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Bandra’s very own Picasso example - a football game. Tell us about your most successful work and what are you doing now? Well, my most successful work has been in animation short films, for which I have won awards and recognitions worldwide. I did a film about Bandra called ‘Deluge’, which won an award for best direction at a film festival in China. e film has also been recognized in Japan, Spain, and other local festivals. Currently I work at Tata Interactive System as a Visual Designer - and the project we are working on is called Tata Class Edge, a medium to help school teachers teach children in a more interactive way. Is there any kind of message, that you communicate with your art? Well - as an artist, I try as much as possible to make sure my art contains humanitarian values. I want to be responsible in what I convey, without hurting religious sentiments. Most importantly, the joy that I find from the simple things in life is what I portray in my work. I hope that it brings the same joy to others as well. Do you admire any artists and who have been your major inspirations? Yes, there have been a lot of people who have inspired and motivated me; starting from my days at e National Institute of Design. My talented room mates Rajesh akare and Dawa Meren Imchen - who kept pushing and motivating me. My seniors Abhishek Singh, Rajiv Eipe, Vaibhav Kumaresh have always been role models. I also admire many international artist like Pascal Campion, Nicolas Marlet , Enrique Fernandez , Hayao Miyazaki and Osamu Tezuka.


eet Bandra’s very own Delwyn Remedios, a talented and creative artist who basically is known for converting his imagination into art. He joined the National Institute of Design to pursue Animation Film Design in 2006. He has made short films which have won him awards and recognitions the world over. He has been an active member in the community, spending his time helping charitable causes. He recently spoke to us about his obsession with design, illustration and motion graphics - and his contribution towards making learning a more thrilling experience for children all over India.

At what age did you first take a pencil in your hand to actually draw? Well, I actually started drawing when I was about one and a half year old. I used to take my elder brothers crayons and pencils - and start drawing whatever I used to see around me. Can you describe the time when you first realised that you were ‘cut out’ for Drawing and Designing? Yes, it was actually the time when I was about 4 years old. I had gone to the Bandra Fair and was totally fascinated with the Giant Wheel. So, I came back and drew it. at was my first real drawing. I also used to draw whatever I used to see on TV, for

What are you doing when you’re not drawing or designing? What (other) hobbies do you have? Well, I used to play basketball professionally but of late, I have lost touch. Other than that, drawing and animation has kind of become a part of my hobby - that I do in my free time. I have recently finished my 4th graphic novel called “Where do balloons go?”- and I am also looking out for a publisher. What are your goals for the future, both work wise and life? Well, I want to continue with character designs - telling Children Stories that educate children. Also, I want to be known and appreciated for my Artwork. e principle that I follow is “Everyday that I Draw, I become one Day Better”. And… Finally what advice would you like

to give aspiring artist like you? Well, first of all - I would like to see more people taking up this profession. Don’t bog down your imagination. Secondly, for all those artists who are looking out for stories to convey their in their art - you don’t have to look too hard for stories, because they come from your own homes, your own families and your own friends. Just add a little bit of imagination. ese are the roots to story telling. Dujon Fernandes Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues

02 January 2013


Bandra Buzz

Financial mistakes to be avoided in 2013 3 eral unwritten rule is that once a loan is given, the well wisher turns into a foe and recovering the money turns out to be the greatest nightmare in life - with bad blood, mud slinging, verbal exchanges, ugly SMS’es, accusations, and oen ends up in a cheque bouncing case and years of courts dates. I appreciate this may not always happen - and helping your fellow brethren is a good deed by default, but the fine prints have changed and moral values have degraded over the decades of our civilized existence. Our wealth has increased, but moral values have reached new lows. So, that is just a precaution. Even otherwise if you give money on interest to anyone - and you don’t have a Money lending License, it is an offence and your so called cheque bouncing case can go for a toss. It is also a violation of the RBI Act 1935 {Sec. 45S}. So beware!


mistake to take care of - is be away from high interest Every other day the newspapers are overflowing with in(more than 16% p.a ) or quick return schemes, most novative, ingenious frauds coming up and gobbling down of which are cleverly camouflaged in attractive lookinnocent investors hard earned money. Hence, here are ing business models. Remember that, literally no business certain financial mistakes to be avoided this year. doubles your money overnight. So also, such money multiplier or MLM schemes are mistake is (as far as possible), avoid giving personal, rather so called friendly loans, to friends and well banned under ‘e Prize Chits and Money Circulation wishers - with or without interest. Because the gen- Schemes’ (Banning) Act, 1978.

mistake is to blindly invest in the stock market - just because a friend or an uncle or the panwala or a gossip monger in your group, has made his millions in a particular scrip, which zoomed overnight. And further still, don’t dabble in the derivatives markets ( futures or options) especially if you don’t even know the definitions of derivatives or it dynamics and complexities.


mistake is building up a stock pile of credit cards and especially taking personal loans, unless it is absolutely imperative. Loans for personal spending, like holidaying; is normally bad economics. Avoid delaying or rolling over credit card payment - and avoid making the credit card payments on EMI basis. On a priority basis, try to get rid of credit card dues, then personal loan, then car loans and ultimately housing loans. On a lighter note, the best thing is avoid taking loans. Lastly, let not good money chase bad money. If something is irrevocably lost, don’t put too much emotion to it - nor spend aimlessly just to recover it, for the sake of ego. Remember emotions are the loose motions of the brain. Have a prosperous 2013 and beyond…


CA Rajesh Sanghvi





Bandra Buzz

January 2013


Catch it young, watch it grow! expecting, was somewhat lacking. When we started off in 2008, the idea was basically to setup a company to support some of my existing overseas freelance clients, with custom web design and development services at reasonable prices. However, this idea gradually developed into our business idea and vision to create online e-commerce solutions, to assist companies’ setup their presence online and sell products globally.

Ahshad Jussawalla, CEO Entrepreneurs Ahshad Jussawalla and his wife Aditi founded OYYUM, a web and soware designing company in Bandra in 2008. ey specialize in e-commerce services and assist SMEs create and grow their businesses online. ey take us into their world of development and design. What gave you the idea to set up on your own? Aer having done corporate jobs for a decade, I was not satisfied with just taking home a monthly salary. ere was much more that I wanted to do and achieve as an individual. e learning curve that I was

for someone starting on their own? In order to start something on your own, one would need a) A Rock Solid Business Idea b) Capital c) Self belief and perseverance

What strategy would one use to kick start a business - and maintain it? A good 3 years before one can reap any benefits. In order to kick start and grow your business, one needs to constantly inWhat are the obstacles that one faces novate - and move along with the industry when you start something of your own? trends and market. One needs to continuStarting a business comes with its own chal- ously look for more opportunities and build lenges: client goodwill. a) Developing the vision and business idea b) Raising capital to support the business What strengths do you have? And what c) Finding Office Space and e Right do you look out before hiring? Team Our strengths are in our value systems – d) Finding Customers a) Honest, frank approach towards clients And once established, potential hurdles b) Open door policy - for our employees could be retaining customers, employees, c) No hierarchical systems in place – each dealing with competition and acquiring individual is an entrepreneur new customers with minimal marketing d) Ability to retain our first few clients costs. We ensure that the employees we hire fit into our work culture - and are smart, dyWhat kind of clients do you target? namic individuals; over and above the techOur clients are mostly overseas SMEs from nical skill sets they must possess. UK, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand. You can catch this dynamic team at Only a tiny percentage of our projects are 9833056101 and 9322024107 from domestic clients. Kainaz What are the three main points necessary Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues

