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Lest Cantonites have misgivings over WTMD’s decision to move their popular First Thursdays concert series to Canton Waterfront Park, Steve Yasko, general manager of the Towson University-owned station, had some reassuring words: “This is not a ‘kegs and eggs’ radio station,” he said. “This is a ‘chardonnay and quail eggs’ kind of station.” Yasko explained WTMD’s plans at last Tuesday’s Canton Community Association meeting. First Thursdays, which has been held in Mt. Vernon for the past 10 years, would be held on the waterfront, just south of Boston St. between S. Clinton St. and S. East Ave. The concerts—held on the first Thursdays of the month from May through September—begin at about 7 p.m. and run until about 10 p.m. Yasko made sure to cover those hot-button issues especially relevant to Canton. “I have never gotten a call about public urination after the event,” he said, adding that in 10 years, there have been no fights or arrests either. CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

DENNIS E. CUOMO Attorney At Law

* CRIMINAL CASES * D.W.I/TRAFFIC (Former Assistant States’ Attorney)



Rain and raw weather aside, participants and spectators turned out for the Maryland Greek Independence Day Parade on Sunday in Greektown. The Evzones, pictured here, brought up the rear and closed the parade with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ceremony. These young local men were trained by Stavros Katsas of Ponca St., who served in the Greek Army and guarded the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens. | Photo by Erik Zygmont

MTA chooses ‘Option 3’ for Red Line construction BY ERIK ZYGMONT EDITOR@BALTIMOREGUIDE.COM

At last week’s Canton Community Association meeting, Mary Colleen Buettner, the Southeast’s new community liaison for the Baltimore Red Line, gave an update on the proposed 14.1-mile rail line. In a budget released last month, President Barack Obama requested $100 million for the Red Line in fiscal year 2015, as well as $100 million for Maryland’s Purple Line. Overall, both projects were recommended to receive $900 million each in total through the federal New Starts program.

“These were two of seven transportation projects nationwide (in the president’s budget),” Buettner said. When and if a federal budget is passed, it will need the approval of the House of Representatives and Senate as well as the president. Buettner also reported that the Maryland Transit Authority has chosen “Option 3” for the construction of the rail’s Boston St. portal— the point at which the train emerges from underground, near Boston St.’s intersection with Montford Ave.



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Business association formed to promote Broadway corridor BY DANIELLE SWEENEY DSWEENEY@BALTIMOREGUIDE.COM

A new business association has been formed to help promote the Broadway Corridor, says Daniel Kim, owner of the G.C. Wireless store at 522 S. Broadway. Kim will be the Broadway Area Business Association’s first president. The group’s 15 members and City Councilman James Kraft (D-1) held their first meeting on March 18, Kim says. “Our first goals are to elect board leadership, to put bylaws in place, and to plan another Broadway cleanup,” said Kim. The cleanup will be held April 26, 9 a.m.12 p.m. and will include cleaning the tree pits, replacing broken bricks, and re-mulching the area. “I’m hoping that an arborist from the city will come out and prune the trees as well,” Kim added. He says that all business owners in the Broadway area are welcome to join. The organization’s membership area includes Broadway from Fleet St. to Lombard St., and the Broadway side streets between Bond and Ann streets. The Broadway Area Business Association plans to meet the fourth Thursday of each month.

State’s Attorney questioned on marijuana legalization BY ERIK ZYGMONT

At a recent appearance at a Canton Community Association meeting, State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein was asked a direct question: “What is your position on the legalization of marijuana, and how would it change your job?” asked a resident. “Alright,” responded Bernstein with a smile and a wave, heading for the door. “It was nice seeing you all!” After residents laughed at his joke, he got to work answering the question, first noting that it was a “complicated” one. “Do you legalize it or simply decriminalize it?” Bernstein said. “If you legalize it, what’s the system you’re going to put in place— who’s going to grow it?” He said that Colorado and Washington, two states that recently legalized marijuana, are “great incubators.” “Let’s see how this works,” he said. Bernstein noted that since legalization, there has been an uptick in children coming to school under the influence of marijuana. He said that for the police in Baltimore, the illegality of marijuana is a “tool.” “Possession of marijuana is used for probable cause for stops, and leads to seizures of guns and warrant arrests,” he said. On the overall question of legalizing or decriminalizing the drug, Bernstein said, “We certainly seem to be headed in that direction. I’m not necessarily adverse to that, but I do think we need to be deliberate.”

A recent fundraiser at Canton Club, a fitness center located on Lighthouse Point off Boston St., netted over $9,000 for the friends of Patterson Park. The proceeds from the event, “24Hour Pedal for Patterson Park,” will support youth programming in Patterson Park, says Jennifer Arndt Robinson, executive director of the Friends. Robinson, center, is pictured with Amy Passen, left, and Jacki Dalsimer, right, both of Canton Club. | Courtesy photo









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Mustang Inn gets two-day suspension for disturbing the peace BY DANIELLE SWEENEY DSWEENEY@BALTIMOREGUIDE.COM

the [jukebox] volume is within legal limits.” Ginger Cornejo, the licensee, said the jukebox has been set by the jukebox company at a volume of 51 since December of 2013 and was reduced to 45 in February of 2014. Cornejo also said she’d be willing to contribute funds toward a roll-down gate for the tax office and also post a door person at the Mustang Inn. Smith and Jones originally gave the tavern a five-day suspension, but suspended three days of the punishment when the licensee’s attorney, Melvin Kodenski, said he didn’t think a five-day suspension was warranted. “There’s no police reports here. No arrests were made. A suspension based on the evidence here certainly is not warranted,” Kodenski said. Smith replied: “The board upholds its decision but suspends three days.” Mustang must complete the two-day suspension before the end of the license year, which ends April 30.

Last week, the Board of Liquor License Commissioners handed the Mustang Inn, 3203 Eastern Ave., a two-day suspension of its liquor license for four violations of disturbing the peace. The board made the decision on March 27, on testimony that began at a March 13 hearing. On March 13, the Community Law Center—representing the Canton Community Association—submitted a petition signed by 119 neighbors and property owners requesting that the Mustang Inn have its license suspended. “Numerous complaints of loud noise, loitering, overserving and assault have originated from this bar,” the petition asserted. “We want a wake-up call for this bar that has shown no respect for the community,” said Becky Witt, a Community Law Center attorney. Mark and Dawn Mellett a tax preparation office next door to the bar and live above, told the board that they have submitted years’ worth of complaints about noise, public urination, vomiting at the bar. Mark Mellett, who has four cameras in front of his building, submitted DVDs, which he said documented Mustang patrons’ fights, drunkenness, and public urination in front of the bar. Stephan Fogleman, chair of the Board of Liquor License Commissioners, had recused himself from the hearing because he lives in the bar’s neighborhood. He told the board he was asked to sign the petition, and was aware of the Melletts’ concerns about the bar. During the decision phase of the hearing, Commissioner Elizabeth Smith said the board found “at least four instances of disturbing the peace but was not able to open all the DVDs [that Mellet submitted].” Regarding the noise, she said, The Mustang Inn must refrain from selling alcohol for “We do believe while it is not to two days between now and the end of the month. the pleasure of the complainants. | Photo by Danielle Sweeney



WTMD: Canton concert location would triple station’s costs CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

Are you over 60 and feeling depressed or having memory problems?

