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February / March 2011 - 9th year running • Grade 1 -12

DistribuƟon: North West and Northern Cape Province


Bana Balang

Contents Publisher’s Details Bana Balang is published by the Ithuteng Dipuo Foundation as a service to the youth of the North West and parts of Northern Cape Provinces and teachers and parents. PO BOX 2011, Potchefstroom, 2520 Tel: 018 297 1097 Fax: 0866 989 227 E-mail: Manager: Editor: Translator: Marketing: Sales:

Hubertus Mostert Sonja Vermaak Johan Zerwick Jolanda Cloete Letitia Mostert Miles Mokoena Journalist: Tammy Patterson -

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Rand Water FoundaƟon Sananapo The Girl project VocaƟonal Training ID yourstelf now Entrepreneurs Day Bana Bokang Mohammad Imran Tahir Get behind our Proteas!

p 7 - Physical Science - Grade 12 p 8 - Accounting - Grade 12 p 9 - Life Orientation - Grade 9

Distribution - 100 000: Distributed twice per quarter to schools in urban and rural areas of North West and Northern Cape.

Speak your mind We would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Write to us with any new ideas you might have. BANA BALANG TEAM, PO Box 2011, Potchefstroom, 2520 or you could fax us on 0866 989 227 or e-mail us on Bana Balang Project is supported by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund nd The NLDTF relies on funds generated by the National Lottery. The Lotteries Act identifies the manner in which NLDTF funding may be allocated. The Minister of Trade & Industry, on the recommendation of the industry experts in the relevant Distributing Agency, makes the policy that guides the allocation cation of funds to beneficiaries. It is the aim of the NLDTF that the grants made ade will make a difference to the lives of all South Africans, especially those se more vulnerable. The NLDTF is dedicated to improving sustainability of the beneficiary organisations it funds. The NLDTF currently has in the region of R2 billion a year to distribute to registered stered non-profit organisations in the fields of charities; arts, culture and national heritage; and sport and recreation that meet the qualifying criteria. The NLDTF places emphasis on areas of greatest need and greatest potential,, so that all South Africans can gain from, and contribute to, South Africa’s development.

p 10 - Mathematics - Grade 7

COMPETITIONS • Design your own “makarapa” Time to show us who your favourite local soccer team is! • Complete the Water Words In March we focus on Water as resource WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU... p2 p 14

Editorial Comment Doctor Eve is here to help you!

Look out for the Public safety Roudshow

Editorial comment Editori We’d like to hear from you...send your comments / views to: BANA BALANG, BA P O Box 2011, POTCHEFSTROOM, 2520 This issue we concentrate on a few issues that are very important to South Africans. Two being Human rights and water. On 21 March it is Human Rights Day. On this day in 1960 69 people who were parƟcipaƟng in a protest against the pass laws were killed by police at Sharpeville. Many of the vicƟms were shot in the back. This terrible event made world headlines. As a result, black poliƟcal organisaƟons were banned by the government and many leaders were arrested or went into exile. During the Apartheid era there were human rights abuses by all sides and that is why it is important for South African to be aware of their human rights and to ensure that such abuses never occur again.

South Africa’s Water Week celebraƟons coincide with us hosƟng the United NaƟons World Water Day celebraƟons in Cape Town on the 22 March 2011. Let us see what we can do to get involved with this awareness. Maybe we could: • Adopt and clean dirty rivers in our areas • Report leaking and burst pipes • Fix leaking taps in our yards and homes • Avoid watering our gardens with hosepipes for long periods and during the middle of the day • Use buckets to wash our cars instead of the hosepipes • Report any illegal abstracƟon of water from rivers and other water sources for commercial or domesƟc use (call 0800 200 200)

Bana Balang




omen and children are considered to be the most vulnerable members in socieƟes based. Within the context of many poor SA communiƟes these condiƟons are all too common and oŌen reinforce the cycles of poverty that increase vulnerability and risk, to facilitate greater devastaƟon in adverse condiƟons. Within the context of disaster reducƟon, vulnerability is a key factor influencing risk on society. The G.I.R.R.L (Girls In Risk ReducƟon Leadership) Project aims to show adolescent girls that they need to become involved and that they can contribute to reducing their own individual vulnerability. Some of the G.I.R.R.L. Project objecƟves are to support human capacity development through informaƟon and training in criƟcal areas, to enhance the survival skills of vulnerable residents of three local townships in the North West Province. The G.I.R.R.L. Project encourages the girls to adopt a leadership posiƟon and act as posiƟve, young role models within their community as well as within their work with local disaster risk reducƟon iniƟaƟves. The project also aims establish a culture of community ‘safety and awareness’, through the creaƟon of empowered, skilled and informed community resource persons. The G.I.R.R.L. Project team would like to introduce you to three of our very special girls who parƟcipated in the G.I.R.R.L. project.

osi Grace Nk G.I.R.R.L. 2008 School: Boitshoko High School, Sonderwater Grade: Already matriculated Current activities: Working at a crèche in Ikageng Role model: My mother Martha Nkosi Hobbies: I love singing, reading and poetry

What is the most important lesson you have learnt with the G.I.R.R.L. Project? The biggest lesson I learnt is understanding the importance of communication. It is my responsibility to share what I have learnt with others. Good communication lets me share important lessons with others. What was your favourite G.I.R.R.L. session and why? The first aid session was my favourite session, because I can now save someone’s life in an emergency.

