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A humble Parsi home at Bandstand that shines nothing less that warmth and genuineness


f houses could talk, there would be a fascinating tale to each of them. e Cama Convalescent Home established in 1937 at Bandstand - is a home away from home for Parsis, who want to experience the refreshing sea breeze of Bandstand for a few weeks of their life. e care taker and manager-in-charge, Dilbar Pestonji has been working here since the past four years - and every person who comes to the home is taken care of in the best way possible. e capacity of the home is around forty people, the busiest period being April to June, where people from all over the country make their way here some of them, just to enjoy the feeling of rejuvenation, this sea facing house brings. e morning starts with a healthy breakfast of either cereals or eggs and lunch and dinner consists of some common parsi dishes, like mora dal chawal, dhanshak and tomato khicdi.

e promenade opposite lets the visitors stroll and pass their time in the evenings. ere is a common dormitory for residents. ere no charge for checking in, but the four private rooms with attached bathrooms, which are on the first floor - is let out for a minimum amount. Guests also enjoy benefits such as medical expenses during their time there. People are welcome to stay here for a period of 15 days, but can extend up to two months - if the trustees think necessary. Games like housie are played regularly and birthdays as well as festivals like Parsi New Year, Christmas and Diwali are celebrated with small parties. Once in four months, there is ‘Jashan’ held for Shirin Cama - who is the founder of the home. by Kainaz Jussawalla Pic Courtesy: Kyle D’souza CONTINUED ON PG 6


November 2012

Bandra Buzz


H-West Federation is organising ‘Must Run’ Half Marathon on 2nd December Stanislaus School Grounds, again on Hill Road, Bandra. e run route will wind through the suburbs of Bandra, Khar and Santacruz. We expect around 3,000 people from all across the city to take part in the programme - which will end with a short closing ceremony and awards distribution at the St. Stanislaus Ground.

In order to raise awareness about the work the H-West Federation is doing, as well as to raise resources for its activities over the next year, a Half-Marathon is being organised. is will bring together professional athletes and amateurs, young and old - from all corners of the H-West ward and the city at large. In 2011, the H-West Federation organised the first ‘MustRun’ along with ‘Wake Up Bandra’ which attracted more than 1,500 runners - including participants from the Army, the Police, NGOs and Schools. e event also raised some monies to support four charities from the area. e event was well covered by the media and also saw hundreds of spectators including celebrities like Neelam Kothari, Sameer Soni, Divya Dutta, Raza Murad and music legend Kersi Lord cheering the runners. is year too we expect a very large contingent from our armed forces participating enthusiastically. e event will comprise the following categories: i. Half Marathon- Open Run (21 Km) – Men & Women ii. Veteran’s Run I – Between 45 and 55 years (10 Km) – Men & Women iii. Veteran’s Run II – Above 55 years (10 Km) – Men & Women iv. Senior Citizens’ Walk – Above 60 years (2 Km) – Men & Women v. Youth Run – Between 16 and Under 20 (10 Km) – Men & Women vi. Physically Challenged (only Wheelchairs) - 1km vii. School Children Run – Under 16 years – 5km

Causes to be supported through the Marathon e H-West Federation intends through this event to raise funds primarily to support the following projects amongst many others: i. Continuation of its project with Municipal Schools in the Ward to ensure that the mandated BMC amenities to students of these schools are delivered as promised - and that the general facilities within the institutions, including infrastructure, are maintained at all times. ii. e repair and revitalization of the Kamlabai Nimbkar Pustakalaya, popularly known as the Khar Library, at Madhu Park, Khar, an iconic institution that has provided underprivileged students a safe haven to study over the last more than 75 years of its existence besides providing wholesome reading material to the residents of the area. Very importantly, this institution has supported the cause of this city’s Activists, providing each and every group, over the years, space to hold public meetings, workshops, seminars etc. iii. e creation of an integrated carbon-neutral zero-waste neighbourhood in the Bandra Reclamation area with the participation of the residents, Stree Mukti Sanghatana and the Municipal Authorities. iv. Conducting several awareness workshops on relevant issues for the citizens of the area Our Lead Charity Partner: Habitat for Humanity India, is an NGO that seeks to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Habitat for Humanity India is part of the international NGO Habitat for Humanity that has served nearly 6,00,000 families with housing solutions in more than 80 countries over the past 36 years.

All these events will be flagged off at the Apostolic Carmel School For further details of the event please contact: 98671 34054 or Ground on Hill Road, Bandra - and culminate at the historic St. 97683 45750

WINDOWLINE Authorised Distributors Exclusive Imported Rod and Channel, Chick, Bamcot, Timber, Vertical Venetian, Roman Roller Blinds, Wooden Flooring, Awning & Sun Control Film. 26415462 | 26518350 | 9819277789 Flat No. G1, Rabia Mansion, 44 Chimbai Road, Behind St. Andrews Church, Bandra, Mumbai 050

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November 2012


A noise free Diwali in Bandra

Deepavali or Diwali is certainly the brightest & biggest of all Hindu festivals. It is the festival of lights (‘deep’=light; ‘awali’=a row – a row of lights – “Deepavali”. It is a 4 day celebration that illuminates our entire country. Each of the 4 days has a separate tradition: Dhantesas, Laxmi Puja, Bhaubeej or Narak Chturdashi. What remains true & constant is the celebration of life – with its enjoyment & goodness. Bandra – probably the most cosmopolitan area in Mumbai, celebrates festivals of every faith. All communities (especially

children) visit the homes of their friends, who may be of other faiths – during Christmas, Eid or Diwali. ey may enjoy a nice Christmas Cake, Shai-Korma or Besan Ladoos – while greeting one another. Bandra kids have a sense of ‘oneness’, that needs to be appreciated & encouraged. Diwali generally begins in most Maharashtrian homes with a ‘Paheli Anghol’(first bath). Oil, coconut milk and ‘utra’(sandalwood paste) is applied on every family member – followed by a bath. en new clothes are worn and its time for puja. Tra-

ditionally, all this has to be done before the crack of dawn. Aer the puja, gis are exchanged. is is followed by a delicious breakfast of pohe, ladoos, karanji, shankarpali, etc. Homes are decorated with lanterns, while colourful rangolis & diyas adorn the doorstep of every home. In fact, the Bandra Hindu Association – just off Linking Road, holds a Rangoli Competition every year. en, we have Christians, Parsees & Muslims visit us for Diwali every year – to enjoy our delicacies – and share fond memories of living safely in Bandra. Bursting fire crackers is another integral part of Diwali that’s enjoyed by all communities. Unfortunately, over the years – the noise level far exceeds the decibel limits – making Diwali an ear-shattering experience. is has turned Diwali from a traditional festival to a commercial one. In Bandra, we need to set an example of avoiding the noise, by instilling a sense of responsibility in our school & college kids – making them know the dangers & bad effects of excess noise on our health. Yes, Diwali should have lights, but NO NOISE – pollution. Let’s give this issue some serious thought. As a concerned community, can Bandra set an example for the rest of Mumbai to follow? Lets make a start. Wishing you all a “Happy Diwali & a Prosperous New Year”. by Shyma Kulkarni






