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The Oakdale Eagle Growing Minds are in Bloom

Oakdale Elementary School Tuscaloosa, Ala. June 2012

Journey to Birmingham Zoo Tops Great S.O.A.R. Summer By Johnathan Huff Staff Reporter

More photos from our zoo visit on pg. 8

This summer Students at Oakdale Are Ready (S.O.A.R.). We took an exciting field trip to the Birmingham Zoo. We had a great time. We were able to see lots of animals that we have been studying. One of the most interesting animals that we saw was the giraffe. Did you know that the giraffe has the longest neck of all animals? We all took a train ride around the zoo. It was a great way to cool off and learn about the zoo.

Extension Agent Visits Oakdale


By Sean Smith Staff Reporter On June 8, 2012 Neal Hargle came to Oakdale and taught us about wildlife. Mr. Hargle works for our state and county government. He also is an assistant agent for the Tuscaloosa County Extension Office. “One of the biggest problems we have had lately is wild hogs”, said Mr. Hargle. “They have moved into our area and can be found mostly by lakes.” Mr. Hargle also said there was a family of foxes located less than a mile from our school. A female fox is called a vixen. A baby fox is called a kit. We also learned about the wood duck and the bald eagle. We were able to observe a wood duck as well as a fox that had been stuffed and mounted. The bald eagle has finally been taken off of the endangered species list. (See EXTENSION on pg. 3)

Oakdale Principal Dr. Prewitt welcomed Lucky, her German Shepherd and first pet, into the family earlier this year.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE What’s your favorite animal? 2 Three-toed sloth in 1st 4 News reporting crash 6 My summer school 7

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What’s Your Favorite Animal? Produced by Joshua Patton and Kaleb Howard

“I like the zebras because they have stripes.” Braelyn G.

“I like monkeys because they eat bananas.” Carmelo H.

“I like giraffes because they have long necks.” Jacqueline R.

“I like gorillas because they beat on their chest.” Jayden P.

“I like monkeys because they swing from trees.” JaHarmony R.

“I like the hippo because he is big.” DeAndre W.

“I like snakes. They have pretty colors.” Tywan R.

“I like lions. They have big manes.” Robert S.

.“I like the zebras because they have stripes.” Kemondrell C.

“I like monkeys because they eat bananas.”

“I like monkeys because they eat bananas.” Kayla R.

T’juana L.

“I like monkeys because they eat bananas.” Kaylin N.

“I like horses because they have bushy tails.” Loronza L.

“I like the monkeys because they are funny.” Tyler G.

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He taught us phrases that will help us if we come upon a snake.

More .importantly, if you pick a feather off of a dead bird you can go to jail.

“If red touches yellow kill a fellow” means the snake is poisonious .

Mr. Hargle also brought three different types of snakes. He asked if we knew which snake was the rattlesnake.

“Red touching black is a friend of Jack” means the snake is not poisonious.


The more than 60 students participating in the Summer S.O.A.R program got a chance to see three snakes, which Mr. Hargle brought in a jar.

Students see K-9 Narcotics Dog in Action By Miracle Colvin and Sean Smith Staff Reporters This summer we learned how a police officer trains a drug dog. Deputy Bell, from the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Department, visited Oakdale. Deputy Bell showed us how welltrained Eric is. The dog is a German Shepherd. He can run 20 to 25 miles per hour. The dog only responds to German phrases and commands. Deputy Bell had Mrs. Ivy go up to call Eric to try to get him to come to her, but when he started to go, Deputy Bell told him to stop and he stopped. When Deputy Bell threw a tennis ball, Eric didn’t move. But when Deputy Bell told him to go and get the ball, he ran and got it. When we went outside, Deputy Bell put a muzzle on Eric and had his intern run to show what Eric can do. Then Deputy Bell told Eric to go get him. Eric ran very fast, caught him and kept jumping and growling at him.

Deputy Bell from Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Department demonstrated what happens when he gives commands to Eric.

(See K-9 on page 8).

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Members of the first grade class created fact sheets (top) and took time to capture the experience with a photo.

Three-toed Sloth Becomes Star of First Grade By Justus Foster Staff Reporter In Mrs. Nalls’ first grade class we learned about the three-toed sloth. We did many activities related to this animal . One activity we did was watch a video about the life of a sloth. We learned that their fur is covered with algea.

We also learned that they spend most of their life in trees. They only come down to get rid of waste from their body. We ended our activities by making a three-toed sloth fact sheet and coloring a picture of it.




Facts about Sea Turtles The sea turtle is a cold-blooded animal. It lives in every part of the world except Antarctica. Sea turtles are very strong swimmers and divers. Their senses are very sharp. Some scientists believe that a sea turtle has a stronger sense of smell than a dog has. They have four legs with flippers and a shell that is attached to their backbone. They vary in size from 2 to 6 feet long, weighing 78 to 1,900 pounds. The adult female sea turtles return to the beach where they were born to lay up to 200 soft shelled eggs in the sand. - Compiled by Joshua Patton


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Oakdale Eagle Staff Finishes First Year of Publication

FIRST ISSUE– Published July 2011 Oakdale Eagle staff members visited with Dr. Samory Pruitt, vice president of Community Affairs at The University of Alabama in April. The University recognized Miss Spencer and Mrs. Kent in April for their efforts in launching The Oakdale Eagle. Working on the Oakdale Eagle has been a great experience. It was our first time woking on a newspaper. We had to find stories to write about, learn how to interview and then do it. We also had to take photos of the subject we were writing about, type the stories and then go back and edit them. Our end result was a great newspaper. Helping to create The Oakdale Eagle earned us a trip to The University of Alabama with Miss Spencer and Mrs. Kent as they recieved an award for continuing the newspaper throughout the school year.

