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ber Decem11 0 9, 2

Our First Issue Is Born


Dear Green School students, teachers and parents, We’ve finally made it!! The Ultimate Bamboo Post is our first student operated Green School newsletter. It offers the latest GS NEWS. You can find students’ poems, stories and artwork in KIDS’ VOICE. We also have a debate forum I Say U say covering special topics. Animal Corner, has all the animals you are interested in. KNOWING YOU features people in the Green School community. We also have contests, polls, festive recipes, fun facts, trivia, art & crafts and book reviews are included. Dont forget we offer a Classified-ad section so if you have anything you want to advertise, please place it in our Dropbox in the warung or send to A copy of the Bamboo Post will be posted in the Heart of School and a digital version will be sent to the parents’ emails as well as on the Green School homepage. Share your views, send us your work! From the G6 newsletter team!

AnaÏs, Anneleen, Anjali, Brooklyn, Ellie, Gayatri, Maya.C, Lottie & Ibu Cece

The First Annual Holiday Extravaganza Pameran Besar menjelang liburan

Lot tie Van Wij ck (G 6)

Ag n i es zk a Bl a z y; w i d i

Edisi Pertama kami Sudah terbit

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK Anak Baru Disekolah Kita

I guess lots of you already know, but for those who don’t, six litte baby goats joined our farm! Three of the adult goats gave birth during the assembly on Friday, 18/11 and on also Saturday, 19/11. The baby goats are really cute. Have you visited them yet? They are in front of the marimba studio, next to the cows and the pigs. —By AnaÏs Treadwell A i l e e n Trea dwell ( G1)

Dr. Ating

Did you know that Christmas uses the most resources and energy out of all the holidays? And that is because many presents are being made, bought and wrapped using lots of packaging and plastic. Many people travel on airplanes creating pollution and Christmas lights are kept on all night. More food and candies are eaten and the wrappings end up in the landfill. So, here are some ways you can be greener during Christmas!

Q: How long did you live in Papua? A: 12 years. Q: What diseases did you help to cure? A: Malaria, but people have a strong immune system and can live with it, even though they aren’t fully protected.


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E ma n u e l Zag ata- Jac ob s o n (G 1 )

Paws for thoughts

By Anjali Dalmia and Gayatri Nilsen (G6)

G 1) e (



Youngest student

Decoration and lighting Christmas lights are pretty but use a lot of electricity! Don’t leave them on when you’re sleeping at night or in the day when it is already bright and not necessary. Buy the Christmas lights that use the least energy! You can make your own decorations and get ideas from our craft corner!

Harimau Tidak Lagi Mengaum

Q: How long do you plan to stay at Green School? A: As long as I can.


Presents and cards It is best to buy presents that have less packaging or make your own! Cards can also be made which saves the expense and uses your creativity!

recycled and/or scrap paper. - Reuse your wrapping paper for next year or for crafts if it's not torn! - Recycle your received wrapping paper so it doesn’t end up in the landfill!

Tigers Roar No More


GS book of records

2nd: James Jenour (G5)

Q: What do you want to do that you haven't accomplished? A: I want to be an ecologist.

Gika in Grade 11. Her hair is 109cm long

Buy a good tree! Buy a Christmas tree with roots so you can re-plant it! Plastic trees are not good, although you can keep re-using them. Plastic trees have to go through manufacturing and transportation and will one day end up in the landfill.

1st: Natasha Åhman (G6)

Q: What is the most serious injury somebody has had? A: Once a kid from grade 3 fell on some pointy rocks and ended up with a hole in the back of his head. He had a trauma and we sent him to the hospital.

If you want to know more about Dr.Ating, take a look on his website:

By Maya Clarke (G6)

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Use as little wrapping paper as possible or use

e in l i ya R

Q: Where did you live? A: I lived in a house in central Papua New Guinea.

2nd: Demian Braynin (G1)


Q: What do people look like there? A: Frizzy black hair, dark skin; people often dressed with grass skirts or went naked.

1st: Emmunah ZagataJacobson (G2A)

Senior section


Q: Who did you work for? A: I worked for an Indonesian and American Missionary.

Junior section

Q: Why did you choose to come to Green School? A: Because it’s a combination of education and environment.

Q: What did you do in Papua? A: Medical service.

Sofie Vaughn in Pre-K-Prep is only 2 years 6 months old, her birthday is on 15 April, 2009

Kontes Menggambar Burung Jalak Bali

Q: Where did you go after Papua New Guinea? A: Papua, Sulawesi, Lombok, Bali.

