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18th April 2018 | Vol. 9 Issue 4 |

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Motorcyclist kills 46 year old man in hit-and-run

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Late Sunday evening, 8th April 2018 was fatal for 46 year Dinesh Dattaram Malekar, who was a resident of Anupchand Marwadi Chawl, Jain Mandir, Bandra. Dinesh was crossing S.V. Road (between 8-10pm), near National Library, walking towards his home. He No CCTV camera footage has stalled clues to nab the culprit was suddenly hit by an alleged speeding biker – who shamelessly continued forward, running away from the accident and escaping any consequences. Eye witnesses say that with the impact of the bikers hit, his body was flung around 10 feet high, before landing down on the road. Dinesh was left unconscious and bleeding. With serious internal brain injuries, he was rushed to Bhabha Hospital and declared dead on Monday morning. The cause of death, certified by the Cooper Post Mortem Centre was “Head Injury”. Efforts to trace the ‘culprit biker’ is going on – but lack of CCTV camera Dinesh Malekar was crossing SV rd near National Library when a motorcyclist rammed into him evidence is delaying this procedure. The image is for representation purpose only. (Image Credit: Yuan Loong) A FIR has been made at the Bandra

Police Station – who are trying their best to nab the culprit. Meanwhile, concerned citizens are insisting that more CCTV cameras are installed at this stretch – and more importantly, is the need to monitor 24x7, that each one of them is functioning. It is to be noted, that several groups of speeding bikers whiz pass citizens along peaceful narrow bye-lanes in and around Bandra – even at unearthly hours, disturbing the neighbourhood and creating situations for ‘hit-and-run’. Our traffic police need to nab them & take appropriate action. Dinesh is survived by his wife Neeta and 14-year old daughter Divya. Concerned authorities should step up their CCTV surveillance system effectiveness; as this is extremely important – especially in such a grave situation, like on late Sunday evening. We appeal to our local elected representatives to initiate corrective action. Vinod Roshan D’Souza

Dear Friends,

We are glad to inform you about the HAB - a state of the art DIY concept for all age groups, where you can experience the joy of creating your own ideas to make your clothing, home decor and accessories more attractive.

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We also offer customized workshops, on the spot sewing activities (All material will be provided by the Hab), Birthday & kitty parties, Home tutions, an array of sewing machines for demonstration and sales, and EMI schemes.

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The HAB by USHA, G-1, 444 Corporate Lounge, Opp. Sahib Khatwara Darbar, Rd. no 7, Khar - Bandra Linking Road (Near Citibank), Khar (W), Mumbai - 400052. | Tel: 022 - 61274444 | Web:



A Backpacker’s Paradise Most backpackers will tell you that their time spent on the road is among the most rewarding travel experiences one can ever have and that, almost always, it’s the journey that teaches them more than their destination itself. Yet, one of the tasks backpackers have to endure and sometimes dread - while globetrotting, especially in our country, is retiring for the night in peace. Yet, many a backpacker will swear that they’ve had the most enriching experience here in Mumbai, more specifically, at the HOP Hostel in Bandra. Nestled in the by lanes off the bustling Hill Road in a quaint bungalow, the

HOP (Horn OK Please!) Hostel is quite a rendezvous for the weary yet resilient backpacker. Entering this hostel here, in Mumbai, takes you travelling – both time and space to a more contemporary yet modern European feel in this 120-year-old bungalow. Inspired by their stay at a hostel on one of their tours to the beautiful Budapest, childhood friends, Rishab and Smit, decided they would like to have as much fun interacting with their guests and making them feel at home as they did back then. More than its minimally decorated four walls, which are host to 3 dormitories – one exclusively for women, it’s the experienc-

es that backpackers of different regions, nationalities and ethnicities share on their brief stay here. Bandra, a cosmopolitan melting pot of a range of languages, cultures, fashions and so much more, plays the perfect host to backpackers discovering this maximum city and the HOP Hostel is more than a welcoming retreat. The common room here plays host to plenty of activity, bonding and fun. On some nights, guests come together for an impromptu live gig, on other nights they either play board games, get hosted to a magic show or immerse themselves in Bandra’s more than popular nightlife. A walking tour of Bandra, the tourist spot is also a much loved and appreciated initiative of the owners of the HOP Hostel. To add to this, breakfast and Wi-Fi

APRIL 2018


are complimentary services that come along with the budget friendly and exceptionally clean accommodation. So, what do boarders here like the most? Well, everything! For one, the comfortable mattresses for a good night’s sleep seem like heaven which are ‘hard to come by’ at most accommodations, the really clean showers are another. For most backpackers, this is all they need. But the added breakfast, internet and more than anything, the lively bit of fellowship and sharing of experiences with fellow travellers are like added luxury. While most travellers will agree that the journey is more rewarding than the destination, at the HOP Hostel, this journey becomes a truly enriching one. Valerian D’Costa


APRIL 2018


Convocation by the Sea Convocation is a unique event, a time to celebrate with those who have helped you reach your goals - family, friends and the teaching staff of the Disciples of the Divine Master (PDDM), who for the past year have helped not only the young, but many senior citizens, achieve their goal. The second convocation ceremony by Divya Kala Kendra was a much awaited event with a lot of fanfare. Even though it was held in the midst of the final exams, parents made sure their children attended practices at Prarthnalaya at Bandstand, Bandra, for the final day 28th March. The evening saw over sixty students of DKK take the stage to showcase their talent from singing, playing the keyboard, guitar and Indian classical dance. The evening began with a soulful prayer dance ‘Jyoti tumhari vishva me chamke’ followed by the lighting of the lamp. This year saw dignitaries from Italy fly down especially for the convocation. Sr. Mary Lidia, Sr Giovanna, Sr Clementine, Sr. Maria del Refugio were delighted to be a part of the event. The Convocation at DKK was coordinated by the parents themselves. From

