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19th November 2017 | Vol. 8 (I) Issue 11 |

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A few years ago, very few would have guessed that a school on the periphery of Bandra would be making headlines in girls’ school hockey. After all, the girls of this school had barely laid hands on a hockey stick before let alone participate in a hockey match. But in a span of just three years this school has created a name for itself - often making opponents sweat even before the game has begun - in the hockey circles in Mumbai. Well, we’re talking about St. Elias School, Khar. Practising on the tar surface the size of a rink hockey pitch, the team come a long way since picking up a hockey stick. But their journey by no means has been a bed of roses. Almost all of the girls in the team come from poor economic and social backgrounds. With just their energy and dedication to of-

fer, it was all their coach, Sheldon Fernandes, needed to mould them. “For me it was imperative to channelize and focus their energy. For some, hockey became a means of relaxation and escape from their hand-to-mouth existence at home. Most importantly, these girls are a bunch of disciplined and focused lot. It makes my job so much easier.” When asked about what made his team a cut above the rest, he says, “They do not have the distractions most other children have, like mobile phones and pocket-money; their only source of joy is the game. And when your prime focus is hockey, you devote all your energy to bettering yourself. I only wish they had a better diet though including more protein-rich food.” Valerian D’Costa Contd. on Page 3 >>

St. Elias High School girls alongside their coach Sheldon Fernandes

02 NOVEMBER 2017



Looking for “The Bombay Hikers” in Bandra A chance discovery sometimes leads to learning about one’s local history. A few months ago at an auction, I came across a postcard that caught my eye. What was interesting was that this printed postcard was sent out in January 1946, and the attractive crest on the top read “The Bombay Hikers”. Of further interest was the address printed – it read “39 B.J. Road, Bandra, Bombay 20”. As I searched unsuccessfully on B.J. Road for plot 39, I asked old time residents of Bandra if they knew where this place was located. Unfortunately, no one had any leads. Also of interest was that this vintage document had the pincode of Bandra. On further investigation, I found that present day “H.K. Bhabha Road”, was once the same as “B.J. Road”. And there I found plot 39. Presently known as “Sister Bungalows”, the plot now houses old bungalows & new residences. A 71 year old postcard sent out from this place has taught us something about our heritage, and an association known as “The Bombay Hikers”. So when you hike up that road, take a look around, for “The Bombay Hikers” were already there in our very own Bandra, three quarters of a century ago. Debasish Chakraverty

TOP-LEFT: The Bombay Hikers presently known as Sister Bungalows on H.K. Bhabha Road

Summertime Villa Goa

TOP-RIGHT: The Bombay Hikers 71 year old postcard

Winner of World Boutique Hotels Award 2016

Fully staffed three suite villa with two acres of tropical gardens, koi pond & infinity pool. Total privacy in secluded location yet close to the famous beaches of north Goa.

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NOVEMBER 2017 03

HOCKEY IS MORE THAN A GAME FOR ST. ELIAS HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS This season, the squad has bagged every single title in the city, even representing the Mumbai division at the prestigious state-level U17 DSO tournament in Kohlapur. What’s more is that one of the girls, Pallavi Shelar, has been selected to represent the state team at the national level DSO tournament to be held in Haryana next month. In the previous year, another of the girls, Nisha Mahadik, had gone on to represent the state team and brought laurels to the school. So much for the girls’ success, even the principal and teachers have tried to pitch in with extra classes for the girls sometimes. Principal Rev. Sr. Philomena Sequeira adds, “These girls are a bunch of good girls and I’m genuinely pleased with what they’ve achieved given the limitations they constantly face. They’re all first-generation learners and have taken it upon them to learn the nuances of the game. When there’s self-interest, who can stop you? All credit goes to them and their more than dedicated coach, Sheldon, who goes out of the way to motivate and guide them. Fr Austin Norris has also been a guiding force in the team’s journey, always supportive and having a word of encouragement for the girls.” And although playing field hockey is a costly affair, some of the girls’ equipment is

funded by alumni and friends, who for the coach have been a real source of strength and support for him and the team. “I am really grateful to those who support our team, especially the alumni batch of 1985. I daresay, our girls would be doing far better than this had we a good practice area

but cost is an issue, and we try our best to improvise and make the most of what we have. Even their diet could be worked on, but that’s a less primary issue for now.” Well, given what the team has to make do with; to say it’s doing pretty well would be an understatement. Because they’re

doing excellent! Imagine then the heights they could achieve with a little more. If you think you could help these girls to further their hockey dreams, you could contact their coach, Sheldon Fernandes on 9820277291. Valerian D’Costa

