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February 2012 | Vol. III Issue 2 | Published Monthly

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Bandra girl excels at CAT

amantha Jane Lopez, a resident of Hill Road, obtained a remarkable 99.48 percentile score at the recently declared CAT examinations. She attributes her success to efficient time management, a systematic method of studying, the support of her parents, her interaction with excellent teachers and professors, and the high calibre of her peers at the august institutions in which she studied. She is presently in the final year of the Civil Engineering Course at V.J.T.I Matunga, and has also topped her class this year with a GPA of 9.37. An ex-student of the Bombay Scottish High School and Ruparel College, Mahim, Samantha successfully manages to strike a fine balance between academics and volunteer work that involves taking


daily care of the many stray dogs in her neighbourhood. Her mother says, “I am proud of my daughter's achievements, but while academic success is important, students must be devote some part of their day to help the less fortunate, distressed and needy. Volunteer work builds character, enhances academic performance, instills gratitude and draws blessings. She has been involved in social work since school days when she was President of the Interact Club at Bombay Scottish School." Samantha’s brilliance extends into the realm of music and she has also secured a distinction at the 8th Grade Trinity College Piano Exams. She feels that playing the piano is a great stress buster. The three stray dogs that the family has adopted also

help her to relax and unwind. Samantha is a die-hard Harry Potter fan, a movie buff and enjoys playing chess and basketball. When asked about her future plans, she says that she will either pursue her Masters in Engineering or an MBA, if offered, or accept an on-campus placement job offer from Larsen and Toubro. Vivek Pereira


February 2012

Where have all the Pigs and Cottages gone? “If you tossed a stone up in the air, it would fall down upon either a pig or a Pereira” was an old Bandra saying. In places like Chuim or Chimbai, the prevalent version ended with “a pig or a Fernandes.” Apparently, since there are hardly any pigs left in Bandra, the Pereiras and Fernandes have eaten them all up. But there has been a steady decline in the number of Pereiras and Fernandes in this area as well, due to such factors as migration, the high cost of real estate and the pressure tactics employed by unscrupulous builders. No longer do we see those beautiful cottages with their breathtaking gardens. Bandra has indeed changed a lot and mostly for the worse. We now live in a concrete jungle filled with malls, shopping centres, eateries and mobile stores. This concrete jungle bustles with humans but is devoid of humanity. It is a “might is right” world where kinfolk slap court

cases on each other. This is a far cry from the Bandra of yore. It is as if when the old wells of Bandra were blocked, the old Bandra died and a new one, much adored by our modern teenagers and shopaholics, came into being. And even now the process of change continues as talented musicians compete with recorded music, top notch athletes turn into online gamers and face-to-face conversations are substituted with impersonal greetings on Facebook. “Waterfield Road got its name from the water that collected on the paddy fields when we were school kids,” said Uncle Neville, who then provided me with a nostalgic image of the Bandra of yore.Yes, we need to lament the change that has happened to this queen of suburbs; but we also need to keep an eye on the future and somehow endeavour to cope with this change. Vivek Pereira

S ant a An na

Which churches were in existence when Christianity was in its infancy in Bandra? A Jesuit letter of September 1575 states that the Jesuits were in a small hermitage on top of the hill (now Mount Mary) and lived in bandra fort. In 1577, a house was built which would also serve as a fortress. Between the years 1580-83, about 2000 persons were baptized and the Jesuits report says that "such Christianity deserved a church". This refers to the church of St. Anne that was built in 1583 in the grounds of the fortress which later was occupied by the Bandra slaughter house, and is now occupied by the B.E.S.T bus depot near Bandra Station, as the Mahim creek was often infested by pirates proceeding to Thana and Chaul. In 1599, a church was built through the generosity of a wealthy lady of good social standing. A new church in Bandra, which was subsequently described as the "biggest and the best of all those in the island of salsette" was the parish church of bandra. There is evidence gathered from the indulgence granted by Pope Clement VIII that the hermitage of St. Andrew existed in 1601. However, since in those times, it could have taken about two years for the petition to reach Rome from Bombay, and for the consideration before its sanction, it is very likely that the hermitage

was in existence some years earlier. Could it be possible, that the church being built in 1599 was that of St. Andrew? Incidentally the Jesuit report of 1669 also refers to St. Andrew's Church being built later than St. Anne. This report makes mention that the parish of St. Andrew was formed in 1616, since the parish of St. Anne had grown unwieldy and therefore, an independent parish had to be formed at St. Andrew's to serve the needs of neighbouring villages. The church of St. Anne with the surrounding fortifications were blown up by the English on 25th March 1739, leaving the church of St. Andrew as the only church in Bandra. Other churches and chapels were built later in the nineteenth century. A 17 feet tall cross sculptured from one block of stone was moved to St.Andrews Church. 39 symbols each of the Old and NewTestament are carved on boths sides of the cross. After the destruction of the church of St. Anne in 1739, the church of St. Andrew was left to administer the spiritual needs of the catholics of bandra. This was a vast area extending in the north as far as juhu and included santa cruz and khar within the parish limits of St. Andrew's till about 1853. Rehan Merchant


New Talkies, Bandra – now nostalgia… I came to Bandra in October 1961 and have been residing here ever since, near St. Andrew’s Church. Only the West side was considered to be Bandra - the queen of the suburbs. Bandra East was just developing. I remember the bridge across the railway lines to the East. The road which bridged the railway lines had to be built more than once as it was cracking up due the ground not settling. But, I am digressing. The life in Bandra was confined to the west with its many iconic institutions, one of which was the cinema house off Hill Road, and next to the Post Office. It was an unpretentious building but had a homely air about it. When you entered the stalls or the balcony, you felt you were in some mofussil town. The informality about the place made you feel at home and comfortable. Since the cinema screened mainly Hollywood films it was usually the English speaking middle class who patronized ‘New Talkies’. In fact, you would find several familiar faces in the theater, each time you went to see a film there. The late night show (9.30 p.m.) was generally well attended, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. There were no rickshaws in those days. The scooter was very convenient for my wife and me to make a quick dash to ‘New Talkies’ after dinner. I saw many of the old favorites like ‘Sabrina’ (Audrey Hepburn, William Holden and Humphrey Bogart). Westerns were very popular like ‘Rio Bravo’ (John Wayne), the Alfred Hitchcock classics like ‘Psycho’, The Birds’ and ‘The Man who knew too much’. Musicals also were popular with the more sophisticated crowd. The likes of ‘My Fair Lady’, ‘Sound of Music’. Comedies of Danny Kaye and others were well attended. There were three pictures a week and if you were a cinema buff, you were

pretty well entertained. Those were the days when there was no T.V. or DVD players .Time hung heavily on peoples’ hands. Socializing was limited, unlike the rash of parties to-day. Above all, there was prohibition and you were left with local brew unless you had a permit. Only those who were desperate frequented the ‘Joints’ run by the ‘Aunties’. The cinema was a healthier option. Sometimes the crowd in the lower stalls was more entertaining than the film which was being screened. A voice from the front row would scream “Hey Bostiao, what you doing to-night? Come for a drink.” The answer in the negative would inspire a snappy reply “Árrey boss, Stop smooching with your girl!”. To which Bostiao would response with “Johnny, F--- you b------”. The audience would roar with laughter. Many of the comments involved the choicest ‘gaallis’ in the vernacular. What I have given here is a sanitized version of a ‘typical’ conversation. Then, the original New Talkies was demolished and an air conditioned structure was put up. However the old world charm was lost - and I hardly saw any films there. That was also demolished in due course and now there is the’ Globus’ cinema and departmental store – or more precisely a mall. People of my vintage have mostly passed away. Two of our friends, Walter and Eudora DeSouza a couple from Khar were as crazy about movies as we were. They were our frequent movie companions. Like us they are now in their sunset years. However there must be several among the younger crowd of my time who are still around. If there are any who have humorous recollections of ‘New Talkies’ of the 60’s, I hope they can share their memories with us. Albert deSouza


February 2012

Mark Dharmai makes Bandra proud


Satyanarayan Maha Puja marks Republic Day Celebration!

