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DO YOU KNOW THIS GUY? Southeastern District police want to talk to him about a slew of car break-ins in Canton.

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Show looks at our sense of place and belonging (and not) BY JACQUELINE WATTS EDITOR@BALTIMOREGUIDE.COM Bob Cullen is a writer. He covered the fall of the Soviet Union for Newsweek and the New Yorker. He covered the diplomatic beat for the Associated Press. He is the author of 16 books, including five novels featuring a reporter stationed in the Soviet Union who won’t back down from a story no matter what and no matter who is shooting at him. The Soviets did not normally issue visas for photographers, pesky creatures who poke their lenses where authoritarian governments think they don’t belong. So when Newsweek posted Cullen to Moscow, they “gave me a camera and a half-hour lesson and said ‘you’re going to need to do this,’” he recalled. He caught the bug. He shot hundreds of photos in Moscow—funerals in Red Square, parades, street scenes, all kinds of things. When he got back from three years in the crumbling Soviet Union, he kept shooting. “The more I do it the more I enjoy it. It is very expressive to me,” he says. Tonight is the first night of a show of Cullen’s photographs at Five Points Tavern, 1120 E. Fort Ave. in Locust Point. The show, called “Addresses,” features ten Baltimore buildings in neighborhoods as different as Guilford and The Block. In front of the building is someone you wouldn’t expect to see there. For instance, why is there a barefooted surgeon lounging in front of a

Cullen recruited friends and friendsof-friends as models, then placed them in unexpected situations and places. “I wanted a juxtaposition of expectations and environment,” he said. Photo courtesy Bob Cullen



DENNIS E. CUOMO Attorney At Law

* CRIMINAL CASES * D.W.I/TRAFFIC (Former Assistant States’ Attorney)


Science Center offers a journey to the center of the bug world BY MARY HELEN SPRECHER


It’s time to embrace the bugs. No, not stinkbugs and bedbugs. Cute, friendly bugs. Like Harry, a Chinese praying mantis who stands ready to take kids and their families on an educational journey through the insect habitats via the Maryland Science Center. (It’s a journey sponsored by a pest control company, too, but that’s a

point for another time). “Harry’s Big Adventure: My Bug World!” opens this Saturday, Feb. 4, and runs through through the end of April. The exhibit divvies up the world into multiple zones (including water, forest, meadow, cropland and house) to see how insects impact their surroundings, the environment and ultimately human lives. And since this is a kid-oriented exhibit, Ask about our Gold Buying Parties!



No G am

323-325 S. Conkling Street Nosotros Pagamos Mas Por el ORO!

Telly S. Md.Lic#2366

after all, there’s a ‘bug art’ area where visitors can express their creativity by building their own bugs, making a rubbing of insects found throughout the exhibit or drawing their favorite character from Harry’s Big Adventure. The opening weekend includes segments by trained entomologists from the Audubon Insectarium. There’s also a feature, “Under CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 the Bug Top,”

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Coins Any Condition! No Gimmicks!

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Notice of zoning hearing change

Sound off on tax proposal


Gov. Martin J. O’Malley is proposing that the six percent state sales tax apply to gasoline sales at your local ďŹ lling station. The tax would be imposed instead of the 15-cent gasoline tax proposed by a blue ribbon transportation commission last year. Some highlights: • The sales tax would be phased in over three years, two percent at a time. • The tax would be collected on the retail price of the gasoline minus any state and federal gasoline taxes already reected in the price. Currently the state imposes a 23.5-cent tax and the federal government collects 18.4 cents a gallon. • The sales tax would not be applied to home heating oil. • The cash collected, estimated at $613 million per year when the tax is fully imposed, would be used for transportation projects and maintenance of bridges and roads. Maryland State Senate President Thomas V. “Mikeâ€? Miller calls it “a tough sell.â€? What do you think? We’ll print some of the printable comments next week. —Jacqueline Watts, editor

Playbook Bar hearing rescheduled to evening, Feb. 21 The Baltimore City Municipal Zoning and Appeals Board has rescheduled its hearing concerning the Play Book Sports Bar, located in the 5300 block of German Hill Road. The hearing will take place during the 5 p.m. docket on Tuesday, Feb. 21. The location will be the Board of Estimates Room, no. 215, in the City Hall building, 100 N. Holliday Street. The hearing was previously scheduled for Feb. 7, but was changed to accommodate the number of community members who wanted to be present for the hearing. According to Celestine “Babe� Grabowski of the Graceland Park Improvement Association, the bar would like to be able to have live music and dancing (it presently has entertainment provided by a D.J., and many community residents oppose the change, Grabowski says). Further information regarding the hearing, and the issue it pertains to, will be covered as the hearing nears.

Congratulations to Carol Wilson of Canton, who is the winner of the Baltimore Guide’s Super Bowl contest. Grand prize was a 42-inch Sharp flatscreen TV. Staffers sorted through hundreds of entries, and entries with the correct number of footballs (18) in the January 18 Guide were entered into a drawing. Congratulations to the winner, and thanks to all the people who entered!

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Wednesday, FEBRUARY 1, 2012

The Baltimore Guide 3

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with interactive games and competitions, as well as a bug petting zoo. Oh, and there are regularly scheduled roach races, and insect delicacies cooked up by the Bug Chef. We’ll wait while you read that last sentence again.

“May we help you?” 526 S. Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD 21224 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Ed Hoffman, Publisher 410-732-6600 ext. 8 General Manager Oversees All Departments

OFFICE Jackie Miller, Office 410-732-6600 ext. 1 Billing questions, delivery issues and other account inquiries

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The exhibit is sponsored by Terminix since, well, who knows more about bugs? Note: Information about “Harry’s Big Adventure: My Bug World” is available through the Maryland Science Center, 410-685-2370,




Are you watching the Super Bowl? If so, who are you rooting for? Beverly Coe Loch Raven “I couldn’t care less about it this year. It’s not as much fun to watch anymore — not even the commercials are as funny.”

Above: Harry, the Chinese praying praying mantis greets visitors to the new exhibit at the Maryland Science Center, “Harry’s Big Adventure: My Bug World!” which opens this Saturday (Feb. 4) and runs through through the end of April. Below: A scorpion, one of the highly cool but less user-friendly residents of the exhibit. Images courtesy of Terminix.

Chad Knox Lansdowne “I hope somebody wins.”

Mary Helen Sprecher, Staff Writer 410-732-6602 / 410-732-6600 ext. 6 General reporting, calendar, crime

Jason Butt, Sports/Feature Writer 410-732-6600 Sports and feature writer

SALES Casey Cassell, Account Executive 410-732-6618 / 410-732-6600 ext. 3 Display advertising for businesses

Delores Langley, Classified Account Executive 410-732-6616 ext. 2 Display advertising for businesses Classifieds, Service Directory, Announcements

Glen Knox Lansdowne “I’m one of the original Ravens fans, but I think New England will probably win the Super Bowl.” Elmer Esh Lancaster, Pa. “I don’t like either of them, but the Giants will probably win.”

PRODUCTION Jennifer Franz, Art Director 443-573-2950 / 410-732-6600 ext. 7

Chad Smith,Graphic Artist, Webmaster 410-732-6600

Contributing Photographers Thomas C. Scilipoti, Bill Lear, Maggie Allen, Anna Santana Contributing Writer Andy Mindzak, The Birds House Member MDDC - the Maryland-Delaware Press Association © 2011 Ascend Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.

From Facebook:

Sheri Poisyn Henderson: Not watching the Super Bowl, don’t like either team! It will only make me madder at the Ravens player who couldn’t hold on to that touchdown!! Will be working on some projects. Patricia Jefferson: I am being a sore loser...not watching!!

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....and some bugs to avoid Vaccination clinics available locally

The Baltimore Health Department continues to offer vaccination clinics for local residents. In previous flu seasons, the H1N1strain of flu was a big fear; however, this year, say Baltimore Health Department officials, the flu shot individuals will receive will be a combination vaccine which will also guard against H1N1 as well as other flu strains. The drive to fell the flu has already kicked off. Free flu shots are available throughout December to everyone (children, adults and seniors) as follows: Wednesdays and Mondays (Feb. 1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 22, 27 and 29): Baltimore City Health Department Immuniza-

tion Office, 1800 N. Charles Street, Suite 600: 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Thursdays and Tuesdays (Feb. 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23 and 28): 10 a.m.1 p.m. at the Baltimore City Health Department Eastern District, 620 N. Caroline Street. Monday, Feb. 20 is a holiday, and no vaccination clinics will be held. Bring all vaccination records; call 410-396-4454 with any questions. Note: Vaccines for children are given from the TIKE (To Immunize Kids Everywhere) van which also travels to many health fairs and community activities. Information is available at 410-396-4454, or at

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Essex Pawn Star of the Week

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BY JACQUELINE WATTS EDITOR@BALTIMOREGUIDE.COM It had been years since either of us walked into Regi’s, the wonderful restaurant that anchors Federal Hill’s Restaurant Row. Our next visit won’t take as long, because Regi’s is a place with fine food, friendly, efficient and unobtrusive service, and the prices aren’t that bad either. What more is there to ask for? Regi’s was a revelation when it opened in 1978, because Baltimore had the Prime Rib and Marconi’s, and it had carryouts and burger joints, and there was practically nothing in-between. Regi’s immediately became wildly popular for its crab cakes. The Big Thing then was nouvelle cuisine, and Regi’s served up some remarkable chicken, fish and lamb chops along with the crab cakes, but the real revelation back then was the sides, which were delicious all by themselves. People flocked to the place, and they haven’t stopped. On a recent sleepy Thursday lunchtime with very few people on the street, Regi’s was hopping, with many hardy souls sitting on the sidewalk patio, which is enclosed for the winter. We opted for one of the many small, inviting dining rooms. The restaurant is carved out of four rowhouses, and instead of one large dining room, there are several small ones. It’s comfy and elegant without being intimidating. Regi’s has the dishes you would expect on the menu, but the kitchen dishes them up in unexpected ways. We tried the Buffalo Oysters for a starter, six plump breaded, fried oysters served with the requisite hot sauce and a big mound of blue cheese dressing. We ate the fresh greens garnish so we could finish the rest of the dressing. Delightful. After such a good start, who could resist something called a garbage salad? It’s Regi’s version of a cobb salad, with a little bit of everything served over a garden salad. The garbage salad has shrimp and salami, olives and artichokes with great big spicy pepperoncinis arranged artistically over a salad of romaine. Even the meatloaf sandwich is different—the baked meatloaf is slathered with

barbecue sauce, grilled and served with crispy fried onion slivers on Texas toast. There is a side of Regi fries, which are fresh and twice-fried to achieve that crisp exterior and soft interior. Serving fresh foods carefully prepared is a way of showing respect for the customer, and Regi’s is very respectful indeed. Our tab for an excellent lunch came to $44.30 including tax but not the tip. Regi’s, 1002 Light St. (410-539-7344), is open daily for lunch and dinner and serves a legendary Sunday brunch.

