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The Oakdale Eagle Oakdale Elementary School Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Growing Minds are in Bloom

April 2013

5th Graders Mark Black History Month By Bryena Reedy Staff Reporter The fifth graders gave a presentation reflecting on the courageous acts of their ancestors and inspired others to not give up on their dreams. They gave a mime performance, a dance, performed a skit, and reflected on several African-Americans who have made an impact on society. The mime performance was done by Ty’Shya Watts, Miracle Colvin, Xavier Chavers, and Adaiah Coleman. They mimed to TyShya Watts, Miracle Colvin, Xavier Chavers and Adaiah Coleman Greater is Coming by Jekalyn performing as mimes to “Greater is Coming .” Carr. they are being prepared for students performing the “I’m so amazed at the gift that greater things in the future. dance were: Brandon Clark, this singer has at only 14 years of See Black History on pg. 2 They also danced to Never age. She has really inspired me,” Wave My Flag by Mary Mary. said Xavier Chavers. Through the The message that was given dance the fifth graders truly believe is to never give up. The



SPRING? Oakdale students in the S.O.A.R. after-school program planted daffodils last month. The daffodil bulbs were donated by the Tuscaloosa Garden Club. See more photos of the spring planting inside this issue on page 4.


THIS ISSUE S.O.A.R. Sing-off. . page 2 New teacher in Fourth grade.. page 3 Principal’s column debuts . . page 3 Valentine’s Social. . page 4 Highlights from Career Day 2013. . page 9 Oakdale Sports Stars 11 Alpha Phi Alpha

Hunt Refining

McAbee Construction

Full Coverage on pages 6-8

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Black History Program Features Mime, Social Studies Skit Continued from page 1

Shermya Smith, Tat’yana Smith, Christina Hutt, Bryena Reedy, Sakyia White, Tamara Green, and Gabreona Jones. The skit was based on a school setting in which the students possessed a strong dislike for Social Studies. The students could not relate to The Boston Massacre, Paul Revere, or the French and Indian War. They felt as if their Social Studies instruction was pointless. However, when their teacher challenged them to do research on an important African American, they Gabreona Jones, Quedasia Herrod, Sheryma Smith and Christina Hutt act as part of Ms. Cook’s class in a became fascinated and inspired to fulfill their dreams in becoming scien- skit for the Black History Program. tists, teachers, athletes, supermodton Carver, and Jackie Robinson. Also, the courage her ancestors showed and the els, and entrepreneurs. there was a student (Christina Hutt) who encouragement from her classmates, she The students researched the folwas considering giving up on school. No was encouraged and motivated to not lowing African Americans: Madam CJ matter how hard she studied, she contin“wave her flag.” Walker, Beverly Johnson, Mary ued to make failing grades. Because of McLeod Bethune, George Washing-


S.O.A.R. Students Display Hidden Talents in Song By D’Kia Dent and Indyia Scroggins Staff Reporters Have you ever been in a talent show? Well, it was called Oakdale’s S.O.A.R. Sing-Off. The director of the S.O.A.R. Program, Mrs. Leatherwood, coordinated it. The talent show was held in the cafeteria. Many students showed their hidden talents. Tywaun Smith a third grader received a “BIG” applause from the audience. He sang “Amazing Grace”. A kindergarten student, Javon Long sang “No Enough Love .“ Almost everyone was very impressed with the Smith, Chaney and Riley family. Tywaun is also a part of that family .That family was very talented. All of the participants did an awesome job. The S.O.A.R. teacher enjoyed the entertainment presented to them. So, if you finally see us in the cafeteria, you would enjoy it.

Top: Amyl Gray, LaSontee Lawson, Indyia Scroggins, Kendall Williams and Toneva Tucker are singing “This Girl Is On Fire” at the Talent Show. Bottom: Mar’Jaylon Hawkins, Kevin Davis, and Treyvon Long singing “Single Man” at the talent show. Photos by Tatayana Smith

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Oakdale Welcomes New Fourth Grade Teacher By Indyia Scroggins Staff Reporter

Congratulations to Jayshaun Rhodes (top left), Cameran Ursey (top right) and DeQuavion Jarad Hutt (above) who had art displayed in the Superintendent’s Art Show. Dr. Prewitt and Superintendent Dr. Paul McKendrick took a photo with DeQuavion Jarad Hutt.

I have some great news. The 4th grade class has a new teacher. Her name is Miss King. She said that she is excited about teaching at Oakdale. She believes that it is a wonderful opportunity to get to work at Oakdale Elementary School. Her hobbies are reading and going down to the river. She reads to her child. The college she went to was the University of West Alabama. Her study area is Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She taught preschool but no other school other than that. Her goals are to teacher students and encourage them to go farther than they ever thought they could not only in education but in life. Her favorite subject is reading. She expected her students to try and continue to try even when they are not sure of themselves. Her favorite color is red. She has one daughter.

