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Hello There! Congratulations! We are excited to inform you that you have been intentionally selected to join BAMit and be a part of our Founder’s Club. Joining a multi-million-dollar company on the ground floor is a rare opportunity. This exclusive offer is only being extended to a select few for our launch in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. You have been chosen to partake in this endeavor because you have been recognized as someone of influence, and we believe your participation is key in BAMit’s success. BAMit is a free app that allows businesses to offer deals and discounts to consumers. You are in a unique position to help grow this exceptional company and earn money in the process. With the roll-out of the incentive program for this exclusive opportunity, you can earn incentive EIBP Units by signing up 100 businesses and 200 BAMers in 150 days. There is a qualifying round requirement of a minimum of 10 businesses in the first 30 days. You must meet this requirement in order to continue in the Founder’s Club incentive program. This opportunity will generate income for you for each business you sign up, as well as reward you with Equity Incentive Bonus Program (EIBP) Units in the company. We invite you to read through the material in this Founder’s Club packet, which details how you can get involved and how this exclusive opportunity works for you. This invite-only program is only going to be around for a short time as we are gearing up for our Founder’s Club Launch. After that, the opportunity will be gone. Don’t miss out! Welcome to BAMit! Sincerely

Scott Brownsberger Founder, BAMit

BAMit is a search engine app that brings new business to businesses, deals and discounts to consumers, and income opportunities for everyone, all with no up-front costs or hidden fees.

Our Mission Is Simple:

Together, BAMit will enrich the lives of millions of people everywhere by saving money, making money together.

Four Phase Investment Bonus Plan

30 Days

Phase 1 - Sign up 50 business during 60-day period - Must sign up 10 businesses in first 30 days to continue business phase - Earn 15 EIBP* units per business signed

60 Days

* EIBP units = Equity Incentive Bonus Program

30 Days

Phase 1


- Earn a total 1,500 EIBP units if you sign up 50 business (earn 15 EIBP units per business if under 50 signed) - If unable to sign 50 businesses, you are still eligible to move onto Phase 2 and you will receive 15 units per business signed

30 Days

Phase 2 - Sign up 100 BAMers during 30-day period - Earn 1,500 EIBP units for signing 100 BAMers - If unable to sign up 100 BAMers, you will earn 7.5 units per BAMer signed

30 Days

Phase 3 - Train other BAMers how to sign up a business (BAMers become Builders) - Have your Builders sign up 50 businesses in 30 days - Earn 15 EIBP units for each business signed - Earn a total 1,500 EIBP units if 50 businesses sign

30 Days

Phase 4 - Train Builders to sign up BAMers to the app - Have Builders sign up 100 BAMers - Earn 1,500 EIBP units for 100 BAMers signed - If unable to sign up 100 BAMers, you will earn 7.5 units for each BAMer signed

