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“The Department of Science and Technology has identified mathematics as a cross cutting or as others prefer to call it, a goalkeeper subject to most disciplines. Similarly, it is an acknowledged fact that science, engineering and technology are the driving forces behind economic development�, Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, Dr Ben Ngubane, said recently. He went on to say that without science, there cannot be product innovation, process innovation or technological innovation. All these innovations are critical to our survival in this globalising world, which is driven by science and technology. He said that his department subscribes to the view that South Africa has to create a whole new generation of innovators to enable us to survive as a rich and competitive nation, which is able to provide for the needs of its people. He also said that many people and young learners in particular are petrified by the sheer mention of the words science and mathematics. They have a mistaken view that these are subjects for geniuses only. President Thabo Mbeki and Minister of

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Education, also for teaching ence tiary an level. highlighted atintervention schools of maths Kader and the and Asmal, in at need sciterthe In order to become globally competitive, South Africa must develop a highly skilled work force thoroughly grounded in maths and science. However, South African school children generally score poorly in international maths and science education surveys, even in comparison to other developing countries. (South African pupils performed worst in both mathematics and science in an international study conducted among Standard 5 and Standard 6 pupils in 41 countries. The South African results were released by the Human Sciences Research

Council (HSRC) on 24 November 1996.)

In recent years, government and the private sector have launched a number of important initiatives in response to these concerns. The Phambili project is a new methodology for the teaching of maths and science being implemented by a private company, Effective Teaching. Effective Teaching has summarised each

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SCIENCE & MATHS “goalkeeper” subjects

Little Vusi's picture appears on some of the pages in this newspaper. Try to find him and then write on the entry form on exactly which pages he is spotted.. Tip: Vusi might appear more than once on a page. Look carefully as he is not a big fellow. Cut out the entry form from the newspaper and paste it onto the back of a postcard or a sealed envelope. Remember to include your name, address and telephone number. We would also like to know which grade yoy are and which school you attend too. Send your entry to: Bana Balang (Vusi Competition) PO Box 2011, Potchefstroom, 2520 Closing date for entries: 20 May 2003 In the next publication of Bana Balang we will announce the winner of R50.00 from Advert Square.

grade’s prescribed textbooks (maths and science) into comprehensive workbooks that contain exercises and practice problems. As a result, lessons are prepared, the content is accurate, structured teaching takes place and the lesson is completed in an allocated time. Through this methodology, Effective Teaching aims to regularise teaching. According to Effective Teaching, a pilot study of the Effective Teaching Programme has shown a positive impact on the examination results. The Centre for Applied Language and Literacy Studies and Services in Africa (CALLSSA), is an interdisciplinary centre conducting applied research into teaching, learning and using South Africa’s many languages, both indigenous and international in origin. This project is a concept literacy project aimed at comprehensively identifying terms, concepts and language structures in English that present teaching and learning difficulties for grade 5 to 9 maths and science learners and teachers. In South Africa, all African language speaking learners from grade 5 to 9 study maths and science through the medium of English, which is not their mother tongue. Phase one of this project aims to comprehensively identify which terms and concepts present the difficulties. National Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Week is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology, and managed by the Foundation for Education, Science and Technology (FEST). Essentially, it is a large celebration of science and technology in the country, offering learners, educators and the general public an opportunity to understand what is available and happening in the ‘science world’ in South Africa, and to experience hands-on science, engineering and technology as it applies to their daily lives. There will be one exhibition per province where there will be ex-

hibits by science and technology organisations, interactive activities and career exhibits. It will take place on the 5th to the 10th of May 2003. According to Dr Ngubane, government is totally committed to putting in place programmes and events which will prepare and equip our people to embrace science and technology as integral components of the toolkit for their survival in this millennium. “We also want to highlight the everyday use of technology to help people live more productive lives. We are also seeking ways in which our people can inform the scientific and technological communities of their needs and create ways that these disciplines can provide a better quality of life for all. Producing majority learners with good higher-grade mathematics and science results is a prerequisite for the accomplishment of these objectives.”