Music Quiz Book hits the stands

Verus Ferreira, Author Can’t imagine life without music? e Great Music Quiz Book by Verus Ferreira with over 900 questions and answers on different music genres and music artistes should give you hours of musical fun. No matter how much you know about music, you’ll still find plenty of baffling questions and surprising answers. e Great Music Quiz Book is not just a quiz book, but is also meant to educate those who want to know more about music and to those who want to draw the line between fact and fiction. Music lovers can enhance their knowledge of music as it happened… age to age, genre to genre, including our very own Bollywood and Indi Pop. You have the best of

Western Pop, Musicals, Music OSTs to Movies, Rock, Love, Instrumental Music, Jazz, Country and three handpicked legends of music, all well-documented, including musicians who’ve made it big over the past few decades. You can also lay myths and facts about music and artistes at rest. A music journalist for over 20 years, Verus Ferreira who lives in Bandra, Mumbai, began his career with e Teenager now rechristened as e Teenager Today (India’s only teenzine). Verus has interviewed the who’s who in the music business from artistes like Air Supply, Shaggy, Herbie Hancock, Richard Clayderman, Emma Bunton (Spice Girls), to Joe Satriani, Placido Domingo, Zubin Mehta, Buddy Guy to metal rockers Iron Maiden to name just a few. An ardent music lover, Verus was motivated to take up this project as he found that book stores across India stocked quiz books on science, sports, politics, history and general knowledge, but rarely a dedicated music quiz book. “Aer visiting many music and book stores, I realized there was no quiz book on music, hence I wanted to be the first to do this,” he says. He also felt that down the line he needed to do something more than just writing music articles, interviewing music artistes, doing general stories, news reports, and reviewing music and films. Besides being a well-known journalist, Verus also dabbles in photography and many of the photos of artistes that appear in the book have been shot by him, lending

a very personal touch. In his foreword, renowned santoor player Rahul Sharma speaks highly of the author. “I first met Verus in the year 2000, when he came to interview me aer I had launched one of my albums. From the moment he got down to asking me his first question, I knew here was a journalist who knew his music really well because the questions were different from what journalists usually ask. A few years later he also attended my concert with Richard Clayderman. His review le me astounded; he had collated every minute detail of the concert from beginning to end, for those who missed the concert, reading his review almost they felt that they were there. He is a true music journalist.” Joe Eruppakkatt, General Editor, BETTER YOURSELF BOOKS says, “Verus has done a superb job with the book and it not only manages to bring in many facts of music, but it also maintains the high standards of visual appeal. e book is a handy reckoner to anyone who enjoys good music and would want to know more about the artistes and the people who make great music.” A handy reference for music lovers, a valuable aid for school/college quiz competitions, house party games and picnic outings and a perfect gi for birthday parties and occasions, the so cover book has 176 pages and is priced at an affordable Rs 150. It is available at all St Paul Book Centres across the country and in major book stores nationwide.

e Great Music Quiz Book is a compendium of music notes with the right tune, directed at all age groups and at anyone who loves music and quizzes. Music lovers would love to keep it on their shelves as a ready- reference to check their knowledge of music. Bandra Buzz Team

The Great Music Quiz Book by Verus Ferreira, Better Yourself Books, 176 pages, Rs. 150/-

04 January 2013

Bandra Buzz

Letters to the Editor PENDING SOLUTION TO SEWAGE IN CEMETERY On the 22nd of December 2012 at 8pm, owners of graves in St. Francis of Assisi Church Cemetery (Kadeshwari Marg, Bandra West) met with Mr. Tanveer Patel (Municipal Councillor- H/W Ward) at his office, to understand the time frame in which the solution to the issue of sewage flowing through the cemetery would be implemented. is meeting was a follow up to the meeting held at the cemetery site on the 8th of December 2012, where Mr. Tanveer Patel along with BMC engineers had agreed to build a sump tank in the area of the tenements to prevent sewage from entering the cemetery. During the meeting on the 22nd of December, Mr. Tanveer Patel gave his assurance that he will ensure that the sump tank is built. He mentioned that he has requested our MLA, Mr. Baba Siddique for the funds (approximately Rs. 1.5 lacs) to build the sump tank - and was sure that the MLA would approve allocation of the funds. Mr. Tanveer Patel gave his assurance that the sump tank would be built well before the monsoon of 2013. Given his assurances that he will implement the solution to stop sewage from flowing through the cemetery, we are hopeful that sewage issue will be resolved in early 2013. Ryan Pais ......................................................................... TRAIN TRAVEL – PRICE HIKE e hike in Suburban fares from Bandra to Churchgate /CST six months back was Rs 6/- then Rs 8/- , now it will be 10 ( 80 % hike ) in one year. Since, every compartment on an average carries over 6 times it load, I cannot understand why they are running into losses. Still, Citizens (including me) do not mind the increase. However, they should have all 12 coach trains - or even increase to 15 coaches to ease overcrowding and reduce accidents. In India, Democracy is: BUY the people… FAR from people… OFF the people… Leslie Almeida ......................................................................... TOWARDS A SAFER 2013… With the start of the new year 2013, safety has become a key word. e city will have two safety weeks this year. e Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) is holding its Road Safety Week and Railways like Western and Central already have Rail Safety Week on. It is tragically ironical then, that while these initiatives are being held with all the discussion and debate about commuting safety in the city, accidents both on the tracks and the road continue - literally mocking these efforts. Recently the Central Railway mega block resulted in frustrated commuters hanging out of packed compartments resulting in the death of three persons. On the other hand, two road accidents have taken place at Marine Drive in the vicinity where the Road Safety Week was recently inaugurated. While the safety Weeks are held to reinforce safe commuting, it is evident that much more needs to be done. Stricter speed monitoring and more speed cameras can improve efficacy. e crack down on drunk driving may have

