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andra-based Arun Ferreira, who was arrested in Nagpur in 2007 as a Naxalite, was acquitted in all nine cases against him in September 2011. But even as he walked out of Nagpur Central Jail, he was re-arrested in two more cases. In one of them, he was acquitted in three months. In January 2012, he was released on bail in the second, and last week, was finally acquitted. Arun Ferreira kept a prison diary during his incarceration in Nagpur Central Jail. We reproduce here a shortened version of his experiences Prison Diaries

The anda barracks are a cluster of windowless cells within the high-security confines of Nagpur Central Jail. To get to most cells from the anda entrance, you have to pass through five heavy iron gates, [and] a maze of narrow corridors and pathways. There are several distinct compounds within the anda, each with a few cells, each cell carefully isolated from the other. There’s little light in the cells and you can’t see any trees. You can’t even see the sky. From the top of the central watch tower, the yard resembles an enormous, airtight concrete egg. But there’s a vital difference. It’s impossible to break it open. Rather, it’s designed to make inmates crack. The anda is where the most unruly prisoners are confined, as punishment for violating disciplinary rules. The other parts of Nagpur jail aren’t quite so severe. Most prisoners are housed in barracks, with fans and a TV. In the barracks, the day-time hours can be quite relaxed, even comfortable. But in the anda, the

only ventilation is provided by the gate of your cell, and even that doesn’t afford much comfort because it opens into a covered corridor, not an open yard.

Arun Ferreira

But more than the brutal, claustrophobic aesthetic of the anda, it’s the absence of human contact that chokes you. If you’re in the anda, you spend 15 hours or more alone in your cell. The only people you see are the guards and occasionally the other inmates in your section. A few weeks in the anda can cause a breakdown. The horrors of the anda are well-known to prisoners in Nagpur jail, and they would rather face the severest of beatings than be banished to the anda. While most prisoners spend only a few weeks in the anda or in its cousin, the phasi yard, home to prisoners sentenced to death, these sections were where I spent four years, eight months. This was because I was not an ordinary prisoner. I was, as the police claimed, a ‘dreaded Naxalite’, ‘Maoist leader’, descriptions that appeared in newspapers the morning after I was arrested on 8 May 2007. *** I’d been arrested at Nagpur railway station on a brutally hot summer afternoon. I was waiting to meet some social activists when about 15 men grabbed me, bundled me into a car and drove away at high speed, kicking and punching me all the while. They took me to a room in a building my abductors later told me was the Nagpur Police Gymkhana. They used my belt to tie my hands and I was

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blindfolded, so that the police officials involved in this operation could remain unidentified. From their conversations, it became evident that I had been detained by

the anti-Naxalite cell of the Nagpur Police. The assaults never stopped. Through the day, I was flogged with belts as they attempted to soften me up for the interrogations.

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THE UNSUNG Pic: Kriti Sharma


Mani Patel

The Unsung are ordinary people living amongst us, with extraordinary feats attached to their names. But their names are yet unknown. And their stories of courage are yet untold. This initiative will honour people from Bandra who have decisively and positively changed Mumbai for the better. Mani Patel, social worker, activist and the voice of St. Martin’s Road

“Whose heart beats for not only her beloved St. Martin’s Road but also for much more…”


t. Martin’s Road surprises me with its tranquillity as I walk its length, from the corner of Turner Road towards Hill Road searching for a particular address. I was aware through the media that the residents of this road were protesting against the widening of this road. But why would this beautiful and gently-winding road need widening? It is 7pm and just a few cars and one solitary rickshaw pass by…. It is tree-lined and populated by cosmopolitan middle-class people with houses that have a ‘lived’ look. No flashy cars, no booming music… why spoil this oasis of calm with ‘progress’, I ask myself again and again, as I walk on, past the quaint Henriques cottage looking for this address. But sometimes answers don’t come easily, while the specter of so called progress knocks and worst still, mocks…..!

