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How do you solve a

puzzle like Patterson? School system seeks to reverse decline; community wants order restored BY JACQUELINE WATTS EDITOR@BALTIMOREGUIDE.COM

There is no question that Patterson High School graduates some very good students. The Guide prints a story every year that features an exemplary graduate. But—and there is always a but—the Baltimore City Public Schools, using data taken from testing, attendance and graduatation rates, says there are too few very good students, and that in fact too many students fail to meet city and state standards for academic progress. So Patterson, along with Douglass High School on the West side, has been designated a “turnaround” school. BCPSS has already announced that the school’s principal of 13 years, Laura D’Anna, will not be back. Neither will three assistant principals, several guidance

counselors and 44 faculty. Patterson will keep its popular athletic teams, though. Patterson’s is an “internal turnaround,” meaning that the school will not be turned over to a private contractor to run. BCPSS will continue to run the school. Tisha Edwards, chief of staff of BCPSS, says that the school will continue to be divided into four academies, but the “disciplines”—courses of study within the academies—will be reorganized. Disciplines with high demand and need in the community will be strengthened, and those with low demand and need will be diminished or eliminated. Edwards says that three of the four best students at the school were in the EMT, or

Emergency Me d ica l Technician, program in the Professional Health Services Academy. The EMT program will be expanded and strengthened. But the school found that “demand and need are low” for others. The Marketing and Surgical Technician programs will be cut, and the Pharmacy Technician program will be merged with the Health Professions discipline. Say the word “discipline” to residents of CONTINUED ON PAGE 8


FEATURED PROPERTY OF THE WEEK DUNDALK BC7532739 3 b/r colonial w granite vanity large eat in kitchen Double living room with beautiful finished lower level.


Inside the Guide Senior scams

There’s a con man roving door-to-door in Canton and Highlandtown PAGE 2

Yo, O’s fans!

The Orioles (usually) play good, exciting baseball. Where are the fans? PAGE 7

Resurrecting a graveyard Martini Lutheran raising funds to restore St. Paul’s Cemetery BY JACQUELINE WATTS EDITOR@BALTIMOREGUIDE.COM

Part of the reason for Baltimore’s graceful cityscape is the number of churches in its borders. Look in any direction and you will see domes and spires. With those churches come churchyards and cemeteries. The cemeteries often date back to the early 1800s, and as the families whose patri- and matriarchs are buried in those cemeteries scatter across the country, leaving the graves of their founders untended, the cemeteries must be maintained. Which costs money, especially after several trees fell over during heavy rains in the summer of 2009, taking with them CONTINUED ON PAGE 7


Martini Lutheran Church is raising funds to repair and restore St. Paul’s Cemetery. You can help. (Photo by Sandy Harper)

Traffic is going to be miserable a couple of times this week. Be aware, and look out for erratic drivers and pedestrians: South Baltimore: The sold-out U2 concert begins on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at M&T Bank Stadium. A bar crawl will be held in Federal Hill on Thursday, June 30, beginning 5 p.m. Patterson Park: LatinoFest, beginning noon Saturday and Sunday, with live music running until 10 p.m. Saturday, and 9 p.m. Sunday. See page 3.



Knock-knock. Who's there? Perhaps a scammer BY MARY HELEN SPRECHER NEWSROOM@BALTIMOREGUIDE.COM

Police are warning seniors—who seem to be the target of recent scams— to be aware and not to open their doors to strangers, no matter how earnest, well-groomed and sincere the person might seem. “We really want to make sure seniors know not to answer their doors or let people into their houses,” said Lt. Richard Gibson of the Southeastern District Detective Unit. “A lot of times, they present themselves as door to door salespeople or as meter readers or fire or police, and people feel they should let them in. They shouldn’t.” The following scams have been reported recently in both the Southern and Southeastern Districts: Seafood/Cigarette Scam: A man has been going door to door and claiming to be selling seafood and/or cigarettes. He preys on seniors by claiming to know American Joe Miedusiewski (or another longtime neighborhood figure seniors would recognize) and says he can take only cash payments for the surplus goods which he has in his truck. When seniors hand over cash, he takes the money, promising to return shortly with the goods, but does not. Social Security Scam: An el-

Home Equity Loans LOAN TYPE


derly area resident received a phone call to say their utility bill was past due, call from someone who claimed to and that the power would be cut off to be with the Social Security Admin- the house. The resident paid out cash to a “courier,” only to learn istration (SSA). later that she had been The caller claimed scammed. that Social SecuWe really want to rity benefits had Home Repair been overpaid to Scammers: Every make sure seniors that address since year, there are reports know not to open 2008, and that the of individuals who their door to person in the house make the rounds of owed over $3,000 neighborhoods, offerthese people. and that a courier ing to fix seniors’ roof, -Lt. Richard Gibson, could be sent to the downspout, gutter and Southeastern District residence to pick Formstone problems. up money. It was Detective Unit The individuals (who only after paying are unable to show a that the individual Maryland Home Imlearned the truth: provement Contractor, no money was owed, and a scammer or MHIC, License) will take cash, then had gotten away with cash. never show up again to make the promBGE/Utilities Scam: Some scam- ised repairs. Often, they are promising mers are posing as workers at BGE or deeply discounted prices “because of competing energy companies. A local materials left over from another job on resident was approached by a suspect the block.” In all cases, they take only who knocked at the door and was al- cash and never return after telling victims lowed inside. The suspect was described they’ll be right back with their truck. as a thin-built white man, clean-shaven, These are only a few of the scammers who asked the resident to produce a re- out there, and there are many more. Over cent utilities bill. At that time, the sus- the years, criminals have posed as insurpect took down the victim’s phone num- ance company representatives or adjustber and account information. Shortly ers, police, fire, water department, meter thereafter, the victim received a phone readers and more. Sometimes, scammers


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steal money, personal information and property while the resident is distracted and sometimes, they collect on fictional debts. The only thing they have in common is the ability to take advantage of a person’s good nature. Police are warning all consumers to be wary of door-to-door scammers, and not to engage in conversation with people they do not know, but who claim to know them. Power and utility company representatives will not come to an individual’s door and ask for money, nor will they call to do so, nor will they ask to see a billing statement. If someone does approach them, residents are asked to call 911 to report a criminal in the area. Under no circumstances should they ever let the person into their house. If the person is rude or insistent, it should be another red flag to contact police. According to Lt. Gibson, these are far from the only scams; new ones emerge every day. “Unless a person has verifiable identification, and unless you’ve called them to come to your house,” he added, “you shouldn’t let them in your door, ever. Call 911.” Such incidents are investigated by the Checks and Fraud Unit of the Baltimore Police Department.

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Weather History June 23, 1944 - Four tornadoes killed 153 people and caused five million dollars damage in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland. The tornadoes formed during the evening and moved southeast along parallel paths, flattening everything in their way.

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Weather Trivia Which place in the world receives more rain than anywhere else?


Answer: Lloro, Colombia averages 523.6 inches of rain per year.

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Precipitation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2.03" Normal precipitation . . . . . . . . . .0.77" Departure from normal . . . . . . . .+1.26" Average temperature . . . . . . . . . . .72.3º Average normal temperature . . . . .72.1º Departure from normal . . . . . . . . .+0.2º

Wednesday, JUNE 22, 2011

The Baltimore Guide 3

Fiesta in the park

LatinoFest returns this weekend by MARY HELEN SPRECHER

The 30-year watermark? LatinoFest has been there, done that. Last year, in fact. But since 40 is supposed to be the new 30, the festival can only be expected to grow in the coming decade. LatinoFest, the celebration of all things Hispanic, rolls into Patterson Park this weekend for its 31st year. Note to the neighborhood and surrounding areas: Expect increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic on Saturday and Sunday. The

event will be held in the area near the Pulaski Monument. The event is sponsored by EBLO (Education-Based Latino Outreach) which is headquartered in Fells Point, in the former library building, and will feature food, crafts, cultural displays and more. There will be entertainment on two stages, the Jose Ruiz Stage, and the Alma Folklorica Stage. The festival is currently seeking volunteers. Those who want more information on either the event or on volunteering should go to

Entertainment Schedule Jose Ruiz Stage:

Saturday, June 25 Noon, McGuillermo Brown/DJ Andy 1 p.m., Pawalpa (Panama Folklore) 2 p.m., Pachamama (Bolivia Folklore) 3 p.m., Awards Ceremony 4 p.m., Mamauca (Afro Peruvian folklore) 5 p.m., Our Latin thing (tribute to Fa-

nia music) 7 p.m., Alafia (Afro Cuban folklore) 8 p.m., Orquesta Broadway (Cuban Charanga Salsa) 9:30 p.m., DJ Andy (Live party mix) 10 p.m., Close Sunday, June 26 Noon, McGuillermo Brown/DJ Andy 2 p.m., Arte Flamenco (Spanish Flamenco) CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8

In 2008, Stephanie Villatoro displayed national pride at the LatinoFest in Patterson Park. File photo by Anna Santana

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Can the Dream Act

Reader: Granting benefits to undocumented aliens is an insult to immigrants who waited their turn Editor, The Guide:

Why penalize legal Maryland Taxpayers who honor the rule of law? Your column about the Maryland Dream Act was written out of emotion and not fact.

“May we help you?” 526 S. Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD 21224 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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OFFICE Jackie Miller, Office 410-732-6600 ext. 2 Billing questions, circulation issues and other account inquiries

EDITORIAL Jacqueline Watts, Editor 410-732-6603 / 410-732-6600 ext. 4

This law is not about race, religion or country of origin. This is simply a bad law! I am the son of two Latino parents who legally immigrated to the United States by waiting their turn. As a family, we are opposed to this law solely base on the fact you should not be rewarding those who entered the country illegally. There are some simple facts you failed to address in your column. First, even if you were to allow children of illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition in Maryland once they graduate they would still not legally be allowed to work in the United States. They would still remain illegal. Your column also did not address the financial cost to the residents of the State of Maryland. Maryland taxpayers will be subsidizing the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition rates. An example of the cost to Marylanders: The University of Editor, writer, oversees all news content

Mary Helen Sprecher, Staff Writer 410-732-6602 / 410-732-6600 ext. 5 General reporting, calendar, crime

SALES Casey Cassell, Account Executive 410-732-6618 / 410-732-6600 ext. 7 Display advertising for businesses

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PRODUCTION Jennifer Franz, Art Director 443-573-2950 / 410-732-6600 ext. 6

Chad Smith,Graphic Artist, Webmaster 410-732-6600 Contributing Photographers Thomas C. Scilipoti, Bill Lear, Maggie Allen, Anna Santana Contributing Writer Andy Mindzak, The Birds House Member MDDC - the Maryland-Delaware Press Association © 2011 Ascend Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.

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‘Undocumented? No. Illegal. Editor, The Guide:

The Dream Act is merely an appendage of a Maryland nightmare. The legal taxpayers of Maryland are already paying over a billion yearly to support the tens of thousands of illegal aliens—no, not “undocumented residents.” Since when did “race or religion” enter into the picture for those objecting to illegal aliens? The Maryland budget shortfall is almost identical to the cost of supporting all those illegal aliens! Yet, we’re seeing increases in “fees” (called taxes under Ehrlich); increases in gas; increases in tolls. Yes, my Polish grandparents came here from another land. But what did Maryland do for them and theiir familes? Diddley squat! “Uninvited?” Editor, an open door is an invitation. They had to endure physicals; records were made of their entrance; actual counts were made of those coming through that open door. We cannot deport the illegal aliens? President Truman did. President Eisenhower did. Both deported “Mexican nationals” in order that there would be more jobs available for our veterans of WWII and the Korean War. Next time you see an article of our current veterans being jobless, think about that!

and Yours


Maryland College Park tuition costs are $8,416 for in-state and $24,831 for out-ofstate—that is a $16,415 difference that will be subsidized byMaryland taxpayer dollars. I know many Marylanders who cannot afford to send their own children to college, and yet this bill uses their tax dollars to pay for illegal immigrants to go to college. We simply can not afford it. As far as your argument that that the parents are paying state taxes, you also fail to address the fact that the parents are breaking another law by working illegally. Many who are working illegally do so by using fake social security numbers and if that is correct they are committing fraud when applying for employment (breaking yet another law). I had a unexpected encounterwith the head of Casa Maryland several weeks ago and he admitted that he knew that the children after graduating would not be able to legally work in this country, then he said “A U.S.Degree is good anywhere in the world and they could go back to their home country with their degrees.” They would not be contributing to the economyof Maryland as many falselyclaimed when testifying in Annapolis. Those who support in-state tuition along with Casa Maryland hope that this kind of effort will lead to some form of amnesty. When I confronted Casa Maryland about this he did not deny that this was a tool to force amnesty.