loopholes, but it has yielded results. e Railways need better and cleaner public address systems - and fail proof indicators; so that panic on platform can be avoided. e media has repeatedly stressed that the gap between train and platform is huge, resulting in commuters slipping crowded trains. en, there is the perennial malaise of crossing tracks with greater urgency. e onus of safety of course, lies on commuters too, Safety Weeks at best can bring about some awareness. e implementation has to be in all the weeks that follows these efforts; otherwise they remain cosmetic, lip service to the cause. Bhagwan adani ......................................................................... MALIGNING MY NAME (reply to Shyma Kulkarni’s letter to the Editor, titled ‘A Teacher’s Opinion’, published in BB Dec 2012 issue) Since there is a campaign to malign my name, I have to bring the following to your notice - and then you can frame your opinion. - Why and how the school was forced to close down. Would it take the Trustees 30 years to diversify, if they were interested financially? Does she know? -at when the School closed, which was a Primary School at the time of closing - there were only 18 students. - at the Grant was stopped ages ago - and most importantly this School used to cater to the economically weaker section of the Community. - at, since all the slums, chawls in and around had disappeared and high rise buildings had come up, many chose to opt for schools in the surrounding area: like St. Elias's, St. eresa's, St. Anne's, etc. Further, since the school was only upto 4th std., it became a difficult task to get admission for these children - and this was one of the reasons that children opted out. It was not that the Trustees were not wanting to build a full fledged school. Many big donors were approached viz. Mahindra, Nanavati and Chatrabhuj Narsee, etc. but with no luck. Finally, one Lokhandwalla came forth with a proposal - and the design for a full fledged school with a Laboratory, Library, etc was designed and even put on display. However, to our bad luck, Mr. and Mrs. Lokhandwalla died in a plane crash - and his so called partner Mr. Gurbux held us at ransom. Not being financially sound, he kept us in abeyance. We managed to run the school with monies put in by the Trustees, as also with interest from the earnest money paid by Lokhandwalla. e PJ club which was already in existence, coerced the Trustees to enhance the Sporting facilities - and hence the club came into existence. It is a crying shame to deprive children who enjoy playing football, hockey etc. - and were being coached by National coaches. e 3 disgruntled persons had no other intention than to target the Trustees. ey went to the extent of bringing officials from the Talati's office on an earlier occasion and tried to cut the netting of the playground, till we had to call the Police and stall this illegal action of theirs. e net had been erected to stop the ball from hitting

passers by - or breaking windscreens of the cars. Spastic children from a School up the road use the swimming pool - and also join in other activities. Today the school which has not been touched - and which was closed following the due process of the law (one class per year) and with the permissions of the concerned authorities, run Yoga Classes, Bharat Natyam Classes, Chess Classes, etc. - as also a Gym. Further, all accounts have been submitted to the Charity Commissioner. - Has anybody cared to visit the site - and then make open statements? - Is anybody aware that a Municipal School is just a stone's throw away from SAISA. is has also been closed over the years. Why do people not look into this, from a teacher’s viewpoint and feel aghast? - and what does "more lucrative plans" mean? - Does anybody know that one of the Trustees is involved with members of an Association in monitoring the Municipals Schools in the H/W Ward - and volunteers go into slums to try and get children to fill in seats, etc. ey do this by convincing them of all the goodies they are entitled to -

EDIT PAGE viz. bags, shoes, compass boxes, raincoats, etc etc. - as also aernoon meals? e Trustees tried their level best to draw in more students - but with not response. Trustees have paid salaries from their own pockets during difficult times. All should know, that anybody who is so eager to spread education – should please revive the Marathi Municipal School. Schools today have become commercialized - and wouldn't it be lucrative also to start a School on modern lines? Anandani akoor, SAISA Chairperson

Write to us! 401 Anica, 28 St. Paul Road, Opp. Laxmichand General Stores, Bandra (w), Mumbai 050 Vol. IV Issue 1> R.N.I. No. : MAHENG/8-102010/12646 Editor: Merck D’Silva > Printed & Published by Creative Concepts, 401 Anica, 28 St. Paul Road, Near Bandra Gymkhana, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050 Printed at Marwah Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai - 400 072

New Beginnings… setbacks to comebacks… Flourishing Finish Dear Readers, January is invariably the best time for new beginnings – in our personal & professional life. Ringing out the old year & ringing (or should it be bringing) in the new year has that special nostalgic feeling of time – to the tune of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, right from the stroke of midnight. e lyrics tell it all… Here, in Bandra – the happening suburb, this month will see a lot of school & reunions, associations and groups having their annual day, where family & friends re-unite to bond once again over a good meal with beverages. e cool atmosphere adds to the perfect ambience for such bonhomie. With the holiday season over, it’s time to get back to work with renewed vigour… and what better time, than the beginning of a new year. e issue of personal security is buzzing around the minds of everyone. Women, children and senior citizens are so targets. So, if we do not take any counter action to avoid any problems, sooner or later - we are bound to be a victim of such crime against society. At a personal level, we need to strengthen our defenses – better health, fitter bodies, alert minds, avoiding ‘shady’ places & circumstances. e administration can do a lot to create a safer environment for their citizens. But, being wise & playing safe is our best bet. e recent anti-rape protest candle-lit march on Carter Promenade portrayed the pent-up anger of our suburb, regarding this burning issue – and how we should deal with the situation at hand. We need to be pro-active and support such events, that are the birthplace of activism – leading to corrective action by all concerned. is gruesome gang-rape in Delhi has ignited a new resolve to solve this drastic issue, facing the entire nation. Look around – our roads and civic amenities have improved over the years. But Bandra still has many spots that remain as ‘eyesores’ in this otherwise beau-

tiful suburb. On our part, waste segregation management at home – is an excellent way to start the process of a ‘Cleaner & Greener Bandra’. Our ever-vigilant HWest Ward ALM’s are up in arms with the authorities to see that they do their duty – and rightly so. With Republic Day coming up, we will soon be having parades & speeches that create the right atmosphere for national patriotic zeal – that overpowers local regional identity. Bandra has her fair share of flag-hoisting events – when the tricolour takes centre-stage. Wishing you a ‘Happy Republic Day’, and may we all progress as one nation – to new heights.

Regards, Merck N. D’Silva Editor-In-Chief DISCLAIMER Reasonable effort has gone into developing the correctness of content in this issue of Bandra Buzz - for accuracy and including up-to-date information. However, we assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions, which may arise due to human error or any other reason. e views of articles / reports published in this issue & written by various contributing authors are not necessarily that of the editorial board, publisher or owner. e validity of information and views printed herein is the sole responsibility of the concerned contributing author / individual writer of the article. Bandra Buzz does not take any responsibility whatsoever, for any resulting consequences, that may arise – because of any involved error. Legal disputes, if any, will be resolved as under Mumbai Jurisdiction only.


Bandra Buzz

January 2013


How safe are women in Bandra? On National Television, a frail and pretty lass from Delhi, recently lamented, “Do you know how afraid I am, because daily I have to dodge potential rapists, on my way to college?” Is this how our young girls feel in other cities too, in Mumbai? en, it is time to worry and be very afraid for our female children who need to get out of the safety of their homes for education... and so many other purposes. Till recently, Mumbai was known to be a safe city for women. It is no more, say voices across the city, and from all over India. Bandra too has changed - and citizens ought to sit up and take note, what has changed in the last decade? Any Mumbaikar living here for a couple of decades, would have easily observed the downward slide of this city - from a regal, majestic and disciplined one into a glitzy, crumbling, indifferent metro; frayed at the edges and bursting at the seams. It is particularly painful to watch the queen of suburbs, Bandra descending into the present appalling condition of chaos and disorder. e underbelly of this rich suburb is evident in the sleazy joints and the disrespect shown to women and the elderly in public. e huge leap in floating population, the unplanned glut of new buildings, the mushrooming of bars/pubs; combined with the apathy of the administration have collectively transformed Bandra into a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any time.