04 NOVEMBER 2017



Focus on Gratitude & Blessings with Feng Shui expert Maria Hussain With Thanksgiving approaching, people gather with families and friends to share love and feelings of gratitude. Let’s carry gratitude beyond Thanksgiving Day because we deserve to nourish and renew our bodies, heart and spirit all 365 days of the year. Let’s commit to Thanksgiving every day – being thankful and grateful each day of the year. Whether its little notes to send to people, a hug, a smile, a call or a thank you… Let’s do it. Life is a celebration. Let’s make sure that every morning when we wake up, we choose joy and happiness instead of pain or negativity. Let’s begin each day expressing gratitude for at least one thing in our lives, big or small. When you recognize the blessings in your life and you are grateful for them, good things manifest and prosperity flows more easily. If you’re worried about not

having enough money or resources, bills piling up, not being able to meet your financial obligations, you’re constricting the free flow of energy. This pushes money and the many forms of prosperity away from you. Thus, the more you worry about money, the less you are likely to have. Recognizing your blessings and adopting a positive attitude with gratitude, brings more to you. Life is a feast! Make sure you’re grateful for every bite, because all the situations in our lives, from the insignificant to the major teach us exactly what we need to be learning. Gratitude is important to happiness. Infuse your morning with gratitude. While you brush your teeth, brainstorm all the things you are grateful for. You must keep a ‘Gratitude Journal’ by your night stand and before you turn off the lights, write down 3 things you are grateful for that day. Once you do this religiously, you automatically become aware of your many blessings and you seed your dreams through the night. Create a Happiness Jar (or bowl) in the living room with a sign that says ‘Happi-

ness Jar’. Invite your family to write about their joys and gratitude on slips of paper and toss them in the jar all month. Read them together on Christmas or New Year’s. I personally am grateful for having the opportunity to share my Feng Shui expertise through this column, to meet many interested learners in my consultations and to visit homes, offices and factories with the intent to make the energy flow even better.

A personal consultation with Maria Hussain may be just the thing you need to make sure you attract wellness into your life. Call +919967678652 for an appointment or email us for feedback. You can also visit our website For Maria’s daily Feng Shui tips, follow her Twitter: @mareaah_h Instagram: @maria.hussain



NOVEMBER 2017 05

Congress - BJP bonding: ‘Bandhan’ for a social cause Mumbai BJP President & local MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar, along with Congress ExMLA & AICC spokesperson Bhai Jagtap Ji; lit the traditional lamp at a function called ‘Bandhan’, on 3rd November 2017 at IES Auditorium, Bandra Reclamation. The BJP & Congress came together to support the great welfare efforts of the Dawoodani family (Ahmed & Shenaz) who are from the Shia Ismaili Khoja community through their MJD & LIFE Foundation. This non-political event had scenes of bonding – at its very best. Ashishji was welcomed with the famous traditional Ismaili Community Band & felicitated with a floral bouquet & shawl by founder & trustee Ahmed Dawoodani. Later he applauded the contribution of the Shia Ismaili Khoja Community towards the development of Mumbai & India. Among the prominent personalities present were: Amin Mukhi, Sarfaraz Kamadia & Amin Rayani of the Bandra Jamat Khana. Noorallah Moosani, senior committee member & organiser told us, “The Diamond Jubilee celebrations of our beloved Imam Aga Khan have started. We support his vision of service to humanity through education & care of senior citizens. There are Ismaili Aga Khan Hospitals & Educational Institutes worldwide.”

