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LAUGHING IN THE CORNER since 1971 | | Wednesday, OCTOBER 10, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 03 .

From left to right: Bandersnatch, JACtivists and Young Liberals at Club Day

Photo credit to Catherine Dubé, Media Administrator

Club Day: a showcase of JAC’s extracurriculars like the St-Charles River and the Petit Nation River. If you’re interested in joining the kayaking club, you can attend one of their meetings on Fridays at 1:30-3:30 P.M. at the pool in Casgrain. If you’re interested in changing the world, groups like UNJAC, JACtivists, and Green Giants are the clubs for you! UNJAC is John Abbott’s model UN club, where members simulate mock United Nations debates on various worldly issues: It ranked among the top seventy-five best UN debate simulations in the world. They meet up on Thursdays at 5:30 P.M. in P-109. JACtivists cover issues concerning the environment, animal rights, and social justice. They’re organizing a haunted house for Halloween on October 22nd and need volunteers. Volunteers will be able to

help with props, makeup, costumes, or scaring people! If you’re interested in volunteering or joining the club, their meetings are held in P-117 at 5:30 P.M. on Thursdays. Green Giants is another club at John Abbott that is dedicated to activism. They are currently working on a petition with PETA against animal cruelty at the slaughterhouses that supply McDonald’s with chicken, where the animals are killed in a way that is inhumane. If you’re interested in supporting the cause or want to join, their meetings are held on Wednesdays at 5:30 P.M. The location of their next meeting will be announced on their Facebook page. If you want to join a cultural or religion group, John Abbott has many to offer! The MSA (Muslim Student Association) supports countries that are oppressed, and is currently raising

funds for Syria. John Abbott’s Christian Fellowship club is open to anybody who is interested in either learning about the religion, or even for people who would just like to attend morning prayer. They also try to address issues between Christianity and the world. If you’re interested in joining, check out their Facebook page! The Chinese club is open to anyone who enjoys playing Chinese games (such as Majong), watching movies, and learning about the culture. The Pagan Club welcomes all spiritual people, and have their meetings on Wednesdays at 5:30 in P-0037. Here are some other clubs and organizations that you may be interested in joining: Gamers, GALA, Drama club, Young Liberals, Debate club, Music club, Anime club, C-SKY, Bandersnatch, and SUJAC.

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Hello first years. I have your first mission! Should you choose to accept it, there may or may not be a crisp 20 dollar bill awaiting you (and there totally is)! The task at hand is simple yet crucial for your time spent here at John Abbott. Your mission will better acquaint you with the school...

One of the three presidential debates is officially in the books. Last Wednesday, Republican candidate nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, and President Barack Obama took to the stage at the University of Denver in Colorado to discuss domestic policy. [...] Heading into the debate, Romney trailed Obama by about 6-7 points in the polls.

He stared out his bedroom window as the raindrops trickled down the glass. He didn’t want to leave, but he had no choice. [...] A tear drop fell down his face as he looked at his suitcase. It was almost packed. He couldn’t believe that his whole life could fit into this little suitcase.

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Analisa Astorino Campus Life Editor

Are you a new student at John Abbott and find it hard to make friends in such a large, busy environment? Do you want to join any clubs, but do not know what’s available or where to go? As most people already know, SUJAC’s annual Club Day took place in the Agora last Thursday from 10:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. If you didn’t have a chance to go to the event to see all of the clubs that are available this semester at Abbott, here’s what you missed! If you’re interested in being active and exploring the outside world, you may be interested in joining the kayaking, rock-climbing, or outdoor adventure clubs. The kayaking club has even gone on excursions to places

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with Analisa Astorino

How to tell if you’re not in the right program An Outlook of Trips at Abbott Zack Duma Editor-in-Chief

What could be better than hanging out with your friends during the Christmas break? How about hanging out at Mount Ste-Anne for a week, with lift tickets and condos included? For less than five hundred dollars you can ski for four days and two nights. You also get a luxury condo for five nights, the size of which depends on how many roommates you have. As well, there is an optional trip to Québec City. Forms are already available for sign-up, so grab one and convince your friends to grab one too. Unfortunately, the terrain parks are not included with the price, but for a little extra you get full access to all parks on the mountain. For those who aren’t super-pro skiers there is no need to worry, since there are lessons available while on the trip which can easily be organized beforehand. This trip is not about being skilled or not, it’s really just about hanging out with friends and even meeting new ones from around the school. It’s about being on your own for a week and truly relaxing away from siblings, parents, and homerelated stress. I went on the trip last year and I can tell you from a personal viewpoint that it was worth it in every way. It is truly a mini vacation for students and financially, it’s a really great deal. If you have time this winter I highly recommend it. Tell some of your friends about the trip, even those who don’t go to the school can come as long as they know someone from the school who is also going on the trip. This trip is only the first trip of the

year here at John Abbott. During March break there will most likely be a trip, and more information will be disclosed at a later date. Last time, this was a trip to New York for the week. Then, further on in the year, there are two trips one to Greece and the other to Greece and Turkey. The first trip is part of a humanities course in the school and may or may not be open to other students (ask at student activities!). However, the other trip is definitely open to all, and really, how many opportunities do you get to go to Greece and Turkey? Unless you have family there, or something along those line s, I’m going to say...not a lot. These trips are happening during the summer so don’t worry about missing school. It really just gives you the option of doing something during the summer that’s interesting and fun, perfect for helping you avoid the summer blues.