Founder’s Incentives

1% Direct Commissions

0.5% Indirect Commissions

1x BAMbucks Earnings

Total Potential Incentive Bonus EIBP Units





Frequently Asked BAMit Questions 1. What is BAMit? BAMit is an app that provides people with great deals and discounts. BAMit brings new business to businesses, deals and discounts to consumers, and opportunities to earn extra income for everyone – all with no upfront costs or sign up fees. Our mission is simple – Together, BAMit will enrich the lives of millions of people everywhere. 2. What is a BAMer? A BAMer is anyone who uses the BAMit app. BAMers take advantage of deals and discounts that are on the BAMit network. Everyone is welcome to become a BAMer. 3. What is a Builder? A Builder is a BAMer who signs up businesses and earns 1% of each BAMit deal redeemed at that business. BAMers go through a brief tutorial to become a Builder. Builders need to be of legal working age in their state (or country), in order to generate income. 4. How does BAMit work? BAMit is super easy. BAMers redeem money-saving deals offered by their favorite local businesses. BAMers can also sign up businesses (by becoming a Certified Builder) and earn 1% of each redeemed deal at that business. BAMers can also invite other users to their community to redeem money-saving deals, and also sign up businesses. For every friend that signs up, you will receive BAMbucks, and for every business your friend signs up, you will receive ½% of every BAMit deal redeemed at that business. 5. Who can use or join BAMit? Everyone is welcome to be a BAMit user if they are looking for discounts and deals – we encourage everyone to sign up and become a BAMer. BAMit invites any business that operates legally under state and federal laws in the United States to join the BAMit network. BAMit reserves the right to remove any business in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. 6. Is BAMit a free app? Yes, the BAMit app is FREE to download and use to redeem deals. 7. How do I sign up for BAMit? The BAMit app is available in the Apple Store or Google Play. Simply download the FREE app and go through the registration process. Be sure to complete your profile so you can earn BAMbucks! 8. What types of deals are offered on BAMit? Businesses on BAMit offer a variety of money-saving deals and discounts tailored to the needs of their business and consumers they serve. Deals are posted, created, and adjusted by the individual business. 9. Can I use cash or credit card to redeem a BAMit deal? All BAMit deals are redeemed at the business location. BAMers can redeem deals with any form of payment the business accepts. Just be sure to have the business put in their PIN after the transaction is completed in order to collect your BAMbucks.

10. What is BAMbucks? BAMbucks is the loyalty program used to reward BAMers for using the app and redeeming deals. BAMers can redeem their BAMbucks for a variety of cool items, awesome experiences, and giving opportunities in the BAMbucks Rewards Center. 11. How is BAMit different from other discount apps? BAMit differs from other discount services because there are no upfront costs or purchasing requirements before redeeming a deal. Businesses benefit from a low 4.9% charge per total transaction, and BAMit never charges a BAMer to purchase a deal prior to redeeming it. Deals are redeemed directly at checkout.

BAMer Questions 1. How do I become a BAMer? Anyone can become a BAMer by downloading the BAMit app and registering/creating an account. 2. How do I start finding deals? To start finding deals on the BAMit app, tap the DEALS tab in the app and pick from any of the categories to find a discount you like. 3. How do I redeem a deal on BAMit? All deals are redeemed at the business checkout. Select a deal you wish to redeem, tap the REDEEM DEAL tab, and present your BAMit deal to the cashier. After the discount is applied, enter the new total amount being paid into the calculator (including tax, but not including tip in the service industry), and present your device to the cashier. The cashier will enter their 4-digit business PIN, press next, and BAM! You just redeemed a deal and earned BAMbucks. 4. How do I invite my friends to BAMit? To invite a friend to BAMit, tap the INVITE tab in the app. Enter their email address, and tap SEND INVITE. BAM! You just invited a friend. Once they receive your email invitation, they can complete the registration to become a BAMer. You can see all your invites in your profile under the MORE tab. 5. Can I report a business if I experience issues or problems with a deal? We take pride in having quality businesses on BAMit. While we don’t anticipate any problems, yes, during the redemption process you will have the option to tap the ANY ISSUES REDEEMING YOUR DEAL link and chose from a variety of concerns. Tap OTHER if you don’t see your issue. 6. How do I earn income with BAMit? Builders earn income by adding businesses to the BAMit network and earn 1% of every BAMit deal redeemed at that business, for as long as that business is on the BAMit network. Builders can also earn income by signing up other builders, who then add businesses to the BAMit network, and receive ½% of any redeemed BAMit deals at the new business.