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Wedding Color Cues




By Tresa Erickson You recently got engaged, and the excitement is brewing. You can't wait to start the wedding planning. One of the first decisions you'll face is selecting a color palette. There are so many shades to choose from. How do you decide? While some brides have no trouble selecting a color palette, others struggle with it. The good news is that there are many facets from which you may take your color cues, starting with your color faves. What colors are you drawn to? Gold? Orange? Red? If you love red and can't picture yourself getting married without it, then you have already won half the battle. All you need to do now is select one or two more colors, and you will have your palette. If the red is rather intense, you might opt for some neutrals like white, silver, black or gray. Don't have a favorite color? No problem. Look to your choices in apparel for your color cues. Start shopping for bridesmaid dresses, and once you select a style and color, take your cues from it. If the dresses are purple, you'll want to make sure you work in some shade of

Inspired Design • Enticing Flavors • Eco-Friendly

purple into your palette. The same goes with the tuxes. If the groom has chosen gray tuxes, then you'll want to make sure gray is either part of your palette or goes well with it. Flowers also provide important color cues. What flowers are in season and what are you hoping to incorporate into your wedding? If you have your eye on a lot of pale pink blooms, then you will definitely want to work that color into your palette, or at the very least, choose a complementary palette. Location and season can also provide color cues. Check out the venues you have selected for the ceremony and the reception. Do any of the colors there appeal to you? If you are getting married in a gazebo surrounded by yellow tulips, perhaps a cream palette with accents of maize and gold would work well. Season can also make a difference. Winter colors differ dramatically from summer colors. Maroon and silver might serve a November wedding well, but not a May wedding. Still having trouble selecting a color palette? Consider current trends. A couple rounds of shopping should clue

Horton’s House of

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friend who just got married. Think about all of the items you have selected thus far from the wedding dress to the wedding cake. If you've got a lot of ivory and cream going on, you might want to select a color that pops. Keep in mind that just because you select a color palette early on doesn't mean it will work. Be willing to make some changes the deeper you get into the planning. That pale green you chose for your accent color might turn into forest green once you select the invitations. Light green lettering doesn't show up nearly as well on crisp, white paper as dark green does. Whether you choose the color palette or let it choose you, be open to change. You never know. That burgundy you're hoping for might serve your April wedding better as fuschia.

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WEDDING PACKAGES INCLUDE: Photographers time for the day, a proof magazine as well as online viewing and ordering. Ask about a Complimentary Engagement Session! Also Available: Engagement Sessions, Photo Guest Book, Signature Mat, 6 different styles of Bridal Albums, Parent & Grandparnt Albums, Loose Prints, Digital Files & More!

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Wedding Who Will Stand Up For Me?



By Ann Bare "Oh dear," you think to yourself. "My sister gets cranky so easily. My best friend, although I love her dearly, is unpredictable and undependable. I have some friends from school, but we rarely talk and really only keep in touch through Facebook. My coworkers are becoming friendlier, but we are not what I would call friends yet. I'm getting married in six months and I want to have a stress-free wedding. Whom do I choose to be in my wedding party?" It's not always possible to select the "perfect" attendants. Personalities, traditions, expectations and cultural mores can influence a bride's choice of her maid or matron of honor and her bridesmaids. There are those who expect to be asked to be in your wedding; after all, you were in theirs. Your sisters and closest cousins would be natural choices-especially to Mom and sweet Auntie. Your best friend and you pinky-swore years ago that you would be at each other's side, but now

her life decisions are not making her a suitable choice. The hard-to-decide task just got more difficult. So whose wedding is it anyway? You want to look back on this day and have pleasant memories so make your decisions accordingly. What do you want to remember? Pasted smiles on an array of size 3 gals and tuxedoed handsome men flanking a radiant couple? The hope of having your wedding photo featured in the hometown paper's next bridal insert? Beautifully coiffed hairstyles and tiny ankles beneath tea-length dresses? What will really make your day happily memorable? Do you even have to have attendants? Centuries ago the role of the maid of honor or bridesmaid was to attend to the bride several days before her wedding; an additional role of attendants, both bridesmaids and groomsmen, was to dress similarly to the wedded couple in order to confuse evil spirits or jealous suitors who might try to sabotage the wedding or in some way harm the

couple. Thankfully, the duties have become less risky and demanding and may be as simple as signing as a witness to the marriage. (Because state laws vary, verify how many witnesses' signatures are needed on the marriage certificate.) In selecting whom you will ask to stand up for you at your wedding, first share your concern with your fiancé and consider his input. Then consider those who are dear to you and whom you respect. The person whom you select should see the opportunity as both an honor and a privilege to be standing at your side. Perhaps there is an older woman whose marriage you admire. Maybe your childhood friend would laugh with you before, during and after the ceremony, adding to a life full of meaningful experiences. Perhaps your sister has become the trusted confidante you have come to appreciate and she would be the "perfect" choice. Perhaps a male friend would serve as your bridesman (with your fiance's approval, of course). The choice is yours.

The goal of your bridal party selection is to enhance your memorable day with favorable circumstances and experiences. Choose wisely...and enjoy your day!

Over the Top

By Tresa Erickson

Many a young girl dreams of marrying her prince one day in a lavish wedding. Planning such a wedding requires time and money, and lots of it. The more elaborate the wedding, the higher the price tag. Experts suggest that the average price for a wedding today runs anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000. For many folks, the figure is staggering. For others, it is a mere pittance. There have been many weddings costing in the millions of dollars throughout history, but the most expensive to date belongs to that of Vanish Mittal and Amit Bhatia. The six-day affair was held in France in 2004 and cost $55 to $60 million. Mittal's father, the Indian Steel Maharajah, picked up the tab for the affair, which included performances by Sha Rukh Khan and Kylie Minogue. Next to a multimillion-dollar wedding, a $12 million wedding dress might seem like nothing. The Diamond Wedding Gown from Renee Strausse and Martin Katz Jewellers featured 150 carats of diamonds and was the most expensive in the world. It was shown at the Luxury Brands Lifestyle Bridal Show in 2006, while the second-most expensive wedding dress was shown at Dubai's Fashion & Diamonds Show. Designed by Yumi Katsura, the gown featured a thousand pearls and one of only two five-carat white gold diamonds in the world. It was valued at $8.5 million. For wedding cakes, nothing can top the $20 million masterpiece of Nahid La Patisserie Artistique and Mimi So. The cake appeared in 2006 at the Luxury Bridal Show in Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Decked with jewels, it was not intended to be eaten. The tab for flowers for the average wedding can run in the hundreds of dollars, but the most expensive wedding bouquet cost way more, about $125,000. The red and white bouquet features 90 gemstones, nine diamonds and a star-shaped ruby and is on display on the sixth floor of the Ruby Plaza in Hano, Vietnam. Money is not always an object in wedding planning. It is hard to imagine someone spending millions of dollars on a once-in-a-lifetime event, but it does happen, often with celebrities and the well-to-do. Sometimes the marriage works, and sometimes it doesn't, begging the question if over-the-top weddings are worth it.

Call for an appointment 3309-21 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21224

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Big Fat Bawlmer Wedding: The Baltimore Art & Music Project holds “My Big Fat Bawlmer Wedding” on March 2, 7 p.m.-midnight at the UAW Ha11, 1010 S. Oldman Street in Greektown, $35/person before Feb. 18, $40/person after that. Dinner, fun wedding traditions, music, dancing and more. Come dressed in your finery (or come casual) for wedding fun. Info:, 410-288-0610.

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Items for Community Calendar can be mailed (along with check or credit card information when appropriate) to The Baltimore Guide at 526 S. Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD 21224, faxed to 410-732-6604, or e-mailed to Deadline for each week’s issue is Friday at noon of the week before. A contact name, phone number or e-mail must be included with all submissions. Wednesday, February 1 Happy Hour: Highlandtown’s artists and neighbors hold a happy hour on the first Wednesday of each month, 4 p.m.8 p.m at the Laughing Pint. The next is Wednesday, Feb. 1. Thursday, February 2 Go, Ravens! Interested in rooting for the Ravens? Tryouts will be held for co-ed Ravens Cheerleaders with skill clinics starting in February. Skill clinics are held on Feb. 7 (registration deadline Feb. 2) and Feb. 18 (deadline of Feb. 16). Applicants are also being sought for Playmakers (the all-female promotional team that makes appearances in bars and on game days at the stadium). The 2012 Cheerleader Tryouts are March 3 at the Downtown Athletic Club. The Playmaker Tryouts are March 4 also at the Downtown Athletic Club. Info on both can be obtained by going to and clicking on the “People” tab. Open House: St. Casimir Catholic School, 1035 S. Kenwood Avenue, has open houses on Thursday, Feb. 2 and Monday, Feb. 20, 9 a.m.-11 a.m. Info: 410-342-2681, Friday, February 3 Night at the Races: St. Francis of Assisi Athletic Association has a ca-

sino themed “Night at the Races” in the church hall, 3615 Harford Road, on Friday, Feb. 3, 7 p.m.-11 p.m., $15/person. Info: Stefan or Michelle Hoehn 410-4671683, Saturday, February 4 Bake Sale and Burgers! VFW #10078 Ladies Auxiliary, 425 E. Fort Avenue, will host a bake sale and Coney Island burger lunch on Saturday, Feb. 4, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Carry-out available. Wear your heart on your sleeve and get your game-face on! Softball Sign-Ups: Fortview Community Softball, co-ed leagues for ages 5-17, currently have sign-ups every Saturday at the Du Burns Arena. The next will be on Feb. 4. Sign-ups are held from 9 a.m.noon now through March 31. Bring children’s birth certificate for proof of age, and be ready to pay registration fee. Info: Larry Vallerani 410-633-6672. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bear): The Baltimore Museum of Industry (BMI), 1415 Key Highway, has its Teddy Bear Picnic on Saturday, Feb. 4, 10 a.m.-noon. Songs, stories, crafts and more. $8 BMI members, $10 general public. Info/reservations: Gena Morris 410-727-4808 ext. 132,, www. Natural Fun: On Saturday, Feb. 4, the Patterson Park Audubon Center and the Creative Alliance team up for free fun and nature with kids. From 12:30 p.m.2:30 p.m., it’s Audubon’s Tricky Trees Safari. Meet at the Pagoda in Patterson Park. Have family fun learning to identify trees and their importance to birds in the park. Register in advance at or call 410-558-2473. Afterwards, hit the Creative Alliance for “Billy B, Na- CONTINUED ON PAGE 9


