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Getting hose and skirting censorship rules Since 1971 | Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 .

Where’s my gazebo? Stephen Lee Contributor

Here at John Abbott College, as I’m sure many of you are aware, there are certain areas and locations where you are likely to find people smoking cigarettes (among other things). One of the most popular places is right in front of the entrance to Casgrain. Though there is a line painted to represent the minimum distance from the school that smokers may stand (9 meters), and from what I hear most people follow that rule, it’s still a problem. There are vents right above the entrance that lead into the school’s air supply which means even people inside can smell the smoke. There is also the appearance issue, visitors who enter through that door are subjected to a crowd of smokers which, for obvious reasons, is not good for the school’s image. Even regular students shouldn’t have to breathe in a cloud of smoke just to get into the building. Though the smokers are

somewhat at fault, the school has not been very accommodating to its students with this particular habit. During times of rainfall, which are going to be more and more frequent in the coming weeks, the students have no form of protection from the elements. This is the main reason why the 9 meter law gets broken, because the students need shelter from the rain. There is also only one butt stop in the whole area and it’s not in a very obvious place (I had to go looking for it) which is why there are still cigarette butts on the ground. A good solution to this problem would be to build a simple gazebo, complete with a butt stop where students can dispose of their cigarette butts, and even benches if we can afford it. This gazebo would be placed on the grass just far enough away so the students don’t have to travel away from their traditional locale and it’s not right in front of the entrance. I feel this would be very popular with smokers because it will be a place designed just for them.

Somewhere where they can be comfortable and not have to look over their shoulder to see if they’re about to get busted. It will show them that we are willing to create something with their interest at heart, not just ours. It will be above all a symbol to the smokers that we don’t just want them out of our faces and that we actually care about them, they are, after all, John Abbott student like the rest of us. It would draw smokers away from the entrance and the rain would no longer be a reason to break the law, hence fewer tickets. According to campus security, about 20 tickets for smoking laws have been given this semester and the tickets go from $80.00 to $90.00. It is not in anyone’s interest to take money out of your pockets for smoking laws but it is the law and it has to be done. Security says they try to only give tickets to people who are blatantly breaking the law, and not just for any trivial reason. My advice would be to simply not break any laws but it can be challenging at times

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because of peer pressure and simple convenience. As I said before, I don’t believe it’s entirely the smokers’ faults for the situation and school needs to implement some kind of reason for them to obey the regulation. I think they should use some of the money from the tickets or just a portion of the budget to build the proposed gazebo, or at least something that will attract smokers away from the entrances, instead of spending money on enforcing deterrents like re-painting the lines, handing out tickets or printing pamphlets that no one will read. After all, we’re just kids; telling us not to do something is not going to be anywhere near as effective as enticing us towards your desired outcome. Smokers would be willing to play ball, I guarantee it, but there has to be mutual respect and an understanding on the school’s part that smokers have needs too, and in order to get what you want, sometimes you have to rethink your strategy.

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Halloween is right around the corner and what better time to expose the deep, dark secrets of our campus? With all this history around our campus, could there be some sort of secret nestled behind the heritage of these walls?

Conservatives have decided that these protestors are really just lazy good for nothing liberals. Erik Erikson, founder of the right wing website recently targeted the Occupy Wall Street movement by starting the “I am the 53%” campaign.

Zombies will come back to life with double the strength and ten times the speed. This removes the feeling of safety you would normally have after clearing a room of enemies, and adds a sense of dread whenever you have to backtrack through areas you’ve already visited.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 1..


Spelunking at Abbott Nevada McEniry-Hatajlo Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Halloween is right around the corner and what better time to expose the deep, dark secrets of our campus? I’ve always had a keen interest in uncovering things once forgotten or hidden. This interesting idea popped into my head at the beginning of last year. I wondered, with all this history around our campus, could there be some sort of secret society nestled behind the heritage of these walls? I began researching it just to see if anyone was as curious and as paranoid as I was. That’s when I found this interesting article on Facebook. It was written by an urban explorer named Tyran, who had apparently travelled deep into the undergrounds of our campus. At the time, I wasn’t even aware there WAS an underground past the basement we already know of. I followed the link that was provided to his site, but the article had mysteriously disappeared. The only known copy is left on a Facebook page, where several other people have shared their theories and information on the subject. Tyran describes how there are several tunnels underneath our school which link some of our buildings together. According to legend, these tunnels were used by students to travel to their classes, especially during the winter. Apparently, there’s a passageway from Britain Hall to Abbott and another from Abbott to a building at the end of the football field. In addition to that, there are

Get ready ever yone because John Ab b o t t’s O p e n Ho u s e i s f a s t a p proaching! On Saturday, October 22, from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m., prospective students and their families will be visiting to meet the staff and faculty and get a taste of the college. This is a wonderful opportunity for these p ot e nt i a l Ab b ott - e r s , an d a g re at turnout is expected, as last year over 4,000 people attended the event! Coincidentally, SUJAC is having an O p e n Hou s e of it s ow n . Stop by Penf ield-101 b et we en Mond ay, O c t o b e r 3 1 , a n d We d n e s d a y , November 2, to celebrate Halloween w it h t he te am . And just b e c aus e there will be decorations and candy then, it doesn’t mean that you can’t visit anytime you want. You are al-

also spooky maintenance and steam tunnels. Have you ever been swimming in the John Abbott pool? Ever gone on a little adventure into the deep end? You might have noticed a eerie looking window that peers into a dimly lit hallway. This dimly lit hallway is rumored to be a maintenance tunnel that’s still in use. Another really interesting part to our campus is the mysterious Britain Hall. Back in the day when it was part of McGill University, Britain Hall was a residence for male students. The article I found goes on and says that this building has a couple attractions. One of them is an abandoned gym that apparently has a suspended running track 30 feet in the air that is held up by thick steel supports. Although none of my research really verifies this story, it still sounds like a really interesting adventure. In addition to that, in the same area of the building, there’s a spiral staircase that leads down into the

pool area. My research can actually prove this rumor. Back when Britain Hall still belonged to McGill University, the pool was used by the boys staying in residence and was a hot spot for pranks and mischief. Now everything is blocked off so that students as curious as I am wont go a-wandering. If you’re lucky, you might find an unattended entrance into the tunnels, and get the chance to explore it for yourself. I warn you though, from the stories I’ve heard, the tunnels and Britain Hall are incredibly dangerous. Things like decaying infrastructure, wildlife like bats and mice, or harmful bacteria have caused the campus to close them off. It’s probably for the best if you don’t put yourself in danger trying to uncover the forgotten history of our campus buildings. If, however, you do get the chance, make sure you tell you story. There are plenty of rumors out there just waiting to be proved.

John Abbott College 21275 Lakeshore Road P.O. Box 2000 Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada H9X 3L9 Phone: (514) 457-6610 ext. 5389 Fax: (514) 457-6091 Office: H-041 Web: E-mail:

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ways welcome, so drop in whenever, if only just to talk. The SUJAC Website is up and running with this year’s information, so visit us at: Here, you can meet the SUJAC executive team and see the members of Congress and learn what they actually do. And for all those who wanted to join Congress but didn’t make the deadline, come to a Congress meeting on Mondays at 5:30 in P-210A. The Congress meetings are open to all students. You won’t be able to vote, but you can participate in ever ything else. For a l l of you w ho dropp e d by t h e SU JAC - C lu b D ay on S e pt . 2 8 in the Agora, you may like to know

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 2..

that two groups won the ‘Best Booth’ p l a qu e s f or Fa l l 2 0 1 1 : C h r i s t i a n Fe l l o w s h i p a n d Mu s l i m S t u d e nt s Association (MSA). B oth Clubs proved to be interesting and interactive! Congratulations to these Clubs as well as all the other groups who set up amazing booths. This semester’s SUJAC-Club Day was a big attraction thanks to the participation of more Clubs and new groups than ever and, as always, CSKY’s DJ’ing and music for the whole event was a big plus. Thanks to ever yone involved!

