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Coffee with a bit of Karma! I use only Turkish Coffee - and a wide rimmed round cup for reading. Does a client have to come with a positive frame of mind for a good reading?| It’s more important to have an open mind. If someone has lost their job or had a break up in their relationship, I don’t expect them to come with a positive mind. ey are disturbed are seeking help. When guidance comes their way they should be open to understand - and execute the same in their lives. Do you also do ‘crystal ball gazing’ to peek into the future? My Cup is my Crystal Ball. It’s about ‘communication’ with the universe.

Simran Singh, Coffee Reader As spiritual healing, seeking answers to the unknown and personal issues, find a solution by looking within; there is a sudden spurt of innovative ways, to connect with your inner self. A conversation with Simran Singh, introduces Bharat Gupta to the art of Coffee Reading - and the power of intuition. Read on to find out more!

Are you also a spiritual psychic advisor? How do you go about this job? As I said before, ‘Coffee Reading’ or any other method - is just a tool. e base has to be intuitive - and then comes being psychic. Intuition is based on feelings. You get such as gut feelings about things; whereas being psychic involves seeing visions, hearing information, knowing things emphatically and feeling things as well. So, I am very much a spiritual psychic advisor. When you are psychic, you connect beyond the self to others - the past, present and future. We are all intuitive, but not everyone is psychic. e truth is - you don’t have to be. So, the short answer is - you don’t need to be psychic to be intuitive, but you need to be intuitive to be psychic.

What is it that led you into alternative ways of healing? My intuition, has always given me the ability to read into symbols and signs. I can feel the energies of places - and the people How do you deal with colour healing, that I meet. through paintings? How did you become interested in ‘coffee I do two kinds of paintings. e first kind involves the free flow of light onto the Canreading’? I had intuitive flashes, from the time I was vas, which also incorporates the color. a little kid. Coffee Reading is all about in- Color is the only energy one can see with tuition. It is the base of any kind divina- the naked eye. is is based on energy tion. I had been doing readings for my transfer, as the law of thermodynamics family and friends for years, but took it states that,“Energy is neither created nor professionally; when I was going through destroyed; but is changed from one form a personal crisis. Seeking guidance outside to another”. is color healing painting didn’t help at all - and in the process, I helps in balancing the rhythm of ‘body turned inwards. As this Voice of Divine chakras’. e second kind is known as Manhelped me, I believed it would help others too. Knowing how to read symbols and dalas. Mandalas are created with great sings, I took to ‘Coffee Reading’. With pos- focus, channeling light vibrations and itive feedback and people’s love, there was healing energy. Resonating with certain vino looking back - and I found the strength brations needed to open us up, they calm us, heal us or lighten us. Mandalas bring a through this, to walk on this path. shi in consciousness to unity, peace, harCan you tell us which figures seem to mony - awakening the soul to its full pobring good luck to the client aer the tential. ey can help us see what is going on within us - in our heart and soul. We final sip? ere are various symbols, that are related cannot see the unconscious directly, so we to positive luck; like fish, star, arch, pear need some kind of mirror - with which we and so on. But their meaning and interpre- can see the dynamic forces that operate tation depends on the placement in the within us. Mandala art provides us with cup - and can actually mean the opposite! such a mirror. Spending time with Mandala Art enNo one symbol is read alone. It is the group of symbols which gives the whole picture courages our inner genius to awaken, communicate and express itself. Mandala Art of the situation. leads us into integrating, centering & balAre all readings hundred percent accu- ancing ourselves. rate? I think the best testimony comes from the people who have got their readings done from me over the years. For 100% accu- Simran Singh racy, a lot of factors come into play - the 9323151950 / 9833553045 most important, being the openness and clarity in the person seeking guidance. a special kind of brewed coffee and cup Spiritual-Coffee-Cup-Reader-and-Healer Fee per reading Rs.3000/used for coffee reading?

January 2013


Live life in color ‘It is that time of the year when we say goodbye to the old and welcome the NEW! It is a time to reflect on our aspirations, a time for change and yes “Resolutions”! MyNew Yearresolution is to LIVE LIFE IN COLOR!! Simply because color makes me happy and that is what I intend to be all year round. If you did not already know, color has a direct relation to your mood, hence through this article I am going to try and infuse some color into your lives too. Did you also know, painting is one of the cheapest decorating tools! Use it to upli and freshen up your space. In any room there is always scope for one wall to receive a pattern or a strong color, which will then become the focal point of that room.

ful neon yellow or green. I suggest using the neon’s in small doses or it may get overbearing. My next resolution is to follow “e 3 D’s”. Donate, Distribute and Discard! We all are guilty of buying more than we need, not only does this leave us with a big hole in our pockets but also with overflowing closets. e more storage space you have the more stuff you will accumulate. However small or big your home, a well-organized space, a few striking pieces of art is all you need to make a great impression. So go ahead empty those closets, discard the junk, open up your windows, let light and air breathe in new energy into your space. In the picture above Lilac and Taupe stripes is is my mantra for a happy home and adorn this wall, the other walls could be happy me! painted a neutral color such as vanilla. Use splashes of the chosen color around the room. In this case lilac is used on the lamp- Are you suffering from a design disease? shade and armchair. Let me find you a cure Or choose a neutral color as your base such as grey and inject it with a bit of play-

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Vol. IV Issue 1  

A community newspaper that connects you with Bandra locals