It looks like the Canton Waterfront Park might be the new home for WTMD’s First Thursdays. | Photo by Erik Zygmont

“This is a family-friendly, community building event, and I think it really works well for us,” Yasko said. A 2010 survey asserts that 34 percent of First Thursdays attendees are between 24 and 34; 19 percent are between 35 and 44; and 20 percent are between 45 and 54. At the event’s Mt. Vernon location, attendance ranged between 2,000 and 5,000 per show, according to a handout distributed by Yasko. Moving on to the subject of parking, Yasko said that Canton Office Properties Trust would be offering 500 spaces for a small fee. Wells Obrecht would offer 500 spaces behind the Brewers Hill shopping center for no fee. Yasko added that he was in negotiations with Canton Crossing for a no-tow policy in a certain area. There is also street parking, but Yasko said that motorists would be strongly encouraged to park south of Boston St. WTMD’s handout promised an “aggressive communications effort” to keep drivers south of Boston St., using “maps, incentives and other promotions.” The radio station is also hoping attendees will use the Baltimore Water Taxi, which currently runs until 11 p.m. on show nights. Biking and walking will be encouraged as well, Yasko said, noting that about half of Mt. Vernon attendees had walked. WTMD had looked into having Charm City Circulator service extended to serve First Thursdays, but “it’s just too expensive,” Yasko said. “We’re already tripling our costs from Mt. Vernon to come down here.” Maryland Transit Authority Bus 11 does service Canton Waterfront Park, and the radio station will promote it, he said. First Thursdays features three concerts on a given night, ranging from national acts to local bands.

The Brewer’s Art is the official beer vendor. Concert goers may bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks, Yasko said. “We owe it to Brewer’s Art to discourage that,” he said. According to Yasko, First Thursdays will likely have a positive effect on Canton’s businesses. According to WTMD’s survey, 51 percent of concert-goers went out to dinner before or after the show; 20 percent went out for drinks; and 18 percent shopped in Mt. Vernon stores. Security for the event, Yasko said, would be Baltimore City police officers, likely six officers and a sergeant. “That’s kind of where the cost tripled, but that’s okay,” Yasko said. “Civil servants should have every opportunity.” A resident asked how long First Thursdays would stay in Canton. Yasko said that the renovations of West Mt. Vernon Park could take two or three years. “We’re hoping by then that you love us and don’t want us to leave,” he told the Canton audience. First Thursdays is produced in partnership with the Department of Recreation and Parks, and, should the move win approval, the Canton Community Association. According to Yasko, the proposed move has the support of City Councilman Jim Kraft, Liquor Board Chair Stephan Fogleman (who lives in the area), and the Canton Community Association. CCA President Sean Flanagan said that when Yasko first approached him and members of the CCA Board with the idea, “there was some healthy skepticism on my part.” However, Flanagan said, he has been impressed by Yasko’s “responsiveness and honesty.” The proposed move is in the initial stages of the application and review proscess.

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Tavern proposed to replace fire-destroyed Fell’s Point Liquor and Bar BY DANIELLE SWEENEY DSWEENEY@BALTIMOREGUIDE.COM

Fell’s Point doesn’t need a tavern that opens at 7 a.m., even if it’s an upscale one, said members of the Fells Point Task Force, which heard a presentation for the proposed tavern at their meeting last week. Raj Bommakanti, whose tavern burned down on the 1700 block of Fleet St. a year and a half ago, presented a proposal for a new business at 1615 Eastern Ave., a property that he said he has a contract on. According to preliminary business and floor plans he handed out, Bommakanti wants to open an upscale tavern with packaged goods and an exclusive wine station on the building’s 3,500-square-foot first floor. The tavern’s bar area would have room for about 25 stools, and its wine lounge area would have 10-15 seats and include a wine wall and wine display area. The building’s second and third floors would be developed later, tentatively into a fast-casual eatery and office and apartment spaces, he said. Bommakanti had already contacted the Liquor Board for a hearing for the license

transfer and said he would like to be open in about 90 days, but realizes that might not be realistic. The property is located within a Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation district, and his handouts noted that minor privilege, zoning and CHAP approval were all pending. “I’ve just started talking to architects,” Bommakanti said. “But I definitely want to open before preseason football, which would be late summer.” He acknowledged that the area where he wants to open a tavern already has 50-60 liquor licenses, and told the task force that he is a member of a community organization and is aware of the challenges the Broadway corridor faces. “I come here as a displaced business man,” he said. According to documents Bommakanti and his attorney Abraham Hurdle passed out at the meeting, the proposed tavern will have no live music, no live performances or shows, and no karaoke. Bommakanti told the Task Force he wants to open his tavern at 7 a.m., which was a sore

point with the group. Taverns—which operate under BD7 liquor licenses—may be open from 6 a.m. until 2 a.m., although many choose different hours for various reasons. “Can you name one BD7 below Eastern Ave. that opens at 6 a.m.?” David Martz, president of the Fells Point Residents Association, asked Bommakanti. Delegate Peter Hammen (D-46), who chairs the Fells Point Task Force, told Bommakanti that based on what he heard at the meeting, the community is not comfortable supporting his proposal. “Part of it is the time you open,” Hammen said. “What needs to happen is we need to revisit the MOU.” An MOU is a memorandum of understanding between two parties. In the case of liquor licensees and community associations, it sometimes imposes additional voluntary requirements on the licensee (for example, voluntarily limiting the hours of live entertainment, or not selling certain items, or agreeing to open later). The MOU is read into the record at the Liquor Board and the restrictions, which the licensee agrees to, are attached to the license.

Bommakanti had chafed at signing an MOU in the past, Task Force members said. “What is the goal of the MOU other than punishing me,” Bommakanti asked, adding that “MOUs should be universal and goal-oriented and not punitive.” Victor Corbin, president of Fells Prospect Community Association, said the MOU was not personal and many liquor establishments have MOUs with one or more community associations in Fell’s Point. “Unfortunately, you are the victim of circumstances,” Corbin told Bommakanti. “We have vagrants. We have alcoholics. We have recovery centers and a soup kitchen. We don’t want you to perpetuate problems. You can’t justify serving at 6 a.m. We’re trying to change the community.” Hurdle then said: “Will he sign an MOU restricting some hours? Yes.” By the end of the meeting, Bommakanti said he would also meet with other neighborhood associations to show them his preliminary plans. Bommakanti’s transfer hearing before the Liquor Board, which was originally on the docket for April 3, has since been postponed.

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Gaffney’s Steamed Crabs Since 1970

415 S. HIGHLAND AVE. 410-327-4006 Mon.-Fri. 4-9pm, Sat & Sun 2-9pm


to the Highlandtown area


COMMUNITY CALENDAR Email your events to Danielle Sweeney, Events are due at noon on the Friday before publication.

Wednesday, April 2 Butchers Hill Association: The Association meets Wednesday, April 2, 7 p.m., St. Andrew church hall, Lombard St. entrance, Lombard and Chester streets. St. Casimir’s Lenten Food Sale: The Home and School Association of St. Casimir School will offer homemade Lenten foods through April 16. Codfish cakes, crab cakes,

destination for Baltimore’s newest shopping feel fabulous… and k loo to t wan who en wom without breaking the bank!

1716 FLEET STREET in Historic Fell’s Point

(One block East of Broadway)


Tuesday-Saturday 12-7, Sunday 12-5

Potato and macaroni salads, and cole slaw are available. Place your orders by Wednesdays at 3 p.m. Orders are picked up on Fridays. Call Laureen Brunelli at 410-989-3767 until 5 p.m., or Carol Kramer at 443-414-6784 from 5 until 8 p.m. or by email at Questions and orders may also be directed to the school at 410-342-2681 or faxed to 410342-5715.

Thursday, April 3

Meeting to Discuss New School for Southeast Baltimore: Join Baltimore City Public Schools for a conversation about a new school for Southeast Baltimore on April 3 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Southeast Anchor Library, 3601 Eastern Ave. Come and share your ideas about building a new elementary/middle school for the Southeast Baltimore community. Questions: Contact Nicole Price at or Jessica Lawrence atJCLawrence@bcps.k12.

