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BIZFEST CENTRAL VICTORIA 2010 Wednesday August 4 • All Seasons, Bendigo

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Welcome to The Brew BizFest Central Victoria 2010

Initiative Partners

The City of Greater Bendigo is proud to support the Bendigo Business Council with this exciting initiative and welcome ‘The Brew Bizfest’ to Bendigo and Central Victoria.

It is 13 years since we did the first Bendigo Business Expo. At its heart the original Bendigo event was all about informing business owners and senior managers as to what facilities, programs, funding, assistance and education was available to them locally. In the 13 years since technology has made huge changes to how we access information - and has provided us with even more tools for connection.

Message from the Mayor

Major Media Partner

Gold Sponsors

What hasn’t changed is that we still do business with people we like - We still need to network, share, talk, exchange, face to face, and one-to-one.

The City of Greater Bendigo is committed to supporting local business development through our Economic Development unit who work closely with local support networks including the Bendigo Business Council, Young Professional Network, Bendigo Manufactures Group, Bendigo Professional Services Group, Central Victorian Export Network and Bendigo’s H.R. Group. Council believes this support is integral to a successful and vibrant business community.

Sponsorship and exhibition targets have been met with strong enthusiasm from the business community, making The Brew BizFest 2010 a Central Victorian event not to be missed if you are a business owner or work in a local business. I encourage local business owners and staff to take full advantage of the inaugural ‘The Brew BizFest’ and all that it has to offer.

Cr Rod Campbell

Mayor City of Greater Bendigo

‘The Brew BizFest’ is important because it will offer opportunities for Central Victorian businesses and organisations to join the largest networking event to take place in the region for some years.

BizFest Central Victoria 2010 is the ultimate networking event.

This event will focus on true business support and connections and will offer over twenty free business education seminars and events including: Young Professional Network (YPN) function, the Bendigo Business Council business breakfast and a special Bendigo Traders Association seminar.

Come along. Learn stuff. Do deals. Find out what is going on in the market. Connect.

Local Sponsors

Greg Rowell

Director Growdon Group


Continuing Education Bendigo

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David Wilson, The Business Coach We’ve all heard the stats...Some huge % of new small businesses without a business plan are out of business within months. But there is a good chance that you still don’t have a business plan, do you? And why not? Who has the time? Why spend hours crafting beautiful prose about your ideal target market or minutes scrabbling together a SWOT?

10.30 - 11.00am

9.30 - 10.00am

Business Planning

Or how about, you want to expand, you want to put on staff...what do they want to see? A business plan. Or how about that simply going through the process of answering some vital questions about your business, you will be able to make some incredibly valuable decisions - you will be forced to! You will have the road map for where you are going and save yourself funds, resources, time and heartache. So, if you have all the reasons and even the motivation - how do you go about it?

9.30 - 10.00am

Simple - spend 30 minutes with David Wilson and put together your Business Plan.

Tax: Post-The Henry Review Brett Andrews, Partner, Richmond Sinnott Delahunty The Henry Review – what does it actually mean to SME’s, and what impact will it have on your business?

10.30 - 11.00am

Well, how are these for a few reasons: The minute you need to go to the bank for financing (and let’s face it...that is usually a fairly urgent process) guess what they will want to see? A business plan.

The Social Web for Small Business Jonathan Crossfield, Netregistry “Marketing is a conversation”, famously said The Cluetrain Manifesto ten years ago. The idea that businesses need to shift towards interactive two-way conversations instead of preaching promotional messages is increasingly important in a world where the users now control the web. Twitter, Facebook, blogs and more are no longer time-wasting leisure activities but are increasingly the best places to engage with consumers on their terms. This seminar presents why social media is so important to the future of online marketing and why you should care.

Exporting – Expanding into global markets Scott McGillivray, Austrade Selling products overseas is not unlike selling products to Western Australia or Queensland. You want to be paid, you need to be able to ship the product to the buyer and importantly, you want to let buyers know you have something they want. Scott McGillivray, Austrade’s Regional Export Adviser will present information on the opportunities for small to Medium sized businesses to engage in exporting. The region is a vibrant exporter from food & beverage to technologies and services. Come and hear about the resources you can utilise in Bendigo, the technical support and knowledge that you access and most importantly, hear how you can get the support to engage your company internationally. There are a significant amount of people in the world wanting to buy products and services. How you identify them, how you present and how you engage is all there is to it. The rest is just business.

