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May 2012 | Vol. III Issue 5 | Published Monthly | | 16 pages | Price: ` 2

Lets‘Clean Up’ Bandra

This initiative was started two years back and has successfully continued till date. The Clean Up team in Bandra consists of 35 to 40 men from the BMC. However on a daily basis, there are 15 to 20 men who actually work. Their job is to keep Bandra clean, by focusing mainly on the clearance of litter and fining those who spit, litter and degrade the roads of our suburb. We spoke to one of the ‘Clean Up’ workers, who told us that comparing the past years to the one we presently are in, there has been a tremendous positive change around. On a daily basis, there are about 10 people near the station, 5 at Bandstand and 5 at Khar. These men

go about their work with a vigour rarely seen, but they need our support. If they can take the initiative to keep Bandra clean; why can’t WE! The PCO area outside the Bandra Railway Station Booking Counter was a complete mess. There was litter and paan stains everywhere. However, now the ‘Clean Up’ team has done such a commendable job of clearing the area - and in fact, made it into a place where people can actually sit. The fine charges vary according to the offence and to list a few: there is a fine of Rs. 200 levied on anyone who spits on the road, Rs. 200 for anyone who throws a wrapper or litters the road and Rs. 200

for a person who urinates in a public area. There is a list of offences and the fines charged. It is a very strong campaign and the rules are strictly followed. There is a fine levied on a person who throws a cigarette butt on the road too. The ‘Clean Up’ men keep a record of people who have committed these offences and repeat offenders will be severely fined. So, people of Bandra and around, be aware before you litter or spit, cause’ you never know who is watching you! Nayan Sreenivasan Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues

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May 2012

Beware of Car Thefts!

Remember, your car is not safe in Bandra. Be prepared for the worst. Even main roads, like Hill Road is not spared by professional car robbers. Today it’s happened to someone in Bandra – tomorrow, it could be you! Daryl Pereira, who resides at Alves Baug, above Bandra Medical Stores, Hill Road; had returned home with his family, late on 27th April 2012, after a hectic schedule – and was enjoying a good night’s sleep. Meanwhile, one of his hidden security cameras, focused on his …. car, was capturing some intrusive action around 2am. The modus operandi was simple & straightforward. On playback mode, this is what we saw from the video recording: In the wee hours (precisely 1:55am) of 28th April 2012, around 4 perople (including a girl, sitting next to the driver – to show that they are late night party-hoppers) came from the Bajaji Hotel area of Hill road and parked their Santro next to Daryl’s car, parked near Bandra Medical Store. A slim tall boy around 20 years old alighted from the rear seat and walked towards the car, pretending to pass urine. On observing that there were no physical onlookers, he boldly broke the handle & lock of the car’s left front door, with an instrument he was carrying in his hip pocket. He then proceeded to try opening the rear dickey, with no luck. So, with his prize catch of the handle & lock (please note, modern cars have a single

master key) he entered back into the car, which then immediately sped away towards Globus. On speaking to Daryl the next day, he told us, ”These gangs are not locals – and they know what they are doing. My car’s handle & lock will be taken to get a duplicate key made. Soon, they will be back to ‘open’ the car with their duplicate key & rob the car. There is a high demand for Hyundai Verna cars, nationwide – and these robbers are catering to this market across India. To help curb such crimes, Bandra Buzz can help by keeping locals aware & alert.”

The Bandra Police have been alerted. Inspector Gaikwad (Crime Branch) & Inspector Gawde are actively involved to solve this case – and have increased their night security activities. It’s only a matter of time, when a breakthrough will be found. If you come across any similar incidents you can e-mail us on : or call us on 98207 83686 Bandra Buzz Team

St. Andrew’s Road ALM Success Story It is eight years since the ALM of St. Andrew’s Road, Bandra (W) had come into being. The residents of this area are very alert and active. They converge on every third Thursdays of the month at ‘Navjeet’ – a hall offered by Sister Bindu of Holy Family Hospital. It is at these meetings that members chalk out strategies of how to solve civic and other issues with the local Municipal Ward Office. The success of this group in getting matters solved, goes to the president Mr. Earnest Fernandes, as well as those who put their heart and soul, including the late Ms Hemlata Jain. While the H-Ward officials co-operated with the members, they were good enough to give us a play ground plus a children’s park for adoption. The adjoining school and children from other schools who do not have the facility of a play ground, make good use of this place, which is maintained by the ALM. Recently, the children from Carmel Convent, Catherine of Sienna, accompanied by Municipal Corporators, Asif Zakaria and Karen D’Mello, painted the walls surrounding the ground, which brings into focus the talent of children. To ensure that the area as well as the road is free from dirt and encroachment,

a team from the ALM conducted a ‘walk’ that lasted more than two hours. They politely told shop keepers to keep the area clean and to prevent the sale of ‘paan’ and tobacco products. A shop close to a school that sold drugs was warned - and an undertaking was given by the shop keeper that he will stop such sales. During the road walk, it was discovered that loose cables hung dangerously at places - and members planned to investigate. Some of the Bollards installed on the foot-path to prevent twowheelers riding on them, were either missing or have become loose due to some culprits wanting to sell them as scrap. Representatives of the ALM make it a point to attend the meetings held at the Ward Office periodically. This helps in keeping a track of developments planned by the Civic authorities. Regular correspondence with the traffic police, bringing to their notice traffic woes, including parking of cars even on foot-paths, has got good response. Such group actions have helped the Andrew’s Road ALM in keeping the area safer, greener, cleaner & better organized. Xavier Louis

The Durello’s Battle Ground The ground at the Durello’s convent in Bandra has become the topic of controversy causing unrest amongst parents and students alike. A series of events has made this mundane matter into an infamous issue which has caught the attention of local politicians and government authorities. It all started when the management of Durello’s decided to pave its ground. According to the parents, this was done to promote weddings on the ground. The decision to pave the ground was followed by numerous complaints from parents to the principal, claiming that the ground was used for various sports and the pavement on the ground would prevent the students from playing sports. The parents allege that the management of the school has given a deaf ear to their complaints and demands. In retaliation, the parents have filed complaints with local politicians and city government authorities like the BMC, and the education department, claiming that the encroachment on the school grounds is against the Maharashtra regional town planning act, saying that the ground comes under ‘recreational garden’ and cannot be encroached upon. Parents feared the school’s decisions would curb their chil-

dren’s sporting aspirations. Durello Convent is well known for its hockey and football team, having won many district level awards - including the Nehru Cup for hockey. 10 of the 18 players in the Mumbai University girls hockey team are X-Durello students. Parents say, “The girls have proven their worth and don’t deserve this.” The School Pricipal ....., justifies the paving the ground, saying, “Seepage of water in the foundation, dust complaints, few students are interested in hockey and the pavement is for the greater good of all the students”. In response, parents say that the statement of the principal holds no water. Durello’s has recently made the ground ‘off-limits’ to students and have announced that there will be no practice until the school starts in June. Parents claim that this is to discourage the children from participating in the upcoming Nehru Cup, as practice will be impossible after the school starts due to rain. A lot of uncertainty haunts this issue. Only time will tell us the fate of the Durello’s ground - and it’s precious students. Sairaj Borkar