Plain and simple the Maryland Dream Act condones bad behavior, it teaches young people of illegal immigrants that they do not have to respect or obey the laws of this country. Finally, I ask you what is the parent teaching their children by themselves breaking the law, and then reinforcing the breaking the law by rewarding the bad behavior with granting them in-state tuition or any other benefits afforded to a legal citizen of the United States of America? No matter how you try to frame your argument in favor of Maryland Dream Act, the child of an illegal immigrant who completes college would still not be allowed to legally work in the State of Maryland or the United States of America. The referendum does not keep the children of illegal immigrants from attending any schools of higher education; they just have to pay out-of-state tuition rates. The legal residents of the State of Maryland should be deciding this issue, not politicians beholden to a special interest group. Not the governor, state representatives or city officials. All who encourage the breaking of Federal law yet they are surprised that both legal and illegal residents do not obey or respect the laws of our city and state. These officials should be held accountable, they took an oath to uphold the constitution of the State of Maryland.

To speak of the parents of these illegal alien parents “paying taxes” is totally absurd because it is illegal to hire illegal aliens. If these illegal alien students manage to get through college, at legal taxpayers’ expense, who will hire them? Will your paper? As an Army widow, I refuse to be “ashamed” for opposing illegal aliens in my state. My late Army hero husband was wounded behind enemy lines at Anzio. He was a prisoner of war of the Nazis for 14 months. He weighed 85 pounds when freed.

After recovering he made the Army his career and his last tour was was in Vietnam where he survived a helicopter crash. Yet, his widow cannot go into a polling booth without knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that her vote is being canceled out by an illegal alien. My husband is no longer here for you to face him and tell him his wife’s vote does not matter. Is that what my husband shed his blood for?

Victor Corbin Fells Prospect

Loretta J. Willits Graceland Park

New Citizens Take the Oath An immigrant from Ghana waits to take the citizenship oath during a Flag Day naturalization ceremony at Fort McHenry. Photo by Bill Lear


Neighborhood Watch


Southeast Baltimore Neighborhood Watch is a representative sampling, not a comprehensive listing, of crimes reported to the Southeastern District of the Baltimore Police Department. This week’s Neighborhood Watch was compiled by Mary Helen Sprecher. Robbery Gough Street, 2000 block, June 15, 11:14 p.m. A woman told police she had been robbed at gunpoint by a teenaged boy whom she could describe. Police units in the area were able to apprehend and arrest the suspect and return to the woman her property including $9 cash and a digital camera. The teenager was found to be carrying a B.B. gun, and this too was confiscated. S. Chester Street, unit block, June 13, 10:40 p.m. A woman told police a man had ordered her to give her a ride in her car or he would shoot her. She attracted the attention of a passerby and he fled. Aggravated Assault N. Robinson Avenue, 400 block, June 15, 10:30 p.m. A woman told police she and another woman had been talking when a man they did not know had approached them, slapped her across the face, then


sprayed her with pepper spray and fled. Roberts Place, 3600 block, June 13, 10:50 p.m. A woman told police a second woman, whom she knew only as “Marisha,” and who she could describe as fat, black and wearing a red wig, had punched her, then pulled a knife and struck her with the handle of it. A warrant was obtained for the assailant’s arrest. Hudson Street, 2600 block, June 12, 1:56 a.m. Police responded to a call about an unconscious man and found a man who told them he had been with a group of men at a bachelor party when one member of his group had, in a celebratory mood, thrown ice into a passing car. The car stopped and men got out and attacked the man who had thrown the ice. The assailant then fled. Police will follow-up. E. Lombard Street, 3800 block, June 11, 1 a.m. A man told police he and his girlfriend had argued, and that she had become irate, scratching his face and biting his left bicep. A warrant was obtained for her arrest. Eastern Avenue, 1700 block, June 6, 4 p.m. Police saw a homeless man put a

beer on the sidewalk, then start a fight with a second man, who was in a wheelchair. The homeless man then began punching the wheelchair-bound man and then tried to choke him. Police separated the two and arrested the homeless man. The wheelchair-bound man told police the homeless man had been harassing him for several days. Burglary N. Clinton Street, unit block, June 20, 11:12 p.m. Someone broke into a home and took a TV, radio, DVDs, cable box and carpet cleaner. E. Lombard Street, 3400 block, June 18, 11:35 a.m. Someone broke into a home through a rear door and took copper piping. One man was arrested. N. Glover Street, 400 block, June 18, 2:30 a.m. Someone broke into a home through a rear basement door and took televisions, a DVD player, jewelry, a phone and $800 cash. Lloyd Street, 100 block, June 18, 8 p.m. Someone broke into a home through a side window and took a game system and games. S. Dallas Street, 800 block, June 18, 12:10 a.m. Someone entered a home through a front door and took a TV and computers. N. Hudson Street, unit block, June 16, 7:45 a.m. Someone broke the lock off the door of a business and entered, taking a

car battery charger and jack stands.

N. Port Street, 400 block, June 14, 4 p.m.

Someone broke the window of a kitchen door and entered, taking a Fender guitar. E. Pratt Street, 800 block, June 13, 3:36 a.m. Police responded to a burglary call and were told by motel security personnel that a man had thrown a trash can at the window of the parking garage, and that the man had eventually managed to gain entrance to the facility. The man, when questioned, told officers he had been merely trying to get his vehicle out. and go home. He was arrested nonetheless. Aliceanna Street, 1400 block, June 13, 7:20 a.m. Someone entered the loading dock of a restaurant and took food including a case of steak, a case of salmon, a case of chicken wings, a case of jumbo shrimp, a half case of smoked bacon, a case of tuna, a case of chicken breasts and a case of wheat wraps. N. Streeper Street, 500 block, June 12, 11:11 p.m. Someone broke into a home through unknown means and took computers and $900 cash. Larceny E. Lombard Street, 1000 block, June 17, 10:18 a.m. Someone stole lottery tickets from a tobacco store. N. Luzerne Avenue, 200 block, June 17, 6 p.m. Someone tried to steal the Rheem CONTINUED ON PAGE 17



Go west to Little Italy Pacific Coast has fun-to-share dishes

BY JACQUELINE WATTS EDITOR@BALTIMOREGUIDE.COM Little Italy is branching out into California Chic, and the results are very good indeed.


Pacific Coast Dining Co. opened at 413 S. High St., where Babusci’s used to be, in April. It combines trendy burgers, Asian fusion, fresh grilled seafood and artistically drizzled sauces with lovely,

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Pacific Coast Dining Co. offers some inventive and delicious appetizers, like these Firecracker Shrimp and Edamame.

friendly, down-home service, and it’s a very inviting combination. Pacific Coast glossed up the interior, Absolut Vodka....................................................................1.75L $25.99 but thankfully kept the “greenhouse” Tito’s Vodka........................................................................1.75L $24.99 room that was one of Babusci’s best feaPinnacle Vodka (All Flavors)..............................................1.75L $14.15 tures. So it is still possible to sit in a win1800 Tequila (Reposado & Silver)....................................750mL $18.99 dow seat and watch the world go by, and Hennessy Cognac............................................................750mL $22.99 occasionally wave hi to a neighbor. De Loach (Pinot Noir).......................................................750mL $6.66 I can also imagine a pleasant happy Avalon (Cab, Sauv & Sauv Blanc)....................................750mL $6.67 hour spent with a glass of wine and one Cline (Zinfandel)...............................................................750mL $7.99 of Pacific Coast’s inventive appetizers. Beringer (White Zinfandel)...................................................1.5L $7.99 Kendall Jackson (Chardonnay)........................................750mL $9.33 We tried the firecracker shrimp ($11), Woodbridge.........................................................................1.5L $8.66 which is plenty for a light meal: eight large shrimp slathered with a spicy red 12 OZ $ $ sauce, and served on crisp garlic toast. 900 LOOSE BTLS CASE Get yourself an order of these and a nice cold beer, or light white wine, and you Johnny Bev’s Wine of the Month ONLY $ will be happy. BARTENURA MOSCATO 750mL The edamame ($7) is an appetizer “The Blue Bottle” SUTTER HOME WHITE ZINFANDEL meant to be passed around the table CASH OR DEBIT ONLY ON ALL SALE ITEMS or up and down the bar: a big mound 35We also 12 carry many other fine wines from all over the world: of green soybean pods piled on a plate Ridge, Seghesio, Sonoma-Cutrer, Chateau St. Jean, Caymus, Stags Leap, Fracchia Malvasia Di Casorzo, D’Astl Voulet, as well as a wide variety of Ice Wines, Organic drizzled with spicy red sauce. The pods Wines, Italian Wines, and Spanish Wines. are seasoned with coarse salt and chili MARYLAND STATE LOTTERY CASH-IN HEADQUARTERS Cash in a winning Maryland State Lottery Ticket up to $5,000 and receive up to 30 FREE TICKETS flakes. You eat them by popping the bean out of the pod with your teeth and each Captain Seaweed’s JUMBO SOFT CRABS discarding the pod. It’s a Left-Coast Cleaned, Frozen and Dressed While Supplies Last version of picking crabs: eat a little, MTA BUS PASSES ON SALE NOW!!! chat, drink beer. It’s communal and Check Cashing • Money Orders • Western Union slow-paced and quite a bit cheaper than Bill Payment Center • Coins for Cash • Ice a dozen crabs. IN STORE WINE SPECIALS - STOP IN FOR DETAILS Pacific Coast follows the Cali trend of naming its hamburgers after the famous Follow King Liquors on Facebook! and notorious. Just as New York delis WE CASH ALL REFUND CHECKS have sandwiches named after politicians L WE SEL VISIT OUR Bail Bonds and nightclub singers, Pacific Coast ofNEW WINE SECTION ICE! ATM on premise La Fianza FOR EXCITING s safe & conven fers the Clint Eastwood ($10), a tradiNEW PRODUCTS OPEN DAILY ient at 9AM tional American cheeseburger honoring Visit Us on the Web: a traditional American actor/director. But WATCH KING TV ON THE WEBSITE then there’s the Frank Zappa ($14)—surf8226 Pulaski Hwy • Rosedale, MD and-turf on a bun, a burger topped with crab dip, bacon and Fontina cheese. Or

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the Charlie Sheen, which seems like random things piled on a bun. But come to think of it, that’s a pretty good description of Charlie Sheen. For vegetarians, there’s the Green Day ($9), fried green tomatoes topped with sauteed mixed mushrooms, avocado, Mozzarella cheese, lettuce and a red pepper sauce, or the Nirvana veggie burger ($12). You get the picture. Lots of burgers, lots of inventive toppers. We were intrigued by one of the specials—a soft crab club ($14). It’s a Maryland specialty served with California excess—a nice big soft crab on a pretzel roll, with two slices of thick-sliced bacon, lettuce and tomato, topped with a creamy, tangy chipotle ranch sauce. Nice, yes? But wait, there’s more! There was a lump crabcake on top of all that. Delicious. The sandwich was accompanied by a mound of Pop fries, hand-cut fried topped with herbs, black pepper and Parmesan cheese. These would make an excellent bar snack as well. The fish tacos ($11) are a more modest but still tasty affair, little nuggets of fried rockfish tucked into soft tacos with lettuce, cheese, avocado (natch) and two types of salsa on the side. Fish tacos are a Baja California favorite and will please a lot of Little Italians too. The service was friendly and attentive, and we left Pacific Coast Dining Co. quite happy. Lunch came to $44.58 including the tax but not the tip. Pacific Coast Dining Co., 413 S. High St, Little Italy, is open daily for lunch and dinner. Happy Hour is Monday-Friday, 4-7 p.m., and there is a “reverse happy hour” Sunday-Thursday, 10 p.m.-1 a.m.

Birds House



ing their last home stand which saw them go 5-4, they averaged only 18,393 fans per game. On the season they rank 11th out of 14 in the American League in attendance. Camden Yards is a gorgeous stadium, and is one of the best places to check out a baseball game. Not only that, tickets aren’t that expensive to catch some Oriole action. So Or iole fa ns, even t hough Justin Duchscherer is still on the disabled list, let’s get out there and show our support and help push the O’s forward!!