Yvonne Rathebe G.I.R.R.L 2009 School: Reabona Secondary, Maquassi Hills Grade: Grade 10 Favourite subjects: Accounting, Setswana and English Role model: My mother Mirriam Hobbies: Watching TV

How can you now make a difference in your community? We are now a group of girls and we teach others about what we did and learnt. Everything that we did in the G.I.R.R.L. Project is important in our lives and other’s lives. What message do you have for the pupils reading this? Keep reading it is very important. Young people must keep reading this magazine as this magazine is very important in their lives – this will give them confidence.

Ga twe e rilê bogologolo go nê go na le kgôsi ê nngwe. Kgôsi yê, e nê e na le ngwana wa mosetsana. Mosetsana yô o nê a le montlê thata. Leina la gagwê e nê e le Sananapo. Mosetsana yô le ha e nê e le ngwana wa kgôsi, o nê a sa ikgogomosa ka o nê a sa tshabe go ya le banyana ba bangwe ba motse kwa kgonnyeng. E rilê ka tsatsi lê lengwe banyana ba motse ba akanya go ya kgonnyeng mme Sananapo a inêêlêtsa le bônê. Sananapo o nê a na le ntšanyana e ntlênyana. Ntšanyana ê e nê e sa kgaogane le ênê ka gopê. E rilê letsatsi lê lengwe ha ba ilê kô kgonnyeng ntša yônê ya mo sala morago mme banyana ba, ba tlêlwa ke mogopolô ô mongwe ô o bosula wa go bolaa. Sananapo. Ba loga leanô, lê ba ka mmolayang ka lôna. Mme loano lô lo ilêng lwa ba tlêlwa ke la gore ba gôtse molelô ô mogolo wa dikgong. Ba nê ba itse sentlê gore Sananapo o tla tlholêga go tlola molelô ôo. Ba simolola go tlola pele. E rilê morago jaana go tla Sananapo ba mo kgoromêtsa mme a wêla mô molelông a šwa a ba a swa. Ha dinama tsa gagwê di se na go butswa ba di ja. Ha ba se na go di ja ba tsaa marapo ba a latlhêlêla ntša ya gagwê. Ntša ka boutlwêlô botlhoko, ya a gana ya bê e lela selelô sa matlhôtlhapelo. Ya re e re: Sananapo, Sananapo ba mmolailê Sananapo Bo mpha lesapô Sananapo Sapô ka le gana Sananapo Ga ke je mong a ke Sananapo Ke thêbê sa kgôsi Sananapo. Banyana ba gakgamala thata. Ba tshwara ntša ê ba e bolaya ba e êppêla. Ha ba se na go e êpêla ba tsaya dikgong tsa bônê ba di rwala ba ya gaê. E rile ha ba ntse ba tsamaya, ba tsamaya, ba gakgamala thata ba bôna ntša e kôtame mô pele ga bônê e ôpêla selelô sa mahutsana e ntse e re: Sananapo, Sananapo ba mmolailê Sananapoo Ba mpha lesapô Sananapoo Sapô ka le gana Sananapoo Ga ke je mong a ke Sananapoo Ke thêbê sa kgôsi Sananapo. Banyana ba, ba tshoga thata, ba utlwa ntša e lela jalô. Ba nagana loanô lô longwe gapê. Yô mongwe a re: “A re e tshwarê re e bolayê gapê”. Ba e dika mme ba e tshwara ba e bolaya ba e êpêla, ba tsaya dingata tsa bônê tsa dikgong ba ya gaê. Ba tsamaya, ba tsamaya. E rilê fa ba fitlha mô gaê mmaagwê Sananapo a ba bôna mme a ba botsa gore: “Sananapo o kae, ke a mmatla?” Ba ba bolêla maaka ba re o ba tlogêtse kwa nagêng a re o tla gae. Ya re ha ba ntse ba bua jalô, ntša ya bê rôtolôga gapê e lela selelô sa mohutsana. Ya re: Sananapo, Sananapo ba mmolailê Sananapo Ba mpha lesapo Sananapo Sapô ka le gana Sananapo Ga ke je mong a ke Sananapo Ke thêbê ya kgôsi Sananapo. Banyana ba tshoga gagolo. Batho ba motse ba utlwa selelô sa ntša ba phuthêga ka bontsi. Ha ba ntse ba phuthêga jalô, banyana ba, kana ba itse ba boilê maaka ba se ka tlhôla ba itse gore ba ka ipata ka eng. Ntša ha e bôna batho ba phuthêgilê ya lela botlhoko thata, ka e nê e utlwilê pelo botlhoko ha mong a yônê a bolailwê ke banyana. Ya simolla gapê go ôpêla ya re: Sananapo, Sananapo ba mmolailê Sananapo Ba mpha lesapô Sananapo Sapô ka le gana Sananapo Ga ke je mong a ke Sananapo Ke thêbê ya kgôsi Sananapo. Batho ba motse ba gakgamalwa thata ke selelô sê sa ntša. Ba phuthêgêla môo mme ba ra gore banyana ba tshwanêtse ba tshwarwê ba bolawê. Kgôsi ya laêla badisa ba yônê gore banyana ba ba tsêwê ba latlhêlwê mô legagêng. Di fêlêla fao!