7. Is BAMit an MLM? No, BAMit is not an MLM. We do not generate a “downline” of active users that is the basis for your earnings, and Builders do not make any money directly off BAMers or their purchases. Additionally, there are no startup costs or sign up fees for a builder to begin making money. Builders only earn 1% income on redeemed deals of businesses in their own active communities which they have personally added, and they earn ½% of redeemed deals from businesses added by friends directly in their active communities. But that is where the referral system ends. 8. What is the difference between BAMbucks and MONEY EARNED? BAMbucks are a part of the loyalty rewards program that is used to reward BAMers for various actions while using the app. BAMbucks are not a currency and cannot be used to redeem deals or be used for general purchasing currency outside the BAMbucks Rewards Center. Money Earned is the US Dollars generated for qualified transactions that Builders are paid when a deal is redeemed at a business within their community. 9. When do I get paid for my MONEY EARNED? Once you have reached $20 in verified earnings, a check will be automatically generated and sent to you at the address you have given in your profile. Be sure to enter in your legal name and physical mailing address correctly so we can get a check out to you. Checks are sent at the end of each month. Verification of a deal can take up to 10 business days, and once all the redeemed deals are verified within a time period, you will receive your check. 10. What are BAMs? BAMs are notifications BAMers will receive. These nuggets of wisdom will help you save money and locate great deals along the way. 11. How do I turn BAMs off? We can’t imagine why anyone would want to turn off their BAMs, but if you do: iOS device: go to the settings and tap NOTIFICATIONS then scroll to the BAMit app and turn the ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS toggle on/off. Android device: go to the Apps section in the settings. Tap the BAMit app and check/uncheck the box for show notifications. 12. How can I update the name on my profile? Within the BAMit app, go to the MORE tab section and tap the MY PROFILE tab>MAKE CHANGES, and then edit your name. For legal purposes, you must use your legal name in the BAMit profile, so avoid nicknames and special handles. While we agree you are probably Super Mom, or Awesome Dude, we can’t send you a check with that name when you earn money for deals redeemed in your active business community. Your display name in the help chats will display your legal name. All profile changes can be made in this section. 13. How do I update the email address I use to log into my account? Within the BAMit app, go to the MORE section, tap the MY PROFILE tab>MAKE CHANGES. Edit/ replace your email address and then tap save changes.

14. How can I update my user name in my profile? Your user name is your email address. If you need to update your email address, you can do this in the profile section of the app under the MORE tab. Be sure to save your changes after each entry. 15. How do I update the password for my account? Within the BAMit app, go to the MORE section tap MY PROFILE tab>MAKE CHANGES. Backspace over your current password and enter your new one. Tap SAVE CHANGES. We highly recommend changing your password frequently. 16. How can I see all the deals redeemed in my community? You can see all the deals and discounts that have been redeemed by going to the MY MONEY section. You can review all your redeemed deals, money earned, and your BAMbucks here. Click on MY BUSINESSES in this section to see earnings based on businesses. 17. How do I sign up for the BAMit email subscriber list? The email address you registered with will automatically be subscribed to the BAMit email list. If you wish to no longer receive BAMit emails, you may unsubscribe at any time. But before you unsubscribe, be sure to check out a few of the newsletters sent out because there is a wealth of information that will be very beneficial. We don’t send out boring material that isn’t valuable, and we don’t send them out very often. 18. Can I have multiple BAMit accounts? Yes, BAMers can have as many accounts as they like, however we suggest sticking with one account because you cannot transfer BAMbucks from one account to another. 19. How do I get notified of local BAMit deals? You can receive notifications from BAMit by going to the settings of your device and turning notifications on/off. Without turning notifications on for BAMit, you will not receive any local BAM alerts that we send out. That would be a bummer as you may miss out on some great deals! 20. How do I enable location services on my mobile device? iOS device: Go to the settings, tap LOCATION and tap ON. Make sure to select WHILE USING APP or ALWAYS. Android device: Go to the settings, tap LOCATION. Go to GOOGLE LOCATION REPORTING, then LOCATION REPORTING and tap ON. 23. How do I deactivate my BAMit account? Our hearts will be broken into a million pieces, but if you wish to deactivate your account you may contact our customer support team, they will assist you. Miss you already. 24. Why isn’t the BAMit business page I added appearing when I search for it? We get it can be really frustrating not to see the fruits of your labor when growing your list of active businesses. It may be that the business is not on the BAMit network because they have not completed the verification and registration process. If you signed up a business, make sure they have completed these vital steps. If you know they completed their registration, but you still don’t see them in the community, please contact our customer support team.

