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17th April 2016 | Vol. 7 (II) Issue 4 |

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WOMEN! GET ACTIVE! Becoming a champion requires any athlete to pay her physical dues. That is, there is no shortcut to reaching your goals. You have to work hard, build muscle strength, increase endurance and hone the technique required to play the game at a high level. By making this kind of physical investment and working hard at it you are moving yourself one step closer to your dreams. That’s exactly what former India hockey captain Sybil Miranda (née Dmello) has done. Even a severe injury that needed stitches during a state level tournament couldn’t stop her. With her family always rallying behind her, along with her sheer determination and will power, she defied all odds and preserved on at a time when even the basic necessi-

ties like a decent kit and jerseys were not provided and the lodging facilities when they travelled for tournaments were deplorable. All these experiences have only made her stronger and made her the person she is today. Sybil is currently the coach at Juhu’s Jamnabai Narsee School. She strongly believes in being more of a mentor than a coach. Her love for the game runs so deep, that she spends most of her salary on taking her students for tournaments and ensuring that they have healthy snacks to eat during and after the games.

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Former India hockey captain Sybil Miranda (née Dmello)

02 APRIL 2016



A Modern Spin on an Ancient Garment If you’re tired of uncomfortable bras that don’t ďŹ t properly then maybe this is what you’ve been searching for. Bandra based producer and ďŹ lmmaker Priyanka Thakran recently launched a revolutionary new bra unlike anything else on the market, ‘Angiya’ will hit the Indian market soon. ‘Angiya’ is similar to a choli but it was designed to be like a bra, like the ones women in the Northern States of India were wearing up to the 19th Century. References to it go as far back as the Sanskrit texts of Kalidas. It had slightly more coverage than a bra compared to what women are used to wearing now a days. It’s a beautiful blend between a choli & a bra. The contemporary bra according to Priyanka is very uncomfortable. So she decided to reinvent the Angiya. Women traditionally made their own Angiya, & these were very beautifully created & highly treasured as it was something very personal to the women who created them. Today it’s only the Banjaran women of Rajasthan who wear something similar to Angiya. For a woman, comfort is of foremost importance, followed closely by aesthetics.

Hence the Angiya promises to be extremely comfortable as well as super sexy. This bra is a reinvented garment which will ďŹ t perfectly to the curves of a woman wearing it, conforming to her individual, unique body ďŹ gure. So it moves with woman’s body & it feels almost natural, like second skin, something that today’s bras don’t provide to women. For her ďŹ rst collection she is working with Indian colours & patterns, Priyanka is creating 3 of her own weaves. One will be an organic cotton from Rajasthan & Lycra blend. Another is a thicker weave called a basket weave & the 3rd is a very ďŹ ne mal. Cups will be created using the Rajasthani quilting technique & since the basket weave is a thicker weave it will provide protection for the nipple, for women who don’t want cupping but still want additional coverage for the nipple. In the future she is looking forward to doing a collection inspired by Japanese aesthetic & printing. Over the years there has been a steady rise in breast cancer among women & this has been correlated to bra usage. Studies say that ideally women shouldn’t be wear-




ing bras at all, however it’s not always possible to go bra less & hence the Angiya bra. This unique garment is projected to be instrumental towards to better breast health. She has poured all of her energy, personal savings & love into her brand Fufa, that is looking to reinvent the usual bra & bring back comfort without having to compromise on style. Currently the bra is at

crowdfunding status, with Priyanka still trying to raise the funds to get mass production happening, but support is growing by the day. She’d like to invite women of all ages & sizes to be a part of her movement & build her brand as well! Priyanka’s aim is to give women the perfect garment, so let us help her make her dream come true. Nolencia Dharmai

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WOMEN! GET ACTIVE! well balanced and makes sure that the teams competing against each other are more or less of the She believes in a holistic approach of coaching. Af- same skill level and age group. Her efforts have proved to be fruitful, as a lot of teams are fluent western countries like Holland, Gernow so motivated, that they have even many and Australia have hundreds of hired coaches to train them. Astroturf grounds. Unfortunately Sybil’s organization skills are in India only a few states have “Becoming a champion requires excellent, being the ex-secreAstroturf grounds. Sybil beany athlete to pay her physical dues. tary of indoor and outdoor lieves that if children are That is, there is no shortcut to reaching sports at the Bandra trained on Astroturf, it beGymkhana, she oversees comes easier for them to your goals. You have to work hard, build every aspect of the organithen play on grass. muscle strength, increase endurance and zation process from end-toHowever Sybil has her hone the technique required to play the end. What’s better is that eye on a new goal, she game at a high level. By making this kind of has got teams from she wants to break down barriphysical investment and working hard at places like Goregaon and ers and engage more women it you are moving yourself one step Malad to participate in the and girls in sport. If you go closer to your dreams. ” tournaments as well. The around and look at any playing Wellington Gymkhana tournament field, there are more men than was nothing less than a T20 match prowomen playing sport on a daily basis. duction, complete with cheer leaders, half Women are missing out on the physical, mental and well-being benefits of sport. So in order to time performances, loud music, enthusiastic fans get women especially mothers out of the house and last but not the least, 10 battling teams. Her and on to the field, Sybil along with her team has next venture is to organize tournaments in the suborganized Throwball tournaments at places like urbs after the monsoons, giving the teams rather The Bandra Gymkhana as well as The Wellington mommies a breather to nurture their injuries and Gymkhana. Her main aim is for these tournaments most certainly is something to look forward to. to be like a stress buster for women. At the same Nolencia Dharmai time she also believes in the tournament being

