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Wine and classy conversation: Susan Gillis at JAC

Brown will be launching a collection of essays he co-edited, titled Foreigners and Foreign Institutions in Republican China. As the title suggests, the event should be of interest to anybody interested in learning about China, particularly its foreigners and how they are dealt with within the country. The event should be similar in nature to Susan’s book launch; food, wine, socializing, and a reading by Douglas Brown. It is being organized by the same social committee as well, and Chairman Anna Lepine has stated that students are more than welcome to attend. I think events like these are a great way to enhance your experience here as a student at John Abbott; fun in a way that most people our age rarely have the opportunity to encounter, and with the chance of learning something as well. Hopefully some of you will be attending the next one. For now, though, let’s just congratulate Susan as she reaches this successful milestone on her path as a writer!

Evan Sarwer Arts Editor

On Wednesday October 10th, John Abbott English teacher Susan Gillis celebrated the publishing of her most recent book of poetry, The Rapids, with a book launching in the John Abbott teacher’s lounge (H-101). Teachers and students alike were welcome to free food, wine, and a poetry reading by Susan. John Abbott College is home to a number of local writers within its English Department; among them, Tom Abray, Lori Weber and Gillis herself have all been nominated for the QWF Literary Awards this year. The book launch was organized by the school’s social committee, and funded by both the English Department and the John Abbott College Faculty Association (JACFA). Though students were openly welcome, I was one of the only few who attended. In fact, I was the only student present for a while until a few of my friends showed up unexpectedly. Stepping into the room was like entering a whole different environment from the rest of the busy campus; the atmosphere was very friendly. The lounge was full of comfortable couches, there was a table set up with dishes of food and (for those of legal drinking age) wine both red and white – and there was plenty of time to relax and socialize before the reading began. Susan read from her latest book, the third of her poetry collections, which featured many descriptions of a narrator in relation to a surrounding environment. One of my favorite lines was from On the Station Platform, which paints a still, wintery scene: “We’re all waiting, stamping our little feet, printing the map of our waiting in the snow.”

photo credit to Geoff Cook

Her poetry dealt with other subject matter as well. In one poem about teenage experience, she dove into adolescent consciousness and described a series of characterizations many young readers are bound to find familiar: “That’s the summer she learns about Two kinds of boy, one who replies mm-hmm, sure doo, and moves easily on having basically been walked and another, who, missing a beat, feels sharply ashamed as though he’s been caught stealing.” After the reading, Susan answered questions from people in the room,

and then there was more relaxing and socializing as people slowly began to leave. As a whole, the book launch was a very fun time – a sophisticated kind of fun at that. Throughout the event, I found that a lot of staff and teachers really appreciate seeing a student show up, and I sensed some regret that more students had not. I personally feel that a lot more students would have attended had they known about it (free food and wine alone should be attractive enough). Fortunately though, more events like this are to come. On Wednesday November 14th, from 3:00-5:00pm, John Abbott English teacher Douglas

In This Issue JAC drug awareness week

Bullied to death

Hope: Will Malala recover?


It is now impossible to ignore the increasing popularity of energy drinks among the youth. Many young adults are seen walking around with cans of Red Bull and Monster that they drink in order to boost their energy levels and stay awake...

The media has attacked Amanda Todd’s story because she made it public through her silent video on YouTube. Due to the media, I will never know the hard facts about the story ; I will never know who said exactly what and why they said it...

Malala was first treated in a hospital in Pakistan, and was moved to England for further treatment when she was stable enough to travel. Doctors there have reported that she is not completely ‘out of the woods’ yet but is on her way...

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The Day of the Dead is not equivalent to Halloween Sarah Tayeh Staff Writer

The Day of the Dead is a unique and popular Mexican holiday celebration that normally takes place the first and second of November. This year, however, it is coming to Abbott a little early on the 30th  of October in the Agora. Stop by for some food, entertainment, music, costumes, culture and an altar. Not convinced just yet? Here are some interesting facts about the Day of the Dead so you can come prepared for the festivities. El Día de los Muertos is a Mexican and Mexican-American celebration of the dead. Despite the morbid title and

subject matter, the day The Day of the Dead is celebrated joyfully. It includes many festivities, such as visiting cemeteries, building altars, feasts, dancing, partying, poems, skulls and songs of the dead called Calaveras. The mood of The Day of the Dead is much lighter than Halloween, All Souls Day and Saints Day which occur during the about same time of year. The emphasis is on celebrating and honouring the lives of the deceased, rather than fearing evil or malevolent spirits. The spirits of the dead are represented with dolls and mannequins in the shape of skeletons. For everyone who celebrates the Day of the Dead away from home it’s a treasured

John Abbott College 21275 Lakeshore Road P.O. Box 2000 Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada H9X 3L9 Phone: (514) 457-6610 ext. 5389 Fax: (514) 457-6091 Office: H-041 Web: E-mail:

Zack Duma

tradition and one not to miss. So please, do come on by the Agora on Tuesday, the 30th of October from 10:30-2:30. If you can’t make it, don’t worry because you’ll still be able to see the altar which will be set up all day.


Bee Clarke Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Analisa Astorino Campus Life Editor

Yasmine Mosimann News Editor

Frozen yogurt — a treat for all ages Emma Sutherland Staff Writer

When was the last time you felt truly at bliss? How long ago did you undergo emotions of absolute delight? We each experience moments when it seems as if the stars have aligned in our favour. Mine was at the instant when I discovered that the John Abbott Munch Box offers frozen yogurt to its customers. Exaggeration, you ask? I think not. Frozen yogurt is without a

Photo credit to Frédérick Dupuis-Mongerson

doubt one of the most delicious substances on the face of the Earth. In fact, on a scale of one to ten, it would be worthy of one hundred. On a scale of edible to tasty, I would characterize it as simply delectable. It is not ver y often that a student can acquire such enjoyment for the mere cost of $2.55. It has definitely made my days here better, and I feel that it is the greatest accomplishment of the school’s culinar y department. Overstatement, you say? Think again. The frozen yogurt is offered in a variety of flavours, which could complement a range of colour schemes or moods. Feeling like a happy colour? How about ordering this dessert in banana or strawberr y? Hoping to coordinate your snack to your snazzy new purple top? Perhaps a blackberr y yogurt is exactly what you need. In need of some tropical-themed nourishment? It seems as if some pineapple or mango added to your yogurt has your name written all over it.