the beautiful badges to the flowing kurtas and kurtis over black pants worn by all the students, to the compeering ably done for the second time by Rosetta Falcon, the convocation is put together in a family atmosphere with every parent contributing their time to make the day memorable. It was an evening of entertainment, entertainment & entertainment. From the beautifully choreographed plate dance (tarangam) to the group and individual performances on keyboard by students, it was nothing short of wannabe maestros at play. Beautiful melodies filled the air as songs like You Raise me Up, Joyful joyful we adore thee, My little dog, Sky Boat, Scarborough Fair & Ash Grove, were performed by various students with practised ease. It was now the time everyone was awaiting for. The special invitees presented certificates of merit to all the students. The evening also saw students who had attempted the Trinity College London music exams (Initial, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade), the toppers in the initial grade exam were Dhrishti Marchande (95%), Shuban Vishwas (94%) Keira Ferreira (92%) and Lael Falcon (91%). They

say it’s never too late to learn anything and right enough we saw 68 year old Gladys Mascarenhas being awarded a certificate by Trinity college for securing 70% in the 1st Grade exam. Besides her, you also have Agnes Menezes, Jimmy and Rita and a few other senior citizens learning the keyboard. Three students from the Western Music section of the academy proved that if you cannot walk on Mumbai’s footpaths, you can dance……..with colorful roller skates on their feet, the girls gave a breathtaking performance on skates. The East Indian community also gave a scintillating Koli dance performance bringing out the culture of the land. Speaking on the occasion, Sr. Lidia Awoki with the help of an interpreter stated, “Music is a gift to learn more about this living reality through the varied colours of language, customs and traditions. PDDM Sisters prepare integrated persons through their life, art and music. It is an honour because through art, dance and music we share part of our charism. A joy which anticipates the coming of God’s kingdom”. In her address to the audience, Chief Guest Sr Gesualda stressed the need to learn music instead of spending time on mobile devices, “I can confidently tell you that by learning music your eyesight would be much better, so get into things


Music is a gift to learn more about this living reality through the varied colours of language, customs & traditions. PDDM Sisters prepare integrated persons through their life, art and music. It is an honour because through art, dance and music we share part of our charism. A joy which anticipates the coming of God’s kingdom” Sr. Mary Lidia

like outdoor activities that will build & enhance yourself.” She also stressed the need for having gratitude in your life and being grateful for what you have received and in turn thanking god for what he has given, for which he will give you much more. With the sea breeze blowing in your face, the convocation by the sea came to an end on a successful note, when the strains of Azelia Carvalho on piano and her backup singers performed My Heart will go On which was just as impressive as when we heard it in the movie. Verus Ferreira

MP Majeed Memon helps upgrade Joggers Park

L to R: Shyama Kulkarni, Asif Bhamla, Majeed Memon, Asif Zakaria & Zaheer Memon at the inauguration of the renovated public toilet facility at Joggers Park

Many of us were extremely disturbed when we came to know that Joggers Park was going to be taken over by BMC & there would be no entry fees. Many of us were involved with the park, when Sir Oliver Andrade started to change it from a dumping ground to a park. So a few of us decided to form a group & we would supervise the work being carried out. We meet with our very supportive Corporator Asif Zakaria & the garden Department Head & are now happy that the park is more beautiful than before. However, we faced new challenges & gradually overcame them. As the toilets were in a pathetic state & were being misused by all & sundry (as there was no entrance fee), we had to think ‘out of the box’ – to get funds. One of our members was our Rajya Sabha MP Mr Majeed Memon (who comes often to Joggers Park) came to our rescue & we

are very grateful to him for using his MP funds to make a brand new toilet. He has also given a dozen wooden benches - that are especially useful for senior citizens. Thank you Mr. Memon once again for using your funds for a good cause. Among those who attended the brief inauguration ceremony of the newly renovated toilet block facility at our Joggers Park, developed thru the MPLAD fund by Shri. Majeed Memon M.P.; were - Shri Asif Bhamla (Bhamla Foundation), Shri. Asif Zakaria - local Municipal Councillor, Shri. Sharad Ughade - Asst. Commissioner H/West ward, Shri. Dyneshwar Munde - Asst. Superintendent Garden H/West Ward, Shyama Kulkarni – activist & other guests, including the ‘Save Joggers Park Committee’ members & other local residents on 18th March at Joggers Park, Bandra west. Shyama Kulkarni



APRIL 2018


Daring Thieves Chris crosses 100 years & 100 days target Senior Citizens now no more Popularly known as “Allan’s Mom”(to most Bandraites) – although she had 6 children, Chris Noronha from Prof. Almeida Road; passed away peacefully on 18th March 2018 – after crossing 100 eventful years & more than 100 days. Her birthday was celebrated just last year, with Holy Mass in her compound – followed by fellowship, attended by her children & close family (who specially flew down), neighbours & friends. There were many memorable moments here – that will be etched in our minds forever. Chris was alert till the end. On her birthday, people wished her & she managed to recognize most of them. Weeks before, she was singing here favourite Portuguese songs & enjoying herself. Here children saw that she was taken care of – to the best extent possible. Always cheerful, Chris was privileged to be a great grandmother. Her family spoke eloquently at her funeral mass, celebrated at St. Peter’s Church – with the church filled to capacity. At the Mt. Carmel Church burial, her son Allan sang a special hymn medley (while strumming his famous guitar) dedicated to ‘Mummy’ – a touching farewell to someone, loved dearly across three generations. Originally from Goa, she & her husband worked hard to groom their children & raise them as persons with good values. Always helpful to the community, Chris was a source of inspiration to all who had the opportunity of interacting with her. Surely, her loving presence will be missed. Chris was the wife of Tony Noronha & mother of Walter/Betty, Sarita, Allan, Winnie/Rex, Denzil & Cynthia/Tommy. She was the grandmother of Shabana/Daniel, Monique/David, Leila/Kirk, Carlene, Daniel, Dean, Shona & Chrisanne. Her great grandchildren are Raffael, Omar, Eveyln, Kai & Edward. Keith Tauro