Nick Markakis

By Andrew Mindzak There is a first time for everything, and the Orioles unfortunately found that out during their Friday night loss to the Washington Nationals. During their 8-4 loss, the O’s belted out more hits than Chris Brown on a first date. When it was all said and done, Baltimore finished with 18 hits, yet only scored four runs, thanks to their 4-for-14 performance with runners in scoring position. Baltimore made history by having three players with at least four hits not drive in a single run. Derrek Lee went five for five while Adam Jones and Nick Markakis each went four for five, yet none of them had an RBI! Overall, the O’s had a rough week as they lost two of three to both the Toronto Blue Jays and Washington Nationals even though they hit .307 that week. Mark Reynolds continues his climb as he hit .368, and Nick

Markakis hit .423 last week. After going three for five Monday night, Markakis now has an 11-game hitting streak going. J.J. Hardy led the Orioles with two home runs on the week and five RBI. Matt Wieters hit .105 on the week, which means he will step his game up this coming week. He usually does. Sta r ting pitcher Ja ke A r r ieta picked up his ninth win of the season on Monday against the Pittsburgh Pirates (yes, they still have a team), which puts him in a tie for the major league lead. One nice surprise on the mound has been Chris Jakubauskas. Jakubauskas pitched well against Washington his last start, going five innings and striking out six to earn the win. Two weeks prior he threw five shutout innings against the Oakland Athletics to earn a win. With Jeremy Guthrie banged up



a portion of the cemetery’s fence and a few headstones. That leads us to the story of Martini Lutheran Church, the venerable South Baltimore church at Hanover and Henrietta streets, which is responsible for the upkeep of St. Paul’s Cemetery, founded in 1854 in what is now Druid Hill Park. The grand resting place of such German immigrant luminaries as Eberhard Muhly, founder of the South Baltimore bakery that bore his name, St. Paul’s needs repair and restoration, thanks to vandalism and the vagaries of time. To raise funds, Sandy Harper, historian of Martini Lutheran, has written a history of the cemetery in a 24-page booklet. The congregation is selling copies of the history for $5, hoping for a little donation on top of that. It is an interesting history, absorbing reading for people who are interested in history, in churches or in graveyards. It all started with a doctrinal dispute at Zion Lutheran Church, the old brick church at the corner of Holliday and Saratoga streets. The pastor, and 150 congregants, left Zion in 1835 and opened Second German Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession. With that mouthful of a monicker, is it any wonder that the church was commonly

called “German St. Paul’s?” From German St. Paul’s sprung three congregations: Immanuel Lutheran at Caroline and Baltimore streets, St. Paul’s at Fremont and Saratoga, and Martini Lutheran in South Baltimore. German St. Paul’s, having fallen into some disrepair in a neighborhood shifting from residential to industrial, closed in 1867. The three daughter churches took control of St. Paul’s Cemetery. These days, Immanuel and St. Paul’s are out in the suburbs. Martini took over the upkeep of the cemetery in the late 1940s. Costs run more than $4,000 a year, and the church needs to bring in professionals to restore headstones damaged by vandalism and time. There are some very interesting facts in Harper’s history. For instance, how did a cemetery wind up in Druid Hill Park? To get the answer to that question, gentle readers, you will need to buy the booklet. There are also interesting insights into Baltimore living in the mid-1800s. Whereas today’s graveyards have paved paths for cars, hearses and cemetery vehicles, the conveniences of yesteryear included troughs and mangers, since the funeral cortege was horse-powered. A horse trough is still visible today in the old cemetery grounds.

and the rotation looking somewhat shaky, it’s good to have Chris in there working hard. Baltimore currently sits at 33-37 as of Monday night. Can anyone guess when Baltimore got their 33rd win last year? If you guessed August 3, you are correct! Overall they have the tenth best team batting average in the Major Leagues and are actually hitting .271 as a team with runners in scoring position, which is tied for third in all of baseball. What I’m trying to get at here, folks, is that the Orioles are not a bad team. They are exciting to watch, yet dur-

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Patterson High School CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

the Bayview community that surrounds the school, however, and they will interpret it differently. As in, there is none, or at least there wasn’t till an assistant principal started laying down the law this year. “The kids were totally out of control. They were constantly in [Joseph Lee] park from 11 o’clock on,” said longtime resident Tom Nagle. Kids playing hooky in the park is nothing new, but the Patterson truants took it to a new level, harassing elderly residents, loitering and disrupting business, rifling through residents’ mailboxes and more. Nagle said that community representatives met with principal D’Anna and “begged” her to take control, but not much happened till after they met with

BCPSS superintendent Andres Alonso last fall. “It’s been 90 percent better,” said Nagle. Ron Overby, president of the Bayview Business Association and one of the residents who met with Alonso, says that D’Anna passed the disciplinary authority over to assistant principal Chris Stewart. Stewart gave her cell phone number to residents and business people, and when she got a call she followed through. “It was like night and day,” said Overby. Stewart was “singularly responsible for the change in that school over the past year,” said Overby. “The atmosphere in school was less disruptive, judging from the improvement in the neighborhood.” But Stewart is one of the assistant prin-

cipals who won’t be back, and Overby and Nagle are worried about next year. “Those students can be taught,” said Overby. “They need to be in school, and they need someone who is willing to keep them there.” Neither D’Anna nor Stewart returned calls asking for comment. Edwards said that Patterson is a “chronically low-performing school.” The figures are alarming. Only 12.7 percent of students passed the High School Achievement Test in Algebra on their first try. First-time pass rates are declining sharply for English, Biology and Government. Enrollment is also declining sharply as eighth graders get more options in choosing a high school. Patterson had 1,637 students in the 2010 school year and 1,441 in 2011, and projected enrollment for 2012 is 1,228. And attendance is sharply falling: from an average rate of 80.5 percent in the

Charity fashion show will open viewer's eyes

It’s not American’s Next Top Model, but it might just have a lot more drama than you’d expect on the catwalk, given the circumstances. A charity fashion show will be presented on June 25 at 7 p.m. at the “Du” Burns Arena in order to raise funds for, the Blind Industries of Maryland. Models will walk blindfolded on the

runway and the audience will be able to participate by putting on their glasses or shades. The event will offer makeovers to the visually impaired, and collection bins will be set up to recycle eyeglasses. Free eye exams will take place and and there will be an exhibit area. Blind Industries of Maryland is a

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non-profit foundation whose purpose is to positively change people’s attitudes about blindness. Regular admission for the show is $30, but VIP tickets are available for $50. Information on the show itself, on having a booth, and on ticket purchase, can be obtained at www.stareproduction. com or by calling 443-865-8318

Wednesday, JUNE 22, 2011

2009 school year to 72.6 percent (through January) of 2011. Edwards says that the school system is assigning more staff to monitor attendance next year. The school is placing a new emphasis on its ESOL, English for Speakers of Other Languages, programs, a nod to Southeast Baltimore’s many ethnic and immigrant communities. She said that BCPSS is “working with teachers to align to state standards” to “achieve a higher quality education in the classroom, and a better support structure for challenges in and out of school.” Overby, while appreciating the fact that Patterson’s athletic teams will remain, thinks that many students could rally around another subject. “Seriously, what brings people together, even more than athletics? Music. Patterson used to have a great music program. Why not bring it back?” Nagle says that the first chore for BCPSS should be choosing a strong principal. “I think the principal should be a male,” he said. “He should have a military background and a strong grip on the school. He should get the word out that he’s not going to tolerate this nonsense.” “I am greatly concerned that the changes [BCPSS] is bringing about at Patterson High School are not in Patterson’s best interest,” said Overby. “I am apprehensive about next year. My fears might be unjustified; we’ll see.”


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Alma Folklorica Stage Entertainment Schedule

Saturday, June 25 Noon, DJ Milennium 2 p.m., Payacita Camuchita (Children’s show) 3 p.m, Mensajero del Sur (Mexican Mariachi) 4 p.m., Bailes de mi Tierra (Mexican folklore) 5 p.m., Salsa Now (class) 6 p.m., DC Latin Jazz (Salsa) 7 p.m., Ocho de Bastos (Latin rock) 8 p.m. DJ Milennium (Party mix) 9 p.m., Solucion (Bachata) 10 p.m., closing Sunday, June 26 Noon, DJ Milennium 2 p.m., Payacita Camuchita (Children’s show) 3 p.m., DJ 4 p.m, Projection G (Mexican Techno) 5 p.m., Duranguense (Mexican Norteno) 6 p.m., DJ Milennium 9 p.m. Closing of LatinoFest



Neighborhood Watch

South Baltimore Neighborhood Watch is a representative, not a comprehensive, account of crimes reported in the Southern District during the past week. This week’s Neighborhood Watch was compiled by Jacqueline Watts. Aggravated assault 100 block S. Fulton Ave., Sunday, June 12, 3:45 a.m.: A woman was stabbed in the stomach during an argument. The suspect pointed his knife at three other women and said he would stab them all. The women joined the fight, and one of them struck the suspect in the head, and he fell. He was taken to Central Booking and Intake Facility for booking. 1100 block W. Pratt St., Sunday, June 12, 12:04 p.m.: A woman tried to intervene in a fight between her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, and the boyfriend hit her with his skateboard and broke her arm. A warrant is out for his arrest. 1100 block Light St., Wednesday, June 15, 9:45 p.m.: A man and his girlfriend argued inside a store, and she threw several bottles of shampoo at him, followed him through the store hitting him with a plywood board and her keys, then fled. Burglary 1700 block Hollins St., Sunday, June 12, 10:40 a.m.: Someone broke into a house. Nothing was reported stolen. 1500 block W. Pratt St., Monday, June 13, 10 a.m.: Police arrested two squatters in a vacant property. 1800 block Wilkens Ave., Wednesday, June 15, 9 p.m.: Someone stole a window from a house.

MOTORCYCLE TEST DRIVE TURNS TO THEFT Unit block E. Randall St., Saturday, June 18, 3:45 a.m.: Someone broke into a vacant house. Nothing was reported taken. Stolen auto 2000 block McHenry St., Sunday, June 12, midnight: Someone stole a 2003 Pontiac. 600 block Washington Blvd., Sunday, June 12, 12:30 a.m.: A man was arrested for trying to steal a 2007 Dodge. 800 block W. Barre St., Monday, June 13, 5:20 p.m.: A man told police that another man had taken the victim’s 2004 Honda CFR250 R motorcycle for a test drive and never came back. 2000 block Wilkens Ave., Tuesday, June 14, 7 a.m.: Someone stole a 2004 Dodge. 100 block W. Ostend St., Wednesday, June 15, 7 p.m.: Someone stole a 2003 Chevy. Larceny 1600 block S. Charles St., Sunday, June 12, 1:30 a.m.: Someone stole a purse containing an iPad and cash from a bar. The purse was later found without the contents. 100 block W. Barre St., Monday, June 13, 7:30 p.m.: Someone stole a bicycle. 800 block Woodward St., Wednesday, June 15, 1 p.m.: A woman left her Toyota SUV unlocked and went inside her home. While she was inside a man with his arm in a sling got into the car, stole the victim’s $250 mountain bike and rode off on it. Before escaping the thief used his shirt to wipe the area of the car that he touched.





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Kaylee Wyckoff played at the Latrobe Park playground in 2007. Want to contribute to more playgrounds? See the notice below. Photo by Bill Lear The Baltimore Guide is proud of its 83-year history of service to all its readers. However, due to increased demand and space constraints, the Guide must change its Community Calendar policy. Notices for non-profit events that are open to the public, and which do carry an admission or participation charge of $50/ person or less, will continue to be printed free of charge. However, for non-profit events that charge more than $50/person, the Guide will charge a nominal $20 fee for publication per week. These paid items will be highlighted in the calendar and publication is guaranteed. Items can be mailed to The Baltimore Guide at 526 S. Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD 21224, faxed to 410-732-6604, or e-mailed to Deadline for each week’s issue is Friday at noon of the week before. A contact name, phone number or e-mail must be included with all submissions.

Wednesday, June 22

Berry Good: Make reservations by June 22 with the The John Booth Senior Center, 229-1/2 Eaton Street, for its Wednesday, June 29 Strawberry/Blueberry Fest at 12:15 p.m. Features strawberry and blueberry goodies, including fruit pizza, sundaes and more. Cost: $4 center members; $7 non-members. Info: 410-396-9202, Rosalee.velenovsky@ Healthy Harvests: Highlandtown Healthy Harvests is a free program with eight weeks of nutrition education (90 minute classes once a week, offered Wednesdays and Thursdays) taught by the University of Maryland Extension. Each family receives vouchers worth of $20 food at the Highlandtown Farmers’ Market. The market takes place every Thursday, 4 p.m.-8 p.m. on Conkling between Bank and Eastern. Info: 443-683-2582, Playground In Process: This summer, Patterson Park Public Charter School (PPPCS) is working with KaBoom!, a national non-profit tto build a playground in the school’s courtyard is seeking donations of

$5, donations of 5 hours, nd more. Info: http://, Laura Peterson Kids Get Active: There are opportunities for kids to stay active this summer at the Virginia Baker Rec Center. Girls 13 and under basketball league practivces Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 p.m.-6 p.m. Donations appreciated. Patterson Park Boys Basketball League for ages 8-12 practices on Monday and games on Friday in the Rec Center at Patterson Park. Cost: $20 for the season. Volunteer coaches are needed for all kids’ basketball league for ages 7 and under. There’s karate on Mondays and Wednesdays. Hours are 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. for ages 6 and up, and 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m. for ages 9 and up. Cost is $40 (for 6+) $10 (for 9+) per month.Registration/ info: 410-396-9156, dot.mann@baltimorecity. gov.