Anonymous Contributor

John Abbott College 21275 Lakeshore Road P.O. Box 2000 Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada H9X 3L9 Phone: (514) 457-6610 ext. 5389 Fax: (514) 457-6091

Although there may be the occasional bump in the road, school isn’t meant to be a method of torture inflicted upon students. It is a place of learning and expanding one’s knowledge on subjects in which students are interested. If you feel as though school is useless and you’re learning things that may not be relevant to your life, here are some points that may indicate that you are not in a program that suits your needs. Your parents forced you into it. We’ve all heard stories of parents pushing their children into programs about which they are not apssionate, but can you blame them? What parent wouldn’t want their child to grow up to be a wealthy heart or brain surgeon? There are also those that want their children to “Continue in their legacy” by forcing their children into inheriting a small business, or following the same career path that they took. Although your parents were proud of opening up their diner, maybe you do not share that ambition. It is

Office: H-041 Web: E-mail:

Zack Duma Editor-in-Chief

Bee Clarke Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Analisa Astorino Campus Life Editor

Yasmine Mosimann News Editor

Julie Reckziegel Entertainment Editor

Evan Sarwer Arts Editor

Caroline Houle Opinions Editor

Constantino Montelli Games and Tech Editor

Casey Dulson Sports Editor

three of your classes, you are most likely not studying subjects that are appealing to you. Remember: school is supposed to be a way of expanding your knowledge on subjects that you’re interested in and hoping to pursue. You see no future for yourself in your program of study. If the only thing you’re thinking about in your chemistry class is: “When will I ever need to know how to balance a chemical equation,” then sciences may not be your ideal path. Although school may not be

your favourite thing, it does not necessarily have to be your least favourite either. It is important to be able to walk into class and be somewhat excited to learn something new instead of moping and complaining about how you’re about to waste another two hours of your life watching a documentary in a class that you couldn’t care less about. If you feel as though some of the points mentioned describe you as a student, it is advisable to go see an Academic Advisor at the Student Services office.

Brendan McGarry Production Manager

Hansyn Lyall Assistant Production Manager

Position Available Production Staff

Emma Sutherland Office Manager

Catherine Dubé Media Administrator

Position Available Webmaster

Position Available Banner Designer Bandersnatch is a student run alternative press

Clubs, cheerleaders and cotton candy were some of the factors that made SUJAC-Club Day a huge success! There was a tremendous turnout—hundreds of people flooded The Agora to enjoy the music, sign up for Clubs and have fun with great people! SUJAC wants to thank everyone for their participation and for making this event possible. For those who didn’t know, later in the day after the SUJACClub Day, a COAC meeting occurred. The Confederation of Anglophone CEGEPs met at John Abbott College. Representatives

important to realize that you may not have the same dreams and aspirations that your parents once had when they were growing up, and it is also important to learn how to be your own person and follow your dreams—whether it be exploring the cosmos or opening a daycare. You don’t do your homework. And by this, I don’t mean the lazy students who have never had any intention of submitting any work to their teachers—I’m talking about the dedicated, driven students who try hard to submit all their work on time but find the homework unbearably dull and hard to complete. This may be an indication that, although you may understand the material, you have no interest in expanding your knowledge on that certain subject matter. You skip classes and do not pay attention while in class. It is a given that students will have days where it is absolutely necessary to skip classes, or it feels almost impossible to stay awake during a stressful week. There is a difference between having an occasional break and frequently skipping. If you find yourself doing so for more than

from Dawson College, Marianopolis, John Abbott, Champlain St-Lambert, Vanier and Champlain Lennoxville came together and discussed key issues on student life and current events affecting all students. The Student Union would like to remind the students that there are regular Congress meetings on Mondays and all students are welcome to attend at 5:30 pm in the SH-Board Room (SH-104) in front of the Cafeteria. More importantly, SUJAC invites and encourages all students to attend the Doctor David Suzuki talk on October 24, 2012! This will surely prove to be a lecture you will

Wednesday, OCTOBER 10, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 03- 2..

remember for the rest of your lives! David Suzuki will deliver a powerful speech and address questions from the student body. There is even a chance that you may be able to meet him. For more information on how you can meet Doctor Suzuki, please come by the SUJAC Office at P-101. Keep an eye out for each new Bandersnatch issue, for this SUJAC Update. If you have any questions or concerns about student-related issues, please don’t be shy. Come by P-101! At SUJAC, we fight for your rights!

at John Abbott College. It is published every two weeks and is partially funded by the Student Activities Commitee and by advertising solicited customers. Submissions are welcome and become property of Bandersnatch. Submissions must be sent via e-mail to and must be in Plain Text format (.txt) or Microsoft Word Document format (.doc). All submissions must include the full name and telephone number of the contributor, as well as the e-mail address if applicable. Bandersnatch reserves the right to reject submissions or to edit any submissions for length, legality, or clarity. Submissions should be a minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 650 words. Articles lower or above these parameters may be printed at the discretion of the executives. Spelling and grammar will not be corrected on submissions as it is the responsibility of the contributor to correct them. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact us at our e-mail indicated above or visit us at the Bandersnatch office, located in the basement of Herzberg, room H-041 (across from the hallway entrance of The Oval).

Challenge: how well do you know Abbott? Kasia Whitelaw Staff Writer

Hello first years. I have your first mission! Should you choose to accept it, there may or may not be a crisp 20 dollar bill awaiting you (and there totally is)! The task at hand is simple yet crucial for your time spent here at John Abbott. Your mission will better acquaint you with the school, bringing you deep into the dangerous dungeons and mystical mazes. By the end of the mission you are expected to know your school better than you know your own self, and that’s an order. The outline is simple: venture to each and every location listed below and locate someone of authority, such as a staff member typing on the computer or a volunteer counting their cash. Politely (say please) ask them for their autograph on the line corresponding with their location of work, and then thank them generously. To put it simply, go to location X and ask person Y to sign it off in proof that you’ve visited said location, understand? Notice that the Bandersnatch office is number ten on your list; save this for last as it will be the final destination in your challenge. It is where you will be dropping off this slip of paper as entry for the $20 cash prize.

The first person who properly submits a slip will win. Note that all entries will be considered. And for God’s sake first years, do not forget to put your name on it. Your mission expires in a week; you have until Wednesday the 17th of October to hand in your submission. Lastly, there is a warning: don’t cheat, for cheaters shall be doomed to a cruel social death – just kidding, but cheaters will be disqualified and cast dirty looks. Good luck to you, first years. May the odds be ever in your favor, and may the force be with you.