With T.E.A.M. motto, Oakdale Implements Alabama Career Standards



Dr. Lucile Prewitt Principal

Oakdale Elementary School is a warm and welcoming learning community where students learn through experience. Our curriculum is carefully framed on knowledge about children’s physical, social and intellectual growth. It is based on what children need to learn and research about how they learn. We are implementing Alabama’s College and Career Ready Standards to ensure that our students are prepared for a successful future in this ever-expanding global environment. We believe that it is important to take care of ourselves, each other, and our school and community. We practice respect,

responsibility, and resourcefulness every day. Each student is viewed as an individual with a unique learning style. Our school motto, TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More, characterizes the philosophy at Oakdale. Teachers, parents and community members consistently strive to build upon the quality program already in existence at our school Finally, we take tremendous Dr. Prewitt talked to Joe’on Leatherwood, a pride in our caring school family. third grade member of The Oakdale Eagle We provide exciting, productive staff. Photo by Tywaun Smith, Third grade and enjoyable learning experiences for all of our students. We thank you for your support and invite you to explore our upcoming website. Your comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated.


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VA LENTINE’S DAY SOCIAL Students Of All Ages Make Student Council Fundraiser A Success By Tywaun Smith and Kaleb Howard Staff Reporters

Katelyn Jennings, Shykeria Dunnigan and Janiyih Jackson danced to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce at the Valentine’s Day Social.

Students from pre-K through 5th grade went to the Valentine’s Day social. It was Friday, February 15 in the multi-purpose room. The room was decorated with hearts all over the walls. The social was all about being respectful and was a fundraiser for the student council. The students all danced with their friends and had refreshments, like juice and chips. There was singing and lots of dancing. The students did group dances like the Wobble and the Electric Slide. Even the principal and the teachers were dancing. The students had lots of dance contests. Lots of people came to the Valentine’s Day social. So it was a successful fundraiser.


Last month, the Tuscaloosa Garden Club donated some daffodil bulbs and helped Oakdale students in the S.O.A.R. after-school program plant them.

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What’s Your Favorite Candy Bar?

Ms. Sandel read Anne and the Hermitage Cats. Students later saw a Hermitage Cats jazz musical at The University of Alabama.

Third graders learn history of Hermitage Cats of Russia By Sean Smith and Joshua Patton Staff Reporters On February 27, the third graders at Oakdale had a guest reader. Ms. Sandel came to share the history of the Hermitage cats of Russia as well as discuss the play we will be seeing. The play we will see is Hermitage Cats Save the Day! A Jazz Musical Fantasy. Ms. Sandel read Anne and the Hermitage Cats by Mary Ann Allin. It is a story about a little girl named Anne who went to a museum to find a Hermitage cat to draw. After she read to us, she talked to us about some musical instruments such as the guitar, violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, flute, and piccolo. The play is interactive, which means we will participate in it. For each instrument’s sound, we will make different sounds of the moods of the cats. Also, we got a chance to listen to some jazz music. “I really like the story and can’t wait to be a part of the play. I think we will have lots of fun,” said Jailah Brown.

Ms. Hulsey’s Second Grade Class conducted a survey of Oakdale Elementary School students on their favorite candy bars. Each student could select one of the following: Kit Kat, Twix, Hershey’s Cookies ’n’ Creme, Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Snickers was the most popular among the Oakdale students.

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Celebrating Our Adop

Oakdale 3rd Grader Sean Smith recorded a Feb. 12 interview with Mr. Allen from Alpha Phi Alpha, who visited students in the after-school program.

Allen Shares Story of Alpha Phi Alpha By Kimora Haygood and Kevin Davis Staff Reporter On February 12th, Mr. Allen was interviewed by a member of the after school program. Mr. Allen is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Alpha Phi Alpha is a fraternity that volunteers at our school. It was started in New York 106 years ago and is only for men. Mr. Allen has been in Alpha Phi Alpha for 17 years. When interviewed, Mr. Allen talked about how he was a principal but is now

retired. He also talked about what happens in Alpha Phi Alpha and the importance of working in the community. Alpha Phi Alpha helps here at Oakdale and in other parts of the community. There are many members of Alpha Phi Alpha. Martin Luther king Jr. was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha. Mr. Allen said he wanted boys to become members of Alpha Phi Alpha one day.

Students from Oakdale Eleme

MY INTERV By Jaylon Craig Staff Reporter

Members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. assisted with Oakdale Elementary School’s 2012 Earth Day Celebration.