Friday, April 4

Egg Decorating: The Polish-American Heritage Committee of St. Casimir’s Church will hold a “pisanki” egg decorating class on April 4, at 7:30 p.m., in the Kolbe Center, at O’Donnell St. and Kenwood Ave. The cost is $4 per person. To enroll, contact Bernadine

Kordaz, 410-675-0415.

Saturday, April 5 Audubon Habitat Team: Build bird habitat in Audubon’s native plant gardens in Patterson Park on April 5, from 9:0010:30 a.m. We’re happy to sign community service hours for helpful students. All ages welcome. Tools, gloves, and water provided. Meet at the pollinator garden, just west of the Boat Lake. For directions or questions: or 410558-BIRD. Billie Holiday Festival: Enjoy free children’s activities and live music from the Rhonda Robinson Quartet (including a Billie Holiday tribute singer), food from local restaurants, and a variety of vendors. In case of inclement weather, the music will be inside the nearby Fell’s Point Corner Theater. April 5 from 12:30-4:00 p.m. at Gough St. between Ann and Wolfe (1800 block), and the 200 block of S. Durham St, in Upper Fell’s Point. Contact for more information or visit the Baltimore Billie Holiday Project Facebook page. Patterson Park Public Charter School Fundraiser: On April 5, volunteers will transform the PPPCS cafeteria into a glamorous art gallery. Opening celebration is

Tattoo Convention April 25th - 27th 2014

Baltimore Convention Center

1 W Pratt St . Baltimore, MD 21201

$20 Day / $40 Weekend Friday 2 PM - 12 AM Saturday 11 AM - 12 AM Sunday 11 AM - 8 PM

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The Enigma • Suspension Sideshow • Burlesque Tattoo Contests & More Show Info 215-423-4780



COMMUNITY CALENDAR from 7 - 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $30 and include hors d’oeuvres, open bar, live music, and admission to art auction and sale. VIP tickets available as well. Purchase your tickets online at or from a PPPCS board member. Self Defense Class: A self defense class sponsored by the Highlandtown Community Association will be held on April 5. This class covers basic self defense and danger-avoidance techniques. Register early to guarantee a spot by contacting Kristin at 410-458.6196 or kristin Class will be held from 1-3 p.m. at 101 Ellwood Ave. The entrance is on Pratt St. Cost: $15.

Tuesday, April 8

weaving class will be held April 11, at 7:30 p.m., at St. Casimir’s Church Kolbe Center, at O’Donnell St. and Kenwood Ave. Cost is $3 per person. Registration and info: Bernadine Kordaz at 410-675-0415. April 11-13, Privateer Festival: Fell’s Point celebrates the sailors who fought the economic front of the War of 1812 with three days of entertainment, music, vendors, food, drink, childrens’ activities, historical activities and much more. Plain-old pirates are welcome too. The fun starts Friday at noon and runs through the weekend, in and around Fell’s Point’s Broadway Pier. Info: fellspoint May 10, Butchers Hill Flea Market: Vendors take note! The Flea Market and Craft Fair in Patterson Park, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, May 10, is free to attend. A 15’-by15’ vendor’s space is $30. No rain date, no pay at entrance. Go to or email To help out dayof, call Sandy: 410-558-0149. Limited spaces sell out quickly.

Condition U: Condition U is an athletic training program for students in grades 5-8. Coach Hubbard and trainers from the Baltimore Orioles will bring your athletic abilities to the next level through strength and conditioning workouts, nutrition education, and additional team building activities. Program starts April 8, form 5-6 p.m. and meets every Tuesday and Thursday. Casino Jobs: City Councilman Jim Kraft Email: bhubbard@livingclass to is hosting a job fair for Balitmore’s new sign up. Horseshoe Casino on Saturday, April 19, 10 Save the Date a.m.-1 p.m., at Holabird Academy, 1500 Imla April 11, Palm Weaving Class: A palm St. Info: 410-396-4821.

THB Bagels & Deli By Towson Hot Bagels

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APRIL 8 -13 • HIPPODROME THEATRE 410.547.SEAT • BROADWAYACROSSAMERICA.COM HIPPODROME BOX OFFICE (M-F, 11A-3P) GROUPS 10+ SAVE! CALL 866.577.7469 CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Due to the nature of live entertainment; dates, times, performers, and prices are subject to change. All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket. No exchanges or refunds. Tickets are subject to additional fees.



Remembering Upper Fell’s Point’s Jessie Pauline Strozykowski died last month. Many knew her as Miss Pauline. She lived across the street from me. She was known for snaring passersby into uncomfortably long conversations, usually ending with an awkward walk backwards, accompanied by the hope of fading away into a cloud of fog like Batman. She had the smile of a jack-o-lantern and the voice of a squawking crow. Her loose, linen-like skin draped over her frail bird-like skeleton; she was occasionally crowned with one of many wigs. When not

effect it had on the neighborhood and the recent revitalization. She also talked a great deal about her grown children and grandchildren, visibly over-flowing with pride. Beyond her extensive chronicles of the neighborhood, Miss Pauline personified a quirky, yet venerable mentality. When something was wrong with the city, she was the first one to send a hand-written letter to City Hall. She made it a point to sit outside on sunny days, even if it was near freezing.

By Ian Craig | Special to the Baltimore Guide

Miss Pauline

When she and her late husband were on the rocks, he moved into the house two doors down. After that, she said, they had “dates” all the time. adorned with a wig, Miss Pauline’s wispy white hair would be bound tightly in rows of curlers and a bandana. When she went out, she would doll herself up like Raggedy Ann and spritz herself with a handful of glitter. Her roommate was a 19-year-old large black dog who was just as tenacious as she was. Miss Pauline swore the dog had died and come back to life three times. She also said the dog knew when someone was going to die. Miss Pauline was a character you would expect to seep from the brains of John Waters or H.L. Mencken, after a few rounds of the finest National Bohemian money can buy. But she was more than just an eccentric; she was one of the last relics of a Baltimore that has all but vanished. She embodied a narrative and a mind-set forged and molded over nearly a century, with over 70 years on my block. Miss Pauline used to recount stories of Fell’s Point from the time when it housed the majority of Baltimore’s mariners; when children were raised and disciplined by the whole neighborhood; when neighbors mingled in the streets and the corner bars after work instead of retreating to the glow of a flat screen and Netflix. She told stories of her sassy younger self running around to all the neighborhood bars wearing short-shorts, which “brought all the boys around.” She saw the insurgence of the local drug trade and the

She wasted nothing. Leftovers were reused the next meal, and food scraps became soups. Plastic bags became sock liners for cold and wet days, and ribbons and string were used to keep her trashcan and lid from blowing away in the wind. She had a do-it-yourself spirit, patching her roof, repairing concrete and salting her sidewalk, even through this past winter. When she wasn’t able to do something herself, she enlisted the help of locals—she abhorred corporations. Several large pots of plastic flowers adorned the sidewalk in front of Miss Pauline’s house. She once mocked me while I was watering my scraggly excuse for a bush, saying, “Why the hell don’t you just get a plastic one? You never have to water it and it looks good all year.” She was right. It must also be said that Miss Pauline knew the value of portion control. She would only purchase a “shorty” of gin, saying any more would “cause trouble”. She thought outside the box. When she and her late husband were on the rocks, he moved into the house two doors down. After that, she said, they had “dates” all the time. When her husband passed, and she had aged to the point where decorating the house for Christmas became difficult, she trimmed his second house wall-to-wall with bright lights, manger scenes, small snowmen, and Santa Claus cut-outs.