Date and Time:


Challenge answer sheet 1.

English peer tutoring centre


Oval Café


Student Services


SUJAC Office


The first teacher on your schedule’s Office


French Computer Service

7. Sports Centre Counter 8. Security 9. Second Floor Library Help Counter 10. Bandersnatch Office (Please wait for a member of the Bandersnatch staff to hand this paper)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 03- 3..



with Yasmine Mosimann

with Yasmine Mosimann

Turkey responds to Syrian shelling Olivia Urban Staff Writer

The current conflict can be traced back to the beginning of the Syrian civil war, approximately 19 months ago. On March 2011, protests against the regime of current Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, erupted in the heart of Syria. As the uprising began, the Syrian government took to violent methods of silence the protesters. The military’s soldiers were ordered to open fire on civilians. The uprising became an armed rebellion after months of intolerable acts were executed by the Assad regime. Many countries have condemned such actions, including Turkey and the United States of America; Approximately 3000 refugees have migrated to Turkey for safety when the civil war began. Some rebels have utilized Turkey as a base. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported that the number of deaths in the Syrian civil war has surpassed 32,000. Among them are approximately 22,000 civilians and civilians fighters. According to the activist group, these numbers continue to climb at a remarkable rate. Last week, about 1,200 deaths were counted by the Observatory. In June of 2012, a Turkish military jet was shot down by Syria near the border

between the two neighbours. Syria claims that the jet had trespassed into the Syrian airspace. However, this event was not taken lightly by the Turkish government. No sooner had the event occurred that Turkey responded by summoning a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) meeting. On October 3rd, 2012, a shell artillery was fired from Syria and hit a house along the Turkish border. Two women and three children lost their lives. This event has provoked the recent attacks between the Middle Eastern neighbours. Although it had not

been confirmed that the attack was intentional, Turkey retaliated by firing shells into Syria. The Syrian shelling has continued every day since, and many conclude that these actions are clearly intentional. Mustafa Alani, a Middle East analyst for the Genevabased Gulf Research Centre, supports these views by claiming: “It’s not an accident. You can’t send shells across the border by mistake five days in a row.” The shelling has been on-going from October 3 to October 8. Due to the events that have occurred during the past week, foreign military

intervention has been contemplated. Over the past few years, Turkey has become an economic power and a strong influence in the Middle Eastern region. It is NATO’s biggest Islamic member country. Many are debating whether or not they should get involved. Despite Turkey’s willingness not to go to war, one cannot ignore the facts of the accused savagery of the Assad regime. According to Ali Tekin, assistant professor of International Relations at Ankara’s Bilkent, “the Turkish people don’t want a war and there are no vital national interests at stake to warrant a war. Syria sees this. ’’ The United States has expressed a similar view with Turkey on the regime, however they are still reluctant to get involved. Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has suggested that the United States should work with other countries to arm the rebels in order to help them overthrow the Assad regime themselves. Will the conflict escalate to an international war intervention? Mixed opinions are being formed, and only time will tell. Turkish president Abdullah Gul stated on Oct. 8 that “Sooner rather than later there will be change, a transition. Our only hope is that this happens before more blood is shed, and before Syria self-destructs more than it already has. It’s also crucial that the international community act in a more effective way.”

Obama and Romney face off in 2012’s first U.S. presidential debate Matthew Shanahan Staff Writer

One of the three presidential debates is officially in the books. Last Wednesday, Republican candidate nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, and President Barack Obama took to the stage at the University of Denver in Colorado to discuss domestic policy. The debate was a little over 90 minutes long. Coincidentallly, it was held on the 20th wedding anniversary of the Obamas. Heading into the debate, Romney trailed Obama by about 6-7 points in the polls. This was a decent lead, but not enough to say that Obama has a second term of presidency in the bag just yet. A lot of people said that Romney had to come out with a strong debate and “win” and many believe he did just that. A debate is all about speech, and in this case, how you can sway the American population in your direction. In general, public speaking, thus including the debate format, one’s introduction and conclusion are the two most important parts of a speech. The introduction is your first impression on the people, which is how they are likely going to judge you for the rest of the debate. The conclusion is the last memory that your audience has of you, and finalizes that first impression.

Not counting out everything else, but these are the parts where everyone usually pays attention, especially in these kinds of debates; so much information is thrown out in the open, it is hard for the average person to judge critically everything that one says in the span of 90 minutes. This is essentially why Romney was declared by many to have won the debate. In terms of content through the middle of the debate, it was fairly consistent: the

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 03- 4..

only main points to say about his speech were that Romney, like usual, contradicted himself to what he had said in the past. As for Obama, he did not use enough facts to support his evidence. Oddly enough, this is a problem that the Democrats had during their National Convention, whereas the Republicans did not. Also lacking on the Obama side was his tone. He clearly decided to play it very clean, repetitive and laid back. Romney was aggressive, slamming Obama on

every point that he could, always getting in his final point, essentially playing it dirty, the classic Republican way. Going back to my original statement, Romney was the better player in this debate because of his introduction and conclusion. It’s not that they were strong, but they seemed to be because Obama’s introduction and conclusion were very weak. They were practically word-forword to what he had been saying in his campaign ads throughout American television. Phrases like “we need to invest in education”, “Governor Romney’s plan is to increase taxes on the middle-class,” and “the top-down model is what got us into the mess in the first place” are good, but he needed to speak like the Obama that inspired America with “change” in the 2008 election. Mitt Romney got the start he was hoping for in these presidential debates, but the President did not. Obama will have to take a different approach if he wants to maintain his lead over Romney and essentially be re-elected for another four years in office. As for Romney, he should just keep doing what he’s doing, and hope that the President doesn’t learn from his mistakes, as it is pretty much the last string that he can hold on to in these 2012 US elections.