It was Friday evening (16th March – around 8pm when Liam Joshi (real name withheld on request) - a senior a citizen & his wife from Perry Road, who had a family from abroad visiting them; wanted to dine out at the Bandra Gym restaurant. There was a lull in the flow of traffic. They were walking on St. Andrew’s Road, crossing the road. Suddenly a tall man, whose face was hidden by his bike helmet; accosted them from behind between DPRC & Bandra Gym’s main Gate. The thief grabbed the lady’s purse, after pushing her arm. On opening the bag, the thief did not find anything worthwhile – not knowing that there were valuables in the side zipper pockets. With screams for help and ongoing traffic causing commotion; the thief fled – after manhandling the lady, in frustration. POLICE PETROLLING NEEDED After this incident, they rushed to the Bandra Gym & after recovering from this shocking experience; proceeded for dinner. Later, they informed Cornel K. Gonsalves – Jt. Hon. Gen. Secretary, who promptly filed a complaint to The Senior Inspector, Mr. Pandit Thakre, Bandra Police Station. In the complaint letter, a request for regular police patrolling on these roads was made – as recently, local resident Kim Singh was accosted & beaten, just outside Thomas Terrace, situated at the ext. of St. Dominic Road, off St. Paul Road. Citizen safety is being compromised in prime city spots. Roads in these areas are generally quiet and dark – ideal for notorious activities. Hence, regular police patrolling is the need of the hour. Citizens should be alert, when using these roads – especially after sunset. In view of these regular incidents, Bandra Police should take appropriate action to ensure safety in the neighbourhood. Haresh Kataria

Fr. Magi Murzello is a Senate Member of Mumbai University Fr. Magi Murzello was recently nominated by the Governor of Maharashtra as Senate Member of Mumbai University, with a recommendation by our MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar. He had announced this at an event Budget 2018 and more…, held on 4th March 2018 at St. Andrew’s School Quadrangle. This is indeed a proud moment for Bandra & a recognition of the good community-centered initiatives taken & implemented by Fr. Magi – in wider circles. REACTIONS: Local Bandraites were delighted. Geoffrey Machado articulated his happiness, with these words: “Congratulations, Fr. Magi; may your initiatives & consistent ef-

forts Catholic Church in Mumbai should be proud of you. You are indeed ‘The Fourth Magi’; good show, keep it up.” An ex-student of Andrews, Haresh Pandey promptly told us, “Fr. Magi is surely a ‘Man Of Sustance.” These words sum up the feelings of thousands of Bandraites – who have first hand experienced how St. Andrews has evolved in the recent past. We were keen to know the reaction of the man himself – who is at Bandra’s centre stage, now. He humbly told us: “This is a great privilege and opportunity to interact with education professionals at a different level & I am thankful that we can create a super synergy, to benefit everyone.” Sarita Kurien

St. Anthony’s Institute Sports Academy resurfaces it’s badminton court

• Stackable & expandable to maximum storage space • Easy to assemble & dismantle • Stylish polished finish 2-Tier Stainsless Steel Shoe Rack • 1ft expandable to 2ft for Rs. 650/• 2ft expandable to 4ft for Rs. 1,200/Not available in stores Free Home Delivery in Bandra, Khar & Santa Cruz

FLATS FOR SALE IN GOA 1BHK flat at Calangute; 50sqm for 22 lakhs (negotiable) Studio Apartment at Arpora with swimming pool; 38sqm for 19 lakhs (negotiable)

For more details, contact: 9819840314 / 9820855012

St. Anthony’s Institute Sports Academy Pali – Bandra, has upgraded their Badminton Court last week, with the latest Yonex Mat flooring, at a cost of Rs. 4 lakhs. Similar surfaces are currently being used for tournaments in India and abroad. The Institute conducts a round-theyear Coaching Scheme for 40+ School and College students. Shortly, an Open Badminton Tournament for Boys and Girls, in the age group of 7 to 20 years,

residing in Bandra, Khar and Santacruz; will be held at the venue. Special timings are also fixed for other regulars and ladies, who can avail of the facility on a daily, monthly, half yearly & annual basis. For further details, contact the SAISA Office, Off Ambedkar Road, Pali – or call 022 2600 5973 The Trustees are committed to providing top class sports facilities to the youth of Bandra & surrounding areas. Keki Shroff


APRIL 2018



TEDxBandra brings Catharsis alive

20 speakers & performers to speak at the conference on May 20th! Few places are more rewarding to spend a day in, than Mumbai’s hip Bandra neighbourhood. Historic and immersed in an old-world charm, yet dynamic, Bandra is home to the city’s most trendy events. We are proud that TEDxBandra 2018 makes it to this list. A bunch of passionate TEDsters have collaborated to conduct TEDxBandra 2018, an independently organised event, under

the parent body of TED Talks on the 20th of May. TED is a global foundation devoted to “ideas worth spreading”. It initially began as a platform where technology, entertainment & design verticals converged, however, now, the scope has become broader, converging all topics under the universe - from science, to business, to globally relevant to spread the power of ideas and focus issues. on meaningful change, TED supports Created in line with TED’s mission individual groups who want to create a TED-like event in their own community. Our last conference, held in March 2017 witnessed 17 speakers and a band performance from Boys of South Park, under the theme of ‘Unilateral Act, Universal Impact.’ Our focus for TEDxBandra 2018 is to culturally integrate the theme of ‘catharsis’ into our curation. Catharsis refers to a strong emotional expression, and an insight, a new realisation and revelation. The expression of catharsis is considered to have

Subarna Ghosh

Abhina Aher

Roland Mascarenhas

Sangeetha Chakrapani

Dr Taru Jindal

a strong healing effect. Our speakers (some of which are announced below) will share their personal journey of catharsis in fulfilling their passions, and the audience will feel a sense of collective catharsis and positive affirmation. With an opening act, 15+ speakers, networking breaks, performance acts & experience zones, across cultures, get ready to seek a deeper understanding of the world. You can book your tickets at What are you waiting for? Sakshi Bhansali