ough most of the crimes against women go unreported, just one incident of the kind that happened in Delhi will act as the spark that will set the haystack of Bandra on fire! And like every problem, women are at the receiving end, affected on all sides. To cite just one example - walking on Hill Road, elbowing through the throng of unruly crowds; returning aer catching a glimpse of their screen hero, is a daunting experience for any female. e clash of cultures is very much in evidence. Brought up to think that all females are possessions to be owned, and that the fashionable attire is an invitation to ogle, grope or more…the outsiders may be tempted to resort to venting their passions on any female at hand. is is not restricted to Hill road alone, even the once idyllic lanes of Bandra are becoming out of bounds for our young girls and women, out on their own. e traditions of Bandra have drastically undergone a sea change for the worse. Living in the plethora of buildings, it is convenient to live like ‘frogs in the well’ - without taking the trouble of getting to know one’s neighbour or bonding with society for common good. e increase in the number of incidents of chain-snatching, eve teasing and groping on roads and public places can be attributed to the general indifference and self-centeredness of the people living in the area. Not very long ago, concern for the

safety of women out for work, education, entertainment, marketing etc. used to be the responsibility of the whole community, living in the quiet suburb of Bandra. With the burgeoning of Bandra, priorities have changed; leaving no room for additional responsibilities. Rapid progress may have changed the face of Bandra but the problem is that the Civic administration and the police have failed to prioritize the issues. Clearing the freeways for smooth movement of traffic and pedestrians may reduce the jostling on our roads. Stricter policing is the need of the hour. Police personnel can do better with their blinkers off- shooing away courting couples is not as important as registering FIRs when women lodge complaints of harassment, domestic violence and molestation. Treat the complaints of women however illiterate, as top priority, for they are the mothers, sisters and daughters of this society. At the Community Centres in Bandra, one can hear the pathetic tales of women who have ventured to complain to the police and have been lectured upon for complaining about their own masters (husbands who live off them and assault them in return)! For the youth, the present atmosphere in the suburb seems to be conducive to healthy growth without gender bias. e numerous schools and colleges in Bandra provide opportunities to youth to interact

freely and grow together in wisdom and knowledge without any underlying currents. is can be utilized to dispense information to change the mindset of growing teenagers. It is not possible to change the laws of attraction but we can teach people to respect them. Building a safer community for all concerned and especially for women will need each one to grow in awareness of the social problems. Taking proactive measures collectively will certainly help in the long run. Buildings and housing societies can come together at regular intervals to invest time and energy into proven deterrents to crime such as stricter security agencies, CCTVs, citizen patrols and other similar measures that may be operated in conjunction with the local BMC Corporator and Police. Investigating an offense against women however insignificant, may deter the perpetrator from growing into a fullfledged criminal. As fathers, sons and brothers, even those living ensconced in luxury and security should take the responsibility of making all our girls and women feel safe and free when they are away from home. e police by their presence and de handling, should instil more confidence in the citizens that unitedly they can make Bandra safe for all women! Vera Alvares

06 January 2013

Bandra Buzz


Colour Drama starts by going ‘Green’

Ms. Natasha D’Costa, founder of Color Drama With Doomsday now out of sight for another few hundred years, it is time we save the ever depleting Earth by ‘going green’ and recycling waste. In fact, ‘up cycling’ it too - rather than just dumping it around. And what better way, than using it to create artistic items! Colour Drama - started by Ms. Natasha D’Costa, initially made the use of colours to create murals on walls and furniture too. But then, she thought recycling is a better way of creating artistic items.

FRANCIS REAL ESTATE Buying and Selling of flats, plots, offices Company lease, paying guest, leave & license for expats, etc.

A nature lover herself, she says, “I love nature - and it’s deplorable to see bottles being thrown in our waterfalls, rivers and sea. inking about it, I decided it’s now time to UPCYCLE. In other words, this is the way to create something more useful from all this waste around.” She wants us to realize, how we can make useful things out of all those PET bottles; which we throw and see other people throwing around too. Keeping this idea in mind, that is how she came about to make it a ‘Green’ Christmas in Bandra - by creat-

ing a twelve-foot plastic bottle Christmas Tree. e tree situated at Mount Carmel Church became an instant hit - and was well accepted and supported by the community too. Natasha and her group, taking the initiative of ‘Upcycling’ a step further - plan on making a ‘Plastic Bottle Bench’ which can be used by people. e bench being the first, she plans on making various other types of furniture - in which she intends to use these ‘PET plastic bottles’. e agenda is already set - they are branching out into

making innovative lights from recycled items. Also they are conducting extensive research on the reuse of ‘PET plastic bottles’ which they could use to make creative and beautiful artwork. eir prime focus by using PET plastic bottles to make creative and artistic items is to create ‘awareness’ among people about the reusability of these products. What we term as ‘waste’ today, would otherwise simply be polluting the environment. If you thought that was it, you are wrong! Colour Drama does not leave itself out in any way in doing its bit towards the environment. Natasha at Colour Drama plans on making a ‘Do it yourself ’ kit where she intends to provide the framework and instructions on how we can make our own table, chair, bench and much more. Asking her about plans for the future, Natasha says, “I plan on mass producing these items to create awareness and inculcate an ‘UPCYCLE’ Culture. I can also customise these furniture items as per requirement. e time has come when WE all want to BE the CHANGE.” A wonderful thought like this, which is not hard for us in our daily lives - and where we can help materialize and do our bit for the environment should definitely resonate not only among people in Bandra, but across the city too. Nascimento Pinto Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues

Annemater Skylarks football club win Vailankanni Cup

Contact: Francis Mob: 9821233197|9819996438 Ph: 02226451613 Email:

Melville Murzello (first left) with his team Annemater Skylarks e coveted Vailankanni Cup was up for grabs at the finals of the two day tournament, played at Mt. Mary Steps Municipal Ground on 16th December 2012 – with 16 teams participating in ‘Rink Football’ style. e finalists: Annemater Skylarks & Warriors were both playing well. e cheering crowd was waiting to see some results – and soon! ere was tension in the air. en a ‘zero-angle’ stunner goal at the end of the first half, scored by Anthony D’Souza (later declared as ‘Man of the Match’); tilted the balance in favour of Annemater Skylarks. Warriors tried hard, but could not equalize. So, at the final whistle, the winners

jumped for joy. ‘Vailankanni Sports Club’, the organizers are led by Andrew Joseph (club owner) – and ably supported by Johnny D’Souza & Sunil Shelar. e winning team club is owned by Melville J. Murzello – who had started it on 15th August 1980. Besides the Cup, the winners also got a cash prize of Rs. 5,000/-, a highend scent bottle for the ‘Man of the Match’ and a new football. e crowd was happy to watch a wonderful match, that kept everyone on the edge at all times. To join the ‘Annemater Skylarks’ team for future matches, please call Melville on 98202 32862.


