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Sinking Fire Hydrants

Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues Digging roads and pavements is something no Mumbaikar can escape. Whether it’s a busy intersection, the highway, or even just outside your residence, you can see it being done everywhere. And that seems to be the solution in case a fire breaks out!!! DIG!!! Don’t quite get it, do you? Walking along Turner Road, you can’t help but notice the heads of many fire hydrants at the corner of every intersection. Well, but that’s all you can see. Constant road repairs and higher footpaths have seen these hydrants slowly sinking, and eventually disappearing along many streets in Bandra. What is worse is that most of these hydrants, which seemed quite modern back then, with their red

body and yellow heads, are non-functional, and do not serve the purpose they were initially intended for. With most of their valves below the surface of the roads, which are eternally being dug up and done up, the prospect of huge damages due to the ineffectiveness of these hydrants in case of a fire, cannot be ignored. In a city where shortage of water supply in not unusual, and ever increasing inhabitants, these hydrants could be the difference between a life-and-death situation, as these hydrants provide an almost unlimited supply of water. Moreover, these almost-buried hydrants are a dangerous to pedestrians. Jutting out of footpaths, a few inches high, they can cause people to fall over, as they are

hardly noticeable to the normal person walking. This hazard becomes more so obvious in the night, due to the absence of adequate light to notice these sudden bumps. Created for the primary purpose of dousing flames, these hydrants around the city, including Bandra in particular, are creating flames of their own. With the current status of these slowly-sinking-andeventually-disappearing fire hydrants, putting out a huge fire may well be a tough task in the immediate future. Concerned authorities are requested to raise the level of these fire hydrants, so that they can be of use in life-and-death situations. It’s imperative to do something ‘NOW’ ! Valerian D’costa


June 2012

Bandra Buzz

Babies on Mysterious Ventilators International research has demonstrated that the isolation of the new born one from its mother blocks mother child instant bonding that is so critical to child’s immediate survival and development. In fact exclusion / absence of mother from baby is denial of her physical touch and is life threatening. In medical terms the first day of the baby after birth, the first week, and the first month and the first year are very important stages for child survival and growth and development. It is well established in cytological research that Infantile Jaundice goes down speedily with mother child physical bonding, a- i.e. mother touching and holding the child.

A 2 day old baby girl, Asha died on the ventilator, in the ICU of a well known hospital, Bhabha Hospital, situated on Waterfield Road, Bandra, on 24th May around 2:45am - without her mother even having one glance of the child. Just a day before this baby died, another baby died as soon as he was released from the hospital - after being 8 days on the ventilator after birth! We understand 50% of the babies born in this hospital are put on the ventilator and do not survive. There seems to be some mystery why such large no. of babies are having breathing problems at birth at this hospital - and are being put onto the ventilator. Something definitely needs to be done about this business of isolating these new born children from their mother, when they are on the ventilator. At least the mother should have some ways and means to have free access to her baby.

Her touch & presence is vital at this time. The baby Asha was over due, at birth i.e. 9 months 10 days old. The mother periodically visited the hospital and on completion of 9 months asked the doctor to do something because she was not having labour pain. The doctor sent her back saying that he knew better than her when to deliver the child. She finally came on 21st May with her husband and got admitted at 10pm. The hospital’s doctor team delivered the baby 10 days after the due date (22nd May – 4:05am) saying that the baby was not breathing and they put her on to the ventilator. The child was kept in ventilator and her mother did not see or feed or touch the child. The baby’s mother was told that she would “get upset”, if she would go and see the child in the ventilator - and therefore she did not go to see the child.

The doctors told the parents of Asha: Anita and Rohan Bihari (names changed to protect their identity) that the child is very sick, having convulsions - and may have bleeding in lung and stomach. Especially if the baby was under threat of infection and was dying, why did the doctors not encourage the mother to be with the baby? This excuse of the danger of infection is not valid, especially since the baby is dying. The family did not get access to the medical file of the child all this while, though they were considering taking a second opinion. When the child died at 3 am last morning, i.e. 24th May without the presence of her mother or any other family member, the doctors gave only a discharge sheet and refused to give the medical file. The family was left shocked, wondering about the mystery of the ventilator and about the hospital medical file, which was not shared with the parents.

Bhabha Hospital, being a govt. hospital – is used primarily by the poor. It is a good Hospital on other fronts. However, the Maternity Ward has nobody around if one needs guidance & help. On speaking to many parents (of babies who had died… or on their dying bed – ‘read: ventilator’), on the 6th Floor, just outside the ICU(with 2 ventilators) it has been found, that the doctors say that most babies born here do not cry at birth. They say that most new born babies have breathing (RESPIRATORY) problems and are put immediately on the ventilator. Doctors & staff are very rude. When the child’s condition is serious, parents are advised to take the child to another hospital – even in the middle of the night. It’s an inhuman scene. Rohan, working in the pediatric ward on the 6th floor gave us a different picture. He told us, ”the hospital has 3-4 births per day on an average – and 4–5 deaths per month on an average. According to him, many babies born are malnourished, have pneumonia or are breathless – so they put them on the ventilator. Many survive. Some do not. Some are saved by the doctors, even after complications – (like baby’s head was stuck). Sometimes, a normal baby may turn serious & die. If the baby is brain dead, what can we do? We do our best”. The concerned authorities should look into this matter, as this is great concern for Bandra Residents (and others) accessing this govt. hospital. The new-born baby mortality rate should be checked. After all, even the poor among us are humans. We cannot let anybody play with their lives – especially innocent & helpless babies. Neerja Jain Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues

Bandra Buzz

June 2012


Are Your Roads Rain Ready?

Roads are the internal lifeline of any place – and Bandra is no different. In fact, due to the high traffic during peak hours, vehicles move like snails. To add to this, there are many areas where laying of paver blocks have not been done properly, or are dug up for utility repairs … or for whatever reason – certain roads are uneven to such an extent that we can expect the bumpiest of rides. Walking on such roads can cause sprains – or you may just trip over. Open drain covers have been the cause of many accidents, that could have been avoided. With the onset of the rains, these matters are multiplied many times over. No doubt, BMC activity has increased, with cleaning of drains & completion of many road projects. But, more needs to be done. If local citizens report to the concerned authorities about areas in their area that need to be repaired, and follow up action is done with co-operation of the area municipal councilor, a lot of

good can come. ALM interaction is vital to better roads – as can be seen in certain areas, like St. Andrew’s Road, Pali Hill & Mount Mary. Many by-lanes have roads that are in bad shape – and need to be done on priority. Also, BMC should have specific road ‘Inspectors’, who move around at regular intervals, giving their report, based on first hand knowledge. This would be more effective, if concerned citizens can e-mail details of road locations (and a picture, if possible) that need urgent repairs. This is an on going process – and needs to be tackled systematically. So, to reduce chaotic situations this monsoon, getting our roads rain ready is an imperative factor towards a better Bandra.

Dinesh Shah Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues

Bandra Buzz

June 2012

Letters to the Editor


The Chronic Auto Mess

turn at Candies to Anthony Garage and on the left near the Cross leading to the main Perry Road is very dark. This results in the workers at Anthony Garage using the dark street to urinate, as also using the road for cars left with him for repairs/servicing and for "Chain/Purse Snatchers. This has been brought to the attention through Bandra Buzz in the last issue, but nothing has been done. I am sure that with the powerful intervention of our esteemed ALM President - Mr. Earnest Fernandes and the very capable Mr. Xavier Louis, something fruitful may come out of these matters brought to their attention. Hoping to see some good work done in the above areas. Cherie Rao .........................................................................