Julie Reckziegel Entertainment Editor

Evan Sarwer Arts Editor

Caroline Houle Opinions Editor

Constantino Montelli Games and Tech Editor

Casey Dulson Sports Editor

Brendan McGarry Production Manager

Hansyn Lyall Assistant Production Manager

Position Available Production Staff

Emma Sutherland

Perhaps this seems like a little more excitement than you can handle. My advice to you is this: If you can handle acquiring higher education at an establishment as fascinatingly sophisticated as this one, a high-class frozen treat is certainly not beyond your reach. You will not be disappointed. As stated by Micheal, one of the Munch Box’s most charming employees: “It’s ver y good.”

Office Manager

Catherine Dubé Media Administrator

Position Available Webmaster

Position Available Banner Designer Bandersnatch is a student run alternative press at John Abbott College. It is published every two weeks and is partially funded by the Student Activities Commitee and by advertising solicited customers. Submissions are welcome and become property of Bandersnatch. Submissions must be sent via e-mail to and must be in Plain Text format (.txt) or Microsoft Word Document format (.doc). All submissions must include the full name and telephone number

Midterms are coming to an end and now everyone can breathe again! We would like to both congratulate and welcome the newest member of the SUJAC Executive team, your newly-elected VP Academic 2012-2013--Jake Prillo. We would like to thank Robyn Ochiai for informally sitting in as VP Academic from last year’s Executive team. That being said, the SUJAC Executive team 2012-2013 is now complete: President – Ginger Castura VP Internal – Adriana Cefis

VP Academic – Jake Prillo Finance – Victor Mikolajczyk VP External – Roberta MacLean We would also like to congratulate the newly-elected regular student reps of Academic Council for 2012-2013--Victor Mikolajczyk and Cassandra Forget—who join the current regular student rep on Council: Sean Cohen. The three replacement student reps are: Charles Keita, Bobbie Gaucher and Jillian Brayne. SUJAC would like to remind everyone

Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 04- 2..

that there are regular Congress meetings every Monday at 5:30 pm in P-222 and you are welcome to sit in and find out more about how SUJAC works. Don’t forget to stop by the SUJAC Office, P-101, from Monday to Wednesday, October 29 to 31 for the SUJAC Open House. Drop in to meet your execs and have a coffee and a few treats at the same time! Remember, SUJAC is always here for you. Have a safe Halloween everyone!

of the contributor, as well as the e-mail address if applicable. Bandersnatch reserves the right to reject submissions or to edit any submissions for length, legality, or clarity. Submissions should be a minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 650 words. Articles lower or above these parameters may be printed at the discretion of the executives. Spelling and grammar will not be corrected on submissions as it is the responsibility of the contributor to correct them. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact us at our e-mail indicated above or visit us at the Bandersnatch office, located in the basement of Herzberg, room H-041 (across from the hallway entrance of The Oval).

Ask Alice Where can I go to volunteer? There are so many great volunteer opportunities available at John Abbott College. Volunteers are always needed to help organize educational, cultural and social events at Student Services (H-159). You should go to Admissions H-128 in order to volunteer as a John Abbott tour guide. A truly rewarding volunteer option is helping out at the Special Needs Centre (H-129). If you want to receive more information about the assistance of young adults with special needs, visit Boris’ office in H-048. You can also help out at the annual Career Fair or work in the office at the Student Employment Centre in H-138. If you wish to become a doctor when you grow up, you should volunteer at the Montreal’s Children’s Hospital. Find out more about their volunteering program at If you live in the West Island, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen, senior’s residence or even Héma -Québec at Volunteer West Island. Visit to find out more. Why am I always so tired? I have trouble getting up in the morning even if I go to bed early. First and foremost, it’s always important to consult a doctor if you find that this is a reocurring problem. However, there are certain tips that you should follow in order to get a better night’s sleep. As impossible as it may sound, you should always try to get around eight hours of sleep every night. Your biological clock may be unbalanced if you continuously go to bed and wake up at random time intervals. Getting enough sleep at regular times will make a substantial difference in your energy levels. Are you eating nutritiously and exercising enough? Replace junk foods with fruits and vegetables. As for exercise, it is recommended to work out your cardiovascular system for at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week. Strength workouts should vary from 10 to 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week. Stress can also be a contributing factor to your weariness. If so, de-stress by practicing yoga or meditation.

Club spotlight: Music Club Jared Snape Contributor

When I visited John Abbott on Orientation Day back in August, I was on a mission to sign up for all musical activities and, especially, clubs that I could be part of. There was no doubt in my mind that there would be a music club. At the signup table, however, no music club was advertised. I asked the kind woman at the table where the music club sign-up sheet was and she said that there isn’t a music club, but that I was free to start one. I was flabbergasted. It seemed so nonsensical to me that something as powerful, inspiring and as loved as music didn’t have its own club. I think it’s a fair assumption to say that everyone loves music in some form or other. Music can enchant us, charm us and, most importantly, unite us. So I started the music club because I wanted to share my beliefs and, hopefully, inspire some people and make new connections. The JAC Music Club, to me, is far more than a place where musicians can meet. It’s a place where musical ideas flow freely. We do not judge each others favourite music; we celebrate and learn from it. To this end, we’re planning so many activities that I can barely keep my head straight. We’re currently working on a “Battle of the Bands” project where we have divided the

Club spotlight: CSKY Alexander Zidel Contributor

Music is such an important part of one’s life. It can evoke so many emotions that nothing else can. With the press of a button, your mood can change because of the sounds coming through your stereo. CSKY Radio is a student-run radio station at John Abbott College that strives on bringing these emotions out of their listeners. The team of DJs and executives works hard every week to play the music that the school wants to hear. Their club members know that everyone has different musical tastes and the music they play daily reflects that. However, to run a radio station smoothly, there must be hard-working, passionate and driven individuals to support the musical needs of the school. Working as a DJ for CSKY Radio not only presents an opportunity to advance your career in media and communications but it is also a way to show the school what you’re all about. CSKY Radio leaves their broadcasters freedom in playing the songs they want and showing their communication skills.

club into three different bands. These bands are tasked with picking a song, making it their own, and playing it in front of the club. The beauty of this project is that we can expand it and make it bigger and bigger if we get more members and grants us a lot of versatility. We’re also regularly going to be having “jam” meetings. This is a meeting where we do nothing other than play music on the various instruments our members can bring. This is a great way to improve musical knowledge and bond with the other members. We are also planning to organize some form of a concert that will be free for anyone to watch. However, if you aren’t a musician, do not despair! We’re scheduling short, free lessons, given by our members and geared specifically towards teaching you to play short songs as quickly as possible. Now, before this turns into a music club advertisement, I’ll sum it up quickly by saying that my ultimate goal with this club, more than even playing music, is to unite people through music. To have members from completely different cultures talking about their favourite music and sharing parts of their culture means a lot to me. I get to see people interact and make new friends and form new bonds because of a shared love for music. I would like to encourage everyone to visit and experience the club for themselves and to participate in

