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Students strike: where was Abbott?

in protests, we have, in the past, had information sessions and referendums about the tuition fees and usually the student body voted no.” When asked about why no one seemed to know about the protest, she told me that SUJAC only became aware of the protest on the Tuesday beforehand. Our discussion was quickly broadened as Courtney Lister and Alice O’Neil, the President and Vice-President External joined the conversation. I asked them why it took so long for any mention to be on the portal, seeing as the protest was on the next day. They let me know that I was the first to come with an actual grievance on the subject at hand and that they had made a decision not to participate in the protest when they learnt of it. “It’s a lot more difficult for John Abbott students seeing as we’re in the West-Island and a lot of them might not be that concerned about the tuition hikes” says Alice O’Neil. One problem I noticed was the fact that they had only recently learnt of the protest. I asked them if there were

any way to get information earlier. I was told by Alice: “We do have a lot of freedom but in order to do anything, we have to have a vote in congress. The protest is stemming from McGill and Concordia and it’s their responsibility to publicize it.” I was told that the execs had a meeting every week and had been discussing the tuition fees but had decided not to protest due to the fact that students had not brought it up. Courtney Lister concluded: “Bottom line is, the fact we’re not participating is not due to inaction but due to our representing the student body; it hasn’t been put up. We’re open to informing people of the protest, and we’ll let them go as long as they get the okay from their teachers.” I set out and asked students what they thought of how SUJAC handled the issue. Many weren’t aware of the protest, Laura, a student here said: “I didn’t hear anything about it; I maybe got some information over facebook.” “They’re supposed to be our representatives but they acted without letting us

Anonymous strikes again

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Internet hackers Anonymous made headlines again this week after they threatened to “strike” at Israel if it continued to block ships attempting to break the Gaza blockade by sea.

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Sometimes the massive world of Skyrim and the constant explosions of Modern Warfare can get overwhelming. It’s during these times I begin to crave a more minimalist experience. So instead of a hype-inducing rant I thought I could focus on more minimalist games.

Alexander Messina Editor-in-Chief

Up to 30 000 students decided that protesting the increase in tuition fees was important enough to cancel a day of school; that shows a great deal of initiative on their part, initiative that was unfortunately lacking here at John Abbott. I myself only learnt of the protest on Sunday, at a newspaper seminar attended by representatives from Vanier, Champlain and Marionopolis. I was aware of the fact that there would be tuition hikes and that they had left many students angry but I was surprised to hear that Vanier and Champlain had voted to cancel school on November 10th. In order to investigate upon the matter, I went to SUJAC and put the question to them. I first got an overview of John Abbott’s past involvements when it came to protests against tuition hikes from Barbara Hill, SUJAC’s coordinator: “John Abbott has usually abstained from cancelling classes in order to participate

know” said Ally Breumer. Some students expressed grievances towards the fact that there was very little communication on the subject: “I think that it’s their job to get the first word and then Bandersnatch’s job to spread it to the student population; they should be informed so that I can be informed, you know, here’s some information that I don’t have easy access to, while they do” noted Sarah MacDonald. Others didn’t seem to mind the tuition hikes but did care that the student body itself didn’t make the decision as Patrick Desmarais let me know: “I think it’s a shame, you should inform the people and then let them decide what they want to do.” Overall, people seemed quite ill informed and would have liked to have taken a greater part in the decision. If you feel you were under represented in this situation, let our representatives at SUJAC know of your grievances so that something like this won’t happen again. We are all students after all, and must work together if we are to achieve anything durable.


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Editorial: wrapping up and keeping busy Juilanna Astorino Campus Life Editor

There’s less than three weeks until the end of classes and just like its students, John Abbott is busier than ever! From the Variety Show coming up to the Sexual Health Fair taking the stage af ter the success of the Career Fair, the campus is hoping with all sorts of fun activities that can ease the f inal-crunch blues. This past Monday in the Agora we got a little taste of what JAC’s Variety Show: The JAC Factor will be like, and as always, the students did not disappoint! Make sure you don’t miss the entire show on Friday, November 18 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are on sale in the Student Activities of f ice (H159) for $7.00, and then at the door for $10.00. All proceeds go to charity! If you’re not busy this Friday night I urge you to check it out, there is some real talent here at John Abbott. The Sexual Health Fair is what’s occupying the Agora this week, so stop by and visit if your breaks permit. There’s a bunch of activities planned throughout the week that will keep you on your toes and there is some really helpful and important information to procure. And don’t feel shy or embarrassed to go, the Health and Wellness

Center is ver y friendly and will make you feel comfortably welcome. Besides all this, there are still trips popping up all over the place if you’re interested in a taking a leave from Montreal sometime this year. The New York City spring break trip has recently been announced, so sign up before space runs out! The price is $295.00 for three days and two nights in the Big Apple, including the hotel, bus and a four hour tour of the city. If you want to do something exciting over March break, I’d def initely recommend this! Just a few days to get away with some friends and explore the jungle that is New York! If all that studying isn’t enough for you, you may be interested in f inding a job for the holiday break. Keep your eye on the Omnivox homepage as well as the Info for employers that are visiting the campus, eager to hire their seasonal staf f. If you’re not interested in any of the employers visiting, check out the Employment Center to help you f ind another job. Companies are hiring now, so if you’re in the market, don’t wait until school is out! As though there isn’t enough on your plate, if you’re not graduating this semester you may want to start thinking about

your Winter 2012 schedule. The schedule of classes for the next semester has now been posted, so you can begin considering which classes you should take and when you will take them. Also, something to be watchful of is the English Exit Exam. If you are graduating this semester in the Winter 2012 semester, make sure you have that exam under your belt, because you need to pass it in order to leave the school. There has been plenty of information given out on Omnivox concerning it, but if you’re really anxious, stop by the Learning Center and grab some information that will surely put your mind at ease. There are guidebooks and workshops at your disposal to help you pass and to prepare you in the best way possible to do your best. So don’t get too stressed out with the end of semester coming up. Ever yone is in the same boat as you and knows what you’re going through, and while it may feel like Armageddon right now, I can promise that once it’s over, those few weeks of no school will be the best reward ever. So just sit back, take a deep breath and work until the cows come home to ace those f inals and then have a ver y merr y winter break!