The Bandra Buzz front page of the May 2012 issue was really interesting to read. In fact, the cover picture speaks for itself. The caption 'Let's Clean Up Bandra' draws a direct reflection to page 03, where the article 'Rickshaw Raj at Bandra Station' calls for a clean up by our traffic cops with the co-operation of citizens. This area which is used daily by thousands of train commuters, need to be demarcated properly, with orderly auto stands – not the 'might-is-right' situation it is now. Solving this 'auto mess' will greatly reduce people's stress. Also, this will avoid tarnishing the image of 'The Queen Of The Suburbs' for those visiting Bandra for the first time. This corrective action is long overDisappearing Cottages due. Municipal Councilors concerned – please take immediate action! Faust Gonsalves I read your interesting article of the disappearing ............................................................................ cottages. A law should be enacted to stop the cottages from being broken down. At the state Govt. level, a committee should be created for this purCivic Issues & Solutions pose. A special body monitoring these cottages I would like to highlight certain issues in & around should be created and restrictions on demolition of these cottages could be stopped, with ways to the area I live in: preserve the aesthetics of these cottages. Traffic Jam/Honking: The ownership status should not be allowed any There is a very urgent need to do something about the Traffic Congestion and unbearable honking that change with a grant in aid which is protected by goes on every afternoon and evening/night outside the law to preserve the history of this island city Candies. This has absolutely ruined the peace and and its original inhabitants. Desmond Pereira quiet of the whole neighbourhood. The ALM could ............................................................................ look into this matter. Even when Learners' Academy is closed for holSangma for Prez idays & there are no functions at Mac Ronnel's as well as Copper Gate, there is still a lot of traffic jams & incessant honking at all odd hours of the There have been six Hindu Presidents since independence: R Prasad, S Radhakrishnan, V.V. Giri, day. All traffic heading towards Perry Road can be di- Neelam S Reddy, R Venkataraman and,Shankar D verted beyond Candies thereby making that little Sharma - three Muslim Presidents:,Z Hussain, F A stretch of road into a "One-Way" Street. This will Ahmed,and APJ Abdul Kalam - one Dalit President mean that traffic can turn off Perry Road to the left K R Narayana, one Sikh President,G Z Singh,and where Jercelle Building commences. So, while Con- one Woman President, P Patil. However, the law abiding and peace loving vent Road and D'Monte Park Road will be open to traffic heading towards Pali, traffic coming Christian community, which has been in the foredownwards will have an easy flow on the one way front in social service, have been denied this privilege of having a Christian President -,or even a street heading towards the main Perry Road. While on this subject, it would also help a lot if vice-president! Why this discrimination against Candies Management is made to place huge "No Christians? In my opinion – P. A. Sangma - a ChrisHonking" signs at significant places just outside tian and also a ST, could be a possible consensus candidate. their premises. Dr J P Rodrigues ............................................................................ Dividers: The Traffic Authorities have put Dividers on the St. Andrew’s Road ALM main Perry Road just outside of the new Central Park Building and on the other side i.e. opposite D'Monte Park. This has made it very convenient While thanking you for publishing the article that I had written, in your May 2012 issue - I should and safe for the pedestrians. Why can't there be Dividers at all crossroads ie. tell you that several of our members who attended Manual Gonsalves Road leading to Turner Road, our monthly meeting on Thursday the 17th of May, and on the other side of D'Monte Park as well as were visibly happy that publicity was given to our movement. Some offered to circulate the issue - to the St. Paul's Crossroad too ??? enable those who have not received a copy to read it. Thank you and wish you all the best. Poorly - Lit Road: Xavier Louis Convent Road, D'Monte Park Road right from the

Dear readers, As we hear the much awaited ‘pitter-patter’ of the first monsoon showers in June, a sigh of relief is felt from the humid heat of summer in Bandra. But during the dry spells between the romantic rains, the heat gets even more unbearable. So, are we rain-ready? On the sports front, cricket & hockey fades out to ‘Football Fever’. Bandra has

her fair share of exciting football tournaments. Late evenings at social hubs are the place to be, if you want to know multiple interesting opinions about almost anything under the sun. For the youth, who are at crossroads in their life, this is the time for critical decisions. Careers, vocations, job interviews… what you decide now, will lead you towards the person you want to be. Push your potential to new heights – and make the seemingly “impossible” – possible. Bandra has a lot to offer in terms of ‘world-class’ colleges & institutes. Seek – and you will find. Well, it’s ‘back-to-school /college / job Appreciation I am a 16 year old boy. I passed out from St.Stanislaus High School. Your paper is really interesting as it tells us what is happening in our area - that is Bandra. Adnan Mookhtiar ............................................................................ You folks are doing amazing work, thank you. Keith Owen Soans ............................................................................ It was a delight to read your paper this morning. Kavita Raha ............................................................................ I liked the interview with the Gola Sharbat man on Carter Road, in your May issue. It’s truly must not miss the Milk Maid Sharbat....2 die 4! BB rocks!! Bharat Kishore Chainani ............................................................................ Hey Merck - all the best with Bandra Buzz. Viewed it here in Toronto, where I am travelling in North America. All the best. Jude H Gomes ............................................................................ There was a long felt need for 'neighbourhood journalism' in Bandra – and I feel Bandra Buzz is is doing just that. I hope Bandra Buzz will have a long & successful run for many years – unlike many others that have come & vanished. If you strive to maintain getting advertisements, it will help defray the cost, etc. If your local newspaper can offer the people of Bandra, what they do not get from mainstream newspapers, community support will start pouring in – and with a good editorial policy, this neighbourhood newspaper can be the pride of Bandra! As you know – controversy, sensationalism & scandals always sell – and people eagerly read them. In our country, journalism is mostly 'middle of the road' – inspite of being a democracy. Any way, we wish you success in this new venture. Please keep it going - and be steadfast. Never give up – after all, any new newspaper takes time to settle down. Joe A. Lewis If you have an issue that you face in your area, & you need to share your Congratulations concern with others. Ruchika Dutta you can e-mail us or you’ve won a trip to message us on Mahabaleshwar 9820783686. Mail us at Elysium Estates

/ business’ again, but with renewed vigour – working towards that project or target you are persuing. At least the lower temperatures(during the rains) helps cool frayed tempers. Bandra Buzz is your platform to showcase your business – make optimum use of us to increase your profits. If done correctly, local advertising is very cost-effective, reaching the correct target audience, getting you remarkable results. Your inputs – regarding local area issues & views - are vital to creating community connect via your neighbourhood newspaper. Do continue to write to us. So, till the heavy downpours of July &

August threaten to drench us, let’s enjoy some “walkin’-in-the-rain’. Regards Merck D'Silva, Editor Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this paper belong to the authors only, and do not reflect the opinion of the publishers and editors, unless otherwise stated. Readers should act on the information provided only after consulting with their own independent advisors, and the publishers and editors of this paper shall be in no way held responsible for any such action, or consequences thereof.

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Carter Road: Hub for Smokers, Menace for Non-Smokers Carter Road, a sea side famous promenade in Bandra, Mumbai, is soon becoming a place to avoid for non-smokers. Everyday, people who are walking on the promenade, looking for a breath of fresh air are only facing inconvenience - as they can only smell the smoke of burning tobacco. Smoking in public is illegal in India, but yet there are people who break this rule very conveniently. A person who regularly visits Carter Road in the evening for a walk says " If people want to smoke, they must smoke at home and not in public, because by smoking in public they are causing harm to themselves and others. These others who are not smoking are damag-

ing their health because of these smokers and they become passive smokers." "Everyday, Carter road is infested by people who smoke in public - and the police who are stationed there don’t tell these people anything." says a 16 year old boy, who goes every evening to Carter road for jogging. A parent says that she stopped bringing her children to Carter road as she fears that they might become victim to asthma - because of passive smoking. The only message we are trying to give is that people who smoke there must stop - as they are damaging their health - as well as the health of others.