November 2012

Bandra Buzz

Passionate about Pooches A corporate executive’s weekend indulgence

On a warm Sunday evening, surrounded by her two lovely adopted street dogs, Puffin & Blackie, we met Erica de Souza, a corporate communication executive by day - and an upcoming canine behaviourist, trainer & painter on the weekends. Here, she tells us about her passion for dogs – and how she dreams of converting it into a 'from the heart' career someday.

portrait painter. Just give me a photo of your pet - and I will get your pooch immortalized on canvas. Given their unpredictable nature, have you had any other experience with animals? Growing up, I was lucky enough to be always surrounded by dogs. You will never find the de Souza household sans a dog or two ....or three. In fact, I've been given a mandate - that if I bring another dog home, it's the garden for me. I also used to volunteer at WSD(welfare for stray dogs).at gave me the real initial ‘handson experience’ - as well as been certified in dog behaviour (theory).

What was your early life like? Like most youngsters who grew up in Bandra in the 80’s and 90’s, I went to St. Joseph’s Convent & graduated with a BA in Pyschology & Sociology from St.Xavier’s. A one year stint in hospitality at the Taj Mahal Hotel took me to the US, where I spent 6 years for a second degree in Hospitality and working for a while in confer- Did you suffer any setbacks? Today, there is much more acceptance toence management. wards animal related careers. e biggest What made you decide to switch careers? blessing I have is a loving family, especially ree years ago, I made a complete switch my mum - who has been very supportive from hospitality, where I had spent 13 of my decision to explore this passion. years - to an Engineering firm where I now handle corporate communication, CSR, What are the perks of your job? Training and media relations. While I It gives me a chance to meet new people & loved my job during the week, I felt I learn new things. Any person in the canine needed something which challenged me industry will tell you, that learning about personally on the weekends. is gave me animals is more about learning about their a reason to jump out of bed and look for- owners first. I guess that's where my degree in psychology is really being put to use. ward to my day - everyday. e biggest perk is a slurpy wet kiss from my four legged friends - and a hearty tail Prior to this, what did you do? I am sort of ‘jack of all trades’...literally - wag when they see you get home from a I've done everything from Hospitality hard day's work. Training and Catering Sales, free lancing as a Behaviour Trainer to giving classes at What are your plans for the future? the St. Andrew’s parish confirmation. e Aer I am done with my training I would list also includes dramatics - school plays, like to branch out & take on a few canine the zonals, and on several occasions I have clients. I would like to specialize in all been the source of entertainment for close types of services like pet portraits, dog friends as well, with my whacky behaviour. training & grooming facilities. by Charlotte Rodricks For a short while I was a part time professor at Rizvi college of Hotel management. I've tried everything from street funk and Canines on canvas. A pet portrait jazz dance, painting, volunteering with NGOs for stray animals. However, I guess my love for dogs has superseded most of these - and remained consistent over the years. Have you received any formal training? I am currently apprenticing with a renowned dog trainer and groomer for my training in dog handling - and will be formally certified in January 2013 for dog behaviour training. I am also a self taught pet


GO TAKE A HIKE From October 11, Mumbaikars have had to prepare themselves for a costlier commute. e Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority (MMRTA) approved a Rs 3 hike in the minimum auto rickshaw fare. Minimum auto fare rose to Rs 15 from Rs 12.For every subsequent kilometer, too, auto rickshaws will charge Rs 9.87 per km against Rs 7.12. is is the third fare hike in the past 12 months for both auto rickshaws and taxis. Auto union leader Sharad Rao quoted "I am extremely happy with the hike that has been offered to rickshaw drivers" With around seven schools in Bandra and six colleges, the students who travel from the Bandra terminus seem to be at the receiving end of the price rise. Kunal Singh from Borivali studies at IES, reclamation. He says ’’We can take a bus but since we always late we just jump into the first auto we get at the signal. But it’s become unaffordable’’ Preeti from National college, linking road, tells us that taking an auto from Chapel road to her college and back downsizes her by Rs 45 every day and adds up to Rs 700 a month. ‘at leaves me with very little pocket money to enjoy with my friends. Even my friends feel the pinch.’’ Autowala Chandu drives his vehicle only in Bandra nowadays, he cheekily informs us ‘’I don’t need big bhaara. Bandra has so much traffic. So with waiting charges and standing at traffic lights I make my days

worth.’’ Working lady Dolly from Chimbai says that from the stipend of Rs 5000 she earns as a physicians receptionist in Malad, she now has to take the bus and saves up for her son to travel to tuitions by auto. e hike was supposed to bring more quality of service to customers but yet many rickshaw drivers refuse to take the customers where they want. In their defense, few auto drivers complain that students and others have started telling them that they bringing fare money from their friend and then disappear in the college or a building never to be found. ey also say that though initially people were upset and some refused to give the Rs 3 extra, now they have no choice. at is true. What choice do we have? Cycling, skating or our own two feet? by Kainaz Jussawalla

I am extremely happy with the hike that has been offered to rickshaw drivers. Sharad Rao


Bandra Buzz

November 2012


Rochelle and Adrian’s An Alves called Johnnie Pre-Christmas Bonanza

Fishing from the pond near St. Vincent De Paul Church, swimming in the wells and stealing mangoes were our favorite past times. e younger boys used to switch the ‘For Rent’ sign boards outside the cottages, which was their idea of a prank.

Recount an incident that you remember vividly Every evening if you walked through Chuim village at 7.00 pm, the air would resound with families reciting the rosary, from their picturesque cottages.


estling in the back of a shady cluster of indigenous Bandra flora is a fairy-tale little bungalow called “Cyril Baug” in which a loving and enterprising couple, Rochelle & Adrian Newnes have spent their married lives for the past 25 years. It is the house in which Rochelle was born. eir mango and lemon trees give fruit in abundance and are surrounded by bluebells, hibiscus and buttercups, crotons, roses, palms and lilies. is couple has several creative projects, one of which is an annual Pre-Christmas Bonanza held in the third week of November in which house-to-house marketing and home-based trading are given a novel platform. e much-awaited event which takes place in their garden was conceived in 1996, when four tables with hand-made goods inaugurated the sale and this practice continues to this day. e amount collected for booking of each table went to the needy. e Bonanza was so successful that it led to a yearly build-up with an increasing spread of items and more opportunities for makers of various useful articles and colourful decorations to find buyers. ey would pay for the use of a table and through the sale they found a growing audience that not only appreciated their wares but became regular customers beyond the Bonanza. As the years went by, Rochelle & Adrian took to writing. Adept at turning out delicious meals and mixing aromatic spices, they decided to share their expertise with the world, and in 2005 published “Queen of the Kitchen” containing 13 sections in 98 pages of their favourite recipes. Known as “e Enterprising Duo” they believe that “One hand opened in sharing is worth a thousand hands folded in prayer”. e book sold more than 1000 copies within three months of its release. In this age of globalization, when foreign corporates, glitzy malls and international brand names dazzle the minds of locals everywhere, a project like the PreChristmas Bonanza gives a chance for creative individuals to show off their products to their own people, as well as make a reasonable profit, is to be given resounding applause, and every encouragement. Let us eavesdrop on a neighbouring villa. Brenda’s voice is raised in exasperation. “Shaun, I can’t stand the sight of this

