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Capt. ‘Courageous’ Andrew returns home from life-threatening rescue & relief operations in the dangerous Uttarakhand terrain This is Captain Andrew James Manchanda’s personal interview with Bandra Buzz, on his death-defying experience in the recent Uttarakhand Flood relief & rescue operations. Here are interesting insights that speak of the magnitude of risk involved; showing how much courage and commitment is needed to even venture into such situations. Please tell us something about yourself. For the record, I'm Capt. Andrew J. Manchanda. I reside on St. Andrew Road, Bandra (West). I am currently Deputy General Manager Co-ordination (Western Region) of Pawan Hans Limited (PHL) & been a Helicopter Pilot for 22 years, with global flying experience as well. I hold both, a Commercial Helicopter Pilot License– CHPL (India) & an Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL (Transport Canada). What prompted you to be a part of Uttarakhand rescue operations? When the call came from the Prime Minister’s Office(PMO) to the Pawan Hans Corporate office to deploy a helicopter that would assist in evacuation - I spontaneously volunteered to take up the assignment on behalf of PHL. I felt it was the need of the hour. People’s lives were in danger, so I decided to take up this commitment like a mission. I was informed at 7.30 a.m. on 22nd June 2013. By 12.00 p.m., on the same day, I flew the helicopter from Juhu aerodrome to Dehradun via Jaipur and started rescue operations on 23rd June, itself. I did 23 hours & 20 minutes of evacuation, flying from the main helipad at Sarasdara, within the districts of Bageshwar & Uttarkashi- in the areas of Dharasu, Matli, Maneri, Bhatwari, & Harsil. We rescued over 100 distressed people - young, old, sick – and distributed approximately 2,500 kilos of food & supplies. His wife, Sarita was relieved after restless weeks of worry, when she got news of his home-coming. In her own words,“My Dear Friends! Andrew is returning home today. I warmly thank each of you for your likes! love! care! & prayer! - for his & everyone's safe-coming-home. When Andrew was detailed to go on Mission Uttarakhand, rash thoughts came to me… about his safety. As he is an offshore-flying-specialist...then why, should he be the chosen one to go fly in the hills / mountains? Then, I recalled his dad - the Late Squadron Ldr. Harikishan Manchanda's words to me: that, "Manchanda" - by its very name, suggests that they are ‘the protectors of the temple of the Gods!' ‘To run where the brave dare not go! To reach the unreachable star'” What were the odds like, being a part of Uttarakhand flood relief operations? It was overall a risky operation. Firstly, the weather conditions were hampering the speed of the rescue operations, with absolute low visibility; due to constant rain, mist, fog & cloud bursts - that cause severe up & down drafts; which can cause damage to the aircraft. Then, working around a tricky terrain, ascending altitudes of nearly 10,000 feet over high mountains, going down zig-zag valleys was our major challenge. But the warm moments, were the look of relief on the faces of the people (pilgrims) rescued - and being re-

Above: Captain Andrew Manchanda (3rd person from the left) and his team united to their loved ones. Would you go again, if called on risky rescue missions like Uttarakhand? I have done Border Security Force(BSF)operations - and fairly recently, assisted in anti-naxalite operations. I would go again, if the need arises in a crisis situation. To view an exclusive interview with Captain ‘Courageous’ Andrew Manchanda at his home, when he just returned from the Uttarakhand Resue Mission, please visit:

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Capt. - We salute you for your bravery. Bandra is proud to have you among us. We will always remember you in our prayers. Bandra Buzz Team

02 July 2013


Bandra Buzz

Iftaar Get-together 2013 The much talked about annual 'Iftar party' that 'Baba Siddique' is known to host every year, was held on July 21st this year at ''The Taj Lands End'', Bandra. Though men from all walks seemed to be invited, the highlight of the evening was when the two super stars Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan shared the feast under the same roof. Though SRK arrived forty five minutes later than Sallu, the shutterbugs went crazy trying to capture their best shots of the two actors. When inside the venue, we heard that the two apparently refused to acknowledge each others presence initially. But then much to the shock of onlookers they finally gave each other an awkward hug when Baba brought them together for a picture. (For those who lag behind on Bolly gossip, the two stars seldom attend a same event where the other is present and haven't communicated since 2008.) Baba and his son Zeeshan played the perfect host to all the invitees and personally made sure everyone was looked after well. Though it was a ''woman-free event'', we at Bandra Buzz did manage to catch a few moments, with some of the well known Bandra faces who attended it, Moin Motiwala(AK Motiwala), Asif Zakaria, Stephen Noronha, Asif Bamla, to name a few. Also spotted were Suraj Pancholi at his first social gathering after his release along with his father Aditya, Mahesh Manjrekar, director Madhur Bhandarkar, Boney Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor, who had made their way to our suburb to attend the 'Iftar'. Some of the fun moments were when Chunky Pandey kept posing for cameras, even after they had stopped clicking him (joking) and tele actor Jay Bhanushal. The selected invited press were in quite a frenzy, as

L to R - Hon. Shri Narayan Rane, CM of Maharashtra Hon. Shri Prithviraj Chauhan, Hon. Shri Gurudas Kamat, Hon. Shri Manikrao Thakre, Hon. Shri Janardan Chandurkar, Zeeshan Siddique, Salman Khan, Baba Siddique, Shah Rukh Khan at Taj Lands End, Bandra they demanded to know from Baba, how he had made the two rival Khans bury the hatchet for the evening. To this, Baba humbly replied, ''It is Allah who has done this today, I did nothing.'' Towards the end of the evening, when everything had settled down and the other scribes has dispersed off, we got a chance to catch up with Baba for a few minutes.

He seemed relaxed and happy with the way the evening had come to pass. When we asked him what he felt about this years' 'Iftar', he playfully replied, ''Oh it was just a reunion of all the Bandra Boys!!'' Kainaz Jussawalla


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July 2013


The ‘Golden Boots’ of Raunak Killinger “The name in the front is more important than the name at the back” are the words by Steven Gerrard, one of England’s finest midfielders and also a principle followed by one of Bandra’s very own Raunak Killinger, a midfielder who seems to be in the limelight at almost every football tournament, lately scoring goals at will. It was a pleasure to sit down and have an interview with Raunak, as I have seen him grow from a small boy (a couple of years younger to me) to a talented all-rounder in all sporting departments. At what age did you first start playing football? I started playing at the age of 8 with my brother and his friends. I suddenly took a liking to the game (football). I remember you as a kid playing cricket, so when did you decide that it was football you wanted to make a career in? Well, honestly I was into cricket a lot. Suddenly, me and my brother started playing football in a small ground opposite our house and that’s when I started taking a lot of interest in the game. I later went in for ‘trials’ and got picked into the school team. That’s when I decided that it is football I want to make a career in. What are your major achievements till date? My major achievements would be finishing runners up at the All India Manchester United Premier Cup with Mahindra United U15 in 2008 and also runners up at the 2012 U20 I-League with Mumbai FC, when we won var-

ious tournament with ‘Celtic 7070’ in Bandra. Which key people in your life inspire you to play football everyday? Firstly, my brother Rohan, pushes me every single time and as played an important part in developing me to become a better player. Secondly, my dad encourages me a lot and also Coach Santosh Kashyap from Mahindras, who has helped my game a lot. What other sports do you play besides football and would you trade football for any other sport? I like playing cricket and tennis, but football has become my passion and an important part of my life. However, if not football, it would have to be cricket because of the amount of money involved in the game. When not playing sports, what else do you do? I help dad with his business, I like cycling and listening to a bit of music. My time gets spent attending various practices in the day. What does it take to make a great football player and what advice would you give youngsters getting into the game? For me, to become a great football player, you have to be focused on every game, maintain a diet and be honest to yourself and don’t let fame get to you. The only advice I would give is to concentrate, stay disciplined and respect your coaches.

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Contact: Daniel 9029458748 # (!$+(*! & &' & )* #&&( +# ( $ ( % +$ !