Q: Why did you choose to go to Papua New Guinea? A: Because it is adventurous and there is still a lot of rainforest.


Kiat Merayakan Natal Hijau

—By AnaÏs Treadwell

Dr. Ating is the doctor of Green School. He comes from West Java. Now he is living in Bali. Before that he lived for a long time in Papua New Guinea.

Pelajar termuda

Have A Very

We want to thank all the people who participated in the Bali starling drawing contest and congratulations to the four winners here. To continue your support for the Bali Starling Conservation Project, please go to http://www.

Ca mi l l a H e r f i n da l ( G8 )

Knowing you

Bali Starling Drawing Contest

Jaap De Ru





Tigers are amazing animals and are the largest cat species. They can grow up to a body length of 3.3 metres and weigh up to 306 kg. They have a beautiful pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddishorange fur which makes them very attractive. Did you know that no two tigers have the same pattern? Their teeth are very stout, and their canines are the longest amongst the big cats, with a crown height of up to 74.5 mm. Tigers are found in two colors, white and golden tabby. Tigers once lived widely across Asia, from Turkey in the west to the eastern coast of Russia. Over the past 100 years, they have lost 93% of their range, and have been wiped out from southwest and central Asia, from the islands of Java and Bali, and from large areas of Southeast and Eastern Asia. Today, only 6 out of 9 species are surviving and can be found from the Siberian taiga to open

grasslands and tropical mangrove swamps. These six tiger species have been classified as endangered. The total population of tigers in the wild is estimated at ranging from 3,062 to 5,066. Major reasons for the decline in population are habitat destruction and poaching. The area occupied by tigers is estimated at less than 1,184,911 kmµ. Tigers are territorial and

generally solitary creatures, often requiring large areas of habitat that support their prey requirements. This has caused significant conflicts with humans. After searching and reading about tigers, we think they play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy food web and should be preserved for the future. After all, they are amazing, aren’t they?

There were 9 different kinds of Tigers in the wild,

• The Bengal Tiger • The Indochinese Tiger • The Malayan Tiger • The Sumatran Tiger • The Siberian Tiger • The South China Tiger

3 of which are now sadly extinct.

• The Bali Tiger (extinct) • The Javan Tiger (extinct) • The Caspian Tiger (extinct)

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie! By Anjali Dalmia (G6)

Ingredients: 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup butter, softened 1 cup packed brown sugar 1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring 1/2 cup buttermilk or some yogurt blended with a little bit of water 2 tablespoon red food coloring (optional) Filling (see recipe below) Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 375° F (190°C). Line a baking sheet or tray with parchment or aluminum; set aside. In a medium bowl combine flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt; set aside. 2. In a large mixing bowl beat butter on medium to high for 30 seconds. Beat in brown sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg and vanilla flavoring. Alternatively add flour mixture and buttermilk or yogurt mix, beating after each addition until combined. Make sure the mix is not too thin. It tends to spread out a lot. Stir in food coloring (optional). 3. Spoon batter in 1- or 2-inch diameter rounds, about 1/2-inch high on prepared baking sheets or tray, allowing 1 inch between each round. 4. Bake 7 to 9 minutes for 1-inch cookies or 9 to 11 minutes for 2-inch cookies, or until tops are set. Cool completely on baking sheets or tray. Remove cooled cookies from baking sheets or tray. 5. To fill, dollop Whoopie Pie Filling on flat sides of half the cookies. Top with remaining cookies, flat sides down. The recipe makes 60 one-inch or 42 two-inch cookies. The filling 1/4 cup softened butter 4 ounces cream cheese 7 ounces of any cream In a medium mixing bowl beat butter and cream cheese until smooth. Fold in marshmallow crème.

Ibu Meidy

—By Lottie Van Wijck (G6)

Q: And your favourite subjects? Adventure, classics and comics.

Q: Can you suggest a book that everyone should read? Matilda. There is an important message/ moral in the story and it is also very funny.

Q: How many books in the GS library? Around 13,000. Q: Who is your favourite author? Michael Scott for adult books and Roahl Dahl for kids. Q: How about favourite books? The Alchemist series by Paulo Coelho and Matilda by Roahl Dahl.