By Sonja Vermaak


LEER DIE TAAL LEARN THE LANGUAGES Ka Makgonatsotlhe A re ithuteng sengwe ka dipuo tse tharo mme re tswedise bokgoni jwa dipuo. Setswana ke sone puo e e buiwang ke batho ba bantsi mo porofenseng ya rona. Go ka kgona go dumedisa ka Setswana le ka Seesimane go ka tlisa kagiso le kutlwano magareng a batho. Kom ons bevorder multi-taligheid. Die Afrikataal wat deur die grootste deel van die populasie in die Noordwes provinsie gebesig word is Setswana. Die groetvorme en die gebruik daarvan kan grootliks bydra tot welwillendheid tussen die mense in ons Provinsie. Let us promote multi-lingualism. The African Language spoken by most of the people in the North West Province is Setswana. The ways to greet each other in the different languages can promote mutual understanding and goodwill. BANA BALANG - April 2003



Zerwick 2

PHAKWE LEMOKOKO Ga twe bogologolo Phakwe le Mokoko e ne e le ditsala tse dikgolo. Phakwe o ne a tsamaya le Mokoko fa ba ya go sela tsie. Ka letsatsi le lengwe fa ba ntse ba bua ka serame sa mariga, Phakwe ene a raya Mokoko a re : “Nna ke na le lemao mme ke tla rokela bana ba me dikobo”. Mokoko wa re: “Nna ga ke na lemao, ke tla adima la gago fa o feditse. E rile Phakwe a sena go roka dikobo wa di bona di le dintle mme a di rata. Mokoko wa kopa Phakwe gore a mo adime lemao gore le ene a rokele bana ba gagwe dikobo. Phakwe o ne a adima Mokoko lemao mme le ene a simolola go rokela bana ba gagwe dikobo. Ka letsatsi le lengwe Phakwe le Mokoko ba ya go sela tsie mmogo gape. E rile fa bagolo ba ile tsieng, bana ba ga Mokoko ba feela mo ntlong. Bana bone ba feela lemao la ga Phakwe le matlakala kwa ntle mme lemao la latlhega. E rile fa Mokoko a batla go roka gape a sa bone lemao. A le batla, a le batla mme a le batla mme a itlhoboga. Mokoko wa ya kwa go Phakwe go mmolelela ka gore lemao le latlhegile. Phakwe a tenega thata mme a re: “Mokoko!, le batle lemao la me, fa le sa le bone ke tla ituela ka bana ba gago ka go ba ja”. Mokoko a re: “Ijoo Phakwe!, ke tla le batla mme o se je bana ba me”. Go simolola letsatsi leo, fa Phakwe a bona bana ba ga Mokoko, o a ba ja. Le gompieno dikoko di santse di batla lemao la ga Phakwe fa di ngapa mo mmung. Ba le batla thata mme ga di ise di le bone. Jaanong Mokoko o tsoga phakela mo mosong mme a re: “Kukulu ku-u-u-ooo! batlang lemao leo Phakwe o a tla” Tsa be di fela fao! Ka Johan Zerwick BANA BALANG - April2003

Leka go fa dikarabo tsa dithabalakwane tse dilatelang mme gongwe mo kuranteng o ka fitlhela dikarabo.(Soek die antwoorde van die volgende raaisels, die antwoorde is iewers versteek in die koerant.)

Mpolele, mpolelele gore… ( Raai, raai wat is…) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Basimanyana ba ba tlolang dithaba tsotlhe. (Seuntjies wat oor al die berge spring) Dipodi tse di golegilweng mo tshingwaneng (Bokke wat in ‘n tuin vasgemaak is) Ntlo e e tshweu e e se nang lebati. (‘n Wit huis wat nie ‘n deur het nie) Sa ntswa se kwa morago, sa motho se kwa pele (‘n Hond s’n is agter en ‘n mens s’n is voor) Lapa la Mmasekokotelang (Skermmuur moeder-slaan-dit-in) Hutsenyana lee, e ngwe lee (Hoedjie ‘n eier en die ander deel ook ‘n eier) Tlhotlhora boupi o je kgetsi (Skud uit die meel en eet die sak) Tshwene kotama banyana ba tshege (Bobbejaan sit dat die meisies kan lag.)

