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The New Building Zack Duma

Editor-in-Chief The wait is finally over, for older students of the school at least. The new Health Science building has been revealed after years of construction and planning. First off the building is huge! The six floors make it the tallest building on campus. Now this building was put into place because of the growing amount students coming into the school, the top two floors now give space to the paramedic and nursing students while the lower three are for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics classes. Now for those who haven’t been around the building yet, it’s not finished. It seems that the project has fallen a bit behind schedule although it is still useable there are a few setbacks to having a class in the new building. First off during the first week of school the main stairwell was blocked off so getting to classes was a bit confusing. A bigger issue was that and still is that some class rooms aren’t marked properly, this was the case with some labs I had were you had to go in through one door to find the numbered door for the class I was supposed to be in so if you didn’t look in the door you would have never saw the number and you most likely would be lost for quite a while. Another setback

would be that some of the classrooms (the labs mostly) are incomplete, as in not all the equipment is set up the way it should be. Other than that basically everything still needs their finishing touches, but from the outside the building actually looks really good and hopefully the building is finished before the year is done. Now the building also updated with newer tech, especially when compared so some classrooms in the lower levels of Penfield which are cramped and outdated. Most if not all of the classrooms in the new building are outfitted with smart boards and bigger classrooms, making classes more comfortable. Also with the smart boards in effect many teachers seemed to be using them which I think is great because when the notes are written electronically they can be saved and so if you missed a note during class or even missed a class altogether you can easily look at the notes and copy them as needed. One more thing that is great about the new building is elevators, yes elevators that actually work and we can use. I don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t walk up six flights of stairs a few times a week to get to my class. All in all the new Health Science building is a much needed addition to our school, I just hope it’s finished before I leave the school. Wednesday, sEPTEMBER 12, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 01- 1..

Making the Best of What Will Eventually be Nothing but Nostalgia Evan Sarwer

Staff Writer This article is mainly directed towards all you new students, at the beginning of your lives at John Abbott College, from a student who is at the end of his. What I want to convey in this article is fairly simple: that the years you have ahead of you in your Cegep career will, very likely, be some of the most care-free in your life. Unfortunately, that’s not obvious until those years are behind you. As the old saying goes, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” But maybe that doesn’t have to be the case. Of course there will be stress: books to read, essays to write, exams to study for – and any combination of the three, maybe all at once. It can get overwhelming, absolutely. But when you really look at it, all that’s being asked of you is to read, write and share your thoughts on the various subjects of the world that you’re being exposed to. If you let it, this can be an incredibly exciting period of your life – full of discovery and thoughtful speculation.

What I’m really trying to say is that you’ll make the best of your experience here if you try to enjoy the learning process. And I think this isn’t an easy thing to communicate; our youth culture seems to automatically dismiss the intellectual world. Why is it so rare for someone our age to listen to Tchaikovsky in his or her spare time? Listen in on any conversation in the hallways and you probably won’t hear people discussing their thoughts on what it means to be human, or what they find to be beautiful in the world; instead, you’ll hear them talking about how much alcohol they consumed at that party last weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good party every now and then myself. But why does that have to be the only thing that interests us? It’s possible that you are a product of this pop-culture conditioning as well. But if you care to wonder about what more is beyond that little bubble, now’s the perfect time to find out. There are so many opportunities to meet new people, to explore new ways of seeing the world, and I strongly believe that it’s a rewarding experience which can bring out the best in who you are. Call me an

old fogy, but who says that school can’t be enjoyable in the true sense of the word? And trust me, if you’ve ever experienced that mystifying and somewhat bitter-sweet sensation of nostalgia about your past, rest assured that in a few years you’ll be feeling exactly that about what your lives are like right now. Whether you believe it now or not, these are golden years. So don’t see your education here as just some dull obligation, some stepping stone to end up with a job. Take courses that interest you (humanities in particular can really be treats if you let them), treat your professors like friends (a lot of them here are really nice), and ask questions. Stay passionate and engaged with what you’re learning, and you’ll definitely benefit from it – and not just because of the marks you end up with (though that certainly doesn’t hurt). For maybe the only time in your life, the wonderful and profound world of ideas will basically be served to you on a silver platter, so take advantage of it while you can!

