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Having a baby is an exciting time and every day you will discover something new. One thing that is for certain, you will be changing a lot of nappies. Reusable nappies are a popular choice, with more parents seeing the benefits every year:

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• better for you - you can save up to £700 by using reusable nappies • better for baby - reusable nappies use absorbent fabric rather than chemical gels, which can in turn reduce nappy rash • better for the environment - reusable nappies are up to 40% better for the environment than disposables* Bambino Mio have been providing parents across the world with award winning reusable nappies for the past 15 years. We provide parents with all the nappies and accessories to suit every lifestyle. Offering stylish, high quality products at affordable prices. Take a look over the next few pages at a selection of our products and discover why so many parents choose to reuse...

I love Bambino Mio nappies and recommend them to any expectant parent. Bambino Mio was recommended by a friend and I love it. *Environment Agency lifecycle assessment for disposable and reusable nappies in the UK 2008

and all good independent baby stores

for local and international stockists: online: phone: 01604 883777 to join the Bambino Mio family: twitter @BambinoMio

The miosolo is a stylish all-in-one nappy which has been designed for parents who do not want to compromise on quality or performance but still desire the ultimate convenience. The miosolo is a one size nappy that grows with baby from birth, benefitting from a number of features to improve performance, perfect for today’s busy parents. • one size* nappy, fits from birth • super absorbent core • unique pull-out tab system for quick drying • stay-dry inner layer

I absolutely loved using the miosolo at night. Baby had a very comfortable, undisrupted night’s sleep.


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*true for most babies, due to natural variations in babies’ size, cannot be guaranteed colours and prints may vary

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hearts The two-piece system has been a favourite with parents across the world for the last 15 years. The two-piece as the name suggests is made up of two parts, a nappy (2 sizes) and a water-resistant nappy cover (5 sizes). The cotton nappy can be folded to suit the individual needs of your baby and the sized nappy cover ensures a perfect fit every time. • Velcro® fastenings for quick and easy changes • 100% natural, breathable nappy, which keeps baby cool and comfortable • double elasticated leg cuffs for superior fit and performance The two-piece system is available in a range of packs to suit your budget and your lifestyle. For details visit THE WORLD’S FINEST PARENTING MAGA ZINE

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I used them on my baby with success right up until he was potgretyat trained at 18 months and I’m using them on my new baby toonow .

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Bambino Mio offers a complete range of accessories for use both in and out of the home to ensure reusable nappies are simple and easy to use and will fit into your changing lifestyle. a. miofresh - a nappy cleanser designed to clean, freshen and deodorise reusable nappies and other garments


b. miosquares - made from 100% cotton, these soft muslin squares have a number of uses c. mioliners - nappy liners which are 100% natural, flushable and biodegradable d. nappy bucket - the perfect place to store used nappies ready for laundry e. laundry bags - large laundry bags which remove the need for rehandling nappies when washing


f. miowipes - 100% natural, flushable baby wipes, perfect for sensitive skin g. change bowl - ideal for use when changing baby, one side for the dirty nappy, the other for clean water h. mioboost - a super absorbent fabric insert designed to increase absorbency when needed, ideal for use overnight To see our full range of accessories visit e

My 18 week old boy now sleeps through the night for 11 hours thanks to the comfort and absorbency of the mioboost.






We chose Bambino Mio as they looked very easy to use and the extras like sanitiser and wipesallwer e available too. scan for our full range

The Bambino Mio swim nappy collection offers the ultimate solution for babies in the water. The swim nappies have been designed to offer containment and a secure comfortable fit, keeping your baby trendy while they tread the water. No need to use any additional nappy.

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See our full range of swim nappies at pink daisy

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This is a wonderful swimsu use for swim sessions and it is a reliiteftonot deal with any soggy disposable napto pies anymore! Easy to put on, easy to n. Never had a spillage. Looks cutclea e. colours and prints may vary

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A complete range of products designed to make potty training as stress free as possible. a. mioseat - a toilet training seat to encourage independence. b. miostep - a practical step stool designed to help toddlers reach the toilet, sink or table. c. miopotty - a comfortable potty suitable for boys and girls which is lightweight and easy to clean.


d. training pants -absorbent pants which allow toddlers to feel wetness but minimise accidents.


To see our full range of potty training essentials visit b

These pants were really ful to potty train my daughter. She use ld feel wet straight away but we nevercouhad a puddle

d colours and prints may vary

for local stockists: phone: 01604 883777 to join the Bambino Mio family: twitter @BambinoMio Bambino Mio aims to ensure that all specifications and designs within this brochure are correct at time of printing; however we do reserve the right to change or remove products without prior notice. All products are subject to availability, to see our full range and prices visit Š copyright Bambino Mio Ltd 2012

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