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Bandra Buzz


DEC 2010


the neighboring building. Adjacent to and at times in front also, are dumped cycles and parked bikes and old cars, making entrance into the premises very difficult - and at times even impossible. It has been traumatic and nightmarish for the nuns whose docile and gentle nature to avoid issues and troubles have given these goons an edge to do what they like, knowing political godfathers are they to protect or bail them out. Festivals of Ganesh, Holi, Dassera and Diwali surround the Centre with tremendous noise and pollution forcing sick inmates to leave the premises for another destination. Year round, other nuisances deafen the ears and pollute the environment. Selfless service to the people and faithful payment of taxes has not helped in alleviating the problems rather it has become a bane instead of a boon.


n the outskirts of Chuim village, surrounded by slums and illegal structures supported by the prominent local politicians, is CHUIM COMMUNITY CENTRE, being looked after by the famous NIRMALA NIEKTAN NUNS. This centre takes care of the poor, downtrodden and is doing yeoman service to society.They also have a crèche that looks after the children of domestic workers so that they can leave their children safely and happily while they tend to earn their livelihood.

In the recent past, there was a threat looming large to build a structure of a permanent nature on a open space adjacent to the convent. Also a few months ago, some local goons threatened to cover up an open space in front, to house some deity. This time, since it was learnt that the goons were supported by the local comparator and team, and no help was forthcoming, the nuns put up a strong front and refused to allow them to do anything. Oral and written

Sadly, these nuns have become soft targets over the years. Disregarding the ideals of this centre and the need for some privacy by the nuns, the local MLA, to appease the vote bank, built a Balwadi that has been a nuisance ever since. It has also been a source of inspiration for other illegal structures to mushroom. An institution that serves the people and cares for them has been victimsed to a constant harassment affecting the environment, their health and convenience. The institution that is a beacon of hope and help to the marginalized and tormented families of near and far flung areas of Khar Danda, Ghazdarbundh are living in constant fear of harassment by constructions of illegal structures around the centre as also touching the walls of their centre. Threatened at times by political goons and forcibly carried out because of political support of the local politicians. Garbage, old vehicles, stones and rubble is the décor strewn in front of the main gate of the Convent, as also illegal shops. At times even the convent compound becomes a collection point of garbage flung from Citizens Of Bandra (and surrounding suburbs)

surrounding suburbs

appeals then went out to all the authorities in the Corporation and also to the police station at Khar. Intimation and request for assistance was also sent to the H/West Ward Citizens Trust, the Local Civic and Political Cell of the Church, The Chairperson of ALM 144, and Mr. Ashish Shelar the Corporator of Ward 93, in which the Church is located. Thanks to the Senior Police Shri Pote visited the site and assured the nuns of help and action if illegal structures

Sadly, these nuns have become soft targets over the years. came up. Mr. Shelar also visited the site and assured the nuns of all help for this purpose. On advice of the Federation and the local activists , through letters, the nuns appraised the concerned authorities of the situation. Since taking the necessary precautions of intimating the concerned authorities, the site visits of Mr. Pote Senior Police Inspector and Mr. Ashish Shelar Corporator helped a great deal. There was no sign of construction plans for sometime. However, while the conservancy department responded promptly, there was certainly an apathy from the M a i n t e n a n c e a n d t h e Tr a ff i c

vol. I issue 1

Department in response to the complaints. In the last week, taking advantage of some of the nuns not being around, an illegal permanent asbestos shed has been erected with iron angles embedded in the walls of the institution, covering an open space adjoining the convent. This undoubtedly will lead to a closed structure in time to come thus encroaching on open space illegally and making it a permanent possession. While the work was in progress, and evident of the intentions, the nun present immediately contacted the local Corporator and youth congress president Mr. Stephen Noronha. The nun was told that the matter would be looked into but no immediate action was taken and the permanent shed has been completed and erected with asbestos and iron angles. ill date nothing has been done and no one has even visited the site or contacted the convent for reasons best known to them. A complaint has been lodged on the Corporations site and Khar Police station has also been informed. Mr. Shelar was also contacted by the nuns, with an assurance that that he will take up this matter immediately.