June 2012


Adv. Ashish Shelar launches 'Green Bandra' Campaign

Adnan Mookhtiar

Auto zipping across Bandra - drunk driver This happened somewhere around the end of April. I always use the share-autos to commute between the station and my home near Mt. Mary’s. On that particular afternoon while returning home from college, I was at the 214 bus stop and I, as well as a few passengers, decided to take the share-auto who approached us. The ride home kept us on the edge of our seats, as this elderly auto-driver zipped through traffic, drove on the oncoming lane narrowly dodging traffic, nearly knocked down a woman crossing the road at Elco’s, took a wild turn at Balaji junction (driving on the oncoming lane, he cut across the lane heading to St. Peter’s to go in the bazaar road lane and nearly banged head-on into an Innova that was leaving the bazaar road lane). Had that Innova not braked in time, something bad would’ve happened. My co-passengers requested him to drive carefully, but he just muttered something and cursed back. On inspecting him, we realized he was drunk and his eyes were red and sozzled. While dropping one of the passengers near Salt Water Restaurant at Mt. Carmel’s church, 2 young girls wearing mini-skirts were walking ahead. He whistled and made suggestive gestures at

them before speeding off. I thought that was the end of it, until later that week, I happened to be his passenger yet again. He again picked off passengers at the 214 bus stop in the afternoon and his driving style (which included driving on the oncoming lane and zooming past the red signal at Globus junction) had not changed. The elderly woman sitting beside me was petrified. I and a co-passenger also took down the number of this driver, but I can’t seem to find it. I travel by share-autos (the Bandra station to Mt. Mary route) everyday and speeding and racing each other on Hill Road has become some sort of habitual sport among these drivers. Of course, most of them drive properly; it’s just a few of them who drive dangerously and plough straight into oncoming traffic putting others at risk. That elderly drunk driver however was one really bad experience. I want to know if others have also been facing this problem. I also wish to be anonymous, because I do not wish to get caught in the middle of all this, especially since there’s a lot of issues going on with the rickshaw unions and since I use these share-auto services everyday, so most of the drivers know me. Authors name withheld

World Environment Day This year world environment day wasn't like any other. Carter road played host to a spectacular mind opening event which would change our thinking of the environment as we know it. A social organisation called IDOBRO and an NGO called Garbage concern at its heart. The event started with a play about the importance of cleanliness and how our guilt free littering habits are making the world a dirtier place to live. The eye opening play was followed by fact provoking speeches which made you realize that the earth and its environment is like a deck of cards, one wrong move and its all over. They made you realize how important the environment is for our survival and how easily the delicate balance of the ecosystem can be disrupted. The event showcased a number of daily household products which were ecofriendly and better substitutes to synthetic mass produced products we use everyday, IDOBRO promotes women entrepreneurs who make these products at very affordable rates , which made them

very popular on the day of the event. Another interesting feature of the event was the quiz. Questions based on the environment were asked to the audience. The answers to the quiz revealed some really interesting facts about the planet we call home. IDOBRO is a social organisation founded by Karon Shaiva in 2009. The organisation was started to create awareness about the environment and to make a difference. Today the organisation has about 300 members and volunteers, their selfless and relentless efforts towards the betterment of the environment will be much appreciated by everyone. IDOBRO and other organizations like this are perfect examples of how a small group of people with a common goal in mind can make a big difference. We can make a difference too in our everyday lives by not wasting water, by switching off the lights when not required and by always remembering to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. Sairaj Borkar

A tree planting drive was launched by ex-municipal councilor Advocate Aashish Shelar at the Bandra Fort & Bandstand area. Ashish started by planting a tree and encouraging others present to do the same. He spoke on how a 'Greener Bandra' will be a healthier Bandra. Continuing on this topic, he praised all ALM's & other citizen groups who were doing good work among the youth – who are

our future! He urged the school children present to plant more trees & stop using polythene (plastic) bags – explaining how they were very harmful to the environment. He said,”these plastic bags clog our drain pipes, as they take very long to disintegrate – causing havoc during the monsoons, that are just around the corner”. Sir Minaz

One Man Army at Carter Promenade Bhagwan Kamble - an active activist from 1984, who is now the MNS President of Ward 96, handles various issues around Bandra – with a direct approach. In the past, he used to work with Sir Oliver Andrade. In conjunction with the Bandra Police, he approaches civic issues on a daily basis. He helps in controlling traffic issues in his neighbouring area around Joggers Park – equipped with his whistle. He is very angry about car parking on St. Paul Road – as parking of cars on BOTH SIDES of the road are ignored by the traffic police – some cars even occupy 80% of the FOOTPATH. This hinders the free flow of traffic. Also, this makes many senior citizens walk on the

road, creating situations for an accident. We spotted Bhagwan at Carter Promenade hunting off the coconut vendors (many of them from Bangladesh) who were creating a cleanliness problem with illegal hawking. He gets calls from BMC officers even at 7am to help clear coconut hawkers near Otter’s Club. A week back he got a coconut hawker to pay a fine of Rs 1250/-. In spite of this, other hawkers keep coming to this spot to do brisk business. Bhagwan’s mission is to clean up the Carter Promenade of all illegal activities… and our co-operation is vital to make it happen.

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Umesh Jain


Bandra Buzz

June 2012

Bandra bids farewell to Fr. Rufus Pereira It was ‘Adios’ to one of Mumbai’s illustrious and saintly priests – Fr Rufus Pereira on Saturday, May 19, 2012, at St Andrew`s School Grounds, Bandra. He passed away, while asleep, in London on Thursday May 3, 2012, of cardiac arrest. He would have turned 79 on Sunday May 6, this year. Fr Rufus was one of the pioneers of the Deliverance Ministry, he was the vice President of the International Association of Exorcists, at the time of his death. His body was brought to Mumbai on Friday, May 18, and was kept at St Andrew`s School Grounds, at the heart of Bandra, the next day afternoon ( May 19) for more than two hours, where thousands of people, from all walks of life and all religious backgrounds, flocked to pay their last respects to the departed priest, loved and respected by both Catholics and non-Catholics alike. The funeral Eucharist was presided over by His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias, the Archbishop of Bombay, together with Bishop Ferdinand Fonseca and Bishop Bosco Penha, Auxiliaries of the Archdiocese and Rt. Rev. Francis Kalist(Bishop of Meerut, and Ecclesiastical Advisor to the Charismatic Renewal)and Rt. Rev. Gerald Almeida ( Bishop of Jabalpur) and over 70 priests concelebrating the Mass. Over three thousand people participated in the moving funeral service that lasted about two hours. During his homily the Cardinal said, “The Archdiocese of Bombay is very grateful to God for the gift of an eminent and holy priest of the stature of Fr Rufus to us and to the Church at large. Fr Rufus was a man who was constantly in touch with God. He relished prayer. The Word of God was his nourishment and his greatest strength. It was really alive in his life. Through his healing ministry, he touched the lives of millions

Adieus Padre Rufus Good things come in small packages, they say; For God blesses and gives; even when skies turn gray. But salvation, redemption and love is what we need.... In this ailing world, to plant a good seed. 'Good angels' are sent, when things turn 'sour', Through prayer, God comes to assist in our every hour. No matter how many times, the devil will return to scare; With the Holy Spirit, our pain, we can definitely bear. Fr. Rufus, greatly blessed, was a 'good angel' with a wondrous heart. He answered God's call and simply did his part. He indeed was Christ's true disciple; Who devoted his life as a mentor, a counsellor and even as a principal. However, God had a better, supreme plan for him, Gifting him the Holy Spirit, so that, through him, hope and faith shall ne'er dim. Fr. Rufus, he prayed, healed and helped those desperately in need. So humble and faithful, Fr. Rufus was a living saint indeed. So patient, so ardent and yet so full of zeal... He proved to all that God's power no one can ever conceal ! I'm sure everyone who experienced and knew Fr. Rufus well, Will surely be sad now that we have bid him farewell. Thank you Fr. Rufus for all you've done! Because you have shown us the way to the Eternal One. Adieu dear friend, you've righteously passed the test. At home , you'll forever remain in heavenly rest. - Joshua Jonathan Norris

of people and brought them closer to God , and to the person of Jesus.” Fr Rufus was born in New Kantwadi (near Perry Cross Road), Bandra, one of the suburbs of Mumbai - known for its large Catholic population. After his early Seminary training, he was sent to Rome for his Theology studies, and was ordained priest there in 1956. Later, he obtained his doctorate in Biblical Theology. On his return to the Archdiocese, he served as Principal of four different Catholic Schools in the city: St Francis Xavier, Vile Parle, Holy Cross, Kurla, and St Andrew`s, and Mt Carmel at Bandra. His mortal remains were laid to rest at St Andrew`s Church Cemetry, on Hill Road, Bandra,to which Parish he belonged. Mr Cyril John, Vice President of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal , and a very close associate of Fr Rufus represented the world wide movement at the funeral. Recalling his association with Fr Rufus for nearly two decades , Cyril John said: “ Fr Rufus offered his entire life as a wonderful witness to Jesus. He devoted his priestly ministry to reach out to as many people as possible, especially those who needed healing and deliverance…was always aglow with the Spirit serving the Lord… He would travel by night and carry out his ministry by the day. I am sure Fr Rufus could very well say with St Paul, “I fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith; there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness which the good Lord will give to me. “ (2 Tim. 4:) “The Renewal will miss its charismatic pastor. The Church will miss a great missionary in Fr Rufus Pereira!” he concluded. Fr. Alfonso Elengikal Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues

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June 2012

Illegal construction continues at Kadeshwari despite BMC show cause & stop work notices

Fazal Ahmed & Lalit Rao

Ref: Despite of Stopwork Notice dated 24th May 2012 served by Muncipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai bearing no.ACHW/DF/JE-I/2292/6/2012 on Shri Dattatrey Tukaram Kambli, the illegal construction work is going on full swing and is nearing completion. Subject : Request to stop and demolish Illegal Construction in the middle of the government road, encroaching a public Lamp post, abutting a private property, at Mary Pereira E. Stable,(Alias Kala saheb Tabela (chawl)) Kadeshwari Mandir Road, Bandra (west) Mumbai 4000 50 , occupied by Dattatrey Kambli and Chaya Kambli. Sir, 1) I the undersigned, would like to bring to your notice that there was a letter addressed to you dated 8th May 2012, requesting you to kindly stop the illegal construction carried out by Mr. Kambli Dattataray Tukaram and his wife Mrs. Chaya Dattataray Kambli at the aforesaid address being a public road encroaching the Public lamp and a private Lane, which is 4 feet wide for the tenants to pass through, due to this illegal construction the lane has been reduced to about 2 feet. 2) The narrowing of the private lane has blocked my natural light. I am the co- owner of the aforesaid private property. This illegal construction has caused me and my family great discomfort despite of Kambli family being trespassers to the aforesaid private property and encroachers to the public road. 3) The road encroachment has caused a lot of pain and anxiety to the people of Kadeshwari mandir road, Bandra (west), Mumbai- 400050, due to traffic congestion, since half the road has been occupied by Kambli family. 4) The Illegal construction is of Bricks, cement, Iron Angles, slabs. Nature of construction is ground plus one floor. We have made complaints over the phone to the MMC bearing complaint nos. 0721429995 and 0721430843 one 8th and 9th May 2012 and on internet bearing complaint no. 0721430884 and even had meeting with you on 11th and 16th. 5) After several reminders and follows your good office had finally served a stop work notice under section 354(A) of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai dated 24/05/2012 bearing no. ACHW/DF/JE-I/2292/6/2012 on the aforesaid illegal occupant Shri Dattatrey Tukaram Kambli at the aforesaid address. 6) Despite of the aforesaid stop work notice under section 354(A) dated 24/05/2012 bearing no. ACHW/DF/JE-I/2292/6/2012, the illegal construction work has not stopped and is in full force and nearing completion. I am enclosing hereto a copy of the aforesaid stop work notice dated 24/05/2012 and the latest photographs of the structure. 7) I therefore request you, in the interest of the citizens of my locality, to kindly look into the matter and save a public road which is being encroached upon by Illegal occupants and the lane which is 4 feet wide and now being reduced to 2 feet. 8) In view of the aforesaid, I am making this Complaint in the interest of the citizens of my locality and request your good department to demolish the aforesaid illegal structure at the earliest. 9) A copy of this letter is being carbon copied to the Senior Inspector, Bandra Police Station, for necessary actions.

The contents of the documents shown here, with pics, tell the facts of the story that is emerging from Kadeshwari Mandir Marg, South West Bandra. I even met the P.A of the Municipal

BMC starts their ‘Rain-Ready’ Act With dark clouds on the horizon, BMC workers can be seen everywhere cleaning clogged drains, getting public areas clear of mess, fumigating mosquito & insect infected areas with their fumigating vans and trimming protruding trees. Also, new saplings are being watered regularly with tanker water – to keep the young plants going till it rains. We saw a lot of action at Hill Road, Turner Road, Bandstand & Carter Promenades, Linking Road, Pali Naka, Reclamation(near Candies), S.V. Road and areas around MET, Rizvi College, National College, Andrew’s Auditorium & Joggers Park. We hope that this monsoon - 2012 - will be ‘flood-free’. Well done BMC, there seems to be a new surge of enthusiasm towards a greener, cleaner & better Bandra. Bandraites appreciate your service-oriented actions.

To, 1) The Asstt. Mun. Commissioner (Bldg & Factory) H/West Ward, St. Martin's Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai – 400050.

- Clifford Cardoz


Dated: 26th May 2012

ipal Commissioner Mr. Kiran Archrekar and asked him to demolish the illegal structure. Despite of the stop work notice dated 24th may 2012 and Mr. Sudhir Naik requesting the Dy. Muncipal Commissioner to demolish the structure, the work is going on full swing and the interiors of the work is nearing completion. And now despite of the section 351 notice, Mr. Kambli dares to have an extension to the illegal structure, by redeveloping the illegal structure with bricks, cement and iron angles. The structure is now being increased (see pic) to one plus and extension on all the sides. Moreover this structure is a hinderence to the public, since it has taken half of the public road. No one dares to interfere with them due to pressure from some hirelings. My family was also attacked many a times and there was no help from the police. Now this illegal structure has come out so much on the road that it has even taken the public lamp post (see pic) inside the walls of the structure. Despite of so much irregularity and verification by the Commissioner Shri Sudhir Naik, who im- MMC, there has not been an action taken mediately called the Ward Office of Ban- by the MMC. This is disgusting - for all dra (west). He fired him and asked him law-abiding citizens. about his interest in the illegal construction. Thereafter, he called the Dy. MunicAdv. Shane Cardoz


June 2012

Bandra Buzz

The Thrill of Plane Spotting where in the country is dismal. It’s the abysmal ignorance of authorities that is totally frustrating. Aircraft spotting is legal in countries such as the UK, Canada, Holland, etc but the authorities of some countries mistake this hobby as reconnaissance by foreign spies or terrorists, which I feel is ridiculous, especially since there are ways and means to discern bonafide spotters from potential mischief-mongers.

Have you ever gaped at the underbelly of an airplane and thought of capturing a picture of it landing or taking off? It is this thrill of taking pictures of planes that brings a few youngsters from around the world and even India to come together and call themselves planespotters. Planespotters dot almost every major airport in the country, while Mumbai has its share of them too. Bandra boy Sean D’Silva is one such planespotter or aviation photographer who has carved a niche for himself, writes Verus Ferreira The only child to parents to Louis and Florence D’Silva, 31 year old Sean took to plane spotting at an early age. In a short chat, Sean reveals how he pursued this hobby.

How interesting could it get? You can never know enough about any airplane. There are so many facts and trivia and technical specifications surrounding the huge spectrum of military and civil jets, one needs to constantly keep oneself abreast of the latest information available. If you are seriously passionate about it, the learning never stops. Plane spotting comprises not only of airplanes, but also the wide spectrum, encompassing helicopters, business jets, fighters, gliders, balloons. Not many are aware that many operators feature interesting artwork on their airframes, for example on the commercial front, each Air India Express Boeing 737NG aircraft features a different tail design to reflect facets of Indian culture and history. International carriers such as Qantas paint certain tail planes of their Boeing 747 fleet with special art by renowned artists.

