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REVOLUTIONARY! By Mark Segal Philadelphia Gay News America’s newest museum – the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia – does something quite revolutionary: It recognizes the LGBT community as having played a part of that revolution. And it does so with several exhibits. This may seem strange to point out, as LGBT people have been a part of every facet of life and war throughout history – and at times the major historical players, from Alexander the Great to World War II codebreaker Alan Turing. But up until now, you might’ve thought that LGBT

Leon’s walls can’t talk, but old patrons can!

people were invisible at the founding of the U.S., and had no role in our country winning its independence. Thanks to this museum, that notion ends here and now. In addition to lauding the community’s historical efforts, another of the museum’s themes is that the revolution continues; we still have work to do. As Dr. Philip Mead, director of curatorial affairs and chief historian, states: “We’re so pleased to have a story of the American Revolution here that we hope includes all Americans and messages for people around the world.” Here’s how LGBT media played a part in getting that story to the museum. It’s a rare experience when you actually get to see something that you’re

July 7, 2017 | Volume XV, Issue 5

U.S.’s Newest Museum Highlights Gay Contribution to Independence

passionate about take root. It’s even more special when academics in the field run with that material, embrace it and make it a major point of their own project. What the museum has done is a great

leap in LGBT history. Those involved are well aware of that and embrace it, maybe more than me. And I just love when those twho join the march begin New to lead it or add to it to crelandmark– ate discussion. Philly’s Museum of So what has me so the American euphoric? It’s a story Revolution that goes back about six credit: Scott Drake years. I was watching a TV talk show on which LGBT rights were being debated when a conservative on the panel stated something to the effect of, “When our founding fathers created this nation, they didn’t have those [LGBT] people in mind.” Well, this angered me and, as you’d expect, became a challenge. In response to that TV show, I pitched —continued on page 9

Looking Back at Leon’s

By Rodney Burger There is an old saying that: “Everything changes, nothing remains without change.” That may be true, but I’ve never been a fan of change. There is something to be said about things that remain the same – like wonderful old movies that you can enjoy over and over or favorite restaurants that have been turning out the same delicious meal year after year. In Baltimore’s gay community that place that seems to ignore all the constant changes in

the world is a little dive bar located at 870 Park Avenue. As Leon’s prepares for a 60th anniversary celebration that current Leon’s owner Ron Singer informs me will take place sometime this fall, I wanted to take a look back at that little place that defies change. I first walked into Leon’s in 1984 when I first moved to Baltimore, but I recently sat down with my friend Gus Van de Castle. He knows much more about the history of Leon’s then I do. He first walked into the bar in 1967. I caught up with Gus one morning as he was working at The Drinkery, right down the street from Leon’s. As Gus hurried around the bar to get it ready for another day, I sipped on an ice-cold beer and we exchange stories

A watering hole with roots in the 1880s and a colorful detour through Prohibition

about a place that has been a big part of both of our lives. The building that houses Leon’s has been a bar since the 1880s. It has been reported by Baltimore Heritage that it was called “Georgia’s Tap Room” in those days, but Gus informed me that some old bottles were once found in the attic of a home on nearby Read Street. The labels on the bottles read: George’s Tap Room. In the 1930s a man named Leon Lampe bought the place and named it Leon’s. It has been Leon’s ever since. During Prohibition it was a speakeasy. Nothing stops the booze from flowing at Leon’s. In the late 1950s the bar was purchased by a man named Mace —continued on page 3

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news // local

Looking Back at Leon’s —continued from page 1 Crystal along with his business partner Ben Adler. Gus informed me that Ben Adler had also owned a bar at 1100 North Eutaw Street, now the location of a state office building. Adler’s other bar was called The Eagle (no relation to the Baltimore Eagle) and for many years a large wooden eagle hung in the hallway at Tyson Place. Mace also owned a steel and metal fabrication business and made the shelves and such behind the bar at Leon’s and the Drinkery. Gus pointed out that they are still in

“Participants in highheels had to run from Leon’s around the corner to Tyson Place, put on a dress complete with boobs that were made from condoms filled with club soda, run down to the Drinkery and order a drink, drink it and run back to Leon’s, order another drink and finish it. As the contestants ran their ‘boobs’ often stretched bigger, but if they broke the runner was disqualified.” use today. It is claimed that in 1957 Mace and Ben promoted their business as “gay friendly” but due to the political climate of the times patrons were asked at the door if they were “a friend of Dorothy.” This was a common code for gay that references the popularity of Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. They also purchased a truck repair business behind Leon’s and turned it into a restaurant called Tyson place. (Now the location of Steampunk Alley) The buildings were connected by a hallway. This way

folks could enter and exit via a restaurant and not be seen coming out of a gay bar. When Gus arrived in 1967 he was a 17-year-old hippie and his first “gay date” brought him to the Drinkery and Leon’s. He said that the big circular bar had not yet been added. At that time Leon’s had a semi-circle bar along one wall with a dozen or so tables and chairs in the middle. The red-and-black tile floor is the same today as it was back then. Leon’s was known in the 50s and 60s as a hangout for “beatniks, hippies, and artistic types.” Cass Elliot, a Baltimore native before she became famous as part of the Mamas & the Papas was a regular. Gus said that her parents owned a small grocery store in Canton behind the Sip and Bite. I also asked Gus about a bartender named Sunny Carroll. My research on the internet brought up that she had been a former “Rockette in New York and dated comedian Lenny Bruce.” Gus laughed, he said that she was in fact a dancer in New York, but that “Rockette” was a nice word for it: “After a few drinks she would be happy to dance for anybody.” He remembered Sunny’s retirement party at Leon’s when she said she was 65. (Gus said she was more like 75.) “It took three people to carry her and all of her gifts home!” Gus also remembers that the police came in often in those days and asked for IDs. Gus added that they were not checking your age; they were just taking names. One also had to be careful of pickpockets. The thieves knew that if someone’s wallet was taken in a gay bar, they would not report it to the police. Gus worked part-time in many bars in Baltimore over the years. He said that he often was a substitute for someone who didn’t show up at work. He laughingly added, “I lived in Fells Point and at one time I had the keys to eight or nine Fells Point bars on my keyring.” In 1997 he stated working at Leon’s under owner Bob Davies, who had purchased the bar in 1974. We talked about the popular happy-hour bartenders Doris Stuchinski and Celeste Ball. Back when Leon’s was so packed on a Sunday afternoon that you couldn’t move, Doris and Celeste were the perfect tag team behind the bar. They knew everybody and everybody’s drink of choice. Doris just recently passed away on May 16th and I had heard that Celeste had passed away a few years ago. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Celeste walk into Doris’s funeral looking better than ever. Gus also remembers Baltimore’s pop-

ular high-heel race that it now an annual tradition before the Baltimore Pride Parade. He informed me that the race actually started at Leon’s as a way to drum up some businests over the slow Labor Day weekend when many of the regulars were away at the beach. The first year saw 15 people in the race. Participants in highheels had to run from Leon’s around the corner to Tyson Place, put on a dress complete with boobs that were made from condoms filled with club soda, run down to the Drinkery and order a drink, drink it and run back to Leon’s, order another drink and finish it. As the contestants ran their “boobs” often stretched bigger, but if they broke the runner was disqualified. Leon’s became known for crazy events. In 1995 Vince Hammond, who died in 1998, started the Miss Leon’s Contest. Baltimore has had many very polished performers over the years, but Miss Leon’s was always just about having fun. When asked about a favorite memory, Gus told me the story of a Leon’s regular named Jay who for many years would come to the bar with his pet squirrel. The squirrel was usually well behaved, but sometimes would play with people’s drinks or money on the bar. Once it jumped on

the floor and ran up at lady’s skirt. She remarked, “There are 50 pairs of nuts in the room and he has to run up my leg!” Another time during a snow storm Gus made over 100 snowballs and brought them into the bar so that patrons could have an indoor snowball fight. I had a wonderful afternoon talking about Leon’s with Gus. So many good times. The place has changed very little since I first walked in the door. Leon’s always makes me feel at home. There have been some small changes over the years. Gus confirmed that those orange lights above the bar that always looked like pepperoni pizzas to me were put in as set decoration for the television series “Homicide: Life on the Streets” (1993-1999), which filmed in the bar. Happily Leon’s is still the same familiar little dive bar. Thank God that somethings do not change and for 60 years Baltimore has had this gathering spot for the friends of Dorothy. t

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news // LOCAL

Infections Beware: Grand Opening for Bartlett Specialty Practices On May 1st, the fight against infectious disease in Baltimore gained more firepower with the dedication of the John G. Bartlett Specialty Practice, successor to the Moore Clinic and Blalock Specialty Practice. Among the some 200 attendees were Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, Johns Hopkins officials, as well as patients, providers, staff, and community members. “Our grand opening resembled a wedding,” said Kisten Nolan, the clinic’s nurse manager. The Dunbar High School jazz band provided entertainment. The new clinic will co-locate services for patients with an array of infectious diseases including those following organ transplants or insertion of medical devices, HIV, hepatitis, or infections involving bones or lung. The site will bring to one location some 70 specialists, including a nutritionist, onsite pharmacy, phlebotomy services, and case managers to insure patients have coordinated care. The clinic includes a fiLending his name – Dr. John. G. Bartlett

broscan, pentamidine inhalation room, a sputum induction room, and a treatment room for admissions, acute infections and wound care, an express testing lab, specialty pharmacy and facilities for research recruitment. One major new step for the clinic is making the patient visit paperless. In the old clinic, a packet of papers followed each patient from check in to the vitals section, their provider, to the lab, social work, or any other visit, then back to checkout. The new system uses a series of colored dots, integrated into each patient’s electronic record, that indicate when the patient is ready to see the provider, when the patient needs an immunization or other intervention, when the patient is ready to see the lab; when they are ready for social work or a sub-specialty, and when the patient is ready to check out. “State-of-the-art technologies and patient centered operational innovations begin in the bright waiting room and continue throughout a patient’s visit,” said Nolan. The clinic is named after Dr. John G. Bartlett, the former Stanhope Bayne-Jones Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins medical school from 1980 until 2006. Dr. Bartlett partnered with Frank Polk from the university’s School of Public Health and Hygiene to establish both an HIV outpatient clinic and an HIV inpatient unit that provided the standard for clinical care, research, and training in HIV. Both units still exist today and the outpatient clinic transitioned into the John G. Bartlett Specialty Practice. The John G. Bartlett Specialty Practice is located on the ground floor of the Park Building at Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1717 East Monument Street in Baltimore. t – Bill Redmond-Palmer

June GLCCB Board Meeting Notes Updates on Pride and the quest for new board members were topics of discussion at the June 5th board meeting of the GLCCB, Baltimore’s LGBT community center. The board’s search for new board members continues and three interviews have been completed. More interviews of the applications received are being scheduled. Three interested people attended the



JULY 7, 2017 •

meeting and answered questions on their experience, qualifications, and goals. The board received a brief update on Pride plans from the committee chairs. It was announced that Key’Ashia Tucker, the longest serving employee at the Center, has resigned her position as case manager to pursue a nursing career. More information about the organizational incubator space helped clarify how it would work. The Center for Black Equity and the Baltimore Trans Alliance will be using spaces during the day for their operations, and the same spaces will be open for use by the community during the evening, providing for more efficient use of space for the center. FreeState Justice will be working with the center and others to develop a series of events to provide community mediation among the Charles Village neighborhood associations, police, and sex workers to help deescalate the tension sometimes evident among those groups. It was noted that there is a need to make sex workers in Station North aware that the area for the block party will be cleared prior to the event, and to make sure those participating are sensitive in their efforts. The next board meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 11th at the GLCCB (2530 North Charles Street, third floor, Baltimore). t – Bill Redmond-Palmer

Back-to-School ‘Xmas in July’ Drives for Homeless Youth Brian Dolbow, in partnership with the case management team of Chase Brexton Health Services, is hosting the “Christmas in July” Community Outreach – Second Annual Back to School Drive, running now through July 19th. Items to be collected are backpacks, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, notebooks, USB drives, kid-friendly nonperishable food, lunch boxes, and umbrellas. Amazon gift cards are also welcome. The goods will go to homeless youth in Baltimore. Items can be dropped off at or mailed

to: Chase Brexton Health Care Mount Vernon, Case Management Team, Attention: Lauren Stokeling and Brian Dolbow, 1111 North Charles Street, third flood, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. For more info, it’s t – Bill Redmond-Palmer

Hardly a Drag: Upcoming Events On Friday, July 7th from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., Betty O’Hellno and the Baltimore Eagle present “July Grindhouse Burlesque at The Nest,” at the Eagle (2022 North Charles Street, Baltimore). Grindhouse harkens back to the glory days of gritty, cheap roadhouse theaters, explosive exploitation films, bump & grind burlesque, and girls! girls! girls! … and drag queens! The show will feature Betty O’Hellno, Brooklyn Heights, Tempete La Couer, Anna Marx, Maria Bella, and Iris Honeydew. Doors open at 9:30 p.m and showtime is 10:30. Cover is $12.50, or for $50 you can reserve a table ahead of time by contacting the Baltimore Eagle at 410-2009858. More at On Saturday, July 8th, from 9 p.m. to midnight, Baltimore’s Got Talent presents Obi City’s Birthday Roast at the Depot Baltimore (1728 North Charles Street). Fifteen contestants compete for the number one spot. Think of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, The Voice, and America’s Next Top Model combined! The contest is hosted by Brooklyn Heights. For their mini challenge, the contestants must create a runway look that best showcases their personal craft. For their main challenge, the contestants must roast not only the city of Baltimore but also the birthday girl, Obi City. This month they have performances by all the contestants as well as Brandon Lee Baer, Sabrina White, Iyana Deschanel, and Miss

news // LOCAL Stacey Antoine. Doors open at 9 p.m. and showtime is 10. Cover is $7. More at Bit. ly/2tywDvH. On Sunday, July 9th at 9 p.m., the Rowan Tree and Shawnna Shows present “Twisted Wrong” at the Rowan Tree (1633 South Charles Street, Baltimore). Baltimore’s Queen of Comedy, Shawnna Alexander, will host this show where you will see all the girls dressed to the nines in drag, while lip-syncing to their favor-

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Certified Public Accountants ite song by a male vocalist. The guys will dress as dudes, but lip-sync their favorite song sung by a female vocalist. Very twisted! There’s no cover for this show. Free parking is available with a parking pass from the bar. More at t – Bill Redmond-Palmer

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REVOLUTIONARY! —continued from page 1 a project entitled “We Are America,” as part of the LGBT History Project I coordinate that appears in numerous newspapers around the country each October. We commissioned writers and began research on LGBT people who were instrumental to the cause of the Revolutionary War. In our research, there was one character who stood out and fascinated me. His name was Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. He was a brilliant and somewhat flamboyant military genius. I read almost everything that I could find on the web and then the wonderful and revealing biography The Drillmaster of Valley Forge. The book was written by Paul Lockhart, who at this point most would say is the foremost expert on von Steuben and a teacher of military history. Von Steuben was outrageous and he was going to be my contribution to the project – never did I expect how passionate I’d become about him earning his rightful place in history. Why von Steuben? Simply, his being acknowledged as a gay man would bring about major change in the way we look at the founding of this country. Without von Steuben, there would be no United States of America, and that means a gay man was a founding father. If we could prove that the founding fathers knew he was gay, then the founding fathers not only had us in mind when founding this country, but also expected us to have equality, or what could pass for equality at that time. Clearly, one of those equality points was the issue of gays in the military. For that is where von Steuben and founding father Benjamin Franklin come in. Never did we expect that in our research we’d find such names touching on the subject as Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams and many others. The project of explaining von Steuben’s impact became so big and touched on so many founding fathers that we had to break it into various segments: a piece on Franklin, another on Washington and so on. Here in quick order is a short version of part of the von Steuben story: • In the late 1700s, von Steuben had a somewhat-celebrated military leadership career in the various German states, though at numerous times he was accused of having sex with his young male recruits. He never denied the allegations, but did leave (escape) those countries before he could be charged or arrested. He arrived in Paris hoping to impress the Continental Con-

U.S.’s Newest Museum Highlights Gay Contribution to Independence

ued to be used by U.S. military until the war of 1812), instituted standards of sanitation, gresses ambassador to the Court of Louie and became Washington’s chief of staff.   XVI, Benjamin Franklin, and get a commisToday, there are few, if any, professional sion in the Continental Army commanded historians who would doubt that von Steuby George Washington. At the first meeting, ben was gay. In our research, we unearthed Franklin was unimpressed. Von Steuben left correspondence among members of the AdParis, but another scandal brought him back. ams family regarding the subject. The whisVon Steuben and his friends – connected eipers about von Steuben led the Continental ther to the court of Louie XVI or to Franklin – Congress to delay granting him a pension, asked Franklin to have another meeting with and it was Washington’s last act as comvon Steuben, knowing of those scandals and mander of the Continental Army to write the the chances that he could be arrested in ParCongress on behalf of von Steuben’s “moral is if he did not escape Europe. character.” And finally, at the urging of HamFranklin met with von Steuben and ilton, the first secretary of the treasury of the agreed on the plan to escape, but not before n e w country, Congress finally von Steuben went shopping and engranted von Steuben an listed an entourage. annual $2,500 pension. How could one not According to the find him fascinating? New York Public Library There can be lit(“The Papers of von tle doubt here that Steuben”), the following Franklin, the Bill is a list of von Steuben’s Gates of his day and major achievements:  a major celebrity in • February Paris at that time, with 1778: Arrives at Valley spies at his disposal, Forge to serve under would not have known Washington, having of von Steuben’s “probinformed Congress lems.” This makes of his desire for paid Franklin the father of service after an initial “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” volunteer trial period, Before von Steuben a request with which boarded his boat, he Washington concurs. ordered fine, new spe• March cial uniforms made with 1778: Begins tenure epaulets and medals, as inspector genfound a personal staff eral, drilling troops and, just to look like royaccording to estabalty, brought along a cou- A gift to America – Von Steuben’s memolished European ple of dogs. He was then rial is aptly homoerotic. Von Steuben had military precepts. smuggled out of Paris on been under the gun in France owing to, as • 1778a ship that had munitions his former employer wrote, “familiarities 79: Writes “Reguwith young boys which the laws forbid and for the Continental Army, punish severely.” When Benjamin Franklin lations for the Order along with letters of in- saw that letter, he worked successfully to and Discipline of the troduction to Washington whisk the military genius away from the Troops of the Unitand Congress by Frank- clergy who wanted him in jail and win him ed States,” which lin. for the American war effort. Von Steuben becomes a fundaThe ship arrived in met George Washington for the first time mental guide for the together with his 17-year-old lover. New England, and von Continental Army Steuben met members of and remains in acthe Adams family and John Hancock before tive use through the War of 1812, published heading to meet Congress, and then onto in over 70 editions.  Valley Forge to meet Washington.   • 1780-81: Serves as senior military offiIt was at Valley Forge that von Steuben cer in charge of troop and supply mobilizapulled together Washington’s rag-tag Contition in Virginia. nental Army and began to make them into a • 1781:  Replaced by Marquis de Lafaycohesive, collective force. He taught them to ette as commander in Virginia. drill, created a regulation book (which contin-