Bhagwan Dattatreya with Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow) Bandra Boy Mark Dharmai from Chimbai has made our suburb & city proud, by thinking & performing in sports beyond many able-bodied people. Inspite of being born short-statured, he has reached heights of glory, by representing Mumbai at the state pararympic games, held at Yavatmal, near Nagpur. He was part of a team of 30 handicapped players who had gone to participate. The team won a total of 21 Gold, 17 Silver & 11 Bronze medals & certificates. Mark Dharmai won a total of 3 Gold medals, one each for Table Tennis, Shot Put & Discuss

Throw - and a Silver medal for the 100 metre race. This enthusiastic youth works for State Bank of Patiala, Near Holy Family Hospital, Hill Road - and you will always find him smiling and eager to help. With these achievements, he has proved that even the handicapped can do something for our country. Bandra Buzz is happy to highlight Mark's remarkable acheivemnts - and invites other local handicapped / ablebodied achievers to send in their reports, to be published. Shyam Nair

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

am Mandir temple, situated at Bazaar road is over 100 year old and has been organising Satyanarayan Maha Puja every year on Republic day for the past 40 years. The Puja consists of worship of Satyanarayan Bhagwan. First panchamritam is used to clean the place where the deity is placed. After placing the deity in a correct position, Satyanarayana Swami is worshipped. Names of Satyanarayan are chanted along with offerings of a variety of prasad (including a mixture of milk, honey, ghee/ butter, yogurt, sugar) and flower petals. Another requirement of the puja is the that Satyanaraya Katha be heared by all taking part in the puja. The Katha involves the origin of puja, the benefits of it, and the potential mishaps that may occur when forgetting to organise the Puja. The prayer concludes with an Aarti, which consists of revolving a


small fire-lit-lamp in the vicinity of image of the Lord. After the puja is over,participants and observers of the puja are required to eat the prasad that was offered and blessed by the Bhagwan. Mr. Maruti Laxman Daundhar is the chief organiser of the satyanarayan maha puja and Mr. Sudhir B. Dalvi helps by providing valuable guidance. Mr. Maruti Daundhar adds that even during the riots of 1992, Satyanarayan Maha Puja was held, while the C.R.P.F and Police were patrolling the locality. The main aim for organising this puja is to pray for peace and happiness in our country, pray for freedom fighters and their families and pray for the soldiers who died while fighting the war and ask Bhagwan to bless all of us. All of us 1000 devotees come to Satyanaraya Maha Puja every year. Mr. Manoj H

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Utility Sevice Charges can eat away precious funds from your monthly budget - especially when they spiral at top speed, beyond your control. Why not put these saved amounts to better use? Yes, now you can! Tata Power Customer Care has opened in Bandra, near Shoppers Stop, S.V. Road on 1st Feb 2012. In effect, this will be a boon to those wanting to switch over to Tata Power, in

order to reduce their electricity bills. At the help desk, Tariq will guide you regarding the procedure to be followed and whether this will help you or not. Bandraites can now benefit from the Tata tariffs, like their city counterparts. A trip to this customer care centre can clear all your doubts. So, make your move towards more realistic electric bills. Varun Gupta


February 2012


Make That Change – Horn OK Please There was once an article in the Times of India or Bombay Times where two reporters attempted to go a day without using the horn and the conclusion at the end of their article was ‘its not possible.’ I beg to differ. It is definitely possible. I know people who don’t use the horn unnecessarily. I don’t. I’ve been driving since 2005, and can count the number of times I’ve used the horn to be less than 50 definitely. Some basic logic, which I’m sure has escaped most people on the road: when you take your car out, you intend to go from Point A to Point B without any impediment, right? What this means is you have no intention of stopping along the way unless you come across some difficulty or a planned rest-break (in which case you will pull up by the side of the road). Now with this ‘intention’ in mind, let’s expand this to conclude: all vehicles on the road WANT TO MOVE. The only constraints are: 1. The volume of traffic puts an upper limit on the rate of flow of traffic 2. The poor condition of the roads dictate that you slow down at points 3. All vehicles have mass and physics demands that a vehicle cannot come to a stop immediately or instantly go from rest to full motion (deceleration and acceleration) 4. Every driver has an understanding of his ability to control his vehicle Now with these points in mind, kindly

explain to me: Why do you need to honk when the traffic signal changes to green. (point 3 demands that you have to wait irrespective of how fast you want to move) Why do you need to honk at the vehicle in front of you if it is moving? Our basic premise and point 4 infer that neither is helping. At this point you may argue, I want to overtake. My answer: then go overtake but do it without honking. Overtake means you need to get into the right lane, and if you know the average traffic stream and traffic lanes then you most definitely know that if you cannot move into another lane because of traffic density, then don’t expect the guy in front of you to magically find a spot to move over so you can overtake. In any case, if you overtake, you’ll be constrained by the vehicle in front. Instead, with a little planning, a cool head, and less honking, you will achieve the same. Try it, it works. Another cause for honking is at road divisions. Take for example the split on the normal highway and flyover. Most Indians on the road believe that if they go from the right-most lane and overtake all the traffic on the left of them, they’ll enter the division faster and be able to enter the normal highway lane easier. They couldn’t be more wrong. They end up creating a bottle neck. Can’t they see that the width of the road can only accommodate x number of lanes of traffic. Anything more and

you’re trying to squeeze 5 lanes into three, its but natural that you’ll slow down everything, cause a logjam and result in unnecessary honking. Further, since you’re going from 3 to 5 lanes, you are now blocking everyone who wants to travel in lanes 4 onward (to go onto the flyover). This has a ripple effect and within seconds everything is jammed. So next time, please understand there are lanes because that’s the way to achieve the best traffic rate of flow through a road. Anything more and you’re bound to get into a mess. Another peculiar irritant is at the crossroads. The front line traffic for some reason starts revving and jerking and moving off the white STOP line into the traffic that’s flowing crosswise to them. For what? Here too, no one’s thinking: all those little jerks and inch-by-inch movements are taking you no where. You could cover the same distance when the signal turns green in less time and that little distance gain is negligible compared to the overall distance you have to travel. So why do it? Please wait , have some patience and you’ll save out on revving, honking, and another bottle neck in the cross-wise traffic. Another reason for honking is that I believe many of the riders/ drivers are nervous. They’re unsure if they’ll be able to control their vehicles and so honk to continuously warn people to stay out of their way. And here’s an example. Two rickshaws, one tailgating the other. The rickshaw at the back is speed-

ing faster than the one in front, so naturally, at some point he’s going to come within inches of the rickshaw in front and unless he brakes they will collide. But no, he keeps coming, coming, coming and then inches from the back-grille of the rickshaw in front, he honks loud and long. For what? Who’s fault is it? Instead of all that, he could have tried to move to the next lane. In conclusion, I’d say we should analyse why we honk when driving and what is it gaining for us? Think if there’s an alternative, a more peaceful way to achieve that ‘Everest’ on the roads. If everyone makes the contribution, it can work out. Douglas Misquita

{we} + {you} = Bandra Buzz

We at Bandra Buzz try our best to bring you Bandra related news that’s fit to print but we can’t do it alone! We need YOU. You don’t need a formal writing background to become a writer. If you’ve ever written an essay or posted on a blog then you’ve already got experience! We’re looking for writers to cover local news,civic problems, recipes and anything else you’d be willing to post in a thoughtful and interesting way that we are not aware of. If you routinely submit quality content we’ll even consider bringing you on as a full fledged writer as long as you don’t mind being paid in kind. Bandra Buzz appreciates original editorial contributions although we reserve the final right to publish it. Shoot us an email on if you’d like to write for us or just have a news tip you feel we’ve missed.


