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A Celebration of the Life of Your Humble Servant

Bishop David W. Greaves 11th January 1955 ~ 17th December 2016


Bishop David W. Greaves 11th January 1955 ~ 17th December 2016

Wednesday 11th January 2017

Home Going Service Waltham Forest Assembly Hall 701 Forest Road Walthamstow E17 4JF


Chingford Mount Cemetery 121 Old Church Rd | Chingford E4 6ST


What can I say of my David, That hasn’t already been said? What more can be written, or conveyed, Spoken, extolled or read? It’s agreed he was found to be humble A servant leader indeed; Willing to listen and empathise Then through prayer he would intercede. To worship the Lord was his passion We all knew he had found the right key To attract the dear Father’s attention While encouraging us to be free To worship the Lord with gladness Never rushing to get to the end; Rather taking the time to give God His due Holding out till the final Amen! Yes the man I married was patient. And so he needed to be.

For I was often quite feisty (in Jesus’ name) But he encouraged me to be me. “In sickness and health” I had promised to love It was easy to make such a vow. And 30 years on, it has come to pass That “till death us do part” is right now. God had joined us together to be as one And quite soon our one became seven. My David has transitioned leaving his quiver full He’s now teamed with the hosts up in heaven. He would want us to know just how happy he is To declare all life’s cares are now passed. No more sickness and pain, sting of death overcame Hand in hand with the saviour at last. David’s race has been run, he pressed on for the prize Kept the faith to the end without falling. He has finished his course, eternal life realized Now in Christ He’s attained the high calling.

Marlene Greaves for her husband

ORDER OF SERVICE Musical Prelude Processional

Total Praise Revd. Pauline Doyley - Saxophonist

Opening Remarks Bishop D. A. Powell

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Revd. Dr. Julius Jamiru New Testament Assembly - Ealing

Praise & Worship Medley Kindred Spirit John Olaleye

1st Reading - Ecclesiastes 3v1-14 Steven Greaves (Nephew)

Congregational Hymn Blessed Assurance Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine; Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine! Heir of salvation, purchase of God, Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.

Perfect submission, perfect delight, Visions of rapture now burst on my sight; Angels descending, bring from above Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.

This is my story, this is my song, Praising my Saviour all the day long. This is my story, this is my song, Praising my Saviour all the day long.

Perfect submission, all is at rest, I in my Saviour am happy and blest; Watching and waiting, looking above, Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.

John 1v1-14 Enid Lewis


Friends of the Heart Foundation Jamaica Revd. Ade Omooba Revd. Robert Myers Gbobeh Bishop Esme Beswick

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Revd. Doreen Clarke Bro. Roshad Gibbons New Testament Assembly - Leyton Overseas Minister


Revd. Beverley Russell-Burke National General Secretary

Congregational Hymn In Christ Alone In Christ alone my hope is found He is my light, my strength, my song This Cornerstone, this solid ground Firm through the fiercest drought and storm What heights of love, what depths of peace When fears are stilled, when strivings cease My Comforter, my All in All Here in the love of Christ I stand

There in the ground His body lay Light of the world by darkness slain Then bursting forth in glorious Day Up from the grave He rose again And as He stands in victory Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me For I am His and He is mine Bought with the precious blood of Christ

In Christ alone, who took on flesh Fullness of God in helpless babe This gift of love and righteousness Scorned by the ones He came to save ‘Til on that cross as Jesus died The wrath of God was satisfied For every sin on Him was laid Here in the death of Christ I live

No guilt in life, no fear in death This is the power of Christ in me From life’s first cry to final breath Jesus commands my destiny No power of hell, no scheme of man Can ever pluck me from His hand Till He returns or calls me home Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand

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Evg. Icilda Cameron (Mother-in-law) Trevor Kirton (Brother)

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Revd. Marlene Greaves


Pauline Wilkes & Christine Kerr (Sisters-in-law)

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Revd. Canon Joel Edwards Stategic Advisor to Christian Solidarity Worldwide

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Bishop Francis Vaughn Miracle Church of God in Christ - Bedford


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Eulogy of Bishop David Whitfield Greaves David Whitfield Greaves was born at the family home in Jackson St Michael Barbados, on 11 January 1955 to parents s and Gloria Greaves. He was their fifth child. He spent his formative years in Barbados where he completed his formal education. He was a popular child who was admired for his calm warm spirit. He was known to be very obedient, and could generally be trusted to go to the shop for his mother and return with the goods and correct change, ensuring not to stop and play on the way there or back. David was described as the brightest of the family, and developed a real love for education. He was quiet and never received a bad report. Whilst growing and developing as a child David was sometimes teased for being ‘posh’ his own mother even took to calling him Prince Charles because of his particular way of doing things. David refused to play outdoors with bare feet, and cricket was often a “no no” as he declared he didn’t want to get any darker.