huge porcelain vase anymore. I don’t like the dragon’s face and I am on tenterhooks each time the grandchildren come and dash around it. Let’s give it to Celia next door. She likes it so much that she has offered to buy it!” Shaun replied, “I have a better idea! Let’s put it up for sale down the road at next week’s Pre-Christmas Bonanza. We can give the proceeds to our maid to pay back her loan! And Celia can have first choice!” “Great idea,” said Brenda. “I’ll phone Rochelle & Adrian to give us more details.” With a little wink Shaun said, “One woman’s hate is another woman’s attraction. at’s how things move along!” Shaun and Brenda are a few of the many people who have taken advantage of the “White Elephant” section of the Rochelle-Adrian Newnes project. If you have a used or unused item that someone else could happily benefit from, then you can make it available at the sale and use the money to purchase something else that fits your fancy. Aer all, the system of barter is far more just and efficient than many kinds of economy. ere are all kinds of delectable and bric-a-brac also on sale at the Bonanza. You can choose the best of local cuisine, from cakes and curries, to pickles, pastries and pan-rolls. Special Christmas sweets, casseroles, select “bottle- masalas”, organically made drinks and wines, delicate crockery and tableware are always the first to be bought up. You will find antiques to display in your home, as well as books, artificial flowers, imitation jewellery, bags, bed-sheets and tablecloths, handmade greeting cards, decorative candles, cushion covers, aprons and a host of gi items, including children’s toys. You will win prizes at the “Lucky Dip”, get a cover for your refrigerator, or buy a pretty nightdress for your daughter. e next Pre-Christmas Bonanza will be held on Saturday and Sunday, November 17 & 18, 2012 between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. at “Cyril Baug”, 103, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Bandra, Mumbai 400 050, (Tel: 26006457). Do book a table and come with your friends and family. It will surely be an occasion of surprises and you will return home to bring smiles to the faces of those you love. by Dr. Pearl Drego

Meeting an interesting personality from a completely different era and listening to stories of the days gone by, had me totally enthralled - as I chatted with Mr. Johnnie Alves, a very prominent figure from the ‘Bandra of Yesterday’. He has been a teacher, writer, a compere and is now a trustee & administrator on the board of St. Andrew’s College, Bandra - and a member of the Diocesan Board of Education. Where were you born? I was born in 1921 in Chuim Village (then, part of Bandra). Tell me about your early life in Chuim I grew up in a closely knit Roman Catholic community. ursdays were my favorite, as they were holidays. Every evening - and on Sundays, children from the various villages would converge at ‘Danda Green’ to play cricket with a rubber ball. What was your idea of fun back then?

CLASSES for exotic and pastry cakes, cupcakes, sugarcraft , chocolates , brownies. Marzipan,milkcream, walnut fudge, cordial, date rolls, tartlets , cookies , jujupees etc. Advanced cake and sugarcraft classes also. ORDERS TAKEN FOR ALL OCCASIONS

NAOMI 9967652731 / 022 26671294

Changes which you have liked and disliked Even though the mango trees are no longer there, even though the small beautiful cottages have disappeared, even though the lush green fields have vanished - Bandra will always retain her everlasting beauty. Tell me about your column in ‘Eve’s Weekly’ Twenty-five years ago, I had a weekly column in a leading fashion magazine of that time called ‘Eve’s Weekly’. Forward to a couple of decades later, fiy selected pieces were formatted into a book, titled ‘My Wife and other problems’ available at St. Pauls. How has the book been received? is book sells well enough to enable me to enjoy a bottle of Scotch every month. Finally, what is the secret of your long life? Walk whenever you can, wherever you can; especially with your wife - and you will live a long and healthy life. by Charlotte Rodricks

DANCE FITNESS ACADEMY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Workshop in Jive, Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Tango, Cha-Cha, Salsa. We offer a trial class. Arpita Ranadive m: +91 9833050884 w : e : Art Loft Studio, Hill Road, Bandra(w)


November 2012

Bandra Buzz


Parsi homes at Bandstand you didn't know about

Who would have ever guessed that right in the middle of the posh Bandstand, among all the multi-crore sky scrapers, there is a humble home that shines of nothing less that warmth and genuineness? And a stones throw away from this haven, lies the 'Bhabha Parsi Sanatorium' that could not be more different than its neighbour. Easily missed when passing by, because

of the simple entrance, once entered, the green, quaint and unreal looking surroundings and architecture that we witness could be straight out of a Hans Christian novel and my friend remarked ''are we still in Mumbai!'' All the three gigantic buildings seemed to be interlinked and we climbed two floors of one to meet the manager Mr Gowadia who is a parsi priest himself and welcomed

us with a big smile. We were saddened to learn that this property was almost deserted right now, where from the 120 rooms that were originally designed for recuperating and short term visiting parsis, not even one third were occupied. Back in the old days, the original meaning of a sanatorium was to stay for a few months, recover from an illness or some temporary homeless situation and then leave but unfortunately most existing residents we believe who are already well off financially and own homes else where, seem to have made this a permanent residence, the sea side view and the free stay obviously appealing to most. eir condition for leaving the premises being an alternative accomodation being gied to them. ough we sure there maybe few of the 'honestly needy' residents still around, we hear that the trust is no longer welcoming more visitors until the already existing ones move out, afraid that the newer ones would follow in their footsteps. So it basically seems like a loss loss situation for all involved. We leave the humongous and enchanting surroundings, hoping that some kind of internal dispute resolution would let other deserving parsis truly enjoy this natural and beautiful ambience the sanatorium provides. by Kainaz Jussawalla Pic Courtesy: Kyle D’souza

St. Paul road resident changes lives ship with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Dilbur, who is a lawyer by profession, has grown up in this community. Aer working on human rights issues at an international level, she decided to return to her hometown and work for those closest to her. e Education Centre set up by her and some friends in 1997 has opened up a world of opportunities for many young children. Today, Aseema reaches out to about 1500 children from extremely underprivileged backgrounds. e team at Aseema is driven and committed to ensuring every child receives the highest quality of education. ey welcome the help and support of all community members in reaching this goal.


ave you seen the bright cheerful faces of the children walking to the municipal school in Chimbai every day? ese young children live in slum communities in Bandra – Lalmitti, Reclamation, Nargis Dutt Nagar, Chimbai and others. As they walk out of their homes and the difficult lives they lead, their eyes sparkle with excitement. ese young boys and girls know that they have a lot to look forward to in school. ey will be part of a learning environment that respects them and encourages them to grow to their fullest potential. In addition to academic

work, they will also enjoy learning art, music and sports. ey will be offered a nutritious meal every day and will be looked aer by teachers who genuinely care for their well being. ose of us who have lived in Bandra, remember that the Pali Chimbai Municipal School was not always such a vibrant place. e school was in a dilapidated condition, with low enrollments and poor quality of learning. Over the past decade, it has been transformed by a Bandra resident – Dilbur Parakh – and her NGO Aseema ( which works in partner-

How can you join their cause? - Offer your time and volunteer to assist on a regular basis in the schools - Offer a donation / sponsor a meal for as little as Rs. 750 for 100 children - Keep an Aseema donation box in your shop / restaurant / other establishment - Help to sell their greeting cards and calendars featuring striking art done by children - Share your special skills (volunteer to take photographs, market products at exhibitions, etc).