Nikhil Taneja

Ankur Warikoo

Mahesh Jadhav

Truptraj Pandya

Gajanan Vasu

Krishna Khunti

Anuj Puri

Solomon Darwin

Dia Mirza


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Bandra Buzz

20 May 2018

Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, Bandra West



APRIL 2018


India’s first Rock Music Quiz Book goes International Late last year music journalist and author Verus Ferreira released his second book The Great Rock Music Quiz Book with Bollywood composer Lesle Lewis giving his stamp of approval. The book that takes you into the green room of 16 bands, hopes to be the Wikipedia of rock music history. It is now available in the overseas market in the US & Canada on and soon in the UK. In a short interview we chat up with the Bandraite to know more about his book. What was it like giving this kind of quiz book direction? I can tell you I didn’t want it to be too difficult & neither too easy. If you have followed these bands on a regular basis, it would be an easy trip. There are song lyrics to complete, questions on famous album covers, trivia on when bands performed in India. You might find that you have the answer on the tip of your tongue, but you really can’t remember it, so it all boils down to a bit of enhancing your knowledge about rock bands.

Co-Founder of StoryMirror Mr. Bibhu Datta Rout, Author & Journalist Verus Ferreira, singer Lesle Lewis, Maria at the launch of The Great Rock Music at Title Waves

Were the artists you took up to include as chapters essentially ones you have followed or was it the choice of artists more dictated by what was popular? All the bands featured here are my favourites & were bands I grew up listening to & followed closely. I also attended the concerts of artists like The Scorpions, Roger Waters, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Gilby Clarke, Coldplay. Infact the cover picture In terms of research, how long did it of Slash was shot by me at his concert in take you to compile the entire book? Mumbai in 2015. After I had done my first book ‘The Great Music Quiz Book’ in 2013, I worked on pro- In the case of some newer artists, did moting it. Many who liked it, asking me you feel like you had to explore their when the next book would be released. I history on a different level & learned hadn’t planned it at all, but when I checked something new about them through the on the unused Q & A that didn’t make it process of compiling the questions? to the first book, I found that there were The only new artist among the grand about 40–50 Q & A in the rock genre. It was daddies of rock is Coldplay. While I was then that I thought of bringing out a book working on the book, I got to know that on rock music. This was sometime in mid they were part of a mega event Global Citi2015. I collated the list of my favourite rock zen held in Nov. 2016. I love them & knew artists & believe me the list was endless. that they are one of the world’s biggest From over 35–40 bands, I had to shortlist it bands. I decided to feature them, targeting to 16 of my all time favourites. I completed the EDM generation of fans who would the book in April 2017 & approached Story pick up the book to know more about ColdMirror, who liked the concept & decided to play & in turn also get to know the grand sign me on & publish my book. daddies of rock music that they probably

charm when quiz contests were held in schools & on TV back in the nineties, the competitive team spirit, the points grading system & the prizes were a major attraction. It is still widely prevalent & loved even today in many schools & colleges & even in corporate houses to break the ice with staff. It also makes for a perfect gift, at a very reasonable price. Can you gift an online quiz? Imagine just chilling out with friends over a beer, listening to your favourite band, taking the book in your hand & bombarding your friends with questions on the antics of Pink Floyd, the lyrics of Eagles, or the escapades of Mick Jagger. Online quizzes definitely do not give you such a thrill.

missed out & which I am sure they might Was there any particular artist you had a lot of fun researching when you comhave been heard down the years. piled their particular chapter of quesWhat do you think is the appeal of the tions in the book? book in the age of online quizzes & in- Guns N’ Roses, The Scorpions and The Rolling Stones were the most entertaining stant information? I am not competing with online quizzes for me, with the latter having some really & neither are they my competitors. They quirky songs and album covers. are in a different format. The millennials would prefer participating in a quiz where Published by: Story Mirror | Pages: 204 | they meet face to face, unlike an online Price: Rs 225/- | Available on: quiz. It’s like reality shows, they happen in, Flipkart, Title Waves, Bandra, and book in real time & not online. There is a certain stores across the country.

MUSIC Makes A  



VENUE : Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir | Near National College & Opp St. Theresa's High School



Learn Now at Bandra SITAR ZITAR







~ Pandit Kartick Kumar Foundation


APRIL 2018


MULTI-PLATINUM SONGWRITER ANN HAMPTON CALLAWAY TO PERFORM LIVE IN BANDRA Jazz lovers are in for a special treat this week when the internationally acclaimed American c o m p o s e r, song writer and vocalist Ann Hampton Callaway will be performing live in Bandra on Thursday, 19th April 2018 at Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, opp. St. Theresa Church, Bandra (West) at 7.00 pm. Jus Jazz 2018 is presented by VH1 and Jazz Addicts LLP comprising of Pradip Bhatia and Apurva Agarwal. Ann is one of the leading champions of the great American Songbook, having made her mark as a singer, pianist, composer, lyricist, arranger, actress, educator, TV host and producer. Voted recently by as “Performer of the Year”. Her unique singing style that blends jazz and traditional pop, making Ann a

born entertainer. She is best known for Tony-nominated performance in the hit Broadway musical Swing! Besides, writing and singing for the theme song in the hit TV series The Nanny. Callaway is a Platinum award winning writer whose songs are featured on seven of Barbra Streisand’s recent CD’s. The only composer to have collaborated with Cole Porter, she has also written songs with Carole King, Rolf Lovland & Barbara Carroll to name a few. Performing along with Ann is Ted Rosenthal an American jazz pianist who has performed worldwide with many Jazz greats including Gerry Mulligan, Art Farmer, Phil Woods and Jon Faddis. Playing on upright acoustics base is Gianluca Liberatore and Aron Nyiro on drums will be part of her Jazz ensemble. This talented singer promises an electrifying performance for all Jazz lovers in Mumbai. Tickets for the show are available at the venue and on David Vaz