BANDERSNATCH John Abbott College 21275 Lakeshore Road P.O. Box 2000 Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada H9X 3L9 Phone: (514) 457-6610 ext. 5389 Fax: (514) 457-6091 Office: H-041 Web: E-mail:

Zack Duma Editor-in-Chief

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Yasmine Mosimann News Editor

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Hello Abbott students!

Production Staff and Office Manager

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Welcome to all you newcomers at John Abbott College and welcome back to returning students! A fresh new year has already started and SUJAC hopes you will have as much fun as possible. We encourage you to get involved--whether it be by joining a Club or participating in our numerous activities. Don’t forget to check the Omnivox JAC Portal regularly for updates on meeting times and places of the different Clubs and minicourses offered to you!

If you ever have any problems, questions or comments or you’d like to meet your SUJAC Executives, you are always welcome to come to the SUJAC Office in Penfield 101. The current slate of SUJAC Executives for 20122013 is: President—Ginger Castura VP Internal—Adriana Cefis VP Finance—Victor Mikolajczyk VP External—Roberta MacLean

In order to fill the VP Academic seat, the nomination period will be announced on the JAC Portal so keep an eye out if you are interested in this leadership role. SUJAC will also be announcing other upcoming events so watch this Update in these Bandersnatch issues to find out more. SUJAC is excited to see you get involved this year!

(Position Avalible) Webmaster

(Position Avalible) The wait is finally over, for older students of the school at least. The new Health Science building has been revealed after years of construction and planning. First off the building is huge! The six floors make it the tallest building on campus. Now this building was put into place because of the growing amount students coming into the school, the top two floors now give space to the paramedic and nursing students while the lower three are for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics classes. Now for those who haven’t been around the building yet, it’s not finished. It seems that the project has fallen a bit behind schedule although it is still useable there are a few setbacks to having a class in the new building. First off during the first week of school the main stairwell was blocked off so getting to classes was a bit confusing. A bigger issue was that and still is that some class rooms aren’t marked properly, this was the case with some labs I had were you had to

Wednesday, sEPTEMBER 12, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 01- 2..


with Yasmine Mosimann

2012 Provincial Elections bring winds of Change blowing through Quebec Olivia Urban Contributor

On Tuesday September 4th,, Quebecers voiced their opinion regarding who should be in charge of the province for the next four years. At 12:30 am the following day, Pauline Marois officially became the first woman to be named Minister of Quebec. The Parti Québécois won the election with 54 ridings, only 8 seats away from the 63 majority government mark. They were closely followed by the Liberal Party, who claimed 49 seats at the end of the elections. Meanwhile, the new party Coalition Avenir Québec earned a significant number with 19 ridings. The Bloc Québécois party obtained 2 ridings. After three consecutive terms in government, the Liberal Party’s reign ended with Tuesday’s poll. Since 2003, Jean Charest has been the premier of Quebec and after a 28year political career, the former minister lost the votes in his riding ,

Sherbrooke, and officially resigned as the leader of Liberal Party last Wednesday in Quebec City. Charest, 54, congratulated Marois on being the first female premier of Quebec. Within 24 hours of her victory, the Parti Québécois officially cancelled the student tuition hikes. According to student associations such as the Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec (FEUQ) and the Fédération étudiante collégiale du Québec (FECQ), the student strike is over. Both believe that a discussion for future fees between the government and the students is highly probable. Although some still think that tuition should be free of charge, the FEUQ and the FECQ have stressed that this was never their intention. For now, the student strike is over and meetings with the new government are underway. That same night, in the early hours of September 5th, a tragedy occurred in the heart of Montreal. As the PQ celebrated its victory at Metropolis, a heavily armed masked

man attempted to enter the venue. Though he wasn’t able to gain access, he aimed a firearm at two men and set the back door of the building on fire. Denis Blanchette, 48, died on the scene and Dave Courage, 27, suffered severe injuries. The lone gunman—dressed in a bathrobe and a black mask—was arrested moments later by Montreal authorities. In the middle of her victory speech on the Metropolis stage, Pauline Marois was quickly escorted off by her security guards, leaving the room shocked and confused. As news of the event that night spread, politicians across the nation expressed their outrage at the violent act and their compassion for Pauline Marois. The new minister came back on stage cool, calm and collected, without a trace of fear, to finish her speech. In a press conference the next day, Marois said that these were the actions of a sick man and continued by describing the tragedy as ‘‘an act of madness’’. Prime Minister of