25. How can I add a business to BAMit? Anyone on the BAMit network can add a new business after they go through a brief tutorial to become a Builder (Builders must be of legal working age in their state or country to earn income). Tap on the INVITE tab at the bottom of your screen in the app. Tap the ADD A BUSINESS icon (this will not show up until you have completed the brief tutorial), input the requested business information and tap ADD BUSINESS. The business will then receive a verification email. They must complete their registration to join the BAMit network including adding a deal and a payment option. Once they verify their business, it will be added to your active businesses and you will receive a percentage of deals redeemed at that location.

Deals on BAMit: 1. What is a deal on BAMit? A deal is a discount offered by a business on the BAMit network. These discounts save our BAMers lots of cash and earn rewards through our BAMbucks loyalty program. While we do refer to them as BAMit deals, please realize that these deals are directly added by a business and are controlled by the business. BAMit does not add these deals, we simply provide the platform for businesses to add their own deals. 2. How do I redeem a deal on BAMit? All deals are redeemed at the business. Select a deal you wish to redeem, tap the REDEEM DEAL tab, and present your BAMit deal on your phone to the cashier. After the discount is applied, enter the new total amount being paid into the calculator (including tax, but before TIP if applicable), and present your device to the cashier. The cashier will enter their 4-digit business PIN, press next, and BAM! You just redeemed a deal and earned BAMbucks. 3. What are some tips for redeeming a deal on BAMit? DO: Make sure the total amount is correct before presenting your device to the business. Your total affects your BAMbucks disbursement amounts. The business should proceed to enter their merchant code and tap NEXT to finalize the transaction. If you enter the wrong amount and it doesn’t match with the totals verified, you might not get your BAMbucks, so be sure to enter the correct amount being paid for the total transaction. Do include the tax and tip in that total amount. DON’T: If a business attempts to give you the deal “under the table” please select the ANY ISSUES REDEEMING YOUR DEAL tab, and select the appropriate issue and give a brief description. We are unable to disburse your BAMbucks if the business does not process your transaction by entering their 4-digit PIN. We would hate for you to miss out on building your rewards because we have some pretty awesome stuff in our BAMbucks Reward Center. 4. How are deal search results determined? BAMit search results are determined by your current location. Any deals within a category will appear on the map with a drop-pin within proximity of your location. If you expand the view of the map, you can see more drop-pins pop up. 5. If I split the check to pay for a deal, will the BAMbucks be split? BAMers can split the purchase price with the business for any deal purchase. However, only one BAMer can redeem the deal and earn BAMbucks. If your meal partner isn’t a BAMit member, ask them to join – it’s a perfect opportunity to see if they want to save money as well, and next time you dine together, they can get the BAMbucks!

6. How do I find additional information about a deal or business? For information about a deal or business, tap the drop-pin on the map to pull up additional information. Missing information about the business? Let us know what you want to see, and we’ll look at adding it to the business profile. 7. Can I use my BAMbucks to redeem a deal on BAMit? BAMbucks are points you can use to redeem for great items in our BAMbucks Rewards Center. And we can promise that we have some pretty awesome stuff in there! 8. How many deals can I redeem per day? As many as your bank account will allow! You may redeem as many deals as you like per day – there is no cap on redeeming deals. Remember, the more deals you redeem, the more BAMbucks you earn. 9. How often can a business post a deal? As often as they like to fit their daily business objectives. The more deals posted, the more discount options BAMers have! 10. Can I redeem a deal more than once? A deal can be redeemed as many times or as long as it is on the BAMit network. Parameters of redeeming a deal are set by the business. 11. When do I stop earning ½ % of Businesses added by BAMers I invited to my BAMit community? You don’t stop earning a percentage of deals redeemed at a business added from a BAMer you added to your community. As long as that business remains on the BAMit network, and is offering deals, you will earn a percentage of redeemed deals. 12. I had a bad experience redeeming a deal. First off, that’s a bummer, and we are so sorry you had this experience. We take pride in having quality businesses on the BAMit network and hate to see anyone leave with a bad taste in their mouth. If you had a bad experience redeeming a deal please tap the REPORT THIS DEAL after you have completed your transaction. We will address the issue immediately. 13. I don’t want to redeem a deal because the business is charging extra fees. We hate to see businesses not following the rules of the discount offers. If you notice a business is trying to charge extra fess when redeeming your deal/discount, please report it immediately by tapping the ISSUE REDEEMING THIS DEAL tab before redeeming your deal. 14. What if a business on BAMit won’t accept my deal/discount on the app? We never anticipate this happening as businesses use the BAMit platform to keep customers coming back again, and again. However, if you found a deal/discount on the BAMit network for a specific business and they do not allow you to redeem your deal, on the REDEEM A DEAL page, simply tap the ISSUES REDEEMING THIS DEAL tab and select from the options to let us know you had a problem. We will do our best to resolve it immediately. 15. What is your refund policy? If you would like a refund, please contact the business directly for more information on their refund policies. Remember, the deals you redeem are controlled by the business, not BAMit.

