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April 2002 • Youth publication to encourage reading



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The threat to the human race by the scourge of HIV/Aids has come to be regarded as the most serious since the Plague of the Middle Ages. Researchers are still trying to develop a suitable antiserum, but up till now, no effective cure has been found. In the absence of these antiserums and cure remedies other strategies to combat HIV/Aids should be looked at and encouraged. The distribution of i n f o rm a t i o n t o e n c o u r a g e behavioral change to curb the further spread of HIV/Aids, should be priority number one. To this end the Local Aids Council has embarked on awareness programmes, informing the youth especially about this lurking danger and advising them about the practice of "safer sex" or total abstinence. The LAC in conjunction with the Department of Health has formed a partnership with the aim of educating our youth to help

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safeguard them against being infected by the virus. Several programmes have already been presented at schools. The Potchefstroom Aids Council recently launched its pilot project in Promosa. On Saturday, 2 March the first programme Worth the Wait was presented at High School P ro m o s a . Wo r t h t h e Wa i t encourages total abstinence of sex until marriage. The programme was well received and at the end of the day the young people pledged to stay pure. A pledge certificate with a blue ribbon was issued to all participants. The second programme, Reevaluation co-counseling, helps volunteers cope with the trauma they experience while performing home care to infected people. All t h e v o l u n t e e r s a re y o u n g unemployed people and cocounseling helps them to deal with all the pain and difficulties they experience in their personal lives. These young people work at

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organisations such as Tshepong Aids or Hospice and receive no benefits or incentives. Co -counseling is done between two volunteers speaking and listening to each other. This teaches better listening and communication skills. The third programme envisaged for the second quarter of the year is "God's answer to Aids". This consists of a video containing teaching material by Dr Bruce Wilkenson of "Walk thru the Bible". This programme teaches compassion, acceptance, love and forgiveness for the infected and affected. The Potchefstroom Aids Council is based on the second floor of

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By Simon Africa



"Worth the Wait" encourages total abstinence of sex until marriage. the Kudu Building (behind OK Bazaars). Schools, as well as churches and other nongovernmental organisations, are invited to phone the community liaison officer, Mr Simon Africa at 082-547-8778 for more information about these programmes.

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ne time


BANA BALANG • April 2002

Welcome to

the edition first of

It gives us great pleasure to present this exciting new publication to you – the Tswana speaking youth of the North West Province – and your parents. As you well know, Bana Balang means "Youth Read" and this is exactly what we would like to encourage with this publication. The aim of Bana Balang is to p ro m o t e re a d i n g , e d u c a t i o n a n d entrepreneurship. Community leaders and educators in the region have all stressed the tremendous need for African language speakers to have written information in their mother tongue. It is much easier to learn and remember something when you have read it in your own language. Fluency in the use of other languages like English and Afrikaans is also important and some articles will be written in these languages. Knowledge is power and Bana Balang will cover a variety of interesting topics, such as: Social issues, that will include articles about Aids, single parenting, drug addiction, suicides, etc, Science, Entrepreneurship, Career studies, as well as information about the use of the Internet and its content. However, don't fear if this is starting to sound like all work and no play. We know that school and homework demand a great deal of you and that you need some time to "chill-out" too. Bana Balang will be offering you the opportunity to win lots of prizes, as well as great entertainment news about your favourite stars, movies, music, books and hobbies. Your opinions are very important to us and we would like to hear from you. Write, fax or e-mail us a letter about any topic of your choice. Remember this is your newspaper – exercise the right to voice your opinion. Bana Balang will be delivered to your school every month free of charge. After you have read it, put it in a file so that you can use it as reference material for school projects. Do enjoy this first issue and don't forget to let us know what you think.









vusi Find Vusi and win a prize Little Vusi's picture appears on some of the pages in this newspaper. Try to find him and then write on the entry form on exactly which pages he is spotted.. Tip: Vusi might appear more than once on a page. Look carefully as he is not a big fellow.

Cut out the entry form from the newspaper and paste it onto the back of a postcard or a sealed envelope. Remember to include your name, address and telephone number. We would also like to know which school you attend and what size Tshirt you wear . Send your entry to: Bana Balang (Vusi Competition) PO Box 2011, Potchefstroom, 2520 Closing date for entries: 3 May 2002 The first five correct entries will each receive a Bana Balang T-shirt. A letter will inform you if you are a winner. Page number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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Bana Balang is issued by the SA Youth Foundation as a service to the youth of the North West Province and their parents. P O Box 2011, Potchefstroom 2520 Fax: (018) 297-8153 E-mail: Gerrie Smit (082-880-7637) Editor: Manager: Hubertus Mostert (018) 297- 1097 Advisory Consultant: Abé Metswamere Marieta Dry Translator: Johan Zerwick Marketing: Letitia Fick (082-683-8583) Monica Roux (082-763-0104) Distribution 100 000 Monthly delivery to schools throughout the North West Province. SA Youth Foundation is a partnership between Advert Square cc and Spartan Communications.