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Five years ago, when Rehan Merchant, a web designer by profession, began his work on the mangroves at Carter Road, people passing by or jogging on the promenade were sceptical about what he was doing. A man with a vision and determined to prove his point, nothing hindered Rehan’s effort and he continued to work with vigour. Now, the results lie in front of everyone, his persistence has paid off and through it, the mangroves are slowly turning over a new leaf. Mangroves consist of halophytes, which are plants and trees that are highly salt-tolerant and can grow in an acidic environment with high salt content. Found along the Mumbai coastline, Carter Road is home to these mangroves. Mangroves consume a large amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus, helping to maintain the climate and reduce pollution levels. There are three types of mangroves: red mangroves, black mangroves & white

What do you want to be when you are 17? In January last year, when we asked 16 year old Jemimah Rodrigues this question, she said it would be to break into the senior Indian cricket team. At 17 years and 129 days, this Bandra girl has had her dream come true! Last week, Jemimah was called to join the 16-member Indian squad on its tour to South Africa, where they will play 3 ODIs and 5 T20Is as a part of the ICC Women’s Championship. But for Jemimah the feeling still hasn’t sunk in, “Maybe when I get out with the team for the first game will I experience the real feeling.” Recently, in November last year, she became the youngest and only the second Indian woman player to score a double century, playing for Mumbai in the U19 inter-state tournament. But her consistent performances in the senior Women’s Chal-

creating community connect since 2010

19th October 2017 | Vol. 8 (I) Issue 10 |

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Breathing Life into the Mangroves


mangroves, named after the colour of their wood; all of which are found at Carter Road. The soil in mangroves consists of clay, silt or particles of rocks, sand and tiny particles of shells. They’re home to crabs, birds, bats, oysters, shells, sea vegetables and various types of algae and environmental bacteria and organisms. If you happen to walk on the promenade at Carter Road & notice a man with a handcart, near the mangroves, you’ve come across Rehan Merchant. He has put up a few signs, as a brief note to the public, about what he’s doing and how it’s worked. You might notice a lot of plastic bags or garbage and assume that waste was the problem. The truth is, Rehan never had a problem with the garbage & it was the least of his concerns. The actual problem was the sewage that was accumulating in an area of the mangroves & spreading through them. Contd. on Page 3 >


Rehan Merchant began work on the mangroves at Carter Road five years ago

creating community connect since 2010

18th January 2018 | Vol. 9 Issue 1 |

BandraBuzz.Newspaper |

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GEM of a Player Jemimah Rodrigues


lenger Trophy earlier this month sealed the deal for her. It was for the third time in three years that Jemimah was playing at the senior Challenger Trophy and she was looking forward to making her presence felt this time around. She grabbed the opportunity with both hands and stamped her mark finishing the tournament as the third highest run-getter and only behind seasoned campaigners, now Indian teammates, Punam Raut & Smriti Mandhana. Introduced to the game by her elder brothers, Enoch and Eli, at the age of 4, when most girls were figuring out whether they liked a pink or blue coloured dress, Jemimah has come a long way since. But her talent was discovered only by chance; when she was invited to attend the selections for the summer camp of the Mumbai girls’ team when at a training session her

BandraBuzzNewspaper | | Price: Rs 5/-

brothers were attending at the KMCC, Shi- in one of the games, I managed to strike up vaji Park. Until then, Jemimah had no clue an eighth wicket partnership with a senior about the existence of the Indian women’s player. In the immediate next game, I was cricket team. “While I entered the ground sent in to bat at one down. It was then that with my dad - him holding my kit bag in my dad realised that I should focus on my one hand and my hand in the other - the batting too,” reminisces Jemimah. other girls laughed at the sight. But in only the second ball that I bowled, I had taken Valerian D’Costa the first wicket of my career. Not long after Contd. on Page 2 >>


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APRIL 2018


Bandra’s new meeting joint In a city like Mumbai, space is hard to come by. But at Adagio believe it or not, you have all the space to chill out, rented out for free, without any questions asked. For music lovers in particular, just a peek inside Adagio is paradise, welcoming you to party. “Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, There’s still time to change the road you’re on” goes the lyrics of the famous Led Zeppelin track Stairway to Heaven, inscribed on the staircase wall as I climb up the stairway leading up to the quaint music

1ST – 7TH JUNE, 2018


‘REGENERATION’ Works by Sri Lankan Artist Shaanea Mendis D’silva Venue:

Bombay Art Society Bandra Reclamation Mumbai, India.

lifestyle studio to enter Adagio. Once inside you’re into rockland, a road to classic rock days. Headbangers would love this space, as you enter its basement titled ‘Take Me Down …….Paradise City’, it’s a place “You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave”. With guitars of all shapes and sizes placed on the wall, you can pick up one and just strum a tune. You cannot miss the notations from classic rock bands/ albums splashed on the wall, or the little scribbled chits of paper adorning the iconic replica styled ‘The Wall’. Walk

Janata Seva Sangh is a non profit Trust established by former Mayor of Mumbai, Dr. Prabhakar S. Pai in 1962 as a service to the community, to provide free medical services and other aid to the underprivileged. The cultural arm of Janata Seva Sangh collaborates with Sri Lankan ar st Shaanea Mendis D’Silva in her first interna onal solo exhibi on to bring you a showcase of contemporary art to raise funds which will directly impact the lives of the underprivileged community of Mumbai by way of free medical aid and funding children’s educa on

JANATA SEVA SANGH 31, Hill Rd. Sona/ Meherabad Shopping Centre, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050

Email Id :

Contact: 9892721640 Registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950 P.T.R no.5227 Twitter & Instagram: @shaanea