• 1781-83: Continues to serve as Washington’s inspector general, and is active in improving discipline and streamlining administration in the army. • Spring 1783:  Assists in formulating plans for the post-war American military. Washington rewarded von Steuben with a house at Valley Forge (still in existence and open for visits), which he shared with his aide-de-camps, Captain William North and General Benjamin Walker. Walker lived with him through the remainder of his life, and von Steuben, who neither married nor denied any of the allegations of homosexuality, left his estate to North and Walker. His last will and testament, which includes the line “extraordinarily intense emotional relationship,” has been described as a love letter to Walker.   Von Steuben, like many LGBT people and their histories and contributions, has remained invisible or unrecognized until recently. That is what is so revolutionary about what the Museum of the American Revolution has done. The largest original mural in the $150-million museum features von Steuben drilling the troops along with key figures at Valley Forge. Each figure has a biography. Here’s what the museum wrote about von Steuben: “Baron von Steuben came to the encampment as a volunteer but left it as a general. A German nobleman with experience in Frederick the Great’s Army, von Steuben transformed the Continental Army’s drill and training. In May, he was promoted to inspector general of the army. Here he sits on a horse directing the troops as they maneuver. Though the army didn’t ask, and he didn’t tell, von Steuben is thought by some historians to have been gay.” On my recent visit to the museum, when Mead showed this to me, my response was, “What you’re going for is inclusion of the entire American family.” He smiled and responded, “Correct, the revolution belongs to all of us.” He pointed out other LGBT exhibits. One features a scene of two Quaker women visiting American prisoners of war at Independence Hall, then known as the Pennsylvania State House. The exhibit was based on the diary of a Quaker woman named Elizabeth Drinker, who wrote about the “two Hannah Catherells.” “Now there’s ambiguity in this scene,” Mead noted. “It’s possible that this refers to a nice and an aunt who were both named —continued on page 24



in memoriam

Chuck Renslow, founder of International Mr. Leather, dies at 87 May 9th, 1945 – May 31st, 2017 Courtesy of Chicago’s Windy C ity Times Chuck Renslow, 87, a longtime pillar of the LGBTQ community in Chicago and around the world, has died after multiple long-term health issues.  Renslow reigned over a seven-decade empire, starting more than two  dozen businesses – bars, discos, photo studios, health clubs, bathhouses, gay  publications, hotels, restaurants, and bookstores. He fostered organizations and dealt with Mafia and police payoffs, the Chicago Machine,  anti-gay government policies, and controversy within the gay community.  The founder of International Mr. Leather, owner of Man’s  Country and the Gold Coast bar, publisher of GayLife newspaper in the 1980s, political activist, and much more was an out business owner since the 1950s. He was a contributor to a wide range of political, social, business, health, and other causes.  In the early 1950s, Renslow founded Kris Studios, one of  the earliest and most durable of the physique photography hous-

es. He was an accomplished photographer, including of the ballet. His dance photography is in the Newberry Library dance collection in the Chuck Renslow Dance Photographs collection.  He was the publisher of Triumph, Mars, and Rawhide magazines, publications mailed and shared across the country helping gay men find each other in the decades before Stonewall. In 1965, he was a founder of Second City Motorcycle Club. He opened Gold Coast – believed to be the first leather bar in the U.S. –  in Chicago in 1958. He was the founder of many bars and sex clubs since the 1960s including Man’s Country, which is still open in Andersonville.  Renslow had many partners over the years, among  them Dom “Etienne” Orejudos, who he was with more than 40 years, and helped encourage Dom’s work as the artist Etienne. He was also involved with Cliff Raven, Chuck Arnett, Sam “Phil Andros” Steward, David Grooms, and Ron Ehemann, and encouraged  them in their work, too. 

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JULY 7, 2017 •

the 1980 Democratic National Convention In 1979, he founded International Mr. (for U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy), and withLeather, which  grew out of  his Mr. Gold in the 46th and 48th Ward Democratic OrCoast contest and the experience he had ganizations. His other bars and businesses have managing A.A.U. physique competitions. When Dom  Etienne died, Renslow com- included the Chicago  Eagle,  Triumph bined his collection of Eteinne’s art with his Health Studios,  Sparrows Lounge, Bistro own archives from his business and his life; Renslow and Tony DeBlase co-founded the Leather Archives & Museum in 1991. Renslow served as president for many years. Renslow was inducted into the the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame in 1991 and received dozens of awards from the gay and leather communities. He received the Leather Journal’s lifetime achievement award and a Centurion Chuck Renslow Too, Zolar, The Club Baths, Center Stage, Award as “Leatherman and Pyramid. of the Century.” Renslow was born in 1929, raised in He served on the board of directors of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force the Logan Square neighborhood of Chiand was a U.S. representative to what was cago, and graduated from  Lane Technical known then as the International Lesbian High School.   Renslow is survived by many friends and Gay Association. Renslow also was involved in newspa- and family.  Renslow’s life is chronicled in Leathpers, purchasing GayLife from its founder, Grant Ford, and  publishing it for several erman: The Legend of Chuck Renslow, by Tracy Baim and Owen Keehnen. t years, until it folded in 1986. Renslow was especially active in politics in the 1970s  and 1980s, as the gay community gained clout. He was the founder of Prairie State Democratic Club in “As Leather Ar1980, and they hosted events chives & Museum’s with top politicians from Chico-founder, Chuck cago and Cook County, and gave deeply and even presidential candidates worked with great coming through the area. He passion for over 26 pushed for the gay and lesbiyears to save the an civil-rights ordinance when names and faces of it was first introduced in the Leather, kink,  BDSM and fetish people, communiChicago City Council in the ties, and history, and he fought to ensure that leathearly 1970s, and  the initial erfolk were the ones who would ‘tell’ their own stoexecutive order banning disries so that they might better understand and bring crimination in Chicago city enhanced visibility to leather history. As co-foundgovernment, as issued by er, longtime president and, most recently, chairman Mayor Jane Byrne. of the board, Chuck has left his mark throughout He served as a Demoour institution and touched each of us very deeply. cratic Party 43rd Ward preHe will be missed.” t cinct captain  for eight years, as a candidate for delegate to

Leather Archives on Chuck Renslow

beyond the beltway compiled by Jim Becker

Russians and Israelis like Trump but rest of world hates him Washington, D.C. – The whole world hates Trump – with the exception of Russians and Israelis – according to a new Pew poll released June 27th. The poll involved 40,447 respondents in 37 countries and was conducted from February 16th to May 8th. Only 22% of the respondents said they had “confidence” in Trump, compared with Russisrael for Trump

the 64% who said the same about Barack Obama at the end of his term. In the eyes of Pew poll participants, Trump compared poorly to other world leaders. In fact, he got the lowest ratings among those tested. Forty-two percent said they had confidence in Germany’s Angela Merkel, and 28% in China’s Xi Jinping. Even Russian president Vladimir Putin inspired more confidence than Trump, with 27% saying they trusted him. As a country, the favorable rating of the U.S. fell from 64% in the Obama era to only 49% now. Israel and Russia were the only countries surveyed where the public prefers Trump to Obama. Pew said the overall view of the U.S., which Pew has followed since 2002, tends to correspond to approval for the president, even if U.S. culture and Americans as people tend to win higher ratings than their leaders. “The drop in favorability ratings for the U.S. is widespread,” Pew said. “The share of the public with a positive view of the U.S. has plummeted in a diverse set of countries from Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.” According to Pew, the most severe decline came in European allies such as Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany, and also in South Korea. Trump’s character traits got particularly unfavorable notice, with 75% of respondents saying he’s “arrogant,” 65% saying he’s “ignorant,” and 62% calling Trump “dangerous.” Among the positive char-

acteristics tested, his highest rating was for being a strong leader. Fewer believed he is charismatic or well qualified, or cares about ordinary people. (Seattle Gay News – Mike Andrew at

Supreme Court rules LGBT rights not limited to marriage Washington, D.C. – In a ruling seen as a reaffirmation of its 2015 Obergefell decision granting marriage rights to LGBT people, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with two lesbian couples in an Arkansas lawsuit, holding that both partners must be listed as parents on the birth certificates of the couples’ children. The decision in Pavan v. Smith was announced June 26th. The majority in the unsigned opinion said that ruling also means that same-sex couples are entitled to “the constellation of benefits that the states have linked to marriage.” Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and the newly installed Neil Gorsuch dissented from the brief – and unsigned – majority opinion. Under the Arkansas procedure struck down by the court, a woman’s husband is routinely listed as the father of her child –

Those who

giveth & even if he is not the actual taketh biological father – while only away the biological parent of a child of a same-sex couple would be listed as a parent. The plaintiffs sued to have the same presumption of parenthood applied to samesex spouses. The case involved two married lesbian couples who had each jointly planned their child’s conception by means of an anonymous sperm donor. State officials listed only the biological mothers on the children’s birth certificates and refused to list their partners, saying they were not entitled to a husband’s presumption of paternity. Lawyers for the plaintiffs said their clients and the children involved in the case suffered harm because

way.’ We do not feel welcomed. We do not feel included.” Another of those individuals asked to leave was an Iranian Jew Eleanor Shoshany-Anderson. “I was here as a proud Jew in all of my identities,” Shoshany-Anderson asserted. “The Dyke March is supposed to be intersectional. I don’t know why my identity is excluded from that. I fell that, as a Jew, I am not welcome here.” A statement from posted June 25th on Dyke March Chicago social media accounts read in part: “Sadly, our celebration of dyke, queer, and trans solidarity was partly overshadowed by our decision to ask three individuals carrying Israeli flags superimposed on rainbow flags to leave the rally. This decision was made after they repeatedly expressed support for Zionism during conversations with Dyke March Collective members.” Chicago, Illinois – Windy City Times In their statement, Dyke March Collective reports that the 2017 Dyke March Collective organizers singled out Grauer’s organization, ejected three people carrying Jewish Pride A Wider Bridge, for what they called “provocflags (a rainbow flag with a Star of David in ative actions at other LGBTQ events [and] for the center). According to one of those indi- using Israel’s supposed ‘LGBTQ tolerance’ viduals – A Wider Bridge Midwest manager to pinkwash the violent occupation of PalesLaurel Grauer – she and her friends were tine.” (Windy City Times at a number of times in the park because they were holding the flag. “It was a than-1500-at-Dyke-March-in-Little-Villageflag from my congregation which celebrates Jewish-Pride-flags-banned-UPDATEDmy queer, Jewish identity – which I have June-25-/59621.html) done for over a decade marching in the Dyke March with the same flag,” she told the newspaper. She added that she lost count of the number of people who harassed her. One Dyke March collective member, asked by Windy City Times for a response, said the women were told to leave because the flags “made people feel unsafe,” that the march was “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian.” “They were telling me to leave because my flag was a trigger to people that they found offensive,” Grauer said. “Prior to this [march] I had never been harassed or asked Jazz Jennings, a transgender reality to leave and I had always carried the flag with me.” “People asked me if I was a Zionist and star, recently opened up to People magaI said, ‘Yes, I do care about the state of Israel zine about how her decision to transition at but I also believe in a two-state solution and a young age has complicated her actual tranan independent Palestine,’” Grauer said. “It’s sition. Jennings, who has a TV show on TLC hard to swallow the idea of inclusion when called “I Am Jazz” admitted that transitioning you are excluding people from that. People at a young age might not have been the best are saying ‘You can be gay but not in this move. She told People TV that she might not have enough “material” to work with down there. Basically, Jazz started taking hormones before puberty in order to transition and now she has a baby penis down there. Apparently, having a completely underdeveloped downstairs mix-up is preventing Jazz from turning their current downstairs into the downstairs that she wants. “There’s definitely been a lot of complications in terms of the bottom surgery,” Jen-

of Arkansas policy. “A child’s birth certificate affects parental decision-making authority in the medical and educational context,” the lawyers said in court documents. Lawyers for the state argued that “parental rights flow from biology, not marriage,” and that “in the overwhelming majority of cases, the mother’s husband is a marital child’s biological father.” (Seattle Gay News – Mike Andrew at

Chicago Dyke March bans gay Jewish flag

Transitioning as a child complicates reassignment surgery

Judaic symbol as ‘trigger’?

—continued on page 14



Voice of the Center

GLCCB Open House Party Hey, family! I just wanted to thank all of you who attended our Open House on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. It felt great to open our doors to the community and show off our space. We ate delicious food donated by our friends over at Flavor, we had drinks from one of our Pride sponsors, Absolut, and, most importantly, we enjoyed each others’ company. You shared your thoughts, your stories, and your ideas for new projects. I appreciate each and every one of you. The GLCCB staff and board of directors agreed that it was important for us to host an open house during Pride week to remind the community that we are the organization behind the beloved Baltimore Pride festival. As much as we love bringing the community together for a fun-filled weekend every summer, we don’t want you to forget that we are here to serve and support you all year round. With that said, I hope to see you

12 t


JULY 7, 2017 •

again soon. There’s plenty going on at the GLCCB. Please check our program schedule for upcoming meetings, support groups, and social events. There’s something for every age,

interest, and background. We’re working hard to develop programs and events that meet the ever-evolving needs of our local and global LGBTQ community. If you missed the Open House, don’t worry. You can stop by the center anytime to meet the staff and get your own personal tour of the space. For oneon-one visits, we’re here five days a week, Monday through Friday. We also offer referrals to health care, mental health resources, legal services, jobs, education, housing, and food through our case management team. We’re here for you – even if you just need a safe and affirming space to vent, process, and/or heal. Our doors are always open to meet our community’s needs. Sincerely, Jennifer Eden GLCCB Program Manager

THE LATEST UPDATES FROM THE GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL, AND TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY CENTER OF BALTIMORE AND CENTRAL MARYLAND Sundays 07/09 Narcotics Anonymous 11:00am-1:00pm Gentle Mindful Yoga 3:30pm-4:45pm ($10) 07/16 Narcotics Anonymous 11:00am-1:00pm Gentle Mindful Yoga 3:30pm-4:45pm ($10)

Mondays 07/10 Come see one of our case managers between 10:00am and 6:00pm. 07/17 We’re open Come see one of our case managers between 10:00am and 6:00pm.

Events Calendar: July 2017 Tuesdays Wedesdays Thursdays 07/11 LGBTQ Youth Mental Health Group 6:00pm-7:30pm Pink Lady Dance 6:00pm-9:00pm Mind Travel Meditation 7:00pm-8:00pm 07/18 Giovanni’s Room Poetry Workshop 6:30pm-8:30pm ($5) SILhouette 7:30pm-9:30pm

07/12 Free & Confidential HIV Testing 6:30pm-8:30pm The Mankind Project 6:30pm-8:30pm

07/13 Youth Against Oppression 4:30pm-6:30pm Sistahs of Pride 7:30pm-9:30pm

07/19 Free & Confidential HIV Testing 6:30pm-8:30pm The Mankind Project 6:30pm-8:30pm Trans Baltimore 7:00pm-9:00pm

07/20 Youth Against Oppression 4:30pm-7:00pm Baltimore Trans Masculine Alliance 6:30pm-9:00pm Get Smart with iChat 7:00pm-9:00pm



07/07 07/08 Giovanni’s Room Open Alcoholics Anonymous Mic feat. Deniero Black 5:00pm-8:00pm 7:00pm-10:00pm ($5) 07/15 07/14 Alcoholics Anonymous Black Men’s Xchange 5:00pm-8:00pm 6:30pm – 10:00pm TAG Outreach 07/22 8:00pm-4:00am Alcoholics Anonymous 5:00pm-8:00pm 07/21 Black Men’s Xchange 6:30pm-10:00pm TAG Outreach 8:00pm-10:00pm



beyond the beltway —continued from page 11

sidered the civil rights of LGBT residents in nings explained on “People Now.” “We’ve each of the 40 countries whose cities were been talking about it a lot. You’ll see in the included. (Seattle Gay News – Mike Andrew show, there’s some problems because I’ve at been on the hormone blockers and basically I haven’t had a lot of development – so we’re debating if I have enough material to work with.” (Milo,yiannoppulos,net at https://

Madrid most welcoming for LGBT people, Beijing the least Berlin, Germany – Strangely enough, Catholic Madrid is the most welcoming city in the world for LGBT folks, while Beijing is the least. These ratings are based on a survey by the German housing website Nestpick and were published by Newsweek magazine. One hundred world cities were included in the survey. Madrid is followed by Amsterdam, Toronto, Tel Aviv, and London. New York City and San Francisco topped the list for U.S. cities (at numbers nine and ten worldwide). Seattle came in at 55. Just ahead of Beijing at the bottom of the list are Belgrade, Bratislava, Sofia, and Zagreb – all Slavic cities. However, Johannesburg (number 94) was the only African city included in the survey. Ten U.S. cities made the list including Autin (at 23) and Miami (at 27). “We asked over 2,500 participants from each city to give three lifestyle factors a rating out of five stars: the strength of their city’s gay dating scene, the quality of its LGBT nightlife, and the openness of their fellow citizens,” Nestpick explained. “Cities needed to average at least two out of five stars for each of the three lifestyle factors in order to qualify for the final shortlist.” After narrowing down the list, the Nestpick pollsters added a fourth category – safety and looked at official hate crime data. Finally, the survey con-