Sladestr 28 Potchindustria

(018) 297 5425

Maal & Bak Kontant Depot

Railway Laan Klerkindustria

(018) 464 0600

BANA BALANG • April 2002



YOU KNOW ? ? ? ? ?

More than 3 301 774 people in South Africa use Setswana as their home language.


O beile matlho e kete digwagwa di photšha lori

Setswana is spoken widely in Southern Africa by the people of Botswana, the Northern Cape, the North West Province, the Central and Western Free State. Setswana was the first Sotho language to have a written form. In 1806 Heinrich Lichtenstein wrote Upon the Language of the Beetjuana. In 1815 John Campbell wrote Bootchuana Words followed by Burchell, who wrote about Botswana in 1824. Dr Robert Moffat from the London Missionary Society arrived among the Batlaping in Kudumane in 1818 where he built the first school for Botswana. In 1825 he realised that he must use and write Setswana in his teachings. He finished translating The Gospel according to Luke in 1830, The New Testament in 1840 and The Old Testament in 1857. The first Motswana (speaker of Setswana) who contributed to the history of written Setswana is Sol D.T. Plaatje, who with the help of Professor Jones, wrote Tones of Secwana Nouns in 1929. The New Testament and the Psalms were translated in 1963 and the whole Bible was translated into Setswana in 1970. Related varieties of Setwana include: Sekgalagadi in Botswana and Shilozi in Namibia and Zambia.

Batla mafoko a a lesome a mo tshingwaneng mme tshwaya mafoko ao. Morago, a kwale mo karateng ya poso mme o e romele kwa : Aterese: Bana Balang, P.O. Box 2011, Potchefstroom 2520 Wa ntlha wa go romela karobo e e nepagetseng o tla amogela R50.00 Sekao: 1) DIJALO










You have eyes that look like those of frogs jumping from a lorry (English). Jy het oë wat lyk soos dié van paddas wat van ‘n vragmotor af spring (Afrikaans).

Tang Soo Do

Do you want to become fit and learn self-defence at the same time? Then it might be time for you to try the art of Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do is an ancient martial art that originated 2000 years ago in Korea and has developed into one of the most popular martial arts in the world. As a student you will learn hand and foot techniques that will enable you to defend yourself against an armed or unarmed attacker by focussing on his weak points (vital areas). Ta n g S o o D o h a s a reputation for its superior kicking techniques and great emphasis is placed on the development of strong legs. This style is also designed to build character, inner power, integrity and respect for other people. By inner power we understand good human

can change your life

old can start – the younger the better. Tang Soo Do is also very popular among girls because it does not only teach them to defend themselves, but the exercises contribute to weight loss and body toning.

Sah Bum Nim Peter Phahlane (left) demonstrates to a student how a side-kick is done.

qualities like: patience, perseverance, concentration, humility, self-discipline, selfcontrol and self-confidence. After a few months of training, many children show improvement in their school studies because of an increased sense of responsibility and self-esteem. Children as young as five years

Come try it – it might change your life. Classes are presented at the Mohadin Community Centre in Sooliman Street on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00. For more information contact Peter Phahlane on cell 083-541-7153.

l a i c on e p S New Tyres BFGoodrich


155-13 R209.00 175/70-13 R275.00 190/50-15 R469.00 185/60HR-14 R399.00

New Tyres

We are an internationally recognised style. Receive instruction from an internationally recognised instructor.

We also specialise in: •Mags •Boot Spoilers •Windshields • Light Guards and Seat Covers

All sizes of new & retreads available

Tel: (018) 297 1094 Fax: (018) 297 8850 29 Curlewis Str. Potch Industria

WHEN AND WHERE: Tuesdays and Thursdays Mohadin Community Hall Sooliman Street 18h00 - 20h00 Cell: 083 541 7153


BANA BALANG • April 2002 CD Ka Gerrie Smit

A CRY, A SMILE, A DANCE another chance to imprint itself into the heart of the listener on the album's closer “You Had Your Hand On Me (Reprise).” The singer's traditional music roots are also given a chance to shine on songs like the wondrous “Le Tshephile Mang”, the softly lilting “Mmangwane” and the upbeat, hipswaying number, “Maka Di A Lela”. Sephuma's range and sophistication will tease you into turning up the volume, especially on 'Naka Di A Lela' and 'Iya Iyo'. She's really got it going! Judith Sephuma decided to make music her career at the age of 15. After reaching the finals of the Shell Road to Fame contest in 1994 and the finals in SABC's Jam Alley Search for Talent, she attended Fuba Academy in Johannesburg for a year. She has subsequently been studying Jazz Performance at the University of Cape Town, and graduated in 2000 with an Honours degree in Jazz Performance.