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Rizvi is Inter-Collegiate Boxing Champion

January 2013

Mahayudh - Football Championship The hunt for Maharashtra's Best Footballer's Western India Football Association (WIFA) has come up with an ambitious and strategic community development initiative to develop and grow football in the state of Maharashtra. Mahayudh is one such initiative which will be Maharashtra's Biggest Football Tournament, with over 50,000 players expected to participate in over 30 districts. Participation will be FREE with no limit to the number of school teams that can participate. Even players who are not of a school team or who are not in school can form their own team and participate in the talent hunt. Highlights include: - Opportunity to play in Maharashtra's biggest Football tournament - Opportunity to represent Districts,Clubs

Tournament host, Rizvi College, Bandra was declared the winner of the 85th Intercollegiate Boxing Tournament of Mumbai University, on its campus – with around 78 colleges participating in the men & women section. Dr. A. H. Rizvi, an eminent Bandraite had earlier inaugurated the sports tournament. In the final analysis, Rizvi College of Arts, Science & Commerce emerged as the overall Champion, winning 3 gold (Mr. Krishna Kamble – 51 kg., Mr. Faiyaz Khan – 54 kg. & Mr. Shadab Siddique – 57 kg.) and 2 bronze medals (Mr. Shani Yadav – 60 kg. & Mr. Irshad Ali Chaudary – 64 kg.). is is the 10th time, that Rizvi Col-

lege has won the Governor Wilson Trophy for boxing. Mumbai University Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Naresh Chandra presided over the prize distribution, along with dignitaries from the academic & sports field. Speaking at the occasion, the Principal Dr. Farooqui M.Z. said that besides sports, Rizvi College was also good in academics & drama – so it is an all-round development for students. He elaborated that credit for this is due to the hon. President Dr. A.H. Rizvi, Mr. Abis Rizvi (Secretary) & Mr. Javed Rizvi (Trustee) – who are the moving spirit & guiding force behind such extra-ordinary success. Sir Minaz

and ultimately Maharashtra - Opportunity to play against the best in Maharashtra Categories: Under 14 Boys Under 16 Boys Under 18 Boys Date & Venue 23rd,24th & 25th Jan 2013 Dr.Norman Lewis (Supari Talao) grounds, Bandra (West) For Details: Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Ryan Menezes : 979979307 Sydney Alexander: 9920274202 Sodhna Shetty: 9820277024

KITES AHOY! Sunday aernoon saw eager fliers, spanning generations; come together over colourful kites, firkis and biryani. St. Andrew’s School Grounds had an umbrella of kites flying over it. Some stayed high up in the sky, while others soared across the field. Still others, that completed its purpose much too soon; carpeted the grounds sparsely. It was fun to watch. While grandfathers demonstrated their flying skills, their little grandchildren looked on in excitement; eagerly waiting to try their hand too. An aernoon of ‘fun in the sun’ that successfully brought out many families from the neighbourhood to indulge in some laughter and frolic had a scrumptious end. We hope that these organizers find many more reasons to get together as this was one delightful day!

IT CAN HAPPEN ONLY IN BANDRA.... I always have been fascinated with Bollywood and the celebrity world, ever since I can remember. Being a Bandra girl - and having legends like Rajesh Khanna, Sunil Dutt, Salman Khan, and Sanjay Dutt just a stone’s throw away; one could not help, but look out for them wherever we went. (In the 1980’s and early 90’s the Shahrukh Khans and Saifs were still not a part of our elite space) Being a daredevil - and not one to stand in the wings and rely on ‘chance or a middle person’ to do the honours for me, whenever I have wanted to meet any celebrity; I used my own teenage scheming mind to do so. And I must admit in all humility, that I have met whoever I wanted until now. As a teenager, I recall my friends and me driving all around Bandra in our Contessa car, which my dad very kindly used to let out to me for tuitions and ‘’collecting notes from friends’’. Most days we put his trust to good use, by bullying our driver to go up and down the patch outside Galaxy apartments where heart throb 'Salman Khan'( in those days better known as Prem for his debut in ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’) lived. Finally, one day aer hanging around his gates for hours (yes - embarrassing as it sounds now) our wish came true - and he agreed to see us. My friend Mona Lisa took her excitement one step further - and wore the tiniest black skirt ever. All of 16 years, we both walked inside his living room nervously - where Sallu bhai was sitting on his dining table with a huge watermelon cut open in front of him - and wearing a bright orange sweater looking as much a ‘dude’ he was then, as he is now. Introducing herself, my friend blurted, ''…am Mona Lisa but you can call me Mona as in the song ‘Hey Mona’'. She almost started serenading him with the good old 60's song. I felt like kicking her for the utter lack of tact - but he shot her a charming smile in return. Sensing my numbness and probably knowing the effect he had on his young fans, he asked me ’’do you want some water melon?’’. I was just about to help myself to a slice, but better sense prevailed - and I shook my head, coyly adding ’’We are your big fans’’. (Even a two year old would have figured that out!) ''Really? at's so good to know! If I knew this before, I would have invited you over sooner,'' he replied in the usual ‘Salman style humour’, and both of us 16 year olds turned redder than that melon. Not knowing what else to say, we scooted out, jumped into our shiny blue vehicle, drove back home - promising each other we would never do something so crazy again. Our promise lasted for about three weeks, until we decided it was time to stop by another unsuspecting celebrity. But that’s another month....maybe.......... Kai


An initiative of the 'Mission SONshine' team of St. Andrews Parish!

Francesca Mascarenhas


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Coffee with a bit of Karma! I use only Turkish Coffee - and a wide rimmed round cup for reading. Does a client have to come with a positive frame of mind for a good reading?| It’s more important to have an open mind. If someone has lost their job or had a break up in their relationship, I don’t expect them to come with a positive mind. ey are disturbed are seeking help. When guidance comes their way they should be open to understand - and execute the same in their lives. Do you also do ‘crystal ball gazing’ to peek into the future? My Cup is my Crystal Ball. It’s about ‘communication’ with the universe.

Simran Singh, Coffee Reader As spiritual healing, seeking answers to the unknown and personal issues, find a solution by looking within; there is a sudden spurt of innovative ways, to connect with your inner self. A conversation with Simran Singh, introduces Bharat Gupta to the art of Coffee Reading - and the power of intuition. Read on to find out more!

Are you also a spiritual psychic advisor? How do you go about this job? As I said before, ‘Coffee Reading’ or any other method - is just a tool. e base has to be intuitive - and then comes being psychic. Intuition is based on feelings. You get such as gut feelings about things; whereas being psychic involves seeing visions, hearing information, knowing things emphatically and feeling things as well. So, I am very much a spiritual psychic advisor. When you are psychic, you connect beyond the self to others - the past, present and future. We are all intuitive, but not everyone is psychic. e truth is - you don’t have to be. So, the short answer is - you don’t need to be psychic to be intuitive, but you need to be intuitive to be psychic.