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Alexander Messina Editor-in-Chief

Nevada McEniry-Hatajlo Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Julianna Astorino Campus Life Editor

Louisa Bielig News Editor

Kenjah Banfield Entertainment Editor

Jennifer Smiley Arts Editor

Bee Clarke Opinions Editor

Chloe Brynen Games and Tech Editor

Henry Park Sports Editor

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Hi Ever yone! As the end of the semester progresses, we would like to remind y ou t h at SU JAC i s h e re f or y ou should you need any support during this strenuous time of the year. Thank you to everyone who participated in the John Abbott College Memorial Day ser vice on Friday, No v e m b e r 1 1 , 2 0 1 1 ( 1 1 / 1 1 / 1 1 ) . It was a wonderful ceremony and demonstrated how much we value our Veterans. The next COAC (Confederation of Anglophone CEGEPs) intercolleg i a l me et ing w i l l t a ke pl ace at Vanier on Thursday, November 17. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. For more information swing by Penfield 101 and speak to your SUJAC VP External, Allison O’Neil, or one of the other Executives about

this COAC meeting. Just a reminder to bring your m o n e y t o s c h o o l o n T h u r s d a y, Novemb er 17, for the L o onieToonie Challenge that will be happening around the school. It is always a very successful event. Come show your support and help raise funds to assist struggling students at John Abbott! There is a Multi-Lingual Crash C ours e t aking place on Tues day, November 22, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm in the Casgrain Student Lounge. All students are welcome to drop by and get a quick crash course in German, Mandarin, Spanish…and more languages. This event is open to ever yone. There will be an AFCS (Administration-Faculty-Congress & C lubs, SUJAC & Students)

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2011 | VOLUME 41, ISSUE 06 - 2..

Conference taking place on Monday, Januar y 23, 2012, at 5:30 pm. Be sure to keep an e ye op en on the Portal for more information about the event. These round table discussions are open to ALL students but spaces are limited, so if you are interested in participating, drop by Student Activities (H-159) and sign up by November 28. Looking to start your Holiday S eason shopping early this year? Come see what you can find at the Craft Fair in The Agora o n We d n e s d a y a n d T h u r s d a y, November 23 and 24. Good luck with the rest of the semester and, remember, SUJAC is here for YOU!

Bandersnatch is a student run alternative press at John Abbott College. It is published every two weeks and is partially funded by the Student Activities Commitee and by advertising solicited customers. Submissions are welcome and become property of Bandersnatch. Submissions must be sent via e-mail to and must be in Plain Text format (.txt) or Microsoft Word Document format (.doc). All submissions must include the full name and telephone number of the contributor, as well as the e-mail address if applicable. Bandersnatch reserves the right to reject submissions or to edit any submissions for length, legality, or clarity. Submissions should be a minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 650 words. Articles lower or above these parameters may be printed at the discretion of the executives. Spelling and grammar will not be corrected on submissions as it is the responsibility of the contributor to correct them. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact us at our e-mail indicated above or visit us at the Bandersnatch office, located in the basement of Herzberg, room H-041 (across from the hallway entrance of The Oval).

Activists in the Agora Alexander Messina and Sarah Tayeh Bandersnatch Staff

What is activism? For me it was chance to be informed and broaden my horizon on some important student issues. Did you know you could get a certificate for simply taking a required general education class like humanities and English? I didn’t and may have missed my chance in getting a certificate in Women Studies for taking a gender relations class. There are other certificates, besides Women Studies that also apply to the environment. To get more information about certificates, if you apply for one or how o apply for one, MIO or talk to Eileen Kerwin-Jones. She is also having a drop-in pizza day in her office to talk about the certificate program on November 17th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. In a presentation about “grass-roots, DIY” social movements Jaggi Singh, an organizer

for QPIRG Concordia, a public interest group based here in Montreal spoke enthusiastically about fighting for your rights. When inquired about people asking nicely for change not yielding results, Mr. Singh replied: “It depends what you’re asking for. Generally it won’t change the dynamic. British Colonialism in India was lessened when Indians asked nicely, the right for women to vote. Disobeying the law resulted in change, asking nicely never changed colonialism. Making power feel threatened. At Concordia people have asked nicely to not have an exclusivity contract but nothing has happened.” When asked about the fear of getting involved due to this he said that the risk that he takes is very little in his own opinion compared to others that have actually been hurt or lost in revolutions like those in the Middle East. He says you can never be righteous enough when getting involved in these things.

Club Spotlight: G.A.L.A. Kenjah Banfield Entertainment Editor

G.A.L.A., I’m sure you have heard this word before but do you know what it stands for, or better yet what this club is all about? Well, let me start by telling you that G.A.L.A. stands for the Gay And Lesbian Association but anyone of any sexual orientation is welcome to join. That means that even straight people are welcome too! This club started a long time ago but unfortunately fell apart. Thanks to Meaghan Lane, it was revived three years ago. The club is now run by Gabriella Ioachim. G.A.L.A. creates an environment for anyone of any sexual orientation. Here they can meet new people and accept one another’s differences and similarities as well as accept one another for who they are. Basically, they are just one big family and support

For example, Betina Badeau, a student at John Abbott was there with plenty of information to spread around about genetically modified food in Canada. Did you know that 75% of our food is genetically modified and that in can increase the chance of allergies and create health problems for children and ourselves. What makes matters worse is that they do not label when our food has been genetically modified, but they do for Europe. Betina and her group want GMO to label our food that they genetically modify as well because we have the right to

know what we’re eating. A great organization from Concordia called the People Potato was also present they are a vegan soup kitchen that came to spread their word at Activism. They serve 4 course vegan meals from Monday to Friday for free. The organization is funded by students but supports the community and other grass root groups and protests, like the one that happened this past Thursday on student tuition fees. The People Potato is an Alternative food source at Concordia and is the only one not owned by Chart Wells.