Left: Mumbai BJP President Ashish lighting the traditional lamp, with Congress Ex-MLA Bhai Jagtapji & Ahmed Dawoodani Right: Solo Performance by Singer, Music Director Salim of ‘Salim-Suleman Music Directors’ The entertainment section had great musical plays & dance programmes. However, the massive audience was spell-bound by the musical performance of singer Salim – of ‘Salim-Suleman Music Directors’. Speaking exclusively to Bandra Buzz, Trustee Ahmed Dawoodani said, “My fa-

ther was an orphan, who worked his way up & then formed the MJD Foundation, around 25 years. This NGO takes care of health, food & lodging for around 195 senior citizens. His ‘Life Foundation’, started around 15 years ago and has around 200 students who have graduated – with 50

students studying or settled abroad. Bandra Buzz salutes the good work done by the Ismaili Khoja Community & Ahmed & Shenaz Dawoodi in particular and hopes that they keep up the good work. Sir Minaz

Block President Sajid’s ‘Children Anand Mela’ a huge success

COMPERE EXTRAORDINAIRE EDWIN SOARES Bring your party to life • Christening • Birthdays • Communion • Anniversaries, • Wedding • All Social Gatherings To make it rock, contact him on 9967027988 E:

The park near Jain Mandir was bustling with children of all communities enjoying themselves – playing on the slides, sea-onland, toy trains, merry-go-round, tumbling box, trampoline, rocking boat, etc. The music & lights added to the joy of these kids – who were rocking the show. It was action and smiles – everywhere. Bandra Taluka Ward # 97, Congress Block President Sajid Mohammed Saheb had organized a ‘Children Anand Mela’ for the local residents – and it was a huge success. It was a joy just watching the children really enjoying themselves. The energy in the air was mind-blowing. Sajid told us,

“We organize such events annually, during Eid, Bandra Fair, Diwali & Christmas. Simultaneously, similar events are held at Kadeshwari, Chimbai, Danda, Khar, Santa Cruz, etc.” Later that evening, Ex-MLA Baba Siddique was welcomed with floral tributes and was delighted to see the children enjoying themselves. Many wanted to have a photo with him – and he readily obliged. He told us, “Similar ‘Anand Melas’ are happening in about ten places in my constituency. This is the best entertainment for kids. Remember, they are the future of our country.” Joseph Pereira

06 NOVEMBER 2017



Are You Ready To Get Rocked? If you are, then you should get ready to pick up ‘The Great Rock Music Quiz Book’ when it’s launched on 2nd December. This book is for rock enthusiasts of all ages, and explores rock music bands in a Q and A format charting their entire career to their very recent work. Verus Ferreira’s second book introduces the reader to the world of rock music and provides an elementary lesson in the finer details of the grand daddies of rock namely Aerosmith, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones among many others. The book puts you to the test on specific song lyrics, albums, biography of the band members and also their life with wine and women. Says Ferreira “This book that has over 900 Questions and Answers, and is sure

to bring back memories of house parties, the days when we used to play air guitar to rock anthems like Hotel California, Brick in the wall, Wonderful Tonight, Sultans of Swing, We Will Rock You, and Roadhouse Blues among many others. The book is also a source of education for the younger mobile phone generation who missed out a way of life that might never return”. While the emphasis is on rock music, any music devotee will find plenty of interest, either on one’s own or for quizzing at parties, family gatherings, pub quizzes and any other occasion. The book also boasts of some rare photographs. Verus who is mighty excited after the super success of his first book ‘The Great Music Quiz Book’ published by Better Yourself Books, Mumbai says “Once you open this book, you’ll be transported back to the time of magical musical memo-

Scorpions performing in Mumbai on 14th December 2007 at Bandra Kurla Complex ries, a mosaic of music at your fingertips. Browse through the days of the ’60s, ’70s, ‘80s and ‘90s that ruled and gave us unforgettable songs; test your rock trivia expertise, invite your friends to see who the Rock Lyric King is. Most of the questions and answers are familiar and cover a wide range of classic songs that you might suddenly start singing too.” Story Mirror the publisher of the book, are mainly into publishing books on poetry and short stories. This book is their first ever on Music. They are thrilled on having a well known journalist to helm their first venture and will be launching the book

at a gala event at Title Waves, Bandra. “I am very happy that Story Mirror liked the idea of the book. It was also a joy to have Bollywood composer Lesle Lewis who gave his stamp of approval for my book by writing a beautiful Foreword. It really means a lot to me” states Ferreira who has over 25 years of entertainment journalism with the Indian media. Verus presently writes two weekly columns on music for The Afternoon Despatch and Courier. He is also the Founder of the music portal Bandra Buzz Team Image Credit: Eustace Alexandra 01



