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Pig Heart Disection By: Tori, Meike and Sola

First, we got to feel the heart or at least most of us... Ibu Sarah instructed us to feel the heart so we knew how thick the muscle was around the heart.We could see the Aorta(the largest Artery in the heart)

Then there was a banana... We used a banana to practise the dissection, we all got a turn. first we cut the bottom of the banana off. then, the side of the banana. When the banana was dissected, we moved on to the pig heart.

then....the heart! When we were finished with the banana, Ibu Sarah told us to start with the pig heart. Tori began, she sliced the bottom of the pig heart. We looked at the inside,Sola sliced it in half so we got a better look inside the heart.The Aorta was very thick and wide it was at the top of the heart. There were lots of veins all throughout the heart.There were also 4 chambers that we could see.

Path the blood takes through the body It starts at the lungs, where it has gas exchange, then it goes into the heart. into the left atrium which takes it to the left ventricle which pumps it out to the body through the Aorta and has gas exchange throughout the body it comes back to the heart through the right atrium which sends it to the right ventricle which pumps to the lungs and it starts all over again.

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Pig Heart Dissection  

A graphic representation of the pig heart dissection

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