The gift that keeps on giving group. They are a dynamic group of people that will welcome you with open arms. They even have their own mission statement which talks about the straight and LGBTQ community joining together to embrace and accept each other’s differences. They believe that both communities can co-exist which is true since there are in fact straight people in the club. If you join this club, then you’ll be able to participate in the many activities they organize such as bowling nights, parties, potlucks and so much more. They also participate in school events such as Sexual Awareness Week and Club Day. They can never have too many members so drop by sometime one of these Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. in room P-109, even if it is just to say hi. Also, check out their clubroom that they share with the JACtivists (which is going to be redecorated soon).


Pennies for Poultry is a group comprised of JAC teachers, staff, and students dedicated to providing a sustainable food source for subsistence farmers in western rural Kenya. We have thus far provided funds to build three chicken coops, two at orphanages and one in an impoverished village. We are hoping to provide funds for a fourth to top off the year. The construction and operation of the coops are overseen by Suitcases for Africa, which is a local (Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue) volunteer-operated charity that supports many similar projects in the area. Western Kenya has been horribly affected by droughts in recent years, so providing a constant source of high quality food will go a long way in preventing diseases associated with nutritional deficiencies. You can contribute to our mission by purchasing your Christmas/Holiday gifts early at Dix Mille Villages in Pointe Claire Village on November 17, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Dix Mille Villages is a non-profit volunteer-supported enterprise that creates opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to

our markets through long-term fair trading relationships. Dix Mille Villages will donate 20% of your retail purchase (excluding gift certificates and rugs) to Pennies for Poultry. The Suitcases for Africa group will be more than happy to inform those “next on the list” that chickens will be coming their way soon.


Anonymous makes waves Chloe Brynen Games Editor

Internet hackers Anonymous made headlines again this week after they threatened to “strike” at Israel if it continued to block ships attempting to break the Gaza blockade by sea. Two days after Anonymous’ statement, several Israeli defense department websites went down. Israeli officials have denied that Anonymous brought the websites down and instead calling it a “coincidence”, they cited a hardware crash. Identifying successful attacks by Anonymous has been proven to be difficult; the members of the group had previously claimed responsibility for the crash of Capital One’s website. The bank denied that they had been successfully attacked and explained the crash by saying the site was down for ‘”routine maintenance”. Anonymous publicly released data claimed to be taken

while hacking the Capital One and Wal-Mart websites, as well as several Finnish websites and El Salvadorian governmental websites. Earlier in November they also threatened prominent Mexican drug cartel Zetas, after one of their members had allegedly been kidnapped. Anonymous had said that they would publish names of supporters and cartel insiders, but stepped down after saying that their member had been freed. The hackers have gone on to say that Zetas threatened to kill ten people for every one name Anonymous published, and some speculate that security reasons forced Anonymous to scale back and end their operation. The web-based group originated in 2003 on the Internet imageboard 4chan, although they have only been heavily involved with “hacktivism” in more recent years. Anonymous has no known central authority or leaders, and anyone with an Internet connection can claim

themselves as a member. Traditionally they have been instrumental in protesting against the Church of Scientology, who have referred to Anonymous as “cyberterrorists”. Members of the hacker group are known for attending protests while wearing face-concealing Guy Fawkes masks, inspired by the 1980s graphic novel V for Vendetta. Anonymous have been active as of late, throwing their support behind the protestors in the Occupy movement. In a video statement they recently threatened to “remove” Toronto from the Internet if the city does not leave protestors alone. A speaker for Anonymous called the Toronto participants “brave” and “well mannered occupiers”, and vowed to prevent mayor Rob Ford from “[getting] involved”. This is not the first time Anonymous has come out in support for the Occupy movement; they have previously helped identity (and publish the names of)

police officers allegedly involved in violent altercations and have invaded social networking sites like Twitter en masse to spread awareness about the protests. Anonymous has also called for the occupation of the campaign offices of presidential hopefuls, saying that Democrats and Republicans alike have been “committing crimes against humanity on behalf of American people” and “destroying American democracy.”

already weathered a slew of court cases. When he was first elected in 1994, he lasted only seven months, partly due to an indictment for alleged tax fraud. In 2000, he was acquitted on appeal because the statute of limitations had expired. He was also indicted in Spain for charges of tax fraud, and would not have been able to enter the country if not for his immunity as a head of state. These charges also expired in court. In fact, throughout the course of his career, Berlusconi passed at least 17 bills that helped him avoid legal troubles. Berlusconi’s legal and political escapism was brought to an abrupt end

when he lost his parliamentary majority last Tuesday. Although he announced then that he would resign, it would only be after both houses of parliament passed austerity measures to protect Italy’s economy. His resignation was forced when members of the lower house voted the austerity measures in, with 380 for and 26 against. Berlusconi has been preceded by a Mario Monti who is nearly opposite: a reserved, experienced and, most importantly, respectable economist and politician. one thing can be sure: Berlusconi won’t be missed.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall Brendan McGarry Staff Writer