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04 APRIL 2016



It's time to voice against donation Every year students across India aspire to become doctors. Being a doctor is a noble, respected and rewarding profession. Over the years the competition to get a seat in a government medical college has become competitive. Of late it has even become nightmare for parents to admit their children for a medical course. A set of organized businesses, mostly powered and backed by India's political whose who, are setting up private medical colleges and are fleecing parents for their children's dream career. Indian parents last year shelled out close to Rs. 1200 crore towards donation and capitation fees to secure medical seat for their children. Private medical colleges in Indian are minting on the supply demand gap that government medical colleges have failed to meet for a long time. The actual cost of a medical degree in India from a private medical college could be close to Rs. 1 crore. Moreover the donation

paid towards securing the seat is never invested back in infrastructure and academic improvement of the colleges. This gives rise to the vital question, do you really get what you pay for? Parents seem to have no answer to this, they are left with no other option but to fall prey to the said system. Well it's time to voice and unite against this system, it's time to voice against donation, it's time to save our children's future from this illicit business ventures. It's time to say "NO" to DONATION. Parents should explore study abroad options for MBBS degree. The cost of studies is not only less than half of what it costs in India, students don't have to sit for entrance exams or pay any donation either. You get world class education at half the price and without entrance. You can practice in India after appearing for MCI exam. Indian parents lack information and insight into foreign medical study. Countries like Russia, China, Ukraine and Philippines

offers world class medical education without a single penny donation. These universities rank among top universities in the world and their MBBS degrees are recognized by Medical Council of India, WHO, USMLE, etc. Educationalist Mr. Aslam Shaikh has been long advocating against donation for medical seats. He still proactively campaign against this donation system. He urges parents from all quarters of our soci-

ety to stand against and ward off this evil of donation. Mr. Aslam Shaikh guides students for medical colleges in Russia, China, Ukraine & Philippines. Over the years hundreds of students have so far been benefited by his guidance and counseling. Mr. Shaikh reaffirms that students and parents should say "NO" to DONATION and explore international MBBS options for their bright future.

St. Andrews BCS Football Team bag third place at FootCom 2016

Asif Bhamla: NCP supports ‘East Indian Bhavan’ & its issues

It was celebration time once again, as Bandra’s St. Andrews BCS football team bagged the third place in the All-Mumbai Tournament (FootCom 2016). They trounced over St. Pius, Mulund 2 – 1; in a nail-biting match held at St. Xavier’s Ground, Parel on 17th April 2016. The team proudly held the trophy in a victorious group photo shoot, where the camaraderie shows on all the faces. All had beaming smiles as they received the trophy, a cheque of Rs.10,000/, besides medals and certificates from BCS

NCP Spokesperson and President of Mumbai North Central, Asif Bhamla has been very supportive of the original inhabitants of Mumbai – the East Indians. Recently, he joined the silent protest organised by MGP (Mobai Gaothan Panchayat) at Mt. Mary, Bandra to show his solidarity with the genuine causes of the East Indian – namely to implement a special gaothan policy regarding FSI, to allot East Indian food stalls and to get land for an East Indian Bhavan. Earlier, Mr. Bhamla had prayed at the basilica for the local East Indian community, who he holds very dear to his heart. On Easter Sunday evening, Asif Bhamla was felicitated at the ‘East Indian

dignitaries. The team players were Aaron Fernandes, Benny Fernandes, Bradley Quadros, Christopher Sequeira, Clinton D'Abreo, Clyde Koli, Floyd Dharmai, Gershwyn Pereira, Joshua Vessoakar, Keegan Cabral, Kenrick Pereira, Kirsten D’Silva, Lance Dharmai, Leander Dharmai, Martin Quadros, Neren Quadros, Noel Sequeira, Raunak Killinger, Rommel Pereira, Roy Lewis, Shaun Pinto, Sheldon Raghwan, Stanford D’Mello, Titus Uttankar, Tyron Pereira & Wren D'Abreo. Gladson Quadros