Bandersnatch is a student run alternative press at John Abbott College. It is published every two weeks and is partially funded by the Student Activities Commitee and by advertising solicited customers. Submissions are welcome and become property of Bandersnatch. Submissions must be sent via e-mail to bandersnatch@gmail. com and must be in Plain Text format (.txt) or Microsoft Word Document format (.doc). All submissions must include the full name and telephone number of the contributor, as well as the e-mail address if applicable. Bandersnatch reserves the right to reject submissions or to edit any submissions for length, legality, or clarity. Submissions should be a minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 650 words. Articles lower or above these parameters may be printed at the discretion of the executives. Spelling and grammar will not be corrected on submissions as it is the responsibility of the contributor to correct them. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact us at our e-mail indicated above or visit us at the Bandersnatch office, located in the basement of Herzberg, room H-041 (across from the hallway entrance of The Oval).

Club Spotlight: Christian Fellowship Dylan Thomas Contributor

The Christian Fellowship, or the CF, as our regulars call it, is but one of the many clubs here at John Abbott College. After having gone through a period of inactivity, the reigns of the club had been taken over by our president, Krystin, and ever since, there has been no end to the great surge in numbers and the level of enjoyment of our members. The CF has reworked both its image and its message to one that emphasizes the importance of community and family. Here at the CF, all of our members feel like a part of a big family, and the CF room feels like our second home. The idea of a family atmosphere was one concept that really stood out in helping the Christian Fellowship to blossom once again into the lively and enjoyable club it is today. Our lovely youth pastor Tammy, as well as a number of other members, were instrumental in achieving this. The room was entirely refurnished, with decorated walls, new couches and new furniture to really provide everyone with the pleasant mood one would expect from a home

away from home. The transformation of the room’s environment has definitely been one of the major contributing factors to the club’s growth as of late. The club offers a great number of activities which really help everyone connect with each other and with God. We have frequent and regular Bible studies throughout the week, as well as an early morning prayer session every day of the week. Furthermore, with the help of two other of our insightful pastors, Mario and David, we hold discussions once a week about important aspects of life, be they concerning our experiences and development as individuals, or looking at the bigger picture of our earthly and spiritual lives. As of now, we are currently having once-a-week discussions about each of the Seven Deadly Sins, and how they apply in their own ways to our lives. Just recently, we also pooled our financial resources to help the Benedict Labre House homeless shelter by providing and cooking a large amount of food for Thanksgiving. We also plan other gatherings and outings for the whole club, such as picnics and apple picking, to help further solidify the feeling

of family within the CF. Perhaps one of the most important things to note about the club is that you do not need to be a Christian or to be of faith to join. As mentioned earlier, the CF has reworked its message to be one of community and social bonds, and the first step towards that is to be not only tolerant and accepting of others, but also to be appreciative of their different lifestyles and perspectives. Furthermore, it is in no way mandatory to partake in any of the Bible studies or prayers. These are simply for those who wish to do them,

and we would never force our beliefs onto anyone in any way whatsoever. We welcome anyone who is as respectful to us as we are to you to join our club. The Christian Fellowship’s family is never too big, and we always welcome others with open arms. If you’re interested in joining the family, or simply want to visit us, come check us out in room H-040, or contact our president, Krystin Nievas (, or our coordinator Danielle Lise Marie McNeil ( through MIO or e-mail.

Career Fair 2011 Natasha Petrof f Contributor

John Abbott’s 21st annual Career Fair (Oct. 31 to Nov. 2) is approaching quickly! Remember, this is not a fair to get a job; it is a chance for you to discover and inform yourself about the dif ferent career opportunities available to you. You can talk to the professionals about their f ields face to face, and information about required education related to these careers will also be at your disposal. Take advantage of these few days brought to you by the Student Employment Centre. Ask questions, visit the numerous booths and explore the possibilities for your future! Career related information will be displayed on the 1st and 2nd of November from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Don’t miss one bit of the fun! Is green your favourite colour? Learn what f ields can help save the planet! Talk to the people who are developing new ways to use resources for sustainable development, recycle waste, support fair trade, etc. Come by the Agora on October 31st from

11:30am through to 4pm to check out a sample of Eco/Green careers. Plus, at 1pm, there will be a special presentation on the College’s new LEED Science and Health Technologies building. Just look at our new LEED building, ever considered how to design or build it? Were you ever curious on how to manage an environmentally friendly project such as this one? If yes, then this is the place for you! Plus, on Nov. 1 and 2 you can play Career Jeopardy for a chance to win great DAILY PRIZES! For all participants, a draw will be held to choose the winner of the Dream Job Contest. The winner will be able to experience f irsthand the career they would like to explore for an entire day. Be sure to enter in this contest when you drop by to check out the Career Fair. This event is designed for you! Explore the possibilities, talk to people. Ever ything is in the Agora. It’s your future!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 3..

1911, It’s Long Gone Zhuyin Xu Contributor

China, its name rings a bell in our minds. It is admired, criticized, and beheld. Its history, culture and knowledge are extensive and profound to the point of being terrifying, yet ever so miraculous. Few know of its sorrows, glory, hardships, or persistence. Even fewer know of its coming to age. Barely any know what it is today. Where do we trace the roots of modern China? Simply look back 100 years. On Sunday, October 9, 2011, China celebrated 100 years of the Xinhai Revolution. In the Great Hall of the People, the Chinese government held an official ceremony for this important anniversary, where President Hu Jintao delivered a speech regarding the rejuvenation and unity of China. Similar celebrations took place all across China, including performances and exhibitions. Commemorative movies and dramas have also been released successively in honour of the revolution. Throughout the 19th century, China had been plagued with poverty,

disaster, and warfare. Consecutive losses on the battlefield, ceding of territory, and constant repression of reform had made China a semi-colonized state with a heavily indebted government. Neither the Hundred Days Reform nor the Boxer rebellions were able to bring to it out of its despair. In 1905, Dr. Sun Yat-sen founded the “Tongmenghui” (United League), unifying several Chinese revolutionary groups. Since then, its members worked on spreading its ideas through the press and organizing uprisings against the Qing government in the Southern provinces of the country. Under the suppression of the Qing forces, over a dozen uprisings had failed, but hope that the nation would revive had not been lost. On October 10, 1911, gunshots in the city of Wuchang initiated the nation’s awakening. With the rebellions of the “New Army” in the province of Hubei, many other provinces had followed in its footsteps in a matter of days. Three months later, on January 1, 1912, the Republic of China was established and Sun Yat-sen was inaugurated

as Provisional President. Thus was marked the end of several millenniums of feudal rule and the beginning of freedom. In the years to come, China would suffer more disaster, warfare, and political tension, but the Xinhai Revolution brought about an important change of mindset in the Chinese people. More and more began to realize the

importance of the voice of the people and the dignity of the nation as a whole. China desperately needed this first step to awakening. 1911 may not be of importance anymore to most of us, but on this special day, as millions of Chinese around the globe are doing, think of those who gave up everything to make China the country that it is today.

employees to never settle, to go the extra mile, to never accept something for what it was. To the business world he was a golden goose. One could say that Steve Jobs was one of the great inventors, among the ranks of Edison, Bell or the Wright Brothers. His death brought with it that feeling of too soon. Jon Stewart on Jobs’ death: “What’s next? It’s sort of like this alien comes down and gives you this new technology and kinda shows you how

to use it and then takes off in this spaceship. And we’re like, ‘Ah, what’s this green button?” To the tech and business world, Jobs was that alien that had so much more to offer and many analysts have said he was the model CEO. But for many of us Apple products were the key to being more productive, enjoying music anywhere we wanted and most importantly of all Apple products allowed us to be more connected. It is for these very reasons many of us considered him to be a friend.