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May 2012


Rickshaw Raj at Bandra Station

For the past two months or so, auto rickshaws have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Tampered meters, refusals, rude behaviour, strikes etc., a Mumbaikar has seen it all - and this never seems to end. In fact, given that auto rates have risen by 25% in the last six months, why should anyone put up with all the unruly and childish practices of autowallahs? The chaotic scene created by these au-

towallahs outside Bandra station for a major part of the day is nothing new. Anyone who has been outside the station will relate to this situation. These autos block the entire exit outside the station and make it impossible for anyone to get past the ruckus created by these autowallahs, without walking around to find for a way in between two rickshaws. What is ironic, is that in spite of there being a whole ‘sea’

of rickshaws waiting, they will not take you where you want to go - and you have to literally search for an auto in the ‘sea’ of them, that will actually take you to your destination. Refusing to ply you to your destination maybe one thing, but these autos carry four, and sometimes even five different people to a common destination - which is of their choice. They then charge their

passengers a collective rate, which is as much as three-four times the metered rate. Another thing to be noted is the way they behave with people exiting the station. These drivers will force you into their rickshaws, and one such argument made to newbies is ‘aapake lejayenge to bahut mehenga padega’(if you travel alone, it will prove very costly). Not only this, these autos parked haphazardly, block the entire road, making it impossible for any other vehicle to pass through the stretch outside the station. It is only when the RTO officials are present, is there a proper system followed. All the autos arrive in a single line, and passengers, waiting in a line are taken to their destination without any hassle. In the absence of RTO policemen though, there have been instances when a single policeman, who has been controlling these rickshaws, has been heckled by unruly drivers. This situation needs to be effectively controlled. For most of the time, there are just two officials who monitor the auto movement outside the station, only for a particular period. Instead, RTO officials should be assigned to monitor this traffic in different batches, so that there is constant order and proper movement of the traffic. This will not only benefit commuters, it will also provide for free movement of traffic outside the station from the chaos created otherwise by autos. The general sentiment felt by the public is: Why should we pay more, if the quality of your service doesn’t even try to improve? Autowallahs should see the light of this sentiment, and strive to improve services. Valerian D’costa Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues

The Traveler’s Lament Studies have found that Mumbaikars spend an average of 47.26 minutes a day commuting. This is the highest in India, beating even Delhi (42.96) and Bangalore (37.91). Whom do you think we must thank for this dubious honour? None other than our endless traffic snarls. However, these are average statistics. Unfortunate is the traveler who must traverse the junction of Turner Road and Almeida Park Marg (near Tava)in the afternoon or evening, for his daily commute could easily be doubled. Those unlucky enough to get caught here are forced to rely on the help of people in the area, or the occasional bus conductor - who sometimes gets down to conduct the traffic. These jewels of goodwill are precious for the same reason all jewels are - they are rare. The question therefore arises as to why we must rely upon the goodwill of others. Can we not rely upon the taxes we pay for this very purpose? Granted that the nature of the junction is such that it is not suited for placement of a traffic signal. However, the sheer volume of traffic pulsing through this arterial road definitely warrants the posting of a traffic official, if

not for the whole day, at least for the peak Turner road. The problem here is a worshours of the day. ening one and is in urgent need of attenTraffic snarls here affect the flow of ve- tion. hicles at both signals leading up to the junction and the tendrils of its effects can be felt extending into Pali as well – as also Ajay Dyas the roads immediately on either side of Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues

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Hill Road • Lucky Hotels and Restaurants junction of Station Road & S.V. Road • P.S. Chavan outside Ferns & Petals • Ray's Café & Pizzeria behind Godrej Nature's Basket • Vienna Stores (Anita) opp. Holy Family Hospital • Sheshmani Yadav outside Wanton House • Ajit B Shelar near Mehboob Studio Bazaar Road • Rohit Newspaper Agency near Kalidas lane, Bandra Market Chapel Road • Rejoyce Cakes near Mt Carmel's Church • Hubert Vessaoker Enid Apartments, near Naughty Johnny • Louchelles Cold Storage near Mt Carmel's Church • Rajendra Yadav opp. Jean Claude Biguine Salon & Spa St John Baptist Road • Mount Mary Society Stores near Bungalow 9 • Mount Medical Store near Bungalow 9 Kadeshwari Mandir Marg • Sandeep Bookstall near Mt. Mary's Steps Waterfield Road • Indian Express opp. Bandra Post Office Junction of 24th & 30th Road • Rajkumar Yadav opp. Eat Around The Corner Turner Road • Surendra Amberkar outside Peace Haven • B.M. Khambe opp. R.T.I. outlet • R.K. Yadav opp. Lemon Grass, near Axis Bank Chimbai Road • S.R.N. / L.R. Yadav opp. Solanki Chemist • Solanki Chemist near Police Chowki Carter Road • Paradise Books Store near Otters Club Pali Mala Road • The Bagel Shop below Barefoot Sherly Rajan Road • Status Cleaners & Dyers near Abhudaya Bank Linking Road • H.K. Mobiles Opp. Amarsons

Letters to the Editor WE NEED JUSTICE

lice blind? Suddenly, vans come to remove these hawkers… and the next day itself, they are doing brisk business on the same spot. Are we paying our hard-earned money as tax to the government, to deserve this?

I may be wrong, but there are enough laws in Maharashtra to curb corruption. However, they are not being implemented. We have Lok Ayukata and upper Lok Ayukata, but they are headed by ex-babus so one does not get Media coverage in justice as Govt. offi- your esteemed newscials are shielded. paper should help to at least create awareWe have the RTI Act, ness – and the need good - but for almost to come together & 2 years now, no state resolve this burning information commis- issue. sioner is appointed in Mumbai - and over - Meena Ahuja 25,000 cases are pending. As such, the ................................ RTI Act is going to go into a ‘coma’ in Ma- APPRECIATION harashtra. I am from the U.K. – Notifications/Gazette living for more than 2 by the Maharashtra years in Bandra. I’ve Govt. about nailing noticed the layout & corrupt officials, are content of Bandra only on paper. Buzz improve month We need to put pres- after month. I share sure for the Govt. to your online links with act on their notifica- my family, back tions. Today, citizens home. are aware of their Do keep up the good rights. Many have work.There is indeed woken up. Some re- a lot to cover here – sort to a fast. in this wonderful subI am not against it, urb. Looking forward but what is the end to having Bandra result? Buzz as a fortnightly. -Leslie Almeida ................................. HILL ROAD HAWKERS The hawkers on Hill Road have made a mess of the main road of Bandra – with open support of our so called ‘elected representatives’. They are literally blind to ‘Hell Road’ – wanting only to speak of ‘heavens’ in other areas of Bandra. These local politicians are making us – law-abiding citizens, fools! Can we not garner public support and put an end to this situation, once and for all? Is the BMC & Po-

thetic conditions of the roads. The pictures published appear to tell that the newspaper is loud mouthing the way the beautiful roads are. The photos are almost perfect, I don't see potholes - because that is what we are fighting against - and shoddy resurfacing methods used by BMC contracted firms. - Kriesler Drego ............................... . I’m really glad to get the Bandra Buzz online as I have migrated a few months ago, thanks to Bandra Buzz I don’t miss Bandra since i am constantly updated by the news each month, It give me great happiness to view it online. Do keep up the good work. The Bandra Buzz team guys are truly keeping up to creating community connect with this local newspaper. - Chitra Lulla .....................................

Want to share your thoughts about something you read in Bandra Buzz? Mike Adams We’d love to hear ................................. from you! E-mail us at ban. Thank you for writing something on "Cal- m. vary". My parents have often repeated If you are someone this story to me. who loves to write When I walk up Pali and would like to Hill or take a walk contribute articles a regularly down Pali Ambedkar on road, I find it very dif- basis, do write to ficult to trace this us at, place. I have often 401 ANICA, heard that this was a 28th St Paul Road, (west) solace spot for the Bandra senior citizen of yes- Mumbai 400050 teryears, who would or gather and daily say call us the rosary @ 7:30 on 9820783686. every evening, The two entry points of this site are practically non-existent. Also, I have paid particular attention to read page 3, which talks about the apa-