ba na le maatla Difeme tsa direkoto kgale di lemogile gore maatla a batsha a go reka a magolo. Mo malatsing a le fa e sa tlhole e le difeme tsa direkoto mme tsa di-CD, di tsenela mmaraka wa batsha. Maatla a batsha go reka a simolola fa ba sa le bannye. Bana ba na le maatla a go rapelela batsadi sengwe a a ka lapisang. Le fa bana ba se na madi nako tsotlhe, batsadi bone ba na le yone. Ba tla nna ba rapela batsadi mme ba ba kope go fitlhela ba amogela se ba se batlang. Batsadi bangwe ba ka dumela kgotsa bangwe ba ka emisa dithapelo tsa bana ka bonako fela.

Maina a dikumo (“brand names") Batsha ba ela maina a dilo tse ba di rekang tlhoko thata. Batsha ba ba elang fešhene tlhoko ga ba rwale setlhako se sengwe le se sengwe. Leina la teng e tshwanetse go na Nike, Adidas kgotsa Reebok. Digalase tsa letsatsi di tshwanetse go nna RayBan, Police kgotsa Oakley mme fa e se leina leo ga se digalase tota. Maina a a dira gore ditlhwatlhwa di nne kwa godimo thata mme bana ba nna ba batla kgotsa ba kgobokantsha madi go ka kgona go direka. Bana Balang e batla go itse gore lona le ditsala tsa lona lo rata eng mme lo reka eng ka madi a lona. Gape re tla rata go itse gore lo dira eng go oketsa lotseno la lona. Re kwalele gore lo reka eng mme lo dirang go oketsa lotseno la lona go ka kgona go reka se lo se ratang. Kopo ke gore o kwale ka Setswana mme o fetolele tlhamo ya gago kwa Seesimaneng. Re tla tlhopha tlhamo e e itumedisang mme moithuti yoo a ka amogela R50.00. Kwalela : Bana Balang, P O Box 2011 Potchefstroom 2520



Judith Sephuma is an artist whose voice perfectly match her set of songs on her debut solo album "A CRY, A SMILE, A DANCE."

Judith Sephuma's debut solo album, A CRY, A SMILE, A DANCE, which sets a hugely high benchmark for female vocalists not just in South Africa, but on the continent and beyond.

The 11-track album offers a platform for what is surely one of the most exciting vocal talents to have emerged from this country for a long time. But more than just showcasing Sephuma's lustrous and limpid voice, A CRY, A SMILE, A DANCE reveals an artist able to perfectly match this voice with a

set of songs that are as diverse as they are compelling. The album's title track speaks of the jazz style that Sephuma is university-trained in. What is instantly striking about the material, is that Sephuma and Selota have chosen its sheer breadth and scope. While boasting the jazz-inflected piano playing of Sylvester Mazinyami “Iya Iyo” casts an intoxicating Pan-African spell over its listeners, moving the singer into Angelique Kidjo-like terrain. The bewitching “You Had Your Hand On Me” offers up a musical vision so distilled and gorgeous, it's no wonder this track gets


Your sense of humor can earn you extra money. Send us your best jokes or draw a cartoon strip. If your entry is published, you will receive R 25. Entries must reach us before 3 May 2002. Write your jokes on a postcard or on the back of a sealed envelope and send it to: Bana Balang (Joke competition) P O Box 2011 Potchefstroom 2520 A letter will inform you if you are a winner. Be sure to include your name, postal address and telephone number.

ICE AGE is a broad, character-based comedy that takes us twenty thousand years back in time to a wonderous world inhabited by great, majestic creatures. It is a story about four disfunctional characters: MANNY, an acerbic woolly mammoth; SID, an irreverent, unsocialized sloth; and DIEGO, a scheming sabre-toothed tiger. This unlikely trio is forced to work together to return a human baby to its family. What the mammoth and sloth don't know, is that the sabre is leading them into an ambush – one in which they might be killed. Starring: Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Goran Visnjic, Diedrich Bader

Answer the following easy question and call (018) 297 1097 between 14h00 and 16h00 on Friday 26 April and win complimentary tickets for yourself and a friend to go and see any movie of your choice (valid between Mon. - Thur.)