On Saturday, November 12, after over 50 parliamentary votes of non-confidence, 2500 court cases, multiple controversial sex scandals and 17 years in Parliament, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi finally announced his resignation from office. Ironically, his resignation was due not to the previously mentioned incidents, but in light of Italy’s debt crisis. However, his stepping down was largely appreciated by the international community and Italy’s own population, who gathered in crowds to celebrate outside the presidential palace, shouting “buffoon” and “mafioso” as he passed. Many sources are surprised that this inevitable event took as long as it did. Last February, Berlusconi internationally shamed Italy by allegedly sleeping with Moroccan belly-dancer Karima El Mahroug, nicknamed “Ruby Rubacuori” (Ruby the Heartstealer) by the Italian public. According to her, she had dinner with Berlusconi, then was given jewelry and an envelope containing 7000 euros, but didn’t sleep with him. Critics are of the opinion that the last detail is up for debate. While Berlusconi had already sailed through previous alleged sex scandals mostly unscathed, what

elevated this situation from scandal to disaster was the fact that Mahroug was a minor. In Italy, prostitution is legal, and so is sleeping with people from ages 14 to 17, but paying for sex with minors is punishable by three years in prison, and malfeasance while in office is punishable by up to fifteen. Additionally, when Mahroug was imprisoned for the theft of several thousand euros, Berlusconi himself called the police and illegally demanded her release, even going so far as to say that she was a relative of then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. He survived the preceding parliamentary vote of non-confidence with 316 MPs in his favor, versus the 301 against him. While this was Berlusconi’s most publicized scandal, countless others took place before the incident with Mahroug. He said of Italian politician and ex-showgirl Mara Carfagna that if he weren’t already married, he’d marry her on the spot. This led to his thenwife Veronica Lario to demand a public apology. He also attended the party of 18-year-old Neomi Letizia and gave her a $8,500 birthday present, but missed the birthdays of his own children. During his election campaign, his wife publicly brought attention to this fact, and then soon after divorced him. Sex scandals were far from the only rough patches in Berlusconi’s long and notorious political career; he has


Penn State scandal escalates

Turmoil after Arab League Sanctions for Syria

Pennsylvania’s Penn State University has been tormented for over two weeks now after the arrest of former football defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. He was arrested for 40 reports of child abuse and charged with sexual abuse of eight boys during a 15 year time frame. Sandusky retired in 1999, but still living in the area, had access to school facilities and led the charity organization “The Second Mile” that works with financially and socially troubled young boys. While Sandusky maintains his innocence, drastic steps have been taken to clear up the case. The successful Penn State Nittany Lions’ coach, Joe Paterno, along with others involved, was charged with perjury and failure to report to Pennsylvania State Police about a 2002 rape of a 10 year old boy committed by Sandusky in a locker room shower. Paterno was fired after a closed-door meeting of the university’s trustees for only passing information to his superiors who remained silent. This silence appears even worse when considering that Sandusky was reportedly seen in the act of sexual assault twice and in suggestive positions on other occasions. Paterno’s expulsion means

a loss to Penn State football, since he had a legendary status and recently celebrated his 409th career victory. The situation is tormenting the entire college community. Several demonstrations and riots have occurred last week and caused Penn State president Rodney Erickson to release an official statement on Penn State’s website, saying that “this has been one of the saddest weeks in the history of Penn State and [that his] heart goes out to those who have been victimized.” Meanwhile, investigations are ongoing, but by now it seems that any news from Penn State will be shocking news for a while.

Last week, once again outrage and turmoil was created in the Middle East after the Arab League decided to freeze Syria’s membership until the government ceased to attack and kill members of the opposition. Demonstrators have gone to the streets against President Bashar al-Assad and his repression of the Syrian democracy movement since March, which has resulted in over 3500 assassinations. However, as the government’s repression becomes increasingly violent, the Arab League saw itself forced to take drastic measures in order to protest the Syrian opposition. The vote was initiated after Syria seemed to ignore a League plan after initially accepting it. This plan would involve releasing prisoners, withdrawing security forces from the streets and offering an open dialogue to the opposition. Even though Syrian officials claim that first steps to meet those demands have already been taken and that the vote was illegal, the League’s vote is unchangeable. As soon as the decision went public, government supporters and others forced to join gathered on Saturday, November 12, in front of Qatari’s embassy in Damascus to protest against the vote. The police defended the building and fought off violent protesters, but the crowd gathered

again in front of the Saudi embassy and was successful in attacking and breaking into the building. In the mean time, opposition sources reported that repression continued on Sunday, with nine people killed by security forces. The international community sharply criticized the violent behavior of the pro-Assad protesters and assured the Arab League support in their decision to exclude Syria. However, it doesn’t seem that Assad has the intention of giving in, and with death tolls rising every week, more drastic measures will need to be taken to stop the suppression of democracy in Syria.

noon and only started to shrink down around 4:30pm despite the rain, it was estimated to have thirty thousand students who started at Berri Square and marched to Premier Charest’s downtown office. Twenty thousand students voted to boycott classes for the protest; some even blocked entrances to some schools so students who wished to go to class were unable to attend. Busses full of students came in to support the

protest, some teachers and faculty supported the students and even the Parti Quebecois supported the students in opposition of the raise in tuition fees. Many of the protesters bore signs and banners and used chants to denounce Premier Jean Charest, one chant was “Charest you’re a pig, we’ll have your skin,” some even wore red to express that they would not be left “in the red.” Despite this pressure being

put on the Premier, he shows no intent of backing down. Of course there are groups outside the liberal party who are for this raise in tuition fees, like an association of Quebec deans and principals, saying that the fees should be accompanied by increase in student loans. The protest was considered to be a peaceful demonstration overall even though during the protest four people were arrested.

Student Protests Zachary Duma Media Administrator

Recently the Quebec provincial government has decided that it would like to raise the tuition fees for cegeps, universities and colleges in Quebec, making post secondary education unaffordable for many. This raise would cause the price of these Institutions to go up approximately 70% in the next 5 years, causing students who now pay about $2400 a year to pay more than $4000 a year in 2016. Even with this raise of tuition, Quebec will still be the lowest in the country, other provinces pay an average of $5138 per year. However, Quebec will have this raised tuition on top of the already high tax which is supposed to be the direct cause of why tuition is so low in Quebec. On Thursday November 10th, 2011 one of the largest student protests in Quebec history took place to go against this raise in tuition fees. The protest started around

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2011 | VOLUME 41, ISSUE 06 - 5..