—By AnaÏs Treadwell

Ha bi t at

Tahukah Kam

habitat preferred ’s r a e b the r The pola e covering lf and ic a e s l a u e is the ann the continental sh os. g r waters ove inter-island archipela as d the Arctic ear is often regarde ds b en p r s The pola because it sea. In l a m m a m r at a marine of the yea d some s h t n o m y an man ames Bay J tely , y a B n o lts comple red e Huds m e ic e h s, t efer other area er (an event often r g m c r in each sum akup"), fo d wait e r b e o fl to as "ice to go onto land an s il the next polar bear onths unt

•Paw pads w surfaces h ith rough bears from elp prevent polar slipping on ice. the •Polar bears water repell fur is oily and to shake dr ent allowing them y after swim ming. •The polar b e a r is the world’s lar gest land c arnivore.

he m through t . freeze-up

s Diet Polar Beuanarg kut ub Makanan ber •Ringed seals •Bearded seals •Fish •Shellfish •Muskox •Reindeer •Small rodents •Waterfowl •Sometimes if desperate the polar bears eat rubbish from the sea

Polar Bear Jokes

Humor beru

ang kutub


r be y pola

an How m ? ft tub are le beruang ku

a Berap ertinggal? ate g yan t rking estim of o ts The wby biologis bears A: They pres s the paws b used any polar world utton m •Where do how are in the 00 to polar bears dance? e go to ther ween 20,0 . A: At the sno is bet 0 in total wball 25,00 •What d

•How does stop a movi a polar bear e?

id t the polar b he ocean say to ear?

A: Nothing, it ju

st waved

E llie cropper (G 6)


'Jeli Stik', Ya atau Tidak??

Paws for thoughts

beruang Kenapa ice is e of... Becaus arming! The e ice h W Global and when all t bears r g meltin ted, the pola ive. l l has me nowhere to e v f will ha hing! I , c a o p d an ting Hunting keeps on hun e everyon r bears will re a e the pol r and then th a e p disap


'Jeli Stiks', Yes or No?? Ca m i l l a H e r f i n da l ( G8 )

rs ar bea l o p e W hy ar g extinct? nah? in yaris pu beco m kutub n



Q: If you were granted a wish, what would that be? I wish I had all the books from the library in my house.

Q: What changes do you want to see in the library? I would like to see older students visit regularly.


We all know that bamboo is a long stick-like plant and is the largest member of the grass family. Bamboo is found all through Asia and there are more than 5,000 different types. Only some of us know that bamboo is an eco-friendly resource which means that we can recycle and re-use it. The good thing about bamboo is that it is also biodegradable, so you can throw it out and it will just break down and not pollute the area. But the bad thing about it is that it is only grown in the tropical parts of the world such as Asia. Most houses and buildings all over the world are normally built and made out of concrete. The bad thing about concrete is that it's not sustainable. You cant just grow concrete out of the ground. It costs a lot of money and is hard work to make. I do understand why the rest of the world can't really access bamboo but therefore I do think that all parts of Asia should go green and make only houses i say you say is a out of bamboo or other sustainable materials. debate forum. For So what do you want: an eco-friendly, strong bamboo home or it or against it, let's a man-made, closed-in, non-sustainable concrete house? hear it. We will It's your decision, and even YOU can make a difference in this publish your views world. in our next issue. So start today!!!! —Brooklyn Yeats (G6)

Q: What makes you happy? When the students come and enjoy reading quietly in the library.

Q: Is the Green School library any different from other schools ? Yes, first of all, the building is all made out of bamboo. It is more enviromentally friendly and we also have more books.


Bambu lawan Beton

Q: As a librarian, what upsets you most? When the kids rip the pages out of the books or damage them. It is being irresponsible.

Q: Where did you work before? I used to work at Sanur Independent School and two more international schools.



Q: Why did you become a librarian? Because I like books and I like working with the children.

L otti e Va n W i j ck (G 6 )

Bamboo VS Concrete

Q: What do you find most interesting working in GS? The bamboo building and the structure of the school, also the kids.


Ibu Meidy was born in north Sulawesi and grew up in Jakarta. She takes care of our Green School library which is located in the Heart of School. I find her interesting, kind and knowledgeable. I also decided to interview her so that everyone can find out a little bit more about the great things she does to help Green School.

I say U say


Q: How did you find this job? A: Green School needed a librarian and I thought I was the right person because my husband and I have set up a library before.

k ijc L o t t i e Va n W

Knowing you

•What are p in the rain? olar bears called

A: Drizzly be


—By Ellie Cropper and Anneleen De Ruiter (G6)

Nobody really knows that they are called 'Jeli Stiks'... but everyone knows what they are... More and more candies are brought into Green School by the students though teachers try to stop them bringing and selling candies at school even though they are popular. Jeli sticks are the ones that create the most trash. They are little plastic tubes with a substance that contains mostly sugar and colorants; it's not only unhealthy but the little tubes are often thrown on the ground and create... TRASH!!! We are at Green School!! We should try and be GREEN! Now the good bit! Jeli sticks are delicious!! Everybody likes them and they are cheap to buy ( I think you can get them in Bintang Supermarket). They are a great treat to bring for parties and it's really interesting how those factories can make them: all those flavors!! And they can give you a lot of energy ( they contain a lot of sugar and they are just yummy!!) But now let us ask you....... "SHOULD JELI STICKS BE BANNED?" We like them too... but is it worth to eat them? Let us know what you think!