Editor’s Letter Dear Readers, As May sizzles, soaring temperatures send us to cooler destinations to ‘chill out’. Gorai, Daman, Matheran, Mahableshwar, Panchgani, Khandala, Lonavla, Panvel, Alibaug, Goa… come to mind – to catch up with nature. Yes, it’s holiday time! Yet, for those who are not fortunate enough to go for a summer vacation, Bandra has a lot to offer. Many roads are filled with the natural beauty of seasonal trees – flowering in such a wide variety of colours, that we are awe struck. Just walking or driving on certain roads in Bandra is enough to get your spirits up. These wonderful scenes are enough compensation for the terrible heat. For the sports- minded, hockey is centre-stage at this time of the year with exciting & entertaining tournaments at various venues. Swimming helps to cool down. Bandra’s famous promenades and parks are packed to capacity during summer, being the ‘lungs’ of this wonderful suburb. Juice stalls do brisk business. This is ‘outdoor time’ – especially early mornings & late evenings. But, many untoward activities are increasing – chain-snatching, car robberies, rickshaw issues, rash driving, eve-teasing. Please report, with details – about any such incidence in Bandra. You can email us: This is your platform to inform or warn others about issues in your area. Do make maximum use of your neighbourhood newspaper. Bandra Buzz is here to highlight those locals with unique talents & abilities. The common man / woman are our heroes / heroines. If you know of any such ‘local hero or heroine’, please e-mail us details, with photographs. We would like to showcase local talent in Bandra, so that word spreads and horizons broaden to global levels. So, for those on vacation, ‘Happy Holidays’ – and those in Bandra, make the most of our great ‘outdoors’ – parks and promenades. Merck N. D’Silva Editor-in-Chief

Disclaimer The opinions expressed in this paper belong to the authors only, and do not reflect the opinion of the publishers and editors, unless otherwise stated. Readers should act on the information provided only after consulting with their own independent advisors, and the publishers and editors of this paper shall be in no way held responsible for any such action, or consequences Vol. III Issue 5 > R.N.I. No. : MAHENG/8-10-2010/12646 Editor: Merck D’Silva > Printed & Published by Creative Concepts, 401 Anica, 28 St. Paul Road, Near Bandra Gymkhana, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050 Printed at Marwah Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai - 400 072

May 2012


Bombay East Indian Association enters its 125th year

The Bombay East Indian Association began its Quasquicentennial celebrations with its Social & Cultural Festival on Saturday, 21st April 2012, at the Bandra Gymkhana, Bandra. The year-long celebrations will consist of different events organized at various East Indian inhabited areas - like Marol, Andheri, Orlem, Malad, etc. Established in 1887, the Bombay East Indian Association (BEIA) is a representative organization which looks after the welfare of the East Indian community, to

attend to the various problems confronting the community and to find lasting solutions towards the community’s progress. The commencement Festival began with the inauguration of the annual East Indian bazaar with a display and sale of various food items as well as handicraft and other items. This was followed by the welcome dance and various cultural items by groups from Juhu, Manori and Uttan. Performing for the first time at this event was Fr. Hilary and group from Uttan.

Their items were outstanding and entertaining. The music for these items was by the ‘Little Flower Band’. The Association also welcomed and felicitated Bandra’s newest Corporator, Karen D’Mello, our other elected representatives – Priya Dutt M.P., Baba Siddiqui. M.L.A. – and other Government officials & dignitaries. The Social part of the evening got off to a lively start with ‘Bryn’s Band’ providing music for dancing and listening pleasure - for both young and the not so young.

Then, after much delay, entered the Chief Guest, Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Prithviraj Chavan - who made it a point to keep to his commitment, in spite of other engagements outside the State. He was welcomed by BEIA’s President, Prof. (Mrs.) Lilla D’Souza. He assured the Association that he would look into the problems of the community. This matter had already been brought to his attention. Irwin Almeida Pic Courtesy: Ken Aguair

Terence King of Contemporary Dance creates History! World celebrate World Dance Day on 29 April 2012; but for Mumbaikars their Dance Day was 1st May 2012 where the King of Contemporary Dance – Terence Lewis broke the largest Indo Contemporary Dance record whereby an enthusiastic swarm of 567 people danced together on the tunes of sufi song “Teri Deewani” by Kailash Kher with fervor and joy at St. Teresa Ground, Bandra (West). Earlier the record was of 249 people. The ground breaking feat was open to everyone and the swarms of enthusiastic dancers were first trained by the talented young and fervent Dance experts of his troop and after the one hour of rigorous training the Dance aficionados present were primed up to create history. Bollywood Celeb Ms. Shubi Mehta was present as an official witness to the Guinness World Record by adding the glam quotient to the event. She was caught munching burgers, chips and posing for the paparazzi and fans present at the venue. It was a great experience to cherish!!! Rizwan Shaikh


May 2012

Colours of Summer in Bandra

I’m walking down the cobble-stoned lanes of Bandra on a really hot summer afternoon. The heat is beating down on me with all its might. With my camera in tow, and the lyrics of Paul Simon’s iconic song Kodachrome playing in my head, I am clicking away… You give us those nice bright colours You give us the greens of summers

Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day, oh yeah Along the sea, the sunlight shows its might, reflecting sharply in the riding tide, as the waves splash against the promenade joyfully, as if expecting you there, and welcoming you, as you walk by. The setting sun is an invitation for everyone, as more and more people can be seen coming out to enjoy the

respite the evening weather brings, with the eye-catching background of the setting sun. So next time you are taking a walk, forget the heat, open your eyes and take in the splendour of the beauty around you – it will calm your nerves and soothe your soul like you never thought it could.

Remember Bandra-ites –if ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever’ there’s a lot of happiness waiting around every corner, just for you. Sreeya Sen & Valerian D’costa Pic courtesy: Sreeya Sen

Win yourself a trip to Mahabaleshwar!! >> turn to pg 8

May 2012

Summer songs As I walked along St. Theresa’s newlypainted school wall at sunset, lost in my own thoughts, I was startled out of my reverie by the loud cry of a cuckoo overhead on the dense Ashoka tree. It was the first call of the season heralding the new season of springsummer after the lingering winter which refused to go away. Was it summer so soon…….The excited shouts and screams on the other side of the wall seem to suggest that it was indeed so, because hectic practice was under way for the forthcoming summer football matches to be held on the school ground. All through summer, the sportive spirit of Bandra would bring enthusiasts to competitive matches, played on every ground and gully of the suburb. So summer was here! I shook off my reverie and looking around me realised that nature was changing - unseen and unheard by the denizens of this busy city. Standing at the junction of the 30th/24th road, I noticed that my suburb Bandra was adorning itself, getting decked like a bride with attractive colours and scents. The small saplings planted on 30th road and the various lanes and roads during the widening and resurfacing have now grown into beautiful trees, despite the cruel hacking by the redeveloped building always on the lookout to usurp nature’s space. The Laburnum, ( Cassia Fistula) and the Jacaranda are the new additions, competing for space next to the lofty old Gulmohurs, Rain trees and the ‘copperpods’ those spires of gold saluting the sky. The Laburnums were in the process of transforming themselves into leafless showers of sunshine draped on every twig and limb. When the Town Planning Scheme called for a modern layout of this part of Bandra, parallel roads were laid out and numbered for easy identification. Saplings were planted to line the roads grew up into a green canopy above the avenue This resulted in a beautiful blending of the old stalwart trees with the new midgets with a plateful of colours turning Bandra into a huge paradise in summer. As I watched the profusion of purple on the Jacaranda in the foreground of the ‘Narang’s’ eating place, it struck me as to how drab the place would have looked without ‘our’ Pink Cassia tree to adorn the place! The gold, magenta, pink and purple on various trees formed a riot of colours, nature’s own edition of a new rainbow across the summer sky! I wondered at this largess, nature had yielded in return for a few moments we had spent selecting and rooting these very saplings, when the road was done some years ago. Under one such Copperpod(Peltophorum), a pair of vendors have lately been conducting brisk business with their carts loaded with all sorts of fruitscantaloupe, rock-melons, water-melons, golden Badamis and the season’s leftover oranges and grapes. Isn’t it nature’s way of providing the most succulent and juicy fruits at the height of summer, when mankind thirsts for water? These fruits and flowers are like the gentle lullaby Mother Nature sings to her children, to lull them through the summer heat. When will we, the custodians of the earth take our duty seriously to return