Cartoon Money Sarah Tayeh Production Manager

Has anyone looked at the new Toonie and Loonie design for 2011 that Canada has released? Well let me tell you this, I’m not going to let this one slide. Last year the 1910-2010 special Canadian Loonie that had an ‘S’ on it, for whatever reason, sucked (the navy one was awesome) and redeemed the people who make these decisions. Not this time, though: the disgustingly cartoon-like new Loonie and Toonie are not something I’m about to get over easily and here’s why. 1. It looks like fake play money. 2. Where did our beloved Loon and Polar bear go? Is the issue going on with the boreal forest of more importance than the dying adorable polar bears? 3. Why in the hell is the

person chilling on my Toonie? Where did he come from? Who is he? 4. They repeat the small picture of the dove on both. That’s not necessar y: we know Canada is peaceful, you don’t have to tell me twice. 5. Excuse me mister beaver, you belong on the nickel and you’re not welcome here even if the big guys want to kick you off of it, for a picture of a little dove.

6. Is that the sun up there I corner of the Loonie? What is that? 7. Why are the mountains smaller than the mouse and why is the man who’s climbing the mountains larger than the mountains themselves as well? 8. Why is the Mouse there anyway? Go back to your quarter and stay there, even when they start replacing you with the Olympics, Maple leaves (they are

that we’re equal to the other half of our race. Why is it that we’re supposed to make losing our virginities out to be such a big deal? Sex happens, and I’d like to hope that a majority of us aren’t stupid enough to be preciously holding onto it until prince charming shows up. You know what, prince charming isn’t real. That’s something that you learn as you grow up too: he doesn’t exist. That knight in shining armour, who will sweep you of f your feet, never f ight with you, and tell you you’re beautiful even though you’re drunk throwing up all over the carpet, that you‘re waiting for. My suggestion: stop waiting - you’ll be alone forever. And I’m not saying “go ahead, have sex with anything with a pulse!”, because chances are you’ll get some sort of weird STD and come back to me whining about it. I’m just saying a little fun never hurt anyone. Now, I bet you’re all sitting there assuming that I’m one of those people that’s pro-teen pregnancy. Knocked up at twelve,

guys! But I’m not. I just believe that it shouldn’t be made out to be such a big thing anymore. Back in the day, if you had sex, there was a huge chance you would get knocked up, and no one wants to explain a bastard baby to their dad at 14, right? But these days, there are ways of preventing this - all you need is adequate education about it. I’m a f irm believer that any relationship with a terrible sex life isn’t

already on the f lag) and f ireworks. 9. There’s a house on the Loonie…. We should all go look for this house and move in. Unless it belongs to the man on the Toonie... I can’t live with a stranger that invades coins. 10. The f ish are swimming right out of the coin and why are there f lowers? Canada has me totally lost me on the f lowers. While I can appreciate adding in aspects of Canada and representing them on our currency, the design is too childlike and can’t be taken seriously. I much prefer our lonely Loon and Polar Bear, whose design looks sleek and classy. These designs look to busy. I don’t care that the new coins are shiny, so I’m glad that it seems that these Loonies and Toonies are most likely simple special commemorative coins and not permanent.

The V-Card Game Bee Clarke Opinions Editor

I can’t help but to occasionally think back to high school, although it was by far the f ive worst, most miserable, years of my life. It still pops into my head ever y so of ten though, and I’d like to think that the people I knew would have grown up a little by now. However, af ter bumping into an old friend of mine, I realised that a lot of them haven’t. I came to a sad conclusion af ter a conversation about virginity. You know how in high school who has theirs and who doesn’t is a huge deal? Turns out that there are still people who are proudly counting the vcards that they’ve collected as if it were one giant orgy of a pokémon game. This is what gets to me about this, not the fact that they’re sleeping around, because I couldn’t care less, but the fact that its an assumption that because you’re a chick, losing it must be the biggest deal on the planet. I’m not a picket line, shit stirring feminist, but I do believe

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2011 | VOLUME 41, ISSUE 06 - 6..

going to work out: it needs to be there, and to be honest, the only way to not be a bore in the sack is practice. All this to say that we have to stop living in 1867, we need to put on our big girl panties and have the fun we deserve. Be smart, be safe, and have a good time. Trust me, its working out just f ine on my end of the line.

Dear Bandersnatch Sarah tayteh Production Manager Dear Bandersnatch, Oh dear Bandersnatch Is there not a day of the week? When you do not plague me? Just a moment of peace I wish sometimes, I secretly wish you did not give Great Bandersnatch, Oh my great frumious Bandersnatch When the Second Tuesday is done And we have sent you away There you are once again, Wednesday morning Blocking my path to anything In the way of everything But secretly I don’t mind And once they’ve put you away So that others can enjoy You linger here Your company filling this room And my mind Now all week From Wednesday to Friday You are all around Occupying my space and others I feel jealous that they can hold you too But also glad That they get to have the experience

The lovely Bandersnatch Oh loveliest Bandersnatch On Saturday and Sunday You burn a hole in my bag Demanding attention I resist giving Come Monday I wish your plague be gone But alas I know it is not I think of what I should send you next Of what we should do next Tuesday we meet Face to face and we decide Now I hope I may get a little peace. It is not so Witty Bandersnatch The wittiest Bandersnatch Now from Wednesday to Friday I investigate and do your bidding So that I may send you My best work By Monday morning On Friday I place you So that you may be ready Come Monday morning When we fill you up With excellence and such The weekend is coming Am I free? I do not want to be

Colorful Bandersnatch Rainbow spectrum Bandersnatch On the weekend I write you Something I hope you will share With the rest And come Monday I help with the filling And again on Tuesday When we finally send you away Once again I know I can never be free For I know you will return the next day And I don’t mind Because I love you Great and mighty Bandersnatch My great and might Bandersnatch And you are mine and ours Until we pass on from this place And you will house others That will need you.

I Am The Shadows Adam Chan Banner Maker

Sincerest Gratitude Emily Faulkner Contributor

Lunacy in the silence Echoes from a distance Sounds loud and clear Hidden by the fear suddenly the door opened Wide fate finally took my Side now I am no longer dark and Down they shone the light that became my Crown

Torment Omnipotence Tact Avarice Lethargy

the books and children fueled the Fire but its all thanks to Mrs. McIntyre.

