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Paet offers Ämari as NATO air base Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet welcomed at the meeting of NATO foreign ministers on Tuesday, April 1, the increase of the number of planes in the Baltic air policing mission, reports Estonian Public Broadcasting. "The Ämari air force base is ready to permanently participate in the Baltic air policing mission," Paet said. "Things are progresssing in the direction of Amari possibly becoming a permanent Baltic air space defense center, which would complement the Siaul ... Source/ Bron: FB The Baltic Times, 03.04.14 | Foto Urmas Paet > Wikipedia

EFM Urmas Paet

The Ämari Airfield Is Built (2009-2012) on Limestone :: Nordkalk The general planning of the Vasalemma County is ongoing. Nordkalk plays an important role in infrastructure building as supplier of high-quality limestone-based products. We have a certified production process (CE marking rights)

12.10.2009 Nordkalk delivers limestone to the biggest current infrastructure project in Estonia

The Ämari Airfield reconstruction project is the biggest Estonian infrastructure project in 2009-2010; in total around 64 MEUR. According to the reconstruction plan the air-field, with minimum requirements, should be ready at the end of 2010. 2012 it should be ready to serve the world's biggest military transportation airplanes. Main user and employer of the airfield will be NATO. The first renovation step for 2009 has been taken, and 51 M EUR (70 % out of total budget) will be spent to reach the main target for 2012. < Vasalemma Nordkalk AS plays a very important role at this stage being the main supplier of limestone aggregates for runways, sideways, roads and linked infrastructure buildings. On top of the high quality demands, it is also challenging to transport all the raw material from Vasalemma quarry to Ämari - 510 000 tons of stone in 5 months makes quite a heap. Local community in Vasalemma has been very patient, but the heavy and frequent traffic has been a challenge during the hot and dusty summer. Due to the Ämari deliveries Vasalemma's production rate has been high, which has had a positive effect on the activities of the whole Nordkalk AS in the current uncertain market situation. The renovation of the airfield will continue; the second and third stages will include fuel terminals, service and maintenance areas and a training center. There are even more long-term plans around Ämari airfield, Vasalemma village and Keila city - a possible scenario of moving the Tallinn civil Airport to Ämari, developing the surrounding infrastructure, logistic centers, hotels, a railway, a wide road corridor - a so called transport and logistic solution. The general planning of the Vasalemma County is ongoing. Nordkalk plays an important role in infrastructure building as supplier of high-quality limestone-based products. We have a certified production process (CE marking rights) and quality system (ISO 9001) and we are aiming to have the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications by the end of 2010. Oleg Epner Commercial Director | Source/ Bron:

< Ämari in 2008 -

na 1991

door de USSR verlaten Foto: D.A.N_Visator Panoramio

Bron kaartje: Google

1991 – (2009) – 2012 Then – Toen Remaining from Sovjet occupation

 Foto: D.A.N_Visator – Panoramio Andere foto’s op deze pagina: Google

2012 > Nowadays - Vandaag

Waarschijnlijk een Franse piloot bij een NAVO oefening

The final U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft of a four-ship formation taxies in at Ă&#x201E;mari Air Base, Estonia, June 8, 2012. The aircraft, flown by the 107th Fighter Squadron, Michigan Air National Guard, are believed to be the first A-10s to ever land in Estonia. The aircraft and their Airmen were in Estonia to participate in Saber Strike 2012, a multi-national exercise based in Estonia and Latvia. (National Guard photo by SSgt. Rachel Barton)

by TSgt. Dan Heaton 127th Public Affairs 6/10/2012 - Ă&#x201E;MARI AIR BASE, Estonia -- The Michigan Air National Guard has landed in Estonia "We are eager to begin working with our Estonian partners and to build upon the existing partnership between our two nations," said Lt. Col. Emmanuel Saridakis, commander of the 107th Fighter Squadron, which flies the A-10s, home-based at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Mich. "The capabilities that the A-10 can bring to bear represent an important asset in any operation or exercise." The A-10 is a close air support aircraft and will be operating over both Estonia and Latvia as part of the exercise. The KC-135 is an aerial refueling platform. Both aircraft are able to support a variety of types of missions, depending on the needs of local commanders. Saber Strike 2012 involves approximately 2,000 personnel from eight countries.

Saber Strike is part of an ongoing cooperative training effort primarily focused on the three nations of the Baltic countries: Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. This exercise prepares participants to operate successfully in a joint, multinational, integrated environment with host-nation support from civil and governmental agencies. In addition to the U.S. Army Europe, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, other participants include: Canada, Finland, France and the UK. About 150 Michigan ANG personnel, primarily from the 127th Wing at Selfridge, but including some Airmen from all four of the principal ANG facilities in Michigan, are on the ground in Estonia - with a few in neighboring Latvia - to support the exercise. "The cooperation that we have enjoyed with the Estonian Air Force has been outstanding," said Chief Master Sgt. Dennis Barriger, one of the senior enlisted members of the Michigan contingent. "This mission is all about building partnerships between our nations and I am seeing that happen right now on the ground as individuals in the different uniforms get to know one another." Barriger said that Michigan Airmen and Estonian Airmen are working directly together, according to their military job classification, known as "Air Force Speciality Code," or AFSC, in the U.S. Air Force. "Our transportation people are working with their transportation people, medical with medical and so on, " he said. "That's where the relationships are really built." Easing the transition process for the Michigan Airmen is the similarity of the Ämari base with the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center in northern Michigan. "The facilities here in Ämari are excellent," Barriger said. "That plus the landscape and climate remind me very much of northern Michigan." Source/ Bron:

 Pilot (Soviet) graveyard Photo taken in Ämari, Harjumaa, Estland

 Dāvis Kļaviņš - Vasalemma mõis, 10.08.2010.

Photos taken in Vasalemma, Harjumaa, Estland – Soviet underground shelter or storage Photos by Dāvis Kļaviņš – Panoramio

Baltisch dagboek baltic diary 6 08 04 14 special ämeri  

SPECIAL Ämeri (NATO) airbase, Estonia

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