Bana Balang

! d o lo b r u o Y : d e t n a W Club 25, a club for young people, was re-launched by the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) at schools last month. The club focuses on the youth and offers youngsters the opportunity to become someone’s hero by becoming a regular blood donor. Learners from the age of 16, have been challenged to become young safe donors by committing themselves to donate blood regularly. The aim is for youngsters to donate 20 units of blood by the end of their 25th year. It is hoped that learners will be committed for life when it comes to donating safe blood.

The theme of Club 25 is

“Live like you mean it”

“Never forget the impact your blood donations have,” says Sini Subrayen of SANBS. “You are literally saving lives. And that’s nothing short of amazing”.

lood? s Who receives b rgical operation su g in o rg e d n u • Patients ncer or leukemia • Patients with ca severe anaemia • Children with s ion • Accident victim e as a complicat ag h rr o m ae h at • Women, to tre of pregnancy ean? dow period” m in “w rm te e th f HIV in What does h the presence o ic h w in e m ti f o • A period rough testing. th d e ct te e d e b t ths. the blood canno lasting 3 - 6 mon ly al rm o n e am A timefr

OW? DID YOU KN r blood jo a m r u fo e r There a


O, A, B & AB

ost needed. m e th is d o ny Group O blo be given to a n a c it e s u a c This is be emergency. patient in an rovide 31% p 1 2 6 1 d e . Youths ag blood supply l a n o ti a n e of th

For more informat ion phon e 0800 119 031

To be a blood donor you need to be: • • • •

Between the ages of 16 & 65 Weigh more than 50 kg Be in good health Lead a sexually safe lifestyle

DONOR CENTRES (NORTH WEST) Rustenburg Donor Centre 46 Heystek Street, Rustenburg Tel: 014 592 0305 Klerksdorp Blood Donor Centre Flamwood Walk - Shop 7, 21 Flamwood Walk Mall, Central Avenue, Klerksdorp - Tel: 018 464 4076 Klerksdorp - 63 Boom Street - Tel: 018 462 5351 Mafikeng Blood Donor Centre 21 North Street, Mafikeng Tel: 018 3816275 Potchefstroom Blood Donor Centre Shop 3, Henco Building, Esselen Street, Tel: 018 297 0530


6 Bana Balang Bana Balang 6

Vocational training options for Matrics W ith only 55 000 placements available at top universities across South Africa, it is important for the matric class of 2010 to consider vocational training.

What does “vocational” mean? •

Connected to a particular occpation or career Involving instruction or guidance in an occupation or profession

As wonderful as tertiary education may be, it isn’t always the answer for everyone. Not only is it expensive to attend university, but it is also quite difficult to get accepted. Experts also believe that there are a number of wonderful career opportunities out there in the form of vocational training. The options for study include areas such as hospitality, photography, health and skin care therapy, IT or event management. All these paths have a hands-on approach and research has shown that students who have vocational training behind their names, are a top commodity according to employers.

Companies often prefer work-ready employees compared to university graduates with little or no job experience. With the current state of South Africa’s job market, further education and training offers the best opportunities for learners to avoid unemployment. However, the competition out there is fierce so it is important for school-leavers to to choose their courses carefully. Some examples of vocational programmes offered: • • • • • • • • •

Marketing Management IT & Computer Science Finance, Economics & Accounting Hospitality Tourism Education & development Office administration Civil Engineering & Building construction • Primary Agriculture

Mathematics has become a whole easier - thanks to Doctor Maths on Mxit! Allyouhavetodoissetituponyourphoneandyouwillhaveinstantaccesstothefriendly and helpful Dr Maths team. The tutors are there to guide learners into working out the problems. In addition to providing answers, a game has also been introduced where learners can competeagainsteachotherindifferentcategoriessuchasaddition,subtraction,division and multiplication to see who can get the highest score. The Dr Maths team is online after school hours - Mondays to Thursdays 2 - 10pm and Sundays between 11am - 8pm. The service is available to all high school learners.