Chávez does it again Yasmine Mosimann News Editor

Hugo Chávez has been re-elected for a 4th term as President of Venezuela, defeating popular political opponent, Henrique Caprilles, and securing another six years to further his Bolivarian revolution. A sea of jubilant Chavistas took to the streets of Caracas to celebrate, sounding horns and passionately waving the Venezuelan flag. Chávez may have been victorious, but is the popular support for this “larger than life” man beginning to dwindle? With the turn out being a remarkable 80%, Chávez beat his opponent, taking 55% of the vote, a relatively low percentage compared to his past feats. “Truthfully, this has been the perfect battle, a democratic battle. Venezuela will continue its march toward the democratic socialism of the 21st Century,” said Chávez, coming out onto the balcony, wearing his characteristic red shirt. Acknowledging the 44.39% that voted against him, “I want to include everybody, including sectors of the opposition. I commit to being a better president than I’ve been these past few years.” Despite the incredibly high crime-rate, with Venezuela and its capital Caracas having

the highest rate of murder per capita, the crumbling infrastructure, and regular power outages, Chávez has managed yet again secure a majority vote. Critics say he has once more used his effective formula for electoral success: government spending. This year government spending skyrocketed, anticipating the coming election, reaching $9.3 billion in August, and $8.6 billion in July. Money has been poured into social programs, such as “My WellFurnished Home” which allows people like Yuleima Penaloza to receive a stainless steel refrigerator, something which would cost her five years of apartment rent, for either a subsidized price or for no cost at all. Jesus Marcano, who runs a spare car part store, questions the government’s priorities, “Venezuela has made a lot of money with high oil prices, but where is the money? The roads, electricity, education are all in terrible shape.” Caprilles may have lost this election, but there is still hope. Going back to 1998, when Chávez was initially elected, there was no effective opposition, an ingredient that many argue is vital for a democratic equilibrium. When asked how he was going to maintain democracy in Venezuela, with such an important balancing component missing, Chávez responded with, “That’s not my problem, I field

my team – the other side fields theirs. That’s how the game is played.” Going forward into the 2000s, Chávez has easily swayed support for opposition with taunts, clearly aimed at provoking the candidates. However, Caprilles has stood tall and endured the barrage of insults by the president, who accuses him of being a “right-wing oligarch in disguise”. In fact, many Venezuelans seem to have become desensitized to Chávez’s lashes at the opposition, walking around wearing T-shirts that read “majunche”, which means “good for nothing,” one of his Chávez’s trademark taunts. The

opposition has grown incredibly fast over the past few months, with Caprilles pushing a more moderate agenda, and appealing to the middle class. Diagnosed with cancer, the president continues to receive treatment, but refuses to disclose the details of his condition. Many wonder if he will survive the length of his term. A multitude of things are uncertain in Venezuela. Will Chávez use his remaining time in office to further his socialist agenda, or will he take a more moderate stance on issues to appease the other 44.39%?

Ivanishvili said Saakashvili should resign as president, asking him to admit that he will not be able to retain his position and to call for a presidential election. Saakashvili claims that Ivanishvili will move Georgia back under Russia’s influence, which the former worked very hard to prevent, encouraging positive relations with the West. He has been continuously working towards getting Georgia into the EU and NATO.

Ivanishvili promises to continue these projects, while pursuing a better economic relationship with Russia, trying to get Moscow to lift its ban on some Georgian products. Ivanishvilli claims that Georgia needs “to have good relations with everybody.” Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, says that this “peaceful and democratic transition” strengthens Georgia’s case with NATO and the EU.

Georgia welcomes in a new era Abigail Vandzura Staff Writer

On Monday October 1st, Georgia held parliamentary elections allowing for its first democratic transfer of power, since the country won its independence from the USSR in 1991. On Tuesday, President Mikhail Saakashvili admitted defeat in the elections to his rival Bidzina Ivanishvili, a billionaire philanthropist who made his fortune in post-Soviet Russia. If either of the opponents had protested the results of these elections, they would not have been considered democratic. Saakashvili’s calm acceptance of the results was noted by the international community as a very positive step forward for Georgia’s democracy. Saakashvili became the president of Georgia in 2003 after the International Election Observation Mission, composed of many international bodies, stated that the elections of November of that year fell short of democratic fair-election standards. Eduard Shevardnadze, the president, who had been in power since Georgia’s independence in 1991, claimed he had won even when exit polls and international observers said otherwise.

Saakashvili encouraged non-violent demonstrations that lasted for about three weeks, eventually forcing Shevardnadze to resign. New elections were then held, in which Saakashvili won an overwhelming victory. Since 2003, Saakashvili had enjoyed an unchallenged rule in Georgia, creating better relationships with countries in the West and alienating the country’s relationship with Russia. Last year, Ivanishvili, who used to help finance some of Saakashvili’s projects and was his ally, decided that having strong economic ties with Georgia’s closest neighbor, Russia, was more important. He decided to run against Saakashvili for prime minister based on this platform, amongst others. These elections were the first democratic transfer of power in Georgian post-Soviet history, without any revolutions and Saakashvili peacefully admitting defeat, stating that his party would be an ‘opposition force’. Ivanishvili became prime minister in these elections, and Saakashvili will remain president until his term is up next year, when there will be presidential elections. Recent reforms have given the prime minister and the parliament more power than the president.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 03- 5..

House Colin Greczkowski Contributor


Three Sisters

Emerging Hand

Sarah Aspler Contributor

Kaykeria Bernard Contributor

Wish to Save

Timothy Brassard Contributer

Jessica Ford Contributor

He stared out his bedroom window as the raindrops trickled down the glass. He didn’t want to leave, but he had no choice. He played with the loose string from his blanket, which had holes and was falling apart. A tear drop fell down his face as he looked at his suitcase. It was almost packed. He couldn’t believe that his whole life could fit into this little suitcase. It wasn’t his choice to leave, or anyone from his family for that matter. It was quiet, except for the noise of his mother walking in a hurry and packing. They didn’t know where they were going, all they knew is that they had to leave. As they packed the car, he looked back one more time at his house, his home. He could hear his mother crying, but she tried to hide it. As his mother started the car, he stared blankly out his window, wondering where they would go, what they would do. Pulling out of the drive way, the last thing he saw of his house was a sign posted on their door saying “EVICTED”.