What exactly is plane spotting? It is the art of observing and noting various aircraft whether at airports or while taking off and landing…jotting down details such as the type of airplane, its make, size, country of origin, registration details which helps discern delivery dates etc. How did you get into it? My love for plane spotting began at an early age. My first birthday cake was…an aeroplane. But I really got serious about plane spotting way back in the early 1980s. As far as I can recall, my mom would take me to the airport as a toddler and I would be hypnotized by the runway’s bright lights at night. My uncle used to stay in the flight path of Bombay Airport’s main runway. I would rush to the terrace anticipating a takeoff. My uncle would explain the difference between the various aircraft and airlines. This increased my knowledge of airplanes. This activity is not really a known phenomenon in our country. Plane spotting while still to take off in India, is a widespread and legal hobby overseas. There are associations in the UK such as the LAAS International and YYZ Airport Watch in Canada. These are dedicated volunteer groups of aviation enthusiasts who Observe, Record, and Report any suspicious activity to authorities while plane spotting. Thus plane spotters assist the airport security to a large extent. But the same cannot be said in India. So it actually grew on you, an engineering professional? I began with a notebook, pencil and binoculars as a child and today I have graduated from a simple point and shoot to a Canon EOS 500D. My interest has taken such a twist that I am the only plane

spotter in India to have my pictures of air- endar, besides they were used on a 2011 planes published by a corporate for their desktop calendar too. 2011 calendar. What comes in the way of cultivating this hobby in India? Amazing. Tell us more about this. There was an international photo contest Plane spotting far from being known, launched by Volga- Dnepr to celebrate the takes on a wholly different meaning and 20th anniversary of the Volga-Dnepr this is mainly due to the ignorance of the group. I was fortunate to have been ad- authorities towards this harmless hobby. judged a winner in the Audience Choice Serious spotters go plane spotting whencategory for two shots, a Volga-Dnepr ever they get the time and whenever the Ilyushin IL-76TD-90VD taxiing for take- weather permits. It’s a refreshing recreoff and an Air Bridge Cargo Boeing B747- ational activity as well as educative for 281F parked at the stand. As a token of those that have an eye for detail. Apart appreciation, I was awarded participation from Bengaluru, which has a thriving ofcertificates, a collector’s ‘Aviator’ watch ficially recognized spotting/photography and my photos were incorporated in a organization - the APIF (Aviation Photogspecial edition 20th anniversary 2011 cal- raphers India Foundation), the scene else-

So is it risky? I am wary of shooting around the periphery of Jari Mari, Kurla, nowadays, what with the security concerns around the airport. This hobby could be a life saver for passengers and also help airport officials by alerting them about bird breeding activities near the airport which can be a hazard for aircraft, as well as report on strange out of the ordinary activities, or security breaches such as broken fences, etc. Also while spotting, spotters closely monitor aircraft movements on the ground either while taxiing or parked aircraft. In the UK, there is a code of conduct in place for aircraft spotters introduced by aviation enthusiasts’ club, LAAS International, under which aircraft spotters are encouraged to report suspicious behavior. I dream of the day when the authorities at Mumbai airport will replicate the success at Bengaluru. Until that day dawns, plane spotters like D’Silva can only hope that their hobby is recognized and that they can shoot images of airplanes without constraints. Verus Ferreira

Bandra Buzz

June 2012


The Other Side of Tehmi Terrace

As a person enters the gates to Tehmi Terrace, one cannot refrain from gazing upon the actual size and beauty of this 98 yr old structure. Not only does the architectural work put into it surprise you, but also the greenery that surrounds it makes you feel like you have entered a completely different place. Tehmi Terrace was built in 1914. It was then purchased by the father of the current owner Ms. Manjeh Boman in 1942. Upon making the decision to purchase the structure, he was said to have written in his diary, “I hope I haven’t made a mistake by coming into the jungle”. This was in reference to the then unconstructed Bandra. Ms. Heta Pandit, who is the daughter of Ms. Manjeh Boman told us that the upkeep of the house is not a very easy task, as not only is the house so old, but getting the same pieces that need to be replaced can sometimes become very difficult. She also told us that she is into restoration of old houses which was definitely a plus point when it came down to maintaining this beautiful house.

Upon entering the house it is surrounded by pictures of shots from different films and actors posing for a picture with the owners. When asked if shooting was done here regularly, Ms. Heta replied by saying “It happens about five times a month, which is the most that we allow - but it is good as most of the profits go into the restoration of the house”. On one wall there were pictures of married couples who were posing at the entrance of the house - and on asking, we were told that they were close friends and relatives, who felt there was no better place to exchange their love for each, other than at this house. Ms. Heta was then asked to finally describe what this house meant to her and she said, that to her ,“It is a conservation laboratory, where new things can be tried” but after a moment or two, she said there was no better way of describing this house than “home”. Johanan Newnes Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues


Bandra Buzz

June 2012

Are you rain-ready? - It is strongly recommended to be careful about leafy vegetables due to the presence of mud, dirt and worms. Take special care with vegetables that tend to contain more insects and worms like the cauliflower, cabbage, spinach etc. - Fruits like pears, peaches, plums, papayas & bananas are available in plenty Water: Monsoon diseases are mostly water- and are tasty too. Wash well before conborne; hence the first caution is WATER. suming. - Have boiled, bottled and purified Some common tips water. - Avoid water and ice that is not made to be ‘Rain-Ready’: - Take care that you eat a balanced and from the above kind of water. - Don't drink beverages made other than protein rich diet. from treated boiled water and do not - Fried snacks seem really tempting in the add ice, even if they are not chilled to monsoons but keep it in moderation once in a while. your liking. - Avoid juices, buttermilk, lemon juice, - Fever is a serious health problem duretc, from street vendors. This also in- ing the monsoon season and do not ignore it, if it lasts for more than two days. cludes golas, kulfis, etc. - Choose grilled sandwiches instead of cold ones. Food: Food poisoning from E-coli, salmonella - Opt for hot foods like soup and cooked or other contaminants hits the headlines meals instead of cold and raw foods. - Separate raw and cooked food both from time to time. - Eat only well-cooked and hot food. when preparing and storing. Throw out food, which has a strange - Foods on the street should be strictly avoided. odour or mould. - Eat raw fruits and vegetables only if you - Keep chopping blocks and worktops have washed them in purified water and scrupulously clean. - Cover all seeds and grains with antipeeled them yourself. - Avoid salads outside as raw chopped in- bacterial and anti-fungal properties during the monsoon. At the same time make gredients spoil fast. Without doubt the monsoon is a welcome relief after a dry spell for many months. However, the rain also comes with many health problems. So, it becomes absolutely necessary to take care of your diet.

Understanding Your Immune System Inside your body there is an amazing protectio¬n mechanism called the immune system. It is designed to defend you against millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites that would love to invade your body. To understand the power of the immune system, all that you have to do is look at what happens to anything once it dies. That sounds gross, but it does show you something very important about your immune system. When a living body dies, its immune system (along with everything else) shuts down. In a matter of hours, the body is invaded by all sorts of bacteria, microbes, parasites... None of these things are able to get in when your immune system is working, but the moment your immune system stops the door is wide open. Once you die, it only takes a few weeks for these organ-

isms to completely dismantle your body and carry it away, until all that's left is a skeleton. Obviously your immune system is doing something amazing, to keep all of that dismantling from happening when you are alive. The immune system is complex, intricate and interesting. And there are good reasons for you to know more about it. It is just plain fascinating to understand where things like fevers, hives, inflammation, etc., come from - when they happen inside your own body. In short, your immune system keeps off invaders from destroying your body – so it is your first line of defence. Strengthen it – and you will avoid minor & major illnesses. Including natural antibiotics in your diet is an effective measure towards a healthy lifestyle, without the bad side effects of chemical-based antibiotics.

- Avoid raw seafood and shellfish; in fact sure to wash them well before consuming to avoid flatulence and discomfort. avoid seafood this season. - Keeps your hands clean at all times, especially while handling food. Dairy: Refuse all dairy products, unless they - Meat should not be stored in the fridge above other foods so that it does not have been properly pasteurised. - Use only clean eggs with intact shells. drip. - Foods should not sit in the room with- Absolutely avoid raw eggs. - Avoid cheese, unless it has been refrig- out the lid as it attracts bugs. erated. - Discard foods that are discoloured, Follow these guidelines to remain safe moldy or decayed. - Take care to see that foods from cans or and healthy during monsoons! Remempackets that are leaking or bulging ber, prevention is better than cure. should be thrown. To know more about staying healthy this monsoon, by taking preventive measures Fruits and Vegetables: Avoid fresh fruits, which have been pre– (without bad side effects), mail: cut or peeled and kept in the open. - Mangoes should certainly be avoided M. N. C. D. once the monsoons start.