What recommendations have been accepted by the government, what are the other key recommendations and what has been rejected outright. What is the timing of the changes and more importantly, how does this affect you? We will provide an overview of the key aspects of the Henry Review report and recommendation and address the potential tax implications of the report’s key recommendation including how these may impact on your business.


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Getting the media to take notice of you can be an incredibly powerful tool for a small business. But how do you tap the power of publicity? Join Jules & Simone as they teach: • why you should do it • how to do it • when PR is not right for you • what’s your ‘angle’ • common mistakes • when is the right time to get started • what to expect – timings, responses to coverage

11.30am - 12noon

Jules Brooke & Simone Heydon, Handle Your Own PR

Why every business is an online business Tim Gentle, Design Experts Around 50% of small businesses don’t have a web-site. And yet, the vast majority of customers will not do business with folk who they haven’t as yet had a chance to research, or ‘check-out’. A web-site is far more than a brochure, and lots more than just a Ecommerce Shop. It is the Window to your business – and for many small businesses the only contact point between the business and the customer. In this session Tim will address some old fashion misconceptions about having a web-site and explain why EVERY business is now an online business.

15 Ways to Identify if you Employ a Sales Professional, or an Oxygen Thief Glenn Dobson, CEO, The Kona Group

12.30 - 1.00pm

11.30am - 12noon 11.30am - 12noon 11.30am - 12noon

The power of publicity for small business

Sustainable Growth for small businesses Jill Risely, Sensis Sensis proudly developed a new guide titled Small Business, Big Opportunity: Sustainable Growth as part of its commitment to sustainable business practices and supporting the small business sector. The free resource, authored by renowned environmentalist Jon Dee, has been produced to help small and medium sized businesses in Australia increase their efficiency and productivity. Head of Sustainability at Sensis, Jill Riseley will run through the book’s practical information, case studies and tips on how to save money while reducing your impact on the environment. For businesses today, it’s not a case of having a successful company or a health environment – we must have both.

Cool Tools for Business Continuing Education Bendigo Learn about a range of free online tools you can use to enhance your business practices. Whether you need to collaborate online or share information about your business, keep up to date with your competitors or simply organise and monitor your staff, there are a range of tools that can suit your business needs. See demonstrations of material that can easily be developed and distributed for induction purposes for your business, and the tools that are used to create them. Many of these tools are available online for free or a low cost. Become computer savvy and increase your business reach.

In any business arguably the most important function is the Sales function yet many Business Leaders/Owners and Managers still see Sales as a ‘Black Art’. The reality though is that while you might have the best products or services, systems, people and expertise, if you “don’t” engage with existing clients/customers and constantly win new clients/customers or opportunities you have a declining business. So one of the biggest questions we regularly get asked at KONA is: how do I know if my Sales People are any good, especially when they are out of the office? And, how should I manage them? Sales is NOT a Black Art. It is a Highly Respected Profession, with it’s own business principles, methodologies and processes that are critical to any business, and there are some very clear ways of identifying if you have working for you a ‘Sales Professional’; a ‘Could Be Good with Coaching’; or an ‘Oxygen Thief’.


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Content marketing - communicating with your prospects without selling - is one way to attract the informed consumer. Developing techniques to pull customers to your door is much more effective than pushing your message out to them. The great news for small business is deploying a content marketing strategy can be a low-cost option achieving greater results. Even better, the framework for content marketing is probably already in place in your organisation.

1.30 - 2.00pm

This talk will explain the different components of content marketing and give detailed recommendations on how you can get started. At the end of the session, you will have clear ideas on marketing activities and techniques for immediate implementation.

1.30 - 2.30pm

Historically, advertising and marketing centred on business dictating their thoughts and ideas to the public. Advances in technology and the explosion of the internet have affected consumer behaviour. Purchasing decisions are more reliant on communication and interaction with the vendor than ever before. While the marketing exercise itself has not changed, new ways to approach these activities have changed dramatically. Business owners today must understand these developments and engage their potential client base.