All That is Her Anonymous Contributor

But the world experiences enough pain, And tragedy in the length of a day, So I think that I will show you, How to notice beauty in the waves. Then maybe you’ll perceive the world, In a whole new, different way, And maybe, just maybe, You will see something you wish to save.

Window Gaby Rimok Contributer

All that is her will not bloom, She will remain a bud, unable to grow.  She is inadequate for better and under developed.  Being herself was never an option,  As they filled her with lies. Told her she’ll be just fine, While filling her pot with brown water.  Telling her,one day she’ll be the prettiest.  They placed her outside under the roof,  No rain fell on her to clean her roots And when the sun came out, She was found in the shade.  Ripped from the sun, poisoned at the soil All that she was, did not bloom.

Bus Ride

Springtime in Central Park

Lauren Banelix Ganze Contributor

Margaret Ta Contributor

Feel the Beat

I stare at him from across the bus Curious As to his state of mind He stares blankly ahead At the cars in front Head nodding along with The bus as it moves forward

Jonathan Della Vecchia Contributer

Feel the beat Softskin; Offspring sleeps so somber Vivid vibrations from the pulse that feeds me Breathe for me Until I’m released Cycles so similar to cycles Only relief There’s no death but life that repeats Compressed breaths under immense stress Tense senses with immense depth White light surging Bright and burning This is not the start of life, but death I am released Breathe

No one speaks on the bus Not to him Not to me Not to each other But none seem as Alone as he does

My Mutant Pony Michelle “Momo” Painchaud Contributor

Midnight Mirage Brendan McGarry Production Manager

As night fell like feathers, the moonlight Scattered blue silence abroad, Like fairy dust, stirring up yawns... We watched dusk descend on us, awed. You appeared, all at once, and banished the night With bright smiles that my heart craves. We danced on clouds bathed in sunlight, An ocean of whipped-cream waves. You nudge me awake as the rooster Is crowing your final goodbyes. Tears tickle my lashes; I know you’re a dream As you fade away with the sunrise. Wednesday, October 10, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 03- 6..

I could write about death, I could preach about decay, I could lecture you on your effect, Go on for page after page.

I worry for him Is he alright? Did someone die? Is he dead, sitting up? But no, he blinked So I turn and face forward To soldier on silently with The movement of the bus My stop is coming soon I look out the window at the cars Passing us by like blurs I pretend I didn’t see him and The tiny little smile Cracked like a mirror hit by a fist

Lantern Evan Sarwer Arts Editor

Old hand holds hanging lantern, Core shines with lucid glow And wise eyes see, through burning light, The great secrets of the night.

Harvest Landscape Mathew Smith Contributor

But able to reveal only parts at a time, So that what lies further remains out of sight; Lamplight dwindles as it strays beyond, So the Hermit must continue to wander on Guiding the lantern to illuminate new land, But leaving behind the old secrets once shined upon which, marked with footprints and fading memory, Become hidden again in dark unknown mystery. Wednesday, October 10, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 03- 7..

Pro-crastination Caroline Houle Opinions Editor

Procrastination is something that nearly everyone struggles with at one point in their lives. Whether it be the fact that you haven’t started writing that one thousand word essay due tomorrow morning or that you’ve delayed studying for your Calculus test until the night before, chances are you know what I’m referring to. It’s that effortless moment when you decide that watching TV is so much more important than studying that really screws you over. I’ll often give myself a thread of excuses when I have the desire to do absolutely everything except the task at hand. I’ll sweetly tell myself that I work best under pressure, that I deserve a break after that long, everlasting day of school or that I always get the work done anyways. Sometimes I’ll even start working on something that’s due in a week rather than studying for the big midterm that’s coming up in two days. It sounds silly but in my attempt to avoid procrastination, I’m actually procrastinating by

trying not to procrastinate. What a mouthful... The sad part is that it all started with one thought, one measly excuse. Perhaps if I were able to gain control of my innermost devil I would get my work done in a more timely and efficient manner. Unfortunately, the dawning realization that twice as much work awaits for me at home after I just spent a tiresome day working at school does not help my case. When I procrastinate, I stress myself out just thinking about all the time I’m wasting. This is quite counterproductive since stress does not make me want to complete my work any more effectively. Rather, it makes me want to run and hide at the very thought of it. I’ve learned over the years that being organized is truly the key to success. Plan out your days, make a schedule and stick to it. Time management and prioritizing your work also come in handy when avoiding procrastination. Spending too much time on something that is worth 5% is futile compared to the significantly larger assignment you have to write that’s worth 20%.

What may also help is visualizing the end result of your task. Feel, smell and visualize yourself accomplishing your goals. Don’t you just hate the guilty feeling you get when you know you should be doing work but are just lounging around instead? If you can only imagine yourself successfully completing your task, you’re more likely to get a head start on it. The sheer feeling of having a weight lifted off your shoulders is so much more rewarding than spending those few precious hours before a

test watching the football game. The best part about doing your work early is that you have time to edit over your paper multiple times and get pointers from your teacher. If you studied in advance for a massive exam, you’ll be able to get those extra hours of sleep that really do make all the difference. If you have the will to achieve your goals, you’re already halfway there. Keep your eye on the prize and take baby steps. Just remember to do what I say and not what I do: don’t stress.

overwhelming school is. The years I spend in CEGEP will determine if I make it or break it. Sounds scary, huh? I think I speak for the entire college population when I say plotting our lives at the age of seventeen is not ideal. I mean, who knows if you are actually going to turn out as a doctor or a lawyer? Not me, but somehow my parent’s dreams of seeing me graduate from Med School never dies. They’re not all that bad; I would say I’m not completely restricted. I do hang out with friends and I’m allowed to go places, although there is always a curfew, and hanging out with boys is frowned upon. Even

though I have many desires, I just remember my mom telling me to “study my ass off and work hard and then I’ll have the rest of my life to do whatever I want”. I completely agree with her because I know there will eventually be a time when I’ll be allowed to do anything I want. Now that I think about it, my life isn’t that bad. There might not be as much partying or freedom involved but I wouldn’t trade my parents for the world. No matter how obsessive they are about grades, all they want is for me to be happy. In return, all I want is to make them proud, which is what drives me to work the hardest that I can.