Pleasant Monsoons for your Pet Pooch How do we help out pets combat the hot b) Check with your vet for which products are ok for you to use on your dog. and humid monsoons in India? There are many shampoos, sprays and Tips to help your dogs in the monsoons powders available for ticks. You can also use a tick collar which last for roughly 3 • Avoid taking your dog for a walk when to 6 months (DO NOT get this wet) it is raining outside. If you have to take • Be careful with what you feed your pets your dog out, try and find a shaded area. during the monsoons. Contamination of Due to pollution, the quality of rain food especially meat is very common in water is deteriorating, and may cause this season. Give your dog only well cooked homemade food. You can also many skin allergies. • Monsoon is the season when you have give them packaged food but ensure it to take extra care to protect your dog comes from a reputed source. • Ensure your dog has fresh water to against contagious skin diseases. • Keep your dog dry. If you and your dog drink. DO NOT allow your dog to drink do get caught in one of those unexpected rain water as the chances are this is conrain showers, ensure to wipe your dog taminated. Always boil the water and dry once you are back home. Do not for- give it to your dog once it has cooled get to dry your dogs toes as this is the down. most common area for infections. If you • Ensure that your dog has a nice sleepchose to use a hair dryer, avoid using it ing area. It should be dry and there around, the muzzle and ears of the dog. should be no chill draughts. • Most dogs will shed their fur during • Some dogs get scared or are startled by this season and grow a thicker coat to thunder and lightning. Here is what you prepare themselves for the winter. Al- can do during his time: though this is common, you would need a) Close the doors, windows and curto take your dog for a routine checkup to tains. rule out any bacterial or yeast infections, b) Behave absolutely normal with your dog. mange or even just an allergy. • The summer and monsoons are nor- c) DO NOT try and comfort your dog as mally the breeding time for ticks, fleas that may encourage this behavior. and other parasites. Here are some tips d) Give your dog access to a spot he feels safe in and do not disturb him when he on how to avoid them: a) Avoid walking in gardens or areas with is in that area. many plants or bushes, as this is where e) Talk to your dog or play with him in ticks thrive and are usually transmitted order to distract him. Alston D'souza onto your dog.

Mobile Tips

Offer of the Month

1.FREE Vodafone Card with number of your choice (subject to availability). Also, Q. Can I change my CDMA mobile no. switch your existing number to Vodafone at zero cost and experience the various to a GSM mobile no.? benefits of Vodafone. * A. According to TRAI guidelines, CDMA nos. can be changed to a GSM provider in the same city / circle - and there will 2.FREE site visit and consultation for inbe no change in the customer mobile no. stallation of CCTV's for Khar and BanThere are also indications that very soon dra residents. * customers can keep their mobile nos. throughout the country, which is not pos- For Blackberry users: H.K. Mobiles BlackBerry Store sible right now. 1, Hortenica, Linking Road, Q. How can I protect my data from Opp. Amarsons, being misused, in case I lose my mobile Bandra (W), Mumbai-400 050 For non-Blackberry users: ? A. Nowadays, there are softwares avail- H. K. Mobiles able for most of the mobile phones, 1, Dheeraj Sneh Building, where you can secure your data, by just Next to Toto’s Pub, Pali Naka, installing the software on the phone. In Bandra(W), Mumbai–400 050 case of loss / theft, the software deletes the data - and also helps you in tracking * To avail these offers please carry this the phone. This software pricing starts issue along with you. from as low as INR 399/-. Q. How can I secure my home / office through my mobile phone ? A. With new technology, you can watch ‘live’ on most of the mobile phones, your home or offices through CCTV's installed. The set up cost starts from as low as 15,000/- depending on the location. It is extremely secure and cost effective. The authorities are also proactively installing cameras all over the city, to make it secure - and due to the practicality. most of the phones allow you to remotely see the cameras. At the same time you can also record and view it at a later date. Gini Dassan

Bandra Buzz

June 2012


Fashion on the Streets of Bandra

Feather earrings: Rs. 100/ - onwards

The buzz about Bandra has been changing over the last few years. People complain about the soaring real estate and the crowded streets and the traffic jams smeared all across this once upon a time quaint little suburb. Due to its geographical layout Bandra has not been able to become home to one of the city’s over sized shopping malls that houses everything from top fashion brands, movie multiplexes, kids entertainment arenas and of course food courts! But you don’t hear anyone complaining about that. Bandra, especially Hill road and Linking road are famous for dishing out some great bargains when it comes to all types of merchandise. I remember it being very difficult to find something I liked while I was ‘rastaa shopping’, but needless to say, I always came away with something. For me taking a walk down Hill road meant a good argument with some vendor over a mere ten rupees, a new addition to my wardrobe, a nice long walk and invariably a treat of either paani puri or ragda pattice, along the way. Best way to de-stress with a little harmless retail therapy. But, now I find that’s all changed! The streets of Bandra will not rest unless they please each and everyone that trudges on it. The choice of merchandise available has increased tremendously over the years. Anything and everything in the window of a fashion store can be bought right off the streets at a fraction of the cost! Sure they are copies and knock offs, and for those who only buy branded merchandise it must be frustrating to see something similar available on a street corner! But for the rest of you who don’t mind and who’d just like to get some value for your money you are definitely in luck. Fashion on the streets of Bandra has

Casual top with lace back : Rs. 150/-

just gone from regular sober clothing to fresh and funky new styles of T-shirts, kurtis, leggings, dresses etc. in fabulous prints and fabrics! If it’s shoes you’re into you, will find the widest varieties of footwear for every occasion and every colour. The days of only having that one bag shop that sold faux leather bags is long gone… now you find trendy sling bags, gym totes, college satchels, office bags, clutches - all on the same street. Not only different styles of bags you also get to choose from different types like bright colours, shiny studded ones with tassels et al, hand-embroidered or cartoon prints, cloth bags and even waterproof ones – now that the rains draw close. Costume jewellery has found a place on every young girl’s dressing table and rightly so, there is nothing like a long chain or an over sized ring that can set of a cool casual look. The latest craze being the very sexy feather earrings - is also available here (have you bought your pair yet?) When it comes to jewellery, you are spoilt for choice - and since most of the vendors have similar stuff, I can give you one word of advice, “Buy your stuff from the same vendor – once he sees you over and over again, he will be only to happy to offer you great bargains!” So the next time you look into your cupboard and claim you have nothing to wear (I know you boys do that too!) or if you just need to de-stress - like I sometimes do; put on your walking shoes and go get yourself a nice new outfit - accessories and all. Whether it is to go to college or to work, or something new to hit the clubs in or even for that long awaited weekend getaway; you can be sure that you will find something trendy and affordable, that will make you look ‘tres stylish’! Happy shopping… T-shirts: Rs. 200 & Billabong pants: Rs 300 onwards Francesca Mascarenhas


Bandra Buzz

June 2012

The Teacher in her

It all started around June 2008. Kshama had completed her graduation in 2006. Immediately thereafter the joy of obtaining her first appointment better gripped her and she was off to Barclays with a jackpot employment status of a, “Mortgage Underwriter”. The initial euphoria of dealing with British Corporate Clients, in a globalised professional set up, where she actually approved or disapproved their home loans, that too being of an Indian origin, pleased her immensely. After all the stiff upper lip of the British Raj was now being approved or denied loans by an Indian !! However once a year had gone by, she realized that corporate life, though satisfying in terms of what she had learnt and in terms of a hefty remuneration, still made her feel that something was amiss. While she was soul searching for a professional career, one fine day she happened to mention her love for teaching, to her husband, Suneel. Both husband

For French & English @ Bandra • Teacher’s Training Workshops for English Grammar • SYJC Arts all subjects(Psycho, Socio, Eco, History) • French Starters Course (For students desiring to study French in college) • French (FYJC/SYJC) • English (SSC/HSC) Ellen Maumkel 3, Savia II, Plot V/5, Rebello Rd, near Mehboob Studio, Bandra(w).9820285318/9167914360

and wife did some serious brainstorming, and she then decided to do her B.Ed. Degree and pursue teaching, on a serious note. This was June 2008 and she was already a mother to little ‘Enrique’ - and had to quit her Barclays job to enjoy the joys of motherhood. On completion of her B.Ed. degree, her child was around three years old. Thus she took the first step of plunging into the world of teaching. Vibgyor High International School employed her and from 2010 till date, her progress as a world class global teacher was nothing short of a phenomenal success. Since, she is of Gujarati origin, her multilingual talent, drew many international NGO employees to her doorstep to master the Hindi language. So initially while at Vibgyor High as a teacher, she was assigned to teach Grade 5 to Grade 7 students and at home, she was helping teach adults of European and American origin, the art of speaking and writing ‘Shudh’ Hindi, one thing led to another - and finally Kshama has droves of batches of students from Bandra west area. Some highlights of Kshama’s teaching and tuition stint: - First tuition at the age of 17 years. - Assistant Instructor for summer camps at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, at the age of 17 yrs. - Currently pursuing Masters in Education from Mumbai University.