Described by the occupant as the house that Jack built,I walk on…. and there it is…in a cul-de-

sac at the southern end of the road…a cottage diminutive, sturdy and resilient, just like its occupant Mani Patel. I wait for a few moments under the watchful glare of two canines of non-descript lineage and limpid eyes, till the sprightly occupant opens the door with a smile. Mani Patel, social worker, activist, the voice of St. Martin’s Road and employed full time by a prestigious firm of architects, is a diminutive lady with huge determination and will. Her focus is on preserving and protecting St. Martin’s Road from landsharks, builders and politicos but there’s much more that occupies the mind of this feisty lady. Working for a well-known architectural firm, she takes a long trip to Nepean Sea Road daily…”except Fridays…my employers have kindly granted me a day off to pursue my social work and other related

activities…” she chips in.

convenience….,” she trails off wistfully.

We settle down on the veranda. Her love for St. Martin’s Road is very obvious and her passion is pure. “I was born here” she says “and I love this road. This house was built in 1898 ”. “ Most of all I cannot ignore and allow wrong-doings and negative actions that would harm the people, the environment and the ecosystem…the widening of St. Martin’s Road is paving the path to chaos. Trees will be felled indiscriminately, noise levels will rise and pollution by the cars will be rampant. ” “This road has become a convenient parking place for people with multiple cars from as far as Pali Hill and other parts of Bandra. Even cars bought at bargain prices and not used in months are covered and kept here. It is a wellknown fact that politicians have a nexus with the builders of the high-rise buildings around here. The road-widening is for their

As Trustee of H West Ward Citizen’s Trust, she is aware of the rules and regulations as well as the citizens’ rights and has been fighting the authorities, along with other residents, activists and supporters. She has had some bitter experiences with the goons of the builders but unfazed, she plods on… But there’s much more to Mani Patel. She is actively involved in the local Municipal School where she works assiduously to counsel students and to bring down the drop-out rate among them, monitors the quality of mid day meals and guide students for various activities. Mani was one of the first to commence with ALM work and is actively involved in composting, segregation of dry and wet waste and rainwater harvesting. - Thrity D. Dadabhoy



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR No Police Commissioner from Mumbai! Po l i c e Re fo r m s Watc h [ P RW ] a n d Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative [CHRI] are extremely dismayed at the delay in appointing the Police Commissioner for Mumbai. This is bound to result in less effective policing, making the city more vulnerable to crime and public order problems. We demand that the Government of Maharashtra [CONGRESS /NCP] must stop playing politics and make this appointment immediately. We reiterate that the State Government has not complied fully with the 2006 Supreme Court directives on police reform. The directive which spells out a process to appoint the police chief in a more transparent manner on the basis of objective criteria has not been complied with at all. Police Reforms Watch and Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative therefore urges the State Government to comply fully with the Supreme Court directives. We also urge that

the Police Commissioner is appointed with no more delay and at least on the basis of objective criteria in the absence of a process for selection. The need for police reform is very urgent for our city and our state. But this can only be police reform which is worthy of a democracy and speaks to the needs of the public. We will make this an election issue for the forthcoming 2014 elections. - Dolphy Elma Dsouza Seat of service and not of power Justice R.J.Kotcher in Writ Petition No 856,857 to 880 of 2002 decided on 15.04.2002 declared that Managing Committee of a co-operative society is a seat of service and not a seat of power. In majority of the co-operative societies, power is mostly abused than used for the benefit of the Society. Therefore, some vigilant member


protesting against the mismanagement and autocratic ways of ruling the Society are targeted as if it was the private property of the Principal Officers, Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer. The Rampant Corruption at Dy. Registrars, Joint Registrars, Co-operatives Courts have resulted in an mess in the cooperation movement. - Leslie Almeida Traffic at Mehboob Studio Since times immemorial right turn was permitted at B J Road Junction from Hill Road. Possibly to facilitate ongoing traffic on Hill Road this was discontinued and routed via Hill Road,Mehboob Studio – U turn from Rizvi ( Mehboob Studio Garden), Pereira Road and onto B J Road. The B J Road Traffic Lights now need life and need to be switched on.....during rush hours, residents and visitors from B J Road are unable to exit right onto Hill Road towards Mehboob Studio ( so motorists tend to use Mount Mary Road). North Bound Traffic towards St Andrews Church jams up. In the current plan: Huge chaos around Patel Provision Stores and our valued Citizens do not stop parking. BEST buses 211 have a great problem to take a U Turn at Mehboob Studio (Rizvi Garden),leads to chaos in that area. Motorists,(Autos)2 wheelers still take the right turn into B J Road from early 6 am and also come onto B J Road on North Exit side at B J Road Junction.