Get in touch with Sanaa/Natasha at the Aseema office to discuss other ways in which you can participate. Call 26407248 / 26430185 or SMS 9930607248 and they will get in touch with you.


Bandra Buzz

Letters to the Editor Guzzling Beer I desperately need to go to the beer festival, taking place right here in Bandra – very well highlighted in your back page ad of BandraBuzz October 2012 issue. I wanna do some guzzling. Since the price of petrol has gone so high - I just need to guzzle some good beer. Kreisler Drego e International Beer Festival at DPRC last month was truly an amazing experience. With such a wide choice of the best brands – and an ambience of fun & fellowship at its best; this was a never-to-bemissed event. ose like me, who came in groups - had a gala time, enjoying every moment. I hope this trend of creating ‘quality time’ events in Bandra continues – especially during this festive season. Jeff Minogue ......................................................................... Bandra Post Office – Fans Having lived here in Bandra(W) for over 40 years, we are proud of our Bandra Post Office on Waterfield Road. We appreciate that no attempts have been made (so far) to ruin its old world charm – in the name of ‘re-development’ or ‘beautification’. is is all about the exterior look and the customers area. e inside, where the poor staff workers operate is another story – hot, untidy, cramped working conditions. e one factor, which has never failed to amaze (or actually infuriate) me, is the placement of ceiling fans in the customers area – where people stand in queues for stamps, registered packets, money orders, etc. For the last five years (at least), the only working / existing fan was right at the central entrance – where there are no queues normally. Now, suddenly, three sparkling new fans have appeared – wisely brown, to camouflage any dust, which is bound to accumulate. However, the positioning of these fans defies any sensible logic. Each fan is at a spot where it is ineffective to provide breeze to the customers standing in queues. One fan seems to be specifically for the benefit of the large sign board – listing the various facilities / window nos. etc. And at the stamps counter , which normally has the longest queue of customers – there is no fan at all! Considering that Mumbai is hot & humid for almost 10 months of the year – this is not just funny, but down right stupid. But then, as we oen believe of the strange behemoth – that is Indian Officialdom, “e more things change, the more they remain the same”. Dinesh Lopez ......................................................................... Making a Mark in Life When we are born, each one of us is given a name. What’s in a name? We may like it or not, but we can certainly work towards making our name earn us some fame - or defame. e choice is open. Here, have an example of Mark Dharmai. Born a dwarf, he has kept up to his name – and made a mark in his life. In doing so, he has inspired many more like him.

November 2012


Bandra Buzz at Rs.100 for 1 year

e front cover page article of the Bandra Buzz October issue has very correctly portrayed Mark. is young boy – born in a fishing village of Bandra; yet selected to represent India in the USA next year – will soon be a fisher of the youth who are also dwarfs, like him. He has pulled through his trying years of ridicule and stood the test of time – to emerge and shine as a winner in life. Others like him (in fact even able-bodied youth) should emulate Mark’s example – and bury the discouragement & wild gossip of mindless people. I earnestly request the editor of BandraBuzz – Mr. Merck D’Silva to send a copy of the October issue to Mr. Padmarkar Valvi. He is the state sports & youth welfare minister – and when he reads about Mark in our local community paper’s front page headlines, will surely do something more to help and encourage many more handicapped and dwarfs reach national & international levels in sports. On behalf of the entire community of Bandra, I wish Mark many more successful years ahead. Your determined spirit has made us all proud of you. Keep it up ! Faust D. Gonsalves

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Indeed, Mark Dharmai has made us all proud to have an achiever (inspite of his physical condition) in our neighbourhood. I have come to know that many people from Chimbai & surrounding areas have laminated the BandraBuzz Oct 2012 issue front page – to preserve this for future generations. It was touching to know this – as he is a shining example of success against all odds. Marky – you will be etched in our hearts – forever. Javed Ansari .........................................................................

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24X7 AMBULANCE SERVICE Here is an important info clip in times of emergency. Ambulace Service available Day & Night with Oxygen Cylinder at a very reasonable rate at the time of urgency and need from Bandra Hindu Association. Please contact - Mobile : 9819633985 / 9819638385 or MTNL Landline : 022-26555775 / 26441094. Address : Opp. Amarsons, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050. Ajeet Manyal ......................................................................... Vol. III Issue 11> R.N.I. No. : MAHENG/8-102010/12646 Editor: Merck D’Silva > Printed & Published by Creative Concepts, 401 Anica, 28 St. Paul Road, Near Bandra Gymkhana, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050 Printed at Marwah Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai - 400 072 DISCLAIMER Reasonable effort has gone into developing the correctness of content in this issue of Bandra Buzz - for accuracy and including up-to-date information. However, we assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions, which may arise due to human error or any other reason. e views of articles / reports published in this issue & written by various contributing authors are not necessarily that of the editorial board, publisher or owner. e validity of information and views printed herein is the sole responsibility of the concerned contributing author / individual writer of the article. Bandra Buzz does not take any responsibility whatsoever, for any resulting consequences, that may arise – because of any involved error. Legal disputes, if any, will be resolved as under Mumbai Jurisdiction only.

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TIME FOR SWEEPING CHANGE Dear Readers, November in Bandra is something to look forward to, as the temperatures drop gradually – creating cooler conditions at our great outdoors: promenades & parks. An occasional sudden shower may happen, to indicate the retreating rains. However, the clear skies are pleasant & invigorating. is is also planning time. Social activities are at a peak, this time of the year. With Diwali around the corner, shopping takes centre-stage. e joyous atmosphere is infectious – as we exchange festive greetings with our Hindu brothers & sisters. Even as you read this, a lot of community connect is happening as part of the current festive fervor – a good sign of living in harmony, in the midst of diversity. We understand, Bandra is leading the trend towards a more eco-friendly Diwali celebration. A step in the right direction. Bandraites, keep it up. e upcoming 2014 election fever has started in Bandra. Our elected representatives and their competitors seem to be on overdrive – to help Bandra residents resolve their problems. We have reports of new projects & initiatives launched – some of which are highlighted in this issue. is is apparently the best time to showcase any pending issue in your area. Please take this opportunity, to use BandraBuzz as your platform. Use your favourite local media to spread the buzz. A simple ‘letter to the editor’ can

cause ripples – and may help resolve the issue, sooner than you would imagine. In the past two years of our existence, the unbiased editorial columns & articles highlighting local issues have created a considerable impact – enough to generate awareness & action, leading to resolving long-standing issues. So, start something that has a fair chance of being result oriented – towards a better Bandra. e time for sweeping change - is now! On our end, BandraBuzz is striving hard to give you better a presentation in every area of your favourite local community newspaper. We need you to co-operate by sending in info about what’s happening in your area of Bandra. Your first hand insights make all the difference to a local paper. Whistle-blowers are needed to unearth the hidden scams that suck at the spendour of Bandra – and expose the hidden agenda of conniving people. Let’s interact & brainstorm, work as a committed community with integrity as our benchmark – and action as part of our main agenda.