NOVEMBER 2017 07

FOR THAT DREAM GOAN HOLIDAY LOOK NO FURTHER Summertime and the livin’ is easy…. You bet it is - especially in sunny susegad Goa. Summertime is not just a season but a super luxury unique villa. The villa is ideally located on a little hill nestling between the bustling village of Calangute & the gentle calmer village of Saligao. This superb villa has what it takes to meet the stringent expectations of the most discerning of guests. It offers the unlikely combination of total peace, tranquillity and seclusion. The icing on the cake is that the famed hotspots of North Goa, are just a stone’s throw away! The villa is located in its own Garden of Eden with two acres of lush tropical gardens. A perfect getaway from the frenetic pace of mega metropolises. This Paradise on earth boasts of an infinity pool with vast green views, a sparkling cascading waterfall & a quaint Oriental koi pond

The Koi pond nudges the Koi Suite

Large space with views from every corner

which enhances the tropical feel. For nature lovers, this is a dream come true in every heady sense. An ultra spacious double height ceilinged living room is the heart of the villa, a perfect place for family gathering or of friends. There are also three spacious suites of 750 sq feet each, done with stunning contemporary furnishings & choicest amenities. Small wonder then that this fully staffed villa guest friendly amenities won an international award i.e. the World Boutique Hotel Awards in the year 2016. Things have only got better since then. Summertime has hosted many celebrities from across the globe, who have enjoyed its quiet elegance & thoughtful service. For more info call: +91-73500 82224 or visit: Edwin Fernandes

The large main swimming pool with an infinity edge


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19th October 2017

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Breathing Life int o the Mangroves |

Bandra_Buzz |


Five years ago, when Rehan Merchant, a web designer by mangroves, named profession, began after the colour his their wood; work on the mangroves of all of which are found at Carter Road, at Carpeople passing by ter Road. The soil or jogging on the in mangroves consists prom- clay, silt enade were sceptical of or particles of rocks, about what he was sand and tiny doing. A man with particles of shells. a vision and deterThey’re home to mined to prove crabs, birds, bats, oysters, his point, nothing shells, sea vegetables hin- and various dered Rehan’s effort types of algae and and he continued environto work with vigour. mental bacteria and Now, the results organisms. lie in front of everyone, If you happen to his persistence has walk on the promepaid off and through nade at Carter Road it, the mangroves & notice a man are a handcart, slowly turning over near the mangroves, with a new leaf. you’ve Mangroves consist come across Rehan Merchant. He has of halophytes, which are plants put up a few signs, as and trees that are a brief note to the highly about what public, salt-tolerant and he’s doing and how can grow in an acidic it’s worked. environment with high You might notice salt content. Found a along the Mumbai or garbage and assume lot of plastic bags coastline, Carter that waste was the Road is home to these mangroves. Mangroves problem. The truth is, Rehan never had consume a large a problem with the amount ide from the atmosphere, of carbon diox- least of his concerns.garbage & it was the thus, helping to The actual problem maintain the climate was the sewage and reduce pollution that was accumulating levels. There are three in an area of the mangroves & spreading types of mangroves: red mangroves, black through them. mangroves & white Contd. on Page 3 > Rehan Merchant

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began work on the


mangroves at Carter

| Price: Rs 4/-

Road five years ago

08 NOVEMBER 2017



I eat Organic in Bandra.. but what is Organic? In today’s day and age one might come across vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans, gluten free, egg-less, meat-less, eggatarians, but high ridiculous vegetable prices are driving everyone towards becoming pure non-vegetarians. I don’t think we can be too fussy about having the luxury of hoping that our vegetables are purely organic. What makes fruits and vegetables Organic? Farms that produce fruits and vegetables without the use of man-made chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), use of additives to promote growth, instead farmers use animal or plant manure, some hand weeding and biologically control pests, these farms produce organic fruits and vegetables. I was fortunate to meet 3 vegetable vendors in Bandra Bazaar who in their own right are getting vegetables from various places and farms using mostly biological fertilizers.