It appears the current plan has not met with success and may we request you to revert back to the Original Plan for a right turn into B J Road. We thank you for switching on the Signal at Holy Family Junction as it leads to some sanity. We trust that the Original plan with right turn into B J Road from Hill Road will be permitted. - Naresh Khosla.

CORRIGENDUM In the report titled “Celebrating Science – H ward annual science exh.” published in Bandra Byte January, 2014 issue on page 7, we inadvertently mentioned “Rhea Fernandes” as its writer. It should have been “Kriti Khicha & Shraddha Joshi.” We regret the error.


oter, beware Like other potentially harmful products, pre-election ads should carry warnings...

As political parties gear up for Ballot Box 2014, advertising agencies and the media are going to have a field day raking in the moolah. According to reports, the Congress has allocated 500 crore for an ad blitzkrieg, largely featuring Rahul Gandhi, looking like a Hamlet in kurta-pyjamas instead of black tights. The BJP is reportedly planning to spend some 400 crore on publicity, mainly promoting its PM candidate, Narendra Modi. While it is not yet known what the other parties – including the newly formed AAP – have got in their election war chests by way of ad-spend, it is likely to total up to a tidy sum. All these pre-poll ads will have one thing in common: they’ll promise all manner of goodies to the voter. Which raises the question as to whether pre-election ads should carry a mandatory warning that the product being advertised could be harmful for the economic, social and civic health of the public. Many products have to have mandatory health warnings on their packaging, cigarettes and other tobacco products being an obvious case in point. While nicotine is unarguably injurious, there are other products whose potential hazards are – or ought to be – highlighted for the benefit of the consumer. For example, mutual funds and other forms of investments are required to carry a notification that investors could lose the money they invest and sustain financial injury. Medicines and nutritional supplements have to warn consumers about any adverse side effects the products in question may cause. So how about that commonly consumed product called democracy? Few will disagree with the opinion that of all known forms of government what we call democracy is the least bad, warts and all. However, the form of democracy practised in India over the last 67 years – marked as it has been by dynastic rule, misgovernance and increasing corruption – has raised several question marks about the country’s political system as it currently exists. Under the constitutional right of freedom of expression, political parties are at liberty to make public claims about their past performance and what they plan to do for voters in the future, if elected to office.

- Roy Pereira, Editor




Wishes FOR ASSAULTING ACTRESS all it’s S readers

hahrukh Khan's trusted bodyguard, Ravi, was arrested by the police officials of Bandra-Kurla Police Station and was detained for more than two hours. He allegedly stopped an actress from entering backstage at an awards ceremony and also physically assaulted her. Ravi has been working with SRK for six years now.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Reports suggest that the bodyguard of SRK allegedly pushed Sharvari, who is a Marathi actress, from going backstage at an awards function even though she had an all entrance pass. It is also being said that a big crowd was swelling up, and during the course when Ravi was managing the same, he allegedly pushed away Sharvari and she fell down. Ravi was reportedly left with a word of warning after he was detained by the police officers, and also no FIR has been lodged in the case. Meanwhile, a source close to Shahrukh Khan says it was Sharvari who initially misbehaved with the superstar's staff. - Rhea Fernandez

Shahrukh’s bodyguard Ravi (circled) arrested for detained by the police

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43-year-old man was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting his 15year old daughter for the past three

too young to realise what was happening. But after repeatedly going through the ordeal, she started feeling uncomfortable with her father’s gestures,” said a police officer.

The accused works in a private company and lives in Bandra (West).

“Sometimes, the father used to come home drunk and touch her inappropriately,” added the officer.