Regards, Merck N. D’Silva Editor-In-Chief


November 2012

Bandra Buzz



One can almost miss this small restaurant on the SV road corner just le of Movie time Suburbia, and though they have not flashed themselves on a banner for everyone to see, we wish they would so that more Bandraites would get to experience this almost perfect Lebanese joint. e owner Nelesh Shah who has lived and travelled in England and Dubai draws his inspiration from the places on Edgware

road, Maroush and Beirut Express in London to name a few. His idea is to bring good wholesome Lebanese food to Mumbai without compromising on quality. He tells us, ‘’I enjoy Lebanese so much and realised that to eat authentic stuff we have to dish out around four to five grand at the five stars, so the idea came about as to why not make something affordable for everyone to enjoy? ‘’

e platters and wraps are all mostly priced between Rs 100 to 250 and Nelesh informs us that he believes in using only the best ingredients imported from foreign markets. Even the hummus is made fresh from his own central kitchen and so are all his sauces, which range from fierri harissa( hot chilli) to sizzling mustard and all the breads are made from scratch. Bandra Buzz set out to taste some of it and we were pleasantly surprised with the freshness of the pita bread, the crunchiness of the Baba Ghanoush, and the originality of the falafel. e slightly enhanced ‘Zatar falafel’ is the speciality of the place which has an Indian touch to it. ough the dish of the day was the ‘Batata Hara’ and we couldn’t stop eating it. e place already has some regular customers, the French community and Middle East travellers being some of them. Being strictly vegetarian himself, he plans to add meat dishes to his menu only when he is convinced he does not have to compromise on the hygiene standard. He also insists that all their food is made with olive oil, washed with RO water and they avoid deep frying anything unless its falafels. “I also want people to realize that there are more options besides pizza. A wrap or a mezze serves as a healthy snack especially when you returning from work and just want to snack in between a meal.’’

Coffee, herbal teas and deserts soon will be introduced soon and outlets in Powai and Andheri are on the agenda as well. So if you looking to pick up and go, just buy some fresh hummus off the counter or simply plan to sit around and have tuck in a healthy snack, Zatar easily is a ‘must try’! Meal for two: Rs 400 to 500 Food meter: 4/5 Ambience: 3/5 Quality:4.5/5 Contact: Hari Niwas, 30th Road, Gaiety-Galaxy Junction, Off S.V. Road, Bandra West 022 26409191 by Kainaz Jussawalla Pic Courtesy: Hardik Saraiya

Dips Delicacy Bandra based RP’s kitchen show you how something simple as dips can be interesting and delicious

Brought together by the bonds of sisterly love and mutual interest in cooking, senior citizens Rajkumari Varyani (51) and Poonam Makhija (62) together started their home-based business - RP’s Kitchen. ey initially swapped recipes and experimented on their children who found the food to be so amazing that they urged their mothers to make it into a business venture. ough they specialize mostly in sauces and dips, they even take catering order. Entering their well-furnished home, we were welcomed by the friendly duo behind RP’s Kitchen. Some small talk ensued fol-

lowed by a Q&A session. When the food platter was served, I was amazed by the beautiful presentation of each and every item. It seemed as if I was in for a treat at some fancy restaurant and their dishes hardly looked as if made by amateurs. ey initially started promoting themselves at exhibitions and now their popularity has rapidly increased. Rajkumari is passionate about her cooking and she cooks simply because it makes her feel happy. She loves sampling different kinds of food and whenever she comes across a dish she likes; she simply conjures

up its recipe and experiments with it by adding her own flavour to it. Poonam on the other hand, who is very health conscious, speaks of maintaining one’s diet and gyming regularly. Been on a strict dietary regime herself, she makes sure that the dips are tasty and are prepared with the least amount of oil possible. Upon tasting the dips, one finds that even though they may be taken from international cuisine, they have a distinctive ‘Indianess’ to it. eir dips and sauces usually last for a month. eir yoghurt based dips, like Cottage Cheese Dip, Creamy Cucumber Dip and Veg. Cheese Dip last for 15 days. eir most demanded-for dips are Schezwan Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Hummus, Barbeque Sauce, Tahini Dip, Garlic Chutney, Unusual Pani Puri Dip, Onion n Raw Mango Chutney, Achari Dip, and Cheese Sauce (250 grms for Rs. 180) Chesse, Chocolate and Corn & Jalapeno Fondue (250 grms for 250 Rs). For this festive season, they have specially prepared Chocolate Laddoos with imported chocolate & coconut base to maintain the quality factor. eir range of bakery too is wonderful with an incredible variety of breads like Masala panini bread, Foccacia Bread, Breadsticks, Tortillas, Garlic Buns, Lavache and Pita breads. Given their scrumptious taste, the sauces and dips are very reasonable priced compared to those of restaurants. One can’t help but notice that despite them being from old generation, they are

well-versed with the taste palates of international cuisine favoured by Indian taste buds. ese dips and sauces provide a quick shortcut in the hectic planning that comes along with planning for parties and are perfect for creating an appetizer tray as they add a dash of flavors without a lot of effort. Instead of making each appetizer separately, just put RP's Kitchen several options of dips & spreads along with a treat of crackers, chips or breads and the guests have the freedom of coming up with their own creations. Contact: 9920335504 / 9833758222 by Reeth Arora