So how does it all work? 1)

2) 3) 4) 5)

First of all, you need to install Mxit on your phone. If you do not have it already, ask a friend or anyone that can help! (Or you can follow the instructions on the Mxit website) Add Dr Maths as one of your contacts 27799923960 thru 27799923969 When they come online, you will hear a little sound and a green dot will appear next to their name You can now start asking questions! Tutors and learners remain anonymous throughout.

AN EXAMPLE OF AN ENQUIRY: (14:32:09) (14:32:51) (14:33:32) (14:34:19) (14:34:43)

Farmer: how can i get n easy whey to simplify big numbers white out n calculator dr.math: Do you mean find the prime factors of a number? Farmer: yes bat easy whey dr.math: You have to get your fingers dirty. If the number is even, then 2 is a prime factor. Then divide the number by two and try again. dr.math: If the number ends in a 5 or 0, then 5 is a prime factor. Then divide the number by five and try again.


Environmental Lawyer What do I do for a living? Legislation and policy formulation in the environment ield. What do I need to study? A standard law curriculum with Environmental Law and International Law as options will widen the horizon for any aspirant individual. Which high school subjects do I need? Geography, English, Physical Science (optional) and Mathematics (Optional). Where can I study? Rhodes University, University of KwaZulu Natal, WITS and the North West University (Potchefstroom Campus)




Bana Balang

Bana Balang





Bana Balang


Bana Balang



mathematics - grade 7



Bana Balang

An Identity document is important to get as soon as you are eligible (from 16 years of age) as it proves your identity. Life without an ID can be quite challenging and soon you’ll realise you need one to register for your Grade 12 examinations. You will also an ID to apply for a passport, visa, vote and apply to study at any institution. Now that we’ve stressed the importance of having one, we are also going to tell you what you need and how it’s done!

Here’s how STEP 1

What you need: • • • • • •

2 ID photos and a copy of your birth certificate. If you don’t have a birth certificate, ask your parents or relatives to accompany you to apply for one at Home Affairs. Once at Home Affairs, fill in the form. Get your fingerprints taken by one of the officials. Submit your photos and birth certificate Don’t forget your receipt

What happens next?


NOW? K U O Y D I D s applicaƟon

First Ɵme ID ly free! te are absolu onths out two m b a s e k a t It to process

• • • • • •

An SMS confirming your application will be sent to you. It will be scanned for mistakes and any missing information. Your fingerprints are verified. Your ID is then approved and issued. You will receive an SMS informing you that it is available for collection. Your ID should be collected within two weeks from date of notification that it is available.


CELL: 083 326 4712 CELL: 082 803 3792


Seesimane / English / Engels

Seaferikanse / Afrikaans

Nna ke Thabo Sefane sa me ke Mofokeng Wena o mang? Leina la gago ke mang? Dumela

I am Thabo My surname is Mofokeng Who are you? What is your name? Good day

Ek is Thabo My van is Mofokeng Wie is jy? Wat is jou naam? Goeie dag

O tsogile jang? Ke tsogile sentle

How do you do? I am fine thank you

Hoe gaan dit met jou? Dit gaan goed dankie

Intshwarele, ke batla.... Ke itse Seaferikanse

Excuse me, I want ....... I know Afrikaans

Verskoon my, ek soek ...... Ek ken Afrikaans

Bua ka iketlo, tswee tswee Ke a leboga Ga ke tlhaloganye Tlhokomela! Utlwelela! A o ka nthusa?

Please speak slowly Thank you I do not understand Look out! Listen! Can you help me?

Praat asseblief stadig Dankie Ek verstaan nie Pasop! Luister! Kan jy my help?

Bana Balang



Bana Balang

Rhymes MMUTLA Mmutla mmutla tlo tlo tlo Tsebe pedi godimo ga thlogo O boleta mo mmeleng otlhe Bana ba go rata botlhe Mogatla khutswa-khutswana O ile kae mogatlanyana? RABBIT Rabbit, rabbit hop hop hop Two long ears you have on top Soft as feathers over all Fascinating to the small Tail so small and short What has happened to distort HASIE Hasie, hasie hop hop hop Twee lang ore op jou kop Sag soos donse oral oor Jy wat kindertjies bekoor Stertjie klein en baie kort Wat het van die res geword

Wow your friends at your next market day .... Remember ort and you’ll be amazed b by the results! er you don’t have to spend a fortune to make money. money Just put in a bit of eff effort