He travelled to England in 1972 accompanied by his older brother Ishmael in order to join their parents. Once in the UK David attended Leyton senior high for boys for just one term before going on to Waltham forest college where he gained a Certificate in office studies. He continued there and completed a diploma in mixed subjects. David loved accounts and went on to study in that field. It was after witnessing the radical transformation of his brother Ishmael that David came to faith. The brothers attended the New Testament Assembly Church in Vicarage Road Leyton, and there David developed a real passion for God. He inspired his peers to seek God with their whole heart and to go all out in worship. Tales are told of David and other young people competing to see who was the hoarsest from shouting during the convention.

David’s first job was as a trainee accountant but it was to end abruptly when David was found to be using most of his time witnessing to colleagues. It became clear that David was destined to soar in ministry and guided and supported by Pastors Smith and Bailey he went on to Bible college, and was eventually ordained as a minister. It was whilst teaching at the NTA Bible School that David met Marlene who was his student. Somewhere between Luke and Acts of the Apostles he realised she was to be his life partner and they were married in 1986 and after setting up home together in Croydon settled down and raised four sons and one daughter. David’s heart was still for ministry but he decided to work full time to provide for his young and growing family. David began attending NTA Tooting where Marlene was a member and after many years of faithful local and national ministry he was consecrated to the office of National Presiding Bishop in 1999. It was not a paid role so David continued in employment and became the manager of the Tooting Neighbourhood Centre. In 2004 David answered the unusual call of leaving his official seat of residence (which was based at the NTA head quarters) in order to take on the pastoral care NTA Leyton. The family relocated to Chingford in 2005 so as to serve the church more effectively. David was loved by the flock and in the early years he had quite a large following of young soldiers who he inspired to take their faith seriously, many of whom looked to him as a father figure. David had his unique way of leading and was often misunderstood and underestimated, he carried out his ministry with calm and sincere humility. In fact David’s general response to negative behaviour and attitudes was “Leave them to God!” David continued to served as the National presiding Bishop for 14 years before retiring. David was a man of deep faith especially when it came to health. Sadly he was diagnosed with Diabetes in the late nineties and needless to say he was not willing to accept it as his portion. Over time his health deteriorated and in 2015 David surrendered to medication and began to pull back from the over exerting ministry roles. Nothing however quelled his passion for prayer, worship or teaching. He continued to give his all.

David was thankful to God for calling all five of the children into faith and he was even more delighted to see them active in a variety of ministries. He was able to see his first 3 children graduate from University and the twins begin their first degrees. In 2012 he was privileged to perform the marriage ceremony of his Eldest son Oliver to Meloney, and was delighted to have lived to see 2 granddaughters. To add to his joy David welcomed his future son-in-law Bamidele into the family, having asked for Philippa’s hand in marriage. On the 6th of October 2016 David attended the A&E in Waltham Forest with an infected toe. He remained in hospital and received treatment, but his health rapidly declined leading to multiple organ failure. This scenario led to life saving and life changing surgery. Much prayer went up on his behalf and to God be the glory he came through the surgery, however he remained in intensive care for over a month. David pressed through the many challenges of medical intervention and he eventually released from the hospital and sent home on the 14th of December in order to rehabilitate. What began as a simple cough became a chest infection and this coupled with his physical fragility led to David’s sudden demise on 17th of December 2016 after just 3 days at home with his family. David slipped away home to Glory leaving behind Marlene his wife of 30 years, his children Oliver, Ashley, Philippa, Elliot, and Joel. Daughter in-law Meloney, and granddaughters Olivia-Mae and Zara. He also leaves his father, siblings and extended family members and last but by no means least, his flock at NTA Leyton. David lived his name. He was greatly loved and is greatly missed already. David lived ready and died ready, He is home at last! Blessed be the name of the Lord who does all things well. Author Marlene Greaves