Shanta - vendor vegetables buys her vegetables from Dadar market she is confident all the vegetables are grown on farms without chemicals. She knows the Dadar vendor personally and has been buying from them since 25 years. She believes that vegetables coming from Pune, Nashik, Satara are all grown chemical free. But vegetables coming from Vasai, Thane and Panvel come from farms that use some amount of chemicals during the farming process. Teresa - sits half way down Bazar road and barely has much in her baskets to sell except padval, suran, dudhi, karela, and in small quantities, but they look like they have been just plucked off the tree. I asked her where she gets her wares from she says from farms in Vasai where she knows the farm owners personally and gets whatever is seasonal. She says next time she will get palak and all the winter leafy vegetables. Prem - has a cart at the bazaar closer to the meat shops, he has a lot of vegetables, smaller in size dudhi, karela, cauliflower, cabbage, spring onions, bhindi. They don’t

look very bright and something I would want to buy to eat he says he gets his vegetables from Vashi market where all the fruits and vegetables from the farms come to and are sold to vendors like him. I ask him how he chooses his vegetables he laughs and says I have been doing this since I was a child. Organic vegetables in my opinion will look ugly not shiny and will have unusual

shapes, some discolouration, and unique marks (birthmarks). We have tortured our environment so much that even if we don’t use man-made chemicals in our farms to produce fruits and vegetables there is enough in the surrounding atmosphere, like acid rain, factory, vehicle fumes, construction work etc. to make even the most organic farms least organic. Taherreh Jalali-Dashti



Nova Synergy is a waste management company operating in Mumbai, having a presence across multiple sectors; such as water and waste water treatment, organic waste management and renewable energy. We envision a world where waste is transformed into utilizable resources, without exploitation of people and planet. We help customers realize enhanced solid waste management system, with waste treatment process optimization.

NOVA SYNERGY IS A ONE-STOP SOLUTION FOR WASTE MANAGEMENT. THIS INCLUDES: Ÿ Waste Audit Ÿ Enhancing Environment Awareness Ÿ Providing Waste Segregation Bins Ÿ Education / Awareness programme on Waste Segregation Ÿ Designing, Installing & Operating a customised Waste Management System

Help Create a Clean & Green Bandra

(+91) 22 2641 9571 / (+91) 98333 44009 | Facebook : novasynergy



NOVEMBER 2017 09

ByeCarb: Be in love with the shape of you It’s that time of the year when you’re warming up to the party season which means that you’re also trying hard to fit perfectly in that new gorgeous dress or the slim fit suit you’d last worn a few months back. And more often than not, this seems like an impossible task. With the tempting food choices we’re surrounded by, most of us give up even before starting this seemingly impossible task. Yet, ByeCarb – India’s largest online food & grocery store with a focus on weight loss, body building & diabetic food – seems to have the solution that has long evaded us. An extension of the famed CiaoCarb, an Italian nutrition brand that embraces products such as pasta, biscuits & chocolates & all kind of bakery delights with a low intake of carbohydrates and added sugar (hence the name!), ByeCarb focuses on a high protein-low carbohydrate diet to get the most out of you in helping you get in shape. Broken into three stages over a period of a few weeks, stage 1, a fifteen day

period, is called the Attack stage wherein a meal plan rich in protein allows you to keep blood sugar levels under control thus, increasing your basal metabolic rate, helping l i polysis and, therefore, promoting weight loss. In stage 2, another 15 day period, fibre rich & low carbohydrate foods reduces fat and sugar absorption besides positively influencing metabolism & blood pressure. The final stage is a maintenance stage in which a balanced nutrition plan is recommended. Renowned dietician Dr. Tahseen Siddiqui says, “Diets with a

low glycaemic index are able to stabilize levels of glucose & lipids in people affected by diabetes & facilitate weight control due to their hunger suppression abilities.” “The best part of this entire plan is the fact that you don’t have to give up the pleasure of the scrumptious foods you love; be it pasta, chocolate spreads, cookies, croissants and the like,” says Intekhab Alam, Business Development Manager of ByeCarb. So what’s different then? “These foods are protein rich foods unlike most other foods; for example, the pastas we offer contain 60% protein, 12% fibre & hardly 10% of carbohydrates. This is almost the opposite o f

the commonly available foods around us. It’s not uncommon to see our clients lose around 8kg of their body weight in a couple of weeks after strictly adhering to the diet plan. What’s more is that there are no side effects to this,” Intekhab goes on to explain. And while most doctors around would suggest a total change in your diet, here’s ByeCarb with the real solution: get the most of the nutrients in your food while enjoying it all! With ByeCarb, it’s not just the food you’ll be enjoying but the party season too for which you’ll be in great shape. For more information, please log in to: or call: +919819715759. Valerian D’Costa


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Breathing Life int o the Mangroves

Frequency builds awareness. Awareness builds familiarity. And familiarity builds trust. Conventional wisdom says your audience needs to be exposed to your ad 3+ times for it to sink in & build awareness. Advertising gets the best results overtime. Each ad builds on prior brand recognition.