MAKE YOUR OWN SOCCER TEAM! You will need: * wool * washing pegs * glue * paper * koki’s 1) Cut the wool into strands 2) Wrap it around the pegs 3) Choose the colours of your favourite team (Eg. green & yellow) 4) Create socks and boots 5) Secure the wool with glue 6) Cut out a circle and draw a face 7) Stick it onto the top of the peg with glue

Syrupy popcorn balls Your friends will love these sweet syrupy popcorn balls! Ingredients: • 500ml water • 500ml sugar • 5ml vanilla essence • 2,5ml salt • 12 cups popcorn (already popped) • 125ml golden syrup Method: 1. Place popcorn in a very large heatproof bowl 2. Boil the sugar, salt, syrup and water until all sugar has dissolved and the mixture has started to thicken 3. Remove pan from, add vanilla essence, then pour syrup over the popcorn 4. Working quickly, coat the popcorn, then form tennis ball-sized balls 5. Leave to set on greased baking sheet. Makes about 30 balls.


Design your own

Makarapa! Thanks to the 2010 World Cup, everyone knows what a makarapa is. With the PSL season in full swing, show us who your favourite local team is by creating your very own makarapa!

Design your own makarapa using the helmet

LebokolagaOupaMartiens Oupa Martiens het almal hom begin noem Stil en stemmig was hy, geen soeke na roem Studente en kinders was hom na aan die hart ‘n Gebrek aan studie en kennis vir hom smart

Ba ne ba mmitsa ba re ke Oupa Martiens Ka tidimalo le boikokobetso a sa batle tlotlo Baithuti le barutwana ba ne ba le pelong Tlhokego ya kitso le dithuto a di gana

Jare was hy aan die werf, tot die dag wat hy sou sterf Studente vir die PUK en later NWU gesoek Al die hoeke van die land besoek.

Dilemo-lemo a ba batla go fitlhela letsatsi la bofelo A batlela PUK a batlela le NWU Setšhaba ka bophara

Oom Chris en Oom Martiens Deur Ikateleng was hulle tot diens Toegewyd en saam moet ons vermeld Het hulle gesoek na donateurs se geld O ne a rata balosika le Anna O ne a rata thuso ya bana Dipuo a ne a di bua Le Seaferikanse jaaka Lekgoa Aterese ya enfolopo ya bofelo O e kwadile ka bophelo Enfolopo ya dipolanka a e tsena ka kagiso Beibele a e batla a e bala a na le kitso

Name: ____________________________________ Grade: _________________ Age: ______________ Favourite local team: _________________________ Cell: ______________________________________ School: ____________________________________ Post the entry form and details with your design to Bana Balang, P O Box 2011, Potchefstroom, 2520

Bana Balang

Oom Chris le Oom Martiens Ka Ikateleng ba ne ba direla Re ka re mmogo le ka boineelo Ba batla madi a ditshenyegelo Hy was lief vir familie en Anna Hy was lief vir hulp aan kinders Baie tale kon hy praat Tot Afrikaans soos Blankes in staat Die adres op jou laaste koevert Het jy met jou lewe geskryf Koevert van plank in met vrede ‘n Bybel gesoek, gelees, geken.

Kom ons gaan voor om kinders te leer en bou Kom ons sit Ikatelng voort en A re tswelele go aga le go ruta help bana Kom ons leer by Vader se kind A re tsweledise Ikateleng le thuso Jou laaste dag is onbekend A re ithute ka ngwana wa Modimo Letsatsi la bofelo ga re le itse ‘n Voorbeeld is ons gegee, Masiea Sekao se re filwe ke Masiea Eer Jesus, koop die tyd, Tlotla Jesu, se senye nako, o itia moenie uitstel Jesu re a go leboga Dankie Jesus, dankie! Ka o ile wa swa mme wa tsoga Dankie dat U gesterf en opgestaan het. Mokgwadi: Johan Zerwick - Tsala, modirammogo / Vriend en kollega

Bana Balang


Ask Doctor Eve... Got a question? Fill in the form and post it to: BANA BALANG, P.O. Box 2011, Potchefstroom, 2520

It seems nds things are getting mixed. Nowedays me and my girlfrie at must I do. like she is cheating on me. Wh Dear Pelesa is to make difficult to handle. The best Matters of the heart are so ethre it is wh is what you want and sure whther thuis relationship and talk n dow sit have decided that, worth a lot of effort. Once you factors ant ;ort imp st honesty are the mo top het. Communication and to remember. Dr Eve