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8 ture in the Cityâ&#x20AC;? at 3 p.m. Billed as â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Natural Science Song and Dance Man,â&#x20AC;? Billy B entertains family audiences with hilarious (but scientiďŹ cally correct) rock tunes and physical comedy that opens their eyes to the natural world around them. Great for ages 5-12, fun for all! Register in advance at, 410-276-1651. Skating 101: The Mimi di Pietro Ice rink in Patterson Park has â&#x20AC;&#x153;Learn to Skateâ&#x20AC;? lessons starting on Saturdays, Feb. 4 through March 3, $70 for 5 weeks, ($2 extra per session for skate rental), 1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. Info: 410-396-9392, Monday, February 6 Canton Branch News: While the Canton Branch of the library is closed, the Friends of the Canton Library will continue to meet on the ďŹ rst Monday of the month at the South East Anchor Library, 3601 Eastern Avenue, 6:30 p.m. The next meeting is Monday, Feb. 6. The â&#x20AC;&#x153;Canton Memories Programâ&#x20AC;? is held on Saturday, Feb. 11 at 2 p.m. and will feature author Gary Helton. The program will be held at Messiah Lutheran Church, 1025 S. Potomac Street. B.Y.O. memorabilia to share. Congressional Consultation: A staff representative from Congressman John Sarbanesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ofďŹ ce visits the Southeast Anchor Library on the ďŹ rst Monday of the month from 3 p.m.-4 p.m. to assist constituents with issues they are having with federal agencies, such as the IRS and Social Security. The next date is Monday, Feb. 6. Info: 410-832-8890. Police and Community: The SouthEast Police Community Relations Coun-

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to do!

cil meets on Monday, Feb. 6, 7 p.m at the Southeastern District of the Baltimore Police Department, 5710 Eastern Ave. This meeting repeats the ďŹ rst Monday of each month. Tuesday, February 7 Yappy Hour: There is a happy hour to beneďŹ t the Canton Dog Park on Tuesday, Feb. 7. 6 p.m.-8 p.m. at Claddaghâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pub, $2/person cover charge, 50/50 rafďŹ&#x201A;e. Happy hour specials and complimentary snacks. Note: Humans only at this event. Info: Transit and Traffic: There will be a community meeting Tuesday, Feb. 7, at 7 p.m. to discuss parking and transportation issues in Southeast Baltimore. Councilman Jim Kraft will be there, as will representatives from the city Department of Transportation and the Parking Authority. All are invited. Info: 410-396-4821. Thursday, February 9 Car Wars: The Motor Trend International Auto Show comes to the Baltimore Convention Center Feb. 9-12. Info: Hampstead Hill: Hampstead Hill Association meets on the second Thursday of each month. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, Feb. 9 at 6 p.m. at Hampstead Hill Academy, 500 S. Linwood Avenue, in the library. Pizza will be served. Info: Jean Pula 410-370-2644, Calling All Writers: The Baltimore Science Fiction Society holds its Writers Circle, in which writers can receive constructive criticism of their sci-ďŹ or fantasy work. Meetings are held the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. at BSFS, 3310 E. Baltimore Street. The next will be Feb. 9 and


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Feb. 23. Info: Mark the calendar for... Flea Market Vendors: A ďŹ&#x201A;ea market will be held to beneďŹ t 4th graders at Patterson Park Public Charter School (PPPCS)â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s trip to Medieval Times. Vendor tables available for $10. Flea market is on Saturday, Feb. 11, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at PPPCS Cafeteria, 2726 E Baltimore Street. Info: JennineA@ or 410-960-0724. Whereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The Beef: Graceland United Methodist Church, 6714 Youngstown Avenue, Dundalk, has a sour beef and dumpling dinner on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall, $13.50/person, childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s menu and pricing available. Info: 410-633-8799. Ski Trip: St. Leoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s young adult ski trip scheduled for Jan. 28 was postponed to late March. Events planned for this group target ages 21 to 39. Info: Deacon Kevin Bagley 410-591-8889 or Stage Interests: The Baltimore Playwrights Festival needs volunteers to direct staged readings of new scripts by local playwrights. Readings will take place on Saturdays in February and March, at various theaters in the Baltimore area. No experience necessary. Info: Miriam Bazensky vchair@, 410-756-2762. Community Notebook Crime Prevention: The Southern District Police Community Relations Council holds COP walks as follows. Note: Unless otherwise speciďŹ ed, all walks are 7 p.m. Check the website for rules and policies, and for weather-related cancellations of walks. Info: Jack Baker, 443-831-0538, www.


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Wednesday, Feb. 1, Camden Crossing: meet at Washington Blvd & Scott St Thursday, Feb. 2, West Federal Hill: meet at the post ofďŹ ce on Ostend St Monday, Feb. 6, Riverside/SBNA: meet at the Riverside Park Gazebo, E RandallSt & Riverside Ave Tuesday, Feb. 7, New Southwest Mt. Clare: meet at the Wilkens Avenue Mennonite Church, 1616 Wilkens Ave Wednesday, Feb. 8, 6:30 p.m., Carrollton Ridge: meet at the Samuel F. B. Morse Recreation Center, Pulaski & Ashton Sts Thursday, Feb. 9: Sharp Leadenhall: meet at S Sharp & W Henrietta Sts Little Italyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Culture: The Pandola Adult Learning Center in Little Italy offers its spring classes for adults and children in Italian language, food and drink, cooking, bocce, a book club and more. Many classes start in March, but registration is taking place now. Info:, Rosalie Ranieri, principal 410-866-8494.

Sign-Up for Clean-Up

The cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s spring cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Neighbors are being asked to choose a location that needs a special cleaning and call 311 to register. Containers for debris collection will be available on a ďŹ rst call basis. Bags and brooms will be limited and must be signed for by the community leader. All supplies must be returned to the Bureau of Solid Waste after the cleanup. Info: 311. Note: The Baltimore Guide will be printing a neighborhood-by-neighborhood list of all clean-ups planned. Send your news in as soon as your plans are made.

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WHEN HE’S ON HIS GAME? BY ANDY MINDZAK Alfredo Simon’s offseason this year was a bit less crazy than last year’s—to say the least. Simon, a right-handed pitcher for the O’s, was accused of murder and aggravated assault in January 2011 in his native Dominican Republic. He was jailed for months, but managed to post bail in March. His legal troubles hung over his head all season. He was found not guilty of the crimes in November, and he is at last free to concentrate on baseball. “This year is going to be a good year because I don’t have a lot of things on my mind, my mind is clear,” he said at FanFest. “All the trouble I’ve had is over and I want to help the team win games this year.” He is genuinely excited about this year and what he can bring to the Orioles. Over the course of his four years

with the Orioles, he has both started and relieved. During the 2010 season he was used primarily as a reliever, posting a 4-2 record with 17 saves in 21 opportunities. But the Orioles’ starting rotation had problems of their own with injuries and overall ineffectiveness in 2011. Simon got a chance to start 16 games, posting a record of 4-9 with a 4.90 ERA. What does Simon prefer, starting or relieving? Like most pitchers, he sees himself as a starter. “I would rather be a starter, because all of my pitches are good. I have stuff to be a starter and win a lot of games. I know last year I came late and started in the bullpen, but I just come back to be a starter and see what happens this year,” he says. Alfredo seems to be in good shape,

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With his legal problems behind him, right-handed pitcher Alfredo Simon says he’s ready to bring it in 2012. Photo by Todd Olszewski/Baltimore Orioles

and said he felt good and has been working out a lot this winter. He has also been working on his slider this winter, and he feels confident he will be throwing nasty stuff in time for Opening Day. Incredibly, for someone whose personal life was so chaotic, Simon actually improved his control on the mound in 2011. During the 2010 season Simon struck out 37 batters and walked 22 in 49.1 innings pitched. His 2011 numbers were better, as he struck out 83 hitters while walking 40 in 115.2 innings pitched. His WHIP (walks and hits per

innings pitched) also improved, going from 1.54 in 2010 to 1.45 in 2011. When on his game, Simon has great stuff. Just ask the Minnesota Twins, who flailed away at Simon’s offerings in a game on August 23, managing only one earned run and racking up eight strikeouts. Buck Showalter is hinting at fierce competition for the starting rotation in 2012. If Simon can have a strong spring and stay on his game, he definitely has the stuff to get a spot as a starter. If not, he is a great arm coming out of the bullpen.


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told him, “I’m gonna leave here one way or another.” The two fought over the knife and the first man sustained injuries. Police arrested the intruder. S. Broadway, 700 block, January 28, 2 a.m. Police responded to a hospital to investigate a stabbing and a man told them he was in front of a bar when he and some friends became involved in an argument with several other men. The argument turned violent and one man was struck with a sharp object. The man’s friends then took him to the



hospital. At 2:30 a.m. the same day, a woman told police she had been in front of the same bar with some friends when a group of men began insulting them, and two of the women sustained injuries when the men attacked them with box cutters. Ballou Court, 200 block, January 27, 8:57 p.m. A woman told police a man had pointed a handgun at her and said, “All you bitches gone die tonight” and “You better keep your door lock cause all yous bitches gone die tonight.” He then fled.

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WANTED-Southeastern District police are looking for the man pictured above in connection with a series of car break-ins at the Merritt Athletic Club in Canton. The suspect was caught on surveillance camera using credit cards stolen in the larcenies from auto. If you know this suspect or know his whereabouts call the Southeastern District, 410-396-2422, or Officer Burger, 443-638-1388. Police remind motorists not to leave their gym bags, briefcases or other belongings in plain view in their cars. Put them in a locker at the gym.