A Man of Integrity THE LIFE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF Bishop David Whitfield Greaves 1955-2016 As with King David, Bishop David Whitfield Greaves shepherded his people with integrity of heart and guided them with skilful hands. David came to faith in 1972 and was catapulted to ministry within a few years. He is revered for his recognition and service to the marginalised, the less fortunate and those who fall outside the boundaries of societal norms. He was a great spiritual leader with a passion for Christ to be made known to the people around him and the salvation of souls. His greatest desire was to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His spiritual attributes, fervour for God’s work and willingness to become involved attracted national attention, and having served as Choir Director and Superintendent of the Leyton Sunday School he was ordained as a New Testament Assembly Minister. To adequately prepare, and in keeping with his ambition for leadership, David attended and gained his diploma in Ministry at the London School of Theology. Shortly after this achievement he transferred membership to the Tooting New Testament Assembly where his qualities were immediately recognised and he became an intuitive member of the Pastoral Team and authored its first Strategic Plan. David was committed to the advancement and personal development of NTA members and was intricately involved in the inception and development of the Institute of Theology & Christian Counselling (then known as the Institute of Christian Training). He served as a Board member and as accredited lecturer by the University of Wales Lampeter from which ITCC gained it Accreditation. David was strategic in his thinking and helped to shape the Institute which offered accredited Certificate and Diploma courses in Ministerial Theology. With a special place in his heart for Mission, he visited and positively impacted the Churches in India, Ghana, and the Republic of South Africa and engaged well with the NTA churches in Canada, the USA, and Jamaica. He was a passionate teacher of the Word and these churches benefited from his uncompromising preaching and teaching. He was also an active member of the NTA International Executive Board from its genesis in 1994 to August 2016. David was a social engineer and was attracted to like Organisations for employment, namely, Tear-Fund, The Evangelical Alliance, and was also the Director of the NTA Community Flagship Project - The Tooting Neighbourhood Centre, for the Elderly and the Recovering Mental Health clients. This is a position he held for a number of years and was responsible for the yearly Business Plan, managing staff, the facilities and, most importantly, negotiating service procurements with Local Authorities.

History attests that David was the youngest National Executive Board member to be appointed. His devotion, attention to details and financial acumen lent itself to his appointment as the Organisation’s National Treasurer; a position he held until he was appointed in 1989 as the National Presiding Bishop to succeed the late Bishop Donald Bernard. He was the third National Presiding Bishop of the New Testament Assembly, England and served faithfully for 14 years. At the onset of his tenure as Bishop he published his vision in the form of “The Jordan Journey”. This document succinctly outlined the leadership transition, the incorporation of younger Ministers into management and leadership of the Organisation and some key stepping stones, and areas for development. This was indeed a defining and strategic document which galvanised the members of the NTA and brought about a smooth transition. Other defining events during his tenure as Bishop, as he worked in tandem with the National Executive Board (now the Trustee Board) were: • • • • •

The in-corporation of the South Croydon NTA church; The planting of the NTA New Generation Church in Nottingham; The purchase of the New Generation Church in Davids Lane – Nottingham; The purchase of the Akwaaba Centre - Deptford; The appointment of 72 Emerging Leaders (2011) and participating in their training; and masterminding the celebration of the NTA’s 50th Anniversary in 2011;

From 2004 until his transition, Bishop David was Senior Pastor of the Leyton New Testament Assembly. He worked tirelessly as an Evangelist, Teacher, Mentor and Pastor; edifying, encouraging and caring for the flock. As a local Pastor he never lost the common touch and was much respected and endeared by young and old alike. Bishop Greaves epitomised the servant leader and modelled what it meant to lead with diligence, sacrificially and with integrity. The New Testament Assembly International, Bishop Executive Council and Board of Trustees pays tribute to Bishop David Whitfield Greaves, a man after God’s own heart.

TRIBUTES JOE ALDRED (BISHOP DR), Churches Together in England So, sad, on a human level, to learn of Bishop David Greaves’ sudden passing, yet I am comforted by the family’s affirmation that ‘it is well’. I am comforted too by my knowing this great human being as a child of God who has gone to his eternal rest. I recall preaching at his Installation Service when he first became National Bishop of NTA. He was indeed a gracious and gentle soul who those of us who had the privilege of knowing him will remember with much affection. I continue to pray for Marlene, the rest of the family, and indeed the NTA family who will all feel his passing very deeply. May he rest in eternal peace. ROBERT TAPLEY  I have known David for many years as friend and Bishop. We had many talks at the Neighbourhood Centre where he had sound advice for me. He was a man of understanding, quiet authority and brotherly love. I was privileged to be with David and Bishop Melvin Powell on the NTA visit to India and Singapore in 2004. He was an influence, especially as I asked them about being a husband for my forthcoming marriage a few months later. He gave the address at my wedding and was Godfather to my daughter. I will greatly MISS him. ERROL VASSELL (REVD), Assemblies of the First Born  Bishop Greaves is a true Man of God who stands as an outstanding example of a meek and effective leader. Admired by many from both near and far, he will be greatly missed. Wishing his dear wife, family and the NTA church family my sincere condolences and God’s divine peace at this time. PASTOR ADE OMOOBA, Co-founder and Director, Christian Concern and Christian Legal Centre A gentle giant has departed us to a home far away where he has always longed for someday. That day might have come too soon for us all who loved and cherished his company but the company of his maker deserved him more than we can comprehend.  A sweet soul with the energy of a pastoral maverick is my friend and brother David Greaves. It grieves me that I will miss his sweet and gentle smile and voice, a voice so gentle yet it vibrates and inspires with its impact.  A prayer steward has completed his service in the Lord’s earthly prayer house and now rests in the eternal prayer house of his heavenly father whom he loved so much.  Adieu my bishop, Shalom my yoke-fellow and rest well my co-labourer.