this sweet gesture and nurture Mother Nature? Dawn in summer comes early to the accompaniment of songs from the sky at the crack of dawn several old mango trees, the favourite haunts of birds come alive with avian music from its scores of inhabitants. From the spires of St. Theresa’s church issue forth the musical notes of ‘Ave Maria’, a welcome addition to the summer song, a melody that greets the first rays that colour the Eastern horizon a rich orange. The morning air is thick with the fragrance of the copper pod blooms that slip to earth unable to find a foot-hold on the crowded tree. The golden carpet on the road outside my window sends a gush of sweet scent into the house each time a swirl is whipped up on the ground by the passing wind. Sound and scent combine to yield a beautiful summer song as heady as old wine! The long hot days are dotted by the afternoon lull when even the ‘hapus’ vendors park their wares under the umpteen Copper pods and lie down on the carpet of flowers by the roadside. The Cuckoos seem to have adopted the locality and their plaintive cry from the branches of the ancient trees often issue forth at dawn or when the noon heat tends to sap one’s energy. The flame of the forest on 15th road is resplendent with huge flowers and nests of crows temporality borrowed by the cuckoo population of the area. The sentinels of summer at their best… Bougainvillaea are everywhere, with colours that no human eye has spied before… just blooms without a leaf in sight! The scene reminds me of the song mouthed years ago by the showman of the film industry - Ye kaunchi trakar he, ye kaunchi trkar?( who is this artist, who painted this?) And then there is the delicate Jasmine - Only the jasmine can have a reason for blooming at dusk to release its fragrance into the balmy night air. The Muzumdar bungalow on 14th road boasts of several of these fragrant creepers, their silent song lifting up human spirits. And who till today, has met with success in bottling this rare fragrance to peddle it as a product of his ownhands? And, I think of all the millions of dollars’ worth fake décor in the mansions of the bold and the beautiful that is no match for this serenity and splendour presented free by nature, for us. Yes, despite the heat, the songs of summer make it a sweet season to bear! Vera Alvares


Viva la Bandra! Bandra Oh Bandra, the place where there's life! Fun and frolic, joys and laughter, in Bandra there's hardly any strife. Every dawn God blesses Bandra from his heavenly height; No wonder Bandra is the ' Queen of Suburbs' or the suburb of light. Bestowed with nature's beauty,awe and wonder, It's vibrant in summer, winter and even when there's thunder; Many say,"Bandra has the heart's golden key!" To witness this magnificence, take a walk along the Arabian Sea. Whatever you wish Bandra has for you, Bakeries and restaurants, colleges and schools, And with jolly, smiling faces, everyday begins anew... Indeed from every aspect, Bandra simply rules!! Throughout centuries, 'Aamchi Vandre' has taken a thousand leaps, Buses and Rickshaws, cars and jeeps; With cultural blends, it becomes a marvellous sight, So,call Bandra now-"Our heritage of might." Looking for some nice stuff ? Try Globus, Reliance or other great Elco malls, Or wait until September to patronise the annual Bandra Fair stalls, Urgently need some grocery items? Go to the ever-ready Bandra bazaar, Bandra is so self independent,naturally, it's Mumbai's only 'Tsar'! From Pali Road to Hill Road, even to the Bandra-Worli sea link, If anyone is gonna visit Bandra, don't wait to think. A big thank you to all who have kept Bandra 'alright', And kept it safe, so we can enjoy in delight. Bandraites are filled with unity, friendliness and enthusiasm, full to the brim, With optimism and hope, I pray that 'tis brotherly love shall never dim, But to protect our heritage, to Bandra we must all remain faithful and smart. Need I say more? Bandra simply captivates the heart!!! Lastly, in faith, I envision our future Bandra to be, The twinkle of our diverse, majestic country, Let's show off Bandra for all the world to see, Looking for 'Heaven on Earth'? Come to Bandra, the place of eternity! Joshua Norris


May 2012

Win yourself a trip to Mahabaleshwar at Elysium Estates!

It’s that time of the year, when the weather becomes hot and sultry, or, in short, unbearable. And to add to this heat, the burden of working long hours could be quite a letdown, especially when the others around you are following the fortunes of their favourite football club, or the IPL without any tension. At times like this, the best option would be to relax, unwind, and get away from the hustle and bustle of this ‘the city that never sleeps’ life, and enjoy some quality moments with your family, which will help you distress and act as an energy booster. Being in Mumbai, you don’t need to plan much, and are spoilt for choice with a number of exotic locations surrounding the city’s four sides, right form sandy beaches, to ever-refreshing hill-stations. One such favourite getaway has been Mahabaleshwar. Located at a height of 1372m, it is the highest hill-station in

Western India. The pleasant weather throughout the year is like paradise for anyone. Elysium Estates in Mahabaleshwar, is one such haven for tourists. Located right on the top of The famous Wilson Point in Mahabaleshwar, and within the clouds(yes, within), this two-storey bungalow offers a panoramic view of the green valley on al sides. Located just off the Mahableshwar - Satara main road, it is built on 2 step platforms on the mountainside, offering a beautiful view on each level. The large living room encompasses a dining, bar area and large glass walls opening out onto the veranda. The lower level includes a games room, a kid’s room and a mini gym area. The main house includes 7 bedrooms, a lawn & circular driveway - and a large veranda, offering a 180 degree view of the lush green mountains. The rest of the 2-acre property is covered by trees and

slopes downwards, and also houses a games-room with TT and a Pool Table, a mini-gym and also a three-storey Viewing Tower. So, what are you waiting for?? Get ready and packing, for a summer getaway, in the midst of paradise, for a rejuvenating experience!!!

comes on the way up to Mahabaleshwar. Cut out this coupon and send it to Bandra Buzz, 401 Anica, 28 St. Paul Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400 050. The last date to send in your entries is 19th May, 2011.

Name: ................................................ Answer the 4 questions below, and you Address: ............................................. could win yourself a trip to Elysium Es........................................................... tates, Mahabaleshwar: ........................................................... 1) Which is the highest point in MahaTel: ..................................................... baleshwar ? Mobile: ............................................... 2) What is the name of the lake in Mahabaleshwar ? E-mail: ................................................ 3) What district does Mahabaleshwar fall under ? Please fill all in all the information re4) Name the popular hill station that quired to qualify for the contest

To book your ad in

BandraBuzz Contact us: m: 9820783686 e:

May 2012

I Love Tees

Its Super-heroes against Walt Disney, Rock bands v/s Angry Birds and Round necks versus V necks at the newest store on Bandra's most popular shopping street! Situated in the heart of Hill Road 'I love tees' (aka t-shirts) - a concept based store that sells t-shirts not only for the typical college goer but for every age group. I was extremely excited to learn of this speciality store that houses t-shirts for your every need or occasion, whether its casual wear or party wear, you can dress it up or dress it down, printed or plain and they even have embellished ones for the ladies. The store's layout is spread over 2500 sq feet which is a shopper's delight to be able to browse around comfortably with staff that always greet you with a smile. If you are the branded-type and can't be bothered dragging yourself to a mall you are in luck as 'I love tees' houses most of your favourite brands from 'Puma' and 'Pepe' to our very own local popular brands like 'Paani Puri' and 'Inkfruit'. Your kids are going to be spoilt for choice and quite entertained in this store as there are walls covered from floor to ceiling with every cartoon character from Mickey and Donald to Tom & Jerry,