Steve Jobs: Losing a Friend William T. Mathieu Staff Writer

A couple of weeks ago on October 5, the tech world lost one of its greatest. Steve Jobs, inventor, entrepreneur, co-founder, CEO, and chairman of the board of Apple Inc. lost his long battle with pancreatic cancer. For many, the word of his death came from one of the devices he developed, an indication of his prodigious impact on the world of technology. With his death came a peculiar phenomenon; Apple lovers flocked to nearby Apple Stores, social media threads errupted, statements from world leaders where published, and for many, the feeling of losing someone they knew very well was setting in. Finally at the helm of all of this was the media who was frantically trying to put some meaning to the madness. So now that the winds have settled it’s time to take a look back at his life. Jobs started out assembling computers in his garage alongside Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple would be founded in 1976 and, within a couple of years, Jobs introduced the Macintosh. However, after a period of

poor sales, Jobs was ousted from the company. He went on to create the NeXT Computer Company and jump started the Pixar Company that later went on to make numerous successful movies. In 1996 Jobs was rehired by Apple and made CEO; he would use the technology he developed with NeXT to create the Mac OS X. From that moment to the present day, Apple has become the most valuable tech company on the planet, owing its success to Jobs and the products he would develop such as the iMac, MacBook, iPod, iPhone and the recent iPad. These products not only sell well but created new markets and subsequently eliminated the competition. His drive for perfection resonated with his customers. He marketed his products for what they were, no bells or whistles, only a streamlined device backed by that famous white. He was no genius of computer code; he seldom knew how it worked. His genius was how he ran his business. Modeling it around not what the consumer wanted but rather what the consumer thought they needed, famously saying: “It’s not the consumers’ job to know what they want.” He would teach his

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 4..

U n d e r t h e m i c ro s c o p e

With Louisa Bielig

1 Billion suffering – World Hunger Index 2010 The recently released World Hunger Index 2010 is extremely alarming: it shows that, in 2009, about a billion out of a total of 6.9 billion people in the world were undernourished. This means that one out of seven people in the world consumed less than 1800 calories a day and had too little to eat or did not obtain the nutritional values needed to maintain full health and regulate functions in the human body. In comparison, just a small poutine has about 800 kCal. The biggest cause of hunger worldwide, however, is not starvation but child malnutrition. According to the institutes that conduct the study yearly, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide, approximately half of the cases consist of it. In Sub-Saharan countries like Madagascar and Burundi, approximately 50% of all children have disrupted growth patterns that result directly from the lack of appropriate nutrition. This process begins very early in life; it is estimated that the consequences of starvation and malnutrition are largely irreversible after children turn two years old. Despite the worldwide amount of hunger decreasing between

1990 and 2006, the Index has lately shown huge increases in malnutrition and hunger, with a peak of 65% increase in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The current global food prize crisis and the recent worldwide recession have aggravated the process even further. However, it is estimated that, with the right distribution of food and health care, one third of the world’s hunger could be prevented. Meanwhile, the first prognoses for 2010 expect the numbers to decrease, but hunger is certainly a cause to be concerned about in the future.

“We are the 99%. We won’t leave!” In the middle of Hong Kong’s financial district, a small girl is smiling shyly into the camera and holds onto a cardboard; written on it is “Please don’t sell my future”. On tumblr, dozens of people hold single sheets of paper with their handwritten stories of suffering in front of their faces; most of them graduates, single parents, unemployed, in huge debt. Those pictures have been going around the world this weekend as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, that was initiated about a month ago at Zuccotti Parc in New York, has expanded to around 1500 cities worldwide. Guy Fawkes masks, “Occupy …” and “You can’t eat money” banners, and “We are the 99%” posters were seen in New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Manila, Seoul, Taipei, Zurich, Rome, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Toronto, Montreal, and many other cities. On Saturday, October 15, rallies were expected in ca. 82 countries to “initiate the global change we all want”, as organizers of the protests state on their website. People peacefully occupied financial districts to protest against the unjust distribution of wealth that leaves 1% of the US population with incredible amounts of money, unreasonable salary raises, low

taxes, and disproportionally high political influence. However, this is not the only cause of protest: in East Asia, especially in Manila, many people demonstrated against Western exploitation of their work force and resources. The movement has many faces in many different countries, but they are united in their hope for a fairer and more sustainable economical system that will not leave 99% of the population in poverty and despair.

Egyptians cannot help but question the government’s truthfulness. Videos on Youtube have documented the violence beginning when the troops stormed the peaceful protesters with shields. Others show a soldier on the back of a speeding armored vehicle shooting at protesters, while the vehicle deliberately swerves and runs over protesters. When asked about the government’s denial, Khaled

Abdel-Hamid, of the Revolution Youth Coalition said, “These are blatant lies. The witnesses and the video clips prove that there was monstrous suppression by the army of a peaceful protest,” The fate of the Egyptian people is to be determined in the upcoming months. The interim government is not going to be in power for much longer, and the future still remains unknown. We will just have to wait and see.

27 killed in Cairo’s Clashes Yasmine Mosimann Office Manager

Deadly clashes between protesters and the armed forces struck Cairo’s Maspiro Square again this month. Christians took to the streets in front of the state television building on the October 9, protesting the destruction of a Coptic church in Upper Egypt’s province of Aswan. The end result was 27 people being killed either by being run over by vehicles or by gunfire. Christians accuse the interim government of meeting their peaceful protest with unprovoked violence. The Egyptian government blames the Christians and “enemies of the revolution” for the violence. The unrest was sparked when a church was set on fire and burned to the ground. Local Muslims justified the arson by saying that it didn’t have the proper permits to be built in the first place. This kind of sectarian violence is not new to Egypt. In the last year dozens of Christians have been killed in a series of clashes. The copts (Egyptian Christians), which are approximately 10% of the Egyptian population, have

been feeling increasing discomfort since President Hosni Mubarak was ousted. Radical Islamist groups, such as the Salafis, have gained popularity and many copts worry they will fill the gaping void of power after this year’s elections. The copts accuse the authorities of being too slow in punishing these extremist Islamic groups who have attacked their churches. General Adel Emara, deputy defense minister and a part of the ruling council, denied that the military had anything to do with the killings at a press conference. He stated that “it was not in the dictionary of the armed forces to run over bodies, even when battling our enemy.” He argued that it was not possible for the troops to fire at protesters, as they did not have live ammunition and that a violent, armed group joined the peaceful protesters and began attacking an anti-riot unit of 300 soldiers. “I want to bring to your attention that the protesters outside Maspero (state television) had many strange things with them: swords, gas cylinders, firebombs. This was an indication that this was not a peaceful protest”, said Emara.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 5..