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Five years ago, when Rehan Merchant, a web designer by mangroves, named profession, began after the colour his their wood; work on the mangroves of all of which are found at Carter Road, at Carpeople passing by ter Road. The soil or jogging on the in mangroves consists prom- clay, silt enade were sceptical of or particles of rocks, about what he was sand and tiny doing. A man with particles of shells. a vision and deterThey’re home to mined to prove crabs, birds, bats, oysters, his point, nothing shells, sea vegetables hin- and various dered Rehan’s effort types of algae and and he continued environto work with vigour. mental bacteria and Now, the results organisms. lie in front of everyone, If you happen to his persistence has walk on the promepaid off and through nade at Carter Road it, the mangroves & notice a man are a handcart, slowly turning over near the mangroves, with a new leaf. you’ve Mangroves consist come across Rehan Merchant. He has of halophytes, which are plants put up a few signs, as and trees that are a brief note to the highly about what public, salt-tolerant and he’s doing and how can grow in an acidic it’s worked. environment with high You might notice salt content. Found a along the Mumbai or garbage and assume lot of plastic bags coastline, Carter that waste was the Road is home to these mangroves. Mangroves problem. The truth is, Rehan never had consume a large a problem with the amount ide from the atmosphere, of carbon diox- least of his concerns.garbage & it was the thus, helping to The actual problem maintain the climate was the sewage and reduce pollution that was accumulating levels. There are three in an area of the mangroves & spreading types of mangroves: red mangroves, black through them. mangroves & white Contd. on Page 3 > Rehan Merchant

began work on the


mangroves at Carter

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Road five years ago




NOVEMBER 2017 11

The First-Ever All Mumbai Interschool Intercollegiate Eco Fest - Planit-E 2017-18 St. Teresa’s Institute of Education is one of the pioneering colleges of teacher-education in Mumbai. Since its inception we were contemplating on hosting a cultural fest that would serve to unite schools and colleges across the metropolitan and also provide a forum for a worthy cause. At last we hit upon a million dollar idea…… and Planit-E was born! As you are aware, the threats facing us in terms of depletion of resources, degradation of the environment and the detrimental effects of abusing nature are insurmountable. The truth is inevitable a slow but steady decay and death of the planet at large. If we have to avert this im-

Planning the planet of my dreams has finally turned from fantasy to a roaring reality!!! Dr Giselle D’souza

pending calamity, each of us has to make an informed choice to make a difference and what better way than to tap the thinking potential, creative ideas and ingenious suggestions of the young minds who hold the key to a better tomorrow in a beautiful world. It gives us pride to state that this first ever eco-fest in the city has seen around 50 educational institutions come together each year in a bid to step up the quality of our planet Earth… short E-quality taking our dream of ‘Planit-E’ to fruition. Each year we try to add a new twist to our venture to make it just not rock but roll, just not stagnate but reach the poles. Our 2 day eco-cultural fest witnesses a plethora of competitions all boiling down to environment related themes. From head, hand and heart to dances and art, from skills of expression (Elocution & Debates) to eco-fashion (Ads), from performing street plays to penning essays, from crooning models (Jingles) to working models (Projects) and more…….there’s loads of fun and prizes galore!!! Come feel like a star, and win a tro-

phy for your college and school, knowing S.T.I.E is the eco-hub and creativity is the rule. So block your dates on the E-calendar and make a dash here on the 1st and 2nd December 2017. The fest commences with an Inaugural function at 8:30 am on 1st Dec 2017 followed by a host of competitions lined up for each day. “On its Third Anniversary we stepped up the beat….and thought we’d extend it

ANDREAN FAMILY FIESTA Guest performances by Dominique & Clinton Cerejo Petula Rodericks & Aunty Maggie Compere: Darryl Loyola




to the streets. Come and see what’s going to unfold… the end of the rainbow find your pot of gold” - Gloria Borges, Event Organiser, Planit-E. We look forward to your whole-heartedness and support by just being there! Don’t forget to hit a like on our Facebook page - Planit-E-1647292205543667 Prof. Dr. Giselle D’souza