Merry, gay Madrid

14 t


Norwegians collect money to fix penis-shaped rock formation

Oslo, Norway – Associated Press reports that activists are collecting money to repair a penis-shaped rock formation in southern Norway after the popular tourist attraction was found badly damaged. Joggers discovered that the Trollpikken rock formation had cracked and noted drilling holes in the rock – something that experts say strongly suggests the rock was deliberately vandalized. Within a day, over 500 people had donated nearly 90,000 Norwegian kroner ($10,600) to fix the formation located south of the southern coastal city of Stavanger. Ac-

and Associated Press at

Convicted U.K. may close murder serving life marries male Jewish school for not teaching inmate LGBT rights Montreal, Quebec – Canada’s CTV

News says a Quebec TV network reports that convicted murderer Luka Rocco Magnotta was to get married last month. TVA Nouvelles says the man who killed and dismembered Chinese student Jun Lin in 2012 was to wed a male inmate from New Brunswick on June 26th at the penitentiary in Port-Cartier, on Quebec’s North Shore. Magnotta, who will turn 35 in this month, is serving his life sentence at the maximum-security institution after being convicted in December 2014 of first-degree murder in Lin’s slaying. Magnotta was also found guilty of the four other charges he faced: criminally harassing then-prime minister Stephen What Norway’s Harper and other members of Parliament; phallophiles mailing obscene and indecent material; comhope to restore mitting an indignity to a body; and publishing obscene materials. In June 2015, it was revealed that Magnotta was looking for a “prince charming” on a matchmaking website for prisoners. His profile was posted on Canadian Inmates Connect, a website that tries to hook up lonesome convicts – some behind bars for violent offences like first-degree murder – with tivist Kjetil Bentsen told public broadcaster potential companions on the outside. “SeekNRK that he was convinced the Trollpikken ing single white male, 28-38 years of age, white and in shape,” read a blurb the web“will be rebuilt” with donated money. Police are looking for tips to find the per- site’s founder said at the time was written son or persons who did it. The culprit or cul- by Magnotta. “One who is loyal, preferably prits could face a one-year prison sentence educated, financially and emotionally stable for a serious environmental crime. ( for a long-term committed relationship. If you think you could be my prince charming, send me a detailed letter with at least two photos.” The ad was removed at Magnotta’s request These news notes have been compiled, with permission, from the online version of various newspapers and other web sites. We thank these publications for allowing us to bring you their news stories. Usually the reports have been significantly edited and you can read the full story by going to the web site mentioned following the item. Comments are strictly the opinions of Jim Becker and not of Baltimore OUTloud or Pride Media. Luka Rocco Magnotta – not a great catch

JULY 7, 2017 •

in July 2015 after the site’s creator said she received a letter saying he had found what he “was looking for.” (CTV News at Ctvnews. ca/canada/convicted-killer-luka-rocco-magnotta-getting-married-report-1.3468515)

London, England – Arutz Sheva reports that a private Haredi school with 212 students in northern London is in danger of being ordered to close after it failed its third inspection since February 2016 last month. The school, which teaches Haredi girls ages three to eight, was reported as not giving students “a full understanding of fundamental British values” because they do not teach the LGBT agenda. Jewish law prohibits homosexual acts and only recognizes a marriage between a man and woman as a legitimate way to build a family. According to the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services, and Schools (Ofsted), the girls “are not taught explicitly about issues such as sexual orientation. This restricts the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development and does not promote the equality of opportunity in ways that take account of differing lifestyles.” Though the school is not expected to “promote” ideas about sexual orientation or gender reassignment, they must still “encourage pupils’ respect for other people, paying particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the 2010 Equalities Act.” “It’s now been made crystal clear by Ofsted that the Equality Act is actually hierarchical,” Christians in Education member Gill Robins said. “Sexual orientation and gender reassignment are at the apex of the act.” Freedom of religion is not. “All equalities are equal, but some equalities are more equal than others. Ofsted has revealed its true agenda. It doesn’t matter how good your school is in all other respects – simply refusing to teach very young children about gender reassignment will lead to your closure.” An Ofsted spokesperson said the current standards “actively promote fundamental British values such as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.” However, teaching sexual orientation does not conform to the religious beliefs of Orthodox Jews. t (Arutz Sheva at News.aspx/231684)

thinking outloud

Ecstatic at Baltimore Pride Parade – 2017 by Ken Skrzesz Today, I stood on the corner of my street, in my neighborhood, in my city, in my country and I wept… As I took a long look down the incline of Charles Street, I saw, between Baltimore’s Washington Monument and me, a representation of America that is authentic and unstoppable. A shift in the wind, a helicopter fly-over, and a deafening cheer, collaborated to signal the leading drum line to begin. Marching bands with spangled dancers in white boots and silver spandex tights strutted and dropped and twerked for their best audience ever. Beautiful young men and women, freed by the fierce rhythm and fabulous costumes, flipped their hair and found themselves moving in ways that could never be gender typed. Incumbent senators and future governors tossed beads and required a “Happy Pride” response from the crowd. While the message of the American Civil Liberties Union was “Stop the abuse of power,” the crowd was also reminded that the Constitution is for the 100%. Transgender teens walked behind

“Black lives matter” signs and in front of “We are Orlando,” blurring any fiction that separates us. We cheered for the AIDS Action group, which, once again, told us that “SIlence equals death” as Planned Parenthood shouted for women’s rights. Korean-American Rainbow Families marched near signs that read “Stop racist police terror” and “Justice for Philando Castile.” Universities and community colleges surrounded the Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays but were outnumbered by churches giving free hugs and proudly claiming that everyone was welcome. The Old Bay seasoning truck tossed packets of samples (a smell that brings a smile to the face of every Baltimorean) as Bank of America, PNC, T. Rowe Price, UPS, BGE, Under Armour, and so many more, were represented by hundreds of employees and their families. The message was clear – we are the same and we are together. The expected theatre companies and choruses and roller derby women were there, along with women on motorcycles

and men in dresses. The parade-goers were delightfully surprised by the sage cleansing offered by the Native American Lifelines just before noticing the muscled, hairy legs of Baltimore’s own Pink Flamingo Rugby team. We cheered as we read “God blessed us with two gay sons,” and “Queer or straight my students are great,” and “Queer black love,” and “Consent equals sex.” Like my tears, not one of these glorious people, thousands and thousands of them, of all sexual identities, and cultural identities, and ethnic identities, will be contained. I wept for our country but not because of the insignificance of what will be a quickly forgotten error in judgment. Today I wept for the greatness of who we are and for the overwhelming energy of our diversity. There are no walls to contain what I experienced today. There is not enough divisive language in the universe to change the parade route of where we are going as a nation. My tears were of joy and hope and belief that a new day is upon us. I am so excited to be living at this moment in time. t

Baltimore OUTloud co-publisher Jim Becker and partner and staff writer Jeffrey Clagett say ‘No!’ to Trump at Pride in New York City



quality of life

The Law & You

Lee Carpenter

LGBT and Single: Planning Your Legacy Rather than calling themselves single, some folks would say they’re in a longterm relationship with action, adventure, and fun! After all, the single life has much to offer. Those of us who are unattached may enjoy a greater sense of freedom, and the chance to sleep uninterrupted by the drone of snoring or the kick of restless legs. But even with this greater freedom, we still have a responsibility to ourselves to plan for the curveballs and unexpected outcomes life can deliver. Considering these five questions will help you prepare for whatever lies ahead: 1) Who will take care of your finances if you can’t? Losing the ability to manage for ourselves can be a difficult circum-

“Rather than calling themselves single, some folks would say they’re in a longterm relationship with action, adventure, and fun! After all, the single life has much to offer.” stance to contemplate. This could happen temporarily, perhaps during a long illness, or permanently as our capacity to pay the bills and file tax returns diminishes with advancing age. In either circumstance, having a Durable Power of Attorney will enable you to authorize someone you trust to take on these duties. The person you appoint could even sell your house if the need arose, in order to move you to more suitable housing. 2) Who will manage your health care if you can no longer speak for yourself? If you should ever lose the capacity

to make your own medical decisions, that duty would fall to your next of kin. Especially if you have strained family relations, you might want your closest friend, rather than your closest relative, take on this job. Preparing an Advance Directive helps you ensure that the right person will be in charge. 3) Who will inherit from you once you’re out of the picture? When someone dies without a will, Maryland law dictates where their assets will go. For a single person, this could be your children, your parents, your siblings, or a more distant relative. Preparing a Last Will and Testament allows you to “opt out” of these default rules and leave your assets to the people you care about most. Many single people also want to include bequests to charitable or political organizations, especially those with an LGBT focus. 4) Who will take care of your children when you’re gone? If you are fortunate enough to have children, providing for them after you make your final exit may be your highest priority. If their other parent is still living, he or she will have natural custodial rights over any children who are still minors. When both parents are gone, however, you can nominate legal guardians for them under your Will. Your Will should also include a trust for the kids, so their inheritance will be managed by a responsible adult until they reach a certain age. This person, called your trustee, could also be the children’s guardian. One of the biggest favors you can do for the people who care about you is to answer these questions by preparing an estate plan. Meet with a lawyer – preferably one from the LGBT community – and have the necessary paperwork drawn up. The process generally takes only two meetings, one to discuss how to set things up and a second to sign your documents. Your completed plan will help you manage financial and health-related matters during any period of incapacity, and it will provide for the efficient transfer of your assets upon your death. Having a current estate plan can save time, money, and a lot of stress. It can also allow you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re ready to embrace life fully, curveballs and all. t Lee Carpenter is an associate attorney at the law firm of Semmes, Bowen & Semmes and can be reached at (410) 576-4729 or Learn more about LGBT estate planning at This article is intended to provide general information about legal topics and should not be construed as legal advice.

The Law & You

Linda A. Dominguez

Employment & Immigration Law There are many ways to get legal permission to work in the U.S. – proof of that permission is an Employment Authorization Document (“EAD” or work permit), which Citizenship and Immigration Services (“CIS”) issues. The EAD is issued once CIS approves an application (Form I-765) for the EAD, which must have a basis other than “I want to work in the U.S.” The EAD has a picture of the person, his or her name, date of birth, A-number (the case number assigned by DHS to that person), and the dates of issuance and expiration. It also contains the section of the law under which the person was found eligible to be issued an EAD. Because of this information contained on the EAD, this card is usable as a photo ID for travel purposes within the U.S., as well as entry into government buildings. A person who has been granted Temporary Protected Status (“TPS”) is issued an EAD as proof of the TPS approval (an EAD is actually issued when the application is submitted for adjudication since it can take months for CIS to make a decision). Generally, the EAD expires on the same date as the TPS expires for citizens and nationals of that country. Right now, the U.S. attorney general has designated TPS eligibility for persons from El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. A person who applies for adjustment of status to lawful permanent residence (“Green Card”) is issued an EAD while the application is pending before CIS. Once the Green Card is issued, the EAD is no longer necessary. Generally, the EAD is issued for one to two years, depending on how long CIS estimates it will take them to review the application and make a decision. The application for adjustment must be based on either a visa (family ties or employment) or entry as a refugee or a year after being granted asylum. A person who applies for asylum is eligible to apply for an EAD once 150 days have passed since they filed their application for asylum with either CIS or the Immigration Court. The reason for the delay in EAD eligibility for asylum applicants is rooted in the fact that in the 1980s and 1990s, people would file applications for asylum just to get an EAD and would not actually fear

returning to their native country. To get rid of this unwanted and unforeseen consequence, the rules were altered to make asylum applicants wait for an EAD to ensure that the basis for the application was a fear of returning to their native country and not just a desire to work in the U.S.. Once an application for asylum is approved by either CIS or the Immigration Court, a new EAD is issued with the code indicating that the holder is an asylee. Until recently, the EAD was issued for one year upon approval of the application for EAD. However, because of the backlog in the Immigration Court calendars, there is a possibility that the EAD will be issued for two years. People with certain nonimmigrant statuses are permitted to work in the U.S. Students may be issued an EAD if they are in OPT status or have other indications that off campus employment is permitted while they are studying in the U.S.. Persons with H-1B status (as well as their spouses) are also issued EADs for the duration of their status (generally in three-year increments). Servants of diplomats and other U.S. citizens are issued EADs as long as they are only temporary workers and will be leaving the U.S. once their employment is ended. Persons who are eligible to file for their own visa based on being a victim of violence or human trafficking are eligible for EADs while their applications are pending. Those who file under the Violence Against Women’s Act (“VAWA”) will get a Green Card once their self-petition is approved and application for adjustment of status is granted. Those who file for a U-visa (victim of crime of violence who cooperate with law enforcement) or a T-visa (victim of trafficking) will be issued an EAD upon approval. After three years, these people are eligible to file for adjustment of status and a Green Card is issued. A person who has a pending application before the Immigration Court for cancellation of removal, NACARA, suspension of deportation (filed prior to 1997), is also eligible to get an EAD. The EAD is issued while the application is pending. If the application is approved, then a green card is issued by CIS and an EAD is no longer necessary. There are also persons with a status that is neither nonimmigrant nor immigrant who are eligible to apply for permission to work in the U.S. DACA petitioners (also called “Dreamers”) are issued EADs for two years upon approval of their application. A person with a final order of removal who cannot be sent back to their native country is issued an EAD to prevent him or her from becoming a burden on the public assistance system. There are other situations which may result in the issuance of a work permit. If a person believes that they are eligible for an EAD, they should consult an attorney to discuss their immigration status in the U.S. and whether CIS will approve an EAD application. t



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Lunch & Learn: The Latest Dish on Senior Nutrition feel. Additionally, some medical conditions By Monte Ephraim LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase such as gout and type-two diabetes can be often controlled through a person’s diet. Brexton Health Care What are some easy ways that LGBT LGBT seniors will have a chance to dish on important nutrition tips at the LGBT Health elders can improve their nutrition? LGBT seniors can improve their nutriResource Center’s upcoming “Lunch & tion by remembering to eat the rainbow Learn” workshop. Chase Brexton Health Care nutritionist – and I don’t mean Skittles! Fruits, vegeTiana Matthews-Martinez will present “The tables, and various colored legumes have the phytochemicals, antioxArt of Nutrition: Are You idants, fiber, vitamins, minEating Your Rainbow?” on erals, proteins, carbs, and Thursday, July 13th  from water which our bodies need noon to 1:30 p.m. in the to function at their best. Each community rooms at color of the rainbow is like a Chase Brexton’s Mount magic wand that helps mainVernon Center (1111 North tain your health in a different Charles Street, Baltimore). way. Make sure to speak with We grilled Tiana for a a dietitian or nutritionist for few tips on healthy eating individualized recommendaand good nutrition. tions. What particular nutriWhat are some untion challenges might an healthy foods that elders LGBT elder face? should particularly avoid? Many LGBT seniors Tiana MatthewsIt’s safe to say that foods suffer from chronic conMartinezcy – The high in sugar, saturated fats, ditions such as HIV, deskinny & fat on senior and sodium are most likely creased bone density, cardionutrition to worsen health conditions vascular disease, depression or in seniors. You’ll find these in anxiety, and cancers, which occur for  a number of different reasons. Often, snack cakes, chips, sweet tea/sodas, and LGBT individuals smoke cigarettes and boxed / bagged / canned / heat-and-serve suffer from drug addiction at a higher rate. meals – many of the things you’ll find in Some are on multiple medications which the middle aisles of the grocery store. The can alter their appetite, affect food absorp- exceptions to this are whole grains, beans, tion, or create issues of weight gain, diabe- and spices. It’s best to make most of your tes, and cholesterol issues. Many also ex- foods from fresh or frozen ingredients at perience a higher degree of food insecurity home to control the amounts of these prob– as income often declines with advancing lem nutrients that you eat. What do you age, patients may resort hope attendees to lower cost and possibly More of learn from this lower quality food. Addithese, event? tionally, cultural pressures please No matter your within the LGBT community budget, current health to attain a certain physical status, or cultural appearance may contribute background, practicto under- or over-eating ing good nutrition with disorders.  moderate exercise How can nutrition imcan have great benpact other health issues efits to your overall health and wellbeing. an elder may be dealing with? Good nutrition habits can only help in Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, the alleviation or management of chronic flavorless, or outside of one’s cultural or acute health issues.  Poor nutrition on norms – we want to show you how to make the other hand, can have many negative it work for you!  t For information and to register for the effects and can compound existing health problems, affect a person’s sleep, mood, upcoming Lunch and Learn program, conenergy level, bowel regularity, pain level, tact or call 410and the general sense of being that they 837-2050 x1107.