Johan Zerwick




Go kgobana O mpeetse maoto e kete mošha o ithuta go betsa penelti. Jy het voete wat lyk soos ‘n meerkat wat leer doelskop – Afrikaans You have feet like a meercat teaching itself to kick a penalty English

Goofters for the little ones What can you do with

There are as many things to do with cans as there are different sizes and shapes of cans. Many of the things you can make don’t require much additional material. However it may take you some time to collect enough cans of the same size and shape. Good cans to watch out for are juice and soft drink cans, coffee cans and soup cans. Keep your collection of cans in a place where no one will throw them out.

Coin toss

Write numbers for points on the bottom of some empty cans. Join them together with tape or wire. Use buttons or stones and toss them into the cans. Keep point totals. The first to score 50 wins.

Stilts Place two cans of the same size on the ground with the closed ends facing up. Make holes on opposite sides of each can. Run strings through the holes and tie in loops to hold the cans to your feet while you walk on them.

Credit Indemnity skenk met trots vir Promosa... Laerskool Promosa het ‘n landsvlag skenking ontvang van Credit Indemnity Potchefstroom tak. Dit was hoogs waardeer deur die skool. Die oorhandiging is gedoen op Vrydag die 11/04/2003, deur Mnr. Connie Muller aan Mnr. Adams – Hoof van Laerskool Promosa.

EMPTY ca n s...

! Marionette

" Can bowling

Join a number of different sized cans together with wire in the shape of a doll. Paint on a face and other details. Connect strings to control the arms, legs and head. Can you make your marionette walk? Try dancing.

Set up 10 cans like bowling blocks. Knock them down with a ball from about 15 feet (4,5m) away. You get one point for each can you knock down. The highest score after 10 rounds wins.


Can raft

Plug the holes in some empty juice cans. Join them together as shown using tape and wire. Attach a sail to the raft, set it in the water and watch it float!

Foto Connie Muller, Sandra Gous, Mavis Emoleme, Ellzulien Davids.

BANA BALANG - April 2003

Be careful! Never play with cans that have sharp or ragged edges. Always ask an adult to help you punch a hole in a can.


but true!

It may take a dozen men to hold a

Compet ion


Spell these words correct... and we WILL reward you!

The English language is filled with exceptions to spelling rules and trickily spelled words. Test your spelling skills with our quiz on commonly misspelled words.

GIANT python

The largest member of the python family – the reticulated python of Southeastern Asia – grows to a length of twenty-five feet. Specimens of this nonvenomous snake have been measured at twenty-eight feet, weighing over 220 pounds! So strong is this gargantuan serpent that, in captivity, the efforts of a dozen Zookeepers are sometimes required to hold the snake for forced feeding.

1. Which is the correct spelling? a) Absorbtion b) Absorption

7. Which is the correct spelling? a) Firey b) Fiery

2. Which is the correct spelling? a) Sattellite b) Satelite

8. Which is the correct spelling? a) Vaccuum b) Vacuum

The stomachs of dead pythons have been examined to determine what the snake last ate. Incredibly enough, the belly of one medium sized python contained a full-grown leopard! The claws and teeth of this savage cat had proved insufficient against the terrible strength of the giant serpent.

3. Which is the correct spelling? a) Playwite b) Playwright

9. Which is the correct spelling? a) Definite b) Definate

4. Which is the correct spelling? a) Warrant b) Warrent

10. Which is the correct spelling? a) Embarrass b) Embarass

5. Which is the correct spelling? a) Accidently b) Accidentally

11. Which is the correct spelling? a) Mischievous b) Mischevious

6. Which is the correct spelling? a) Pronounciation b) Pronunciation

12. Which is the correct spelling? a) Wierd b) Weird

REMEMBER 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/

The closing date is 09/05/2003. No entries will be accepted after this date. Only one entry per person will be allowed. The judges’ decision is final. Three correct entries will each receive a R100.00 voucher from Pick ‘n Pay. 5/ The names of the winners will be published in the next issue of Bana Balang.