Daphane Warapan


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Bandra Buzz EDITOR Merck N. D’Silva EDITORIAL TEAM Dr. J. Peter Rodrigues Dereyk Talker Daphne Warapan Jude Tandon Agnelo Pereira DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Sheldon D’Souza

ADVERTISING TEAM MANAGERS Constance Amara David Vaz Dilip Ranglani Esmeralda D’Mello Narayan Bihari Ali Moiz Melville Murzello Martha Duarte Manuel Baptista Maryrose John Jo-Anne D’Silva Joaquim Cardoz DISTRIBUTION MANAGERS Anita Lobo Ignatius Kerketta Manuel Baptista CONSULTANTS Vincy D’Mello Vernon Duarte _____________________________

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JAN 2011

reactions, leading to action

Hello Readers, As 2011 unfolds, reactions to Bandra Buzz are coming in various media formats. Some are encouraging, some critical - and some just ‘cold’. It feels exciting that more than 80% of them, have been ‘encouraging’. The effort for any first print issue - especially for ADs - is tremendous. Therefore, a million thanks to all our maiden advertisers & our AD Managers. You have believed in us without even seeing an issue. Your confidence in us has made Bandra Buzz possible. You will always have a special place* in our hearts. Also, a special thanks to all our contributing writers, reporters... A lot of feedback, appreciating you has come in. It’s overwhelming ! As mentioned earlier, this paper will cater to a wide spectrum of people, on the economic and cultural range. Hence, you will find a very wide variety of topics that reach out to all age groups and backgrounds. Use this as your platform - but no personal attacks or communal / political overtones - please ! Local writers are invited to write articles about local events, issues etc. Photographs can be uploaded with your article. You will be given credit as the author. ALM groups can use this paper to highlight issues of their area. Citizens can send us reports of any incident, event in their area. If you know about any confirmed upcoming event, please inform us by email: Any suggestions / constructive criticism is most welcome. We have some very innovative sections. You will find the Small Business Services section very useful when we need a ‘handy man around’ - to make our lives more smooth. The column ads are ideal for announcements, lost/found, buying/selling, births/deaths, matrimonials etc. The multi-colour display ads are very cost-effective, as they are focussed on a potential prime market. Use it to strategise your business / personal moves. Bandraites - with your interaction & co-operation, Bandra Buzz can soon be your local neighbourhood newspaper that gradually evolves to be the hub that helps to make Bandra a better place to live life to its fullest. Wishing you Health, Wealth & Happiness in 2011 & beyond... Warm Regards,

Merck N. D’Silva Editor BANDRA BUZZ


Sir, The Queen of Suburbs is at last coming out buzzing with activity with a new paper known as "Bandra Buzz",Wishing U all the best Merck, I am waiting for it.

Sir, -Latasha Turner Vaz I am happy to learn that Bandra will soon ________________________________ be having a local newspaper of it’s own. Hey Merck, Please update us regularly on all local All the best to "Bandra Buzz”. Like the upcoming events, un-biased reports of "Queen of the Suburb's" May it be the neighbourhood news and let this be most happening Newpaper in town. THE people’s platform about various burning issues plaguing this wonderful Cheers to "Bandra Buzz” suburb.

-Darius Bandrawalla

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vol. II issue 1

Hello, Mr Merck your responsibility has increased,its not only "Bandra Buzz" but they want you to do many things in Bandra but through the local newspaper "the Bandra Buzz” Are you listening Merck ? Plz bring the newspaper soon and start working on it ,I Hope, Wish And Pray that you do many things more for the cummunity and Bandra at large. Do not forget the Bandra Worli Sea Link,Its the biggest Buzz of cars passing through the Bandra Area, the shortest route to Bandra Buzz. Mr Merck I think they require a traffic assistant to take care of the traffic,the men and machine to be controlled.

You have my solid support in this ________________________________ publishing venture. Hello Merck, - Haresh Ahuja I am thrilled to see that all you Bandra -Michael Monteiro Buzzsters and Bees are mobilizing to Some of our most active ___________________________ keep that once beautiful suburb CLEAN! Bandra Buzz Team just outside Sir, our office Keep up the good work, militate to have As a Bandraite by birth, I am proud that at 53, Waroda Road, the local politicians support your efforts, very soon we will be seeing Bandra instill community pride and collaboration, Bandra (W), Buzz - our very own local newspaper on educate the illiterate and literate about the news stands around Bandra. hygiene, discipline the miscreant...s...and Bandra can once more become the This paper should fullfill the local needs Queen of the Suburbs, as it used to be in by providing up-to-date info in this hep the 60s! ‘n’ happening place. Please keep it nonpolitical and un-biased. Best wishes from a US citizen, who grew up there, and will always have fond memories of a suburb of beauty, lushness, All the best. space, elegance and freedom!

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Bandra Buzz

DEC 2010

PRE-LAUNCH - history repeats... vol. I


the office. Cake, snacks, soft-drinks and sweets helped create community connect among the 36 people present at the pre-launch.

Sunday, 5th Dec 2010 was indeed a RED letter day for the Bandra Buzz Team.

Merck, the editor & publisher of Bandra Buzz thanked all 36 invitees for attending this event. He told the crowd that the paper will be printed soon and the ePaper edition & website: will soon be operational.