22nd December 2016 Bishop Delroy Powell National Overseer New Testament Assembly 7 Beechcroft Road Tooting Bec L O N D ON SW17 7BU Dear Bishop Powell

By Email & Post

Christian greetings in the mighty name of Jesus. I am writing on behalf of the leaders and members of the New Testament Church of God to offer our sincerest condolences on the passing of your former National Overseer, Bishop David Greaves. As a church we stand with you in mourning the loss of this giant of the faith and acknowledge his lasting contribution to the building of the Kingdom and to the wider church and civic community. He has indeed left a legacy of which we can all be proud. May you his church family know the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit now and in the future, and those of us who had the privilege to share fellowship with him seek to emulate those Christian virtues which distinguished him as a true servant of God. We continue to hold his family in our thoughts and prayers at this sad time. Yours in the Master’s service

Bishop Donald Bolt National Overseer New Testament Church of God England & Wales

TRIBUTES CONTINUED REV BYRON AND BEVERLEY BURKE, NTA-Deptford Sadness floods our hearts at the news of our dear friend and Bishop. The world seemed to stop for us on receiving the news. We will remember his openness to include and invite all into his family. He was a great listener, counsellor, teacher and adviser. We enjoyed debating with him, he always enabled us to think outside of the box. He has supported us in times of our own sadness, and empowered us to move forward in our ministry. Bishop, we love and miss you. The memories we have of you, will now fill the void you have left. Rest in perpetual Peace. HUGH OSGOOD, Moderator of the Free Churches Group Dear Marlene I was so sorry to hear about David’s passing, not least because you and I had been talking together so hopefully about his full recovery just a few weeks ago. I want to tell you personally that I will miss him as he has been a key figure in the NTA world for me over so many years. I have some very good and strong recollections but they indeed must seem few to the many, many positive memories that you and the children undoubtedly share. David’s impact on the wider Christian world always seemed to me to be greater than he would have acknowledged and I admire him for that; it highlights the way that...

he prized influence over profile. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this Christmas time and as we move into the New Year. It is precious that you had those last few days at home together - a real gift from a loving God who now has David fully enjoying His presence. With much love, Yours as always,

London Borough of Waltham Forest The Office of the Worshipful the Mayor 4399

The Mayor’s Parlour Waltham Forest Town Hall 4286 Forest Road, London E17 4JF

Tel: 020 8496 Fax: 020 8496

Bishop David Whitfield Greaves I was saddened to learn of the passing of Bishop David Greaves. It was my great privilege as Mayor to meet with the Bishop and share the celebrations of your 50th anniversary in November 2015. I was struck by his commitment and dedication to both the church and to the wider community. I hope that at this difficult time you will all – family, friends and church members – find solace in the memory of his work and achievements. I offer you my sincere condolences.