Crime Prevention: The Southern District Police Community Relations Council holds COP walks as follows. Note: Unless otherwise specified, all walks are 7 p.m. Info: Jack Baker, 443-831-0538,, June 22, Pigtown, meet at the Bath House, 904 Washington Blvd Thursday, June 23, Federal Hill/Federal Hill South, meet at Porter’s Pub, E Cross St and Riverside Ave Monday, June 27, Mt. Winans, meet at S Paca St and Atlantic Ave (near the old fountain) Note new location Tuesday, June 28, Brooklyn, meet at the Hargrove District Courthouse, 700 E Patapsco Ave Thursday, July 28, Federal Hill/Federal Hill South, meet at Porter’s Pub, E Cross St and Riverside Ave. Youth Soccer: South Baltimore Youth Soccer league has online soccer registration open now. In-person sign-ups start in July. Info: WWW.SBYSL.COM. Travel soccer try-outs now. Info: Jim Gurry 443306-6389. Feasts and Roasts: Breath of God/St. Paul’s Church, Pratt & Clinton streets, has a community crab feast on Saturday, June 25, noon, $10/adult, $5/child (age 6-13), and $30/family. Info/tickets: 410-675Pub Theology: Pub Theology, an hour-long conversation about God, faith, and life, meets 8 p.m.-9 p.m. Thursdays at the Laughing Pint, S. Conkling and Gough streets. The next two are June 23 and June 30. Info: Pastor Mark Parker 443-683-2582.

Saturday, June 25

5616, Dundalk Knights of Columbus, 2111 Eilers Avenue, has a bull and shrimp feast, $30/person, on Sunday, June 26, 1 p.m.-5 p.m.. Info/tickets: Rick Crane 443-7390948, Joe Alvey 410-599-3277. Sacred Heart of Mary Church-Dundalk, holds a crab feast on Sunday, July 10, 1 p.m.-6 p.m. in the Msgr. Parks Hall, $40/ person. Info: 410-633-2828, Bingo: St. Casimir Church Hall, Kolbe Center, 2736 O’Donnell Street, will have a non-smoking, handicap-accessible bingo on Sunday, June 26, opening 10 am, $20/ person. No bingo in July or August. Proceeds benefit the building fund. Call for reservation: 410-276-4412. Weekly bingo each Monday, noon-3 p.m., at Lemko House,600 S. Ann Street, to benefit the Polish/Slavic Museum, $10 admission, $20 per game. The next is June 27. Info: 410-285-1384. Dundalk High School Class of ‘85 has a bingo at the Patapsco Masonic Center, 2 Trading Place, on Saturday, July 16, doors open 4:30 p.m., $20/advance, $25/door if available. Specials, raffles and more. Benefits Class of 1985 Scholarship Fund. Info: 410-388-0464,, Kelly Dees Kelly@, 410-308-8170,

Tuesday, June 28

Bus Trips: The Senior Steelworkers of Local 9477 hold a bus trip to Atlantic City on Tuesday, June 28, 10 a.m.-10 p.m., $23/person with $25 rebate. Info/tickets: Lena 410-633-7115. Sacred Heart of Mary Church-Dundalk holds a bus trip to Our Lady of Czestochowa on Tuesday July 26, leaving from Sacred Heart Of Mary, 8 a.m.-6 p.m., $54/person. Info/tickets: 410-633-2828. Another organization holds a separate one-day bus trip to Our Lady of Czestochowa Polish Festival in Doylestown, Pa., is held on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2 pick-ups. Info/tickets: Sis 410-7663664. The following trips benefit Sr. Julitta’s Children’s School for the Blind in Izabellin, Poland. Info/tickets: 410-276-1025. Thursday, July 7: Perryville, Maryland Saturday, July 30: Hagerstown Premier Outlets Thursday, Aug. 4: Charlestown, West Virginia Sunday, Aug. 14: Piney Point, Maryland (St. George’s Roman Catholic Church) Thursday, Sept. 1: Penn National Hollywood Sunday, Sept. 11: Polish Festival, New Jersey Thursday, Oct. 6: Harrington, Delaware Sunday, Oct. 9: Piney Point, Maryland Thursday, Nov. 3: Delaware Park Friday, Nov. 18: Green Dragon, Pennsylvania Saturday, Dec. 10: New York City

At Audubon: The Audubon “Tiny Tot” program, fun and educational sessions for ages 2-5 with an adult, will focus on trees and will be held Saturday, June 25 (10 a.m.-11 a.m.) Meet at the northeast corner of the Boat Lake. RSVP register no less than 2 days before the program to Learn about Birds and Plants: There’s a guided Audubon Bird Walk on Saturday, June 25, meet at the fountain, 8 a.m. to learn all about the plant life in Patterson Park with guide Bryan Mackay. Open to all ages. Bird walks occur rain or shine on the last Saturday Thursday, June 23 of each month. No binoculars? No problem. Farmers Market: There’s a farmer’s mar- Just let the center know at 410-558-2473 or via ket on the fourth Thursday of each month, e-mail noon-4 p.m., on Harbor Hospital’s South Sci-Fi: The Baltimore Science Fiction Sociparking lot, 3001 S. Hanover Street. The next ety, 3310 E. Baltimore Street, meets on Saturis June 23. Info: Call 410-350-8271, harborho- day, June 25 at 8 p.m. and is looking for new members. Info:, 443-310-4080. Family Fishing Fun: Every Thursday in Civil War Buffs: The Mount Clare Museum June, there’s free catch-and-release Family and Stable, 1500 Washington Blvd. in Carroll Fun Fishing nights at the boat lake in Pat- Park, has a special exhibit on “Personal Acterson Park, 6 p.m.-8 p.m. The next is Thurs- counts of the Civil War Experience” with arday, June 23. BYO fishing tackle or borrow tifacts, mementos and more. A lecture series a loaner. Bait is provided. Info: Mark Burke continues June 25 at noon on “Civil War Pris410-396-9392. (Weather cancellation info: ons.” Lecture fee $5 or the series for $35. Info: Mark the Calendar for... 410-396-7078). Bar Crawl: Residents of Federal Hill should 410-837-3262. be aware of a bar crawl in the area on ThursMcElderry Park: Info on all the followday, June 30, 5 p.m.-midnight, and should be ing activities is available at swkbeth@yahoo. Sunday, June 26 com. On Thursday, June 23, 10 a.m., there is Attention Altar Servers: Sacred Heart of ready for increased pedestrian traffic and more a Habitat for Humanity orientation session Mary-Dundalk is seeking altar servers to be crowded parking conditions. Info: contact@linat Amazing Grace, 2424 McElderry Street. a part of the Corpus Christi Procession on Learn about affordable homeownership op- Sunday, June 26 at noon Mass. Info: Noel Fell, Run For Freedom: The Dundalk Heritage portunities and start an application. Mort- youth minister, 410-633-2828. 6K Race is held in Dundalk on Monday, July gages average $500-700 month for those who Women’s Run: The Baltimore Women’s 4, 7 a.m. in Dundalk. Info/registration: www. are eligible. Classic 5K is held on Sunday, June 26, 8 a.m., Kelly Dees Kelly@charmOn Tuesday, June 28, 6 p.m. there is a C.A.R.E. at Rash Field, 400 Key Highway, $30/person, 410-308-8170, www.baltimorewomeeting at The Door, 219 N. Chester Street. for adults, less for kids’ run. Info/registration:

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More Great Dollar Savings... Chef Karlin Bread Crumbs 10 Oz.

Hospitality Potatoes 5.25 Oz.

Jumbo Vidalia Onions $1.00 per Lb.

Jamaican Turnovers Spicy or Mild 5 Oz.

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Fox Deluxe Pizza Selected 6.5 Oz.

Ajax Cleanser 14 Oz.

Campbell’s Pork N’ Beans 11 Oz. Cans

Nissin Cup Noodles Selected 2.25 Oz.

2/$1 2/$1 3/$1 3/$1

Swanson Pot Pies 7 Oz.

Super Select Cucumbers In Produce

Lobster or Crab Cakes Frozen Single Cake

Hormel Dry Sausage In Deli Selected 3.5 Oz.

"Not responsible for typographical errors. Artwork is for design purposes only and does not necessarily represent the product advertised. We reserve the right to limit quantities.”

2/$1 2/$1 $1.00 $1.00

Prices Effective Thursday, June 23 thru Wednesday, June 29, 2011

fresh meats mbo Pack Santoni’s JuSk inless ss le ne Bo east Br n ke Chic



Super Duper Chicken Sale Save a lot more at Santoni’s


Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster Chicken

Gold Kist Split Chicken Breast

Fresh Grade A w/Pop-Up Timer

Fresh Grade A Value Pack




Family Pack

$ 49 Lb.


Perdue Fryer Wings

Gold Kist Chicken Drums or Thighs



Grade A

Gold Kist Whole Fryers




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Santoni’s Lean Boneless Shoulder London Broil

Santoni’s Lean Boneless Shoulder Steak

Plumrose Best Buy Sliced Bacon

Shopper’s Value 8 Count Meat Franks






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Santoni’s Lean Boneless Chuck Roast or Steaks

85% Fine Grind Ground Round Family Pack

Esskay Super 8 Meat Franks





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Frozen Foods


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Lindy’s Italian Ice

Crystal Farms Butter 1/4’s



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Selected Varieties 6 Packs


Salted or Unsalted 16 Oz.


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Fox Deluxe Pizzas

Richfood Cheese Food Singles



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Santoni’s Lean Family Packs King Cut Porterhouse & Queen Cut T-Bone Steaks or New York Strip Steaks or The Famous Cowboy Steak • Your Choice

1Dairy Deals 4

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Swanson Hungry-Man Dinners Selected Varieties 14-17 Oz.



Yellow or White 12 Oz.


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Minute Maid Ades & Punches Selected Varieties 64 Oz

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Richfood Cheese Bars or Shredds Selected Varieties 8 Oz.


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Prices Effective Thursday, June 23 thru Wednesday, June 29, 2011

fresh produce

Golden Ripe Bananas

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Greener Selection 12 Oz., Classic Romaine 9 Oz. or Just Lettuce 11 Oz.





2 $499

From USA

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Santoni’s Rotisserie Chicken

White Frosted Patriotic Cookies

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Disney Car Cookies 24 Ct.

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Stroehmann’s DC Wheat Bread Honey or 100% 22-24 Oz.

Boston Cream Pie

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Red, White or Blue Pies

Cherry-Apple-Blueberry 8 Inch 22 Oz.

Ears For

Baby Cut Carrots 1 Lb. Bags



5 Lb. Bag

Jennie-O Cracked Pepper Turkey

Citterio Cooked Hot Capacola

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Tyson’s Mini BBQ Ribs

Reser’s Tub Salads 2.75-3 Lb.

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Muffintown Corn Bread

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Black Forest Cake


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Russet Potatoes

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Schmidt’s BR King RT White Bread 20 Oz.


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California Red or Green Leaf Lettuce

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Grape Tomatoes

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Tender Green Asparagus

Dole Tender Spin ach 10 Oz.

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Oakrun English Muffins $ 6 Ct.

Tastykake Donuts or Minis or Holes 14-18 Oz.

"Not responsible for typographical errors. Artwork is for design purposes only and does not necessarily represent the product advertised. We reserve the right to limit quantities."

Wednesday, JUNE 22, 2011

The Baltimore Guide 15


This 4th of July in Locust Point!



Spice Up your Life with Salsa Lessons!