BANA BALANG • April 2002



‘n Mens inligting moet lees. uit te kom. Hoe meer jy Neem altyd jou lees, hoe meer boek met die woorde leer jy ken. t a a ko p d r a g s a a m Jy kan vinniger lees, jou huiswerk vinniger biblioteek toe, sodat die personeel self kan doen, jou eksamenvrae beter verstaan en sien wat jou opdrag is. beter antwoorde neerskryf, beter punte Alle inligting onder die son kan in 'n kry en slimmer word.” Só sê me Elsa biblioteek gevind word. Sommige Jansen van Rensburg, waarnemende biblioteke het meer boeke as ander, maar Stadsbibliotekaris van die Potchefstroom al die gemeenskapsbiblioteke is toegerus Gemeenskapsbiblioteek en Inligtings- met goeie basiese naslaanwerke en boeke. diens, wanneer sy praat oor haar Knipsels en internetuitdrukke kan van die bekommernis dat kinders nie meer goed hoofbiblioteek aangevra word. genoeg kan lees nie. "Ten spyte van Hoe word ek lid Potchefstroom het vier al die wonderlike van die bibliogemeenskapsbiblioteke: kinder- en jeugteek? boeke is daar so Jou ouer of voog Potchefstroom bib. (018) 299 5951 baie kinders wat moet persoonlik vir Mohadin biblioteek (018) 296-0401 nie die gewoonte jou 'n ledekaart by Promosa biblioteek (018) 296-0200 aanleer om te lees die biblioteek gaan Ikageng biblioteek (018) 200-5070 en daarvan te hou teken. Dit is soos om nie." 'n kontrak aan te Die vier gemeenskapbiblioteke het 'n gaan. Die biblioteek moet 'n diens lewer totale voorraad van 171 000 boeke, en die lid moet die boeke betyds en in 'n waarvan meer as 60 000 kleuter-, kinder goeie toestand terugbesorg. en jeugboeke is. Daar is ook 'n groot knipselversameling om die inligting in Wat kos dit? boeke aan te vul. Daar is boeke wat Die biblioteek bied 'n gratis diens aan die uitgeneem kan word en naslaanboeke gemeenskap. Jy hoef niks te betaal solank wat net in die biblioteek gebruik mag jy die reëls nakom nie. word, soos woordeboeke, ensiklopedieë en boeke wat versamel word om Hoeveel boeke mag ek uitneem en vir hoe lank? skoolkinders met hul take te help. Kundige, vriendelike en geduldige Jy mag drie tot ses boeke uitneem vir twee personeel help mens om by die regte weke op 'n keer.

Grandpa! Grandpa!

Will you read us a story, Grandpa?

Wêreld se kennis onder een dak

Die biblioteekbestuur wil graag weet wat nodig is om 'n beter diens te lewer. Kan Bana Balang se lesers help? Beantwoord asseblief die volgende vrae en stuur aan: Bana Balang, Posbus: 2011, Potchefstroom 2520. Name: Address:



Do you make use of any Community library?



Do you know where the nearest library is?



Why is the library important to you?

What kind of books do you like to read? Fiction (story books) Non-fiction (books on topics) Which language do you read?

I do not read any books







Which library do you go to? Main Library Ikageng



How do you reach the library? Taxi Walk



Okay, I will. Where are my glasses?

Are they on the table?

No, but there is Father’s tie!

Suppliers of Read & Sunshine material. Well illustrated, stimulating books and supplimentary educational material, promoting literacy in each of the official languages



National Awareness Campaign that promotes and celebrates reading throughout South Africa. The aim is to make South Africa aware of the importance of reading and how it enriches our lives.

9 - 13 SEPTEMBER 2002

For more information regarding Reading Matters: 0800 11 65 35

BANA BALANG • April 2002

PAGE 6 ka Gerrie Smit.

Tlhael e tsano ya mo moeng

Mo malatsing a re phelang mo go one go na le mekgwa e mentsi go ka amogela kitso. Mokgwa o montsha wa segompieno ke Internete. O ka batla sengwe le sengwe ka khomputara mo Internete. O tshwaragantsha khomputara ya gago ka mogala ka modeme mme o ikwadisa batlisi ba tirelo ba Internete mme o ka simolola go batla sengwe le sengwe se o se batlang. Mo Internete o ka ikopantsha le batho ba ba direlang loago, laeborari, batho ba dikgwebo, badiri ba mmuso, ba dikolo le diyunibesiti. Botlhe batho ba ba na le "website" le diaterese tsa bona. Fa o sa itse aterese o dirisa tiragatso ya go batla. Tiragatso ya go batla e tshwana le buka ya megala fa o batla nomoro ya mogala. Potso ke gore o fitlhela jang tiragatso ya go batla mo Internete. Fa o butse Internete mo khomputareng, o tlabo o le mo "website" ya gago. Website e e fiwa motho ke batlisi ba tirelo ya Internete. Mo "website" eo o tla fitlhela konopi (button) e e bidiwang "search". Fa o tobetsa peba("mouse") e go isa gongwe le gongwe mo tiragatsong e o e batlang. Mo o tla fitlhela dilo tse di bidiwang di”Search engine” . Se ke jaaka badiri ba mo dilaeborareng ba ba go thusang go batla sengwe. O tlhopha Enjene ya go batla e ngwe mme e tla go fa fenseterenyana e mo go yone o tlanyang lefoko la se o se batlang. A re diriseng sekao: Kwa sekolong ba batla o kwale sengwe ka ga : digwagwa. O tlanya “digwagwa” mo fensetereng ya mo Enjeneng ya go batla mme ka ponyo ya leitlho e tla go fa mafelo kgotsa diWebsite tse di nang le se o se batlang. Se lebale gore bogolo o tlanye ka Seesimane ka gore dilo tsa Setswana