At 5:30 pm, our AD COLLECTION CENTRE office at 53, Waroda Road, Bandra (W) saw a lot of activity, as BB AD Managers came to witness the pre-launch of Bandra Buzz - your local newspaper. Vincy D’Mello, Ex-Municipal Corporator, who had earlier opened the old shop of Narayan Bihari - RISE-N-SHINE CLEANERS(Steam Laundry) on 23rd May 1973(b/w pic); repeated history, when at 79 years young, cut the ribbon to launch Bandra Buzz.

issue 1

The following Sunday, Sheldon D’Souza, Director of Operations, met with some of the core group to strategise plans for practical logistical operations of Bandra Buzz. With over 10,000 copies circulating across Bandra West & East, local people will have an excellent platform to get their views across, to people who matter. Now,Bandra-based businesses can advertise more effectively & e c o n o m i c a l l y. O u t s i d e business owners - resort owners, builders, etc. can target the prime locality of Bandra. Let’s hope, pray & act to help create a better Bandra. compiled by the BANDRA BUZZ team

Applauses by the team, advertisers and well-wishers 2010 started by Dr. J. Peter Rodrigues, ENT surgeon Vincy D’Mello cuts the ribbon. Merck steps in the office. was followed by a great Dr. Peter, Jane, Esmeralda thumbs-up photo session in & others applaud.

Vincy D’Mello goes down Memory Lane - he spoke at length on various Bandra issues... St.Paul's Road, a Playground at St.Andrew's Road s Editor of Bandra Star, it was a very rewarding (Behind Chand Terrace) and one at St.Joseph's Road. experience. You have to keep a legal advisor as people are legal savvy today and you have to be able to defend It is a great pity and very disturbing to know that certain your point of view. residents are now endeavouring to turn the Playground behind Chand Terrace into a children's park. This is a As a Corporator from 1973 to 1985, I traversity of justice. Every Saturdays made it my mantra to help the poor. I and Sundays, 2 to 3 Cricket Matches helped a large number of the poor to are held by the youth on this Ground. I get water connections free or at a have written two letters requesting the nominal rate. BMC to develop this ground properly so that the youth can make full utility of it for hockey & football and now the I would like to mention one specific move is to place a BMC watchman and instance of how I helped the prevent the youth from entering the unfortunate. At Mount Mary's Hill, at grounds. the side of St.Catherine's Home for the Destitute, 11 hutments were served 1973 notice to vacate. The police had been Instead, it is proposed to allow toddlers called to evict them. It was a sadistic scene. The and children in prams to enter the grounds. It may be hutment dwellers were packing their bag and baggage pointed out that hardly 50 yards away there is a while the police stood outside to use force incase they beautiful garden at D'Monte Park Road, well kept and do not obey the Court's eviction order. Alongwith my with proper equipments which can be used by toddlers colleagues, Edwin Pinto and Adolf Traggler, we and children in pram in the evenings. Every Ward pleaded with the Landlord to give us a strip of land should have a playground facility for the youth. This is where upon we could build 11 rooms and surrender the the only playground we have for Ward No.96. remaining land to the Landlord. The Landlord agreed and today the 11 rooms stand at the side of Jafferbhai Every patriotic citizen must fight for the cause of youth Colony. and help keep the St.Andrew's Road Ground for the use of the youth, especially in view of the recent My basic ambition was to provide Recreation Grounds Commonwealth Games. for the children and youth of Bandra. The Supari Talao ground was a dumping yard for BMC road mettle, -Vincy D’Mello stones and sand. I got it cleared and as Chairman of Ex-Municipal Corporator, Editor - Bandra Star Markets & Gardens, I had the whole ground beautifully fenced. Since then, numerous hockey, football and athletic events have been held including the Bandra Mini Olympics. I helped open Avenues for the youth of Bandra to indulge in Sports. This included the Supari Talao Ground, the large ground at the foot of the Mount, a scenic garden at Lands End, a Park at Pali Hill, Off

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Bandra Buzz

DEC 2010


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vol. I issue 1

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ince 1997, CREATIVE CONCEPTS has been empowering entrepreneurs expand their business reach, by offering & delivering premium print & multimedia services as per their specific needs. Now, for Bandra-based businesses*, we’re offering you a local platform - where visibility matters most - in print (and online, at no extra cost - FREE listing online, for 1 YEAR). We’ve launched Bandra Buzz - which is essentially a local newspaper that strives to be the best platform for Bandraites, while being informative and entertaining. With a circulation of more than 10,000 full-multicolour copies, published initially monthly and soon bi-monthly, your advertisement will surely reach it’s niche local target of Bandraites - resulting in better business and a bigger bottom-line for you. As you know, Bandra is the most happening suburb of Mumbai. An ad in Bandra Buzz will get you visibilty across more than 50,000 potential clients from Bandra - an elite area with good buying power. So your captive market - the life-blood of your business, will be better informed customers with repeat orders. Being a local newspaper - your target audience will be more focused, resulting in better results at an affordable cost.