22 t


JULY 7, 2017 •

Suffered Intimate Partner Violence? New support

person for the remainder of their life. These incidents can also have debilitating effects on an By Kelli Abbott individual’s social and financial LGBT Health Resource Center stability. of Chase Brexton Health Care How will this group help Individuals who have suffered address those effects and beincidents of intimate partner vigin the healing process? olence can connect with other Randall: We want to shed a light on this survivors in a safe, supportive environment thanks to a new support group offered by the issue, and together with the community, work toward reducing the rates of domestic vioLGBT Health Resource Center. The group begins on June 27th and op- lence in Baltimore. Our group will focus on erates in cycles of 20 weeks, with new en- the shift from victim to survivor, from trauma rollees joining at the beginning of the next to resilience. Being connected with others, cycle. The time and location of the group will and developing relationships that provide be disclosed to participants upon enrollment. support and caring, are very important tools Individuals wishing to join the group should in creating resilience following an incident of call 410-837-2050 x8810 to schedule an ini- domestic violence. If someone is facing a violent or potial assessment. We caught up with social worker Ran- tentially violent situation, what should dall Leonard and counselor Lauren Vaszil, they do? Lauren: If someone faces the threat of the group’s facilitators, to violence, they should develop a plan learn more. for their safety. What led the We underLGBT Health stand that a Resource Cenperson canter to want to not always establish this immediately group? flee their sitLauren: uation. But We recognized victim advocathat there was cy programs, a need to prosuch as those vide these offered by services in Chase Brexa skilled, ton, The House safe way to of Ruth (Hruth. the LGBTQ org), TurncommuniAround (Turnty, and that or Baltimore the National Docurrently didn’t have a group Social worker mestic Violence like this. Randall Leonard How significant an issue is intiand counselor H o t l i n e at 800-799-7233, mate partner violence in the LGBTQ Lauren Vaszil can help develop a plan of community? – facilitators of action to ensure their safety Randall: In the LGBT communithe new Intimate when they finally choose to ty, domestic violence occurs at rates Partner Violence leave the relationship. If acat least equal to the rest of the popusupport group tive violence is occurring, we always encourage individulation, and often higher. One recent study found that up to one-third of LGBT indi- als to call 911, as domestic violence can very viduals will experience domestic violence in quickly escalate to lethal violence. Most importantly, individuals need to their lifetime. But all too often, that violence is know that they are not alone, and the abuse downplayed and not openly discussed. In addition to immediate physical is not their fault. There is help, and here at harm, what long-lasting effects can such Chase Brexton we can support individuals facing an unhealthy relationship. t violence have on a person? For more information about all of the Lauren: The effects of domestic violence can last a very long time. Emotional pain LGBT Health Resource Center’s support caused by domestic violence can impact a groups, visit

group offers healing, connections

quality of life

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You Want David Egan

The Legal Backlash Against Same-Sex Marriage Same-sex marriage is under attack on several fronts. The conservative opposition has not sat idly by since the Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. Far from it. There were 85 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced by legislators in 28 states in 2016. This year there were 100 more. Two of the most dangerous attacks are working their way through the courts right now. Remember Masterpiece Cakeshop? Despite the Supreme Court having refused to hear a similar case three years ago brought by a wedding photographer claiming her First Amendment right to freedom of speech was violated, they’ve chosen to hear Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission this fall, with a decision to follow in 2018. If cake baker Jack Phillips wins his case, we won’t be far away from having a federal law that will allow businesses to discriminate against you in the name of their “religious beliefs.” Want a wedding cake? Not from this baker, nor catering from “x” company, or photographs from “y,” or flowers from “z.”  Why did the Supreme Court chose to hear Phillips’s case? Perhaps it’s the influence of the conservative political climate, or the Republican-controlled Congress, or of Justice Gorsuch being added to the bench (even though he’s a one-for-one replacement on the conservative side). No matter. It’s going to happen.  In Mississippi, a law has been affirmed by a federal appeals court that would, among other things, allow clerks and judges to refuse to marry same-sex couples, allow private businesses to refuse to serve LGBTQ people if doing so somehow involves “recognition of” a same-sex marriage, and allow gay couples who attempt to celebrate their wedding or anniversary

in a restaurant in Mississippi to be lawfully ejected. This law, which the Republican governor of Mississippi fully supports, is considered to be the widest-reaching and most onerous of its kind in the country. It’s also the model for federal legislation –  the First Amendment Defense Act –  that Republications have waiting in the wings for just the right moment. What can you do to fight all of this? How do you influence the Supreme Court?  Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), says that, “Judges make independent decisions based on the law, but they look around at what’s going on around them and that changes their hearts and minds. Judges live in communities, and so a lot of what [they] are responding to is seeing people in the streets, seeing the protests and the press reports.” Here are six ways you can make a difference: 1) Support the American Civil Liberties Union. Attorneys for the ACLU represent the same-sex couple (and by extension, you) against Masterpiece Cakeshop. They need money, and lots of it, to win this pivotal case. Your course is simple: contribute to the ACLU.  2) Join the ACLU’s People Power, a grassroots member-mobilization project for connecting people with resistance events and supporting people who want to create those events. Get out in the streets and show your support for freedom from discrimination! 3) Support Lambda Legal in their legal, education and advocacy work across the country.  4) Use the “Indivisible Guide” ( to influence members of congress and contribute to their work. 5) Be in touch with your elected officials at all levels: local, state, and national. Make your thoughts and feelings known. Write and, more importantly, call. Calling forces them to take time with you – which has more meaning than you might think – and brings them into dialogue. That matters. 6) Work toward supporting Democratic congressional candidates in the mid-term elections in 2018. Do everything you can to end Republican control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Next time: more on choosing wedding professionals. t

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True Harmony Events is an elite group of DJs and wedding planning professionals that break the mold; We love music and we love being a part of people's lives. We plan events and weddings that take the event to another level and people to another place. Our team is unrivaled in music knowledge, each one with a specialty. There is not a style of music around that we don't have in our catalog of more than a million songs. From music to planning, our team is specialized in planning the perfect event. From start to finish or day-of coordination we have you covered!




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U.S.’s Newest Museum Highlights Gay Contribution to Independence —continued from page 9 Hannah Catherell in the Quaker community. It’s also possible that it refers to Hannah Catherell and Rebecca Jones, two women who lived together who were described at the time as ‘yolk mates.’” When I inquired what “yolk mates” means, Mead explained, “They were co-workers, co-laborers in this place, in a school, for the good of the young people of Philadelphia. So some historians speculate that this may have been a same-sex couple. While we may not be able to prove that, we thought some of these displays were useful in getting people to think about the presence of the gay community here in Philadelphia in the 18th century.” When I asked Dr. R. Scott Stephenson,

Another American the museum’s vice president of Revolution

collections, exhibitions and programming, about the museum’s LGBT inclusion, he put it up this way: “You can’t tell the story of E pluribus unum without the pluribus.” Another possible LGBT connection exists in the Revolution Gallery. One of the people highlighted along a wall of revolutionaries is Deborah Sampson. A post-war, 1790s portrait depicting Sampson in a dress with a necklace and typical women’s haircut is featured alongside a summary of her contributions. “You’ll learn here that, during the Revolutionary War, she dressed as a man to join the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment,” Mead explained. “She saw combat and was discovered after she was wounded. She was honorably discharged from the Continental

24 t


Army on the basis of her gender and later published a memoir of her experiences, ‘The Female Review.’” “This is the place where we talk about the highest aspirations of the revolutionary generation in 1776,” Mead added about the gallery in which Sampson’s story is featured. “We talk about the limitations of the revolution in immediately expanding voting rights and other civil liberties of many groups. But our point here is that the revolution continues; it’s an idea, it’s ongoing. So while the 1760-90 period might not have seen major changes for all of these people, the ideas of the revolution made advancement possible. And along the way we meet people who have anticipation of those changes; they are pushing them forward with their own lives. Mead next took me to the final screening room before you leave the museum for a film about the continuing revolution of our nation. The set-up features a clip of Abraham Lincoln and the words: “These revolutionaries were inspired and forged as a generation by their sacrifices and their belief that people have a right to liberty, equality and a role in governance. “In 1858 Abraham Lincoln answers,” the narrator continued. “He sees a connection between the ideas of a revolution and the hopes of millions of immigrants arriving on U.S. shores. He describes these new arrivals as American revolutionaries, people without family ties to the revolution itself. He says that the revolution includes all people who are inspired by those words of 1776 and who look for the Declaration of Independence and feel they have a right to claim it. He called that the electric cord that links the hearts of patriotic and liberty loving men together.” As these words played, we saw pictures of slaves winning their freedom, immigrants arriving at Ellis Island, laborers organizing, women fighting for the right to vote and then we saw a picture of the first Gay Pride March fill the entire screen. I cried. t For more info, visit

JULY 7, 2017 •

// mark my words

Chicago Dyke March: Full of Shame! by Mark Segal Hard headline, so let me make it more clear. Whoever is in charge of the Chicago Dyke March has their heads up their asses. If you’ve read this column before, you’ve never read language like that from me before, but I’ll let you judge. Here are the facts: About 1,500 people gathered to be a part of the Chicago Dyke March earlier this month. As with many LGBT events, people bring their own posters, picket signs, and flags. There were signs representing many views at this march but organizers asked only one group to leave: three women with rainbow flags with a Star of David superimposed on them. According to the Windy City Times, one of the women – Laurel Grauer, a member of a group called A Wider Bridge – said she and her friends were approached a number of times in the park because they were holding the flag. “It was a flag from my congregation which celebrates my queer, Jewish identity, which I have done for over a decade marching in the Dyke March with the same flag,” Grauer told Windy City Times. She said she lost count of the number of people who harassed her. One Dyke March Collective member said the women were told to leave because the flags “made people feel unsafe,” and that the march was “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian.” The stupidity of that statement is overwhelming. First, the Star of David, as reported in Windy City Times, stands for a religion, not a country, unless it has the blue and white, which a rainbow flag does not. Second, many people have various forms of rainbow flags. different colored stripes and various logos on them. Third, one can be Jewish and have pride in their religion and not be pro-Israel. As to the unsafe statement,

In their rush to support Palestine the group sanctioned a slogan “From the river to the sea.”  That slogan literally was a PLO slogan to Wipe Israel and it’s peoFlags ple off the face of the of contention earth, that’s violence, that the Dyke March sanctioned.   finally, stereotyping all Jews as pro-Israel is like stereotyping all Muslims as terrorists. That said, here’s another way to look at it: Would you threaten and forcibly remove someone with a cross on a rainbow flag? How about an Islamic symbol on that flag? Bet not, and you shouldn’t. The point is the Chicago Dyke March singled out one group and stereotyped them: Jews. At this point, this community is supposed to be part of the “resist” movement, but the Chicago Dyke March is following Trump. Why? Trump lumps all Muslims into his ban. The Dyke March lumps all Jews into its ban. Shame! I’m proud to be a part of an email chain that includes many of us organizers, marshals or marchers in that first gay Pride march in June of 1970. Many of us were shocked at this action. We have been discussing it and I suggested a way that might show the Chicago Dyke March the errors of its ways. Next year, Jews march with the pink triangle Star of David. That symbol has nothing to do with Israel, it has to do with oppression. Our community is fighting oppression and it can’t do it splintered. We need to begin to unite and agree to disagree with someone’s political differences respectfully. Hell, the U.S. president wants to ban Muslims; should we outlaw American flags? Unite, don’t oppress. t

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Tampa’ll Tempt’ya by David Placher It’s like The Tampa Bay Area a welcome sits on the west coast mat of Florida, including Hillsborough and Pinellas counties and the cities of Tampa, Saint Petersburg, and Clearwater. Its population is over three million and continues to grow. Spirit, JetBlue, Delta, Southwest, and other airlines offer nonstop service for the twohour flight, with competitive prices. The sunny and warm city of Tampa has a beautiful downtown that’s filled with hotels, high-rises, and historic old quarters, such as Ybor City and Old Hyde Park. Check out the famous tourist attractions – and of course its thriving gay scene. Busch Gardens Tampa is an African-themed amusement park that features wild roller-coasters, live music, theatre performances, and displays a multitude of exotic animals. The park also offers a “Serengeti Night Safari,” which allows people to get to see some of the big animals up close. More of service to those animals directly is the Big Cat Rescue, a wildlife sanctuary for abused and abandoned big cats. It’s a nonprofit organization that has hundreds of fearsome felines, including leopards, tigers, and bobcats. Your admission fee helps support their work. Speaking of endangered animals, the

Electric Manatee Viewing Center at Apollo Beach is a sanctuary across from a power plant. (A manatee is sometimes called a “sea cow.”) The manatees are drawn to the warm water from the power plant, and sometimes you can see them in large numbers. The Lowry Park Zoo features more than 2,000 animals in natural habitats, and has recently expanded its collection of wildlife. Take a step back in time by visiting the Henry B. Plant Museum, with original furnishings from 1891. It was part of the luxury Tampa Bay Hotel that used to be a Victorian palace and was once owned by railroad tycoon Henry Plant. Ybor City is a National Historic Landmark District and is home to Tampa’s Latin community. It’s named for founder, cigar baron Vincente Martinez Ybor. Seventh Avenue in Ybor City, known in Spanish as “La Septima,” features some of the district’s most historic buildings, many are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Ybor City is also home to shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes, and the area’s gay bars and Minneapolis – clubs. Bright lights, The Honey Pot is a big city

gay nightclub with a large dance floor, great DJs, and strong drinks. The Reservoir Bar is a gay bar that shows some of the newest and hottest videos, with great drink specials and an environment that allows conversations, not to mention cool bartenders. South Nights Tampa is a gay dance club that expanded from its original location in Orlando. It has great DJs, awesome lighting, and strong drinks. City Side is a gay bar that has billiards, darts, and plays the latest videos. It offers a relaxing environment, especially if you just want to socialize with strangers. Ybor City has the famous Hamburger Mary’s Bar & Grill, a gay-themed and LGBT-friendly burger restaurant chain that started in San Francisco in 1972. Its motto is “an open-air bar and grill for open-minded people” and “Eat, drink, and be … Mary!” There are several Hamburger Mary’s in the U.S. and most are located in major city gayborhoods. Baltimore does not have a Hamburger Mary’s. (It’s hard to imagine Baltimore’s HONFest without a Hamburger Mary’s.) The

menu items include funny named foods and the restaurant décor is flamboyant. Saint Petersburg is the second-largest city in the Tampa Bay area. The weekend of June 23rd to 25th was its Pride (Stpetepride.

Florida with a cool, crisp edge.

com) event, with logistics that recall Baltimore’s. On Saturday, its parade route was in downtown Saint Pete by Bayshore Drive and it attracted a crowd of 30,000. On Sunday, Saint Pete’s Pride moved to the historic Central Avenue. (For Baltimore’s Pride weekend, Saturday the parade route is in Mount Vernon and on Sunday the festivities are moved to Druid Hill Park.) Many Saint Pete businesses proudly display the rainbow flag year-round. But like with all Pride parades, there were a few protesters, mostly just ignored. Tampa is great for a weekend trip. Check out Mum’s the LGBT Welcome Centhe word Wall art ter (Lgbtwelcomecenter. not for com) for more info and wallflowers the latest events. t





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By Rabbi Jan Dodi

Pride Month is Over Pride month is over. We marched, we partied, we celebrated in the streets all across our country and in many countries around the world. What a month! But not all the celebrations went off as planned. I received an email yesterday from an ally in New York City who marched for the first time with a group of our allies called the Resistance Group. He said he put on his comfortable shoes and proceeded to salsa with the other allies from his congregation and a group from the church where they meet. To prepare for the march, they made signs, listened to gay clergy expressing the need for our allies to be present, and started the day with a joint prayer service. He didn’t know what he was in for, but was willing to give it a try. As he approached the end of the parade – exhausted, sweaty, and sunburnt – someone in the crowd yelled out “Yes, you get it you sexy ally!” His first thought was, wow, I still have it. But that was followed


410-727-1112 • 1112 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore, MD Owned and Operated by David Egan, wedding columnist for BaltimoreOUTloud.

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JULY 7, 2017 •

quickly with misgivings of having attention drawn to himself and not the folks he was out to support. They hugged, exchanged thank yous and then finished the parade. His response to the day, the long parade, the hugs and shouts, was that he, the ally, was proud to have the opportunity to march, and humbled that he wasn’t wearing his new friend’s high heels. On a sadder note, the reports coming in from the Dyke March in Chicago were not so good. A group showing up with a Pride flag with a Star of David in the center (a symbol of Zionism) was informed that they could not march. They were told that

“If we come to the table and there isn’t enough room, add another table. If one of us is excluded, we are doing something wrong.” others did not feel safe with a flag they felt was a symbol of the state of Israel. The Dyke March organizers have gone on record to say that what they did was anti-Zionist, but not anti-Semitic. Many postings on Facebook have argued both sides, but in the end, the group did not get a chance to belong and march with other queer folk. Groups planning some marches said there was no room for “kink” in their march. They wanted to present themselves as “normal.” What? What was their normal? How can one group define what normal is? Who should be invited and who should be left out? What does this say about us? As an activist, I (personally) learned a long time ago that the work we need to do takes all of us – the queer community and allies, men and women, all colors, all sizes, all political alliances, all religions, all. If we come to the table and there isn’t enough room, add another table, bring in more chairs, find a way to expand so that everyone can be heard, welcomed, and a part of the whole. If we are to succeed, be equal in all ways, we need to make sure that we all are there. If one of us is excluded, we are doing something wrong. Our celebrations have come to an end, but the work is ahead of us. We must open all the doors, welcome all, and work together. There is so much work to do. Equality will not be ours if we do not treat all members of our community as equals. Start today, please. t Contact Rabbi Jan Dodi at rebtova@

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䌀漀渀琀愀挀琀 䐀攀愀挀漀渀 䘀爀攀搀 倀愀猀猀愀甀攀爀 倀愀爀椀猀栀 䄀搀洀椀渀椀猀琀爀愀琀漀爀 㐀㄀ ⴀ㤀㘀㤀ⴀ㈀㜀㠀㌀

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Songstress Idina Menzel Set to Charm Charm City By Frankie Kujawa Idina Menzel’s voice will defy both gravity and sound this month at the Model Performing Arts Center at The Lyric. To the delight of Baltimore audiences, the actress, singer, and songwriter will perform a tapestry of her most recognizable hits – as well as a few surprises – on Tuesday, July 18th at 8 p.m. The songstress recently sat down with Baltimore OUTloud to discuss her upcoming performance, her future projects, and her relationship with the LGBT community. “I think what I always try to accomplish, no matter how big the venue, is to give as intimate and authentic a performance as I can and really try and stay in the moment,” Menzel says. “I want it to be fun and spontaneous. The set list is pretty eclectic. There are songs audiences would assume I’d perform and some surprises and covers from all different genres. There are songs from my latest album and songs I’ve always wanted to sing.” Menzel works hard to break the continuity. “There’s a sense of playfulness in my show. I don’t like going to shows that are always the same. So I reflect and ask myself

28 t


‘How would I feel if I saw the same show the artist did the night before – word by word and note by note? I tried to always do something different.” What runs through Menzel’s mind right before she takes the stage? “It really varies depending on the day. The most common things are ‘How does my voice feel?’ or ‘Am I going to get through the show and feel really strong and have a good time or am I going to feel tired because I was up with my son the night before?’ I always want to enjoy the show, but sometimes I wrestle with that and I have that inner dialogue all the time.” Menzel added that each performance takes on a life of its own. “I always have to make sure what city I am in,” Menzel laughed, with a nod to her whirlwind tour schedule. “If I have a particular connection to that specific city – like if I have family there or if I had a show there once that has a story with it – I want to

