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Sean & Paula a love story

A smiley-eyed boy with a smattering of grey Met a beautiful girl in a bar far away

One brazen kiss later the angels were singing All she could hear was wedding bells ringing

Then, like Cinderella, she fled from the Ball, He knew where she worked, so gave her a call

The message he left on her phone made her smile He looks ok she thought but let’s date for a while

So they shared a meal and a few bottles of wine His credit card bounced it wasn’t a good sign

She wasn’t deterred, the love bug had bitten And as for him, he was totally smitten

They dated on Wednesdays and every 2nd weekend In spite of his cooking, became best of friends

When she was certain it wasn’t just a fling She knew it was time to meet her offspring

And so for the price of one he got four A lesser man would have run for the door

And she, in turn fell in love with his teens All hormones, tantrums and acne creams

They moved in together, they went the whole hog Five kids, three hamsters, and even a new dog

Their house is filled with smiles and laughter Please come and share in their happily ever after


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