February 2012

Letters to the Editor APPRECIATION It is a very good thing that the Bandra Buzz paper is started as it is very informative and higlights all the local problems. It has been successful in a very short time, so do continue the good work of highlighting the 'Peoples Problems' and 'Local Issues'. Kennedy Rodrigues .......................................................... CIVIC ISSUES I was pleasantly suprised to get a copy of Bandra Buzz. Many things need to be done in Bandra, on & around Gold Gym. 1) Put proper painted 'No Entry' signs, as senior citizens & children get knocked down with speeding cars on the 'No Entry' lanes, particularly on St. Cyril Road. The Sign near Joseph's Cold Storage is completely rubbed off. It needs to be re-painted. The Traffic Dept. is doing nothing about it. 2) The Paver blocks on the roads are a nightmare - they are so uneven. 3) The foothpaths are so high, that it is difficult to climb up and down all the time. They do not taper off at the end of the lane. It is extremely difficult for senior citizens to walk on these footpaths. 4) The hoardings all over the place plastered with fat faces of Netas and Politicians are a constant eye sore! As it is they do nothing - and yet expect us to vote them! The concerned authorities should do the needful. R. Bhagat .......................................................... The B.M.C. have done a marvellous job of making nice footpaths on St. Paul's Road, D'Monte Park Road, St. Andrew's Road, etc. etc. Unfortunately, it is being used by the dog's of our elite citizens of Bandra for poohing; thereby forcing our humble citizens to walk on the road; which is very dangerous for our senior citizens. May I appeal through "Bandra Buzz", to all animal lovers / dog handlers who walk their dogs on the footpath ''TO USE THE ROADS" so that if they pooh, it will be on the road and NOT ON THE FOOTPATHS, thereby making it comfortable and safe for us citizens of Bandra to walk on clean footpaths. In case our elite citizens say it is not "our dog", then we'll be forced to click the snaps of the "dogs on the footpath". Then, with proof, we can ask them,"Is this your dog, sir / madam??" Please help us in keeping the footpaths clean. Your co-operation is vital. Dallas Pereira .......................................................... I am an octogenarian senior citizen and I find it very difficult to cross the road from the south side of R.N. Marg ( Hill road) to the point near Yacht Restaurant. Traffic lights were installed some years ago and used to operate at certain times. To-day the lights don't operate.They are on 'the blink' at amber.The traffic is murderous both ways as also crossing to St.Andrew's Church from Yacht Restaurant. Vehicle owners and rickshaws, buses etc don't give a damn if there are pedestrians waiting to get across. Some even

accelerate ominously if they see a pedestrian trying to cross. Zebra Crossings are not marked. These were there once upon a time. Do pedestrians have no rights on the roads. ? Our M.P.s and MLAs and Municipal councillors visit us only at election times and forget the common man once it is over. Through the columns of your paper 'Bandra Buzz' I wish to draw the attention of the authorities concerned to alleviate the lot of the common man in general and senior citizens in particular. Albert C deSouza .......................................................... SHERLY RAJAN OR GOON RAJ In your Jan 2012 issue I was saddened to see Kapil Bhatia's letter, specially the line "but it looks like she has lost her memory". Pauline is a senior citizen 78 years old and I feel such a comment was in very bad taste. Anil Joseph .......................................................... I learnt that Mr. K Bhatia is a young man while Mrs. Pauline Fernandes is a senior citizen aged 78. I hope he survives Pauline's age and continues his present chirpy disposition with no loss of memory. Pauline is an active citizen with a sharp memory - who at 78, the sunset years of her life, brought down a two story illegal building single handed by stint of her memory and perservance. What she did at 76, this youngster with all his supporters will not be able to do even now. He needs to learn that he must have documentary evidence before he maligns anyone. Its time this youngster learns to respect old age and senior citizens Daphne Warapen .......................................................... Its sad to read pg 4 in the Jan issue where Mr. Bhatia says that Mrs. Pauline Fernanes has memory loss and Mr. Francis runs a hostel which he mostly gives to foreign females. Such a rude remark defaming both is an absolute case of character assassination in public domain, Does Mr Bhatia have proof to Mr. Noronha's stand. In the name of religion, an illegal construction has come up on the road. Please note that Mr. Francis owns the plot where his heritage cottage stands. Ms. Aftab Siddique .......................................................... I am shocked & surprised to read Mr. Kapil Bhatia’s reply in the January issue of your paper. The said letter is totally defamatory and makes wild and imaginary allegations against me. Your readers will know that I am an average citizen of Bandra Mumbai who is spear-heading a campaign against an illegal structure in front of my residence. The Congress Block President, Sector 40 (Mr. Stephen Noronha) has blatantly flouted BMC rules and constructed an illegal structure on a public road - and I have been campaigning and seeking public opinion against this violation. I have no personal enmity with Mr. Noronha. Mr. Kapil Bhatia has taken up cudgels on behalf of Mr Noronha. He should realize that whatever I

have complained about is justified and true and is for the benefit of the community. I have not built any illegal structure and my ancestral bungalow “Barnny Villa” is completely legal. I keep paying guests, foreign and Indian, after complying with the necessary formalities including police verification. I do not run a “hostel” for foreigners (females only) as stated by Mr. Bhatia. This insinuates that shady activities take place at my residence, and I am shocked that Mr. Bhatia would stoop to such a level and make this comment. Francis Gonsalves .......................................................... Salman Khan visits KRIPA rehab Refer your article in your December 2011 issue of Bandra Buzz on ‘Salman Khan visits Kripa’. I would like to add the following quotes for your readers. Unlike his usual press conference dates where he keeps the media waiting, Khan was on time and on his arrival got the motley crowd at Mt. Carmel’s church, Kripa Foundation’s head office in a tizzy. Speaking on the occasion held at the annexe behind the church, where inmates under rehabilitation reside, Khan recounted his school days and his tryst with alcohol. “I had my first drink when I attended church services at St. Andrews. I was only 11 years old at that time. My friends and I used to attend the mass and like innocent children receive Holy Communion dipped in wine. That was my first taste. Later when I was about 15 years old I had my first beer and puked the whole thing out immediately. My family thought that was the last I would ever drink, but that was just the start”. Salman stated that it is okay to have one or two pegs of alcohol at the end of a hard day at work, but to sit down and drink during the day was the worst thing one could ever do. He also spoke on the evils of drug abuse and stated.”Drug addiction is one of the worst things one can do to one’s body. Compared to alcohol, we can say put down the glass and say to ourselves that from today we stop drinking, but when we are on drugs, we just need to have it more and more as it not only interferes with our body, but also our mind. It is my urgent request to you all to quit drinking and drug abuse and change your life.” Salman also stated that even he comes home from his shootings and has one, maybe two or three pegs and goes to sleep. “Yes I too drink, but to a limit. I drink, eat and then sleep so that I am fresh to attend my shoot the next morning. Its okay to have a drink and keep to your limit, but making it a regular habit is wrong.” Though your coverage was more on the evils of drug and alcohol abuse which every one already is aware of, I think a star of the status of Salman Khan sharing his younger days would’ve made interesting reading. I hope I have made up for it. Verus Ferreira


Editor’s Letter Dear Readers, Februarary 2012 starts with an unholy frenzy of candidates contesting the upcoming BMC Elections. The cool climate is a super setting for the countdown to Valentine Day. Bandra Buzz has a lot in store for those who want to enhance that 'love is in the air' feeling. Shops have already started stocking 'Valentine' gifts and have offers for your 'someone special'. We have given you interesting insights (center spread) about what the Municipal Elections are all about - a sort of 'Guide For Dummies'. Many do not realize how important it is to have an active and good local corporator to create change for a better Bandra. Here, more than the party, the character & ability of the local corporator to perform - matters most. The person at the helm of local civic affairs is vital. This is the master key to better local area management. Use it. Maybe, this will spur you to go out of your comfort zone and VOTE. Carnival celebrations at the Bandra Gym & other venues create a community camaradae like no other - with 'King Momo' and other floats adding to the fun. This is followed by 'Pancake Tuesday'- and 'Ash Wednesday', marking the start of 40 days 'Lent'. All correspondence concerning the issue SHERLY RAJAN OR GOON RAJ is starting to get too personal emotions are rising, while the main issues get side-tracked. Hence, please stop sending any more letters regarding this matter. We at Bandra Buzz will continue to keep you updated on local events, and issues - to keep you, our readers in the loop. So, till spring starts to warm us up, keep buzzing.