1120 E. Fort Avenue at Stevenson 410.752.0200

Ages 5-15 years old *UNETH !UGUSTTHsAM PM-ON &RI


Open daily at 5pm, Saturday at noon











Try one of these combos under 600 calories

Oven Roast Turkey Breast on Jewish Rye w/mustard, potato knish and a diet soda ............................... $8.99 (approx. 550 calories)

Lean Corned Beef on Jewish Rye with Kosher Pickle, small coleslaw and a diet soda .............................$9.99

Appetizers โ€ข Salads โ€ข Soups โ€ข Baked Potato

Build Your Own Sandwich


(approx. 585 calories)

Grilled Chicken Breast on Jewish Rye with Provolone Cheese, a Kosher Pickle and a diet soda.......... $7.99 (approx. 460 calories)

443-835-3867 443-835-3954 FAX 3515 Eastern Avenue

Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm; Sun: 10am-6pm

10 % OFF Any Order

Saturday July 2nd & Sunday July 3rd Not valid with other specials

1538 E. Clement Street Locust Point (410) 468-0850


Bud Light Limeys & Coronitas

6 for


6324 Baltimore National Pike Baltimore, MD 21228  t$FMM  

Let David Day help you today! - 21 Years of Automotive Sales Experience - 21 Years in Toyota National Sales Society - Top 50 New & Used Vehicles Sold National - Over 8,000 Total Vehicles sold


Ask David Dayโ€™s clients: The Blooms The Sylvesters The Zimmermans The Markeys The Werners The Bowmans The McHales The Judys The Muirs The Fronckoskis The Anselmis The Alts



Barracuda Punch

BRUNCH & PUNCH Every Sunday (11am-3pm)

Ala Carte Menu

Bloody Maryโ€™s & Mimosas on Special

1230 E. Fort Avenue (directly across from Phillips Headquarters) โ€ข 410-685-2832 Open daily at 11:00 a.m.

16 THE BALTIMORE GUIDE BAPTIST Canton Baptist Church 3302 Toone St., 21224 (410)563-1177 Sunday 11:15am Lee Street Memorial Baptist Church 113 Warren Avenue, 410-752-7833 Sunday 11am & 6pm Patterson Park Baptist Church 3115 Eastern Ave., 410-675-8309 Sunday 9:45 AM: Bible Study 11AM: Worship Riverside Baptist Church 1602 Johnson St., 21230 (410)539-3813 Sunday School 9:30am, Worship 11am

Our Lady of Pompei Serving God’s People since 1923

3600 Claremont St Balto, MD 21224 410-675-7790

Fr. Luigi Esposito

Mass Schedule

Monday- Friday 8am Saturday 4pm (English) 6pm (Spanish) Sunday 8am & 9:30am (English) 11:30am & 6pm (Spanish)


CATHOLIC St. Michael UK Catholic 2401 Eastern Avenue 410-308-8815 English - Saturday 5pm Ukrainian Sunday 10:30am Holy Rosary Church 408 S. Chester St. 410-732-3960 Sunday English 8:30am & 12:30pm; Polish 10:30am St. Casimir Church 2736 O’Donnell St. 410-276-1981 Sunday 8am, 10am, 5pm St. Ignatius Church 740 N. Calvert Street 410-727-3848 Our Lady of Fatima 6240 E. Pratt St 410-633-9393 Saturday 5pm Sunday - 8am, 10am 12pm St. Leo the Great Church 227 S. Exeter St 410-675-7275 Sunday 9:30am & 11:30am St Elizabeth of Hungary 2700 E. Baltimore St. 410-675-8260 Saturday 4pm, Sunday 10am Sacred Heart of Jesus 600 S. Conkling St. 410-342-4336 Sunday 8:30am, 11am St. Michael/St. Patrick 7 S. Wolfe St. 410-276-1646 10am & 12:15am Our Lady of Good Counsel 1532 East Fort Avenue 410-752-0205 Sunday 11:00 A.M. St. Mary Star of the Sea 1400 Riverside Avenue 410-685-2255 Saturday 5:30 P.M. Mass St. Jude’s Shrine 1400 Riverside Ave. 410-752-2703 Sunday 8am, 9am, 11:30am St. Johns Community 16 S. Patterson Park Avenue. Sunday 3:00 pm, Wed - Fri. 8:30 am. St. Cyril & Methodius at the Lemko Community 603 S. Ann Street 8:30 am. Wed - Fri. Lemko Chapel 603 S. Ann Street, 5:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday St. Brigid Church 911 S. Ellwood Ave. 410-563-1717 Sunday 10:30 am Holy Cross Church 110 E. West St. 410-752-8498 Sunday 9:00 A.M. & 5:00 P.M.


“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” - Romans 5:8 NIV Come experience God’s love and grace for the journey at

Canton Baptist Church Sunday Worship Service at 11:15 “You can be fashionably late and still be on time” 3302 Toone Street, (410)563-1177 Inner Peace for the Inner Harbor!




Cremation With Service




1005 Dundalk Avenue



CHURCH OF GOD East Baltimore Church of God 800 Oldham St, 410-327-0177 Sunday School 10am, Sunday Worship 11am & 6pm

EASTERN ORTHODOX Saint Andrew (OCA) 2028 E. Lombard St., 410-276-3422 Sunday 9:30am Liturgy, 11am Church School

EPISCOPAL Church Of The Resurrection 2900 E. Fayette St., 410-282-4944, Sunday 10am Church Of The Advent 1301 S. Charles Street, 410-539-7804 Mass Sunday 10am, Thurs 6:30pm Church Of The Redemption 1401 Towson St., 410-727-7695 Sunday School 9:45am, Worship 10am Old St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Corner Saratoga & Charles St • 410-685-3404 Sunday 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am

GREEK ORTHODOX St Nicholas Greek Orthodox 520 Ponca Street, 410-633-5020 Sun 8:45 & 10am, Sunday School 10:30am

INDEPENDENT Epic Church 1301 Ellwood Ave, 443-632-4104 Sunday 11am & 7pm LUTHERAN Christ Lutheran 701 S. Charles St, 410-752-7179 Sunday 8:30 & 11am Martini Lutheran 100 W. Henrietta Street 410-752-7817 Sunday School 9:45, Worship 11am Saint Stephen & James Lutheran 938 S. Hanover St., 410-547-1964 Sunday 10am Salem Lutheran Church 1530 Battery Ave. 410-576-0487 Sunday 10am Luther Memorial 5401 Eastern Ave 410-633-8967 Sunday - 9:30am St. Peter Lutheran Church 7834 Eastern Blvd., 410-288-0537 Saturday 5pm Sunday - 10am

METHODIST Old Otterbein Methodist 112 W. Conway Street 410-685-4703 Sunday Adult Bible Discussion 9:45am Worship 11am Nazareth Lutheran 3401 Bank St., 410-732-3125 Sunday 9am Breath of God Lutheran Church 141 S. Clinton St., 410-675-5616 Sunday - 10:30am

PRESBYTERIAN Light St Presbyterian 809 Light Street 410-539-0125 Sunday 11am Abbott Memorial Presbyterian Church 3426 Bank St. 410-276-6207 Sunday School 9:45 Worship 10:45 UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST United Evangelical 3200 Dillon St., 410-276-0393 Sunday 8am & 10:30am Christ United Church Of Christ 1308 Beason Street, 410-685-7968 Sunday 10:30-11:30am Christ United Church Of Christ 1308 Beason Street, 410-685-7968 Sunday 10:30-11:30am Grace United Church Of Christ 1404 S. Charles Street 410-685-7845 Sunday 11am First United Church, Ucc 1728 Eastern Avenue, 410-732-7644 Sunday 10:45am


Tracy Iseman Santos

On 6-16-11, Tracy Iseman Santos aka “Herby”, beloved wife of Romeo, daughter of the late John Iseman, Mother Patricia Iseman, sister of Denine Bacon, Shawn Riemer, & Erick Bell, passed away. All your loving family and friends will celebrate your life by continuing to support the Tracy’s Baltimore Bark Brigade/SPCA. “See ya Herby”

FUNERAL HOME, P.A. “Family Owned and Operated Since 1904” • Funeral Services To Accomadate All Person Requests • Large Visitation Areas With Comfortable Atmosphere • Pre-Arrangement Counseling & Financing • Memorial and Cremation Services Available • Within 20 Minutes of Baltimore-Washington International Airport Doris K. McCully Valerie S. Polyniak

Brooklyn Pasadena South Baltimore 410-355-1185 410-255-2381 410-752-6456



Neighborhood Watch

Southeast Baltimore air conditioner from the rear of a home, but was unsuccessful and left. O’Donnell Street, 5600 block, June 16, 1 p.m. A woman left her purse on the table in a fast-food restaurant and when she returned, her phone was missing. O’Donnell Street, 6600 block, June 16, 6:15 p.m. A man told police someone had taken his rifle from his apartment. The gun had been gone for several days, and the man had been unsuccessfully looking for it before calling police. Eastern Avenue, 3700 block, June 15, 5:30 p.m. Someone stole lingerie from a sex toy and clothing shop. E . Fayet te S t r e et , 1300 block, June 14, 7:15 p.m. A dollar store manager told police a woman had admitted to an employee that she had stolen property from the store, but that she had given it away to others. A warrant will be issued for her arrest. N. Aisquith Street, 200 block, June 14, 10:15 a.m. A woman took toiletries and food and put them in a bag and left a business designed to provide assistance


to the homeless.

German Hill Road, 6700 block, June 14,

6 p.m. Someone took bottles of champagne from a bar. Boston Street, 2600 block, June 14, 1 p.m. A man was arrested for stealing four pork filet steaks from a grocery store. Eas ter n Avenu e, 6300 block, June 13, 11:14 a.m. A man was arrested for trying to leave a home improvement store with a hammer in his pants. N. Highland Avenue, unit block, June 12, 12:15 p.m. A man snatched a woman’s purse described as blue with a picture of a crab on it. Burglary Alert: Police are cautioning residents to avoid becoming victims of burglaries, which always spike in warm weather. Keep doors and windows (even balcony doors and second floor windows and above) closed and locked when not at home. Often, residents will leave doors and windows open or unlocked while going to visit a neighbor, taking the dog for a walk, or going for a quick run. Prevention takes only a few minutes.

LYON HOMES SPECIALS! MOVE IN BY JULY 4TH! 1BR Apartments FROM $500* 2BR Flats & Townhomes FROM $600* 3BR Townhomes FROM $700*

Ask about our Managers Specials

410-284-0900 Stop by our office & fill out an application at

411 New Pittsburgh Ave., Baltimore, MD 21222

Hours M-F 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat 10a.m. - 2 p.m.; Sun by Appointment Only * For qualified applicants. Prices subject to change.



ALERT Police, Firefighters, EMT’s and Teachers!! You can now get a home for $1.00 down!! This is your opportunity to OWN YOUR OWN HOME!!!

Call Sharon Eder for details

443-525-8398 or email me at

FEATURED PROPERTIES 411 Gold Oaks Ct - Bel Air-5 BD with in-law suite, 2 car garage Call Phyllis 410-456-6648

911 S. Belnord Ave. - 1 bedroom, 1 den, 1 bathroom just steps from the Square! PRICED TO SELL!! Eastwood’s Best Buy! 6802 Gough St. - Gorgeous 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath rehab with parking pad! Everything is BRAND NEW!! 600 S. Macon St. Fabulous 2 bed, 2 bath EOG top of the line renovation in the heart of Greektown! Call Nancy 410-905-1417

1302 Bonsal St. - 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath TH in Broening Manor. PRICED TO SELL!! 2800 Dillon St. Stunning 2 bed, 1.5 bath EOG with courtyard, 2 level deck and finished basement.

Baltimore Largest Rental Inventory Rents Units Available $800-$1000 130+ $1000-$2000 260+ $2000-And up 50+ RENT TO OWN!! OWNER FINANCING!! Call for a list! Call Steven Eder 443-768-5830

If you are having trouble selling your home or If you cannot make your mortage payment Call Steven Eder 443-768-5830 Cash Buyer/Quick Settlement



PHIL TIRABASSI Owner/Broker 443-690-0552

Full Service Discount Experts SM


ADVANCE REALTY DIRECT “Waterfront Specialist”

Sherrie Bittner 443-695-2222


Kristi Booth 443-690-1185


BELAIR/EDISON CROWNSVILLE BA7183233 3BR THS in AA6865801 FP is 2 sided sought after neighborhood accessible from LR & DR. with park view from your Closed in porch w/ built in front porch. Nice original cooker & exhaust fan. hrdwd frs in living & dining Large yard. Water oriented rooms. Hardwood floors under carpet in community w/access to 4 beaches with boat bedrooms. Fenced backyard with garage. slips. This is a must see! FOREST HILL HR7266755 This house has it all from the 2+ acre lot with no restrictions to the formal dinning room. 3 BR house has a spacious well laid out master bedroom with walk in closets and his and hers sink. Finished LL with FP overlooking scenic view. Plenty of parking with 2 car garage and 5 places in driveway. CROWNSVILLE AA7396979 3 BR, 2 full BA, 2 FPs, lots of stone, & it has a great deal of charm. With over 4.5 acres of land it’s perfect for strolling & enjoying nature. A long, circular style driveway brings you to the home and the detached garage features a reception area & a large workshop. Make an appointment today. Estate Sale.