BAMbucks: 1. What is BAMbucks? BAMbucks is the rewards program used to reward BAMers for using the app and redeeming deals. BAMers can earn BAMbucks by signing up businesses, signing up other BAMers, and redeeming deals. 2. How do I use BAMbucks? BAMbucks are used to redeem various cool items, awesome experiences, and giving opportunities in the Rewards Center. BAMbucks can only be redeemed in our Rewards Center. 3. What do I do if I did not receive the item I ordered from the BAMbucks store? If you did not receive your item in the time frame quoted by the delivery service, please contact our customer support team and we will check it out for you at 4. How many BAMbucks do I have in my account? You can verify how many BAMbucks you have by tapping on the MY MONEY tab and scrolling down to the BAMbucks section. 5. Will my BAMbucks ever expire? Nope, the BAMbucks associated with your account will not expire. 6. Can I use my BAMbucks to redeem a BAMit deal? That would be cool, but no, BAMbucks are not an actual currency. They are simply part of our rewards program to honor our most awesome deal-finders and builders. BAMbucks are only used to redeem various items, experiences, and giving opportunities found in the BAMbucks Rewards Center. 7. I did something that should reward BAMbucks, but I didn’t receive them? So sorry for any inconvenience. We try our best to have everything run as smoothly as possible. Most BAMbucks should be deposited in your account within 24 hours. But, if you don’t see them after one week of your purchase, please contact our customer support team at and we will resolve this for you as soon as possible. 8. If I return my merchandise, will I keep my BAMbucks? If you complete a transaction and the business verifies the amount is correct, you will keep your BAMbucks in the event of a return. However, if you purchase something on one day, and return it before the transaction verification process is complete, you will not earn your BAMbucks. The BAMbucks return policy is subject to change according to terms and conditions. 9. Can I return or exchange an item I purchased with BAMbucks? All purchases from our awesome BAMbuck Rewards Center are final purchases. If you received a defective or damaged item, please contact our customer service at 10. How often will items in the BAMbucks Rewards Center be available or updated? Items in the BAMbucks Rewards Center may be cycled out as often as every few weeks, keep checking back for new and exciting items.

11. What are the EXPERIENCES offered in the BAMbucks Rewards Center? Experiences are exciting activities for you to enjoy. They are varied and are subject to change. Make sure to check back often for new opportunities. 12. What is a GIVING OPPORTUNITY? This is an opportunity for a BAMer to donate a portion or all of their BAMbucks balance to their favorite charitable organization. 13. Do I keep my BAMbucks if a business shuts down? Absolutely! If a business closes for any reason, you will still get to keep your BAMbucks from that store.

BAMit Privacy: 1. Can BAMit businesses see my personal account information? No, BAMit businesses do not receive any of your personal account information, nor can they see anything other than your name when they receive their verification email upon signup. 2. Do I have to use my real name on BAMit? Yes, everyone on the BAMit network will have to use their real name for their BAMit account. This is required for correct payouts to the correct individuals. While we agree you are an Awesome Dude, or Super Mom, we can’t cut a check to those fictional characters. 3. Is my email address visible to other BAMers? No, your email address is not visible to other BAMers. All your personal information is protected.

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