Where do you see yourself in a couple of years from now? I see myself playing football professionally at the highest level. Also, something which I would really love doing in the future is to coach kids. What’s your take on Indian football at the moment? Indian Football has a very limited scope at the moment. But it definitely has a bright future, as there is a lot of improvement and with the right people and right infrastructure in place, we would definitely be able to achieve heights we haven’t even dreamed of. Dujon Fernandes

04 July 2013

Bandra Buzz

Important issues still stand at Crossroads Dear Reader, July’s just begun – and the magical monsoon we experience, has hit our lifestyle. The black clouds above the Arabian Sea look threatening. Strong winds add to the drama. Bandra is swept by the sprays of showers. Sometimes, they are too heavy for comfort. Umbrellas of all sizes and colours are suddenly seen to sprout up at Hill Road, Linking Road, at our promenades… in fact, everywhere. But, this time of the year can have its ‘exclusive moments’, like no other. This is the ideal time for a warm soup – or a “hot hot” cup of ‘chai’. Something warm is always welcome, to counteract the humid weather. When it pours, it is best to stay indoors. Now, cozy is cool. Good company with snacks, food & beverages just adds to the fun. A great time to order ‘Home Delivery’ food from the countless choices that Bandra offers. We are at the threshold of the festive seasons that continues well into the new year. Being the melting pot of various cultures & faiths, Bandra witnesses a wide variety of gaiety – with a good measure of tolerance. There are certain issues – like the LBT & New BMC Property Tax, that still stand at crossroads – with seemingly no proper finalization date. Bandraites are just fed up with the powers-that-be, who are just not looking at the public’s interest. The common man is last on their mind. Their focus is on ‘how to squeeze more money’ – to line their large pockets. If you have any insights into the implicationsof these issues, please share them with our readers. At Bandra Buzz, we have showcased for you an iconic public figure of Bandra

– Vincy D’Mello; who passed away last month. Also, we have highlighted the return of Bandra’s brave Captain Andrew Manchanda; who risked his life to save pilgrims stranded at Uttarakhand. We are indeed proud to have such persons in our midst. If you know of any other outstanding person(s) from Bandra, who needs to be highlighted please e-mail us at: You can send photographs & video clips too. Bandraites, always remember that Bandra Buzz - your favourite local newspaper is your very own platform – use it. As our local politicians gear up for the 2014 elections, a lot of civic activities are being speeded to show results. Claims & Credits are publicly highlighted - for work that should have been done anyway. But, the fact of the matter - is that this is the ideal time to get the BMC to attend to any issues, you may have in your immediate neighbourhood. And yes… a word of caution! At this time of the year, damp conditions cause mossy surfaces – that can be too slippery to handle. Bikers beware of mossy roads. Walking can be equally dangerous on mossy foot paths. Many accidents caused by slippery surfaces, have already been reported in Bandra. Being alert is important – prevention is always better than cure. Who wants to have a fractured hip, shoulder or leg…or an injured spine? So, till next time, take care Regards, Merck D’Silva Editor-In-Chief

The Goan Fidalgos If you have an appetite for some authentic Goan food then let me introduce you to “The Goan Fidalgos”, a food van owned by Milburn Rodrigues and his friends that goes around selling some authentic mouth watering goan cuisine all over Bombay. In a big city like Mumbai, the hustle and bustle can become overwhelming. The Goan Fidalgos take things a little slower and make your food to order. They enjoy reminding you that it's alright to take your time, slow down and enjoy life a little bit. Their food is a blend of the flavors of Goa that rewards your taste buds for taking a timeout. It all began as a distant dream, when they were in college to start a restaurant but it never really took off. Till a recent trip to Thailand which changed it all. They fell in love with the concept of food trucks and the joy it brought to so many people who love food. So after they got back, one fine day, Milburn with a group of friends which is a mix of Goans and Parsis decided to start their very own Goan food van serving Homemade authentic goan dishes and they were sold out in 15 mins. Since then they decided there was no turning back.

Milburn also has big plans for the business and considering how well it is going, he plans to expand the business and have a chain of big food trucks catering to all parts of Mumbai in the near future. The Goan Fidalgos main aim is to spread the goodness of great authentic Goan food all over Mumbai at affordable pricing, since they believe that there are very few places in Mumbai that actually serve good authentic Goan food. The Goan Fidalgos specialize in all the Goan curries, fried items and sweets. What you definitely need to order when you go there are the Beef Steak Burgers, Chicken Cafareal, Sorpotel, Prawn Curry, Mackeral Reshaado, and Goan Sausage Pau. The Fildagoes follow an interesting concept to decide their location. They follow something called a Facebook trail where their customers decide and call them to different locations to sell. So to know at which part of the city they would be operating, do follow their facebook page, get there and grab a bite to eat, hang with THE GOAN FIDALGOS CREW, and enjoy a stress-free moment. Dujon Fernandes


Letters to the Editor Insights into Increasing Leprosy A few months back there was an article in ‘TOI’, that the BMC health dept has reported about an increase in leprosy cases in Mumbai city. The article does not mention what the BMC is going to do about this important issue. However, we responsible citizens in our localities can do something practical on our part. As Bandrites we see all over Hill Road, infront of shops & churches - lepers are begging for alms. Do we ask ourselves what do these lepers do with the coins that people give them? The lepers buy eatables from shops. The shopkeepers give these coins back to our children, mothers,sisters and daughters. Once, I saw a rickshaw driver give the leper sitting outside St. Peter’s Church a 50 rupee note. The leper gave him back 50 rupees in coins - counting them with his soiled, deformed and infected fingers. Many children come to school in a rickshaw. Maybe, these very coins are given to them. And, children have a tendency to put coins between their lips! Bandraite’s feel sorry for these begger lepers. Instead, they should feel sorry for their own children and family members, who may contact this infectious disease, which affects the skin, nerves and cause deformities. The lepers are a big gang. Late in the evening they assemble in a corner of Hill Road. If you are passing by, you will hear, “AAZ Dhanda Achaa Zaalaa.“ This tells it all. There are so many charity hospitals, govt. hospitals, religious nuns. They have left their families and working in these hospitals - caring for the lepers, bandaging their deformed limbs. I say, “GOD Bless them.” But, the Hill Road lepers won’t go to these hospitals. This is because they will not get to smoke their ‘Chilums’ & drink their ‘Daru’! Bandraites, let us get rid the beggars lepers from our streets. Give them no alms - and they will go away. Please save our children, mothers, sisters and family from this dreadful disease. Louis D'Souza Vincy D’Mello Road I recently returned from a trip from Bandra West and while I walked her streets - much has changed – but the warmth and love of Bandraites is still alive. I happened to meet Vincy D’Mello former Independent Municipal Corporator & Social Worker at a reception in January this year. My brief chat with him took me back in time - and I tried to imagine what Bandra would be like, if Vincy was still around as its Municipal Corporator? Vincy career was varied. As senior executive for Air India, he travelled the world in the early 60’s and took acting lessons in Greenwich Village, New York. He was a prolific writer and editor - and publisher of the Worker Star, which was later was re-named ‘The Bandra Star’. As a socialite and political leader, he was on the managing committee of the Andrean

Fair - and organized some of the best Christmas, New Year Dances and picnics. Most of all, he championed the rights of the poor and needy. He organized sasta sales (Cheap Vegetables, Eggs and Chicken at Wholesale rates) in his home on D’Monte Park Road and fought to keep Bandra West green and clean. He protested the construction of the Otters Club and the Sea Rock Hotel – Public shore land that was sold without the knowledge of Bandraites and the citizens of India. I had the good fortune of working alongside him along with my brother Keith and know that Vincy was a man of integrity and great courage. It’s time that the residents and nonresidents – sign a petition to rename Hill Road or Perry Road – for Vincy D’mello. It could also be some part of any road near his home. If someone reading this and is tech savvy - We need to target at least 10,000 signatures and present this to the Bombay Municipal Corporation to table a vote. Bandra owes a great deal of gratitude to Vincy, for what it was - and still is till this very day. Even Bollywood should thank him - for it is evident by their presence in Bandra, that there is no other place like Bandra West in the Indian subcontinent. Vincy was indeed ‘Bandra’s Star’. To keep Vincy’s ideals alive, the residents and non–residents both past and present; from all the world should should unite with garnering public support,for getting a road named after this great soul – Vincy D’Mello. Norman Coelho Former resident of Bandra / St. Paul’s rd An Eye Opener At the behest of my husband, Vincy D'MMello, I submitted my nomination for the reserved lady position in the Salsette Society. The Returning Officer put an unrealistic obstacle before accepting my nomination. This clearly proves that they feel threatened - and the present committee goes unopposed.' Esme D’Mello A much belated but nonetheless “HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS” on the revolutionary ‘THE REVOLUTIONARY WAY’ presented by Bandra Buzz. Everything from registration to breakfast, the two sessions, the tea break, the lunch and presentation of gifts were planned and executed in a business like manner. The seminar owes its success in no small measure to you and dedicated team of volunteers. “Does ‘Mother India’ need a Mother’s day? by Kainaz Jussawalla in the May issue of Bandra Buzz is very apt. The six suggestions given by Rtn. Bhagwan Bhagchandani in “Old age is a Curse” are very valuable. Your “Beyond Belief” is short and totally relevant. H.P. Eswar