Warm Regards Merck D'Silva Editor-in-Chief The opinions expressed in this paper belong to the authors only, and do not reflect the opinion of the publishers and editors, unless otherwise stated. Readers should act on the information provided only after consulting with their own independent advisors, and the publishers and editors of this paper shall be in no way held responsible for any such action, or consequences thereof.

WRITE TO US! We would like to invite readers to send us their feedback, articles, recipes, local civic problems or complaints to the Editor. Letters may be condensed and edited for communal harmony & clarity. 401 Anica, 28, St. Paul Road, near Bandra Gymkhana, Bandra (w), Mumbai 400 050 or e-mail Vol. III Issue 2 > R.N.I. No. : MAHENG/8-10-2010/12646 Editor: Merck D’Silva > Printed & Published by Creative Concepts, 401 Anica, 28 St. Paul Road, Near Bandra Gymkhana, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050 Printed at Marwah Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai - 400 072


February 2012

Pork Spareribs + White Radish Kimchee Burger

Ingredients: For the pork burger: • Fresh pork belly – 100gms • Fennel – 3gms • Cinnamon sticks – 2gms • Mustard powder – 2gms • Coriander – 2gms • Star anise – 2gms • Cloves – 2gms • Amchur powder – 2gms • Chilli powder – 3gms • Brown sugar – 3gms • Salt & pepper – 2gms For the BBQ sauce: • Tomato ketchup – 5gms • Lime slice – ½ • Ginger – 2gms • Garlic – 2gms • Chilli Powder – 2gms • Mustard Powder – 2gms • Soya sauce – 4gms • Red wine vinegar – 2gms • Brown sugar – 5gms • Worcestershire sauce – 2gms For the radish kimchee: • Vinegar – 10ml • Water – 10ml • Chilli – 2gms • Ginger – 2gms • Sesame oil – 2ml • Fish Sauce – 2ml • Sugar – 5gms • Garlic – 2gms For the hickory mayonnaise: • Veg mayo – 10gms • Hickory – 5gms For cabbage slaw: • Cabbage – 10gms • Mustard seeds – 2gms • Vinegar – 5ml

• • • •

Sugar – 3gms Water – 5ml Apple – 2gms Oil – 1gm

Method: For the pork burger: 1. Marinate the pork belly (without the fat) with the spices given in the recipe for a day. 2. There are two ways of cooking it: - You can cook it in a pressure cooker, which will take 45 to 50 mins with a little water in it. - Or you could cook it in the oven. 3. Then cut it into strips or as you like. For the BBQ sauce: 1. Put all ingredients in the pan and reduce it till it becomes thick. 2. Remove the lemon slice. Puree it and then strain it. For the radish kimchee: 1. Boil water, vinegar, ginger, garlic and chillies. Let it reduce and what’s left is a very sweet and sour liquid. 2. Strain it. 3. Puree the items in the strainer with sesame oil and fish sauce. 4. Mix the pureed mixture with the liquid. Let it cool down. 5. Cut the radish and carrots into thin slices and then cut it lengthwise. 6. Soak the veggies in the above liquid for a day. For the hickory mayonnaise: 1. Take mayonnaise and hickory and mix it together.

Courtesy: Salt Water Café


Stay Fit & Stress Free

012 - a new year with new beginnings and new resolutions to improve our life, our health and our relationships etc. Many of us make resolutions to reduce weight and to be healthy. And we make efforts in the first month of the year by joining a Gym or walking or swimming etc...... Then slowly we get into our old habits, busy schedules and old rut - and the resolutions are shelved and forgotten. Many exercise routines slowly die down as it takes too long to do. And why does this happen? It is the mind- it will give you 10 reasons why you should not exercise today -eg: - Last night was a late night. - I have an important meeting today - I am travelling - I am low in energy - It will take away 2 hours from my very busy schedule today. ...... etc, etc, etc.


Now here is a BRILIANT IDEA - a sure way to keep your resolution to stay fit, healthy and lose those extra pounds you put on during the Christmas festivity. If you could exercise for ONLY 15 minutes daily in the comfort of your home, office or even hotel room at any time of the day - what excuse do you have for not being fit? The Idea is Tibetan yoga which takes only 3 hours to learn and ONLY 15 MINUTES to practice daily. A definite short cut to good health. Tibetan yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit which is achieved by praanayam, meditation & 5 yogic exercises (called 5 Rites) that the Tibetan Lamas did and is their secret to live long and stay young and healthy…….. Our life styles have changed and these days. Most of us work long hours and commuting takes the zest out of our life. Working in an office or at a computer for prolonged periods of time can put strain on the neck, shoulder and back muscles which in turn can lead to tension and stiffness. This tension can cause headaches, as well as back, neck and shoulder pain. If left unattended, it could also impact your ability to function effectively at work and your overall quality of life. Simple techniques such as Tibetan Yoga may help alleviate the pain and other symptoms by releasing tension and increasing

muscle strength & flexibility and improve concentration. Managing stress is all about taking charge: taking charge of your thoughts, your emotions, your schedule, your environment, and the way you deal with problems. The ultimate goal is a balanced life, with time for work, relationships, relaxation, and fun – plus the resilience to hold up under pressure and meet challenges head on. What will 15 minutes' daily practice do for you? The 5 Tibetan rites balance the 7 "Chakras" (energy centers), promoting the free flow of praana shakti ( life force) and balancing the hormonal output. Once the hormones are regulated, all our organs work more efficiently. * Blood circulation improves so our skin, hair and eye sight improves. * 5 rites attract the universal energy into our body giving more energetic to work longer without tiring. * Tibetan yoga cures backache, arthritis, insomnia and respiratory and digestion problems. * Improve memory & concentration & removes stress from mind & body. Now you can do Tibetan yoga daily and keep your resolution to stay fit and improve your life and health in a short time. Dr. Razia R Patel has conducted workshops for 90 companies like airlines, Call centers, pharmaceutical, oil, advertising & IT companies, clubs, organizations, schools and colleges. In the last 12 years more than 50,000 people all over India have benefited from this yoga. Please see the feedback & testimonials on the website. Workshops can be conducted for any company anywhere in India, & for any club, society or group of people. On weekends open workshops are conducted in Versova. Good news - 3 hour workshops will be offered in Bandra in February/ March. To know more visit: Website : Call : 9821433644 / 26360271 E-mail :