Manoranjan’, held at Mt. Carmel Grounds. He addressed the gathering, congratulating the organizers for the good work done to help the local East Indian Community. When we wanted to know his take on the East Indian Bhavan issue, he told us, “ I am totally in favour of the East Indians having their own Bhavan and have met certain community leaders on this burning issue. After all, people from other states of India already have their own Bhavan in Mumbai. Why should the original people of Mumbai not have a Bhavan of their own? I feel that this is a genuine cause – and support it 100%. I will do my very best to make it happen.” Dhruv Vora


APRIL 2016 05


Improve your ‘Chi’ on Earth Day with Feng Shui Expert Maria Hussain In celebration of World Earth Day in April each year, let me explain to you the importance of the Earth element in Classical Feng Shui & give you some ways to celebrate this energy by bringing it into your home and life. We call her - Mother Earth: True to her name, the energy of earth element is a very nurturing, strong, stable and protective feminine energy. It gives and sustains life, it protects, it cherishes and it heals – all the good things a mother does! As per the 5 Element Theory in Feng Shui, we need all 5 elements (Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal) for our well-being – in different proportions for different spaces and different people – but trust me that the earth element is the one to strengthen in your home no matter what your personal birth element is. Strengthen the Earth Element in your home or office décor: • To reach a place of calm and peace, when your energy is scattered & you lack a sense of grounding or inner power.

Focus on the Earth Element Decor: Bagua areas that have earth as their defining element are Southwest, Northeast and Center. Also Bagua area that are strengthened by the powerful energy of this element are Northwest, West, East and Southeast. Introduce the warm, calming earthcolorsin your bedroom and combine with a bit of Fire colors (Fire produces Earth) for best results. Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Family Rooms and Bathrooms are room that would benefit from having the calming influence of the Earth elements.

• To create a strong, supportive foundation to keep your creative fire burning steadily instead of quick exhausting bursts. • To bring stability to any area of your life – be it love, romance, health or family.

Decorate with Earth Element: Add colors and objects in earth tones & made of earth along with more muted lighting, crystals & stones, ceramic pottery, as well as images of earthy landscapes (without too much greenery or water). Add squares and cubes, long flat horizontal surfaces and heavier objects. The heavier the object looks, the stronger the Earth vibration. Fabrics like velvets, chenille and corduroy in earthy

colors as well as earth-toned rugs & carpets will create a warm earthy space. With the very hectic pace of our lives, a strong earth connection is much needed to create a balance. Go, spend some time connecting deeply with Mother Earth. Walk barefoot on her, go for a hike, lay on your back and meditate and thank her for all bounties that she so graciously brings to us each day. LET US HAVE YOUR FEEDBACK… Feel free to call on 9867711021 to schedule a consultation or e-mail your questions to or visit website

Maria Hussain Feng Shui Expert

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06 APRIL 2016



MANGO – The King of Fruits

Swaminath Prajapati (Bazar Road)

Mustafa (Bazar Road)

Deepak (Chapel Road)

Lalu Prasad (Bazar Road)

The National Fruit of India, known as the giri ones are the best, followed by the ones “King of Fruits” and described as the “Fruit from Alibaug and Devgad and the mangoes of the Gods” in the Vedas. It has been culti- from Madras are more sour than their Mavated in most parts of India except the hilly harashtrian cousins. regions from time immemorial. In Indian Mango also considered a super food, is history it is said that the poet Kalidas sung rich in antioxidants, and is a good source of poems of “The Mango”, The Great Alexan- flavonoids, potassium, vitamins A, B6, C, der, and The Monk Hieun Tsang, and E, and also contains some loved and relished the fruit. amounts of copper and zinc. King Akbar was so in Mangoes are also high in love with the fruit fruit fibre, and microthat he planted biota to maintain “Mango also considered a 1,00,000 mango good digestion, trees, in what and nutrient absuper food, is rich in antioxidants, we know as sorption, in the and is a good source of flavonoids, modern day stomach, Bihar. intespotassium, vitamins A, B6, C, and E. It also small So, Bantine, and contains some amounts of copper & zinc. colon. dra has several places So it was They are high in fruit fibre & microbiota where you get sometime in to maintain good digestion & nutrient the best manFebruary that goes, there is the Alphonso absorption, in the stomach, small Pali Market's fruit mangoes were intestine & colon.” vendors, the seaout in the market sonal mango shop and at that time I that opens just for manbought a box, “ek peti goes opposite Mt. Carmel aam – ek darzan 1400 rupai”, Church, Nature's Basket, Bandra and they were the first of the seaBazar Road, Patel stores, Danda, Hill Road, son and tasted so good, even though they near Bandra Station. The mangoes come to were expensive. The mango season theoBandra mostly from Vashi market, from retically starts April to late August, but places like Ratnagiri, Devgad, Madras and most Indians avoid eating the fruit after the Alibaug mainly. Most of the fruit vendors first rainfall. believe that the mangoes from different The price of mangoes seemed to deplaces are also different to taste. The Ratna- pend on the area they were sold in, the