Vol. IV Issue 7 > R.N.I. No. : MAHENG/8-10-2010/12646 Editor: Merck D’Silva > Printed & Published by Creative Concepts, 401 Anica, 28 St. Paul Road, Near Bandra Gymkhana, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050. Printed at Marwah Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai - 400 072


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Soup-it-up Do you feel like slurping on something warm and tasty? If yes, then the monsoons have arrived. And nothing better than a bowl of hot soup to provide you with the heat your body craves. Soups and broths should be an integral part of your meal especially during the monsoons they are filling and nutritious as well. Soups and broths are beneficial in a number of ways: • Helps to lose weight: Thick soup with veggies and meat are very filling and can be replaced for a heavy meal. They are also low in calories and fat, hence can help in weight reduction. • Improves digestion: Soups and broths are a good source of fibrous vegetables which prevents constipation and releases toxins from the system. • Boosts immune system: When we use vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, ginger, onions, mushrooms, green leafy veggies we enhance the soups therapeutic value to help our bodies resist sickness and strengthen our systems, which make us alert and healthy. Always cook vegetables on low heat to avoid vitamin destruction. • Controls blood pressure: Most of the soups (low salt) are rich in potassium which helps to control blood pressure and water balance in the body. KIND OF SOUPS/BROTHS DURING MONSOONS: • Soups can clear or thick. They can be thickened by rice, cornflour, maida, cream etc. you can even use oats powder to thicken the soup in a healthy way. • Dals or pulses can be added to the soups to make them protein rich. • Egg whites can also be added to clear soups. • Chicken/ fish/ prawns soups are also a great source of protein as well as heat up the body on a cold day. • Wash your greens thoroughly during monsoons as they may be infested with worms and insects. • Add a variety of vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, spring onions, carrots etc to make your soups/broths antioxidant rich. • You can use vegetable or chicken broths to add to the flavor and nutrients to your soups. CLEAR CHICKEN AND HERB SOUP INGREDIENTS > 100 gms chicken (boneless) > 15gm oats powder > 1 tsp garlic, chopped > ½ tsp cumin seeds > 1 tsp white pepper powder > 1 bay leaf > 1 green chilli > ½ tsp garam masala > 1 tsp oil > Salt to taste METHOD 1. Clean, wash and cut chicken into

July 2013


Tips on how to keep your homes clean this monsoon

pieces 2. In a vessel, add chicken pieces, 1 litre water, garlic, bay leaf, green chilli and boil for ½ an hour and keep it aside 3. In a pan, heat oil, add cumin seeds, oats powder and cook for a minute on slow flame 4. Then add chicken stock, chicken pieces, white pepper, garam masala and salt and boil. 5. Serve hot. BENEFITS: protein packed soup and serves as a great filler before dinner. CALORIES: 120kcal GARLIC VEGETABLE DAL SOUP INGREDIENTS > 1 cup mixed vegetables (carrots, French beans, cauliflower, peas, baby corn), finely chopped > 2 teaspoons garlic, finely chopped > ½ cup soaked tur dal/moong dal(optional) > ¼ cup onions, finely chopped > 2 tablespoons oats powder > 1 teaspoon oil > salt and pepper to taste > 2 tablespoons chopped coriander (For the garnish) METHOD 1. Heat the oil in a pan, add the onions and garlic and sauté till the onions are translucent. 2. Add the vegetables and sauté for a few minutes. 3. Add 2 cups of water, dal and salt and pepper. Allow it to come to a boil and simmer till the vegetables are tender. 4. Add the oats and simmer for another 5 minutes. 5. Serve hot garnished with the coriander. VARIATIONS: chicken/egg whites can be added instead of dal BENEFITS: a great combination of fiber rich veggies and protein rich dal, A perfect meal CALORIES:140kcal BEAN SOUP INGREDIENTS > 20gm fresh chawli/rajma beans > ½ onions, sliced > ½ capsicum, chopped > 1/4th tsp garlic, chopped > 2 small tomatoes, chopped > 1 tsp oil > Salt and black pepper powder to taste METHOD: • Pressure cook chawli/rajma with 2 cups water and salt for 2-3 whistles, till soft • Heat oil in a pan and sauté onions till translucent • Add capsicum and garlic and sauté for a minute • Add tomatoes and cook till soft • Add chawli along with its liquid and bring to a boil • Simmer for 5-7 minutes, add salt and pepper • Serve hot BENEFITS: high in protein and antioxidants CALORIES: 100kcal Neha Chandna

Monsoons are usually associated with damp clothes, musty odours, and fuzzy fungus growing on a variety of surfaces; a nightmare for many housekeepers. However, we at ‘Hammer & Mop’ would love to share these few simple tips to avoid these situations: 1. Try to remove all footwear outside the house, and keep a clean mat at the entrance - so that people entering can wipe their feet on it. 2. Put completely dry clothes inside your cupboards. If the clothes or fabrics are even slightly damp, moulds can form on them. 3. Place naphtha balls, or camphor tablets, or even neem leaves - at regular intervals inside your wardrobe. They help absorb

the moisture in the wardrobes and leave a fresh smell. 4. Wipe furniture every day, especially wooden surfaces. Regularly dusting out the upholstery and carpet helps prevent the moulds from growingon them. 5. Try not to use thick carpets during monsoons, as they easily absorb moisture and don't dry out. It will cause a musty smell that permeates through the house and the problem is compounded, if you have pets. 6. Mop floors at least once a week, with disinfectant infused water. Not only will this cause your floors to smell fresh, it will also kill all the mould and bacteria on the floor. Hammer & Mop

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06 July 2013

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''BLUSHH''the fashion accessory store at Carter Road opp. Cafe Coffee Day emits a different vibe as soon as you walk into it. I enter and am surrounded by metallic finish purses, neon clutches , funky skirts and waistcoats, fashion accessories, stationery, clutches, bling jewellery, contours and colors that are eye catching and fun to check out. I am informed that they do anything on order too and have a good team of workers who can just about make anything to your imagination. Almost picking out something wicked for myself, I ask Priyanka the designer, what made her come up with something quite different… She explains, ''We believe, you don’t just wear a fashion accessory, you wear style, & Blushh offers you a style which you can proudly make a statement.'' 'We' as in Manish her partner, who possesses the entrepreneurial talent, and this duo thought that ‘QUIRKY FASHION’ is the right forum to offer to today’s youth. Her degree from PVR SNDT and her job as merchandising manager in a well know export house helps her to be updated with the latest trends and she



puts her knowledge to good use by coming up with designs with a twist keeping a keen eye on the fashion trends. And after wholesaling to the retail segment from last 5 years, they finally decided to establish their own brand with a first flagship store at Carter Road. Here are some hot fashion tips they share with Bandra Buzz, the latest and the coolest things you can add to your wardrobe this season and how to wear it with panache and style..... Season’s dressing rules from Fashion insiders at Blushh… NEON OVERLOAD!! There was a time when flaming fluorescent colours were considered tacky. But this season, neon is creating waves across the world of fashion. Neons are fun to wear and a great way to make a statement. For those skeptical about neon, a bright necklace, clutch or belt can add an instant pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit. For work you can pair a classic black blazer with a beautiful neon blouse underneath or wear a statement necklace that has some neon in it and fit right in,