Search Engine Optimisation - How to get Google to find your website Tim Gentle, Design Experts Some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) companies charge thousands of dollars to optimise your website; this workshop provides insight into what these companies do. Participants can then undertake SEO techniques themselves, or approach an SEO company with more knowledge and understanding. By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained a general understanding of: • What Search Engine Optimisation is

Selling Goods and Services to the Victorian Government (Please note 1 hour session)

Maggie Nalty and Graham Dicker, Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) The aim of the information session is to help small & medium size business enterprises access opportunities and successfully compete for government business with quotes and tenders in the provision of goods and services to the Victorian government.

1.30 - 2.00pm

Sarah Mitchell , Global Copywriting

2.30 - 4.30pm

12.30 - 1.00pm

Pulling Them In: What Business Can Learn from the Pied Piper

Do you have your people doing what they are best at, or just doing their best? Glenn Dobson, Kona Group Just because someone has put their hand up and is asking for a role doesn’t mean you should give them the job. Assigning the wrong person to a task, ignoring important tasks or failing to resolve conflict can have costly consequences. In this presentation Glenn will give individuals valuable insights into the way your staff prefer to work and their preferred role within a team. This feedback will help you to improve team processes and performance, which will in turn improve motivation and job satisfaction, and long term, successful employees and colleagues

David Wilson’s Small Business MBA (Please note that this is a 2hour workshop presentation)

All the really important stuff from an MBA program in two short hours. It will provide your Strategic Direction and Opportunities for you to Master your Business without the Fluff and Waffle. The A to Z of Business will be covered - so bring your seat belts and buckle up

• The difference is between paid listing and organic listing • How Search engines currently reference your website • SEO tips to improve their search engine rankings • DIY vs Professional • Managing and Maintaining Search Engine Optimisation


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Greg Hilson, Richmond Sinnott & Delahunty The power of using all 4 ways to Grow your Business is a recipe for the success of your business. Growing your business and, therefore adding real value is, without doubt, the ultimate aim of every business. It can all get confusing though unless a business can sort out the “wheat from the chaff” and have a clear idea of how to go forward, focusing on what is important.

3.30 - 4.00pm

2.30 - 3.00pm

4 Ways to Grow Your Business

Are you a Tweet not to Twit? Bambi Gordon, The Woo Insidious time-waster or greatest marketing tool of all time. Twitter is probably somewhere in between. If you don’t Tweet and you are not sure whether you are missing out on something, attend this presentation while we look at twitter (live) and discuss its place in your marketing arsenal

2.30 - 3.00pm

By adding value, you increase your profits, have a better lifestyle, more options and a much higher business value. The power of having and using this knowledge will set your business apart form others. You will be successful. Focusing on all 4 ways to grow your business is the ultimate way to achieve maximum results.

How to write a media release Jules Brooke & Simone Heydon, Handle your Own PR You know you have something really exciting to share with the world – but you also know that you have to entice the Media to spread the word. In this session learn how to write captivating headlines, structure a release that a Journo responds to, hints & tips for how to find an angle, and mandatory inclusions.

4.30 - 5.00pm

Greg will explain 4 ‘easy to remember’ ways for your business to add value.

Succession Planning David King, Robertson Hyetts Solicitors We read about business succession planning with increasing regularity in the various business papers and journals. This is becoming increasingly topical as our population ages with pending retirement for the ‘baby boomers ‘ at unprecedented levels in the next decade. The statistics tell us that SME’s (small/medium enterprises) face significant challenges in this area. The average transition time for succession planning (SP) is broadly 3 to 5 years from initiation through to execution.

3.00 - 3.45pm

The workshop/seminar deliverable will be insight into:

Tendering for Victorian Government Construction Work and Pre-qualification

• Learn what succession planning is all about • The types of strategies • The process through which you can achieve a successful succession plan

(Please note that this is a 45 minute presentation) Mark White, DOT

The presentation will be focused on SME’s and cover the following topics: • What the Victorian Government builds • The public sector client • Construction purchasing including, traditional tendering, pre-qualification and the Construction Supplier Register • The typical types of construction suppliers used • Questions


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4.30 - 5.00pm


Business breakfast

Ian Johnson, City of Greater Bendigo

As part of BizFest Central Victoria, Bendigo Health CEO John Mulder will speak at this business breakfast to outline the impact of the Bendigo Hospital redevelopment.