Rs. 600 (small), Rs. 700 (medium), Rs. 800 - 900 (big) per dozen


Pali Market

Rs. 1400 in February, Rs. 900 - 1000 March onwards per dozen


Hill Road

Rs. 450 - 550 per dozen


Nature’s Basket

Rs. 1320 (medium) source directly from farm; Rs.110 per mango


Patel Store

Rs. 900 (medium) per dozen


Bandra Bazar

Several vendors prices range Rs. 250 - 600. Most bring it from Vashi market : Vendors 1) Mustafa (Rs. 300-600; varying sizes Alphonso) 2) Swaminath Prajapati (Rs. 350 - 450 Ratnagiri: Rs. 500 Devgad Alphonso) 3) Jyotsna (Rs. 500 - 600 Alphonso) 4) Aqueel Qureshi (Rs. 350 (small), Rs. 500 (big), Alphonso : Rs. 80/kg Lalbaug) 5) Lalu Prasad (Rs. 250, 300, 350, 450 varying sizes and origin of the Alphonso mango)

Take your pick

place of origin of the mango, the size, smell, firmness and cleanliness of the mango. Nowadays, we get mangoes as early as February to late September, climatic change or agricultural technology for overnight ripening with ethylene and calcium carbide, maybe responsible for the

extended mango season, and dramatic price variations. Early ripening or not I am glad I get to eat this fruit, that is unique and much loved to the Indian sub-continent, and the World. Taherreh Jalali-Dashti


APRIL 2016 07


Sancha Tea Boutique attracts Bandra tea lovers with its new outlet at St. John Baptist Road Sancha Tea has been built around a passion for aromas, flavour and a commitment to quality that took shape in 1981 in the form of a tea boutique nestled in the busy business district of Old Delhi. In 1981, Sanjay Kapur, a young professional tea taster and blender, setup India's first and only tea boutique catering to the epicure and offering the finest teas produced in the country. And now recently, Sancha has opened its new boutique at St. John Baptist Road, Bandra West with its tea tasting and retail boutique, where gourmands can come and savour the fine teas as a guest of Sancha. Sancha has its profound branches in Chanakyapuri, Delhi, Crosspoint Mall Gurgaon and Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai as well. The tea hub is thus not new to Mumbai. It has been around for three decades at Mumbai airport. In fact, the old Delhi tea tasting room still stands today as the historic landmark of 4 decades of gourmet tea.

highlighting the nuances of each cup as you sip the brew. The master blender and taster has curated over 100 blends, each a signature of his vast experience and reputation in the tea industry for forty years. Sancha Teas have been carried by the heads of state for three decades as very special gifts of India on their trips overseas. SANCHA TEA BOUTIQUE Marian Ville, St. John Baptist Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400 050 022-26400840 Monday closed Timings: 12 noon to 9 pm

Sancha is a place to discover the perfect cup for you. The Tea Sommeliers take you through a journey of teas, each specific to

their terroir. The Tea Sommelier at the boutiques assist you by brewing various samples of tea and at the same time

2 A Machinery House, Rope walk Lane (next to Kala Ghoda Cafe), Kala Ghoda Fort, Mumbai 400 001 O22-40020854 Monday closed Timings: 12 noon to 9 pm

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3rd April 2016 | Vol. 7 (I) Issue 4 |

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DANGER SPOT Wrong-side Driving becoming the norm to refill petrol at the HP Petrol Pump on Turner Road

An Audi breaks the traffic rule by entering the HP Petrol Pump on Turner Road from the wrong side (official exit) All Bandraites (at least the pedestrians if not the vehicled-ones who break the traffic rules), will appreciate this. Many of our readers have called in and requested us to take up this issue, as they have been nearvictims of what could have been tragic mishaps. The ‘Danger Point’ referred to in the header is the HP petrol pump at the signal of the S.V. Road and Linking Road junction, a very central spot in Bandra (West), where five roads fork at the signal. The petrol pump stands on a corner plot at this signal

between the road coming from South Mumbai (from Bandra Talao) and Turner Road (leading towards Carter Road). The only official entrance for vehicles into this pump is on the road coming from South Mumbai, wherein vehicles need to rightfully enter to get petrol/diesel filled. Once filled, the exit for these vehicles is on the Turner Road side of the pump, whereby vehicles need to exit the pump premises. The above is the correct entry and exit procedure. But some vehicle-drivers who

are in a hurry, or who have made it a bad habit, prefer to take short-cuts and make their own rules. Many vehicles coming FROM Turner Road, who would otherwise have to get on to the road coming from South Mumbai to enter the pump, PREFER TO ENTER THE PUMP FROM THE EXIT OF THE PUMP ON TURNER ROAD. They do this by driving on the wrong side of the divider on the road and then entering the pump from what is official the exit. Naturally this is extremely dangerous for pedestrians walking on that stretch of

the road near the pump’s exit, as they would not expect a vehicle to come from BEHIND them from the wrong side. It is also very dangerous for those vehicles exiting the pump or those vehicles taking the left turn from the South Mumbai road to come on to Turner Road, as none of them would be expecting a vehicle to be coming at them from the wrong side of the road.