FRANCIS REAL ESTATE Buying and Selling of flats, plots, offices Company lease, paying guest, leave & license for expats, etc. Contact: Francis mob: 9821233197 | 9819996438 ph: 022 26451613 e-mail:

even at work. ETERNAL PRINCESS!! If you’re not the sort to slavishly follow fashion, but want to invest in something classic, “Eternal Princess” is the look you need to wear on your sleeve. Embrace flower power, pearls, lace, shells & diamantes this season. Nothing says summer more than girlie charm. Botanical prints are huge this summer in clothing as well as in jewelry, handbags & belts as well. If you do not want to make an entry in bold floral print clothing, accessorizing with delicate jewellery & pretty hair clips, is the right way to make a statement. HILL TRIBE!! There is nothing that brings a smile to our face like a pretty ring, a jangly necklace, or some sparkly earrings. Big or small, understated or over-the-top, jewellery lifts the spirits. It also lifts a look. Tribal pieces using lots of coloured beads, feathers and shells are the key aspects of this theme. Colourful beads or chandelier earrings could be just the thing to make an ordinary outfit outstanding. With Kaleidoscopic colour theme, this look is definite

mood lifter. Aztec print & heritage embroidery bags have come back on the global scene. Hunt your grandmother’s trunk for old coin necklaces. You can even follow this trend by just aztec print nail lacquers & colorful braids in hair. If you are using bold and beaded accessories, stick to neutral colours or plain designs for your main outfit. PUNK!! 90s are back! That means grunge in all its iconic glory is filling the stores and the streets. Like hipster fashion, the look is part attitude, part adornment. This look is for the tomboy’s & the rebellious girls. Mechanical looking jewellery, metal bracelets, peace signs, and wooden pieces are all popular designs. Checker board plaid shirts and dresses are the staple pieces in the grunge look. The key to the grunge look, as with any other unique, interesting style, is to mix up different patterns, textures and styles. Experiment with layering, playing masculine and feminine off each other and team florals with ripped tights and hard-edged punky accessories or leather with chiffon. Kainaz Jussawalla


Bandra Buzz

Yeh Stomach Maange More Dropped in at 'Mamagoto' on Hill Road last week 'the fun eating place', as they advertise. As we see a long queue outside the joint each time we pass by, we want to check out what the fuss is about. The first time we land there, we are informed promptly, that there was an hour wait. Apparently, they don't take reservations it's first come, first serve. Next time we hurry-scurry to make it at 8pm and the place is already buzzing with activity. How Bandraites on a serious working day, start dining at 7.30pm, beats me! As noisy as Bandra terminus, we are hoping the food would make up for the less than perfect ambience. Not quite and we come back bit disappointed, after the promised hype of the endless crowds that have been seen scouting the place. It just backs my original complaint,

''there are no super eating joints'' in Bandra. 'Super' meaning memorable the next day, 'super' meaning tongue threatening, 'super' meaning 'I can't wait to go again to that kinda place.' Sure we have the famous stalwarts: like Indigo, Cafe Mangi, the Olive, the Pali Village Café lying around but after a point, they all taste the same. Though some of them serve the odd ‘knock out’ dish, most of the menu looks quite misleading to me, like exotic sounding salads and pastas; but either the content or the quantity really makes you look like a moron, when it's put in front of you. For example, I ordered a 'Watermelon Feta Salad' once, four pieces melon, six feta cubes and five salad leaves and bingo Rs 450! (which would genuinely cost you Rs 50 max, if you make it at home) Okay, in most places we paying for 'the

brand' but even then the service is never impeccable. The buffet or set lunches used to be quite a steal in places like Mainland China but to me, budget buffets, not this one specifically always seem like ‘yesterday’s dinner’ thrown in as ‘today’s lunch’. I remember 'Eat Around TheCorner' on 15th road, once upon a time, few years ago had an unlimited salad option for Rs 120. Regulars swarmed there in dozens, poking forks into each other to get to the spread and build their own ‘Mount Everest’ on one small plate. What a steal that was! And then of course, the owner had to spoil the party, revamp the place, change the entire menu and now it's like five staff attending to four people. Wonder what bizarreness possessed him to do such a thing? Talking of food spoilers, 'Global Fusion' Linking Road, had a full paisa vasool 'all you can eat' spread for Rs 600, when it first started. Now of course, with their new hiked price, we simply have lost interest in it.


try to know what makes us happy and do things that are soul satisfying. In a constant race against time, we pick up characteristics from others to be more ‘likeable’, to fit in or for a matter of convenience, be regular. But is being different all that bad? Would you rather be different and be yourself, or ape the personality of people who come into your lives? The question lies in if you really do love yourself - the way you are; or you are too scared to find out, because you might not be run of the mill. When you are four years old your parents are Demi Gods. When you’re thirteen, your life revolves around your friends. At twenty five your priority shifts to make a living - and you continue this journey till your children begin a journey of their own, following the same set pattern. And then… you read success stories of people who were

high school drop-outs, people who had disturbed families - and yet they were able to make a place for themselves. Was it the initial hardship that gave them the strength to fight, or was it because they accepted who they were - and followed a dream they made for themselves? Eventually, it comes down to love, love for ones’ self - and gratitude towards your own existence. Staying in Bandra, you’re surrounded by people who have won personal battles - and made a name for themselves. The divine blesses each one of us, but it is them who have found a respect for this blessing and paid back gloriously. Success cannot be measured by fame. A father who comes back home to a happy family is success. Having your children hug you good night is success. Having the busiest day and taking time out for a jog is success.

How would you define yourself? Have you ever sat back and thought what has made you the type of person you are today? Have people, places, situations and circumstances determined how you perceive yourself? Are you happy when you see yourself in the mirror; is it your reflection that you see staring back at you - or a mangled image of what others have made you believe you are? It is very rare that we take an opportunity to converse with ourselves, genuinely

July 2013


Another favourite used to be 'Out Of The Blue'. Although the ‘al la carte’ menu still has some nice things going on it, the 'Wednesday Ladies Lunch' for a meagre amount sounds exciting but one look at the buffet spread and you know that the best is still to come. Whenever that is... The list could go on and though I have nothing personal with any of the above and continue to grace them; I really think we need more places in Bandra, offering us ''quality food with wallet friendly prices!'' Sometimes, I wonder if it's best to just bring a pizza bread from the local store, throw some Amul cheese on it, spin some ketchup on and bite into my own home made pizza. Mmmm…, maybe that's a good solution for a while...

Sit at the Carter Road Promenade - and you will know that success lies in being happy. Amongst the hundreds who throng that one single stretch daily, you will be able to spot the ones that are genuinely content. Today, when daily worries outrun the smallest of joys; if they have found a reason to celebrate life, they are comfortable in their own skin.So now look at yourself in the mirror, not at the flaws - but appreciate the beauty of someone staring back at you. Someone who is loved, someone who is alive for a reason and someone who has the ability of making a million more smile. Bharat Gupta

Kainaz Jussawalla

08 July 2013

Bandra Buzz


I HAVE FOUGHT A GOOD FIGHT… AND WON THE CROWN EARLY CHILDHOOD He was born in Karachi (then undivided India) in 1931. Among the D’Mello’s, he claimed to be the only “True Blue Blooded Stanislite” - and always felt he was “Born for greater things”. He joined the ‘Working Class’in Tata Airways and after its nationalization, he opted to continue his career with the domestic wing of Indian Airlines. He rose to be the Vice President of its Union. But nationalization was not to be Vincy’s cup of tea. He decided to follow the dictates of his heart - and left Indian Airlines.