February 2012


Your body's nutritional needs Get it right, naturally! Our Creator has gifted us with the finest engine ever made, our very own body, that is strong and swift, yet so flexible and mobile. The important criteria is that to work efficiently as intended, it needs proper natural fuel (nutrition), on a daily basis. Today, most of our nutritional needs come from foods that are processed, cooked or fried. Moreover, the nutrient quality of fruits and vegetables available is extremely poor, due to depletion of the nutrient content in the soil, where it is grown with chemical-based synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Hybrid or genetically engineered seeds are creating havoc with our body systems. Today's trend of fast foods, aerated soft drinks and trace toxins are creating challenges to our immune system. Add to this, polluted air and water, which is difficult to have total control, create conditions that trigger trauma with our body systems. In short, the situation as it stands today is a ready recipe for disaster to strike us at any moment. The good news is that today we have a choice to change the way we want to live. It is up to us to decide whether we want to continue abusing our bodies with toxic chemicals or turn to sources

of natural nutrition. When we feed our body the correct impetus, i.e. a diet high in organic fruits and vegetables, along with high quality natural food supplements to compensate for the above mentioned issues; we can expect to notice profound improvements in our feeling of well-being. Your body engine will now thrive and work optimally at the cellular level, functioning at levels that promote wellness. It is imperative that our diet promotes: Abundance & Diversity in our Nutritional Intake: We need to consume from a wide variety of nutritional sources, so that they act synergistically. This means that our daily meals should ideally include a wide spread of different foods - like 'royalty meals'. As this may not always be practical in today's hectic lifestyle, nutritional supplements from a trusted source is our best option to fulfill our body's nutritional needs at regular intervals. This maintains our body rhythm, optimizing functioning of all systems. Digestion & Absorption of our Nutritional Intake: Without good diges-

tion, our nutritional intake will not get absorbed into our bloodstream to empower our cells - our body's basic building blocks. Certain digestive enzymes from natural sources ( fruit and vegetable juices ) are required to help keep our digestive tract operating efficiently, thus enabling proper absorption of our food.

etc. gradually weaken our tissues leading to disease - even death! Certain natural foods, like Aloe Vera, are extremely efficient in gradual and safe detoxification of our large intestines. When our system is clean, our body functions at optimal levels, resulting in conditions that promote good health.

Besides our body's nutritional needs, daily physical exercises like walking, adequate sleep, timely food, lack of unwanted stress and a positive mental attitude will work wonders towards a wellness way of life. Our health-promoting activities should be well balanced. However, we should take more care of our diet than we normally do. Remember, if your diet is correct, you will not need medicine; and if your diet is incorrect, medicine is of no use. Today's technology provide perfect practical solutions, if we only have an open mind to make informed decisions. Given a choice, natural nutrition should always be the preferred option. Let's give our body the right nutrition what it really needs. Then, you and I can Detoxification of Toxins: The even- live a more fulfilled life. For further info, tual build up of toxins due to pollution, e-mail: bad food choices, irregular eating habits Jignesh Shah

Protection Against Free Radicals: Oxygen is split during normal metabolism, releasing an unstable, free atom of oxygen. This is a free radical. This also comes from pollution in our environment. Many diseases are a direct result of free radicals damaging our cells due to oxidative stress. A wide variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables eaten daily or natural and reliable food supplements can provide us with enough anti-oxidants to fight cell damage daily - making our immune system stronger. When our body defenses are strong external forces that threaten us are more likely to get repelled - ensuring a continuation of our wellness factor.



February 2012

Mumbai Municipal Cor

16th Fe

Candidates contesting H/WEST WARD # 95

Sona Manglani, Ajeet Manyal, Shane Cardoz & Asif Zakaria

RESPONSIBILITIES: • Water Supply • Roads and Pavements :Including lighting and upkeep • Drainage System • Sewerage • Regulation of Construction • City’s development Plan • Garbage Disposal :Including Solid Waste Management • Disaster Management • Education : Running Schools, giving recognition and registration to Private Schools • Public Health Services :Including registration of Births & Deaths • Open Space :Including Gardens, Trees and play grounds • Licenses __________________________________ WHAT YOUR VOTE REPRESENTS • A desire for pot-hole free roads, streets and footpaths. • A desire for a city with well lit roads & parking facilities. • A desire for clean and hygienic conditions for healthier living. • A desire for a city free of Garbage strewn around. • A desire for a city with a good sewerage and drainage system. • A desire for sufficient potable

drinking water through well maintained water pipelines. • A desire for an efficient and affordable public healthcare system. • A desire for a city administration free of corruption. • A desire for a more greener city with open parks and play grounds. • A desire for the development of our city in a more planned and organized manner, keeping in mind the welfare of its people.



February 2012


rporation Election Day

eb 2012

Candidates contesting H/WEST WARD # 96 If you are unhappy with the way the BMC is maintaining the city and how your money is being spent, you must vote and make a difference. EVERY VOTE COUNTS : yours too! ___________________________________ YOUR PARTICIPATION: - is an affirmation of your faith in Democracy : “A Government of the people, for the people & by the people”. - can stop and eradicate criminalization of politics, corruption and injustice. - ensures that no one else votes in your place and in your name. - is your commitment to the next generation & ensures that the amount the govt. spends on these elections do not go waste. - can make this city a better place. ___________________________________ Karen D'Mello, Ashwini Rasal

WHAT CAN WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE ? YOUR CORPORATORS DO? • It is your right - guaranteed under - They can get the BMC to hand out the constitution. funds for amenities in their localities. • It is your duty to exercise this right. - They can reject proposals by the civic • It is an obligation to yourself administration if they suspect it to be unand society at large. derhanded and not beneficial for the city. • It is an opportunity for you - They can highlight problems in your loto express yourself judiciously. cality and question the civic administraThe BMC has two major sources of rev- tion about it. enue, the property tax and Octroi Duty. In short your corporator is the your pay both these taxes, directly and “link person” between you and indirectly. your municipal corporation.



February 2012

MET Utsav 2012

Fashion Show performance in progress at the Grand Cultural Nite ET’s intra-collegiate fest MET UTSAV 2012 started with a bang with the inauguration ceremony by Shri. Chhagan Bhujbal, Founder Chairman – Mumbai Educational Trust (MET). MET Utsav began with Masti Ki Paathshala (Workshops) fun and learn is the mantra at the MET workshops. Members of the MET family attended specially arranged workshops like salsa, robotics, music therapy, baking, aroma therapy, gymming, flipart animation, hand writing analysis to name a few on 25th January. Creativity Exhibits were displayed on this day. On the second day i.e 26th January at the MET Annual Sports Meet - students, staff and faculty members from the 14 affluent institutions of MET participated in indoor and outdoor games like – tug of war, box cricket, rink football, volley ball, carrom, lawn tennis, throw ball and many more. Talent Hunt which was held earlier on 20th January showcasing the talent in music, orchestra, solo singing, mimicry competition and more. Winners of the talent hunt had performed at the grand finale. MET Bhushan was awarded at the talent hunt to the MET employees who completed 15 years of dedicated service. All present witnessed pure talent at the MET’s intra-collegiate fest MET UTSAV 2012 grand cultural nite finale which was held on Friday, 27th January, 2012 at the Mumbai Educational Trust, Bhujbal Knowledge Centre, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 50. The stars literally came down on Planet Earth to encourage the talented METizens. The show was packed with over 20 perform-


ances. Students, staff and faculty from all institutes at MET showcased their musical and theatrical talent at this mega event. The age of the participants ranged from 4 years to 60 years. The enrapt items, stand up acts and the vocal performances and instrumental bands featured Dances, Songs, Music, Fashion Shows etc. The academic achievers were felicitated by Shri. Chhagan Bhujbal, Founder Chairman – Mumbai Educational Trust (MET), with the MET Ratna. MET Gaurav was awarded on the International/National/State level achievers. Where as MET Pragnyavant award was declared for Institute level academic achievers. MET Vikram the rolling sports trophy was awarded to the winning sports institute of the year. This is one time in the year when the students, staff and faculty members are on the same level. All the hierarchies are dissolved and everyone comes together with the sole objective of having pure fun. Everyone at every level is involved in organizing the event and thus the team spirit rules. The preparations for the MET Utsav festivals started as early as December when it was time to set up performances that will rock the festival. The six days of the MET Utsav ’12 celebrations concluded with the grand cultural nite finale on 27th January, showcasing talents with dynamic performances from one and all making this event a life long memory to cherish. MET Utsav ’12 truly culminated into the night shining brighter than the stars making it go down as a day worth remembering in the minds of everyone present at the occasion. Sachin Mistry