Contribu ons are eligible for deduc ons under Sec on 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961

down the stairs to the basement and you have a well set up audio – visual experience waiting for you. Plump yourself on the carpeted floor and browse through a wide range of books there. The tiny space, enough to accommodate 100 – 120 people is open to anyone. Aman Singh Gujral, founder of Adagio, tells us that the idea behind all this was purely due to the honest and passionate love for appreciation of art and music and to simplify the process for learning music especially an instrument like the guitar, which he is very passionate about. “We were inspired by all things analogue, right from listening to music on vinyl records to practicing yoga for fitness, reading a book (hard copy) or any other form of art involving as much human vibes into it”. The word ‘Adagio’ according to Gujral, is a musical tempo ranging within 66 to 76 bpm syncing with natural body rhythm or heart rate. The literal meaning of Adagio in Italian would be “at ease”. “That was exactly the kind of experience we had in mind while choosing the name. Soon after that, we decided to drop a slogan “It’s a state of mind”, not restricting ourselves to guitar and yoga, but to have a broad scope for other analogue activities for the future. “Analogue” & “living at ease” are the state of mind we keep referring to everytime.” Gujral has a background of working in a CA firm as an Internal Auditor who dropped out of the CA course at the final stage to start Adagio. “I strongly believe in Steve Jobs’ philosophy of “Connecting the Dots”. I admire and pay credits

to everything I learnt, as many of those processes helped me develop an organizational system at Adagio. The way Adagio management functions are simply astonishing”. But the big question however is, if everything is for free, how do they make ends meet. “Since our inception about 2 years ago, we have trained about 500 members for guitar at our Chembur branch and about a 100 at our Bandra. Besides, we have members attending our yoga sessions and utilizing the ambience as a co working experience. Also, we encourage trade in vinyl records” states Gujral. And talking about vinyl records, Adagio also holds vinyl listening sessions every alternate Thursdays at both venues. “For our vinyl nights we turn out the lights in our basement and listen to an entire album. Once it’s done, we then turn on the lights and have a sharing experience based on the album, the music, some trivia and anything anyone wants share about the album”. says Gujral’s whose collection consists of around 300 LP records ranging from classic rock, metal and blues. If you need some co-working space, Adagio is your best bet. Here you can have coffee, listen to records, borrow CDs and music prescriptions, hang out and explore the studio, buy a guitar or get your guitar serviced/repaired, trade in records, buy a record player, or just indulge in anything productive. Words of the song ‘Hotel California’ are so true… “Such a lovely place, such a lovely place….” Verus Ferreira


APRIL 2018



MOTHERING SUNDAY, MARZIPAN EGGS & CANDY STRIPES Easter in Bandra is unlike anywhere else. A festive feast that celebrates the best, with cotton wool chicks painted egg-yolk yellow& marzipan flowers decorating delicatessen windows. Remember sugar crusted cashew covered donuts at Mac Ronnells, Hill Road? The scent of baked buns still fills my head when I read the words Hill Road anywhere. Names are so evocative of our pasts. But I live on Rye Hill now. I try to explain to my British born babies, as they bite into an empty chocolate shell, my memory of what an Easter egg should be. A heavy pastel mound of sugared delight, the size and weight of a small stone paper weight, shaped like a perfect egg. I cannot forget the first time I bit into one. My catholic friend Naeira, felt sorry for a Hindu girl who did not understand why Easter was so important. Even tiny marzipan cake figures at parties were reserved for the birthday girl or boy. I never ever had an entire lump of marzipan all to

myself, ever. That first bite was like walking through the doorway into the heavenly equivalent of Honeydukes in Harry Potter world. Mac Ronnels was my Honeydukes. Mothering Sunday coincides with Lent and I could conjure those eggs for my four children. The sun suddenly peeped out, after a week of snow storms. We hid eggs for the children to find in the bunny burrows dotted around our garden. But these empty cases of shop bought chocolate do no justice to the divinity that Mac Ronnels celebrated. These chocolate eggs that now act as a deserving reward for all the fasting and ritual abstinence of Lent are poor substitute. Daffodils are dotting embankments, symbolising the return of the sun to this northern hemisphere. One of the many reasons we celebrate motherhood in Spring is because it represents rebirth. The humble egg a perfect symbol of this, but nowhere else have I found that perfect Easter treat:

Types of Parenting Styles & their Impact on Children Authoritarian Parenting: These parents set the rules & expect that children will follow them without exception. If the child asks “why” they are usually told. “Because I said so”. Children are not usually given the reasons for rules & they have hardly any room for negotiations. Authoritarian parents may use punishments instead of consequences. Child develops low self esteem. Some may become hostile or aggressive. They don’t learn making decisions & solving problems. Permissive Parenting: These parents don’t offer much discipline. They are too lenient. Permissive parents may take a role of a friend than of a parent. They may encourage their child to talk but may not discourage misbehaviours. Kids of such parents struggle academically. These kids may develop behavioural problems. They are less likely to respect rules & authority. Here it is important to set boundaries & rules for their child. If enacting new structures appears too difficult, psychiatric help is advised. Authoritative Parenting: These parents also have rules that their children have to follow, however, they allow some exceptions to the rule. These parents often tell their children

the reasons for the rules & they are more willing to consider their childs’ feelings when setting rules. They tend to use consequences to reinforce good behaviour & are more willing to use rewards & praise. Uninvolved Parenting: These parents are neglectful. They often do no meet their childrens basic needs & expect children to raise themselves. These parents have little knowledge of what their children are doing. They tend to have little or no rules for their children. Children of these parents lack self esteem, perform poorly in academics, exhibit frequent behaviour problems, these children have no trust foundation with their parents from which to explore the world. They have a hard time forming relationships with other people.

Dr Rohit Singh Consultant Psychiatrist, Sexologist, Psychotherapist 7506700380

That marzipan egg. After that first time I wanted especially at Easter time, my egg always to be a pastel coloured delight of delicate roses in candied cashew. The pliable marzipan delectably, divine because it was light. Our Bandra delicacy found only at Mac Ronnels’, much more delicious than the original Sicilian almond ones. This cashew version is a creamed delicacy different, less heavy, and quite Indian like Kaju Katli. And those pastel hand crafted floral decorations! When Mac Ronnels’ closed its doors I cried. Mac Craig’s and also Candies on Pali Hill opened by the same family, I heard from his grandchildren who were also at Learner’ Academy School. I was so excited. But that original marzipan

egg is lost. The red and white candy stripes of the Candies boxes were filled with takeaway deliciousness of sorpotel rice. No one replicates those sweet pastel parcels of divinity however. Today, candy stripes and marzipan refresh the memory of those past melting moments. Or is the Marzipan magic Mac Ronnels created hiding in an ancestral recipe book on some dusty shelf? Today I celebrate Easter with empty shop bought eggs, but my mind is heavy with the sweet flavour of marzipan from a memory I wish my children could taste. Anwesha Arya is a writer and academic who adores Bandra where she was born, and now lives in Rye, East Sussex surrounded by baby bunny rabbits.