Oakdale has been the o school McAbee Constructio adopted. The company wanted to be adopters because the business is clo by our school and they wanted to help children be the best they can be. Mr. Josh Fryer is the Human Resources/Safety Manager for McAbee

The Oakdale Eagle

pt-a-School Partners

entary’s Student Council travel to McAbee Construction in May 2011 in a job shadowing field trip organized by Dr. Cynthia Smith.


nly on



JC: Why did you chose Oakdale to help? Fryer: McAbee knows that the students of today are our leaders of tomorrow and is willing to invest in the local students education and growth.

Construction Inc. I did an e-mail interview with Mr. Fryer. JC: What has been your experience in helping Oakdale? Fryer: I have coordinated with our Equipment division in getting a piece of heavy machinery to Oakdale for Career Day, helped facilitate the cleanup of the playground last year by moving cement, scrap metal, and other debris, I am always involved in the 9 weeks Cele-

bration of Achievement where we recognize the many outstanding students for a job well done, and am currently figuring out how to get Oakdale some better/new playground equipment.

JC: Why does Oakdale have to be your favorite school?. Fryer: My active involvement with the faculty, staff, and student body has allowed me to start a relationship with everyone that makes it easy for me

to show my continued support for your great school JC: What does McAbee do? Fryer: McAbee Construction, Inc. is a full scale Heavy Industrial Contractor with jobsite locations all over the Southeast.


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Celebrating Our Adopt-a-School Partners

Eagle Awards Sponsor Says Helping Students Improve Is The Goal For Its Partnership By Zykail Chaney Staff Reporter Oakdale is an important partner to Hunt Refining Company Co. They sponsor our Eagle Awards. Kids get the Eagle Award by improving in school. Hunt Refining makes oil, gas and asphalt. ‘’We want the children to have the best opportunity to excel ‘’, said Ms. Burrell of Hunt Refining.

Last year Hunt Refining sponsored the wall of character and they bought smencils and smens (scented pencils and pens). They bought snacks for kids during the ARMT (Alabama Reading and Math Test). Hunt Refining chose Oakdale because it is closest to the refinery.

Above, Ms. Burrell of Hunt Refining Co. shows the many THANK YOU cards sent from students at Oakdale Elementary School. Hunt Refining just spent $1500 to get all Oakdale teachers new pencil sharpeners. Below, representatives from Hunt Refining pose with Oakdale students with their writing instruments and one of the new pencil sharpeners.

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Career Day Provides Students Taste of the Working World By Miracle Colvin Staff Reporter Today we had career day at my school. My class went to seven stations. We went to the Vet, the Science Engineer, North Star ambulance, BF Goodrich, a Sherriff and his dog named Fozy, and last but not least we went to the Brick mason. When we went to the Science Engineer, I learned a lot plus I got to hit a glass ball with a hammer really hard. Before it was a glass ball, it was a rubber ball. When you dip anything into liquid nitrogen, it freezes it below zero and it becomes glass and very fragile and breakable. D’Mia Dent said “Her favorite was the Science Engineer because it was fun and he let us do hands-on projects and he was nice.” When we went to BF Goodrich, we met Mr. Jason and Ms. Kim. Ms. Kim is a human resource director. That means she is responsible for hiring and training. If someone breaks the rules, she can fire them. Mr. Jason is an engineer and he sits behind a computer all day drawing blueprints and then he gets to build them. He told me that it takes at least 14 hours to make only one tire. Fascinating right? Last but not least, we went to the Sherriff. He told us that the dog he had with him was not just any dog. He was a bomb dog. He said, “If a bomb went off in our school and it got shut down for investigation, they would send him to bring Fozy to find every piece of the bomb and maybe even the person who set the bomb off”. After he told us about his job, he let my friend Tamara and I race him. It was like two turtles racing a cheetah. D’Mia also said “The Sherriff was inspiring and he told us facts that we’ll need in life”. Lasontee Lawson and Caleb Howard both said “They liked the pilot because Lawson learned he’s been a pilot for 30 years and Howard said he wanted to be a pilot”. I had a whole lot of fun today and learned that I can be anything. Students learned about the work of a brick mason (above) and police officer (bottom).

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SPORTS Fifth graders see Alabama Women’s Basketball Game By Daniia Willa Staff Reporter Oakdale fifth graders and fifth grade teachers went to The University of Alabama to see the Alabama Women's Basketball team play the University of TennesseeChattanooga Lady Mocs December 8, 2012.

They had a lot of fun. They had foamy hands and V.I.P. slips too. They got there by the bus. Jasmine Childers was really excited. But, most of the students didn't get to go. The kids who did go had fun. The Lady Mocs won with a final score of 72-58. Alexis Johnson said “she loved the

field trip even though Alabama didn't win" Everyone loved it. Even Ms. Cook had fun. Dr. Smith had a lot of fun. Dkia Dent said she was excited that they could go on the first field trip that they have really gone on.