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08 APRIL 2016



ORRA launches ‘Siddhi’, a contemporary twist to traditional temple jewellery A walk down Turner Road & one seems to have reached a shopper’s paradise! Adding a touch of festivity to the different hues of glistening gold that the street has to offer, ORRA rings in their Anniversary 2016 celebrations! One of the most popular destinations for bridal jewellery around the country is now offering patrons scintillating new collections in addition to heavy discounts from 15th April to 15th May, 2016. As part of the sale, ORRA has launched their gold collection which has re-envisioned temple jewellery through an exquisite collection called ‘Siddhi’. ‘Siddhi’ which means achieving the peak of spiritual attainment, has come alive in 22kt gold. With intricate designs, the sets have been carefully handcrafted with and

adorned with navgarh and semi-precious stones. Temple jewellery has long been associated with tasteful elegance, an extension of one’s spiritual existence & the collection imbibes every essence of spiritual beauty, while giving a feather touch feel to the wearer. Apart

from the launch of this collection, patrons will also be privy to a wide

range of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets enjoying up to 50% off on making charges of gold jewellery and up to 25% off on pure platinum jewellery. One of India's finest jewellery retail chains, having spread its glow with 35 stores across 25 cities, ORRA has been at the forefront of design leadership and product innovation with 5 global design centres in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Mumbai and New York. With the bridal season on the anvil, don’t miss a chance to be a part of this exciting opportunity to own a piece of ORRA’s eternal elegance. For further details log onto or give us a call at 022 2643 3423 or better yet, come visit us at our store!



APRIL 2016 09

Anna Correa: Every child is a star St. Stanislaus School proudly hosted the Inter-school Basketball Tournament on its grounds for the fourth consecutive year. The tournament commenced on Monday, 18th April 2016 and culminated on 20th of April 2016; with 48 teams participating in the U-12, U-14 & U16 category, boys and girls. This game has provided a platform to schools from Bandra to Malad and beyond, both Central and Western, bonding them in the spirit of equality and team play. Ms. Anna Correa - the Principal of Stanislaus, believes that ‘every child is a star’ - and encourages them to explore their potential, through sport and other cultural activities, alongside education. The inaugural ceremony began with the National Anthem and the tournament was thrown open with the release of balloons, followed by the School anthem. Ms. Anna Correa the Chief Guest, was flanked by Fr. Andrew Rodrigues, the Vice Principal, Sports Director - Mr. Hycinth Cardoz, Mr. Shreenath Tavate, Tr. Yvette Coutinho, Ms.Smitha Vijaykar, Fr. Juan, Coach Tracy, Ex-Tr. Freda DeSouza and the Sports Captain - Mast. Chinmay Chavan and Asst.

Sports Captain – Mast. Marven Pereira. The Special Schools – Disha Karnabadhir Vidyalaya and Utkarsh Mookdhwani Vidyalaya teams have participated from the inception of the tournament, showcasing their talent in true spirit and grit in the opening match. The boys of the Utkarsh Mookdhwani Vidyalaya stole the show, with their brilliant moves and won the match. The girls of the Disha Karnabadhir Vidyalaya too proved themselves victorious. The host team U-16 Boys played a scintillating match against Bombay Scottish School with the latter school taking the lead and ultimately winning the match with a small margin. It is truly said “You must see to believe. There’s a lot to learn from these children, as they struggle and triumph with the most basic requirements like balance, peripheral vision, coordination verbal and physical.” In spite of her hectic schedule, Madam Poonam Mahajan (MP) and President of the Maharashtra Basketball Association, presided over the awards ceremony on the last day. Freda Desouza

Poonam Mahajan distributed awards to the winners at the Inter School Basketball Tournament organised at St. Stanislaus High School



' H V L J Q H U V  3 O D Q Q H U V

10 APRIL 2016



CONSUME WHAT YOU GROW! Imagination is a tool that can help you overcome inertia, so imagine walking towards a pot which sits near your balcony and plucking some herb to add as a garnish, or even better, to pluck a veggie which is garnished with your freshly grown coriander. A pretty picture and might I add a holistic one. Transforming this imaginative thought into reality is not an impossibility, websites such as help facilitate this process. The three year old blog, the brainchild of Mandy was conceived keeping in mind various crucial factors such as; to enable individuals to adopt a healthier & holistic lifestyle, decrease the ecological footprint and most importantly to share the knowledge that the team have acquired by believing in this school of thought. The industrial approach of cultivation, pumped with pesticides and fertilizers render the crop with a substantial amount of unrequired chemicals. Soon after launching this website which is an one stop reference point for container farming and related matters, the team realised that the number of people inclined towards this movement do not have