Madhu Deolekar, Ram Jethmalani and many more - who added newer vigour to his life. During the severe drought in Gujarat, he defied the law by carrying food grains across the border - and was jailed. He most effectively campaigned against ‘The Anti Conversion Bill’ with black flags - WE PROTEST. He stood as an Independent candidate - and served two terms as Municipal Councillor from 1973 to 1985. He also served as Chairman of the Market & Garden Committee. He showed compassion even to dumb animalsthat were slaughtered - and strongly advocated the stunning of animals before slaughter. In the year 1983, he fought against the unjust Development Plan, that deprived local residents in the Bandra Khar area, of their ancestral homes. He (along with aggrieved residents) walked from Bandra to the BMC Headquarters at CST. Consequently, several reservations were removed.

DRAMATIC CHANGES He visited America and studied a bit of drama. On his return, he put up many ‘Plays’in Bandra - and won the Best Actor and Best Director Award. He also started a Public Speakers Group called ‘The Gavel Club’.

VINCY THOUGHT AND ACTED AHEAD OF HIS TIME As a Municipal Corporator, he observed that slum dwellers on Mount Mary’s Hill and Rajaramwadi, did not received municipal water - and they lived in inhuman condition. Vincy installed tap water connections through private donors. The slum dwellers had to pay for the water they used (now, nothing was free). Again, with the help of social activist Adolf Tragler, he built ‘pucca homes’ for slum dwellers, with approved BMC Plans and permissions. Today, even the Government has adopted his innovations for the benefit of the poor and marginalized citizens. In his own innovative ways, Vincy fought against the price rise - and organized a ‘Sasta Sale’ of vegetables for the people. Years later, other political parties have replicated his schemes.

READ THE WRITING He always believed that words could communicate much, and so he started the ‘Bandra Star’ - the first of its kind, local newspaper. HIS NEW CALLING – POLITICS He saw in Madhu Mehta his first “Political Guru”. In Bandra, he associated with Molly Rodrigues and a wide spectrum of political parties & people. Among his dear friends, were Professor S.S. Varde, Ramdas Nayak,

A TRIBUTE TO MY DARLING HUSBAND VINCY Vincy - my sweetheart, I know you have gone for a long holiday - to a better place, better than all the places that we have visited together. Although there was a big age difference between us, we were compatible and our friendship grew and solidified over the years. You were a loving, caring and devoted husband. Very tolerant, supportive, slow to anger and patiently bore out all your sufferings. I always admired you for your ability to see deep into the future. Your ability to think clearly and advise appropriately was true beyond doubt. You were not only a family man but you also reached out to Society in a big way. There are too many good deeds to enumerate, but those of you who knew you well, will know that you did not leave any stone unturned. You did everything in your power to get the job done.You were very sympathetic to the poor & needy and reached out to them on a weekly basis. From the day I married you, you have left me with many happy and wonderful memories; that I will always cherish and keep alive in my heart. The nine years we spent together was just not enough because the end came so suddenly. Through your deep faith you have made me realize that God is always present in our lives. With this faith, I live on - believing in the resurrection and living in hope. Vincy, I will miss you dearly. Esmeralda D’Mello, Wife

A MAN WITH A MISSION A Tribute to the memory of Vincy D’Mello from The Holy Angels Community

Nestling at the corner of D’Monte Park Road lies ‘Grace Villa’, family home to the late Vincy D’Mello - and the hub of many an activity that kept our ‘Holy Angels Community’ alive, buzzing and inevitably in the news. When our family moved into D’Monte Park Road in the early 1990s, it was a joy to see our little boys, both under five, quickly bonding with children from surrounding buildings, often making a beeline for “Vincy’s house”. For therein lay a treasuretrove of activities, that kept our community’s kids constructively occupied - and off the streets. Author and a thespian,Vincy won many prizes at the Andrean Zonals. He wrote and directed his own plays, training our children and inculcating in them a love for entertainment, music and the arts - which they showcased gleefully, at the Holy Angels Annual Christmas Party. He was also Chief on the Sports Committee for the same party, organizing innovative games, displaying his collection of funny costumes, colouredwigs et all. This was a source of much hilarity and amusement to us all. Vincy’s home was ‘Open House’ to those who wished to involve themselves in community service. Grace Villa was the meeting place for the Small Christian Community, which he nurtured in its fledgling years. A man of no pretentions and a heart of gold, he was the pioneer of the ‘Sasta Sale’, which took place at his home every Saturday; where fruit and vegetables were sold well below market rates, drawing many a savvy housewife in search of a shrewd bargain. His single sheet monthly newspaper ‘Bandra Star’ circulated to every home on D’Monte Park Road, was yet another of his endeavours to keep the community connected; with news items

SOCIALIST & SOCIALITE Vincy enjoyed parties - and liked to socialize. He organized picnics, excursions to Vihar Lake and Tansa Lake. Young couples from Bandra-Khar-Santacruz could not attend X’Mas Dances in big Clubs & Hotels. So, for this -Vincy organized one of the best X’Mas Dances in the suburbs, with the best bands in attendance. Vincy incorporated innovative new ideas. He organized the Mini Olympics, Instant Hockey Tournaments, Tele-Games, Instant Football, Talent Contests, etc. He involved himself with ‘The Salsette Catholic CHS Ltd.’ and was initially a Managing Committee member and later the Hon. Gen. Secretary. He also initiated the development of The D’Monte Park Recreation Centre (DPRC). Many more past photos, video clips & tributes can be viewed at: The Bandra Civic & Welfare Group (BCWG) was his brainchild. It was an organization that helped him conduct all these activities, including attending to dying destitutes and even leprosy affected people. They were picked up from the streets, so that they enjoyed a respectable death. As a result of this, when Mother Theresa met him, she told him, “We are one of a kind”. Vincy was a man of prayer – a daily Mass goer until recently (till health permitted), in the evenings he prayed the Rosary at Grace Villa, with his extended family – The D’Mellos. At Rosary, he often prayed for married couples in difficulty and single people to find their right partners. Vincy enjoyed 9 years of Marital Bliss. His wife, Esmeralda, took exceptional care of him during his last days. Christopher Rodrigues ranging from current civic affairs to tips on beauty care, home remedies, food and humour. ‘Twilight Night’ – the annual charity-dinner-cum dance held at his residence in the New Year, saw him at his best. Bestowed with the title ‘His Master’s Voice’ by his circle of friends, Vincy’s penchant for good humourand his ability keep a crowd entertained was the highlight of this event. For this occasion, the lawn at Grace Villa was beautifully decorated each year with fishing nets, Christmas décor and diffused lighting - transforming our street corner and beckoning the curious passerby. The funds raised provided for kilos of onions and potatoes each week to fifty needy families through the year. Chatting with his wife Esme,who calls him “a man with a mission”,it came as no surprise, when she revealed a host of activities that kept him engaged in philanthropic and community service. He served on several charitable committees, fighting for justice and helping the poor and the needy - organizing free exercise books for municipal schools and needy families, visits to the Clergy Home, supplying vegetables for breakfast to the needy at Bandra Fair, organising the annual X’mas Party for children of municipal schools, preventing the demolition of the cross at D’Monte Park Road Extension, building homes for squatters, arbitrating in property disputes, medical aid for the needy… the list is endless… a testimony in its truest sense, to Vincy’s boundless energy, zest for life and his passion for service. The children of the 1990’s from the Holy Angels Community have now grown up and gone away - but the bonds of friendship strengthened during their capers at Grace Villawill keep themsmiling.VincyD’Mello will always remain a part of their fondest memories and their shared conversations - and an indelible part of all ourlives. Farewell Vincy. May you rest in peace. Beryl Pinto


Bandra Buzz

The ‘COP’ I Knew

Vincy D’Mello’s last birthday party with his family & friends Not many of us will know that the late Vincy D’mello had a special pet name. He was referred to as ‘COP’- Corporator for short. This name was given to him by one of his closest friend – who was his trusted right hand man - and who was associated with our group, ‘The Bandra & Civic Welfare Group’(BCWG), which was established by him. I was also a part of this vibrant group based in Bandra. The name ‘COP’ became a significant name within our group of volunteers. During our association within the group, each of us were also given pet names, but Vincy being the ‘Chief’ of the Group; played a vital role as an outstanding ‘COP’ for each of us, who came in contact with him. My association with the Bandra & Civic Welfare Group goes back many years ago. My first encounter with him, was when I wrote my first article entitled