Haygood Says Cheerleading is An Awesome Sport By Kimora Haygood Staff Reporter Did you know that cheerleading is a sport? Well it is an awesome sport that is challenging and very fun. When you are a cheerleader, you have to do everything people that play other sports do. Cheerleaders have to practice to become good at what we do. We practice all of the time. We learn how to lead cheers, do flips and jumps, and we do dance routines. We perform all that we have learned at football games, basketball games, in parades, and at many other events.

When we cheer, our main goal is to get our fans excited about our team. I love being a cheerleader because it is a great way to meet new friends and learn new moves.

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Oakdale Students Play On Top-Ranked Johnson Screen Printing Youth Basketball Team At Barnes YMCA By Jon-Derrick Thomas and Quentarius Farmer Staff Reporters Our basketball team J.S.P. plays against the 10 and 11-year-olds in the YMCA basketball league. We are number 1 in the league. We have won nine games and have had an undefeated season. We are the only two players from Oakdale Elementary. We play on Saturdays at the Benjamin Barnes YMCA. Quentarius Farmer plays point guard. The point guard controls the offense and keeps the game going smoothly. “I like the game of basketball because it is a game of fundamentals. I am always learning new skills and improving my talents on the court. I have made lots of friends that go to other schools by playing basketball.” Jon-Derrick Thomas and Quentarius Farmer

Pugh Plays on Defensive Line For Tuscaloosa’s Big Central Falcons By Dorian Pugh Staff Reporter My favorite team is the Big Central Falcons (9 and 10 year olds). My position is DL (Defensive line). We start playing after the little Central Falcons (6-8 years old). Our Stadium is in Tuscaloosa. We play after the 6-8 years Little Central Falcons play. Our coach is Coach Zero. We played the Northport County Wildcats. When I went to stop their running back I fell and got hurt but I was able to get back into the game after a while. We all play right. If you want more information ask me Dorian Slater Pugh. At left, Dorian Pugh poses in his uniform with sports goggles. At right, the third grader has already had a chance to meet Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban.

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A HOLIDAY Flashback

Student Council Takes Annual Caroling Trip

(above) The entire Student Council sings Christmas Carols to Estes Park Manor residents. (Below) Students gave out plants they raised. Quedasia Herrod greets her step–grandmother.


On Thursday, Dec the Oakdale Student Council took its 12th Annual Caroling Trip to Estes Park Manor Nursing Home and DCH Pavilion, both in Northport. We first stopped by Estes Park Manor Nursing Home to sing Christmas carols and give out airplane plants that we grew ourselves. We also gave out toiletries. “I saw a lot of people smiling. I am really glad I got to meet a lot of people,” said Indyia Scroggins, 4th grade Student Council representative. Quedasia Herrod, Student Council president, got to see her grandmother, who

is a resident there. After the nursing home we went to CiCi’s Pizza for lunch. After lunch some of us got to play games at the Arcade and others got to take photographs. Kemodrell Cabbil, a 1st grader from Mrs. Cammon’s class, won a MP4 player! In the afternoon we went to the DCH Rehabilitation Pavilion to carol some more. Alexis Johnson, 5th grade Student Council representative from Ms. Smith’s class saw her grand-

father, David Johnson, who works there. The patients and staff were cheered up and they gave us all treats of Wonka Candy. As they say, making people feel better is a treat for everyone. Thanks to Dr. Smith for organizing this trip; to Mrs. Kent for helping us raise the plants and Miss Spencer, Ms. MillerIvy and Ms. Chapman for chaperoning us. Indyia Scroggins, Alexis Johnson, Mahalia Hood, and D’Kia Dent all contributed to this story.

THE OAKDALE EAGLE Staff Daniia Wills, 3rd grade Joe’on Leatherwood, 3rd grade Shiya Lewis, 3rd grade Jailah Brown, 3rd grade Sean Smith, 3rd grade Dorian Pugh, 3rd grade Joshua Patton, 3rd grade Tywaun Smith, 3rd grade Lorenzo Hicks, 3rd grade Kimora Haygood, 3rd grade Zamarria Tillman, 3rd grade Kaleb Howard, 3rd grade

Growing Minds are in Bloom Miss Latrina Spencer and Mrs. Melissa Kent Oakdale Eagle Advisers

Indyia Scroggins, 4th grade Kevin Davis, 4th grade Quedasia Herrod, 5th grade Jaylon Craig, 5th grade Jasmine Childers, 5th grade Jon Derrick Thomas, 5th grade Quentarius Farmer, 5th grade D’Kia Dent, 5th grade Miracle Colvin, 5th grade D’Mia Dent, 5th grade Zykail Chaney, 5th grade Bryena Reedy, 5th grade

The Oakdale Eagle April 2013  

Students at Oakdale Elementary School in Tuscaloosa, Ala. report on happenings in their school

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