This week’s Neighborhood Watch was compiled by Mary Helen Sprecher. Robbery S. Washington Street, 200 block, January 27, 8:55 p.m. A man told police he was out walking when he was approached by a man who pulled a gun and said, “Give me everything in your wallet.” The man handed over his phone, debit card and three checks, and the suspect took down his PIN number and asked where he could find an ATM, then fled. Gough Street, 2000 block, January 27, 8:55 p.m. A man was out walking when a second man approached, pulled a gun on him and said, “Give me your money.” The first man said, “I don’t have any; I was looking to get some myself.” The suspect fled. N. Curley Street, 500 block, January 23, 4:15 p.m. Two men told police they had been out driving when they stopped to pick up a man who needed a ride, and who was willing to pay for

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it, despite the fact that they were not registered cabbies. When they took him where he asked, he pulled a gun and said, “Don’t move or I ’ll blast you” and “Kick that s--t out.” He fled with their cell phones and a wrist watch. After a criminal incident report was filled out, the police issued the men a citation for trying to operate an unlicensed cab. Aggravated Assault Bank Street, 1400 block, January 28, 9:40 a.m. A man told police he was trying to get out of his house when he saw a second man standing inside it. The man tried to detain the intruder, who grabbed a knife and


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Assault by pointing: Suspect communicates with one gun, one finger Neighborhood Watch was compiled by Jacqueline Watts Robbery 1200 block Glyndon Ave., Sunday, Jan. 22, 7:40 p.m.: Several men forced their way into a house, beat the residents and stole jewelry. The victims were taken to a hospital for treatment. 1200 block Sargeant St., Friday, Jan. 27, 6:07 p.m.: Two men asked a pizza deliveryman for a ride. After the victim dropped off the food the suspects punched him and stole his cash and cell phone. 800 block Leadenhall St., Friday, Jan. 27, 10:35 p.m.: Two men were held up by two armed juveniles who demanded they remove their jackets. One of the teenaged suspects went through the pockets, removed the victims’ wallets, ID and credit cards, and the boys fled west on Montgomery St. Aggravated assault 1700 block Hollins St., Tuesday, Jan. 24, 11:38 a.m.: A man was shot in the leg. 200 block E. Heath St., Wednesday, Jan. 25, 6:45 p.m.: A woman was stabbed in the right hand. 100 block W. Dickman St., Saturday, Jan. 28, 4:51 p.m.: A man was arrested for extending his middle finger and a handgun at another man. Burglary 1100 block S. Charles St., Monday, Jan. 23, 1:01 a.m.: Someone broke into

a house and stole an iPhone. 1700 block Marshall St., Monday, Jan. 23, 7:45 a.m.: Someone broke into a house and stole a TV and DVD player. 800 block McHenry St., Thursday, Jan. 26, 4:58 p.m.: Someone broke into a house, but nothing was reported stolen. 300 block S. Payson St., Thursday, Jan. 26, 9:45 p.m.: Someone broke into a liquor store and stole 10 cartons of Newport cigarettes and five bottles of Ciroc fruit-flavored vodka. 900 block S. Paca St., Thursday, Jan. 26, 10:12 p.m.: Someone broke into a house and stole cash. 1400 block Washington Blvd., Friday, Jan. 27, 12:30 p.m.: Someone broke into a house through the front door and stole a PlayStation 3 game system and a laptop computer. Unit block W. Barney St., Saturday, Jan. 28, 3 a.m.: Someone broke into a house and stole a 42-inch television set, wallet, driver’s license, credit cards, iPod and keys. 600 block S. Monroe St., Saturday, Jan. 28, 11:15 a.m.: A man was arrested for breaking into a vacant house and stealing pipes and the kitchen sink. Police noted that the man had a shopping cart with the stolen goods when he was arrested. Stolen auto 500 block Warner St., Wednesday, Jan. 25, 11 p.m.: Someone stole a black

2001 Jeep Cherokee. 600 block Portland St., Saturday, Jan. 28, 11 a.m.: Someone stole a gold 1994 Ford Ranger. Larceny 1200 block W. Pratt St., Sunday, Jan. 22, 11 a.m.: A suspect was arrested for shoplifting candy from a dollar store. 800 block W. Lombard St., Sunday, Jan. 22, 12:06 p.m.: A man told police that someone grabbed his iPhone and ran. 1200 block Key Hwy., Sunday, Jan. 22, 5 p.m.: Someone stole two iron planters from the front of a house. 1100 block S. Charles St., Sunday, Jan. 22, 8:30 p.m.: A woman’s wallet


504 S. Haven St. Baltimore, MD 21224 410-732-8292 M-F 7:45am-7pm Sat 9am-5pm; Sun Closed

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was stolen from a bar counter. 800 block E. Fort Ave., Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2 p.m.: Three cell phones were shoplifted from an electronics store. Unit block E. Heath St., Saturday, Jan. 28, 1 p.m.: Someone stole a green 21-speed bicycle. 1200 block S. Charles St., Saturday, Jan. 28, 2 p.m.: A purse containing a cell phone, keys, cash and credit cards was stolen from a bar. Stolen from various vehicles parked in various places: two GPS, one power cord, a jacket, a DeWalt drill, handicap hang tag, gym bag containing GPS, medications and cash, a laptop, and loose change.


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Murder in Greektown: IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING

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A debut novel by Edward P. Ciesielski, Jr.

Drama is found on every page of this action-packed novel, circa1944-1983, as the Dexter-type anti-hero travels a road to success paved over the bodies of his rivals. This fast-moving tale loaded with unpredictable twists and turns takes place largely in Greektown and features police drama from the Southeastern Precinct. Long-time residents of the area will recognize many past familiar sights: Click’s Pool Room, Illona Restaurant and the Garden Bakery, to name just a few. More action is generated when firefighters from 41 Engine fight a death-defying blaze. Recommended for Mature Readers Review from Jason Filipou, Executive Director-Greektown Community Development Corporation: “This book truly is a page turner. The author does a great job vividly and accurately incorporating nostalgic elements of Greektown and Highlandtown. Mixed with a realistic portrayal of the types of characters during that time period, the intense plot kept me eagerly reading throughout the novel. Not only did I enjoy the story and characters, I learned and gained a better perspective of life in my hometown fifty years ago. I was ‘hooked’ the whole way through. I highly recommend IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING to my friends in Highlandtown so they may enjoy it as much as I did. I think this could be pitched as a pretty cool film, perhaps Levinson or Waters would be interested.

Read the first two chapters FREE on my website

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sands of jobs and that’s reflected in the way Baltimore looks—but that could be turned around with two or three really good employers.” There is also a lot to like about the city. “One of the things I really like about Baltimore is the amazing little traditions that you have, like these taverns being incubators for the arts. I think it’s a great aspect of Baltimore life,” he said. Lane, the curator of so many barroom exhibits, says that the arrange-


ment is mutually beneficial. The art shows bring in customers that wouldn’t ordinarily come to the business, and the artists’ work gets exposure. Most of the bars offer happy hour prices for the entire reception and put out a spread of snacks and appetizers. Cullen’s photographs will be displayed at Five Points Tavern, 1120 E. Fort Ave., Feb. 1-29. The reception is Tuesday, Feb. 7, 6-9 p.m. All are welcome; the bar’s famous fried pickles will be served.

Winter Savings

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“Bouncer” is a work in Bob Cullen’s photography exhibit at Five Points Tavern,

120 E. Fort Ave., Feb. 1-29. The reception is Tuesday, Feb. 7, 6-9 p.m. All are welcome; the bar’s famous fried pickles will be served. Fells Point antique store? That’s a good question, isn’t it? “I wanted to put people in unexpected situations and locations,” Cullen said. “I wanted a juxtaposition of expectations and environment.” To shoot “Addresses,” Cullen used friends and friends-of-friends as models, then set them up in those unexpected situations. One of the models, a friend of his son, is pictured sitting in a lawn chair on a corner in Little Italy, right by a fire hydrant painted like the Italian flag. By the way, the model is African American. “I wanted to see what people would think seeing him sitting there,” said Cullen. “The point is to see the picture and question, why are those people of that gender and race sitting there?” Cullen lives in Chevy Chase, but he has spent a “fair amount” of time in Baltimore, and his son went to the Maryland Institute College of Art and still lives here. Through his son, Cullen met J. Kelly Lane, South Baltimore’s doyenne d’art, who arranges art shows in bars and restaurants across the city. “I met Kelly and was thrilled with the idea of doing a show, seeing Baltimore with an outsider’s eye,” he said. “I

wanted to shoot things that people who live here wouldn’t necessarily see, with a fresh eye.” As an Oriole fan and father of a MICA undergraduate, Cullen was familiar with downtown and Camden Yards. Shooting “Addresses” let him explore further. “There is a tremendous vitality in so many neighborhoods,” he said. “Still, on the other hand, you can’t escape the tremendous loss of jobs and industrial base. Baltimore has lost thou-


Congratulations to Drs. Elizabeth and Brian Wycall, proud parents of twin boys born Thursday, January 19th. Andrew Joans Wycall 5 lb 4 oz 9 inches long William Thomas Wycall 4 lbs 14 oz just under 19 inches long

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18 THE BALTIMORE GUIDE BAPTIST Canton Baptist Church 3302 Toone St., 21224 (410)563-1177 Sunday 11:15am Lee Street Memorial Baptist Church 113 Warren Avenue, 410-752-7833 Sunday 11am & 6pm Patterson Park Baptist Church 3115 Eastern Ave., 410-675-8309 Sunday 9:45 AM: Bible Study 11AM: Worship Riverside Baptist Church 1602 Johnson St. 410-727-0379 Sunday School 9:30am, Worship 11am

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GOD LOVES YOU AND HAS A PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE Everyone Welcome! Sunday Worship Service at 11:15 “You can be fashionably late and still be on time” 3302 Toone Street, (410)563-1177

CATHOLIC St. Michael UK Catholic 2401 Eastern Avenue 410-308-8815 English - Saturday 5pm Ukrainian Sunday 10:30am Holy Rosary Church 408 S. Chester St. 410-732-3960 Sunday English 8:30am & 12:30pm; Polish 10:30am St. Casimir Church 2736 O’Donnell St. 410-276-1981 Sunday 8am, 10am, 5pm St. Ignatius Church 740 N. Calvert Street 410-727-3848 Our Lady of Fatima 6240 E. Pratt St 410-633-9393 Saturday 5pm, Sunday 9:30am and 12pm St. Leo the Great Church 227 S. Exeter St 410-675-7275 Sunday 9:30am & 11:30am Our Lady of Good Counsel 1532 East Fort Avenue 410-752-0205 Sunday 11:00 A.M. St Elizabeth of Hungary 2700 E. Baltimore St. 410-675-8260 Saturday 4pm, Sunday 10am Sacred Heart of Jesus 600 S. Conkling St. 410-342-4336 Saturday 5pm English; Sunday 8:15am Spanish, 10am English, 12:30 pm & 7pm Spanish Our Lady of Good Counsel 1532 East Fort Avenue 410-752-0205 Sunday 11:00 A.M. St. Mary Star of the Sea 1400 Riverside Avenue 410-685-2255 Saturday 5:30 P.M. Mass St. Jude’s Shrine 308 N. Paca St., 410-685-6026 Sunday 8am, 9am, 11:30am St. Brigid Church 911 S. Ellwood Ave. 410-563-1717 Saturday 4pm, Sunday 10:30 am Holy Cross Church 110 E. West St. 410-752-8498 Sunday 9:00 A.M. & 5:00 P.M. St. Johns Community 16 S. Patterson Park Avenue. Sunday 3:00 pm, Wed - Fri. 8:30 am. St. Cyril & Methodius at the Lemko Community 603 S. Ann Street 8:30 am. Wed - Fri. Lemko Chapel 603 S. Ann Street,5:00 pm. Saturday CHURCH OF GOD East Baltimore Church of God 800 Oldham St, 410-327-0177 Sunday School 10am, Sunday Worship 11am & 6pm EASTERN ORTHODOX Saint Andrew (OCA) 2028 E. Lombard St., 410-276-3422 Sunday 9:30am Liturgy, 11am Church School EPISCOPAL Church Of The Resurrection 2900 E. Fayette St., 410-282-4944, Sunday 10am Church Of The Advent 1301 S. Charles Street, 410-539-7804 Mass Sunday 10am, Thurs 6:30pm Church Of The Redemption 1401 Towson St., 410-727-7695 Sunday School 9:45am, Worship 10am Old St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Corner Saratoga & Charles St • 410-685-3404 Sunday 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am