PIKESVILLE BC7299170 Well landscaped home with 2 car garage and 7 car in drive way This house has it all from finished lower level with pellet stove and bar for all your entertaining needs to 2 person soak tub perfect for relaxing Exterior Hot Tub does not convey. LITTLE ITALY BA7447370 This unit has it all from residential on 2 & 3rd level to a business on the main level.

REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS Buyers and Sellers Benefit from a Quality Home Inspection

• Structural Inspections • Radon Testing We can help you sell your home faster at the HIGHEST possible price!

Narrow Spaces, LLC

HOME INSPECTION SERVICES Call Leah to book your home inspection:

443-621-7673 Protecting Peace of Mind

BALTIMORE BC7463918 JUST MIDDLE RIVER BC7478477 REDUCED! Price Negotiable! Seller 3BR/2BA in Williams offering up to $10,000 towards Estates.Featuring spacious open closing cost. Well maintained EOG. floor plan, kitchen island, two Fully Furnished. FP in finished sheds, two-car driveway and bsmnt. Parking pad in rear w/shed. much more. Well maintained and ready of your Skylight in full bath was just replaced. Back of bsmnt was just personal touch. Most appliances convey. waterproofed & warranty will convey VIOLETVILLE BA7483259 Large duplex hardwood flooring and recent wall to wall carpeting, an updated kitchen with light Maple cabinets, replacement windows throughout(2004), Trex deck(2005), recoated roof(2009), fenced rear yard with parking pad and so much more!

EASTWOOD BC7485411 This is a lovely end of group with extra large yard for all you outdoor needs. This house has 3 b/r 1.5 bath with finished lower level.

GREEKTOWN BA7489145 Large EOG w/many updates: carpet(10/2010)fresh neutral paint, new BA & Kit flooring(11/ 2010), new roof(8/2010). Spacious rms & 2 separate stair cases leading to the BR level (possible investment potential for 2 units,buyer to verify)The seller is offering a 1 year home warranty!

BALTIMORE BA7496102 This is a well maintained home with Hardwood Thru out Large rooms with clubed basement with built in Bar Detached Garage.

DUNDALK LAURAVILLE BA7522207 Large rooms, BC7508907 Just soaring ceilings & custom Reduced!Three architectural details. Some Bedroom Single Family of the outstanding features Home With Good include a huge unfinished Potential Needs A Little attic plumbed & full of potential(maybe a future master suite), a large Tlc.Good Access To updated kitchen & main level laundry room. Shopping And 695. Off Street Parking With A Outside, enjoy the Koi pond & tiered decks Large Fenced Rear Yard. EDGEWOOD HR7526439 DUNDALK BACK ON THE MARKET. BC7532739 3 b/r REDUCED $10,000. Spacious colonial w granite well maintained home in vanity large eat in Woodbridge Center. Possible 4th kitchen Double living bedroom in basement. room with beautiful finished lower level.


Baltimore’s Local

410-288-6700 Now Interviewing New & Experienced Agents.







For purchasing homes in Patterson Park, Greektown, Highlandtown & Bayview

Call us at 410-342-3234 to make your appointment. Se habla Español.

Attention Real Estate Professionals!

Show your lisitings here! Specials pricing and a special bonus! Call 410-732-6600 for details! “Pre-Construction Prices”

DANVILLE SQUARE New Duplex Garage Homes now offered for sale with rooftop decks and sunrooms.

Call Frank 443-463-4476 or 443-463-4477 Grant money available.

Realtors Welcome

Reader’s Choice


The Baltimore Guide wants to know what your favorites are. Will your favorite be the “Readers’s Choice?” Find out in our July 27th Special Edition!

WIN $ 200!! Respond to our Reader’s Choice Ballot and you will be entered into a drawing to win $200. (Must write in at least 20 categories to qualify)

Deadline JULY 8TH




RENTALS AND REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER FORCED LIQUIDATION Smoky Mountain TN. Lake Condos & Lots. Priced@ Foreclosure/Short Sale sale! Up to 100% Financing/5% interest. 2 Acre Lake Lot w/dock, $19,900 (866)434-8969 ext 101 SPECTACULAR BARGAINS Large Acreages! Elk Riverfront parcels from 55 to 59 acres, Only 3 limited avail. 36 Acres-corners on State Park. Level building sites, great views, good access. Power avail. SUBDIVIDEABLE. Call owner now 877-526-3764

Senior HouSing ProPertieS in eaSt Baltimore!!! Fells Pt, Pattrson Prk. senior housing communities For indePendent adults 55 Years oF age and uP. P. P income restriction also aPPlY lY Y.. 1 Bdrm aPts availaBle in lY controlled access Buildings with an elevator. wall to wall carPet, Central Heat. great locations minutes From harBor!!! rents starting at $510. Bring this ad and PaY a no aPPlication Fee!!! Please aY eho. call (410) 732-1275. eho.


STREET, MD 1985 Champion Double Wide, 3BR, 2BA new roof, appliances, needs some TLC ground rent TBD, Asking $25,000. Serious inquires only - call 443-910-0028

the friendly people...

We’ll buy your house for cash today! No real estate agents, no commissions and no closing costs. We will buy any house, any condition, anywhere. How it works: • Free estimate over the phone, or online. • Immediate appointments to see your house. • Immediate firm price commitment. • Settle anytime you like. • Settlement takes about 15-30 minutes. • Leave with your check and peace of mind

For a FREE estimate call (410) 625.2221 Visit us online at

1-BEDROOM 2ND floor apartment suitable for non-smoking single adult or couple. Newly carpeted. Rent includes heat and water. Nice quiet neighborhood. On-street parking. Only minutes from York Road and Northern parkway bus lines. Cats welcome. Available immediately. Call Mary Beth @ 410-323-2514 SECLUDED,PRIVATE ONE BEDROOM,VERY large,fireplace,other amenities included,a must see,private off street parking. Contact 410 591 4373 TIMONIUM 1ST fl condo-2br w new carpeting 2 full bath Full size w/d New vinyl in eat-in-kitchen-large living/ dining room. No smoking or pets $1,200 mo plus security deposit. Available immediately Call 410-747-8045

JUST LISTED FSBO- 3BR 2 Full BA EOG in Rodgers Forge located on quiet court with plenty of parking. Renovated in 09/10-new kitchen with stainless appliances and Corian counters and 2 new bathrooms. Professionally landscaped backyard features slate patio with stone wall borders. See pictures on $312,500. Open House - Sat, 6/4 from noon 3pm. (7121 Rodgers Ct., Balt. 21212) Contact -410-9606429 or

BALT CITY AND COUNTY 2, 3 and 4br homes. Nice homes in nice areas. No cred check. Will work w/ deposit. $700 $1300. 443-692-8830

BUTCHER’S HILL Beaut 2br, 1ba. CAC. Hdwd flrs, gran tops. $25 app fee. W/D hook up in bsmt. $975+ utils. 410635-3029. No pets E. BALTIMORE, 3BR, 2BA unfin bsmt, no pets $800mo +util, 2813 JEFFERSON ST 1BR, $1000 SD 443-324-1957 $650/mo.+SD. Utils incl. No Pets.410-529-4427 BREWER’S HILL 1br apt w/ laundry rm. Very nice. N/S. HIGHLANDTOWN 429 N. LinNo Sec 8, $675/mo + 1/2 utils. wood. Fully renov. For Sale or 410-665-0516 Rent. $124,900/$1000 + utils. CANTON 1br $170 wk + SD. 443-463-1557 Call 410-675-0117 HOUSE FOR rent: Dublin/PopFEDERAL HILL, LIGHT ST. 3rd lar Grove Area. 4 bed, 1 bath. flr, 1br, 1ba, CAC, hdwd flrs, $1,300 & util plus 1 month sec dep. No pets. Credit check roof top deck, W/D. $1100/mo required. Call after 5 pm 410 + utils. Outside ent. 443-803- 658-4873 5850 or 410-574-8980 LOCUST POINT Good cond. $1300/mo Call Fri, Sat, Sun 410-547-0976 ROW HOME FOR RENT NEAR A-SAFE & DRY Garages in SANTONI’S 2 BD, 3723 Centre Canton/Highlandtown 410- Pl. $800 mo. & util. Call 410391-9387 or 443-717-4018 679-8833

NW BALTIMORE Rooms for rent. All spacious , furnished. Exc. cond., Utils inclu. Between $125-$140/wk. NP & NS. Sec. dep. Near subway & busline. Call: 404-386-9008 VERY CLEAN PRIVATE FURNISHED ROOM $100/week. Please contact 410-683-0374

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Escape: Tornados, Floods, Hurricanes, Wildfire, Earthquake, Landslide and Crime. N.IDAHO PEACEFUL COUNTRY CABIN on 30 ac. Get more magic from life.

EQUAL HOUSING All Real Estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to indicate preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for Real Estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby imformed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. If you believe that you may have been discriminated against in connection with the sale, rental or financing of housing, call The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at 1-800-669-9777. LAND LIQUIDATION 20 ACRES $0 DOWN, $99/mo. ONLY $12,900 Near Growing El Paso, Texas (2nd safest U.S. City) Owner Financing, NO CREDIT CHECKS! Money Back Guarantee FREE Color Brochure 800-755-8953 RETIREMENT AND future move? Discover Delaware and our gated community. Manufactured homes from the mid 40’s. Brochures available 1-866-629-0770 or search TOWSON/GREENBRIER Open Sun 2-4pm. 111 Greenbrier Rd. Rarely avail. 4 BR , 2.5 Home. Totally updated with new kicthen, windows, 1 FL FR and more. Call Janis Schick 410-337-6779. CENTURION REALTY INC

HOME INSPECTION Pre-Purchase, New Construction & PreWarranty Expiration. Narrow Spaces, LLC 443-621-7673

AUTOMOTIVE BAY FRONT home at 112th st 4 bdrm, 2 bath w/deck, walking distance to beach! 3+ car parking. Available weeks of July 1016, 17-23, Aug 7-13, 14-20 & 21-27 $2750/wk call 703-4026958 OC 2BR ocean front condo, Fountainhead, 116th St. $50.00 gas allowance. Please call: 410-668-0680 OCEAN CITY MARYLAND. Best selection of affordable rentals.Full/partial weeks. Call for FREE brochure. Open daily. Holiday Real Estate. 1-800638-2102. Online reservations: SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Services will Sell/ Rent Your Unused Timeshare for CASH! Over $95 Million Dollars offered in 2010! (888)879-7165

02 FORD EXPLORER 4 WD, green, 170K miles, runs great. $2700/OBO. Please call 410-692-9602 04 TOYOTA Sequoia limited edition, 93K, very good condition, leather interior, moon roof, new tires, all service up to date - 17,500 call 410 420-0290

410-299-9640 AARON BUYS Car/Trucks Any year or condition. Fair prices. 410-2999640 AAAA **DONATIONS Donate your car, free pick up/tow, any model or condition. IRS tax deductible. Help underprivileged children. Outreach Center 1-800-601-7171

ALL AUTO TRUCKS, SUV’s & WANTED Will pay top dollars in CASH on the spot. Will beat our competors prices Any make, model & cond., running or not, even high mileage. We pick up. Call anytime 443-447-3392 DONATE AUTOS TRUCKS, RVs. LUTHERAN MISSION SOCIETY Your donation helps local families with food, clothing, shelter. Tax deductible. MVA licensed. 410-636-0123 or toll free 1-877-737-8567 DONATE VEHICLE RECEIVE $1000 GROCERY COUPONS NATIONAL ANIMAL WELFARE FOUNDATION SUPPURT NO KILL SHELTERS HELP HOMELSS PETS FREE TOWING, TAX DEDUCTIBLE, NON-RUNNERS ACCEPTED 1-866-912-GIVE






DONATE YOUR VEHICLE Receive $1000 GROCERY COUPON. UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. Free Mammograms, Breast Cancer Info FREE Towing, Tax Deductible, NonRunners Accepted. 1- 877632-GIFT DONATE YOUR VEHICLE Receive free vacation voucher United Breast Cancer Foundation. Free mammograms, breast cancer info www.ubcf. info FREE Towing, tax deductible. Non-runners accepted. 1-888-468-5964

WANTED ANY OLD CAR, RV or TRAVEL Trailer! Any condition, Cash Buyer, No hassle. Call JR at 443-414-4145

       


ADOPTION- A loving alternative to unplanned pregnancy. You choose the family for your child. Receive pictures/info of waiting/ approved couples. Living expense assistance. 1-866-236-7638 PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Compassionate Caring. 24/7 services. Local. Agency. Pre screen families. Adoption makes family 410683-2100

FOR RENT Space in the GUIDE CLASSIFIEDS! CALL 410-732-6600

GUTTERS-ROOFING SIDING-WINDOWS DECKING-SUNROOMS 35 years Experience Free Estimates Licensed and Insured



Featured Nationally on NBC’s The Today Show

ANNOUNCEMENTS EASY DAY Trip! Bring the family and watch history come alive at the annual Gettysburgh Civil War Battle Reenactment, July 1-3, 2011. Contact: 717-338-1525 www. THE BALTIMORE GUIDE will not knowingly accept ads that contain false or misleading information. However, since The Baltimore Guide cannot be held responsible for misrepresentations contained in advertising we strongly recommend that consumers fully investigate claims prior to purchase or contract. Some ads may require investment or request money to be sent.