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Bandra Buzz


DEC 2010


vol. I issue 1

Christmas Cake (RICH FRUIT) 150gms. 100gms. 100gms. 2 1/4 tsp. A pinch of 2 table spoons 50gms. 50gms. 50gms. 50gms. 50gms. 1/4 tsp. 2-5 tblsp 1 Lime A pinch of A few drops of 1tsp

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Flour Sugar Butter Eggs Baking Powder Soda- bi-carb Caramel Orange Peel or Preserve Cherries Kismis Tutti Futti Cashew Nuts Spice powder Rum Lemon juice of Salt Vanilla Coffee Powder

METHOD: Wash and dry Sultanas. Chop tutti futti,Cashew,Peel cherries, Sultanas & Soak them in rum & lime juice. Mix the spice powder & salt overnight (cover with tight lid). Sieve flour and baking Powder and mix into chopped fruit (when mixing the cake). Then beat fat and sugar. Add beaten eggs little by little. Fold in Flour, coffee,caramel and essence mix well. Bake in a paper lined tin till done. Bake for 45 minutes. When hot, pour rum on top. Use your imagination for some creative icing designs. Enjoy !


Christmas Wine 1 ½ Kg. 2 1/4 Kg. 6 bottles 2tsp.

... ... ... ...

Black Grapes (FRESH) Sugar Drinking Water (boiled and cooled) Dried Yeast (Blue Bird) METHOD: Separate the grapes from the bunch & wash three to four times and put in a jar. Pour boiled water over the grapes and sugar. Dissolve yeast in one cup warm water and add into jar. Now stir the mixture twice a day for ten days. After that, stir once a day for eight days. Now, you will find sediments. Strain all the sediments and put the liquid back into the jar. Using a siphon fill in dark bottles and keep in a dark place. Enjoy !


Traditional Christmas Pudding (English) 2 pkts. ...................................Amul butter 2 cups ...................................Bread Crumbs (i.e make small pieces without crust) 200 gms. ...............................Brown Sugar (Demerara) 3.............................................Eggs METHOD 1 cup..................................... Water Chop the dried fruits finely. Remove seeds from black Currants & mix 1 tsp...................................... Baking powder with 1 tsp. maida. Beat eggs & keep aside. Mix tea sugar and brown 1 tblsp................................... Maida sugar. Put half the sugar in a vessel and make caramel (dark). Add 1 1 tblsp....................................Brandy cup water. 1 tblsp....................................Wine 1 tblsp....................................Rum Cream butter and remaining sugar i.e the other half Sugar. Add beaten 1 tblsp....................................Sugar eggs, then the breadcrumbs mixture, little by little. Add Nutmeg & 50 gms...................................Cashews Cardamon powder, rum, brandy, Wine & Vanilla. 50 gms...................................Walnuts 50 gms ..................................Plums Lastly chopped ingredients are put in a greased and floured tin and 50 gms...................................Cherries steamed for 3/4 hour i.e. 1 ½ hour total, otherwise the water in the 50 gms...................................Black Current pressure cooker will dry. Place a fitting lid over it and then put in 50 gms...................................Tutti futti pressure cooker. N.B. Caramel should be cold and then put in the mixture. 1 tsp. ..................................... Vanilla 1 tsp. .....................................Cardamon Powder Decorate to get a Christmas ‘look’. Enjoy ! 1 ............................................Nutmeg (grated)

Please give us your feed back on these recipes. E-mail: "When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world."

— George Washington Carver


Bandra Buzz -

DEC 2010


vol. I issue 1

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Bandra Buzz

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Superb Compering by Brian Tellis

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Andrean Fair 2010

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vol. I issue 1


Great Guitar Sound

on 3rd, 4th & 5th Dec 2010

Singing Sensation: USHA UTHUP

St. Andrews Dance Workshop - Young & Old !

DEC 2010

Together in Tandom

Grand Opening Ceremony

Andrean Actors Club conducted by Carl Mendes...

Local VIPs & Clergy

Special Thanks to Fr. Savio & his team for the action photographs you see here Ex-Students of St. Andrew’s High School, Bandra - Relive old memories, renew old contacts, bond with your buddies of yesteryear, get yourself updated about upcoming events... Please visit the new official website:

Kiddies Trained by Rose Curtis

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...Andrean Actors Club conducted by Carl Mendes