JULY 7, 2017 •

tell the audience something to connect with them.” As the conversation turned towards her most iconic roles such as Elphaba in Wicked, Maureen in Rent, and the Disney Princess Elsa in Frozen, Menzel described how it felt to be considered a role model to young women. “It’s intimidating and thrilling. And, on certain days, it’s sometimes scary.” Menzel doesn’t take the weight of being a role model lightly. “The responsibility I take very seriously. You know, it’s hard sometimes because so many of these roles have resonated with these young audiences and, even though I am a mature woman, I still wrestle some of the same isMenzel sues that these characters wrestle.” Menzel continued, “It’s about being unique and what makes you feel beautiful and celebrating that. The role model thing feels inauthentic to me because I feel like I’m there with my audience and I’m learning just as the audience is learning. The characters I portray serve as reminders for me that you have to get your act together and the idea that you can’t stand up in front of these young girls and preach self-esteem if you can’t get out of bed yourself. I want to be the kind of mother and woman I want my son to grow up seeing so he can attract those women in his life.” Along with being a female role model, Menzel has always had a loyal and longterm relationship with the LGBT community. That relationship is very significant to her. “To be honest with you, it means everything. My career started with Rent in the original cast on Broadway. Having played a gay character and then watching the fans – so many young fans – struggle with their acceptance and coming out impacted me. Fans finally felt they had a place and were given permission to be themselves. Having that [musical] be the very start of my professional career, no pun intended, set the stage to how I wanted to live my life. I feel like so many of my gay friends, and the gay community, have taught me what it really means to be myself and really find my own voice and so that’s just helped me in so many other aspects of my career.” Menzel continued on to explain that her vast array of characters have left much to the interpretation of her fans. “There’s been this really beautiful dance, if you will, or exchange between ‘the Elphabas’ and ‘the Elsas’ and what they represent to people. Furthermore,

what the characters have taught me about my life and how they’ve resonated with the gay community. I don’t know where one begins and one ends. I just feel always grateful that I found so much enthusiasm and support in the good times and bad from the community.” Reflecting on all of her iconic roles, Menzel took pause in choosing which role she was most satisfied performing. “Out of everything, I would say I really loved Elizabeth from the show If / Then that I did a few years ago. I had to play two versions of her and that was really challenging and fun. I loved the show.” Continuing on, Menzel chuckled. “Then, there’s a role that no one saw that I’m really proud of. It was a movie called Ask the Dusk with Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek. I had about 15 minutes worth of screen time. The character’s name was Vera and she was this mess of a character. I think that’s why I like her so much because she’s different from all these other roles that inspire women. She was just a mess and a drunk. She was a very wounded character.” Menzel added that there are still a plethora of performers that she still is hungry to work with in the industry. “There are so many! The list is endless. There are the obvious ones like Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro. Billy Crudup.” Menzel paused and laughed, “I’m afraid to tell you who because I have to wonder if it is it because their talented or cute – probably a little of both.” Menzel’s candor and humor was evident as the actress joked about what was in store for the near future. “After I do these 40 to 50 cities?” Menzel laughed. “I’m going to go home and get my son ready to go into 2nd grade!” The singer, who is engaged to actor Aaron Lohr, added. “Then probably get married at some point in the near future. I think what’s next will involve a lot of personal down and family time.” But make no mistake; the performer has no intentions of slowing down. “And then, after refueling, I’m kind of open to see what’s going on. I have some irons in the fire that need massaging and need development. Then there’s a play that I’m going to do in New York called Skintight written by Joshua Harmon.” Menzel quickly remembered, “Oh, and I always forget to share that I have a book coming out that my sister authored, but we did together. It’s about our lives as sisters and growing up together and her trying to find her way in the shadow of a larger-thanlife obnoxious older sister.” Menzel laughed and added, “No, it’s a really beautiful book and it’s called Voice Lessons. So we’ll be out talking about that in the fall.” t

Lively ArtS // out on stage

The Sound of Music Resonates Next Generation of Theatre at The Kennedy Center Shines at CCBC By Frankie Kujawa The metaphorical hills around Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center are once again alive as The Sound of Music wafts into the hearts and minds of theatre-goers. Running until Sunday, July 16th, the beloved musical showcases not only the innate strengths of its performers, but the raw talents of local actor Austin Colby. “I grew up in Richmond, Virginia. My parents are both Methodist pastors so I grew up loving music by singing in church choirs,” explained Colby. “I did a little theatre in high school, but it wasn’t until studying music at James Madison University that I had the theatre director scoop me up and say ‘Come audition for our musical.’ I did and he cast me as the lead, and I’ve been doing theatre ever since.” Colby has spent the last three years in the D.C. metro area working regularly in theatres like Olney, Signature, Arena, and Toby’s. “Eventually that pushed me to move up to New York City and try out the N.Y. scene. So, this makes it really cool to return to D.C. and perform with this national tour.” Playing the multi-faceted role of Rolf, Colby’s approach to the character showcases both his vocal and acting range. “[Rolf] is a small role, but he causes a lot of controversy and conflict every time he’s onstage. He starts off talking to Liesel about the fact that times are changing and the fact she’s becoming a woman and she has a lot to learn. So, he’s very flirtatious with her and he represents the shift, the beginning of the shift of the Nazi party taking over Austria. He also showcases how the Nazi party truly split the nation, how people were conforming and how things were going to change.” One of the joys of being able to perform in the show is the legendary music that all audiences have come to love. “For me to be able to sing ‘16 Going on 17’ each night is such a joy because it’s one of the most recognizable songs in both the show and in musical theatre, in general. I can’t tell people that I’m playing Rolf in

The Sound of Music without them singing that song back to me.” Along with celebrating his return to the D.C. as Rolf, Colby is also taking some time to celebrate and plan his upcoming nuptials to Broadway star Caroline Bowman. “We met through muAustin Colby

tual friends,” Colby explained. “I was working at Olney Theatre in Cinderella, and she had some friends in the show. So she came to the show and she met me afterwards and I was just … speechless.” After arranging to have his friend to have a party, one that Bowman was not supposed to attend, the actor was surprised to find her at the party. “We ended up talking until 4 a.m. around a fire pit in their backyard – just the two of us. And the rest, as they say, was history.” Colby believed that many of the themes that are embedded in The Sound of Music continue to resonate in society today. “Rolf’s choice to join the Nazi party, and the all the adults worried and talking about the Anschluss, all of it stemmed from the nation conforming and not wanting to make any enemies, even though they couldn’t agree with what was going on. Those themes never get old. For any person, regardless of your life story. I think right now as a nation, and doing this performance in our nation’s capital, this is hitting home for a lot of us actors. We’re hoping it’s affecting the audience, too, because there are lot of things we in America don’t agree on and we don’t have uniformity. Right now, we as a nation need to figure out what’s truly right for us as individuals and follow through with that. That’s the enduring theme of The Sound of Music.” t

By Frankie Kujawa “Theater is the only institution in the world which has been dying for 4,000 years and has never succumbed,” wrote John Steinbeck. “It requires tough and devoted people to keep it alive.” Steinbeck’s sentiment is echoed in the smiles, voices, and faces of the next generation of young actors and actresses at CCBC’s Court Jester’s Young People’s Theatre. Working diligently on their production of Madagascar Jr., running from Friday, July 7th to Sunday, July 9th, and then Tuesday, July 11th to Sunday, July 16th, the young actors and actresses of the production recently sat down with Baltimore OUTloud to share wisdom beyond their years and their yen for acting. “I’m inspired to act because I like the singing and the dancing and the acting all in one,” explained, Erin Acerno, who’s 12. “I like doing all three of those things.” Acerno, along with her three sisters, Nora (eight), Evelyn (eight), and Maeve (also eight) have turned acting into a family affair. “I enjoy performing on stage because it gets you moving and it’s fun to be a part of something good like this,” added Evelyn as her sister Nora chirped, “You get to express your feelings in the show, you get to meet new friends and you get to act.” One of the main sentiments echoed throughout chatting with these talented youngsters is the enjoyment of building relationships with peers. “My favorite part of performing is practicing and being with friends. It’s just a lot of fun,” says 15-year-old Emily Ricci, who plays Gloria the Hippo. “I know that’s kind of cliché to say ‘My favorite part is being with your friends,’ but it is. It’s really a community here and just somewhere where you can feel safe. At school you might be teased or picked on, but this is your family and you can trust them.” 14-year-old Grace Glennon, who plays Marty the Zebra, added, “To me, the best part is the people that you meet. I’ve met so many people in theater that I would never have met. People from so many diverse backgrounds.” Bella Comotto (ten) who plays Skipper the Penguin, chimed in, “I get to know a lot of my cast members and they become my friends outside of acting and it’s just really nice to have them.” The passion and love of theater is alive for both Glennon and Ricci. “Performing on stage is just so much fun and it’s a great way to express yourself.” Glennon explained. “It’s great practice for when you’re older. I know that being in theater has helped me so much with school

and public speaking.” Ricci added, “I think there’s just a magical feeling you get especially toward the end of numbers when everything is building up and you get that big finale. And there’s something about that, that just really sparks the interest and the magic that every kid wants to feel.” Fellow performers Ryann Reich (11) and Jules Einhorn (14) – who plays Alex the Lion and Melman the Giraffe, respectively – bring that

Star (and penguin) power!

magic and wonder to their audiences. Reich explained, “I like performing because just being in front of a live audience, and getting their positive reaction, it gives me a good feeling inside.” Einhorn added, “I like performing on stage because I like to bring joy to the community. It’s a lot of fun working with different people and putting myself in different character’s shoes. I really enjoy experimenting with different types of acting.” Liz Boyer Hunnicutt, the director of Madagascar Jr., is in awe of the amount of work these young actors and actresses bring to their craft each rehearsal. “It’s an honor to work with the next generation of performers. It’s my absolute joy to see a child walk in on day one a bit shy or quiet, and by the last show, they are so different. They smile more, they have made lifelong friends, and they shine.” Grace Glennon beamed. “I enjoy learning so much with Miss Liz, our great director.” Emily Ricci added, “I definitely think there are points, when you’re rehearsing, where you eventually hit lows. However, sometimes talking to the director and getting that note that you’re doing things well can really brighten your day. You appreciate it and it’s like someone recognizes that I’m doing a good job.” Boyer Hunnicutt added, “These kids truly do inspire me. Their passion and hard work boost my spirit every single day. They are so committed to bringing the show to life. They learn from each other and grow together. They have fun! I want these young actors to go into the world with confidence and to walk a little taller, and to



Lively Arts // personalities

Cyndi Lauper’s Detour

by Gregg Shapiro Known for putting her money where her mouth is, versatile Grammy and Tony Award-winning diva Cyndi Lauper is an outspoken supporter of the LGBT community. But it was her singing voice and distinctive fashion sense that initially caught our eye. After forays into pop, dance music, standards, and the blues, Lauper lends her remarkable vocal range to a set of country numbers on Detour (Sire). Joined by country legends Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris, Lauper leaves her “unusual” mark on mid-20th century country classics, including Wanda Jackson’s “Funnel of Love,” Patsy Cline’s “Walking after Midnight,” and “I Fall to Pieces.” She knows when to use country’s trademark catch-in-the-throat on heartbreakers “Misty Blue” and “Begging to You.” Duets with a yodeling Jewel (“I Want to be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart”) and Alison Krauss (“Hard Candy Christmas”) are also standouts. I spoke with Lauper, who is embarking on a concert tour with Rod Stewart in June 2017. Gregg Shapiro: You are about to embark on a multi-city concert tour with Rod

Stewart. How did this pairing come about? Cyndi Lauper: Rod and I shared a stage once in the 1980s, then again last year when we did this private event together and it was great. Sir Rod came to me and said, “We should do that again” and then my agent, Marsha Vlasic, called me a bit later and told me that the tour was coming together. I’m very much looking forward to it. In 2016, you released the country music album Detour and in 2015 Rod released a country album Another Country. What do you think is the attraction to country music for artists such as you and Rod? For me, old country music was very popular as a young girl growing up in New York. No one called it country music or even put a label to it. It was just good old pop music and “mainstream.” These were the songs that were hits all across the country, in rural and urban areas. Country artists played right along “pop”

An interview with the diva great


Sister Act

Friday, July 21st thru Sunday, August 6th Mainstage, Theatre, Arts

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Saturday, July 22 thru Sunday, August 6 Theatre, Arts, Cabaret

7201 Rossville Blvd. Call the box office at 443-840-ARTS(2787), or visit For further details or to purchase tickets 30 t


JULY 7, 2017 •

artists and we knew that it was just good hit music on the radio at the time. So that golden age of country music was the soundtrack of my very early childhood. If you were to do a follow-up to Detour, would you ever consider doing an album of songs by contemporary female country songwriters such as out lesbians Brandy Clark and Brandi Carlile, as well as straight women including Neko Case, Kacey Musgraves, and Gillian Welch? Why not? Country music has a lot of amazing new talent. I think it’s a really interesting time in music. The country scene is amazing. My next CD is going to be new songs that I write; a new studio album and not a covers project. 2016 was the 30th anniversary of your True Colors album. Did you ever expect the title song to become an anthem the way that it did? Tom Kelly wrote the song and it’s an important song. Before I recorded “True Colors,” a friend of mine named Gregory was very sick. We didn’t know it at the time but he would later be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. He asked me to write a song about him, so he would not be forgotten. So, I wrote a song called “Boy Blue.” A little later, I heard Tom’s “True Colors” and I knew that was the healing song. When I recorded it, I was singing to my friend who I had lost. Because he grew up completely rejected by his family and struggled with self-acceptance his whole life. He was just a wonderful guy, perfect just the way he was and he just couldn’t see that. So, I sang it for Gregory and all the Gregorys of the world who felt crushed by life. And the song lifts you up and makes you feel hopeful and that’s why it resonated. Tom Kelly should be very proud of how he has helped people thru his words. You are halfway to the coveted EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) status with Grammy and Tony Awards to your name, as well as an Emmy nomination. Do you

have a special place of honor for your Grammy and Tony statuettes? I have them in my office at my apartment. I try to make my home my home, ya know [laughs]! Not that I am not proud of winning those awards and I really want that EGOT. But I try and keep my home for family and not anything career-related. Are there any upcoming projects that could potentially lead to an Emmy or an Oscar? Say a movie version of Kinky Boots perhaps? Yes, we are working on the movie version of our musical now. I have a few other film projects I am working on so you never know [laughs]! Over the years, you have also become respected and known for your generosity when it comes to your charity work. Can you please say something about the importance of giving back? I am friends and family of the community. Back in the 1970s and 80s I Cyndi witnessed a lot of discrimiLauper nation and had to speak out. You can’t sit by while your friends and family are being treated like second-class citizens. And then when I became famous I had a lot of fans that were LGBT, too, and since you guys supported me, of course I have to support you, too. I think that maybe because I was an outsider looking in most of my life, I could relate. I don’t care about backlash. Finally, on June 11th, 2016, I attended your concert in Boca Raton where you talked about the tragedy of the Christina Grimmie murder. Little did we know that just a few hours later, another tragedy in Orlando – the Pulse Nightclub attack – would also be making headlines. Please share your thoughts about that tragic event. Like all of us, I was and still am devastated by what happened at the Pulse nightclub last year. Now, today, I am hearing about another mindless shooting of five innocent people in Orlando. We must stay vigilant and engaged in the conversation, not only on combating terrorism, but also in changing the gun laws in this country. We, as a community, need to continually resist and push back on this current administration to ensure that our LGBTQ rights are not stripped away and that, like all of our citizens, we are protected under the constitution. t Cyndi is performing on July 12th in Camden, New Jersey at BB&T Pavilion.

Lively ArtS // qmusic

All Summer Long LGBT Pride Playlist

By Gregg Shapiro Queer singer/songwriter Sia has been messing with her appearance on her album covers for years. It didn’t just start with 2014’s 1000 Forms of Fear or either version of 2016’s This Is Acting. For example, for 2010’s We Are Born her face was peppered with colored dots and colorful pipe cleaners were woven into her hair, making her look like a hipster Medusa. But it can all be traced back to her third album, 2008’s Some People Have Real Problems (Monkey Puzzle / Concord), newly reissued in its first-ever vinyl pressing. On the cover, Sia is grasping a trio of magic markers with which she has drawn a heart and lines on her face. As for what’s contained inside, the songs on Some People Have Real Problems marked something of a turning point for Sia. Sounding more confident than ever, in total control of her powerful instrument, Sia belts out original numbers such as “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine,” “Day Too Soon,” a cover of The Kinks’ “I Go to Sleep,” and the CD hidden track “Buttons” (included on the LP). She’s also joined by Beck on “Academia” and “Death By Chocolate.” It’s easy to understand why, shortly after the release of this album, she not only became an increasingly in-demand guest vocalist on other people’s albums, but also a sought-after songwriter who would go on to provide a multitude of hit songs for others. King of the key change, the newly officially out Barry Manilow has released one of his best albums in many years. While the news of Manilow’s gayness might have shocked only a few devoted Fanilows, few can dispute his longstanding love affair with his hometown, which he celebrates affectionately on This Is My Town: Songs of New York (Decca). A career high, Manilow’s schmaltzy vibrato is in full effect on this soaring set of originals and covers. The best of the Manilow tunes includes the show-stopping title cut and the bright and bouncy “Coney Island,” as well as “I Dig New York” and “On the Roof.” Manilow still has decent interpretive skills as you can hear on the “Downtown / Uptown” pairing, the Bernstein / Comden Green compo-

sition “Lonely Town” and the eight-song “NYC Medley,” which is as jam-packed as a rush hour subway car. To call the phenomenal No Shape (Matador) by the brilliant Perfume Genius (ak.a. Mike Hadreas) his most accessible album to date is really saying something. But it’s true. By no means abandoning the subversive nature of his previous albums, including 2012’s Put Your Back N2 It (including the song “Hood” which featured the now-deceased gay porn-star Barry Arpad Miklos Manilow in the video) and 2014’s Too Bright (featuring the incredible single “Queen”), No Shape sounds like an altogether more soulful effort. There is another side to opener “Otherside,” and listeners would be wise to take note as it erupts from the speakers. “Slip Away” is the first of the album’s most irresistible future-pop numbers, as are “Wreath,” the stunning “Sides” (a duet with Weyes Blood), and the modern soul of “Die 4 You.” Also not to be missed are “Alan,” “Just Like Love,” and “Choir.” Perfume Genius, along with Car Seat Headrest, Frank Ocean, John Grant, Shamir, and a few others, are redefining queer male pop music and setting the stage for what’s to come. Palehound, led by Ellen Kempner, a lesbian singer/songwriter in the vein of straight artists Elliott Smith (listen to “If You Met Her”) and Liz Phair (ditto for “Silver Toaster”), as well as queer contemporaries SOAK and Tegan and Sara, returns with the outstanding second album A Place I’ll Always Go (Polyvinyl). A song-cycle of love and loss, the album features distinguished songs including the aforementioned “If You Met Her,” as well as “Room,” “Turning 21,” and “Flowing Over,” and the heart-wrenching “Feeling Fruit,” followed by “At Night I’m All Right with You,” which conjures Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise (just in time for the Twin

Peaks revival). Young, queer “nu-folk” goddess Marika Hackman, and guest backing band the Big Moon, raise a ruckus on Hackman’s second album I’m Not Your Man (Sub Pop). Opening with a laugh, and inviting listeners in on the joke, “Boyfriend” is the musical equivalent of Gloria Steinem’s “like a fish needs a bicycle” quote. The only difference is that you can dance to “Boyfriend.” A close chum of queer model/actress Cara Delavigne, Hackman explores a range of female relationships throughout the album, and songs including “Good Intentions,” “Gina’s World,” “Time’s Been Reckless,” “Eastbound Train,” “So Long,” and the incredible “My Lover Cindy,” earn Hackman the distinction of releasing one of the best albums of the year. Produced by Viktor Krauss (brother of Alison), Love Comes Back Around (Graylin) by lesbian singer/songwriter Jennifer Knapp (who famously began her career as a Christian musician), is the third album she has released as an openly queer artist. Now back in Nashville, after living in

Australia for several years, Knapp can be heard embracing her country side. Songs such as the title tune, “Girl Thing,” “Roll Over Me,” and “Roman Holiday” are among Knapp’s mostly proudly out numbers. You might not expect to find alt-metal band Linkin Park in a column about LGBTQ music, but here they are. The explanation goes like this; the band’s 2012 album Living Things featured a collaboration with gay singer/songwriter Owen Pallett on the song “I’ll Be Gone.” Five years later, Linkin Park’s new album One More Light (WB) features another unexpected collaboration. The song “Heavy,” featuring vocals by Kiiara, was co-written by gay hit pop songwriter Justin Tranter. That song and “Sorry For Now,” and few others on the album, are distinct departures from Linkin Park’s trademark rap/rock sound. t Barry Manilow performs on July 24th and 25th at the Theater at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill. Palehound performs on August 21st in Washington, D.C. at 9:30 Club.