Roman Style Concrete 410-276-3628


Call 410-732-6600 to Advertise!

Where Baltimore gets things done!


3718 Claremont St. Baltimore, MD 21224 MHIC#8990




Free Estimates/FHA Certs/Senior Discounts/ Emergency Service

General Home Improvements Skylites/Gutters/Siding

3141 Elliott Street Baltimore, Maryland 21224

We Now Accept

MHIC# 32741


Serving Canton, Fell’s Point, Federal Hill & Highlandtown for over 30 years

Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Services Include: • Brick & Stone Repair • Porches • Steps • Sidewalks • Wall Repointing • Chimney/Fireplace Repair


1AAA ABC Attics, Bsmt, Garage, yards. 20 yrs of honest haulin. Same Day. Call Mike: 410-446-1163 ABM’S HAULING Clean Houses Basements, Yards & Attics Haul free unwanted cars Match Proprietor: Proprietor: Keith Keith Mallonee Mallonee Any Price!!!! 443-250-6703 Office Office Phone: Phone: 410.356.6202 410.356.6202 BILL’S JUNK Trash, Bulk, Web Web Address: Address: Brush, Concrete, Yards, demolitions, basements, Metal Located: Located: Owings Owings Mills, Mills, Maryland Maryland etc. 410-949-7012 MHIC#79665 MHIC#79665 HAUL AWAY We Haul Any Type Of Junk Bonded & Insured 410-526-6000 www. MIKE’S HAULING Bulk trash BRITE & SHINE We have network today! Place your ad removal of all types. Reas. trained employees and guar- in 14 Major Daily Newspapers Rates, Free Estimates. Call anteed results. www.briteand- in Maryland, Delaware and Mike, 410-294-8404 Call: 410-788-9502 DC. Call 410-721-4000x19 or visit our website 2.8 MILLION eyes would read your ad - 5 days per week - Monday thru Friday in the DAILY Classified Connection for just $199 per day. Join the exclusive members of this

BOB’S GUTTER SERVICE! Expert cleaning & gutter services! Water problems solved. Same day. Low rates! Call 410-750-1605




• Drywall • Roofing • Cornice Repair • Siding • Masonary Work • Gutters • Windows/Doors • Brick Pointing • Chimney Repair • Stucco • Concrete • Basements • Painting SENIOR DISCOUNTS (65+) Email:

call: 443-621-7040 FREE ESTIMATES Licensed & Insured

BERGAMONTE- THE NATURAL WAY To Improve Your Glucose, Cholesterol & Cardiovascular Health! Call today to find out how to get a free bottle with your order.! 888-470-5390



FREE ESTIMATES In Business 42 years Senior Discount • Emer. Repairs

410-633-4552 License #1595

Eastwood Stop-Leak

AVERSA BROTHERS INC. Driveways, sidewalks, patios, all types of concrete construction. MHIC#50286. Call now: 410-933-9633/ 868-9643


• Painting (Interior & Exterior) FREE Estimates • Sheet Rock Reasonable Rates • Light Carpentry Senior • Pressure Wash & Coat Decks Discount


Rooms $ Painted for

Rooms up to 9’x10’ Materials not included per room Minimum 2 rooms


443-831-7340 (cell) 410-477-5079 (office) MHIC#70338





PA I N T I N G S E R V I C E THE BEST QUALITY PAINTING Interior/Exterior Starting at: Rooms - $175 • Windows - $35 Work Done by Owners Licensed in MD for 30 years

Chris & Mike Levero Bonded & Insured



Interior & Exterior Painting

410-242-1737 •2-Story Foyer

•Prep for rental

•Power Washing

•Prep for Resale


•Faux Painting

•Wallpaper Removal

•Handyman Items Military Discounts

MHIC# 10138





LOUIS SEBASTIAN Italian mechanics specializing in concrete, masonry & stucco work. MHIC#3802. 410-6631224. BEAUTIFY YOUR LAWN! Clean Up, mulch or total lawn care! Call Now J.E. Wise Co. @ 443-324-2013 COMPLETE LANDSCAPING Bushes, Hedges trimmed. Jungles, lots cleared. Garden design. Mulch, etc. Call Joe, 443-904-5162, 410-485-9568 MASON DIXON PROPERTY SERVICES LLC Brush Clearing, Mulching and Edging, Landscaping Installation, Debris and Junk Removal, Leaf Removal, Sealcoating, Pressure Washing, Drainage Solutions, Skid Steer Services. We Accept Credit Cards. Call 410-692-4226

EMPLOYMENT ABSOLUTE BEST PAINTING & STAINING 33 years of experience MHIC#91090 Call Charlie at 410-949-6228 PAINTING SEE Our Ad On The Professional Service Directory HANDS ON PAINTERS

HAMBY BROS Complete line of Tree Service, Stump removal. License & Insured. Call: 410-526-5530

Does your Home need IMPROVEMENT? Find some help in the GUIDE Classifieds Services Section!!

Interested in working from home?

Be a Customer representative for a growing Jewelry production firm and make more money with Flexible working hours. Requirements: Applicants must be over 18yrs., have good communication skills, and internet access. Any previous experience could be useful.

You have goals. We have opportunities.

OPEN HOUSE (Long-Term Care & Sub-Acute)

Monday, June 27th, 2011 1:00pm-3:30pm

Renaissance Gardens • 8832 Walther Blvd., Parkville, MD 21234

Qualified candidates will have the opportunity to meet department managers and interview on the spot:

FT • PT • Flex All Shifts Requirements for consideration: All positions require at least one (1) year of direct health care experience in Long-Term Care, Skilled Nursing, and Assisted Living. Active Maryland License or Certificate. Oak Crest was named by the Baltimore Business Journal as one of the “Top 3 Best Places to Work in Baltimore for 2010”

AUTO LINE TECHNICIAN /MD State inspector Plaza Ford has an immediate opening for an experienced line technician/ Maryland State Inspector. We offer an excellent pay plan and benefit package that is second to none. Contact Mike Nestor @ 410-838-3100 or email resume to

CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE Property Management Company in Cockeysville is seeking Customer Service Representatives to work in our call center. Previous customer service experience required. Bilingual Qualified applicants should send their resume to is a plus. Excellent communiSherry Gibson cation skills - written, verbal e-mail: and listening. Must be people for more information. oriented. Must be able to work a 4-day work schedule 8:30 a.m.- 7:00 p.m. We offer an excellent benefits package. Email to Applicant@henwebb. com, fax resume to 410-6287419, or call 410-628-7400, ext. 5068 for an interview. EOE

LADY DESIRE PRIVATE DUTY personal care, light house duties. Experienced. Call 443542-2425

AIRLINE MECHANIC Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 866-823-6729 AIRLINES ARE HIRING- Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program.Financial aid if qualified- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783



PLEASANT ROOFERS Roofing of all types. Skylights, Spouting 410-285-5556 lic#405. Serving Baltimore since the 1930’s!


INDEPENDENCE CONSTRUCTION Materials Now hiring for the following positions at our Quarry in Peach Bottom, PA *Night Maintenance Mechanics *Shop Mechanic We off competitive pay, excellent benefits and opportunities for advancement. Interested applicants should call (610) 222-3191 to schedule an appointment

Call 410-732-6600 to Advertise!

Where Baltimore gets things done!

ALLIED HEALTH CAREER TRAINING- Attend college 100% online. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800-481-9409 ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE FROM HOME. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Computers, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 800-488-0386. ATTN: COMPUTER WORK. Work from anywhere 24/7. Up to $1,500 Part Time to $7,500/mo. Full Time. Training provided. MASSAGE THERAPY Learn fast, earn fast. Financial aid if qualified. A new career is at your fingertips. Call Centura College 877-206-3353

       

GUIDE 


LEGAL ASSISTANTBUSY Bel Air law firm seeking FULLTIME experienced legal secretary, preferably with experience handling personal injury cases and civil and criminal litigation. Must have Microsoft Word and Outlook experience. NEEDLES and TABS experience a plus. Candidate should be detail-oriented; have excellent grammar, proofreading and editing skills and possess superior organizational skills. Must have good interpersonal and communication skills, as well as professional telephone manner. Salary commensurate with experience. Benefits offered. Only if qualified, send resume and salary requirements to Law Office Manager, 200 S. Main Street, Bel Air, MD 21014 PRESCHOOL TEACHER Experienced, warm and creative Early Childhood teacher sought for a Part Time preschool position. Call 410-235-5887

DRIVER DELIVERY driver for automotive parts with van/ pick-up. Call Wendy: 240347-4193

RECEPTIONIST FT for busy Pikesville law firm. Must be a multi-tasker. Fax resume to 410-484-8120

DRIVERS-NO Experience - no problem - 100% paid CDL training. Immediate benefits. 20/10 program. Trainers earn up to $.49/mile! CRST VAN EXPEDITED 800-326-2778

RESTAURANT COOK needed immediately! Experience a plus and apartment available to hard working cook at Bella Pizza in Bel Air. Honesty and loyalty are a must. Hiring for 30-40 hours per week. Call Luke at 410 836-8100 if interested

DRIVERS: REFRIGERATED Freight is HOT! Drivers needed NOW! Local Orientation. Daily or Weekly Pay. Quarterly safety bonus. CDL-A w/6months OTR experience. 800-414-9569. Option 2.

ACTORS/MOVIE EXTRAS Needed Immediatelyfor upcoming roles $150-$300 per day depending on job requirements. No experience, All looks needEXPERIENCED ESTIMATOR ed. 1-800-951-3584 A-105. For Experienced demolition and casting times /locations environmental/ abatement estiCOULD YOU USE A FEW HUNmator needed for busy environDRED DOLLARS A DAY? If you mental/ demolition company. can read and speak, YOU’RE Traveling to MD, DC, Northern HIRED! No selling! 1-800VA, Southern PA, DE and NJ will 446-3268 www.babystepstoybe required. Computer edge is a plus, but will train if HELP WANTED Make $1000 necessary. Benefit package a Week processing our mail! available, and pay rate is nego- FREE Supplies! Helping Hometiable depending on experience. Workers since 2001! Genuine Please fax #410-335-0790 or Opportunity! No experience email your resume to barco@ required. Start Immediately!