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Checking in on Chad Michael Murray Jen Smiley and Chloe Brynen Bandersnatch Staff Caution: The name Chad Michael Murray will be used repeatedly in the following article, because Chad Murray just does not sound right. Remember Chad Michael Murray when he had a reoccurring role on Gilmore Girls, playing the smoldering bad boy? It didn’t take him long to land a lead role as Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill, the American television drama written by Mark Schwahn. For those of you who don’t know what One Tree Hill is, prepare to be enlightened. One Tree Hill is the common teen television drama, the type that was spearheaded by Dawson’s Creek in the 90s. It’s the type of show that consists of scandal, like “it’s the end of the world” breakups, and teen pregnancies. Chad Michael Murray is that guy who made the show popular, because every girl in to America tuned in to the stare at his face. Oh yeah, he also left the show after its sixth season, and it went downhill from there. Chad laid low for

a while, but we are seeing his unchanged appearance pop up around the entertainment industry. He hasn’t been in anything since 2010, when he was featured in a pair of made-for-television films and played a role in an Alicia Keys’ music video. Chad Michael Murray will be returning to television in his former role of Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill. He will be appearing in

an unspecified amount of episodes, but One Tree Hill fans eagerly await his television appearance. He is allegedly coming back to One Tree Hill to visit Hailey in a time of need. This is One Tree Hill’s ninth & final season, and the return of Lucas is sure to provide fans with some extra thrills and excitement. Not only is the American stud returning to everyone’s

when using the word “fake”, Firstly using the word “fake”, would simply imply that everything that they see is not real. So those wrestlers aren’t really fighting even through we see that there is a person beating up on someone. Those wrestling championship belts aren’t real, like they have no meaning where in actuality they do have meaning. So since every thing is faked, there’s no wrestling ring, fans, announcers, pyrotechnics, lights, music, tables, ladders, chairs or even people. What I’m getting at is when watching a movie, people just don’t say, “oh, that was all pretend, that guy didn’t actually die, it was all fake.” Professional Wrestling is such a unique entity, and to me is what I love about wrestling. It has drama, comedy, action, and suspense just like a movie does , but it has the athleticism, technique, skill and discipline that a sport would have. You see that picture in this article? That is from WrestleMania 22. It’s Mick Foley vs. Edge in a Hardcore Match. In that picture Edge is tackling or in wrestling terms did a “spear” to Mick Foley through a flaming table. Now think about this. Is that fake? Is

it? So did Edge fake a tackle? Did Mick Foley really go through a table that was on fire? Was the fire even real? Let me remind you of the fact that this was live on Pay-Per-View. Did you think they just put cutout pictures of flames on a table? Did they just computer-generate the fire? No they didn’t because it was live, and it was real. The tackle? Real. The wrestlers? Real. The fans witnessing this before their eyes? Real. And the fire was real. Now I’ll give you this question, was it planned? Well, yes it was, it was scripted, which is part of

favourite teen drama, he’s been creating waves in the literary world with promises of his new graphic novel, Everlast. The book follows Derek Everlast, a doomsayer who ferries souls to heaven before the world is torn asunder by the impending apocalypse. Chad Michael Murray has been working on the graphic novel passionately for eight years, and is certain fans will love it: “Here’s to an adventure I can’t wait for the fans to embark on and hopefully hold onto as much as I do,” he told interviewers last month while promoting the novel’s coming release. Fans can preorder it on Chad’s official website, and for 25$ Chad will autograph it for you and even sign a personalized message! Chad’s fiancée, Kenzie Dalton, has already given the graphic novel rave reviews, saying “I can’t wait for everyone to feast their eyes on the wonder that is Everlast.” Between his illustrious return to One Tree Hill and his first graphic novel’s impending release, Chad Michael Murray fans are definitely in for a real treat!

It is not fake! Tino Montelli Saff Writer Throughout time and history, wrestling has always had the stigma of people saying that it’s fake, it’s not real. When sometimes I talk to people about wrestling, they would bring up the topic. I, being a huge wrestling fan, would always retaliate by saying it’s “scripted”. Now what do I mean by scripted? You see, what I think when someone says that wrestling is fake, I feel like they don’t really know what they are talking about. “Fake” is the wrong word to use. Professional wrestling is more of a spectacle than a sport. I get that. But the thing is that those wrestlers have been training for years to perfect their craft and to entertain their audience. They do what they do to entertain. But all those moves that they do like Suplex-es and Powerbombs are real. They really feel that. How do you fake throwing a guy on his head? Now let me tell you readers that yes, some do pull punches and yes they plan out those matches, What I’m getting at is with the term “fake”. One,

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2011 | VOLUME 41, ISSUE 06 - 8..

the entertainment. This is the whole point. It is just entertainment. So, to somewhat conclude on this, the reason why, as a wrestling fan, I defend the notion that it isn’t fake, is that with the word “fake”, you are telling me that what I just saw is not real, and doesn’t exist. As a big wrestling fan, who knows a whole lot about this industry, can name almost any wrestler and their accomplishments and knows who the hell “Max Mini” is, I can tell you that wrestling is not fake.

Florence and the Machine Cd Review Kenjah Banfield Entertainment Editor When I found out that I had to write a cd review of Florence and the Machine’s new album, Ceremonials, I was not too thrilled. I mean, her music is not really my taste and my knowledge of her music is limited to 2 songs, Kiss with a Fist and Dog Days Are Over. So, before I begin, I apologize to any Florence fans for any of the comments I am about to make. Florence and the Machine also known as Florence Welsh. is a singer from England. Her style can be described as indie pop. This album that I am going to talk about is called Ceremonials and is her second album. To be frank, I found the album very boring. It sounded like a lullaby and would have done a very good job of putting me to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, Florence has a very unique voice but her music is just too slow for me. The songs were so long. I mean, 5 minutes of Florence and the Machine- no thanks. I kept listening to the album hoping for a song that I could actually say was good. Fortunately, my wish came true. I actually found 3 songs that

I would say are worth listening to. These 3 songs were: Breaking Down, Leave My Body and Spectrum. Breaking Down had good instrumentals and was catchy. I was actually into the music for once. It also made me have some hope that this album might not be as bad as I made it out to be. Leave My Body is another song that I thought was good. It

was catchy and Florence’s voice worked with the song. Spectrum was also a catchy song. The instrumentals were good. All in all, I am glad that I can say that I enjoyed some of the album. Would I listen to it again? No, I wouldn’t. I would however suggest that you check out this album if you are into indie pop.