Canada, Stephen Harper firmly stated: “It is a tragic day where an exercise of democracy is met with an act of violence. This atrocious act will not be tolerated and such violence has no place in Canada.” According to many, the man only represented himself. On Thursday September 6th, suspect Richard Henry Bain appeared in court. He was charged with 16 offences, including first-degree murder. No comment has been made on whether Marois was the target of his actions. Police seized 22 firearms from the accused. Two were on him during the victory speech, three were in his vehicle, and authorities discovered many more in his house. When asked if his client will be taking a psychiatric evaluation, Bain’s lawyer responded that it was too early to confirm anything and that he planned to discuss the issue with his client. The 61-year-old businessman from Tremblant is scheduled to reappear in court on October 11th.

Twenty-one years in waiting: Somalia Elects a President Yasmine Mosimann News Editor

A different type of gunfire could be heard on the streets of Mogadishu Monday night. Celebratory blasts welcomed Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a recent arrival on the country’s political stage, as elected president of Somalia. Over the past two decades, Somalia has been torn apart by clan-based warlords, Islamist militants, neighboring countries, as well as by drought and disease. Considered by many a “failed state”, Somalia has not seen a functioning government since 1991, when President Siad Barre was overthrown. Excitement is clearly present in the people, one reporter stated in Mogadishu. The people, however, did not have a say in who should be their future president. Due to the high security situation across the country, no legitimate election could be held. Instead, a parliament was formed last month, where parliamentarians were selected by the elders of Somalia’s largely clan-based society.

Knocking 18 candidates straight out of the race in round one of the elections, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud came in second behind the current leader of the UN-backed transitional federal government (TFG). Sheik Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has been in power for the past three years as president and with ample financial and political backing he was considered the main candidate to beat. Prime minister, Abdiweli Ali, came in third during the first round. Dropping out shortly after, he left Hassan Sheikh Muhamud with the ability to garner his former supporters during the second round and win the vote, 190 to 79. The selection of parliamentarians has been highly criticized and deemed as undemocratic, with allegations of bribery, political interference and corruption. The International Crisis Group has stated “Some elders allegedly nominated uneducated and objectionable individuals, some sold seats to highest bidders, and others even nominated their own family members”. The presidential vote itself was also stained by the same accusations. A foreign senior

official, in charge of ensuring a fair and just election, claimed that many of the main candidates offered bribes to MPs. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, an activist and professor, who worked for multiple national and international NGOs, will be facing many challenges over the next couple years. Somalia has become dramitically safer over the last 18 months, with Al-Shabaab, an Islamic militant group, with links to Al-Qaeda, being mainly pushed out of the capital, Mogadishu. However, the group still has strongholds in the South and is

supported by many. Addressing the subject in an interview shortly after being sworn in as President, Mohamud argued “Al-Shabaab is not an ordinary militia like a clan militia. It is an ideology. You cannot fight an ideology only. That is what the government is doing. Military al-Shabaab is defeated; the areas they control are because nobody wants them, but still the ideology is there. We need a multi-faceted war against them.” Al-Shabaab is just one of the many issues to be addressed by Somalia’s new government.

Wednesday, sEPTEMBER 12, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 01- 3..

Human Builings and Trees

Kati Mcintosh Contributer

Margret Ta Contributer

Untitled Evan Sarwer Staff Writer

Vinyl Colin Greczkowski Contributer

In the moment you look towards that distant star from that planet on which you sit; curled up in a ball on the ball that spins around and around by the fire Animus Laeticia Di Giovanni Contributer

My heart serrated My soul faded Broken and cracked Chagrined by the realities before me These horrors and sorrows traverse through the ones meant to see The divide between wrath boiling in my blood And the rain drops of sadness hitting my skin Inner turmoil Wanting to bond all these soil As eloquently said by John Donne, no man is an island However I feel trapped on a the last remnant of serenity Reaching to the ends of the world is the abyss

Wednesday, sEPTEMBER 12, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 01- 4..