Ben10, Doraemon, Chota Bheem, Dora and Hanna Montana! The kids section also has accessories like bags, pillows, watches, caps and footwear to name a few. If you're into Comic book characters then spread the word coz' this store has the widest selection of DC and Marvel comic character - t-shirts. My favourite are the 'Joker' t-shirts apart from the 'Hulk', 'Iron Man' and other super hero ones available for both men and women. And for those faithful customers of 'Black Faith' and 'Bollywood' (stores that were once located here) the rock band craze lives on... If you think by my above description that this store is biased towards Men's wear then think again... the Women's section which occupies the entire basement of this huge store houses a more diverse variety of tops for women, when asked the owners said and I quote 'In all our experience in the retail industry over the last 20 years we have learnt that women like choice and always want a variety to choose from and so we dedicated an entire floor to satisfy their shopping needs' Plain and studded racer backs, printed long tops, puffed sleeves and collared tees amongst the wide selection of t-shirts from regular, printed, cartoon or studded it will be hard to walk away from here without going to the cash counter. And now for the news you have been waiting for the pricing is tailored to suit your pockets... T-shirts start from as low as Rs. 450, Women's from Rs. 350 and Kids from Rs. 250 onwards... A unique concept available here are couple t-shirts with amusing wordings and imagery which are apt for gifting or to buy especially if you are in a new relationship. Says Mr. Riyaz Somani, owner, "Tshirts need to be exciting and not boring; right now superheroes and cartoon characters are a hot craze. We select every piece in the store and provide good quality and still keep the prices reasonable making us every shopper's first choice! Also, holding around 15,000 pieces we given our customers the widest range to choose from! " So if you're someone who doesn't like tees and you happen to stop by, you will surely come out saying, 'I Love Tees'. Francesca Mascarenhas


Second home, Goa!

If you are in the market to buy a house and you're not really sure where you'll get your money's worth, especially with Mumbai's real estate sky rocketing and the city getting more cramped and polluted as the population increases - many people I know are taking their funds to the land of palm trees and sunny shores. In today's fast paced economy the real estate in Goa has also seen a steady increase over the years, timing is essential for new flat owners. If you're financially ready to make a stable investment and your love for Goa has got you looking at properties there, then here is a project that as the name suggests is truly a gift from God - Don De Dieu by Red Rock Constructions. I happened to be dining at a local club house in Bandra one Sunday night, where I had noticed an interesting stall branded with pictures of Goa. The ‘Goan’ in me made me approach them and pick up a brochure that I though I'd glance through at leisure. I soon learnt that they - Red Rock Constructions were constructing apartments and villas in Goa, this tweeked my interest as I'm sure it has yours. Don de Dieu (which means a gift from God) - a gated community being developed in Siolim which holds 3 blocks with 18 1BHK apartments and 2 - 3 BHK villas, private terraces, swimming pool and here's the highlight unobstructed field view with an ocean of coconut trees with the hills as a backdrop. Don't I paint a picture so serene and so true to the unadulterated Goan life. Well I'm no artist as these are all facts about this project placed strategically in Siolim, Marna which is just a few kilometers from Mapusa - one of Goa's most busiest cities. With a petrol pump just 2 kms away from the site as well as a general store and a cozy little resto-bar the rural set up of the area has been retained while pro-

viding you with every essential necessity you may require. If you are unfamiliar with Goa allow me to acquaint you with the area. Siolim is well situated in the North of Goa, just a ten minute drive from Anjuna - popular for their weekly flea markets which are a big tourist attraction, the beautiful uncontaminated beaches of Morjim and Ashvem are also 20 mins away from Siolim which you will soon see are the newest 'it' beaches to be seen at. Once you've had your fill of the beach try the Chapora river which is 5 mins away, where you can enjoy a scenic ride on the houseboats and maybe even indulge in a little fishing. Siolim with the big beautiful church, markets, hospital and school all in a 1 km radius from Don de Dieu makes this the ideal location for a home, whether it is for a holiday home, a retirement home or even if you want to relocate here. Red Rock Constructions proposes to build you a home that is contemporary in design, with luxurious interiors that are well spaced with French windows and private terraces, outdoor Jacuzzi and swimming pool. Breathtaking balconies in every room with a view that will literally take your breath away! A beautifully landscaped gated community with every amenity you could require from continuous water supply, generator, parking, security etc. These apartments, that promise to elevate your lifestyle, will be ready in November 2013 - and as of April 2012, it is already at the plinth level. At a price of Rs. 3,700 / sq ft your home in Goa is at arms reach. Bookings before the 15th of June 2012 will get a special rate. Dream luxury, dream Don de Dieu! For more information log on to: Francesca Mascarenhas


May 2012

Buddy Walk at Carter Road Rizvi College students along with Lion’s Club organized a buddy walk from Otters Club carter road to show our solidarity and compassion for differently-abled children with Down’s Syndrome. Down’s Syndrome is a genetic condition that causes delay in physical and intellectual development. Individuals with Down Syndrome have 47 chromosomes instead of the usual 46. It is usually identified at birth. These kids have low muscle tone, mental retardness, slightly flattened facial profile and an upward slant to the eyes – and sometimes hearing problems. Lion Dr. Duad adds that there is very little public awareness about the condition. Due to ignorance, lack of knowledge, parents cannot take care of their Down Syndrome kids properly. As a result, parents suffer tremendously . If understood properly, with proper support and care, these kids can lead a very happy and comfortable life. Dr Farooqui adds, “As a matter of fact

persons affected with Down Syndrome can be employed constructively. This is happening globally and India is soon catching up. There are some children working in 5 Star hotels and shopping malls, while others have achieved international success. The sole requirement is training them - using more patience and understanding.” After the 1km walk ended, these Down Syndrome children performed a ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘Chamak Chalo’ song on stage - and appealed to the audience gathered that, ‘we didn’t have a choice about our disability, but you definitely have a choice, in how you accept us!’ If you wish to help these people by donation, cheques/Demand drafts in the name of “Dowris SYNDROME CARE ASSOCIATION PAYABLE AT Nashik can be sent to the official address or can be deposited directly to the A/C of DSCA, IDBI Bank, Mg road branch, Nashik a/c no 458104000019567. Sir Minaz

45 new trees on Perry Road Anil Joseph, an ardent activist on various issues – is also passionate about keeping his surroundings clean & green. He was co-ordinating with the BMC staff, on their pre-monsoon mission of planting saplings – when we met him on Perry Road, near the DPRC. He willingly enlightened us about the ‘Going Green’ initiative that is making Bandra better – in terms of our roads having a good tree cover. Going back in time, the 2007 floods combined with the creation of efficient storm water drains around 2009 – many ancient trees were affected, as their roots were cut in the road development process. This had reduced the green cover of Perry Road. Anil told us, that with the help of the previous local councilor (Asif Zakaria) interacting with the BMC & the local Perry Road ALM; more than 45 new saplings were grown in the past 2 to 3 years – many of which have now grown into new trees improving the green cover. He elaborated on the type of new trees, “ We’ve grown Bottle Palms, Baringtonia and some other flowering plants, that branch out to create a nice shady atmosphere. This also beautified the neighbourhood”. He pointed out, how the Perry Road ALM was instrumental in stopping car parking on the footpath opposite ‘White Rose’ and got around 14 trees planted in succession by different BMC ward officers, with co-operation from Asif Za-

Variety’ expands business in Bazar road

karia. He jokingkly said, “As Perry Road probably has the fastest growing green cover in Bandra, we should get an award for planting the maximum number of trees.” We asked him, if Perry Road could compete with Pali Hill – and his rapid reply was, ”Pali Hill has the best natural green cover – with a lovely ambience. It’s great to compete with Pali Hill, because it will only raise our standards. We are gradually getting there.” We, at Bandra Buzz - feel that this is an ideal example of creative synergy between the local ALM, Councillor & the BMC, that’s resulted in remarkable results. Bandra Buzz Team

Started over 80 years, the ‘Variety’ brand is trusted by many generations of Bandraites, some of whom are now exBandraites. If Ask your parents & grandparents. They will tell you their experiences. Prakash Jain tells us,”We had humble beginnings, when my grandfather & his brother started ‘the first cloth shop’ in Bandra. We started with school uniforms & other dress & suiting material . We get our cloth directly from the mills – Raymond, Binny’s (now closed down), S. Kumar, Mafatlal, Siyara, etc. – so we always had the best variety to offer our customers at the best possible price.” Today, they enjoy the goodwill of clients all over India – as the local schools (Fathers & Sisters) have recommended ‘Variety’ to their national network of schools. We asked him the secret of his success. Prakash promptly

replied,”Reasonable rates, good quality, good service and fulfilled commitments. We do not make false promises. With minimum advertising, our strength lies in ‘happy customers’, who confidently recommend us to their family & friends. Today, our shops are landmarks – included in many addresses of this area.” On 1st April 2012, ‘Variety Garments’ was opened – adjoining ‘Variety Emporium’. Here all men wear – including accessories, like ties, T-Shirts….. This family business also owns ‘Variety Furnishing’, just a few shops away, on the opposite side of Bazar Road. Here, household items like towels, curtain material, sofa upholstery, bedsheets, pillow cases, etc. are available. So, the ‘Variety’ group has something to offer each one of us . Bandra Buzz team

May 2012


Flowers for your hair

Look 1: Red pants - is the perfect summer look. Floral prints are never out of fashion, You can team a pair of pants like I have or a skirt and play with the look by wearing a printed top along with a matching head gear that would complete the look.