Health and Wellness Hello my name is... Alice Contributor

As you may have noticed, I invoke my right to remain anonymous to my student peers. Due to the stigmatization that the very word “mental illness” brings in the minds of (well, let’s be honest) anyone, I chose to publish this article under a factious name: Alice. You remember that gritty autobiography of a junky, titled “Go Ask Alice”. One day, after a heartfelt spill to a nurse of how I had the uncontrollable need to end my life, that the voices in my head were too loud for me to handle anymore, we decided that the next course of action was to administer myself to the Douglas Institute.. I must admit that the whole experience was quite surreal and terrifying. My parents drove 3 hours to Montreal to sit next to me as I blankly stared at the orange colored walls. From time to time my mother would approach me and ask, “Could I have seen something sooner?” I replied that indeed there was nothing much to see. I was quite aware that I was

not 100% well and attempted to hide the nitty-gritty of everything, including the fact that I had developed a psychotic symptom: the fact that I could hear voices. I was diagnosed by three different doctors and received 3 diagnoses. The next 4 months was quite eventful. I was in the care of the Institute, retracted my student membership at John Abbott, had broken up with my partner, lost my dream job, lost my apartment; some security issues ensued. Finally, after all that, I found the woman of my dreams. Yes indeed, those four months outside of school life was quite too eventful for me. That is all to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They may just seem to blow smoke out their bums when they say it’ll get better. So if you don’t believe them, believe me, someone who has been there, done that. I am much happier and whole after that ordeal. I am completing my DEC, going off to university, engaged and planning on getting a house and a job to help others like me… And I wouldn’t even be considering this fairly bright

future (well bright to me) if I hadn’t reached out to a nurse here at John Abbott who pursued me into finding help. If you are to get anything from this article it’s that you can always reach out (maybe reach out randomly) before you fall off that proverbial ledge. There is always someone there figuratively standing there with their hands out. Seek

help. Tell a friend, nurse, teacher, parent or even a random stranger at the other end of a telephone. If you think there isn’t anyone with an ear and there is something you need to let out contact me (Alice) anonymously by e-mail at: and together we can find someone to help.

in the process of improving or know someone who is on antidepressants for their anxiety. Stress and anxiety affect the majority of students in one way or another. One commonly asked question was how to deal with school stress caused by a failing grade. Numerous students were stressed because they were looking for some tools of how to study and prepare for exams. There are several resources at the college available that can help. Counselling services, along with the Writing and Learning Center can help. Specifically, at the Learning Centre, Neil Briffett offers study skill workshops. Lastly, I was surprised at the participation rate from students as

there were many who were intrigued with the different disorders along with their causes and treatments. The openness and responsiveness of the students to the presentations demonstrated little feelings of stigma. Their attitudes reflected an openness and willingness to acquire new knowledge on the subject. The success of the event certainly reached the goals of raising awareness for mental illnesses. I hope that sharing my experience will encourage you to find your peace of mind.

At last, free from this mental strain Alexandra Buonanno Contributor

Getting involved with Mental Health week was beyond informing and educating John Abbott students about the subject of Mental Illnesses. It gave me opportunity to communicate with other Abbott students similar to myself, dealing with stress and anxiety, that you can be freed from this mental strain! For the longest time, stress and anxiety were taking a toll on my social and family life where I started to lose touch with myself and often felt isolated. Then unexpectedly, last semester my humanities class, SelfKnowledge through Yoga, triggered the process of the liberation from this distressing mental state. Initially, my expectations for this class was simply to tone-up my body and get a round yoga bum. Conversely, due to the anxiety, it was another class that I stressed about excelling in. To my surprise, it was the one time a week where my mind and body was at peace. Learning yoga and relaxing breathing exercises allowed the stressful and anxiety filled thoughts to slow down and diminish into obscurity. All that mattered was

appreciating the present moment and the silence within me that I had been longing for. Prior to this class, I never thought I would be free from the persistent thoughts of worry or fear of future failure, along with the severe physical discomfort caused by the anxiety. This unexpected door that had opened up, allowed me to be content with myself and the people around me to respond more positively towards me. Additionally, I now have greater compassion towards others with an unhealthy mental state, as I know from experience, it can be tormenting. Now knowing that a significant number of other students are affected by anxiety and other related conditions, led me to want to raise awareness about anxiety and the diverse tools that can be used to improve and eventually overcome this mental strain. Finding the key to success that works best for you may take some time, but be patient and open to change as you never know when it will come knocking on your door. During the fair in the Agora, the majority of students who came to the booth told me they are currently suffering from anxiety or stress, are

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 6..

Health and Wellness Mental Illness and the Disclosure Game: Avoiding the sting of stigma Kira L. Laurin Contributor

Mental illness is a pertinent subject, especially for youth as the onset of many mental illnesses occurs between ages 18 and 25. 1 in 5 Canadians will suffer from a mental illness during the course of their lives. In general, mental illness is not a “sexy” topic and people fear what is known little of. People with mental illness fear this label and what society has to say of them. And so, people suffering from mental illness choose not to disclose their illness. Disclosing is the act of bringing to light something that was once kept in secret. People with mental illness constantly walk on land mines when it comes to who, how, when and where they may discuss their illness. But are people with mental illness liable to divulge this sensitive information? In simple form, no, but disclosing such information may in the long run

help you regain balance in life. To disclose talk first to professionals who are involved in your recovery or treatment. Sit down with them and discuss life after mental illness. Discuss your intensions to return to school or work. Take into consideration their professional advice and your own gut instinct. Are you ready? Is this the best time for you? Is there proper social systems set into place that will help you and guide you? Next you should contact your registrar’s office or your human resources coordinator. Ask them if there is a disabilities office or something of the sort. At John Abbott, you may find help at the “Special Needs Office”. Call the disabilities office and ask to talk to someone who may help you get the help you need. Ask, before making an appointment, all documents that are needed to form a profile of you. This may take sometime to get so it is suggested to contact the disabilities office as soon as the office opens before the

school year begins. Next make a list of questions no matter how banal they may seem. Ask everything that concerns you. Ask if your school or work have professionals. It may be convenient to send your file to this location to avoid missing appointments, running out on prescriptions or having the availability of professionals so close may put your mind at ease. At John Abbott, the Health and W e l l n e s s Center (H-139) gives you access to a doctor and nurses, the Counseling Services (H-148) gives you access to personal counselors, while Student Success can help guide you around school. If there are any concerns about

your legal rights ask your caseworker or get in touch with a lawyer to help clear any doubts. Contact the Student Services at John Abbott to direct you to the legal services John Abbott has to offer. Remember that you are not liable to discuss about your illness to anyone other than the disabilities office (and that is at your own discretion as well). It is your decision to disclose and discuss.

Her beautiful mind Stéphanie Leprohon Contributor

Aloof, she walks down the hallway at the same time everyday hoping that today will be the day someone, anyone strikes up a conversation with her. Millions of thoughts f lowing a mile a minute, but with no way of escaping her beautiful mind. Unfortunately, her days have become long and gloomy as if Erebos, the God of darkness and shadow, had come down and claimed her life as his domain. No one would understand the incredible pain that comes with such a difficulty as the one she has; This unbearable fire burning inside. The boys and girls always have a strange look on their face when they see her walk by. A look, as if they were worried she might do something or say something, which she knows would never happen. She will never understand why others fear her. Not for the sake of trying. Igniting a spark in her heart, her desire for understanding brings her to books and articles but no matter how far she goes to find out the truth, she just doesn’t see it. She’s different and she has to accept that. She desperately needs to feel happy. If only she could find the strength to annunciate her words maybe then people would start to treat her like the beautiful, intelligent young woman she is. Mother tells her she is a special gift from God; but deep down inside she feels the unfairness of this truth. Frustrated, she wonders: how can she accept who she is if no one else will? All she wants is to be heard. Will someone stay to listen? Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 7..