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Shaimak Davar Dance Troupe

December 2010 - Jan 2011 22nd Dec 2010 - ‘THE FESTIVAL OF CHRISTMAS 2010’ - a musical evening of Carols to spread the good cheer with Merlin DeSouza and her “ALL Star Band”, performances by Sharon Prabhakar, Rhys Sebastian, Maria Goretti, Bashir Sheikh, Vandana Vadhera, St Stanislaus School Choir , Felix Flor and others on Wednesday, 22nd December 2010, 7pm at Supari Talao, Mt Carmel Road. ENTRY FREE. This concert is in support of KRIPA – DHARAVI PROJECT & Atmavishwas. 22nd Dec 2010 - 11th ANNUAL XMAS RALLY - organised by Baba Siddique, on Wednesday 22nd Dec - starts at 4pm from Otters Club Carter Road. 30th Dec 2010 - Youth Social at St Vincent de Paul, Chuim 30th Dec 2010 - Christmas Social at Mt Carmel’s Church, Bandra. 31st Dec 2010 - Golden Toff New Years Eve 2011 - New Years Beach Bash... Enough of the suites, gowns n tux... Party in ur Flip Flops, Beach shorts or even ur Bikini. Hurry. Only limited 150 passes... For more details contact with ur name and contact details to: or Call: +91 98332 39462 8th Jan 2011 - TWILITE NIGHT 2011 - X’MAS FUND RAISING FUN, FROLIC & FOOD on SATURDAY, 8th JANUARY 2011 - 7:30pm onwards at Grace Villa Lawns, 24,D’Monte Park Road, Bandra (W).

There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all. Smile - and the world smiles back at you. A smile gives more light than a thousand stars. Smile and success go hand in hand.


Bandra Buzz -

DEC 2010


vol. I issue 1

Janelle Rodrigues, interviewed Dr. J. Peter Rodrigues, Head of ENT Dept., St. George’s Govt. Hospital and ENT Surgeon, Holy Family Hospital, Bandra (W), about a very common ailment “Adenotonsillitis”, which affects practically everyone at least once, if not more often. This article is a result of compiling info got at the interview.



is one of the most common infections that a family physician/ ENT specialist sees in his everyday practice. There is a ring of lymphoid tissue which lies at the back of the throat. The adenoids and tonsils form part of this ring of lymphoid tissue. Being part of the same ring of lymphoid tissue, tonsil, adenoid infection occurs simultaneously.

down, and the tonsils, itself becomes a focus of infection. This infection is called “Tonsillitis”. Repeated attacks of tonsillitis render the tonsils functionless. Being a focus of infection, they cause more harm than good, and should be removed.

Although, tonsillitis can occur at any age, it is more common before the age of 15 years. Adenotonsillitis occurs due to bacterial/ viral infection. The “Haemolytic Streptococcus” a bacteria has a A c c o r d i n g t o D r. J . P e t e r special predilection for the tonsils. Rodrigues, Past President of the ENT Association of Mumbai, tonsils If a person is malnourished, or has provide a local barrier against some immunological deficiency bacterial infection. However, state, he will be more prone to sometimes this local barrier breaks tonsillitis. People exposed to cold or

atmosphere pollution, suffer from per year) surgery (tonsillectomy/ many attacks. The symptoms of a d e n o i d e c t o m y ) s h o u l d b e tonsillitis are “rawness” at the back considered. of the throat, acute pain in the throat specially while swallowing, fever, - Janelle Rodrigues headache, chills and a ‘general feeling of illness’. The tubes, which ventilate the ear, open next to the adenoids. Adenoid enlargement blocks these tubes, leading to hearing loss. Sometimes, the pus from the tonsils, spread to different organs of the body, which can affect the body system. Medical treatment should be the first line in treatment of the disease. Antibiotics are given, to control the pus and infection, and analgesics (pain killers) are prescribed to reduce pain and fever. In the present age, with advance in anaesthesia, tonsil adenoid removal is a very safe procedure. If medical treatment cannot have a long-term control of the disease, and the patient has repeated attacks of tonsillitis (4 to 6 attacks

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Bandra Buzz

DEC 2010


vol. I issue 1

We spoke to Sunder Menezes at his home-office, with a view of the Arabian Sea - and got inspiring insights about the man behind SPAN’s success story. Q: Sunder, can you tell us something about SPAN CONSTRUCTIONS ? A: Since our inception in 1983, Span Constructions has been providing civil work solutions to the city of Mumbai in the form of high quality building repairs, water-proofing and structural repairs. Today, our brand is the preferred agengy with over 100 satisfied customers. Our clients include housing societies, individual bungalows, corporate structures and institutions. Cosmetic repair work and mismanaged procedures invariably lead to generations of building repair work that are substandard. We have learnt the art of addressing the root cause of the rot - to ensure that buildings last for more than 100 years - a fact that is far from being implemented currently. Q: Do you have a mentor ? A: Yes, I have studied under the tutelage and mentorship of concrete master craftsman and consultant - the Late Mr. Anthony Remedios MICE (UK), BSc (eng)(London) CHARTERD ENGINEER(Civil). He is known as a crusader of quality construction in the Indian Konkan Railway. He was a former consultant to the Govt. of Goa and a pioneer in the practical niceties of Civil Engineering. I was priviliged to interact with India’s Guru - learning the finer points of the implementation in structural construction.