According to the police, the incident came to light after the traumatised girl had stopped talking to others in the house. Her mother suspected some wrong and asked her daughter about her problem. Initially, the girl skirted the queries but when her father continued abusing her, she confided in her mother and narrated her ordeal. The mother took her daughter to the Bandra police station and lodged a complaint. “The girl said in her statement that her father had been molesting her for the past few years while she would be asleep. Initially, she was

The traumatised girl has been sent for a medical test. “On the basis of the complaint, we recorded the statement of the girl’s mother. After confirmation, we arrested the man under charges of molestation and having unnatural sex with the victim,” said senior police inspector Ramchandra Dhavale of the Bandra police station. “We are trying to counsel the girl,” added Dhavale. Dr Sanjay Kumavat, senior psychiatrist and

former Deputy Director state’s mental health department, said: “Such incidents are not uncommon. Perverts like him try to find easy targets and in this case his daughter, who is dependent on him, was the easy target. ” He added that a person can also be under the influence of substance abuse. “Many cases are not reported and this case is just a tip of the iceberg,” added Dr Kumavat. Dr Harish Shetty, senior psychiatrist at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, said: “It will take lot of time for the girl to overcome the shock. Her trust was broken by none other than her father. The child will face tremendous insecurity and will need long-term counseling.” The nightmare: In her statement to the police, the girl said

that her father had been molesting her for the past few years while she would be sleeping. Initially, she was too young to realise what was happening. But after repeatedly going through the ordeal, she started feeling uncomfortable with her father’s gestures. - Snehal Shetty

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Pic: Sir M


All Pics: Kriti Sharma




n a united effort of 18 schools, Bandra came together to celebrate the 65th Republic Day at Bandstand. The celebrations started at 7 a.m. with a parade from St. Andrew’s Church to Bandra Fort. Students from 18 schools participated in the march past to show their pride for the country. Some of these schools were St. Andrew, St. Stanislaus, Manik Vidya Mandir, St. Theresa, Anjuman Islam and many others.

The Chief Guest of the event Maj. General R. Nimbhorkar, Chief of Staff of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa (MG&G) inspected the Guard of Honour and unfurled the Tri-colour. Joining him as the Guest of Honour was Consul Mr. Richard Bale of Canada and Priya Dutt , Congress MP. Saluting the children spirit, Priya Dutt said," I not only salute the flag and the country but also the army men protecting our nation.” The Mumbai Police represented by JCP Mr. Vivek Phansalkar and Addl. Comm. of Police extended their full support together with the BBRT (Bandra Bandstand Residents Trust) and the BMC through the office of Mr. Asif Zakaria, the local Corporator. Ms. Birgit Zorniger of the Taj Hotels and actor, Jackie Shroff were also present at the event. The flag hoisting was followed by cultural programmes appreciating the varied culture of India. Boys of St. Stanislaus showed their valour by performing stunts on Malkhamb. Their fearless poses left the audience awestruck. The Malkhamb was followed by graceful dances. Girls of St. Joseph Covent performed attractive classical dance, Bharatnatyam while the students of Manik Vidya Mandir performed energetic lazim dance. The main attraction of the programme was the army band of Artillery Centre of Nasik which was called for giving a special performance. Appreciating the students’ efforts, Major General said," The result of students’ practice is astonishing. I feel motivated by seeing these young, energetic bloods and the next generation Indians. It makes me proud to be a part of a great nation of the world.” Apart from these, the Armed Forces had installed stalls and displayed military equipment at the Bandstand promenade with the aim of giving the children first hand information of the India they will walk with, in their dreams. Principals, parents, staff and students saw this as a new era waiting to explore and launch India into the next galaxy. The public was allowed to view this display from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. At 5 p.m., the Brass Band played at the South end of the Promenade. With a huge crowd of over 20,000, the day was delightfully celebrated in the honour of our country. The students with an aspiration of Super India thus pledged to serve selflessly for the nation and to let it shine brighter always. -Kriti Khicha & Shraddha Joshi





Students in full flow


he staging of the musical titled “Man for Others” recently was the closing ceremony of the 150 years celebration of St Stanislaus High School, Bandra. With this the year-long activities of the Sesquicentennial year drew to a close. The musical “Man for

Others” was based on carrying the legacy of St Stanislaus High School forward, with every Stanislite both past and present living the motto ‘Born for greater things’. “Man for Others” had brought over 1000 students from the school on stage in a fitting