Send your entry to: Bana Balang (Spelling Competition) PO Box 2011, Potchefstroom, 2520

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Martlho / Oë Maphutse / Pampoene Lee / ‘n eier Mangwele / knieë Meno / Tande

6. Lefulo mo mašwing / Skuim op die melk 7. Legodu la kgomo / Bees se pens 8. Pitsa ya maoto a mararo / driebeenpot

Dikarabo tsa dithabalakwane Antwoorde van die raaisels BANA BALANG - April2003


LOMU - Not confident but hopeful... It is no secret that Jonah Lomu may be at the end of his career. Whether it is certain nobody knows, but everyone near him is still keeping faith and Hoping for the best – not to expect the worst. Jonah is suffering from a rare and destructive kidney disorder (Nephrotic Syndrome) since 1996. Now in 2003 he has taken some time off to deal and try and beat the odds. In 1997 he missed most of the season, but he recovered and went on to be one of New Zealand’s best, at the World Cup in 1999. John Mayhew (All blacks doctor) isn’t very positive toward the fact that he may

play again, very hopeful but not confident. He also said that to this point the illness was a daily hindrance, just waiting to strike out. And it has. It began to show with his performance in the Super 12 for the Hurricanes this year. Unfortunately this condition has no cure. The only thing to do is to try and control it. And in his case, at this moment, he is on the edge. Prognosis isn’t good and he may need a kidney transplant, but it is still uncertain. We all hope for the best for this bullfighting player to come back and play like he’s never played before.



Hier’s nou ‘n skool wat wys dit kan gedoen word...

Dissipline! Dit is fantasties om te sien dat daar wel skole is soos Laerskool Promosa wat werklik ordentlike dissipline onderhou, so dit kan gedoen word...

Hou dit so!Photographer- Hubertus Mostert SING SONG


It’s funny, cause for a while I walked around with a smile, but Deep inside I could hear voices telling me, this ain’t right, Don’t you know it’s not for you? I always knew what I had to do But it’s hard to get away Because I love you I just tried to stay.

Friends of mine say to me They say; you got control over me You’re not alone, I played a part3 I saw the way you were from the start Could I expect so much from you. Did the best that you could do Now I realise I can’t change you. Chorus

Chorus I used to say I couldn’t do it, but I did it After telling everybody that I was’t with it. Though ist brings tears to my eyes, I can feel it And I know inside I’m gonna be allright.

Said I wouldn’t walk away Some days I want to stay But leaving you is what I need to do to be okay. Never thought it would be true, Me livin’ without you. But now it’s time for mde to make a move. Chorus

BANA BALANG - April 2003


Higiëne en Skoonheid Jy as kind behoort van kleins af te leer hoe om jou liggaam van kroontjie tot toontjie te versorg. Hier is skoonheidsraad en wenke oor allerlei higiëne-probleme. KOPVELPROBLEME Kopluise Dit word oorgedra deur regstreekse kontak met hare van iemand wat alreeds besmet is. Dié grys insekte is sowat twee millimeter lank en raak rooierig of bruin wanneer hulle bloed gesuig het. Die nete (eiers) kan met skilfers verwar word. Hulle klou egter stewig aan die hare en kom gewoonlik in die nek, haarlyn, kroontjie of kuif voor, soms selfs agter die ore. ‘n Spesiale sjampoe is by alle apteke beskikbaar om van die nete en luise ontslae te raak. Volg die instruksies baie deeglik, want die sjampoe bevat ‘n giftige bestanddeel wat die insekte en eiers doodmaak. As die nete bly vasklou, kan die hare met ‘n fyntandkam gekam word om die nete te verwyder. Die res kan met die vingers verwyder word. Soms is dit nodig om die sjampoe behandeling na tien dae te herhaal. Was alle besmette beddegoed klere en kamme en borsels deeglik om verdere besmetting te voorkom. Ondersoek ook die res van die gesin se hare. Leer jou kind om nie haar haarborsel en kamme met ander te deel nie. Swamme Die kind kan van sy hare verloor wanneer daar ‘n swaminfeksie op sy kopvel is. Dit word gewoonlik veroorsaak wanneer die kind in aanraking was met ‘n besmette dier of ‘n ander kind. Die kind moet dadelik na ‘n dokter geneem word wanneer die haarverlies opgemerk word, sodat die dokter onder ‘n mikroskoop kan vasstel of dit wel ‘n swam is en sodoende ‘n antiswammiddel kan voorskryf. Dit is ook ‘n moontlikheid dat die kind ‘n ernstige velsiekte, psoriase kan hê of ‘n ekseem. deur eva BANA BALANG - April2003