Q: What, in your frank opinion, are SPAN CONSTRUCTIONS main strengths ? A: Some of our main strengths are listed below: - Accurate measurements in cement mix, with no “andaz” methods. - In-depth knowledge of pouring, vibrating, construction joints and faults. - Transparency in dealing with clients. - To ensure quality & safety, all work is carried out under the guidance of a licensed structural engineer, as per Municipal Rules. - 100% Customer Satisfaction, adding a track record of excellence in execution. - Practical instinct & technical knowledge along with a team of skilled & unskilled, sincere, dedicated and trained workforce that ensures site jobs that are executed to the highest standards of quality. That is why, we are confident to provide a SPAN GUARANTEE of 10 years for terrace water-proofing and structural repairs, 5 years for plaster work and 7 years for cast iron work using ISI make. We continue to innovate and develop processes that work towards foolproof construction, providing clients with the best possible options to their civil problems.

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ASK A FRIEND - Agnelo Pereira has offered to help students appearing for exams...


his is the first year that the Maharashtra State Board has prepared a superb timetable to ease the stress faced by students during Board Exams.

Formerly each subject exam was held day after day, leaving students no sigh of relief for two continuous weeks, except Sunday. This year there is a gap of 1 or 2 days between each paper so that students can relax a bit before taking the next paper. I am pleased that Marathi paper of Std. X has been kept for the last instead of squeezing it between other papers leaving no gap for students to concentrate on our state language. Both Std. X and XII will heave a sigh of relief after seeing the timetable. However, there are some studious students who have approached me saying that the Govt. has dragged the exams too long. This month of December and next month are the months of prelims. So I extend my support to students through Bandra Buzz to help them overcome some difficulties.

I wish to give a few tips on how to succeed: 1. Concentrate first on the Govt. prescribed Text book questions and see that you have found all the answers. 2. Next solve all previous papers from Mar 2008 upto Oct 2010 . 3. The new syllabus started from March 2008. So you have 6 papers in hand to begin with. 4. Make a study of the mark distribution and decide on which chapters to concentrate on. 5. There is plenty of choice in the paper but you have to make the right choice to succeed. 6. Keep sending your exam difficulties online @: and I will reply to you immediately.

Prof. Agnelo Pereira

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DEC 2010


vol. I issue 1

COACHING CLASSES: HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Agnelo Pereira - 98697 78257- 23/C Lilly Apts. St. John Baptist Rd. Bandra(W) Rashida - 99870 87415 - Lace Material, Table Covers from Iran CHOCOLATES: Home Made Tweetye & Tween Chocolates - 0 98195 39587, 0 98204 64200 Zehra Currimbhoy - 98336 45034 - INDULGE DANCE: Hashin Currimbhoy - 98195 20311- HIPA - DUPLICATE KEY MAKER: Mohamed Ali - 98674 26398 - Nr Godrej Nature’s Basket, Hill Rd ELECTRICIAN: Francis D'Souza - 98203 21403 - Chimbai Road, Bandra (W) FASHION: Prathamesh - 98190 64514 - UNLIMITED FASHION, Bandra FRESH FRUIT DELIVERY: Mohd. Naeem 9867738152 / 9819295265 Opp Society Super Market, Chimbai FLORIST : Laxman - 98672 63461 / 98203 79676 - St Andrew’s Rd. HAIR & BEAUTY CARE: Liz - 98336 92856 - home service - Bandra

MUSICIAN / TEACHER: Shyamala - 98207 10573 - Indian Music (Saraswati Veena) NEWSPAPER / MAGAZINE VENDORS: S. R. N. Yadav - 93245 52451 - Chimbai Road, Bandra. C. M. R. D Yadav - Shesh Mani - 9819569927 Wanton House, Hill Road. A. N. Yadav - 9870547535 - Chapel Road,Bandra P. R. Yadav - Prem Shankhar - 9833223989 - next to Mt.Carmels Church. L. R Yadav - Shiv Kumar - 9920511394 - Chimbaii, Bandra Ramdhar Yadav - 9819234398 - Chapel Road, Bandra. PAN CARD SERVICE: Sam - 98330 58917 - For Rs 200/- only : (service for Bandra only) REAL ESTATE AGENT: Savio Gonsalves - 98205 26314 - Bandra & surrounding suburbs Brendan McCarron - 98213 62555 - St. John’s Road, Bandra (W) RADIO / TV MECHANIC: Shantaram Yadav - 98203 58155 - Mount Mary Steps, Bandra (W) WELDER: BABLU - 93208 82433 - S.V. Road, Khar, Near Masjid, Opp Beauty Center.