‘All Girls Rock Band’ Rock’s Bandra-Girl School’ from the UK. They performed to a packed audience at the St. Andrew’s School Ground. I liked the band so much that I decided to write an article on their performance. The best way to get it published was to approach the ‘Cop’ who owned and published his fortnightly newspaper ‘The Bandra Star’. This was the only one of its kind local newspaper in Mumbai, which gave us all the current happenings around Bandra. Local Bandraites would look forward each fortnight, to read this newspaper. From then on it was no looking back for me. Having a passion to write and do music reviews during my college days, it was a stepping stone to pursue a hobby for reporting news. I startedhelping himby providingnews about the various happenings across Bandra. Working with him gave me the opportunity to feature young tal-

ented Bandra girls in a column entitled ‘Queen of Bandra’on the front page where a write up and photograph about their personality etc. was published. It was an instant hit with the readers. Being an active member of the BCWG, he would dedicate a weekly Friday evening meeting with it members, to discuss various issues concerning civic and personal matters; which he would try to resolve at the earliest. He dedicated his whole life in serving the poor through his various fund raising activities, beginning with the weekly ‘Sasta Sales’ from his own house, every Thursday morning from 8 am onwards, where people from the neighborhood would come and buy their weekly groceries, which was much below the market price. It became so popular, that he expanded these sales to close by areas across Bandra, with the introduction of a new mobile cycle cart. The profit made from these sales would then be rolled back for the purchase of groceries for the next week’s sale. One of the many fund raising activities he used to organize for the various causes was the Annual Christmas Dance which was initially held in the open air on Supari Talao grounds, in Bandra. The local residents would look forward to these dances each and every year. Then, when Sea Rock Hotel was established, they invited our group to have the event each year there. When Sea Rock Hotel closed down, he re-named the event as ‘Twilight Night’. This was held in the first week of January every year, at his house lawns. He established many contacts as an ex-Municipal Corporator. This gave him the opportunity to connect with many people. No matter what was their problem, he had a solution. Everyone from Bandra who knew him, would recommend his name. Talented as he was, he used to direct and act in short plays for the annual Zonal Talent Competition in his Parish, St. Andrew’s, Bandra- and they would win. Our group members would look forward

July 2013


to various picnics and visits to the old age homes etc. He even organized annual trips to the Infant Jesus Church in Nasik. Besides been a spiritual person, he would often pray daily at home, saying the rosary; and never missed an opportunitygoing to church for daily mass. He was also a party lover - and a true party organizer to the core. People would look forward to his house parties. He would encourage each of us to unleash our talent, with various games of skill, fancy dress competitions, singing and dancing- and we cannot forget the delicious meals served during these parties. His special ‘Snake Dance’ was mesmerizing. Singing his favorite song ‘Blue Moon’, would be a hit among all the guests present. In all, a truly enjoyable time was witnessed by one and all. Much more can be said and written about this special ‘COP’, yet he was a simple man who just touched the hearts of all people who he met. We will miss you ‘COP’ forever. Rest in Peace. David Vaz

MY DEAREST BANDRA STAR Though your soul soars far To meet brothers, sisters, friends For us this is not the end. For you will always be a part Not just of D’Mello heart But all who came your way Ones you helped everyday. Your love and laughter live In everything you give And you were always glad To give more than you had. You were my North Star The craziest one by far. So as your bare feet run Towards the brilliant sun I’m on my feet, applauding all As you take your final curtain call. KimAnn Pimenta

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Bandra Buzz

July 2013


‘Body Beautiful’ T New Spa Salon at Kantwadi

he new spa salon on Kantwadi road, 'Body Beautiful', offers a range of treatments that suit your pocket. Owned by Shabnam, a lady who's skin is blemish and line free, you know just by looking at her - that she obviously knows something about 'keeping it young'. Though the salon space is not very big, it's enough to enjoy the silence that one misses in salons nowadays - especially when everyone around is yacking away and you have come there for a peaceful head massage or a facial, to get away from it all. The treatments include facials (100% Natural, fruit, vitamin E and ayurvedic ones) and body spas, that include the chocolate body massage, the regular ayurvedic one and the ubtan. ''All our products are hundred per cent genuine - and we mix nothing.'' she informs us. Travelling to places like Dubai and all over India, she has keenly observed the workings of the other spas and wants to get away from the commercial rut. The idea came up ‘cause Shabnam wanted to make this available to everyone - and not just people who can afford it. That's why, she has kept her prices lower than normal. Also into pedicures, manicures, haircuts, and other parlour trivia - three of her staff members are ex 'Suko Thai' and VLCC. Her prices are 20 per cent lower than them for the similar treatments. And if you looking for weight loss, the G 5 machine, tummy tuck and herbal pack, all come together for Rs 900 only. The facials start from Rs 800 and foot

Poster competition Last Date 1st AUG

massages from Rs 480. Pedicures and manicures are around 400 each and the ubtan (bridal) which polishes and refreshes the skin is priced at Rs 2350. The chocolate polish comes at Rs 2400 - and her massage aroma costs Rs 1350. ''I use natural organic products, (home made as well) because I will not compromise on quality'', she says, ''…and we are giving a welcome discount now, so everyone can benefit from it.'' Clean, welcoming and a soft ambience, I shall try a treatment soon, hoping to be refreshed... Kainaz Jussawalla For appointments 9920027820 Body Beautiful Sangam Tower, Near Kantwadi Off, Perry Cross Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 50.

The 58th presentation August 18th, 25th, 31st & September 1st, 2013

18th Aug

25th Aug

31st Aug & 1st Sept

Vocals (Below 8) Vocals/Instrumental (8-12) Vocals/Instrumental (12-16) Duets (Below 14) Choirs Elocution (8-12) Elocution (12-16)

Vocals/Instrumental (16-20) Vocals/Instrumental (20 above) Duets (14 above) Quartets Dance Duos (below 10) Dance Duos (10-16) Dance Duos (16 above) Dance Groups (below 10) Dance Groups (10 -16) Dance Groups (16 above)

Dramatics / Winner Showcase

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12 July 2013

Career Guidance Farzad Minoo Damania – Career Counsellor and Founder, Career Nurturer ( answers queries of students and parents, on a wide range of career and education topics. I want to learn German language. Can you tell me any institute for the same? – Ms. Yamini Learning a foreign language can benefit you personally and professionally. Foreign languages such as German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and French are widely pursued by students. For studies in the German language, you may consider training from Goethe Institute (Max Muller Bhavan). Also, University of Mumbai offers diploma, graduate and postgraduate courses in German studies and includes translation. Can I pursue architecture studies after 12th commerce? – Mr. Ravi If you have taken 12th with Mathematics as a subject, then you are eligible for Bachelor of Architecture courses. Remember, you will have to give entrance exams such as NATA, JEE-Main-(Paper 2), MAH-AR-CAT for admission to B.Arch. courses. I have completed my B.E. (Telecommunication Engineering) last year. I do not want to continue in telecom field, and I am also not keen on MBA. I have an interest in law. Is it possible to do law after engineering in Mumbai? – Mr. Sanjeev You can definitely pursue law after your graduation. You will have to pursue a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree, which is of 3 years duration. If you are pursuing LLB from colleges in Mumbai, such as Government Law College or KC Law Col-


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lege, you do not have to give any entrance exam. However, many colleges across the country need you to give the CLAT entrance exam before admission to the LLB course. Is there a scope for pursuing career in archaeology or anthropology? – Ms. Mary Anthropology is the study of the origin and the physical, social and cultural development and behaviour of mankind; whereas, Archaeology is the study of human cultures and activities in the past, through the recovery, documentation, and analysis of remains. You can find employment opportunities at Archaeology Survey of India (ASI), National Archives of India, National Mission on Monuments, Organizations such as UNESCO, WHO, UNICEF and ICHR. Plus, there are good number of job opportunities in museums, art galleries, libraries, archives, heritage sites, conservation firms, crime and forensic investigating agencies, and tourism industry.