This information session explains the correct procedure to gain work from the City of Greater Bendigo (local government) for small through to large businesses.

John Mulder Chief Executive Officer, Bendigo Health

From grass slashing to manufacturing and professional services, this is a session you must attend if you’re not familiar with how to engage with the City of Greater Bendigo, but wish to service your community. The City of Greater Bendigo’s procurement policy will be explained, allowing opportunity for question answers from the City of Greater Bendigo’s risk manager Ian Johnson.

John Mulder Chief Executive Officer, Bendigo Health

John has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Bendigo Health Care Group since June 2007. Prior to this appointment he was Executive Director Operations and Deputy CEO of Barwon Health. John has a long history in Health Service Management with well over 30 years experience in the industry. John has a Bachelor of Health Administration, a Master of Business Administration and is a Member of the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants, a Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Executives and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. John is currently a member of the Whole of Health ICT Strategy Steering Committee, the HealthSMART Services Council, the Bendigo Regional Advisory Board and is Chair of the Loddon Mallee Regional Health Alliance Steering Committee.

RRP $2.95

To book: Email: Phone: 5442 7816

(incl. GST)

Edition 18

Young Professionals Network

June 2010


The BizFest Central Victoria has not forgotten young business professionals. A special seminar has been scheduled for Bendigo’s Young Professionals in the afternoon. Ben Stickland of Alliance Software will share his tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur before you turn 30.



Ben Stickland Alliance Software

Join with fellow early career professionals in the expo space for networking drinks from 4:30pm, prior to Ben’s presentation which will run from 5:30pm. This event is supported by Bendigo’s Young Professionals Network and the Bendigo Business Council.

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The Brew Bizfest - Seminar Schedule- Wednesday 4th August Time 9.30am

Seminar Room 1 Business Planning David Wilson (30 minutes)

Seminar Room 2

Seminar Room 3

The Brew Bizfest - Seminar Schedule- Wednesday 4th August  Seminar Room 4 The Boardroom

 ax: Post the Henry T Report

Time 1.30pm

Brett Andrews (30 minutes)

Seminar Room 1  earch Engine S Optimisation – How to get Google to find your website. Tim Gentle (30 minutes)


 he Social Web for T Small Business Jonathan Crossfield (30 minutes)



 xporting – E Expanding the Global Markets Scott McGillivray (30 minutes)

 hy every business W is an on line business.

 he Power of T Publicity for small business

Tim Gentle (30 minutes)

Jules Brooke & Simone Heydon (30 minutes)

 ulling them in: P What Business Can learn from the Pied Piper


 ool tools for C business

 5 ways to identify if 1 you employ a Sales Professional, or an Oxygen Thief.

 ustainable growth S for small business

Seminar Room 2  o you have your D people doing what they are best at, or just doing their best? Glenn Dobson (30 minutes)

Seminar Room 3

 Seminar Room 4 The Boardroom

 elling goods S and services to the Victorian Government. Maggie Nalty & Graham Dicker (1 hour session)

 Ways to Grow Your 4 Business

 ow to write a H media release

 mall Business MBA S Workshop

Greg Hilson (30 minutes)

Jules Brooke & Simone Heydon (30 minutes)

David Wilson (2 hours workshop)

 endering T for Victorian Government Construction work & Pre-qualification


Jill Risely (30 minutes)

Glenn Dobson (30 minutes)

Mark White (45 minutes) 3.30pm

CE Bendigo (30 minutes)

 re you a Tweet or A a Twit Bambi Gordon (30 minutes)

Sarah Mitchell (30 minutes) 4.30pm


Succession Planning


David King (30 minutes)

Ian Johnson (30 minutes)

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The Woo is a marketing agency especially for small business. We understand tiny budgets, precious resources and that you need to be sure of a return on investment. From creating a marketing strategy specifically for your business, to holding your hand while you implement your own marketing or project managing your larger jobs for you, once you do The Woo you will love your marketing.

@DoTheWoo T: 1300 55 32 35

The Brew BizFest Central Vic Program  

A Program of 20 Business Development Seminars presented free as part of The Brew BizFest, August 4, 2010, Bendigo