FREE REMOVAL of your unLTRC FLEA MARKET & wanted lawn mower , tractor , CRAFTS Sundays, May & relater items. 703-430-0119 INVESTORS - OUTSTAND- 8-Oct. 30. 9835 Greenside Dr. Cockeysville, MD. 21030 ING and immediate returns in equipment leasing for frac 410-252-8272 industry. Immediate lease out. 2007 FOUR Winns 180 HoriTax benefits and high returns. BEDS THICK pillow tops, zon Speed Boat. 135 hp Volvo We need more equipment! New in plastic. Queen Sz ReEngine, incl. trailer, bimini top, 888-567-4972 tail $798, Sell $279. King Sz wakeboard rack, stereo w/ CD, MAKE $$$ BEING YOUR OWN Retail $998, Sell $379. 10 yr depth finder & covers. ExcelBOSS! No Experience Neces- warr. Can deliv., Please call lent condition. $13,900.00. sary. 100’s of Business and 410-598-2460 Call 443-504-2263 Franchise Opportunities. LOW BEDS-QUILTED TOPS New in BRAND NEW SERTA BOXcost! FREE information! Visit plastic. Qn SZ Retail $598, Sell SPRING (2) for sale. $50 each. $199. Kg Sz. Retail $798, Sell You haul. Call: 410-917-6211 MAKE $$$ BEING your own $299. 10yr warr, Can Deliver, boss! No Experience Neces- Fin. Avail. 410-598-2460 sary. 100’s of Business and CHERRY BEDROOM set. Solid A-1 FIREWOOD Seasoned Franchise Opportunities. LOW wood, never used, brand new in Oak. 1/2 cord $130, Cord cost! FREE information! Visit factory boxes. English dovetail. $190. $60 Xtra to stack. Call Original cost $4500; sell for $795. 443-686-1567 DIRECTV DEALS FREE Movie MAKE UP TO $2,000.00+ Per Can deliver. 240-482-8721 Channels for 3 mos - starting Week! New Credit Card Ready CHERRY WOOD dining table at $29.99 for 24 mos -210+ Drink-Snack Vending Ma- with 4 chairs and china cabinet. Channels+FREE DIRECTV chines. Minimum $3K to $30K+ Excellent condition. Call 410- CINEMA plus, Free InstallaInvestment Required. Locations 557-7017 $1,000 OBO Jarretts- tion! International channels Available. BBB Accredited Busi- ville area. NO dealers please available! Limited time only. New Cust only.1-866-528ness. (800) 962-9189 5002 promo code 34933 PAID IN ADVANCE! Make EARN $1000 A WEEK Mailing $1000 Weekly Mailing Brochures from home. Income PARKVILLE SAT 6/25, 8a-12p, Brochures from Home. Free Supis guaranteed! No experience Seller: 8029 Highpoint Rd, off plies! Guaranteed Income! No required. Enroll Today! www. Taylor & Westmoreland Col- experience required. Start Today! lectibles, furn, tools

POODLES STANDARD PUPPIES. BLACK. AKC. CH Lines. BEAUTY BRAINS and GREAT TEMPERAMENTS! Ready mid August. $2,000. 410 AA BEST I PAY TOP DOLLAR FOR JEWELRY, GOLD & SILVER, ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES, MILITARY ITEMS AND MUCH MORE. I’M A CHRISTIAN WHO DEALS IN HONESTY AND FAIRNESS. CALL MARY AT 410-409-5654 ABSOLUTELY PAYING Top Cash For: Antiques, Collectibles, Jewelry, Trains, Old Toys, WW2 Memorabilia, Pottery, Glassware, Colts & Orioles items Call Todd: 443421-6113 WAR MEMORABILIA Wtd I Buy Uniforms, Weapons Medals, Scrapbooks etc. Call 410241-8171

Sell or Buy HOME FURNISHINGS in the Baltimore GUIDE Classifieds! 410-732-6600




online classifieds PosT one oR scan THoUsands!

• Real Estate • For Rent • Jobs • Personals • Forums • Services •


• Real Estate • For Rent • Jobs • Personals • Forums • Services • or go to and click on FREE CLASSIFIEDS in the upper-right-hand corner.





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Quality, Local Businesses dedicated to improving our community



• We Work with ALL Insurance Companies




You don’t have to use the insurance company’s preferred shop. Choose your own! Choose us!

601 S. Luzerne Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

410-675-4338 5.00 off

• Mobile Estimates

bumper globe

Eco-Friendly Body Shop


1845 S. Hanover St. in Historic Federal Hill

443-708-8352 •


• MD State Inspections $ • MD Emissions Test Repairs • Factory Scheduled Maintenance Premium 3000 Mile Maintenance • Foreign and Domestic Vehicles Service • Computer Diagnostic Specialist with this coupon • Road Service & Towing Available


EXTERMINATING Termite & Pest Control



NOW OPEN for... • U-Cart Concrete


Licensed & Insured

Serving Baltimore City & County

We guarantee a good Job at a Reasonable Price!

Bed Bug Control



Roaches, WateRbugs,ants, FLeas, beDbugs

Lic# 589 Dept. of Agriculture

Serving Baltimore for over 30 years

•Pre-fab Steps •Cement •Building Materials

Tom Allen Improvements,Inc. Home Services

G.C. Home

Additions • Bathrooms • Painting • Basements • Siding • Doors • Windows FOR ALL IMPROVEMENTS

(410)315-8590 (410) 292-3565

MHIC#45097 • Insured Affordable Prices • Free Estimate

Cleaning service FREE Estimates licensed and insured


Licensed & Insured Since 1973

All New Roofs Guaranteed LOweST Price Call for Details

30 years experience


JR Construction

4726 Pulaski Hwy 410-522-0808

MHIC# 74278


senior Citizen Discount

Specializing in Residential and Commercial Cleaning.

• Drywall Repair • General Household Repairs


MHIC #9864



Efficient, Reliable, Honest

• Doors • Flooring • Bathroom Remodeling


Open 6 days a week 7am-4:30pm




410 - 327- 9190

sidewalks • driveways • patios



Residential/Commercial FREE ESTIMATES


We will satisfy all your cleaning needs. We Do WinDoWs anD Carpets too! Insured & Bonded



Residential & Commercial Cleaning Insured & Bonded

Established since 1995

FREE Estimates $20 off Second Cleaning

410-522-4928 Raylene or 410-916-2971 Dot


All Personal Injury, Auto, Job Related, Immigration, Criminal, Traffic, DWI, Divorce, Social Security and More...





Car insurance taking a toll on you? Check State Farm for a better buy

Charmaine A. Barnes 900 S. Ellwood Ave. 410-675-1900

State Farm Insurance Companies Home Office Bloomington, Illinois


E. THOMAS & SONS PLUMBING & HEATING “Hot Water Heating Specialist”

Sewer & Drain Cleaning SENIOR DISCOUNT

410-732-3197 410-288-4415 Repair & replacement of:

Faucets • Toilets • Water Heaters • Boilers • Sump Pumps • Water Lines • Gas Lines • Sewer & Drain Lines , Inside & Out

Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc

Quality at a Fair Price

410-327-8670 Boiler Specialist

• Repair/replace sewer water lines • County sewer hookup • Water Heaters • Sump Pumps • Toilet, sink disposal repair All Plumbing Repairs • Large or Small

Serving East Baltimore Since 1978 L.G.Ellinghaus Md St 2446/ B.Co. 8A

Dedicated to improving our community


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Quality, Local Businesses dedicated to improving our community PLUMBING

Jim Bush Plumbing

ROOFING $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Senior Discount

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover accepted

Senior Discounts

Stilwell Plumbing

Emergency Service

Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Specialist

24 Hour

Plumbing • Heating Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling • Waterproofing Drain Cleaned



10% OFF with this ad Reasonable Rates Fast Service

24 Hour Emergency Service

Free Phone Estimates Residential and Commercial

410-285-5351 Master Plumber: Carl Stilwell Lic #18002





Herman Rossmark



Residential & Commercial


RE-UPHOLSTERY CO. 2512 Fait Ave.


Roofing • Spouting • Skylights • Chimneys • Siding • Painting • Glass Block Windows • Deck Tops • Railings




We Will Beat Any Professional Written Estimate! Sump Pumps • Drainage Lines Water Removal Window Well Drains Structural Repairs Downspout Lead Offs Rubber Membrane Walls

Concrete/ Crawlspace Basement Digouts

MHIC# 1448


Mold Remediation



Quality Work—Compare our Prices

• Work Guaranteed • Free Estimate YES WE ARE FOAM RUBBER STILL IN CUSHIONS BUSINESS! CUT TO SIZE Thank you Call 410-276-6116 or 410-426-8007 George Markiewicz - Manager

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featuring Baltimore’s Best Service Professionals

Call today!


Anniversary Celebration

Please join us in celebrating 2 years in the square by allowing us to thank you for your support!

A complimentary buffet will be served featuring some of our chefs favorites

Tuesday July 5th 6pm to 9pm

Canton Square

2917 O’donnell Street, Baltimore, MD 21224 410-327-7152 F 410-327-0862

HOurS Sun-Weds 11:30am-11pm, Thu-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm Delivery Available Daily 11:30am-10pm

Sponsored by The Baltimore Guide







Pool Table Happy Hour Specials Package Goods Air Conditioning Touchscreen & Countertop Bar Video Games

Same Great Food still available for Pick up and Delivery and now there’s more! PACKAGE GOODS

SPIRITS - 375mL Bottle

for Pickup or Delivery Vodka . . . . . . . . . . .$12.99 BEER - 6 Pks Bud (Reg., Light, Ice) . . $8.00 Coors Light . . . . . . $8.00 Corona . . . . . . . . . . $8.50 National Bohemian $7.50 Smirnoff Ice . . . . . . $8.00 Rolling Rock. . . . . . $8.00

Jack Daniels . . . . . .$12.99 Captain Morgan . .$12.99

WINE - 750mL Bottle Pinot Grigio . . . . . . $11.99 Chardonnay. . . . . . $11.99 Moscato . . . . . . . . . $11.99 Cabernet Sauvignon $11.99 Merlot. . . . . . . . . . . $11.99


Monday-Thursday 5pm-Midnight; Friday & Saturday 5pm- 2am; Sunday 5pm-Midnight

418 S. Conkling St. 410-327-4550

‘Become a Fan’ Filippo’s Pizzeria

FREE DELIVERY to Fells Point, Highlandtown, Dundalk, Bayview, Greektown, Canton, Patterson Park & Little Italy

Royal Pizza

Hours: SUN-THURS 10:30am-12am FRI & SAT 10:30am-1am



Wings, Subs & More

¬‡¶Çy ®^¥ƒ>†®z®,Y®O® ¸†Y>€W® ®¶¶¶¶®O®oÇy¶c¶y-1 -®—«c¶«˜

Royal Specials




1199 $1149 $549


Pickup or Delivery


Choose from any $5.25 Sub. Pickup or Delivery


1 French Fry, Small Greeek Salad and Can of Soda

Must buy 2 or more Pickup or Delivery

2-8” Subs, Two X-Large 2 Fries, 18” Cheese Cheese Pizzas 2 12oz Sodas Pizza



Pickup Only

18 Wing Special


FRESH GYRO SPECIAL 1 Chicken or Lamb Gyro



Pickup or Delivery

, ®*<<h

MON, TUES, WEDS MADNESS SPECIAL Buy Any Pizza at Regular Price & Get a Medium Cheese Pizza FREE




Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Limited time only

PICKUP SPECIAL 8” SUB 99 French Fries$ CHOICE OF ANY & Coke $5.25 SUB


Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Excludes Seafood. Limited time only. Bacon $1 extra. Mushrooms & Green Pepper 50¢ extra

4-8” Subs 4-French Fries, 4-12 oz Sodas CHOICE OF ANY $5.25 SUB



Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Excludes Seafood. Limited time only. Bacon $1 extra. Mushrooms & Green Pepper 50¢ extra

1799 1399

Two X-Large Pizzas$ w/1 topping each Two Medium Pizzas $ w/1 topping each

Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Limited time only

14” 1-Topping Pizza 6 Wings + 1-8” Sub CHOICE OF ANY $5.25 SUB



Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Excludes Seafood. Limited time only. Bacon $1 extra. Mushrooms & Green Pepper 50¢ extra

Large Cheese Pizza w/ 1 topping 2-8” Subs & a 2 Liter Soda





Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Excludes Seafood. Limited time only. Bacon $1 extra. Mushrooms & Green Pepper 50¢ extra

PIZZA & WINGS One X-large 1-Topping Pizza & 12 Jumbo Wings

Add 2 Sodas for just 99¢



Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Limited time only


One Large 1-Topping Pizza with 6 Party Wings



Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Limited time only

FAMILY SPECIAL 3 X-LARGE PIZZAS with one topping & 6 pack soda




Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Limited time only

Two Large Pizzas w/1 topping each or One Large 1-Topping Pizza

1599 $ 99 9


Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Limited time only


1/2 SUB & 6 BIG WINGS French Fries & CHOICE OF ANY $5.25 SUB Drink



Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Excludes Seafood. Limited time only. Bacon $1 extra. Mushrooms & Green Pepper 50¢ extra

3-8” Subs 3-French Fries, 3-12 oz Sodas CHOICE OF ANY $5.25 SUB




Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Excludes Seafood. Limited time only. Bacon $1 extra. Mushrooms & Green Pepper 50¢ extra

1399 749

Two 8” Subs $ Two fries & Two 12oz Sodas One Subs CHOICE One fries & OF ANY $ One Can Soda $5.25 SUB

Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Excludes Seafood. Limited time only. Bacon $1 extra. Mushrooms & Green Pepper 50¢ extra


5 6 $ 99 7 $ 99 8 $ 99 9 $ 99 $ 99

Not valid with any other offers. Limited delivery area. Prices do not include tax. Limited time only

June 22, 2011 - The Baltimore Guide  

June 22, 2011 - The Baltimore Guide