Ka Gerrie Smit

e e


Madi le tiro di tlhokega thata malatsing a mme go na le dilo tse dintsi tse o ka di dirang gore o ikamogele letseno. Gongwe o ka nagana gore o dire sengwe go ka rekisa. Fa e le gore o batla go amogela poelo o tshwanetse go kopa tlhwatlhwa e e nepagetseng. Selo se o se rekisang e tla bidiwa kumo. Fa o kopa tlhwatlhwa e e kwa godimo o ka kgona go dira poelo e e kgolo. Se ke mokgwa wa ntlha. O ka amogela poelo gape ke go kopa tlhwatlhwa e e kwa tlasenyana mme o tlabo o tshwanetse go rekisa palo e e fetang ya se o se rekisang. Go raya gore thekiso yotlhe ya gago e tshwanetse go nna kwa godimo. Batho nako e ngwe ba batla go huma ka bonako mme ba kopa tlhwatlhwa e e kwa godimo mme ba fela ba sa rekise sepe. Fa o fokotsa tlhwatlhwa go raya gore o rekisa dikumo tse di fetileng mme o di rekisa ka tlhwatlhwa e e kwa tlase. A re tlhalose ka sekao sa gore o betla dimpopi. Lesela le dimateriale tse o di tlhokang go bopa mpopi o le mongwe ke R10.00. Go go ja nako gore o bope mpopi. Tiro e ya gago e bidiwa tiro. Tiro ya gago o tshwanetse go e kopela madi. Wena o ka nagana gore tiro ya gago go bopa mpopi ke R5.00 mme jaanong o ka e rekisa ka R 15.00. O ka nagana go dira tlhwatlhwa ya mpopi kwa godimonyana go feta go busetswa fela ke madi a dimateriale le tiro ya gago. Madi a o a kopang mo godimo ga ao ke e re e bitsang poelo. O ka rekisa mpopi ka

kgotsa Seaforikanse ga di dintsi mo Internete. Enjene e e tla go fa mafelo mo e fitlhetseng “frog” teng. O ka bala gore ke website efe e o naganang gore e tla go thusa. Nako e ngwe e go fa mafelo a mantsi mme o tla lebelela tse dingwe fela. Mo maineng a di-Website o tla klika gabedi ka peba mme o tla bona khomputara e go isa kwa lefelong leo. O tla bala go bona gore a ke se o se batlang. Enjene e e ka go bolelela gape gore ke efe ya di-Website e e dirisiwang thata go gaise tse dingwe tsa digwagwa. Nako e ngwe o na le aterese ya website. E simolola ka www. e e emelela “world wide web". O tlanya fela aterese mo fenseterenyaneng mme o klika “Search”. Ka ponyo ya leitlho o tla bona se o se batlang kgotsa Website e o e batlang. Go batlisisa ka Internete ka Seesimane go bidiwa “surfing". Ka Setswana re ka re o palama lefulo la lewatle. Palamang Internete! E tla go atlhamisa molomo.


LIfe Theatre in Education

Direction in Good




5 1

11 Good Work!

12 1


Potchefstroom & Potchefstroom Central Jani du Plessis 018 290 5610/29 7 8837 083 776 5776 Rustenburg & Zinniaville Brian Tite Mafikeng 014 597 4948 Hartbeesfontein Marna Wolmar ans 018 431 0158 Klerksdorp 082 901 8466

18 R1





Learners in the North West Province can this term look forward to experience the lively, energetic and theatrical arepp shows. The arepp Educational Trust will tour the Province until 30 May 2002. This dynamic, innovative and creative educational theatre organization focuses on issues like HIV/AIDS, sex, sexuality, relationships, gender, discrimination. What makes these shows so successful is the fact that they speak to the audience in their own voice, incorporating the current music, sayings and “attitude” of specific age groups.