BookASmile & World For All





3rd December, 7pm onwards St. Andrews School Quadrangle









12 NOVEMBER 2017 A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO EARN WELL For Income, Growth and Bright Future for self-motivated and result oriented persons, with India’s most trusted business house. You too can earn well, as I have for the last 15 years, if you are a graduate, 26 to 60 years old. Register today! Phone me, Feroza, your fellow Bandra citizen, on 9821239419. COMPUTER SERVICES For prompt and reliable service of home computers and laptops, please call Dennis Mendonca (over 15 years of experience in PC service) on 7738647535. Service centre: We-fix computer services, near Dr. Farooqui’s Polyclinic, St. Martin Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai 400050 Payment: Cash, Cheque or PayTm CRAFTS AND MORE Learn and enjoy the art of Candle Making/Decoupage/Decopatch/Crochet/ Knitting/Mosaic/Storytelling/Terrariums/Paper Crafts. For more details kindly contact us on 9769621002. Ready Crochet items and Candles available. CORNED TONGUE Available Corned Tongue and Meat Loaf. (Home made and delicious)NO Home Delivery. Call 9820300751 COURIER SERVICES Sky World Bandra (W) offers premium domestic and international courier services. Dispatch through DHL, FedEx, Blue Dart, TNT, etc. Service to all major cities in India and all countries. Excellent service, free pick up. Sky World, 1B, A wing, Swapna Safalya, 25th road, near Tavaa restaurant, Bandra (w), Mumbai 400050 Contact: 6596 9999 / 2651 2651 / 93243 88808 email DANCE CLASSES Learn social dancing (Jive/Chacha/ Waltz/Salsa) in easy, fun & flexible sessions. Timings: Monday / Wednesday 7-8 pm and 8-9 pm, Saturday & Sunday 5.30-7 pm and 7-8.30 pm, Sun 11-12 am. Venues: St. Peters KG School and St. Joseph’s Primary School at Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050. Kindly contact Marlon 9820344010.

BANDRA BUZZ GOAN FOOD & SWEETS We offer Goan Masala, Home / Office Tiffins (Home Delivery Arranged), Goan Sausages, Christmas Sweets (Goan Style). Call Bebiana D’Souza 9819454137/ 99205 89181 HANDWRITING CLASSES Are you having a problem with your kid’s handwriting? We help to make handwriting clear, beautiful & legible. Guaranteed improvement in your child’s handwriting. Basic calligraphy classes also taught. Contact Mrs. Asha on 9892818253 / 26493438.

JOB VACANCY WANTED STAFF URGENTLY 1) Restaurant Manager 10 years experience computer literate, 2) Captain cashier 5 years & 3) Delivery boys with bike (should know Bandra & Khar area). Walk in WANTON HOUSE RESTAURANT, 98 Hill Road, Bandra (West). Call: +919820717384 email:

NEEDLE WORK & CROCHET Ladies knitting, Crochet, Embroidery, Dressmaking courses. Rs 1500 each. Contact Mrs D’Silva 9820451695. Girls dressed stitched. Mufflers and baby sets available Rs 320. Kindly visit our wesbite for more details annadsilva. PRAYER May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored, glorified & loved today and everyday throughout the world, now & forever. Amen. Ask St. Clare for 3 favours, 2 impossible & say 9 Hail Mary’s, the above prayer for 9 days with a lighted candle & publish on 9th day.

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HILL ROAD · Outside Bandra station ticket counter · Near Bandra station rickshaw stand · Shankar Sidh (near Lucky Restaurant) · P.S. Chavan (outside Studio Perfecta) · Sheshmani Yadav (near Wanton House) · Ajit B Shelar (outside ICICI Bank) · Good Luck Café S.V. ROAD (opp. Bandra Talao) · Shubangi Chandrakant Torasker WATERFIELD ROAD · Indian Express (opp. Post Office) KRISHNA CHANDRA MARG · R K Yadav (outside IES College) CHAPEL ROAD · Shiva (outside Mt Carmels Church) · Rajendra Yadav (near Starbucks Coffee) ST. JOHN BAPTIST ROAD · Mt Mary Society Stores · Sandeep bookstall (near Mt Mary Steps)