What is it that led you into alternative ways of healing? My intuition, has always given me the ability to read into symbols and signs. I can feel the energies of places - and the people How do you deal with colour healing, that I meet. through paintings? How did you become interested in ‘coffee I do two kinds of paintings. e first kind involves the free flow of light onto the Canreading’? I had intuitive flashes, from the time I was vas, which also incorporates the color. a little kid. Coffee Reading is all about in- Color is the only energy one can see with tuition. It is the base of any kind divina- the naked eye. is is based on energy tion. I had been doing readings for my transfer, as the law of thermodynamics family and friends for years, but took it states that,“Energy is neither created nor professionally; when I was going through destroyed; but is changed from one form a personal crisis. Seeking guidance outside to another”. is color healing painting didn’t help at all - and in the process, I helps in balancing the rhythm of ‘body turned inwards. As this Voice of Divine chakras’. e second kind is known as Manhelped me, I believed it would help others too. Knowing how to read symbols and dalas. Mandalas are created with great sings, I took to ‘Coffee Reading’. With pos- focus, channeling light vibrations and itive feedback and people’s love, there was healing energy. Resonating with certain vino looking back - and I found the strength brations needed to open us up, they calm us, heal us or lighten us. Mandalas bring a through this, to walk on this path. shi in consciousness to unity, peace, harCan you tell us which figures seem to mony - awakening the soul to its full pobring good luck to the client aer the tential. ey can help us see what is going on within us - in our heart and soul. We final sip? ere are various symbols, that are related cannot see the unconscious directly, so we to positive luck; like fish, star, arch, pear need some kind of mirror - with which we and so on. But their meaning and interpre- can see the dynamic forces that operate tation depends on the placement in the within us. Mandala art provides us with cup - and can actually mean the opposite! such a mirror. Spending time with Mandala Art enNo one symbol is read alone. It is the group of symbols which gives the whole picture courages our inner genius to awaken, communicate and express itself. Mandala Art of the situation. leads us into integrating, centering & balAre all readings hundred percent accu- ancing ourselves. rate? I think the best testimony comes from the people who have got their readings done from me over the years. For 100% accu- Simran Singh racy, a lot of factors come into play - the 9323151950 / 9833553045 most important, being the openness and clarity in the person seeking guidance. a special kind of brewed coffee and cup Spiritual-Coffee-Cup-Reader-and-Healer Fee per reading Rs.3000/used for coffee reading?

January 2013


Live life in color ‘It is that time of the year when we say goodbye to the old and welcome the NEW! It is a time to reflect on our aspirations, a time for change and yes “Resolutions”! MyNew Yearresolution is to LIVE LIFE IN COLOR!! Simply because color makes me happy and that is what I intend to be all year round. If you did not already know, color has a direct relation to your mood, hence through this article I am going to try and infuse some color into your lives too. Did you also know, painting is one of the cheapest decorating tools! Use it to upli and freshen up your space. In any room there is always scope for one wall to receive a pattern or a strong color, which will then become the focal point of that room.

ful neon yellow or green. I suggest using the neon’s in small doses or it may get overbearing. My next resolution is to follow “e 3 D’s”. Donate, Distribute and Discard! We all are guilty of buying more than we need, not only does this leave us with a big hole in our pockets but also with overflowing closets. e more storage space you have the more stuff you will accumulate. However small or big your home, a well-organized space, a few striking pieces of art is all you need to make a great impression. So go ahead empty those closets, discard the junk, open up your windows, let light and air breathe in new energy into your space. In the picture above Lilac and Taupe stripes is is my mantra for a happy home and adorn this wall, the other walls could be happy me! painted a neutral color such as vanilla. Use splashes of the chosen color around the room. In this case lilac is used on the lamp- Are you suffering from a design disease? shade and armchair. Let me find you a cure Or choose a neutral color as your base such as grey and inject it with a bit of play-


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January 2013


HAIR TO STAY! Hair Stylist Rohan Pagar comes back to Bandra with new styles and a global perspective. Bharat Gupta caught up with him and got a lowdown on his journey. Hair styling and coloring is going to find a new definition as Rohan Pagar is ready to start Color Bar, a first of its kind lounge based hair coloring system at Sam’s Studio here in Bandra. Gaining experience at America’s Top hair coloring Company Goldwell Inc in New York and also with Giogrio Limpopo and Alfaparf in Miami; Pagar’s forte in creative cutting and coloring has already generated a buzz in Bandra! From a conventional science background, Rohan followed his heart and took up a career in Hair styling, a decision that is ready to bear its fruit and put him on the map to success. ‘My aim is to gain an expertise in every aspect of Hair and beauty, Rohan Pagar, Hair Stylist and use my administrative and creative ability. I wish to work in a global environment’, says Rohan who already has certifications from the best in the industry including Wella, L’oreal and Schwarzkopf. Having styled ace cricketer Yuvraj Singh, Bollywood stars Fardeen Khan and Preity Zinta; Rohan’s body of experience is testimony to his capability. In this field for over a decade, Rohan Pagar’s dedication has made him a name to reckon with. e international exposure already makes him a favourite back home for his extensive knowledge on global trends and styles. From hair styling for both men and women to chemical process, Rohan brings his own individual touch that sets him apart. You can get in touch with Rohan Pagar on +91 9819863002 or mail him on For those who’ve already got their phone’s in their hand, a little birdie tells us that there is a 50% discount on Tuesdays as an arrival offer!

5 wardrobe essentials for every boy and girl PLAIN TEES

n’t matter. It’s the most comfortable and sometimes dreadful underwear. Everyone must have had that one embarrassing or universally accepted - it’s a classic. funny moment, when their friend is running and their jeans fell. erefore, the saviour of the day is that one belt - that everyone must have. PERFUME

Plain color tees are a must in every man, BLACK BELT woman, boy and girl’s wardrobe. A plain tee can go with almost any and everything whether it’s a long skirts, high waist pants, cargos, jeans, short skirts... For boys that refuse to shop - and find themselves in a fix while going out for parties, this is a perfect solution to their problems. A plain white tee and a pair of blue or black jeans - and you’re done. For girls, however tricky your bottom is, the best answer to all this is a tricky question. e solution to any low raises jeans that save every chance to show your underwear BLUE JEANS or butt crack. ere have been several times Do I need to even explain myself? Plain when we all go out and always have a friend blue jeans straight fit - is meant to be in or two sitting with their jeans so low that everybody’s wardrobe, it even goes without even if no one wants to, they have to look saying. Wear it one day or everyday, it does- at their ugly butt cracks - and colorful or

Body odour is such a turn off. Whether you’re at class, in the gym, at a party or at work, there is just no excuse to smell bad. So many times we are out and there must be that one friend who even though you like, you don’t want to be around just because they smell bad. For men, I suggest perfumes like Gucci guilty, Isseymiyake, Armani. For women I absolutely love Victoria’s Secret ‘vixen’, VIP 212, New York, Chanel no 5 and Escada. WATCH e one element that can change your look from shabby to smart. Wearing a watch

makes you look serious, professional and smart. It gives ones personality and a sense of respect. Many people are known for their good taste in watches, mostly intellectuals. ere are various types of watches available. Different types of people and their different personalities like a plain black or brown strap watch as well as metal watches like silver and gold, sports digital watches. Some of my personal favourite watches are from guess… Rado, Chopard and Rolex.