Health and Wellness This part of the insert is host to the best submissions for a contest the health and wellness centre hosted in order to celebrate mental illness week. Congratulations to Cynthia Beaumann the winner and Justine the Runner-up, from the Bandersnatch team.

Dying Inside

The concentration bug

Liana Johns Contributor

Justine Frankel Runner-up

Dying inside but nobody cares Begging for help but your out of flares Screaming but no one can hear your cries Trying to cover up but you ran out of lies Blind to your heart but aware of your fears You feel so much pain but they only see tears You make your point and they agree with you But what they see as lies are actually the truth They promise they’ll fix the pain that you feel But their promises are empty these intentions unreal So here you are standing in front of me And in my mirror you are all I see You and I are one and the same Reflection and girl, shrouded in pain

I was so young, How would I know, That there are many places, My mind could go. It travelled fast, Exploring places, Making up little scenes, Making names and faces. Paying no attention, While I’m in class, My focus would travel, With it’s boarding pass. I could fly to the moon, But I couldn’t hear, My teacher was talking, Right into my ear. From day to day, From desk to desk, The teachers would talk, I’d appear statuesque. Oh the places I went, Because school was so boring, The Professors would talk, And I would be snoring. So I didn’t concentrate, It was quite some trouble,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 8..

Learning isn’t easy, When your head’s in a bubble. They said pills would help, Medication and all, They helped my mind out, My distractions in a ball. Upping of dosage, Was just what I need, My teachers were happy, My parents agreed. I did what I was told, Didn’t argue or yell, I didn’t understand why, But nobody would tell. And then when kids said, I’m stupid and dumb, I said “its just a pill, Doesn’t change what I become”. They laughed and they laughed, Then I finally understood, The word “special” isn’t nice, It means retarded and no good. I was so young, How would I know, That I had ADHD, And it’ll never go.

Health and Wellness Insanity Cynthia Beaumann Contest Winner

attention. Movements, reflecting in the eyes of the beholders, mirroring in their tears of compassion and being absorbed by the eyes of the envious.

broken feet, blisters, blood, I close my eyes. A tear crawls from beneath my eyelids, down my cheek; the room starts to spin as my head hits the floor. “Joyce, Joyce Weller?” Her eyes flutter as she slightly moves her head towards the voice disturbing her silence. “Joyce, you passed out, your body broke down…”The doctor takes a few minutes until he is sure she can still hear him.”Your body shut down due to malnutrition…” She opens her eyes. Something about an eating disorder, a mental problem, help…my

mind retraces the words. All I want is to dance. I remember the wind, the continuity. Dancing is my freedom, I follow prescriptions “orders”, I am what they want me to be so I can be free. I am this way for this is the only way the crowd wants me, this is my only being, my appearance marks my existence and my appearance is their choice is their order. They molded me, changed me, I’m the one with the disorder, I’m sick? The crowd the critics the fans who are they, are they sane? My eyes close as the truth dawns on me I feel the wind against my skin; I hear the wave rolling in.

educated. If your friend or loved one appears to be in immediate risk of harming themselves, if they have a plan in place, have the means in place to do it, and especially if they have tried before, get them to a hospital emergency department immediately. If they refuse you may need to call 911 or your local emergency response team. Stay with them.

ing clearly at this time

REMEMBER, this is someone you care about, who may not be think-

- Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (416) 535-8501 – www.

My fingers extend, my arm reaches, I feel the pull in my shoulder, the strain at my side. My skin breakable My arm rises one last time into against my bones, my muscles contract the air that seems to thick, then apmoving me across the floor. My legs stiff plause crashes over me like waves, yet against the wood like a pencil in a the sound is muted in my mind deflectsharpener, I twirl on my toe, scraping, ed by my ears as my mind focuses on scratching away skin, bleeding. An moving my trembling legs behind arched back, neck stretched, eyes fo- curtains. cused behind the audience, my steady The crowd cries, the amazepoint, my hold. The sweat rolling in ment and astonishment rises, the praise pearls down my neck, the pain creeping fills the air as the envy grows within up through my thighs from my toes, my the competition.(Now left behind in the over extension in mid air the cracking shadows) of my elbow when I flex, the twist of my My eyes avoid the mirrors, the image inankle and my breathless chest, my emp- side is not my own, it is artificial, ty stomach. sculpted out of clay, molded and at The music fills the room, her tached to my head. My hands trace my body moves across the floor like leaves, neck, down across my collarbone across responding, free, twirling and twisting the smooth plank of my breast bone to through the air. She bends, flows from the ripples of my ribs. One after the othone movement into the next, opening er my fingers feel the bones until they to the music. She is beauty like a tooth- slide into the hollow pit, my stomach. pick, shining through the stadium Further, sliding over the smooth skin to accompanied by music creating art. my hip bones that seem to be exploding Her figure the pose she is opposing si- out of nowhere and onward my fingerlence with, fighting to inspire, for nails scrape down my legs, reaching my

REACH OUT and GIVE HELP by… - Listening without judging. Ask what is happening, how they are feeling, and what they are doing. - Ask them if they are thinking of hurting themselves or killing themselves. Using the words will not cause them to think or do anything to harm themselves. - Do not promise to keep the information to yourself, even if they ask you to. It is better to have a living friend or loved one who is mad at you, than the memory of a dead loved one with whom you can no longer have a relationship. - Invite them to talk to other friends or trusted adults. Keeping someone safe is a task for many. - Ask them what they can do to relieve the sadness or pain. What works for them? Help them take action. Encourage them to do it or do it with them. - Find a way to share some humour. Rent a funny movie & watch it together. Introduce them to your favourite funny T V program. Laughing ‘til you cry is a sure fire stress reliever.

- If none of this works, or if it becomes clear to you that these things are not enough to keep your friend safe, then… •Contact your local crisis service, •Talk to their parents, friends or brothers/sisters, •Talk to a Guidance Counsellor, •Talk to your/their family Doctor. •Ask for help in helping them. If you just require more information, refer to the list of resources below for more ideas. Get

Reesources: - Info Sante call 811 – 24/7 access to a nurse - Suicide Action Montreal 514 723 4000 or 1 866 277 3553 -Mental Health Commission of Canada -Canadian Mental Health Assn.

- Teen Mental Health – - The Jack Project – - Phoebe Alix at 416-816-0330 / - Ulifeline- designed for college students - For Youth and Emerging Adults:  Kids Help Phone (Ages 5-20) – 1-800-668-6868

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 9..

Museum of Contemporary Art Currently in the Gallery Rafael Lozano-Hemmer 0 7 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 1 to 0 6 . 1 1 . 2 0 1 1

Triennale québécoise 2011 0 7 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 1 to 0 3 . 0 1 . 2 0 1 2

Upcoming Exhibits Althea Thauberger 0 4 . 0 1 . 2 0 1 2 to 1 9 . 0 2 . 2 0 1 2

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Currently in the Gallery Napoleon Gift of The Ben Weider Collection to The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

Upcoming Exhibits Lyonel Feininger: From Manhattan to the Bauhaus January 20 to May 13, 2012

FALL PROMOTION: All exhibits are free TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS !!!!!!!!!

Send in exhibition Reviews to bandersntachpaper@gmail. com! WE LOVE TO KNOW YOUR OPINIONS!