Rear Admiral Anil Kumar Chawla was the Chief Guest, while ex-Chief Secretary of the State, Jayant Banthia and former Education Minister, Salim Zakaria, and former Jesuit Principals were the guests of honour. Fr. Errol Fernandes S.J., the Manager of the School welcomed all guests and Fr. Jude Fernandes S.J. , the Principal of the School gave a vote of

thanks. The Chief guest, Rear Admiral Anil Kumar Chawla, stressed in his speech that St. Stanislaus High School has produced men who have given this city and country some of the best leaders and have made a significant contribution and impact on the country. It has produced 5 Olympians from Leo Pinto to Viren Rasquinha, in Indian hockey – an indicator of the contribution to the excellence in sports, besides sports the school has produced many students who have excelled in the Indian Armed Services including Lt Gen Francis Dias, Maj Gen Eustace D’souza and many others, Government and Judiciary Services as well as the clergy with a Cardinal and a Bishop both being alumnus from the school. The programme was very well appreciated by all those present and specially by Stanislites, bringing back nostalgic memories of their alma mater . The evening ended with alumnus and singer Shaan coming on stage to join the students and audience in their singing the school anthem. - Fr. Andrew Rodrigue S.J., St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra

Pic: Sir Minaz

tribute to Stanislites both past and present in living the values taught by St Ignatius of Loyola the founder of the Jesuits. Beginning with a prayer song and dance by the preprimary students, to the IX Std and the NIOS students. This has been a production that has involved the students, teachers, parents and ex-teachers and ex-students. On the occasion a documentary highlighting the school’s outreach program and its efforts in increasing social awareness not only in its own school but schools across the city had been produced, as well as the 150 year commemorative book produced by 2 exstudents that highlight that the school lives by its values of creating men for others in its education system was released.



FELIX FLOR MUSICAL SHOW ROCKS BANDRA her rendition of two Biblical songs from the Jewish era had her sharp strong voice reaching for the skies above with her rendition of ‘Exodus’ and the popular Hebrew song played at Jewish weddings ‘Hava Nagila’ had the audiences clapping and tapping their feet to this beat.

Coming together for the finale were all the performers for the evening, signing along with Felix Flor with his rendition of ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

The Chief Guest for the evening was none other than Janet D’souza, Vice-President of Maharashtra State Minority Commission who addressed the gathering and praised the Navjeet Community Centre for their outstanding contribution done for the empowerment of women and their families. She also offered her help to the Sister’s for any assistance that they might require from the Government of Maharashtra in the near future.

The main sponsor for the show was Earnest John Group of Companies.

Stand-up comedian Quick Gun Murgan - Shahriyar Atai


t’s was the show of the year that one awaits eagerly - the Annual fund raising Musical Concert of the Navjeet Community Centre ( Holy Family Hospital ) , Bandra which was held at St Andrew’s Auditorium on Tuesday 28thJanuary. The evening started off with an audio visual highlighting the work done by Navjeet Community Centre which was narrated by Rosamond Flor.

To keep the audiences in a spirited mood throughout the evening was none other than the very talented stand-up comedian Quick Gun Murgan - Shahriyar Atai, with his cowboy hat and silver gun had every one in splits while introducing each of the musical acts on stage, he even went on to spot a look alike from the audience saying “Look who’s here with us today it’s Colonel Sanders from the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken”. The highlight of the evening came alive with talented musicians and doctors from Holy Family Hospital taking you on a nostalgic


journey of songs bringing back memories that one could just clap and sing along with them. Ben Fernandes, from Auckland, New Zealand playing keyboards who was visiting India after 10 years; he just never wanted to miss out this opportunity to perform at this event along with James Miranda on trumpet playing ‘Georgia On My Mind’. D o c t o r ’s f ro m t h e O u t Pa t i e n t Department (OPD) took time off from their very busy schedules, made it an evening to show case their musical talents on stage which was conducted by Dr. Nikhil Cunha on keyboards along with other musicians. The Duggall sister duo of Riya and Simran performing ‘Wings’. The best performance of the evening was The Victory Chorus Line, Mahim conducted by the talented Karen D’lima Vaswani, performing a melody of Konkani songs that had the audiences asking for an encore. Brother Sister duo of Khashiff & Mirajkar singing a duet together ‘Lucky’


Following in the footsteps of her talented parents Frederica Flo performed ‘Dance Apocalyptic’ requesting the audience to sing and clap along.