Why is Pet Grooming essential? Good grooming is about more than just having a pretty pet. Here's how to look after your pet before any problems crop up: FUR: Brush your cat or dog several times a week, even if it has short hair. It keeps the coat from getting tangled. Use a slicker brush and comb for dogs with a long coat. EYES AND EARS: When your pet gazes up at you with adoring eyes, they should be "nice and clear”, the shiny and moistlooking. Tell your veterinarian if you see any redness or irritation, or a cloudy eye. Ears need routine checks, too. Once a week, "flip the ears, take a look, take a sniff. They should smell like absolutely nothing. If they're red or inflamed, or if you see a lot of debris, or if they just smell -you've got a problem." To help prevent infections and other complications, try liquid ear cleaners designed for pets. Use a cotton wipe with the ear cleaning solution to clean your pet’s ears. NAILS: Active dogs that wear down their claws may not need nail trimming, but cats and indoor dogs usually do. Long

nails, including the dew claws on the inner paw, can grow into toe pads and skin, causing pain and infection. Trim dog nails carefully to avoid cutting into the quick, the area within the nail that contains blood vessels. If trimming intimidates you, visit a pet groomer or veterinarian. It is very important to brush your dog’s teeth - on a daily basis. Aim for at least twice a week. EXPERT TIP: One of the first indications, that all is not well inside is a change of hair coat and skin. Also check for lumps, bumps, and overall body condition. ‘Pampered Paws’ started by Janhavi D a f t a r y (9820888331) in 2009 is a certified canine and feline groomer and offers “Home Grooming Services For Dogs and Cats.”

I am interested to get into the information technology field. But I do not enjoy programming. Should I reconsider my decision and look for a different career option? – Mr. Steven Information Technology is a very vast field. Students normally assume that IT is all about programming languages. This is not true. You may get into the field of IT and specialise in domains such as operating systems management, network administration, database management, application support, storage administration, IT security administration, virtualization and cloud computing. You may also look at areas of business analysis (BA) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

HYPERCITY PROPERTIES BUYING/SELLING/LEASING Flats|Offices|Plots|Shops|Bungalows Mumbai | Pune | Goa Contact: Kevin D'souza 9821120138 | 9870200580 | 9870700580 Rose Minar Annexe, opp. Jean - Claude Biguine Salon , Bandra (w), Mumbai 050

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Bandra Buzz

July 2013


Local Body Tax … Does It Affect The Common Man … The Story Unfurled First of all, let us look at some figures. During 2010-2011 the total income of BMC was Rs. 15,440 crs , out of which income from Octroi was Rs. 5,078 crs (33% of total income) and the earnings from Property/water/sewerage/education/fire taxes was Rs. 3,714 crs. During 20112012 the total income of BMC was Rs. 16,960 crs out of which Octroi was Rs. 6,112 crs (36% of total income) and the earnings from Property/water/sewerage/ education/fire taxes was Rs. 3,402 crs. It is undoubtedly true that any Local body, like the Municipality or Municipal Corporation etc needs revenues to provide facilities & administer/run a city. Facilities like drinking water, sewage/garbage collection/disposal, local transport, local hospitals, primary education, fire brigades, gardens, roads (with all its potholes and enough has been said on that) etc etc. The basic civic amenities have a cost and hence revenues are needed for the same. Such facilities in Mumbai are provided by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM or BMC in short) and Octroi has been a major source of revenues for the BMC, as we saw. Octroi is a tax levied on the value of goods when they enter Mumbai limits. It is collected at the entry points like Dahisar Check nakas or Vashi check nakas or even at Railway stations or airports. When any goods come to Mumbai for sale or use, Octroi at various rates (from about 0.1% to 7%) calculated on the invoice value, have to be paid to BMC. Octroi has been there since years for now. Unfortunately, it has its own evils which are besides corruption issues like traffic jams, agents lobby, under invoicing etc. Many trucks, tempos and even private vehicles go past the Check nakas, without paying Octroi and thus go undetected. Our own BMC/MCGM is governed by a law known as the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act (MMC Act) framed in the year 1888. Another law known as “The Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, 1949” {BPMC in short} was framed in 1949 and this law was meant to establish Municipal Corporations to manage urban areas/Cities in Maharashtra (then Bombay State). Pls note that this BPMC is different from the MMC Act. Then in 2009 the govt. of Maharashtra observed that “…. Octroi is an important source of revenue for the Municipal Corporations in the State of Maharashtra. However, it has been brought to the notice of the State Government that, the method of levy and collection of Octroi often leads to disruption of free movement of goods and is a major deterrent to the business. Apart from this, there is traffic congestion at the Octroi posts, creating traffic problems. In view of the persistent demand from the traders to abolish octroi system and evolve an alternate system … LBT …”. Hence amendments were made to the BPMC Act and Local Body Tax (LBT) was introduced. But no such amendments were made to our own MMC Act (Related

to our own BMC). LBT rules were made in 2010 for all other cities other than Mumbai. At the very outset, pls note that currently LBT is still not applicable in Mumbai, but it is applicable to many other cities due to the BPMC Act. But the broad LBT laws Mumbai may have is described here. It is on the structure and workings of this law, that the businessmen class is upset and hence the agitation. As compared to the Octroi system, wherein Octroi is paid at the check nakas the time of the truck/vehicles actually entering Mumbai, in LBT, no such tax is levied at the check nakas, but will be paid by the businessmen or dealers directly to BMC, when these dealers purchase any goods (tangible or intangible) for use, consumption or sale from any place outside Mumbai, into Mumbai. This means that LBT will be paid by every businessman only if he buys from out of Mumbai and there is NO LBT if he buys within Mumbai. In short LBT is applicable only on purchases and not on sales. But, logically if purchases become expensive, sale price will also go up. Anyways after LBT comes into action, no Octroi check nakas & consequential traffic jams there or corruptions at check nakas. Good to hear all this. But let us look at the effects on these businessman/dealers. Any businessman having a yearly sales or purchases (of any types of goods) of Rs. 1,00,000/-) & in some cases Rs. 150,000/- (sales of Rs. 273/- or 410/- per day) or having purchases more than have to get themselves registered for LBT with the BMC. If any businessman comes to Mumbai from outside Mumbai, to participate in any exhibition, he also has to get registered with BMC under LBT laws. To the best of my knowledge, even a sandwhichwala or vegetable vendor on the road (though not all) sell more than 410/- per day worth of sandwhiches/vegetables. Going by this almost everyone in the business class or commercial entities including the milkman, vegetable vendors, bhelwala, pan beediwalas, all shop keepers, builders, and even clubs, co-operative societies, temples and even doctors, CA’s, architects, transporters, finance companies etc all professionals and many others will have to get registered with BMC for LBT purposes. This in itself will be a great irritant because the businessman are already registered with so many Govt dept. and here one more. And it will be a greater irritant for the small time vendors. This is just about registration. The laws states that if the businessmen does not get registered under LBT, he cannot do business in the city, besides other penalties. As stated before, LBT is payable by the above types of businessmen , who are registered, on all their such purchases ( and this includes purchases of any goods, even fixed assets or capital goods, even stationery like pens/pencils etc, petrol/ diesel or any fuel, downloading of soft-