A standard show is 90 minutes long and it is a perfect way to spend a break between classes or to start or end your day in a fun way. This gives you more than enough time to showcase your broadcasting skills to the school once a week while, at the same time, catching up on all the new releases from your favorite artists. For new students, the radio station also presents an opportunity to meet new people and make friends with similar interests as you. Even if you don’t plan on pursuing radio as a career, the school still wants to hear your music and deep down, everyone wants their voice to be heard. This club gives you a chance to do all of this and to enjoy yourself while building an important experience for yourself. The radio station broadcasts Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM so that the students and staff of John Abbott College can listen to music all day long. They play in the Munch Box, Agora, Student Lounge and Cafeteria. They also broadcast live when the school is doing events, such as Club Day a few weeks ago and the upcoming Halloween Haunt.

our activities. I would also like to thank everyone who has already shown up for a meeting, your participation and devotion to this little newborn club has made me so happy. Thank you all! For anyone who wishes to come see the club, we meet every other Tuesday, at 5:30 in H-028. Our next meeting is October 30th. Our Facebook page can be found here: The radio station is currently looking for new voices and is your chance to be a part of the school’s community. If you are a well-spoken, passionate person who loves music, this is your chance to join one of John Abbott’s College’s clubs. There are a few time slots still available that could be yours. If you’re interested, you can drop by their studio in H-034 and talk to someone about picking up a show. Also, you can send an MIO to Alexander Zidel, Lauren Michaud or Gabriel Brunet. Another option is to stop by the Halloween Haunt in the Agora on October 31 and speak to the executives that will be there throughout the entire event.

Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 04- 3..

Don’t put too much energy into it or it’ll be a bad buzz! Nida Ashraf Contributor

It is now impossible to ignore the increasing popularity of energy drinks among the youth. Many young adults are seen walking around with cans of Red Bull and Monster that they drink in order to boost their energy levels and stay awake during the day, or at night in bars and clubs. The stimulant effect of energy drinks is due to their high caffeine content and people often substitute them for coffee. Why? Simply because it’s cold, you drink it fast, and feel the hype more quickly. Things begin to get serious when these energy drinks are mixed with alcohol. How rare is that? Not very, actually! Studies show that almost 48.5% of those who drink energy drinks combine them with alcohol. Most of us are aware of the fact that alcohol works as a depressant and slows down reaction and function in the body. When a depressant (alcohol) is mixed with a stimulant (caffeine), you are sending mixed messages to your body. The mix potentially causes heart rhythm problems because caffeine is increasing the heart rate and motor activity whereas alcohol is doing the completely opposite by slowing down brain activity. Moreover, mixing energy drinks and alcohol makes you more likely to consume a greater amount of alcohol than usual. Many

people mix alcohol and caffeinated energy drinks in order to improve the taste of the beverage. Since the combination does not taste as strong as alcohol alone, they end up drinking more than they intend to. A recent study shows that people consume 5.8 drinks of alcohol-energy drink mix as compared to 4.5 if they were drinking straight alcohol. Also, the stimulant effect of energy drinks masks the effects of intoxication. This leads people to underestimating how drunk they are. Their ability to self-regulate is reduced and they can drink a considerable amount while partying all night long because they don’t feel the symptoms of alcohol intoxication. However, in reality, their faculties are impaired and they are definitely drunk, because it’s the blood alcohol content that determines impairment not how wide awake someone feels. While talking about the adverse effects of mixing alcohol and energy drinks, Dr. Mary Claire O’Brien, an emergency room physician, said in an interview that “The symptoms of drunkenness are reduced, but the drunkenness is not, (…) so you’re drunk, but you just don’t know [it].” Another risk of mixing alcohol and energy drinks is dehydration. Caffeine and alcohol keep water from being absorbed by the kidneys so that the more you drink, ironically, the thirstier and more dehydrated you become. This dehydration causes bad hangovers the next day.

A Career Fair with a difference Brenda Beaudoin Contributor

You are invited to this year’s edition of John Abbott College’s - Career Week which will be held on November 5 through to 8 in the Agora. From November 5 to 7 the Career Fair will be happening between 9h30 - 13h30. It is not a Job Fair, but a CAREER FAIR open to all JAC students. November 8 will hold a special presentation organized by a team of Business students, titled “What can Retail do for You?” at 11:30 a.m. in the Agora with door prizes to be won! Mr. Michael Charest, the HR Director of a major retailer will talk about why volunteering sports, and travel are so important, even in retail … Career Fair is the only time this year where you can meet representatives from the automotive industry, even culinary arts, fields of finance and commerce, law, trades, forestry and police forces, such as the R.C.M.P., S.P.V.M. and S.Q. and many other professionals who will all be on hand to provide you with networking possibilities. Their guidance will be most valuable in helping you make career choices, be they set or in a state of transition. Feel free to ask questions regarding their daily work (duties), the educational requirements, current labour trends and the job outlook. This

will be the place and the time for you to connect with people and discover careers. As an interested participant you will explore career options and have a chance to win daily prizes to boot! You will also be eligible to take part in the “Dream Job Contest”! The lucky winner will shadow a professional in a career of his/her choice (for one day) to truly have a hands-on experience. What a great opportunity. One you simply do not want to miss! You gotta “do what you love love what you do”, and surely you will be that much closer to attaining your career goal by meeting with professionals at the JAC Career Week. Though your future has yet to be written in terms of your employment possibilities, you will at least have a good indication of what is out there. Who knows? You may connect with someone who has a future summer job for you! For more information on this upcoming event, please see Sylvie Boucher or Sandra Martin at the Student Employment Centre (Herzberg 138) or send a message to them by MIO. Look for us on Facebook, or on our website at for the list of careers and people coming along with prizes to be won. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 04- 4..