APRIL 2018


SUMMER VACATIONS Schools out summers in, let the drama stop & the fun begin, summers are synonymous with holidays children get a two month-long break from school during the hottest time of the year. It’s also that time of the year to learn –unlearn, rejuvenate the soul & the mind with cool drinks & beaches. We spoke to the children of our Bandra community to find out their idea of summer vacations. Why do you look forward to in the summer vacations? Jayashree: I look forward to summer vacations so that I can do what I like. Akshata: Summer vacations give me the time to meet my family & friends with whom I would not be able to meet otherwise during school days. Rinali: I had to wake up very early but during the summer vacations I can sleep for longer hours. Aryan: I look forward to the vacations because I don’t have to go to school. Don’t have to attend the same classes. Kabir: I get to play therefore I look forward to the vacations. Karan: Summers allow me to visit my grandparents, hence I look forward to them. Jaideep: I get more time to sleep.

Annishka: I look forward to going out with friends, having slumber parties, & watching TV & also swimming. According to you would summer vacations be more fun if we had no activities & played on iPads or watched TV the whole day? Jayashree: No not at all. Because iPad and TV can keep you occupied for half a day at most and then you’ll get bored of them and start wanting to go out. I would like to play on the iPad for a while, playing out and learning to dance would be more fun. Akshata: I would enjoy more if I perused a hobby or travelled, rather than spending time on the iPad which would be waste of time. Rinali: It’s not fun to watch the iPad or the TV, for me I would want to take up some hobby classes that would be cool. Aryan: May be it would be fun to be sitting in the aircon sipping a chilled drink & watching a good serial on Netflix, actually playing a game of football wouldn’t be a bad idea too. Kabir: I love playing the PS4 & watching TV but cannot do that the whole day. During the day I would like to play & watch TV. In the evening it’s either free play or football training.









Karan: Initially it would be a lot of fun, then I would get tired, I need some activities or else I get bored of electronics. Jaideep: I would like to have a balance between both TV & outdoor activities, not too much of either. Annishka: TV is a really calming & after being at school the whole year no one wants to do an activity, vacations are meant to be fun. Without iPad & iPhones the vacations would be no fun.

Jayashree: I would like to go to London to shop at Smiggles, Accessorize, M&S and Sephora & do lot more shopping. Akshata: Visit a new place, relax at a beach. Rinali: Go to Baharain, meet my friends there, shop at the mall & swim. Aryan: My ideal vacation is spending time with my friends, watching TV & playing football & video games. Kabir: I would like to be in Mumbai & play with my friends for a few days Your ideal summer vacation in a few then go camping to the mountains. words. Karan: As long as I’m doing something productive. Jaideep: Chilling with friends, watching movies and playing cricket. Annishka: I would visit a water park & go shopping with my friends in NY.

mp a C ing








(Sir J.J. School Of Art)

Batch Commence From 23 April 2018 Only 30 Seats Available rd

Age:- 06 to 10 Basic Drawing 11 to 15 Sketching


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101-1st Floor, Oracle Point CHS; Gurunanak Road, Opp. Bandra Railway Station, Bandra (West) Mumbai - 400 050

How would you give back to the Bandra community this summer vacation? Jayashree: Create awareness amongst people about clearing up the litter their pets create. Akshata: I would like to spread the message to stop using plastic & make people aware of recyclable material. Rinali: Joining an NGO & helping the underprivileged. Aryan: Helping kids to learn football who aren’t able to afford training. Kabir: I want to develop a way that people can package stuff & get rid of plastic Karan: I would like to spend time with the less fortunate & help develop their skills & play football with them. Jaideep: Perusing SUPW. Annishka: Nowadays educated people litter, I would like to make posters & educate people not to litter. Summer time is the quality time for the kids. It is the time of simple pleasure and excitements. Kids can do anything what they are interested in. They can enjoy with their parents, best friends, neighbours, etc. all through the vacation & this break allows them to reinvent themselves for the new academic session. Like Kylie Minoque says: This is such a special summer holiday for me. I haven’t known myself so relaxed in years...” Sheetal Mansharamani


APRIL 2018

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APRIL FOOL 24x7 Dear Reader, It’s April – and it’s prank period. Bandraites are known to start fooling around from the wee hours of 1st April. With a lot of serious stuff happening (31st March – Financial year ending and deadlines to meet and the unbearable heat), having humorous interludes helps to brighten our days. The ground reality is the opposite. The powers-that-be are literally taking all of us for a ride – one day at a time. Since our country has a population explosion – it is just a ‘numbers game’ for them, where a ‘wrong concept’ can be validated as ‘right and doable’; just because the majority’s mindset has been swayed with some ‘carrots’, as an incentive. If this is genuinely done for the common good, it is superb for a progressive change. However, when there is a hidden agenda with vested interests; the entire country (or a particular region) goes for a toss – that is sometimes irreversible. In essence, this is the down side of democracy – we all need to be alert. We are now at this precipice. Either we continue and fall badly – or create winds of change, that will help us evolve towards a truly Incredible India – where every community’s contribution to nation building is recognised. Bandra is a beautiful example of community connect – where the collective contribution of this ‘Mini India’; has made our

neighbourhoods bloom. Or else, we as citizens of our great democracy; will be doomed to being made an April Fool 24 x 7. Do we want this? To avoid this dangerous situation, you have an unbiased platform in your favourite neighbourhood newspaper – Bandra Buzz. You can highlight local issues at the grass root level and make it known to people that matter. In this way, we can make things happen (at least in Bandra, Khar & Santa Cruz); instead of just letting our elected representatives playing pranks and making us April Fools, on a daily basis. Till next time, take care.