Pauline Strozykowski in front of her S. Durham St. home. | Photo courtesy of Joe Strozykowski

She left the decorations up all year, and when the holiday season rolled around, she spent most of her time in her Christmas House. Miss Pauline also exemplified a sense of love and forgiveness rarely practiced these days. She would give many of the neighborhood “floaters” money to purchase items from the corner store, knowing they would probably disappear for a while and “lose” her money. She would willingly forgive them with such a sense of love, always giving them another chance to prove themselves. Despite their actions, she would continue to treat them with respect and spend hours talking with them. In addition to her great disdain and distrust for corporations, Miss Pauline

hated hospitals. She said “people die in hospitals,” which is true, in a sense. She remained in her home right up until the end, with her old dog by her side. And, just as anticipated, she died the day after she was taken up the hill to Johns Hopkins Hospital. Miss Pauline’s 90th birthday would have been this spring. At the time of this writing, her dog had not moved from his perch by her couch side and was refusing to eat. He may be joining her soon. Neighborhoods aren’t distinguished by names like Canton, Highlandtown, and Fells Point; they are distinguished by neighbors like Miss Pauline. She brought character and a sense of place to a neighborhood and make my block different than any other place in the city.



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A security blanket for Southeast Baltimore and beyond When everything runs smoothly, you probably don’t even notice their presence, but Battaglia Security & Investigative Services Inc. has been embedded in Southeast Baltimore—and far beyond—for two decades. “We’ve been lucky in Baltimore,” says company president and owner Don Arnold, a longtime—and active—resident of Highlandtown. “Once we get an event, we usually own that event.” Over the years, Battaglia has supplied security for many of the Southeast’s flagship events, including Latino Fest in Patterson Park, movies in the park, the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration on Broadway, concerts in Patterson Park, the Polish Festival and more. The company, with eight full-time employees and more than 30 part-time, also covers a range of commercial and industrial operations in and around Baltimore. “I get a lot of compliments on my guards,”

says Arnold, “and that’s good—it’s because we have good people.” There are former military personnel and ex-police officers among Battaglia’s ranks, including a former police chief, a retired state police sergeant and a retired sheriff. “I grab military and law enforcement when I can, but there are some people who have been in the business for a long time who have developed very good skills,” Arnold adds. In addition to security, Battaglia offers investigative services for matters including insurance fraud, drugs in the work place and industrial theft. Arnold isn’t personally a big fan of divorce services. “If you suspect that your partner is doing something, 95 percent of the time you are absolutely right,” he says. “I tell a woman, ‘Save your money, fold it and go buy yourself a new dress.’” Some of methods he uses to uncover insurance fraud are quite elaborate, and

FRI 8am-1pm

$10 DOWN $10 A MONTH! ENDS APRIL 10TH ALL THIS FOR ONLY THAT SALE GLEN BURNIE • 597 E Ordnance Rd. • (410) 766-9340 DUNDALK • 1405 Merritt Blvd. • (410) 282-4955 For franchise info or to join online visit Home club only. Annual membership fee applies. Participating locations only. See club for details. © PFIP, LLC 2014. *Must be at least 18 years old, or 13 with parent/guardian. Incentives offered for enrolling in other memberships. Participating locations only. Planet Fitness facilities are independently owned and operated. ©Planet Fitness

Battaglia is a “different” kind of security company. | Photo courtesy of Don Arnold



involve Arnold taking on alternate identities. “I was a frustrated actor, really,” laughs Arnold, who appeared in a couple episodes of “Homicide: Life on the Street.” Arnold is the first to say that security guards are not police officers. “We guard stuff, and they enforce laws,” he says. “We don’t enforce laws per se, but we usually call the police if somebody needs to get arrested.” Arnold, a Special Forces veteran who served active duty in Vietnam and later in the National Guard, says that he puts special emphasis on training at Battaglia, going well above and beyond requirements. “Police officers think private security guards don’t have enough training, and I agree,” he says, adding that he promotes the passage of national standards every year. “Every year it gets shot down,” Arnold says. Battaglia was founded in Baltimore in 1985 by retiring Baltimore City Police Commissioner Frank Battaglia. “Commissioner Battaglia and several of his top command officers built a company based on professionalism, cost effectiveness and quality service,” says the “about us” section of Battaglia’s website, “They utilized the same leadership principles that made Baltimore one of the safest American cities in the 1980s.” In 1997, Arnold joined the company as a private investigator. He was named director, Battaglia’s top post, in 2005. Two years later, he went a step further, buying a majority share

in the company and becoming its primary owner. “My wife said, ‘Do you know what you’re doing?’” says Arnold. “I said, ‘Not really, but has that ever stopped me?’” He got right to work, paying of the company’s debt in the first year, and revamping the business to include, among other things, a uniformed division. Arnold says that the company is selective about the work it chooses, being “very cognizant of liability.” The insurance is no joke. “I have men and women who work with firearms 24-7,” says Arnold. “The only thing with insurance higher, in my mind, is a nuclear power plant—owning one.” Arnold has long been involved in the community outside of his work, serving as president of the Highlandtown Community Association for a long stretch, establishing the organization as a 501(c)3 with bylaws, a website and newsletter, and assisting in the start-up of Highlandtown events such as the Wine Festival—with Joe DiPasquale and Dan Schiavone—and the big Blockenstein community yard sale. “I like the neighborhood,” says Arnold. “I would really like to see Baltimore as one of the safest places around—I love the city. It’s been good to me and good to my family.” Arnold sums it up with a quote by Kahlil Gibran, author of “The Prophet”: “Work is love made visible.”

Don Arnold is a Highlandtown personality as well as owner/operator of Battaglia Security and Investigative Services. | Photo courtesy of Don Arnold





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RED LINE: Construction to begin in 2015 or early 2016 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

Option 3 would keep two lanes of traffic on Boston St.—eastbound and westbound—open at all times through the approximate three years it would take to construct the portal and the temporary traffic accommodation measures. Traffic would be pushed in phases to the north side of Boston St., the south side of Boston St., and the outer edges of Boston St. The cycle would repeat. Both eastbound and westbound traffic would be restricted to right turns only for the length of the portal construction. If a driver heading east on Boston St. wanted to go to Starbucks in the

Can Company, for example, he would have to drive past the Can Company entrance and make a U-turn at Lakewood Ave. Buettner said that the MTA is “looking to start construction in earnest” somewhere between late 2015 and early 2016. The Red Line would be open for revenue service in 2021 or 2022, she added. A resident asked which portion of the rail would be constructed first. Buettner replied that the portion between the University of Maryland BioPark and the Boston St. portal would be the first to go out to bid. “Specific phasing still has to be worked out,” she said.

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Highlandtown establishments robbed at gunpoint roBBery

E. Baltimore St., 3400 block, March 26, 7:45 a.m. The victim said that the suspect entered the store and approached the counter while holding a black handgun. The suspect stated, “Give me all your money.” The victim replied, “I can’t.” The suspect then moved inside the counter, racked the slide on the gun, and repeated his demand. The victim then replied, again, “I can’t. “ The suspect stated, “I am not playing,” then exited via the front door. He was last seen going south on Highland Ave. S. Broadway, 200 block, March 27, 4 a.m. The victim said that she had left the bar after drinking and was heading toward the convenience store when she was approached by a tall, skinny man who demanded her money. She said that she had none, and he struck her in the head, causing a cut. The suspect fled without getting money; the victim did not report the incident until several hours later. Dundalk Ave., 800 block, March 27, 4 p.m. The victim reported that he got off the bus and was walking south on Dundalk


Memorial BILL

DEARDOFF MARCH 28, 1934 - MAY 11, 2013

WANTED Sinners!