f f

18 R1

Good 100% Work! 21R1

R20.00 e le ngwe. O ka e rekisa le ka R100.00 fa o rata. O ka lemoga ka bonako gore mpopi o rekisega ka bonako ka R 20.00 go na le ka R 100.00. Ka go rekisa dimpopi tse di lesome go raya gore o buseditse madi a gago a dimateriale mme gape o saletswe ke R 100.00. Dimateriale ke tsotlhe tse o di dirisitseng go bopa mpopi jaaka lesela, nalete, tlhale jj. Di go jele R10.00 x 10 = R 100) O rekisitse di le lesome mme ke R 20 x 10 = R 200.00. Jaanong o saletswe ke R100.00. Fa o kabo o rekisitse mpopi e le ngwe ka R 100 mme o rekisitse e le ngwe fela o kabo o saletswe ke R90.00 fela. Ga go bonolo ga ka rekisa mpopi ka R 100.00. Batho ba ka nagana gabedi, gararo go ka reka mpopi ka R 100.00 mme ka R 20.00 ba ka e reka fela ka ponyo ya leitlho. Go ka amogela R 90.00 ka mpopi e le ngwe fela go ne go ka nna monate. O tla bona ka go leka ditlhwatlhwa gore ke efe e e siameng. Fa tlhwatlhwa e le kwa godimo o tla rekisa tse dinnye fela mme fa o di rekisa ka tlhwatlhwa e e kwa tlase o tla tlhomamisa gore o rekise tse dingwe o tla na le letseno le le tswelelang. Se lebale le go ela tlhoko gore fa go na le batho ba bangwe ba ba bopang dimpopi gore tlhwatlhwa ya bone gore ke bokae gore o lekantshe tlhwatlhwa ya gago le ya bone kgotsa o rekise tsa gago fela masentenyana kwa tlase ga tsa bone.

It performs the vital service of displaying, encouraging and demonstrating the information and lifeskills at work, in real-life situations, in a non-threatening, positive and interactive way. Positive self-image and self esteem form the basis and crux of self-growth and development. Educational theatre provides a powerful means of making the concepts, information and ideals real and accessible. “Life and living is what we teach. People make their own choises but with all the relevant information, understanding and skills available their choices can now become informed and well considered ones.” Arepp offers life-skills education for all age groups in schools and youthfocussed organizations, with four series of shows: “Look before you leap, About us, No Monkey Business, and Monkey Tales.” For more information about these tours phone the arepp offices at (011) 485-4771 or e-mail:

BANA BALANG • April 2002



Selaledi sa Bosa sa Hartebeesthoek Lefelo Selaledi sa Bosa sa Hartebeesthoek (Hart RAO) ke sa mofuta wa sona se le nosi mo Aferika ka bophara. Se agilwe mo mokgatsheng, mo gare ga dithaba tsa ga Mogale, dikilometara di le 50 bophirima ba toropo ya Gauteng, mo porofenseng ya Gauteng. Hisetori Selaledi se sa bosa se simolotse e le seteišene sa tsa magodimo-teng se bidiwa Deep Space Station S1, se agilwe ka ngwaga wa 1961 ke ba NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) ya kwa Amerika. Disutlhalefaufau di le mmalwa tsa

ba disentimitara di le 18, go ya go 13, 6, 4.5, 3.5 go fitlha ka 2.5. Seamogedi sa radio se tsidifadiwa go fitlhela go temperetšhara ya 2570C 1e 1760C go tlhomamisa gore ditlhatlhobo tsa makhubu di nepagale thata-thata. Tse tsotlhe di laolwa ka khomputara. Aseteronomi Makhubu a radio a tswa mo dilong tsa mefuta e mentsi mo galakesing ya rona ya Molalatladi (Milky Way) le tse dingwe tse di kgakala thata. Dingwe tsa dilo tse di ithutiwang, di batlisiswa mo Hartebeesthoek ke tse di latelang: Go lekola gase e e fisang mo galakesing ya rona ya Milky Way, makhubu a radio a a



Meno a a Itekanetseng

Leino le le itekanetseng le thata le gona le phepha, ka marinini a a itekanetseng a mmala o o pinki. Meno a a itekanetseng ga a na diphatlha kgotsa go bola. Kaelo ya 1 Leino le bopilwe ke KORONE(A), molala le MODI(B). Korone ke ntlha nngwe e e bonalang fa godimo ga marinini, MOLALA (C) o mo moralong wa marinini, mme modi o bipegile mo tlase ga marinini.

Kaelo ya 1

Mefuta e mebedi ya meno Go nale mefuta e mebedi ya meno: e bong meno a pele kgotsa a masila. Go na le meno a le masomepedi a pele, mme a nna sebaka sa dingwaga tse thataro kgotsa tse di supang. Meno a, a latelwa ke meno a a masotharopedi a leruri. Meno a leruri a tshwanetse go nna bophelo botlhe ba gago fa a tlhokometswe sentle. Kaelo ya 2

Lefelo la Hartebeesthoek le mo porofenseng ya Gauteng mo Aferika Borwa.