GREEK ORTHODOX St Nicholas Greek Orthodox 520 Ponca Street, 410-633-5020 Sun 8:45 & 10am, Sunday School 10:30am

INDEPENDENT Epic Church 1301 Ellwood Ave, 443-632-4104 Sunday 11am & 7pm

JEWISH The Center for Dowtown Judaism at B’nai Israel 27 Lloyd Street 410-732-5454 Friday night (varies according to sundown) Saturday & Sunday 10am LUTHERAN Christ Lutheran 701 S. Charles St, 410-752-7179 Sunday 8:30 & 11am Martini Lutheran 100 W. Henrietta Street 410-752-7817 Sunday School 9:45, Worship 11am Saint Stephen & James Lutheran 938 S. Hanover St., 410-547-1964 Sunday 10am Salem Lutheran Church 1530 Battery Ave. 410-576-0487 Sunday 10am Luther Memorial 5401 Eastern Ave 410-633-8967 Sunday - 9:30am St. Peter Lutheran Church 7834 Eastern Blvd., 410-288-0537 Saturday 5pm Sunday - 10am

Messiah Lutheran Church 1025 S. Potomac St., 410-342-4543 Sunday Service 10:30am Breath of God Lutheran Church 141 S. Clinton St., 410-675-5616 Sunday - 10:30am Nazareth Lutheran 3401 Bank St., 410-732-3125 Sunday 9am METHODIST Old Otterbein Methodist 112 W. Conway Street 410-685-4703 Sunday Adult Bible 9:45am, Worship 11am Salem-Baltimore Hispanic Methodist Church 3405 Gough St. Spanish/Español: domingo 9:30am, English Sunday 11am PRESBYTERIAN Light St Presbyterian 809 Light Street 410-539-0125 Sunday 11am Abbott Memorial Presbyterian Church 3426 Bank St. 410-276-6207 Sunday School 9:45 Worship 10:45

UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST United Evangelical 3200 Dillon St., 410-276-0393 Sunday 8am & 10:30am Christ United Church Of Christ 1308 Beason Street, 410-685-7968 Sunday 10:30-11:30am Grace United Church Of Christ 1404 S. Charles Street 410-685-7845 Sunday School 9:30am, Worship 11:00am First United Church, Ucc 1728 Eastern Avenue, 410-732-7644 Sunday 10:45am


A loving tribute to our friend

DEVIN KACEY-BODDEN October 5, 1994 - January 24, 2012

Those whom we love go out of sight But never out of mind. They are cherished in the hearts Of those they leave behind. Loving and kind in all his ways Upright and just to the end of his days; Sincere and true in heart and mind; Beautiful memories he left behind. With love from Nathan, Ben, Denzel, your family and all of your Poly friends. We miss you bro!

1901 Eastern Avenue 700 S. Conkling Street Baltimore, Maryland 410-327-1442

Catherine M. Zeiler

Andrew L. Dowell

FUNERAL HOME, P.A. “Family Owned and Operated Since 1904” • Funeral Services To Accomadate All Person Requests • Large Visitation Areas With Comfortable Atmosphere • Pre-Arrangement Counseling & Financing • Memorial and Cremation Services Available • Within 20 Minutes of Baltimore-Washington International Airport Doris K. McCully Valerie S. Polyniak

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Federal Hill sets dates for festivals BECKY MARTIN

PHIL TIRABASSI Owner/Broker 443-690-0552

Fest of All, Spring Block Party, Jazz & Blues on410-236-5001 calendar BY MARY HELEN SPRECHER NEWSROOM@BALTIMOREGUIDE.COM

Hard to believe it now, but the day will come when it will be a good idea to wander around outside wearing a T-shirt and shorts and searching for a cold beer in a go-cup. At least Federal Hill Main Street is counting on it. The organization has already lined up its warm-weather festivals. “The Spring Block Party is Sunday, April 29,” says Jane Seebold, executive director. “The Jazz & Blues, Wine & Art Festival is Sunday, June 3.” One caveat, however. “We decided not to set the date for the Street Beat Festival until after the Ravens announce their schedule in early May.” Street Beat, which comes on the heels of the festival season, is a Sunday event that has the potential to cause conflicts with tailgating, traffic and other aspects of the game that impact South Baltimore. For those who are still hankering for the festival season, Federal Hill has an indoor event, the Fest-of-All. The Fest-of-All, which can be safely assured of being the first festival of the 2012

BECKY MARTIN 410-236-5001 season, takes place on Saturday, February 25 at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, 7 p.m.-11 p.m. According to Seebold, the event features food and drink, a fashion show, live music, silent auction and more. Tickets are $75/ person, with all proceeds to benefit Federal Hill Main Street. Information is available at

Million Dollar View!!!!!! 6102 DANVILLE AVE $199,900 New Duplex Garage Homes with rooftop decks and sun rooms.

Call Frank 443-463-4476

ADVANCE REALTY DIRECT “Waterfront Specialist”

Betty Johnson 410-499-8321

MIDDLE RIVER BC7683002 Home in water priviledged area. 4BR,4BA w/fully fin bsmnt.It’s nicely sized back yard sits on charming nooutlet street. Main floor includes shadow boxes on walls. Kitchen opens to family room w/FP. Garage attached Looking for quick sale MIDDLE RIVER BC7689195 REDUCED! 3 BR 1.5 ba, deck w/extra storage outside w/fenced yard. Motivated sellers. Home Warranty. Looking for quick sale.

Realtors Welcome MHBR No. 1444

ADVANCE REALTY DIRECT “Waterfront Specialist”



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Realtor of the Year 2010

410-288-6700 BALTIMORE BC7681770 Cape Cod 3BR and 3 full BA. Large sunroom for 3 season enjoyment and fenced rear yard. Off Street parking for 2+ cars!! Finished lower level could be used for an in-law apartment. Seller is motivated. BRING ALL OFFERS!!! CANTON BA7691898 Great investment opportunity in popular Canton neighborhood. 2 blocks from the water, walking distance to restaurants and Canton Square. This is a rehab house and is being sold as-is. Home inspections are done for information purposes only. Motivated seller!! Bring all offers. BALTIMORE CITY BA7691316 Diamond in the rough, rehab special or beginer family, priced to sell, strictly as is, owner will do no repairs. contact E-SHOWINGS for owner approval on all showings. ESSEX BC7697997 Baltimore County Single Family Home With 3 Bedrooms And 2 Baths. Wonderful Cape Cod In The Essex Area That Backs To Woods. Conveniently Located Close To Shopping.

BALTIMORE BC7697832 Very well maintained EOG. Spacious 3 BR/1 Full and 2 Half Baths. Large eat in kitchen with tons of light. Hardwood floors and brick fireplace in the living room. Newer carpet in the bedrooms. Roof approx. 1 year old. Nice fenced yard with a large shed for extra storage.

PARKVILLE BC7701062 5 bedroom home has all of the space you could want with finished walk out lower level. His and hers bath on main level this home is just waiting for your finishing touches.

BALTIMORE BA7715305 4BR Large home features 2 full baths, many updates, large yard with garage, possible in-law suite in basement, separate dining room, and enclosed front porch. Stove and Claw Foot Tub in basement are NOT included in sale.


608 46TH ST • $189,900

BALTIMORE BC7732371 Large 3 BR/2 BA cape cod with 2 car detached garage. Very generous room sizes. Beautifully refinished hardwoods, new wall to wall carpet, new kitchen floor, updated appls. Lovely sunporch Partially finished lower level with full bath. Huge fenced yard.

MIDDLE RIVER BC7757279 Waterfront home with pier all on one level with great yard for all of you entertaining needs.


Realtor,ABR,GREEN,SFR,GRI 410-236-5001


BEL AIR HR7692412 Lovely 2 bedroom 2 full bath condo in Bel Air. This home has been beautifully maintained.

Call me for First Time Homebuyer’s Specials!

Becky Martin

Charles Dimario 410-804-4237

DUNDALK BC7679157 This home has lots to offer with 4 bedrooms finished basement . large yard . This home is truly a must see.

Grant money available for qualified applicants.

Full Service Discount Experts SM

Full Service Discount Experts SM

ROSEDALE BC7759056 This is a beautiful 3 BR rancher. Hardwood floor in Living room, ceramic tile in kitchen & bath, oak cabinets True Master all on one level with terrific sun room for all your entertaining need. But wait don’t forget the 12ft ceilings in unfinished basement awaiting your finishing touches


BALTIMORE BC7758175 This is a huge farm just awaiting your finishing touches you can use as the farm or build a lovely new home. BROOKLYN BA7759330 1BR, 1 bath second floor of townhome on quiet street in brooklyn. original hardwoods. great view of harbor from kitchen windows. freshly painted, hardwired smoke & CO detector, lead certified and registered. section 8 possible.

410-288-6700 Now Interviewing New & Experienced Agents.