Election results Anonymous Contributer

As I believe we are all aware, the Parti Quebecois were elected into a minority government last week. Now, I’m not about to go on a rant about the PQ, but rather about the reactions that followed. Being an Anglophone immigrant, I am against all a lot of the things they want to see happen, such as the extension of bill 101. Having done my waiting, ten years of it in the French education system, I see no justification for them telling me to continue my CEGEP and/or University in French. As an adult, should I not be allowed to make my own choice? Despite that being one of many right infringing moves that they would like to see happen, I’d like to say that I wont be jumping on the “lets move to Ontario” bandwagon. Now, allow me to explain why; First off, the key word here is MINORITY. The thing about this is that YES they DID win the

election, and they DO have the most seats, but they don’t have a majority, so for any decisions they need the backing of other parties. And let’s face it, I really don’t see the Liberals or even the CAQ backing a lot of the crazy that they want to have passed. Now, it’s not guaranteed that the Liberals and the CAQ will gang up together to stop the PQ from passing these laws, but it’s a fairly safe bet. Secondly, the way I, and many others, see it is that this is more of a “place warmer” government than anything else. Everyone is expecting us to be called back out to the polls come the budget next spring. If we all really object to the PQ, chances are we’ll probably vote someone else in. I know panicking is a huge part of what our age demographic does, but really guys? All you have to do is google how these things

work, and then you realise that at the end of the day, we’re pretty safe. Okay, we’re Anglophones and Allophones, and immigrants are going to get treated like dirt for the next few months, but I’m pretty sure we can handle it. And just because

your friend panics and tweets about packing up and moving doesn’t mean you have to too, because lets face it, between the price of gas these days and the effort it actually takes to move, nobody is rushing out to rent a U-Haul right now.

First Impressions Caroline Houle Contributer

Coming from a small high school of about 550 students, the 6000 plus students that make up John Abbott College is a radical change. You would think that someone who has been cooped up in the same school since she was four would be terrified of reaching out of her comfort zone and meeting new people, however, that is far from the truth. Walking into John Abbott College on the morning of August 27th was exhilarating. The highlight of my week was meeting new people because it gave me a taste of the real world. I was given a clean slate, one which was free of any preconceived judgments of the past. For

the first time in a long time, I was in the same position as thousands of other students: I was the new kid. Although I had the opportunity to attend many other colleges, there was something about this specific one that struck an unidentifiable cord in my heart. After surviving my first week of school, I now know what that is. This school is special in the sense that it allows every individual to grow and discover their own identity. It offers countless unique services and opportunities that are tailored to your needs. Whether it be that you’re struggling in math, need someone to revise your English paper or are having problems at home, there’s a service available for you. If you enjoy playing rugby, dancing, cooking or even writing, there’s a club or team you can always join. John Abbott inspires people to find their voice and express themselves through a variety of different means. We’ve all heard the saying that when one door closes, another door opens. John Abbott College is that door, with an array of possibilities awaiting past its threshold. Wednesday, sEPTEMBER 12, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 01- 5..

Summer 2012: A Great One for Music Dina Willis Contributor

As the summer is closing up and fall is just around the corner, there is one thing we can all agree on; Summer 2012 was a great one for music. nstead of choosing one of the many great albums to review from this summer, I’ve decided to recap the many summer releases all together. June saw the release of Canadian progressive rock band Rush’s Clockwork Angels that received much praise from fans and critics alike. June also saw albums from the likes of Usher, Justin Bieber, Linkin Park and Maroon 5. The Smashing Pumpkins released their ninth studio album entitled Oceania, which also received great reviews. We also saw incredible releases from French metal band Gojira with L’Enfant Sauvage, as well as German thrash metal legends Kreator with Phantom Antichrist. Those were some of my favourites this summer, which I definitely recommend to anyone into metal. Towards the end of the month, Whitechapel released their self-titled fourth studio album.