Christmas Quiz Natal Kuis

1. What are the names of the nine reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh? 2. What is Santa’s real name? 3. Where does Santa live? 4. Which date is Christmas on? 5. Which reindeer has a red nose? 6. what does Santa do? 7. What do you celebrate on Christmas day? 8. Who helps Santa wrap up his presents? 9: What is Santa’s favourite food? 10: What goes on top of a Christmas tree? 11: What are the colours of Santa’s suit? 12: What does Santa put in your stocking when you’re naughty? —By Anneleen de Ruiter The first person who send the answers to will get a surprise gift from us.

Amazing Orangutans

Orangutan yang Menakjubkan

—By Lottie Van Wijck (G6)

First of all orangutans are an endangered species and only live in rainforests on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra (in south-east Asia). There has also been ancient orangutan fossils found in parts of Java, Vietnam, Mainland China and the Thai-Malay Peninsula. The word "orangutan" is Malay for person/ man of the forest. Just like us Orangutans are known for their excellent communication skils and superior intelligence. Almost every night orangutans build a new sleeping bed/platform up in the jungle canopy out of branches and leaves. They are not monkeys (monkeys have tails and orangutans don't). They are part of a group of animals called great apes. Chimpanzees, gorillas (also an endangered species), humans and baboons are all great apes too. We humans share 96.3 % of their DNA. Also, orangutans love fruit just like us (it makes up about 65-90% of their diet). The fruits they like most are the sugary and pulpy ones. Bornean orangutans eat at least 317 different types of food including: bark, honey, insects, young leaves, shoots and bird eggs. Alarming threats The biggest threat is man and the destruction of habitat for palm oil plantations. The jungles get burned or cut to provide land for agriculture, business and growing communities. Therefore the orangutans have nowhere to live and are forced away from their jungle homes. Another threat is the trading and selling of young ones. How you can help These are all reasons for us to help save this endangered species. A great way to help is by checking the ingredients and not buying products that contain palm oil. Some toothpastes, shampoos, cereals and potato chips contain palm oil. You could also donate or volunteer with programs such as Save the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) or Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF). I hope that together everyone can help make a difference and save this amazing species and its diverse jungle habitat from extinction or destruction for future generations to enjoy.

Classified Ads Beriklan di Bamboo Post

Happy Birthday To You!

Advertise in bamboo post! We desparately need to keep Bamboo Post running and we have a suggested donation of Rp 20,000 per ad. This is great value because Bamboo Post will be emailed to the whole school as well as lots of printed copies placed around campus.

Selamat Ulang Tahun untuk Anda! We (as the newsletter team) would like to wish the November and December birthday students a giant Happy Birthday! Below are all the names, so if you see these people, wish them a big happy birthday!


I am looking for a 2-3 bedroom villa in Sanur or Ubud area. Aircon, pool, WiFi, car parking, fully furnished, well equipped "western kitchen" (OVEN A MUST). Please contact Erykah via 0853 3935 2889 or

FDay Trip to see manta rays

Families interested in a fun filled excursion day trip to see "Giant Manta Rays" ( prior to Christmas to be confirmed with dates) please email Brooklyn via: brookie. yeats@ . Discounts available if over 10+ people far 8 people are booked - larger numbers can be accommodated by a large boat.

—By the Ultimate Bamboo Post

Paus bungkuk penyelamatan A front page story in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2005 told the story of a female humpback whale who had become entangled in a spider web of crab traps and lines. She was weighted down by hundreds of pounds of traps that caused her to struggle to stay afloat. The whale also had hundreds of yards of line rope wrapped around her body, her tail, her torso, a line tugging in her mouth. A fisherman spotted the whale just east of the Farallon Islands (beyond the Golden Gate bridge) and radioed an environmental group for help. Within a few hours, the rescue team arrived. They determined that the whale was so bad off that the only way to save her was to dive in and untangle her. The team worked for hours, carefully slashing through the labyrinth of lines with curved knives. Eventually, they freed her. The divers say that once the female humpback was free to move, she swam in what seemed like joyous circles. The whale then came back to each diver, one at a time, and gave each a nudge, pushing her rescuers gently around as she was thanking them. Some divers said it was the most beautiful experience of their lives. The diver who cut the rope out of the whale’s mouth said her eyes were following him the whole time. And he will never be the same.