Muslim girl in Montreal’s world Anonymous Contributor

“Oh my god, I got so drunk last night. That party was crazy!” You would not believe how many times I have heard my friends animatedly say this to me, followed by a description of all the juicy details of the latest party they attended. Honestly, I have no problem with this; I love to hear all about the adventures that take place in alcoholic and sexually driven events. I just wish that I could be there to witness and experience it, instead of living it through my friends’ stories. Parties and hookups seem like a fairytale to me. They’re something I keep hearing about but never actually experience for myself. This is something we Muslim girls, and even guys, have learned to accept. It’s just not something that our parents are okay with. This is the price we have to pay for being born into a Muslim, brown home. Clothes are a big issue; no short shorts, no tank tops, no bikinis. No exceptions. The only way to get

around this is to change at school. I know plenty of girls who do this, including myself. It’s almost like leading a double life; not easy but necessary to fit in with the crowd. Not that I’m a rebel, but sometimes I just don’t feel like wearing jeans. I’m not a bad person but the guilt is definitely overwhelming. I think to myself, if the other girls can do it, why can’t I? Sometimes I just wish I could do things without having to hide them. Being a girl is no easy business, there is an unbelievable amount of pressure to succeed and do well. If you’re not smart, you’re a nobody. I understand that the main purpose of this is to help us so we can have successful careers when we grow up. However, our parents underestimate the amount of hard work that is required to be successful in the fields they want us to go in. Doctors, lawyers and engineers don’t just appear out of thin air; the complete journey requires blood, sweat and tears. Only last week, I had a mental breakdown because of how

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Feist wins Polaris Music Prize, crawls under table Emma Sutherland Office Manager

Between the ever-multiplying singing competitions and sales-driven awards shows, the music industry’s recognition of its artists’ work seems to be based increasingly on revenue and sheer popular appeal. Within this context, the annual Polaris Music Prize is certainly an exception to the rule. Dedicated to celebrating the best canadian album of the year, it aims to acknowledge creativity, artistry and talent “without regard for genre, sales history or label affiliation”. This year’s jury, as usual, was quite a motley crew, and included everything from artists and journalists to university professors and bloggers. Featuring notable figures like Jian Gomeshi of CBC’s show Q, as well as lesser-known individuals such as Natalie Zina Walschots of the online music magazine Exclaim! The only criteria shared between the judges seemed to be a sincere passion for canadian music. In choosing its nominees, the organization utilizes a similarly grassroots approach any album released by a Canadian artist over the past year and

containing over eight tracks or 30 minutes of recorded material is eligible for consideration. Due to the variety of viewpoints present, and the subjectivity of musical preference, there is seldom a clear frontrunner within the contest, especially since all of the nominees tend to be brilliant. This year’s shortlist was a veritable goldmine of skill and ingenuity, where the alternatingly self-deprecating and self-satisfied rhymes of Drake’s: Take Care faced off with the eloquently penned heartbreak ballads of Kathleen Edwards’Voyageur, while the pulsing wall of sound of Japandroids’ Celebration Rock found itself pitted against the zany digital-age pop of Grimes’ Visions. F***ed Up’s hard-hitting concept album David Comes to Life contrasted with the subtle melodies of Cold Specks’ I Predict a Graceful Expulsion. YAMANTAKA//SONIC TITAN’s YT/ST, Handsome Furs’ Sound Kapital and Cadence Weapon’s Hope in Dirt City were also vying for the title. Despite the fierce competition, Feist took home the $30 000 award for her latest release, Metals. After the success of her last album, The Reminder, she took a leap

of faith in straying from the polished, infectious melodies which won her much acclaim, including several Juno awards and a Grammy nomination. The result of her gamble is a rich, multi-layered work of art which boasts poetic lyrics and constantly shifts emotional nuances and seems to improve each time one listens to it. Recorded in Big Sur, California, the album is a distinct departure from Feist’s earlier works, but has already proved its worth in earning her a new following while satisfying her most loyal long-term fans. The Polaris Music Prize’s award gala was held at the Toronto Concert Hall, and was hosted by CBC Radio 3’s Grant

Lawrence and MuchMusic’s Lauren Toyota. Feist reacted to the announcement of her victory by exhibiting a deer-in-the-headlights facial expression, and then proceeded to crawl under the table in embarrassment before she was finally led onto the stage to accept her prize. As she graciously highlighted the talent of her fellow nominees and expressed her surprise and gratitude, it was satisfying to see such a deserving and talented artist being recognized for her efforts. If the Polaris Music Prize continues along the same path, it will remain an important commemoration of the often underestimated Canadian music scene for years to come.

out and isn’t as catchy as the others, but still can be listened to. It reminded me of “Just Like You” from their debut album. “Misery Loves My Company” is in my opinion, probably one of the songs of the album that stand out. It’s everything you could want in a Three Days Grace song. It caught my attention right from the beginning and kept it. The lyrics are also a strong point in the song. Interestingly enough, the next song is a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Give In To Me”. Overall, it was a pretty well done cover. It really showed off Adam Gontier’s vocal range as well, and the song was

arranged in a way that stayed true to the original song, while also staying true to the band. “Happiness” is this album’s intense song, reminiscent of “Riot”, “The Good Life” or “Home”. Transit of Venus has its weak point around this point of the album. In my opinion, “Give me a Reason” and “Time that Remains” are somewhat forgettable, and they are my two least favourite tracks of the album. However, this weak spot in the album is broken with the track “Expectations”, which I personally adore. The vocals and music are creepy and eerie; simply awesome. “Broken Glass” was alright, but not one of my favourites of the album. I was more impressed with the albums final song, “Unbreakable Heart” which, in my opinion, ended the album on a good note. Overall, I really enjoyed this album. Three Days Grace has definitely evolved, and though it probably isn’t my favourite of theirs, I really enjoyed this album. Songs to check out: Sign of the times, Chalk Outline, The High Road, Misery Loves My Company, Expectations.