Bandra Buzz



November 2012



Combining her creative streak with her fervor for furniture, Lavinia Hansraj speak to Bharat Gupta on giving houses a stylized look. An avid interest in home décor and stylized furnishings led Lavinia Hansraj into channelizing her passion into a business venture Lavina Hansraj So Furnishings. e dream project saw the light of the day with her awareness of global trends, keen eye for detailing and agitation due to lack of high end interiors. ‘I envisioned the kind of decor for my home that would create visual interest, be dazzling, upscale and functional at the same time’, says Lavinia brought her ideas and vision on paper, scouted for embellishments and brought the best out of local artists and tailors, giving life to many homes. What was once a mission impossible to find stores and furniture that reflected her personality is today her own brand that gives her complete creative satisfaction. Lavinia’s creative spark comes from her childhood and upbringing, with her mother and sister’s exotic palette leaving an indelible mark on her. Travelling to various destinations, observing their interiors, soaking in their cultures and reflecting on individual splendors, Lavinia’s work is

eventually a mélange of her various aspects in her life journey. A unique blend of modernity and nature has propelled her into this new world of design. ‘Each design is my own baby that I nurture from a basic sketch to the final pattern. With complete support from my husband, Chetan Hansraj (popular television actor), every project gets a fresh and edge feel that compliments the customer’s current decor, making seasonal adjustments or decorative updates’ she explains. What started out as a dream has transalted into real projects for pub/nightclub in this city, resorts , celebrity homes and a wide array of clients. Of course, with no substitute for hard work and dedication to the art, Lavinia signs off with ‘is is a One Stop Shop for all your Home Decor Needs. Each Piece is unique and exclusive. e hours of intricate Work put into each piece makes the home more elegant and beautiful’. e passion while Lavinia speaks of her work reflects perfectly in her work as well. Lavinia Hansraj So Furnishings +91-9820502315 / by Bharat Gupta

DAZZLING DUBAI TOUR 03 Nights / 04 Days INR 13977 /- per person Includes:• 03 Nights in Dubai at 3 * hotel • Return airport transfers • Half day city tour of Dubai • Dhow cruise with dinner • Desert Safari with belly dancing and BBQ dinner • All sightseeing includes return transfers Call now: +9122 26510792 Email: or We also arrange for domestic & international tickets, visa and car rental.


Dress to impress this Diwali

As the Diwali season steps in, it’s time for celebration, festivities and of course, parties! And even though this is an exciting time, the quintessential question of what to wear might leave you in a dilemma. With the streets dressed up with the lights and

the entire city glowing in its revelry, it’s time you add to the color and immerse yourself in the party season. Speaking of color, Urmila akkar, a Bandra resident feels ‘Red and gold or red and white work well for me. In fact, all

bright colors including shades of pink and green also look good. Diwali is a good excuse to buy new clothes and is a good opportunity to wear Indian clothes.’ A fan of the anarkali suits, Urmila already has her Diwali wardrobe ready. With a series of pre parties and dinners, you need to mix and match to give yourself that perfect look. If Indian clothes are not your thing, accessorize a western outfit and you’ll fit right in. A big chunky neck piece, chandelier ear rings, tika, and bangles… there is enough to choose from. And as a Bandra-ite, just take a walk to Hill Road or Linking Road and you’ll have plenty of affordable options. You can also carry a heavy dupatta, team it up with an anklet and mojris or kolhapuri chappals. A bindi and thick kajal, this perfect Indian twist to your western outfit will make you a head turner. And if you want to be with the latest fashion trends, then gold, pink, tangerine and green are the colors this season. A quick reminder, don’t blindly follow fashion trends, see what suits you and your skin

tone. Remember, there will be mirchi lights and rangolis at everyone’s house; you don’t need to be one! Be careful with the material you wear and carry. With candles and crackers everywhere, stay clear of synthetics. Look fresh and bright. If your outfit is embellished, keep your make up basic. And of course, with a phooljadi in your hands, you want them to be well manicured. Bright nail paints are in, so make a statement with neon colored nail paint peeping through your open toed shoes. Carry a clutch in brocade or silk to give it that Indian feel. Coming to the uncomplicated boys, you too need to look fashionable! is is your one chance to don your Indian clothes, so get those kurtas out, wear that sherwani for once and match it with good clean kolhapuris or juttis. So be the cracker this Diwali each time you step out. Look good, feel good and party on! by Bharat Gupta


November 2012

Bandra Buzz


Laid to Rest in Sewage

I have always believed that respect for the dead was an innate aspect of Indian culture… that was until I saw the state of the St. Francis of Assisi Church (Kadeshwari Marg, Bandra-West) cemetery. We say “May the dead rest in peace”. In the case of the St. Francis of Assisi cemetery, this phrase would have to be changed to “May the dead rest in sewage”. It is heart wrenching to see that our loved ones have been laid to rest in a cemetery - through which now a river of sewage flows. e tenements adjoining the cemetery simply let their sewage flow into the cemetery. is seems to be the easiest way out - aer all the dead can’t tell tales. e issue has been raised at various meeting with the municipal corporators and politicians to no avail. According to them, nothing can be done. So, no action has been taken. I am le wondering whether if this was the final resting place of an esteemed national or church leader, would the authorities have allowed the sewage to flow through. If yes, then I believe we are an extremely disrespectful lot. If no, then may be some citizens of our country are more equal than others. e tracking nos. of complaints logged with the "HW" ward of the BMC (on regarding the sewage flowing through the St. Francis of Assisi

Cemetery Bandra(W) – and no action has been taken yet, are: 0721519626, 0721520637, 0721519468, 0721519762, 0721519469, 0721520075 It is unfortunate that we have to fight for clean water, paved roads and a constant supply of electricity in our country during our lifetime. e predicament at the St. Francis of Assisi Church Cemetery leads me to wonder whether the civic body, the government and the church want our fight to continue in the aer-life… for a decent resting place ! Ryan Pais





Bandra Buzz

November 2012


Dattatrey Kambli fraudulently obtained photo pass for private land in Bandra - Cheated Collector’s Office e property owners and the legal heirs of Mary E. Pereira Stable are: omas Vaz, Mrs. Anna Magdalena Pereira, Mrs. Rose Cecilia Cabral, Dominic Fernandes, Mary Miranda, Rose John, Alice Pereira, John Pereira, Basil Pereira, Annie Pereira, Mrs. Doris Conceicao, Mrs. Hilly Pereira, Miss Winnie Cabral, Austin Pereira, Jacinta Dias, Christina Kapoor, Coral John, Clifford Cardoz and others. ey were shocked and surprised, when they were following up with the BMC for demolition of the illegal building (Chinese shops) on their private land. ey were told by the BMC, that the illegal occupant Dattatrey Kambli and Chaya Kambli have Photo Passes on their land bearing CTS # B913 at Kadeshwari Mandir Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400 050. Aer constant follow ups and hearing with the Collectors office at the MHADA, it was revealed that the Collector’s office has issued Photo Pass to the illegal occupant: Dattatrey Tukaram Kambli. en, the owners had made an application to the Collector on 18th October 2011 for cancellation of photo passes. Since this is private land – not declared as a slum, how was the Photo Pass issued? It seems that there is a strong political hold, which is not allowing the Collectors office to do its duty. Despite of all the proof and documents provided by the owners, the collector’s office is not moving the matter expeditiously. ere seems to be a nexus between one clerk Mr. Kadam, who is playing a vital role to delay the cancellation proceeding. Despite constant follows up with Mr. Kadam, there has been no progress on this issue. is matter has completed a year - and yet the Photo Pass has not been cancelled. e latest interaction regarding this issue was on Monday, 5th November 2012, when the owners met up with the Deputy Collector, Mr. Rokade. He assured them that he would cancel the Photo Pass. e Owners of Mary E. Pereira Stable are facing a lot of tension and hardship because of this one trespasser family of Dattatrey Kambli and his wife Chaya Kambli. ey seem to have some political connec-