MAYS CHAPEL 2 B/R 2 Bath, Condo, For rent starting month of 2/12. 3rd flr.w/elevator D/R. Over 500 Vacation Homes Great Locations in Fells Point Laundry Rm No smoking or from Duck to Corolla, pets. 410.453.6262. Will reOceanfront to Soundfront, and Patterson Park for persons quire a 2 year lease w/security Private Pools, Hot Tubs, deposit plus first / last lease 55 years of age and older. Pets and More… VACATIONS & SALES payment Book Online at Income restrictions apply. Eff. & 1 bdrms avail. RUMSEY ISLAND WATER1-877-64-BEACH Wall-to-wall carpet, individual heat and air FRONT - 3 BR, 2 ba. garden “ S E R V I C E F I R S T … F U N A LWAY S ! ” controls in every unit, elevator building. Rents condo, newly remodeled, private 40’ year-round boat starting at $499. Bring this ad and pay no slip included; stunning views, application fee. Start the New Year in your new OCEAN CITY MARYLAND. private locked entrance, pets Best selection of affordable home! Please call Stacy Monday-Friday from 9 1500 BL WINSTON AVE 21239 allowed - available Feb. 1st rentals.Full/partial weeks. Call to 5 to view your new home. 4 Bd, 1 1/2 Ba, great neighbor$1.650.00/mo. 410-599-3946 for FREE brochure. Open dai410-732-1275 EHO hood Northwood near Morgan ly. Holiday Real Estate. 1-800- e-mail: St U and Good Sam Hospital 638-2102. Online reserva$1495/mo pl utilities, sec dep, tions: sec 8 ok 410-446-4970 3 BEDROOM 1.5 bath TownA-SAFE & DRY Garages in house with Recreation or den. UNBELIEVABLE PRICCanton/Highlandtown 410- All appliances included in rate. ING Landscaped Lots! Lo391-9387 or 443-717-4018 Wall to Wall carpet, fenced in cated - Virginia - Eastern back and front yard, walking Shore! HUNTING CREEK distance to shopping, in Edge- - $65,000.00 WATERFRONT wood directly across from LOTS! CALL TODAY! 13 LOTS Harford County Police Sta- AVAILABLE! (757) 710-3827; tion. GREAT Location! Easy Located in Beautiful VA Email: move-in/rental terms. Pet Friendly. $1195- Call Pedro at 240-643-5677 E. BALTO TH 2 Bd, 1 Ba, Gas KINGSVILLE- 40 foot Trailer, heat, fenced yard, nice cozy park model w/deck or 5th home, 400 bl N. East Ave. wheel trailer for rent $550/ $850/mo.-500 N. Buldin $950/ mo. Also for sale w/site rent. the friendly people... mo pl utilities, pl sec dep, Call 410-592-5933 sec 8 ok 410-446-4970 HIGHLANDTOWN 2/3 Bd, 1 ba, TH, eat in kit. pri- 100 ACRE LAND SALE near vate yard w/deck, W/D Growing El Paso, Texas. Was hookup,Sec 8 welcome $64,500, Now $19,500. Almost $900/mo 410-682-6694 70% Discount! $0 down, No HIGHLANDTOWN 3/4 Bd, Credit Checks! Beautiful views, We will buy your home today, no hassles, no real 1 1/2 Ba, New Kit, W/D owner financing. FREE color hookup,CAC, private yard, brochure. 1-800-343-9444 estate agents, no commissions, no closing costs. porch, Sec 8 welcome $1100/ 20 ACRES LIVE ON LAND NOW!! Owner Financing. NO We will buy any house, in any condition, anywhere. mo 410-682-6694 HIGHLANDTOWN/LEVERTON CREDIT CHECKS! Near El AVE 3 Bd, 1 Ba,$790/mo pl Paso, Texas. Beautiful Mountain Views! Free Color Broutil. 410-750-1422 How it works: NEAR APG GREAT 4BD /3.5BA chure. 800-755-8953 www. SFHw/big fenced yd $2100/ 443-452-9632 luckytrou- NORTH CAROLINA MOUNIt’s simple. Call us right now for a free confidential mo TAINS. E-Z Finish Log Cabin Shell with Acreage. E-Z Bank estimate, right over the phone! FOR RENT Financing Available. Only Space in the $89,900. Warm Winters- Cool GUIDE CLASSIFIEDS! Summers 828-429-4004 CALL 410-732-6600 Code 45

Corolla, NC Vacation Homes! rindley each


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ANNOUNCEMENTS DID YOU USE THE OSTEOPOROSIS DRUG FOSAMAX (Alendronate)? during 2008- February 2008? If you experienced a femur fracture (upper leg), you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Attorney Charles Johnson 1-800-535-5727 THE BALTIMORE GUIDE will not knowingly accept ads that contain false or misleading information. However, since The Baltimore Guide cannot be held responsible for misrepresentations contained in advertising we strongly recommend that consumers fully investigate claims prior to purchase or contract. Some ads may require investment or request money to be sent.

, Pick a state any state!

MDDC Press works with fellow press associations across the country to give you the best possible buys on advertising wherever you need it. We take care of scheduling and placement at no extra cost to you, and you save time and money. Call Wanda Smith at ext. 6 today.

Press Service 2000 Capital Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401



ADOPT: COLLEGE Professor & Executive yearn for 1st baby to LOVE, nurture & share adventures. Expenses paid 1-800-989-8921 ADOPTION- A loving alternative to unplanned pregnancy. You choose the family for your child. Receive pictures/info of waiting/ approved couples. Living expense assistance. 1-866-236-7638

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CASH FOR CARS! Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not. Sell Your Car or Truck TODAY. Free Towing! Instant Offer: 1-888-545-8647 DONATE AUTOS TRUCKS, RVs. LUTHERAN MISSION SOCIETY Your donation helps local families with food, clothing, shelter. Tax deductible. MVA licensed. 410-636-0123 or toll free 1-877-737-8567 DONATE YOUR VEHICLE Receive $1000 GROCERY COUPON. UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. Free Mam-mograms, Breast Cancer Info FREE Towing, Tax Deductible, NonRunners Accepted. 1-800728-0801 WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR! WANTED RV or TRAVEL Trailer! Cars, Trucks, SUV’s. Any condition Cash Buyer, No hassle. Call JR at 443414-4145


Roman Style Concrete 410-276-3628



3718 Claremont St. Baltimore, MD 21224 MHIC#8990

CUSTOM CONTRACTOR UNLIMITED Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Services Include: • Brick & Stone Repair • Porches • Steps • Sidewalks • Wall Repointing • Chimney/Fireplace Repair

BRITE & SHINE We have trained employees and guaranteed results. Call: 410-7889502

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A-1 Roof and Gutter Gutter Cleaning One call does it ALL!! 30 years exp. Same day service Emergency Serv. available 410-442-4443 BOB’S GUTTER SERVICE! Expert cleaning & gutter services! Water problems solved. Same day. Low rates! Call 410-750-1605 1AAA ABC Attics, Bsmt, Garage, yards. 20 yrs of honest haulin. Same Day. Call Mike: 410-446-1163 ABM’S HAULING Clean Houses Basements, Yards & Attics Haul free unwanted cars. Match Any Price!!!! 443-250-6703 MIKE’S HAULING Bulk trash removal of all types. Offering Winter Specials. Free Estimates. Mike 410-294-8404

ATTENTION DIABETICS with Medicare. Get a FREE Talking Meter and diabetic testing supplies at NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! Best of Proprietor: Proprietor: Keith Keith Mallonee Mallonee all, this meter eliminates painOffice Office Phone: Phone: 410.356.6202 410.356.6202 ful finger pricking! Call 888Web Web Address: Address: 903-6658 Located: Located: Owings Owings Mills, Mills, Maryland Maryland CANADA DRUG CENTER is MHIC#79665 MHIC#79665 your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your medication needs. Call Today 800-888-459-9961 for Be Wise, Advertise. 410-732-6600 $25.00 off your first prescription and free shipping




Call 410-732-6600 to Advertise!

Where Baltimore gets things done!


EVERD ROOFING INC. Free Estimates/FHA Certs/Senior Discounts/ Emergency Service

General Home Improvements Skylites/Gutters/Siding

3141 Elliott Street Baltimore, Maryland 21224

We Now Accept

MHIC# 32741

. O C N IO T C U R T S N O C . P . T . J


• Siding • Gutters • Windows/Doors • Chimney Repair • Basements • Painting

Serving Canton, Fell’s Point, Federal Hill & Highlandtown for over 30 years

D & R Painting

• Painting (Interior & Exterior) FREE Estimates • Sheet Rock Reasonable Rates • Light Carpentry Senior • Pressure Wash & Coat Decks Discount


Rooms $ Painted for

Rooms up to 9’x10’ Materials not included per room Minimum 2 rooms

call: 443-621-7040 Licensed & Insured

Help for people with

Macular Degeneration

Find out if special glasses can help you see better. Call for a FREE phone consultation with Dr. Azman.


Thomas Azman, OD

• Cornice Repair • Masonary Work • Brick Pointing • Stucco • Concrete

WINTER SPECIAL - Bathrooms and Kitchens Call for a FREE NEXT DAY Estimate (Offer ends February 29, 2012)


443-831-7340 (cell) 410-477-5079 (office)




Featured Nationally on NBC’s The Today Show


15% OFF


From January 1 Through March 31

FOUND – Looking for something? Find it in the Guide Classifieds!


PA I N T I N G S E R V I C E THE BEST QUALITY PAINTING Interior/Exterior Starting at: Rooms - $175 • Windows - $35 Work Done by Owners Licensed in MD for 30 years

Chris & Mike Levero Bonded & Insured


SUBWAY IN Forest Hill, MD looking for highly motivated FT manager. Health and dental benefits provided. Store Address: 2 Myers Dr, Suite 1, Forest Hill, MD 21050. You cam email your resume to

HIRING EXPERIENCED INEXERIENCED TANKER DRIVERS! Great Benefits and Pay! New Fleet Volvo Tractors! 1 Year OTR Exp. Req. - Tanker Training Available. Call Today! 877-882-6537

410-661-4050 Licensed & Insured MHIC#70338 Senior Citizen Discounts Military Discounts


Press Service 2000 Capital Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401

SPREAD YOUR MESSAGE to over 4 Million readers with an ad this size for just $1,450! For a limited time, BUY 4 ADS, GET ONE FREE!*

CALL TODAY! 1-855-721-6332 Wanda Smith, ext. 6 *Certain conditions apply.

PAINTING SEE Our Ad On The Professional SerATTENTION SLEEP APNEA vice Directory HANDS ON SUFFERERS with Medicare. PAINTERS Get FREE CPAP Replacement Sell or Buy Supplies at NO COST, plus HOME FURNISHINGS FREE home delivery! Best of in the all, prevent red skin sores and Baltimore GUIDE Classifieds! bacterial infection! Call 866410-732-6600 993-5043

A-1 ROOF & GUTTER One Call Does It All! Emergency Serv.avail. 30 yrs exp. 410-442-4443 PLEASANT ROOFERS Roofing of all types. Skylights, Spouting 410-285-5556 lic#405. Serving Baltimore since the 1930’s!