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Shammi Sethi sent us an informative report... Dear friends, We have a cycle group in Bandra - we ride our cycles every night 9.30 to 10.30 - we meet sharp at 9.30 outside Otters Club - Cycling is a great fun activity that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. A fantastic workout, it not only enables you to derive pleasure, but also goes a long way towards ensuring your overall fitness. Our Mission: To organise short rides all over the city so that people who are new to cycling or have’nt cycled for long can join in. Riding in a group is safer in the city and we will ride slow and assist them. Cycling has a lot of benefits: Health Benefits: * Cycling minimizes the risk of coronary heart disease. Essentially an aerobic exercise, it gives your heart, blood vessels and lungs a workout, thereby reducing the risk of heart problems. * A few miles of cycling per day assure trimmer and toned muscles. This is because your upper thigh muscles, backside and calf muscles all get to workout.

* Pursuing cycling helps a great deal in building your stamina. It enables you to carry out your day-to-day activities more effectively. * For people, who are on the heavier side, cycling can prove to be beneficial. It manages weight and helps in getting rid of increased waistline and bulging fat. * The pleasure and satisfaction attained while riding a bicycle alleviates all the stress, anxiety and depression of a person. * This might come to you as a surprise, but cycling ensures a control in the level of blood pressure. * Cycling enhances the overall fitness level of a person. It makes you breathe deeper and perspire more, thereby leading to a feeling of enhanced body temperature.

discover new places cannot be ruled out as well. * Cycling is a complete environmental friendly activity. Unlike other means of transport, it lets out no harmful chemicals in the air. * Cycling can prove to be the best mode to move around your local area without any difficulty. In the coming weeks and months, every day short night rides will be unveiling a number of innovative initiatives to help further these goals. Please contact us if you're interested in getting involved with every short night rides in your area OR if you have a story to share that demonstrates how cycling has made a positive difference in your life or the life of someone close to you.:

* Cycling has found to be effective for treating people diagnosed with diabetes and cancer. Other Benefits: * A complete leisure activity, cycling gives you the opportunity to spend time with friends. * A chance to meet new people and

The entrepreneur builds an enterprise, the technician builds a job. – Michael Gerber


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DEC 2010

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vol. I issue 1

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DEC 2010

TAKE-A-BREAK... you need it !

BB CrossWord # 001 1

vol. I issue 1

Welcome, to knowing ‘how much you know Bandra’. Take this test, solve this crossword puzzle, using the clues given below, to win exciting surprise prizes.




5 6

CLUES ACROSS: 1 The shopping mall / movie theatre on Hill Road 3 The shopping area road that has KFC & McDonald 6 The promenade near Danda 7 The college on Linking Road 8 The food hang-out that has 3 branches across Bandra 10 The oldest gymkhana in Bandra 11 The college that's in a complex by the same name



You can submit your ANSWERS - online, @: or post it in our Bandra Buzz mail box at 53, Waroda Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai-400 050 on or before 2nd Jan 2011, 7:00pm



CLUES DOWN: 2 The promenade near a Portuguese fort 4 The hospital in Bandra near the sea-link 5 The food joint at St.Theresa-Turner Road Junction 9 The cafe near St. Andrew's School/College 10 The new commercial hub near Bandra East


ANSWERS in the next issue. Surprise Gifts to the WINNERS (names will be printed) who submit ALL CORRECT ANSWERS in time.



What do you get if you cross Father Christmas with a detective ? Santa Clues !

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas 2010

What do the reindeers sing to Father Christmas on his birthday ? Freeze a jolly good fellow ! What do you call a man who claps at Christmas ? Santa Applause !

Faith makes all things possible, Hope makes all things work, Love makes all things beautiful. May you have all the three, this Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Who delivers presents to baby sharks at Christmas ? Santa Jaws ! Why does Father Christmas like to work in the garden ? Because he likes to hoe, hoe, hoe !

Christmas Gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.

naresh rodrigues

98203 64764

Why is a cat on a beach like Christmas ? Because they both have "Sandy Claws" ! What's Father Christmas called when he takes a rest while delivering presents ? Santa Pause ! CHRISTMAS JOKE:

How An Angel Got 2 B On Top Of The Tree

“Farry’s is a This Year, Santa Was Having A Very Bad Day. His Wife Didn't Give Him None, natural haven for He Had A Hangover From The Night Before, None Of The Elves Were On Schedule, those planning a The Kids Were All Bitching And Whining And Unappreciative. brief getaway from the bustle of routine city life” He Went To Have A Drink, But All The Liqure Was Gone, Everyone Was Demanding That Sarkari Bawdi,

The Greenest Holiday Spot Borivali (W), Gorai, on the Island of Gorai

He Do Something, The House Was A Mess & He Stubbed His Toe On A Broken Toy And So, He Started To Cuss And Shout And He Was Really Angry.