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” - Romans 5:8 NIV

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3302 Toone Street • 410-563-1177 Inner Peace for the Inner Harbor!

Ave. when he was approached by a group of three teen males, all wearing masks. They asked him what school he attended; when he answered, they grabbed him, went through his pockets, took his property, and punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground. They then fled. N. Broadway, 100 block, March 27, 6:45 p.m. The victim said that while she was walking, two young male suspects approached, and she heard one of them say, “Yeah, go for it.” One of the suspects starting hitting her arm with a pair of pliers; the other grabbed her bag and fled with it. The victim was not hurt. Eastern Ave., 1700 block, March 28, 4:35 p.m. Detectives responded to the location as back-up for an attempted robbery that had just occurred. A description was given and the juvenile suspects were located at Gough and Bond streets. The victim identified the suspects as the ones who had tried to rob her, and they were arrested. According to the victim, the suspects approached her while she was at the bus stop. One of them punched her and tried to steal her purse.


SCILIPOTI 11/8/30 - 4/5/04

Remembering your birthday, Loving you still. Now and forever, We always will. We love you. Rose, Daughter Carol Ann, & Grandson Jim Jim

Our Lady of Pompei

God saw you were getting tired, And a cure was not to be. So he put his arms around you And whispered, “Come to me.”

Serving God’s People since 1923

3600 Claremont St. Baltimore, MD 21224


Fr. Luigi Esposito

Mass Schedule Monday- Friday 8am Saturday 4pm Sunday 8am & 10am

With tearful eyes we watched you, And saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearly, We could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, Hard working hands at rest. God broke your hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best. With Love Always, The Scilipoti Family

S. Highland Ave., 200 block, March 29, 3:55 p.m. The victim said that the suspect entered the location in a mask and approached the counter, pulled out a handgun, and demanded money. When unsatisfied with the victim’s speed in complying, the suspect racked the slide and ordered her to move faster. A customer entered and yelled at the suspect, who pointed the gun at her. She fled. The suspect took the money and fled the location.


N. Janney St., 100 block, March 23, 11:45 a.m. The victim said that unknown persons gained entry via the unsecured rear door and took property. Gough St., 2100 block, March 24, 9:30 a.m. The victim returned home to find his property missing. There were no signs of forced entry; the victim believes that the suspect used the hidden key to enter. N. Luzerne Ave., 200 block, March 25, 3 p.m. The victim stated that unknown persons forced open the rear door, took



April 5, 2014 - It’s been 10 years mom. Did you know how special you were to me? Did I really let you see? You always showed me that you loved and cared- Because mom you were always there. You loved your family and friends from the beginning until the end. You were the strongest mom I ever knew, how I wish I could have been like you. When I was feeling down and blue, all I had to do was look at that smile that came from you. Mom you loved life more than we ever knew, and this is only one thing I will remember about you. Its been so hard and tough and rough because mom I miss you so much. How I wish I could have just one more touch, but I know that cant be, but God did make you an angel, sent down from heaven especially to watch over me.

I love you always and forever, Maria



property and exited the same way. E. Baltimore St., 3200 block, March 26, 7 a.m. The victim reported that someone entered via the unsecured rear window, gained entry, took property, and exited via the rear kitchen door. Cornwall St., 300 block, March 28, 7:30 a.m. An unknown suspect broke out the basement window, entered, and took a laptop and digital camera. N. Lakewood Ave., 600 block, March 27, 8 a.m. The reporting person came home to find that two apartments owned by his sister had been broken into. Tools were taken from one of the apartments, which was vacant. N. Lakewood Ave., 500 block, March 27, 8 a.m. While the complainant was out, someone kicked in his bedroom door and took his video game system. There was no sign of force to any other room in the boarding house, which houses multiple tenants. S. Ann St., 100 block, March 28, 6 p.m. The victim said that someone entered the location and took her property. It is unknown whether the victim had secured the front door, which was undamaged. N. Ellwood Ave., 500 block, March

29, 10 p.m. The victim said that someone forced open the rear kitchen door, gained entry, ransacked a bedroom, took property, and exited.

AggrAvAted AssAult

O’Donnell St., 2900 block, March 23, 1:30 a.m. A police officer was attempting to break up a fight on O’Donnell Square when a security guard from a bar came out and maced the officer in the face with chemical mace. The security guard was taken into custody, and the mace was submitted. The officer was incapacitated for a minute. The officer had not asked for any assistance from the crowd. S. Conkling St., 400 block, March 23, 2:15 a.m. The victim had gotten into an argument with the suspect at the bar toward the end of the night. The suspect came up behind the victim and hit him in the arms and head multiple times with an aluminum baseball bat. The victim sustained two broken arms and was taken to the hospital. Officers observed the suspect attempting to ditch the bat near a parked car; numerous witnesses saw the incident. The suspect was arrested at the For the full police log, please visit


Holy Week SCHedUle

Palm Sunday Saturday 5:00 PM Sunday 8:00 & 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Mass at 8:00 AM Holy Thursday Morning Prayer & Office of Readings 8:00 AM Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7:00 PM Good Friday Morning Prayer & Office of Readings 8:00 AM Stations of the Cross 12:15 PM Celebration of the Lord’s Passion 3:00 PM Holy Saturday Morning Prayer & Office of Readings 8:00 AM Blessing of Easter Food 12:00 Noon Easter Vigil 8:00 PM easter Sunday 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM Mass

2736 O’Donnell St • Canton 410-276-1981

HOLY ROSARY CHURCH invites everyone for

holy week schedule

divine mercy sunday

HOLY THURSDAY at 7:00 pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper (bilingual)

day of thanksgiving for the canonization of blessed john paul ii and john XXiii

followed by Eucharistic Adoration until 11:00 p.m.

april 18, 26

(First day of the Divine Mercy Novena) GOOD FRIDAY at 3:00 pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

at 6:30 pm Divine Mercy Novena and Mass

followed by Divine Mercy Novena and Stations of the Cross (English) at 5:30 - 6:30 pm Confession at 6:30 pm Stations of the Cross (Polish) at 7:00 pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion followed by Divine Mercy Novena and Gorzkie Zale (Polish) Eucharistic Adoration at the Tomb until 11:00 p.m.

april 27


at 12:00 pm Messenger of Mercy Drama of the Life of St. Faustina, by Nancy Scimone (free admission) at 12:30 - 3:00 pm Confessions

HOLY SATURDAY from 11:00 am Eucharistic Adoration at the Tomb at 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm Blessing of the

at 1:30 pm Bi–Lingual Solemn Mass by the Most Reverend Mitchell Rozanski

Easter food basket at 3:00 pm Divine Mercy Novena (bilingual) at 8:00 pm Easter Vigil Mass followed Resurrection “Rezurekcja” procession (bilingual)

EASTER SUNDAY at 8:30 am & 12:30 pm (english)

at 10:30 am (polish) Holy Masses followed by Divine Mercy Novena 408 S Chester St Baltimore, MD 21231 (410) 732 3960

at 3:00 pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Sung Chaplet; Procession and Veneration of the Divine Mercy Image and Relics of St. John Paul II and St. Faustina Kowalska Polish Food will be purchased on Saturday a nd Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

SPECIAL MASS APRIL 2 On April 27th, 2014 at the Archdiocesan Shrine of Divine Mercy at Holy Rosary Church, located at 408 S. Chester Street, in Baltimore, MD 21231, there will be a Mass celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday as well as a day of Thanksgiving for the canonizationdi of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II. This special Mass offers many blessings to all who attend and fulfill the Divine Mercy obligations of making a good confession, attending Mass and praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet— all of which will be available. End your day beautifully and meet with Jesus in the Eucharist at our regularly scheduled daily evening Mass on weekdays at 6:30p.m.