Niyati Melody Mirajkar and Shrish Malhotra accompanying her on guitar sang with a powerful voice ‘Overjoyed’.

Approved Center

From the musical play ‘Grease’ currently playing in Mumbai saw the show stopper girl Tara Sutaria signing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ with a high pitch voice that almost shook the speakers off their hook.



B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology Cuffe Parade, Mumbai - 400005. CONTACT : Ms. Raju Bhatia- 98200 56669 Tel. : 2218 8818, 2215 5731 extn. 729 / 733 Website : E-mail :

Ella Atai who can never be forgotten with

A Lillian Mendes Venture

It was indeed an enjoyable musical night to remember by one and all present.

-David Vaz

e-paper edition




X-ANDREAN GET - TOGETHER A NIGHT TO REMEMBER FOR YEARS TO COME... Andreans past and just getting out from school, got to mingle with their teachers and Principals both past and present and reminiscence about the formative years at the school. As (ex-Andrean) ATS Chief Rakesh Maria rightfully said on stage that, he is what he is today because of his Alma Mater - St Andrew's High School. The 'old' teachers looked on proudly on their famous student who has done the country proud. In fact all of us, ex-Andreans echo that sentiment...!!! Ms Bonafacio Lobo, Headmistress, Primary section and latest recipient of the

Ex-Andrean ATS Chief Rakesh Maria chats up with his school friends


he stars of the night descended on the quadrangle in front of their beautiful stone wall school, St. Andrew's High School to usher in their annual X-ANDREAN GET-TOGETHER 2014 held on 19 Jan 2014. The weather was just perfect with a cool

breeze blowing across the place this did not dither the spirits of these ex-Andrean's stars of the night who came together to celebrate their love for their Alma Mater.

Science laboratory

Despite the ongoing festive season, there was quite an impressive turnout, where ex-

Mayor's Award was felicitated at the event. There was music, there was dance, there was food, and camaderie as senior ex-Andreans (some a far back as the1954 batch) caught up with their batch mates and remembered the old times. The 'Dagdi' school as it used to be called, has now gone hi-tech and headed by the school Principal, Fr Magi Murzello, who is constantly pushing the envelope as far as educating his students is concerned. Just give us a reason to celebrate and we will be back again next year to celebrate our love for our Alma Mater. - Francis H D'sa & David Vaz -Ex Students.




theBade ghosts of his past. Armed with nothing eadingMspublication house, Principal Hajari with Cheif Westland Guest- Pihu of Acche but a pair of scissors and the jigsaw pieces of Ltd launched Parul Sharma’s novel Lagte Hain fame.

“Tuki’s Grand Salon Chase” recently at Title Waves, Bandra. In conversation with the author at the launch was author of The Reluctant Detective, Kiran Manral, who also interacted with the other attendees and media. Much like the protagonist in the book, Parul regaled the audience with hilarious anecdotes of real life situations that she encountered during the research of her book. Categorized under the Genre of fiction the Release Type is Original, priced at ` 350 it features a Binding Paperback. Imprinted by Westland Ltd it runs with a Page Extent of 328 pp.

About The Book- For most hairstylists, the move from the dingy Lovely Beauty Parlour to the up-market Nancy’s Factory would be reward enough. Young, gifted Tuki, though, has her sights set on a bigger prize — her own salon! However, her well-laid plans start going awry as soon as the striking tattooist Faraaz joins Nancy’s Factory. Tuki needs to handle Faraaz’s advances, figure out the mystery behind the disappearance of the elderly, eccentric, brilliant writer Bijoy Dutta and rescue the multilayered Sweety Bhabhi from destitution. Finding herself at the heart of one storm too many, Tuki decides to run away from the leafy lanes of Bandra to the old-world Portuguese villas of Goa. In the comforting embrace of the village Aldona, she finds herself struggling with her rather untimely attraction to her enigmatic neighbour, the charming Arvind, and sharing house with Bijoy, haunted as he is by

her broken dream, Tuki has to navigate through Mumbai, Goa and London to find out if the universe is conspiring to make her or break her. About The Author- Parul Sharma grew up in the small towns of Uttar Pradesh. This was fortunate because it ensured that she ran into some rather quirky characters pretty early on in life. Once done with schooling, she made the rather dubious choice of studying Economics.