In July, there were tons of albums out of all genres. Progressive metal band Periphery released Periphery II: This Time its Personal, with relatively positive reviews. Flo Rida’s Wild Ones and Chris Brown’s Fortune also came out, although both received mixed reviews. System of a Down front man Serj Tankian put out his third solo album Harakiri and The Gaslight Anthem’s Handwritten came out as well, both with generally favourable reviews. My personal favourite from July was American thrash metal band Testament’s Dark Roots of Earth. Definitely worth a listen and in my opinion, one of the best thrash releases of 2012. In August, we had new albums from In This Moment, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Trey Songz. Wiz Khalifa’s second album O.N.I.F.C was released, as well as Owl City’s fourth, entitled The Midsummer Station. Overall, the summer of 2012 was packed with tons of music for everyone. It has also been a particularly good summer (or year, really) for heavy metal. I cant wait to see what the rest of the year and 2013 has in store!

Community – The Return Emma Sutherland Contributor

Paintball massacres, shady chicken-finger dealings, a psychotic Spanish teacher, a flamboyantly costumed dean, and one zany study group in the midst of it all—such is the universe of Community. Peppered with obscure cultural references and injokes, revered by fans, and repeatedly praised by critics, the tale of Greendale Community College is arguably one of the greatest comedic accomplishments of our time. After an untimely death and a frantic resuscitation, it will finally be returning to the air this fall. The premise of the story is fairly simple—Jeff Winger, a disbarred lawyer, finds himself forced to enroll in community college in order to begin work once more. In an attempt to seduce Britta, an attractive blonde from his Spanish class, he devises what he considers to be a foolproof plan: invite her to join his fictional study group and then pretend that the other members had failed to attend, thus coining some quality time alone with the young lady in question. His ploy backfires when she invites the socially inept Abed, who in turn invites Shirley, Pierce, Annie and Troy. The members of the group soon

find themselves bonding despite their differences in cultural and financial backgrounds as they frantically study in an attempt to satisfy the demands of their seriously deranged Spanish teacher, played by Ken Jeong (Leslie Chow in The Hangover). This first episode features numerous references to the movie The Breakfast Club, and sets the tone for what soon proved to be one of the main assets of the series: an ability to maintain a cohesive storyline while paying homage to movies and television shows which range from Law & Order to Doctor Who. The cast consistently made every scene memorable as the episodes became increasingly unconventional, at times featuring musical acts or taking place entirely in stop-motion animation as in the case of season two’s holiday episode. Yet despite its adoring followers and the brilliant work on the part of its creators, dark times lay ahead for the show. In fact, one of the lesser minds at NBC had seen it fit to place the burgeoning new sitcom in the 8pm Thursday time slot—the same as the Big Bang Theory and The X-Factor. While Simon Cowell’s caterwauling divas and the world’s favourite fictional physicists

Wednesday, sEPTEMBER 12, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 01- 6..

saw their viewerships soar, Community understandably began to lag behind, and when NBC released its mid-season schedule press release last year, it was conspicuously absent. The fans raged. Facebook pages were created, Change. org petitions were produced, Tumblr users clogged the dashboards of their followers with gifs and fan videos. At last, some clever soul connected the dots and realized that the shows main demographic seemed to be young, techsavvy college students. In order to utilize this, a deal was struck with the website Hulu, allowing fans to catch up with past episodes, and is considered to

be the show’s saving grace. At last, the hubbub seems to have slowly died down. Amidst the storm of changes that took place on the show, Dan Harmon, the original creative mastermind, has been removed from his place as show runner, due to difficulty in keeping the product within budget. With the show in a new time slot, as well as with a new production team and a new outlook, fans will be watching with trepidation when it finally goes back on the air October 19th. I will definitely be tuning in to see how this pans out—and you probably should, too.