Grow your herbs to veggies in your balcony access to the supporting tools and necessary products such as potting mixes and comprehensive information to grow their own vegetables. They addressed both of

these concerns by sharing their acquired database and by readily making available organic saplings, bulbs and natural fertilising components such as epsom salt, wood

ash, cow dung manure and various other balanced mixes. Blending the digital platform with traditional techniques of growing crops lead to a steady rise in the number of followers, their website not only provides tips and instruction but also has an online shopping cart, where the aware enthusiast can place an order for what so ever they require. A direct consequence of being surrounded by cement is that we tend to disconnect with the privilege of being involved with nature and are not very receptible to the idea of being growers. In order to overcome this preconceived consumer oriented notion, they have begun conducting workshops. The inaugural workshop due to take place on the 23rd of April in Bandra is already booked however they are going to conduct similar 4 hour sessions all through summer. Having personally reaped the beneďŹ ts of this lifestyle (pun intended) the team hope to share their experiences and knowhow. To get further info call 8691023536 or visit Sidhant Nayangara



APRIL 2016 11

Get Fit at Affordable Prices

Chain Fitness is a newly opened gym that has started to make a good name for itself, from weight training equipments like Smith machines, Cable machines and good old fashioned Dumbbells and Barbells to Treadmills and Exercise cycles and a lot more. Bandra Buzz caught up with Mr. Vinod Kadkotra (All India Marketing Head) to speak about Chain Fitness and its goals. Tell us about Chain Fitness? We wanted Chain Fitness to help individuals and communities to achieve their total health objectives and fitness goals by engaging in their area of interest or discovering a new passion. Our approach enables people to achieve this by providing the best programmes, facilities and staff of quality and value. How did you come about with the idea? We always wanted to start a gym where we could provide the best training facilities with a result oriented approach at affordable prices. We thought of starting up at Chapel Road as there were no good gym facilities around which will give value for price. Our Director, Mr. Sadanand Gogoi (a

post-graduate with a Diploma in Yoga and Fitness who has a total experience of 25 years in Health and Fitness industry & has also worked with 5-star hotels and abroad) has helped set up and manage the gym across Mumbai. What are the facilities available? The gym is open to unisex and is operational from 6.00 am to 10.30 pm, offering strength training, cardio, functional training, massage, steam, shower, personal trainers (male & female) and amenities like locker rooms, changing rooms, music, satellite TV and free parking at affordable prices. It has a floor capacity of 25 people and 4 trainers at any given point of time with rubber floor for the weights section. Who all can join? Everyone who wants to get fit at an affordable price is our target audience, the gym is open for all age groups. Mumbai with its demanding work schedules and volatile environmental changes, it's hardly shocking that lifestyle ailments continue to be Mumbai's most lethal killer. We want to offer people a place where they can de-

stress and get fitter and live a healthy life style. We are also offering special discounts for housewives, students and athletes as they are the one who needs to be fit to make India fitter. How have members benefited? Many members have benefited and achieved their target goals of getting leaner, fitter and healthier as we are more of members result oriented gym. Chain Fitness has the best trainers like Anil Patil, who is a strong leader spearheading the team in Chain Fitness with 12 years fitness experience handling a team of trainers Vikram Kadkotra, Jayesh Sigwan, Roshan Patil, Ravi Das, Urmila Lahane and Vaishali Jadhave have list of members who have achieved their fitness goals. Are there any promotional offers? A member who joins this month on a Yearly Membership will get one diet plan, one week personal training & one month extra. That's a really good offer for beginners so they get the a perfect start to fitness with a diet plan to keep a check on what they eat, plus one week personal training


How does one get in touch with you? People can drop by Chain Fitness, Chapel Road, Bandra (W). They can also follow us on Facebook and to get the latest offers and fitness tips, they can also visit our website for more details. Wayne Lemos


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What can one expect to see in the near future? We are planning to come up with our new gym set up in Khar (West) and Santacruz (East) by the end of this year. Chain Fitness also plans to have a fitness event for nearby societies in Bandra (West) which will be called #FitIndiaMovement where we will engage the society members for Free Fitness Programmes such as zumba, functional training and boot camps combined with some fitness contest which will benefit our members and people around our society to live a healthy lifestyle.


E | C | B - S 1983 |

from one of our expert trainers who can guide them to get a perfect training schedule & the icing on the cake is 1 month free.