Does it get worse than that? Yes, it does! A study of American college students found that those who drink alcohol-energy drink mix are twice as likely to hurt themselves, require medical attention, assault someone sexually or become a victim of sexual assault. Full of chemical energy (due to the caffeine), yet feeling uninhibited (due to the alcohol), young adults are more likely to take dangerous risks and get involved in road accidents, violence, unwanted sex, and suicide. How can someone avoid the adverse

effects of this explosive mix? Remember to consume moderately, plan for a safe ride home, never drink and drive, and never get a lift from a drunk friend. Other smart drinking tips are to have something to eat before and while you’re drinking, and drink water or non-alcohol drinks between alcohol/energy drinks. Moderation is always in good taste. Do you have questions about drinking? Speak in confidence with a nurse in the Health & Wellness Centre H-139.


with Yasmine Mosimann

Syrian conflict spills over into Lebanon Yasmine Mosimann News Editor

Lebanon, a country which is no stranger to political, social, or religious division, is once again split between supporting or opposing Bashar Al-Assad’s regime in Syria. Tensions have risen since the assassination of Intelligence chief, Wissam Al-Hassan on October 19. Many believe that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s government is responsible for his death in the car bomb that exploded in one of Beirut’s predominantly Christian areas, killing seven people and injuring many others. In reaction, gun fighting has erupted in Tripoli, Lebanon’s second largest city, and Beirut, between anti-Assad gunmen, who accuse the Syrian president for the assassination of Al-Hassan, and Assad loyalists. Lebanese army forces have been deployed to areas to keep peace and prevent sectarian violence. Lebanon and Syria have an intertwined history, with Syria having a nearly 30 year military presence in Lebanon. Entering in 1971, as peacekeepers during the civil war, which lasted fifteen years, Syrian influence soon seeped into Lebanese politics. Only after the murder of former prime minister, Rafik AlHariri, did the Lebanese pressure Syrian troops to leave. However, through its

intelligence services and close ties with current government leaders, Hezbollah, the Syrians have continued to exert a great deal of influence in Lebanon. Al-Hassan has been deeply suspicious of the amount of Syrian influence in Lebanon and has been actively targeting it. As head of Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF), Al-Hassan ordered investigations that lead to the arrest of several top officials, which are said to have links with the government in Damascus. Michel Samaha, a government official, who is said to have close ties with the Syrian regime, was arrested after Al-Hassan and the ISF found that he was orchestrating a bomb plot in Lebanon. The intelligence chief was buried in a rather symbolic manner, alongside mentor and former colleague Rafik al-Hariri, who also died a victim of car bombing. Many analyst and Lebanese believe that Assad’s regime and their loyal allies in Beirut are responsible for the murder of both Al-Hassan and Al-Hariri, as well as the assassination of several other governmental officials which spoke out against the government in Damascus. The Syrians deny any involvement and instead point the figure at Lebanon’s other neighbor, Israel. Paul Kingston, the director of the University of Toronto’s Centre for Critical Development Studies says, “It’s an educated

guess to say that the Syrian regime was involved in [Hassan’s] assassination at some level. The chain or line of responsibility is unclear but it’s safe to say the Syrian regime would not be displeased.” Kingston also argues that this chain of assassinations could be the Syrian regime’s attempt at frightening those critical of Assad. Other analysts argue that this was a blatant attempt at driving attention away from the civil unrest in Syria by firing up existing tension in its neighboring country.

Whether turmoil in Syria would spill over into its neighboring countries has been a question frequently asked in the past few months. Many Lebanese are upset with their government because they have chosen to take a “blind eye” approach, when it comes to Syria, even when Assad’s forces have encroached militarily on Lebanese territory. How Lebanon’s government handles the violence may determine whether the unrest continues.

have reported that she is not completely ‘out of the woods’ yet but is on her way. She is able to communicate by writing, and does so freely. A few days ago, Malala was able to stand with help from others. In between several weeks and a few months, depending on how long it will take for the infection caused by the bullet’s path to clear up, Malala will undergo

reconstructive surger y to repair the damaged skull bone. Several government officials have spoken out about the attack, most of them praising her courage. The head of the Pakistani militar y, General Ashfaq Kayani, called her “an icon of courage and hope.” Pakistan has offered a $105 000 reward to anyone who can offer information about Malala’s attackers, that helps lead to their arrest.

14 year old Pakistani girl targeted by the Taliban Abigail Vandzura Staff Writer

Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year-old Pakistani activist who advocates for a woman’s right to education, was shot by the Taliban on October 9th on her way home from school. Malala became internationally known in 2009 when she wrote an anonymous blog for the BBC about life under the Taliban in Pakistan when they controlled the Swat Valley, where she lives. Since then, she has continued to speak out about girls’ rights to study and go to school, and she is seen as a national heroine for her courage. Malala was on the bus, on her way home from school, when the Taliban stopped the bus and shot her at point blank range, also injuring three other girls. Malala was on the Taliban ‘hit-list’ and singled out by the Taliban, who called her ‘pro-West’ and said she was ‘speaking out against the Taliban’. The cities of Peshawar, Multan, Lahore, and Mingora, Malala’s hometown, all held protests against their government’s incapability to keep the Taliban under control.

Malala’s family has received threats from the Taliban as well. Her father, Ziaddun Yousafzai, also a strong advocate for female rights, says they will not leave the countr y, no matter how Malala’s recover y goes. Mr. Yousafzai has not stopped his campaign against the Taliban since the threats or the shooting, convinced that at least one more peaceful voice could make all the difference. The Taliban have said that it will tr y to kill Malala again if she sur vives this recent attack. When she was shot, Malala was hit on the left brow, and the bullet travelled beneath the skin all the way down into her neck. She suffers from fractures to the bone behind her left ear and to the base of her skull. The shooting also injured the joint of her left jawbone, and caused some brain damage, resulting from pieces of her skull that entered her brain after the shock wave of the shot shattered it. Malala was first treated in a hospital in Pakistan, and was moved to Birmingham, England, for further treatment when she was stable enough to travel. Doctors there

Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 04- 5..


with Yasmine Mosimann

Obama strikes back in second debate, Biden victorious Matthew Shanahan Staff Writer