Look 2, Sporting a very pixie style, a flower or head gear just adds to that summer funk!! A Purple head gear can be worn with a maxi dress to beat the heat. Remember to keep it simple and stylish.

Look 3, If you are going for a walk to the beach you can wear a flower with anything and everything, and now is the perfect season to sport one!

Maiti Shahani Pic Courtesy: Akhil Kapoor


May 2012

Tune into the healing sounds of music Music influences and manipulates us more than we know. Music affects the human body in subtle, but powerful ways. You can play music according to your moods, thus music can influence us and also help us overcome certain behavioral patterns in our life. A well-established fact is the human body and mind can be controlled and altered with music. Did you know that music can be used to lower blood pressure, treat mental illness, depression, mental retardation, insomnia and many other ailments? That it can also change metabolism, affect muscular energy, raise blood pressure and influence digestion? A leading college in Mumbai has introduced India's first ever educational programme in Music Therapy which will be based on the therapeutic understanding of traditional music, ayurveda principles and modern technique of sounds. This programme in Music Therapy will enable anyone with knowledge of music, from musicians, vocalists and medical professionals, to discover the power of music as medicine to cure diseases. The music imparted in the course is Indian classical music, compared to programmes abroad where western classical music is used as a form of music therapy. The Certificate in Music Therapy is based on some of the most extensive research conducted under the guidance of sitarist Pt. Shashank Katti along with professionals from the music and medicine fields after having done extensive research to decode the source for the use of Indian classical music for music therapy. This programme will take you to the grass root levels and equip you to use music therapy as an unconventional method to cure ailments. Pt. Shashank Katti, Music Maestro - the brain behind Music Therapy will conduct this certificate programme along with pro-

fessionals from the music and medicine fields - Dr. Subhangi Dhage, Dr. Himalaya Pantavaidya, Vaidyaraj Dr. Sanjay Chhajed and Dr. Shubhangi Parker to name a few. Certificate in Music Therapy is India’s first ever professional programme at MET and is an initiative of the MET World of Music. Principles of Music Therapy. Indian classical ragas have been acclaimed to have healing effects. They stimulate the brain, ease tension and remove fatigue. According to Pt. Katti, "Music therapy is not an art form, but a therapy. The therapy does not make you an artist; rather it teaches you how to use music as a therapy." Pt. Katti gives the example of a new born baby going to sleep listening to a CD of her mother's heartbeat. When pregnant, the mother's heartbeat was recorded, and the same was played to put the new born baby to sleep. This therapy worked as the baby heard the same sound while it was in the womb. The effect of Music Therapy may be immediate or slow, depending on a number of factors like the subject, his mental condition, environment and the type of music selected for having the de-sired effect. "Music Therapy largely depends on individual needs and tastes. The use of music therapy is based on scientific and clinical approach and has to be used with great care and deep study of the nature of the illness. Before using music therapy, it must be ascertained which type of music is to be used. The concept of music therapy is dependent on correct intonation and right use of the basic elements of music. These would include sur (notes), rhythm, volume, beats, and piece of melody. There-are countless ragas with countless characteristic peculiarities of their own. Different ragas are applied in different cases." Pt. Katti further explains that music

therapy involves the patient who has to listen to the music to be cured, even though he may not understand it. "We will be using various instruments to impart the training from synthesizers, sitar, flute and keyboard too." Can music therapy then bring a change in a person's life? "Surely it can" declares Pt. Katti. "For one, music therapy helps to de-stress, regulate breathing and beat indigestion. It also triggers the production of happy chemicals such as serotonin to invoke soothing and deep mood behavior. It also lifts endorphins, and boosts confidence levels and helps you feel calm. Above all it helps have peaceful, sonorous effect on the body." Playing late night ragas, he says, helps you relax, cure insomnia, while certain ragas help lower blood pressure, boost immunity and ease muscle tension. Some specific ragas help Parkinson's, asthma and even arthritis. The therapy uses Sur Sanjeevan (a theory developed by Pt. Katti) as its dependent on four major aspects namely modern inventions, mood elevation theory, ayurvedic principles and traditions of Indian classical music. While admissions are already on for the course, Pt. Katti strongly mentions that only those with a real interest will be taken on. "We don't want to take on anyone who wants to learn music or learn to play an instrument; we'd prefer individuals who have an interest in music and a little formal training in music. I say this because the course requires commitment, a hard working nature, a zeal for excellence, tendency to search new avenues. Surely knowing Indian classical music and medicine are added advantage, but not a necessity." So, what can a candidate who completes the course expect to do? "The world is always looking to new methods of treatment with no side effects. If taken

seriously, it all depends on how much effort you put in that will decide your future. The individual can take up jobs in ayurveda hospitals and spas, medi spas, rejuvenation centre or even start his own private practice. The world is your playground", signs off Pt. Katti. What is Music Therapy? Music Therapy is an interpersonal process in which the therapist uses music and all its facets to help improve or maintain health of self or the benefited. It can be used with individuals of all ages and with a variety of conditions, including psychiatric disorders, medical problems, physical handicaps, sensory impairments, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, communication disorders, interpersonal problems, and aging. It is also used to improve learning, build self-esteem, reduce stress, support physical exercise, and facilitates a host of other health related activities. The articulation, pitch, tone and specific arrangement of sur (notes) in a particular raga with I required modifications stimulates, alleviates and cures various ailments. Music therapy harnesses the power of music to assist in personal expression and self-development. Eligibility: Individuals with formal training in music, certified musicians, medical doctors, radio musicians, vocal artists, alternate therapists, qualified yoga masters, individuals with knowledge of music etc. can apply. Application Form: The Prospectus and Application Form are available for Rs. 500/- at the MET League of Colleges, Bhujbal Knowledge Centre, Bandra Reclamation (W), Mumbai – 50 - Sachin Mistry

May 2012





Cyrus A Patel Tax Consultant. We undertake income tax, service tax, coop. hsg. soc. accounts writing, accounts managerial service, setting up accounts dept for companies coop. hsg. soc., accounts writing for companies - proprietor concern, 19years of experience in accounts & taxation matters. We give personal visits. Contact 28259037 Mobile 9869280642 ....................................................................

For Corned Tongue and Meat Loaf Contact: Sunita Pereira 98203 00751 (Home made and delicious)

For housekeeping material. Please contact: Vergis N 9819268248. Free home delivery of phenyl, mops, dusters, towels, etc.

Three Star Repairs, Service, Installation, Buying, Selling of A/C & Fridge. contact George - 9930951611. Chuim Khar (w). ....................................................................