One last Stand


Emily Faulkner Contributor

Eric Provencher Contribuor

like to think of the prosperous fields of Dover, in the midst of a crimson sunrise, One day, the skies will fill with hope and an end will come to the cries. In time I will find the strength to face my fear, For an end will come, I feel it near. With love, all will be forgiven The doors are closed, the lights are off, As we surrender to Eden the hospital is silent. All friends have left but one, the rasping coughs are violent. Shallow breaths in the background, muttered groans of pain. Curtains slowly closing, little time remains.

Tie up all loose ends, say your last goodbyes. Let all your thoughts blurt out, let the tears flow from their eyes. You’re slowly starting to accept that this breath may be your last. White knuckles clutching each other, calmness is seeping past. Being frightened of the darkness ...everything will simply end. To say “I’m scared” is easier when you’re near a friend.

The Tempest James McCafferty Contributor

By Titan’s cree the tempest blew, To draw the waves and part sea, And rip against the lonely ship That lay within it’s midst. The captain screamed, “Ahoy, O’ sailors on the deck, No man has truly sailed till, He struggle such a storm.” Once the bolt of Zeus’ wrath, Came kindly to its sudden halt. The sea beneath the cloudless sky, Calmed swiftly and lay still. Resonating from the bow, the captain Of his sturdy ship. Told the world “I sail here still, No tempest Can sink such solid oak.” The ocean beneath the ship had stilled. But, the twirling threw the crew off course, And lost within the vastest sea, The horizon held no home. A voice across the desolate waves, Sang for the sailors tails of land. So perfect that she could not tell, An angel or a siren.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 10..

Disobedience To Gravitation Félicité Roy Contributor

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Join us on Facebook as we announce our upcoming visiting DJ’s and live bands !!! Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 11..

Stay tuned: New music by the Cab Jaimie Roussos Contributor

The Cab is an American rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Their debut album, Whisper War, was released in 2008 and they were named called “The 2008 Band You Need to Know” by Alternative Press magazine. Their second album “Symphony Soldier” was released on August 23, 2011 with its first single “Bad” released in July. I spoke with the lead singer, Alex Deleon, about their new album, new sound, and upcoming tour. Their newest album was given the unique name “Symphony Soldier,” and when I asked why exactly they decided to name their album this, Deleon said: “The idea behind Symphony Soldier pretty much means that we use our music to stand up for what we believe in and fight for what we want and for what we love.” He also spoke about how this

related to his real-life battles with the music industry and personel relationships. On their new album, the band had the privilege to co-write their songs “Endlessly” with Bruno Mars and “Animal” with Adam Levine, the lead singer from Maroon 5. When I asked what it was like working with these talented and well-known artists, Deleon expressed his gratitude for the experience: “Growing up, I listened to every Maroon 5 album and know every single song from them, so it was amazing to work with one of my idols. Bruno Mars is so talented and has been one of my favourites since I’ve heard him. It was a really humbling experience and we learned from them.” The Cab’s album “Whisper War” was released three years earlier, so I asked how their newest album differs from their previous one. Deleon does not think they have changed too much from their roots,

but that they have evolved musically: “We are still the same band that plays Pop/Rock music with an R&B influence, but we have matured.” He continues, “This new album documents the past three years of our lives, between the ages of 19 and 22. It’s different from what we went through when we were 16 years old.” Deleon says his biggest musical influences are his Dad, as well as Justin Timberlake, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Patrick Stump, the lead singer from Fall Out Boy. “I would love to collaborate with Justin Timberlake, he’s one of my biggest inspirations,” Deleon says. I asked Deleon what we could expect from the Cab in the coming months, and he responded, short and sweetly, “Tour Tour Tour.” The Cab will be going on tour with Simple Plan this fall across North America. They will then make their way to both Japan and Australia. Deleon spoke about his favourite parts of

going on tour: “I’m a traveller, and I just love being on tour and meeting people.” Despite generally being considered a rock band, Deleon describes the sound of the Cab in three words: “Soul. Rock. Pop.” Be sure to check out the Cab’s newest album Symphony Soldier and their new music video for Bad.

Guitar wood depletion Zack Duma Media Administrator

To make decent quality guitars certain woods or mixtures of woods must be used; some examples of these woods would be maple, redwood, and mahogany. Unfortunately when loggers cut down trees, they do not replant any of them, especially in Canada. Generally they replant trees like birch or pine because they grow fast, or even oak because its strong. This is becoming an issue because the woods used to make guitars which grows naturally in areas, is being replaced with the ones that they cannot use. Estimates say that in about 10 years we will completely run out of the wood that is usedto make guitars, classic pianos, and other wood made instruments. This may seem like a big time frame to some but think of it this way, every year supplies to make decent guitars become less and less common, the price of the instruments will go up. A guitar like my Epiphone SG which store bought brand new is about $400 now, in five years or so it could go for as high as eight hundred or even more. Imagine what something like a Gibson would be worth. This is a very big problem because it may greatly affect the music industry, less people will start playing music because it is too expensive. What will happen to people like Jimmy

Hendrix who started out with nothing but a guitar? These really talented individuals may never get a chance to even pick up a guitar because of them rising prices of these instruments. A fifty dollar guitar that one can gets off from a shelf will never sound as decent as one from the store. But more that anything the type of wood really affects the durability and look of the instrument, who wants to play a guitar that will get, destroyed after a litter bump here and there, my guitar has many battle scars, but it still sounds great, and doesn’t look half bad either. No one’s done anything yet to stop this growing problem, but now’s always a good time to start, we should start making designated spots for specific types of trees. I love music and I would hate to see a whole part of the industry go down just because we can’t make instruments anymore. The entire music industry would lose a lot of creativity and talent and this would be disastrous.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 12..


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Screening will take place Wednesday October 26th at 7pm at the Scotiabank threatre


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contest closes Monday October 24th

Disney Going Downhill Nismah Iqbal Contributor

Disney has recently manufactured underwear for girls as young as three years old with the word “sexy” glittered all over it. And just when you thought that they couldn’t get any lower… As a rational personal, I think that the word “sexy”, defined as the attribute of being sexually attractive, is far from something that should be found on the underwear of a girl whose baby teeth haven’t even come out. Inevitably, this isn’t the first time Disney is being forced to apologize to enraged parents. In 2008, underwear for girls aged seven to twelve, a product inspired by the High School Musical series, hit stores. with the lovely message of “Dive in!” on it. I refuse to believe that Disney is ignorant enough to be blind to the insinuations of their choice of words. Having to hear Disney’s claims that

the intention was “innocent” aggravates me even more. It’s provoking for parents and older siblings to abide by the idiocy that the babies of their family are exposed to. I always find myself revolted when I sit down with my seven-year-old cousin to watch the Disney channel. These shows seem to encourage living materialistic lives and the actors who play these shallow roles, which are received as “comedy.” Additionally, pictures of most of these entertainers in lingerie, with salvia or marijuana, making out with every person available, have spread all over the internet, only a few mouse clicks away from young children. Once or twice can be considered a mistake, but never-ending photo scandals of these Disney “role models’ can put your temper to the test. At the age of seven, a kid is trying to differentiate right from wrong. They look up to Disney stars. The bigger the Disney star appears to be, the

more the kid wants to be like them. What used to be known for its inspiring characters has now become a channel for cheap comedy, an excuse for girls to get as naked as they possibly can, and the assurance that in the twenty two minutes each show has been appointed, the viewer

will not learn or grow in any positive way. It might not be such a bad thing that Walt Disney isn’t around to see this, because he would be sickened by the sheer stupidity that has grown under his name.

coming successful. Now there’s a painful irony that seems to have been lost on these people that are condescending the current movement. Working 2-3 jobs just to afford going to school, or hell, just even living, is a sign of just how bad things are. What they’re saying is just proving the point of how things are in need of a change. I mean, I think it’s great that some of these people have overcome so much, and have still succeeded,

but the whole point of these protests is that everyone should have that equal opportunity to do the same thing. To be successful and to be able to afford living. The protestors are trying to help these people, so that they don’t have to live with working 80 hours a week, so that they have the same chance as everyone else. It’s pretty sad that the people who are trying to make a change are just simply dismissed because it’s politically convenient. For shame.