Ngk Eve yo o rategang mme ene o mongwe wa lelapa la rona Mme wa me ke motsadi a le a kgone go a itse gore o dira thata gore jewa ke tobeletso thata. Ke goa thata re o e o fela pelo ka pele mm re fa se re se tlhokang. Ene emo a a ma ka eng a re betse. Nka dira gantsi. Nako e nngwe o tle ? tso afa e go tlisa tok ntseng jalo? A nka dira sengw Sussi Sussi yo o rategang jewang ke le batsadi ba bantsi ba ba Malatsing a gompieno go na abelo ba kar boi a bel ara go la e fa ba bat tobeletso. Go thata mo go bon dilo tse le itshinyo ya me ke gore o bat bone mme ba sa kgone. Tsh jaaka to lera ka tsone. Leka go mo tshola le. dinnye tse o ka mo thusang ka dire e mo o e gor e le fa a sa go botsa ja go mo isetsa kofi kampo tey go ga o rag mo a fats pha ro tsa go phe Gongwe o ka mo thusa ka diti fa a lapile. kampo o ka mo sidila maoto ke dilo tse kgolo tse di ka thusang mme di tse dilo se ga we Nako e nng to. dinnye tse di diriwang ka lora Ngk Eve

Name: ________________________________________________ School: _______________________________________________ Age: _______ Hi Doctor Eve, please help me with the following: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

2011 Fashion & Beauty trends


BIGGERtter! the be

Keri Hilso


Nicky Minaj

Rihanna We’ll be seeing a bit of everything this year. One of the biggest trends is going natural and wearing natural textured hair. Many women are embracing their natural textures by cutting off their relaxed hair and wearing twa’s (teenie weenie afro’s). Natural is in so we’ll be seeing big hairstyles such as big curl styles and thick wavy locks. Bright colours are also proving to be popular like reds, blues and greens. Bright pink is also hit - just look at Nicki Minaj (pictured top right)!

Enter the competitions on page 13 and you could be the winner of a Cell C starter pack! Once you’ve been notified as a winner, come and collect your sim cards.

Please bring your ID and proof of residence for RICA purposes. RUSTENBURG - 014 537 3484 Contact: Leftu KLERKSDORP - 018 464 1425 Contact: Shaun POTCHEFSTROOM - RIVERWALK 018 297 1827 Contact: Jolandi POTCHEFSTROOM - MOOIRIVIER MALL 018 293 1502 Contact: Danni

Bana Balang


ENFOLOPO YA GAGO YA BOFELO E ROMELWA KAE? DITEMANA 21 “Ga se mongwe le mongwe yo o nthayang a re: ‘Morena, Morena!’yo o tla tsenang mo pusong ya magodimo; go tla tsena fela yo o dirang thato ya ga Rre yo o kwa magodimong. 22Ba bantsi ba tla nthaya ka letsatsi leo ba re: ‘Morena, Morena, a ga re a ka ra rera Lefoko la Modimo ka leina la gago, ra ba ra leleka medemone ka leina la gago, ra ba ra dira ditiro tse dikgolo ka leina la gago?’ 23Foo ke tla ba raya ke re: ‘Ga ke ise nke ke lo itse; tlogang fa go nna, lona badiratshiamololo!’ Matheo 7:21-23 Tlaang kwano go nna lotlhe ba lo lapileng, ba lo imelwang; nna ke tla lo lapolosa. 29Ipeleseng jokwe ya me, lo ithute mo go nna; gonne ke bonolo le boikokobetso mo pelong, mme lo tla bonela mewa ya lona tapologo. 30Gonne jokwe ya me e bonolo, morwalo wa me o botlhofo. Matheo 11:28 DIKAKANYO Go na le kopelo e nngwe e e opelang ka ga enfelopo e e kwadilweng aterese. Enfelopo e re e bona go feta malatsing ano. Ke enfelopo e mongwe le mongwe wa rona a tlileng go tsengwa mo go yone letsatsi le lengwe. Ke enfelopo e e diriwang ka dipolanka e ba e bitsang kese kampo kase. Loso ke tlhogo e batho ba sa rateng go bua ka ga yone. Le fa go le jalo, rotlhe re santse re tlile go tsamaya tsela eo, a wa rata kapa ga o rate. O tlile go e palama leng heše. Kopelo e ba e opelang thata kwa diphitlhong ke e e reng koloi ya Elia e a feta. Ka mo

