that authorities like MCGM and Police have ignored our area and conditions in our neighbourhood have drastically deteriorated. Safety and security in our neighbourhood is appalling; residents of this neighbourhood are harassed by illegal and antisocial commercial activities of restaurants and bars. The roads and footpaths surrounding Tata Blocks are in a sorry state and encroachment is rampant. Our complaints fall on deaf ears and other than false promises we see no action. We feel like Bandra has forgotten its Zoroastrian community and we are now the “Lost Tribe” of this Queen of the Suburbs.

In my humble opinion, the charm of the Bandra of yesteryears is its mix of different ethnic cultures. Each one added its own flavour to this cultural hotpot, Kolis, East Indians, Goans, Manglorians, Konkani Muslims, Parsi/Iranis all worked like a spice. If we lose out on anyone of these flavours, Bandra would lose its tasty charm. Oh yes! Bandra is loosing out on its Zoroastrian community. Many have moved out of India and the rest are moving out of Bandra. The ones that are left behind are totally disheartened, as they have been ignored over the years. Due to our lack of numbers the police and civic authorities have turned a blind eye towards our neighbourhood. Through Bandra Byte I would like to urge Bandra to sometimes reflect on the contribution of the Zoroastrian community and do spare a thought for us. Just because we lack the numbers do not exclude us from initiatives taken by our civic and law authorities. Let us all get back our lost Bandra! - Zameer Cyrus Palamkote

MARCH 2014






eading publication house, Westland Ltd launched Masterchef India 2 winner Shipra Khanna’s debut cookery book titled ‘The Spice Route’ today at Eddies, Bandra. Shipra enlightened the guests and media present at the launch, on her journey from being the title winner of Master Chef India in season 2 of the series to launching her very first cook book ‘The Spice Route’. In conversation with Shipra Khanna was chef extraordinaire

Sanjeev Kapoor, who was the chief guest at the launch. In Spice Route, Shipra explores different regions and different cuisines, bringing some old favourites and some new discoveries — but all packed with loads of flavour. The evening came to an end with guests enjoying high tea featuring select delicious dishes from Shipra’s book. Categorized under the genre of Cookery the

Release Type is Original and Priced at Rs. 495.00 it features a Binding Paperback. Imprinted by Westland Ltd it runs with a Page Extent of 175 + 16 page colour insert.

receiving privileged tutelage from Michelin star chef like Alain Passard, hosting her own TV show, to most recently working on her ultimate culinary dream – her restaurant.


Shipra works out of Mumbai and is currently on a pan-India sojourn that she likes to call her re-discovery of India and the many regional culinary treasures.

For Shipra Khanna, life imitates food, and vice versa. And in both life and food, it is the simple things that can be beautiful and uplifting. This is the mantra she lives by, and it is the theme that this MasterChef winner from humble beginnings explores in her maiden cookbook. In Spice Route, Shipra explores different regions and different cuisines, bringing some old favourites and some new discoveries — but all packed with loads of flavour. It was her innovativeness that blew away the MasterChef judges, and it is what she brings to the recipes in the book as well. As she retraces a new spice route for herself, Shipra recommends only one thing: try, try and try again. Because what is life, or food, unless you experience it? ABOUT THE AUTHOR

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Pic: Kriti Sharma

- Ray Fernandes

Pic: Kriti Sharma

Sanjeev Kapoor with Shipra Khanna at the launch of "The Spice Route”

Shipra Khanna’s love affair with cooking began at the age of nine. In 2012, she won the title of MasterChef India in season 2 of the series. Since then, Shipra’s romance with everything culinary has only grown: from travelling the world propagating Indian food,

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