INTERIOR DECORATORS One Stop Computer Solutions. Sales & Repairs of Desktops, Sonia & Dhiraj Bhatia Laptops, Networking, Data 9167187856 / 9167187855 Recovery & AMC. Contact: Luke Almeida: INVESTMENT CONSULTANTS 8097044010/9969276108 Joaquim Cardoz - Investment ESTATE AGENTS Consultant. call: 9833006757. Flat #3, 405, Patil Pada, Pitale Bernval Buying & Selling Of Lane, Ram Mandir Road, Flats, Shops, Plots, Leave Li- Danda, Khar (w), Mumbai 400 cence,P.G, Etc. In Mumbai & 052. For doorstep service. Goa Bernard: 98203 91586 LOCAL TUTIONS

For Radio & TV mechanic contact : Shantaram Yadav 98203 58155 - Mount Mary Steps, Bandra (w) ....................................................................

Vernon Duarte (C.A.) Accounts, Auditing, Co-op. Societies, PAN Filing of Income Tax Returns Call: 9920767522 / 26435096.


BEAUTY TREATMENT FRUIT VENDOR For a younger looking, wrinkle free face, botox and fillers, call Mohd. Naeem Fruits Stores Dr. J Peter Rodrigues best quality fresh fruits 9820061317, 9820221667 widest choice - Opp. Society Super Market, Chimbai Road BIZ OPPORTUNITY Bandra (w). For FREE home delivery. Call: 98192 95265 / Best Business Opportunity in 98677 38152. Bandra. Successfully operating since 1978, now in 148 counFRENCH CLASSES tries worldwide, 10 years in India. Part-Time / Full-Time, No Come join us at Ellens.For Investment, No Experience French & English @ Bandra. Reqd. No Door To Door Selling, Teacher’s Training Workshops Free Training Provided - GEN- for English Grammar; SYJC UINE - Earn 4,000/- to Arts all subjects(Psycho, Socio, 40,000/- p.m Call Now: Eco, History); French Starters 8108352110 Course (For students desiring .................................................................... to study French in college) 13th June- 23rd June (Also batches A little effort, time & desire is in July); French tuitions for all you need to legitimately in- FYJC and SYJC (Groups of 10/ crease your income from 15 and more); Tuitions: home. Contact 8108222187 / French(FYJC/HSC)English 9820586240 (SSC & HSC); Test series of HSC (English & French); Crash courses in English and French CAR RENTALS (SYJC). Contact: Ellen For trips in and around Mum- Maumkel. 3, Savia II, Plot V/5, bai. Call Vincent - 9820380742 RebelloRoad(Nr Mehboob Studio), Bandra (W), 9820285318 / 9167914360 CAR BREAKDOWN GETAWAYS Emergency repair or breakdown on any cars CTC 24x7 Salim on 9769061748 / Rockdale Bungalow, Manori. Private & exclusive 3 bedroom 9987060041 bungalow / Authentic Veg & Non - Veg, East Indian, COACHING CLASSES Continental, Indian menu / Babyland Nursery/Kinder- Kitchen with fridge / Two atgarten for boys & girls expert tached bath and toilets (Westcoaching conducted for chil- ern) / 24-hour borewell water / dren above 2. Timings: 10am - Children’s swing / Open sitout 12noon Mon-Fri. Coaching from for parties and barbecue / Junior KG to IV also available. Near beach /Ample car parkTimings: 5pm onwards Contact ing / Reasonable rates / DisMs. Jean Ann Cordeiro. B-10, count on weekdays. Contact: Nirmala Colony, St. John Bap- 2640 7670 / 98195 10183 tist Road, Bandra(W), Mumbai GUITAR CLASSES 400050. Tel: 26452839 Mob: 9769722593 .................................................................... Learn guitar the easy way at your residence. All age groups Standard II & III. want to raise welcome. Call 8097694660 your child’s marks by solving HOME ITEMS his/her problems in maths, reading, spelling or writing? Contact: 9029098873 (Only Fugias, Coconut Cakes, Bottle one subject per child per Masala, Vindaloo … Mrs. Monica Pereira 2645 9106 month) .................................................................... HOME PRODUCTS Shalom Classes Bandra. Attention Std. IX & X. Shalom wel- Soda Machine (1950/-) excomes you to come & change offer & repair, refill (all experience . Batches beginning flavours). Mini Washing Mafrom 16th April 2012 small nos. chine (2800/-) Electric Tan(15-20) Individual Attention. door (3990/-) Magic Steam Professionals for all subjects. Cooker (3090/-) FREE HOME Contact Delano Aguiar DEMO Contact: Noble Enter9821394504 / 9819968961 / 26004989 or prises 9146729782 / 9870639334 John Pereira 9969656305

Repairs: Washing Machine, Gas Stove, Microwave, Fridge, & A.C. CallRamesh -9892387330 Bharat Service Centre, Pali Naka. SALE Back Rx Spine Care. Ideal for household & office chair, cars etc. Ergonomicaly designed, reduces lower back pain, helps maintain blood circulation, Removal cover for easy cleaning, or use wet clothes to wipe the surface of 9664979247

S.S Tutorials shifted to Waroda Road, Off Hill Road, Near Dunhill Bldg, Bandra(W) Mumbai 400050. SSC & HSC (Sci) all subjects new batch will be conducted from 20th April. Registrations for new batch started. Contact Santosh STITCHING CLASSES 9821121982 .................................................................... Learn to stitch your own clothes the easy way in BanVeena Classes Highly Experi- dra(West)! Special classes for enced Teacher for Maths & Sci- kids (age 10 and above) Learn ence Tution in Bandra for Std 5 the Basics in just 4 to 8 classes – 10, SSC & ICSE Contact: regular classes on Saturdays 9833176442. 10:00 am to 12 pm, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Orders accepted for LIQUID COOLING PC bridal gowns, communion dresses and formal outfits DeWe specialise in liquid cooling signerz 9819471550/26411318 systems, custom built cabinets & computer networking. Get a TAILORS free quotation right now! Contact Sairaj Borkar on Knitting Crochet Embroidery 9930399387 or mail us on Dressmaking Courses Shree 9820451695 Mahalaxmi CHS, ground floor, Warin pada, Danda, Khar(w) TIFFINS Mumbai 400052 TIFFINS For Home-Made MASALA(EAST INDIAN) Tiffins Veg / Non Veg Contact : 9920103658 For Good quality East Indian .................................................................... Bottle Masala and Fish Masala. Contact : Joyce 9619717814 Bebiana de Goa Daily tasty tiffins, delicious party catering. PARTY ORDERS Contact: Bebiana D’souza 9819454137 Olly’s Corner Bandra Delicious and Home made Pickles / USED CARS Masala’s / Dry Fish Snacks/ Salads and Party Orders. Con- BEST PRICE for Used Cars tact: 9820736819 Spot Finalization, Any Make / Model / Registration / PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES Condition. Contact: Zuber 9820030777. SMS imore Learn digital photography in 1209910 to 5667755 4sessions + 1outing from Professor of photography Sri P. K. VEGETABLE VENDORS Bhatia who taught at Photographic Society of India & Indo Harilal Yadav 93245 American Society for 20years. 52451.Chimbai, Opp Solanki Call 9820613529 Chemist, Bandra (w). (Home Delivery) REPAIRS & SERVICES WATCH REPAIRS 24 hrs Home, Sales & Service (Bandra only) Gas Stoves, Reliance Watch Co. – Sales & Hobs, Table Tops & Chimneys. Service - specialist in Quartz, Contact: Mahendra Sales Shiv Automatic & Winding Asthan, Shop No. 7, Plot No. 31, 129,Bazar Rd, Near Variety Em16th road, near Shiv Sagar, porium, Bandra (W)- Irfan-2640 Bandra (w). Amrut 7360 (10-1 & 4-9) 9323431633 / 26486525 .................................................................... WELDER Refrigerators / Air Condition- BABLU - 93208 82433 - S.V. ers / Splits / Frost Free Refrig- Road, Khar, Near Masjid, Opp erators / Indian / Imported. Beauty Center. Guaranteed Repairs / Installations / AMC - FRIZARE, 30th Road, Bansari Apartments, opp. H2O, Pali Naka, Bandra (w) 9820197439 / 6544903


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May 2012

Ways to chill out this summer

This gola walla has been on Carter Road for more than 15 years

The winter is long gone, and summer has arrived. Say good bye to the cold chilly nights and welcome the bright long days. Summer brings with it many inevitable challenges like the excruciating heat, Venturing out means taking your chances with dehydration, sunburns, bad tans etc. For those of us who are unwilling to sit at home and wait the summer out, the sun and the heat can be an unforgiving foe. Well, here are some real cool ways you can chill this summer in Bandra: 1)The Faithful Gola: The golawala at Carter Road offers you the most awesome golas you can have. He has a lot of exotic flavors to stimulate your taste buds. The favourate Chocolate and Milk made flavored golas are guaranteed to give you the chills. Prices of the golas range from Rs10/- to Rs30/- which makes it an awesome bargain.