BandraBuzz met with Dattatrey & Chaya Kambli at the allegedly illegal structure, where they stay - to get their side of the story. We asked some questions to figure out truth from lies. What do you have to say about Advocate Shane Cardoz’s allegation that you are occupying private land? Do you have legal documents for your structure? Since when are you staying here? Chaya Kambli: is is collector’s land & we have documents to prove this. We also have receipts of payments done by us. We came here in 1980 and started staying here from 1983. We won a case, when our structure was demolished at that time. If this is private land, why did the owners not approach us all these years? Were they sleep-

tion, since they have the power to build an illegal construction on the footpath and part on the owners property, without any resistance from the BMC. If this procedure is delayed further, the owners are le with no other alternative, but to file ‘criminal cases’ against Dattatrey Kambli and Chaya Kambli for cheating and fraud. Also, the owners will file a case against the officers of the Collector's office for ‘dereliction of duty’ - and a petition in the High Court for direction against the Collector's office. Hope this write up awakens the powersthat-be: Collectors office and the BMC - to work without further follow ups.

ing? All these years, Shane used to visit us, now he is against us. In any case, this is not Shane’s property - it’s his cousins & family property. Do you have a legal Photo Pass – how & when did you obtain it? Chaya Kambli: Yes, absolutely legal. We got it in 1995, from the Collector’s office. If it is illegal, how did the Collector’s Office issue us a Photo Pass? To support your statements, BandraBuzz needs xerox copies of documents that you have. When can you give them to us? Chaya Kambli: Yes, we will get them sent to your office within 24 hrs. (Even aer the 24 hour deadline – NO supporting documents were received by BandraBuzz)

However when we inquired with Advocate Shane Cardoz about the photo pass, he had already obtained a certified true copy from the BMC, and has given us a copy of the same. e copy of the Photopass contradicts, Chaya Kamblis statement that the Photopass was issued in the year 1995. e copy provided by Advocate Shane Cardoz, shows that the photopass was issued on `17-04- 2003. Moreover Advocate Shane Cardoz has provided us with documentary proof viz.e Property Card, which shows the survey number and the names of the property owners, which is already mentioned above. is property card has proved that this is a Private property. We conclude that Chaya Kambli contradicts her own statement by saying firstly that this is a collector’s land and then later she confesses that it is Advocate Shane Cardoz’s cousins and family property which she admits is a private property. So, is her Photo pass valid?

Adv. Shane Cardoz


November 2012

Bandra Buzz


New voter ID card drive New Storm Water Drain starts at B.P.E. School at Jain Mandir Road

Baba Siddiqui breaks the coconut to initiate the construction of the new storm water drain at Jain Mandir Road Municipal Councillor Mr. Tanveer Patel (Ward 97) inspecting the new voter registration drive at B.P.E (Municipal School) Bazaar Road


egistration & issuing of new voter ID cards and correction of name, address, etc. of old voter ID cards was kick started in and around BandraKhar – under the guidance of Smt. Priya Dutt(M.P.), Mr. Baba Siddique(M.L.A.) and Municipal Councillors, Mrs. Karen D’Mello, Mr. Asif Zakaria & Mr. Tanvir Patel. Mr. Tanveer Patel (Ward 97) has been personally monitoring the process & response to this drive at the B.P.E. Municipal School. We spoke to Tanveer, who told us,” e

response has been good. Around 400 new voter ID cards have been registered – everyday around 50 people come either for a new ID card or for corrections. ey then fill & submit form No. 8 as an application format. e last day is 31st Oct – but if this good response continues, we will extend the date. I would like to tell your (BandraBuzz) readers and all adult citizens, that to cast their vote – having their voter ID Card is mandatory, so please make a note of this.” by Sir Minaz


t last, relief will soon come to the residents of areas on and around Jain Mandir Road. e ineffective drain system used to cause a mess in these areas – resulting in health problems. On 29th Oct 2012, around 11:30 am, Baba Siddiqui (M.L.A.) broke the auspicious coconut to initiate the construction of the new storm water drain at Jain Mandir Road – being carried out through the efforts of Smt. Priya Dutt (M.P.), himself, Tanveer Patel(Ward 97), Sajid Mohd. Saheb(Block President)and Zeeshan Siddiqui (son of Baba Siddiqui – who is recently elected as Vice-President of the District Youth Congress -North Central).

Glory of Late Shri Amhjad Khan Chowk Restored Municipal Councillor Mr. Asif Zakaria visited the Amjad Khan Chowk the very next day - and got some labourers who cleaned up the place. ey removed all the advertisements and notices stuck on it, put the marble on the Chowk and levelled the space around. Amid fans of the famous actor of yesteryear, Asif Zakaria said, “We would like to appeal to Mr. Amjad Khan’s family to take care and maintain the Chowk - as done by the family of the late Mr. Rajendra Kumar”. e Shri Rajendra Kumar Chowk is a stones throw away from Amjad Khan Chowk. We thank our very efficient Municipal Councillor Asif Zakaria - who did a great job in a short time interval to get the Chowk ready before late Mr. Amjad Khan’s birthday, which falls on 12th November. e Bandra Buzz Team specially thanks Prof. Dr. Farooqui Ahmed Ansari, a senior Municipal Councillor Mr. Asif Zakaria, Prof. Dr. Farooqui Ahmed Ansari and contractor professor of Rizvi College of Arts, Science for repair of the Shri Amjad Khan chowk and Commerce - who himself is a big Amjad Khan fan, for bringing the above Aer Bandra Buzz published an article on Municipal Councillor Mr. Asif Zakaria matter to our notice. actor/director Late Mr. Amjad Khan swung into action under the guidance of by Sir Minaz Chowk in its October 2012 issue the local M.L.A Shri Baba Siddique.