Sports With Casey Dulson

The Rebirth of the Swingin’ A’s: Take 2 Matthew Shanahan Contributor

Since the Athletics moved to Oakland in 1968 after a 13-year stint in Kansas City and Philadelphia, the team has had some great teams. They weren’t called the “Swingin’ A’s” for nothing, as the likes of Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter and Rollie Fingers were the cornerstone players to three consecutive World Series titles from 1972-1974. They were also a great ballclub during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s ,as they made the playoffs almost every year including their 4 th world series as the Oakland Athletics in 1989. They also made the playoffs every year from 2000-2003, and this includes a remarkable 2002 season where they came out of nowhere. They surprised all of the critics, posting a 103-59 record en route to their 3 rd consecutive postseason without their star players from the 2001 season that they lost to Free Agency, including Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon and Jason Isringhausen. However, they have not posted better than a .500 record since their last trip to the postseason in 2006. Nonetheless, this year could be the beginning of another small dynasty for the Athletics.

Once again defying all odds, The A’s have 2 more months of baseball to prove that they are worthy of their first postseason visit in six years. On June 30, the A’s were 6 games back of the last wildcard spot in the American League, sitting 5 games below .500 but since then are 16-2. They are the hottest team in baseball and are in sole possession of the 1 st of 2 wildcard spots available. The A’s are a real question mark going forward, as there is nothing specific that we can point to other than the fact that their bats as well as their pitching have been really hot of late. Hopefully they can keep it up. However this isn’t as surprising as one might normally think, as they were in the midst of a very similar scenario 10 years ago. The beginning of the 2002 season, similarly to the beginning of the 2012 season, started with the critics’ criticism and pointing fingers towards Oakland GM Billy Beane. In 2002, Beane used the sabermetrics philosophy to build a good baseball team by using a low team budget, ignoring the old ways of playing baseball and finding under-rated players who aren’t given a good enough chance, and sign for the small bucks. This Philosphy was called Moneyball. Did

it work? Surely it did as Oakland posted a 103-win season with newly acquired Scott Hatteberg, David Justice and other small-name players to lead the way, silencing all critics. The 2012 season started by the A’s acquiring star Cuban outfielder Yeonis Cespedes, as well as the emergence of Josh Reddick as well as a pitching squad that was questionable due to unproven Major League experience. Once again, the A’s are back on top, 19 games above .500 and a dominant pitching squad that clearly dominates their hitting and has helped keep them in the hunt.The currently

own the best record in the majors in the month of July as well as another recent 9-game winning streak into September, placing them into a relatively comfortable playoff spot. So what does the future hold for the Oakland Athletics? A trip to the postseason? Maybe even their first world series in 23 years. However only time will tell as they still have an intense three weeks of baseball ahead of them where they will hopefully not only maintain that playoff spot, but stay hot heading into this year’s fall classic.

The Return of the Greatest American Game: Football Casey Dulson Sports Editor

On Wednesday night, football finally returned. The first game of the season, which was supposed to be an easy win for the defending champions, The New York Giants, turned out to be a big win for their division opponent, The Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were led by their star quarterback, Tony Romo who had the greatest game of his career. He threw for 307 yards and added 3 touchdown passes. This game was also a coming-out party for the Cowboys wideout, Kevin Ogletree, who caught 8 passes with 114 yards and ended up finding the end zone twice. With Miles Austin and Jason Witten being limited during the game, could the Cowboys have found their next superstar wideout? Highly doubtful. On Sunday the real season started, and most of the teams played. While there were some close games, others were just miserable. The close games were the following : The Detroit Lions vs. The St Louis Rams, The Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jags vs. Minnesota Vikings, Seahawks vs. Cardinals, and finally Panthers vs. Buccaneers.