FHELP Sari Hati!

Pak Oded's school for mentally disabled people. If you want more infomation, please contact Olivia J, Olivia D, Ananda, Nicole and Amelia in G5

Favorite School Lunches

Sekolah favorit Makan Siang

By: Anjali Dalmia, Gayatri Nilsen, Anneleen De Ruiter, Maya Clarke

Drop box

We interviewed about 60 people in this survey and see what the most commonly preferred foods are in the school lunch menu and what foods want to be added to the school lunch so we can tell Ibu Kadek! Favorite Favorite Indonesian International

All time See more favorite of

Chicken 8 Pasta 25 Pasta 16 Nasi Goreng 6 Burgers 11 Burger 11 Mie Goreng 6 Burito 4 Taco 2 Sate 6 Taco 3 Burrito 2 Beef 5 Fish and chips 2 Mie Goreng 1 Nasi Campur 5 Steak 1 Mushroom soup 1 Tempe manis 3 Bacon and egg 1 Nasi campur 1 Watermelon 2 Mexican 1 Sate 1 Soto ayam 2 Mexican 1 Sop buntut 1 Fish and chips 1 Rice 1 Meat 1 Nasi Kuning 1 Tipat Cantok 1

Fruit 11 Burger 10 Pasta 7 Salad 3 Sandwiches 1 Mie Goreng 1 Less spicy food 1 Potato chips 1 Sate 1 Meat 1 Gado-gado 1 Egg 1 Seafood 1 Indian 1

Add to the menu Pizza 15 Free dessert 15 Cow Ribs 6 Hot dog 3 Gado-gado 2 Salad 1 Bacon 1 Tofu 1 Potato 1 Chocolate 1 Sushi 1 Lasagna 1

• Avishi Dalmia • Ismael Cardamone Kusumaatmadja • Naomi De Kort • Alexandra MacFarlane • Isabel Riyanto Wijsen • Chayton Maguire Thompson • Daniel Acey Baxter-Clad • Melati Riyanto Wijsen • James Edward Jenour • Anjali Dalmia • Alura Braaten Leddie • Anaïs Elena Treadwell • Natasha Therese Åhman • Maxwell Guiko Hidajat • Luca Tangaroa Rosevear • Kahlil Alexander Karya • Benjamin Michael Hanna • Lyyli Anna Kennedy • Hunter Kingsley Dawson • Ariana Therese Navasero • Alicia Nur Annisa • Silas Woods Curry • Pimpira Pettibone • Mythra Sage Schwartz • Joshua William de la Cour • Ratri Arundhati Notosudirdjo • Rasa Auguste Milaknyte • Olivia Leigh Weed

art wor k by n e ws lett e r te am

Dear Green School students, Do you like to write? Do you like to draw or take photographs? If you do, then here’s a great opportunity for you to use your imagination and help us with our newsletter! We need articles, pictures, interviews and many other things! So pick up your pencils and create something spectacular and then drop your work in our DROPBOX which is hung up in the warung. Make sure your name and age is on the back. Don’t forget to add your grade!! So please, if you want to help and see your work in the newsletter, don’t forget to drop your fabulous work in the drop box!! Thank you!! Sincerely, The Ultimate Bamboo Post Newsletter team

• Stepan Ilyasov • Eliza Kathryn Dupps • Lucas Alain Florent • Jasmine Kristina McDonald • Roman Alexander Dupps • Henry Mathieu Husband-Meyer • I Gede Oka Adnyana Nathanjaya • Lyana Herfindal • Charles Stephen De Alessi • Emil August Bosse • I Gst. Ngurah Jordan Pratama • Seda Mae DePuy • Maite Cizkova • Lila Bell Ripple • Holly Beatrix Honor Brown • Sofia Marianne Sweerts de Landas • Britt Boggemann • Sruthi Koneru • Charlotte Leah Cohen • Lauren Georgia Rollings • Gede Sri Paramananda • Sukie Walton • Camilla Herfindal • Cole William Harrison • Pippa Trudy Van Wijck • Isabella Grace Lola Brown • Ni Luh Putu Deni Darmaputri • Oliver Hewitt Dean


FNeeding a rental villa!!!

Divers to The Rescue


The pre-k students have been collecting plastic lids for their artwork. Please come anytime down to the pre-k classroom and give the plastic lids to Ibu Helaine or Ibu Ingred. Thank you!

bamboopost test  

children newsletter