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We are a company that creates bicycles and accessories for bicycles from bamboo. Our goal is to achieve light, strong and environmentaly friendly products. Our most important value is design. We are not satisfied with using unconventional materials; we go a step further by proposing an innovative design. Because of the nature of the materials we use, handcrafting is essential, hence all of our products convey in a sense of uniqueness. We take great care on detail, we guarantee an exceptional quality in everything we do.

Why bamboo? The answer is simple Bamboo is an amazing plant! Also known as "steel grass�, this material is very strong, light and flexible. Due to its weight and resistance characteristics, bamboo can be used to substitute wood or steel. Replacing some metal parts of the bicycle’s frame for bamboo, we reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions generated during manufacture. Bamboo crops generate 30% more oxygen the trees, making them efficient air purifiers. It is a biodegradable and renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested as it grows quickly and naturally without much maintenance. In addition, it can completely regenerate without replanting, requires no pesticides or other chemicals it has its own antibacterial agent and grows so easily that even tolerates drought and flood conditions. Because of its rapid growth and root structure, bamboo prevents soil erosion and, in a very short time, aid recovery from overgrazing torn land, rebuilding and cleaning the floor of toxins. We couldn't think of any other material more appropriate for the design.


The Bamboocycle UH-02 is an urban cycle created with a sustainable and responsible design vision. UH-02 is simple, light (8.8kg) and stylish. It is designed for your daily commute to work, an adventure through the city or leisure riding on the weekends. It is designed to look and feel fresh in the urban visual culture and it comes in many different colors and styles to match your personality. The wheelbase distance was reduced from the average bicycle to allow tight maneuvering in reduced spaces. It’s steering system was designed to be quick, allowing rapid and accurate changes of direction. The riding position was designed for fast handling, always alert and prepared for the unexpected. Aesthetics intentend to communicate agility, freedom, movement, speed and balance between nature and technology. When you drive in the city you face motors, gases, noises, stress and pollution, but when you ride at full speed between cars, leaving everything behind, the feeling is undescribable, it’s a victory over sometimes useless modernity. Harvested in the state of Veracruz, Mexico; each bamboo has been carefully selected and treated to increase strength and weather endurance, making it an ideal vehicle in all weather conditions and able to withstand the impact of city streets. The joints are made of steel and reinforced with carbon fiber. Every bamboo is differente so manufacturing has to be handmade, resulting in a unique, durable and stylish bicycle. A Bamboocycle not only doesn’t pollute when riding, but didn’t contaminate when produced.


Especificaciones Técnicas Frame

Bambú, 700C


Alloy 1-1/8’’ threadless


700C Steel Hi-TEN OVER


Sealed cartridge, 68/108

Crank set


Gear set

1 speed free wheel/Fixie (turnable)

Front hub

Shimano Deore Alloy hub 14Gx32H

Rear hub

Coaster hub 14Gx32H


Stainless 14G


Alex Rhims Alloy 700C, 32H


Continental 700x23C


Road brake


FishBone black


Pazzas Aluminium 2024



Seat post

Alloy 25,4


Velo Black




19.4 lb (8,8 kg )

Think globally, act locally. This principle guides Bamboocycles. A company that creates products based on design, sustainable mobility and use of renewable materials. Creating a meaningful, bold and sustainable product has been the fruit of great efforts, also, for all those involved in the development, a source of personal satisfaction. Bamboocycles joins the efforts of many sectors, both governmental, private and concerned citizens, to offer a new type of bicycle and to encourage its use as a clean transportation option. Our bikes are of high quality in manufacturing, a great design and best raw materials. We believe that the outcome of these three factors will ensure success. We are confident that cycling is a better alternative to motorized transport inside the city. We want to be part of the existing but small, urban cycling culture in Mexico, a part of the city and as citizens, in every sense of the word, our interest is to be contribute in finding solutions. "Everytime I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race." H. G. Wells FotografĂ­as por: y Enrique MacĂ­as

Bamboocycles Catalog 2010  

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