Holy Rosary Church is very blessed with having three first-class relics: that of St. Faustina, of Blessed John Paul II who canonized St. Faustina in 2000, and of Blessed Michael Sopocko who was her confessor. Holy Rosary is also the church where Fr. Ronald Pytel received the miracle that brought about the canonization of St. Faustina and where Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass while he was still the Bishop of Krakow in 1978. To honor this special day in the Catholic Church and in the hearts of all Poles, Holy Rosary will begin a 3 day celebration starting on Friday April 25th with Adoration and ending on Sunday April 27th with a Mass celebrated by Bishop Rozanski, joined by priests from Baltimore, some originally from Poland. The Divine Mercy Novena which consists of reciting the Divine Mercy chaplet , will begin on Good Friday at 6:30p.m. and continue daily at that time for 9 days. A highlight of this celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday and of our Popes, will be the one-woman performance of “St. FaustinaMessenger of Mercy” by world renowned singer and performer Nancy Scimone. In an interview with the Catholic Exchange, Ms. Scimone is quoted as saying , “Through this performance, I desire to portray both the chosen soul who receives extraordinary graces, as well as, the soul who, like each of us seeks to know, love and serve our Lord.




Who’s Your Favorite Oriole? Calling all young Oriole fans…

Enter our Oriole Player Drawing Contest! Send us a drawing of your favorite Oriole player. It can be portrait or action; use you imagination! Enter in one of three age groups and be eligible to win an Orioles Prize Package and have your drawing published in the April 16 edition of the Baltimore Guide.

ENTRY FORM Name______________________________________________ Age______________ Player Name___________________________________________________________ Parent’s Name___________________________________ Neighborhood___________ Phone_________________ Email__________________________________________

CONTEST RULES • Entries accepted in three age groups: ages 5-7, 8-10 or 11-13. One winner in each group will receive a prize and his/her winning entry will be published in the April 16, 2014 edition of the Baltimore Guide.

• Create drawing on 8.5”x 11” plain paper. Try not to fold when mailing. • Color or black and white accepted. • Use any medium: crayon, colored pencil, markers, paint, etc.

• Winners will be selected by the Batimore Guide staff. • Entry must include: name, age, name of favorite Oriole player depicted and contact information for parent or guardian: phone, address, email.

410-732-6600 • ENTRY DEADLINE: Entries must be received by Thursday, April 10, 2014. Drop off or mail drawings to: Baltimore Guide, 526 S. Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD 21224. (Try not to fold.)



Orioles batting lineup firms up

It’s about time! The 2014 MLB season is now upon us, and the Orioles opened up with a win against the Boston Red Sox to start their 2014 campaign. While there are probably a bunch of players you already know—like Chris Davis and Adam Jones, for example—I’ll run through the lineup to help you become better familiar with the 2014 O’s. Nick Markakis looks to bat leadoff for most of the season as he mans his normal spot in right field. J.J. Hardy, at least early on in the season, will spend time batting second. When Manny Machado comes back, Hardy might move to sixth. Adam Jones will be the three-hitter in this potent Orioles lineup. Crush Davis will be the cleanup man— most likely for the duration of the season. Newcomer Nelson Cruz will bat behind Davis in the five hole, giving the O’s a nice left-right punch. Cruz came over from the Texas Rangers this offseason as a free agent and will be playing left field and designated hitter on occasion. One area where Cruz excels is hitting for power, but he needs to find a way to get on base a bit more frequently than he has the past two seasons. Matt Wieters will resume his spot behind the plate, bringing his Gold Glove defense to the field every day. After Wieters—at least to start the season— is Delmon Young, who will DH as well as play left occasionally. Young was the first overall pick in the 2003 draft and has bounced around a bit during his eight-year career. Last year Young spent time with the Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies. His best season came in 2010 while on the Minnesota Twins, where he batted .298 with 21 home runs and 112 runs batted in. He also hit 46 doubles that year as well. If he can keep his head on straight, he will be a huge addition to this team. While Manny Machado is out, Ryan Flaherty will spend most of the time at third base. Flaherty is a jack-of-all-trades player, having the skill to play third base, second base, shortstop, and the outfield. When Machado comes back, the infield status will depend on how Jonathan Schoop plays at second as well as how well Flaherty is playing.

Speaking of Schoop, the young second baseman will start the season as the starter. He’s only 22, but hit very well in the preseason, batting .385 with two HR and eight RBI. In limited action last year, he batted .286 in five games, but being ranked as the 82nd overall top prospect by is nothing to sneeze at. This kid has what it takes to succeed. While Manny Machado starts the season on the DL, there is no reason his starting job at third is in jeopardy once he comes back. It could be some time this month, but the Orioles don’t want to rush his return. Other players that will factor in are backup catcher Steve Clevenger, infielder Steve Lombardozzi, and outfielders David Lough and Steve Pearce. Clevenger was part of the Scott Feldman trade last year that sent Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop to the Chicago Cubs. Clevenger was hitting well this spring, batting .472 with two HR and seven RBI in 36 at-bats. He has played in 83 games in his short MLB career, batting .204. Lombardozzi is a local boy from Fulton, Md., who came over at the end of March in a trade with the Detroit Tigers that sent Alex Gonzalez to Detroit. Lombardozzi has spent his first three years with the Washington Nationals, batting .264 over the course of 705 AB. Lough had a decent spring, batting .310, and gives the Orioles another quality outfielder. Lough was acquired back in December from the Kansas City Royals, where he spent the first two years of his career. During that time, he batted .278 over 116 games. Pearce is a familiar face around Baltimore, as this is his second year with the O’s, although he did spend time with the O’s in 2012. Pearce gives Baltimore another option in the outfield. He played solid in 2013, batting .261 with 4 HR and 13 RBI in 44 games. He showed a knack for getting on base, posting a .361 on base percentage last year. The Orioles led all of baseball last year in home runs, and this year they look to repeat as they will certainly put up their fair share of runs. Stay tuned, as next week I will run down the O’s pitchers.



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Moving & Hauling 1AAA ABC Attics, Bsmt, Garage, Yards. 20 yrs of honest hauling. Same Day. Call Mike: 410-446-1163 ABM'S HAULING Clean Houses Basements, Yards & Attics Haul free unwanted cars Match Any Price!!!! 443250-6703










Tom Allen Home Services




Termite & Pest Control

601 S. Luzerne Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224


410-675-4338 • MD State Inspections $ 5.00 off • MD Emissions Test Repairs


• Factory Scheduled Maintenance Premium 3000 Mile Maintenance • Foreign and Domestic Vehicles Service • Computer Diagnostic Specialist with this coupon • Road Service & Towing Available


Moppin Momma’s INC.


Insured & Bonded • Established 1995

Drain Cleaning & Sewer Line Replacement

410-522-4928 Raylene or 410-916-2971 Dot

$20 OFF SECOND CLEANING Moppin Mommas • 410-522-4928


Licensed & Insured Since 1973

Boiler Installation & Repair Don Peyton • Lic #7107 Credit Cards Accepted

410-563-0300 In Business for 32 Years

P easant ROOFERS

Serving Baltimore since the 1930’s!

• Roofing of all types • Skylights • Spouting

FREE ESTIMATES Residential & Commercial License #405

 Mention $UW/RYHV7D[HVFRP EC-20 for


$20 OFF


Bed Bug Control


licensed and insured


Thank You Baltimore! For voting us your Favorite Handyman 2 years in a row

Jim BuSH PlumBing

$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Senior Discount Visa, Mastercard & Discover Accepted


Residential & Commercial

• Roofing • Spouting • Skylights • Chimneys • Siding • Painting • Glass Block Windows • Deck Tops • Railings

24 Hour

10% OFF with this ad!