MASSAGE THERAPY Learn fast, earn fast. Financial aid if qualified. A new career is at your fingertips. Call Centura College 877-206-3353 MEDICAL BILLING Trainees Needed! Train to become a Certified Medical Office Professional at CTI! No Experience Needed! Local Job Training & Placement Assistance! 1-888-834-2177

knowledge preferred. The Perennial Farm is a wholesale grower located in Glen Arm, MD and specializes in quality perennials, ornamental grasses and hardy ferns. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Please contact Cindy: e-mail cindy@ or by fax 410-592-8338 DRIVERS - CDL A DRIVE WITH PRIDE Up to $3,000 Sign-On Bonus for Qualified Drivers! CDL & 6mo. OTR exp. REQ’D USA TRUCK 877521-5775 DRIVERS-NEW career for the new year-NO Experience needed! Sign-On bonuses available. Top industry pay & quality training. 100% paid CDL training. 800-326-2778 FIRE EXTINGUISHER TECH Exp’d only. Must have performed 6 yrs maint & hydro test. Call Ken 410-558-3353 LUTHERVILLE, BLDG and office cleaning, 8-10 hrs/week, References required, 410 337-8950 MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN Management Co. seeking maintenance workers w/ 3 yrs experience in apartment maintenance. HVAC cert. preferred. Must have tools and transportation. Excellent benefits & Salary. Fax Resume: 410-683-1400 or Call: 410-683-1100 Between 7AM2PM. EOE


35 years Experience Free Estimates Licensed and Insured #50888


LOUIS SEBASTIAN Italian mechanics specializing in concrete, masonry & stucco work. MHIC#3802. 410-6631224.

MHIC# 10138


WET BASEMENTS STINK !! Mold, mildew and water leakage into your basement causes health and foundation damage. What can be done to fix the problem? Allstate American Waterproofing is an honest, hardworking local company. We will give you a FREE evaluation and estimate and a fair price. We have repaired thousands of basements in the area; we can provide local references. When your neighbors needed waterproofing, they called Allstate American. Why don’t you? Call now to receive a 20% discount with your FREE ESTIMATE. MHIC#36672

CALL 1 800 420 7783 NOW!

MEDICAL BILLING Trainees Needed! Train to become a Certified Medical Office Professional at Career Technical Institute. No Experience Needed! HS Diploma or GED & Computer needed to qualify. 1-877-649-2671        

GUIDE 


10 MEDICAL Billing Trainees Needed! Become a Certified Medical Office Professional at CTI! No Experience Needed! Job Training & Placement Assistance! Computer& HS Diploma or GED needed to qualify. 1-877-649-2671 AIRLINE MECHANIC Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 866-823-6729 AIRLINES ARE HIRING- Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program.Financial aid if qualified- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783 ALLIED HEALTH CAREER TRAINING- Attend college 100% online. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800-481-9409 www. CenturaOnline .com EARN COLLEGE DEGREE ONLINE *Medical *Business, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800-488-0386

ACCOUNTING CLERK White Marsh Co. has entry level accounts payable position, FT, must be detail oriented and dependable with excel expr. Fax resume with salary requirements 443-460-1001 AMERICAN LIMOUSINES Needs Chauffeur/Busdrivers FT/PT Call for details 410522-0400 CUSTOMER SERVICE Full Time/Inside Sales Fast-paced atmosphere. Must have a ‘can do’ attitude and problem slaving skills. Must be detail oriented, possess great customer service skills and be able to multi-task. Duties include responding to customer sales order requests, order entry, shipping, routing, and answering telephones. Previous ‘green industry’ experience/






Focus on


Upper Chesapeake Health is a proud affiliate of the University of Maryland Medical System, offering clinically advanced healthcare services on two medical campuses. OR RNs - 1+ years’ OR experience & BCLS/ ACLS certification required. BSN preferred. We also have openings for Central Sterile Techs (nights) with an increased night shift differential. Experienced Acute Care RNs are also invited to attend our event. OPEN HOUSE Feb. 15, 2012, 3 pm – 6 pm Red Brick Station 8149 Honeygo Blvd., White Marsh, MD RSVP required, call 443-643-3401 2012 Initiatives • New service lines in Thoracic, Neuro, and Breast Surgery • New model for ambulatory surgical services with dedicated exempt staff • New management structure with an increased focus on OR staff development • New state-of-the-art navigation systems Enjoy the career advantages of a progressive clinical environment and the lifestyle benefits of a warm community setting. To learn more and to apply, please visit our website. EOE.

MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN Management Co. seeking maintenance workers w/ 3 yrs experience in apartment maintenance. HVAC cert. preferred. Must have tools and transportation. Excellent benefits & Salary. Fax Resume: 410-683-1400 or Call: 410-683-1100 Between 7AM2PM. EOE PAINTER/DRYWALL some construction exp. helpful. Paid holidays after 90 days. Own transp. 410-908-3807

Call 410-732-6600 to Advertise!

Where Baltimore gets things done!

PLUMBING EXPERIENCED residential and new construction plumbers. Owings Mills area. Transportation is required. Call 410-876-6825. Applications available on our web site, www. TEACHERS PRESCHOOL Senior Staff & Assistant Child Care Center in Sparks. Great pay & health benefits. Call 410-771-4151 or fax 410771-4176

ANTIQUES, POKER table, tall DINING ROOM SET, dark pine. chest, roll-top desk, farm table, Hutch, table, 2 leaves, 4 capTHE PERENNIAL Farm A oriental chair.410-592-6884 tains chairs, exc cond. $500. 410-952-3438 year-round wholesale plant grower located in Glen Arm, MD is now accepting applications for 2012 positions. We are seeking energetic full-time ESTATE SALE Mon-Fri 7:30- AFFORDABLE HEALTH Insuremployees to assist in plant 3pm 4726 Pulaski Highway ance for EVERYONE!! Unproduction, order process- Make an Offer! insured? Dissatisfied? Been ing, maintenance and general ESTATE SALE PART I Sat. Turned down? Call Now We Can Help Licensed Agents 2/11/12 8am-12pm. NO EARnursery work. Horticultural experience is a plus, but is LY BIRDS 8308 Thornton. Rd. Standing By 1-800-951-2167 LOCAL STD HIV Testing Did not required. Will Train. Own 21204 you know you can have an transportation is a must. STD and show no symptoms? Good benefits. Salary commensurate with experience. ANNUAL BASKET BINGO Early detection and treatment NIGHT !HUGE 50/50 CASH can prevent permanent damPlease contact Terry Branson RAFFLE - WORTH OVER age? Highest levels of privacy at 443-413-4892, for more $1,000 LAST YEAR!FRIDAY, and discretion. Call 1-888information FEBRUARY 17, 2012, 737-4941 PARKVILLELIVE MUSIC, LOSE 7-15 lbs. In 7 Days Eat Longaberger Baskets, Vera the Foods You Enjoy QuickBradley Bags, Prizes, Raffles, ly and Dramatically Shrink Door Prizes, & Food 6 pm, Your Waistline Lose Weight 1000 PER Sale! 10-20K First Bingo at 7 pm Tall Cedars of and Keep it Off www.lose15 Month Ptl. Leads and Market- Lebanon Hall, 2501 Putty Hill ing System 24Hr Msg (877) Ave, Parkville TICKETS: $15 by 2/11/12 Buy 5 in advance 572-1836 & get 1 free. ($20 at the door) EARN UP to $150 per day To benefit Towson High music 100% GUARANTEED OMAHA Undercover Shoppers Needed studentsthsmusicboosters@ STEAKS-SAVE 64% on the to Judge Retail & Dining Es- or 410-321-1640 Family Value Collection. NOW tablishments Experience Not Checks payable to THS Music ONLY $49.99 Plus 3 FREE GIFTS & right-to-the-door Required Call Now 1-888- Boosters and mail to: THS delivery in a reusable cooler, Basket Bingo, THS Music 891-4244 Boosters, 69 Cedar Ave.Tow- Order Today.1-888-543-7297 HELP WANTED Make $1000 son, MD 21286 with name, and mention code 5069SKSor a Week processing our mail! address, phone & email May FREE Supplies! Helping Home- reserve tables of 10 A-1 FIREWOOD Seasoned Workers since 2001! Genuine ANNUAL BASKET BINGO Opportunity! No experience NIGHT !HUGE 50/50 CASH Oak. 1/2 cord $130, Cord required. Start Immediately! RAFFLE - WORTH OVER $190. $60 Xtra to stack. Call $1,000 LAST YEAR!FRIDAY, 443-686-1567 17, 2012, MAKE UP TO $2,000.00+ FEBRUARY PARKVILLE LIVE MUSIC, AT&T U-Verse for just $29.99/ Per Week! New Credit Card Longaberger Baskets, Vera mo! SAVE when you bundle Ready Drink-Snack Vending Bradley Bags, Prizes, Raffles, Internet+Phone+TV and get Machines. Minimum $3K to Door Prizes, & Food 6 pm, up to $300 BACK! (Select $30K+ Investment Required. Bingo at 7 pm Tall Cedars of Locations Available. BBB Lebanon Hall, 2501 Putty Hill plans). Limited Time Call Parkville TICKETS: $20 at NOW! 1-866-944-0810 Accredited Business. (800) Ave, the door, $15 by 2/11/12 Buy 962-9189 NETWORK lowest 5 in advance & get 1 free. To DISH PAID IN ADVANCE! Make benefit Towson High music nationwide price $19.99 a $1000 Weekly Mailing Bro- studentsthsmusicboosters@ month. FREE HBO/Cinemax/ or 410-321-1640 chures from Home. Income May reserve tables of 10 Starz FREE Blockbuster. FREE is guaranteed! No experience HD-DVR and install. Next day required. Enroll Today! www. install 1-800-407-7851 BEDS THICK pillow tops, DISH NETWORK Starting at PLACE YOUR AD IN THE New in plastic. Queen Sz Re- $19.99/month PLUS 30 PreMDDC STATEWIDE CLASSImium Movie Channels FREE FIED AD NETWORK - BUY 4 tail $798, Sell $279. King Sz for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask WEEKS/GET 2 WEEKS FREE Retail $998, Sell $379. 10 yr About SAME DAY Installation! OF CHARGE SPECIALS!! 4.1 warr. Can deliv., Please call CALL - 877-992-1237 MILLION READERS WILL SEE 410-598-2460 YOUR AD IN 106 NEWSPA- BEDS-QUILTED TOPS New EARN $1000 A WEEK MailPERS IN MARYLAND-DELA- in plastic. Queen Size Retail ing Brochures from Home. Supplies! Guaranteed WARE-DC. CALL TODAY TO $598, Sell $199. King Size. Re- Free Income! No experience rePLACE YOUR AD 1-855-721- tail $798, Sell $299. 10 yr warr, quired. Start Today! www. 6332X6 Can Deliver. 410-598-2460