Mitt Romney got the necessary edge needed to pull close to Obama with his clear victory in the first Presidential debate. But it was President Barack Obama who struck back in a ‘must-win’ second of three Presidential debates. After the first debate, Romney was carrying momentum and the polls showed him having a slight edge of 1-2 points over the current President. This debate had the structure of a town-meeting. Undecided voters were given the chance to ask a question to both Romney and Obama, in which each candidate had 2 minutes to answer the it. This debate was considered by many to be won narrowly by Obama. It was the President’s stronger attitude, slamming of Romney’s points and more in-depth and clear-cut responses that eluded his victory in this debate. For instance, the 2 nd question of the night was about the candidates’ intentions towards gas prices and energy. Obama has a generally solid platform

about this topic, insisting that America should invest in clean and green energy, as a means to prepare itself for the future. Meanwhile, he also highlighted what he plans to do with the gas prices using specific facts concerning the oil industry, and after the post-debate fact check, he proved to be correct. In fact, Obama proved to be generally much more reliable with respect to the facts he used during the debate in comparison to Governor Romney. Switching gears to the one and only Vice-Presidential debate that occurred on October 11, many believe it was won by current vice-president, Joe Biden. The problem with this debate is that each is representing their partner. Biden is representing Obama, while Ryan is representing Romney. Paul Ryan clearly lost the debate because of Romney’s past. Paul Ryan did the best he could to defend Romney but his inconsistency allowed Biden to take control and ultimately win the debate. These two democratic wins have proven to be a huge asset in Obama’s campaign. Without these victories, the Romney/Ryan duo would most likely

be ahead and en route to the Presidency. Mitt Romney needs to do what he did in the first debate, and Obama needs to continue reviving the candidate who became the first African-American President only four years ago. On the eve of the third and final presidential debate, when this article is being written, the polls indicate a tie between Romney and Obama. Between the likely voters, they are all locked up

at 47-47 points each. This third and final debate should prove to be the difference-maker in these 2012 American elections. Both candidates need to take advantage of their opponent’s misfortunes and thrive in explanation of their own principles that they believe will get America back to the top. The American Presidential Election takes place in less than two weeks on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Tainted Meat Found in XL Foods Products Triggers Canada’s Biggest Beef Recall Olivia Urban Staff Writer

On September 3rd, a routine test showed that XL products were contaminated with E. coli bacteria, which is found in human and animal intestines and produces a powerful toxin that causes severe illness. In the following weeks, twelve people across Canada fell ill because of the E. coli contamination, beginning the biggest beef recall in Canadian history. After confirming the state of the tainted meat, the recall started several days later on September 16th. Nearly 2000 products were removed from shelves. On September 27th, the XL Foods meat processing plant in Brooks, Alberta was shut down and had its license suspended by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) due to the E. coli contamination and identified deficiencies. This situation deeply affected Canada’s beef industry and its reputation. In 2003, the mad cow disease fallout caused Canadian beef products to be banned by several countries. In the month of May, foreign markets completely shut down and there was a loss of 4.5 billion dollars annually because of this ban. Countries such as Libya, South Korea

and Peru only recently lifted the ban on Canadian cattle. Many others including the Philippines, Ukraine, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan lifted their ban within the past year. Over the last two months, XL foods tests results executed by global food inspection agencies and the CFIA led to rounds of warnings by other countries in the world. For example, Hong Kong’s Centre for Food Safety stopped the import of XL products, Japan’s health minister stated that any XL products will be seized and the Unites States issued advisories about the contaminated product. As a result, foreign food inspection agencies could possibly delay XL’s return to business. With the future of the plant being uncertain, a suspended license and many inspections taking place, XL foods let go of hundreds of employees. On October 11th, the plant was able to resume processing under the watchful eye of the CFIA officials, and around 800 employees are to return to work. The CFIA’s goal is to ensure that the meat is being correctly processed by observing the workers and the company’s methods in maintenance. Also, many tests will be made by the CFIA before the meat is back on the market. This

Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 04- 6..

assessment should be finished by the end of the month of October, if all goes as planned for XL. Last Wednesday, new management of the XL Foods plant was announced. The JBS-USA company will be taking over in Brooks, Alberta. JBS is based in Brazil and is one of the largest meat processors in the world. Its American subsidiary will manage the plant to explore its options in the Canadian beef industry. Many think that this will be a positive change. A JBS spokesman said that one of their goals is to help

the many workers who lost their jobs. Finally, during the weekend of the 20th of October, XL Foods dumped nearly 1.3 million pounds of E. coli tainted beef to the industrial port of Newell County landfill, again under the supervision of CFIA officials. Conclusively, many believe the plant will be officially reopened and ready for business by the beginning of November, perhaps even sooner with the arrival of new management.

Gore Kati Mcintosh Contributor

Devoted to the Pen


Jessica Ford Contributor

Athen Bozoglu Contributor

I have the greatest power, Without a hidden catch: I could start up a war, But never get a scratch.

A thousand women Sail away on a glass vessel And a hundred thousand men Stand by the shore With broken hearts and tired souls And together, they’ll rebuild The world as it was Before Eve And the dawning of the marvelous sun

Raise up a mountain, And make it most tall, And then, with a pen stroke, Make that same mountain fall. For I am a daydreamer, Devoted to the pen, Who has the power to write, And write more again. For I fear the world is broken, And in need of salvation, That perhaps I can offer, With a written creation. For I stitch up the wounds of the world, With the words in my head, Using the pen as a needle, And ink as the thread.

Leafless Lady Christophe D’Antonio Contributor

Abstract Woman Pouring Wine

Kaykeria Bernard Contributor

Evan Sarwer Arts Editor

Do you know how to pour a glass of wine? The pouring crimson liquid, for a proper glass, will never reach the brim. It must fill only slightly past halfway – stopping elegantly at just the right point: where the smooth curving glass begins to arch upwards. But for you, my dear, I can’t help but fill up the entire cup, and keep pouring as it overflows; tilting the bottle further and further – until it’s facing down in a vertical line – the glass coated in falling wine, like a fountain of blood, staining the tablecloth, Pouring out until the bottle’s empty.

Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 04- 7..

True love; not just in fairytales Caroline Houle Opinions Editor

Love. A single, four letter word that carries so much weight yet so little meaning depending on both the person and the situation. Does true love really exist? Can people actually fall in love at first sight? Do we even control who we fall in love with? As a young girl, I grew up watching Disney princesses flounce around in their beautifully ornate dresses while they dreamt of true love. The idea of being rescued by a handsome prince and living happily ever after is more than ideal; it is purely unrealistic. Unfortunately, love is not entirely black and white. It is complex, perplexing and sometimes a great deal of trouble. We don’t live in a fantasy world where singing dwarfs, jingling fairies and enchanting fairy godmothers exist. Also, our Prince Charming is not so easy to spot. Many of us have to slay many dragons before we actually find him. Nowadays, love is such an overused word. You can love chocolate, your old beat up Chevy truck and the new dress you just bought. But love implies more than just materialistic objects. Love doesn’t only imply romance; it is also the bond you share with family and friends. Romantic love, on the other hand, is a deep feeling of intense attraction and joy. On a scientific basis, love is a chemical reaction that is secreted in your brain. If you were to compare the brain waves of someone who is

passionately in love with someone who is high on cocaine or heroin, their brains look almost identical. As for true love, people often believe that there has to be passion in order for it to exist. This is a widespread misconception. In popular books and movies, love is often described as the erotic attraction and intense chemistry you feel for another person. Electricity courses through your body when you see the one you love and the rest of your world becomes a blur. Sammael Desormeau of the Pagan Club believes that love is not just passionate and sexual. One must allow love to cultivate over time in order for it to become true, longstanding love. Passionate love may be highly intense for about 6 to 8 months but once it

subsides, people are suddenly aware of all their partner’s flaws. The couple’s utopian world has finally shattered as they emerge into reality. Many people think that if there’s no passion, then they must not be experiencing true love. The lack of passion in a relationship causes many people to break up with their significant other. If these people want to potentially find true love, they must allow it to flourish past the passionate stage. With time, passionate love will eventually blossom intro true love if it’s meant to be. One cannot fall in love at first sight. It is truly impossible. How do you fall in love with someone you don’t know? Sure, you can be sexually attracted to someone by appearances alone, but you need to get to know the person