Snack sales Smaller firms rarely offer canteen facilities and are sometimes situated far from foodshops. Selling snacks to the employees of such companies is a good business opportunity. Items sold, could include cold drinks, chips, sweets, cigarettes and prepared sandwiches. Getting into this business is pretty easy - permission of management is the most important condition. What makes this business succeed are characteristics like good and consistent quality, good customer relations as well as fair prices. Maintaining services, quality and effective cash control is necessary for the business to grow. The preparation of sandwiches can be done at home and the startup costs are low.

Car Wash Offering your services to your neighbours can pay. You can wash their cars at weekends and during school holidays. You can charge different prices for washing and waxing, just a wash or a wash, wax and vacuum.

Babysitting The number of working mothers is growing every day. Often they need a break and this is where you fit in. Offer to babysit for them, and charge per hour. There are many business opportunities just waiting to be ‘discovered’. If you use your imagination, keep your ears and eyes open, you just might discover an opportunity that could well put you on the road to riches.

by eva 7

Things to consider when making a

career choice

Your future starts here… When you look at the future and you have a dream or an ideal of what you want to become…will these questions have a positive answer. If not, think again… You don’t want to be in a situation where you are not satisfied with your work. If you are not satisfied, you’re not happy, and not being happy in your workplace means not being happy at home or anywhere else. So, for the sake of your own happiness THINK CAREFULLY AND MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE.

Answer truly truthful the following questions to yourself. • • • • • • • • • •

Do you prefer having people around you with whom you would work with or do you want to rather work on you own? Can you cope with making your own decisions or do you want to have someone else making them for you? Do you have the discipline to make your own time structure and following it or would it be more efficient if someone else did it for you? Do you want to work with things, ideas or information? Would you be interested in studying further to enhance your career choice? In this career that you have chosen, do you have the talents and abilities to succeed? Are you similar to others that have chosen the same career? If there occurred any unpleasantness in the career you have chosen will you be able to put up with it? Will this career choice bring you to your ultimate aim or only to your next job? Will your career choice make you happy with your life as a whole?

Log onto the answers to these questions or to find a career that appeals to you.

by eva

Blue Ribbon

Premier 1 Everyday - Vitamin Enriched - White Bread Blue Ribbon Premier 1 is packed full of extra vitamins and minerals to keep you going throughout the day. Its energy giving goodness is great for adults and kids. So whether you are at home, work, school or on the sports field or just need a little extra energy, spread your favourite topping over Premier 1 for tasty, energy-packed enjoyment ……anytime.

* Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - Nutrition per 100g = 0.14mg Is essential for the normal functioning of the nervous systems, the heart and muscles. Vitamin B1 stabilises appetite. * Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - Nutrition per 100g = 0.16mg Assists in the formation of antibodies and red blood cells. Vitamin B2 maintains cell respiration, and helps vision, skin, nails and hair. * Vitamin B3 (Niacin) - Nutrition per 100g = 1.8mg Improves blood circulation and reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. It helps the body assimilate protein, sugar and fat, reduces blood pressure and helps maintain healthy skin. It also helps the digestive system. * Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - Nutrition per 100g = 0.20mg It helps us form antibodies, promotes healthy skin, and reduces leg cramps, muscle spasms, and stiffness. * Folic Acid - Nutrition per 100g = 0.02mg Folic Acid necessary for DNA and RNA synthesis, a key to body cell growth and reproduction. It also is a key to red blood cell formation and helps in amino acid metabolism. * Calcium - Nutrition per 100g = 80mg

BANA BALANG - April 2003


The First Bala Balang  

The first edition of Bana Balang in 2003