SJC’s 62nd Republic Day of Our Dear Nation The 62nd Republic Day was a day where memories and moments of historic times was relived in St. Joseph’s Convent, Bandra. The Chief Guest of this proud occasion was Mr. Denzil D’mello. ‘Heads held high and Mother India in their hearts’ was when the prefects saluted the respectful waving national flag. This was how the glorious colors of saffron, white and green was spread to all the students present in the hall where the program was held. The program then continued by a meaningful prayer service which made all realize that our country’s public would have never received its independence if God wasn’t present all along. ’Fight Corruption! Save our nation’ was the message of the skit and it was released to all by the skits interesting acting and hilarious tunes. The rhythmic dances which were dedicated to our

dear freedom fighters created goose bumps, and left us all jittered and aware. A life changing-duty was indicated to us all by the marvelous speech given. Finally, we come to the conclusion that today’s day is not to be dedicated to those who are crowned with fame, It is to be dedicated to the ones who are blamed, for they fought with courage and integrity, Yes! With the utmost sovereignty, I salute those who died in a fight , For they were the ones who stood with India through those treacherous nights , Gandhiji, Anna , Shivaji… it continues, history in its most solemn attitude. No! India’s shining light will never fuse, I thank those who made me proud, for they are the ones who are to be bowed. Hence, Be the change! Make a change for you are the change. Anushka Dutt

Disney rules Rizvi campus

isney rules the campus at Rizvi College. Rizvi College of arts science and commerce premises were filled with students dressed in Disney costumes (like Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, etc) and cut out of all Disney cartoon characters, put up everywhere in the College campus for their JASHN E RIZVI inter collegiate youth festival, a popular annual extravaganza which started way back in 1989. This year's theme was Disney world (recall your childhood). Principal Dr. Farooqui M.Z. inaugurated the JASHN-E-RIZVI function by releasing 21 gas balloons with thermocol pigeons attached, as a sign of world peace. In his inaugural speech, the principal thanked Dr. A.H. Rizvi (honorable president) and Mr. Abis Rizvi (honorable secretary of Rizvi education society) for their kind inspiration and whole hearted support without which JASHN-E-RIZVI would not have been possible. The first event of the day was intercollegiate telegames (which are a replica of German Telematches). These telegames are 'relay type' games played between different teams from different Colleges with metal props like ducks, penguin, surf boat, horses, feed freaky and finally save water (an eco-friendly game). The telegames were organized by Mr. Russel D'souza and Sir Minaz from St. Peters Youth (Bandra(W)), (a social organization). Mr. Pradeep Nagori (Cultural Con-


vener Degree College) added that they were highly grateful to principal Dr. Farooqui M.Z. who was the constant driving force behind the mega event and without its kind guidance and co-operation it would have been difficult to reach the high standards achieved. Mr. K. E. Verghese is cultural convener of junior College and Mrs. Usha Ramesh is co convener. Dr. Farooque Ansari is main cultural committee member. Miss Shakiba Merchant is the General Secretary and Cultural Secretary of the College. The event began with Rizvi College mascot Sherkhan(the tiger) leading the way, followed by teams from different Colleges like (M.M.K., Sydnem management, N.M. College, Xavier College, Rizvi Engg. College, Hinduja College, M.L. Dhanukar College, Burhani College, Wilson College, to name a few. There were around 25 Colleges taking part. Finally the host Rizvi College team came along with the Disney Mascot. Once the telegames started, there was fun for rest of the day with different College's students fiercely competing with each other in this inter-active, exciting, funny and knowledgeable games. In the above event the first prize was grabbed by Rizvi College of Arts, Science and Commerce, the runner up prize went to M.L. Dhanukar(vile parle) and M.M.K. College was placed third. Sir Minaz


February 2012

Gold’s Gym launches its star studded calendar


‘I Hate Fake’ hits Carter Road

Alyque Padamsee, MM Satish and DJ Sin

Shazahn Padamsee, Prateik, Althea Shah and G Ramachandran old's Gym launched their much awaited calendar for 2012 in Bandra on 25th January. The launch saw an eclectic mix of celebs and socialites. It includes Sohail Khan, Prateik Babbar, Tulip Joshi, Shazahn Padamsee (also featured in the calendar) with Sammeer Sheth and members of Gold's Gym. The very first time calendar featured the hot and sexy models from the Gold’s Gym Calendar Model Hunt along with the top 3 winners of the Gold’s Gym Miss Fit & Fab contest


2011. This year the calendar also highlights 12 different ways to feel young with Fiama DiWills. The party was hosted by Mr. G. Ramachandran - Director of Gold’s Gym, Mr. Istayak Ansari – COO of Gold’s Gym & Mr. Karan Valecha – Director. The stars unveiled their own pages and were seen praising each other for their chiseled and sexy bodies. This was followed with uncorking the Champagne and cutting the cake. Shruti Desai

andra saw fests in the last month too, seeing popular and influential people out and about supporting community causes. One of which was “I HATE FAKE” an NGO founded by MM Satish fighting piracy, adulteration and terrorism. Supporting the fight to stop these problems in consumable products was Alyque Padamsee, Baba Siddique, Mukesh Rishi, DJ Sin, Arti Puri, Aditiya Raj Kapoor, Akbar Sami and many more. The event that took place on Carter Road, also played an interesting short film entitled “The Common Man” by


Krishna Kotian, that addressed the same topic. MM Satish made very clear in a speech directed towards the Bandra community at large, that “India is the largest dumping yard in the world - and that piracy and adulteration is eating into our economy.” Bandra Buzzed when Living in Sin aka DJ Sin took to the stage with Richelle Mendes and raised the energy of the event to its peak. Bandra Buzz supports the initiative that MM Satish has started and hopes that he continues to spread awareness in this fashion.


Interview with Karan Talwar of Schitzengiggles How do you make standup comedy relate to your everyday Bandralite? English stand up usually comes from a personal point of view. Most of us have spent so much time in Bandra that it doesn't take much. What do you have coming up next in Bandra or Mumbai? We'll keep doing shows at Mocha for the moment. Check out for dates. Who are your 5 biggest comedy influences? George Carlin, Louis CK, Chris Rock, Mitch Hedberg and Will Ferrell. Your number one advice to anyone who comes to visit Bandra from How was the show at Mocha Mojo? abroad? We've done 2 open mic nights at Mocha Bandra has easily the best nightlife in Mojo, turn out has been great - both the suburbs. Coupled with Carter Road participants and audience. Bandra has and Linking Road - its got the calm and people with a great sense of humour. the chaos. Get some comfy shoes and explore ! What’s the difference between performing in Bandra and anywhere Your Favorite Bandra spots? else in Mumbai? Basillico, Totos, Royal China, Mia Bandra is in the center of everything. Cucina, Bagel Shop and (the now deThe crowds here are voracious and funct) Zenzi. that's like jet fuel for a stand up comic.