Amanda Todd’s story because she made it public through her silent video on YouTube. Due to the media, I will never know the hard facts about the story ; I will never know who said exactly what and why they said it. Therefore, I have no concrete evidence. I do, however, have enough facts about the story that proves to me how terrible people can be. You will rarely hear negative comments go around at a funeral. It’s a time dedicated to remembering the good qualities of the dead, how they died honourably and heroically, how they will be missed, how they impacted the lives of the people around them, and so on. However, with Miss Todd, the situation was apparently a bit different to some. They did the unthinkable: they mocked a dead girl. “Thank god the b**** is dead”. This makes me want

to puke, cry, scream and punch this guy in the face all at the same time. How could anyone be so mean? People like this give people like me no hope for a happy future. How can I go on with my day when I know there are tormenters roaming the Internet, waiting for people that they hurt? You all know who I’m talking about too, that’s the worst part! We’ve all seen the troll comment on every YouTube video, no matter what it is, and the controversies started over one person who had nothing better to do. We think of monsters as made up, deranged creatures that lurk in the shadows, but people who go unhurt by saying these terrible things are the definition of monster to me. In the end, we could hope that people will learn, and that maybe Amanda had to leave in order to show everyone else how much their

before you can say you’ve fallen in love. Bee Clarke from Bandersnatch says, “You can fall in love at first conversation but not at first sight”. People often mistake lust and sexual attraction for love. You must foster a cosmic connection with your partner and respect their personal and religious beliefs in order to truly fall in love. Despite contrary opinions, I wholeheartedly believe that we do not control who we fall in love with. Likewise, we don’t have just one soulmate. Out of the billions of people in this world, we cannot expect to have solely one person designated for us. We can fall in love with many different people, occasionally even at the same time. We develop different relationships and karmic connections for every person we fall in love with. Love is more than a whimsical, happily-ever-after fairytale. It demands time, tenderness and change. It evolves with each individual and transcends into different forms. There are many perks, such as the butterflies you get while thinking about your loved one and the pure ecstasy you feel when you spend time with them. Nevertheless, not everything in life comes easy. Love is something that you shouldn’t just give up on when the going gets tough. Allow lust and passion to blossom into what can potentially become true love. Take risks, and try not to let the love bug fog your vision of reality. Next time you think you’re experiencing true love after being in a two month long relationship, think again.

Bullied to death Kasia Whitelaw Staff Writer

This is not a piece that will change the world, nor will it completely stop bullying; but if it can make you think about what I am saying, then I’ve accomplished something. I’ve often wondered about our society. I think we are a corrupt group of human beings.We have lost the ability to be courteous, we feel no need to say thank you, and we can be just plain mean. However, not once have I ever met someone as mean as those who brought Amanda Todd to her suicide. I could talk about how people change on the Internet, because they can hide behind a username and a bright computer screen, but in the end people say what they feel, no matter the circumstances. The media has attacked

Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 04- 8..

words and actions can impact others. We could send good wishes to her family and bad thoughts towards the ones that hurt her, but then what? How many suicides do we have to witness before we start to make a change, and stop the hate? It could be so simple if people would just listen: your words kill. In my opinion, we should simply follow the wise words of Bambi’s friend Thumper: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all!”

Danger Days Dina Willis Staff Writer

It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been almost two years since My Chemical Romance’s last album was released. After months of touring, it seemed that things were quieting down for them. That is, until we got the announcement that they will be releasing two new songs over the next five months (October 2012-February 2013) for a total of ten new songs. These songs will be previously unreleased ones from the Conventional Weapons sessions in 2008. They were recorded with the intention to be the band’s next album after 2006’s massive success The Black Parade. With the pressure to create another successful album, they hit the studio with a specific sound in mind. But of course, it’s not that easy. After nearly a year of frustration with the songs not feeling right, they ended up shelving them and dropping the plan all together. That’s when Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys took shape and was released, with Conventional Weapons put behind them and forgotten. However, it seems that in a recent band meeting, they decided of the fate of these songs and that they should be released. The announcement was put on the band’s website back in early September by rhythm guitarist Frank Iero. To get rid

of any misconceptions, he stated, “I don’t think the songs we wrote before Danger Days are bad songs by any means. In fact, I kinda think some of them are among my favorites we have ever written.” Personally, this news has me pretty excited. MCR has been a band that I’ve enjoyed steadily for years. Although Danger Days definitely wasn’t one of my favourite albums of theirs, I’m still definitely looking forward to seeing what the release of these songs will bring. The track listing also contains a few titles that may sound a bit familiar to some of the more dedicated fans The

World is Ugly and Kiss the Ring, which have been played live a few times before Danger Days came out. From the sounds of those, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing these songs, which will hopefully be reminiscent of some of their older work. The songs will be released in pairs on October 30th, November 23rd, December 18th, January 8th and February 5th, and available for download on iTunes and Amazon. The double-sided singles will also be available on 7” vinyl worldwide.