BAZAAR ROAD · Kalidas Vishram General Stores · Rohit Newspaper (near Kalidas Stores) TURNER ROAD · B.M. Khambe (near D’Decor showroom) · R.K. Yadav (opp. Cafe Coffee Day) · The Bandra Gymkhana · Surendra Amberkar (near Peace Haven) CHIMBAI ROAD · S.R.N/L.R. Yadav (opp. Solanki Chemist) DR. AMBEDKAR ROAD · Bhushan newspaper (opp. 5 Spice) · Uday R Pai (opp. Bombay Barbeque) · Suresh More (near St. Elias High School) JUNCTION OF 24TH & 30TH ROAD · Rajkumar Yadav (opp. St. Theresa)

Our list is constantly growing & will be updated regularly! If you would like to be added to the list call 9820783686 or 9920299787

NOVEMBER 2017 13

Road Repairs & Traffic Woes Dear Reader, November in Bandra heralds the halt of the monsoons and with cooler climes setting in - the wonderful weather with clearer skies, sets the stage for the festive season ahead. All around Hill Road, Linking Road & other quaint bye-lanes, hectic preparations for expected shopping spree is seen. Then, just like past years, it is everywhere. Road repairs everywhere (running into months... or even longer) is the dampener that hampers traffic and creates chaos and tense situations. It seems that BMC contractors are immune to citizen’s corrective suggestions – and will never change their corrupt ways. A job that could have been done in days, takes weeks and even months – due to some reason or the other. Supervisors do not know how the job should be done – and in most cases, are not even present when work is being done. Our tax money is wasted, when the surface gives way in a short time, due to inferior material and wrong methods used. The traffic woes caused is tremendous. The million dollar question is – our Municipal Councillors, who are supposed to be the link between citizens and the BMC, seem to be blissfully helpless, WHY?

As we enter our 7th year of local news reporting next month, countless changes are apparent – even as we continue evolving as your favourite neighbourhood newspaper. Technology is turning our world and making yesterday’s stories, today’s reality. Our website: has been upgraded – to offer you features like never before. In the near future, our readers will have access to a lot of interactive features, at their fingertips. Yes, if you have not guessed it yet – a Bandra Buzz mobile app, very soon. Till next time, take care.

Regards, Merck N. D’Silva Editor-in-Chief DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this paper, are of the authors - and do not reflect the opinion of the publishers and editors, unless otherwise stated. Readers should act on the information provided, only after consulting with their own independent advisors.

CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES TENNIS TOURNAMENT 2017 AT THE BANDRA GYMKHANA The Bandra Gymkhana hosted the U16 Boy and Girls Championship Series Tennis Tournament 2017, under the auspices of the Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association / AITA. The venue was the same place, where tournaments have featured over the past several years. It was a delight to watch the competitors. The two day tournament on 18th & 19th November, brought out some of the brightest future talent from Maharashtra and beyond. Tennis standards were at its very best and the audience enjoyed every moment – especially the edgy situations.

The results were as follows: Boys Winner: Yashraj Dalvi Boys Runner Up: Faiz Nasyam Girls Winner: Swarda Para Girls Runner Up: Durva Deo Locals got a chance to watch State Level players and learnt a lot from their moves on the court. Such matches inspire our youth to take to tennis at a competitive level. Sunil Gonsalves

Altina Award Winners 2017

An Initiative by Altina Securities to promote ‘The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship’

Essay Contest: Power of the Media

1st Prize: Sharlene Lobo Rs. 30,000/-

3rd Prize: Nora Bhatia Rs. 15,000/-

2nd Prize: Prianca-Marie Dias Rs. 20,000/-

J U R Y M E M B E R S (Essay Contest)

Arvind Inamdar Former Director General of Police

Naazneen Karmali India Editor Forbes Asia

A B Ravi

Editor-Special Projects CNBC-TV18

Anna Bredemeyer India’s Original Super Model

Clifton Desilva

Director Altina Securities Pvt Ltd


Anand Ladsariya Managing Director Everest Flavours Ltd.

Abhinav Thakur

Managing Director Accurex Biomedical Pvt. Ltd.

Wilson Godinho

Director Fabrizo Industries Pvt Ltd.

Ivan Castelino

Director In-Solutions Global Pvt. Ltd.

Suraj Morajkar

Brijdina Coutinho

Director CEO Sun Leisure (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bassein Catholic Co-op. Bank Ltd.

Altina Securities Pvt. Ltd.,

303, Anand House, 13th Road, off Linking Road, Khar (w), Mumbai - 400 052 E-mail: Tel: 6694 2416 / 17 / 18

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