( A L L- I N - O N E S E S S I O N ) /DGLHV2QO\

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Theresa's Artificial Flowers, Absorbant Towels and Assorted Bags - available near Mount Marys Steps (everyday except Wednesday) & on Wednesdays at Mahim Church. Theresa: 9820386916, Prakash: 9920300021

Home Made East Indian Bottle Masala - available at Rs 900/- per kg. Kindly contact Adlord / Helen Concessio on 97020 85823 / 2600 5536

Passport Consultant available for online filing of passport in Mumbai and also taking appointment for Lower Parel / Andheri / Malad office. Total Cost Rs 3000. Mobile: 09323244906 / 09930532533. 30th Road Bandra West. Email:

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For all your requirements of East Indian Lugras & other accessories, Contact: Gaothan Kala, Mumbai Gaothan Panchayat Office, 3A Benny Jacinto House, Kolovery Village, Near Chris Chinese Corner, Next to St. Roque's Grotto, Santacruz (E), Mumbai 94 or call 7045022631



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Students who have not studied French in school & wish to take it in college may contact Ms. E. DeSouza (26557915, 8879209904) For individual tuitions.

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JOB VACANCY Required full time female Sales Personnel for In Store Sales & Assistant for Administration work at St. Cyril road, off Perry road, Bandra West. Applicants staying near Bandra, contact Mrs. Ranglani 9820154550 / 9833895857

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Letters to the Editor It’s Hot - I’m Thirsty MAKE IN BANDRA In the evenings, few places turn into sprawling 'Mini Bazaars'. Bhelpuri & Vada sellers are common sights. Then there is Egg-Delight with different combo's. The Chinese variety is a gourmet's delight, so says the owner of the stall on wheels. I know a child who suffered from jaundice after devouring those roadside eateries. A few hawkers from Hill Rod selling readymade garments on steel racks and chased away by the BMC, have also entered the fray. Mochi's set up shop where there is none before for those in need of a stitch on sandals and shoes. All this is activity begins after sunset. Are residents affected by the sudden sprout of illegal hawkin at their doorstep? No, they don't seem to care, at least not for the moment. The whole set up has yet to reach a destructive stage when it hampers your walking space or encroaches on property. Besides there is the nuisance of idlers, both young and old who sit, smoke and chit-chat. Tea service has not started as yet, but will surely find a place once budding entrepreneurs from the slums get into action. This start up beats PM Modi. Its called 'Make in Bandra'. Amar Singh TRIBUTE TO “PETER BOY” Peter Remedios of St. Peter’s Colony, who passed away recently, was a simple and kindly soul and many took advantage of this. His life seemed to be clouded in uncertainty. He did more for the East Indian Journal, along with his uncle, Julius Gomes, than anyone else associated with its publication. Apart from the two of them ensuring its posting, he on his own went house to house delivering the EIJ by hand.May his soul rest in peace. Irwin Almeida RECLAIM OUR FOOTPATHS I welcome BMC’s commissioner's view that footpaths can be restored to people who walk. He made a strong statement in this regard & said that footpaths are for thousands walk and not to anyone else. He had promised that the footpaths will be cleaned in one year but till date there more hawkers on footpaths than before. The vendors don’t just sit or stand on the footpath and do business. They have something, on which they can sit & carry out their work. They also get ‘hath-ghadis’ on which they place various articles. Needless to observe that at certain points the footpath is fully occupied by them. Denied the use of footpaths, the poor pedestrians have to walk on roads and expose themselves to vehicular accidents. Almost all the vendors on footpaths have to pay municipal officials to get license and also to get the right to continue hawking. This is not a one-time deal, but a continuing one. It is estimated that there are some six lakh people depend on hawking for survival.

Lakhs of people use footpaths and their urgent need cannot be ignored. The Municipal Commissioner wanted encroachment of footpaths to end in one year. It will never end so long as the BMC folks are involved in lucrative ‘hafta’ arrangements with the vendors. It is high time the BMC commissioner must take this matter very seriously to do something to give back footpath to the pedestrians from the hawkers. Bhagwan Thadani AUTORICSHAW STAND RUCKUS The good news is that Bandraites at the receiving end of auto-rickshaw refusals is that there are technically over 40,000 more rickshaws on the roads than about two years ago. The bad news, however, is that there aren’t enough stands for these rickshaws to park along the roads & solicit customers. Lack of thes stands would invariably mean that rickshaw drivers will park their vehicles at random stretches of the roads, busy junctions as well as roads leading to railway stations, in the process creating a messy traffic nightmare and the best example being the outside Bandra East railway station. The higher rickshaw numbers will have a bearing on the road space available for other vehicles, especially private ones as the stands are dwindling mainly because of these stand boards getting misplaced, sometimes because of roads getting widened and other infrastructure issues. Once a rickshaw stand is lost, there is almost no way to get it back because the traffic police citing vehicular jams refuse to give us back. As per a report, the no. of rickshaws on the streets will be higher by almost 42,000 once all the drivers who got permits in the 2014 & 2016 lotteries buy their vehicles and start plying them on the streets. Mumbai till a couple of years ago had 1,00,000 rickshaws. In 2014, and added 12,000 rickshaws in the Andheri Regional Transport Office (RTO) & 9,000 rickshaws under the Wadala RTO jurisdiction. In the 2016 lottery, 21,000 permits were given out and about 70 percent of these permit-holders have bought rickshaws and have started driving them. The matter is expected to land in the court due to refusal of the traffic cops to allot more stands and the RTO giving out permits despite not making provisions to have stands for these vehicles. Vikrant Patel Email your letters to DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this paper, are of the authors - and do not reflect the opinion of the publishers and editors, unless otherwise stated. Readers should act on the information provided, only after consulting with their own independent advisors.