Three Days Grace: Transit of Venus review Dina Willis Staff Writer

Three Days Grace’s new album

Transit of Venus finally came out

and I’ve been looking forward to this release since it was announced. Three Days Grace is a band that I’ve enjoyed for years and I’ve loved all their albums to date, so I had pretty high expectations for them. They then released their first single, “Chalk Outline”, and I was all but counting the days until the album’s release. Overall, the album was not what I was expecting but I was definitely not disappointed. The album starts off with the song “Sign of the Times” and I knew right away it was one of my favourites and one I’d want to hear again and again. It starts off very simply with Adam Gontier’s almost eerie vocals that catch your attention right away, but makes you wonder where they’re going to take it. The song then picks up with the signature, sound of Three Days Grace that just makes it perfect overall. The next song is “Chalk Outline” which was the first single released back in August. This song is definitely another one of my favourites.

The whole song gives off a bitter, aggressive vibe that Three Days Grace is known and loved for, as well as a chorus that will definitely get stuck in your head. “The High Road” is another great song on the album, extremely catchy, containing more optimistic lyrics. Its one of those songs you’ll end up having on repeat. “Operate” is one of the songs I had mixed feelings towards. The first time I heard it, I wasn’t a big fan of the song, but just like the previous 2 tracks, it’s catchy . After listening to it a couple more times, it definitely grew on me. “Anonymous” is another good track on the album. It doesn’t stand

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Games that we’re Thankful for Constantino “Tino” Montelli Games & Tech Editor

Thanksgiving has just past and while most people were spending time with their family, I spent time with mine bonding over videogames. It got me thinking, “Games are a big part of my life, what games am I thankful for?” I decided to ask that question to some of the people around the school. As I asked around, a good number of people remembered the good times that they had with older games. One of them was the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, arguably one of the best video games of all time. Elias of the Gamer Club explained how the game “shaped his childhood and still plays it to this day”. Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle were also mentioned by a couple of people as games they grew up with. Some went even further back, like Alex of JACactivists who named Dragon Warrior on the NES as a game that he’s thankful for. “It was one of the first video games that I played and it got me into gaming. If it wasn’t for that one, I probably would not have the giant collection I have right now.”

Some reminisce of the games that bring back their favorite series. One such game for Austin was Sonic Generations. “It combines classic gameplay with modern gameplay together to pay respect to the older games.” While some of these games I would expect to be there, some caught me off by surprise. Zachary was thankful for Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo Gamecube. “It’s a really amazing game. It got good story development and after you beat the main story at like 70 hours, you have another 100 hours of gameplay.” Another choice was Alice Madness

Returns. Mackenzie said that she really liked the game because of the “amazing visuals and the most epic storyline of life.” People were not only thankful for video games, but also for board games. I receive answers like Monopoly, Clue and Quelf, but one game that was intriguing to me was Settlers of Catan. Adam of the Gamer Club explains how it involves “strategy, planning and negation with other people to benefit you further in the game.” Pretty good skills to learn from a board game. Some people are just thankful that games exist to bail them out of certain situation. “I kind of scratched my

brother’s car,” said Sukh, “and I got him NBA 2K12 so he wouldn’t be mad at me.” As for Dan, the leader of the Gamer Club, he thanks World of Warcraft for getting him through tough times. “When I was in high school, I was a very lonely child, so playing WoW kept me distracted. I made some friends online and that kept me going.” One guy is thankful for a game that changed his life. “I’m one of the millions of people that Rock Band got to start learning the guitar”, Jared said. “I was a piano player before but when I started playing Rock Band, I got more into rock music and I started getting guitar lessons and I been taking them for three years now. So it’s a change in my life that I’m thankful for.” So as for me, I thankful for all the games that I have! But in all seriousness, Super Smash Bros. has been a game that is just so entertaining for me and my friends to play. It’s the game that I have the most memories and stories with. Nothing beats playing against three of your friends and family beating each other up with Nintendo characters. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and hopefully you’ll remember what game you’re thankful for!

Pokémon Black and White Return Trainer Nave Contributor

On October 7th, Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2, the newest additions to the long-running tradition of Pokémon games, were released in North America for the Nintendo DS. The widely famous Pokémon franchise has gone a long way since its humble beginnings, spanning over five generations of Pokémon species. Black and White 2 are unique in that they are the first to be direct sequels to the previous set of games. Unlike previous Pokémon games, Black and White 2 does not introduce any new Pokémon, but rather stay within the five previously established generations. They take place two years after the events of their precursors – Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, respectively – and within the same fictional region, Unova. Unova appears to have undergone significant changes however: new locations are accessible in the southwest and northeastern areas of the region, including Aspertia City, the hometown and starting point of the games.

Also notable is the mascot for the new games: legendar y Pokémon Kyurem, who appeared in the franchise’s previous versions as well. The new versions introduce two new forms of Kyurem: Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, which feature as the mascots for their respective versions. Kyurem obtains these forms by fusing with the mascots of the previous versions of the Pokémon

Wednesday, OCTOBER 10, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 03- 10..

franchise: Zekrom from Pokémon Black to become Black Kyurem, or Reshiram from Pokémon White to become White Kyurem; depending on whether the player is playing Pokemon Black 2 or Pokemon White 2. Other elements from the original Pokémon Black and White make returns in the sequels as well. The seasonal cycle makes a return in the

new games, where the landscape of the area - as well as season-specific content - shifts between Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. We also see a return of the character N: the ominous anti-hero who questions whether Pokémon are happy being used as tools for trainers, and fights to eliminate the trainer-Pokémon system. He is reported to have an important role in the plotline for the new games. New features unique to Black 2 and White 2 are the Pokémon World Tournament, a facility where the player can face off with various Gym leaders and distinguished figures from the previous games; and the Pokéstar Studios, a feature that involves making films involving Pokémon. With content both old and new, Pokémon Black and White 2 promise a gameplay experience that is both nostalgic and innovative. As the sixth set of paired versions in the canon of Pokémon games (not including remakes like FireRed or SoulSilver), this writer can’t help but wonder how long Nintendo can keep it up.