This made way for a degree from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad where many inspiring cups of tea were consumed, among other things. She worked in the corporate sector and still does but she also writes novels. Bringing Up Vasu: Was her first book and described the travails of Mira, a young, first-time mother. Her second novel was By the Water Cooler – the story of Mini and Tanya, young women who find that the corporate ladder is actually a greasy pole. Parul lives in Mumbai with her husband, two children and sometimes, if s h e ’s l u c k y, Kittu, the street cat.

Parul Sharma






hen you think about school, you relate it to teacher’s criticism and corrections. A teacher with her red pen is all set to point out your mistakes. Although, this criticism is for the betterment of students, it often leads to humiliation, low selfesteem and grudges against each other. As against the routine of scolding and namecalling; St. Andrew's High School believes in the ideology of appreciation. Principal of St. Andrew's High School, Fr. Magi Murzello, to carry forward this ideology initiated ‘Mission Sunshine.’ Inaugurated by Priya Dutt, Member of Parliament, the mission aims to spread a beam into the lives of many. Colour yellow is used symbolic for it. From Principal's cabin to counselor's room, everything is painted yellow. Mission Sunshine consists of many creative aspects. Teachers have a “ Thank Bank” which looks like a cheque book. They issue a cheque from this booklet appreciating their colleague. This helps to build a good environment in the staff room. They also have a “Pat Book”, similar to a bank’s pass book wherein they thank other teachers relieving them during their leave. After this act of gratitude only, they are granted a leave. They also praise students for their good conduct by marking them in their Pat Book. In addition, students have been given a thank pad, designed by the Principal himself, which looks like an i-pad. It is an appreciation bank in which they enter how and why they have

appreciated their classmates, teachers, supporting staff and facilities in school. This accelerates their gratitude process. The deed of appreciation is not limited to teachers and students only. Father Magi Murzello believes in encouraging the supporting staff as well. He gives them batches, microwave, good uniform, etc. as a token of appreciation. Fr Murzello said, “I believe, they are the pillars of the school. I sometimes even eat with them, sitting on the floor so that they feel good and a part of the family.” The school’s SCC farewell has a unique feature as well. It is known as Gratitudation Day. The school management gives the students Rs. 100 each, which they are asked to give to someone who has helped them. In the fifth Round Table Conference, 2011, Fr. Magi Murzello received the Education Noveta Award for his innovative idea of Mission Sunshine. He wants his students to be grateful. "It is very difficult to make today’s generation’s boys to say thank you. But I ensure, they thank everyone. I make every student thank the supporting staff every time they get their mid-day snacks," he added. The school also encourages their students by giving them concessions like no uniform for a week, extra play time, etc. Each class also gets a score on the basis of good conduct. Points are also given in the form of sun signs i.e. stars and are

Principal of St. Andrew's High School, Fr. Magi Murzello reduced by giving sun spots i.e. black dots. The highest scoring class is then placed in a yellow air-conditioned classroom for a month. Established in 1780, St. Andrew’s have witnessed a sea change. With its 32 teachers, regulating 1200 boys, it has adopted a new route for schooling. The boys are also provided with special facilities like robotic classrooms and language class where they learn correct pronunciation of words. For the next year, Father Murzello has planned a

“wow diary” for the students. In that, the students are given five tips each for every month on how can I appreciate my teacher, neighbour, an Indian, sister, etc. St. Andrew’s is a sole school which thrives on making its students great by making them grateful. The students are taught the word ‘thank you’ in various languages. Summarising the vision, Fr. Murzello says, “I simply want my boys to nurture to become refined citizens, gentlemen and noble people.” - Kriti Khicha & Shraddha Joshi




ormer world billiards champion Michael Ferreira has claimed he has no direct involvement in the operations of the multi-level marketing firm QNet, which is under the scanner in connection with the

alleged Rs 425 crore scam. Ferreira (75) was grilled by the EOW for nearly two hours and his statement was recorded, following directive by a sessions court to present himself for questioning.

