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By: TA Cohn


aruch Hashem, TA is an established and thriving Yeshiva that continues to serve the growing Baltimore community. It is blessed with many talmidim, ke”h, and takes great pride in its commitment to an educational model that addresses the individual needs of every student. TA is dedicated to providing tools for each student to grow and thrive in his learning and Yiddishkeit. TA’s longstanding partnership with SHEMESH empowers it to offer extensive services and places the Yeshiva at the forefront of the movement to provide special education programming in the private school setting. For the last number of years, TA has been providing as many services as it can for as many students as possible, encompassing a range of ages, grade levels and divisions. Yet there are more students who need services, and more services that are needed. TA must answer the call to do more. TA’s response to this call is LAMDEINU. The LAMDEINU banner represents the pioneering efforts of TA to rec-

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B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M


FEBRUARY 22, 2018

TA Answers the Call: Introducing LAMDEINU ognize and fulfill the multitude of learning needs within each of its divisions. TA is grateful for its longstanding partnership with SHEMESH, and is excited to move forward together with them to maximize this opportunity for its students. Adopting the title LAMDEINU: The Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment @ TA will allow us to focus specific efforts on this program, and together with SHEMESH, further the Yeshiva’s quest to meet the academic needs of our students. On Sunday, February 4th, a beautiful breakfast reception was held at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Hal and Jody Crane to benefit LAMDEINU. The breakfast committee was chaired by Mr. and Mrs. Shimon Marciano. Mr. Marciano also emceed the event and spoke about the need to reach every single child in a way that is unique to him. Mrs. Rivky Danziger, director of the Elementary Division LAMDEINU Learning Center and Small Classrooms, explained many of the services that LAMDEINU provides students, as well as the progress that has been made on behalf of these children over the years. She pointed out that much more needs to be done so that every child who needs services can get the services that he needs.

Dr. Aviva Weisbord, Executive Director of SHEMESH, explained the ongoing and deeply collaborative relationship between LAMDEINU and SHEMESH, noting that it is a partnership in every sense of the word, and SHEMESH is able to help LAMDEINU thrive through consultation, training and funding, in addition to providing SHEMESH resources throughout the school year. Rabbi Shmuel Silber finished off the reception with words of chizuk, and explained that fulfilling a student’s educational needs should be considered as important as providing for basic needs such

as clothing and food. Rabbi Silber encouraged the gathering by stating that this issue is one that can be addressed and a goal that can be attained with generosity, collaboration, and determination. The reception proved both informative and inspiring to the over 75 guests who attended, and served to further the cause of special education in our community. LAMDEINU hopes to share many more events with the community in the near future. To learn more about LAMDEINU, and support its efforts, please visit

Baltimore Jewish Home - 2-22-18  

Baltimore Jewish Home - 2-22-18

Baltimore Jewish Home - 2-22-18  

Baltimore Jewish Home - 2-22-18