Oakdale Class Brings Nem’s Island to life in 3-D with volcanoes By Tywaun Smith Staff Reporter Mrs. Peoples’ third grade class is doing a book study on the story Nem’s Island. This story is about a girl who finds out just how brave she can be when disaster seems near. They have done several wonderful activities related to the story. The students created an island in 3-D. They built volcanoes and other land forms to create a replica of the island. The students also researched the animals that were found on Nem’s Island. They went to the library and used the computer, encyclopedia, and trade books to find the information they needed. “I researched the tiger. Ilearned that it is a predator and loves to eat meat,” said third grader Anton Leatherwood They built their own virtual habitat using the computer. The students also did comparisons between Nem’s friends and the friendships they have made.



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Crash Course in News Reporting

FOURTH GRADE Oakdale Class Explores the World of Animals By Jasmine Childers Staff Reporter In our fourth grade class we did a lot of interesting things. The very first thing we did was learn about birds. Every student chose a different bird to research and do a presentation. We created a poster of bird facts with a partner. We also went outside to do bird watching. We saw a lot of different birds. The next group of animals we learned about was amphibians. After researching these animals, we completed fact sheets about the different amphibians such as frogs, fish, and salamanders. Reptiles were a very interesting group of animals also. We did research and created posters on reptiles such as snakes, lizards, chameleons, alligators, and crocodiles. We studied mammals during our last week. We learned about cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, and lions. I thought our class was very fun. We learned so many great facts about different animals.

High School Journalists Demonstrate Photo, Note-taking Skills for S.O.A.R. Students By Kaleb Howard Staff Reporter

Students from around the country along with Dr. Daniels from University of Alabama came to our school and taught us several things about photography, interviewing and writing stories for a newspaper. We learned about using direct quotes and indirect quotes when writing stories. Another thing we learned was how to use a camera and the different shots you can take. When taking a long shot photo you are usually trying to get a picture of everything. When you are getting a close up shot, you are focusing on a particular person or subject. Learning about photography, interviewing, and writing stories for a newspaper was a lot of fun.

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My Summer School Experience

My experience in summer school has been very unique. I have learned many things. One of the things we’ve learned was how to identify figurative language devices in songs. The song we listened to was “Fireworks” by Katy Perry. This song consisted of similes, metaphors, personification, and hyperboles. We were also introduced to ratios, which is a 6th grade skill. We learned how to write and simplify them. Creating a monthly budget was fun. I learned a lot by doing that. Who would have known surviving the real world would require so much responsibility? Also in Math, we solved, graphed, and simplified linear equations. This was very easy! But the easiest of all was finding the missing angles in triangles.

I am sure that we will be even more prepared for our 6th grade math class because of summer school. In Reading, everyone in my class had to do a report on a famous children’s author. My author was my favorite, Patricia Polacco. She wrote “Bun, Bun Button”, “Lemonade Club”, and “Chicken Sunday”. She has also received many awards for her work. Every Friday, we had Biology. Biology is the study of life. In Biology, we did different things. One of the things we did was make candles out of crayons. That was very fun. We also were able to identify living and non-living objects by catching grass, bees, and paper outside. Finally, we got to make tie-dye t-shirts! That was so much fun! With the things that I have learned in Biology, I am very excited to visit the zoo! With all of my experiences in summer school, I am confident that I will be ready and prepared for middle school.

Ana Hargrove “I am sure that we will be even more prepared for our 6th grade math class because of summer school.”


As they spent their last summer at Oakdale Elementary School, students in the fifth grade class used their artistic talent to show the life cycle of a bee. Most of these students will be enrolled as sixth graders at Westlawn Middle School this August. We congratulate them!


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Scenes From Our Trip to The Birmingham Zoo

Oakdale teachers Ms. Coates, Miss. Spencer, Mrs. Ivy, Ms. Hulsey, Mrs. Nalls, and Mrs. Leatherwood took a photo with Deputy Bell and Eric..

K-9 Continued from page 3 “If Eric didn’t have on that muzzle my intern would have been bitten very badly.” said Deputy Bell. While we were outside, Deputy Bell went inside and hid drugs and no one was in the room. Eric smelled the whole room and scratched the place where the drugs were. Deputy Bell gave the dog a tennis ball as a reward.

Growing Minds are in Bloom Latrina Spencer S.O.A.R. Second Grade Teacher

Oakdale Eagle-June 2012  

Oakdale Elementary School students produced the ANIMAL PLANET EDITION of The Oakdale Eagle during the S.O.A.R. (Students at Oakdale Are READ...