A small community with big rewards

•Everyone Knows Your Name Residents always feel right at home with a community that knows them (and sometimes their pet!) by name. •A Strong Sense of Community Lives On RPP offers a strong sense of "community" where everyone has a feeling of belonging and there are no strangers. Residents are well-connected and welcomed neighbors at RPP. Roland Park Place is the only full-service, accredited nonprofit continuing care retirement community in Charm City 830 W. 40th Street • Baltimore, MD 21211 410-243-5700 • BALTIMORE OUTLOUD JULY 7, 2017 • t


Lively Arts // Between the Book Covers

Further Reading: Summer 2017

By Gregg Shapiro Whether you read at the beach, in the backyard, in bed or in the bathtub, these books will definitely enhance your summer reading experience. Novel ideas – The second installment in magazine editor and cultural writer Georgette Gouveia’s “The Games Men Play” series, The Penalty For Holding (Less Than Three Press, 2017) tells the story of backup quarterback Quinn Novak whose triumph on the playing field gets him noticed by Mal and Tam, players on opposing teams, leading to a different kind of scoring. Lesbian young-adult author Nina LaCour, who collaborated with gay novelist David Levithan on 2016’s You Know Me Well, returns with her new book We Are Okay (Dutton, 2017), in which best friends Marin and Mabel are reunited in New York after Marin left California with only her wallet, her phone and a photo of her mother. Queer Canadian visual artist and writer Shani Mootoo’s latest novel Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab (Akashic, 2017) follows the journey of writer Jonathan as he

searches for the mother who left when his parents divorced. My Cousin Rachel (Sourcebooks Landmark, 1951 / 2017) by bisexual writer Daphne DuMaurier (Rebecca, Don’t Look Now and others), is now a film directed by Roger Michell and starring Rachel Weisz in the titular role. The novel has been reissued with an introduction by Michell. The tumultuous, creative, and ultimately tragic life of Isadora Duncan, the bisexual mother of modern dance, is given the novel treatment in Isadora (FSG, 2017) by Amelia Gray. A fertile “crop” of writers, including Keith Glaeske, James Penha and Evey Brett, contributed to the “men and vegetation” anthology His Seed: An Arboretum of Erotica (Unzipped, 2017), edited by Steve Berman. Non-fiction now – The Songs We Know Best: John Ashberry’s Early Life (FSG, 2017) by Karin Roffman is described as “the first comprehensive biography of the early life” of gay poet John Ashbery, who turns 90 this summer. The author of 20 volumes of poetry, Ashbery received the Pulitzer Prize in 1976 for

JU NE 15 - AU GU ST 27

Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror. The Dog’s Last Walk (and Other Pieces) (Bloomsbury, 2017) by Howard Jacobson, author of the 2010 Man Booker Prize-winning novel The Finkler Question, is the second collection of the writer’s weekly columns for the U.K. Independent. “Roger Ailes’s New Enlightened Code of Sexual Conduct,” “What I Saw at the Movies,” and “Dream On, You Motherfucking Mother” are just a few of the hilarious essays in writer/performer Jenny Allen’s new book Would Everybody Please Stop? Reflections on Life and Other Bad Ideas (FSG, 2017). Mary Mann, author of Yawn: Adventures in Boredom (FSG, 2017), combines “interviews, research, and personal experience” in writing about lethargy, tedium, mundanity, monotony and disenchantment. Poetic style – Jackknife: New and Selected Poems (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2017) by Jan Beatty opens with 22 new poems (such as “The World Between Jim Morrison’s Legs”) and features poems from her four prior books Mad River, Boneshaker, Red Sugar, and the acclaimed The Switching/Yard (including “Dear American Poetry”). With the “fully annotated and comprehensive” New Collected Poems (FSG, 2017), edited by Heather Cass White, Marianne Moore, one of the pioneers of poetic modernism, finally gets the thorough compendium that she has long deserved.

Award-winning Caribbean-American writer and Nuyorican Poets Café Grand Slam Champion Aja Monet takes us from East New York to the South Side of Chicago and beyond in her latest poetry collection My Mother Was a Freedom Fighter (Haymarket Books, 2017). A Grace Paley Reader: Stories, Essays, and Poetry (FSG, 2017), edited by Kevin Bowen and Nora Paley, with an introduction by George Saunders, compiles 34 of Grace Paley’s poems, along with some short stories from Paley’s acclaimed collections Later the Same Day, Enormous Changes at the Last Minute, and The Little Disturbances of Man, as well as a number of her essay. More words and pictures – Endorsement blurbs from Alison Bechdel and Roz Chast adorn the back cover of Everything is Flammable (Uncivilized Books, 2017), the full-length graphic memoir debut by Gabrielle Bell, about the New York-based alternative cartoonist’s attempts at improving her mother’s life following a fire that destroyed her home. Fans of Garbage (the band, of course) are going to be happy (and not only when it rains, as the song says) with the coffee-table book This is the Noise that Keeps Me Awake (Akashic, 2017) written by Garbage (Shirley Manson, Butch Vig, Duke Erikson, and Steve Marker) with Jason Cohen, and crammed full of color and black & white photos, band interviews and much more. t



Court Jester’s Young People’s Theatre presents

Madagascar Jr.

Friday, July 7 thru Sunday, July 16 Court Jester, Theatre, Arts

Due to the nature of theatrical bookings, all shows and dates are subject to change. • Toby’s Dinner Theatre, Columbia, MD

32 t


JULY 7, 2017 •

7201 Rossville Blvd. Call the box office at 443-840-ARTS(2787) or visit for further details or to purchase tickets



out in the valley

Parenting OUTloud

Rev. Kelly Crenshaw

Pet Peeves?

our schools separate our children simply because of age. Do you have any pet peeves? One of my I’m a trained educator. I get the develfriends hates it when people turn off their opmental component of it. Children tend ones learned to team up with the older kids cars without allowing the windshield wip- to hit developmental milestones at a certo get more opportunities. Yes, there are ers to return to the rest position. Another tain age. Babies start to walk around one times when teens need to be teens and loses her mind when her kids leave towels year. Most six-to-eight year olds start to toddlers need to be toddlers, but I can tell all, she was playing with a baby. Everyone on the bathroom floor. Some folks’ peeves think about the people around them and you that our experience has taught some acts silly when playing with a baby. are health related – people drinking from how they fit into the larger picture. AttenShe kind of grew up along with the valuable lessons. a common container, for example. Others tion spans increase between nine and 11. t e m o 2.c baby. Here we are, 20 years later, and she Our kids have learned are merely an annoyance factor – wearing Twelve to 14 brings 66 8 2 34 ns 10-2 to be some of the most is a mature, capable adult. She didn’t mathe hormonal ram4 00 colors that don’t exactly match. • -31 25 y 10-2 5 r e 4 compassionate kids on the ture in the classroom with other ten-yearI have to admit that I used to have a page that can make 96 k 6 • n ri St. 9 ry -53 d ea lle 10 number playground. They are quick olds, she matured by hanging out with the of them. I’d get frustrated about the average young om Ga . • 4 . .c l e t b e Th Av tra les S npu r io en aall nd to respond whenever a lit- baby. That was what she needed. kinds of things. Now, I’m a lot more person into a moody, yla d C Ch tat ar an N. als 93 Gr 003 entr 49 So, I’ve said all of that to say this: 1 9c tle kid cries. Our little kids easygoing. After 19 kids, I have to be. But, cranky soul. Which 01 • n’s 10-53 2 o 10 133 5 19 Le • 4 y 92-7 don’t push your kids to mature at a certain e have learned to play big kid er one thing that I just can’t wrap vthere 59 is llstill brings them into the ’s 75 r A 0 0 k xe 41 Ga 41 om ar Mi d • fe eet s.c 0P Ca Str art around. I can’t understand why 87 games at a much young- rate. They will grow and change as they my brain rR latter teen years rts rles north lai 6 A e 0 B th ha n 48 37 or th C atio ey 3960 er age, which allows them are able. These childhood years pass by where parents’ rules n N or st All 0-5 tio 16 N 0 • nk 41 Pu t • Sta 18 -644 e et .net m e e 5 to mature in thinking skills. so quickly anyway, don’t be focused on were made to be Tr tre tree ea Stre t 62 n S S like to eat out, 0 a syou an se Do 41 ow rle ow 3 ha .C And, our teens have found growth that is mentally and emotionally out e R . Cha ther lub 2171 broken. h W C T 3S • 7 D 22 ND ance o, Mthe 0 go theatre, 3 LA to r 16 -055 that hanging out with a tod- of hand for some kids. Let them enjoy beRY e & D nsbo However, as 8 A 6 A I 4 o g M un Bo 34 0AN 41 4 o • or just enjoy an evening nia ing kids. t YLV o e L ike 591-4 dler can be really rewarding. a most parents know, S g lv N od l P 1sy om EN e L tiona 30 ar , P s enn b.c Th Naof entertainment? Rev. Kelly Crenshaw is the mom of 16 But, there are other benr RG llion urg, P nsclu not all kids hit their ia 4 U n 1 a 6 oCSW ISB Staarrisb tallio 21 ylv ns RR H • s efits, too. One of our daugh- adopted kids, two biological kids, guardian en milestones at the HA D 2 t • 60 04 rg, P y 0 S 7 0 1 r u 8 p d 3r 32-3have ge A 17 Ba rrisb -422 opinions Do you on ra e) un , P ters, who is now 30 with kids of one baby girl and foster mom of dozens. 6 N )2 same time and in the er he in Ha 34 Lo urg 70 (717 • 7)2 ne rrisb ot ed on ved E St (71 AR sto Hacommunity? t rn el 9 rdyour n 2 issues in 0 3 of her own, came to us at ten. Some are lesbian, some gay, some straight, a W same way. When I A 9 c e B E ow et • 4-70 L 4N D r 8 E V , 0 e Bonding m 7 h 6 h e B tre -23 ,D t. ac .co Th ter S 717 7- 724 M (T CH n th Be both She had a list of diagnoses and some bisexual. Kelly founded a K-12 was a child, for ex2 A s m 1 across e 3 6 oo bo eho se BE 97 or 19 0- 0- .co How about 2F TH lue MReho oonr ha DEor 41 age barriers and was a difficult child. Even- day school where kids could have a safe, BO history B ve. em ample, my teachers 41 -37 aro ot ach, O r : r 1 u A H l 7 e Pa B re b RE 99 ce 10 or Wo le th E1 mo • rp hobo 139 tually we realized that she’d bully-free environment for learning. She is travel or the lti 515 ARTS?... , D om tried to encourage r f fi ll: 4 pec u a h s l Sun hip B -6 O e p e P Re 6-1 ril eac ill.c 35 -227 day, Th Ave. 2-22 C ili & G h B gr 2 71 0 11a never really had a childhood. co-owner of a counselling agency that works 30 ar obot rand my parents to let me skip a grade. I 99 B h oth 3 1 .m a h b E ’s e b Chr p D . ho by . R bys h, m Re istiaobvill eac Rig enue rig i E 47 However, as she played with our one-year- with children and their families. Send your was a smart little girl, so it seemed r B 2 d i e Av 0 • a G th grlike Well, ifisyou do, andobothwould Sun ucation an obo ana 08 dthe 7-6 nC Igu . Reh • igu ay, 9 year old, she reverted back in time herself. She parenting questions to her at pastor.kelly@ ous. But, my birthday is late in eh -22 t R e l 2 v 8 4 30 to your 40thoughts, e A 94 brow :45 a.m.asses was able to be immature and silly, without us or -0 ershare im 27 and my parents were afraid that I wouldn’t n v 1 alt 02-2 d h 3 B 1 o 3 6 Pa d it wnt 52 and knowledge, S r worrying about people complaining. After owI Aopinions, inHoursocially with the older410kids. .523 k AveSo, Dining at Room Hours Late nightfit Happy on w .154 ., Balt., n.or ON y & LOOKING g 2 Sun Mon: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. MD WE ARE r stayed where I was and ended up hanging Tuesday, Wednesday, and 0 , 21 aTues 1- Thur: 217 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. M 3 Thursdayout evenings! Get the older kids anyway. with FOR t Fri-1YOU & Sat: 5 p.m.TOO! to 10:30 p.m. house draft beer ac 02 t Some kids never really 䴀fit愀猀 in with those n -81106 N Charles St. Baltimore, MD for $3.75 from 刀攀挀 䌀漀 渀 䐀攀愀 匀愀琀甀 猀 匀挀栀攀 甀渀 漀渀挀椀氀 匀and Co • (410) 547-6925 琀愀exact age, 11 p.m. to their close 搀甀氀攀 挀 爀搀愀礀 okay. of Kids 椀愀琀椀漀 搀愀礀 㤀 that’s 倀愀爀 漀渀 䘀爀攀搀 挀琀 愀 㔀 渀 椀猀 椀猀栀 䄀 倀愀猀猀 愀瘀愀椀氀 ⸀洀⸀Ⰰ ㄀ 㨀㐀 㨀㌀  瀀⸀洀 who experienced significant child搀have 愀 愀 㔀 洀 戀 甀 愀 氀攀 攀 椀 ⸀洀 㐀 渀椀猀琀 ㄀ ⴀ㤀 Drive 匀愀琀甀 10 Art Museum 爀愀 爀 爀搀愀礀 ⸀Ⰰ ㄀㈀㨀㄀out 㘀㤀trauma 㔀瀀 ⴀ21218 hoodMD of ㈀㜀㠀㌀ 琀漀爀 may be 匀琀⸀even more 猀 愀琀 Baltimore, 䈀攀爀渀 㐀㨀㌀  ⸀洀 愀 410-889-3399 瀀⸀洀⸀ 㠀 搀   攀 ㄀ 匀琀攀 And, 琀琀攀 倀 sync with their age believe it Serving our LGBT Friends 匀groups. 琀漀 攀 瘀 㔀 瀀⸀洀 愀爀椀猀栀 瘀攀渀 攀爀渀Ⰰ 愀爀礀氀愀 猀漀渀 刀kinds or not, there are a lot of㐀㄀䴀those of kids ⸀ 渀搀 ㈀ 漀愀搀 in a comfortable, welcoming environment  ⴀ㤀㘀 ㄀ Hours 㤀ⴀ㈀㜀 ㄀㐀㐀ⴀ㈀㈀㤀 out there. 㠀㌀ 㤀 Tuesday-Friday 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. FRIENDS Saturday 10 a.m. –to 9 p.m. My kids grew up in a school where Providing referrals for PrEP in Frederick County Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. eca is the destination for modern, Cheff/owner John Shields is a blended together, kind of like THE everyone VAnative, Baltimore and he named n cuisine crafted using ingredients L L I E ’S NE school. Plus, our family alGertrude’s will make your event truly memorable! the restaurant a afterYone-room his ranchers, farmers and watermen. INgrandmother, DEP TH For information about smaller events Call 301-600-3342 for an appointment ENDhim Gertrude Clreary, who taught to han 60 craft beers with 24 on tap. E contact John Gilligan at 410-889-3399 X105 C cook as a Nchild on ways hadT VOtoddlers to teens. So, my kids ICE FOR tac THE LGB Contact Mary Taylor T COon, that forming good tlearned, very early MM UNIT 1604 KellyM Ave, a IES relationships with all ages was beneficial. r Frederick County Health Department HOOKAH 410-802-1310 ya Baltimore, MD 21209 t BAR & GRILLE The older ones could share in the simple Phone. 443-869-6240 4 350 Montevue Lane, Entrance B, Frederick, MD 21702 1 successes of the0-younger ones. The little 80 WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR


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Hip-Hop Violinist Svet Electrifies Hagerstown Pride By Frankie Kujawa Electro Hip-Hop violinist, Svet, brings his music to Hagerstown Pride this July. Previously seen on “America’s Got Talent,” Svet is one of the most profound and unique acts in today’s music. He is globally recognized for his incredible talent to recreate music and songs of today with the violin. “I’ve been playing since I was three years old,” Svet explained to Baltimore OUTloud. “I’ve always been more into feeling the music rather than hitting the exact right notes within techniques and strokes. When I play a piece, I get lost in it. It’s brings out a piece of my soul.” The performer, who was born in Bulgaria, eventually began working with a private teacher by around age seven “I was already doing contests for young kids and I remember coming in second place. The next year I wanted to do better, but still came in second place. However, this contest was made up of literally the most talented kids in my country. I was competing against some of the best.” When Svet was 11, he arrived in the U.S. and heard Hip-Hop for the first time. “Hip-Hop really opened my ears and mind and my soul because I never heard people vocalizing their craft over a beat. It was new to me because I grew up listening only to classical music. Eventually, I started writing my own music and producing my own beats. Finally, I was able to combine the violin with the piece of music that I made, and that was a really cool combination.” “My break-out point came during my high school talent show. It was the first time I performed the violin with Hip-Hop and I was rapping over it. People went crazy and it was the first time I experienced the feeling that, ‘This is what I want to do with the rest of my life.’” The performer, who has shared stages with iconic stars such as Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, Phillip Phillips, CeeLo Green, and the Black Keys, insists that his abili-

38 t


ty to play music is a gift that he wants to share with audiences around the world. “Now I’m basically able to pick anything up. I can hear a song on the radio I like and I can come home and reproduce it with the violin. You have to feel the music. I believe that’s the most important thing.”