Amerika di ile tsa tlhokomelwa go tswa fano, tsona di akaretsa "Ranger", "Surveyor" le "Lunar Orbiter" e e ileng ya kgona go fitlha kwa Ngweding e bo e tsaya Ngwedi ditshwantsho go tswa mo lefaufaung. Dithomo tse dingwe tsa "Manher" tsona di ile tsa tlhatlhoba dipolanete tse go tweng Venus le Mars, fa tsa "Pioneers" tsona di ile tsa lekanya diphefo tse di tswang kwa Letsatsing. Seteišene se ile sa neelwa ba lekgotla la CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) ka ngwaga ya 1975, mme sa fetolelwa go nna Selaledi sa bosa sa radio ka ngwaga wa 1988 sa neelwa mmuso, ka fa taolong ya FRD (Foundation for Research Development), e e rileng ka ngwaga wa 1999 ya fetolelwa go NRF (National Research Foundation). Thelesekopo ya Radio Bophara ba sekotlele sa thelesekopo (e e tshwantshitsweng fa tlase fa) ke dimitara di le 26. Boima jwa yona bona ke ditone di le 260. E amogela makhubu a radio ka seamogedi sa radio, go tloga ka boleele

Ka fa molemeng mo pele ke lonaka lwa GPS. Mo gare ka fa mojeng ke Laser Rnger ya Satelaete. Ka kwa morago ke telesekoupo ya 26-m ya radio.

tswang mo loaping lwa Borwa a tshwantshisitswe ka thelesekopo ke moithuti go tswa Yunibesiting ya Rhodes.

A. Dingathi(INCISORS): Meno a a bogale a a segang le go loma. B. Mabolai(CANINES): Meno a a mo dikhoneng tsa molomo go ngatha dijo. C. Menotlhagare a pele(PREMOLARS): Go sila le go ngatha dijo. D. Leino la tlhagare(MOLARS): A kwa morago ga molomo go tlhafuna le go sila.

Kaelo ya 2

Go latlhegelwa ke meno a pele Fa o fitlhelela dingwaga tse thataro meno a pele a simolola go tshikinyega mme a a tswa. Leino la pele la go tshikinyega gantsi ke le le leng fa pele mo tlase. Mo ngwageng ya bo 12 kgotsa 13, meno otlhe a pele a tseelwa manno ke meno a leruri. Gantsi meno a leruri a na le mmala o mosetlhana go na le mmala wa meno a pele. KARATA E E BONTSHANG GO TLHAGA GA MENO KWA GODIMO

Go botsa: E-mail: Mogala +27 12 326-0742 Fakese: +27 12 326-0756 Po s o : H a r t R A O, P O B ox 4 4 3 , Krugersdorp 1740, South Africa. Web:


Ditshwantsho Lefelo la Hartebeesthoek le mo porofenseng ya Gauteng mo Aferika Borwa.


Ka fa molemeng mo pele ke lonaka lwa GPS. Mo gare ka fa mojeng ke Laser Ranger ya Satelaete. Ka kwa morago ke thelesekopo ya 26m ya radio.

MENO A LERURI Meno a leruri a pele a tlhaga mo sebakeng sa dingwaga tse thataro, mme a bofelo a tlhaga ka dingwaga tse 17 kgotsa go feta. Ao ke meno a bogolo.


Dingathi tsa bogare Dingathitlhakore Mabolai(cuspids) Menotlhagare a pele Menotlhagare a bobedi


Menotlhagare a bobedi Menotlhagare a pele Mabolai (cuspids) Dingathitlhakore Dingathi tsa bogare


Dikgwedi tse 7-12 Dikgwedi tse 9-13 Dikgwedi tse 16-22 Dikgwedi tse 13-19 Dikgwedi tse 25-33 Dikgwedi tse 20-31 Dikgwedi tse 12-18 Dikgwedi tse 16-23 Dikgwedi tse 7-16 Dikgwedi tse 6-10

The cure for AIDS? ....

Tel: (018) 297 8151 (018) 297 1097 Fax: (018) 297 8153




There is no proof that Rife therapy can destroy the HIV virus that causes AIDS... but many AIDS sufferers have shown significant improvement in their general health after regular Rife treatments as the patients at the Mercy Clinic (see photo left) would testify. They are being treated for several ailments caused by infections and inflammation. Rife therapy is the application of Rife Resonators that destroy bacteria by resonating them until they disintegrate. Rife therapy is not painful and has no side effects. Thanks to the technology of mass production, Rife Resonators that have cost more than R17 000 in the past are now available from R5 400. For more information visit on the Internet, or call (018) 297-8843 or 297-8815 or 082-880-7637.

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BANA BALANG • April 2002

Fa re lebelela mathata otlhe a go bonagala sentle gore boimana o sa le ngwana bo go duedisa tlhwatlhwa e e kwa godimo-dimo! Kaelo e e rileng ke gore o tshwanetse go tlhokomela gore phoso e e se diragale. Fa selo se se tshwanang le se se diragala ka ditsala tsa gago, o se ke wa ba tshwaya diphoso, o ba eme nokeng. Batho bao, o ba thuse ka gonne ba na le mathata a mantsi a a lekaneng.