Mumbai - 400 092 TEL: 2845 2748

Please visit:

Just Then, The Doorbell Rang And It Was An Angel With A Beautiful New Christmas Tree, who said, “Where Should I Put This Santa?”

his golden

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“It's important to take a break, from the public eye for a while, and give people a chance to miss you. It will also increase your productivity.” - Aaliyah


Bandra Buzz

DEC 2010


vol. I issue 1

NOT BOLLYWOOD - BUT A REALITY IN BANDRA and debris. Frequented by alcoholics, drug addicts and even other people of the night. Chaos and fear for the young ones of the locality seems to be on every locals mind. Enough is enough residents come together and armed with a

A Typical Scene: The set : – An open plot of land The Hero/s: – Local residents

because their eyes are on the plot of prime land to build whatever is on their mind , a mall, a tower, a parking lot, a prayer hall, anything..... The plot gets a total face lift by the heroes of this pot-boiler till

This is where you come in to decide the outcome of this story which is a reality : - DO we sit at home and say let those Heroes deal with the villians

The Villian/s: – politicians and builders

- DO we come out and support the true heroes of this story ?

The Twist in the Plot: – A Heritage Cross

or - DO we just stand and be silent bystanders and say “What to do - we don’t want to interfere they are goons” ?

The Story: The scene opens 30 odd years ago when one Mr Almeida living around Almeida Park lost this land to the Government in the Supreme Court the compensation given then was pittance and still remains with the court. On the plot is a cross which has a plaque whish states that the plot of land was used by locals to bury unbaptised children during the infamous Bandra Plague some 150 odd years ago.

SO THE FINAL SCENE OF THIS POT-BOILER LIES IN YOUR HANDS ! signature campaign, fight for one day more recent like a few restoration of the plot. days ago a group of vandals - Dereyk Talker

The scene reopens to about a few years ago the same plot covered with wild vegetation

Enter the villains who threaten and to kill / kidnap/ etc to prevent the plot from being maintained

Sure they are, but if we stand UNITED as ONE and armed with a PRAYER on our lips no one can touch us.

come and break down a wall alongside the cross threatening to get bulldozers to bring down the cross..........

suprise PLUS topics

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Gulam Ahmed Qureshi Junaid Feroz

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We can begin by doing small things at the local level. That is how change takes place, from many local actions occurring simultaneously. -- Grace Lee Boggs


DEC 2010

Bandra Buzz

Naveen J. Anthraper


- local talent vol. I issue 1

“Music is my drug", says Naveen, whose tryst with music started at age 7, when his dad became his first guitar master.

Another reason why he is one of the most sought after artists, is because he takes music lovers to a different platform altogether with his fast and electrifying guitar With his unique features, leads. performance and style he has carved a niche for Naveen’s uncanny ability to himself in the world of infuse Indian scales right in music. The success of his the middle of heavy metal numerous stage shows and rock numbers gives his stand testimony to his talent concerts a magical charm. and showmanship.

wanted urgently Graphic Designer in Bandra, having good experience

in CorelDraw, Photo Shop, Dreamweaver etc. Should be creative & efficient

Please e-mail bio-data to:

- BB report.

Naveen J. Anthraper, a singer, guitarist, music composer, director & producer who lives at Bandstand, Bandra (W), Mumbai.

Naveen is known for mesmerizing his audience with his awesome performance – his enchanting singing, his magic with his fast fingers on the guitar and his berserk stage–acting. He has often been lauded for his ability to entertain music lovers with different styles of music ranging from slow rock to heavy metal, rock, poprock, psychedelic, melodic rock, blues, fusion, pop, etc.

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

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Let’s get PRO-ACTIVE

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Yes, Bandraites, use Bandra Buzz as YOUR Platform towards creating a better Bandra... skywalks | metro | promenades | hawkers | roads | malls | bars | noise | environment | garbage | traffic | crime encroachments | FSI | speeding | footpaths | parks | rickshaws | taxis | buses | security


yes, d Available n a ... EE in Bandra (W) R F s ’ t If you have any i

Be Pro-Active, USE your upcoming local newspaper to create community connect in your neighbourhood If you have any issues to address concerning areas in & around Bandra, (eg. bad roads, hawkers, etc.) please send in your details at

suggestions to put into print towards creating a better Bandra, (eg. one way streets, foot paths) please send in your details at

If you have any upcoming local events to be listed that’s happening in & around Bandra, (eg. Diwali Dance, Jazz Festival, etc.) please send in your details at

If you need to highlight your area ALM activities (eg. BMC non / co-operation) please send in your details at If you can offer any local service / product (eg. home meals, PAN cards) to people in & around Bandra, please send in your details at

If you have any funny photo / humourous incident (eg. sign board mis-spelled) that’s happened in & around Bandra, please send in your details at


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| 8/10/2010

Vol. I Issue 1  

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