We are the 53% : Dumbest Response Ever Tim Gale Staff Writer

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been a huge force all across the United States as of late, even making its way across the world. On October 15, over 1,500 cities across the world (including Montreal) will join in on the peaceful protests that aim to give power back to 99% of the population rather than the 1% that currently has all the power. If you’re still unfamiliar with what’s going on, let me just do a quick recap. For a significant chunk of the American population, their lives as the middle class have been unfairly rough, as they have had to pay more than their fair share. Meanwhile, the rich have been receiving cut backs from their political friends in government and whatnot. The Occupy Wall Street movement is trying to right the wrongs. To promote the movement, the tagline “We are the 99%” was used. Supporters would post pictures online of themselves holding up a sign stating just how dire their situations are because

of the misspent money, ending with “I am the 99%”. Now that you’re up to speed with what’s going on, conservatives have decided that these protestors are really just lazy good for nothing liberals. Erik Erikson, founder of the right wing website recently targeted the Occupy Wall Street movement by starting the “I am the 53%” campaign. 53% of Americans pay federal income taxes, while the other 46% are unable to pay those taxes because their income is too low and because of tax breaks, however they still pay other taxes. He is urging his fellow conservatives to join him in his mocking of those that are trying to change the system. Erikson and his followers have posted pictures of themselves saying things such as how they work(ed) 2-3 jobs, and I barely make ends meet, but they don’t complain, and that everyone that is showing up at these protests are just lazy self entitled hippies. There are also some that are saying things such as how they came from a poor background until they went out and found jobs, eventually be-

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 13..

Descending into Amnesia Nevada McEniry-Hatajlo Assistant Editor-in-Chief

It was a grey evening when I drove over to Chloe’s house. The trees shook violently and the air was crisp. It was getting darker and darker by the minute. Quickly, we rushed into her basement. We closed all the lights and opened up what is said to be one of the scariest games ever made: Amnesia. I’m not the best gamer, but I quickly became accustomed to the controls. The character I was playing was named Daniel and as you progress throughout the story you collect memories from his past. These memoirs shape the plot and provide clues as to what to do next. One of Daniel’s first memoirs explicitly states that you (the gamer) must kill a character named Alexander. With this, I started exploring the castle nervously. I’m already a very jumpy person, and this game really didn’t help calm me down. I will warn you, don’t play this game alone. There are a couple really interesting, well executed and unique

parts to Amnesia. At times, you must decide which is more important: your health or your sanity. There are shadows and enemies that follow you throughout your journey. You can’t fight back in any way. Instead, you must maintain your sanity as much as you can. Things like darkness and looking at the enemies will cause your vision to sway and blur while you lose your balance. You collect oil and tinder to light your lantern and any light source you can find. You have to decide, however, when is the best time to use light. Enemies will follow you if they see any sort of activity. You have to also be aware of your

resources, since oil for your lantern runs out quickly. As for your health, monsters randomly sneak up on you and attack. If you’re lucky, you can get away in time. My hands were often shaking at the mouse and keyboard, and I was dead before I knew what was happening. One of the best things I noticed about this game was how heavily involved I was. I was genuinely scared and felt as disoriented as Daniel did. There’s a part of the game where you enter a dark hallway, and out of nowhere it floods. I was left petrified. As I walked though the water, I realized there

was some sort of invisible creature that followed me and attacked me. I didn’t know what to do. I saw blood splatters, and then all of a sudden I was dead. As I respawned, an eerie message appeared on the screen: “Keep out of the water”. Great. It’s little moments like this that make Amnesia one of the smartest, best designed games out there. The fact that I was so emotionally involved and so honestly horrified just goes to show how intense this game is. I won’t give away the ending, but it’s worth playing if you’re in the mood for a terrifying gaming night.

definitive version of Capcom’s classic. The “remake” removed or tweaked the hilarious dialogue and voice acting that ruined the mood of the original game, and updated the graphics so that the zombies look less like people made of cottage cheese and more like corpses. Finally, a new element was added to the gameplay: whenever you killed a zombie, you had to burn their corpse. If you did not, then said zombie would come back to life with double the strength and ten times the speed.

This removes the feeling of safety you would normally have after clearing a room of enemies, and adds a sense of dread whenever you have to backtrack through areas you’ve previously visited. Although the game may not be for everybody, the remake is a unique experience that demands to be played by “horror enthusiasts”. 2. Silent Hill 2 (PS2, PC): Another horror classic, for those of you who prefer slow, psychological torture. The story is focused on average-joe James Sunderland, who receives a letter from his dead wife telling him to meet her in the town of Silent Hill. When James arrives in the town, he finds it covered in a dense fog and infested with tons of freaks. The fog that enshrouds the town means that you can’t see any monsters until they’re directly in front of you, but you can still hear the inhuman sounds they make. This tension leaves the player in an infinite state of distress, to the point where they begin to beg for something to jump out and attack to relieve their anxiety; this makes Silent Hill 2 one of the best survival horror games of our generation.

3. Condemned: Criminal Origins (XBOX 360, PC): As a game that combines serial killers, forensic investigations, brutal first-person melee combat and a dark atmosphere, Condemned is the coolest horror game ever made. It starts off like a typical detective story, with special agent Ethan Thomas investigating a murder scene, but then the plot goes off the deep-end as agent Thomas fights for his life against junkies, crazed homeless people and deformed mutants, attempting to clear his name after being framed for murder, while at the same time being hunted by a serial killer. Although almost every aspect of this game is brilliant, special praise must be given to the environments; Condemned somehow manages to make public libraries and elementary schools the more frightening than Hell itself. If you have ten bucks and some free time, then you owe it to yourself to play Condemned; it’s the game that puts “fun” back into the phrase: “Run for your life!!!”. In conclusion, being scared is fun, and so are these games. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Get Scared Thomas Robinson Staff Writer

Well, Halloween is almost here, which means it’s time to write about one of my favourite genres: horror. Here are three exceptionally scary games that will fill your sleep with nightmares and your pants with…well, you know. 1. Resident Evil (Gamecube Remake/Wii Remake): Pretty much the granddaddy of all survival horror games, this Gamecube remake is the

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 14..