Contact details for Kshama’s Tuition Enrollment: 98202 98201 - 99204 99206 99209 92099 - 99200 99201 98333 13332

Est-cequevousparlezanglais? If you didn’t understand the headline above, it simply means ‘Do you speak English?’ in French. Learning a foreign language is becoming a growing trend here in India. Until recently, not many knew the power of having a second language in one’s hand. But, with the rate of globalisation more recently, knowledge of a foreign language has opened up a whole new lot of avenues for not just professionals, but also students. Evalueserve, an international research company claims that there would be a requirement of more than 1,60,000 foreign language professionals in various BPO, IT and KPO processes in India. Moreover, there is a strong requirement for skilled foreign language professionals who can effectively work in language-sensitive processes outsourced to India by companies located in the European countries. French, German, Spanish, and even Italian have been somewhat popular, but nowadays, the magnitude of just knowing a foreign language has more than multiplied. A second language is like a window, that opens up into new avenues, and makes an individual more competitive in today’s rat race. Besides French and Spanish, which have been conventionally preferred, now, even languages like Mandarin and Japanese are being opted for given the country’s ever-growing ties with China and Japan. Companies from other countries are now setting base in India, given the potential for growth not only to them, but also for locals. This is where knowledge of a second language comes into play. Such companies prefer to employ someone who understands their primary language and culture, than someone who doesn’t. A new language is always beautiful to learn, and so is the case with Spanish.

With the recent recession hitting Europe, a lot of Spanish companies have found refuge in the safe haven of India.While learning the language, one has to go through ten distinct levels, but with just two levels, one has enough knowledge to be able to utilise professionally. A growing number of students are opting for higher studies abroad, and, obviously, knowing the regional language well, can only help. Besides the language itself, it helps adjust culturally to the local practices and traditions. A huge number of opportunities have arisen for foreign language professionals as well as translation industry experts as the economy has opened up.Service sectors like hospitality, tourism, and pharmaceutical sectors, have a huge demand for foreign language professionals.Language experts, instructors and professionals have great opportunities ahead in the area of foreign languages. Also, for Indian companies with branches abroad, a posting for an employee abroad could be based on a factor being, the knowledge of the language of that country. To learn any foreign language good enough, it takes two years, however smart the person is. To get the accent, style and culture of a foreign language it takes time. There is a saying “for a language you can never say you have learnt the language fully- you keep on learning.” All in all, the fact of the matter is that a foreign language in your pocket, can only move you forward, whether you are a student, a professional, or even, just a housewife(taking tuitions, if it doesn’t strike you). What should drive you, though, is the passion to learn, and you will reap the benefits of this modern tool for growth. Valerian D’costa & Shailesh

BEAUTY TREATMENT For a younger looking, wrinkle free face, botox and fillers, call Dr. J Peter Rodrigues 9820061317, 9820221667

12noon Mon-Fri. Coaching from Junior KG to IV also available. Timings: 5pm onwards Contact Ms. Jean Ann Cordeiro. B-10, Nirmala Colony, St. John Baptist Road, Bandra(W), Mumbai BIZ OPPORTUNITY 400050. Tel: 26452839 Mob: LOOKING for Honest, Hard 9769722593 working dynamic individuals to join my team. Remarkable Standard II & III. want to raise company and unbelievable in- your child’s marks by solving come Call: 98925 69752 his/her problems in maths, reading, spelling or writing? Imagine buying your dream Contact: 9029098873 (Only house and/or car, better edu- one subject per child per cation for your children, Stress month). Free Life and much more. Age no bar. Call : 96199 94713 Shalom Classes Bandra. Attention Std. IX & X. Shalom welThis could be THE opportunity comes you to come & of a lifetime. Just ONE call can experience . Batches have change your life. Your’re in safe small nos. (15-20) Individual hands. Don’t hesitate... Call : Attention. Professionals for all 98330 58917 subjects. Contact Delano Aguiar 9819968961 / NO EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE 26004989 or John Pereira required. We require your time, 9969656305 sincerity & hard work. Unbelievable Earning Potential. Call CORNED TONGUE for appointment 99207 90344 For Corned Tongue and Meat Loaf Contact: Sunita Pereira UNLIMITED Income. Start your 98203 00751 (Home made and own business with flexible delicious) hours. Working, retired, unemployed, students or houseCOMPUTER SERVICES wives. Call for Appointment One Stop Computer Solutions. 77388 07085 Sales & Repairs of Desktops, Laptops, Networking, Data House-wives, teachers - look- Recovery & AMC. Contact: ing to earn an added income of Luke Almeida: Rs 5,000/- to 15,000/- per 8097044010/9969276108 month - Please Call: 98922 04016 ESTATE AGENTS Bernval Buying & Selling Of Best Business Opportunity in Flats, Shops, Plots, Leave LiBandra. Successfully operating cence,P.G, Etc. In Mumbai & since 1978, now in 148 coun- Goa Bernard: 98203 91586 tries worldwide, 10 years in India. Part-Time / Full-Time, No Investment, No Experience FRUIT VENDOR Reqd. No Door To Door Selling, Mohd. Naeem Fruits Stores Free Training Provided - GEN- best quality fresh fruits UINE - Earn 4,000/- to widest choice - Opp. Society 40,000/- p.m Call Now: Super Market, Chimbai Road 8108352110 Bandra (w). For FREE home delivery. Call: 98192 95265 / A little effort, time & desire is 98677 38152. all you need to legitimately increase your income from FRENCH CLASSES home. Contact 8108222187 / Come join us at Ellens.For 9820586240 French & English @ Bandra. Teacher’s Training Workshops for English Grammar; SYJC CAR RENTALS For trips in and around Mum- Arts all subjects(Psycho, Socio, bai. Call Vincent - 9820380742 Eco, History); French Starters Course (For students desiring to study French in college) 13th CAR BREAKDOWN Emergency repair or break- June- 23rd June (Also batches down on any cars CTC 24x7 in July); French tuitions for Salim on 9769061748 / FYJC and SYJC (Groups of 10/ 15 and more); Tuitions: 9987060041 French(FYJC/HSC)English (SSC & HSC); Test series of CCTV INSTALLATION Feel safe. Install Zicom CCTV HSC (English & French); Crash today. Offices, Coop Societies, courses in English and French Contact: Ellen Shops, anywhere. Also video (SYJC). door phones, alarm systems, Maumkel. 3, Savia II, Plot V/5, access control. 2year Zicom RebelloRoad(Nr Mehboob Stuwarranty. Call Robert at Blue dio), Bandra (W), 9820285318 Skies Telecom. / 9167914360 9757289384\9322220023 GETAWAYS Rockdale Bungalow, Manori. CHS ACCOUNTANT Cyrus A Patel Tax & Legal Con- Private & exclusive 3 bedroom sultant, since 1992. Appoint us bungalow / Authentic Veg & Indian, for Co-op Housing Society ac- Non - Veg, East counts writing or accounts Continental, Indian menu / Managerial work and get "A' Kitchen with fridge / Two atGrade in your society Audit re- tached bath and toilets (Westport. we give personal visits. ern) / 24-hour borewell water / contact: Tel: 28259037 Mo- Children’s swing / Open sitout for parties and barbecue / bile:9869280642 Near beach /Ample car parking / Reasonable rates / DisCOACHING CLASSES Babyland Nursery/Kinder- count on weekdays. Contact: garten for boys & girls expert 2640 7670 / 98195 10183 coaching conducted for children above 2. Timings: 10am -