In a statement, Ferreira claimed he told investigators today that he invested in Vihaan Direct Marketing Selling Ltd, the Indian franchisee of QNET, but clarified he had no direct control over the business operations. Ferreira is alleged to be an 80 per cent share holder in Vihaan firm. "My role was limited to that of a share holder. I have not received any dividend from the company so far," he told police. Later, Ferreira reiterated his commitment to co-operate with the law and visit EOW whenever the police want him to do so. "I have very high respect for the Mumbai policeand full faith in the country's judicial system," he said. "I have an unblemished record and I will not do anything that will tarnish my image," the Padmashree awardee said after returning home. According to police, Ferreira earned crores through his association with the company for years and participated in and promoted the firm's schemes extensively.

The ace cueist will be called for questioning again in the next few days, police said. Mumbai Police had on January 2 issued a lookout notice against Ferreira after he failed to appear before it despite summons in the second week of December asking him to turn up and explain his association with the company. QNet is accused of duping investors by offering to sell magnetic discs, herbal products and holiday schemes allegedly through fraudulent practices, police said. It has also been accused of using the banned binary pyramid business model for its multi-level marketing schemes to lure investors. The EOW has arrested nine team leaders of QNet in connection with the alleged scam so far. The accused have been charged with cheating and forgery under relevant sections of the Prize, Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act 1978, police said. - Rajesh Nair






embers of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India wearing horse masks and slave costumes – and some pulling a carriage – held signs that read, "End Slavery: Ban Victorias", recently at the Carter Road Amphi theatre. The action was taken just before the High Court of Bombay hearing on the future of Victorias in the city. Recently, the High Court was informed that the traffic police does not support the renewal of Victoria licences because horse carriages and cars are a dangerous combination.

Most of the Victoria owners make do not abide by the laid rules and regulations and lack knowledge, funds or the sensitivity to deal with their medical requirements. PETA has received reports that many horses have sores that fester and are invaded by maggots and the animal is being eaten alive. There is a law that one can stuff a horse-drawn carriage with up to four people, which is most of the times not followed, and the animals are made to work long hours on the tarred roads in sweltering heat, constantly whipped and

people barely pay attention to their food and water. This practice should be stopped immediately. We will not allow exploiting of horses for mere pleasure. "Horses forced to pull carriages in Mumbai have been injured or killed after being struck by vehicles, and they have caused people's deaths", says PETA India's Bhuvaneshwari Gupta. "The only way to ensure that these gentle animals don't suffer and that the safety of residents and tourists isn't placed at risk is to enact an all-out ban on horse-drawn carriages in Mumbai.” Shocking photos from PETA's investigations of Mumbai's horse-drawn carriage industry reveal that horses – including those who are injured, sick or severely malnourished – are forced to stand amidst their own waste in filthy and decrepit, unlicensed stables.

PETA members protesting at Carter Road

Recently, government and other veterinary experts testified that horses, who hauled carriages in Mumbai and who were rescued by a court-appointed committee, of which PETA is a part, were permanently unfit for work. The Chairperson of the Animal Welfare Board of India (and former Director of the Remount Veterinary Corps of the Indian Army), the surgery and preventive medicine professors from Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University and the Livestock Development Officer from the Maharashtra Animal

Husbandry Department said that the horses, some of whom are partially blind, are s u f fe r i n g f r o m o s t e o a r t h r i t i s a n d tenosynovitis, which cannot be cured, repaired or reversed, either medically or surgically. If they're forced to work on hard pavement again, their condition can worsen, likely causing sound joints, tendons and ligaments to deteriorate. Celebrities like Mahesh Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt, Arunoday Singh, Munish Makhija, Dino M o re a , S u n ny L e o n e , A r ko P ravo Mukherjee, Arjun Rampal, Zeenat Aman, Hema Malini, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sandip Soparrkar and Jesse Randhawa have all appealed to authorities to ban Victorias - Meenaz Amreliwala


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