Sports with Henry Park

Indy 500 winner dies Casey Dulson Staff Writer Tragedy struck the motorsports world as they heard the news of the passing of Dan Wheldon. He was involved in a dangerous 15 car crash, during the f irst 11 laps of the last race of the Indy series in Las Vegas 300.Wheldon’s car f lew of f the track, smashed into the fence. He was airlif ted to a nearby hospital, but it was too late. His wife, Susie, and their two sons, 2-year-old Sebastian and 6-month-old Oliver, were devastated. Wheldon, a native of England was in his third race of the year. Earlier in the day he accepted a contract with the Andretti Auto sport in the sponsored Go Daddy car. He was going to replace the departed Danica Patrick who is leaving for NASC AR next season. In tribute to Wheldon, the drivers went around the track 5 times and all the pit crews of each team stood

New design for IC title? Constantino “Tino” Montelli Staff Writer On the Hell in a Cell pay-perview, on October 2, Cody Rhodes came out to the live crowd and introduced a new version on the WWE Intercontinental championship belt. The black strapped, modern, ovalshaped globe belt was replaced by a white strap, classic look, very similar to the classic belt design that was used in the 80’s and early 90’s. Actually, it looks like it’s the exact classic belt that was used except they replaced the old WWE logo with the current scratched logo. Cody Rhodes wants this title to mean something again. As he says, the likes of Santino Marella, Chyna and the person that he defeated to win the title and Ezekiel Jackson, have diminished the value of the Intercontinental title. He wants the title to reclaim that glory and prestige it once had. The Intercontinental title is very important to the history of the WWE as well as the superstars. The I.C. title is considered the stepping stone to the WWE World title. It was first created when Pat Patterson won the WWF

in line as the cars went by. His number 77 was the only number on the scoreboard and in the background on the track they played songs “Danny Boy” and “Amazing Grace.” Wheldon, would have won 5 million dollars if he had won the race and because he was not a regular driver this year, he would have shared it with a fan. This is the second tragedy that has happened in the Indy series histor y. In 2006, IndyCar driver Paul Dana, a rookie, died on the track in the Homestead-Miami speedway during practice, the morning of race day. Wheldon will be remember for winning the 2005 series championship and the Indy 500 twice and he was simply a ver y popular icon around the world. IndyCar driver Dario Franchitti put it best when he said,“One minute you’re joking around at driver intros, the next, Dan’s gone”. Former boss of Wheldon, Chip Ganassi also states,“What can you say? We’re

going to miss him, [...]Ever ybody in IndyCar died a little today.” Another tragedy happened to Motorsports world in 2001 when popular Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt crashed into a wall at Daytona and died on the tracks. The footage of the 15 car crash reminded me of this scene. This brings me to my question: how dangerous is car racing? The race was stopped

and canceled. Wheldon was only 33 and will be remember as a friend, husband and father, to ever yone who knew him.

North American Heavyweight Championship against Ted DiBiase. Pat then entered a tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and won the WWF South American Heavyweight Championship. He unified both titles to become the first Intercontinental Champion. People like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin and others have won the I.C. title and eventually became World Champions. Not only that, but a good amount of WWE Hall of Famers won this prestigious title like Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat, “Mr. Perfect” Curt Henning, Tito Santana, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Eddie Guerrero. Great wrestlers are defined by their matches and when the Intercontinental championship was on the line, you knew they were going to be great matches. Matches like Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels in a ladder match at WrestleMania X considered to be one of the greatest ladder matches in wrestling history. Mr. Perfect vs. Bret Hart at SummerSlam 1991, where Hart kicked out of the Perfect Plex, which had never happened before. The heated feud of

Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio back at Summer 2009 was incredible. Chris eventually became a nine time Intercontinental Champion. Then there was the match at WrestleMania 3, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage. This match is considered to be one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history; some say it’s the greatest match of all-time. So you see there’s a reason that this Championship is in such high regard. The title means a lot to an

up-and-coming superstar. It gives them a goal to reach and if that wrestler holds this title could eventually become World Champion or a Hall of Famer. Now for Cody Rhodes, will this new belt design mean that he is as great as the wrestlers mentioned above? Only time will tell if he becomes as one of the greats. A new belt design doesn’t make Cody’s value elevate. He’s going to have to defend the title to great challengers and hold that title as long as possible.

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Sports with Henry Park

Press release FLAG FOOTBALL TEAM COMPLETES A PERFECT REGULAR SEASON The women’s Flag Football team capped off a perfect regular season (10-0), with three wins this past week. The first win was against Collège Rosemont on Tuesday night, as the Lady Isles prevailed 29-12. In the first half the Isles jumped out to a 21-0 lead but then could not move the ball in the second half completing only 10/17 passes. Rookie quarterback Joy Bermillo was good on 27 of 48 passes for 314 yards and 4 touchdowns. Melanie Gendreau had 6 catches for 135 yards and 3 touchdowns while Amber Hayes had 3 catches for 24 yards and a touchdown. Converts went to Emilie Majka (2 pts) and Dakota Mayo-Mercredi (1 & 2 points). Defensively, the Islanders had trouble with the quick releasing QB and the short slant routes of the Rosemont offense. In fact, in all, Abbott defense had 35 deflags in the game (Gendreau had

14 & Val Campanelli had 6). Campanelli also had 2 knockdowns. Alexa Lapierre had 2 QB sacks. The Lady Islanders came away with another pair of wins in their Sunday doubleheader in Valleyfield against Collège de Granby (26-6) and Collège de Shawinigan (32-13). In their first game against Granby, the Lady Islanders dominated the first half again and built a comfortable 20-0 lead. In the second half, Granby was never able to put together a comeback and the Lady Isles won 26-6. In adverse weather conditions, Bermillo was still able to complete 28 of 51 passes, for 297 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. In familiar fashion, Gendreau had 6 catches for 106 yards and 2 touchdowns. MayoMercredi had 7 catches for 62 yards, a touchdown and a 2 pt conversion. Sam Kwok did well with 6 catches for 48 yards. Campanelli had a 4 yard rushing TD and 5 catches for 51 yards. Defensively, Majka had 4 flags and 2

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | Volume 41, Issue 04 - 16..

knockdowns, and Karelle Cote played very well with 3 flags and 3 passes knocked down. Lapierre contributed with 4 QB sacks. In their second game of their doubleheader, the Isles capped off their regular season with a convincing 32-13 win over Collège de Shawinigan. Once again, Bermillo was solid with 28 of 42 passes for 309 yards, 4 touchdowns and 1 interception. Campanelli had 1 rushing touchdown as well as 1 touchdown catch on the last play of the 1st half which gave Abbott the win for that half. Gendreau had 7 catches for 89 yards and 1 TD, and Mayo-Mercredi had 6 catches for 67 yards. Hayes had her best game of the season with 5 catches for 102 yards, 2 TD’s, and one 2pt convert. After a shaky first quarter, Abbott’s defense buckled down and shut down Shawinigan’s offense. Campanelli had 7 flags, 1 knockdown, and 1 interception. Majka and Cote each had 2 flags and 3 knockdowns. Cote added an interception as well. Lapierre finished the game with 4 sacks.

MEN’S RUGBY WINS 17-10 OVER MARIANOPOLIS On Sunday afternoon, the Isles (5-0) had some trouble against the strong Marianopolis team but came away with a hard fought 17-10 win. Marianopolis’ big runners gave Abbott some trouble at the start of the game but nevertheless, the first try of the game was scored by Isles Rhys McRae when he dove through the Marianopolis’ defense, on a hard-won goal line struggle. Then, the Isles’ next try was scored when Liam Zivkovic made a 8 man pick from a scrum deep in their end and, after two quick passes from Zivkovic to Nick Smith and from Smith to Ryan Angelini, Angelini dove over the line for the try. The last try scored by Abbott was by Anthony McQueen, with an amazing break through the centers and a huge run to the try-line. The second half of the game was a tough battle as Marianopolis put up a good fight and scored twice. Despite numerous penalties called against them, the Isles were able to hold on to their lead.

Volume 41 Issue 4  

Bandersnatch, the John Abbot Newspaper Volume 41 Issue 4

Volume 41 Issue 4  

Bandersnatch, the John Abbot Newspaper Volume 41 Issue 4