Be Entertained Kanye West - Jay-Z - Caddy Da Don November 22, 2011 7:30pm Bell Centre

The Kooks November 22, 2011 7:00pm Club Soda

James Blunt November 29, 2011 7:00pm Bell Centre

Feist December 3, 2011 8:30pm Metropolis

The Descendants Wednesday, November 16 Comedy with George Clooney & Judy Greer

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Friday, November 18 Romance, Thriller

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It’s not about winning; it’s about crossing the finish line first William Mathieu Staff Writer

My friend and I got into a heated debate a few weeks ago. It was nothing along the lines of politics or how to solve world hunger. It was an argument over which of this generation’s racing simulators is the best, a battle between Forza and Gran Turismo. I personally prefer the Gran Turismo franchise but upon reflection I must admit it is a close race. The Gran Turismo series is one of the best “real driving simulators” out there. In 2005, Polyphony released Gran Turismo 4 which was regarded as the gold standard. However with the shaky release of the PS3 and Polyphony’s involvement in software, fans of the franchise had to wait 5 long years for GT5 to come out. When it finally came out, people had anticipated it and compared it to the second coming. To their disappointment the game was a safe continuation of the series. It is fair to say that its issues were not code related but rather due to its fans’ expectations. The game turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. It hosted more than 1000 cars, beautiful environments, Players could choose from every racing discipline

imaginable. To top it all off, it probably had the best physics engine to date. On the other side of the street is Forza 3. Its first game came out in 2005. In the same span it took Polyphony to put together a single game, Turn 10 in association with Microsoft released Forza 2 and 3 for the Xbox 360 with Forza 4 just around the corner. Turn 10’s first 360 release was Forza 2, which wasn’t anything amazing, it was simply a game released to compete with Gran Turismo and had to live with the humiliation of being the free game you get when you buy an Xbox. But two years later everything changed with Forza 3. It had an improved engine, more cars, better graphics, and you could paint and customize the look of your car.

What Forza did so well was it took advantage of the aspects that made the Xbox 360 so successful. Where Gran Turismo was more of a solitary racing experience, Forza created a way for players to socialize with other car enthusiasts. However, Gran Turismo has always had an illustrious selection of cars backed by the best racing engine out there. So when you boil both games down to their bare elements, Forza has a better community and user interface, while on the other hand Gran Turismo gets points for its graphics and engine. At the moment it’s hard to make a call, it seems that Forza 4 has the upper hand but Polyphony announced some time ago that it is working on GT6. For now: let the debate rage on!

you’ve ever experienced. Seriously, there is no other game where you can watch a small child meet a gruesome end in so many ways. 2. ICO: Another puzzle-platformer, except in this one the title character is trying to escape an ancient and abandoned castle with the help of an ethereal princess. Ico and the princess are virtually the only two characters in the game, but that allows for the story to focus more on their relationship, allowing the player to feel for these two characters more than if the game had a massive cast of interchangeable people. The fact that there are only two protagonists navigating this giant castle gives you a wonderful sense of loneliness, and the lack of a conventional soundtrack only adds to the isolation. 3. Portal: Although I will admit that Portal 2 was definitely a better game then the first, the original Portal is the poster boy for minimalist games. The lower budget for the title meant that the designers had to focus less on creating technically impressive environments, and more on writing a tight story with fantastic dialogue and a healthy dose of gallows humour. The lack of any back story for the mysterious

Aperture Science company and the purpose of the test chambers allows for the players imagination to fill in the blanks, and as we all know, the imagination can create things far more interesting than anything rooted in “real life”. There are a some games that deserve to be mentioned here – Shadow of the Colossus, the first few Silent Hill games, and Katamari Damacy – but because it’s so close to the end of the semester, I have 5000 cubic buttloads of essays to write and exams to study for. Besides, you don’t want to read any more, you just want to go back to playing Skyrim, and for that, I salute you.

Less is more Thomas Robinson Staff Writer

Being so close to the holidays, a lot of pretty big titles have come out recently, including Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, and Uncharted 3. While all of these games are perfectly enjoyable in their own right, the massive amounts of money put into them means that they are the game equivalent of blockbuster Hollywood movies. While I happen to love all of these things, sometimes the massive world of Skyrim and the constant explosions of Modern Warfare can get overwhelming. It’s during these times I begin to crave a more minimalist experience. So instead of a hype-inducing rant I thought I could focus on more minimalist games. 1. Limbo: Essentially what would happen if David Lynch made the next Mario game. Limbo is a dark puzzle-platformer about a kid with a giant head looking for his sister… or something. There isn’t much of a story, the entire game is in black and white, and the only sounds you hear are ambient and environmental. It only takes about an hour to complete, but it will be one of the most atmospheric and oppressive hours

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2011 | VOLUME 41, ISSUE 06 - 10..

