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Are You Ready for 2006? Learn How Agent Assist Can Help You

Do you have a Business Plan for 2006? • Have you set your Goals for your Real Estate Business? • How are you Tracking your Transactions? • Is your Business coming from Past Clients, Referrals or Prospecting? • Do you know how many deals it will take to reach your desired income? • Can you provide Sellers Net Sheets & Buyers Closing Costs? • How Do You Track your Income and Expenses? • Does your Title Company provide You the Tools to Achieve All the Above? •

If you answered NO to ANY of the questions above, you need to Contact First American Title. We have the program for you. Whether you are new in the business, or you have 20 years of experience, you need to own the “Agent Assist 5.0” application. Contact me for a complimentary copy of this “MUST HAVE” application. All we ask in return is the opportunity to work with you in building your success throughout the title and escrow process.

Brad Andersohn Senior Business Development Mgr. (707) 747-1131

Are You Ready for 2006 - Brad