EmErgEncy SErvicE

Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Specialist

Reasonable Rates Fast Service

Herman Rossmark

Senior Discounts

Stilwell Plumbing

• Plumbing • Heating • Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling • Waterproofing • Drain Cleaning

24 Hour Emergency Service

Free Phone Estimates Residential and Commercial




Master Plumber: Carl Stilwell, Lic #18002



3727 E. Pratt St. 410-285-5556

General Household Repairs

Serving Baltimore City & County








410 - 327- 9190


efficient, reliable, honest

410-675-5440 MHIC# 1448

WATERPROOFING :HDUHRIIHULQJ)UHHRU We are offering free or low-cost ORZFRVWVSHHG\HÀOLQJ speedy e-filing. &DOORUZDONLQWRGD\ ZLWK\RXUODVWSD\VWXE Call or walk in today for your :HFDQRIIHUWKHEHVW happiest preparation ever. 5()81'6LQWRZQ We can offer the :HDUHOHVVWKDQ KDOIWKHFRVWRIRWKHU BEST REFUNDS in town! %LJ)LUPV

We0HQWLRQ(& are less than half the cost of other Big 3 Firms! IRURII


7002 Golden Ring Road 21237


Reach Baltimore’s Best Service Professionals… Advertise your business in the Baltimore Guide’s Service Directory

Call JESS CHANEY today! 410.732.6600 x3 •

ALWAYS WATERPROOFING 1-888-339-0660 We Will Beat Any Professional Written Estimate! Sump Pumps • Drainage Lines Water Removal • Window Well Drains Structural Repairs Downspout Lead Offs Rubber Membrane Walls



Wet Crawl Space?

Cracked Bricks?

Uneven Floors?

Concrete/ Crawlspace Basement Digouts Mold Remediation MHIC #94024


JES Has The Solution! F REE Inspections & Estimates!


$500 Off!*

*Any job over $3000. Good only when presented at time of free inspection. Not to be combined with any other offer.

Stella & Jesse Waltz, P.E., Owners Owned & Operated by Professional Engineers!




Health and Medical


Help for people with

Macular Degeneration

WET BASEMENTS STINK !! Mold, mildew and water leakage into your basement causes health and foundation damage. What can be done to fix the problem? Allstate American Waterproofing is an honest, hardworking local company. We will give you a FREE evaluation and estimate and a fair price. We have repaired thousands of basements in the area; we can provide local references. When your neighbors needed waterproofing, they called Allstate American. Why don’t you? Call now to receive a 20% discount with your FREE ESTIMATE. MHIC#36672

Find out if special glasses can help you see better. Call Today To Schedule Your FREE Low Vision Screening.


CALL 1 800 420 7783 NOW!

Urgent news for DIABETICS with


The diabetes drug, ACTOS®, has been linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking ACTOS®, ACTOplus met®, ACTOplus met® XR or duetact®, call us now about making a claim for substantial monetary compensation. No fees or costs until your case settles. We practice law only in Arizona, but associate with lawyers throughout the U.S.

GOLDBERG & OSBORNE 1-800-THE-EAGLE (1-800-843-3245)

915 W. Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85013




General Commercial Contractor

• Gutters • Drywall • Painting • Masonary Work • Brick Pointing

• Steps • Stucco • Concrete • Demolitions • Kitchens/ Bathrooms

call: 443-621-7040 Licensed & Insured #30602608


Rain Gutters starting at $350/12 ft Gutters

GUTTERS-ROOFING SIDING-WINDOWS DECKING-SUNROOMS 35 years Experience Free Estimates Licensed and Insured Featured Nationally on NBC’s The Today Show #50888-1 #50888

Health and Medical


Employment Services GET PAID TO PLAY THE LOTTERY FREE LOTTERY TICKETS . SINCE 1996. FREE DETAILS 24/7 RECORDED MESSAGE 1877-526-6957 ID B6420 VISIT GROUP LEADER WANTED Needed 45 hour certificate for school age. Excellent pay. Good Hours. Please call- 410477-5216 General Employment AUTOMOTIVE TECH Looking for a B level Tech. Some diagnostic skills helpful. A/C shop, no Sat. Call Paul 410688-7875 CARPENTERS EXP'D Framing, siding, trim. Tools & trans req. Email or fax resume 410584-2344

CDL OPERATORS FULL TIME OPENINGS!! CDL Operator Openings: $17.00 20.00/Hour With only CDL permit: $15.00-17.00/Hour Plenty of overtime available. Please call Video Pipe Services, Inc. at 301-931-0707 for Moving & Hauling further details EOE. Excellent M I K E ' S H A U L I N G S E R - benefits package VICES ALL TYPES trash removed From your home. No CUSTOMER RELATIONS job too big or small. Reas. REP ACCEPTING CANDIDrates, free est. Call Mike 410- ATES IMMEDIATELY LOOK294-8404 ING TO INTERVIEW AND TRAIN FOR FT START $18/hr avg pd wkly +BONUS AUTOMOTIVE Entry level positions available with Opportunity to advance Autos Trucks Wanted We Prefer No Experience as WE WILL TRAIN YOU StuAARON BUYS CARS / dents 18+ welcome for F/T TRUCKS any year or condition Fair Prices 410-258-0602 summer

Get Social with the Guide Community news, events, people, dining, businesses & more


General Employment

TELE AGENTS NEEDED Calling for a well known charity. Bilingual welcome & encouraged. If you are reliable and dedicated we need you. Only part time, PM shift available. Saturdays are mandatory.

For more information call

410.327.5900 or apply at

Central Donation Services 3702 Bank Street Baltimore, MD 21224

Monday-Friday 2-4 PM only.

To work from home call



Press Service 2000 Capital Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401

SPREAD YOUR MESSAGE to over 4 Million readers with an ad this size for just $1,450! For a limited time, BUY 4 ADS, GET ONE FREE!*

CALL TODAY! 1-855-721-6332 Wanda Smith, ext. 6 *Certain conditions apply.








Flea Market


EASTER BUNNY craft & vendor fair 4/12, 9-5, The American Legion, 8666 Silver Lake Dr, Perry Hall. Raffle to benefit The American Legion. Bring camera to get free photo w/Easter Bunny (12-3)! Free adm. Carolyn 443-655-7816 HOWARD COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS Kids Nearly New Spring Sale 3 weeks Sat. April 12. 8a-1p Exhibition Bldg. Free Admis. 140 family booths selling NB - teen stuff. Sellers & shoppers, thanks for a fantastic March sale!

406 S. Highland Ave. Highlandtown Baltimore, MD 21224

Outer Banks, NC Vacation Homes! Over 500 Vacation Homes, from Duck to Corolla, rindley Oceanfront to Soundfront, each Private Pools, Hot Tubs, Book Online at


“ S E R V I C E F I R S T … F U N A LWAY S ! ”

Garages for Rent/Sale

CANTON / HIGHLANDTOWN For Sale AREA. Safe, sturdy and dry A-1 & double shredded dark storage. 410-817-9750 or 410mulch $25/yd. 5 yd minimum. 391-9387 Spreading available. Call 443686-1567 DULANEY VALLEY MEMORIAL GARDENS 2 lots w/2 vaults and 2 interment fees, $6000 Call 410-8235760 Wanted to Buy WAR MEMORABILIA wtd I buy uniforms, medals, weapons, equipment, etc. Call 410-241-8171

Pets and More…


Houses for Rent EAST BALTIMORE 502 N. Bouldin St. 2br, front porch, new kit, gas heat. $895/mo. Sec 8 OK. 410-446-4970

Pick a state! , any state

Why call anyone else?