Chloe’s Corner I love games you can get absolutely swallowed by; there’s something satisfying about booting up your console of choice, loading up your favourite game, and glancing at the clock later only to realize you’ve spent an ungodly amount of hours huddled by the screen. Sure, my schoolwork and social life may not thank me for it, but it’s fun to lose yourself in a new title now and then. I’m not entirely sure how I gathered up the strength to leave the frigid, fantastic world of Skyrim, but I do know that it devoured my weekend like a dragon swallowing an unsuspecting guard whole ( a sight I’ve become acustomed to, thank to Skyrim). It’s a game that drew me in on every level – the graphics are beautiful (and a huge improvement over Oblivion’s rather clunky visuals), the environments are rich, the quests are exciting and the music is more than incredible. Sometime between my fourth and fifth hour of play I knew that Skyrim had gripped me tightly and wasn’t going to let go. It’s a world steeped in assassination plots, mythical beasts, civil war and hidden ruins. The first time a dragon f lew overhead and let out a bellowing roar I swear my eyes widened as my character readied his bow. When the dragon finally let out a death knell and died, guardsmen crowded around it to watch its scales transform into ash and leave behind smoldering bones. Sure, it’s epic, but it’s also the little details that ensnare you. There are the NPCs that go about their days gathering crops, ferrying goods to the market and chopping firewood. I can run over the tundra catching butterf lies, or attempt to cross a wild river, only to be swept away by the current and plummet down the waterfall. If I look up to the sky I can see the Northern Lights dance - and with the constant threat of dragons, you’ll be looking up at the sky pretty often with fear and awe. It’s not every day a game as thick with environment and wonder as Skyrim comes out, and it’s definitely a world I’m going to be spending a lot of time in.

Sports with Henry Park

Super Sunday

were Tara Chevrier, Kelsey Martin, Saylie Proulx, and Melissa Wood. Despite the loss John Abbott’s co-head coach Grant “Sundance” Aldridge said “their set play was good, and they had a territorial advantage just not enough time to catch up” and co-head coach Wade Ashworth said “the game was very intense… lots of effort, we seemed unable to gain yards. But next year we have a lot of

returning players so hopefully that season will be better.” Next came the men’s Rugby game against Dawson College. John Abbott started out by scoring the first try of the game in the first half by #13 Nick Chyzenski, followed by a good conversion by #15 Strauss Mueller. Dawson responded to this with 2 minutes to go in the 1st tying the game 7-7. In the second half John Abbott scored

two good conversions, followed by a Dawson try and then at the near end of the game a John Abbott scored another try making the final score 20-14 for John Abbott. The All-stars from John Abbott for this game were Adam Capian, Ronan loote, Rhys McRae, and Nicholas Smith. “Good game with lots of energy due to a good warm up”, said head coach Aaron Graham. Lastly to end the day Men’s Lacrosse, John Abbott vs. Brebeuf, John Abbott came into this game 3rd from the regular season and Brebeuf was first from the overall season. The game unfortunately ended with the score being 14-4 for Brebeuf, John Abbott’s points were scored by #13 Mark Brabant, #14 Donovan Laf leur-Fleischer, and two by #10 Mathieu PeloquinLetendre. John Abbott’s all-stars from this division were Conrad Keeble, Fabio Collas, Jason Brown, and Louis Grimes.

his second straight game, so Michael Bush took the majority of the carries and had a phenomenal game with a total of 242 all-purpose yards. The Chargers offense struggled throughout the entire game due to the constant pressure Philip Rivers had to deal with from the Raiders defensive lineman. Rivers was sacked a season-high six times and this prevented him from pulling off a game tying two-minute drill. Alex Smith and the now 8-1 San Francisco 49ers defeated the New York Giants at home. The 49ers are clearly guaranteed to win their weak NFC West division due to the fact that they have the easiest remaining schedule in the league. The Giants are still leading the NFC East by a game over the Cowboys. Many expected the hyped-up Philadelphia Eagles to be dominating that division, but the Eagles were setback by another fourth quarter collapse during their second consecutive loss against the Cardinals. Star wideout Desean Jackson was inactive as a punishment for being late to team meeting earlier in the week. The star-studded Eagles are now likely going to be fighting for a

wildcard spot in the playoffs, which may not even be likely due to the difficulty of their remaining schedule. The Montreal Alhouettes hosted the Hamilton Tigercats in the Eastern Semi-Final playoff matchup at the Olympic Stadium. Anthony Calvillo proved why he is pro-football’s leading passer by throwing for 513 yards and three touchdowns. Both teams’ defences were nonexistent, as the game was practically a shootout

between Calvillo and Hamilton’s three primary runningbacks, who each had at least one touchdown. Calvillo led a thrilling drive to force the game into overtime late in the fourth quarter, but couldn’t do the same during overtime as their season came to an end on a dropped pass by Brandon Whitaker. The Tigercats dethroned the back-to-back defending champions as they’ll now proceed to play Winnipeg in the Eastern Finals.

Zack Duma Staff Writer Sunday November 13, 2011 was Super Sunday at John Abbott, were we hosted several championship games: women’s and men’s rugby and men’s lacrosse. To start the day off first came the women’s rugby game against Dawson College. Dawson started the game out scoring the first try in the first half of the game, although the conversion (kick) on this try was not good making the score 5-0 for Dawson. In the second half of the game Dawson scored another try with a good conversion, then at the very end of the game John Abbott’s #16 Kelsey Lieberman managed to score a single try making the final score 12-5 for Dawson. This gave Dawson’s women’s rugby team banners for the championship and first place in the regular season. John Abbott’s all-stars of this division

This week in football.. Henry Park Sports Editor The season’s first Thursday Night Football matchup featured the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers. The Raiders were coming into the game with a two game losing streak with their newly acquired quarterback, Carson Palmer. Upon losing Jason Campbell for the season to a shoulder injury, the Raiders had given up 2 first-round picks to Cincinnati for the former Heisman Trophy winner. This was quite a desperate move considering the fact that Carson Palmer was on the brink of retirement prior to the trade. As expected Palmer did not perform well at all in his first two games as a Raider, in which he threw a total of six interceptions. But coming into San Diego, he seems to have become well familiar with his new playbook, along with becoming synchronized with his new receivers. During the game he threw a pair of touchdown passes to his new favourite target, Denarius Moore. Moore had a breakout game with five receptions for 123 yards. Darren McFadden missed

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