Councillor Saima Mahmud Mayor of Waltham Forest 2015/16

OVERSEAS TRIBUTES APOSTLE SANDRA VALENTINE Senior Minister – Kingdom Life Center, Kissimmee Florida A Tribute to Bishop David W. Greaves, A Man of Worship Branded in my mind are two distinct moments when I was privileged to gaze on the raw, real and rare passion with which you abandon yourself to God in unbridled worship. At an NTA ministers retreat at Herne Bay and a Sunday morning at Leyton NTA, when as a guest speaker we prayed before entering the sanctuary. You were a man of “His Presence” and like David of old, you knew the secret to the Father’s heart – worship. My last visit with you at The Royal London Hospital was another precious moment as you gave me a peek into your pondering heart, your yearning to see the members of Christ body move with precision as you saw the staff did on the ward. Your focus was futuristic, so I was shocked as was everyone else, when I received the news that you had transitioned to glory…now you can worship forever, now you are walking whole and healed, now you need not apologize for “holding up” the service with your extended quest for more of His glory. Now you can and will abide forever – in worship. Your legacy lives! For even as the family grieves like you they worship and declare, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord. JONATHAN, DULCIE & ALEXANDER JOSEPH, India We are thanking God for our dear uncle David’s life and legacy. He had been a great blessing to my dad, my mum and me since the 1970’s. My dad studied with uncle David at Elim Bible college and found him to be a great source of strength, support and help for him. Dad can never forget the wonderful times spent with Uncle David. He has encouraged and supported us spiritually, financially in tough and difficult times. Bishop David was a great, God fearing prayerful man, a man of wisdom, great Bible teacher and a humble man of God who served tirelessly in building God’s kingdom for His glory. Uncle David will always be my inspiration. Have received personal counselling by uncle last year and at times at UK and will cherish the precious moments I had spent with him. This is our hope that we will all meet him one day. 1 Thess. 4:13-18. Please accept our deepest condolences. May the God of peace comfort you all.

BISHOP K DHANAPAL MANUVELSAMY, India & family The saddest news of this year 2016 is the passing of my best friend and a well-wisher Beloved Bishop David Greaves. His spiritual guidance and the maturity in Ministry and Life is amazing. He is a person who served outside his geographic boundary in reaching out to the Asian minorities not only in London but also in India.  He travelled to India many times especially during the most troubled moments like the Tsunami in 2004 and served the downcast people. Great service has been rendered throughout his life to many more needed ones. We miss a great leader, a deep thinker, a patient and humble man and a much-loved shepherd. His loss is very personal to me and my family. Our heart goes out to Rev Marlene, his children and to the NTA family. WE LOVE HIM. May His SOUL rest in Peace with God. BISHOP FRANK AGYAPONG, New Testament Assembly, Ghana The Right Reverend David W. Greaves loved the Lord His God with a sincere and willing heart. He was humble, filled with love and understanding for all men. He never had the desire to offend anyone. He possessed wisdom from the Holy Spirit and was just and truthful. Bishop Greaves prioritised intimated relationship with the Lord over sheer religious practises. Bishop indeed was a holy man and lived his life to maintain the gift of righteousness he received from his Lord and Saviour. Temporarily, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ has lost a very great ambassador and chief minister on this our side of the world. Bishop Greaves is blessed to gone ahead of us all to the home country. He has received the ultimate healing, which is death. When he opened his eyes in the other world, he will feel no more pains and no more handicaps. He will be resting from all his labours. The Lord himself will be eternally responsible for his upkeep and well-being. Bishop, Good bye. We will catch up with you sooner or later. You will forever remain in our memories. Let all of us, especially his closest family, take consolation that Bishop has been taken away through the wisdom and preordained program of God. One day we will be re-joined with him.

NEW TESTAMENT ASSEMBLY LEYTON TRIBUTES Tribute for the late Bishop David Whitfield Greaves Bishop David Whitfield Greaves affectionately known as ‘Bishop’ by the congregation of NTA-Leyton, was much respected and loved for his quiet humility of spirit with the demonstration of his faith and love for the Lord. His passing on Saturday 17 December 2016, has had a tremendous impact on the congregation and he will be greatly missed by the NTA-Leyton church family. The Board of Ministers and the congregation of NTA-Leyton, would like to thank God for the time Bishop spent as our ‘Pastor’ and to extend our very deepest sympathy to Revd. Marlene, the family, and extended family. Bishop fulfilled the role of Pastor at NTA-Leyton for 12 years. He arrived in June 2004 with his wife Revd. Marlene and children: Oliver, Ashley, Philippa, Elliott and Joel. This was a homecoming, as he was a son of NTA-Leyton. Bishop in his early years had a born again experience and a divine call on his life at the NTA-Leyton church, 71 Vicarage Road, under the leadership of the late Revd. Dr Io Smith and the late Pastor V. Bailey. His roles included being a Sunday school teacer, youth leader, and choir director. He attended the London Bible School and Elim Seminary and was ordained to the ministry. He was a member of the pioneering missionary teams who travelled to Ghana and exchange visits to Jamaica. He returned(whilst in his tenure as NTA National Presiding Bishop), with a determination and passion to continue the legacy of the various ministry initiatives; a thriving youth and children’s department; as well as to ensure that the church reached out to those within the community at large, who were marginalised or less fortunate, e.g. the homeless and those suffering with mental ill health. During his years at NTA-Leyton, Bishop lived his faith and led by example, and this was readily evidenced in the way he communicated with people from every sphere of life.