ware/applications … in fact ANY PURCHASES) made from outside Mumbai. The rate of LBT may be from 1% to 7%. So the purchase cost of these businessmen will go up. The effect on the selling price can be assumed. But certain items will be exempt from LBT. Let us see the record maintenance and payment of LBT. The registered businessman have to maintain specified purchase registers (in Form D) and pay their LBT (due to their purchases from out of city) by the 5th of every month. I wonder how will vegetable vendors, paan beedi walas, milkmen etc maintain such records. And for those can maintain like small shopkeepers, co-operative societies, temples/ trusts, the increase in costs they will face. Sales bills have to be issued by the businessmen if the sale exceeds Rs. 10/-. I wonder if any vegetable vendor has ever given a bill for even 100/- of vegetables sold. Not only this the sales bill counterfoil has be preserved for at least five years by the businessman. If the sales bill is above Rs. 500/-, the businessman will also have to write the buyers full name & style & address & the buyer, the buyers LBT registration number if he has one. Whenever a businessman purchases any goods (tangible or intangible as described above) he has to receive bills and preserve those bills. If on inspections by the BMC officers, he is not able to produce the bills, it can be assumed that those goods are purchased from out of Mumbai and LBT can be levied with interest and penalty. If any purchases are made without bill, LBT will have to be paid by that businessman. The businessman has to file LBT return every 6 months and one yearly return. A lumpsum payment for businessman is also allowed. As an example for businessman having yearly sales of any goods, of upto 9 lacs, lumpsum LBT of Rs. 18,000/- can be paid. Builders have to pay LBT based on the floors in the building. Like for high rise building (above 7 floors) LBT will be Rs. 200 per sq meter or 19/- per sq ft. Vast powers are given to the BMC officers to detect LBT evasion. They can stop any vehicle {a carriage, a cart, van, truck, hand-cart, bicycle, tricycle, motor car} and examine the vehicle, inspect all records, ask for name and address of the driver, person in change, owner of the vehicle and may require such person concerned to pay the LBT on such goods. As usual with any laws, the slightest violation and interest, penalties and even prosecution can arise. Almost all businessmen, leave aside the big ones have to register with BMC for Shop Establishment licenses, (Gumasta) and maintain staff attendance and other records else high penalties & prosecution can be levied. They have to register with VAT and service tax and not only pay VAT but also maintain records and bills for years. They have to register with customs, excise and Income-tax dept besides other depts. like BMC license, FDA, RTO, fire dept, ESIC, Provident Fund etc etc. Com-

plex records and accounts have to be maintained. Even if one single tax payment is late or the tax return is filed late and you have all the Govt officers at your doorstep. Most of Societies are busy grappling either with builders or internally and now they get extra burdened with LBT compliances. For all practical purposes compliance costs goes up leading to inflation or cutting of profits or perhaps fear of harrassment in implementation. By default all tax laws are treated as draconian by the tax payers. However the truth often remains that it is not the tax but the proceedures, lopsided implementation, elaborate paper work & back ends costs that hurt business sentiments. What prompted so many businessmen and traders to shut their shops and risk their livelihoods for almost a month? A businessman is already facing many kinds of taxation and compliances from the govt. depts. The 3 major grievance of some of the legitimate tax payers is that : 1) Those who follow the law face more problems. 2) Selective enforcement of the law to those follow and laxity to those who don’t 3) Misuse or abuse of the tax payers hard earned money collected as tax with no benefits to the tax payers who continue to suffer in poor quality of life. One thing is for sure : The trader is also a citizen and any escalation in his tolerance limits or in his grievances against a system, may possibly results in grievance. And we are seeing all this. If the costs fo the businessman goes up, he shift the burden to the consumer or close down. In either case it is a loss to the nation. Any govt. administration that respects it tax payers and takes care of their business, protects it , helps it to grow and in turn rewards the tax payers with good quality of life and standards of living, leads prosperity to the economy as a whole. LBT or Octroi, one can understand that revenues are needed by the BMC to provide the basic infrastructure (if we do have one), atleast they water and sewage facilities. Providing all this to Mumbai is no simple task. We need to respect that. But nevertheless by involving and putting so many small and petty businessmen to mind boggling procedures and taxation just because an Octroi system of the same BMC is fraught with corruption and problems, does not make much sense. Incidently no other city in India has Octroi or LBT the way, we see it in Maharashtra. Too much of legislation brings chaos. It leads to forced violations and more rampant corruption and civl unrest. All this just to raise a few hundreds crores as revenue as LBT. In all this chaos, who will question where are the millions lost in so many scams that we have lost track of them. Now it is no longer just a 5 or 10 crores scam. You know the figures. Any recovery till now?? CA Rajesh Sanghvi

14 July 2013

Bandra Buzz


BJP Mumbai President Adv. Ashish Shelar felicitated at Rang Sharda Auditorium Rang Sharda Hall at Bandra Reclamation was packed to capacity for the felicitation of Adv. Ashish Shelar, who due to his dynamism & leadership qualities, along with his countless contributions to public welfare - was promoted to the post of BJP Mumbai President. Mrs. Alka Kelkar, MC, inaugurated the function; informing the audience that Adv. Ramdas Nayak from Bandra was the BJP President in 1991. Now, in 2013, due to his sheer hard work, Adv. Ashishji was made the BJP Mumbai President – and we are proud of him. Besides Ashishji & Alkaji, on the dais there was Pratibha Shelar, Ajeet Manyal, Adv. Dinanath Tiwari (BJP – Zilla President) – and of course, Sunil Parab, who hosted the event. Then, Ashishji‘s electrifying speech to a very cosmopolitan audience was unique & inspiring. After taking the blessings of his parents, Ashishji started his speech by humbly saying that although he had become the BJP Mumbai President, he still considered himself as a small party worker. With God’s blessings & his people’s love he would always be secular. He, as BJP Mumbai President, along with his allies Shiv Sena & RPI would try to win all

poison. Use it for others – and you will become powerful & humble too.” He continued: “For me, India comes first – and I will work on the ‘3 C’ principles: 1. Commitment – Our nation – India comes first. 2. Conviction – Walk the straight path, with straight people. 3. Canvas – Use India’s Constitution to help the common man.

the 36 Vidhan Sabha & 6 Lok Sabha seats in the 2014 elections. Ashishji addressed his rapt audience of more than 1000, with humility. He told them that he loved the people of Bandra and was committed to help solve their problems. He has kept forms in his office – and people could come, write down their problems – and he would do his best to

help resolve them. He stated that he would use his post to solve problems faced by common people – Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikh, Parsis or Buddhist… At this point, Ashishji quoted exPrime Minister of India, Atalji: “When you have power, serve people with love. When you use power for yourself, it becomes

In his closing remark, Ashishji said that in the 3 years term of his office as BJP President (Mumbai), he will try to change the face of Mumbai – by helping to solve problems faced by common people. As he took his seat, the audience gave him a standing ovation. More details Mrs. Anandani Thakur, Chairperson H-West Federation, Mrs. Nelima Thakur, D’Monte Street Christian Community President, Rudolph Pereira, Mr Gomes & his team felicitated Ashishji with a floral bouquet and shawl. A lot of Ganpati Mandals, Chawl Mandals, Omkar Sai Mitre Mandal (President – Shyam Wagh) and many Muslim groups across Bandra Khar Santa Cruz, came to felicitate their beloved leader MLC Adv. Ashishji. Sunil Parab

Mahe Ramzan Mubarak

Advocate Ashish Shelar (MLC & Mumbai President BJP) - Jitendra Raut (Twins Cable Net)


Bandra Buzz

July 2013


MC Tanveer Patel’s potholes priority in Ward 97 Under the guidance of MP Madam Priya Dutt & MLA Baba Siddique, our local Councillor Tanveer Patel has started massive repairs of potholes & road dividers on S.V. Road ,near Boston Hotel, opposite Badi Masjid – ward # 97. These repairs have avoided serious accidents. Similar repair work has been extended to the Jain Mandir 7 Bazaar Road area. Most of these areas were badly in need of civic repairs. So, to avoid any delay; Tanveer used his personal funds and Congress Party Workers to start & finish the jobs - as it was an emergency situation, due to the monsoons. Also, he distributed around 100 eco-friendly dustbins free of cost – so that cleanliness is maintained in these areas. He has requested people to drink only boiled water – and avoid any stagnant water areas near their houses. A ‘Malaria Awareness Camp’ was planned. He remarked that the BMC was doing their part in clearing the garbage regularly. So, we as citizens should do our part. More activities of MC Tanveer Patel can be seen Tanveer spoke to a local group, about how the Congress is genuinely concerned about the health & well-being of the people of Bandra – and India in general – irrespective of caste & creed. S. Ghodke (Co-ordinator)

MC Tanveer Pater personally directs the road divider & potholes repairs near Boston Hotel in Ward# 97

Amit Lalwanis's Kickboxing, Muaythai & Self Defence Sessions

Call: 9869036872

May Allah, The Exalted, bless you and your family with a beautiful month of fasting and nearness to Him.

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