Sonia Rijhwani

10 January 2013

Bandra Buzz

Dr. Peter Rodrigues gets a Lifetime Achievement Award

Renowned ENT Surgeon Dr. Peter J. Rodrigues - a resident of Bandra (West), was awarded the 'Dr. L. U. Kripalani' Lifetime Achievement Award; that was part of a grand ceremony held at the C.K. Nayadu Hall, CCI Club, Churchgate - on Sunday, 6th Jan 2013 from 7:30pm onwards. A power-point presentation highlighted the background of the life Dr. J. Peter Rodrigues – with his varied activities in all walks of life. His citation read: “ Dr. J. Peter Rodrigues - You are an eminent and renowned ENT Surgeon, practicing in the ‘A’ Ward. You have actively served our association and educating our members in the art & science of ENT Medical practice. You have served the underprivileged of our city at the St. George’s Hospital & Grant Medical College. You have been conferred many coveted titles and received awards and accolades for your many lifetime

achievements in your profession. e A Ward Medical Association of Mumbai awards you the Dr. L. U. Kripalani Memorial Award for your Lifetime Achievements”. In his reply to a packed audience, Dr. Peter thanked all those involved - and added, “is is a proud moment in my life, that I will always cherish”. He elaborated how the leadership of Dr. Kriplani had inspired him to be the best & serve society. Aer the award ceremony, the 100+ invitees had an entertaining session of singing & dancing. Dr. Peter, who is also known as the 'Singing Doctor' among Mumbai's party social circles - sang a swinging song that enthralled the crowd. is event ended with a sumptuous dinner. Congratulations! You have made Bandraites proud to have you among us.


Bond of Boys 2013 Celebrating 150 years of Jesuit education and value-centered dedication, St Stanislaus High School, held it’s annual ‘Bond of Boys 2013’ at the school background on the 5th of January, 2013. e celebrations started off with the traditional lighting of the lamp; followed by notable guests being escorted by the School Council. A heart-warming introduction was given by the Principal, Rev. Fr. Jude Fernandes S.J. who spoke about the sesquicentenary anniversary of this Jesuit Foundation and the various milestones that the institution has trodden upon. To revive lost memories and to rejuvenate timeless classics, an audio-visual, prepared by a senior ex-student encapsulated the many feats and wonders that St. Stanislaus has achieved since it's existence. It created a nostalgic scenario wherein boys and men alike felt all but the need to return to school and re-live those fabulous, worth-cherishing memories. ereaer, various ex-students per-

formed in multi-cultural events like singing, dancing and acting. It so seemed that the tables, which were well adorned according to each respective year of batch welcomed one and all to their own ’tiny havens’. Hoards of ex-students grouped with their own class mates and teachers; chatted, joked and even clicked memorable photographs. Talking about careers, current life styles, etc. over dinner, young and old alike entertained themselves to their hearts’ content. A Teacher remarked that seeing a mischievous little 'brat' become a well-to-do disciplined doctor or a professional in his life; is indeed God’s Masterpiece of Creation! Yes! Such quality education supersedes all that we need in our troubled world, to see a child bloom into a wondrous citizen who looks upon his/her school with pride and says ‘All that I am today is because of what I learnt at my 'Alma Mater'!’ Joshua Jonathan Norris

Bandra Buzz Team

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January 2013


The Den Typically Bandra happening hangout!

A great place for a first date - or just ‘chilling out’ with your friends, this month Bandra Buzz picks Bandra’s ‘e Den’ for fun, frolic and gastronomic pleasure! Where do we go... when the busy Mumbai roads, the hectic schedules and the stressful weeks leave us haggard and fatigued? We head to our favourite restaurant or bar. And... If you find a place that has both good food and drinks, that give you just the right kind of high; what could be more awesome, right? So this month we head to ‘e Den’! Starting out in February, 2010 - as Bandra’s first exclusive wine bar, e Den was and still is known for its good collection of wines - both domestic and international.

e Den re-opened aer renovation with a whole new look in December 2012 - and gained a reputation as one of the best bars for cocktails and wines, pretty quickly. It has the feel of a contemporary European hangout bar. In fact, on the night our reviewers went, it was packed till the roof! And like every Bandra happening place, this is also small in size. But this little treasure, with its revamped menu, has a lot more to offer now, than it did before. An ambience that is snug and inviting, with cocktails that’ll leave you wanting more mouth-watering food, e Den has brought its A-game to the table - and is a definite competitor for the finest bars in the city. Now, something about what we absolutely loved. Among the vegetarian appetizers, the

Mushroom Florentine (Rs. 220/-) with its cheesy filling - and what we can only describe as deliciously fresh mushrooms, stole our hearts. e Tuscany Potato (Rs. 200/-) was a close second in that race. Among the Non-vegetarian appetizers, the Fish Fingers (Rs. 350/-) definitely le our reviewer licking her fingers. e Honey Mustard Chicken (Rs. 250/-) was just as good! e main course looked so appetizing, that even though we were almost full from all the appetizers; there wasn’t a scrap of food le on our plates! We recommend the Chef ’s Choice Pizza (Rs. 280/-) for the vegetarians and the Grilled Fish in Brandy Pepper Sauce (Rs. 480/-) for the non-vegetarians. Full already? Wait! Make some room for the amazing Blackjack Beer Cocktail (Rs. 220/-

). Want more? Try out the Tequila Sunrise (Rs. 350/-) Still want more? Go get a ‘Sex on the Beach’ (Rs. 350/-) and as Michael Jackson would sing, Dont Stop Till you Get Enough! e Den, a reasonably priced comfy bar, with its ‘feel-good’ music and atmosphere should definitely be on your ‘must-try’ list this month. It was on ours and we had a fabulous time! Where: Prabhat Kunj, Shop No. 3, 4, Near KFC, 24th Road, Khar (W) Time: 12pm - 1am Call: 98213 02348 Reeth P Arora & Suryaa Rangarajan

Break the Blues

Head to Out of the Blue! Cosy, comfortable, appealing to the gastronomically inclined and offering great service; OOTB will surely get your mind on to the delectable food on the menu. A snug feeling wraps around you like a blanket on a cold rainy day. Dimly lit wooden interiors calm your senses and you have delicious food. is is what comes to mind, when you have to write a review for ‘Out of the Blue’. Yes, it is true that you might have to wait a while on weekends, when the restaurant is packed to the roof, but, as the very many patrons of Out of the Blue say, “It is completely worth

it”. Starting with the Bruschetta at Rs. 295, our reviewers loved how the cheese, tomato and garlic interspersed to make this one unforgettable dish. Having had a good start to their evening in the Japan inspired part of the restaurant - with comfortable low seating and soothing live music, they moved on to the Fondues. e Desi Fondue at Rs. 535, which is an original Out of the Blue creation, stole their hearts - and the Chicken and Ham fondue wasn’t far behind! Another House Favourite, which was also ranked high among the reviewers’ favourites was the Penne Masala Mafia, a delicious fusion white sauce flavoured with coriander, tomato, bell peppers and green chilli. It was the highlight of the evening, among the main course items on the menu - and the Chicken in Lemon Sauce sizzler priced at Rs. 425 placed second in that race. e evening ended on a wonderful note, because of the delicious Mango and chilli cheese cake, which was crowned Miss Universe among all the desserts! We recommend going on a weekday to really enjoy the ambience - and the daily specials are a delightful bonus. On the 18th of January, Out of the Blue, Bandra, is launching the ‘Friday Spa Lunch’. It is an opportunity to pamper yourself with a lavish lunch. e menu includes a splendid buffet with a whole lot of salads, sumptuous dips, assorted breads, mouth-watering main course, yummy desserts and a live counter; where you can get the best organic food! Reasonably priced at Rs. 495 plus taxes, you can also enjoy a refreshing welcome drink; while getting a

makeover or a hand / foot massage! We wouldn’t miss it for the world. Where: Out of the Blue, Le Sutra Hotel, 14 Union Park, Khar (W) Time: 12:30 pm - 1:30 am Call: 26003000/1, 9324839393 Reeth P Arora & Suryaa Rangarajan


January 2013

Bandra Buzz


Adv. Ashish Shelar (M.L.C.) organises free medical camp

Around 200 people from all walks of life benefitted from the free medical camp organized by Adv. Ashish Shelar MLC & his team, at the Bandra Reclamation Transit Camp on 5th Jan 2013, from 9am to 3pm. e medical tests were conducted by ‘Seven Hills Hospital’ staff. ese tests included blood pressure, ECG, blood tests – like CBC,BMI, Diabetis(sugar test), blood group test, malaria test, ENT, bone density, etc. In his inaugural speech, Adv. Ashish Shelar spoke of the importance of health & well-being for a successful India. Mr.