With the latest boom in Comic book movies such as The Avengers, The Dark Knight and Spider-man, we’re also seeing an increase in female fans and strong female characters. Whereas comics used to be something that would be associated with dorky teenage boys who never see the light of day, they’re now hitting the mainstream, and I feel that more women should open up to the books as well. I understand that comic books can still be a scary world to dive into, but I can assure you that there’s nothing to worry about. If you loved the movies, you can explore even further into their worlds through the books, and even if you aren’t a superhero fan there’s something for you too. One of the common misconceptions about comic books is that they are all superheroes and crime fighting, but it’s so much more. Imagine the variety of books you would find at Chapters, and its pretty similar to what you can find at a comic

Dan Mangan October 23rd 2012 Corona Theatre Smashing Pumpkins October 27th 2012 Bell Center Sum 41 November 10th 2012 Metropolis Yellow Ostrich November 13th 2012-10-22 Casa Del Popolo Bob Dylan November 16th 2012 Bell Center Of Monsters and Men November 17th 2012 Metropolis Dropkick Murphys November 18th 2012 Metropolis

Comic book ladies night! Bee Clarke Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Ever felt frustrated that bands so often publicize “Canadian” tours, which only feature two or three stops within our home and native land? One of the greatest things about Montreal is the fact that it is often included among them. Here are some upcoming dates from notable artists:

book store. As a girl involved in geek culture I understand how hard it can be to find other women that enjoy the same things as you do. I believe stereotyping that comics are a “boy’s thing” rather than a “girl’s thing” is ridiculous, but very apparent none the less, so there is an unspoken bond between us. Opportunities to find other women who love Batgirl, or the Hulk, as much as you can be few and far between. Comic book stores should be where we can find these girls, but going there also puts you at risk of being hit on for being a girl in geek culture looms in the back of your mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a safe environment to bond with other women about a love for comics? This is why I would like to invite you to the Ladies night at the 4th wall (940 St. Jeans Blvd, Unit 18, Pointe-Claire), on November 15th at 6:30 pm. Much like a book club, this evening gives you a chance to bond with other women about comics and geek culture, and all you have to do is show up with an open mind, your favourite book (if you have one), and be

prepared to have some quality comic book talk!

The Who November 20th 2012 Bell Center Metric November 20th 2012 Petit Campus Neil Young & Crazy Horse November 23rd 2012 Bell Center Leonard Cohen & The Webb Sisters November 28th 2012 Bell Center Suicide Silence December 5th 2012 Olympia Theatre Tegan and Sara December 16th 2012 Metropolis Alexisonfire December 22nd 2012 Metropolis

Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 04- 9..

Resident Evil 6: Guns, Zombies and Anger Zack Duma Editor-in-Cheif

The game is finally out, and has been long-awaited by fans of the series. Personally, I’m not really one of these. This is mostly because the games are stressful, annoying and not worth the time it took to play them, but even with that in mind, I played the demo when it came out and I actually thought it was fairly good. The graphics were decent and the overall gameplay and controls were pretty smooth. When the game became available, I was actually surprised to see that many reviews of the game were unfavourable, so I got the game to check this out for myself. My first observation about this game is that the absence of an initial title screen is a bit annoying. You have to play through a little segment of the game (basically just a bunch of quick time events) before you can access the menu. This is an issue because I like to mess around with the settings before I start playing so that I get the best possible gameplay. After that little segment, I finally

got to the title screen. I can tell you that based on the amount of time it will take to beat this game, this game is really worth the amount you pay for it. There are three campaigns and each one is about four to seven hours long, so you could have over 24 hours of gameplay, depending on how you play. There are a lot of good qualitues to this game; firstly the entire thing is completely co-op which I enjoy. Secondly, and this is a big one, you can move and shoot! This is one of the first times in all of Resident Evil history were you can do this. This was one of the reasons why I didn’t play the old

Reminiscing on Scary Games

Constantino “Tino” Montelli Games Editor

Halloween is coming up and people celebrating the holiday are dressing up, trick or treating, watching horror movies or playing horror games. The first horror game that was created the basics of the genre was Alone in the Dark. While revolutionary for its time, it hasn’t aged well with its blocky polygons and chunky controls. I’m pretty sure that everyone knows what Resident Evil is. Released in 1996 on Playstation by Capcom, the game became a franchise with more than a dozen games, movies, books and more. The series best game is arguably Resident Evil 4. Ported on most consoles, the game features government agent Leon Kennedy trying to rescue the president’s daughter in a rural area of Spain. While the latest installment Resident Evil 6 has been getting mixed reviews, you can’t deny the popularity of the series. If you want the opposite of Capcom’s horror series, Konami’s horror game series Silent Hill is exactly that. From zombies, viruses, army personnel and jump scares to monsters, a town, somewhat normal people and one of the creepiest games I ever played. The Silent

Hill series usually focuses on somewhat regular, average-Joe people and transports them to the haunted town of Silent Hill. The game is great in developing atmosphere and story that is compelling to what is going on with not only the town but with the characters you meet. The best entry in the series is Silent Hill 2, introducing cult favorite character and monster, Pyramid Head. In more recent years, more games have been in the survival horror genre have been trying to rejuvenate the genre. Dead Space is right up there as one of the scariest games of all time. As Isaac Clarke, an engineer, you are trapped in space surviving against “Necromorphs” which are alien zombies. There is already a sequel

Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 04- 10..

games. It was extremely irritating to pick and choose when you’re going to shoot or not. Also in all Resident Evil games, you have herbs, but in this game you can now mix up to three green herbs at the same time, something that makes the game a little easier on the player. Lastly the game is still challenging, with its puzzles and sometimes endless hoards of zombies. It’s not rage quit worthy like some campaigns in the past. But no game is perfect and there are a few things in this game which were not exactly fun to deal with. This game is at times extremely unbalanced.

and an on-rails-shooter spinoff. The third entry will be coming out on February 5, 2013. One game that has been talked about throughout the gamer community is Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Seemingly brought up out of nowhere, Amnesia capture the attention of gamers with its first person adventure style game play, figuring out who the main character, Daniel, is. The game has become popular through players telling or showing their experience and has spread like wildfire. For more of the psychological aspect of horror games, Eternal Darkness and Fatal Frame are some relatively unknown games to the common gamer, but if any of you played these games, you know what

By this, I mean that there are times were the game gives you more supplies than you can carry when you’re going against random, normal zombies. Then, when you actually go up against something difficult, you get nothing, so you end up draining all of your restores. There were times where I’ve completely run out of ammunition and the boss, which I’m fighting, is still alive and kicking. I just find it annoying where everything is going nice and easy and then the difficulty randomly ramps up exponentially. All in all, I like the game and I don’t regret buying it like some in the past. It’s still has the same ridiculousness with the unreal melee specials, like Leon’s elbow drop which just bursts a zombie’s head like an overripe fruit. For those who remember Chris from Resident Evil 5, he’s back and so are his unreal biceps. I would be surprised if he had to punch more boulders like in the last game. At the end of the day, I would give the game a 74/100. It’s good, but not perfect, especially if you like the series or just third person shooter. In general, I would get the game.

kind of experience you had. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem on the Gamecube has a unique story in that you play as the grand-daughter of a guy who get’s brutally murdered. She finds a book called the Tome of Eternal Darkness. She gets to relive all of the memories of the people who owned the book. The game’s main gimmick is the sanity effects. The more your character sees or experiences weird things, the more the game itself becomes strange. The game would even mess with you and crosses the fine line of the fourth wall. Fatal Frame is a game series that is a mixture of what you get if you combine The Grudge and a feudal haunted Japanese village. You play as a girl who is trying to find her sister who has gone missing. The village is overrun with ghosts which you have to trap using a Spirit Camera in order to banish them. The closer you get to the ghost, the more powerful the attack becomes. This adds a pretty scary mechanic to the game. So, there are plenty of horror games to play, from F.E.A.R, Doom, Demon Souls, Left 4 Dead, Manhunt, Dead Rising, System Shock, Alan Wake and more. So when Halloween comes around, play some of the games mentioned and remember that a good scare can come from anywhere.

