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The Mission “BAM is a music magazine that will educate young people on new music and music lifestyle. BAM brings to the literary world a perfect resource for the best in music; a place to find out what kind of music is best for you.”

The Audience • Intrested in music of all styles, and genres • 15-21 years old • Low to upper middle class income • Both males and females, slightly more males

Story Ideas for issue one • Music festivals:

blues on the green and SXSW, your guide to the festival

• Music shops • Types of guitars:

Electric, model, and benefits, how to make a guitar

• Music venues:

Emos, Stubbs, Convention center, Rockefeller center etc...

• Dubstep:

The newest phenomenom.

• Good instruments for beginners • New albums and bands • International music

Media Kit  

Media Kt for BAM magazine