Dear Reader, Bandra is blessed to be surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Mahim Bay. These huge salt water bodies have a dramatic effect in balancing out extremes hot and cold weather. Yet, with the impeding water shortage, the scorching summer heat will soon be really too hot to endure. It is hot, hot, hot – and temperatures are soaring. However, Bandraites will surely find ways to beat the heat. Many have already kept a good stock of packaged drinking water – in preparation of ‘drought conditions’; that is most likely to happen mid-May onwards. Others are already in the process of making preparations to do so. If rains are delayed, it will be ‘survival of the fittest’. Then, the prices of essential food items – especially vegetables and fruits will rise to extremely high levels. In the meanwhile, its events, entertainment and holiday time mode in Bandra, Khar & Santacruz. Many locals have already gone for long vacations to other states of India or abroad, to escape the imminent water scarcity. Those of us who are still in the city, can help save the situation by not wasting precious drinking water. Check your plumbing for leaks, especially leaking

toilets. Turn the tap off while you are brushing your teeth, shaving, washing your hands, doing dishes, and so on. Have shorter showers. Every drop saved, helps save the situation. Yes, those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are already here – so why not make the best of it? Blue clear skies beckon us to the great outdoors – and Bandra has a wide choice, each unique in many ways. Sip sugarcane juice or coconut water to quench our thirst and get some natural nutrition too. Take home a family pack of ice-cream – your favourite flavour; to enjoy with our family and friends. Probably, the answer to our current crisis is to de-salinate our surrounding sea water - and use it for drinking and other uses. Till next time, take care.

Warm Regards, Merck D’Silva Editor-in-chief 9820783616

14 APRIL 2016



East Indian Cooking made easy by Christina Kinny saw & purchased. This spurred her to get to her next level of success. Now, she has launched her East Indian Cozinha - a cookbook that helps make East Indian cooking easier and faster – by using her ready home-made masalas. The first December 2015 edition sold out so soon, that she had to get a second updated edition printed in April 2016. To get an insight into what she has on offer, Bandra Buzz interviewed her. Here are some excerpts: Christina Kinny, a young entrepreneur; has won the hearts of many Bandraites, with her East Indian products. She had her table at the Christmas Bazaar, held at Bandra Gym last year – supported by her dad & brother. Earlier in November 2015, she had her ‘East Indian Cozinha’ table at the World Trade Centre, where elite customers got a chance to experience what the original inhabitants of Mumbai have to offer. With an array of East Indian Bottle Masalas & other East Indian specialities, the crowd came,

Please tell us something about yourself and how you got about writing an East Indian Cook Book? I am a Social Worker by profession, living in Kalina, Santacruz East. I’ve done my Masters in Social Work and have a lot of experience, working for various social causes. Traditional cooking is my passion. The East Indian culture has a rich heritage and our cuisine interestingly finds itself at the heart of our culture. I believe

food is the best way to share our story. With tremendous support from my family and loved ones, I began East Indian Cozinha with a small East Indian Cook Book, having 31 time-tested recipes – a simple guide to using a wide range of our masalas. We use only traditional preparation methods, using only the finest ingredients and pack the masalas hygienically. The bottles are sealed to keep in the spice flavours longer. ‘Cozinha’ is a Portuguese word that means ‘kitchen’. This cookbook has been created from long cherished family recipes, passed down from over five generations. Compiling this cookbook has been a labour of love. I dedicate it to all my ancestors and my family and friends. I would like more people to learn East Indian cooking – so that the tradition continues.

Any future plans? Since we have just launched our brand: ‘East Indian Cozinha’, we have a very long way to go. We are planning to introduce many more products that make East Indian cooking much easier and faster. Soon, workshops will be held around Mumbai – to gain first hand knowledge of East Indian cooking methods. We are working towards making our products readily available in mainstream market outlets. People’s patronage is key to our success.

To get a copy of the ‘East Indian Cozinha’ Cook Book, priced at Rs. 50/-; please call: 9167442267, 9987869691 or 9321795938. For further info, kindly visit our website:



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