Ranjeet is located at Turner Road & also at Waroda Road. He & his family have been serving Bandraites for many generations.

3)Bandra Chaat : Lot of chaatwalas, including the one’s near Carter Road and at Hill Road offering chaats like Pani Puri, Dahi Puri are ready to keep you cool this summer. The most hygienic place to have Sugarcane juice in Bandra is the shop outside elco arcade on Hill road.

2) Refreshing sugarcane juice: The sugarcane juicewala at Hill road makes for a great inexpensive refreshment. It will suck out all the exhaustion from your body - and pump you in active enthusiasm on a hot summer day.

Bandra is prepared for the summer, so what are you waiting for ? Go out and enjoy the flavors of Bandra this season! Sairaj Borkar Pic Coutesy: Olav Rodrigues

May 2012


The Bandra Gymkhana Open Rink Hockey Tournament

The Bandra Gym. Open Rink Hockey Tournament was held from 23/4/12--28/04/12. The Tournament which was Organised by Bandra Gym. and played on its floodlit tennis courts was sponsored by Kotak Mahindra Bank. The Mens section had some of the top teams in Mumbai participating ,In the Womens Section there were 10 teams and in the boys section there were 10 teams. In the Quater- finals of the mens section Wenden Caterers (new entrants) shocked R.C.F.5-4, whileMumbai Customs defeated Companeroes9-5, in another pool Air-India defeated Rhema Sports12-4,while Central Railway def. Sea View.

The Semi Finals was a thriller in which Air-India were derailed by Central 5-4.For Central Rly. Boon Dsouza(2), Deepak(2), and Nilesh (1), scored while for AI the scorer were Dev. Kumar(2), G.Pimpale(2). In the other semi-finals Mumbai Customs defeated Wenden Caterers 10-9 in a tie breaker in what was one of the best matches of he tournament.Wenden Caterers were leading 6-5 till 40 seconds from the final whistle, Jayesh from Customs found the equiliser. For Customs Jayesh (4), Alden(2) were the scorers while for Wenden Caterers Joshua Vessaoker (3),Hardip Singh (2), and Karan Kapur scored.Inthe tie breaker Joshua V. failed to

score for Wenden Caterers. Mumbai Customs defeated Central Railway 4-3 in the finals .. Alden(2), Jayesh(1),and Vishal (1) were the scorers for Customs .For Central Rly. the goal Scorers wereNaved Ali, Boon Dsouza, and Deepak Lakra. The man of the Tournament went to Boon Dsouza of Central Rly. Our Lady of Dolours shocked St. Stanislaus 3-2 in an exciting final of the Bandra Gymkhana Open Rink Hockey Tournament. St. Stanislaus took an early lead thru Melchior Fernandes but Suraj Shah got the the equilizer 2 minutes from half time 1-1. In the second half Stanislaus gained the lead thru Leander Dharmai but

Our Lady of Dolours fought back and scored thru Mahendra Rawal 2-2. Exchanges were even thereafter till a minute before the final whistle Tikaram Takhulla scord the match winner. Suraj Shah was declared the man of the tournament. The most promising player of the tournament went to Jay Parmar Of Children Academy. In the womens section the final was won by Freunds Sports who defeated F.United 4-1.Rajatha(2), Chachan and Nishi Chauhan scored for the winners while Tanaz scored the lone goal for F.United. Derrick Drego


May 2012

Bigger than Life

If you happen to pass by Carter Road, right opposite Cafe Coffee Day, you will notice a group of people organizing activities and playing games with the street kids. This group is known as BTL - short for Bigger Than Life. A group that’s been around for just a year - and recently been granted the NGO status. Each Saturday session involves a couple of games, which is led by a volunteer. This is followed by an activity which is meant for the creative development of the kids - such as painting, knitting, drawing, dancing, etc. The session ends with a meal. However, throughout the week, BTL is active in coaching the kids with school work and also conduct an English Speaking Class. BTL was founded by Avideep Gaikwad, a young , successful HR consultant who says ”It is passion which drives me to do something for the less fortunate ones - and I know Christ always wanted me to do this”. He adds, “This is like my second vocation”. "To remove the word ‘underprivileged’ from the dictionary of Mumbai" is our mission statement. The young organization has also had its fair share of successes, such as:

• All 6 BTL girls got promoted to the next standard in St. Joseph's Convent Primary School. • 2 boys got admission in St. Dominic Savio boarding this year. Their camp will start on 4th May 2012 for 3 days and post that they will be confirmed. • BTL also helped in a major operation of a 7 year old boy Arjun (a street child) for his umbilical hernia on 15th Dec 2011 • BTL started daily tuitions for the Boarders and English coaching classes for the regular school girls. All the above mentioned children’s education was funded by BTL. Monetary support is the need of the hour for our organization, thus contributions towards BTL would go a long way in the betterment of the kids. If you would like to help, kindly contact Avi – 99676 55569 / 98920 09299. So remember, if you want to make a difference, BTL is looking out for YOU!!!! Mikhail Carvalho

Spiritzzz: Lifestyle Fashion Hub Your wardrobe does not have to be the only aspect of your life that has some color in it. At Spiritzzz they believe in adding a lot to your lifestyle. The spirit of Spiritzzz revolves around creative designing, excellent craftsmanship and an eye for detail. Spiritzz started in September 2011 by Chandni Mohindra (hair stylist & make-up artist) and Meenal Agarwal (fashion designer & stylist). The Spiritzzz Hair, Make up & Beauty Studio is a hub for the fashionista to explore within the world of fashion - and also avail the opportunity to pamper themselves. Presenting a ‘one-of-its-kind’ reasonably priced lifestyle store - it offers readymade apparel, Jewelry & accessories, including a hair make up & beauty studio with prêt designer wear. This can definitely add color to your wardrobe, where it starts; with a wide range of readymade dresses, tops, long dresses, party wear, jumpsuits, kurtas, etc. - in all designs, sizes, tin-tones & suited for all seasons & occasions. They also offer a stylish range of accessories; clutch bags, slings, totes & formal bags. You will also find a funky, elegant

and unique range of jewelry, best suited to go with all types of apparel that adds the oomph factor to Spiritzzz! In their pursuit to add a lot to your lifestyle, they also cater to prêt designer wear for both men and women, Indian and Western (formal /semi-formal). Your fashion experience can remain incomplete without a pampering session at the Spiritzzz…Hair, Make up & Beauty Studio offering a host of services; hair colouring, bonding, haircut, blow-dry, relax o, perming and make-up (party, bridal) and relaxing hair spa's, foot spa's, face rejuvenation packages too. Do give them an opportunity to add to your lifestyle… Spiritzzz Hair, Make up & Beauty Studio …Shop No G5, Nicholas Bandra Bldg, Rizvi Complex, Sherly Rajan Rd, Opp Rizvi College, Bandra (West) Mumbai-50. They are open all days from 11:00am to 8:30pm. You can contact Spiritzzz for any help on 022-6534 7425. or mail: Get Connected with them on Facebook:

Vol. III Issue 5  

A community newspaper that connects you with Bandra locals

Vol. III Issue 5  

A community newspaper that connects you with Bandra locals