HipHop on a fiddle? No Svet

Svet recently faced many personal challenges as he rose to fame. “Not many people know, but last year I underwent some surreal experiences. I underwent brain surgery in August of last year where they removed a tumor from my cerebellum and diagnosed me with a super-rare form of brain cancer.” Throughout his recovery from chemo and radiation, Svet maintained that even though it was a tough ride, the support from his fans kept him going. “I received an incredible amount of people donating to my cause and writing to me. It was the best experience because people helped me get through. I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for following me and I hope I can bring more and more music to my fans.” The performer is very excited to perform on the stage for Hagerstown Pride on Saturday, July 15th. “I think audiences are going to see the unexpected. They’re going to be surprised for the simple fact that some of the songs that I play have rarely been performed on violin. I don’t want to give away my repertoire, but I guarantee it will be something people remember for a long time.” t For more info, see

JULY 7, 2017 •

Queen of Hagerstown Pride Ashley


By Frankie Kujawa The reigning Queen of Hagerstown Pride, Ashley Bannks, is set to entertain and electrify the masses at this year’s event. Hosting the celebratory Block Party, being held from noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 15th, Bannks is thrilled to be able to give back to her hometown. “I’m originally from Hagerstown!” Bannks explained. “Hagerstown is near and dear to my heart, considering that I was born and raised in the area.” Bannks’s career began, as many tales do, once upon a time. “My history goes back way too many years,” Bannks laughed. “As a lot of queens, I started out just dressing up for fun on Halloween in 1992. And 25 years later, I’m still dressing up in drag.” Performing to her is more than for fame or fortune. “The main reason is that I have fun with it, and I’ve stuck around not for the money but the fun and sisterhood that we queens have. As well, it’s all the fundraising and community outreach. We’ve raised money for so many organizations, whether gay or straight. Those are the times that I get most pleasure out of what we do.” Bannks went on to explain that this was one of the main inspirations that led to her current crown. “When they decided to have the Queen of Pride pageant, one of the driving forces for me was so I could actually make a difference. Not only with Pride but within the community.” Bannks added, “I’ve really enjoyed myself over the last few months as we are really diving into Pride. I’m also seeing more and more of my allies in the area coming together to create a spectacular Pride event for everyone, not just us gay individuals.“ One of the many things that Bannks is looking forward to is the how Pride allows all allies and families to come together to celebrate. “I’m most looking forward to seeing not only our LGBT community, but all of our allies and the allies with their children. Last year, we had such a large population of children with their parents. It’s so heartwarming to see a generation of

parents who are exposing their children to all types of life and not just realizing there is only one type of person in the world.” Bannks works tirelessly in maintaining a constant rotation of looks to keep her performances fresh and appealing for all audiences. “I do make and design some of my own costumes, and I also buy costumes that are created by other people. I do 99% of my own hair. I don’t have other people do that. I don’t like to be the same all the time. Ashley I like to do a variety of enBannks tertainment looks. I look at myself as an entertainer, from the standpoint of what I’d like to see out of an entertainer.” Bannks looks up to many other queens for inspiration. “One I happen to be married to,” Bannks revealed. “Nicole James, the one I’m married to, is the one I look up to the most. She’s always there to bounce ideas off of, and if I have something that’s a little edgy or won’t work, she’ll tell me, Bannks laughed. “Sometimes, I’ll still do it, anyway. But she’s always that rock for me.” Bannks, who most recently attended both the Baltimore and Frederick Pride celebrations, wore a fabulous rainbow-flag inspired outfit to both events. “I must have taken over 200 pictures for 45 minutes with families and people. It was amazing! The children looked up to me like I was a Disney princess. Those kids just liked me for me. They don’t know anything but what they saw on the outside, and they liked me for who I was.” Bannks also recalled a touching moment during the 2017 Baltimore Pride parade. “As we were waving, there was this little girl who was sitting on a balcony on the second floor with her mom and dad. The little girl started waving and I waved back. Next thing I knew, here comes the dad with the little girl out of the building. He said, ‘She thinks you’re so pretty and wanted to meet you.’ I almost cried! They brought their daughter down just to meet me because the parents were that open about it. Those are the moments that mean the most to me.” t

Frederick Pride

Saturday, June 24



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Catia Lee Lov e


Ara Sparxya x Violin is


Sponsored by:

July 15, 2017 ~ 12pm - 6pm

Dan Hall

WHERE: S Potomac Street, Hagerstown Maryland HAGERSTOWN


Meet t & Gree


Pick up one of our PINK CUPS for great discounts off of drinks at participating vendors!

@ Ava’s Lounge July 15th 6pm - 9pm With DJ Harmony



Tickets - $8 in Advance $10 at the Door MEMBERS and PRIDE SPONSORS: Tickets - $6 In Advance $8 At the Door 21+ years or older only | Follow Us: 40 t


JULY 7, 2017 •

quality of life

Violet’s New Friends

could be stiff and stressful. He does always Hi! I’m Enthusiastic Emma looking ask the client ahead of time. It’s important to to find my forever home. I’m an active and playful gal who actually still acts like remember that not everyone is a dog lover. a puppy. I enjoy running, jumping, and long walks – so I can be in the For clients who aren’t, there’s a strict “no great outdoors. I’m also very loving and enjoy giving dogs” policy. kisses. Rubber toys, nyla bones, and stuffed aniConnor will often bring one of the dogs mals are my favorites. I’m quite intelligent and know to a work site as long as it’s a safe place commands like “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “come.” I Dr. Tony Calo for dogs to be. Henry is usually the dog know I will make a wonderful and loyal companion. If for this job. Daisy and Violet are both a I sound like the canine for you then please come in little too dainty. Henry likes to make sure soon. BHS works hard to save as many animals as own with azy ogs that Connor has company, but he also they can. When you adopt, you save two lives – the likes to make sure that the construction one you take home and the one you make room for is going well. He sees himself as a suat the shelter. pervisor. The construction crew enjoys the visits, and because Henry is such a Sweet, sweet Sally comclown, he always brings laughter and a ing to you from BHS. I am hoping to find a forever home Our dogs have a unique lifestyle. They’re smile to everyone at the job site. soon where I can be happy The dogs love going to work. It Emma spoiled, but that’s not unusual. What makes and loved and showered with the day-to-day different is that their dads means that they have a fun place to tattention. Bird-watching, peoboth have jobs that allow them to go to work go, a sense of purpose, and they rarely ple-watching, and being a purr have to spend time alone. Although our dogs with their dogs. to let her know all about it. tI love. In my previous home machine — these are things are somewhat unusual in Okay, I’m a veterinarian. I work in an I lived with a cat named Emma Lee, and she is also here that they get to go to work, animal hospital looking for a new home. I am FIV positive, but don’t let Work’s great it’s actually becoming – a good place that stop you from adopting me. I can live a happy and – but it’s a more and more common. for a dog to long life! Please stop by the Baltimore Humane Society doggone Businesses and compahang out. Everycommute to meet me. See you soon! nies are becoming more one there loves For more information visit aware of the benefits of dogs, so they Save our Seniors – Special adoption rates for seniors. having dogs in the workget an incredible Drake and Ryan are the Seniors of the Month. Bmoreplace. amount of or 410-833-8848. t Sally If you’re lucky tion and treats enough to be in a situall the dog-day ation that your dog can long. They visit Saturday, September 16 visit you for a day at when they need a work, there are a few 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. bath or need their important rules to renails trimmed. Baltimore Humane Society, member. They come if they 1601 Nicodemus Rd. • First and foremost, have a cough or Reisterstown, MD 21136 make sure your dog is a scratch. They well behaved, as he or come to just visit if • $10 & Kids under 12 free when she will be dealing with Connor can’t have purchased online. new people and new them for a day. • $15 at the door & $10/kids 6-12. situations that may They love coming • Kids age 5 and Under and overwhelm a scared or to work with me. Dogs ALWAYS FREE. untrained dog. What about • It is equally as Connor though? • Free Parking, Rain or Shine. important to make sure that your dog is very What does he do that he can take one or more of the pack well potty trained. Having an accident in the For tickets, walk registration, and more: office can be very embarrassing. with him? • Also, make sure your canine co-worker Connor is a designer. He designs housContact: es, photography sets, art exhibits. He has an is well groomed. A smelly dog can ruin any Tel: 410-833-8848, ext. 202 eye for color, shape, and form that surpasses day at the office, and nails that are too long anyone I’ve ever known. I may be somewhat can inadvertently scratch skin or furniture. • Finally, make sure you bring toys and biased, but he’s truly amazing at his job. So how does this work with dogs in the treats to occupy your dog’s attention when picture? Well, if Connor is meeting with a you have to concentrate on that contract or client that likes dogs, it’s a natural fit. It’s when you have to read your e-mails. Connor and I love having “working dogs.” well established that dogs reduce stress and open up conversations. If he brings Violet When carefully planned, it’s a wonderful exor Daisy or Henry along, they’ll provide a perience for all involved. Violet would love to hear about you and sense of fun and happiness to the meeting, and the client gets a good impression of the your dog at work. Please send your stories situation. Connor feels that the dogs offer an or questions to Violet’s Vet! t overall sense of lightness to what otherwise

Violet’s Vet




Bring Your Dog to Work




out in Asbury park, New Jersey

‘Babashook’ by Rainier Guerra Just when you thought Pissi Myles had done it all, she comes back and surprises us with a fantastic new video on iTunes – “Babashook,” based on the 2014 Australian psychological horror film “The Babadook.” Just released last Friday morning it has already found its way to the tops of the charts. Below is the official press release. Brooklyn, N.Y. (June 30th, 2017) – Announced today, Pissi Myles, one of the Northeast’s most buzzed about drag entertainers, dropped the hauntingly funny music video, “Babashook,” her newest dance track inspired by the queer community’s latest creep queen: The Babadook. A full-time drag performer and recently featured as a special guest on RuPaul’s podcast, “What’s the T?” Myles has dedicated her career to representing the freak in all of us. “I think queer people have always identified with the isolation and power of the monster or villain in a horror movie, especially when they’re as fabulous as Babadook or Ursula the Sea Witch. As a gay person, there have always been people who made me feel like my actions

were wrong or evil, when I knew that I was just pursuing my goals and desires. While many movie villains actually do have bad intentions, I’ve always had an understanding for the villain and their plight for understanding.” In early June, the internet outed the Australian monster/allegory when a bemused Netflix user discovered the horror flick had been accidentally grouped with LGBT content on the popular streaming site. The glitch set off a viral restorm just in time for Pride, inspiring countless tweets, original art, and several drop dead gorgeous parade looks. When asked why she created the music video Myles said, “My husband and I both love scary movies, so when Babadook “came out” we wanted to bring this new side of the character to life.” “Babashook” was co-written by Myles and humorist Topher Cusumano, with an original track by producer B. Ames. The video was directed by Joe la Scola with drag photographer David Ayllon serving as creative director. The video is currently on YouTube and the song is available on iTunes. You can catch Pissi Myles at Georgies Bar in Asbury Park as she hosts “Queens Against Humanity” alongside Amber Alert. t



Christy Girlington

Meet My Friend David Ayllon Hello friends! I know Miss Girlington took a few weeks off from writing “Christy’s Corner,” but this Queen needed a break. I also don’t want to present you with gratuitous nonsense. I want you to get to know the queens and key people that do so much for this comAll wound up munity. – David This week I’d Ayllon like you to meet my friend David Ayllon. Not only is he married to one of my favorite squirrel friends, Pissi Myles, he’s amazingly talented in his own right. I’m going on the record for saying that I believe that he is the master mind behind the amazing marketing behind his accomplished “wife” Pissi Myles. David Ayllon is a photographic genius! I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in front of his lens

• Family Law • Estate Planning • Real Estate Stephanie Cañas Hunnell, Esq. Sylvia L. Breitowich, Esq. 408 7th Ave. Asbury Park, NJ 07712 732-749-3500 fax 732-749-3503

42 t


JULY 7, 2017 •

for a shoot for a show I did with Pissi Myles “Queens Against Humanity,” and have also used him professionally for his skills as an accomplished graphic designer. David is a comic-book aficionado which is clear when you see his work either on logos or in his photography. Even though David has only been doing photography professionally for three years, he has received several awards and recognition for his brilliant work. He’s the winner of the 2016 Seeing the Light competition, as well as the 2009 IAC award for Best Design Website. His work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Next magazine (on the cover!), and Rangefinder magazine. Last year for the benefits that happened right after the Pulse nightclub shootings, David quickly put his talent to work! He had the brilliant idea of selling high resolution copies of his photographs of drag performers from all over raising an astonishing $2,448 for the victims and their families, not taking one cent from the proceeds. This year he is doing it again for the Pulse nightclub anniversary benefit show at Georgie’s Bar, only one night and a few selected images featuring a few queens from season nine of Rupaul’s “Drag Race,” including Sasha Velour and Shea Coulee. Get them while they’re hot! Some of David’s clients include Peaches Christ, Kid Cudi, Joslyn Fox, Lupe Fiasco, as well as Drag Race season eight winner, Bob the Drag Queen. To say that David keeps himself busy is an understatement, he is not only working as an art director for eight of Marriott’s brands, but he’s also currently working toward his MFA in design from Savannah College of Art & Design. For more information on David Ayllon please check out his visually beautiful website t

your money


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Richard Finger

Become the Ideal Candidate

using only one resume to submit for different positions. Very typically, included in this generic resume is something that is another of my pet peeves, the “Career Objective” statement that invariably expresses the applicant’s “looking for a challenging opportunity to utilize my skills …blah, blah, blah.” This line serves no purpose, and does not clearly state the type of position the applicant is seeking. Likely, these resumes are placed in the unconsidered pile before the recruiter even reads anything more about the applicant’s experience. With the ease of using Microsoft Word or Open Office, it’s very simple to customize your message, i.e. say you are looking for a sales management position or application-development analyst position; using the same resume will not sell your skills for either one. Very simply, the idea is to lead with your strengths. Imagine a recruiter is reviewing a pile of 250 resumes. You must quickly state what makes you different from everyone else. Read the job description. Your opening pitch should be customized to highlight your skills and experiences most important for the position you seek. Keep in mind that depending on where you are in your career, the opening will vary. A seasoned candidate should sell their accomplishments and skills, whereas a college graduate will need to sell their recent educational accomplishments and capacity to learn and develop. The important aspect is to pique the interest of the recruiter. Yet another recruiter pet peeve is the applicant that calls after submitting an application. Given the workload of most recruiters, these calls are a nuisance, and will very easily move the applicant to the “Do not consider” pile. Honestly, these calls rarely help, and usually brand the applicant as a pain. In my circle of HR friends, serial callers are called “stalkers.” My recommendation is this: if your resume portrays your qualifications accurately, the recruiter will call you … so, wait for the call! Please be sure to provide the number where you can be reached quickly, not a home number if you are mostly not at home. Recruiters are busy people; they may leave a message once before moving on to the next candidate that was able to speak to them quickly. If you are fortunate enough to secure a phone screening, be respectful of the recruiter’s time and research the company in advance. Most companies have websites. The few minutes you take to learn more about the organization will pay dividends, and will show the recruiter you did your homework, and are taking the opportunity seriously.