Tanveer told BandraBuzz that all the drain pipes in this area would be converted to box drain. He also said, “e drainage system at Marwari Chawl & along Deshpande Gully, which used to pass through slum areas will now be diverted to the main Bazar Road drainage system. Also, the drain pipes would be enlarged to 9” size. Around 60 pipes would be added to resolve the drainage problem. is is my first assignment as Municipal Councillor – and I am committed to successfully get this project done within two months.” by Sir Minaz


Bandra Buzz

November 2012


Durga Mata Daud organised for the first time in Vandre Shiv Durga Premi organisation gathered at Shiv Sena Shakha 97 where Shivaji Maharaj statue was installed. e volunteers with orange flags in their hands and orange and white caps on their heads sang devotional songs praising Shivaji Maharaj and Durga Mata. en they ran bare footed towards Ram Mandir and performed an arti again. From there they ran to the next Ma Durga Idols at Jari Mari Mata Mandir and performed arti. is continued at Gonsalves wadi in Chinchpokli lane, Mrityunjay Mitre Mandal (Bandra Bazaar) Highland Court, Jai Bharat Society and Sai Manar Mandir. ere are around 9 places where Ma Durga’s Idol is installed and arti performed by the volunteer. Finally they returned back to Shiv Sena 97 Shakha office at Jain Mandir Road. Mr. Babloo Dalvi told us, “In 1630, at Volunteer of Shiv Durga organisation performing arti in front of Ma Durga image (idol) Smt. Jijabai mothers house, Navratri celebration used to be celebrated in a big way. On 21st October 2012, Shiv Durga Premi Shree Durga Mata Daud, a unique way to Smt. Jijabai prayed to Ma Durga to bless her Mandal (Vandre) under the guidance of its celebrate Navratri Utsav. with such a child whose name and fame Around 100 Shiv Bhakt volunteers of would spread from Kashmir to Kanya KuPresident Mr. Babloo Dalvi organised a

mari and who would make our beloved Bharat Mata free from the clutches of the Moghul rule of King Aurangzeb”. Mr. Babloo further added, “ Durga Mata Daud was first started by Mr. Shambhaji Rao Bhide Guruji of Sangli. Under his guidance, all the Shiv Bhakts organise Durga Mata Daud in various parts of Maharashtra like Pune, Satara, Kolhapur, Sangle, Marathawda, Sholapur, etc. is is first time it is being organised in Mumbai and in Vandre.e aim of starting Shree Durga Mata Daud was to thank Ma Durga for giving us Shivaji Maharaj and for bringing peace, happiness, prosperity in our country and to install the feeling of patriotism amongst the youth - who are the future of our country”. Shiv Durga Premi organisation plans to install a big statue of Great Maratha King Shri Shivaji Maharaj at Appa Parab Chowk opp Shiv Sena Shakha no. 97 - as there is no Shivaji Maharaj statue from Mahim to Santacruz. by Sir Minaz

‘Sab Ka Malik Ek Hai’ Bandra Bazar Residents show the way

Mr. Khalid Gholop along with Mr. Sham Wagh (President Omkar Sai Mitre Mandal) having food at the Bhandara


he Omkar Sai Mitre Mandal trust organized a grand Dussehra celebration which began with Satya Narayan Maha Puja in the morning and ended with Shree Sai Baba Bhandara. M.L.C. Adv. Ashish Shelar (B.J.P), ExMunicipal Councillor Adv. Deepak Padwal (B.J.P), Smt. Nirmala Sawant Prabhavarkar (1st women mayor of Mumbai) Congress, Mr. Tushar Apale (Vibhag Pramukh M.N.S), Mr. Prakash Anna Shendge (M.L.A), Mr. Sandeep Medkar (Shakha Pramukh ward 97) came for the puja in the

evening, apart from giving donation for the Bhandara. M.L.A .Mr. Baba Siddiqui and ex-Municipal Councillor Mr. Rehebar Khan (Raja) could not make it to the Puja, but contributed greatly for the Bhandara. During his time, Bhagwan Shri Sai Baba used to collect Bhiksha - and also cook food which people from all cast and creed use to eat happily, with no discretion between Hindus, Muslims, Christains, rich, poor, health or sick people. e Omkar Sai Mitre Mandal Sai Baba Bhandara is open to all people irrespective

of cast and creed. is is ‘Unity among Diversity’ – in action. Mr. Khalid Gholopa - a Muslim, butcher by profession – is a committee member of Khalija Apt. where the Bhandara is organized every year. He readily gave permission for organizing the Bhandara this year , even though betwees Dussehra and BakraEid there was a gap of just 2days. Mr. Khalid sells goats during Bakra Eid, just adjacent to the area where the Sai Baba Bhandara takes place. Inspite of being his prime business time on Bakra Eid, he kept his shop closed in the evening - and came to have food in the Bhandara at night. en, we have Mr. S. Menezes – a Christian - is a resident of Bandra Bazaar for at least 2 years, who always comes for the Bhandara to have food. e jewelers of the area generously contribute for the Sai Baba Bhandara, serve dishes to the devotes and have food with them. Mr. Sham Wagh (President) Omkar Sai Mitre Mandal was all praise for his team of volunteers who worked tirelessly without much sleep for 2 nights continuously, for decorating the temple and organizing the Bhandara, which was a huge success with around 1500 people having food in the Bhandara. As Bhagwan Shri Sai Baba rightly said, “Sab Ka Malik Ek Hai”. Truly, we are all children of one God -irrespective of caste or creed , rich or poor. is is totally justified, even in our modern times. by Sir Minaz



November 2012

Bandra Buzz


Temperance Fantasy Bazaar

Building view

Entrance view


Dance floor

MMA Floor Temperance at Bandra, the newest centre for the arts and culture in the suburb, will be hosting its first ever Fantasy Bazaar on the 7th and 8th of December, 2012. e four-storey Temperance building, which houses a café, dance and yoga studio, and mixed martial arts floor will turn into a 19th century Marrakech souk for two days. “We are thrilled to be bringing this unique cultural even to our community. It

Ground floor outside area will be like nothing seen before in Bandra,” said Hema akur, founder of Temperance. e Fantasy Bazaar, which intends to unite designers and artisans from around the city and the nation under one roof, is a long awaited wish fulfillment for cofounder and cousin Viola Wadia who is also a jewellery designer for K. Wadia and Co. “Bandra residents know fashion,” she said. “ey know style. ey know art. Set-

ting up an event like this to bring talented, lesser known local names and farther away ones from Delhi and Hyderabad and putting them in front of the discerning folks here has been a dream of mine since we started this place.” e Fantasy Bazaar revolves around the theme of a Moroccan street market and Temperance sets the scene with shawarmas, hookahs, Arabic music and all the seductive

allure of a desert night. “We discussed the theme and instantly fell in love with it. e mood of the bazaar will itself will be a powerful draw. Temperance shall be transformed,” Wadia said. Launched in May 2012, Temperance has quickly become the go-to place for dance, martial arts, and fitness activities in the area. On the weekends, the space also hosts workshops, and of course, the café is open all seven days of the week, serving up continental cuisine for local foodies and espresso for the coffee lovers. “From the beginning, our idea was to make this a one-stop shop,” said co-founder Hema akur. “In Mumbai, you can go out to a coffee shop or you can go to the gym or take classes on a variety of topics. But all those things are in many different places. Temperance brings them all to you in one place. It was the power of that concept that built this place.” With all the brilliant hope of the festival season and the promise of an innovative new concept behind it, Temperance’s Fantasy Bazaar promises to be an event to look forward to this December. Arabian Nights in our very own Bandra. Temperance at Bandra Sherly Rajan Road Behind Rizvi College of Hotel Management Bandra West

Bandra Buzz

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November 2012

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Wish you a Happy Diwali

Adv. Ashish Shelar (M.L.C.) Best wishes,

Jitendra Raut

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