godimo ga kese ba tlhola ba baya leina la moswi le dišeše le dikaratanyana. Fa re ka re kese ke enfelopo e o romelwang ka yone mme mo leina la gagwe le kwadilweng teng ke aterese. Aterese eo e tlabo e le e e go isang kae? Fa re ka re batho ba poso kampo ba DHL kampo diengele di tle go go tsaya mme di go ise kwa atereseng ya gago ya bofelo. Ba ne ba ka go isa kae? O ne o dumela mo go mang? O ne o dira ditiro dife mo lefatsheng? Temana ya Matheo 7: 21 ya re go na le ba ba tla reng Morena, Morena gongwe Modimo a ka re ga a ba itse. Ke utlwile maloba fa re feta fa ntlong motho a tshwere botlolo ya bojalwa ka seatla, a kopa re mo rapelele fa re tsena kwa kerekeng. O itse sentle se se diriwang teng kwa kerekeng. Gongwe o itse le Modimo wa kereke. Ke dumela gore ruri Modimo ga a mo itse. Ke fela jaaka fa nka re ke itse Thabo Mbeki mme rotlhe re a itse gore ene ga a nkitse. Batho ba bantsi ba re ba itse Modimo mme ka boammaaruri Modimo ga a ba itse. Ka nako e ba tlhokofalang mme e le nako ya phitlho batho ba bua dikgang tse di monate mme ba re Modimo o teng kampo ba opela gore koloi ya Elia e tla mo pega. Ruri Satane o tswetse batho matlho. Aterese e e kwadilweng mo kaseng fa e le gore wena ga o itse Modimo wa Badimo, o sa itse Jesu Keresete Mopholosi mme le Ene a go itse aterese eo e tlabo e sa go ise kwa bophelong jo bo sa khutleng. Diaterese di pedi fela. Ke ya kwa legodimong kwa letsogong le le jang la ga Jesu kampo ke kwa go Diabolo kwa diheleng. Wena ka ditiro tsa gago le ka tumelo ya gago o ikwalela aterese ya gago e e kwadiwang ka mo kaseng. Fa o le mo teng ga kase o ka se tlhole o fetola aterese. Ke boikarabelo jwa gago. Jesu o go swetse le wena ka mo sefapaanong mme a ka nna Mopholosi wa gago. A o mo amogetse ka mo pelong? Bala gape ditemana tse pedi tse di fa godimo. Bala le tse di latelang. 1 Johane 1:8 ya re: “Fa re re, ga re na boleo, re a itsietsa, mme boammaaruri ga bo yo mo go rona, 9 mme fa re ipobola maleo a rona, ona o boikanyo le tshiamo go re itshwarela maleo le go re itshekisa tshiamololo yotlhe. 10Fa re re, ga re a leofa, re o dira moaki, mme Lefoko la ona ga le yo mo go rona”. Temana ya Tshenolo 3:5 ya re: “5Yo o fenyang o tla apesiwa jalo diaparo tse ditshweu; ga nkitla ke phimola leina la gagwe mo bukeng ya bophelo; mme ke tla ipolela leina la gagwe fa pele ga Rre le fa pele ga baengele ba gagwe”. Jaanong tlhomamisa gore ka bophelo jwa gago le ka tumelo ya gago gore o kwala aterese e e siameng ka mo kaseng ya gago, gore le Modimo a se phimole leina la gago mo bukeng ya bophelo. Fa o siame jaanong mme aterese ya gago e siame, o ka tlogela jang batsadi, baagisani, balosika, ditsala le botlhe ba o kopanang le bone gore ba romelwe kwa atereseng e e sa siamang. Go ka nna monate jang go fitlha motho, o ka na le kagiso jang mo pelong go fitlha motho fa o itse ka pelo yotlhe gore aterese e e ka mo kaseng ke yone aterese e e mo isang kwa Bophelong jo bo sa Khutleng, kwa go Jesu Mopholosi wa rona! THAPELO Jesu, Mopholosi, ke leboga tshwarelo ya Gago ya dibe tsa me. Ke leboga ka o swetse le dibe tsa me mo sefapaanong. Ke kopa o nthuse ka ke ntse ke kwala aterese e e sa siamang ka bophelo jwa me. Ke kopa o nthuse ka ke le moleofi fela. Bophelo ke mareledi mme le nna ke reletse. Ke kopa o nthuse ke go amogela ka mo pelong mme o ntlose boleo; ntlhapise gore ke nne mosweu go gaisa semathana. Nthuse go tloga gompieno go simolola go kwala aterese e e ntšhwa mme o ntshware seatla mme re tsamaye bophelo mmogo. Ke kopa o nthuse go nkgolola mo dikeetaneng tsa ga Diabolo mme ke phele lorato le boitumelo le kagiso le bopelotelele le bopelontle le molemo le boikanyego le bonolo le boitshwaro le bophepa. Ka lebitso la Jesu. AMEN. (Fa o tlhoka Beibele e kgolo ya leleme la ga mmaagwe mme o nkwalela lekwalo ka tlhaloso ya goreng o e tlhoka, ke ka go e romela mahala. Romela lekwalo kwa go Johan Zerwick, NWU, Private Bagx6001, Potchefstroom 2531)