410-276-0055 443-831-0362 443-226-5687

Stephen J. Potorti - Broker/Owner Sandra Benavente - Agent Serving Baltimore for almost 30 years!

EQUAL HOUSING All Real Estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to indicate preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for Real Estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby imformed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. If you believe that you may have been discriminated against in connection with the sale, rental or financing of housing, call The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at 1-800-669-9777.

Realtors, want more listings?



¡Serviendo a Baltimore por casi 30 años! Oficina BILINGUE

MDDC Press works with fellow press associations across the country to give you the best possible buys on advertising wherever you need it. We take care of scheduling and placement at no extra cost to you, and you save time and money. Call Wanda Smith at ext. 6 today.

Press Service 2000 Capital Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401

Nancy knows Baltimore!

The Baltimore Guide reaches more homeowners in East Baltimore than any other publication. See how easy and affordable it is to advertise with the Guide. Call 410-732-6600

Patterson Park’s Best Buy! 2 BR, 2.5 BA rehab, possible 3rd BR in finished basement w/full bath, gleaming hardwoods, stainless steel appliances, whirlpool tub, deck off kitchen. Call Nancy for details. April tax time special - $5,000 towards buyers closing costs! Refreshments served!

916 S. CONKLING ST. Awesome, 2 BR (one is a walkthrough) 1 BA rehab on great block. Tons of updates, walk to Canton Crossing!

Nancy Rachuba 410-905-1417 DIVERSIFIED REALTY 410-675-SOLD

We’ll buy your house for cash today! We will buy your home today, no hassles, no real estate agents, no commissions and no closing costs. We will buy any house, in any condition, anywhere. Member of the BBB We are entering our 35th year of business

Visit us online at

the friendly people...

How it works: • Free estimate over the phone, or online. • Immediate appointments to see your house. • Immediate firm price commitment. • Settle anytime you like. • Settlement takes about 15-30 minutes. • Leave with your check and peace of mind




a l t i m o re BG U I D E CROSSWORD

PHIL TIRABASSI Owner/Broker 443-690-0552

Full Service Discount ExpertsSM



“Waterfront Specialist”

Betty Johnson 410-499-8321

Robert Kraemer 443-695-2431



OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, APRIL 6 • 12-2 418 CALVIN AVENUE • BALTIMORE • $145,000 BALTIMORE BA8228224 Oakenshawe. 2-3 BR, 1.5 BA. New gourmet kitchen w/stainless appliances, breakfast bar & beautiful cabinets. 1st floor den could be 3rd BR. Refinished hardwoods, laundry & new bath on UL. New HVAC, tile, carpet, doors & more.

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, APRIL 6 • 12-2 2812 PAGE DRIVE • BALTIMORE • $127,500 BALTIMORE BC8245037 Charming 2 BR, 1 BA single family home good neighborhood in 21222. Pre inspected, all items addressed. New bath & carpet, single level living, large open fenced yard with private off street parking. Bring all offers, won’t last long. BALTIMORE CITY BA8214978 Huge 5 BR/2BA w/den. Needs some work, great potential. Being sold as-is. Seller will make no repairs. Buyer to verify ground rent. If ground rent exists, seller will not redeem. Subject to third party approval.

BALTIMORE BC8210660 Beautiful 2 bedroom home with hardwood floor in living room and bedrooms. Ceramic tiles in kitchen.

BALTIMORE BC8230993 Single family home! Beautiful hardwood floors, crown molding, stainless app, FP, pool, deck, corner lotCorner lot, large parking pad! Move in ready! Absolutely gorgeous! Make appointment today!!

BALTIMORE BA8227029 This is a lovely home currently being used for an investment property but would also make a great starter home.

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HOWARD CO HW8264867 3/4 BR (in-law suite), 3.5 BA, huge master suite w/ jacuzzi, walk-in closet, skylight. Hdwds on 1st fl. SS appl, granite, island, gas stove, wall mount tv’s. Wired for direct tv/fios. Crown molding, chair rail, cust. window treatments, wood blinds.

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DUNDALK BC8265087 Cape Cod. 4 BR/ 2 BA. Fenced rear yard. Carpet, CAC. Off street parking, one car garage and shed. This property has a lot of potential. Subject to 3rd party approval. SOLD STRICTLY AS-IS. Seller will make no repairs.Convenient location.

PERRYVILLE CC8273400 4 BR, 2.5 BA in beacons point. Upgrades include hardwoods, 2 gas FP, huge walk-in, soaking tub, double sink. Rough in LL, 2 FR, close to 95, shopping and hollywood casino in perryville, just over Harf. Co. bridge.

BALTIMORE BA8277420 New listing, 3 BR, 1.5 BA . New stove, refridgerator, carpet, freshly painted in neutral colors. W/D included. Parking in rear. Own your home for the price of renting, take advantage of your first time home buyers credits.

BALTIMORE BC8278013 Lovely 3 BR/1.5 Bath. Many recent updates including carpet, paint, cabinets, kitchen flooring. Finished lower level with a half bath. Very convenient to Baltimore City, I 95, Bayview Hospital and shopping.

BALTIMORE BC8287606 Water privileged neighborhood. 4 bed, 2 full ba, 2 half ba w/finished basement & attached garage. Back yard on cul-de-sac. Updated w/floors, new stove/oven, DW, heat pump, hot water heater to name a few. Ask about furniture.

BALTIMORE CITY BC8288720 Waterview. 2-3 BR, 1.5 BA, newly finished basement, shed, and updates in bathroom and kitchen. AS-IS but with a few cosmetics make this your home or add it to your rental portfolio. Buyers agent gets bonus if ratified contract by April 15th. Priced to sell.

BALTIMORE CITY BA8290101 Huge w/5 BR & 2 BA. Sold as-is. Seller will make no repairs. Third party approval required. Subject to existing lease. Buyer responsible for verifying ground rent. If ground rent exists, seller will not redeem.

BALTIMORE BC8292235 This is a lovely 3 bedroom 2 bath home with a 2 car garage and built in pool. Home is just waiting for you to move in and make it your own.

ANNE ARUNDAL AA8298646 This is a lovely 3rd level condo great for someone just starting out or someone down sizing. Has stainless steel appliances. This is a must see.


Now Interviewing New & Experienced Agents.



free SCreenInG AVAIlABle offering land and water-based therapy to treat a full range of outpatient physical therapy needs including: Acute/Chronic Pain Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Fibromyalgia Gait Dysfunction History of Falls Joint Disease Low Back Pain MVA Injury

Neck Pain Orthopedics Spine Injury Sports Injury Sprains Tendonitis Vestibular/Balance Work Injury And Much More

CAll for AppoIntment todAy! We’re In Your Neighborhood

free pAtIent trAnSportAtIon new 3200 sq. ft. facility!

3700 Fleet St. - Suite 109

featuring Aquatic therapy


Accepted Insurances: All Worker’s Compensation, Amerigroup, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bravo, Carefirst, Cigna, Coventry, Department of Labor, Employer Health Program, Maryland Physicians Care, United Healthcare, TRICARE, US Family Health Plan, and Priority Partners. Personal, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp, Motor Vehicle

Choose The Quality of Mercy… for Your Personal Physician Specializing in Internal Medicine Fadi N. Saikali, M.D., and Sebastian K. John, M.D., are proud to offer primary care services for adults in the Canton community. Drs. Saikali and John guide patients through specialty treatments and offer preventive care as well as educate patients so they can make the best possible health care decisions.

Now accepting new patients.

410-342-4142 2801 Hudson Street Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Baltimore Guide - April 2, 2014  
Baltimore Guide - April 2, 2014  

Baltimore Guide - April 2, 2014