... and land the job

There are some tricks to impress potential employers by adding some pop to a resume or job application. Having reviewed hundreds of resumes over the years, I know how it can be an arduous task. Recruiters are now looking for the resumes and applicants that stand out from the pack. Nothing is more frustrating than applicants who apply for jobs that are completely out of reach with their background and experience. With electronic applications being the norm, with clicks of buttons, applicants blindly apply for any available job, without much consideration of the required

“Yet another recruiter pet peeve is the applicant that calls after submitting an application. Given the workload of most recruiters, these calls are a nuisance, and will very easily move the applicant to the ‘Do not consider’ pile.” experience to perform the job successfully. The recruiter will interpret this as an act of desperation, and will not take these applicants seriously, nor should they. Think about it, each application might get less than five minutes of attention, unless you take the initiative to qualify yourself as a serious candidate, the recruiter will not do this for you. The lesson here is to only apply for jobs that are within your reach, that match your skills and abilities. Many applicants make the mistake of

If you do not take the time to learn more about the company, the recruiter will spend valuable time telling you about them, which leaves less time to talk about you, your experience, and your career aspirations. Another word of advice, if possible, plan to be in a place where you are able to listen intently and take notes. Lastly, if you’ve made it to the in-person interview stage, be prepared to complete an application. Bring a resume with you to reference dates. Employers look for consistency between the resume and the application. Never state, “See attached resume.” Firstly, this sends a signal of laziness. Secondly, depending on the organization, the information contained in the formal application will be used for background checking (employment and education verification) purposes. Should an offer come your way, accurate information provided on the application will lead to a quicker turnaround to complete the background check. Hopefully, through the lens of the recruiter, you’ve gleaned some tips to help your resume rise to the top. If you are seeking a new opportunity, I wish you the best of luck in your search! t

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A space to have a conversation; NO loud music. Join us on Friday Night for OUR Guest Bartenders Contest to raise money for Chase Brexton’s Gender Joy Program DON’T DRIVE, BE SAFE: take UBER First drink free with UBER Receipt BALTIMORE OUTLOUD JULY 7, 2017 • t


in memoriam

Sir Morgan Nagrom Monceaux May 9th, 1945 – May 31st, 2017 An elder who walked among many worlds left us on May 31st, 2017 – Morgan (to the art world) a.k.a. Sir Nagrom Monceaux (to the leather community) passed away recently leaving behind family, friends, and a huge body of internationally acclaimed artwork. Born Morgan Monceaux in Louisiana on May 9th, 1945, he was drafted by the Navy and served in Vietnam. Before the war he had extensive training as a singer and dancer and also studied theology. Nagrom was a self-taught painter – putting to use some paints he’d found while homeless in the Bronx launched his career as a very accomplished “American Artist” as he called himself. He bounced around the Northeast for years, including some time in Rhode Island, before he moved to Baltimore. In 2002 Nagrom competed in the American Leatherman Contest. He didn’t win. He asked Judy Tallwing McCarthy, head judge, why? Judy said it was “because of his distance, he wasn’t approachable.” He did make his mark on the contest by very generously donating lots of his artwork that when auctioned raised almost $30,000 for the winner’s travel funds! The friendship with Judy continued until his death. When Nagrom moved to Baltimore he purchased the childhood home of Cab Calaway for $3,000 and a painting. He said that Baltimore “resonated for him.” After many late-night phone calls, Nagrom asked Judy to visit Baltimore. He said that he hadn’t worked in over a year and thought if she visited “they could paint together.” And they did. That collaboration turned out to be very good for both painters. Judy went on to say that “Nagrom, Morgan Monceaux is one of the reasons my art is showing at the American Visionary Art Museum and his pushing my work forward is

why I still live in Baltimore.” “I lived in his house (a.k.a. the Taj Mahal) for six years and never was so focused on my work and it was because of my friend Nagrom.” Morgan created much of his art in the form of series. In an interview from 2007 he said he “liked being able to tell a story. It’s a way of putting history in a format so you can read it.” His first, “George to George,” was a portrait of every president from George Washington to (then) George Bush. The collection was featured in a 1992 New Yorker article and at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. His portraits of Ray Charles, Dinah Washington, and B.B. King are included in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. The gallery broke tradition when they purchased Slim his work. He was the Jones first artist who didn’t have a subject sit with him when doing his portrait. He had other series including “From a Black Leatherman’s Journal, “Divas,” “Red and Black,” and “Miss America.” Two series of paintings became books – Jazz, My Music, My People and My Heroes, My People. My Heroes features portraits of African-American and Native-American heroes like Pocahontas and Clara Brown. Not only was Morgan able to “capture the independent spirits, who chose or were forced to strike out for new territory,” each portrait is accompanied by interesting biographical information. “He put his soul into his artwork,” says Kip Davison, Nagrom’s leatherboy of 17 years. “He was very connected to a higher power but didn’t talk about it – he painted it.” Nagrom was also a skilled entertainer. He often had large, formal parties where everyone dressed up

to honor his elaborate themes and menus. He would even rearrange the art filling the walls of his Baltimore row house so it looked like a new place every time you visited. Nagrom was a friend and mentor to many. Janet Holmanahart, longtime faithful friend and confidante, and NaSir Morgan grom would often Nagrom Monceaux sit quietly in the park, or his large garden, enjoying their inexpensive “bubbly.” “Nagrom was an instrument,” she said. “He gave me the opportunity to practice unconditional love.” Another thing Nagrom gave Janet was a love for pralines. When Janet visited New Orleans, she was asked to bring back a very expensive box of pralines. They would eat them together and laugh when others didn’t want one. Nagrom lived the life of a “starving artist.” When working he often wouldn’t eat or sleep for days. “You could count the layers of his person in his art,” said Janet. Everyone I spoke to about Nagrom/Morgan said that he was

a very private man, he was careful of who he kept around him, he loved hard, and that he could be fussy, or as Kip said, “he could be a diva.” Rock Jocelyn, a friend from of Nagrom’s from his Rhode Island days, described Nagrom, as a “man of honor, word,

“When Nagrom moved to Baltimore he purchased the childhood home of Cab Calaway for $3,000 and a painting. He said that Baltimore ‘resonated for him.’” and deed.” He was “fiercely loving.” Judy Tallwing McCarthy said that Nagrom hoped his home would become a museum of his art after his death. Michelle Talibah, his agent and founder of New Door Creative, promised Morgan that she would organize a large show of his work. To find out more about the show, visit Newdoorcreative. com. There will be a memorial gathering on Sunday, July 16th at 3 p.m. at New Door Creative. I want to thank everyone who talked about Nagrom with me. The stories and memories were touching and inspiring. Those people include Kip Davison, Judy Tallwing McCarthy, Rock Jocelyn, Janet Holmanahart, and Michelle Talibah, his agent and founder of New Door Creative where Mor‘Madame gan has shown much of his work. Butterfly’ Rest In Peace Nagrom. Thank you for leaving so much of your heart and soul on the planet. t – Sarah Humble

Hearts & Ears, Inc. is a non-profit organization for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning individuals with mental health issues and concerns.

Wellness and Recovery Center

We warmly welcome all sexual and gender minorities. Sun. through Tues. Wed. through Sat.

Closed 10 a.m. to 6 p.m



your money

Bonds: Preparing for Rising Interest Rates

By Woody Derrick Historically, people have looked to bonds for stability, income, and security. As people approach retirement, they tend to take a more conservative risk position with their portfolio. The more conservative people become with their investments, the more bonds they typically add to their mix. For some time now interest rates have been falling or have stayed relatively stable. If that trend changes and interest rates move up, then the value of your bonds may go down. What are bonds? Bonds are debt issued by corporations and governments. Typically these loans run from 30 days to 30 years. Generally speaking, the longer the term of the

loan the greater amount of interest paid to the holder of the bond. An investor may pay $1,000 per bond and receive an agreed-upon rate of interest for the term of the bond. So long as the company (or government) remains solvent, the investor should receive the dividends from the bonds, and, when the term is complete, the investor should receive a return of their $1,000 principal payment. How do interest rates impact bonds? Bonds typically change value from their original $1,000 as interest rates change. You’ll find that bond values generally move inversely to interest-rate changes. This means that a decrease in interest rates could increase the

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JULY 7, 2017 •

value of bonds and that an increase in interest rates could drive down the value of bonds. As an example, let’s say that you want to buy a bond. The current interest rate is 2%. If you want, you could buy a new issue bond for $1,000 at 2% interest. You could also purchase a bond from someone looking to sell his/her bond. If someone purchased a bond with a 1% interest rate, they’d have to decrease the bond’s value from $1,000 to provide you with a competitive interest rate. This is done because an investor is unlikely to want to buy a bond for 1% from someone when they could buy a new-issue bond for 2%. The amount at which the selling party would have to decrease the value of the bond depends in part on the term of the bond. The longer the term, the more he/she’d have to decrease the value. The shorter the term, the less he/she would have to decrease the bond’s value. What can you do to help minimize the impact of rising rates on your bonds? Depending on your current income needs, comfort level with a fluctuating portfolio value, and liquidity needs, you could see several options. You could stay the course, move to shorter-term bonds, and/or move toward cash. Some investors, who hold individual bonds, will want to keep their bonds intact. Knowing that a solvent company is expected to provide a return of principal upon maturity, they may not be concerned about the bond’s change in value. Other investors who are concerned about loss of value may look to invest in shorter-term bonds. This is because shorter-term bonds are typically less volatile if all other factors are the same. The other positive to owning shorter-term bonds is that they mature sooner. With a shorter maturity, the investor may be able to buy new bonds with higher interest rates thus increasing his/her income. Floating-rate securities are another option. Floating-rate debt is often higher-risk loans or bonds that come with variable interest rates. The rates can go up or down every 30 to 90 days based on changes in a predetermined benchmark (such as Libor) and often have a minimum interest rate. Because the interest rate paid often goes up as rates go up, there’s typically less volatility in price with floating-rate securities than with traditional, fixed-rate bonds during periods of interest-rate increase. Due to floating-rate debt often being issued by higher-risk companies, they still contain the possibility of loss of principal and can vary in price based on the health of the companies who issued the debt.

Other options include moving to investments such as CDs or money markets. While they may pay less interest, they tend to have a greater level of principal security. Fearful of losing any value in bonds and able to withstand a potential decrease in income, some investors may opt to move some of their bond portfolio to cash. One or all of these options may be appropriate and should be assessed on an individual basis. Consult your financial advisor for specifics regarding your situation and consult your tax advisor about the tax implications of selling bonds prior to maturity. Bonds are subject to market and interest rate risk if sold prior to maturity. Bond values will decline as interest rates rise. High yield / junk bonds (grade BB or below) are not investment-grade securities, and are subject to higher interest rate, credit, and liquidity risks than those graded BBB and above. They generally should be part of a diversified portfolio for sophisticated investors. t Contact Partnership Wealth Management at 410-732-2633. This column is for informational purposes only, and not meant as personal advice.

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Alex ‘Bear’ Conley

Meet Jewel Vanderlee I met Jewel Vanderlee of Bloomfield, New Jersey, not long ago and it quickly became evident she’s a force to be reckoned with. She helped inject new life into the International Ms. Leather / International Ms. Bootblack Weekend as she headed the social media department. The excitement for the event was at a fever pitch this year and the environment she helped to create online deserves a great deal of credit for that. On the East Coast front, she throws play parties, works for Lambda Legal, and is unapologetically fierce, femme, and proud, and will unflinchingly use her voice when she feels strongly about an issue. Alex ‘Bear’ Conley: Where did you grow up? Jewel Vanderlee: I Jewel was born in the Hudson Valley region of New York State, about two hours north of New York City, in a fairly small town of less than 4,000 people. This upbringing in the wilderness just out of sight of the bustling metropolis instilled a duality that plays a role in most of my interests. Tell us about a charity that is close to your heart. Lambda Legal, doing the heavy lifting in the courts for LGBT and HIV-positive people. Also the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, particularly for their outreach and advocacy work on behalf of some of the most marginalized voices. What is the accomplishment that’s made you proudest in the leather community? What about outside leather? The first organization that I worked on in an official capacity in the BDSM world was a TNG chapter in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley is my home region, and moving back there after moving around for a couple

of years, it felt important to create an intentional space for young kinky folks in what was essentially my hometown. So I founded one. Two years later, I moved to New Jersey and passed on the organization to new moderators. Two years later now, it’s still growing and thriving, providing a safer space for young kinky folks to explore their desires. To see that dream realized and live on without me is probably my most proud accomplishment. Outside of leather? Gonna get dark here for a minute: I’m proud of surviving to 27 (my current age) and being able to help some friends along while I did. I have experience of a couple of mental illnesses and learning disabilities and I’ve had some darker times in my past. I didn’t think I’d graduate high school, much less become a successful adult! If you could choose any actor/actress to portray you in a movie about your life, who would you choose? As a young gayby I adored Angelina Jolie’s aesthetic, but I think I like Kate MacKinnon’s personality a lot more. A combination of the two of them. Are you into Harry Potter? If so, what is your Hogwarts House? If not, what is your astrological sign? Slytherin, Gryffindor rising. What’s your favorite thing about the leather community? The growing diversity of sexualities, identities, and bodies who come together to explore what I refer to as “alternative intimacies.” The kinship that we can form at the margins. The warmth of a hug from a friend who I met once, who supported me through some of the hardest experiences of my life, and then seeing them a year later … like we’d never left each other. In short, the connections. If you could wave a magic wand and change something about the leather community right now, what would it be? Less focus on “how we’ve always done things” and more focus on “how is the world we live in changing, and how can we stay relevant?” I want to see the leather community survive and thrive in years to come. What’s your guiltiest pleasure? There’s nothing guilty about pleasure, babe. Owning your weirdness is hot! t

Drinkery The Little Corner Bar with a Great Big Heart! 205 West Read Street “Corner of Read and Park” 410-225-3100 • ATM Available

Happy Belated 88th Birthday, Fred!

HAPPY HOUR 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 2-in-1 RAIL & Domestic Beer

BACK BAR OPEN FRIDAY & SATURDAY Until 1:30 a.m. with Karaoke






Rodney Burger


Ahead It’s hard to believe that July is here already. Time does go by quickly. Although we’re still in the middle of summer, I’m already thinking ahead about events in the fall and winter. In fact I recently made my reservations at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill for Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2018 scheduled for January 12th to 14th in Washington, D.C. ( It may seem crazy early but I don’t want to be left out of the host hotel. It’s my understanding that the hotel is filling up quickly so I guess I’m not the only one planning ahead. I don’t have to wait until fall to enjoy

one of my favorite leather events from last year. The Mid-Atlantic Leather Women and Bootblack 2018 Contest is scheduled for August 25th to 27th. Friday, August 25th is the meet-and-greet at the Baltimore Eagle and the contest is at 1 pm on Saturday, August 26th at the Baltimore Eagle. On Sunday the event takes a road trip with the victory party being held at Georgie’s in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Come out and support the wonderful leather women in our area. More details can be found on Facebook. You may have seen the column I wrote about Mr. and Ms. Woods Leather 2017. Alyssa Durnien and Todd Apple are such a delightful pair and have had a really great title year. On September 15th to 17th during Leather Weekend III at the Woods Campground a new Mr. and Ms. Woods Leather will be selected. A big weekend is planned that includes not only the contest, but a cocktail party hosted by Women of Drummer, lube wrestling with titleholders

1001 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201 410-752-7133 •

Friday, July 21st 21st IN IN THE THE DANCE DANCE CLUB CLUB (9 (9 p.m. p.m. to to close) close)

LADIES NIGHT with DJ KIM $5 $5 cover, cover, $3 $3 Miller Miller Lites Lites All All Night Night 9 9 p.m. p.m. to to 11 11 p.m. p.m. $3 $3 Well Well Drinks, Drinks, $3 $3 Domestic Domestic Beers Beers

52 t


JULY 7, 2017 •

from Drummer North America, a Mid-Atlantic Drummer North America party, a dance sponsored by Bears, Bikers & Mayhem, and much more. Ms. Woods Leather 2013 Kim Simpson will even be there boot

blacking to make sure your leather looks good and Wolfstryker leather will be setting up shop so you can buy some new leather. Make plans to be at the Woods Campground in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, for this fun weekend. You can find all the details at Coming up on September 22nd to 24th is the second annual Atlantic States Leather Weekend in Baltimore. Most of this year’s event will be held at the Baltimore Eagle with the “Meet the Meat” gathering starting there on Friday, September 22nd at 9 p.m. and the Atlantic States LeatherSIR / boy / Community Bootblack Contest being held at 6 p.m. on Saturday, September 23rd. There will also be educational demos, a leather mart, cocktail parties, and more. The host hotel is the Hotel Brexton in Mount Vernon. For more details check the event’s Facebook page or go to I’ve written a lot this year about preserving our leather history. On October 20th to 22nd a whole weekend is being devoted to just that. The Leather History Preservation Weekend is being held this year at the Radisson Hotel High Point in High Point, North Carolina. There will be presenters sharing their leather journeys, cocktail parties, vendors, and even some play time. More details about the Leather History Preservation Foundation can be found at Local leather history will be made in Baltimore on the weekend of November 2nd to 5th as Mr. Maryland Leather 2018 is selected during COMMAND, MC’s an-

nual celebration. The festivities start on Thursday, November 2nd with a Pre-Fetish / Leather Party at the Baltimore Eagle. There is a bar crawl on Friday evening and the Mr. Maryland Leather 2018 Contest is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Saturday, November 4th at the Baltimore Eagle followed by a victory dance there in the evening. The weekend concludes on Sunday with brunch at Flavor in Mt. Vernon. For all the details visit I love the guys from the Harbor Masters leather club up in Maine, but I must confess I’ve never gone up Titleholders there for their annual proud leather event called “Sail Away.” This year they are celebrating their 35th anniversary on the weekend of November 10th – 12th at the Clarion Inn in Portland, Maine. Rooms are just $99 and the hotel is located near the downtown area. There is even a shuttle going from the hotel to the Harbor Master’s home bar called Blackstones. There will be a whole weekend of cocktails parties, food, and a large dungeon play space. Sounds like a great getaway prior to the craziness of the holiday season. I’m hoping to go this year. You can join me by going to I always feel better when I have my reservations and I’m looking forward to a leather event. It is good for your spirits when one has something fun to look forward to. Not only can you join me at some of these events, but since I gave you lots of notice you could even compete in one of the above contests and become the next Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman or Bootblack, Mr. Woods Leather or Ms. Woods Leather, Atlantic States LeatherSIR, Atlantic States Leatherboy or Atlantic States Community Bootblack or Mr. Maryland Leather 2018. Believe me with a leather title you will have countless leather events to look forward to. What are your plans for the rest of the year? It pays to plan ahead. t

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Karaoke Sunday 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.

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“The greatest stock market you can invest is yourself. Finding this truth is better than finding a gold mine.” – Byron Katie

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Station North Arts Cafe Gallery 1816 North Charles Street 410-625-6440 • SteamPunk Alley 227 W. Chase Street • 410-539-4806 The Rowan Tree 1633 S. Charles Street 410-468-0550 •

MARYLAND The Lodge Lounge & Dance Club 21614 National Pike • Boonsboro, MD 21713 301-591-4434

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Stallions 706 N 3rd St • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (717)232-3060 • Bar 704 704 N 3rd St • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (717)234-4228 The Brownstone Lounge 412 Forester Street • Harrisburg, PA 17102 717-234-7009

REHOBOTH BEACH, DELAWARE Blue Moon 35 Baltimore Ave. Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-6515 • The Purple Parrot 247 Rehoboth Ave. Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 302-226-1139

Woody Derricks, CFP®

2809 Boston Street Suite 509 Baltimore, MD 21224 (410) 732-2633

54 t


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Contact Mary at 410-802-1310

Rigby’s Bar & Grill 404 Rehoboth Avenue. Rehoboth Beach, DE 302-227-6080 • Iguana Grill 52 Baltimore Ave. Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 302-227-0948 •



AN HIV EVENT THIS INSPIRING DOESN’T COME TO BALTIMORE EVERY DAY. Informative sessions and workshops • Interactive exhibits Health & Wellness booths


JULY Join the conversation about setting — and getting to — your new goals to do more than be undetectable.

Reserve your spot today. Food will be available. Call 1-844-682-7234


11 AM to 2 PM


This event is proudly sponsored by ViiV Healthcare. ©2017 ViiV Healthcare group of companies. All rights reserved. Printed in USA. 820389R0 May 2017

56 t


JULY 7, 2017 •

Baltimore OUTloud • July 7, 2017  

Museum of the American Revolution Recognizes LGBT Community • Lively Arts: Cyndi Lauper’s Detour

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