FIREWOOD-ALL OAK CUT, split & delivered. Several sizes available. Call Ben at 410-922-4984 READERS & MUSIC LOVERS. 100 Greatest Novels (audio books) ONLY $99.00 (plus s h.) Includes MP3 Player & Accessories. BONUS: 50 Classical Music Works & Money Back Guarantee. Call Today! 1-888-799-3451

PEARL VISION DRUMS excellent condition ,color :ivory.20x22 ported bass w demon pedal.8’-18’ toms,8’12’rototoms.Sabian cymbals w stands.$900.00 firm.Call 410692-6565 and leave a message

AA BEST I PAY CASH FOR ANTIQUES, COSTUME JEWELRY, GOLD & SILVER, COLLECTIBLES, MILITARY ITEMS, OLD TOYS & MORE. I’M A CHRISTIAN WHO DEALS IN HONESTY & FAIRNESS. CALL MARY AT 410-409-5654 ABSOLUTELY PAYING Top Cash For: Antiques, Collectibles, Jewelry, Trains, Old Toys, WW2 Memorabilia, Pottery, Glassware, Colts & Orioles items Call Todd: 443421-6113 WANTED TO Purchase Antiques & Fine Art, 1 item Or Entire Estate Or Collection, Gold, Silver, Coins, Jewelry, Toys, Oriental Glass, China, Lamps, Books, Textiles, Paintings, Prints almost anything old Evergreen Auctions 973-818-1100. Email ever WANTED, YOUR DIABETES TEST STRIPS. Unexpired. We buy Any Kind/Brand. Pay up to $18.00 per box. Shipping Paid. Hablamos espanol. Call 1-800-267-9895 WAR MEMORABILIA Wtd I Buy Uniforms, Weapons Medals, Scrapbooks etc. Call 410241-8171



NICHOLAS 601 S. Luzerne Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

410-675-4338 • MD State Inspections $ • MD Emissions Test Repairs 5.00 off

• Factory Scheduled Maintenance Premium 3000 Mile Maintenance • Foreign and Domestic Vehicles Service • Computer Diagnostic Specialist with this coupon • Road Service & Towing Available

Auto Graphics

8330 Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21237 Best Prices • Best Quality • Best Service Hardwoods • Laminate • Vinyl Family owned. Customer service, integrity, quality & personable

Call 410-574-2474 All Major Credit Cards Accepted. Licensed & Insured

Employer Graphics

Real Estate Graphics

Pet Graphics


MORE CUSTOMERS. Call 410-732-6600 to Advertise your business in The Baltimore Guide’s Service Directory.

Quality, Local Businesses dedicated to improving our community


General Graphics

JACK RUSSELL Terrier puppies- Family raised, shots,worming & health cert. $350 Eileen 443-417-7371


THEIR ATTENTION WITH AD GRABBERS! Order a high-visibility “Ad Grabber Graphic” with your Classified Line Ad to snag our readers’ full attention. Just call 410-732-6600 to choose your ad grabber from the selection below!


Domenico P arravano & Sons Co., Inc. Roman Style CONCRETE

• Masonry • Patios • Porches • Additions • Sidewalks • Flag Stone • Driveways • Water Proofing Home: 410-335-5009 Cell: 410-365-3083 MHIC#8990 Philadelphia Road, Baltimore, MD 21162


Termite & Pest Control MDA#26036

Serving Baltimore City & County

Bed Bug Control






MORE CUSTOMERS. Call 410-732-6600 to Advertise your business in The Baltimore Guide’s Service Directory.

Quality, Local Businesses dedicated to improving our community EXTERMINATOR




Bob McNeill BED BUGS

We guarantee a good Job at a Reasonable Price!

410-282-5560 Roaches, WateRbugs,ants, FLeas, beDbugs

Lic# 589 Dept. of Agriculture

Serving Baltimore for over 30 years


Moppin Mommas Inc.

Pest Control 410-327-1386

(Las Chinches)

& TERMITES are back! We provide Termite Control and Certification & Do-It-Yourself Chemicals

4009 Eastern Ave. MHIC#10318 • BLDG CONTR#4766 MDA#454

Residential & Commercial Cleaning Insured & Bonded

Established since 1995

FREE Estimates $20 off Second Cleaning

410-522-4928 Raylene or 410-916-2971 Dot



Tom Allen Home Services

If you’re in business, you owe it to yourself.

efficient, reliable, honest

• • •

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Drywall Repair General Household Repairs

410-344-7762 licensed and insured


Thank You Baltimore! For voting us your Favorite Handyman 2 years in a row


Let’s build a

BRIGHTER Baltimore.

We can build a stronger local economy and create more opportunities for growth and change in our community by supporting our local Home Improvement Businesses and Services. When you patronize a local business, you are investing in a brighter environment and future for the community you live in, and that’s something we all can believe in!


FREE Tax Prep* Tax Solutions offers Free & Low Cost Tax Prep with Free E-file

20 OFF





with this coupon - Expires 3/31/12

Tax Solutions!

7002 F Golden Ring Road, 21237 Call today for an appointment

410-391-4051 *for qualifying clients


Give a quack & learn more about AFLAC from me, Steven C. at 443-602-3071 or


Pooches & Purrs We Care

Dog Walking Services & Obedience Training through Baltimore, MD 21224 DoghouseGirls

6200 Holabird Ave.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Senior Discount

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover accepted

Senior Discounts

Stilwell Plumbing

Emergency Service

Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Specialist

24 Hour

10% OFF with this ad

Plumbing • Heating Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling • Waterproofing Drain Cleaned

Reasonable Rates Fast Service

Lakewood RE-UPHOLSTERY CO. 2512 Fait Ave.

Quality Work—Compare our Prices

• Work Guaranteed • Free Estimate

Foam Rubber FOAM RUBBER Cushions CUSHIONS Custom CUT TOMade SIZE

Call 410-276-6116 or 410-426-8007 George Markiewicz - Manager

24 Hour Emergency Service

Free Phone Estimates Residential and Commercial



Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc

Quality at a Fair Price

410-327-8670 Boiler Specialist

• Repair/replace sewer water lines • County sewer hookup • Water Heaters • Sump Pumps • Toilet, sink disposal repair All Plumbing Repairs • Large or Small

Serving East Baltimore Since 1978 L.G.Ellinghaus Md St 2446/ B.Co. 8A


Jim Bush Plumbing


Day Care & Boarding for Dogs and Cats 410-633-0222

Master Plumber: Carl Stilwell Lic #18002


Herman Rossmark

Two Brothers

Residential & Commercial

18 years experience


Roofing • Spouting • Skylights • Chimneys • Siding • Painting • Glass Block Windows • Deck Tops • Railings


410-675-5440 MHIC# 1448


Roofing Repairs & $new Roofs Repairs starting at


some restrictions apply

Call for FREE Estimate Cheapest Prices in Town! Emergency Response






We Will Beat Any Professional Written Estimate!



Sump Pumps • Drainage Lines Water Removal Window Well Drains Structural Repairs Downspout Lead Offs Rubber Membrane Walls


Concrete/ Crawlspace Basement Digouts


Mold Remediation



Dedicated to improving our community

Find out more about advertising in the Service Directory by calling

Dedicated to improving our community


Call to find out more about advertising in the Service Directory!





Jewelry, Diamonds, TVs, Laptops, Cameras, Musical Instruments, Video Games, Power Tools, DVDs and More Easy


“Your Local Gold Buyer” Trusted by many to give you the best deal!

Ê*>ÀŽˆ˜} {£ä‡ÈnLJxä{xÊUÊ£ÎnÊ >ÃÌiÀ˜Ê Û`°




We’ll make it worth your trip to Essex Pawn Shop with a

10 Bonus

for your gas When we purchase your gold or jewelry over $30 or more



Must present coupon BG #803-1



RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS NEEDED I]ZE6G:M:A :VganE]VhZJc^i! adXViZYVi=VgWdg =dhe^iVa^c 7Vai^bdgZ!B9^h XjggZcianhZZ`^c\ KdajciZZgh ideVgi^X^eViZ ^cVXa^c^XVa gZhZVgX]ig^Vaid ZkVajViZVcZl >ckZhi^\Vi^dcVa bZY^XVi^dc#

LZVgZgZXgj^i^c\ i]Z[daadl^c\ edejaVi^dch/ ™=ZVai]nCdc Hbd`^c\BVaZh ™=ZVai]nCdc Hbd`^c\;ZbVaZh d[cdc"X]^aY WZVg^c\ediZci^Va ™6\Zh&-"**


Craft Show

I]ZhijYn^ckdakZh dcZhXgZZc^c\k^h^i! dcZ^c"]djhZhiVn d[.YVnh$-c^\]ih VcY,djieVi^Zci k^h^ih# >[ndjfjVa^[nVcY XdbeaZiZi]ZhijYn ndjbVngZXZ^kZ jeid)!++%#%%^c XdbeZchVi^dc#

;dgbdgZ^c[dgbVi^dc! eaZVhZk^h^idjglZWh^iZ lll#WVai^bdgZig^Vah#Xdb! dgXdciVXijhidaa[gZZVi &"-%%"()*"-,%,  EaZVhZgZ[ZgZcXZhijYn '%*,,(

Saturday February 11th from 10am-5pm Sunday February 12th from 10am-3pm (Snow Date is Feb 18th & 19th)

Stop in for our Rotisserie Chicken Dinner & stay for the Craft show!

5900 Ebenezer Road (3/4 Miles off Pulaski Highway)

410-335-8837 Open 7 Days a week! Mon-Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 8am-5pm

0OTTERYs0AINTERSs0HOTOGRAPHERSs*EWELERSs&IBER!RTISAN s'LASS%TCHERSs7OOD7ORKERs&LORAL$ESIGNERSs#HILDRENS)TEMSMUCHMORE Richardson Farms is open year round for all your local produce, poultry, deli items & prepared foods. Now there is another reason to visit us: Our winter craft show! Hosted in our 7000 sq ft Heated Garden Center Admission is free For information, call Beth at 443-619-1100 or 3Beth@comcast,net See you there!


February 1, 2012 - The Baltimore Guide  

February 1, 2012 - The Baltimore Guide

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