Santosh Ghag (Relationship Executive) from Seven Hills Hospital spoke about offering further treatment to those who may need it. Mr. Jeetu Bhai, the person in charge of this camp elaborated about the Mobile Ambulance sponsored by Adv. Ashish Shelar – which moves around Mahim, Bandra, Khar & SantaCruz – and is essentially a full-fledged air-conditioned Pathological Laboratory for various medical check-ups, complete with doctors & nurses. All this is free, for the benefit of all communities. Sir Minaz

Bandra Buzz would like to thank our contributors, advertisers & readers for their constant support Our community is quickly growing and we are fortunate to have people of varied castes with strong views of the area in which we live, work and raise our children. Our intention is to provide a medium for people to express their views. We are currently and will always be looking for photographers and guest columnists. Perhaps you have something to say about ALM issues, education,sports, music, food, fashion, etc. Email:


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January 2013


200 illegal hutments at Bandra Reclamation spring up almost overnight

Illegal slums built at Nargis Dutt Nagar, Bandra Reclamation MLA action report: An attempt to put up illegal hutments was made by some land grabbers. e issue was firstly brought to my attention around 10th December 2012. I immediately informed the office of the H/West Ward and sent a memo for police bandobast on 13th December 2012. I also made a complaint to the MSRDC, regarding the same issue. Initially, due to non-availability of Police bandobast, the demolition of the illegal hutments was not being carried out. en, a request was made to Shri. Vishwas Nagre Patil, Additional Commissioner of Police (Western Suburbs) for deployment

of Police bandobast. A personal meeting was also arranged on 21st December 2012 with him, along with local residents - and the magnitude of the issue was impressed upon him. e demolition was carried out on 21st December 2012 - (with full Police deployment) by the BMC and MSRDC. A letter was also issued to Mr. Deodhar, Chief Engineer, MSRDC - informing him, that on a long term basis; it was very important to maintain the vast open space free from any encroachments. Also, it was necessary to urgently construct a compound wall and deploy security personnel to protect it from any further encroachments.

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I have also proposed construction of a play ground / garden on the open plot for the local citizens at large; subject to the availability of funds with MSRDC. If need be, I would be willing to use my MLA funds for the development of the same. Baba Siddique

the Municipal Commisioner & the VicePresident of MHADA, to take appropriate action. Meanwhile, a complaint was lodged with the BMC and two NCs filed at the Bandra Police Station on 18th Dec 2012, regarding the illegal slums. Adv. Ashish then followed up with the CM to act immediMLC action report: ately & remove the newly constructed hutWhen it was brought to his notice, that ments. around 200 illegal hutments (slums) sudSunil Parab denly came up behind Nargis Dutt Nagar, (P.A. to Adv. Ashish Shelar MLC) Bandra Reclamation on MHADA land reserved for an MSRDC project, Adv. Ashish Top Right Pic : (L to R)Addl Comm of PoShelar MLC swung into action. lice Mr. Vishwas Nagre Patil Shree Baba He raised the issue with the Hon.Chief Siddique (M.L.A.) Mr. Tanveer Patel (MuMinister of Maharashtra Shri Prithviraj nicipal Councillor 97 ward) Mrs. Karen Chauhan; who at once issued an order to D'mello (Municipal Councillor 96 ward)

14 January 2013


Bandra Buzz

Birds of Bandra Bandra is better known for its delicious fugias, instead of whizzing Flycatchers. But, if you manage to put down the gourmet delights - and ‘watch the trees’ in your neighborhood; chances are that you may pick up a far more intoxicating habit.

BARN SWALLOW Well, this is not Barnyard County, but these active fliers have made Bandra their home for some time now. ey appear dull when first sighted, until you appreciate how they maneuver obstacles and each other, while in flight. A great place to observe these aerial acrobats is St Joseph's Convent ground, adjoining Crystal Springs.

ular visitors to Bandra's coast. Over the past few years, the Western Reef Egret has also been making a special appearance. e mangroves on Carter Road are the best waste - and go about their fishing.

e authors are avid birdwatchers and wildlife travel enthusiasts. ey would love to connect with you on facebook at or by email EGRETS using Happy Birde Little and Cattle Egrets have been reg- ing!!

ey fly past our windows, make us say 'no men, you're blind or what? at's not a sparrow!!' and enthrall us with their sweet vocalizations. It's time to fall in love with the Birds of Bandra. Here's how and where you can find some of them: COPPERSMITH BARBET

targeted by a stray drop of Paan. However, it's always in what Andrea likes to call 'Hippety-Hop' mode and will forage around larger trees. It is resident in most areas, particularly active on the trees outside Holy Family Hospital. Eurasian Golden Oriole: Blazing like the sun, moving like a bandit. is bird exhibits a wonderful shade of yellow - and makes an early morning appearance outside some windows. e male has a deeper yellow plumage, while the female has a white front with streaks. Almeida Park is a good place What sounds like a distant cheap horn of an to catch a glimpse of this beauty. auto rickshaw, is actually this bird's signature call. Oen found hopping along Ban- PURPLE RUMPED SUNBIRD dra's many Peepal trees, it's 'Tok tok tok' call is similar to the coppersmith working away. WHITE BREASTED KINGFISHER

You can't mistake it for anything else in flight, particularly when you've seen those electric blue wings. A pair is resident near Otters Club, but one can be found patrolling odd areas like St Peter's Church grounds. A screeching call in short bursts can be heard, when it takes off. TAILORBIRD e male Tailorbird looks like its head was

If your relatives in Bandra talk to you about a ‘bird with a purple crown and a yellow jacket’, there’s no need to get out the breath analyzer (yet). Seeing this bird can have a bit of a hallucinating effect - such is its beauty, when out in bright sunlight. Can oen be seen in pairs, with the female looking a little simpler in a grayish-yellow coat, while the male struts about in breeding plumage of purple (appearing blackish in some light, brilliant blue in some others) and lemon yellow. It favours locations with large flowering trees, such as St. Stanislaus grounds.



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Bandra Buzz

January 2013


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Vol. IV Issue 1  

A community newspaper that connects you with Bandra locals

Vol. IV Issue 1  

A community newspaper that connects you with Bandra locals