We celebrate the following achievements, initiatives and accomplishments: • • • • • •

Hosting the Royal visit of Her Majesty the Queen, during her Jubilee Year in March 2005. Reciprocal visits over the years from international ministries in Africa, South The launch of Ev’Re Woman Annual Conferences; The ALPHA Course; ‘Link up’ - two weeks of summer activities led by the youth department; Media initiatives – enabling recording and live streaming of NTA-Leyton services via radio, YouTube and Facebook. • The first NTA National Conference held at NTA-Leyton. • Black History Month events led by the Children’s Ministry Team. • Africa, Canada, India, Caribbean and USA. . Bishop enjoyed expounding the Word not only via the Institute of Christian Training, (the training arm of the NTA), but he also encouraged the congregation to develop the same ethic and would host Bible Study classes on Tuesdays, often inviting other teachers to participate. His motto was: “It’s all about Jesus!” Bishop loved to sing and worship. His frequent song request to the praise and worship team was . . . “open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see Jesus. .. “ Bishop’s passion and vision for the ministry at NTA-Leyton never diminished, even whilst he faced health challenges. In 2015, NTA-Leyton celebrated 50 years in ministry and during this time, his vision for the future of NTA-Leyton consisted of the following: • • • •

To equip the church congregation so that everyone would effectively use their skills and talents to make a difference in the community. To invest in new emerging leaders, to take up the mantel of God and pass it on to the next generation. To complete the building programme.

This tribute of accolade to our dearest bishop would not be complete if we did not honour and remember the following attributes that made him Bishop; his grace, gentleness and humour, as he held babies in his arms to dedicate them to the Lord; his calming presence to nervous brides and grooms as they exchanged marriage vows; grieving families as they came to lay their loved ones to rest. NTA Leyton will work on the vision of our dear Bishop David Greaves, who indeed ran a fantastic race, completed his course and undoubtedly kept the faith.

NTA LEYTON SPEAK FONDLY OF THEIR PASTOR Bishop is fondly remembered by members and friends of NTA-Leyton both locally and internationally. These are some words of expression from members of the congregation. “Welcoming to everyone regardless of their status; he loved people! A man of humility; very approachable who made time to listen; He showed empathy to those who were less fortunate in society regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity; An all-age mentor to the youth as well as those who are of mature years; A man of prayer and praise, who loved singing, music and dancing”. BRO ROSHAD GIBBONS said: “Bishop Greaves was very interested in the salvation and discipleship of the younger generation. He would give countless opportunities to the young people and would always make himself available to them. Bishop Greaves was the father I never had, ever since I came to Leyton myself and Bishop developed a very close friendship. We would meet to pray, talk, laugh, and encourage. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the input of Bishop Greaves. He has had an impact on my entire life and I thank God for being able to sit under such a phenomenal leader”. SIS KAYSIA MCKELLOP said: “On behalf of me and the young people of NTA Leyton Church, Bishop Greaves was a man who demonstrated unwavering dedication and passion for the faith. He came to faith as a young man and exemplified to us all, that one’s love for Christ can always remain strong throughout one’s life”. SIS BERYL POWELL – Home visits & Prayer Leader said: “I shall miss Bishop Greaves very much, his laughter, jokes and hospitality. My condolences to the family”. SIS ERNESTINE PAYNE – Ushers Team Leader said: “We appreciate the encouragement and support we received from Bishop Greaves and we are going to miss him very much and to the family, we wish them God’s blessing and our prayers will always be with you”.