Let ‘s start with the first close game, which was Lions vs. Rams. Rams were on the verge of a major upset until Matthew Stafford, who had the worst game of his life with 3 interceptions, still threw for 355 yards and led his team down the field and throwing a short touchdown of five yards to Kevin Smith with only 10 seconds left in the game. Conversely, the Eagles vs. Browns game was the worst in NFL history. When you look at the statistics of both of these Quarterbacks, they had a combined total of 8 interceptions. The rookie Brendan Weeden had one bright spot when he threw his first touchdown pass, and Michael Vick was the difference maker where he threw 2 touchdowns passes and pass for over 300 yards, which led to a victory for the Eagles. The Jags vs. Vikings went into overtime, and ended in a field goal by the Rookie Blair Walsh who also had the game tying field goal. The Seahawks vs. Cardinals game went back and forth. However, a touchdown drive by Kevin Kolb, who at one point sent into duty when starter John Skelton got hurt, was the difference maker. Rookie, Russell Wilson, had a decent game. He threw his first touchdown, and passed for 153 yards. The Panthers vs. Bucannes was an interesting

game that also went back and forth. The huge difference maker in the game was rookie, Doug Martin, who had 24 carries for 95 yards. Other winners on Sunday were the Texans, Pats and the Redskins who pulled a huge upset over the Saints. Redskins were led by rookie QB Robert Griffen who had two touchdowns and threw for over three yards. Falcons were also winners on this day, as they destroyed the Chiefs. The Jets fooled everyone during the preseason and destroyed the Bills. The Bears and 49ers pulled a huge upset by beating the Packers on their turf.

The Broncos were led by Peyton Manning, who showed that a year off and being with a new team mean nothing. The offense player of the week was Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan, who had thrown for 3 touchdowns and rushed one in for himself, as well as throwing for 299 yards, and earning the most points for the weekend for Fantasy Football owners. Meanwhile, the defence player of the week was Texans JJ Watt who created havoc for rookie Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill who knocked down three passes , two of which led them to inceptiions.

Wednesday, sEPTEMBER 12, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 01- 7..

About time it Dropped: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance 3DS Sarah Tayeh Staff Writer

I’m sure I’m not the only Kingdom Hearts fan that has been eagerly awaiting a proper sequel to Kingdom Hearts II that was released six year ago on March 26th. Well, the wait is over after numerous prequels and mildly disappointing in-between game stories with Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS was finally released this summer on July 31st. Yes, finally a proper sequel to the game series that has had millions of fans hooked since they first left Destiny Island back in 2002. The new installment Dream Drop Distance features amazing graphics and 3D features. The 3D effect is hard to get used to, however they are very nice to look at during cut scenes and some game play. And what game play, with a new battle and travel feature called ‘flow motion’. There are now 6 times more awesome ways to get around one of the ‘worlds’ and beating enemies. ‘Flow motion’, is an ability where you

use hard surfaces, poles and enemies to enter a smooth flow where you execute moves and get around faster, with beautiful silver glow light all around you. The story is fantastic as well, unlike the other DS Kingdom Hearts releases; you aren’t ruining the mystery of Organization XIII or replaying the entire first game with slight changes and different battle play in each world. With a whole new crop of enemies and the story told in flashbacks, it definitely has the old Kingdom Hearts story feel to it, but at the same time it’s different. Well for one thing, there aren’t any Heartless or White Nobodies to defeat anymore. That part of the story is done. That’s right, at the end of KH2; you did indeed release all the worlds from darkness. So…. Why are we back here? Well the answer to that is simple; you’ve defeated all the darkness from the sleeping worlds and now its time to wake them up. The enemies you’ll be fighting now are Dream Eaters, but not to fear, you won’t be fighting alone, you’ll have some Dream Eaters of your own, instead of Donald and Goofy to help you

Wednesday, sEPTEMBER 12, 2012 | Volume 42, Issue 01- 8..

out. They are lots of fun to create, link with, level up and are oh so adorable too. There are more dark hooded figures in this game as well, but weather or not they’re on your side remains to be seen. Another new feature in the game is the ‘Drop Gauge’, which is a timer that goes back and forth between Sora and Riku for story progression. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play ‘together’, but this way with each character’s separate stories, it becomes more interesting and

realistic. Because honestly, when have they ever both traveled the world map together? They are still friends and are looking for each other as well as a way to wake up all the sleeping worlds. Get excited for all new characters, stories and places that Square-Enix and Disney will take you on this new adventure. I’ll see you in Traverse Town where the world ends you.

Bandersnatch Volume 42 Issue 1  


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