Bana Balang

Mohammad Imran Tahir Mohammad Imran Tahir o bonwe ka 27 Mopitlwe 1979 kwa Pakistan mme ke motshameki wa kirikete wa Aforikaborwa. Tahir ke batesemene wa seatla sa moja mme ke boulara yo a tĹĄhikisang bolo tota. Ka Seesimane go bidiwa “leg break.â€? Jaanong jaana Tahir o tshamekela setlhopha

sa Aforikaborwa mme o tshamekela le setlhopha sa kwa KwaZulu Natal sa Dolphins. Ene ke tokololo ya setlhopha sa Aforikaborwa ba ba tshamekelang Sekgele sa lefatshe sa Kirikete sa ICC kwa India le kwa Bangladesh. Le fa Tahir a kile a tshamekela setlhopha sa dilemo di le U/19 sa Pakistan le sa Pakistan A, ga a ise a tshamekele setlhopha sa lefatshe la Pakistan. Tahir o nyetse mosetsana wa mo Aforikaborwa mme ene ke Suayya Dildar mme o dumetswe go ka tshamekela Aforikaborwa morago ga go dula mo lefatsheng le dilemo di le nne tse di tlhokegang ka kgwedi ya Moranang 2009. Tahir o tshameketse motshameko wa bolekgolo la maemo a ntlha ka go tshameka ka mo kgaisanong ya 2009/2010 SuperSport Series ka motshameko o setlhopha sa Lions se ne se thulana le sa Titans. Ka kgwedi ya Firikgong ka letsatsi la 8 o ne a biditswe go tla go tsena mo setlhopheng sa Aforikaborwa go gaisana le Engelane mme tlhopho ya gagwe e ne ya gogela kwa morago morago ga go lemoga gore ga a ise a letlelelwe go tshamekela Aforikaborwa. Tahir o dumetswe go ka tshamekela Aforikaborwa ka 1 Firikgong 2011

Get behind our Our cricket boys are leaving for the sub-continent later this month in a bid to win their first Cricket world cup. South Africans are going green on Fridays to show their support for the Proteas. Join the rest of the country and wear anything green every Friday!

Host countries: h & Sri Lanka India, Banglades


Graeme Smith Hashim Amla Johan Botha AB de Villiers JP Duminy Faf du Plessis Colin Ingram Morne van Wyk

Jacques Kallis Morne Morkel Wayne Parnell Robbie Peterson Dale Steyn Imran Tahir Lonwabo Tsotsobe

mme a tlhophiwa go emela Aforikaborwa kwa kgaisanong ya lefatshe la ICC la 2011. Le fa a ne a le motshameki wa setlhopha se se ne se tshamekela SA ka mo metshamekong ya ODI kgatlhanong le India pele ga kgaisano ya Lefatshe o ne a se a tshameke motshameko wa ntlha. Mokapotene wa Aforikaborwa, Graeme Smith o tlhalositse gore se se dirilwe go fitlha Tahir gore ba se mo lemoge le gore a dule a siametse kgaisano ya lefatshe le gore ba se lemoge dineo tsa gagwe tsa kirikete. Tahir o tshamekile motshameko wa ntlha wa go tshamekela Aforikaborwa mo kgaisanong le West India ka letsatsi la 24 Tlhakole 2011 ka mo setediamong sa Feroz Shah Kotla kwa Delhi. O ile a tsaya diwikete di le 4 mme ba dira dirane di le 41 fela ka mo diowareng di le lesome mo motshamekong wa gago wa ntlha. Manaanepalo a gago mo metshamekong e meraro ya ntlha e ne e le gore o tshotse diwikete di le 11 mme a ba kgema gore ba bone dirane di le 98 fela. Ke gabedi jaanong a tshotse diwikete di le 4 mo motshamekong o le mongwe jaanong. Palogare ya gagwe ka wikete ke go tsaya wikete e nngwe le e nngwe ka go naya dirane di le 8.90 fela mme se se mo fa tekanyo ya ikonomi ya 3.89. Tsena ka mo kiriketeng ke dipalo tse di maemo a a kwa godimo thata. Bana Balang e solofela gore Tahir o tla tswelela go direla Aforikaborwa me a re thuse go ka fenya kwa ICC gore a je le letsatsi la gagwe la matsalo monate kwa India kgwedi e. Tshedimosetso e e amogetswe mo metsweding e e farologaneng le kwa le kwa wikipedia le mo dikuranteng tse di farologaneng.


2011 Cricket World

Cup: 19 February

- 2 April

ROUP B) IN ACTION: (G SOUTH AFRICA Dehli West Indies 24 FEB: SA vs Mohali Netherlands 3 MAR: SA vs Nagpur India vs SA : R A M 12 Kolkata Ireland vs SA : R A M 15 Mirpur Bangladesh vs SA : R A M 19

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Bana Balang March 2011  

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