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June 2012


GUITAR CLASSES Learn guitar the easy way at your residence. All age groups welcome. Call 8097694660

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June 2012

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Chimbai clinch inaugural Wenden Caterers S.C. Hockey League for the evening, Mrs. Rita Pinto and all the other distinguished guests who graced the occasion. We would like to thank our sponsors, M/S Priya Dutt (MP) and “Fountain Head Experience” & A Well Wisher and all the others who helped in some way or the other to make this tournament a grand success. Special thanks also goes out to Bandra Buzz for media coverage & Legend Sports for their wholesome support throughout the tournament. So guys, here’s to the tournament, this is just the beginning, there is lots in store, our club is here to stay and in the future we will not only be organising tournaments but we will be promoting & supporting hockey in whatever way possible, because we, the organising committee members are united in our dream & vision, i.e. to give Hockey the same reputation it enjoyed years back and yes, to bring back the 'GLORY DAYS' !! Team Standings: 1. Chimbai 2. Sea View SC 3. Somlands 4. Freunds 5. Rebels 6. Companeroes Individual Prizes: When the committee members met around seven months back, deciding to form this club and organise various hockey tournaments, we had one dream and vision in mind, i.e. to give 'Hockey' the same status and reputation it enjoyed in Bandra 10 - 15 years ago. What everyone witnessed for 5 Sundays was exactly that. There were crowds aplenty. People started trooping in much before the start of the first match. In all 10 of Bandra’s best teams participated and more importantly there was some good Hockey on display. The tournament was played on a league basis. Once that was over, the top 3 teams from both the pools qualified for the classification matches. The 3rd place teams from both the pools playing for the 5th & 6th place, the 2nd place teams for the 3rd & 4th place and the first placed teams for the 1st & 2nd place. Those who were present were even lucky to witness the Bandra heroes who

participated in the inaugural World Hockey Series; Viren Rasquinha (Mumbai Marines & Sea View SC), Tyron Pereira (Pune Strikers & Chimbai SC) & Errol D’Silva (Mumbai Marines & Chimbai SC). The last day of the tournament saw some great action, wherein after the first two classification matches we held an exhibition match between 'Bandra All Stars' and 'Mumbai Internationals'. This match saw some great action from all the past players who not only made a name for Bandra, but some also for the country. There were the likes of, Marcellus Gomes, Anil Aldrin, Daryll D’Souza, Clarence Lobo, Nasir Khan, David Cardoza, Davinder Valmiki, Amit Gowda, etc. This match was won by the Mumbai Internationals where Clarence Lobo got the solitary goal. In the classification matches, there were 2 upsets, where 'Rebels' got the better of 'Companeroes' in the 5th & 6th place

play off by one goal to nil and there by qualifying for the Super league. In the 3rd & 4th place play off, 'Somlands' defeated 'Freunds' 3-2 in the tie breaker. The finals saw 'Chimbai' taking on 'Sea View SC'. After good exchanges by both teams in the first 10 minutes, 'Chimbai' scored through Tyron Pereira. After that there was no looking back for Chimbai as they dominated play in most parts of the game. In the end, Chimbai ended up as winners of the inaugural WCSC Hockey League, by beating 'Sea View' quite comfortably by 4 goals to nil. Next year we will be having a 2 tier league wherein the first 5 teams will play for the Wendel Gomes Memorial Trophy in the Super League and the remaining teams will play for the Bradley Bast Memorial Trophy in the 1st Division. The teams qualified for the Super League are, Chimbai, Sea View SC, Somlands, Freunds & Rebels SC. We would like to thank our Chief Guest

Man Of The Match (Finals) Tyron Pereira (Chimbai) Highest Goal Scorer Jayesh Jadhav (Chimbai) – 6 Goals Best Goal Keeper Keenan Burrows (Rebels SC) Best Defender Imran Khan (Freunds) Best Midfielder Sneddon Mendes (Sea View SC) Best Forward Ajinka Narkar (Somlands) Most Promising Player Jonathan (Saisa) Player of the Tournament Joshua Vessoakar (Chimbai) Gavin Aguiar

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June 2012


Companeroes at the top of the ladder

Pic Courtesy: Savio Fernandez

Bandra’s highest rated football club Companeroes FC, made its way into the Elite Division of the MDFA League, thus, gaining the status of one of Mumbai’s top 12 teams, after just five years of being promoted into the Super Division. This, after they drew their last round-robin game(top 6 teams from the Super Division) against GM East Indians, 1-1, thus, finishing second with 10 out of a possible 15 points. Captain Nixon Rodrigues, and regulars like Joshua Vessaokar, Avalon D’Souza, Pratik Patil and Wren D’Abreo have played a leading role, much like the backbone, in helping the team achieve this feat. The promotion was well deserved for Companeroes, a team that practises at SupariTalao, after them getting really close in the previous two editions. As the play-

ers celebrated their feat, one could see the look of satisfaction on the face of Sydney Alexander, coach, who has been instrumental in the team’s consistent performance, bringing in the right strategies, at the right times, and is compared to Sir AF, by his players. “We weren’t at our best today, but, this is a result of our hard work on the field,” said the man who is wellknown not only in Bandra, but all around Mumbai, in the football circles. Companeroes, with the average age of its players around just 21 years, much lower than most teams, if not all, has made the best of its resources, giving the already-football-mad Bandraites a good reason to cheer, given that next year they will be playing among the cream of Mumbai football. Valerian D’costa

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June 2012

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BTL conducts ‘Healthy is Happy’ A Free Medical Camp

The focus is not only Education and Creative Development for Bigger Than Life, Bandra, the NGO which caters to slum kids of Khar Danda. On 26th of May, compassion drove BTL to conduct a free medical camp between 2:30-6:30pm. Weeks of planning, loads of phone calls and SMS, unlimited minutes in conversation - is what it took to conduct such a well organised Health Camp. It took over 40 Final Year Student and reputed Doctors from different Hospitals and also over 30 BTL Volunteers to conduct this camp at a Mandal in the slums of the Danda area. Seeing the efforts, the Hall was granted free of cost by the local residents. The hall had tables, each assigned for a specific department, viz. dentistry, blood pressure, ophthalmic. The process was made smoother by ensuring that each patient that entered the camp had to fill up a form stating their name, age and other details which would be required to get in touch with them post the check-up. Proceeds were made to the next table and a check-up was conducted. There were a

total of 116 children and adults checked that day. To the Team's surprise, 79 cases were found (43 children, 27 females and 9 males). Apart from the regular Dental, Opthal, Gynaec cases, special cases were found including 1 hernia, 1 neck swelling

As the BTL Team did not just want to leave the cases unresolved, they met up and decided to do a follow up on the cases. The Volunteers were separated into 6 teams, each team taking up particular cases. BTL specially thanks Komal Kantikar, a student from Seth G.S. Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital, who planned the entire camp and co-ordinated with the entire Medical Team and Volunteers Team. She adds “Just recently on Satyamev Jayate we had Amir Khan talking about how the medical profession is full of corruption, this camp was just an indication to show that despite us medical students having our exams and the doctors having hectic schedules, we all took out time to work in a camp in the middle of a slum, for NO fee whatsoever.” If you want to make a difference being (both needing surgeries), 2 Heart prob- a part of BTL or helping out in any way lems & 1 pre-malignant case. Doctors sus- possible, please get in touch with Kristopect that most of them were because of for – 98927 19338 the use of traditional home remedies Kristofor Mendonca, which are obviously ineffective and cause Mikhail Carvalho & Avi harm.

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