With a keen desire to showcase exquisite bridal wear, an enterprising mother & son duo from Bandra have started an outlet called 'Flaunt', situated just next to Moti Mahal. The Store has a vivacious range of Bridal wear which is bold and modern - yet designed keeping the Indian Bride in mind. This multi-designer store has ensembles made for every bride and every ocassion - whether a

colourful Sangeet, a Mehendi Party or a wedding reception. Flaunt also has an exclusive range of bridal footwear by 'Urban Walk', which can also be customized as per the outfit. We specialize in customized orders for Bridal Gowns, Lehengas and an assortment of trousseau. So, if you have it, here's your chance to Flaunt It ! Ashish Khatri


February 2012


India's first Sufi Rock band Rhythms of Social Change performs at Jashn-e-Rizvi

All the performers jam on Norwegian Wood for the final act Rabbani Brothers (Abdul Qadir and Murtuza) ndia's first sufi-rock band of Rabbani Brothers (Murtuza and Abdul Qadir Khan) son's of Padma Bhushan Ustad Gulam Mustafa Khan and Akash performed 'live' at JASHNE-RIZVI Intercollegiate Youth festival, a popular annual extravaganza which started way back in 1989. The Rabbani Brothers who sings songs for the famous music director A.R. Rehman, sung Piya Haji Ali, Maula Mere Maula and many other songs. Their melodious voice touched a lot of hearts. The whole College atmosphere became spiritually blessed and was filled with oneness - remembering the Almighty. The above occasion was graced by noted film director Shashank Shah (Chalo Delhi, Dasvadania film), Mr. Mehboob, the famous lyricist (Rangeela, Bombay, Devdas), Nayab


Raja (upcoming music director) given music in forthcoming film Yakeen, Comedian Sunil Paul (comedy circus, Movie Bombay to Goa(new)), Comedian Rehman (papad pol (T.V. serial SAB T.V.)), T.V. Actress Amreen (Adalat, Beendh Banunga Ghodi Chadhunga)(lmagine T.V.), Mr. Mustaque Merchant(Theatre Director), Mr. Inayat Hussain(Theatre Director) and Mr. Sameer Shaikh(casting director)(Sahar India T.V.). Dr. Farooque Ansari (The Cultural Committee Member) adds that the last event of the day (Sufi Rock Night) saw the biggest turn out of the student (from different Colleges), parents and teachers . There were around 700 plus students from all colleges that took part in JASHN-E-RIZVI competition. Sir Minaz

Celebrities in B-Town get a chance to meet Oprah

undreds of youth from across Mumbai celebrated performances by local artists in an evening of music, song and dance on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at the Bandra Fort Amphitheatre, Mumbai. The event launched Habitat for Humanity’s YouthBuild campaign to promote safe, secure, decent and affordable shelter for families in need, among the youth. Local artists, Aditi Bhagwat, Colour Compound, Shazneen, Petula Rodricks, India’s hottest young saxophonist Rhys Sebastian and the legendary

Merlin DeSouza enthralled the audience with a blend of Indian classical, Jazz, Rock and dance performances. The crowd swayed to the music of one of India’s most sought after flautists, Ashwin Srinivasan and his band - the Bombay Project. To be a part of YouthBuild and create your own support page, visit: For more information, log on to or drop a mail to . Ara Johannes

Party Buzz

SRK to launch the Devdas comic book


Shilpa Shetty’s new club in Bandra by the name of “Royalty,” which is on Waterfield Road, where ‘Poison’ use to fill the street in front of ICICI Bank a few years back, has started making the rounds. We have heard a bit of buzz in the last few weeks about this place from socialites, partying at the newly introduced club. Bandra’s spots to check out for anybody being introduced to Mumbai for the first time still have ‘Olive’, ‘Bonobo’ and ‘Escobar’ remaining as most favorite party locations.

Om Books, One of Delhi’s largest publishing houses are set to release the original script’s to Bimal Roy’s “Devdas.” This classic Indian tail’s Book and DVD will be launched in Bandra by Shah Rukh Khan, who starred in the remake that was released in 2002 and got named as the best movie by Time Magazine that same year. Special guest performances has also been added to the bill by Living in Sin and his new artist Richelle Mendes.

Republic Day Celebration at Rizvi Edu Complex Rizvi Educational complex ( which consists of Rizvi Enginering College, Hotel Management College, Architecture College, Law college, PG Management college, B.Ed College and Rizvi education schools) reverberated with the National Anthem, National song and other "Desh Bhakti songs" on the 26th morning. The Republic day celebration started with the unfurling of the tricolour by Dr. Kamlesh Chandana Principal of

This month India saw the most powerful women in the world, Oprah Winfrey came to town visiting many parts of the city on her trip. Celebrities from BTown got to meet and greet Oprah at a party thrown for her at the ‘Godrej House’. The A List seen at the gathering started from Hrithik Roshan to the

Bacchans and many more. Even Bandra boy Dino Morea was spotted pulling up at the high profile party. Oprah looked like she had a lot of fun mingling with Bollywood’s top names and Mumbai’s biggest socialites. She even made time during her time in Mumbai to see.

Rizvi College ( B.Ed), followed by the national Anthem, and then N.C.C Cadets gave the guard of Honour to all the principals present. The above function was followed by the cultural programme which consisted of Desh Bhakti geet, Poetry and a small skit. Dr Kamlesh Chandana thanked all the principal of Various Rizvi education complex for attending the function. Sir Minaz




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February 2012

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1st Death Anniversary MassRose Pimenta Born: 20th Jan 1912 Died: 27th Feb 2011. Wife of Late Joseph Pimenta 30, Pali Village, Bandra (West) Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her, O Lord. And may perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul rest in peace. Amen. Mass at St. Theresa'a Church, Bandra on 27th Feb 2012 at 7pm. A Tribute from her Children, Grand Children & Great Grand Children.


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February 2012



Aashirwad Krida Mandal organises Box Cricket Tournament


WIN EXCITING PRIZES! Players playing underarm box Tournament

Upcoming Events 9th February 2012 Bonobo Mad Men presents WANTED YESTERDAY (Live) Time: 09:00 pm onwards Venue: Bonobo - Bar.Love.Food, Kenilworth Mall Phase 2, 2nd Floor, Off Linking Road, Bandra (W) ....................................................................................................................................

11th February 2012 Musical Renaissance Time: 7:00 pm Venue: Rang Sharda, Near Lilavati Hospital,Bandra (W) Mahindra Blues Festival 2012 Time: 7:00pm Venue: Mehboob Studio ...................................................................................................................................

ashirwad Krida Mandal (estd 1941) organised their 15th underarm box cricket tournament at Rizvi Chambers 2, Jain Mandir rd. There were 40 entries from all over Mumbai, out of which only 24 teams could make it to the main draw, for this (8 a side) and (4 over) under arm cricket match which was a day and night affair. There were teams from Bandra, Chimbai, Khar, Santacruz and many more. The above underarm box cricket match was Keenly contested and was fiercly played and finally Group boys A) bagged the first prize of Rs 2000/- and an attractive trophy. Captain Danish


Shaikh collected the Trophy on behalf of his team. Captain Noheed (baba) collected the runners up Trophy and cash prize of Rs 1500/- on behalf of his team Group boys B).The Best batsman's trophy was won by Mr. Fahim N. Ahmed, best fielders trophy went to Amir Shaikh and Vilas Khandekar was judged the best bowler of the Tournament. The above underarm box cricket was organised by Mr.Babloo Dalvi, Manglesh Mahapersekar, Saurabh Kubde and Rohit Gawli on behalf of the Aashirwad Kroda Mandal, Bandra (W) Sir Minaz

13th February 2012 Celebrate Your Life Time: 8:30 am Venue: Taj Land's End Bandstand Art of Living Part 1 course Time: 6:30 pm Venue: Pali Hill, Bandra (W) Contact: 9833563187 English Crash Course for SSC and HSC students Time: 3:00 pm Venue: Near Hill Road, Bandra (W) Contact: 9820285318 ...................................................................................................................................