Regards, Merck N. D’Silva Editor-in-Chief DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this paper, are of the authors - and do not reflect the opinion of the publishers and editors, unless otherwise stated. Readers should act on the information provided, only after consulting with their own independent advisors.

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APRIL 2018


Letters to the Editor BENAMI CARS PARKED IN BYLANES I am a senior citizen & I feel very sad to see so many cars covered for many weeks maybe months & years also parked in Bandra lanes like Dr Ambedkar Road, Dominic Road, Pali Hill, Andrews Road, Turner Road & Candies not a single road is free. How do you expect us to walk? Even I have seen a police bus standing for several days. Same thing on old Khar roads. Why don't the police & BMC take action. You must make pay and park or put fine system. Infact the government will get money which they can use for better roads and pavements. We even see cars parked on pavements. Shame on our corporators, MLAs, police and BMC and our ward officers in Bandra. Vandana Hiranandani MAINSTREAM MEDIA MUZZLED? With reference to the article in Mumbai Mirror ‘Can CM keep his promise?’, my reply is “I bet not.” Looks like the builders are calling the shots and the government is succumbing to them. For nearly a year now, western suburban-

ites have been seeking an appointment with the CM, but he refuses to meet us. Our elected representatives i.e. MP Poonam Mahajan & MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar both could not help us in this matter. Even Hon Suresh Prabhu (after getting a confirmation that he would meet us), refused to even entertain us. We had 2 silent protests with western suburbanites, spreading from Juhu to Bandra first with 10,000 people - which included the Sisters of Charity, parish priests, residents and school children and at a later date, over 30,000 protesters which included the Trustees of Masjids and Boris. Not a word was reported in mainstream media. Were the press muzzled? l begin to think. Now we are going to Court. One PIL has already been admitted and the 2nd under submission. It looks like like the builders are calling the shot & ruling us, from your article. Anandini Thakoor Email your Letter to the Editor on

BKC Rally Celebrating Foundation Day On 7th April the Ruling Party celebrated its 38th anniversary of Foundation Day at BKC, where thousands of party workers assembled from Maharashtra and other places. This is yet another example of how government is keeping itself busy by reaching out to voters for publicity and at the same time diverting the minds of masses from real issues of corruption, banking scandals to loot public money and unemployment. The 'mantra' of this government has been fully focused on how to win elections by hook or by crook. It has paid more attention to dividing the country on caste lines to gain an upper hand by beating its opponents. What was gained from this call for a rally after creating a mammoth logistical exercise for the government in power? Obviously it could only happen when the same party is ruling the state where it has all the things and approvals it needs to organize such event. None of the government departments will dare to go against the wishes of the CM and the President of the party. The public have no voice and so does the Judiciary. The High Court should ban all such rallies because it is the public that has to face the inconvenience of traffic jams, diversion of routes for vehicles and most of all congestion of people at one focal point. Yes, it can be argued that there was no untoward incident of violence or accident because strict orders came from Mantralaya to maintain peace and order at any cost. The President of the ruling party does not want to feel embarrassed seeing his image flashed on

TV screens all over the country by the media who are ever hungry for news and more importantly to safe guard the event and keep the opposition at arms length eagerly thirsting for his blood. On the 38th anniversary of its beginning, the President of the ruling party should have proudly proclaimed achievements, emphasis on how to eradicate corruption and most of all maintain dignity of the party and its policies by helping the downtrodden. On the other he cuts a poor figure by calling the opposition cats and dogs fighting with each other and referring to them as 'snakes in the grass'. Also a newspaper reported that he went further and chided the opposition as a bunch of monkeys and donkeys. Well they maybe so, but you cannot use a public platform to voice your feelings in full glare of the cameras. This whole drama was really uncalled for. It is high time that the court takes note of such developments to stop all political rallies in mega cities like Mumbai, where the ordinary citizen is already burdened with stress due to government in apathy. All political rallies must be shunted to rural areas and not allowed to be held in cities. The Marathawada stir and the farmers protest were genuine cases of grievance even though they too created a lot of inconvenience to Mumbaikars. Its high time the Governor of the state take note of such things and exercise his powers to curb such nonsensical developments of which the people vehemently abhor. Amar Singh


APRIL 2018


Models day out at A’Kreations Hair & Beyond A’Kreations Hair & Beyond, Bandra’s luxury salon was recently visited by India’s top models Deepti Gujral, Candice Pinto, Simran Kaur Mundi, Hemangi Parte, Ujjwala Raut, Natasha Poonawalla along with fashion choreographer, event director and producer, Lubna Adam. All girls love to be pampered, so what better way to celebrate ‘International Happiness Day’; than with a pampering session - and indulging in some vanity! On this auspicious occasion, Lubna Adam along with Founder, Mr. Hoshi L to R: Simran Kaur Mundi, Hemangi Parte, Karanjia, inaugurated their new website Ujjwala Raut, Lubna Adam, Candice Pinto for the brand: and Hoshi Karanjia The salon, located in the heart of Bandra - Waterfield road; offers a luxurious & exciting experience - with their wide range of services, from hair styling to complete skin & beauty services. Apart from hair care, the salon also offers the best in beauty & nail care, with uniquely designed pedicure and manicure stations for both men & women. The exceptionally qualified experts are trained internationally, in order to be able to cater to the beauty & wellness needs of their hi-profile clients, with the best that global technological advances can offer. A’Kreations Hair & Beyond ‘Sagar Fortune, Ground & First Floor, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050

L to R: Lubna Adam, Hemangi Parte, Hoshi Karanjia, Natasha Poonawala, Candice Pinto and Simran Kaur Mundi


April 2018  
April 2018