TRIBUTES CONTINUED ALTON BELL Pastor Assemblies of the First Born, Wembley Bishop David was a true man of God. We met many years ago, in the late 80’s at the EA offices and have been friends since then. A poignant memory was when David visited me in Harrow for lunch. We went to Ruislip Lido and promised to do it more often. He was a hard-working man who just got on with it. Marlene and family, Marva and I we are praying for you. He is at peace now with his maker. We have lost a true ‘gentleman’ and great Christian brother; and NTA has lost a true role model. REVD. (DR.) CARVER & PAULINE ANDERSON, Birmingham Bishop David Greaves was a man who sought to please God in words and action- known to wear the badge, as a humble ‘Servant of God’. Bishop David, his dear wife, Revd. Marlene, and family navigated through the competing challenges and joys associated with ministry, to represent the character of Christ. The Human perspective now echoes words: ‘gone too soon’. At the same time, we hear the words of Our Father, saying: “David, my son, your work on earth is done! Come home my child” So, here we are with Revd. Marlene and the family, dealing with this great loss, expressing emotions that highlights our love and respect for Bishop David, who has gone on ahead to join other generals as part of the ‘cloud of witnesses’. May God grant the family shalom as we support them at this difficult period. RIP General David Greaves. MINISTER ROY EDWARDS  Tribute to Bishop David Greaves We have been fellowshipping with NTA Leyton over fifty years and over the time have developed a good friendship with Bishop Greaves and the brethren of NTA Leyton. My heart goes out to you all. Cannot express enough words but would like to say your labour in the Lord is not in vain, your light has shone brightly and you have been used of the Lord to be a great help and inspiration to many. Many have come to know the Lord, been able to stand, have become encouraged and lifted to move forward and be a blessing to many through the ministry the Lord had given you.  Thank you for your faithfulness, consistency and loyalty as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will treasure your words of wisdom and encouragement...Our prayers are with you Revd. Marlene and your family as well as with NTA Leyton. Minister Roy Edwards and the brethren of the Church of God Holiness, Birmingham.

REVD. & REVD. (MRS) E L STERLING A Minister of honour, humility, sedateness, and steadfast love for God and the people he served, has gone home to reap his reward. Our condolences to Lady Marlene and the family; we are ever so grateful to you all for sharing Bishop with us and the church family. Memories of Bishop Greaves as a worshipper, teacher, preacher visionary, and friend who had an unusual sense of humour will live on. History records his incalculable contribution to the New Testament Assembly, an Organisation he ardently loved and served in many offices over the years, and his diverse community engagements. May he rest in peace and be raised in a glorious resurrection.

REV SONIA BARRON It was with great sadness and shock that I heard of the death of Bishop David Greaves. I had the privilege of visiting him only a week before, when he shared how much he had learnt during his illness and time in hospital and was looking forward to the future. David was a man after God’s own heart and was humble, gentle and faithful. Marlene, you and all the family and those he loved and served are in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

RONALD NATHAN For 40 years we studied, prayed and ministered together. He was a giant of a brother and friend to me. At the Elim Bible College he helped me to grapple with theological concepts and cultural distance. Just two and a half weeks ago, we were laughing, praying and planning how we would join forces to accomplish our shared goals. I Was always at home in the NTA because David had a clear understanding of the Kingdom. God, Bless you bro. PASTOR MARVIN SANGUINETTI Bishop  David  Greaves has been an outstanding leader and one who impacted the lives of many in innumerable ways. May his  life and legacy  become an indelible impact upon the NTA church family and wider communities. Lady Marlene Greaves: last time we met at the Pentecostal Symposium we chatted briefly about Bishop, and the Lord knows why he called him from this life. May you draw strength from the good times you’ve shared and may the God of Heaven grant you strength during this time of loss. Much love. THE RIGHT REVD. ESME BESWICK, M.B.E. PASTOR HERBERT BESWICK AND FAMILY I write this tribute with profound sadness at the passing of the late BishopDavid Greaves, whom I had known for over 30 years. My first encounter with David was in the Seventies, when I was a Pastor of the New Testament Assembly (NTA) Church in Brixton and he as a young Christian attending the Leyton branch of the same Organisation. David was passionate about his faith; a passion that would eventually see him go on to study Theology, and upon graduating from his theological studies, eventually became a lecturer at the NTA Bible School, where I also was a lecturer. One of my fondest memories of Bishop Greaves was when he stayed at my family home after attending the NTA International Conference, which was held in Jamaica. During his stay the Bishop would often be found playing cricket with my nephews. David was one of the gentlest and humblest men I have known, and although I realise just how vain mere words can sound at such a time as this, especially when measured against the magnitude of the pain of such a loss, words can often be a source of comfort in times of grief. I pray that all who mourn this Man of God’s passing will find some solace in the ones offered here. Death has truly dealt a bitter blow to us all, but especially to Bishop Greaves’ family and loved ones; a blow that only time will help to soften. David  was truly a remarkable man who brought much happiness to so many in his lifetime and I shall treasure every memory of him. May he rest in peace..