Fall classic 2012: analysis and predictions Matthew Shanahan Staff Writer

Major League Baseball is now officially in playoff mode. As the temperature drops, intensity and emotions rise. This past Friday were the one-game playoffs in both the American and National League. This playoff format is new compared to previous years. The two top wildcards in each league (best record without winning their division) played each other in a one-game playoff to see who would advance to the Division series. Both road teams won as I expected and hoped for. In the American league, the Baltimore Orioles knocked off the Texas Rangers, ending a disappointing season after two consecutive World Series appearances. In the National League, the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals beat the Atlanta Braves despite a very controversial infield fly rule call. These results leave us with the American league match-ups consisting of the Orioles facing the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics, who swept the Texas Rangers in their last series of the season to win their division, will play triple-crown winner Miguel Cabrera’s

Detroit Tigers. In the National League, the Washington Nationals will play the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cincinnati Reds, led by Canadian Joey Votto, will play the San Francisco Giants, who won the World Series back in 2010. Predictions? First let’s look at the Oakland-Detroit series. There have been so many similarities of this year’s Oakland baseball club in comparison to the 2002 season, the year which the 2011 movie Moneyball was based upon. Firstly, the A’s lost their ace from last year, Gio Gonzalez to the Washington Nationals, and he won an MLB-best 21 games for them this year. The majority of their pitchers are rookies but have somehow gotten the job done. Their General manager Billy Beane also led them in 2002. It’s hard to prove with facts why Oakland have done so well but they just seem to get it done. This is why I pick them to win this series easily in three or four games, keeping in mind this is a bestof-five series. They are also my pick to win the World Series. The Baltimore Orioles have been unbelievable in close games this year. Led by Jim Johnson’s 51 saves, the Orioles have an impeccable bullpen that has a record of 75-0 when leading after seven innings! That’s unbelievable! They will beat the Yankees, my guess is four games.

Onto the National League now, as the St. Louis Cardinals will beat the Washington Nationals. My hopes of the franchise I grew up cheering for in the Montreal Expos moving on have to face reality. The Cardinals, like last year, have played excellent September baseball, clearly getting hot at the right times. Their experience is what will eliminate the Nationals. The Nats are better on paper but most of their players have no post-season experience, and although possible for them to advance, I have a hard time believing it. I predict Cards in

five. My most unsure matchup is the Cincinnati Reds against the San Francisco Giants. Both teams have made their ways back to the post-season after a one-year absence. I think it is the Reds turn to win in the playoffs. The Giants have an experienced lineup that won the World Series only two years ago. However these teams are fairly equal on paper and Cincinnati has home-field advantage, which will be the decision-maker in this series. Reds in five. Cheers to a great Fall Classic everyone!

finally got their first win of the season as Brees also threw 3 other touchdowns for 370 yards. The Colts pulled an inspiring victory for their coach Chuck Pagano, who been hospitalized due to his battle with Leukemia. They pulled off a comeback as rookie Andrew Luck threw the winning touchdown with 35 seconds. The Battle of Pennsylvania was won by the surprising Pittsburgh Steelers who beat the Philadelphia Eagles. This should not be a surprise due to the poor play of Michael Vick this season, who fumbled twice in the game. Once again the NFC north-leading Minnesota

Vikings won as they beat the Titans by a score of 30-7 and second-year quarterback Christian Ponder had another great game, throwing two touchdowns for 258 yards, but also threw two interceptions. Monday night’s game between the Houston Texans and the New York Jets. The game was closer then I expected, but the Texans pulled it out thanks to amazing play of JJ Watt and Adrian Foster. Can the Texans stay undefated as they face their toughest test so far against the high passing attack of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Here hoping to a 16-0 season for the Texans, Falcons.

Football recap from this weekend Casey Dulson Sports Editor

On any given Sunday, the following could happen, a 52 year-old record is broken. A star rookie quarterback goes down and a team wins a game for their coach who’s battling a life-threatening disease. This weekend we saw one of the undefeated teams goes down, which was the Arizona Cardinals who lost by a score of 17-3 and Kevin Kolb was sacked nine times by the Rams defence, who came into the game with six sacks. The other undefeated team were the Atlanta Falcons, who won and are now 5-0 for the first time in franchise history. In the game they knocked out the Redskins star rookie quarterback Robert Griffin in the third quarter for the rest of the game, giving him a mild concussion. The Redskins brought in their backup and rookie Kirk Cousins who had an decent game in relief . He threw a 77 yard touchdown but also threw two interceptions in the last two minutes. One of the upsets of the weekend were the Dolphins beating the Bengals 17-13 because of a late interception that ended the Bengals threat to win the game and rookie

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannerhill could not perform under pressure. The big score of the weekend was the 49ers manhandling the Bills who were supposed to have one of the best defensive units in the league. Unfortunately they weren’t ready for the surprising Alex Smith who had 303 yards and three touchdowns. The 49ers posted a franchise record of 621 yards. The big game of the weekend was the battle between Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. These games usually become instant classics but this was far from it as Brady led four scoring drives of at least 80 yards and threw for 233 yards and (how many) touchdown, but for the second time in two weeks, the Pats were led by their rushing attack of Steven Ridley and rookie Brandon Bolden. Brady is now 9-4 against Manning. On Sunday night we saw the record of one touchdown in consecutive games which stood for 52 years finally broken by Drew Brees of the Saints. The previous record belonged to the great quarterback Johnny Unitas. In the stands was Saints suspended coach Sean Peyton who looked like he was in prison because he was surround by security guards. The good news for the Saints was that they

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