18th February 2012 FIFA 12 Tournment Time: 12:00 am Venue: 603 The Gaming Cafe, Makhija Arcade, 35th Road, Bandra (W) Contact: 9820459945 One Day Self makeup course from Lilac Time: 11:00 am Venue: 8b Rozada Villa,Bazaar Cross Road,Bandra (W) Contact: 8680952400 ...................................................................................................................................

19th February 2012 Big Wonders Time: 5:00 pm Venue: Manik Hall, Bandra Reclamation, Near Lilavati Hospital, K C Marg, Bandra (W)

20th February 2012 Together - Nlmi's Family Conference 2012 Time: 9:00 am Venue: IES Auditorium, Bandra (W) ................................................................................................................................... Crazy About Aerobics Time: 9.30 – 10.30 am Venue: St. Joseph Convent (Primary Section), Off Hill Road, Bandra (W) Contact: 9821404569 LIST YOUR EVENT FOR FREE E-mail details (date, time, location, contact) to:

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February 2012



Birds in Bandra It's time to introduce this lovely and colourful gentle giant name 'Zac' the pretty looking blue gold macaw. They are not only colourful, but also intelligent. These birds originate from South America and have a life span of 75 years. They thrive on fruits, vegetables and a pelleted diet. 'Zac' is loving, friendly and an excellent stress buster. He talks up a storm and is an adorable angel. I have him for over two years at my residence near Pali Naka. 'Zac' is like family to us. Ismail Merchant

Sketch: Erma Frank he time had come but yes there was no room! I, Pigeon Koo, spread my wings, and soared. The concrete jungle stretched as far as my beady orange eye could see. The builders took Amitabh Bacchan’s ad seriously. If you use Binani Cement you can build higher than ever, and it will not break. I took a cue from Mary and Joseph. Search and you will find! Yet, I found no place which would give me peace and tranquility for about a month. But I am no quitter. The calm sea beckoned. I circled along Bandstand in Bandra. I peered at ‘Mannat’ and coo-ed at Shahrukh; I soon reached ‘Galaxy’ and glared at the fans shouting to get a glimpse of Salman. Further I scoured the new fourstoried cottage of Sachin Tendulkar; He had insured it for a crore. Naturally, security would be too vigilant there. Was there no vacant niche at all? Almost every apperture was barricaded with an air-conditioner, those modern boxes which make it cold on the inside, and spew a disgusting hot air outside. I coo-ed but nobody took up my cause. I could tarry no longer. It was way past my time. I did not need the Taj nor the Seven Hills Hospital. After all, the ‘King of Kings’ was born in a humble stable. I thought of Him and He helped me. Suddenly I spied a window ledge in a simple building at Pereira Road. The sliding window happened to be slightly open. I tiptoed in, (If that is possible, for a pigeon). The tiny space was untidy and dusty. My prayers were answered. I had found my room! We, pigeons in any case build practical nests from sticks and debris which we place on trees, ledges or even on barren


Does Mumbai Matter to you? sand. I hastily assembled a nest and was not too posh to push myself. With great difficulty I laid my first egg: a little white one – and it looked so unbelievably cute!!! I was exhausted and thirsty. Then I laid my second adorable little one! After that, I sat with patience to hatch my proud production. Now three weeks have flown, and I hope all is well. Said the great actor, in the Three Idiots, “You say ‘all is well’ ”, and it happens. Then why is nothing happening? I wish we pigeons too had some expert gynaec to tell us what’s going on. It would be best for us, pigeons and for humans as well. Our race served with distinction during World War I & II and 34 of my ancestors were decorated with the Dicken’s medal. Or, now, lovers can wing love notes to each other through our Romance Services. This is the third week I am spreading my warmth, love and concern over my two cute ones. When? When? How long? About three weeks later or so one little white egg burst open and who do you think shook out? One cute little wonder – a helpless black ball, sprinkled with yellow and a sharp beak! After I stared and admired the little fellow, I got busy thinking about food! Getting in and out of the window sill requires dextrous piloting skills for which I’m not trained. I’m sending a desperate appeal to Bibhas Amonkar, the president of Ashwamedh Pratishthan, “Help! Help! Help!” And to Adesh Shivkar, Quick! Quick! Save my chick! Meanwhile my little one is growing strong and sinewy! How to take him on his first flight? Outside is a sheer drop - and inside are two nasty dogs, waiting to snap! As if they’ve never had a morsel in their life! Coo-coo! Oreen Mendez

Netas are often heard playing to the gallery at political campaigns, that they would transform Mumbai into Shanghai or any other world-class city. But it seems the cart is before the horse and dictating terms too…! Have you wondered why Mumbai still remains the Slumbay of India? One cannot blame the Government or the local administration, the BMC for not trying. After regular ‘study tours’ abroad at government expense with a large entourage, they return with fresh ideas and Mumbaikars are held to ransom, while the foot soldiers of the administration go at the city with hammer and tongs, performing plastic surgery, Botox doses , face-lifting, grafting and implanting in the form of skywalks, fly-overs, pavements and roads. Why then is the city still lagging behind other glitzy high-class cities of the world? So, take a look at the beautiful fundguzzling new creations. Look, listen, lament, for it is the taxes you paid that went down this drain……..Look at the shiny new sky-walks and fly-overs, roof for the homeless and hungry. The poor of the surrounding countryside migrate to the big bad city with stars in their eyes and hope in their hearts - to find their little niche under zooming cars surrounded by poisonous fumes. Are the unused sky-walks waiting to greet their new occupants, the hawkers and the homeless in the absence of pedestrians who are merrily jaywalking on the ground? The arteries are as choked as before these monstrosities were constructed. Till these white elephants above become museum pieces, the roads will still continue to be choked. Ask any traffic cop…. The roads which are a disgrace to any Metropolitan city have been the victims of administrational avarice. After a prolonged hue and cry, the craters on roads had ceased to be tourist attractions and needed to be eliminated deftly. So they have been resurfaced with ‘paver-blocks’ at junctions that see heavy traffic. But the trouble is the amateur aliens roped in to lay the blocks have never seen a road back home, leave alone a paver block! So the dips and the pits are still slowing

the flashy SUVs and creating worse traffic jams while the loose blocks serve as wickets for the street cricket team! Ask any motorist…… How can a world-class city be indifferent to the needs of its people, the pedestrians? So the pavements too have been subjected to the same treatment of paving with blocks, while the encroachers waited in the wings to take over their new habitat with their cooking stoves to churn out mounds of ‘pavbaji’ and ‘vada-pav’ for the hungry newcomers to the city. It is also an open secret that under the benign patronage of our respected representatives, a whole new set of pavements have been hijacked into hair-cutting saloons, gadget repair shops, paan-bidi shops, leaving little or no room for the pedestrians defeating the very purpose of building those pavements at such phenomenal costs! Ask any pedestrian…… Road names in Bandra have changed - Hill road has become Hell Road. Thirty second road is now known as hawking road that sends shivers down the spine of motorists and pedestrians alike! Roads without pavements..? The fresh new ideas have left no stone unearthed or no road undug…… .in an effort to make Mumbai into Shanghai. But what do the harassed motorist and the poor pedestrian together with thousands of tax-payers think of all these fresh new ideas of our politicians? Mumbaikars say that their priorities of good roads, clean water, efficient dry waste collection, cleared pavements, open spaces and an end to illegal hawking have been totally overlooked by those in power. Elections to the BMC are scheduled to be held on February 16th - and the time has come to take the reigns into your hands and implement certain changes. Set your tracking device in place, searching for the candidates with good track records of public service and qualities of honesty and integrity. So Bandraites, assistance to meet and know your candidate will be given to you by your very own NGOs. Please, VOTE without fail - keeping in mind that the time to regret later is for the next five long years! Vera Alvares


February 2012


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