FAMILY TRIBUTES OLIVER, ASHLEY, PHILIPPA, ELLIOT, JOEL, MELONEY, OLIVIA-MAE, ZARA. We are deeply saddened for the loss of our amazing Dad. He was such a great role model and a Spiritual Father to many. In this time of mourning we are comforted by good memories from childhood to adulthood and we know that he is happy with the Lord in Heaven… in eternity which he always talked about with excitement. Reflective of God, he was always there for each of us and tended to our needs at any time of the day or night. Despite his active role in ministry, he was never too far away or too busy for us. He left behind a legacy of love, respect, humility and excellence which we will carry on alongside all those who have been positively impacted by him. We love you Daddy, Dad, Grandad. PAULINE WILKES (Sister-in-Law) To Bishop Greaves you are truly missed. Condolences to my big sis Marlene and the family at this sad time. Praying for strength and peace. Rest in peace Bishop. Xx CAMERON FAMILY Bishop Greaves - to us, simply David/Uncle David - A man totally sold out to God. We give thanks for David’s life, dedication and service to God and the Spiritual legacy he has passed on to his family. As we respect, we remember David in our family worship. We remember the quiet conversations, the prayers we prayed together, and the laughter as we played family games around the table at Christmas and other holidays. We will miss him but we take comfort in the knowledge that he rests in the arms of His Lord. We will see him again in glory. Rest in peace brother. MARCUS GREAVES (Brother) Can’t believe it was only Monday when I hugged you and kissed you on the cheek goodbye. So happy that you were finally coming out of that hospital and going home Wednesday. Still can’t believe the phone call I received on Saturday 5:30, 17-12-16, saying my David is gone. I’ll never forget your smile, your laugh, when you were there for me when mum died and you were always there for me when I was growing up. The cool brother, you talk about anything when you lived at home (Mum & dads). My school holidays when you lived in Swindon we played football in the living room, last goal wins. When you chased me through the house holding a spider, think I broke a record running from the garden to my mum and dads room 3.5 seconds. Never ever forget the times when the whole family was living round mum and dads house. David Greaves is the nicest man the kindness man God put on this earth and most of all a family man. REST IN PEACE my brother, my friend, DAVID GREAVES.

Bishop Greaves, such an amazing man. Humble, full of wisdom, an outstanding man who studied the Word of God. When executed, it touched every heart. Bishop you will be missed! My memories of Bishop are how he carried himself with integrity. Even when he was asked to stand to be introduced in a Convention, his humble acknowledgment was so moving. Bishop - gone too soon! To the family, Lady Marlene, I understand your loss. From the day, I heard I’ve prayed for your strength every day. I will continue to lift you all in prayer Thinking of you!

A man after God’s own heart...who danced before the Lord... His worship was as inspiring as his sermons... His humility made him great. Perfectly resting in his rightful place, alongside the Generals. How beautiful his crown will be, Bishop David Greaves. My prayers, love and condolences to the family.

Our sincere condolences to Rev Marlene and the Greaves family. A quiet man with much wisdom and a love for all people, Bishop Greaves was passionate about Kingdom business and worked hard to proclaim the gospel. His passion and love for God was exemplary; he sacrificed many of life’s pleasures to complete his calling and purpose. Bishop has been promoted to glory to sit with the generals that have gone on before. 2 Corinthians 5:8: “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” With love and blessings from Pastors Lloyd & Verona Crossfield & family.

Condolences from myself, family and the church in South Africa to the Greaves family and church family. God be with you.

Bishop David was a great man who died in his faith. My love and condolences go to his wife, Rev Marlene, and children. Rest in peace.

Bishop David was a great man who died in his faith. My love and condolences go to his wife, Rev Marlene, and children. Rest in peace.

Bishop David Whitfield Greaves is Survived By...


Beresford Greaves


Marlene Greaves


Oliver & Wife Meloney, Ashley, Philippa, Elliot, Joel

Grandchildren Olivia-Mae Greaves, Zara Greaves


Trevor Kirton, Ishmael Greaves, Timothy Greaves, Marcus Greaves


Corlethia Kirton No words could ever express our appreciation for the love and support you have shown to us during this time of the mourning of the departure of our beloved, Bishop David Greaves. Perhaps you sent a lovely card, or sat upon a chair. Perhaps you sent us beautiful flowers. If so, we saw them there. Perhaps you made us a meal or made a call, Perhaps a text, a WhatsApp or Face Book Post, Perhaps you spoke the kindest words that any friend could say. Perhaps you were not there at all, just thought of us that day. Whatever you did to console our hearts, We thank you so much, whatever your part, We are grateful for every gift that lightened our financial load Each day we can feel the impact of your prayers For this we loudly say a big, big thanks to one and all.

Farewell Beloved

In honour of our late Bishop David Greaves, the lift installation project (HALU), is being launched as a Legacy and Memorial to his name. All donations gracefully received.

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