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WHO WE ARE BambooSK8 is an ecologically-based skateboard brand and manufacturer of high quality skateboards made of sustainable bamboo from managed forests. We are social entrepreneurs who believe that giving back to our communities is as equally important as profits. We service core shops, brands and individuals around the globe while providing a solidified partnership and unique experience with each. We have been a part of action sports and skateboarding our whole lives and now passionately hope to inspire others to take actionable steps towards preserving our natural environment. At the ASR (Action Sports Retail) show, BambooSK8 was recognized as a top innovator by ASI (Action Sport Innovators). In addition, BambooSK8 has been featured on NBC, FOX5, and CW6 news broadcasts across the country as well as receiving major publicity with Transworld and Fuel TV. In December 2011, two of our skaters placed highly at TAMPA AM.

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POP - The #1 feature of BambooSK8 decks is the Pop. - Bamboo skateboards are made from highly pressurized tiny bamboo fibers which have a strong elastic rebound. Bamboo has a modulus of elasticity of 10,600 MPa* versus maple at 10,450 MPa* (Substance’s tendency to be deformed non-permanently when force is applied to it). - The modulus of rupture is 8000KPa* in favor of bamboo. (A materials ability to resist deformation under load.) Blind test studies resulted in the test subjects ability to ollie on bamboo boards at a height of 33.69� which was 3� higher than the comparative maple deck testing.

* Numbers from USDA handbook.

STRENGTH - The #2 feature of BambooSK8 decks is the strength. This benefits the skater by allowing them to push the envelope of difficulty with confidence that their deck won’t break due to the extensive force. - Bamboo is highly dense like Hickory Pecan, the strongest hardwood with a density of .66-.72 lbs/ cubic foot* compared to maple at .52-.63 lbs/cubic foot*. - Machine hardness testing results in bamboo at 3000 (lbs-force)* versus maple at 1450 (lbs-force)*, as well as the ability to withstand over 410 psi versus maple at 390 psi based on testing at the factory level.

* Numbers from USDA handbook.

SUSTAINABILITY According to the Science Channel (January 2008, Episode 7 - “Invention Nation”), skateboarding has replaced flooring as the #1 contributor to deforestation of maple trees in North America.

It Grows Fast - Bamboo is not a tree - it’s a grass, and it grows like one. Many species of bamboo can grow two feet or more a day. - When it’s harvested it will grow a new shoot from its extensive root system, often 4 to 5 new shoots. No replanting needed. - It renews itself readily, unlike hardwood trees, which, once cut, are gone forever. Canadian Maple trees take around 40-60 years to mature before they can be cut down. Bamboo only takes 3-4 years and is an endlessly renewable resource.

It Enhances the Environment - Farmed bamboo stabilizes the earth with its roots, preventing erosion. - It takes in greenhouse gasses and produces oxygen. Up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent plot of trees. - It can also provide habitat for birds and animals (our bamboo is not preferred by pandas, and is therefore panda-safe). - In nature, bamboo filters heavy metals from groundwater and removes four times more carbon dioxide from the air than an equivalent-size stand of trees.

Part of What We Do - We use water based glues = no volatile VOC’s being released. - Our founder owns the second largest privately owned solar panel system in Southern California. - All office furniture is pre-owned. - We limit ourselves to necessary printing only. - Production waste is recycled into other bamboo products.



FLOW RIDERS Name: Ryan Strader Age: 26 Hometown: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Other Sponsors: Capital Skate Park, DVS, Good Life Wheels, The Shop in Oak Cliff, Silver Trucks, FKD Bearings

Name: Nick Sauls Age: 17 Hometown: McGaheysville, VA Other Sponsors: Escape Skate Shop

Name: Matt Cartledge Age: 18 Hometown: Hampstead, NC Other Sponsors: Bunger Sayville

Name: David Kahn Age: 21 Hometown: Orlando, FL Other Sponsors: USS Catalyst

Name: Mikee Brown Age: 18 Hometown: Palm Springs, CA Other Sponsors: Ocean Current, Epidemic Skate Shop

Name: Terrence Marshall Age: 18 Hometown: Encinitas, CA Other Sponsors: K-Five Board Shop





Black Leaf Owl & Cat



Ride For Earth

Capped Langer

Panda Don’t Touch Revolution My Wood


All BambooSK8 decks have a small non-invasive heat stamp. This lets our customers feel confident that they are getting a legitimate quality product straight from our factory. Provisional design patent protection filed in multiple countries. Available in sizes: 7”, 7.5”, 7.75”, 8”, 8.25”, 8.5”, 10”. Wheel-base: 14” -14.5”; Nose: 7”; Tail: 6.5”; mid-deep concave. Weight ranges: 2.4-2.5 lbs. Made from 6 ply bamboo mix


LONGBOARDS Longboard sizes by style as listed below: 32”, 39”, 42”, 44”


ts Benefi ss Cro The Red

Natural Striped Locker Cruiser Locker Cruiser

Square Tail

Square Tail Warrior


Double-Kick Tsunami


Pintail Quatzelcoatal

REVIEWS We (Sutsu) have been using BambooSK8 for our deck manufacturer for the last 2 years and every season we get new converts to Bamboo. BambooSK8 decks are by far the best decks on the market. They are stronger, got more pop, and are far more sustainable than the standard Maple. Over in the UK, Bamboo decks are still in their infancy but each season we get rave reviews from skaters all over the country. Once they have tried Bamboo they never go back.

- Sutsu - London, England

Fan Testimonials “BambooSK8 decks are the best mixture of pop, feel, strength and durability. My deck lasted me a good strong two months. How long did all my maple boards last? Just about a month and by that time they were thrashed. BambooSK8!” - Jake Burns “BambooSK8 boards are so sick! I would definitely prefer them over any other deck because of their crazy pop, amazing concave and of course the fact that they’re made out of bamboo; helping the environment! :)” - Adrian Munoz “If you are reading and looking to buy and deck... This board is so worth it... It’s light, has a lot of pop, and its really strong. My kick flips are triple kick flips now. In a competition between maple vs. bamboo... Bamboo wins hands down! No questions about it, BUY THIS DECK!” - Jaymes Houser

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BambooSK8 2012  

BambooSK8 is an ecologically-based skateboard brand and manufacturer of high quality skateboards made from sustainable bamboo from managed f...