Dr Edith Go botsisisa! E-Mail- ka


knowledge... to a



YOU CANNOT INFECT SOMEONE ELSE BY: Sharing food, pots, knives and forks. Sleeping in the same bed. Using the same toilet or chair. Touching, hugging, kissing. Mosquito Bites: It is not possible for someone else to get infected with HIV if they are bitten by the same mosquito that has drunk your blood. Vomit, faeces, tears and urine: There is not enough HIV in these body substances to infect anyone else. Wounds and cuts - Clean the wound with clean water and antiseptic. Cover the wound with a bandage or plaster. You cannot infect someone else by doing this.

WE UNLOCK TO SERVE Koedoe Building, 2nd Floor, Potchefstroom • Simon Africa: 082 547 8778 In Association with the Department of Health






HAVING SEX WITHOUT A CONDOM. YOU CAN GET DISEASES FROM THE OTHER PERSON AND POSSIBLY GET RE-INFECTED WITH THE VIRUS. Sharing an injection needle with someone else. Bleeding directly into the wound of someone else. When an HIV-positive woman has a baby. Breast-feeding. Sharing your toothbrush with anyone else. Using the same shaving blade as someone else. If you participate in a traditional ceremony where you are cut with a blade, ensure that the same blade is not used on someone else.


Favourite books? He enjoys reading Shakespeare and the Sowetan. Dislikes? George says he can't stomach discrimination against the sick, especially those who are HIV-positive. "People should love and respect them as they are human beings. The same rules apply to the disabled and less fortunate." George works closely with all ward councillors and the Youth Forum. His message to his peers is the following: "Study, study, study, read a lot, become involved and committed. Educate and develop yourself in all spheres of life." In conclusion, prison is no place for the young and for this reason he invites the youth to contact (or visit) him at (018) 299 5008/9 during office hours. George is a first-year electrical engineering student at the University of Potchefstroom.



The Executive Mayor Councillor, Mr Satish Roopa and the Junior Mayor, George Molhomi are working together to make the City of Potchefstroom the best place to live, work and study

By Simon Africa

Go nna noimana o santse o tsena sekolo ke mathata, ka gore ke nako ya gore o itumele nako ya gago ya bosima. Mathata a teng a botshelo mme a mangwe ke a go tshwenyega a saekholoji. Dintlha tse di latelang ke tsa mathata a go ima, le gore botlhoko bo batla tsamaya le wena go ya ile. Tse dingwe kgotsa tse di ntsi tsa dintlha tse di ka tlhagelela bana ba babedi ba ba amowang ke boimana bo. • Go tshoga ka go ima kgotsa ka se se diragetseng. • nna o le mo mathateng a go ipona molato ka ditiragalo. • Go lwana magareng ga mosimane le mosetsana. • tshwaya batsadi diphosa, le balosika le ditsala. • Batsadi le balosika ba simolola go go gatelela ka ga se o tshwanetseng go se dira mme tumelano e seyo ka go go bolelela ka bokamoso ba gago. • Mosetsana o na le kgalefo ka gonne o nagana gore mosimane ene ga a tle go kgaoganya mathata. • Mosimane(Ntate wa ngwana) o utlwa botlhoko ka gore ga se ene a leng mo maimeng mme ga a tle go latlhegelwa ke sepe. • O latlhilwe ke ditsala ka pnonyo ya leitlho. • Ga o na boipuso ba go itumela o sa ntse o le ngwana. • O na le mathata a go fetsa sekolo kgotsa dithuto • Boikarabelo bo bo go tletseng o se o bo siamele • O tlhoile ngwana a ise a bonwe ka gore e kare ke ene a go tsentseng mo mathateng. • O ipona molato ka gore o ne o sa batle ngwana mo nakong e mme gongwe o dira tse di sa siamang. • Kgang e ga o na bonnete ba yona, ga o itse gore o e lebise kae jaaka: • A re tshwanetse re nyale? • A ke tla kgona go godisa ngwana ke le monngwe. • A ngwana yo ke tshwanetse gore ke mo ise kwa dikhutsaneng? • A fa motho monngwe a re ke fedise boimana ka abošene ke tla reng? • Ke tla dula kae ka nako ya boimana jaanong?

The Junior Mayor of Potchefstroom City, George Molhomi, is a young, vibrant and dynamic person. He knows exactly what he wants for himself and the youth of the city. He was one of twenty candidates nominated for Junior Council last year. In May he scooped the title of Junior Mayor from his peers. George is like any other 18-year old. He is an ardent member of his church and also a member of the Pioneer Singers, a youth choir in Ikageng. Favourite food? Naturally, he is part of the maize generation. George just loves his "pap" and meat or chicken spiced up with lots of veggies.


Ma thata moimanaka bosima a go nna

The man behind the title


First Edition of Bana Balang  

This was the first edition of Bana Balang.