Sports With Casey Dulson

NHL takes a step forward Matthew Shanahan Staff Writer

Ever since the clock struck midnight on Sunday September 16 th , the NHL has been in lockout mode. Both sides seemed to be taking their time, as almost no progress had been made through mid-October. However since their meeting Last Tuesday in Toronto, both the NHL owners and NHL Players’ association appear to be taking the necessary steps in order to begin the season as soon as possible. After discussing primarily minor stuff such as the health, drug testing and safety issues, both sides have finally made progress on the major economic issues. This is the distribution of hockey-related revenue. The National Hockey League made a good effort to conserve the original 82-game schedule. They proposed a solution whereas opening day would be November 2 nd , hockey-related revenue would consist of a 50-50 split, culminating with other minor details pertaining to the revenue and problems needing to be worked out. The full text of the NHL’s proposal is available on Unfortunately when optimism struck the hockey world, things appeared to take a step back almost immediately. The NHLPA quickly

Sports news replied with three counter-proposals towards the owners’ sides, all being rejected. Many people, including myself, believed that the NHLPA would accept this proposal and hockey would once again resume as it is meant to be. Currently, the NHL has cancelled games through November 1 st , resulting in just a little over 90million$ in players’ salaries lost, not to mention the revenue for the owners. Fortunately, after a rollercoaster week in the NHL, progress has been made. Discussions concerning the core economic issues are under way. And although it is not where most of us as fans would like it to be, it is better than where it started. This is all we can hope for at this point. Collective Bargaining Agreement talks have been stalled since Thursday, but are likely to resume at some point this week. What is important during this time period is that both sides take the necessary time to discuss internally what they truly want, need, and are willing to comprise. Hopefully, in establishing their terms rather than basing everything on re-actions from the other side, will lead to an end to this lockout, sooner rather than later. What the NHL has offered in their most recent proposal is not too shabby. They have eliminated

long-term NHL contracts, making it a maximum of 5 years. Free agency will only begin at the age of 28, and revenue sharing amongst teams are increased, all benefiting the ones who would lose the most under an unfair CBA, the small-market teams. This would allow them to compete with big-market teams in contract length, avoid losing their star players to free agency, as well as receive more money from big-market teams as part of the revenue-sharing process. All in all, this is a decent proposal. Hopefully both sides will build on this and come to a consensus on a CBA that will bring the greatest sport in the world back to the ice.

Giants have Ryan Vogelsong in the postseason and has been untouchable this postseason and with a record of 2-0 and an Era of 1.42. Vogelsong has a supporting cast of Barry Zito and Matt Cain. The Tigers Bullpen is led by Phil Coke with two saves and has an Era of zero. The Giants Bullpen has been by Commitee: Jeremy Affeldt, Sergio Romo and Santiago Casilla. Affeldt has been in seven games this postseason has one hold and an Era of zero. Romo has been the closer for most of the season and postseason. He’s been in six games and given up four hits however, given up only one earned run, Era of 1.23. Casilla been in eight games, has one hold and given up six hits, but only given up one earned run plus has an Era of 1.80. Edge goes to Tigers. Hitters: The Tigers are led by Triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera and Jhonny Peraulta and Delmon Young. Cabrera has one homerun with five RBI’s. Jhonny Peralta is having one of the best postseason seen in

years, with two homeruns and three RBI’s. Young won division series MVP after an incredible postseason of two homeruns and eight RBI’s He played huge factor in the Tigers sweeping the once mighty Yankees. The Giants are led by old age second basemen Marco Scurtaro who’s having one of his best postseason ever. At shortstop Scurtaro during the NLCS he had 15 hits which was a Giants postseason record and a batting average of 500 which is unheard

Lance Armstrong was striped of his seven Tour De France victories by the ICU. The San Francisco Giants completed a historic comeback Monday night. Down 3 games to 1 in the series, they stormed back to ultimately win Game 7 of the NLCS 9-0 to clinch a spot in the World Series. The Montreal Alouettes cliched a home game for the playoffs in the Eastern Conference finals. Game set to take place at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday, November 18 at 1pm. Tickets start at 20$. In college football we have new front runner for the Heisman. Kanas State Quarterback Colin Klein has a combined 24 touchdowns. fourteen rushing and ten passing. On Tuesday we had the hiring of Ex Jays Manger John Farell and the firing of another. The Marlins fired Ozzie Gullian after one year. In the AHL. After wining their last two games,The Hamilton Bulldogs lose to the Toronto Marlies on Saturday night with the score of 5-0.

World series breakdown Casey Dulson Sports Editor

After monday game seven, we finally known who’s the Tigers opponent will be in the World Series. The Giants eliminated the Cardinals after Game seven. Giants won as a score of 9-0 this was a bit of a shock to me because the Giants showed that the Cardinals don’t have good starting pitching and a good bullpen, like they were used to in a game seven. Giants came back from a defiant of 3-1 to win game seven and are riding momentum into the fall classic. However, they have to face the best pitcher in baseball in game one of the World Series. This is the first meeting in the world series between these two teams. Pitching: The Tigers are led by the best Pitcher in Baseball, Justin Verlander, who had one of his best postseasons. He’s 3-0 with an Era of 0.74. Verlander has a supporting cast of Max Schezer and Doug Fister. The

of. He also won the NLCS Mvp. But don’t forget about Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey , who is the potential NL MVP this season. Sandoval is having a breakthrough postseason having three homeruns with eight RBI’s. Buster Posey has two homeruns with six RBI’s. The edge goes to the Giants. Can’t wait till the World Series starts on Wednesday. I say we will have seven games and the winner will be the Tigers.

Wednesday, OCTOBER 24, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 04- 11..

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